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Fall 2013 - MUSC 225 Instructor, Donna A ton S!"rra #"$a%a Coll"&"

SYLLABUS & COURSE OUTLINE - DONNA AXTON - FALL 2013 - MUSC 207 Music The !" I Sie!!# Ne$#%# C &&e'e CRN (0211 C u!se C %e C u!se Ti)&e Te!* #+% Ye#! C u!se Re,e!e+ce Nu*-e! I+s)!uc) ! .h +e E*#i& O,,ice O,,ice 0 u!s C&#ss Mee)i+' Ti*e L c#)i + MUSC 207 - Section 1 Music Theory (3 credits) Fall 2013 80211 Donna !ton 77"-881-7"8# /$!t% 7"8#) da!ton&sierrane'ada%edu Da'id (all 101 Monday- )ednesday 1*00-2*00 and +y a,,oint-ent Monday. )ednesday 8*30-/*0" 1% 23 320

COURSE DESCRI.TION1 This is a 3 credit course% course 4or the -usic -inor and 4or 5uali4ied 6eneral students% 7nte6ration o4 stron6 -usic 8ritin6 and har-onic analysis s9ills throu6h the study o4 scales and -odes. har-onic and -elodic -o'e-ents. ,art 8ritin6. and 'oice leadin6% COURSE 2OALS1 (a'e a 8or9in6 9no8led6e o4 scales. tonality. 9eys. -odes% To +e a+le to transcri+e -usic 4rosound to ,a,er% To +e a+le to reco6ni:e and notate rhyth-s% To learn to thin9 consciously a+out ,atterns in -usic% To cou,le this 8ith -usical intuition so that the 9no8led6e o4 -usic theory is an enhance-ent o4 -usical e!,eriences% STUDENT OUTCOMES U,on co-,letion o4 this course. a student 8ill +e a+le to 1% 7denti4y chords. -odes. and inter'als +y si6ht and +y ear 2% )rite out an har-onic analysis o4 a diatonic -usical ,iece 3% Co-,ose the acco-,ani-ent to a -elody 8ith accurate 'oice leadin6 0% ;eco6ni:e and +e a+le to i-,le-ent cadences and nonhar-onic tones% "% Distin6uish +et8een te!ture ty,es +y ear and +y si6ht #% Co-,ose a short co-,osition in s,ecies one and t8o counter,oint 7% 3isten to and read -usic and analy:e its structure and 4orMET0ODS OF ASSESSIN2 STUDENT OUTCOMES 1% (o-e8or9 +ased on assi6ned readin6s 2% Tests and e!a-s 3% 7n-class 8ritin6 and 8or9+oo9 e!ercises 0% Class discussion and ,artici,ation

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATE2IES This class 8ill utili:e lectures. assi6ned readin6s. 8ritten assi6n-ents. co-,osin6 e!ercises. analytic e!ercises% TEXTBOO3* MUS7C in T($<;= and 2; CT7C$ +y >ruce >en8ard and Marilyn Sa9er A))e+%#+ce1 This is a hands-on as 8ell as theoretical learnin6 e!,erience% There4ore. attendance is a re5uire-ent i4 you e!,ect a 5uality educational e!,erience% $!a-s and 8ritten assi6n-ents 8ill +e +ased on 8or9 done in the classroo-% The understandin6 o4 this -aterial de,ends on a stron6 early 4oundation% There4ore it is -andatory to attend each class session% 4!i))e+ #ssi'+*e+)s1 For each class you will be assigned written exercises from the chapter we have discussed in class. These will include but not be limited to exercises from the text. Writing assignments (creative) will also be included in the assignments. The reading for the next chapter should be finished before class time. Bring any questions you have about the reading. E5#*s* -id-ter- and a 4inal 8ill test the cu-ulati'e 9no8led6e o4 the course% This can?t +e 4a9ed1 =ou 8ill +e ,re,ared 4or these e!a-s i4 you consistently study the -aterial. ,ractice the e!ercises. and do the assi6n-ents% 2RADIN2 .OLICY The ,i+#& '!#%e 6i&& -e %e)e!*i+e% #s , && 6s1 A))e+%#+ce 708 4!i))e+ #ssi'+*e+)s 308 Mi%-)e!* E5#* 198 Fi+#& E5#* 198
S#+c)i +s , ! Che#)i+' #+%: ! .&#'i#!is* The 0 + ! C %e The 4aculty o4 S@C +elie'es students -ust +e held to hi6h standards o4 inte6rity in all as,ects o4 colle6e li4e in order to ,ro-ote the educational -ission o4 the Colle6e and to encoura6e res,ect 4or the ri6hts o4 others% $ach student +rin6s to the S@C co--unity uni5ue s9ills. talents. 'alues and e!,eriences 8hich. 8hen e!,ressed 8ithin the co--unity. contri+ute to the 5uality o4 the educational en'iron-ent and the 6ro8th and de'elo,-ent o4 the indi'idual% Students share 8ith -e-+ers o4 the 4aculty. ad-inistration and sta44 the res,onsi+ility 4or creatin6 and -aintainin6 an en'iron-ent conduci'e to learnin6 and ,ersonal de'elo,-ent. 8here actions are 6uided +y -utual res,ect. inte6rity. res,onsi+ility and trust% The 4aculty and students ali9e -ust -a9e dili6ent e44orts to ensure hi6h standards are u,held +y their collea6ues and ,eers as 8ell as the-sel'es% There4ore 4aculty and students acce,t res,onsi+ility 4or -aintainin6 these standards at Sierra @e'ada Colle6e and are o+li6ated to co-,ly 8ith its re6ulations and ,rocedures. 8hich they are e!,ected to read and understand% C +se;ue+ces , <i &#)i+' )he S)u%e+) 0 + ! C %e S@C students and 4aculty share the res,onsi+ility 4or -aintainin6 an en'iron-ent o4 acade-ic honesty% Thus. all are res,onsi+le 4or 9no8in6 and a+idin6 +y the S@C FacultyAStudent (onor Code ,u+lished in the current S@C Catalo6% Faculty are res,onsi+le 4or ,resentin6 the (onor Code and the conse5uences o4 'iolatin6 it to students at the start o4 their classes @D 4or re,ortin6 all incidences o4 acade-ic dishonesty to the 2ro'ost% Students are res,onsi+le 4or 9no8in6 8hat constitutes C($ T7@B. 23 B7 ;7SM and F >;7C T7<@ and 4or re4rainin6 4rothese and other 4or-s o4 acade-ic dishonesty% Ciolations o4 the (onor Code +eco-e ,art o4 a student?s acade-ic record% 1st <44ense* Student recei'es a :ero 4or assi6n-entAe!a- and counselin6 8ith 4aculty on the honor code. conse5uences 4or 'iolatin6 the honor code. and the 'alue o4 acade-ic honesty in learnin6%

