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MUSIC APPRECIATION MUSC 325 Instructor - Donna Axton

Spring 2014 Sierra Nevada College

SYLLABUS & COURSE OUTLINE - DONNA AXTON Si rr! N "!#! C$%% g C$&r' C$# C$&r' Ti(% T r) !n# Y !r C$&r' R * r n+ N&), r In'(r&+($r P-$n E-)!i% O**i+ O**i+ .$&r' C%!'' M (ing Ti) L$+!(i$n Pr r /&i'i( ' C$-r /&i'i( ' MUSC 32 ! Section 1 Music Appreciation "3 credits# Spring! 2014 102$%

Spring 2014

Donna Axton $$1-& $% or 'xt( & $% daxton)sierranevada(edu David *all! +oo, 100 Monda- - .ednesda- 12-1 or /- appoint,ent Monda-! .ednesda-! 11030 a, 1 1204 p, 2atterson 20& None None

R /&ir # T 0(1 3itle0 4IS3'NIN5 36 MUSIC /- Craig .rig7t "plus t7e 2-CD set o8 listening exa,ples # C$&r' D '+rip(i$n1 37is is a 3-credit surve- course 97ic7 e,p7asi:es li8elong listening s;ills t7at encourage an appreciation o8 ,usic( Music as an expression o8 cultural! aest7etic! religious and spiritual ideals and ideas( <e- ,usical concepts and 8unda,ental ,usic notation literac-( S(&# n( O&(+$) '1 1( 37e student 9ill learn to aurall- identi8- ,a=or ,usical ele,ents! 8or,s! and st-les covered in lectures and text( 2( 37e student 9ill /eco,e 8luent in discussing ,usical 9or;s using ,usical ter,s and expressions( 3( 37e student 9ill ;no9 relevant 8acts a/out i,portant ,usical 9or;s and co,posers( 4( 37e student 9ill practice /eing an attentive listener( ( 37e student 9ill develop con8idence and en=o-,ent in listening to all t-pes o8 ,usic( %( 37e student 9ill clari8- t7eir o9n ,usical pre8erences and values t7roug7 critical listening s;ills( M (-$#' $* A'' ''ing S(&# n( O&(+$) ' Attendance and participation .ritten 7o,e9or; 8or eac7 c7apter reading assign,ents( 4istening assign,ent response papers Concert response papers 2resentations

In'(r&+(i$n!% '(r!( gi '1 Assigned reading! assigned listening! 8ield trips to ,usical events! lecture! ,usic ,a;ing! in-class concerts /- guest ,usicians0 live per8or,ance o8 representative 9or;s( 2r!#ing p$%i+3 A33'NDANC' AND 2A+3ICI2A3I6N 300 points .+I33'N *6M'.6+< 400 points "*o,e9or; ,ust /e turned in on due date 8or 8ull credit(# '>AMS 300 points A ? @00-1000 A ? $00 - $@@ C ? &00 - &@@ D ? %00 - %@@ B ? /elo9 %00
ADA A++$))$#!(i$n' In accordance 9it7 t7e A,ericans 9it7 Disa/ilities Act and Section 04 o8 t7e +e7a/ilitation Act o8 1@&3! students 9it7 a docu,ented disa/ilit- are eligi/le 8or support services and acco,,odations( I8 a student 9is7es to reCuest an acco,,odation! please contact t7e Director o8 Acade,ic Support Services! *enrConover! at "&& # $31-1314 x& 34! 7conover)sierranevada(edu or go to t7e 6ASIS o88ices on t7e t7ird 8loor o8 2ri, 4i/rar- 9it7in t7e 8irst 9ee; o8 t7e se,ester(

