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After his horrifying encounter with Milady, d'Artagnan flees to Athos's home, and tells him everything. With the evidence of the Fleur-de-Lis, both men think it likely that Milady is Athos's branded wife.

'Artagnan gathers his three friends together, and returns home to find !itty waiting for him. "he is now horrified of Milady, and reminds d'Artagnan that he #romised to #rotect her. Aramis agrees to see if his mysterious mistress can find a #lace for her. $efore she leaves, !itty tells d'Artagnan that she recogni%es Monsieur $onacieu& as a fre'uent visitor to Milady's house, confirming Milady's involvement in Madame $onacieu&'s kidna##ing. 'Artagnan and Athos #awn Milady's ring, buying e'ui#ment with the money. When d'Artagnan returns home, he finds two letters waiting for him. (ne is from Madame $onacieu&, asking him to meet her at a deserted bridge in )aris that evening. *he other is from the +ardinal's staff, demanding d'Artagnan's #resence before the +ardinal that night. 'Artagnan is determined to make both meetings, and the Musketeers insist on coming along to #rotect him. 'Artagnan waits at the a##ointed s#ot on the bridge to meet Madame $onacieu&, who suddenly races by in a carriage, blowing him a kiss as she #asses. 'Artagnan can't figure out whether this means she is safe or still the +ardinal's #risoner. )er#le&ed by the mystery, he and his friends move on to meet the +ardinal. 'Artagnan's audience with the +ardinal is similarly baffling. *he +ardinal indicates that he is aware of d'Artagnan's intrigues, but seems to be favorably inclined toward d'Artagnan nonetheless. ,e offers d'Artagnan an (fficer's #ost in his guards. "hocked, d'Artagnan courteously declines the offer. *he +ardinal warns d'Artagnan that by refusing his offer, he leaves himself vulnerable to attacks from which only the +ardinal can #rotect him. on tense but res#ectful terms. *he ne&t day, d'Artagnan's com#any of guards leaves )aris for battle. *he musketeers are not set to leave for a few days, so d'Artagnan is forced to be se#arate from his friends. 'Artagnan arrives at La -ochelle, a town taken by the $ritish and now besieged by the French. (ne night, as d'Artagnan wanders about alone, two men shoot at him. $adly shaken, he esca#es, and reasons that Milady must have organi%ed the attack as revenge. 'Artagnan insists on his decision, and the men #art

*he ne&t day, d'Artagnan volunteers to lead a dangerous reconnaissance mission. *he two men who attacked him volunteer for the mission as well, and attem#t to kill him outside the walls of the city. 'Artagnan kills one and ca#tures the other, obtaining a letter from Milady that confirms his sus#icions. she sent the assassins, and Madame $onacieu& is safe somewhere in France. Milady then sends d'Artagnan #oisoned wine disguised as a gift from his friends. *he Musketeers arrive /ust in time to #revent d'Artagnan from drinking it. *hey now reali%e the gravity of the situation--Milady will not rest until she has her revenge. *he Musketeers decide that they must rescue Madame $onacieu& after the siege. "hortly thereafter, the musketeers--without d'Artagnan who, as a guard, has less freedom while on duty--run into the +ardinal himself while dining at an inn. ,e enlists them as his #ersonal bodyguards, and they follow him to a secret meeting. While they are waiting downstairs, Athos reali%es he can hear the +ardinal s#eaking through the #i#es of the stove. ,e hears Milady's voice as well. *he +ardinal instructs Milady to go to $ritain with a message for $uckingham--he must either desist in his war against France, or the +ardinal will e&#ose his affairs with the 0ueen. 1f the uke does not com#ly, the +ardinal outlines how Milady should arrange his assassination. Milady entreats the +ardinal to avenge her on d'Artagnan by throwing him in the $astille, and finding out where Madame $onacieu& is. *he +ardinal reluctantly agrees, and leaves Milady to #erform his orders. +A) 2-34 $efore the +ardinal returns from his meeting with Milady, Athos goes on ahead, ostensibly to scout the way back. *he +ardinal returns, and he and the other two Musketeers ride off toward the army cam#.

