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The 7th house is much related to happiness, joy and otherwise impact on husband, in female horoscope, this house and Navamsha contributes a lot while deciding the general harmony in married life. We wish to give certain conditions related to 7th house and Navamsha, which can make you understand or know about the impact of it. Of course under a proper guidance of a teacher one can really understand the impact in total, but we are trying our best to provide you all this knowledge and the yoga which are found generally much near to accurate. Of course the partial aspect of good planet reduces the malefic impact and sleeping planet or owner of house gives less negative or positive result. In female horoscope if the 7th house be vacant or no planet is there, such situation known as strength less position and if it is without benefic aspect then it makes the female herself a coward and proves a disregard hooligan for her husband. When the 7th house is a moveable sign, then it indicates that either her husband will remain always be on move or in journey or will live away from home. If Mercury and Saturn are placed in the 7th house, then it gives her a great shock as her husband may have some deficiency in making relations. If the Sun (alone) occupies the 7th house, then it gives health trouble to husband or separation or she use to abandon her husband or by her husband. If Mars is in the 7th house then it is always better for the female to take special care of matching horoscope before marriage as it can give her widowhood. But if husband also have such placement then they use to have tense relation but blessing of marriage always remains with her. If Saturn is in the 7th house, she lives to an old age either remaining unmarried or gets much late marriage. In such cases out of cast early marriage are much seen and such marriages always ends in separation. If a benefic planet is occupying the 7th house then the female will enjoy marital happiness and will be chaste. If the Mars is placed in the Navamsha

of Venus and Venus is in the Navamsha of Mars and both are together in Main Horoscope, then such female use to remain uncontrolled and bring much shock to whole family (due to her involvement with others). If in this yoga the Moon in the 7th the female concerned enters into wrong connections due to her husband. If the 7th house or the Navamsha both are having Aries or Scorpio sign, then the husband use to have other women in his life and also use to have ill-tempered nature. If she is born in Virgo or Gemini Navamsha of Mercury, her husband will be very learned and clever. If she is born in Navamsha of Sagittarius or Pisces, her husband will be of great merit and will have all possessions under his control. If she is born in Navamsha of Taurus or Libra, her husband will be fortunate, very good looking and will be liked by women. If she is born in Navamsha of Capricorn or Aquarius, her husband will be like old man. If she is born in Navamsha of Leo, her husband will be exceedingly soft in his disposition and will be very hard working.