S!n+(i$n' *$r C- !(ing !n#4$r P%!gi!ri') 2lagiaris, is Dpassing o88 a sourceEs in8or,ation! ideas! or 9ords as oneEs o9n /- o,itting to ac;no9ledge t7e sources(F 37is re8ers to all sources o8 in8or,ation! including t7e Internet( 37e 8ollo9ing polic- regarding c7eating and plagiaris, 7as /een esta/lis7ed0 Birst o88ense0 Student receives a 8ailing grade 8or t7at assign,entG t7e instructor noti8ies t7e advisor and t7e Hice 2resident o8 Acade,ic A88airs( Students identi8ied as co,,itting an act o8 plagiaris, 9ill /e re8erred to Student Services( Second o88ense in t7e sa,e class or an- ot7er class t7at se,ester or su/seCuent se,esters0 Student receives a 8ailing grade 8or t7e class 97ere t7e second o88ense ta;es placeG t7e instructor noti8ies t7e advisor and t7e Hice 2resident o8 Acade,ic A88airs( 37ird o88ense0 37e student is expelled 8ro, Sierra Nevada College( 37e instructor noti8ies t7e advisor and t7e Hice 2resident o8 Acade,ic A88airs(

Pri) Li,r!r3 R '$&r+ '

Using t7e li/rar-Es resources e88ectivel- "not =ust Internet resources# contri/utes to developing eac7 o8 SNCEs core t7e,es /- exposing students to 7ig7 Cualit- acade,ic resources! diverse opinions! ne9 ideas! and a 8uture t7at includes /uilding on a li/eral arts education( In t7is course! -ou 9ill /e expected to utili:e t7e li/rar-Es resources "eit7er on-site or re,otel-# as -ou co,plete -our assign,ents( 2ri, 4i/rar- +esources 8or 2s-c7olog- include! /ut are not li,ited to0

1( 4i/ 5uides0 7ttp0IIli/guides(sierranevada(eduIps-c7olog-( 37ese 9e/ pages 7ave /een co,piled

to 7ig7lig7t speci8ic resources in ps-c7olog-( 3a/s indicate 2ri, li/rar- in8or,ation regarding /oo;s! articles! 9e/sites! citations! and general interest ps-c7olog- in8or,ation(

2( Introduction to 2ri, 4i/rar- 9e/site 1 7ttp0IIli/guides(sierranevada(eduIli/rar3( Aoo;s "to /e c7ec;ed out#0 a( In general! /oo;s related to M-t7olog- 7ave 4i/rar- o8 Congress Classi8ication nu,/ers can /e 8ound in t7e A4 sections( Searc7 t7e 2ri, 4i/rar- Catalog using ;e- 9ords related to t7e topic t7at -ou are researc7ing( (


'lectronic data/ases t7at ,a- /e 7elp8ul include'ASC60 Acade,ic Searc7 2re,ier( 3o access electronic data/ases o88 ca,pus! use -our 8irst initial and -our last na,e as t7e userna,e and -our @ digit student ID nu,/er as t7e pass9ord( *ardcop- periodicals0 2ri, 4i/rar- 7as current su/scriptions 8or a 8e9 acade,ic =ournalsG 7o9ever! ,an- 8ull-text articles are availa/le t7roug7 t7e electronic data/ases(


Music resources t7at 9ill /e 7elp8ul to -ou are Ne9 5rove Dictionar- o8 Music and Musicians "in t7e re8erence section#! and Ne9 5rove Dictionar- o8 Musical Instru,ents ( ( Music /oo;s are in t7e section ,ar;ed M4( Music 37erap- /oo;s are in t7e +C section 465IN in8or,ation 8or SNC 2ri, 4i/rar- 'lectronic Data/ases 7ttp0IIli/guides(sierranevada(eduIli/rarAetts Mar;le! 4i/rar- Director e,ar;le)sierranevada(edu && -$$1-& 11 .7en -ou need to access SNCJs licensed data/ase content 8ro, o88 ca,pus! -ou 9ill need t7e 8ollo9ing in8or,ation0 K Students0 Use -our 8irst initial and -our last na,e as t7e userna,e and -our @ digit student ID nu,/er as t7e pass9ord( T- SNC E)!i% S3'( ) 37e SNC e,ail s-ste, is t7e o88icial co,,unication ve7icle a,ong students! 8acult- ,e,/ers and ad,inistrative sta88 and is designed to protect t7e con8identialit- o8 student in8or,ation as reCuired /- t7e Ba,il- 'ducational +ig7ts and 2rivac- Act o8 1@&4 Act "B'+2A#( Students s7ould c7ec; t7eir college e,ail accounts dail- during t7e sc7ool -ear( Students 7ave a rig7t to 8or9ard t7eir SNC e-,ail to anot7er e-,ail account "8or exa,ple! )7ot,ail or )g,ail#( *o9ever! con8identialit- o8 student in8or,ation protected /- B'+2A cannot /e guaranteed 8or SNC e-,ail 8or9arded to an outside vendor( *aving e,ail redirected does not a/solve a student 8ro, t7e responsi/ilities associated 9it7 o88icial co,,unication sent to 7is or 7er SNC e,ail account( T- Mi''i$n S(!( ) n(1 Sierra Nevada College graduates 9ill /e educated to /e sc7olars o8 and contri/utors to a sustaina/le 9orld( Sierra Nevada College co,/ines t7e li/eral arts and pro8essional preparedness t7roug7 an interdisciplinarcurriculu, t7at e,p7asi:es entrepreneurial t7in;ing and environ,ental! social! econo,ic and educational sustaina/ilit-( T- C$r T- ) '1 4i/eral Arts 2ro8essional 2reparedness

