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Cold Storages are essential for extending the shelf life, period of marketing, avoiding glut, post harvest losses reducing transport bottlenecks during peak period of production and maintenance of quality of produce. It is, therefore, necessary that cold storages are to be he constructed in major producing as well as consuming centres.

development of cold storages in the country has an important role in reducing the wastages of the perishable commodities and providing remunerative prices to the growers and to make available farm products to the consumers at competitive and affordable prices. Location he project may be located anywhere in the country suitably either near the producing farms or consumer centres. Project cost he project cost for setting up of !""" # Cold Storage may be in the

range of $s.%!" & '"" lakh, including cost of the land. Quantum of subsid (ack& ended subsidy ) '"* of the project cost for general and !!* in case of hilly and scheduled areas for maximum storage capacity up to !,""" per ton under the Go!t" of India # $%& Ca'ita( In!estment Subsid Sc)eme"


Fundin, 'attern under Ca'ita( In!estment Subsid Sc)eme

T)rou,) State Go!ernment $CDC to State State Go!t" to Go!t" Societ Genera( %S Genera( %S Areas States Areas States !"* %!* '" * ,!* '"* Tota( ... -./ !!* '" * !!* /"* -./ ... /" * -./ -. / 10 % by Society Direct


+oan (-S.
Share Capital

Genera( States %!* '"*

%S Areas ,"* !!*

... ... 01/ 01/ 25% by Society

* subject to availability from Government of India /NH ot!er"ise loan from N#$# for a cold stora%e /#& store u' to 5(000 ton ca'acity) HS *Hilly and Sc!eduled &reas)

Indicati!e Project Out(a



/. ,. %. %. ' !. 5. 6. 0.

+and and land development (uilding and civil works 1lant 2 machinery 3tilities echnical 4now how #isc. fixed assets 1re&operative expenses Contingencies #argin money

& & & & & & & & & &

!"."" 0!."" /'0."" ,%."" ,."" ,"."" /6."" /%."" /,."" 56."..

Tota( 7nit si8e

he storage capacity envisaged for a multi purpose 7 multi commodity cold storage plant is !""" # . 1lant operation will be on an average of /" hours 7 day. 8pproximately / acre of land of land is required for setting up of a multi purpose 7 multi commodity cold storage plant. Protoco( for Im'(ementation of Tec)nica( Standards he 9ovt. of India vide letter :.;o.'!&5'7,"/"&<ort. dated ,!.,.,"/" has informed that all the project proposals received under various schemes of =epartment of 8griculture 2 Cooperation for setting up of Cold Chain 1rojects should invariably comply to the prescribed technical standards. he details of these standards are available on >ebsite ? http@77nhb.gov.in *5*

Procedure for a!ai(in, assistance Societies willing to set up new cold storage # moderniAation 7 expansion of their existing cold storage are required to apply to ;ational <orticulture (oard B;<(C for issue of D+EIF and send copy of =1$ and data&sheet duly filled in by consulting engineer to ;<(. financial assistance. Loan a''(ication forms are a!ai(ab(e 9it) t)e office of Re,istrars of Coo'erati!e Societies#Re,iona( Directorates#%EAD OFFICE of t)e $CDC at $e9 De()i" A''(ication forms can a(so be do9n(oaded from $CDC 9ebsite 2)tt':##ncdc"in4" he =1$ and data&sheet shall also be enclosed with the application by the society to ;C=C, seeking


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