Athos, meanwhile, has been hiding in the woods. ,e returns to the 1nn where Milady is staying, and confronts her. "he is shocked to see him, believing him to be dead. Athos declares his murderous hate for her, and warns her that, although he does not care about $uckingham, if anything ha##ens to d'Artagnan he will kill her. *o assure d'Artagnan's safety, Athos steals the written order of absolution that Milady got the +ardinal to give her--a message declaring that whatever the bearer of it has done has been done in the +ardinal's name. Athos leaves. Athos returns to the cam# with Aramis and )orthos. *hey immediately call d'Artagnan to see them, and go to eat breakfast at an 1nn where they can talk 'uietly. *he inn, however, is im#ossibly noisy,

filled with soldiers. Athos makes a bet with a number of them that if he and his three friends can hold the "aint 5ervais Fort by themselves for a full hour, the other soldiers must buy them a lavish dinner. 6veryone agree to such a gutsy bet with great interest. *he friends have their breakfast #acked u#, and head out to the Fort. Athos e&#lains that this deed will both bring them glory and #rovide them with a #rivate #lace to #lan what they must do, for anywhere else the +ardinal's agents would hear them. At the Fort, the men set u# their breakfast, and raise a na#kin to indicate that ,is Ma/esty's troo#s have occu#ied the fort. Athos then tells d'Artagnan and the others of his #rivate meeting with Milady. *hey brainstorm on how best to kee# themselves and $uckingham safe from Milady and the +ardinal. *hey decide to send two letters, both com#osed by Aramis. (ne will be addressed to Lord de Winter, warning him of Milady's #lans on his life and criminal history, and urging him to im#rison her when she gets to $ritain. *he other letter will be sent to Aramis's mysterious mistress 7Madame de +hevreuse, the 0ueen's close friend8 to warn the 0ueen of the #lot against $uckingham. *o get the money for these e&#editions, the men decide to sell d'Artagnan's ring from the 0ueen. uring all of this deliberation, the four friends manage to fend off two attacking #arties of -ochellese rebels, and stay in the fort a full hour-and-a-half. *hey return to great cheers, and are the celebrated heroes of the cam#, so much so that news of their achievements comes to the +ardinal's ears. +onvinced once again that he must have them on his side, the +ardinal congratulates Monsieur de *reville on his soldiers' bravery, and authori%es him to make d'Artagnan a Musketeer. *reville does so, and d'Artagnan finally /oins their ranks. *he friends send the letter to Aramis's mistress with $a%in, and the letter to Lord de Winter with )lanchet. 'Artagnan, who has a soft s#ot for $uckingham, also asks )lanchet to give de Winter a verbal warning about $uckingham's assassination. Within a fortnight, both servants return with grateful re#lies, confirming the success of their missions. 1n 6ngland, Milady arrives and is #rom#tly taken into custody. "he is taken to a country mansion, where Lord de Winter reveals that he is behind this9 he is following the musketeers' advice. ,e introduces her to :ohn Felton, the soldier who is to be her /ailer, a seemingly im#enetrably cold man. Milady has two weeks to esca#e, before Lord de Winter banishes her to an island far away. "he starts to #lan. +A) 3;-<=

*he +ardinal waits im#atiently for news from Milady, while the siege continues. 1t seems certain that the -ochellese will eventually give in9 their only ho#e is the caught in limbo, waiting for some develo#ment. uke of $uckingham. 6veryone is

*he +ardinal, to s#eed u# La -ochelle's submission, orders fliers to be thrown over the walls of the town, designed to incite the #o#ulation into revolt against a leadershi# that is making them starve. A rebellion against the city's leaders starts brewing, but at that #oint word comes from $uckingham that he will be there with a full fleet of shi#s in a week, along with forces from "#ain and Austria. *his news gives the #eo#le of La -ochelle the strength to go on, and defeats the +ardinal's efforts. *he waiting continues, and the +ardinal takes to riding along the beach to be alone with his thoughts. (ne day, he comes across the musketeers in the dunes, reading a letter. ,e tries to sneak u# on them, but 5rimaud s#ots him and calls the Musketeers to attention. *he +ardinal and Athos then have a conversation about the letter, which starts out courteously enough but ends with Athos having the nerve to insult the +ardinal with a reminder of his #ast affairs with women, and all but refusing to show him the letter. Angry, yet all the more convinced that he must have the musketeers working for him, the +ardinal stalks off. *he musketeers then return to the letter, which is from Madame de +hevreuse to Aramis. Madame de +hevreuse has found out, through the 0ueen, where Madame $onacieu& is being ke#t--she is safe in a +armelite +onvent in $ethune, a small town. 'Artagnan is over/oyed at this news, and the Musketeers decide that, after the siege, they will go the +onvent to retrieve her. 1n 6ngland, Milady frantically #lots her esca#e. All seems lost for her, es#ecially after Lord de Winter shows her the order for her banishment, to be enacted in three days. Milady finds the weakness she needs to esca#e9 however, :ohn Felton, Lord de Winter's right hand man, is a )rotestant. Milady #oses as a )rotestant herself, and slowly wears down the ine&#erienced young man's defenses with her beauty and mock religious fervor. "he feigns illness to gain his sym#athy, then begs him to allow her to commit suicide, #laying the role of a martyr. ,er cou# comes on her fifth night of ca#tivity. Felton has become 'uite sym#athetic to her, and she tells him the >true> story of de Winter's hate for her. "he says that she was ca#tured and ra#ed, re#eatedly, by the uke of $uckingham himself in an attem#t to make her his mistress. When, on the grounds of her religious convictions, she still refused to /oin him, $uckingham had her branded with the Fleur-de-Lis to assure that no one would ever believe her story. "he then married Lord de

