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COURSE SYLLABUS - DONNA AXTON - Spring 2014 - MUEN 102 402 - 1

Sierra Nevada College Concert Choir

Course Code Course Ti !e Ter" #nd Ye#r Course Re$eren%e Nu"&er 'ns ru% or Te!ep(one nu"&ers E"#i! O$$i%e O$$i%e )ours C!#ss Mee ing Ti"e Lo%# ion MUEN 102, 202, 302, 402 section 1 Chorus 1 credit Fall 2014 Donna !ton ""#$%%1$"#%& da!ton'sierranevada(edu David )all *oo+ 101 Monda,, -uesda, 1$2.00 /+ and 0, a//oint+ent Monda, $ #.30$".30/+ 1ri+ 2i0rar, 320

COURSE DESCR'*T'ON+ -his is a one credit$class, 3hich involves rehearsing and /er4or+ing su0stantial choral 3or5s 3ith the SNC Concert Choir( Each se+ester, the class 3or5 3ill cul+inate in the /resentation o4 a Concert to the co++unit,( -he 1ur/ose o4 this class it to create 3onder4ul +usic and to serve the co++unit, o4 SNC and the larger co++unit, 0, the /roduction o4 u/li4ting /er4or+ances( STUDENT OUTCOMES U/on co+/letion o4 this course, a student 3ill evolve +usicall, in the 4ollo3ing 3a,s. Student 3ill 0e +ore ade/t at sight singing and ense+0le singing, Student 3ill have an increased +usical voca0ular, Student 3ill recogni6e +usical ideas and ideals Student 3ill reali6e these ideas and ideals in /er4or+ance( MET)ODS O, ASSESS'N- STUDENT OUTCOMES ttendance at rehearsals and /er4or+ance 2earning their +usic Contri0ution to the 0eaut, o4 sound o4 the ense+0le 'NSTRUCT'ONAL STRATE-'ES Choral rehearsals and /er4or+ances TEXTBOO.. Music 3ill 0e /rovided at 4irst +eeting -r#ding+ 7ee5l, attendance. "#8 Concert 1artici/ation. 2#8

S#n% ions $or C(e# ing #nd/or *!#gi#ris" T(e )onor Code -he 4acult, o4 SNC 0elieves students +ust 0e held to high standards o4 integrit, in all as/ects o4 college li4e in order to /ro+ote the educational +ission o4 the College and to encourage res/ect 4or the rights o4 others( Each student 0rings to the SNC co++unit, uni9ue s5ills, talents, values and e!/eriences 3hich, 3hen e!/ressed 3ithin the co++unit,, contri0ute to the 9ualit, o4 the educational environ+ent and the gro3th and develo/+ent o4 the individual( Students share 3ith +e+0ers o4 the 4acult,, ad+inistration and sta44 the res/onsi0ilit, 4or creating and +aintaining an environ+ent conducive to learning and /ersonal develo/+ent, 3here actions are guided 0, +utual res/ect, integrit,, res/onsi0ilit, and trust( -he 4acult, and students ali5e +ust +a5e diligent e44orts to ensure high standards are u/held 0, their colleagues and /eers as 3ell as the+selves( -here4ore 4acult, and students acce/t res/onsi0ilit, 4or +aintaining these standards at Sierra Nevada College and are o0ligated to co+/l, 3ith its regulations and /rocedures, 3hich the, are e!/ected to read and understand( Conse0uen%es o$ 1io!# ing (e S uden )onor Code SNC students and 4acult, share the res/onsi0ilit, 4or +aintaining an environ+ent o4 acade+ic honest,( -hus, all are res/onsi0le 4or 5no3ing and a0iding 0, the SNC Facult,:Student )onor Code /u0lished in the current SNC Catalog( Facult, are res/onsi0le 4or /resenting the )onor Code and the conse9uences o4 violating it to students at the start o4 their classes ND 4or re/orting all incidences o4 acade+ic dishonest, to the 1rovost( Students are res/onsi0le 4or 5no3ing 3hat constitutes C)E -;N<, 12 <; *;SM and F =*;C -;>N and 4or re4raining 4ro+ these and other 4or+s o4 acade+ic dishonest,( ?iolations o4 the )onor Code 0eco+e /art o4 a student@s acade+ic record( 1st >44ense. Student receives a 6ero 4or assign+ent:e!a+ and counseling 3ith 4acult, on the honor code, conse9uences 4or violating the honor code, and the value o4 acade+ic honest, in learning( 2nd >44ense. Student 4ails course and receives counseling 3ith 4acult, on the honor code, conse9uences 4or violating the honor code, and the value o4 acade+ic honest, in learning( 3rd >44ense. Student is e!/elled(

