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Fall 2012

SURVEY OF WORLD MUSIC Sierra Neva a C!lle"e C!#r$e C! e & N!% - Se&'i!() C!#r$e Ti'le *Cre i'$+) Ter, & Year) C!#r$e Re-% N!% *CRN+) I($'r#&'!r) ./!(e*$+) E,ail) O--i&e) O--i&e 0!#r$) Cla$$ Mee'i(" Ti,e) L!&a'i!() .rere1#i$i'e$ C!re1#i$i'e$ C!#r$e De$&ri2'i!(
34is 3-credit course is a selected survey of indi5enous+ fol6 and -o-ular .usic fro. around t4e 7orld) 8ri5ins t4rou54 -resent for.s9 e#-andin5 listenin5 s6ills as 7ell as redefinin5 74at 7e consider .usic to /e+ and+ in t4e -rocess+ sti.ulatin5 a fres4 a--roac4 to our o7n diverse .usical traditions) 34e student 7ill study t4e role of .usic as ritual+ aest4etic e#-erience+ .ode of co..unication+ and .eans of e#-ressin5 cultural identity) 2o -revious .usical trainin5 is necessary)

MUSC 310 - Section 1 Survey of World Music 3 credits Fall / 2012 # 8033 !onna "#ton $%&8' or %%&-881-%&8' ada#ton(sierranevada)edu !avid *all 101 Monday + Wednesday 11,30-1 -. and /y a--oint.ent Monday and Wednesday+ 2,30-3,0&) 1atterson 20% 2one

S'# e(' O#'&!,e$)

U-on successful co.-letion of t4is course+ a student 7ill /e a/le to, 1) !escri/e ty-es and styles of .usic 7it4 an e#-anded .usic voca/ulary 2) :dentify .usic fro. .any areas of t4e 7orld 3) "--reciate t4e diversity of 7orld cultures) 0) Create .usic &) Create .usical instru.ents ') "naly;e cultural influences on .usic %) !ocu.ent .usical influences on cultures 8) <eco5ni;e and analy;e connections /et7een culture+ reli5ion+ ritual+ creativity+ and co..unication ) :dentify t4eir o7n -ersonal .usical li6es and disli6es in an increasin5ly refined 7ay )

Me'/! $ !- A$$e$$i(" S'# e(' O#'&!,e$ Student outco.es 7ill /e assessed usin5 t4e follo7in5, 1) *o.e7or6 assi5n.ents /ased on readin5 2) :n-class -resentations 3) =#a.s and >ui;;es 0) :n class -artici-ation &) Concert re-orts

I($'r#&'i!(al $'ra'e"ie$) 34e class 7ill utili;e lecture+ discussion of readin5s fro. t4e te#t+ listenin5 e#a.-les fro. t4e te#t and ot4er sources+ videos+ 4ands on .usic-.a6in5+ student -resentations+ and -erfor.ances /y 5uest .usicians) Re1#ire Te3'$ a( Ma'erial$ Te3' a( CD, =#cursions in World Music /y ?runo 2ettl and acco.-anyin5 C!@s A''e( a(&e) Since a 5reat deal of t4e class is e#-eriential+ your consistent attendance is essential) 1lease 6eein .ind t4at it is not -ossi/le to .a6e u- in-class activities) 34e i.-ortance of attendance is reflected in t4e fact t4at it 3&A of your 5rade is de-endent on your -resence in t4e classroo.) 4ra i(" 2!li&5 Bour 5rade 7ill /e deter.ined /y t4e follo7in5 criteria, "ttendance and -artici-ation ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))3& A 1artici-ation & -oints -er class)))))))))))))1&0 -oints Cui;;es & ( 10 -oints)))))))))))))))))))))))))))&0 -oints "ttendance & -oints -er class ))))))))))))))1&0 -oints D*o.e7or6))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 3& A 2 concert re-orts ( 2&EEE)))))))))))))&0 -oints 1& 7ritten assi5n.ents ( 10 -ointsE1&0 -oints 0 -resentations ( 2& -oints)))))))))))E)) 100 -oints =#a.s )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))30 A Mid-ter. - ta6e 4o.e))))))))))))))))))))))))))&0 -oints in class)))))))))E)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))%& -oints Final e#a.)))field 7or6EEEE))))))2& -oints 3a6e 4o.e))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))%& -oints :n class)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))%& -oints DF1lease note - 4o.e7or6 .ust /e turned in on t4e due date for full creditG A$$i"(,e('$ Rea i(" a$$i"(,e('$ :n 5eneral+ you 7ill 4ave 7ritten 4o.e7or6 due 7it4 your assi5ned readin5) "ssi5n.ents fro. t4e H=#cursions in World MusicI te#t are 5iven on t4e sylla/us ) Li$'e(i(" a$$i"(,e('$ Jistenin5 assi5n.ents 7ill /e 5iven fro. t4e acco.-anyin5 C! for I=#cursions in World MusicI) 34e listenin5 assi5n.ents 7ill corres-ond 7it4 t4e related readin5 .aterial) Cui;;es and e#a.s 7ill 4ave a listenin5 - identification section)

