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COURSE SYLLABUS - DONNA AXTON - Spring 2014 - PSYC 202 Human De e!

"pmen# $ CRN 100%&

Sierra Nevada College

C"ur'e C"(e ) N"* C"ur'e Ti#!e +, -re(i#'./ Term ) Year/ C"ur'e Re0* N"* +CRN./ 1n'#ru-#"r/ P2"ne+'./ Emai!/ O00i-e/ O00i-e H"ur'/ C!a'' 3ee#ing Time/ L"-a#i"n/ Prere4ui'i#e' (2rom Catalog)/ C"re4ui'i#e' (2rom Catalog)/ PSYC 202 Human Development (3 credits) Spring 2014 100 ! Donna "#ton $ %& ' da#ton(sierranevada)edu David Hall * +oom 101 ,onda- . /ednesda- 1000 1 2000 ,onda-* /ednesda- 10000.11030 Patterson 213 PSYC 101 None

C"ur'e De'-rip#i"n " stud- o2 3uman development 2rom conception t3roug3 old age) P3-sical* intellectual* social* and emotional gro4t3 are e#amined in eac3 o2 t3e eig3t stages o2 development (prenatal* in2anc-* earl- c3ild3ood* sc3ool age c3ildren* adolescent* earl- adult3ood* middle adult3ood* and later adult3ood) 2rom t3e 5iological* ps-c3ological* socio.cultural and li2e.c-cle t3eoretical perspectives) S#u(en# Ou#-"me' 6pon success2ul completion o2 t3is course* t3e student 4ill 5e a5le to0 1) Demonstrate understanding o2 t3e 3ealt3- development process o2 3uman li2e t3roug3out t3e 43ole li2e c-cle) 2) +ecogni7e t3e indicators and treatments 2or at-pical development at eac3 stage 3) 8#plore met3ods o2 in9uir- and researc3 in t3is 2ield) 4) 8#amine 3uman development 2rom a variet- o2 t3eoretical perspectives &) "nal-7e t3e in2luence o2 nature and nurture in eac3 p3ase o2 gro4t3) ') "ssess t3e socio.cultural in2luences in eac3 developmental stage %) "ppl- t3is in2ormation to t3eir li2e and career) 3e#2"(' "0 A''e''ing S#u(en# Ou#-"me' Student outcomes 4ill 5e assessed using t3e 2ollo4ing0 class participation 4riting assignments closed note* in class* mid term e#amination open note* in class* 2inal e#amination student pro:ect 4it3 oral and 4ritten component

1n'#ru-#i"na! S#ra#egie' ;3is class 4ill utili7e lectures* small groups* individual 4or<* case studies* 2ield o5servations and 3ome4or< assignments) Re4uire( Te5# Human De e!"pmen# 6 a Li0e-Span 7ie86 5- +o5ert =ail and >o3n Cavanaug3 (2010) /ads4ort3 Cengage ?earning* @elmont* C") A##en(an-e "ttendance and in2ormed participation count to4ards 30A o2 -our 2inal grade) B2 -ou 3ave an e#cused a5sence or 4ill 5e a5sent 2or an e#tended period o2 time* please contact me 5e2ore.3and) ) Pre'en#a#i"n Students 4ill deliver a 10.1& minute oralCvisual presentation 43ic3 ela5orates on t3e material o2 t3is course) ;3e oral component 4ill 5e assessed on t3e 5asis o20 <no4ledge* outside researc3* e22ective communication* relation to course t3emes* and a5ilit- to encourage participation) " 2our to si# page researc3 paper 4ill 5e turned in at t3e same time) ;3is paper must include at least 3.& outside* cited re2erences) 6se ,?" or "P" st-le) DD ND; +8"D YD6+ P"P8+) Bnstead* ma<e an outline and notecards* and use t3em as a point o2 departure) ?ate polic-0 B2 -ou miss -our sc3eduled pro:ect date 4it3out contacting me 5e2ore t3e 5eginning o2 t3e class* -ou 4ill receive no credit 2or -our pro:ect) B2 -ou give t3e oral presentation* 5ut t3e paper is not completed 5- -our pro:ect date* -ou 4ill lose one point per class meeting t3at it is late) 9ra(ing P"!i-: 1&A. "ttendance) 1&A . Participation 2&A. Home4or< assignments0 Your integration and anal-sis o2 t3e material 4ill 5e presented in response papers) ;3ese responses must 5e at least one page in lengt3* ans4er t3e 9uestion t3at 4as as<ed* and re2erence t3e reading material) ;3e Psi s-m5ol means t3e assignment is accepted as complete) ;3e E s-m5ol s3o4s superior 4or<* t3e 1 s-m5ol indicates incomplete 4or<) Home4or< is doc<ed 1 point out o2 10 2or eac3 class period it is late) 10A. +esearc3 Pro:ect0 see section a5ove 2or description) PaperF% points* Dral PresentationF3 points 1&A. ,id term e#amination) ;3is e#am ta<es place during class and is closed notesC5oo<) 20A. Ginal e#amination) ;3is e#am ta<es place during 2inals 4ee< and is open notesC closed 5oo<) Please note* -ou are responsi5le 2or t3e material presented in student pro:ects* as 4ell as course lectures and reading)

