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DNB 2007 DEC RECALL FINAL 1.All are B-cell markers except: a.CD15 * b.CD19 c.CD23 d.CD25 2.

FETAL LOBESTOR SYNDROME is seen in : a.Boron poisoning * b.OP-poisoning c. d. 3.SPIRIT HORTSHINE is : a. b. c. d. 4.COCYDYLIC ACID is found in : a.H2SO4 b.Carbolic acid c.arsenic * d. 5.SMOKING STOOL SYNDROME is seen in : a.yellow phosphorus * b.red phosphorus c. d. 6.Mees lines seen in: a.arsenic * b.mercury c.lead d. 7.In CAT-II , sputum examination is done after how many months: a.2 b.3 * c.4 d.5 8.DBS a recent surgical treatment option in parkinsonism stands for: a.DEEP BRAIN STIMULATION * b.DIAGNOSTIC BRAIB STEREOTACTIC c. d. 9.Discarded outdated medicine shud be in which bag: a.red

b.black * c.blue d. 10.HIV control to zero by which year in NATIONAL HEALTH POLICY: a.2005 b.2007 * c.2010 d. 11.Analgesic area in brain is : a.hippocampus b.arcuate fasciculus c.hypothalamus * d. 12.vomiting center is situated in : a.pons b.medulla * c.hypothalamus d. 13.All are fibrous joints except: a.symphasis * b.syndesmosis c.gomphosis d.skull suture 14.Breast milk transmission of HIV: a.3-10% b.10-30% * c.>50% d. 15.Risk of DOWNS syndrome in next baby of a 25 yrs female who one DOWN baby is: a.1.5% b.3% c.4.5% * d.6% 16.Hypotonia seen in a/e: a.TRISOMY 18 * b.Klenfilters syndrome c.Hyperammonemia d.deletion of short arm chromosome-4 17.Flamming tremors seen a/e: a.thyrotoxicosis * b.CO2 narcosis c.uremic encephalopathy d.hepatic encephalopathy

18.5% CO2 inhalation l/t: a.headach b.pulmonary vasoconstriction c.sleepiness d. Sweating* 19.HALOTHANE causes: a.headache b.hepatitis * c. d. 20.Whichof following is preferred in children: a.sevofluorane * b.isofluorane c.desfluorane d. 21.G-prt coupled receptor : a.vit-D b.B-adrenergic * c.cholinergic d. 22.Root value of inf.gluteal nerve: a.L4 b.L5 * c.S4 d.S5 23.Noble prize for physiology & medicine in 2007 for: a.TRANSGENIC MICE * b.GENETIC MAPPING c.ADVANCED TREATMENT OF HIV 24.Rectal continance is maintained by: a.puborectalis * b.gracilis c.superficial perini d. 25.Following types of tracheostomy tube have a flanged puter tube & inner tube with a hole : a.Jackson tube b.Fullers tube c. d. 26.DUNDAS GRANT APPARATUS used in : a.cold caloric test * b.Freizhalpitz test

c.Bithermal caloric test d. 27.Purine metabolism end product in non primates: a.uric acid * b.allantoin c. Ammonia d. Both b and c 28.Not anantioxidant in the eye: a.vitA b.vitC c.vitE d.catalase 29.Ulcer serpens caused by: a.pneumococci * b.streptococci c.pseudomonus d. 30.C3 & C3 b inactivator deficiency lt: a.angioneurotic edema b.recurrent pyogenic infection * c.meningococcal infection d.collagen diseases 31.Difference between DIC & synthetic def. Of coagulation factors is by : a.prothrombin time b.D-dimer * c.platelet count d. 32.Keratonergic blennorgica is seen in : a.Behcets disease b.lyme disease c.reiters disease * d. 33.MONONEURITIS MULTIPLEX is seen in : a.GBS b.leprosy c.PAN d.both b and c* 34.Total septal destruction is seen in : a.leprosy b.TB c.syphillis d. Wegeners granulomatosis*

35.Recurrent areolar or subareolar abcess is seen in : a.TB b.chronic mastitis * c.pagets disease d.breast ca 36.SMOKING causes a/e: a.pancreatic ca b.gall-bladder ca * c.esophageal ca d.urinary bladder ca 37.GOLDMANNS equation helps in : a.nernst potential of single ion b.resting membrane potential * c.equilibrium potential d.none 38.Which of following arises from golgi tendon organ : a.A-alpha * b.A-beta c.A-gamma d.A-delta 39.HANDEDNESS is achieved in : a.24 months b.30 months c.2 yrs d. 3 years* 40.Gp.B. streptococci causes infection in : a.neonatal infection b.acute infective carditis c. d. 41.True about ECZEMA: a.childhood atopic eczema persistent in adult * b.subepidermal edema with blisters c.numular eczema is a/w increase IgA d. Atopic eczema does not affect adults 42.Minoxzidil used in : a.alopecia * b.leprosy c.syphillis d. 43.Highly pruitic a/e: a.dermatitis herpetiformis b.lichen planus

