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Project Definition, FEL1

100A Request for Proposal Lessons Learned

Conceptual Design, Schematic Design and FEL2

200-A Client to Identify Insurance Underwriter Client's Design Criteria, Standards and Preferences Client's Process Concepts/ Description/ Technology Client's existing system capacities and documentation Client's Record documentation (facilities, existing condition) Identify Applicable Codes Determine Seismic Design Criteria Room Descriptions and Requirements 200-B Site Plan Architectural Floor Plans Code Analysis 200-C Develop 20% PIDs and/or UFDs Equipment List Building and Process Control Requirements/Concepts 200-D Fire Alarm Concepts

Preliminary Design, Design Development, FEL3

300-A Code Analysis 300-B Develop Architectural Floor Plans Electrical Classification Drawing Identify Fluid Service Code Pipe/Valve Spec Index Update Site Plan Develop PIDs Update Equipment List Update Building and Process Control Requirements/Concepts Vendor Package Definition Develop Sequence of Operations Update Pipe Line List Develop Instrument List Data for Long Lead Instruments 300-C Update Fire Alarm Concepts 400-A

Final Design, Construction Documents, Detailed Design FEL4

400-A Final Code Analysis Finalize Instrument Data 400-B Finalize Site Plan Finalize Architectural Floor Plans Update PIDs

Construction, Start-Up, Post Pre-Turnaround, Turnaround Turnaround

600-A Receive Contractor/Field Markups


100-A Confirm Scope/ Schedule/Budget Prepare Scope of Work and Estimate 200-A Basis of Design Finalize Electrical load data

RFIs and Design Revisions

Review Submittals


Finalize Inputs/ Outputs List

Develop remaining Equipment, Data Sheets, Instrument Specifications Develop Long Lead Equipment, Data Sheets, Instrument and Materials

Construction Documents

Site Observations

Project Planning

Site Visits


200-B Preliminary Project Schedule Conceptual Studies/ Options

Basis of Design

Finalize Instrument Data

Equipment/Material Inspection at Vendor Shops

Bid Long Lead Equipment, Instruments and Materials

O&M Manuals

Pipe/Valve Specifications 400-B Software Test Plan and Procedures Develop Construction Cost Estimate
Develop Control System Architecture

Interdiscipline Coordination Check

Punch List

Instrument Cut Sheets

Pre-start-up Inspection

Constructability Review

Hardware Specification

Start-up and Commission Systems

Outline Long Lead Materials/Equipment/ Instrument Specifications

Configuration and Programming

Provide Training

Identify Materials of Construction 200-D

Initial Inputs/Outputs List Develop Construction Cost Estimate Constructability Review 300-B Design Studies Design Calculations Update Electrical Load Data

Software Implementation

Punch List

Approve Shop Drawings for Long Lead Equipment, Instruments and Materials

Record Drawings Instrument Wiring Diagrams and Loop Sheets Pneumatic Connection Diagrams Instrument Installation Details


Project Close-out


Identify Long Lead Materials/Equipment/ Instrument

Control System Hardware Selection Develop Control System Functional Spec Cable Schedule and Conduit Routing

Key Process Step External Input Review/Approval Cost Estimate Check Constructability Review

Control Panel Layouts Update Inputs/ Outputs List Panel Specifications

Instrument Location Drawings

Construction Specifications

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