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Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology

PSYC 365
Spring Semester 2014 Sierra e!a"a College #ncline $illage% $
#nstructor & 'onna ()ton

SYLLABUS & COURSE OUTLINE - DONNA AXTON Sierra Nevada C !!ege CRN 100"# C $r%e C de C $r%e Ti&!e Ter' and Year C $r%e Re(eren)e N$'*er In%&r$)& r +, ne E-'ai! O((i)e O((i)e - $r% C!a%% .ee&ing Ti'e L )a&i n +rere/$i%i&e C re/$i%i&e

Spring 2014

PSYC 365, Section 1 Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology (3 credits) Spring !1" 1!!#3 $onna %&ton ''5())1('5)6 or *&t+ '5)6 da&ton,sierrane-ada+edu $% 1!1 .onday ( /ednesday 10!! ( 0!! Tuesday, Thursday 1!0!!(11015 a+m+ P% 13 PSYC 1!1 1one

Re/$ired Te0&% .an2s Search 3or .eaning 4y 5i6tor 7ran6l To Ha-e or To 8e 4y *rich 7romm *go and %rchetype 4y *d9ard *dinger To9ard a Psychology o3 8eing 4y %4raham .aslo9 C $r%e De%)rip&i n1 Personal gro9th and human potential o3 the Humanistic and Transpersonal :schools; o3 Psychology are e&plored+ .a<or theories e&amined 3rom a scienti3ic point o3 -ie9+ =mplications 3or responsi4le personal practices o3 gro9th and higher consciousness+ Students criti>ue and apply systematic theories and modes (e+g+ .aslo9, 7romm, 7ran6l, ?ogers, @ung) and e&plore popular practices o3 consciousness(raising+ S&$den& O$&) 'e%1 Apon success3ul completion o3 this course, a student 9ill0 1+ $escri4e and criti>ue the ma<or theories in the 3ields o3 Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology+ + $escri4e ho9 these theories di33er 3rom those o3 more :mainstream; psychologies (e+g+ 8eha-iorism, 7reud) 3+ *&plain the implications o3 these di33erences "+ %pply principles and practices o3 Humanistic and Transpersonal psychologies to 4etter understand and to impro-e their o9n li-es+

.e&, d% ( A%%e%%ing S&$den& O$&) 'e% Students are e&pected to sho9 6no9ledge o3 the su4<ect matter and understanding o3 class material and demonstrate that 6no9ledge in the 3ollo9ing 9ays0 $aily response papers BuiCCes ?eports *ssay mid(term e&am and 3inal e&am 7inal pro<ect presented to class applying concepts or theory to li3e issues+ In%&r$)&i na! %&ra&egie%1 %ssigned readings, 9ritten home9or6 4ased on the reading material, indi-idual and group discussion, 9ritten comments on papers, 3eed4ac6 on oral presentations+ A%%ign'en&% Reading a%%ign'en&%1 =n general, you 9ill ha-e 9ritten home9or6 due 9ith your assigned reading+ %ssignments 3rom 3our te&t 4oo6s are listed in the sylla4us+ You must turn in the assignment the day it is due 3or 3ull credit+ Date assignments 9ill 4e doc6ed 1 point out o3 1! 3or each day they are late+ A&&endan)e1 $ue to its participatory nature, attendance is -ery important in this classE that importance is re3lected in the 3act that 3!F o3 your grade depends on your presence and your participation+ C!a%% Re/$ire'en&% ?espect 3or each other, 3or di-ersity o3 opinions, and 3or the learning en-ironment+ 2rading p !i)3 %TT*1$%1C* %1$ P%?T=C=P%T=G1 3!! points /?=TT*1 HG.*/G?H, P?*S*1T%T=G1S, ?*PG?TS "!! points (Home9or6 must 4e turned in on due date 3or 3ull credit+) *I%.S 3!! points % J #!!(1!!! 8 J )!! ( )## C J '!! ( '## $ J 6!! ( 6## 7 J 4elo9 6!!