2nd <44ense* Student 4ails course and recei'es counselin6 8ith 4aculty on the honor code. conse5uences 4or 'iolatin6 the honor code. and the 'alue o4 acade-ic honesty in learnin6% 3rd <44ense* Student is e!,elled% ADA Acc ** %#)i +s 7n accordance 8ith the -ericans 8ith Disa+ilities ct and Section "00 o4 the ;eha+ilitation ct o4 1/73. students 8ith a docu-ented disa+ility are eli6i+le 4or su,,ort ser'ices and acco--odations% 74 a student 8ishes to re5uest an acco--odation. ,lease contact the Director o4 cade-ic Su,,ort Ser'ices. (enry Cono'er. at (77") 831-1310 !7"30. hcono'er&sierrane'ada%edu. o44ice in 2ri- 3i+rary* 23-300% The SNC E*#i& S"s)e* The S@C e-ail syste- is the o44icial co--unication 'ehicle a-on6 students. 4aculty -e-+ers and ad-inistrati'e sta44 and is desi6ned to ,rotect the con4identiality o4 student in4or-ation as re5uired +y the Fa-ily $ducational ;i6hts and 2ri'acy ct o4 1/70 ct (F$;2 )% Students should chec9 their colle6e e-ail accounts daily durin6 the school year% Students ha'e a ri6ht to 4or8ard their S@C e--ail to another e--ail account (4or e!a-,le. &hot-ail or &6-ail)% (o8e'er. con4identiality o4 student in4or-ation ,rotected +y F$;2 cannot +e 6uaranteed 4or S@C e--ail 4or8arded to an outside 'endor% (a'in6 e-ail redirected does not a+sol'e a student 4ro- the res,onsi+ilities associated 8ith o44icial co--unication sent to his or her S@C e-ail account%

.!i* Li-!#!" Res u!ces

Usin6 the li+rary?s resources e44ecti'ely (not Dust 7nternet resources) contri+utes to de'elo,in6 each o4 S@C?s core the-es +y e!,osin6 students to hi6h 5uality acade-ic resources. di'erse o,inions. ne8 ideas. and a 4uture that includes +uildin6 on a li+eral arts education% 7n this course. you 8ill +e e!,ected to utili:e the li+rary?s resources (either on-site or re-otely) as you co-,lete your assi6n-ents% 1% ;e4erence -aterials (located Dust +eyond the 4ront des9 and 4or use inside 2ri- 3i+rary)* )e 8ill use all o4 these in class

Sadie. S% (2001 )The new grove dictionary of music and musicians% @e8 =or9* Bro'e ;$F$;$@C$ M3 100%@0> 2% >oo9s (that can +e chec9ed out)* 7n 6eneral. +oo9s related to -usic 3i+rary o4 Con6ress Classi4ication are 4ound in the -e::anine section listed under EMF as 4ollo8s* M indicates actual 8ritten -usic M3 indicates literature 8ritten a+out -usic% MT indicates +oo9s a+out -usic Theory