Prim Li;rar: Re'"ur-e'

6sing t3e li5rar-Hs resources e22ectivel- (not :ust Bnternet resources) contri5utes to developing eac3 o2 SNCHs core t3emes 5- e#posing students to 3ig3 9ualit- academic resources* diverse opinions* ne4 ideas* and a 2uture t3at includes 5uilding on a li5eral arts education) Bn t3is course* -ou 4ill 5e e#pected to utili7e t3e li5rar-Hs resources (eit3er on.site or remotel-) as -ou complete -our assignments) Prim ?i5rar- +esources 2or Human Development include* 5ut are not limited to0

1) ?i5 Iuides0 3ttp0CCli5guides)sierranevada)eduCps-c3olog-) ;3ese 4e5 pages 3ave 5een compiled to

3ig3lig3t speci2ic resources in ps-c3olog-) ;a5s indicate Prim li5rar- in2ormation regarding 5oo<s* articles* 4e5sites* citations* and general interest ps-c3olog- in2ormation)

2) Bntroduction to Prim ?i5rar- 4e5site 1 3ttp0CCli5guides)sierranevada)eduCli5rar3) @oo<s (to 5e c3ec<ed out)0 a) Bn general* 5oo<s related to ps-c3olog- 3ave ?i5rar- o2 Congress Classi2ication num5ers can 5e 2ound in t3e @G and +C sections) Searc3 t3e Prim ?i5rar- Catalog using <e- 4ords related to t3e topic t3at -ou are researc3ing) Dunn* D) (200 ) A short guide to writing about psychology. Ne4 Yor<0 PearsonC?ongman) @G %') )D ' 200 )

5) 4)

8lectronic data5ases most li<el- to include articles on ps-c3olog- topics are 8@SCD0 "cademic Searc3 Premier* and Ps-cBn2o) ;o access electronic data5ases o22 campus* use -our 2irst initial and -our last name as t3e username and -our ! digit student BD num5er as t3e pass4ord) Hardcop- periodicals0 Prim ?i5rar- 3as current su5scriptions 2or a 2e4 academic ps-c3olog- :ournalsJ 3o4ever* man- 2ull.te#t articles are availa5le t3roug3 t3e electronic data5ases)


?DIBN in2ormation 2or SNC Prim ?i5rar- 8lectronic Data5ases 3ttp0CCli5guides)sierranevada)eduCli5rar@etts ,ar<le* ?i5rar- Director emar<le(sierranevada)edu %%&. 1.%&11 /3en -ou need to access SNCKs licensed data5ase content 2rom o22 campus* -ou 4ill need t3e 2ollo4ing in2ormation0 L Students0 6se -our 2irst initial and -our last name as t3e username and -our ! digit student BD num5er as t3e pass4ord)