+ri' Li*rar3 Re% $r)e%

Asing the li4rary2s resources e33ecti-ely (not <ust =nternet resources) contri4utes to de-eloping each o3 S1C2s core themes 4y e&posing students to high >uality academic resources, di-erse opinions, ne9 ideas, and a 3uture that includes 4uilding on a li4eral arts education+ =n this course, you 9ill 4e e&pected to utiliCe the li4rary2s resources (either on(site or remotely) as you complete your assignments+ Prim Di4rary ?esources 3or Psychology include, 4ut are not limited to0

1+ Di4 Kuides0 http0LLli4guides+sierrane-ada+eduLpsychology+ These 9e4 pages ha-e 4een compiled to

highlight speci3ic resources in psychology+ Ta4s indicate Prim li4rary in3ormation regarding 4oo6s, articles, 9e4sites, citations, and general interest psychology in3ormation+

+ =ntroduction to Prim Di4rary 9e4site M http0LLli4guides+sierrane-ada+eduLli4rary

3+ 8oo6s (to 4e chec6ed out)0 a+ =n general, 4oo6s related to psychology ha-e Di4rary o3 Congress Classi3ication num4ers can 4e 3ound in the 87 and ?C sections+ (?C 9ill lead you to the more therapy(4ased 4oo6s) Search the Prim Di4rary Catalog using 6ey 9ords related to the topic that you are researching+ $unn, $+ ( !!)) A short guide to writing about psychology. 1e9 Yor60 PearsonLDongman+ 87 '6+) +$)6 !!)+

4+ +

*lectronic data4ases most li6ely to include articles on psychology topics are *8SCG0 %cademic Search Premier, and Psyc=n3o+ To access electronic data4ases o33 campus, use your 3irst initial and your last name as the username and your # digit student =$ num4er as the pass9ord+ Hardcopy periodicals0 Prim Di4rary has current su4scriptions 3or a 3e9 academic psychology <ournalsE ho9e-er, many 3ull(te&t articles are a-aila4le through the electronic data4ases+


DGK=1 in3ormation 3or S1C Prim Di4rary *lectronic $ata4ases http0LLli4guides+sierrane-ada+eduLli4rary 8etts .ar6le, Di4rary $irector emar6le,sierrane-ada+edu , ''5())1('511 /hen you need to access S1CNs licensed data4ase content 3rom o33 campus, you 9ill need the 3ollo9ing in3ormation0 O Students0 Ase your 3irst initial and your last name as the username and your # digit student =$ num4er as the pass9ord+ San)&i n% ( r C,ea&ing and4 r +!agiari%' T,e - n r C de The 3aculty o3 S1C 4elie-es students must 4e held to high standards o3 integrity in all aspects o3 college li3e in order to promote the educational mission o3 the College and to encourage respect 3or the rights o3 others+ *ach student 4rings to the S1C community uni>ue s6ills, talents, -alues and e&periences 9hich, 9hen e&pressed 9ithin the community, contri4ute to the >uality o3 the educational en-ironment and the gro9th and de-elopment o3 the indi-idual+ Students share 9ith mem4ers o3 the 3aculty, administration and sta33 the responsi4ility 3or creating and maintaining an en-ironment conduci-e to learning and personal de-elopment, 9here actions are guided 4y mutual respect, integrity, responsi4ility and trust+ The 3aculty and students ali6e must ma6e diligent e33orts to ensure high standards are upheld 4y their colleagues and peers as 9ell as themsel-es+ There3ore 3aculty and students accept responsi4ility 3or maintaining these standards at Sierra 1e-ada College and are o4ligated to comply 9ith its regulations and procedures, 9hich they are e&pected to read and understand+