c.cut.vasculitis * d. Psoriasis 44.Spermatocele is seen at: a.upper end of epididymis b.lower end of epididymis c.no relation to epididymis * d. Along lateral side of testis 45.HILLS criteria of causal association are a/e: a.specificity of association b.sensitivity * c.consistency d.coherence 46.Altitudnal defect seen in : a.ischemic optic neropathy * b.CRVO c.CRAO d. Strabismus 47.Residual chlorine for bacteria; & viral pathogens : a.0.5 ppm* b.1 c.2 d. 1.5 48.MAD-COW disease is caused by : a.virus b.anaerobic bacteria c.altered prion prt * d.fungi 49.All crosses placenta except: a.heparin * b.diazepam c.phenytoin d. 50.All causes agranulocytosis except: a.antipsychotic b.antidepressant * c.sulphonamide d.phenytoin 51.Following causes psychosis : a.INH * b.rifampicin c. Ethambutol d. Strepto

52.All are bacterocidal except: a.INH b.rifam c.ethambutol * d.pyrazinamide 53.Normal changes in pregnancy are a/e: a.Increase tidal volume b.increase R.R c.increase TLC *(it is decreased) d. 54.ECV is c/I in : a.pre-eclampsia b.APH* c. complete breech d. Non obese 55.MC cause of breech presentation : a.contracted pelvic b.hydromnios c.malformation of uterus d. Prematurity* 56.Classical C.S indicated in : a.cervical fibroid * b. c. d. 57.OLIGOHYDROMNIOS a/w a.renal agenesis* b.esophageal atresia c. Imperforate anus d. Anencephaly 58.Life span of CuT 380: a.1 yr b.3 yr c.10 yr * d. 59CuT can be kept for at least: a.9 yr b.5 yr * c.15 yr d. 60.Following is abductor of hip except a.glut.maximus * b.glut medius

c. Sartorius d. Piriformis 61.PRT. CONTENT IN Buffalows milk/100gm: a.2.3 b.3.3 c.4.3 * d.5.3 62.BIGGER vessels are : a.capacetance vessels b.resistance vessels c.WINDKESSEL VESSELS * D.NONE 63.Inf.alveolar nerve is best infiltered at : a.I molar b.III molar * c. Canine d. Pre molar 64.AVN of femur more common at : a.sub-capital * b. Sub chondral c. Trans cervical d. Trochanteric 65.Megaloblastic anemia caused by a/e: a.amox * b.methotrexate c. Phenytoin d. Metformin 66.Megaloblastic anemia is caused by: a.D-latum * b.Hook-worm c. E histolytica d. None 67.Which of following enters the body penetration except a.ascaris * b.ankylostoma c.strongyloides d. Necator 68.Bone marrow biopsy is essential for diagnosis of : a.CML b.myeloblastic anemia c.megaloblastic anemia * d. Aplastic

69.Hburia is seen in a/e: a.prostactic valve damaging RBC b.RH-incompability c.Mismatched transfusion d.G6PD deficincy * 70.Intrauterine complication of RH-incompability: a.jaundice & hyperbilirubenemia b.anemia c.IUGR d. All* 71.True about phylloides tumor: a.calcification b.cystic component c. Tendency to recur d. All* 72.Piecemeal necrosis seen in : a.steatohepatitis b.chronic viral hepatitis c. Autoimmune d. All* 73.True about De-Quarvains thyroiditis on histopathology : a.granulomatous infiltration b.infiltration by lymphocytes * c. d. 74.Complication of hydrocele: a.herniation of hydrocele sac * b.carcinoma c. Eczema of scrotum d. All 75.TOC of congenital hydrocele: a.herniotomy * b.evesion c.excision d.lords procedure 76.True about Funicular hydrocele: a.reaches upto sup.ring b.reaches upto deep ring c.reaches upto 1 cm diatal to deep ring * d.reaches upto scrotum 77.Alpha feto prt. Increased in a/e: a.multiple pregnancy b.cong.hydronephrosis

c.NTD d.macrosomia* 78.SPLENECTOMY is indicated in a/e: a.ITP b.Chronic malaria c.Hypersplenism d.surgey for varices 79.Number of health related goals in MILLENIUM GOALS: a.6* b.8 c.18 d.48 80.PROBLEM VILLAGE true a/e: (U GUYS KNOW ALL THE OPTIONS IT IS A REPEAT ONE) 81.PPV is related to prevalence by : a.linear b.positive corelation * c.negative corelation d.skewed deviation 82.Diagnosis of alkaptonuria: a.FeCL3 b.Gutheris test c. d. Ochronosis* 83.Black urine on standing, diagnosis is : a.alkaptonuria * b.phenyketonuria c. d. 84.Ankylosing spondylosis is a/w: a.HLA-B 27 * b.HLA-A3 c. d. 85.Paul bennel test is used in : a.inf.mononucleosis * b.syphillis c.lasa fever d. 86.True about micturition reflex: a.lost in cervical cord palsy b.detrusur is stimulated by symp.efferent