.re$e('a'i!($ Class assi5n.ents 7ill include 0 s4ort -resentations of & .inutes eac4) 3o-ics for t4e -resentation 7ill /e c4osen at least one 7ee6 /efore due date) Bou are re>uired to 4and in a le5i/le co-y of your re-ort) Bou .ust list "JJ references to t4e sources used) 34e 5eneral to-ics of t4e re-orts are listed on t4e sylla/us) C!(&er' A''e( a(&e :n addition+ you are re>uired to attend at least 2 live concerts) 8ne .ust 4ave a IWorld MusicI t4e.e) Bou .ust 7rite a res-onse -a-er to 5et credit for attendance) "ll students in t4e class are 7elco.e to infor. ot4er students of -otential o--ortunities for concert attendance) We 7ill loo6 into t4e -ossi/ility of attendin5 t4e 2evada City Celtic Festival durin5 t4e last 7ee6end in Se-te./er) I(-&la$$ a&'ivi'ie$ - 2ar'i&i2a'i!( " 5reat deal of your e#-osure to ne7 ty-es of .usic 7ill /e fro. your -artici-ation in 4ands-on .usical activities durin5 class ti.e) For t4is+ you 7ill /e 5raded on -artici-ation - not on tec4nical .usical s6ill) 34ere also 7ill /e so.e occasion to 7atc4 videos or listen to e#a.-les of .usic t4at are i.-ortant to our understandin5 of anot4er culture) Kee- an o-en .ind) Muc4 of t4e .usic 7e 4ear 7ill sound alien to our ears) ?ut you .ay find yourself really enLoyin5 t4e ne7 sounds and r4yt4.s you are 4earin5) 6#i77e$ a( E3a,$ 6#i77e$ 8ccasional >ui;;es 7ill /e focused on s-ecific facts and infor.ation fro. t4e readin5 as 7ell as class discussion and re-orts) Mi -'er, 34e .id-ter. 7ill 4ave a ta6e 4o.e essay as 7ell as an in-class e#a.) 34e in-class e#a. 7ill include listenin5 identification as 7ell as o/Lective and s4ort essay >uestions) Fi(al) 34e final 7ill 4ave t4ree -arts) : - Field 7or6) Bou 7ill /e intervie7in5 so.eone re5ardin5 t4e .usic in t4eir life) :deally+ t4is 7ould /e your oldest relative) 34ey s4ould /e one or t7o 5enerations older t4an you) We 7ill discuss -ossi/le >uestionin5 for.ats) :: - 3a6e 4o.e essay >uestion ::: - :n-class e#a. on listenin5 identification and one essay >uestion)