C n%e/$en)e% ( 5i !a&ing &,e S&$den& - n r C de S1C students and 3aculty share the responsi4ility 3or maintaining an en-ironment o3 academic honesty+ Thus, all are responsi4le 3or 6no9ing and a4iding 4y the S1C 7acultyLStudent Honor Code pu4lished in the current S1C Catalog+ 7aculty are responsi4le 3or presenting the Honor Code and the conse>uences o3 -iolating it to students at the start o3 their classes %1$ 3or reporting all incidences o3 academic dishonesty to the Pro-ost+ Students are responsi4le 3or 6no9ing 9hat constitutes CH*%T=1K, PD%K=%?=S. and 7%8?=C%T=G1 and 3or re3raining 3rom these and other 3orms o3 academic dishonesty+ 5iolations o3 the Honor Code 4ecome part o3 a student2s academic record+ 1st G33ense0 Student recei-es a Cero 3or assignmentLe&am and counseling 9ith 3aculty on the honor code, conse>uences 3or -iolating the honor code, and the -alue o3 academic honesty in learning+ nd G33ense0 Student 3ails course and recei-es counseling 9ith 3aculty on the honor code, conse>uences 3or -iolating the honor code, and the -alue o3 academic honesty in learning+ 3rd G33ense0 Student is e&pelled+ ADA A)) '' da&i n% =n accordance 9ith the %mericans 9ith $isa4ilities %ct and Section 5!" o3 the ?eha4ilitation %ct o3 1#'3, students 9ith a documented disa4ility are eligi4le 3or support ser-ices and accommodations+ =3 a student 9ishes to re>uest an accommodation, please contact the $irector o3 %cademic Support Ser-ices, Henry Cono-er, at (''5) )31(131" &'53", hcono-er,sierrane-ada+edu or go to the G%S=S o33ices on the third 3loor o3 Prim Di4rary 9ithin the 3irst 9ee6 o3 the semester+ T,e SNC E'ai! S3%&e' The S1C email system is the o33icial communication -ehicle among students, 3aculty mem4ers and administrati-e sta33 and is designed to protect the con3identiality o3 student in3ormation as re>uired 4y the 7amily *ducational ?ights and Pri-acy %ct o3 1#'" %ct (7*?P%)+ Students should chec6 their college email accounts daily during the school year+ Students ha-e a right to 3or9ard their S1C e(mail to another e(mail account (3or e&ample, ,hotmail or ,gmail)+ Ho9e-er, con3identiality o3 student in3ormation protected 4y 7*?P% cannot 4e guaranteed 3or S1C e(mail 3or9arded to an outside -endor+ Ha-ing email redirected does not a4sol-e a student 3rom the responsi4ilities associated 9ith o33icial communication sent to his or her S1C email account+ T,e .i%%i n S&a&e'en&1 Sierra 1e-ada College graduates 9ill 4e educated to 4e scholars o3 and contri4utors to a sustaina4le 9orld+ Sierra 1e-ada College com4ines the li4eral arts and pro3essional preparedness through an interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasiCes entrepreneurial thin6ing and en-ironmental, social, economic and educational sustaina4ility+ T,e C re T,e'e%1 Di4eral %rts *ntrepreneurial Thin6ing Pro3essional Preparedness Sustaina4ility

-$'ani%&i) Tran%per% na! +%3), ! g3 +SYC #67 C $r%e O$&!ine Spring 2014 8ee9 1
Tuesday, @anuary 1 M =ntroduction and G-er-ie9 o3 Course Thursday, @anuary 3 Ho9 Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychologies di33er 3rom other Psychologies ?eading due0 :" Trends in Contemporary Psychology;

8ee9 2
Tuesday, @anuary ) ( Humanistic Psychology M 8asic Tenets ?eading due0 The .a<or Themes in Humanistic Psychology Thursday, @anuary 3! M Humanistic Psychology ( .aslo9 ?eadings due 3rom Towards a Psychology of Being Ch+ 1 :To9ards a Psychology o3 Health Ch+ :/hat Psychology can learn 3rom the *&istentialists; Ch+ 1" :Some 8asic Propositions;

8ee9 #
Tuesday, 7e4ruary " M Humanistic Psychology M .aslo9 ?eadings due 3rom Towards a Psychology of Being Ch+ 1! :Creati-ity in Sel3(%ctualiCing People; Ch+ ' :Pea6(*&periences as %cute =dentity(*&periences; :% theory o3 .eta(moti-ation; Thursday, 7e4ruary 6M Humanistic Psychology ( .aslo9 ?eadings due 3rom Towards a Psychology of Being Ch+ 3 :$e3iciency .oti-ation and Kro9th .oti-ation; Ch+ " :$e3ense and Kro9th;

8ee9 4
Tuesday, 7e4ruary 11 M Humanistic Psychology ( ?ogers ?eadings due 3rom A Way of Being Ch+ 5 :$o 9e need :%; ?ealityP; Ch+ 6 :7oundations; Ch+ 1 :Can Dearning *ncompass 4oth =deas and 7eelingP; Thursday, 7e4ruary 13M HumanisticLTranspersonal Psychology ?eadings due 3rom Healing and the Mind :%nother 9ay o3 Seeing; 4y .ichael Derner :/holeness; 4y ?achel 1aomi ?emen