c.bladder neck contraction l/t sphincter urethrae contraction * d. 87.ACID PHOSPHATASE true is : a.<100-1000 times in semen than body fluids * b.> 100-1000 times in semen than body fluids c.>1000-10000 times in semen than body fluids d.< 1000-10000 times in semen than body fluids 88.Increase alkaline phosphatase seen in a/e: a.osteoporosis b.pagets disease c.hyperthyroidism *(seen in hypo) d. 89.Increase PTH is seen in a/e: a.parathyroid hyperplasia b.parathyroid adenoma c.parathyroid carcinoma d.hypothyroidism * 90.Pt. with renal stones, pt shud be investigated for : a.intestinal disease* b.parathyroid disease* c. d. 91.Streptomycin discovered by : a.WAKSMANN * b.ROSSE c.BLACK d. 92.B-blocker is s/I in : a.CCF b.hyperthyroidism c.anxiety trmors d. Asthma* 93.SIADH seen in a/e: (??? It is seen in all of these but still least in encephalitis) a.head injury b.small cell ca of lung c.encephalitis d.chromophobe adenoma 94.Treatment of hyperkalemia a/e: a.insulin b.IV ca c.dialysis d.corticosteroides *

95.AMPHO-B is DOC : a.aspergillosis * b. c. d. 96.Frances tuleremia is : a.Gm +ve bacilli non-motile b.Gm +ve motile bacilli c.Gm ve nonmotile * d.Gm-ve motile 97.PINTA caused by : a.T.carateum * b.T.pertunea c. T endemecium d. T pertunae 98.CORNEA is a.supplied by long ciliary artery b.supplied by short ciliary artery c.avasular * d. 99.Pathological # seen in adolescent is is d/t: a.aneurysmal bone cyst b.unicameral bone cyst * c.osteosarcoma d.osteoclastoma 100.Contraception is indicated for how many months after rubella immunisation : a.3 months * b.6 months c.2 months d.1 month

101.Secondary amenorrhoea is cessation of menses for: a.3 months * b.6 months c.1 yr d. 102.A pt. With 80 million sperm/ml, 10% motility, 8% morphology, diagnosis is : a.immotile cilia syndrome b.necrosmia c.hypospermatogenesis d. Asthenozoospermia* 103.Bilateral tubal block with hydrosalphinx TOC is : a.IVF *

b.GIFT c.tuboplasty d. ICSI 104.TOC in a 45 yr old lady with cerviacl dysplasia: a.hysterectomy b.conization * c.cauterisation d. 105.All are components of KARTANEGERS syndrome except: a.situs inversus b.ethmoidal polyp c. Male infertility d. None* 106.BROWNS sign seen in : a.glomus tumor * b. c. d. 107.Enzymes of gluconeogenesis : a.in cytosol b.in mitochondria c.in both * d. 108.Third supralabial coming on lid in c/o: a.cobra * b.krait c.a& b d. None 109.Shortest acting non-depolarising : a.Mivacurium * b.sch c. d. 110.OP compounds inactivates esterases: a.non-competatively b.uncomp. c.irreversible * d. 111.On USG DOUBLE BUBBLE SIGN seen in : a.duodenal atresia * b. c. d.

112.Breathing & swallowing movements evident on USG at : a.13-15 wks of gestation * b.15-18 wks of gestation c.18-21 wks of gestation d. 113.Antidote of methy alcohol : a.disulfiram b.ethyl alcohol * c. d. 114.True about LATANOPROST a/e: a.PG inhibitor * b.decrease IOP by increasing UV scleral outflow c.conjunctivitis is long term complication d. Used once a day 115.NSAIDS with no PG inhibitor activity: a.Nabumetone b.ketorolac c.nepofam * d. 116.Ketotifen acts by : a.stabilising mast cell b.bronchodilator c.anti-inflammatory d. All* 117.True about ZOLLINGER ELLISON syndrome a/e: a.severe peptic ulcer b.hypersecretion of gastrin c.islet cell tumor d. Mostly inherited* 118.Traetment of acute morphine poisoining a/e: a.IV nalorphine b.IV methadone * c.dialysis d.resp. support 119.Nail involvement is not by : a.microsporum * b.epidermophyton c.trichophyton d. 120.Black spores/colonies by which mycetoma: ??? a.M.boydie

b. c. d. 121.Following atypical mycobacteria reside in moist soil : a.Mycobacterium avium complex * b.m.marinum c.m.kansasi d. 122.All of following shadows are visible on normal X-ray except: a.pancreas * b.liver c.spleen d.kidney 123.HAUSTRATION found in : a.duodenum b.ileum c.sigmoid colon * d.rectum 124.Angiodysplasia common in : a.sigmoid colon * b.transverse colon c.ascending colon d.descending colon 125.All are predisposing factors to pelvic volvulus except: a.pelvic colon overload b.pelvic colon tumor * c.narrow attachment of pelvic colon d.long pelvic colon 126.Strongest attachment of vitreous at : a.fovea b.vessels c.base of vitreous * d. 127.All are mesentric cyst except: a.dermoid cyst b.chylolymphatic cyst c.gartners* d.enterogenous cyst 128.CA-cervix a/w: a.HPV 16 18 * b. HPV 18 31 c. d.

