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MUSC 312 - HUMN 312


SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE Spring 2014 Donn A!"on - In#"r$%"or


Si&rr N&' ( Co))&g& * Spring 2014 HUMN 312 - CRN +101,MUSC 312 - CRN +101,. Co$r#& Co(& & No/ Co$r#& Ti")& T&r1 & Y& r Co$r#& R&2/ No/ 3CRN0 In#"r$%"or4 56on& E1 i) O22i%& O22i%& Ho$r#, C) ## M&&"ing Ti1&#4 M&&"ing 5) %&, 5r&-r&7$i#i"&# Co-r&7$i#i"&# HUMN 312/MUSC312 Music and Mythology (3 credits0 Spring 2014 1019 ! 1019" #onna $%ton "&''1& "'( da%ton)sierrane*ada+edu #a*id Hall 101 Monday & -ednesday 1&2 p. and /y appoint.ent 0uesday! 0hursday 2,30&3,4" p. 1atterson 20 2N34101 or the consent o5 the instructor none

R&7$ir&( T&!"8oo9#4 0he 1o6er o5 Myth /y 7oseph Ca.p/ell He /y 8o/ert $+ 7ohnson She /y 8o/ert $+ 7ohnson -e /y 8o/ert $+ 7ohnson Op"ion ) "&!"8oo9#4 A' i) 8)& on r&#&r'& " 5ri1 Li8r r: 3oddesses in 2*ery -o.an /y 7ean Shinoda 9olen 3ods in 2*ery Man /y 7ean Shinoda 9olen 3ree: Mythology /y Sophia ;o::inou COURSE DESCRI5TION 0his is a three unit course designed as an inter&disciplinary Music and Hu.anities Course+ 0he connection /et6een the t6o 5ields o5 Music and Mythology 6ill /e e%plored 5ro. t6o di55erent directions, <+ 0he .ythology o5 .usic, -ays in 6hich the .yth and 5ol: lore o5 speci5ic societies ha*e e%plained the presence! the creation and the po6er o5 .usic= 6hat this tells us a/out the hu.an e%perience and a/out .usic+ <<+ 0he .usic o5 .ythology, 2%a.ples in the .usical literature o5 .yth as the the.atic .aterial 5or instru.ental and *ocal 6or:s+ 0he student 6ill study the .yth itsel5 and the .usical *oca/ulary the co.poser and per5or.er use to con*ey the .eaning o5 the .yth+ Class 6or: includes listening! lecture! discussion and a 5inal pro>ect co./ining .usic and .yth in an original 6ay+

STUDENT OUTCOMES 9y considering .ythology! .usic! and their inter6o*en connections! the students 6ill achie*e the 5ollo6ing outco.es, ; <n*estigate .usic and .yth as t6o po6er5ul languages+ ? 9eco.e a6are o5 di55ering roles .usic has played in society & as sho6n /y stories told a/out .usic@s creation+ ? $chie*e 5a.iliarity 6ith the .ain 3ree: gods and goddesses ? 8elate the Aualities o5 these archetypes to hu.an li5e e%perience ? 8ead .ythological literature and /e a/le to apply its lessons to present day li5e+ ? 2%tend this 5ra.e o5 re5erence to other .ythologies & including Nati*e $.erican! Norse! 3er.anic! 2nglish! and 8ussian 5ol:lore and 5airy tales+ ? 4isten to and discuss .usical .asterpieces that use .ythological the.es and stories+ ? 9e a/le to identi5y the .usical techniAues and Aualities used to represent aspects o5 the .ythological story in .usic 5or.+ ; Use .usic in a creati*e 6ay to enhance or tell the story o5 a chosen .yth+ INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES 8eading assign.ents 5ro. 3ree:! Brench! Nati*e $.erican and Norse Mythology Student presentations on other .ythological syste.s 4istening and discussion o5 .usic /ased on other .ythological the.es! 5ol: tales! 5airy tales+ 8eports and presentations on .yth&/ased .usical pieces+ Class discussions o5 readings <n&class .usical pro>ects Creati*e pro>ects co./ining .usic and .yth+ CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES 0he daily reading and 6riting assign.ents 6ill /e 5ro. that .aterial+ <n&class 6or: 6ill include listening and discussion o5 .usic /ased on other .ythological the.es! 5ol: tales! and 5airy tales+ METHODS O< ASSESSING STUDENT OUTCOMES Ho.e6or: assign.ents! presentations! AuiCCes! .id&ter. and 5inal e%a.s+

