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!ada Co"" g Course Code & No. - Section: Course Title (Credits): Term & Year: Course Ref. No. (CRN): Instructor: Phone(s): Email: ffice: ffice !ours: Class "eetin# Time: $ocation: Prere%uisites #NAR 3$1% MUSC 323% PSYC 3$1&' (tion 1 Intro to Art T) rap*% M+'i( and T) rap* & 3 (r dit' Spring % 2013 101,3- 101,,- 100,, Donna A.ton /0$12 or 00$&111&0$12 da.ton3'i rran !ada4 d+ Da!id Ha""- roo5 101 T+ 'da*- T)+r'da* 1&2 p5 and 6* appoint5 nt T+ 'da*- T)+r'da* 10&1171$ a4544 Patt r'on Ha"" roo5 213 PSYC 201 and a St+dio #in Art' Co+r'

T) 't+d nt .p"or ' t) )i'tor* and (+rr nt 'tat+' o8 art a' a t) rap +ti( 5oda"it* and a ) a"ing 8or( 4 T)ro+g) "it rat+r r !i 9 and .p ri ntia" " arning- t) 't+d nt 9i"" (on'id r )o9 !i'+a" and p r8or5ing art' (an 'ti5+"at and .pand p)*'i(a"- 5otiona"- p'*()o"ogi(a"- and (ogniti! 8+n(tioning4 Art a' a 8or5 o8 (o55+ni(ation- a' a r 5 dia" or (orr (ti! " arning .p ri n( - and a' a too" in 'p (ia" d+(ation4


14 Handbook of Art Therapy; Cat)* A4 Ma"()iodi: T) ;+i"8ord Pr '': <= 2003: IS>N7 1&$0230&10?&$ 24 Art Heals; S)a+n M(Ni88: S)a5)6a"a P+6"i(ation': < 200,: IS>N 1&$?030&1221

RE(&IRE' TE)T for "usic Students 14 Musicophila; O"i! r Sa(@': A"8r d A Anop8: < 2000: IS>N ?01&0202&?0?110 INSTR&CTI N*$ STR*TE+IES
Dai"* o+t'id r ading a''ign5 nt' and r 8" (ti! 9riting a''ign5 nt' t)at int grat t) r ading'4 In&("a'' 9or@ 9i"" in("+d app"i(ation o8 art and 5+'i( t) rap* t ()niB+ '- and pr ' ntation' on a''o(iat d topi(' in t) 8i "d o8 .pr ''i! art'4

"ET! 'S



Dai"* )o5 9or@ 6a' d on ("a'' r ading'- pr ' ntation'- parti(ipation in ("a''&roo5 . r(i' 'r 'pon' ' to )and'&on .p ri ntia" 5oda"iti '- 9ritt n in&("a'' .a5' and ta@ &)o5 .a5'4

C &RSE RE(&IRE"ENTS R B+ir d r ading a''ign5 nt' 9i"" 6 gi! n 8or a() ("a'' ' ''ion and 9i"" 6 t) 6a'i' o8 di'(+''ion 8or t)at ("a''4 > pr par d 8or di'(+''ion 6* r ading t) a''ign d 5at ria" in a ti5 "* 8a')ion4 Critt n )o5 9or@ B+ 'tion' r 8" (t t) ' r ading' and ("a'' di'(+''ion'4 In&("a'' art t) rap* proD (t'- r 'pon' pap r'- and o((a'iona" 9ritt n B+iEE ' (annot 6 5ad +p4 Mid&t r5 and 8ina" .a5' 9i"" in("+d an in&("a'' ' g5 nt and a ta@ &)o5 ' g5 nt4 Hand'&on ("a''roo5 proD (t' 9i"" 6 @ pt in a 8i" in t) ("a''roo54 It i' *o+r r 'pon'i6i"it* to 8i" *o+r o9n proD (t 6 8or " a!ing t) ("a''roo54 +R*'IN+ P $ICY Your final #rade -ill .e determined usin# the follo-in# /ercenta#es. *ttendance 012 Partici/ation 012 3ritten assi#nments 412 E5ams and %ui66es 412 Critt n a''ign5 nt' t)at ar (o5p" t 9i"" 6 gi! n 8+"" (r dit on t) da* t) * ar d+ 4 D+ring t) n .t 9 @ t) * 9i"" 6 a(( pt d 9it) 10F (r dit- d+ring t) 8o""o9ing 9 @ 20 F (r dit4 A8t r t)at t) * 9i"" not 6 a(( pt d4 *ttendance:
A gr at d a" o8 t)i' ("a'' i' .p ri ntia"4 Criting a''ign5 nt' 9i"" 6 6a' d on r 'pon' ' to ("a''roo5 di'(+''ion and a(ti!iti '4 Con'i't nt att ndan( i' (r+(ia" to *o+r '+(( '' in t)i' ("a''4 A"'o- p" a' noti( t)at ,0F o8 *o+r ("a'' grad (an on"* 6 a((o5p"i') d 6* att nding ("a'' '4