Winter's brother, and told him of $uckingham's crimes. ,owever, $uckingham killed her husband before he could avenge her, and no one else knew the story. "o she fled to France, but she was forced to return to 6ngland, at which #oint Lord de Winter, having been influenced by $uckingham, ca#tured her. Felton is now totally in Milady's control. *he crowning touch occurs when Lord de Winter bursts in sus#iciously on their emotional scene. *o #rove herself to Felton, Milady grabs a knife, and stabs herself 7being careful not to do too much damage8, securing Felton's belief in her loyalty to )rotestantism and conviction to #reserve her honor. ,e has now fallen com#letely in love with her. +A) <3-<? Lord de Winter sends Felton away, sus#ecting that Milady has won him over. ,owever, the day before Milady is to be banished, Felton returns to rescue her. ,e breaks her out of her #rison, and they esca#e. Felton e&#lains that his #lan is to kill $uckingham, and then go to France with Milady. Milady is delighted at the success of her mani#ulation.

Felton and Milady land their shi# at )ortsmouth, where $uckingham is #re#aring the $ritish navy to set out for La -ochelle. Felton goes to the uke's head'uarters, and gains admittance by claiming to have an urgent message from Lord de Winter. Felton first tries to convince $uckingham to sign Milady's release9 when $uckingham refuses, Felton stabs him, fatally. $efore $uckingham dies, a messenger arrives with a letter from the 0ueen, begging $uckingham to call off his war against France, which the 0ueen knows he is waging out of love for her. *he messenger also has a verbal message from the 0ueen for $uckingham. she still loves him. *he uke dies a ha##y man.

At La -ochelle, the Musketeers are e&tremely an&ious to go and get Madame $onacieu&, as they now know that she is being ke#t at the same convent that Milady is su##osed to go to if she returns from 6ngland. "ensing their distress, Monsieur de *reville gives them five days of leave to do what they need. 1mmediately, the four friends set off to get Madame $onacieu&. Along the way, they have another chance encounter with the Man from Meung, who again esca#es from d'Artagnan. ,e dro#s a note, however, on which is scrawled the name of a town. Armentieres. Meanwhile, Milady has beaten the musketeers to the convent. "he befriends Madame $onacieu&, under the guise of being a good friend of d'Artagnan's who is also being #ersecuted by the +ardinal.

*he innocent Madame $onacieu& trusts Milady wholly, and goes so far as to show Milady a letter from Madame de +hevreuse notifying her that d'Artagnan is coming to get her. Milady considers all of this terrific luck, for now she can use $onacieu& to get to d'Artagnan. *he Man from Meung then comes to visit Milady. ,e is the +omte de -ochefort, the +ardinal's #ersonal s#y. Milady arranges with him to have a carriage come for her and Madame $onacieu& as soon as #ossible, to take them to Armentieres, which she writes on a note for him. Milady then tells $onacieu& that Cardinalistagents are coming to get her, and the only way she can esca#e them is to come with her when she esca#es the convent shortly. $onacieu&, trusting as ever, #re#ares to leave with Milady. -ochefort's carriage arrives, and the two women #re#are to leave. :ust then, d'Artagnan and the Musketeers come riding u#, but Milady tells $onacieu& that the +ardinalist agents have come to get her. $onacieu& trusts Milady enough not to look out the window for herself. Milady tries to hurry Madame $onacieu& into her carriage, but the young woman is too frightened to move. alone. 'Artagnan bursts in /ust as Milady's #oison is starting to take effect. $onacieu& e&#lains that her >good friend> Lady de Winter has /ust left. *he men reali%e what has ha##ened, and are horrified as Madame $onacieu& dies in d'Artagnan's arms. :ust then, Lord de Winter himself arrives from 6ngland, in #ursuit of Milady. Athos reveals his identity as Milady's first husband to de Winter, and his friends, and the men agree to rest briefly, then head out after the murderess. +A) <@-6)1L(5 Athos sends the four servants out to Armentieres to scout Milady's e&act location, while he and the rest of their #arty, now including Lord de Winter, attend Madame $onacieu&'s funeral. Athos then embarks on a brief /ourney of his own--he seeks out a mysterious stranger who lives by himself, and convinces him to /oin their #arty, although the narrative does not tell us why, or what Athos says to the man. isgusted, Milady #oisons a glass of wine, gives it to Madame $onacieu& to >give her strength,> and esca#es