C!#r$e F!&#$ 34e study of 7orld .usic necessarily involves t4e study of t4e cultures fro. 74ic4 t4e .usic ori5inates) "s a conse>uence+ our study t4is se.ester 7ill involve e#a.ination of suc4 to-ics as reli5ion+ .yt4olo5y+ econo.ics+ -olitics+ aest4etic value syste.s+ nature+ and tec4nolo5y as s4a-in5 forces in a societyMs .usical out-ut) W4ile it is 7ell /eyond t4e sco-e of t4is course to do a co.-re4ensive study of all 7orld .usic+ 7e nevert4eless can learn a tre.endous a.ount /y e#a.inin5 t4e .usic of certain -ri.ary 7orld cultures and societies) !urin5 t4is se.ester 7e 7ill investi5ate t4e .usic of t4e Far =ast+ Middle =ast+ Central =uro-e+ <ussia+ Sout4 ".erica+ and "frica) We 7ill also e#a.ine s-eciali;ed influences on ".erican .usic) 1lan to attend t4e Se-t) 13t4 -resentation on ".erican fol6 .usic F1rotest Music fro. t4e 1 '0@sG t4at 7ill /e 5iven in 3C=S 13 at % -.) Music is often called t4e universal lan5ua5e) Bour ease in readin5+ 7ritin5+ or s-ea6in5 a/out .usic 7ill /e en4anced /y your 6no7led5e of so.e .usical ter.s) So.e are fa.iliar 7ords 7it4 a s-ecific .usical .eanin5+ ot4ers are .ore tec4nical) !o not /e inti.idated /y t4e.) :n .ost cases+ t4ey si.-ly refer to .usical sounds and -ro-erties t4at you 4ave /een e#-eriencin5+ on a daily /asis+ since /irt4) Ma6e a conscious effort to utili;e t4e .usic ter.inolo5y 74en 7ritin5 and s-ea6in5 a/out .usic) :n doin5 so+ you 7ill find yourself /eco.in5 increasin5ly confident and co.forta/le 7it4 .usical lan5ua5e) .ri, Li8rar5 Re$!#r&e$ Usin5 t4e li/rary@s resources effectively Fnot Lust :nternet resourcesG contri/utes to develo-in5 eac4 of S2C@s core t4e.es /y e#-osin5 students to 4i54 >uality acade.ic resources+ diverse o-inions+ ne7 ideas+ and a future t4at includes /uildin5 on a li/eral arts education) :n t4is course+ you 7ill /e e#-ected to utili;e t4e li/rary@s resources Feit4er on-site or re.otelyG as you co.-lete your assi5n.ents) 37o resources of t4e Sierra 2evada Colle5e Ji/rary t4at 7ill /e -articularly 4el-ful to you are 2e7 Nrove !ictionary of Music and Musicians Fin t4e reference sectionG+ and 2e7 Nrove !ictionary of Musical :nstru.ents ) ?oo6s in t4e Music section include t4e to-ics of t4e Music of ?ali+ 2or7ay+ S-ain+ and ot4er countries) Bour re-orts on s-ecific .usical cultures 7ill lead you to7ards t4ese /oo6s) Music /oo6s are in t4e section .ar6ed MJ) 3a6e so.e ti.e to loo6 t4rou54 t4at section Fon t4e Me;;anineG and find 74at is availa/le in our li/rary t4at is interestin5 to you)
Sa(&'i!($ -!r C/ea'i(" a( 9!r .la"iari$, T/e 0!(!r C! e 34e faculty of S2C /elieves students .ust /e 4eld to 4i54 standards of inte5rity in all as-ects of colle5e life in order to -ro.ote t4e educational .ission of t4e Colle5e and to encoura5e res-ect for t4e ri54ts of ot4ers) =ac4 student /rin5s to t4e S2C co..unity uni>ue s6ills+ talents+ values and e#-eriences 74ic4+ 74en e#-ressed 7it4in t4e co..unity+ contri/ute to t4e >uality of t4e educational environ.ent and t4e 5ro7t4 and develo-.ent of t4e individual) Students s4are 7it4 .e./ers of t4e faculty+ ad.inistration and staff t4e res-onsi/ility for creatin5 and .aintainin5 an environ.ent conducive to learnin5 and -ersonal develo-.ent+ 74ere actions are 5uided /y .utual res-ect+ inte5rity+ res-onsi/ility and trust) 34e faculty and students ali6e .ust .a6e dili5ent efforts to ensure 4i54 standards are u-4eld /y t4eir collea5ues and -eers as 7ell as t4e.selves) 34erefore faculty and students acce-t res-onsi/ility for .aintainin5 t4ese standards at Sierra 2evada Colle5e and are o/li5ated to co.-ly 7it4 its re5ulations and -rocedures+ 74ic4 t4ey are e#-ected to read and understand)

