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SYLLABUS & COURSE OUTLINE - DONNA AXTON Sierra Nevada C !!ege CRN 100"# C $r%e C de C $r%e Ti&!

e Ter' and Year C $r%e Re(eren)e N$'*er In%&r$)& r +, ne E-'ai! O((i)e O((i)e - $r% C!a%% .ee&ing Ti'e L )a&i n +rere/$i%i&e% C re/$i%i&e% PSYC 371, Section 1 Abnormal Psychology (3 credits) Spring 201 100!" #onna A$ton 77"%&&1%7"&' or ($t) 7"&' da$ton*sierrane+ada)ed, #A 101 -onday % .ednesday 1/00% 2/00

Spring 2014

0,esday, 0h,rsday 11/30 a)m) %12/ " p)m) PA 213 PSYC 101 1one

Re/$ired Te0&% Comer, 2onald) Abnormal Psychology) .orth P,blishers) 1)Y) 2001 3 7th edition 4arris, 5oanne) Chocolat. Peng,in 6oo7s) 1e8 Yor7) 1!!! C $r%e De%)rip&i n1 0his is a 3%credit co,rse in 8hich the st,dent scr,tini9es c,rrently accepted points o: +ie8 concerning ;abnormal; beha+ior) 0he st,dent de+elops in:ormed opinions concerning the history, de:initions, ca,ses, and treatment o: abnormal beha+ior< both :rom the point o: +ie8 o: the indi+id,al 8hose beha+ior is being considered, as 8ell as :rom the point o: +ie8 o: the c,lt,re in 8hich the indi+id,al is li+ing) S&$den& O$&) 'e%1 1) 0he st,dent 8ill ac=,ire 7no8ledge o: the basic concepts, diagnoses, and theories o: Abnormal Psychology) 2) 0he st,dent 8ill achie+e the ability to intelligently obser+e and categori9e beha+ior) 3) 0he st,dent 8ill learn to critically e+al,ate assessment e+idence) ) 0he st,dent 8ill achie+e an ,nderstanding and respect :or di+erse c,lt,res and pop,lations) ") 0he st,dent 8ill learn to appreciate the range o: indi+id,al di::erences) ') 0he st,dent 8ill become :amiliar 8ith treatment alternati+es and their +al,e and their dra8bac7s)

.e&, d% ( A%%e%%ing S&$den& O$&) 'e% St,dents are e$pected to sho8 7no8ledge o: the s,b>ect matter and ,nderstanding o: class material and demonstrate that 7no8ledge in the :ollo8ing 8ays/ ?,i99es 2eports -id term @inal Presentations Assigned reading and corresponding home8or7 In%&r$)&i na! %&ra&egie%1 Assigned readings, 8ritten home8or7 based on the reading material, indi+id,al and gro,p pro>ects and presentations, +ideos, and lect,res) A%%ign'en&% Reading a%%ign'en&%1 An general, yo, 8ill ha+e 8ritten home8or7 d,e 8ith yo,r assigned reading) Assignments :rom ;Abnormal Psychology; are listed in the syllab,s ) +re%en&a&i n%1 Class assignments 8ill incl,de " short, s,ccinct presentations (2% " min,tes) 0opics 8ill be chosen at least one 8ee7 be:ore the d,e date) Yo, are re=,ired to hand in a legible copy o: yo,r report and cite re:erences to the so,rces ,sed) Bimit yo,r presentation to the most interesting part o: yo,r topic, and 7no8 the meaning o: all the 8ords yo, ,seC A&&endan)e1 #,e to the e$periential and participatory nat,re o: the classes, attendance is +ery important in this class< that importance is re:lected in the :act that 30D o: yo,r grade depends on yo,r presence and yo,r participation) 2rading p !i)3 A00(1#A1C( A1# PA20ACAPA0AE1 300 points .2A00(1 4E-(.E2F, P2(S(10A0AE1S, 2(PE20S 00 points (4ome8or7 m,st be t,rned in on d,e date :or :,ll credit)) (GA-S 300 points A H !00%1000 6 H &00 % &!! C H 700 % 7!! # H '00 % '!! @ H belo8 '00 I.+ORTANT1 +!ea%e n &e1 0he st,dy o: Psychology in general, and this co,rse in partic,lar, deals 8ith personal areas that may be sensiti+e) 6e prepared :or this and ta7e personal responsibility :or staying in the classroom and ta7ing care o: yo,r sel:) E,t o: respect :or other st,dents, and in order to ens,re a sa:e en+ironment :or learning, st,dents 8ill commit to strict con:identiality) Almost everyone who has ever taken an abnormal psychology class suspects at one point or another that they have every abnormality in the book. THIS IS NORMA ! in "act suspecting you have every abnormality may be proo" that you are not abnormal#