)lanchet then returns--the servants have found Milady, and the others are kee#ing an eye on her at the inn in Armentieres. With this news, Athos instructs everyone to get ready to ride, and goes to get the final member of their #arty. ,e returns with the mysterious stranger, a man in a red cloak, whom no one recogni%es. *he men set off after Milady.

*he Musketeers, Lord de Winter, and the mysterious stranger find Milady as she is /ust about to cross over a river out of France. "he is alone, and they ca#ture her. *hey then try her. 'Artagnan brings his charges against Milady. the murder of Madame $onacieu&, attem#ting to murder him with the assassins and the #oisoned wine, and inciting him to murder the +omte de la Fere. Lord de Winter brings his charges. the murder of his brother, and the murder of the this the musketeers are shocked, for they had not heard of the that branded her. At this, the mysterious stranger ste#s forward. Milady recogni%es him, in horror, as the ,eadsman of Lille. ,e com#letes Milady's story--she was a nun, and she seduced a young #riest, the headsman's brother. *hey stole the +ommunion #late, and the #riest was ca#tured--but Milady esca#ed. *he #riest was branded9 the ,eadsman himself had to brand his own brother. $ut the ,eadsman then hunted Milady down and branded her as well. After that, she esca#ed with the #riest and entered Athos's territory, at which #oint Athos's story begins. *he ,eadsman's accusation is this. Milady's robbery of the +ommunion #late, and the death of his brother, for the young #riest went mad and hung himself after Milady abandoned him for Athos. With the charges brought, )orthos and Aramis, acting as /udges, sentence Milady to death for her crimes. *he ,eadsman drags her outside, to do his duty. Milady tries frantically to stave off the inevitable--bribing the servants, reminding d'Artagnan of their love, claiming that the men have no right to kill her. Aothing works. *he ,eadsman takes her across the river, ties her hands and feet, and cuts off Milady's head. ,e then takes her head and body and dro#s them into the river, to >5od's /ustice.> *he Musketeers now must return to duty at La -ochelle. $efore they return, however, they run into -ochefort again, who arrests d'Artagnan in the +ardinal's name. 'Artagnan consents to the arrest, although his friends stay with him to #rotect him, and wait for him outside the +ardinal's 'uarters. For the second time, d'Artagnan is left alone with the great man. *he +ardinal starts to tell d'Artagnan the crimes he's been accused of, but d'Artagnan cuts the +ardinal off, noting that the woman who brought these charges against him was a criminal herself, and is now dead. the entire story, from Milady's early history to her death, to the +ardinal. 'Artagnan then relates 'Artagnan then #roduces uke of $uckingham. At uke's assassination. Finally, Athos

brings his charges, but /ust as he mentions the Fleur-de-Lis, Milady challenges them to find the court

the +ardinal's letter of absolution, which Athos stole from Milady, which frees him from accountability for Milady's murder. For a moment, d'Artagnan's life hangs in the balance. *he +ardinal could easily override the #ardon, and have d'Artagnan e&ecuted. 1nstead, he gives d'Artagnan a #romotion to

lieutenant in the Musketeers with the name blank, and tells the young man to count himself as one of the +ardinal's friends. 'Artagnan tries to convince his three friends to take the #romotion instead of him, since the name is blank. All three, however, insist that d'Artagnan is the most suited to it. Athos is too weary of the world, )orthos is marrying his rich attorney's wife, for the aged attorney has /ust died, and Aramis is /oining the +hurch. Bnha##y to be losing all his friends, d'Artagnan acce#ts the blessing of the #romotion. A brief e#ilogue then tells us of the aftermath of our story. With $uckingham's death, the -ochellese surrendered after about a year of siege. 'Artagnan went on to become a distinguished lieutenant in the Musketeers9 he and -ochefort even became friendly, after dueling three times. Athos remained a Musketeer under d'Artagnan's leadershi# for a few years, then retired to a small #ro#erty in the #rovinces. )orthos disa##eared into the la# of lu&ury with his new wife, and Aramis, true to his word, /oined the #riesthood.