COURSE RE=UIREMENTS 8eading assign.ents 6ill /e gi*en 5or each class session+ Duestions 6ill /e assigned 5or 6riting and discussion on these readings+ 0here 6ill /e in&class listening assign.ents! response papers! and occasional 6ritten AuiCCes Eou 6ill ha*e .id&ter. and a 5inal e%a.s+ GRADING 5OLICY Yo$r 2in ) gr (& >i)) 8& (&"&r1in&( $#ing "6& 2o))o>ing p&r%&n" g&#/ A""&n( n%& 20? 5 r"i%ip "ion 20? @ri""&n ##ign1&n"# 30? E! 1# n( 7$iAA&# 30? -ritten assign.ents that are co.plete 6ill /e gi*en 5ull credit on the day they are due+ #uring the ne%t 6ee: they 6ill /e gi*en '0F credit! during the 5ollo6ing 6ee: (0 F credit+ $5ter that they 6ill not /e accepted+ A""&n( n%&4 $ great deal o5 this class is e%periential+ -riting assign.ents 6ill /e /ased on responses to classroo. discussion and .usic listening+ <n other 6ords! consistent attendance is crucial to your success in this class+ $lso! please notice that 40F o5 your class grade can only /e acco.plished /y attending classes+ 5 r"i%ip "ion4 0he uni*ersal the.es o5 .ythology create a personal response in each o5 us 6hich is uniAue and *alua/le+ Music is also an e%tre.ely su/>ecti*e co..unication .ediu. and can e*o:e strong responses and create insights on a deep le*el+ 9e responsi/le 5or your o6n sa5ety and/or co.5ort le*el in this class and respect your class.ates@ contri/utions+ 9eyond these cautionary state.ents! en>oy e%ploring these t6o 6onder5ul sources o5 riches+ @ri""&n ##ign1&n"# -ritten 6or: 6ill /e assigned 6ith reAuired readings+ <t 6ill /e graded on clarity! originality! thought5ulness! and gra..atical correctness+ < a. loo:ing 5or re5lecti*e and .eaning5ul 6or:+ E! 1# n( 7$iAA&#4 Eour .id&ter. and your 5inal 6ill ha*e an in&class co.ponent+ 0he other part 6ill /e an original 6or:s that incorporates .usic 6ith a .yth o5 your choice+ 9e thin:ing a/out .ythological stories that stri:e a strong chord 6ith you+ Choose .yths you en>oy+ +

5ri1 Li8r r: R&#o$r%&#

Using the li/raryGs resources e55ecti*ely (not >ust <nternet resourcesH contri/utes to de*eloping each o5 SNCGs core the.es /y e%posing students to high Auality acade.ic resources! di*erse opinions! ne6 ideas! and a 5uture that includes /uilding on a li/eral arts education+ <n this course! you 6ill /e e%pected to utiliCe the li/raryGs resources (either on&site or re.otelyH as you co.plete your assign.ents+ 1ri. 4i/rary 8esources 5or 1sychology include! /ut are not li.ited to,

1+ 4i/ 3uides, http,//li/guides+sierrane*ada+edu/psychology+ 0hese 6e/ pages ha*e /een co.piled

to highlight speci5ic resources in psychology+ 0a/s indicate 1ri. li/rary in5or.ation regarding /oo:s! articles! 6e/sites! citations! and general interest psychology in5or.ation+

2+ <ntroduction to 1ri. 4i/rary 6e/site I http,//li/guides+sierrane*ada+edu/li/rary