+ri' Li*rar3 Re% $r)e%

Ising the libraryJs reso,rces e::ecti+ely (not >,st Anternet reso,rces) contrib,tes to de+eloping each o: S1CJs core themes by e$posing st,dents to high =,ality academic reso,rces, di+erse opinions, ne8 ideas, and a :,t,re that incl,des b,ilding on a liberal arts ed,cation) An this co,rse, yo, 8ill be e$pected to ,tili9e the libraryJs reso,rces (either on%site or remotely) as yo, complete yo,r assignments) Prim Bibrary 2eso,rces :or Abnormal Psychology incl,de, b,t are not limited to/

1) Bib K,ides/ http/LLlibg,ides)sierrane+ada)ed,Lpsychology) 0hese 8eb pages ha+e been compiled to

highlight speci:ic reso,rces in psychology) 0abs indicate Prim library in:ormation regarding boo7s, articles, 8ebsites, citations, and general interest psychology in:ormation)

2) Antrod,ction to Prim Bibrary 8ebsite 3 http/LLlibg,ides)sierrane+ada)ed,Llibrary

3) 6oo7s (to be chec7ed o,t)/ a) An general, boo7s related to psychology ha+e Bibrary o: Congress Classi:ication n,mbers can be :o,nd in the 6@ and 2C sections) Search the Prim Bibrary Catalog ,sing 7ey 8ords related to the topic that yo, are researching) #,nn, #) (200&) A short guide to writing about psychology. 1e8 Yor7/ PearsonLBongman) 6@ 7')& )#&' 200&)

b) 2)

(lectronic databases most li7ely to incl,de articles on psychology topics are (6SCE/ Academic Search Premier, and PsycAn:o) 0o access electronic databases o:: camp,s, ,se yo,r :irst initial and yo,r last name as the ,sername and yo,r ! digit st,dent A# n,mber as the pass8ord) 4ardcopy periodicals/ Prim Bibrary has c,rrent s,bscriptions :or a :e8 academic psychology >o,rnals< ho8e+er, many :,ll%te$t articles are a+ailable thro,gh the electronic databases)


BEKA1 in:ormation :or S1C Prim Bibrary (lectronic #atabases http/LLlibg,ides)sierrane+ada)ed,Llibrary 6etts -ar7le, Bibrary #irector emar7le*sierrane+ada)ed, 77"%&&1%7"11 .hen yo, need to access S1CMs licensed database content :rom o:: camp,s, yo, 8ill need the :ollo8ing in:ormation/ N St,dents/ Ise yo,r :irst initial and yo,r last name as the ,sername and yo,r ! digit st,dent A# n,mber as the pass8ord) San)&i n% ( r C,ea&ing and4 r +!agiari%' T,e - n r C de 0he :ac,lty o: S1C belie+es st,dents m,st be held to high standards o: integrity in all aspects o: college li:e in order to promote the ed,cational mission o: the College and to enco,rage respect :or the rights o: others) (ach st,dent brings to the S1C comm,nity ,ni=,e s7ills, talents, +al,es and e$periences 8hich, 8hen e$pressed 8ithin the comm,nity, contrib,te to the =,ality o: the ed,cational en+ironment and the gro8th and de+elopment o: the indi+id,al) St,dents share 8ith members o: the :ac,lty, administration and sta:: the responsibility :or creating and maintaining an en+ironment cond,ci+e to learning and personal de+elopment, 8here actions are g,ided by m,t,al respect, integrity, responsibility and tr,st) 0he :ac,lty and st,dents ali7e m,st ma7e diligent e::orts to ens,re high standards are ,pheld by their colleag,es and peers as 8ell as themsel+es) 0here:ore :ac,lty and st,dents accept responsibility :or maintaining these standards at Sierra 1e+ada College and are obligated to comply 8ith its reg,lations and proced,res, 8hich they are e$pected to read and ,nderstand)