&TC "ES , R C &RSE:

A' a r '+"t o8 ta@ing t)i' (o+r' - t) 't+d nt 9i"" 6 a6" to7 14 Di88 r ntiat 6 t9 n t) t) or* and app"i(ation o8 6 )a!iora"- d pt)- (ogniti! - )+5ani'ti( p'*()o"og* !i' a !i' app"i(ation to art and t) rap* and ot) r .pr ''i! art'4 24 #+""* d '(ri6 and +nd r'tand t) di'tin(tion' and 'i5i"ariti ' o8 art t) rap* 5oda"iti '4 34 Cr at t) ir o9n 5oda"it* and proto(o" 8or 9or@ing 9it) art in a t) rap +ti( 9a*4 ,4 D '(ri6 - and @no9 in a 8ir't&)and 8ra5 o8 r 8 r n( - )o9 t) (r ati! pro( '' 'ti5+"at ' and .pand' t) ) a"ing pro( '' on p'*()o"ogi(a"- 5otiona"- and po''i6"* p)*'io"ogi(a" " ! "'4

Sanctions for Cheatin# and7or Pla#iarism

The !onor Code

T) 8a(+"t* o8 SNC 6 "i ! ' 't+d nt' 5+'t 6 ) "d to )ig) 'tandard' o8 int grit* in a"" a'p (t' o8 (o"" g "i8 in ord r to pro5ot t) d+(ationa" 5i''ion o8 t) Co"" g and to n(o+rag r 'p (t 8or t) rig)t' o8 ot) r'4 Ea() 't+d nt 6ring' to t) SNC (o55+nit* +niB+ '@i""'- ta" nt'- !a"+ ' and .p ri n( ' 9)i()- 9) n .pr '' d 9it)in t) (o55+nit*- (ontri6+t to t) B+a"it* o8 t) d+(ationa" n!iron5 nt and t) gro9t) and d ! "op5 nt o8 t) indi!id+a"4 St+d nt' ')ar 9it) 5 56 r' o8 t) 8a(+"t*- ad5ini'tration and 'ta88 t) r 'pon'i6i"it* 8or (r ating and 5aintaining an n!iron5 nt (ond+(i! to " arning and p r'ona" d ! "op5 nt- 9) r a(tion' ar g+id d 6* 5+t+a" r 'p (t- int grit*- r 'pon'i6i"it* and tr+'t4 T) 8a(+"t* and 't+d nt' a"i@ 5+'t 5a@ di"ig nt 88ort' to n'+r )ig) 'tandard' ar +p) "d 6* t) ir (o"" ag+ ' and p r' a' 9 "" a' t) 5' "! '4 T) r 8or 8a(+"t* and 't+d nt' a(( pt r 'pon'i6i"it* 8or 5aintaining t) ' 'tandard' at Si rra N !ada Co"" g and ar o6"igat d to (o5p"* 9it) it' r g+"ation' and pro( d+r '- 9)i() t) * ar .p (t d to r ad and +nd r'tand4

