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COURSE SYLLABUS - DONNA AXTON - Spring 2014 - MUIN 109-409 Classi al !

"i # Si#rra N#$a%a C"ll#g# C"&rs# C"%# C"&rs# Ti'l# T#r( an% Y#ar C"&rs# R#)#r#n # N&(*#r Ins'r& '"r T#l#p+"n# n&(*#r E(ail O))i # O))i # ,"&rs Class M##'ing Ti(# L" a'i"n MUIN 109-409 Voice: Classical (2 credits) Spring 2014 10142,10144, 1014 , 1014! "onna #$ton !!%-&&1-!%& or '$t( !%& da$ton)sierrane*ada(ed+ "a*id ,all 101 Monda- - .ed( 1:00-2:00 and /- appoint0ent 12# "a*id ,all 101

COURSE DESCRI-TION. 13is is a 2 credit co+rse o4 personali5ed instr+ction in classical *oice and 0+sic 4+nda0entals( STUDENT OUTCOMES Upon co0pletion o4 t3is co+rse, t3e st+dent 6ill 4+rt3er t3eir *ocal s7ills on se*eral le*els: 2+ild 4l+enc- in standard Italian classical singing( Understanding 0+sic notation and r3-t30 "e*elop personali5ed *ocal tec3ni8+e 2eco0e co04orta/le 6it3 creating t3eir o6n +ni8+e *ocal 0+sical so+nd( 2roaden t3eir a6areness o4 t3e range o4 0+sical co0positions t3ro+g3 e$pos+re to di*erse 0+sical st-les( MET,ODS O/ ASSESSIN0 STUDENT OUTCOMES .ee7l- lessons( #ssigned 0+sical per4or0ance selections I0pro*e0ent in o*er-all *ocal tec3ni8+e 9ecital : per4or0ance o4 one or t6o pieces( ;or t3e 4inal recital : at least one 0+st /e 0e0ori5ed INSTRUCTIONAL STRATE0IES 'ac3 lesson 6ill consist o4 6ar0-+p e$ercises, re*ie6 o4 precio+sl- assigned 0aterial and assign0ent o4 ne6 selections( 9ecitals 6ill /e gi*en in ;e/r+ar-, Marc3, and Ma-( #t least one piece o4 < 0in+te d+ration 0+st /e per4or0ed at eac3 recital( Me0ori5ation is s+ggested /+t not re8+ired

RE1UIREMENTS St+dents 6ill /e re8+ired to learn a 0ini0+0 o4 t3ree songs, one o4 63ic3 0+st /e in a 4oreign lang+age( St+dents 6ill /e re8+ired to 3a*e ele0entar- 7no6ledge regarding t3e co0poser and ti0e period o4 eac3 co0position 63ic3 t3e- are 6or7ing on( 1EXTBOO2: to /e deter0ined /- st+dent and teac3er( Italian #rias Conte0porar- selections Materials 6ill /e distri/+ted to st+dents t3ro+g3o+t t3e d+ration o4 t3e co+rse( St+dents 6ill /e e$pected to /ring all distri/+ted 0aterials to eac3 lesson( 0RADIN0 -OLICY =rading 6ill /e /ased on t3e application o4 ac8+ired s7ills and per4or0ance o4 t3e t3ree co0positions at t3e end o4 t3e se0ester( T+# )inal gra%# 3ill *# %#'#r(in#% as )"ll"3s. 4##5l6 pr#para'i"n an% a''#n%an # !" al pr"gr#ss an% i(pr"$#(#n' R# i'als 708 208 908 1008