C!($e1#e(&e$ !- Vi!la'i(" '/e S'# e(' 0!(!r C! e S2C students and faculty s4are t4e res-onsi/ility for .aintainin5 an environ.ent of acade.ic 4onesty) 34us+ all are res-onsi/le for 6no7in5 and a/idin5 /y t4e S2C Faculty/Student *onor Code -u/lis4ed in t4e current S2C Catalo5) Faculty are res-onsi/le for -resentin5 t4e *onor Code and t4e conse>uences of violatin5 it to students at t4e start of t4eir classes "2! for re-ortin5 all incidences of acade.ic dis4onesty to t4e 1rovost) Students are res-onsi/le for 6no7in5 74at constitutes C*="3:2N+ 1J"N:"<:SM and F"?<:C"3:82 and for refrainin5 fro. t4ese and ot4er for.s of acade.ic dis4onesty) Oiolations of t4e *onor Code /eco.e -art of a student@s acade.ic record) 1st 8ffense, Student receives a ;ero for assi5n.ent/e#a. and counselin5 7it4 faculty on t4e 4onor code+ conse>uences for violatin5 t4e 4onor code+ and t4e value of acade.ic 4onesty in learnin5) 2nd 8ffense, Student fails course and receives counselin5 7it4 faculty on t4e 4onor code+ conse>uences for violatin5 t4e 4onor code+ and t4e value of acade.ic 4onesty in learnin5) 3rd 8ffense, Student is e#-elled)

T/e SNC E,ail S5$'e,

34e S2C e.ail syste. is t4e official co..unication ve4icle a.on5 students+ faculty .e./ers and ad.inistrative staff and is desi5ned to -rotect t4e confidentiality of student infor.ation as re>uired /y t4e Fa.ily =ducational <i54ts and 1rivacy "ct of 1 %0 "ct FF=<1"G) Students s4ould c4ec6 t4eir colle5e e.ail accounts daily durin5 t4e sc4ool year) Students 4ave a ri54t to for7ard t4eir S2C e-.ail to anot4er e-.ail account Ffor e#a.-le+ (4ot.ail or (5.ailG) *o7ever+ confidentiality of student infor.ation -rotected /y F=<1" cannot /e 5uaranteed for S2C e-.ail for7arded to an outside vendor) *avin5 e.ail redirected does not a/solve a student fro. t4e res-onsi/ilities associated 7it4 official co..unication sent to 4is or 4er S2C e.ail account)

T/e Sierra Neva a C!lle"e Mi$$i!( S'a'e,e(')

Sierra 2evada Colle5e 5raduates 7ill /e educated to /e sc4olars of and contri/utors to a sustaina/le 7orld) Sierra 2evada Colle5e co./ines t4e li/eral arts and -rofessional -re-aredness t4rou54 an interdisci-linary curriculu. t4at e.-4asi;es entre-reneurial t4in6in5 and environ.ental+ social+ econo.ic and educational sustaina/ility)

T/e C!re T/e,e$) Ji/eral "rts =ntre-reneurial

ADA A&&!,,! a'i!($ :n accordance 7it4 t4e ".ericans 7it4 !isa/ilities "ct and Section &00 of t4e <e4a/ilitation "ct of 1 %3+ students 7it4 a docu.ented disa/ility are eli5i/le for su--ort services and acco..odations) :f a student 7is4es to re>uest an acco..odation+ -lease contact t4e !irector of "cade.ic Su--ort Services+ *enry Conover+ at F%%&G 831-1310 #%&30+ 4conover(sierranevada)edu+ office in 1ri. Ji/rary, 1J-300)

1rofessional 1re-aredness 34in6in5 Sustaina/ility

C!#r$e O#'li(e a( A$$i"(,e('$

"ll assi5ned readin5s and acco.-anyin5 listenin5 e#a.-les are to /e co.-leted -rior to t4e class .eetin5s) Wee6 1 - :23<8!UC3:82 8/20 :ntroduction, Course 8/Lectives+ Cuestionnaire+ *andouts) Ji/rary visit to find .usical resources 8/22 =ssential .usical voca/ulary Wee6 2 - MUS:C"J :2S3<UM=23S 8/2% <eadin5 due, 2ettl+ C4) :) : Studyin5 .usics of t4e World@s Cultures =ssential voca/ulary+ continued) 8/2 Cla$$ 2re$e('a'i!($ ;1) Current .usic of your c4oice Wee6 3 - 3UO" /3 N! &la$$ - La8!r Da5 /& Music of 3uva - t4roat sin5in5 Oideo, HNen54is ?luesP