129.Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis is a/w ehich adenocarcinoma: a.8,19,37 * b.3,4,5 c. d. 130.THROMBOCYTOPENIA is seen in a/e: a.cong. rubella syndrome b.renal vein thrombosis c. d. 131.Pressure of interstitial fluid: a.-2 to 8 mm H2O b.2 to 8 mm H2O c.>10 mm H2O d. -1 to -3 mm Hg* 132.Muscle relaxation is a/w: a.pumping back of calcium into endoplasmic reticulum b.release of calcium from troponin c. Tropomyosin back to its position d.all * 133.True about isotonic exercise : a.H.R decreases b.stroke volume increases* c. PR decreases d. DBP increases 134.Following is true for SLOW PAIN MODULATION:

a.transmitted by A gamma fibres b.burning type* c.felt in 0.1 sec d.not felt in deeper tissues
135.Alcohol withdrawl is a/w a/e: a.amnesia & seizure b.morning anxiety & tremors c.nystagmus & ataxia d. None* 136.Daily requirement of Na: gms a.7 b.15 c. 5 d. 2.5 137.In balanced diet,amt of milk required for moderate working man is : a.150 ml

b.250 ml c.350 ml d. 200ml* 138.Uvula vesicae is d/t: a.median lobe * b.lateral lobe c.anterior lobe d. 139.True about menstrual cycle a/e: ??? a.pre-ovulatory dominance by LH b.post-ovulatory dominance by LH ,FSH & Preogesteron c. d. 140.Menstrual cycle is defined as regular bleeding occuring every : a.21 to 28 days b.28 to 30 days c.20 to 35 days * d. 141.All are seen in REM sleep except: a.Bruxism b.hypertonia * c. d. 142.B-waves on ERG represent : a.bipolar cells b.rods & cones c.ganglion cells d. Muller cells* 143. BEST test for BEST disease is : a.ERG b.EOG * c. d. 144.Papilloedema is seen in a/e: a.frontal lobes b.pons tumor c.ventricular tumor d.medulla oblangata tumor 145.True about Echo modality a/e: a.2D echo is poor test for cardiac tamponade * b.2D echo is IOC for pericardial effusion c.M-mode for ventricular function d. Dobutamine for stress echo

146.If neonatal tetanus rate <1/1000, TT coverage >70% & attended deliveries >50% it comes under : a.Neonatal tetanus high risk b.neonatal tetanus control * c.neonatal tetanus elimination d. 147.In measles vaccination CATCH UP by WHO include: a.all children 9 months to 14yrs * b.all children 9 months to 5 yrs c.immunised children 9 months to 14 yrs d. 148.Rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis : a.IM 1 ml on 0,3,7 days b.IM 1 ml on 0,7,14 c.IM 0.1 ml on 0,3,7 d.IM 1ml on 0,7,28 * 149.Wernicks encephalopathy is d/t defecincy of : a.biotin b.thiamine * c.pyridoxine d. 150.Programme under MINISTRY OF HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE : a.vit A prophylaxis * b.mid-day meal programme c.special nutrition programme d. 151.All are predisposing factors for atherosclerosis except: a.increase HDL * b.increase LDL c.increase cholesterol d. 152.Histopathology of dissecting aneurysm include: a.cystic medial necrosis b.atherosclerosis c. Vasculitis d. All 153.Mech. of action of Proton pump inhibitor: a.Na-H ATPase inhibitor b.K-H ATPase inhibitor * c.Na-K ATPase inhibitor d. 154.In rickets all are seen except: a.ricket rosary

b.pigeon chest c.barrel chest * d.upward moving of lower ribs 155.True about scurvy a/e a.defective mineralisation of bones * b.defect in collagen quality c.decreased production of collagen d. Defective osteoid formation 156.MC cause of PID : a.chlamydia * b.gonorrhoea c.TB d. 157.MC site of genital TB : a.ovaries b.f.tubes * c. d. 158.Perioral rash & pigmentation of palmar area, diagnosis is: a.Zn deficinecy b.Cu def. c.Mg def. d. 159.LAD artery supply a/e: a.apex of heart b.ant. interventricular septum c.post.interventricular septum * d.SA node 160.Great cardiac vein lies in : a.ant.interventricular septum * b.ant.atrioventricular septum c. d. 161.True about first heart sound: a.d/t opening of AV valves b. Closing of AV valves* c. d. 162.True about pulmonary compliance: a.more at apex b.depend solely on elastic recoil & chest structures c. Increased in obstructive ds* d. Increased in restrictive ds.

