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o" Ro#$ %&' Ro(( Sie % Ne)%'% Co((e*e Co+ se Co'e Co+ se Tit(e Te , %&' Ye% Co+ se Re"e e&#e N+,-e I&st +#to .ho&e E,%i( O""i#e O""i#e Ho+ s C(%ss Meeti&* Ti,e Lo#%tio& . e e0+isites Co e0+isites MUSC 301 Section 1 The History of Rock and Roll (3 credits) Fall 2013 80212 onna !"ton ##$%881%#$8& /'"t( #$8&) da"ton)sierrane*ada(ed+ a*id Hall 101 Th+rsday% T+esday 1,00 - 2,00 T+esday. Th+rsday /,00 - $,1$ 01 2! 213 3one 3one

Re0+i e' te1t2 Michael Ca104ell and 5a1es 6rody. Rock and Roll, an Introduction Re0+i e' CD3s C Set4 Rock and Roll, an Introduction Co+ se Des# i5tio&2 This is a 3%credit s+r*ey co+rse intended for all st+dents( 7t is a chronolo8ical st+dy of the 1+sical and c+lt+ral roots of rock and roll fro1 4l+es and so+l to re88ae and hi0%ho0( 9e :ill st+dy ele1ents of son8 :ritin8 and analy;e 1+sical trends of c+rrent 0o0+lar 1+sic( There is a stron8 e10hasis on directed listenin8( St+'e&t O+t#o,es The st+dent :ill 8ain skill in attenti*e listenin8 to 1+sic( The st+dent :ill learn to a+rally identify 1a<or 1+sical ele1ents. for1s. and styles co*ered in lect+res and te"t( The st+dent :ill 4eco1e fl+ent in disc+ssin8 1+sical :orks +sin8 1+sical ter1s and e"0ressions The st+dent :ill kno: rele*ant facts a4o+t fa1o+s 0erfor1ers and :riters( The st+dent :ill de*elo0 a sense of the e*ol+tionary nat+re of 1+sical and artistic de*elo01ent. s0ecifically d+rin8 the 1=$0>s thro+8h the 1=#0>s( The st+dent :ill 4roaden their a:areness of 1+sical 8enres and de*elo0 confidence and en<oy1ent in listenin8 to all ty0es of 1+sic( The st+dent :ill clarify their o:n 1+sical 0references and *al+es thro+8h critical listenin8 skills( The st+dent :ill de*elo0 an a00reciation of the e"0ressi*e and ca+sal connection 4et:een the arts and the 0olitical and sociolo8ical cli1ate of c+lt+res(

