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IATA Organization Structure

(11 February 2014)

Jill Nealon Vice President, People, Performance & Development John Boggs Director, Employee Engagement Jane Hoskisson Director, Learning & Development

Antony Tyler Director General & CEO

Ayaz Hussain Senior Vice President, CS & CFO Paolo Moretti Vice President, Corporate Planning and Control Francesco Di Stefano Director, Audit Services Richard Batch Director, Corporate Taxation Wayne Wang Director, Corporate Administration and Procurement

Jeffrey Shane General Counsel

Anthony Concil Director, Corporate Communications

Pascal Buchner Director, ITS and CIO Richard Rigby Director, Finance

Zhang Baojian Regional Vice President, North Asia

Maunu Von Lueders Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific

Hussein Dabbas Regional Vice President, Africa and The Middle East Raphael Kuuchi Vice President, Africa Tanja Grobotek Regional Director, SFO, Africa Hassim Pondor Regional Head APCS, Africa Adefunke Adeyemi Regional Head, MER, Africa and The Middle East Dusan Kostic Regional Director, FDS, Africa and The Middle East Achim Baumann Regional Director, SFO, Middle East and North Africa Kholoud Abulkheir Regional Head, MACS, Africa and The Middle East Grant Wilson Regional Head of APCS, Middle East and North Africa Philipp Friese Regional Manager, PPD, Africa and The Middle East Badar Mir Regional Head, CS, Africa and The Middle East

Rafael Schvartzman Regional Vice President, Europe

Peter Cerda Regional Vice President, The Americas

Paul Steele Senior Vice President, Member & External Relations and Corporate Secretary Simon Ralph Director, External Affairs Michael Gill Director, Aviation Environment Monique De Smet Director, MER, Brussels Michael Comber Director, MER, ICAO Douglas Lavin Vice President, MER, North America

Aleksander Popovich Senior Vice President, Financial & Distribution Services Javier Gallego Alonso Director, FDS Operations Eric Leopold Director, FDS Transformation Agostino Marcon Director, FDS Products Stphanie Siouffi-Vareilhes Assistant Director, Quality and Risk Management

Thomas Windmuller Senior Vice President, Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security Desmond Vertannes Global Head, Cargo Paul Martin Behan Head, Passenger Experience Kenneth Dunlap Director, Security Hemant Mistry Director, Airport Infrastructure and Fuel Frederic Leger Director, Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security, Products VACANT Director, Government Affairs

Guenther Matschnigg Senior Vice President, Safety & Flight Operations

Mark Hubble Senior Vice President, Marketing & Commercial Services VACANT Head, IATA Events Robert Schaffel Director, Publishing Tim-Jasper Schaaf Director, Marketing and Sales Charles De Gheldere Director, Business Intelligence Services Guy Brazeau Director, Consulting Jon Webb Director, IATA Netherlands Data Publication Louise Denis Head, Strategic Partnerships & Customer Care Victor de Barrena Sarobe Director, IATA Training and Development Institute

Zhang Jingwei Regional Head, MER, North Asia Li Youping Regional Head, FDS, North Asia Li WenXin Regional Director, SFO, North Asia Chan Wai Leong Director, BIITCO and Sales Hou Kan Regional Head APCS, North Asia Virginia Cregan Regional Head, PPD, North Asia Sarah Peng Regional Head, CS, North Asia

Deannath Kulatunge Regional Head, MER, Asia-Pacific Yeoh Hoy Chin Regional Director, FDS, Asia-Pacific Kenneth McLean Regional Director, SFO, Asia-Pacific Craig Astridge Regional Head, MACS, Asia-Pacific Vinoop Goel Regional Head APCS, Asia-Pacific Virginia Cregan Regional Head, PPD, Asia-Pacific Joanne Ho Regional Head, CS, Asia-Pacific

Nicole Boussioti Regional Head, MER, Europe Alexandra Morales Regional Director, FDS, Europe Giancarlo Buono Regional Director, SFO, Europe Daniel Shemi Regional Head, MACS, Europe Michael Higgins Regional Head APCS, Europe Irena Stefanovic Regional Head, PPD, Europe Jaime Escalante Regional Head, CS, Europe

Patricio Sepulveda Vice President, MER, LATAM Jean-Charles Odel-Gruau Regional Director, FDS, The Americas Carlos Cirilo Regional Director, SFO, The Americas Benjamin Barrocas Regional Head, MACS, The Americas Filipe Reis Regional Head, APCS, The Americas Francisca Urbay Regional Head, PPD, The Americas Richard Pugh Regional Head, CS, The Americas

Robert Eagles Director, ATM Infrastructure Catalin Cotrut Director, Audit Programs Juergen Haacker Head, Global Aviation Data Management Jens Bjarnason Director, Flight Operations Jean-Luc Boutillier Assistant Director, SFO, Quality Richard Hunger Director, Safety and Flight Operations, Products VACANT Director, Safety

Brian Pearce Chief Economist Carole Gates Director, Industry Risk Management and Insurance Claudine Breton Head, Member and External Relations Products