C n%e/$en)e% ( 5i !a&ing &,e S&$den& - n r C de S1C st,dents and :ac,lty share the responsibility :or maintaining an en+ironment o: academic honesty) 0h,s, all are responsible :or 7no8ing and abiding by the S1C @ac,ltyLSt,dent 4onor Code p,blished in the c,rrent S1C Catalog) @ac,lty are responsible :or presenting the 4onor Code and the conse=,ences o: +iolating it to st,dents at the start o: their classes A1# :or reporting all incidences o: academic dishonesty to the Pro+ost) St,dents are responsible :or 7no8ing 8hat constit,tes C4(A0A1K, PBAKAA2AS- and @A62ACA0AE1 and :or re:raining :rom these and other :orms o: academic dishonesty) Oiolations o: the 4onor Code become part o: a st,dentJs academic record) 1st E::ense/ St,dent recei+es a 9ero :or assignmentLe$am and co,nseling 8ith :ac,lty on the honor code, conse=,ences :or +iolating the honor code, and the +al,e o: academic honesty in learning) 2nd E::ense/ St,dent :ails co,rse and recei+es co,nseling 8ith :ac,lty on the honor code, conse=,ences :or +iolating the honor code, and the +al,e o: academic honesty in learning) 3rd E::ense/ St,dent is e$pelled) ADA A)) '' da&i n% An accordance 8ith the Americans 8ith #isabilities Act and Section "0 o: the 2ehabilitation Act o: 1!73, st,dents 8ith a doc,mented disability are eligible :or s,pport ser+ices and accommodations) A: a st,dent 8ishes to re=,est an accommodation, please contact the #irector o: Academic S,pport Ser+ices, 4enry Cono+er, at (77") &31%131 $7"3 , hcono+er*sierrane+ada)ed, or go to the EASAS o::ices on the third :loor o: Prim Bibrary 8ithin the :irst 8ee7 o: the semester) T,e SNC E'ai! S3%&e' 0he S1C email system is the o::icial comm,nication +ehicle among st,dents, :ac,lty members and administrati+e sta:: and is designed to protect the con:identiality o: st,dent in:ormation as re=,ired by the @amily (d,cational 2ights and Pri+acy Act o: 1!7 Act (@(2PA)) St,dents sho,ld chec7 their college email acco,nts daily d,ring the school year) St,dents ha+e a right to :or8ard their S1C e%mail to another e%mail acco,nt (:or e$ample, *hotmail or *gmail)) 4o8e+er, con:identiality o: st,dent in:ormation protected by @(2PA cannot be g,aranteed :or S1C e%mail :or8arded to an o,tside +endor) 4a+ing email redirected does not absol+e a st,dent :rom the responsibilities associated 8ith o::icial comm,nication sent to his or her S1C email acco,nt) T,e .i%%i n S&a&e'en&1 Sierra 1e+ada College grad,ates 8ill be ed,cated to be scholars o: and contrib,tors to a s,stainable 8orld) Sierra 1e+ada College combines the liberal arts and pro:essional preparedness thro,gh an interdisciplinary c,rric,l,m that emphasi9es entreprene,rial thin7ing and en+ironmental, social, economic and ed,cational s,stainability) T,e C re T,e'e%1 Biberal Arts (ntreprene,rial 0hin7ing Pro:essional Preparedness S,stainability

