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Jeremy Hong Westling Period 5 IB Literature 28 January 2014 The Horizon and Hurri ane Throughout !

ora "eale Hurston#s $Their %yes Were Wat hing &od'( Janie#s e)*loration and +ourney *aints the ,eauty and realism o- li-e. The horizon ser/es as the mani-estation o- Janie#s 0ishes -or ,etterment' +u)ta*osed ,y the un-eeling' ra0 -or e o- the hurri ane' a re*resentation o- destru tion in the 0orld. Hurston uses these t0o sym,ols o- nature to illustrate that the 0orld ,oth en ourages one to as*ire and dream and in urs realist and 0ist-ulness throughout the *rogression o- the story. In e/en the earlier stages o- Janie#s li-e' the horizon re*resented the *otential one ould a hie/e. Be ause Logan 0as ,ound to his realist li-e' he is ne/er asso iated 0ith it' and the horizon ,e omes es*e ially *rominent 0hen Jody 1tar2s on/erses 0ith Janie' s*ea2ing $-or -ar horizon...' -or hange and han e.( These $others( 0ho *ursue their dreams $sail -ore/er on the horizon' ne/er out o- sight' ne/er landing until the Wat her turns.( While one hooses 0hether or not to *ursue the horizon' it is the uns0aying di/ine *o0er o- &od or -ate that ena,les the -ul-illment o- dreams. When the re urring omment that $their eyes 0ere 0at hing &od( a**ears' the *eo*le are loo2ing to ,oth the horizon and' instead o- ,egging or threatening as a means o- ho*e-ully rea hing the horizon' they allo0 -ate to *lay it out3 there is some understanding that a *erson#s -ree 0ill is su,+e t to the un,iased yet o-ten 0himsi al 0ill o- &od. The hurri ane *un tuates the realization o- the *o0er o- &od o/er that o- -ree 0ill3 Janie and Tea 4a2e made the de ision to stay in the %/erglades e/en 0ith the 0arnings o- a storm' Their -ree 0ill did not trigger the destru tion and ha/o o- the hurri ane at all' ,ut rather it 0as a natural -or e' destru ti/e regardless o- its targets. The hurri ane -ul-ills its duty in le/eling the %/erglades' ,ut Tea 4a2e#s e/entual death omes as a side e--e t. %/entually' Janie a e*ts his death as a *art o- -ate' understanding that they an only 0at h &od in all their o0n *o0er. 5uring the storm $their eyes 60ere7 straining against rude 0alls and their souls as2ing i- He meant to measure their *uny might against His'( -urther em*hasizing that the -ree 0ill o- man annot e/en ,e lose in measuring u* to &od. Throughout the e)tent o- the story' the horizon undergoes an e/olution3 in ontrast' the hurri ane is a single' 0himsi al e/ent that does not de/elo*. 8t the start' the horizon re*resents Janie#s desire -or a man 0ho as*ires -or greatness' 0hi h *la ed her in a *osition su,+e ted to Jody#s dreams. Ho0e/er' the horizon ,e omes more o- a guiding -or e as the ultimate goal instead o- +ust the -inal out ome itsel-. It 0ould ,e a 0ise ounselor -or Janie' a guiding -or e that she gras*s at the end as she mo/es on ,eyond Tea 4a2e#s death. The sym,ols o- the horizon and the hurri ane ontrast in that one de*ends on the sel- to -uel 0hile the latter a ts regardless o- human 0ill. Ho0e/er' ,oth 0or2 in tandem to illustrate li-e as a ,lend o- de isions e/en in the -a e o- nature and destru tion.