163.True about lymph flow: a.not decreased by external compression b.increase by exercise * c. d. 164.True about neuroblastoma a/e: a.metastasis to LN,bone b.can regress spontaneously c.arises from adrenal medulla d.can arise from parasympathetic ganglia * 165.Following extracts most O2 from blood: a.brain b.heart c.kidney d.liver * 166.Fainting & syncope is caused by : a.AS * b.MS c.AR d.MR 167.A low specific gravity of urine seen in a/e: a.DM * b.DI c.polyuric phase of CRF d.psychogenic polydipsia 168.Cerebral malaria caused by: a.P.vivax b.P.falciparum * c.P.ovale d. 169.Sickle shaped RBC seen in : a.P.falci * b.P.vivax c.P.ovale d. 170.Alexia means: a.inability to read * b.inability to write c.inability to hear d.inability to smell 171.RHEOBASE is : a.magnitude of current *

b.time for achieving that current c. d. 172.True about hypertrophic pyloric stenosis a/e: a.at 4 wks b.first born male more common c.ramsteds is TOC d.visible peristalsis always seen * 173.Increased ICT is indicated by : a.tachycardia & HTN b.tachycardia & hypotension c.bradycardia & hypotension d.bradycardia & hypertension * 174.Best stimulus for intestinal secretion: a.tactile * b.gastrin c.secretion d. Vagal 175.True about starvation except: a.increase sr.GH b.increase sr.glucose * c. d. 176.True about primary effects of excessive nitrogen ingestion a/e: a.deposited in nitrogen pool * b.appearance of a.a in urine c. d. 177.In gastric analysis true is : ???? a.bile in stomach indicates gastric emptying time b. c. d. 178.Tympanic membrane has surface area of: a.70 micrometer b.80 micrometer c.90 micrometer * d. 179.Decrease vasomotor tone & increase pooling of blood seen in shock d/t: a.septicemia b.pulmonary embolism c.cardiac shock d. Neurogenic shock*

180.Hypertensive haemorrhage is most common at : a.putamen * b.hypothalamus c.thalamus d. 181.All are complication of epidural cathetor except: a.headache b.hypotension -ans c.epidural abscess d.epidural haematoma 182.Transfer of genetic information thr agency of free DNA: a.Transduction -ans b.Transformation c.lysogenic conversion d.transcription 183.Normal value of MCHC : a.34 ans b.54 c.98 d.

184.Platelet activating factor is derived from: a.neutrophil -ans b.basophil c.eosinophil d.platelet - ans 185.True about DIC a/e: a.endothelial injury b.platelet aggregation-ans c.decrease flow of blood Virchow triad :: Endothelial injury Alterations in normal blood flow Hypercoagulability 186.First LN drained by ca-maxilla: a.facial b.submandibular c.retropharyngeal d.post.cervical ?ans 187.LN draining anal canal below dentate line : a.sup.inguinal -ans b.int.iliac LN

c.deep inguinal 188.Sup. thyroid artery is ligated at : a.as close to gland as possible - ans b.away from gland 189.Tail of pancreas extends into : a.gastrosplenic ligament b.greater omentum c.lesser omentum d.lienorenal ligament The Tail ( cauda pancreatis ) is narrow; it extends to the left as far as the lower part of the gastric surface of the spleen, lying in the phrenicolienal ligament, and it is in contact with the left colic flexure(ref:: Gray's anatomy) 190.Boundaries of epiploic foramen : a.lesse omentum - ? Ans- anteriorly free margin of lesser omentum b.IVC ?ans- posterior boreder is formed by adrenal gland, IVC, T12 c.quadrate lobe d.II part of duodenum 191.Visual cortex supplied by : a.post.cerebral artery ---ans calcarian branch b.ant. cerebral artery c.middle cerebral artery d.

192.Ectopic testis found commonly at : a.below inguinal ligament at deep ring b.sup.ring ----ans c. d. 193.Lateral medullary syndrome is d/t: a.PICA b.vertebral artery -ans c.basilar artery d. 194.TOC of post.urethral injury : a.suprepubic cystostomy ?ans b.transperineal urethrostomy c.primary repair d.rail-roading 195.Drooping of shoulder is d/t: a.bells nerve b.n.to serratus ant. c.n. to lattismus dorsi

d. Droopin of shoulder:weakness of the trapezius muscle innervated by Accessory nerve:: ref: Wikipedia 196.Br. of post trunk are a/e: (Is this trunk?) a.lateral cut.n b.dorsal scapular nerve c.ulnar nerve d. Posterior cord of brachial plexus Upper subscapular nerve Thoracodorsal nerve Lower subscapular nerve Axillary nerve Radial nerve 197.CN which hook around another CN & has longest intacranial course : a.facial -ans b.trochlear c.trigeminal d.abducent 198.Pons has nucleus of all following CN nerves except: a.4 -ans b.5 c.6 d.7 199.Suprameatal triangle rest on : a.mastoid antrum ?ans b.antrum c.mastoid air cells d. 200.Bochdelecs hernia passes thr : a.central tendon b.posterolateral-- ans c. d. 201.Triple arthodesis involves: a.Talocalcaneal b.Talonavicular c.Calcaneocuboid - ans d. 202.Drugs used in parkinsonism : a.rivastigmine & donepezil -ans b.tenofovir & lamivudine c.INH & rifampicine d.