A*n r'a! +%3), ! g3 +SYC 671 C $r%e O$&!ine Spring 2016 A*n r'a! +%3), ! g3 in S)ien)e and C!ini)a! +ra)&i)e 8ee9 1
0,esday, 5an,ary 21 % Antrod,ction 0h,rsday, 5an,ary 23 2eading d,e/ Chapter Ene % Abnormal Psychology, Past and Present

8ee9 2
0,esday, 5an,ary 2& 2eading d,e/ Chapter 2 % 2esearch in Abnormal Psychology 0h,rsday, 5an,ary 30 2eading d,e/ Chapter 3 % -odels o: Abnormality

8ee9 6
0,esday, @ebr,ary 2eading d,e/ Chapter % Clinical Assessment, #iagnosis, and 0reatment #,e/ Pro>ect P1 % 0heories, Assessment, and 0reatment

+r *!e'% ( S&re%% and An0ie&3

0h,rsday, @ebr,ary ' 2eading d,e/ Chapter " % An$iety #isorders

8ee9 4
0,esday, @ebr,ary 11 2eading d,e/ Chapter ' % Stress #isorders 0h,rsday, @ebr,ary 13 2eading d,e/ Chapter 7 % Somato:orm and #issociati+e #isorders

8ee9 #
0,esday, @ebr,ary 1& Oie8 QSybilR

+r *!e'% ( .
0h,rsday, @ebr,ary 20 2eading d,e/ Chapter & % -ood #isorders

8ee9 :
0,esday, @ebr,ary 2" 2eading d,e/ Chapter ! 3 0reatments :or -ood #isorders ;An In=,iet -ind; 0h,rsday, @ebr,ary 27 2eading d,e/ Chapter 10% S,icide

8ee9 7
0,esday, -arch #,e/ Pro>ect P2 % An$iety and -ood #isorders 0h,rsday, -arch '

8ee9 ;
0,esday, -arch 11 0a7e%4ome -id%term d,e 2e+ie8 0h,rsday, -arch 13 An%class -id%term SP2A1K 62(AF 3 -arch 17%21

+r *!e'% ( .ind and B d3 8ee9 "

0,esday, -arch 2" 2eading d,e/ Chapter 11 (ating #isorders 0h,rsday, -arch 27 2eading d,e/ Chapter 12 % S,bstance 2elated #isorders

8ee9 10
0,esday, April 1 2eading d,e/ Chapter 13 % Se$,al #isorders and Kender Adentity #isorder 0h,rsday, April 3 #,e/ Pro>ect P3 % -indL6ody Connection

+r *!e'% ( +%3), %i% 8ee9 11

0,esday, April & 2eading d,e/ Chapter 1 % Schi9ophrenia 0h,rsday, April 10 2eading d,e/ Chapter 1" % 0reatments o: Schi9ophrenia

Li(e-Span +r *!e'% 8ee9 12

0,esday, April 1" 2eading d,e/ Chapter 1' % Personality #isorders 0h,rsday, April 17 #,e/ Pro>ect P % Personality #isorders

8ee9 16
0,esday, April 22 -,sic and Qabnormal psychologyR % 8e 8ill meet in Patterson 4all by the piano 0h,rsday, April 2 2eading d,e/ Chapter 17 % #isorders o: Childhood and Adolescence Selection :rom Q0he C,rio,s Ancident o: the #og in the 1ight%timeR

8ee9 14
0,esday, April 2! 2eading d,e/ Chapter 1& % #isorders o: Aging and Cognition ;0he -an .ho -istoo7 4is .i:e :or a 4at; by Eli+er Sac7s 0h,rsday, -ay 1 Assessment practice

8ee9 1#
0,esday, -ay ' An class identi:ication :inal .ednesday -ay 7 and 0h,rsday -ay & are st,dy days) <INAL1 T$e%da3= .a3 16&,= 11160-a' & 2160 0a7e home :inal % ;Chocolat; character assessment)