Metho's o" Assessi&* St+'e&t o+t#o,es !ttendance and class 0artici0ation 9ritten ho1e:ork for each cha0ter readin8 assi8n1ents( ?istenin8 assi8n1ent res0onse 0a0ers !ttendance at a 1ini1+1 of 2 concerts and concert res0onse 0a0ers 2resentations Mid%ter1 and final e"a1s I&st +#tio&%( st %te*ies !ssi8ned readin8. assi8ned listenin8. attendance at 1+sical e*ents. lect+re. st+dent 0resentations. 1+sic%1akin8. li*e 0erfor1ances( Atte&'%&#e +e to the e"0eriential nat+re of this class. yo+r attendance is essential( 2lease note that 30@ of yo+r 8rade can only 4e credited to :hen yo+ are in class( Ho,e6o $ Ao+ :ill ha*e :ritten ho1e:ork assi8ned for 1ost classes( Co10lete assi8n1ents :ill 4e 8i*en the f+ll 10 0oints( Ho1e:ork that is inco10lete :ill 4e 0ro%rated( Ho1e:ork that is t+rned in after the d+e date :ill 4e do:n%8raded 4y 20@ for each date it is late( For the first $ :eeks. any 8ra11atical or :ritin8 style 0ro4le1s in :ritten assi8n1ents 4e noted( !fter :eek $. 8ra11atical or str+ct+ral errors :ill red+ce yo+r ho1e:ork 8rade 0ro0ortionally( 7n other :ords. :ritin8 1attersB C(%ss e0+i e,e&ts St+dents are reC+ired to 0resent a 4ook re0ort to the class on a to0ic related to Rock and Roll( There are se*eral titles in 2ri1 ?i4rary that are a00ro0riate choices( Ao+ ece14er +se other so+rces for the 4ook if yo+ cons+lt :ith 1e first( St+dents :ill attend at least t:o concerts d+rin8 the se1ester( There are 1any free concerts 8i*en in this area( 9e can all kee0 track of 0ossi4ilities for 1eetin8 this reC+ire1ent( !s a class. :e :ill de*elo0 a for1at for the concert res0onse 0a0ers yo+ :ill :rite a4o+t yo+r concert attendance( St+dents are reC+ired to 0+rchase the C s that acco10any the te"t 4ook( Ao+ :ill ha*e listenin8 assi8n1ents 4ased on the 1+sic on these C s and listenin8 e"a1s :ill 4e a 0art of each test and e"a1( 7 %'i&*2 Class attendance and 0artici0ation 9ritten ho1e:ork '"a1s ! D =0%100 @ 6 D 80%8= @ C D #0%#=@ 300 0oints /00 0oints 300 0oints D &0 % &=@ F D 6elo: &0@

S%&#tio&s "o Che%ti&* %&'8o .(%*i% is, The Ho&o Co'e The fac+lty of S3C 4elie*es st+dents 1+st 4e held to hi8h standards of inte8rity in all as0ects of colle8e life in order to 0ro1ote the ed+cational 1ission of the Colle8e and to enco+ra8e res0ect for the ri8hts of others( 'ach st+dent 4rin8s to the S3C co11+nity +niC+e skills. talents. *al+es and e"0eriences :hich. :hen e"0ressed :ithin the co11+nity. contri4+te to the C+ality of the ed+cational en*iron1ent and the 8ro:th and de*elo01ent of the indi*id+al( St+dents share :ith 1e14ers of the fac+lty. ad1inistration and staff the res0onsi4ility for creatin8 and 1aintainin8 an en*iron1ent cond+ci*e to learnin8 and 0ersonal de*elo01ent. :here actions are 8+ided 4y 1+t+al res0ect. inte8rity. res0onsi4ility and tr+st( The fac+lty and st+dents alike 1+st 1ake dili8ent efforts to ens+re hi8h standards are +0held 4y their collea8+es and 0eers as :ell as the1sel*es( Therefore fac+lty and st+dents acce0t res0onsi4ility for 1aintainin8 these standards at Sierra 3e*ada Colle8e and are o4li8ated to co10ly :ith its re8+lations and 0roced+res. :hich they are e"0ected to read and +nderstand( Co&se0+e&#es o" 9io(%ti&* the St+'e&t Ho&o Co'e S3C st+dents and fac+lty share the res0onsi4ility for 1aintainin8 an en*iron1ent of acade1ic honesty( Th+s. all are res0onsi4le for kno:in8 and a4idin8 4y the S3C Fac+ltyESt+dent Honor Code 0+4lished in the c+rrent S3C Catalo8( Fac+lty are res0onsi4le for 0resentin8 the Honor Code and the conseC+ences of *iolatin8 it to st+dents at the start of their classes !3 for re0ortin8 all incidences of acade1ic dishonesty to the 2ro*ost( St+dents are res0onsi4le for kno:in8 :hat constit+tes CH'!T73F. 2?!F7!R7SM and F!6R7C!T7G3 and for refrainin8 fro1 these and other for1s of acade1ic dishonesty( Hiolations of the Honor Code 4eco1e 0art of a st+dent>s acade1ic record( 1st Gffense, St+dent recei*es a ;ero for assi8n1entEe"a1 and co+nselin8 :ith fac+lty on the honor code. conseC+ences for *iolatin8 the honor code. and the *al+e of acade1ic honesty in learnin8( 2nd Gffense, St+dent fails co+rse and recei*es co+nselin8 :ith fac+lty on the honor code. conseC+ences for *iolatin8 the honor code. and the *al+e of acade1ic honesty in learnin8( 3rd Gffense, St+dent is e"0elled( ADA A##o,,o'%tio&s 7n accordance :ith the !1ericans :ith isa4ilities !ct and Section $0/ of the Reha4ilitation !ct of 1=#3. st+dents :ith a doc+1ented disa4ility are eli8i4le for s+00ort ser*ices and acco11odations( 7f a st+dent :ishes to reC+est an acco11odation. 0lease contact the irector of !cade1ic S+00ort Ser*ices. Henry Cono*er. at (##$) 831%131/ "#$3/. hcono*er)sierrane*ada(ed+. office in 2ri1 ?i4rary, 2?%30/( The SNC E,%i( S!ste, The S3C e1ail syste1 is the official co11+nication *ehicle a1on8 st+dents. fac+lty 1e14ers and ad1inistrati*e staff and is desi8ned to 0rotect the confidentiality of st+dent infor1ation as reC+ired 4y the Fa1ily 'd+cational Ri8hts and 2ri*acy !ct of 1=#/ !ct (F'R2!)( St+dents sho+ld check their colle8e e1ail acco+nts daily d+rin8 the school year( St+dents ha*e a ri8ht to for:ard their S3C e%1ail to another e%1ail acco+nt (for e"a10le. )hot1ail or )81ail)( Ho:e*er. confidentiality of st+dent infor1ation 0rotected 4y F'R2! cannot 4e 8+aranteed for S3C e%1ail for:arded to an o+tside *endor( Ha*in8 e1ail redirected does not a4sol*e a st+dent fro1 the res0onsi4ilities associated :ith official co11+nication sent to his or her S3C e1ail acco+nt(

