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Ittihad Insulating Glass Co.

Quarterly Newsletter
Welcome to our
I S S U E 1 A P R I L - J U N E 2 0 0 9
1st newsletter.

Ittihad at a glance
We hope that you
find its contents of
interest and that it Today, Ittihad is Jordan’s number one glass processing company special-
communicates ized in insulating glass; with its team of around 100 people and 5,800m2
of state of the art production facilities, and with a production capacity
openness & honesty of 680,000 m2 per annum. Its fully automated line provides all
that we value aluminum fabricators and
the construction industry in
throughout our Jordan and the region with
operations. high quality glass products
and services.
We hope to see The continuous and rapid
growth of the company
your project in here was achieved through
very soon! Ittihad’s firm commitment
to the highest standards of
quality glass products that
Ittihad Insulating Glass Company is a Jordanian private conform to international specifications and local regulatory
share holding company established in 1994 as a subsidiary of requirements, in addition to timely delivery and competitive pricing.
Petra Aluminum Company, Jordan’s leading aluminum
fabricator and the Maani Group with its line of products for
the Construction Industry (Prefab houses, Metal Form &
Maani Furniture). Ittihad’s glass products complement those
of the parent organizations.
INSIDE In the 1st quarter of 2008, Ittihad relocated to a new site
THIS equipped with state of the art glass processing machinery.
Production lines were expanded to include in-house
ISSUE: tempering, heat strengthening, ceramic fretting, sand blasting
Doha Bank Head 2 and frameless glass installation service. This enabled the
company to expand its production capacity in order to meet
Quarters the increasing demand for its products from the local and
regional markets. It also consolidated Ittihad’s excellent
Ittihad in Africa 2 reputation as Jordan’s market leader in glass processing, with
a market share of over 50 %.

Our team, the 2

cornerstone of our
success Welcome message from our CEO
When Ittihad Glass Today Ittihad Glass produces double glazed Ittihad benefits from Jordan’s strategic
was established in units using a robotic line with a capacity of geographical location and its healthy
Visits from the Gulf 3 1994 as a joint 675m2 per eight-hour shift, three times the bilateral and multilateral trade relation with
venture between 3 maximum capacity we reached in the old the neighboring Arab countries to launch
manufacturing production line. Our glass cutting capacity its products beyond Jordan, to markets in
groups, with a has also increased to 1,500m2 per eight the Gulf, the Levant, North Africa and
International Visits 3 mission limited to hour shift, and our new state of the art some parts of Africa.
producing double tempering line produces 1,230m2 per eight
glass units and glass hour shift of tempered and heat With good planning, judicious management
cutting, the founders strengthened glass. and determined hard work by our highly
Glass is now cleaner 3 could scarcely qualified operating teams, Ittihad is working
than ever Eng . Omar Shegem imagine the wide Moreover, Ittihad produces ceramic frit its way steadily to becoming the regional
range of products glass for spandrels and for decorative leader in the glass industry in the near
and services that we offer today. Ittihad has purposes, bullet proof glass, fire resistant future.
Our Quality 4 grown larger than the wildest ambitions glass, curved tempered glass, safety glass,
Standards that we allowed ourselves to entertain in laminated glass, heat mirror glass, high
those early days, not only due to the performance glass and most types of the
market demand but also to the judicious architectural glass required in the market.
planning and diligent efforts of everyone in
the company.

Doha Bank headquarters - Qatar

In the first quarter of 2009, Alu-Nasa, In this project as in all others, our
a major regional aluminum fabricator most highly cherished prize is the
located in Qatar and the UAE, expressions of satisfaction from our
selected Ittihad to be the glass clients on the quality, timely delivery,
fabricator and supplier for the Doha and the professional packaging of the
Bank Headquarter project, a prestig- units. Each one of these testimonials
ious 25 floor tower in the Al Dafna supports our mission to provide the
business district is Doha, Qatar. regional market with architectural
glass products of the highest quality.
This project contains around 12,000
square meters of double glazed,
single glazed and curved glass units
Doha Bank HQ– Qatar
using 8mm Sunergy Azur & 8mm
Low-E glass. The total quantity was
delivered on schedule by end of June

Ittihad in Africa
Ittihad Glass Pursuant to our drive to During the visit by Ittihad’s Commercial
Mission Statement bring our products to Manager to Sudan, training sessions
Ittihad mission is to new markets and based were given explaining the industry, the
on our firm belief that a products and Ittihad’s innovative
provide the regional regional industry leader solutions, particularly in light of the high
market with high bears the responsibility of oil prices that prevailed at the time and
quality Architectural driving the industry into the need for energy-saving measures.
new markets and intro- These sessions and participation in
Glass products for ducing innovative prod- regional exhibitions were met with high
various sectors from ucts and solutions to new clients, Ittihad appreciation from all the companies and
participated in a number of exhibitions organizations involved in the construction
Construction, Commercial in Algeria, Sudan, Tunisia and Libya. industry, which is further confirmation that
& Industrial, to Private Ittihad identifies accurately the needs of its
Residences…..etc. Ittihad clients and devises creative solutions that
address them affectively.
works with Façade
fabricators and designers to
reach the ideal solutions
with respect to the
environment through better Our team, the cornerstone of our success
utilization of energy savings

