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In what ways have limited access to sexual reproductive health information in schools limit youths sexual choice?


The limited access of reproductive health information and services is affecting teenagers in schools. This topic was chosen because teens are prevented from having sex even though the age of consent is sixteen (16) years old. It is a fact that teens below this age are having sex and preventing them from having access to reproductive health information and services will not allow them to know the necessary precautions to take to ensure that they are safe from STDs and unwanted pregnancies.


The method of data collection that has been chosen is the survey method. The tool that shall be used to collect data is a questionnaire. There are numerous advantages of using a questionnaire. Some of these include: Large amounts of information can be collected from a large number of people in a short period of time. It can also be carried out by the researcher or by any number of people. The results of the questionnaire is quickly and easily quantified by researcher.

Some of the disadvantages of using a questionnaire is: There is no way to tell how truthful a respondent is being. There is also no way of telling how much thought a respondent has put in. The respondent may be forgetful and or not be thinking within the full context of the situation.


Dear Respondent, My name is Imani Kelly. I am a fifth form student at Wolmers Trust High School for Girls. I am conducting a study on how the limited access to reproductive health information and services limits teenagers sexual choice. This is for my Social Studies School Based Assessment (SBA). I am seeking your participation in answering a questionnaire. There are fifteen (15) questions included in this questionnaire. Please tick () the most appropriate answer. Do not write your name on the questionnaire. The questionnaire will be collected after a maximum of two (2) days. Your identity will remain anonymous. You will not be required to state your name or give any personal information such as your telephone number or where you live. The information that will be collected will be strictly confidential. I am looking forward to your co-operation.

Sincerely, Imani Kelly

1. To which of the following age groups do you belong? 13-15 15-17 17-19 2. To which sex do you belong? Female Male 3. Which of the following ways do you receive sexual health information? Guidance classes Guidance counselor Peers Sexual health seminar hosted by school Parents/Guardians

4. Which of the following information do you receive? How to say no to sex STDs How to prevent HIV/AIDS Methods of birth control

5. At what stage of your life was Sexual Health Information imparted to you? Before Primary School Primary High School Other (Please Specify)

6. How useful do you find sexual information? It increases sexual awareness It helps me to make sexual decisions It helps me understand the responsibility that comes with sex Other (Please Specify)

7. In what ways do you make use of the information received? Share with a friend Apply information to everyday life Practice good health (use condoms) Abstain from sex 8. Which area of sexual information do you receive the least of? STDs How to say no to sex Methods of birth control How to prevent HIV/AIDS

9. How has limited sex information impact someone you know? Teen Pregnancy Rape STD or STI Prostitution Other (Please Specify)

10. Which of the following information do you wish to receive? How to say no to sex Methods of birth control How to prevent HIV/AIDS STDs

11. How do you think we can improve distribution of sexual information? Make sex education a compulsory topic in primary and secondary school syllabi Advertise appropriate facts about sex through media Create regular seminars free to the public about sex Send counselors to schools and home to offer sex education.\

12. How does Sexual Health Information help you? It helps me to make better decisions about sex It makes me be more aware of the risks of having sex It gives me a wider knowledge of sex Other (Please Specify)

13. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about sex? Parents/Guardians Peers Boyfriend/Girlfriend Guidance Counselor Other (Please Specify)

14. How do you feel when discussing sex? Shy Nonchalant Uncomfortable Other (please Specify)

15. Who do you feel most uncomfortable talking to about sex? Parents/Guardians Peers Boyfriend/Girlfriend Guidance Counselor Other (Please Specify)


This questionnaire will be self-administered. The questionnaire will be given to the participant and they have a maximum of two (2) days to complete the questionnaire. The duration of the study is over a six (6) month period, from January to June. The age group range of the questionnaire will be from thirteen to nineteen years. The demographic of the respondents will be from a wide cross-section of the corporate area to include all social class.