Prim Library Resources

Using the li0rar,@s resources e44ectivel, Anot Bust ;nternet resourcesC contri0utes to develo/ing each o4 SNC@s core the+es 0, e!/osing students to high 9ualit, acade+ic resources, diverse o/inions, ne3 ideas, and a 4uture that includes 0uilding on a li0eral arts education( ADA A%%o""od# ions ;n accordance 3ith the +ericans 3ith Disa0ilities ct and Section #04 o4 the *eha0ilitation ct o4 1D"3, students 3ith a docu+ented disa0ilit, are eligi0le 4or su//ort services and acco++odations( ;4 a student 3ishes to re9uest an acco++odation, /lease contact the Director o4 cade+ic Su//ort Services, )enr, Conover, at A""#C %31$1314 !"#34, hconover'sierranevada(edu, o44ice in 1ri+ 2i0rar,. 12$304( T(e SNC E"#i! S2s e" -he SNC e+ail s,ste+ is the o44icial co++unication vehicle a+ong students, 4acult, +e+0ers and ad+inistrative sta44 and is designed to /rotect the con4identialit, o4 student in4or+ation as re9uired 0, the Fa+il, Educational *ights and 1rivac, ct o4 1D"4 ct AFE*1 C( Students should chec5 their college e+ail accounts dail, during the school ,ear( Students have a right to 4or3ard their SNC e$+ail to another e$+ail account A4or e!a+/le, 'hot+ail or 'g+ailC( )o3ever, con4identialit, o4 student in4or+ation /rotected 0, FE*1 cannot 0e guaranteed 4or SNC e$+ail 4or3arded to an outside vendor( )aving e+ail redirected does not a0solve a student 4ro+ the res/onsi0ilities associated 3ith o44icial co++unication sent to his or her SNC e+ail account(

T(e Sierr# Ne3#d# Co!!ege Mission S # e"en +

Sierra Nevada College graduates 3ill 0e educated to 0e scholars o4 and contri0utors to a sustaina0le 3orld( Sierra Nevada College co+0ines the li0eral arts and /ro4essional /re/aredness through an interdisci/linar, curriculu+ that e+/hasi6es entre/reneurial thin5ing and environ+ental, social, econo+ic and educational sustaina0ilit,(

T(e Core T(e"es+ 2i0eral rts Entre/reneurial -hin5ing 1ro4essional 1re/aredness Sustaina0ilit,


Spring 2014 Schedule 1ur/ose. To %re# e &e#u i$u!4 inspiring "usi% #nd o (#3e $un doing i 5 Re(e#rs#!s+ MONDAY nig( $ro" 6+70-8+70 9*ri" Li&r#r2 720 Con #% in$or"# ion+ Donna !ton $ ""#$%%1$"#%& or da!ton'sierranevada(edu
Music /er4or+ed. Mass in < 0, Fran6 Schu0ert Extra sectionals will be announced if needed Rehearsal CDs are available for Schubert Mass

Order in which m usic is added: Monda, Monda, Monda, Monda, Monda, Monda, Monda, Monda, Monda, Monda, -uesda, 7ednesda, -hursda, Frida, Eanuar, 2" Fe0ruar, 3 Fe0ruar,( 10 Fe0ruar, 1" Fe0ruar, 2% March 3 March 10 March 1" March 24 March 31 /ril 1 /ril 2 /ril 3 /ril #

Mass in G

Other Music F-o MusicH FSong o4 the >/en *oadH FEt ;ncarnatus estH

FG,rieH F<loriaH FCredoHH FSanctusH F gnus DeiH ll ll ll

F-he 2ord@s 1ra,erH

*ehearsal St( 1atric5@s #.30 /+ Dress *ehearsal St( 1atric5@s #.30 /+ Night o44 A0arring an, un4oreseen circu+stancesC Concert " /+, Call #/+ Concert " /+, Call #.30


=road3a, Concert
Monda,, Monda, Monda, Monda, Monda, Monda, -uesda, 7ednesda, /ril " /ril 14 /ril 21 /ril 2% Ma, # Ma, 12 Co+/lete run Ma, 13 Dress *ehearsal Ma, 14 Concert " /+ 1atterson )all Call # /+