San-#i"n' 0"r C2ea#ing an(<"r P!agiari'm T2e H"n"r C"(e

;3e 2acult- o2 SNC 5elieves students must 5e 3eld to 3ig3 standards o2 integrit- in all aspects o2 college li2e in order to promote t3e educational mission o2 t3e College and to encourage respect 2or t3e rig3ts o2 ot3ers) 8ac3 student 5rings to t3e SNC communit- uni9ue s<ills* talents* values and e#periences 43ic3* 43en e#pressed 4it3in t3e communit-* contri5ute to t3e 9ualit- o2 t3e educational environment and t3e gro4t3 and development o2 t3e individual) Students s3are 4it3 mem5ers o2 t3e 2acult-* administration and sta22 t3e responsi5ilit- 2or creating and maintaining an environment conducive to learning and personal development* 43ere actions are guided 5- mutual respect* integrit-* responsi5ilit- and trust) ;3e 2acult- and students ali<e must ma<e diligent e22orts to ensure 3ig3 standards are up3eld 5- t3eir colleagues and peers as 4ell as t3emselves) ;3ere2ore 2acult- and students accept responsi5ilit- 2or maintaining t3ese standards at Sierra Nevada College and are o5ligated to compl- 4it3 its regulations and procedures* 43ic3 t3e- are e#pected to read and understand)

C"n'e4uen-e' "0 7i"!a#ing #2e S#u(en# H"n"r C"(e

SNC students and 2acult- s3are t3e responsi5ilit- 2or maintaining an environment o2 academic 3onest-) ;3us* all are responsi5le 2or <no4ing and a5iding 5- t3e SNC Gacult-CStudent Honor Code pu5lis3ed in t3e current SNC Catalog) Gacult- are responsi5le 2or presenting t3e Honor Code and t3e conse9uences o2 violating it to students at t3e start o2 t3eir classes "ND 2or reporting all incidences o2 academic dis3onest- to t3e Provost) Students are responsi5le 2or <no4ing 43at constitutes CH8";BNI* P?"IB"+BS, and G"@+BC";BDN and 2or re2raining 2rom t3ese and ot3er 2orms o2 academic dis3onest-) Miolations o2 t3e Honor Code 5ecome part o2 a studentHs academic

record) 1st D22ense0 Student receives a 7ero 2or assignmentCe#am and counseling 4it3 2acult- on t3e 3onor code* conse9uences 2or violating t3e 3onor code* and t3e value o2 academic 3onest- in learning) 2nd D22ense0 Student 2ails course and receives counseling 4it3 2acult- on t3e 3onor code* conse9uences 2or violating t3e 3onor code* and t3e value o2 academic 3onest- in learning) 3rd D22ense0 Student is e#pelled) ADA A--"mm"(a#i"n' Bn accordance 4it3 t3e "mericans 4it3 Disa5ilities "ct and Section &04 o2 t3e +e3a5ilitation "ct o2 1!%3* students 4it3 a documented disa5ilit- are eligi5le 2or support services and accommodations) B2 a student 4is3es to re9uest an accommodation* please contact t3e Director o2 "cademic Support Services* HenrConover* at (%%&) 31.1314 #%&34* 3conover(sierranevada)edu or go to t3e D"SBS o22ices on t3e t3ird 2loor o2 Prim ?i5rar- 4it3in t3e 2irst 4ee< o2 t3e semester) T2e SNC Emai! S:'#em ;3e SNC email s-stem is t3e o22icial communication ve3icle among students* 2acult- mem5ers and administrative sta22 and is designed to protect t3e con2identialit- o2 student in2ormation as re9uired 5t3e Gamil- 8ducational +ig3ts and Privac- "ct o2 1!%4 "ct (G8+P")) Students s3ould c3ec< t3eir college email accounts dail- during t3e sc3ool -ear) Students 3ave a rig3t to 2or4ard t3eir SNC e.mail to anot3er e.mail account (2or e#ample* (3otmail or (gmail)) Ho4ever* con2identialit- o2 student in2ormation protected 5- G8+P" cannot 5e guaranteed 2or SNC e.mail 2or4arded to an outside vendor) Having email redirected does not a5solve a student 2rom t3e responsi5ilities associated 4it3 o22icial communication sent to 3is or 3er SNC email account)