3+ 9oo:s (to /e chec:ed outH, a+ <n general! /oo:s related to Mythology ha*e 4i/rary o5 Congress Classi5ication nu./ers can /e 5ound in the 94 sections+ Search the 1ri. 4i/rary Catalog using :ey 6ords related to the topic that you are researching+ +


2lectronic data/ases that .ay /e help5ul include29SCJ, $cade.ic Search 1re.ier+ 0o access electronic data/ases o55 ca.pus! use your 5irst initial and your last na.e as the userna.e and your 9 digit student <# nu./er as the pass6ord+ Hardcopy periodicals, 1ri. 4i/rary has current su/scriptions 5or a 5e6 acade.ic >ournals= ho6e*er! .any 5ull&te%t articles are a*aila/le through the electronic data/ases+


Music resources that 6ill /e help5ul to you are Ne6 3ro*e #ictionary o5 Music and Musicians (in the re5erence sectionH! and Ne6 3ro*e #ictionary o5 Musical <nstru.ents + + Music /oo:s are in the section .ar:ed M4 (.usic literatuireH M(actual 6ritten .usicH and M0 (0heoryH 4J3<N in5or.ation 5or SNC 1ri. 4i/rary 2lectronic #ata/ases http,//li/guides+sierrane*ada+edu/li/rary 9etts Mar:le! 4i/rary #irector e.ar:le)sierrane*ada+edu "&''1& "11 -hen you need to access SNC@s licensed data/ase content 5ro. o55 ca.pus! you 6ill need the 5ollo6ing in5or.ation, K Students, Use your 5irst initial and your last na.e as the userna.e and your 9 digit student <# nu./er as the pass6ord+

S n%"ion# 2or C6& "ing n(Bor 5) gi ri#1 T6& Honor Co(&

0he 5aculty o5 SNC /elie*es students .ust /e held to high standards o5 integrity in all aspects o5 college li5e in order to pro.ote the educational .ission o5 the College and to encourage respect 5or the rights o5 others+ 2ach student /rings to the SNC co..unity uniAue s:ills! talents! *alues and e%periences 6hich! 6hen e%pressed 6ithin the co..unity! contri/ute to the Auality o5 the educational en*iron.ent and the gro6th and de*elop.ent o5 the indi*idual+ Students share 6ith .e./ers o5 the 5aculty! ad.inistration and sta55 the responsi/ility 5or creating and .aintaining an en*iron.ent conduci*e to learning and personal de*elop.ent! 6here actions are guided /y .utual respect! integrity! responsi/ility and trust+ 0he 5aculty and students ali:e .ust .a:e diligent e55orts to ensure high standards are upheld /y their colleagues and peers as 6ell as the.sel*es+ 0here5ore 5aculty and students accept responsi/ility 5or .aintaining these standards at Sierra Ne*ada College and are o/ligated to co.ply 6ith its regulations and procedures! 6hich they are e%pected to read and understand+

Con#&7$&n%&# o2 Vio) "ing "6& S"$(&n" Honor Co(&

SNC students and 5aculty share the responsi/ility 5or .aintaining an en*iron.ent o5 acade.ic honesty+ 0hus! all are responsi/le 5or :no6ing and a/iding /y the SNC Baculty/Student Honor Code pu/lished in the current SNC Catalog+ Baculty are responsi/le 5or presenting the Honor Code and the conseAuences o5 *iolating it to students at the start o5 their classes $N# 5or reporting all incidences o5 acade.ic dishonesty to the 1ro*ost+ Students are responsi/le 5or :no6ing 6hat constitutes CH2$0<N3! 14$3<$8<SM and B$98<C$0<JN and 5or re5raining 5ro. these and other 5or.s o5 acade.ic dishonesty+ Liolations o5 the Honor Code /eco.e part o5 a studentGs acade.ic record+ 1st J55ense, Student recei*es a Cero 5or assign.ent/e%a. and counseling 6ith 5aculty on the honor code! conseAuences 5or *iolating the honor code! and the *alue o5 acade.ic honesty in learning+ 2nd J55ense, Student 5ails course and recei*es counseling 6ith 5aculty on the honor code! conseAuences 5or *iolating the honor code! and the *alue o5 acade.ic honesty in learning+ 3rd J55ense, Student is e%pelled+