Conse%uences of 8iolatin# the Student !onor Code

SNC 't+d nt' and 8a(+"t* ')ar t) r 'pon'i6i"it* 8or 5aintaining an n!iron5 nt o8 a(ad 5i( )on 't*4 T)+'- a"" ar r 'pon'i6" 8or @no9ing and a6iding 6* t) SNC #a(+"t*%St+d nt Honor Cod p+6"i') d in t) (+rr nt SNC Cata"og4 #a(+"t* ar r 'pon'i6" 8or pr ' nting t) Honor Cod and t) (on' B+ n( ' o8 !io"ating it to 't+d nt' at t) 'tart o8 t) ir ("a'' ' AND 8or r porting a"" in(id n( ' o8 a(ad 5i( di')on 't* to t) Pro!o't4 St+d nt' ar r 'pon'i6" 8or @no9ing 9)at (on'tit+t ' CHEATIN;- PGA;IARISM and #A>RICATION and 8or r 8raining 8ro5 t) ' and ot) r 8or5' o8 a(ad 5i( di')on 't*4 Hio"ation' o8 t) Honor Cod 6 (o5 part o8 a 't+d ntI' a(ad 5i( r (ord4 1't O88 n' 7 St+d nt r ( i! ' a E ro 8or a''ign5 nt% .a5 and (o+n' "ing 9it) 8a(+"t* on t) )onor (od - (on' B+ n( ' 8or !io"ating t) )onor (od - and t) !a"+ o8 a(ad 5i( )on 't* in " arning4 2nd O88 n' 7 St+d nt 8ai"' (o+r' and r ( i! ' (o+n' "ing 9it) 8a(+"t* on t) )onor (od (on' B+ n( ' 8or !io"ating t) )onor (od - and t) !a"+ o8 a(ad 5i( )on 't* in " arning4 3rd O88 n' 7 St+d nt i' .p "" d4

*'* *ccommodations
In a((ordan( 9it) t) A5 ri(an' 9it) Di'a6i"iti ' A(t and S (tion $0, o8 t) R )a6i"itation A(t o8 1?03- 't+d nt' 9it) a do(+5 nt d di'a6i"it* ar "igi6" 8or '+pport ' r!i( ' and a((o55odation'4 I8 a 't+d nt 9i') ' to r B+ 't an a((o55odation- p" a' (onta(t t) Dir (tor o8 A(ad 5i( S+pport S r!i( '- H nr* Cono! r- at J00$= 131&131, .0$3,- )(ono! r3'i rran !ada4 d+ or go to t) OASIS o88i( ' on t) t)ird 8"oor o8 Pri5 Gi6rar* 9it)in t) 8ir't 9 @ o8 t) ' 5 't r4

The SNC Email S9stem

T) SNC 5ai" '*'t 5 i' t) o88i(ia" (o55+ni(ation ! )i(" a5ong 't+d nt'- 8a(+"t* 5 56 r' and ad5ini'trati! 'ta88 and i' d 'ign d to prot (t t) (on8id ntia"it* o8 't+d nt in8or5ation a' r B+ir d 6* t) #a5i"* Ed+(ationa" Rig)t' and Pri!a(* A(t o8 1?0, A(t J#ERPA=4 St+d nt' ')o+"d () (@ t) ir (o"" g 5ai" a((o+nt' dai"* d+ring t) '()oo" * ar4 St+d nt' )a! a rig)t to 8or9ard t) ir SNC &5ai" to anot) r &5ai" a((o+nt J8or .a5p" - 3)ot5ai" or 3g5ai"=4 Ho9 ! r- (on8id ntia"it* o8 't+d nt in8or5ation prot (t d 6* #ERPA (annot 6 g+arant d 8or SNC &5ai" 8or9ard d to an o+t'id ! ndor4 Ha!ing 5ai" r dir (t d do ' not a6'o"! a 't+d nt 8ro5 t) r 'pon'i6i"iti ' a''o(iat d 9it) o88i(ia" (o55+ni(ation ' nt to )i' or ) r SNC 5ai" a((o+nt4

The "ission Statement:

