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After the war began in Europe in 1939, people in the America were divided on whether their country should

take part or stay out. Most Americans hoped the Allies would win, but they also hoped to keep the nited !tates out of war. "he isolationists, wanted the country to stay out of the war at almost any cost. Another group, the interventionists, wanted the nited !tates to do all in its power to aid the Allies. #resident $ranklin %. &oosevelt called upon the nited !tates to be 'the great arsenal of democracy,' and supply war materials to the Allies through sale, lease, or loan. "he (end)(ease bill became law on March 11, 19*1. +t gave president &oosvelt authority to supply war materials to the Allies through sale, lease, or loan. Most of supplies were directed to ,reat -ritain. %uring the ne.t four years, the .!. sent more than /01 billion 2today /309 billion4 worth of war mat5riel to the Allies. $actories in the nited !tates converted from civilian to war production with ama6ing speed. $irms that had made vacuum cleaners before the war began to produce machine guns. As men went into the armed forces, women took their places in war plants. -y 19*3, more than two million women were working in American war industries. +n shipyards and aircraft plants, &osie the riveter became a common sight. 7fficials discovered that women could perform the duties of eight of every 11 8obs normally done by men. "hen the time of #earl 9arbor had come. %ecember 3th 19*1 at 3.00 133 8apanese planes arrived at 7ahu +sland on 9awaii and attack .!. navy fleet. :e.t at ;.0* second wave folding 1<3 planes attacked. Every ship in harbour was damaged."hey destroyed 11 battleships and almost =11 american aircrafts. =*13 men lost their lives. &eal target of 8apaneses was to destroy american aircraft carriers, but they weren>t in harbour. Attack began at the same time when ?apan declared war to !A and four days later 211th december 19*14 ,ermany and +taly also did it. "here are also conspiracy theories saying that some members of the &oosevelt administration had advance knowledge of the attack, but ignored it in order to gain public and @ongressional support for America entering the war on the side of the -ritish Empire and her allies. ?ust a few months after the attack on #earl 9arbor, a fleet of 1< -)=0 army bombers, led by (t. @olonel ?immy %oolittle, took off from the carrier Hornet, about <01 miles from 9onshu, ?apan. "he bombers hit "okyo and other cities. "he raid stunned the ?apanese, because they had believed that Allied planes could never reach their homeland. After that America started war with +n 19*= government sent american soldiers to :orthern Africa to fight with ,reat -ritain against the

:e.t in 19*3 allies made landing operation in +taly. At the same year allies started planning operation A7verlordB. 7n ?une <, 19**, 1<1,111 Allied troops and 31,111 vehicles landed along a 01)mile front of fortified $rench coastline and began fighting on the beaches of :ormandy. +t was to be known as %)%ay. +t was the biggest lamding operation in history. "he target of attack was to break through Atlantic Call 2system of fortifications builded along coasts of Atlantic 7cean, it was almost *111km long4. After that allies started rush for berlin through :etherlands and ,ermany. +n 19*0 they had come and gain -erlin ,ermany and surrended and war in Europe ended at ;th May. -ut ?apan didn>t want to give up so american government decided to drop two atomic bombs, A(ittle -oyB on 9iroshima at <th August and A$at ManB 3 days later on :agasaki. -ombs killed about 101 111 people. +t forced ?apan to surrend on =nd semptember 19*0. "hat ended war in the world. 1< 111 111 of american people fought in the war. About *11 111 of them died21.3=D of population4