. i, Li- % ! Reso+ #es

Usin8 the li4rary>s reso+rces effecti*ely (not <+st 7nternet reso+rces) contri4+tes to de*elo0in8 each of S3C>s core the1es 4y e"0osin8 st+dents to hi8h C+ality acade1ic reso+rces. di*erse o0inions. ne: ideas. and a f+t+re that incl+des 4+ildin8 on a li4eral arts ed+cation( 7n this co+rse. yo+ :ill 4e e"0ected to +tili;e the li4rary>s reso+rces (either on%site or re1otely) as yo+ co10lete yo+r assi8n1ents( 2ri1 ?i4rary Reso+rces for M+sic co+rses are fo+nd in the 1e;;anine section listed as M (act+al 1+sic literat+re :ritten in 1+sic for1at) M? (8eneral infor1ation a4o+t M+sic) (

1( Reference 1aterials (located <+st 4eyond the front desk and for +se inside 2ri1 ?i4rary), 9e :ill +se all of these in class

Sadie. S( (2001 )The new grove dictionary of music and musicians( 3e: Aork, Fro*e R'F'R'3C' M? 100(3/6 Io1ara. '( (200&) Encyclopedia of the Blues( 3e: Aork. 3A, Ro+tled8e R'F'R'3C' M? 102 (6& '$3 200& Hol( 1%2 ?arkin. C( (1==$) Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music( 'nfield. Middlese". 'n8land, F+inness 2+4lishin8( R'F'R'3C' M? 102 2F&& F 8/ H(1%& Schinder. S( (2008) Icons of Rock (9est0ort. Conn(, Freen:ood 2ress R'F'R'3C' M? 3$3/ (S33& 2008 H(2 Cra10ton. ?( (200$) Rock and Roll, year y year! 3e: Aork. 3A, I 0ress( R'F'R'3C' M? 3$3/ (S33& 2008 H(2 2( 6ooks (that can 4e checked o+t), 7n 8eneral. 4ooks related to 1+sic ?i4rary of Con8ress Classification are fo+nd as follo:s, M indicates act+al :ritten 1+sic M? indicates literat+re :ritten a4o+t 1+sic( MT indicates 4ooks a4o+t 1+sic Theory