203.HERBEDONS NODES seen in : a.osteoarthritis --ans b.rh.arthritis c.# d. 204.HbF at 4 months of life is : a.20 % of total ?? Nelson says 2-6-% b.40 % of total ?? c.60 % of total ?? d.80 % of total 205.Ectopic urethra commonly opens at : a.prosthetic urethra --ans b.membranus urethra c. d. 206.Which of following accumulate in Gouchers disease : a.cerebroside -ans b.sphingomyelinase c. d. 207.True about cardiac eletrical events : a.V-waves represent ventricular contraction -- ans b. c. d. 208.Creatinine clearance represents : a.GFR - ans b.renal plasma flow c.renal glomerular flow d. 209.Screening of gestation MD is best done by : a.fasting sr.glucose b.oral glucose tolerance test c.oral glucose challenge test -ans d. 210.Insulin treatment started on fasting plasma glucose level of : a.90 mg b.109 mg c.120 d.>126 -ans 211.Glycosylated Hb represent glucose control over : a.2 days b.2 wks

c.4 wks ?ans:: 6-8 wks (as per coaching class) d.not time dependant 212.T1/2 of I 132: a.8 hrs b.8 days - I 131 c.2.3 hrs - ans d. 213.Pink secretion & pigmentation is caused by: a.clofazamine -ans b.ethambutol c. d. 214.True about amebic liver abscess a/e: a.caused by e.histolytica b.it is invasive disease caused by e.dispar c.pus is not always anchovy chocolate type 215.OCP efficacy decreased by : a.rifampicine -ans b.INH c. d. 216.HIV treatment of a pt. Who had contact with a advanced case of AIDS : a.zidovudin for 4 wks b.zidovudin & lamivudin for 4 wks c.zidovudin,lamivudin & nelfinavir for 4 wks d. 217.Following is a prodrug : a.lisinopril b. c. d. Prodrugs :: All ACE inhibitor except captopril & lisinopril 218.Following can be given in Renal failure : a.doxycycline -ans b.tetracycline c.oxytetracycline d. 219.suprasellar tumor with calcification: a.meningioma b.craniopharyngioma -ans c.medulloblastoma d.

220.Best prognosis among following is : a.astrocytoma b.oligodendroglioma c.meningioma -ans d.medulloblastoma 221.All causes urethritis except: a.chlamydia b.gonorrheoa c.acinobacter -ans d.ureoplasma ureolyticum 222.Drug eliminated after 4 half life : a.83 % b.90 % c.93 % d.98 % 223.Purine antagonist is : a.5 FU -pyrimidine analogue b. methotrexate - folic acid analogue c.allopurinol- xanthine oxidase inhibitor d. Purine analogue:: 6- mercaptourine, 6- thioguanine, cladribine, fludrabine 224.In hemiballismus, lesion is at : a.subthalamic nucleus- ans b.thalamus c.putamen d. 225.High risk of trophoblastic disease is in which one of the following : a.normal term delivery- ans b.abortion c.H.mole d.

226.Pseudorossett seen in : a.meningioma b.oligodendroglioma c.ependymoma -ans d. Flexner-Wintersteiner Rosette:: retinoblastoma Homer Wright Rosette:: medulloblastoma Ref: www.ajnr.org/content/27/3/488.long 227.Regression of a large bruice start :

a.from periphery to center b.from center to periphery c.all places at same time d.doesnt regress 228.Auto ab seen in Goodpastures is : a.antibasement memb. Ab-ans b. c. d. 229.Rhinosporodiosis : a.cutaneous infection b.subcutaneous infection c.deep infection d.superficial infection -? Ans,it is a chronic granulomatous infection of the mucous membranes 230.Dengue transmitted by : a.aedes only -ans b.aedes & culex c.culex only d.none 231.HDI includes a/e: a.infant mortality rate Ans b.per capita gdp c.life expectancy d.litracy rate 232.Recommende number of children per class : a.40 b.32 c.48 d. 233.In ESI, max. hrs of work/wk : a.48 hrs -ans b.60 hrs c. d. 234.Temp. of 27-28 degree cent. Comes under : a.comfort -ans b.comfort & cool c.pleasnat & cool d. 235.Not a method of behavoir therapy : a.operant conditioning b.flooding c.desensitisation d.