ADA A%%o11o( "ion#

<n accordance 6ith the $.ericans 6ith #isa/ilities $ct and Section "04 o5 the 8eha/ilitation $ct o5 19 3! students 6ith a docu.ented disa/ility are eligi/le 5or support ser*ices and acco..odations+ <5 a student 6ishes to reAuest an acco..odation! please contact the #irector o5 $cade.ic Support Ser*ices! Henry Cono*er! at ( "H '31&1314 % "34! hcono*er)sierrane*ada+edu or go to the J$S<S o55ices on the third 5loor o5 1ri. 4i/rary 6ithin the 5irst 6ee: o5 the se.ester+

T6& SNC E1 i) S:#"&1

0he SNC e.ail syste. is the o55icial co..unication *ehicle a.ong students! 5aculty .e./ers and ad.inistrati*e sta55 and is designed to protect the con5identiality o5 student in5or.ation as reAuired /y the Ba.ily 2ducational 8ights and 1ri*acy $ct o5 19 4 $ct (B281$H+ Students should chec: their college e.ail accounts daily during the school year+ Students ha*e a right to 5or6ard their SNC e&.ail to another e&.ail account (5or e%a.ple! )hot.ail or )g.ailH+ Ho6e*er! con5identiality o5 student in5or.ation protected /y B281$ cannot /e guaranteed 5or SNC e&.ail 5or6arded to an outside *endor+ Ha*ing e.ail redirected does not a/sol*e a student 5ro. the responsi/ilities associated 6ith o55icial co..unication sent to his or her SNC e.ail account+ T6& Mi##ion S" "&1&n"4 Sierra Ne*ada College graduates 6ill /e educated to /e scholars o5 and contri/utors to a sustaina/le 6orld+ Sierra Ne*ada College co./ines the li/eral arts and pro5essional preparedness through an interdisciplinary curriculu. that e.phasiCes entrepreneurial thin:ing and en*iron.ental! social! econo.ic and educational sustaina/ility+ T6& Cor& T6&1&#4 4i/eral $rts 2ntrepreneurial 0hin:ing 1ro5essional 1reparedness Sustaina/ility


@&&9 1 * In"ro($%"ion 0uesday! 7anuary 21 I Music! Mythology 0hursday! 7anuary 23 8eading due, the 1o6er o5 Myth pps+ 1&'" @&&9 2 -M:"6 0uesday! 7anuary 2' 8eading due, the 1o6er o5 Myth pps+'(&112 0hursday! 7anuary 30 & $rchetypes and 1atriarchy Cronus! Uranus! 0itans 8eading due, M0here are 3ods in e*ery .anN 8eading dueN NBathers and Sons, Myths tell us a/out the 1atriarchy @&&9 3 - Gr&&9 Go( Ar%6&":p&# 0uesday! Be/ruary 4 & Oeus! 1oseidon! & Hades! and 5a.ily o5 origin 4istening, #e/ussy & 4a Mer 0hursday! Be/ruary ( $pollo! Her.es &! Hephaestus! 8eading due N0he 4ord o5 the Sil*er 9o6N Lideo, Bantasia @&&9 4 - Gr&&9 Go(BGo((&## Ar%6&":p&# 0uesday! Be/ruary 11 $res! #ionysus Lideo, Bantasia 0hursday! Be/ruary Be/+ 13& $.or (CupidH , $phrodite! 8eading due, 0he 1o6er o5 Myth pps+ 20 &230 I The Gift of the Goddess 8eading due, M$lche.ical 3oddessP 4istening, 0he 1lanets & /y 3usta* Holst! NLenusN and NCupidN @&&9 .- Gr&&9 Go((&## Ar%6&":p&# 0uesday! Be/ruary 1' & Lulnera/le 3oddesses, Hera! #e.eter! 1ersephone 8eading due, M 0he story o5 <oP 4istening N$riadne au5 Na%osN 0hursday! Be/ruary 20 & Lirgin 3oddesses, $rte.is! $thena! Hestia 8eading due, N 0he Horse and the Jli*eN! N0he -onder5ul -ea*erN