T2e 3i''i"n S#a#emen#/ Sierra Nevada College graduates 4ill 5e educated to 5e sc3olars o2 and contri5utors to a sustaina5le 4orld) Sierra Nevada College com5ines t3e li5eral arts and pro2essional preparedness t3roug3 an interdisciplinar- curriculum t3at emp3asi7es entrepreneurial t3in<ing and environmental* social* economic and educational sustaina5ilit-) T2e C"re T2eme'/ ?i5eral "rts 8ntrepreneurial ;3in<ing Pro2essional Preparedness Sustaina5ilit-



C!a'' S-2e(u!e an( A''ignmen#' +eading "ssignment DueNNNNNNNNN

/88= 1 DM8+MB8/ 1C22 BntroductionCDvervie4 /88= 2 GD6ND";BDNS DG D8M8?DP,8N; P+8N";"? D8M8?DP,8N; 1C2% C3apter 1 1 Histor-* ;3eor- and +esearc3 Strategies "spects o2 a per2ect person at t3e end o2 t3eir li2e 1C2! Prenatal Development . @iological /88= 3 2C3 Prenatal Development . ;ools 2or e#ploring t3e /orld BNG"NCY "ND 8"+?Y CHB?DHDDD 2C& Cognitive development0 t3oug3t and language /88= 4 2C10 Socio.8motional Development ,BDD?8 CHB?DHDDD 2C12 ,iddle C3ild3ood Cognitive and P3-sical "ctivit-0 4atc3 O8ducating PeterP /88= & 1C1% No class 1 PresidentHs Da2C1! Socio.emotional development in middle c3ild3ood /88= ' "DD?8SC8NC8 2C24 P3-sical Development 2C2' Cognitive Development "ctivit-0 4atc3 >ill @olte ;a-lor 1 " Stro<e o2 Bnsig3t) /88= % 3C3 Social Development 3C& 8motional Development /88= 3C10 +evie4 2or ,idterm 3C12 3i(#erm E5am ,arc3 1%.21 1 SP+BNI @+8"= 1 no class

C3) 1 C3) 2 C3) 3 C3) 4 C3) & C3) '

C3) %

C3) C3)

C3) ! C3) !

/88= ! 8"+?Y "D6?;HDDD 3C24 P3-sical C3) 10 "ctivit-0 4atc3 ;3e po4er o2 ,-t3 1 t3e Girst Stor-tellers (+ites o2 Passage) 3C2' Cognitive and PersonalitC3) 10 /88= 10 ,BDD?8 "D6?;HDDD 3C31 +elations3ips 4C2 /or< and ?eisure /88= 11 4C% C3allenges o2 ,idli2e ?";8 "D6?;HDDD 4C! P3-sical* Cognitive* and ,ental Healt3 /88= 12 4C14 Student Presentations 4C1' Student Presentations /88= 13 4C21 Student Presentations 4C23 Student Presentation /88= 14 ?";8 "D6?;HDDD 4C2 Social "spects o2 ?ater ?i2e ;3e 5est 4ords o2 advice 2rom our 4ise elders 4C30 D-ing and @ereavement /88= 1& &C& +evie4 &C% Q &C Stud- Da-s Ginal 8#am 1 Grida-* ,a- ! . 11030.2030pm C3) 13 C3) 14

C3) 11 C3) 12

C3) 1& C3) 1'