3( ?i4 F+ides, htt0,EE?i48+ides(sierrane*ada(ed+ These :e4 0a8es contain instr+ctions

a4o+t ho: to +se reso+rces a*aila4le at 2ri1 ?i4rary. ho: to e*al+ation the a00ro0riateness of infor1ation fro1 the 7nternet for a research 0a0er. ho: to cite so+rces. and other to0ics related to findin8 and +sin8 infor1ation(
?GF73 infor1ation for S3C 2ri1 ?i4rary 'lectronic ata4ases htt0,EEli48+ides(sierrane*ada(ed+Eli4rary 9hen yo+ need to access S3CJs licensed data4ase content fro1 off ca10+s, St+dents, Use yo+r first initial and yo+r last na1e as the +serna1e and yo+r = di8it st+dent 7 n+14er as the 0ass:ord(

The Sie % Ne)%'% Co((e*e Missio& St%te,e&t2

Sierra 3e*ada Colle8e 8rad+ates :ill 4e ed+cated to 4e scholars of and contri4+tors to a s+staina4le :orld( Sierra 3e*ada Colle8e co14ines the li4eral arts and 0rofessional 0re0aredness thro+8h an interdisci0linary c+rric+l+1 that e10hasi;es entre0rene+rial thinkin8 and en*iron1ental. social. econo1ic and ed+cational s+staina4ility(

The Co e The,es2 ?i4eral !rts. 'ntre0rene+rial Thinkin8 2rofessional 2re0aredness S+staina4ility

Co+ se O+t(i&e %&' Assi*&,e&ts

:EE; 1 T+es'%!4 A+*+st 20 % G*er*ie: of co+rse content. acti*ities. 8oals and learnin8 o4<ecti*es( 7n class, M+sical ter1s Th+ s'%!4 A+*+st 22 - Rock 7s Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 1 %00s 1%21 :EE; 2 THE ROOTS OF ROC; AND ROLL T+es'%!4 A+*+st 2< - Roots and '*ol+tion - !frica and 6ritain. Minstrel and 2o0+lar 1+sic Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 2 - 6efore Rock % 00s( 21%3= Th+ s'%!4 A+*+st 2= > Roots. contin+ed Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 3 % The Roots of Rock( % 00s( 3#%/8 6l+es. 5+10 4ands. ?o+is 5ordan. Fos0el :EE; 3 T+es'%!4 Se5te,-e 3 Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 3 - The Roots of Rock. cont>d( 00s /8%&2 Co+ntry. !fro%C+4an Hideo, !1erican Roots M+sic, Carters. 5i11ie Rod8ers. Hok+1. Tho1as orsey. 6oo8ie 9oo8ie. 9estern S:in8. ?ead4elly. 9oody F+thrie. 2ete See8er. 6l+e Frass. ?efty Fri;;ell. Hank 9illia1s. Sonny 6oy 9illia1son Th+ s'%!4 Se5te,-e ? Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter / - Rhyth1 and 6l+es % 00s( &#%=8 Fats o1ino. 6o iddley. oo%9o0. Sa1 Cooke. Ray Charles :EE; @ T+es'%!4 Se5te,-e 10 Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter $ - Rock and Roll % 00s 100%118 !lan Freed. 6ill Haley. 'l*is. Sa1 2hilli0s. Ch+ck 6erry. ?ittle Richard. 5erry ?ee ?e:is. 6+ddy Holly Th+ s'%!4 Se5te,-e 11 Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter $ - Rock and Roll % 00s 11=%128 Rock and Rhyth1 and 6l+es in the 'arly Si"ties( The 6rill 4+ildin8. Ch+44y Checkers. Roy Gr4ison. the 6each 6oys

