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Legend: (!) = Importants; (+) = News; (*) = Interesting; (-) = Others.

(Beta5) ChangeLog: (!)Improved overall drum sound quality. (+)Added slots for custom drum sounds. (+)Added a hotkey to download drumless musical tracks. (*)Added components name when touched with mouse. (*)Added components tracking when touched with mouse in sound sets. (*)Added some drumless songs in musical tracks folder. (*)Improved carpets visualization. (*)Improved some drum set components height. (*)Improved logo graphic. (-)Improved overall software graphic. (*)Recording softwares update. (!)Added the new FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DvDrum/3235182276 83419

(Beta4) ChangeLog: (!)New sounds equalization (better realism). (+)Improved tools interface graphic. (+)Deleted keyboard interface. (+)Added tutorial list interface. (*)Added new hits graphic effect. (*)Added "A" key for Ride and moved Cowbell in "B" key. (*)Changed font for a better legibility. (+)New floors. (!)Optimized software performance. (!)New logo and name (DvDrum)! (-)Various improvements.

(Beta 3 Patch) ChangeLog: (!)Fixed a bug with Kicks moving. (-)Reduced Cowbell volume. (-)Fixed other small bugs.

(Beta3) ChangeLog: (+)New interface: keyboard. (!)Performance improved (memory usage -15%). (*)Added numeric indicator for sounds sets.

(+)Added sounds sets for spacebar. (*)Added switch for red or black hit drum graphic effect. (*)Added some new sounds in sounds sets. (*)Default drum kit updated. (*)Added link to joystick support guide. (*)Fixed some sounds volume. (-)Improved menu. (-)Fixed some bugs.

(Beta2) ChangeLog: (*)Sound quality improved. (*)Some keys position improved. (+)You can write a text on your drum image. (+)Added the ability to add new objects. (*)Added the ability to show keys on drum components. (*)Drum graphic improved. (!)Crash shading sound improved. (+)Added ability to change crash shading sound. (*)Tracks divided by difficulty. (+)New musical tracks (100 total). (+)New sounds. (+)New floors. (*)You can move component with precision now. (*)You can rotate component now. (*)Fixed sounds volumes. (+)Added new video recorders software. (!)Fixed a metronome error. (-)Recorder improved. (*)Menu improved. (!)Resolved various important bugs. (!)Added the link of new facebook page. (-)Logo improvement. (-)Icon improvement. (*)Updated readme. (-)Others improvements.

(Beta) ChangeLog: (!)Software performace increased (+400%). (*)Added installer. (+)New drum graphic. (+)New tools interface. (*)Added the ability to move and change the component image. (*)Added the ability to choose components sounds. (+)Added components sounds. (*)Added the ability of choose the floor. (+)Added floors. (*)Added the ability of add carpets. (+)Added carpets. (*)Adjust all components sound volumes. (+)New recorder system. (+)Added others timing to metronome. (*)Added the possibility of choose metronome sounds.

(+)Delete the *easy* interface of drum. (+)Music changed. (+)Logo changed. (+)New icon. (+)Added tips. (+)Added components graphics folders. (+)Added more musicals tracks. (!)Fixed xylophone notes. (-)Updated readme. (-)Others improvements.

(Alpha13) ChangeLog: (!)New drum sounds effects (excellent quality!). (+)Added a folder with 10 musical tracks. (*)Fixed some sound volume and change in stereo output. (-)Others minor fixes.

(Alpha12) ChangeLog: (!)Windows 7 compatibility improved. (*)Performance increased. (!)Added a fast system for record videos. (*)Graphic menu improved. (-)Others improvements.

(Alpha11) ChangeLog: (*)Added new keys of ride in blue keys set (much comfortable now). (*)Replaced tom 4 with a china cymbal. (*)Updated programm info. (-)Fixed some sounds volume. (-)Changed crash shading sound. (-)Various menu changes. (-)Fixed some graphics imperfections.

(Alpha10) ChangeLog: (+)Reduced crash shading and add snare shading effect. (+)Added 4tn & 5tn keys in blue keys set. (+)Added an "utilities helper". (*)Converted all sounds to 48000hz (better quality). (*)Menu graphic improvement. (-)Various sounds fixed.


ChangeLog: (!)Musical tracks manager improved. (*)Now the loaded support 29 type of sounds! (*.aif;*.aifc;*.aiff;*.asf;*.asx;*. au;*.avi;*.mpe; *.cda;*.m1v;*.m3u;*.mid;*.mp2;*.mp2v;*.mp3;*. mpa; *.mpeg;*.mpg;*.mpv2;*.rmi;*.snd;*.wav;*.wax;* .wm; *.wma;*.wmv;*.wmx;*.wpl;*.wvx). (+)Added metronome option. (*)Added new supports for future features. (!)Crash volume fixed. (!)Fixed some errors of Alpha8. (!)Performance increased. (-)Others graphics improvements.

(Alpha8) ChangeLog: (!)Added musical tracks loader! (+)New musical tracks system. (+)Added the new keys set. (*)Changed the first crash sound. (-)Fixed the crash shanding volume. (-)Added version information. (-)Others graphics improvements.

(Alpha7) Changelog: (!)NEW SOUND ENGINE: *Sound quality + 100%. *Performance + 50%. (+)Added xylophone. (*)Fixed cymbal sound; (-)Others improvements.

(Alpha6) Changelog: (+)New drum interface. (+)New menus. (*)Changed ride sound. (+)Added graphic effects. (-)Others fixes.

(Alpha5) Changelog: (+)Added a new windows for records. (*)Changed cymbal sounds.

(-)Removed all musicals tracks loop. (-)General sounds/tracks volume fixed. (-)Added swith screen command in main menu. (-)Others graphics improvements.

(Alpha4) Changelog: (!)NOW COMPATIBLE WITH VISTA. (+)New crash shading window. (+)New colours effects. (*)Fixed the keys set 2. (*)Replaced child in time with highway star. (!)Performance increased. (-)Others little improvements.

(Alpha3) Changelog: (+)New windows for choose your musical tracks. (*)Added a lot of musical tracks. (-)Fixed the sounds volume. (-)Added new improvements.

(Alpha2) Changelog: (+)Added a windows for musical base control. (-)Fixed the windows components. (-)Changed sounds and adjust volume. (+)Added new famous bases.

(Alpha1) Changelog: (+)FIRST RELEASE. By Danie le Franceschini