Si rra N !ada Co"" g grad+at ' 9i"" 6 d+(at d to 6 '()o"ar' o8 and (ontri6+tor' to a '+'taina6" 9or"d4 Si rra N !ada Co"" g (o56in ' t) "i6 ra" art' and pro8 ''iona" pr par dn '' t)ro+g) an int rdi'(ip"inar* (+rri(+"+5 t)at 5p)a'iE ' ntr pr n +ria" t)in@ing and n!iron5 nta"- 'o(ia"- (ono5i( and d+(ationa" '+'taina6i"it*4

The Core Themes:

$i.eral *rts Entre/reneurial Thin:in# Professional Pre/aredness Sustaina.ilit9

Prim $i.rar9 Resources

U'ing t) "i6rar*I' r 'o+r( ' 88 (ti! "* Jnot D+'t Int rn t r 'o+r( '= (ontri6+t ' to d ! "oping a() o8 SNCI' (or t) 5 ' 6* .po'ing 't+d nt' to )ig) B+a"it* a(ad 5i( r 'o+r( '- di! r' opinion'- n 9 id a'- and a 8+t+r t)at in("+d ' 6+i"ding on a "i6 ra" art' d+(ation4 In t)i' (o+r' - *o+ 9i"" 6 .p (t d to +ti"iE t) "i6rar*I' r 'o+r( ' J it) r on&'it or r 5ot "*= a' *o+ (o5p" t *o+r a''ign5 nt'4 Pri5 Gi6rar* R 'o+r( ' 8or P'*()o"og* in("+d - 6+t ar not "i5it d to7

14 Gi6 ;+id '7 )ttp7%%"i6g+id '4'i rran !ada4 d+%p'*()o"og*4 T) ' 9 6 pag ' )a! 6 n (o5pi" d to
)ig)"ig)t 'p (i8i( r 'o+r( ' in p'*()o"og*4 Ta6' indi(at Pri5 "i6rar* in8or5ation r garding 6oo@'- arti(" '9 6'it '- (itation'- and g n ra" int r 't p'*()o"og* in8or5ation4

24 Introd+(tion to Pri5 Gi6rar* 9 6'it )ttp7%%"i6g+id '4'i rran !ada4 d+%"i6rar*

34 >oo@' Jto 6 () (@ d o+t=7 a4 In g n ra"- 6oo@' r "at d to p'*()o"og* )a! Gi6rar* o8 Congr '' C"a''i8i(ation n+56 r' (an 6 8o+nd in t) ># and RC ' (tion'4 S ar() t) Pri5 Gi6rar* Cata"og +'ing @ * 9ord' r "at d to t) topi( t)at *o+ ar r ' ar()ing4 M+'i( T) rap* 6oo@' ar a"'o in t) RC ' (tion4 T) r ar a"'o 'o5 int r 'ting 6oo@' a6o+t a"t rnati! t) rapi ' in t) RC 3?0I'& ,10I'4 D+nn- D4 J2001= A short guide to writing about psychology. N 9 Yor@7 P ar'on%Gong5an4 ># 0241 4D12 20014

64 24

E" (troni( data6a' ' 5o't "i@ "* to in("+d arti(" ' on p'*()o"og* topi(' ar E>SCO7 A(ad 5i( S ar() Pr 5i r- and P'*(In8o4 To a(( '' " (troni( data6a' ' o88 (a5p+'- +' *o+r 8ir't initia" and *o+r "a't na5 a' t) +' rna5 and *o+r ? digit 't+d nt ID n+56 r a' t) pa''9ord4 Hard(op* p riodi(a"'7 Pri5 Gi6rar* )a' (+rr nt '+6'(ription' 8or a 8 9 a(ad 5i( p'*()o"og* Do+rna"': )o9 ! r- 5an* 8+""&t .t arti(" ' ar a!ai"a6" t)ro+g) t) " (troni( data6a' '4