236.To maintain critical airway pressure in a child on mechanical ventilation, following is done except: a.Increase PEEP b.Increase FiO2 c. d. 237.Exudates caused by a/e: a.meiges syndrome b.portal hypertension -ans c. d. 238.Cardiac failure in pregnancy is indicated by: a.pedal edema in limbs b.arrythmia c.systolic murmur - ans d.dyspnoea 239.A preserved Bovine graft is a/k/a : a.bovigraft b.allograft c.heterograft -ans d. 240.Components of horners syndrome a/e: a.proptosis --ans b.ptosis c.anhydrosis d.miosis 241.CHLOROMA IS SEEN IN : a.ITP b.TTP c.AML --ans d. 242.Villus atrophy with antigliadin Ab,probable diagnosis is : a.celiacs disease --ans b.tropical sprue c. d. 243.Argyl robertsons pupil seen in : a.tabes dorsalis -ans b.DM c. d. 244.Duchenes muscular dystrophy is transmitted as : a.X-linked recessive-ans b.auto.dominant

c.auto.recessive d. 245.ssssA pt. With prturia,hematuria,hypertension,diagnosis is : a.acute GN -ans b.nephrotic syndrome c. d. 246.Seen in anorexia nervosa : a.amenorrhoea -ans b.normal body perception c.menoorrhagia d. 247.Most risk factors for suicide in a perviously attempted suicide pt: a.living alone or divorced ?ans b.age>45 yrs c.no suicide note d. 248.Scarring alopecia is seen in : a.alopecia aeriata b.lichen planus-ans c. d. 249.Congenital laryngeal stridor is a/k/a: a.laryngomalacia - ans b.quincy c. d. 250.A female child with vaginal discharge, MC cause is : a.F.Body b.STD c.TB d. 251.Axillary sheath is continuation of : a.clavipectoral fascia b.deep layer of cervical fascia c.prevertebral fascia- ans d) superficial fascia

252.True about intussuception is a/e : a.MC type is colocolic -ans b.MC in children <2yrs

c.occurs in transverse colon d. 253.True about # Clavicle a/e: a.MC site is junction of medial 2/3 & lateral 1/3 b.TOC is shoulder spica ?ans- Rx for undisplaced # : triangular sling c.MC complication is malunion d. 254.Most toxic intraocular FB is : a.iron -ans b.copper c.lead d.glass 255.Bilateral retinoblastoma is seen in : a.30% - ans ref:: khurana b.70% c.10% d. 256.True about LASIK is a/e: a.used for myopia b.used even when cornea is thin-ans c.used for hypermetropia d. 257.True about myopia in children : a.Shud always be undercorrected-ans b.Shud always be overcorrected c.depend on age of the pt. d. 258.Fluctuating deafness is seen in : a.otosclerosis b.Meneiers disease --ans c. d. 259.WOODRUFFS plexus situated at : a.behind the post. End of inf. Turbinate --ans b.behind the ant. End of inf.turbinate c. d. 260.CATERPILLAR CELLS seen in : a.acute rheumatic carditis ---ans b.non-rheumatic endocarditis c. d.

261.CARCINOID arises from: a.Kulchiskys cells --ans b.stem cells c.plasma cells d. 262.Source of light unit used is : a.candela b.lux c.luminous d. 263.CLASS VI LN is : a.LN along IJV ans (ant triangle node) b.supraclavicular LN c.cervical LN d. 264.Meningoencephalitis caused by : a.N.fowleri ans b.listeria c. d. 265.All are PRION diseases except: a.spongi.degeneration-ans b.gerstmann ds c.familial fatal insomnia d.C.jacobs ds 266.Presentation of brow: a.submentobregmatic b.submentovertical c.mentovertical ---ans d. 267.Diameter of bispinous diameter: a.7.5 cm b.8 cm c.8.5 cm d. Interspinous Diameter:: 10cm 268.Lynch suture is for a.PPH --ans b. c. d. 269.Max. milk output at : a.5-6 months --ans b.postpartum

c.1yr d. 270.ESSENTIAL drugs are : a.life saving drugs b.drug for all --ans c.over the counter drugs d. 271.% of undescended testis in normal newborn: a.3% ---ans b.6% c.9% d.12% 272.pH>7.25 indicates: a.normal b.acid base imbalance c.alkalosis - ans (PH >7 alkalosis) d.acidosis 273.Following is used in spleen scan : a.Tc ---ans b.labelled RBC c.gallamium d. 274.DOC for p.cairni : a.cotrimox ---ans b.amho-B c. d. 275.All are caused by HSV except: a.herpes infanticum b.herpes labialis c.ca-cervix ?ans: major cause is HPV d. 276.Amyloidosis is a/w a/e: a.multiple myeloma b.rh.arthritis c.osteomyelitis d.osteoarthritis -ans 277.Following is a premaliganant condition : a.seborrhic keratosis b.actinic keratosis-ans c. d.

278.True about standard curve except: a.area under curve is one b.mean is never zero c. d.

