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Online Discussion ForumUser Manual

Online Discussion Forum User Manual

Online Discussion Forums

Chapter 1: Forum Access


1. Accessing UOP Discussion Forum 1.1. UOP Forum Login 1.2. Discussion Forum Access 1.3. Discussion Forum Main Page
Chapter 2: Navigation

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2. Navigating UOP Discussion Forum 2.1. Forums 2.1.1. Forum Selection 2.1.2. Learning Forum 2.1.3. Threads 2.1.4.
Chapter 3: Key Terms Chapter 4: Index

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Online Discussion Forum User Manual

Chapter 1: Forum Access

1. Access the UOP discussion forum at the following web link: https://ecampus.phoenix.edu/

1.1. Log in using UOP Username and Password. (See Figure 1. Below)

Figure 1.

1.2. Select Discussion under Current Classes. (See Figure 2. Below)

Figure 2.

1.3. You have successfully accessed your UOP Course Discussion Forums. (See Figure 3. Below)

Figure 3.

Online Discussion Forum User Manual

Chapter 2: Navigation
The UOP Discussions forum offers an array of different forums. The Forum are preset by the by the facilitator and students use threads to comp

When you first enter the forums, you will be in the Main forums by default. See Figure 3, below.

Figure 3. Main Forum

Online Discussion Forum User Manual

1. Select a forum by clicking on it. See Figure 4, below.

Figure 4. Forums Menu 2. Select the forum you would like to view. In this example, we have selected Learning Team C. See Figure 5, below.

Figure 5. Learning Team C Forum This Section contains many important components

Post New Thread is a function used to add a thread to the existing forum. Week Three Assignment is an example of a thread The thread header shows the title of each thread added in this section. The Author header lists the Author that initiated the thread. The replies header lists the number of replies posted in the specific thread. The Last Post header shows the date and Arizona time that the last reply posted to the specified thread.

Online Discussion Forum User Manual

Select the thread you would like to view. In this example, we have selected the Team Charter thread. See Figure 6, below.

Figure 6. Team Charter Thread Figure 6 shows all posts that made to the Team Charter Thread. The top section of this page shows an organized list of all posts made in the specified forum. The bottom section will display what each post contains. Posts made in the thread can be text or file attachments. All threads can be accessed by any member of the main forum group.

Online Discussion Forum User Manual

Any member can reply to any thread within the forum, with the exception of the Materials forum which is reserved for the instructors posts.

Figure 7. Thread Options To reply to a thread, click the button. To view of print a post, click the button. To flag a message, click the button. Flagging messages allows a user to set priorities on messages or posts. See Figure 8, below. To Mark as unread, click the button.

Figure 8. Setting Priorities

Online Discussion Forum User Manual

Key Terms
Chat Room: A forum that allows you and classmates to post your biographies and get to know one another better. Course Materials: This forum contains course materials. This includes the class syllabus, grading rubrics, instructor policies, announcements, and certificate of originality. Students cannot post messages in the Course Materials forum. Drafts: This menu option saves any posts not submitted. Individual Forums: This is a private forum that only your professor and you have access to. Weekly grades posted here as well. Learning Teams: These forums, divided into 6 individual forums labeled A through F. This is where you interact with your learning team to complete your team assignments. Main Forum: Default forum where announcements, class questions, discussion questions, and more are posted. Sent Items: Keeps a log of all posts submitted by you. Thread: A new discussion. Post: A response in a thread.

Online Discussion Forum User Manual

Chat Room Class Selection (Figure 2.) Course Materials Drafts Forums Tab (Figure 4.) Individual Forum Learning Teams Learning Team Forum (Figure 5.) Learning Team Charter Thread (Figure 6.) Main Forum Sent Items Setting Priorities (Figure 8.) Thread Thread Options (Figure 7.) UOP Login (Figure 1.) 5 3 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 3 5 7 4 7 3

Online Discussion Forum User Manual