San 'i"ns )"r C+#a'ing an%:"r -lagiaris(

T+# ,"n"r C"%# 13e 4ac+lt- o4 SNC /elie*es st+dents 0+st /e 3eld to 3ig3 standards o4 integrit- in all aspects o4 college li4e in order to pro0ote t3e ed+cational 0ission o4 t3e College and to enco+rage respect 4or t3e rig3ts o4 ot3ers( 'ac3 st+dent /rings to t3e SNC co00+nit- +ni8+e s7ills, talents, *al+es and e$periences 63ic3, 63en e$pressed 6it3in t3e co00+nit-, contri/+te to t3e 8+alit- o4 t3e ed+cational en*iron0ent and t3e gro6t3 and de*elop0ent o4 t3e indi*id+al( St+dents s3are 6it3 0e0/ers o4 t3e 4ac+lt-, ad0inistration and sta44 t3e responsi/ilit- 4or creating and 0aintaining an en*iron0ent cond+ci*e to learning and personal de*elop0ent, 63ere actions are g+ided /- 0+t+al respect, integrit-, responsi/ilit- and tr+st( 13e 4ac+ltand st+dents ali7e 0+st 0a7e diligent e44orts to ens+re 3ig3 standards are +p3eld /- t3eir colleag+es and peers as 6ell as t3e0sel*es( 13ere4ore 4ac+lt- and st+dents accept responsi/ilit- 4or 0aintaining t3ese standards at Sierra Ne*ada College and are o/ligated to co0pl- 6it3 its reg+lations and proced+res, 63ic3 t3e- are e$pected to read and +nderstand( C"ns#;&#n #s ") !i"la'ing '+# S'&%#n' ,"n"r C"%# SNC st+dents and 4ac+lt- s3are t3e responsi/ilit- 4or 0aintaining an en*iron0ent o4 acade0ic 3onest-( 13+s, all are responsi/le 4or 7no6ing and a/iding /- t3e SNC ;ac+lt->St+dent ,onor Code p+/lis3ed in t3e c+rrent SNC Catalog( ;ac+lt- are responsi/le 4or presenting t3e ,onor Code and t3e conse8+ences o4 *iolating it to st+dents at t3e start o4 t3eir classes #N" 4or reporting all incidences o4 acade0ic dis3onestto t3e ?ro*ost( St+dents are responsi/le 4or 7no6ing 63at constit+tes C,'#1IN=, ?@#=I#9ISM and ;#29IC#1IAN and 4or re4raining 4ro0 t3ese and ot3er 4or0s o4 acade0ic dis3onest-( Violations o4 t3e ,onor Code /eco0e part o4 a st+dentBs acade0ic record( 1st A44ense: St+dent recei*es a 5ero 4or assign0ent>e$a0 and co+nseling 6it3 4ac+lt- on t3e 3onor code, conse8+ences 4or *iolating t3e 3onor code, and t3e *al+e o4 acade0ic 3onest- in learning(

2nd A44ense: St+dent 4ails co+rse and recei*es co+nseling 6it3 4ac+lt- on t3e 3onor code, conse8+ences 4or *iolating t3e 3onor code, and t3e *al+e o4 acade0ic 3onest- in learning( <rd A44ense: St+dent is e$pelled( ADA A "(("%a'i"ns In accordance 6it3 t3e #0ericans 6it3 "isa/ilities #ct and Section %04 o4 t3e 9e3a/ilitation #ct o4 19!<, st+dents 6it3 a doc+0ented disa/ilit- are eligi/le 4or s+pport ser*ices and acco00odations( I4 a st+dent 6is3es to re8+est an acco00odation, please contact t3e "irector o4 #cade0ic S+pport Ser*ices, ,enrCono*er, at (!!%) &<1-1<14 $!%<4, 3cono*er)sierrane*ada(ed+, o44ice in ?ri0 @i/rar-: ?@-<04( T+# SNC E(ail S6s'#( 13e SNC e0ail s-ste0 is t3e o44icial co00+nication *e3icle a0ong st+dents, 4ac+lt- 0e0/ers and ad0inistrati*e sta44 and is designed to protect t3e con4identialit- o4 st+dent in4or0ation as re8+ired /- t3e ;a0il- 'd+cational 9ig3ts and ?ri*ac- #ct o4 19!4 #ct (;'9?#)( St+dents s3o+ld c3ec7 t3eir college e0ail acco+nts dail- d+ring t3e sc3ool -ear( St+dents 3a*e a rig3t to 4or6ard t3eir SNC e-0ail to anot3er e-0ail acco+nt (4or e$a0ple, )3ot0ail or )g0ail)( ,o6e*er, con4identialit- o4 st+dent in4or0ation protected /- ;'9?# cannot /e g+aranteed 4or SNC e-0ail 4or6arded to an o+tside *endor( ,a*ing e0ail redirected does not a/sol*e a st+dent 4ro0 t3e responsi/ilities associated 6it3 o44icial co00+nication sent to 3is or 3er SNC e0ail acco+nt(

T+# Si#rra N#$a%a C"ll#g# Missi"n S'a'#(#n'. Sierra Ne*ada College grad+ates 6ill /e ed+cated to /e sc3olars o4 and contri/+tors to a s+staina/le 6orld( Sierra Ne*ada College co0/ines t3e li/eral arts and pro4essional preparedness t3ro+g3 an interdisciplinarc+rric+l+0 t3at e0p3asi5es entreprene+rial t3in7ing and en*iron0ental, social, econo0ic and ed+cational s+staina/ilit-(
T+# C"r# T+#(#s.

@i/eral #rts ?ro4essional ?reparedness 'ntreprene+rial 13in7ing S+staina/ilit-