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Ingles II

Actividad 2 reconocimiento general y de actores

Por: Juan Alberto pinzn Prez Cdigo: 1.057.590.061

Cdigo del curso : 90021_440

Tutor: Vladimir Ahumada Blanco

Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia UNAD CEAD Sogamoso Ingeniera industrial Sogamoso Febrero 24 de 2014


Mediante el desarrollo de la actividad se da a conocer el curso de medicin del trabajo con desarrollar cuadro de actividades y de cierre de estas y conocer el curso en general y conocer toda la temtica general que se va a estudiar en el semestre.


Fomentar en el estudiante la contextualizacin del curso de ingls II Con el desarrollo de las siguientes actividades. Reconocer el curso de ingls II y trabajar en sus actividades Desarrollar tablas para que interacte y dar repuestas a la pregunta dada.

First part Answer the questions below : a. How many activities do you have to do in this course? Complete the chart tube

activity Act. 1 Foro de reconocimiento Act.2 Vocabulary assignment Act.3 Speaking assignment Act.4 Listening comprehesion Act.5 Gramar assignment Act.6 Reading comprehesion Act.7 Writing assignment Act.8 Content quiz # 1 vocabulary Act.9 Content quiz # 2 reading Act.10 Content quiz # 3 listening Act.11 Content quiz # 4 grammar Act.12 Content quiz # 5 writing Act.13 Content quiz # 6 grammar and vocabulary Act.14 Mid-term exam Act.15 Final exam

grade 25 20 60 20 20 20 60 25 25 25 25 25

Open on 11/feb/14 04/mar/14 04/mar/14 04/mar/14 15/mar/14 15/mar/14 29/mar/14 12/abr/14 12/abr/14 26/abr/14 26/abr/14 12/may/14 12/may/14

25 50 75 18/may/14 18/may/14

b. There is an activity where you have to meet with your tutor by Skype or another media, which one is it? Correo Interno

c. Your tutors name is Vladimir Ahumada Blanco your course director is still not you had assigned and your group is 90021_440

d. Complete the chart What can you find in . News forum General forunm will find news related with the classroom space you can be contacted with their activities, the dates particular professor and to participate in the fellow he/she will find instructions of different it debates it is to give him/her the advice types so you can discharge them in and the orientation (to you) on the their computers course content and the e. How many exams does the final evaluation have? has two final exams f. In this course do you have to present collaborative activities? it is not necessary to present works of collaboration

g. Take a screen shot of your profile in this course, with all the information actualized.

2nd Part Now, lets talk about you - h. Whats your name? Mi name is juan Alberto pinzon - i. How old are you? I am 22 years old - j. Where do you live? (city and neighborhood) I live in the city of sogamoso boyaca - k. What are you studying? I am studying eighth semester of industrial engineering. - l. What do you do in your free time? in my time free work to a company

m. Who do you live with?

I live with my parents

3rd Part Answer the following questions completing the chart:

Is English important in your life? Why?

Is English important in your career? Why?

English is important in my life because it English is important in my career for is an universal language that in my life that you/they show up many English daily interactuo in many ways. contexts in the study method in the area of the engineering.

Conclusiones: Con el desarrollo de este trabajo el estudiante aprender a iniciarse al curso de ingles II y desarrollara las actividades correspondientes a desarrollar.