SPRIN; 2013 & GO;IN in8or5ation 8or SNC Pri5 Gi6rar* E" (troni( Data6a' ' )ttp7%%"i6g+id '4'i rran !ada4 d+%"i6rar* > tt' Mar@" - Gi6rar* Dir (tor 5ar@" 3'i rran !ada4 d+ 00$&111&0$11 C) n *o+ n d to a(( '' SNCK' "i( n' d data6a' (ont nt 8ro5 o88 (a5p+'- *o+ 9i"" n d t) 8o""o9ing in8or5ation7 L St+d nt'7 U' *o+r 8ir't initia" and *o+r "a't na5 a' t) +' rna5 and *o+r ? digit 't+d nt ID n+56 r a' t) pa''9ord4

3ee: ; - Introduction T+ 'da* Man+ar* 22


T)+r'da* Man+ar* 2, R ading d+ 7 >ri 8 Hi'tor* o8 Art T) rap*- Art T) rap* and t) >rain 3ee: 0 < The *rt and Science of *rt Thera/9 T+ 'da*- Man+ar* 2? R ading d+ 7 Art& >a' d A'' ''5 nt'- Cogniti! > )a!iora" T)+r'da*- Man+ar* 31 R ading d+ 7 P'*()oana"*ti(- H+5ani'ti( 3ee: 4 < Clinical a//roaches T+ 'da* # 6r+ar* $ R ading d+ 7 Narrati! - D ! "op5 nta"- M+"ti5oda" T)+r'da*- # 64 0 R ading d+ 7 Stor*t ""ing- Tra+5a 3ee: = < *rt Thera/9 -ith Children T+ 'da*- # 6412 R ading d+ 7 S .+a" a6+' T)+r'da*- # 64 1, R ading d+ 7 ADD- A+ti'5 3ee: > T+ 'da*- # 64 1? R ading d+ 7 Ado" '( nt' D pr ''ion- Hio" n( T)+r'da*- # 6421 R ading d+ 7 Diagno'ti( dra9ing ' ri '- S(op o8 pra(ti( Japp ndi. II= 3ee: ? - *dults T+ 'da*- # 64 22 R ading d+ 7 Co+n' "ing- Sandtra* T)+r'da*- # 6r+ar* 21 R ading d+ 7 Addi(tion' and S ! r 5 nta" i""n '' 3ee: @ T+ 'da*- Mar() $ In&("a'' Midt r5

T)+r'da* Mar() 0 & Mid&t r5 pr ' ntation' 3ee: A - +rou/ T+ 'da* Mar() 12 R ading d+ 7 ;ro+p Art T) rap* T)+r'da*- Mar() 1, R ading d+ 7 #a5i"* Art t) rap*- Co+p" ' "arch ;A-00 S/rin# Brea: 3ee: C - !o- CreatiDit9 heals the soul T+ 'da*- Mar() 22 R ading d+ 7 Art Heals7 Part , Tota" E.pr ''ion T)+r'da*- Mar() 21 R ading d+ 7 Art Heals: Part 3 Op ning to i5ag ' 3ee: ;1 - T+ 'da*- Apri" 2 R ading d+ 7 Art Heals: Part 1 Art T) rap* i' 8or ! r*on T)+r'da*- Apri" , R ading d+ 7 Musicophilia pps 1-8 3ee: ;; - "usico/hilia T+ '- Apri" 2 R ading d+ 7 Musicophilia pps 1!"-### T)+r'da*- Apri" , Pr ' ntation' "&SIC T!ER*PY 3 RES! P -ith CR*I+ C*NE'YF ""TF "T-BC #rida*- Apri" $- 2&1p5 T) or ti(a" o! r!i 9 o8 5+'i( t) rap* Sat+rda*- Apri" 2- ? a5 3 p5 E.p ri ntia" a(ti!iti ' 8or !ario+' pop+"ation' S+nda*- Apri" 0- 12 noon 2 p5 Int gration o8 t) or ti(a" and .p ri ntia" (o5pon nt' 3ee: ;0 T+ 'da*- Apri" 11 Pr ' ntation' T)+r'da*- Apri" 20 Pr ' ntation' & R !i 9 3ee: ;4 T+ 'da*- Apri" 2$ #INAG E/AM