:The Chemical Communicators; 4y Candace Pert

8ee9 7
Tuesday, 7e4ruary 1) M Humanistic Psychology M 7ran6l ?eading due 3rom Mans Search for Meaning :Pre3ace; 4y Harold Hushnir :Pre3ace to the 1## *dition; :*&periences in a Concentration camp; p+ 1'(3 Thursday, 7e4ruary ! M Humanistic Psychology M 7ran6l ?eading due 3rom Mans Search for Meaning :*&periences in a Concentration camp; p+ 3 (6"

8ee9 6
Tuesday, 7e4ruary 5 M Humanistic Psychology M 7ran6l ?eading due 3rom Mans Search for Meaning :*&periences in a Concentration camp; p+ 6"(1!! Thursday, 7e4ruary ' M Humanistic Psychology M 7ran6l ?eading due 3rom Mans Search for Meaning :Dogotherapy in a nutshell; :The Case 3or a Tragic Gptimism

8ee9 :
Tuesday, .arch " (M Humanistic Psychology M 7ran6l %cti-ity0 Di3e is 8eauti3ul Thursday, .arch 6 Ta6e(Home .id(term due ?e-ie9 3or 9ritten .id(term

8ee9 ;
Tuesday, .arch 11 =n(class .id(term Thursday, .arch 13 M Transpersonal Psychology ?eadings due 3rom Healing and the Mind :.editation and Consciousness; %n inter-ie9 9ith ShinCen Young 4y Charles T+ Tart :.editation; 4y @on Ha4at(Qinn SP?=1K 8?*%H M .arch 1'( 1

8ee9 "
Tuesday, .arch 5M Humanistic Psychology M 7romm Selected readings0 :The Producti-e Person; 3rom Growth Psychology Thursday, .arch 'M Humanistic Psychology M 7romm ?eadings due 3rom To Ha e or to Be

Part 10 :Anderstanding the di33erence 4et9een Ha-ing and 8eing;

8ee9 10
Tuesday, %pril 1 ( M Humanistic Psychology M 7romm ?eadings due 3rom To Ha e or to Be Part 0 :%nalyCing the 7undamental $i33erences 4et9een the t9o .odes o3 *&istence Thursday, %pril 3 M Humanistic Psychology M 7romm ?eadings due 3rom To Ha e or to Be Part 30;The 1e9 .an in Society;

8ee9 11
Tuesday, %pril )M Transpersonal Psychology :The Shamanic @ourney0 *&periences, Grigins and %nalogues; :Some %ssumptions o3 Grthodo& /estern Psychology; Thursday, %pril 1! M Transpersonal Psychology M *dingerL@ung ?eading due0 *&cerpts 3rom :*go and %rchetype; Part =0 :The =n3lated *go; :The %lienated *go

8ee9 12
Tuesday, %pril 15M Transpersonal Psychology M *dingerL@ung ?eadings due 3rom !go and Archetype Part =0 :*ncounter 9ith the Sel3; Part ==0 :The Search 3or .eaning; Thursday, %pril 1'M Transpersonal Psychology M *dingerL@ung ?eadings due 3rom !go and Archetype Part ==0 :Paradigm o3 the =ndi-iduated *go; :8eing an =ndi-idual; :The Trinity %rchetype and the $ialectic o3 $e-elopment;

8ee9 1#
Tuesday, %pril M Transpersonal Psychology M *dingerL@ung ?eadings due 3rom !go and Archetype Part ===0 Sym4ols o3 the Koal Thursday, %pril "M Transpersonal Psychology M *dingerL@ung %cti-ity0 See 3ilm0 %rtist o3 the Soul

8ee9 14
Tuesday, %pril #M Transpersonal Psychology ( @ung ?eadings 3rom Carl+ @ung literature Thursday, .ay 1 M Transpersonal Psychology ( @ung ?eadings 3rom Carl+ @ung literature

8ee9 17
Tuesday, .ay 6 7inal ?e-ie9 /ednesday .ay ' and Thursday .ay ) are designated as study days+ <INAL1 T$e%da3= .a3 1#&,= 111#0-a' & 21#0