Wee6 0 - :2!:" /10 <eadin5 !ue, 2ettl+ C4) 2+ - Music of :ndia) Oideo+ Music of :ndia) /12 Oideo, <a5a Oideo, 34ereMll "l7ays ?e Stars in t4e S6y - :ndian Fil. Music Oideo, Concert for Neor5e 9/13 7 pm TCES Protest Music program Wee6 & - M:!!J= ="S3 /1% <eadin5 !ue, 2ettl+ C4)3+ - Music of t4e Middle =ast Jistenin5, 3a>asi.+ :ran+ Music of "ncient =5y-t+ Fol6 Music fro. Crete /1 Cla$$ .re$e('a'i!($ ;2 - Music of an =astern forei5n culture) :ncludes listenin5 to C! of re-resentative .usic+ re-ortin5 on instru.ents and culture) Wee6 ' - C*:2" /20 <eadin5 due, 2ettl+ C4)0+ - Music of C4ina) Oideo, C4inese :nstru.ents and Music) "udio, "ll t4e /est fro. C4ina /2' Oideo, Fol6 Music fro. :nner Mon5olia C4ina+ continued) Jistenin5, Sin5in5 ?o7ls of 3i/et) Sept 29-30 Ce tic !esti"a #e"a$a Cit%& C' Wee6 % - Q"1"2 10/1 <eadin5 due, 2ettl) C4) &) - Music of Qa-an) C4oose to-ics for -resentations) Jistenin5, Qa-anese Koto Music+ 3a6e.itsu+ Wada "rt -roLect 10/3 Oideo, Music of Qa-an) Cla$$ 2re$e('a'i!($ ;< =astern reli5ions and .usic *and out 3a6e-*o.e Mid-3er.

Wee6 8 - M:!3=<M 10/8 Midter. revie7 10/10 I( Cla$$ Mi 'er, E3a, *and in ta6e-4o.e Wee6 - :2!82=S:" 10/1& <eadin5 due, 2ettl+ C4) '+ Music of :ndonesia Jistenin5, ?ali and Na.elin .usic) Oideo, Music of ?ali and :ndonesia 10/1% :ndonesian Music+ contMd) Oideo, 2ature of Music+ ISources and Sorcery Wee6 10 "F<:C" 10/22 <eadin5 due, 2ettl+ C4) %+ - Music of Su/-Sa4aran "frica) Jistenin5, !ru.s and .usic of West "frica) ) 10/20 Oideo, Music of "frica) Jistenin5, Music of t4e <ain Forest 1y5.ies ) Oideo, 34e 2ature of Music - 1art 2 Sy./ols+ <e-ercussions Wee6 11 - =3*2:C 28<3* "M=<:C" 10/2 <eadin5 due, 2ettl) C4) 12 --s) -Music of =t4nic 2ort4 ".erica <e-ercussions - a Cele/ration of "frican ".erican Music 11/31 Oideo, Nos-el Wee6 12 - 28<3* "M=<:C"2 2"3:O= MUS:C 11/& <eadin5 due, 2ettl+ C4) 11+ 2ative ".erican Music Oideo, Music of 2ative 2ort4 ".erica 11/% .re$e('a'i!( ;=) Na'ive A,eri&a% Wee6 13 - J"3:2 "M=<:C" 11/12 <eadin5 due, 2ettl+ C4) + --) Music in Jatin ".erica Oideo, S-irit of Sa./a-?lac6 Music of ?ra;il+ Music of Jatin ".erica Jistenin5, Jatin ".erica 11/10 Oideo, Salsa-Jatin 1o-9 Music in Cities 3*"2KSN:O:2N <=C=SS 2ove./er 1 -20 Wee6 10 -C"<:??="2 11/2' <eadin5 due, 2ettl+ C4) 10+ Music in t4e Cari//ean 11/28 Creative -roLect - instru.ents Wee6 1& 12/3 Music of your cultural /ac65round - field 7or6 and researc4 due 11/& <evie7 for Final =#a. FINAL EXAM) We (e$ a5> De&e,8er 12'/ *12912912- a "!! !,e(+ 11)<0 AM-2)<0 2,