:EE; ? T+es'%!4 Se5te,-e 1< Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter & - Firl Fro+0s. Fara8e 4ands Mar*in Faye. iana Ross. Sa1 and a*e. 2ercy Sled8e. Gtis Reddin8. !retha Franklin. 5a1es 6ro:n Th+ s'%!4 Se5te,-e 1= Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter & - Folk. Rocka4illy. and S+rf M+sic 9oody F+thrie. Roy Gr4ison. Carl 2erkins. 6each4oys. :EE; A T+es'%!4 Se5te,-e 2@ Readin8 d+e, Ch( # - 6o4 ylan - 00s( 1&2%1&8 Hideo, !1erican Roots M+sic 77E$%&. RGCI K& Th+ s'%!4 Se5te,-e 2A Readin8 d+e, Ch( # - The 6eatles - 00s( 1&8%1#= :EE; < T+es'%!4 O#to-e 1 Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 8 - Moto:n and So+l - 00s( 180%1=8 Th+ s'%!4 O#to-e 3 Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter = - Fro1 6l+es to Rock 00s( 1==%22& The Iinks. Rollin8 Stones. Cla0ton. Hendri" Hea*y Metal. The 9ho. ?ed Le00elin :EE; B T+es'%!4 O#to-e B Mi'-te , E1%, Th+ s'%!4 O#to-e 10 Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 10 - San Francisco. F+nk. ?atin % 00s( 22#%2/8 5efferson !ir0lane. 5anis. Creedence. Santana :EE; = T+es'%!4 O#to-e 1? Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 11 - Rock as !rt 00s( 2/#%2#1 oors. Frank La00a. The 9ho. 2ink Floyd Th+ s'%!4 O#to-e 1< ?eadin8 d+e, Cha0ter 12 - Sin8er Son8:riters - 00s 2#2%288( Han Morrison. Si1on and Farf+nkle. CS3MA( 5a1es Taylor. 5oni Mitchell. Carole Iin8. Randy 3e:1an :EE; 10 T+es'%!4 O#to-e 22 Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 13 - 6lack M+sic in the #0>s - 00s - 2=0%30# Michael 5ackson. !l Freen. Ste*ie 9onder

Th+ s'%!4 O#to-e 2@ Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 1/% Mainstrea1 'lton 5ohn. Chica8o. 'a8les. Fleet:ood Mac :EE; 11 T+es'%!4 O#to-e 2= Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 1$ - Gh no. here co1es disco -00s( 33#%3$& Re88ae. F+nk. isco . Th+ s'%!4 O#to-e 31 Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 1& - 2+nk - 00s( 3$#%3#3 :EE; 12 T+es'%!4 No)e,-e ? Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 1# - 'lectronic and ra0 - 00s( 3#/%3=# Th+ s'%!4 No)e,-e < Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 18 - 2o0 - 00s 3==%/21 Madonna. 2rince. Tina. Christina :EE; 13 T+es'%!4 No)e,-e 12 Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 1=. 20% Recent Rock. !lternati*es /22%/&& More Re88ae and 2+nk. S0rin8steen. U2. a*e Matthe:s Th+ s'%!4 No)e,-e 1@ Readin8 d+e, Cha0ter 1=. 20% Recent Rock. !lternati*es /22%/&& More Re88ae and 2+nk. S0rin8steen. U2. a*e Matthe:s :EE; 1@ T+es'%!4 No)e,-e 1= 6ook Re*ie:s d+e Th+ s'%!4 No)e,-e 21 6ook Re*ie:s. contin+ed THAN;S7I9IN7 BREA; > No)e,-e 2?-2= :EE; 1? T+esday. ece14er 3 - 2resentations Th+rsday. ece14er #% 2resentations. cont>d( Mo&'%!4 De# =th > St+'! D%! FINAL EXAM > :e'&es'%!4 De#e,-e 114 3-A5,