'ntrepreneurial 37in;ing


Music Appreciation 1 MUSC 32

Course 6utline Spring 2014 .ee; 1 5 #n '#!36 7!n&!r3 22 Introduction! S-lla/us 4i/rar- resources INTRODUCTION TO LISTENIN2 How to listen so you really hear music .ee; 2 M$n#!36 7!n&!r3 28 +eading due0 C7apter 1 1 37e 2o9er o8 Music C7apter 2 1 +7-t7,! Melod- and *ar,on5 #n '#!36 7!n&!r3 29 +eading due0 C7apter 3 1 Color! 3exture and Bor, C7apter 4 1 Musical St-le MIDDLE A2ES AND RENAISSANCE6 48:-1:00 Here come Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo .ee; 3 M$n#!36 ; ,r&!r3 3 +eading due0 C7apter - Medieval Music C7apter % - +enaissance Music 5 #n '#!36 ; ,r&!r3 5 2resentations 1 Musical Instru,ents Thurs Feb.6 th 5 !" pm Music, Memory and the #rain, Dr. $etr %anata & T'() *!+ )at. Feb. ,th *"am Rusal-a by D.ora- & Met /pera HD Li.e & mo.ie theaters BARO<UE PERIOD6 1:00-1850 Things get 0ancy & #ach rules .ee; 4 M$n#!36 ; ,r&!r3 10 +eading due0 C7apter & - Introduction to AaroCue Art and Music C7apter $ 1 'arl- AaroCue 5 #n '#!36 ; ,r&!r3 12 +eading due0 C7apter @ 1 3o9ard 4ate AaroCue C7apter 11 - *andel Thurs. Feb. *!th, 1pm, Li2 $itcairn3T/''4T4 & )t. $atric-5s 65 #ruch 7iolin 'oncerto, )aint8)aens $iano 'oncerto 9:, #ach Magni0icat

.ee; M$n#!36 ; ,r&!r3 18 - N$ C%!'' = Pr 'i# n(>' D!3 5 #n '#!36 ; ,r&!r3 19 +eading due0 C7apter 10 1 4ate AaroCue - Aac7 L3rans8iguration o8 t7e AaroCue0 Mo7ann Se/astian Aac7L


Mo:art leads t7e 9a- to Aeet7oven(

.ee; %
M$n#!36 ; ,r&!r3 24 +eading due0 C7apter 12 1 Classical St-le C7apter 14 1 Classical Bor,s 1 3ernar- and Sonata-Allegro C7apter 1 1 Classical Bor,s 1 37e,e and Hariation 5 #n '#!36 ; ,r&!r3 2: +eading due0 C7apter 13 1 *a-dn and Mo:art L2rodig- 8ro, Sal:/urg - .ol8gang Mo:artL )at. March *st, *"am $rince ;gor by #orodin, Met /pera HD Li.e, mo.ie theaters )unday, March :nd < pm= Tuesday March <th, 1 !" pm $ioneer 'enter Reno 8 >e.ada Reno $hilharmonic & )tra.ins-y $etrush-a, Rachmanino00 $iano 'oncerto 9!