279.Multiple purpose worker scheme by: a.Kartar singh b.Mudliar c. Chadah committee- ans d. 280.B.cereus is transmitted thr : a.rewarmed fried rice -ans b.dairy products c. d. 281.Shortest incubation period is of : a.s.auerus ? Ans- 1-8 hr b.vibrio c.b.cereous ? Ans:: 1-8 hr d. 282.Following are indices used in malarial survey except: a.human blood index b.inoculation index c. d. 283.True about sjogren;s syndrome a/e: a.xeroderma b.xerostomia c.salivary gland swelling d.dry eyes 284.Idiosyncracy is : a.genetic susceptibility to particular drug b. c. d. Idiosyncrasy:: individualizing quality or characteristic of person or group, and is often used to express eccentricity or peculiarity idiosyncrasies.askdefine.com/ 285.Lateral cut. Nerve is a br. Of : a.lumbar plxus -ans b.femoral nerve

c.obturator nerve d. 286.Ulnar nerve supplies a/e: a.oppenen pollicis -ans. Its supplied by median nerve b.add.pollicis c.palmar interrossi d.dorsal interrossi

287.All are supplied by mandibular nerve except: a.post. belly of diagnostic -ans b.omohyoid c.tensor tympani d.tensor palati 288.DAG acts by : a.prt.kinase C b.prt. kinase A c. d. 289.Which of following activate tyrosine kinase : a.platelet derived growth factor b. c. d. 290.Figure of 8 is seen in : a.obstructed TAPVC --Ans b.non-obstructed TAPVC c. d. 291.MC ca-ovary in young : a.dysgerminoma -ans b.dermoid c. d. 292.Non-selective proturia occurs in : a.minimal change ds -selective proteinuria b.membranous ds-ans c. d. 293.K.F.ring seen at : a.descment membrane --ans b.endothelium c.

d. 294.Type I hypersensitive reaction is mediated by : a.IgA b.IgE -ans c. d. 295.PRION transmitted by : a.DNA b.RNA c.Proteinous material -ans d. 296.Toxic shock syndrome is caused by: a.enterotoxin F -ans b. c. d. 297.Graft versus host disease is MC in : a.kidney b.liver -ans c.Bone marrow transplant d. 298.Following are in jugular fossa except: a.Inf.petrosal sinus b. tenth nerve c.simoid sinus d.transverse sinus 299.Ranula is a tumor of : a.minor salivary gland b.major salivary gland c. d. ans::extravasation cyst of sublingual gland 300.Kidney function imaging by : a.DTPA -ans b.DMSA c. d. 301.All are UTI pathogen except: a.E.coli b.stre.viridans c. d.

302.ECG in petit mal: a.spike & dome pattern b.spike & wave(3 hz) -ans c. d. 303.Glycosamino glycans consists of : a.uronic acid & hexaamine-ans b. c. d. 304.All are dimorphic fungi except: a.cryptococci ans
Candida albicans Sporothrix schenkii Blastomyces dermatitides Histoplasma capsulatum Coccidioides immitis Paracoccidioides immits Mnemonic P H C B S C

305.GH secretion is inhibited by : a.exercise -ans b.raised free fatty acid c. d. 306.ERYTHRASMA seen in : a.cornybacterium minutissimum -ans b. c. d. 307.Supporting reflex integrated at : a.pons b.midbrain c.medulla d.sp.cord 308.Labyrinthine pacing reflex is integrated at : a.midbrain b.medulla c.sp.cord d. 309.Gaisbock syndrome is : Polycythemia associated with hypertension, but without splenomegaly. a.spurious palycythemia with reduced plasma volume b. c. d. 310.True about Schatzkis ring : 2cm abv GE Junction

a.Type A ring B.Type B ring c.occurs at G-E junction d. 311.Bile pigment constitutes what % of total bile : a.<1% b.50% c. d.

312.True about pineal gland : a.remains throut life b.calcification on X-ray c.calcification on CT scan d. 313.PROTO-ONCOGENS true is : a.promotes cell growth -ans b.protective to human life c. d. 314.True about tortion-testis a/e: a.immediate exploration needed b.tumor is MC cause in elderly c. d. 315.The golden time to save testis in tortion: a.3 hrs b.6 hrs ---ans? c.12 hrs d.none 316.Small penile carcinoma,treatment is : (here in q. size was not mentioned) a.partial ecision b.complete excision c. d. 317.Mucosal involvement is seen in : a.pemphigus b.pemphigoid --ans c. d. 318.Terminal portion of chromosome is known as : a.acrosome

b.telomere ----ans c.proband d. 319.Dose of HEP-B is changed to 1 ml at what age : a.9 months b.2 yrs c. d. 320.All the following done in corneal transplant except: a.HLA typing b. c. d. 321.Dealayed dentition is seen in : a.hyperthyroidism b.hypothroidism------ans c. d. 322.Recurrent periareolar abscess,cause is : a.carcinoma b.pagets disaese -ans c.TB d. 323.Penile urethra forms under influence of : a.estrogen b.testerone ---ans (dihydrotestosterone) after 7th week c.Insulin like growth factor-3 d. 324.Biological membrane is passed by : a.completely unionised molecules --ans b.partially unionised molecules c.completely ionised molecules d.partially ionised molacules 325.Following is used by tanners for removing hair from hides & decolorising them : a.calotropis ---ans b.mushroom c. d. 326.Diarrhoea with abdominal cramps is seen in : a.v.cholera ----ans b.salmonella c.s.aureus d.

327.All are true about supercarrier of hepatitis except : (sorry friends,cant remember the optionsbut prepare this hot topic!)