3% 3i+ Buides* htt,*AA3i+6uides%sierrane'ada%edu These 8e+ ,a6es contain instructions a+out ho8
to use resources a'aila+le at 2ri- 3i+rary. ho8 to e'aluation the a,,ro,riateness o4 in4or-ation 4ro- the 7nternet 4or a research ,a,er. ho8 to cite sources. and other to,ics related to 4indin6 and usin6 in4or-ation%
3<B7@ in4or-ation 4or S@C 2ri- 3i+rary $lectronic Data+ases

http://libguides.sierranevada.edu/library )hen you need to access S@CGs licensed data+ase content 4ro- o44 ca-,us* Students* Use your 4irst initial and your last na-e as the userna-e and your / di6it student 7D nu-+er as the ,ass8ord%

The Sie!!# Ne$#%# C &&e'e Missi + S)#)e*e+)1

Sierra @e'ada Colle6e 6raduates 8ill +e educated to +e scholars o4 and contri+utors to a sustaina+le 8orld% Sierra @e'ada Colle6e co-+ines the li+eral arts and ,ro4essional ,re,aredness throu6h an interdisci,linary curriculu- that e-,hasi:es entre,reneurial thin9in6 and en'iron-ental. social. econo-ic and educational sustaina+ility%

The C !e The*es1 3i+eral rts. $ntre,reneurial Thin9in6 2ro4essional 2re,aredness Sustaina+ility

C u!se Ou)&i+e #+% Assi'+*e+)s

T0E FUNDAMENTALS OF MUSIC )$$H 1 Monday . u6ust 1/ - <'er'ie8 o4 course content. acti'ities. 6oals and learnin6 o+Decti'es% ;eadin6 in class* 7ntroduction* The -aterials o4 -usic in sound and ti-e )ednesday. u6ust 21 - @otation ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 1 -,,s 1-21 )$$H 2 Monday. u6ust 28 - Scales and tonality ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 2 - ,,s% 27-38 )ednesday. u6ust 30 - Heys and Modes ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 2 - ,,s% 38-0/

)$$H Monday. Se,te-+er 2 -@< C3 SS$S I 3a+or Day )ednesday. Se,te-+er 0 - 7nter'als ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 3 - ,,s%""-#1 )$$H 0 Monday. Se,te-+er / - Trans,osition ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 3 - ,,s% #1-#7 )ednesday. Se,te-+er 11 - Chords ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 0 - ,,s% 73-77 )$$H " Monday. Se,te-+er 1# I Chord nalysis ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 0 I ,,s% 77-/0 )ednesday. Se,te-+er 18

;e'ie8STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS IN MUSIC )$$H # Monday. Se,te-+er 23 I Cadences and @on-har-onic tones ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter " - ,,s% /7-10/ )ednesday. Se,te-+er 2" ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter " - ,,s% 10/-11# )$$H 7 Monday. Se,te-+er 30I Melodic or6ani:ation ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter # - ,,s% 11/-12/ )ednesday. <cto+er 2 ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter # ,,s% 12/-13" )$$H 8 Monday. <cto+er 7 ;e'ie8 4or Midter)ednesday. <cto+er / MIDTERM )$$H / Monday. <cto+er 10- Te!ture ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 7 I ,,s% 10"-1"7 )ednesday. <cto+er 1# ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 8 I ,,s% 1#3-172 )$$H10 Monday. <cto+er 21 ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 8 - ,,s 172-183 )ednesday. <cto+er 23 I Coice leadin6 ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter / I ,,s% 1/1-200 )$$H 11 Monday. <cto+er 28 - Chorales ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter / I ,,s% 200-210 )ednesday. <cto+er 30 I (ar-onic ,ro6ression ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 10 I ,,s% 213-21/

)$$H 12 Monday. @o'e-+er 0 I (ar-onic rhyth;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 10 - ,,s% 21/-230 )ednesday. @o'e-+er # I Do-inant 7th Chord ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 11 I ,,s% 230-200 )$$H 13 Monday. @o'e-+er 11 I @< C3 SS$S I Ceterans? Day )ednesday. @o'e-+er 13I Secondary do-inants ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 10 I ,,s% 287- 2/7 )$$H 10 Monday. @o'e-+er 18 I Modulation ;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 1" - ,,s 31"-32" )ednesday. @o'e-+er 20 I >inary 4or;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 1# - ,,s% 337-307 T( @HSB7C7@B >;$ H I @o'e-+er 2"-2-/ )$$H 1" Monday. Dece-+er 2 - Ternary 4or;eadin6 due* Cha,ter 17 I ,,s% 3"3- 3#0 )ednesday. Dece-+er 0 ;e'ie8 and 8ra,-u, STUD= D = I Monday. Dece-+er / I @< C3 SS$S

Fi+#& e5#*1 Tues%#"= Dece*-e! 10= ( #*