.ee; &
M$n#!3 M!r+- 3 +eading due0 C7apter 1% 1 Classical Instru,ental Music "S-,p7on-# C7apter 1& 1 Hocal Music 5 #n '#!36 M!r+- 5 In-class Mo:art Mupiter S-,p7on- Mvt( 4

.ee; $
M$n#!36 M!r+- 10 Due0 Mid-ter, ta;e 7o,e Mid-ter, revie9 5 #n '#!36 M!r+- 12 '>AM0 in-class ,id-ter, )at. March *5th, *"am ?erther by Massenet & Met /pera HD Li.e & mo.ie theaters Spring Br !@ = M!r+- 18-21

No classes 7eld

.ee; @
M$n#!36 M!r+- 24 A,adeus 5 #n '#!36 M!r+- 2: +eading due0 C7apter 1& - Aeet7oven D37e Aridge to +o,anticis,0 4ud9ig van Aeet7ovenF D+evolutionar- 8ro, Aonn0 4ud9ig van Aeet7ovenF ROMANTICISM 1?20-1900 4ove! traged-! /eaut-! po9er! nature

.ee; 10
M$n#!36 M!r+- 31 +eading due0 C7apter 1@ 1 Introduction to +o,antic Music C7apter 20 1 Art Song 5 #n '#!36 Apri% 2 +eading due0 C7apter 21 1 2rogra, Music! Aallet C7apter 22 1 2iano Music
Thursday and )aturday, 4pril !, 5 1 pm 8 )>' 'hoir 'oncert, Sc7u/ert Mass in 5 )t. $atric-5s (piscopal 'hurch, ;ncline 7illage )at. 4pril 5th, *"am La #oheme by $uccini, Met /pera HD Li.e, mo.ie theaters

.ee; 11
M$n#!36 Apri% 8 +eading due0 C7apter 23 1 Italian 6pera C7apter 24 1 5er,an 6pera C7apter 2 1 +ealistic 6pera 5 #n '#!36 Apri% 9 +eading due0 C7apter 2% 1 4ate +o,antic 6rc7estral Music MODERN AND POSTMODERN ART MUSIC 1??0 = pr ' n( 37ings get re/ellious and cra:-

.ee; 12
M$n#!36 Apri% 14 +eading due0 C7apter 2& 1 I,pressionis, and 'xoticis, 5 #n '#!36 Apri% 1: +eading due0 C7apter 2$ 1 Modernis, in Music and Art C7apter 2@ 1 'arl- 20t7 Centur- Music

.ee; 13
M$n#!36 Apri% 21 +eading due0 C7apter 30 1 +ussian and 'astern 'urope Modernis,N 5 #n '#!36 Apri% 23 +eading due0 C7apter 32 1 A,erican Modernis,
)at. 4pril :6th, *"am 'osi 0an Tutte by Mo2art, Met /pera HD Li.e, mo.ie theaters

.ee; 14
M$n#!36 Apri% 2? +eading due0 C7apter 33 1 2ost,odernis, The #anshee 5 #n '#!36 Apri% 30 +eading due0 C7apter 33-3% 1 A,erican Music

.ee; 1
M$n#!36 M!3 5 BINA4 +'HI'. Study days: Wednesday May 7 and Thursday May 8 ;INAL EXAM1 ;ri#!36 M!3 9(- = 3-: p)
)at. May *"th La 'enerentola @'inderella & a comedyA by Rossini Met /pera HD Li.e, mo.ie theaters
May *< 8 )>' #roadway concert 8 1 pm.

C$n+ r( R 'p$n' P!p r'1 "2 due /e8ore end o8 se,ester# *ere is a 8or,at 8or t7e concert response papers0 Ans9er Cuestions as t7e- appl1( .7at instru,ents and voices 9ere usedO 2( .7o 9ere t7e per8or,ersO 3( .7at co,posers 9ere 7eardO 4( .7at t-pes o8 co,positions 9ere presentedO ( .7ic7 co,positions are ,ove,ents appealed to -ouO .7-O %( .7at 8eeling did eac7 ,ove,ent or co,position see, to 7aveO .7at 9as 7appening in t7e structure o8 t7e ,usic to create t7is 8eelingO &( *o9 did t7e audience react to t7e concertO .7-O $( *o9 did -ou reactO .7-O @( .7at 9as uniCue a/out t7e concertO 10( *o9 did t7is concert 7elp -ou gro9 as an attentive listenerO