@&&9 C * S6& - 1syche 0uesday! Be/ruary 2" & DuiC 0hursday! Be/ruary 2 8eading due, She & pps+ i%&34= 4istening & 0he Sleep o5 1syche & Cesar Branc:

@&&9 - * S6& 0uesday! March 4& 0he 0as:s 8eading due, She & pps+ 3"&"2 0hursday March ( I 0he 0as:s 8eading due, She & pps+ "3& 2 @&&9 D 0uesday March 11 & Mid&ter. re*ie6 0hursday! March 13 & <n class Mid&ter.

M r%6 1--21 Spring Er& 9 @&&9 , - T6& O(:##&: 0uesday! March 2" I 0he Jdyssey 0hursday! March 2 Lideo , J 9rother! 6here art 0houQ @&&9 10 - H& 0uesday! $pril 1& 0he Bisher ;ing 8eading due, 0he 1o6er o5 Myth pps 1"1&20( & The Heros Adventure 8eading due, He pps+ i%&12 0hursday! $pril 3 & 1arsi5al 8eading due, MHeP pps+ 13&30= @&&9 11 - H& 0uesday! $pril ' 8eading due, He pps+ 31&"' 4istening, 1arsi5al

0hursday! $pril 10& 0he 3rail Castle 8eading due, He "'&'2 @&&9 12 - H& 0uesday! $pril 1" Lideo, 0he Bisher ;ing 0hursday! $pril 1 & NJrpheusN 8eading due, 0he 0ro>an -ar 4istening, Jrpheus and 2urydice= Lideo, 9lac: Jrpheus Hercules #ido and $eneas @&&9 13 - @& 0uesday! $pril 22 8eading due, 0he 1o6er o5 Myth pps+231&2" &Tales of Love and Marriage 8eading due, -e pps+ 1 I 34 0hursday ! $pril 24 8eading due, -e pps+ 3 &'0 4istening, 0ristan and <solde & -agner @&&9 14 - @& 0uesday! $pril 29 8eading due, -e pps+ '3&11" 0hursday! May 1 8eading due, -e pps+ 119&1((! 1'9 & 201 @&&9 1. - R&'i&> 0uesday! May (&8e*ie6 May R ' I Study days <in ) &! 14 S "$r( :F M : 10"6 11430 * 2430 p1

$ partial list o5 .usical co.positions 6ith .ythological the.es E)$&8& r(G# C #")& - /y 9ela 9arto: T6& 5) n&"# - /y 3usta* Holst T6& S)&&p o2 5#:%6& - Cesar Branc: Ari (n& $2 N !o# /y 8ichard Strauss E)&9"r -/y 8ichard Strauss Di(o n( A&n& # - /y Henry 1urcell S%6&6&r A (& /y Ni:olai 8i.s:y ;orsa:o* 5&"&r n( "6& @o)2 - /y Sergei 1ro:o5ie* T6& Ug): D$%9)ing - /y Sergei 1ro:o5ie* T6& Ug): D$%9)ing - 5ro. NHans Christian $ndersonN T6& <ir&8ir( - /y <gor Stra*ins:y Sor%&r&rG# Appr&n"i%& - 9y 1aul #u:as H n#&) n( Gr&"&) & /y 2ngel/ert Hu.perdin: H r&)i S$i"& 9y 7ean Si/elius 5 r#i2 ) & /y 8ichard -agner Cin(&r&)) - /y 1eter <lyich 0chai:o*s:y Cin(&r&)) - /y Sergei 1ro:o5ie* @&#" Si(& S"or: - /y 4eonard 9ernstein Ro1&o n( I$)i&" - /y 1eter <lyich 0chai:o*s:y Ro1&o n( I$)i&" - /y Sergei 1ro:o5ie* Tri#" n n( I#o)(& - /y 8ichard -agner T6& Ring o2 "6& Ni&8&)$ng&n & /y 8ichard -agner 5i%"$r&# " n E!6i8i"ion -/y Mussorgs:y