Ittihad firmly believes that our team is

Management and administrative job satisfaction
our most valuable asset. As a result, training courses included time and morale,
considerable resources were devoted management, report writing and
Technical Training conducted by which reflects
Dow Corning to upgrading the professional skills ofmanaging meetings. Further
our staff in all areas. courses in human resource positively on
Time Management workshop
management, team work, and our services and conducted by Petra for Training &
The 2009 Human Resources communication are planned for products and Development T
Development Master-plan included the 4th quarter of this year. ultimately on
technical training courses provided by These training courses and work customers’ satisfaction.
experts from Glaston on glass shops contributed immeasurably
tempering fundamentals, and advanced
to enhancing our employee’s
tempering training & from Dow
Corning on sealants. professional skills and raising their



Visits from the Gulf

Our Vision
During April & May Ittihad had the General Manager Eng. Jamil Anabtawi
Ittihad Glass vision
pleasure of receiving visits from major and Commercial Manager Eng. Walid
Aluminum fabricators in Riyadh Saudi Kheetan during their visit to Riyadh on is to be a Leader in
Arabia, who included Al-Fanar Aluminum, March 20th -24th. Glass processing in
National Aluminum Factory Co(NAFCO), Visitors were impressed by the state of
the region. Ittihad
Arabia Aluminum Manufacturing Co. the art equipment of Ittihad and by the aims to offer a full
(ASAMCO), Jazzah Factory for Aluminum high quality of our products. We have range of up to date
Production Co. (JAFCO), Al-Muhaidab already received our first order and modern, high
Metal Industries (Aluminum Division), and negotiations are progressing smoothly
Architectural Creative Aluminum Factory quality, energy
towards agreements with Aluminum
Co. (Creatival), as well as visitors from savings and
fabricators in Saudi Arabia.
Kuwait and Syria. versatile Glass
These visits were in response to products to local
A thank you letter from AL Muhaideb
invitations extended to these companies Group
and export markets
by Ittihad’s CEO Eng. Omar Shegem,

International Visits
Values to our
We provide a high
quality & low cost
During the second quarter of 2009, we We were also privileged to welcome a Customer is always
had several visits by some of our long team from the Glass Glazing Federation right.
term suppliers and new suppliers for (GGF) of the UK, who selected Ittihad We always seek to
float glass. These visits included as the first Jordanian glass processing meet and exceed
Guardian (RAK), Emirates Float Glass company to join this prestigious federa- customer’s
(Abu Dhabi), PPG (USA), Arabia Float tion of glass processors in Europe and expectations when
Glass (Yanbu, Saudi Arabia). These visits the Middle East. it comes to Quality
came as part of our commitment to and Delivery.
enhance our relations with our suppli- We are honest and
ers in order to continuously deliver the ethical in our
best products to our customers at the dealings with our
The GGF team with our GM , Operations
most competitive prices. Manager and Admin. Manager customers.

Glass is now cleaner than ever

It is a fact that glass provides several Ritec International has developed the Clear Shield products can also be used
architectural advantages to a building Clear Shield range of products which to renovate and clean existing buildings.
unmatched by any other construction provides a non-stick surface that forms
material, these include the sense of a barrier between the glass and its
space, lighting, and the aesthetic en- environment making it resistant to dirt
hancement. However, the use of glass and fingerprints, and Ittihad has signed a
may have some drawbacks such as the deal to bring this technology to the
effort of maintenance and cleaning local and regional markets.
expenses to keep the glass shining and
transparent at all times, however this is Once applied at Ittihad’s factory, Clear
not the case any more. Shield is completely transparent, will
not crack, peel or discolor, and with
proper cleaning, will last for years.



To the Optimist the Glass is half full

To the Pessimist the Glass is half empty
To the Engineer the Glass is twice as it should be
To Glass it's Ittihad

Ittihad Insulating Glass Co.

Amman, Jordan
Phone: +962 6 4790050
Fax: +962 6 4790055
E-mail: Info@IttihadGlass.com

Where you can you find our products

A commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction

In 1996 Ittihad took a strategic decision to adopt a Our QA/QC Procedures include Management
quality management system to ensure the continuous Reviews, Planning, Purchasing Procedures,
enhancement of customer satisfaction through the Approval of Suppliers, Control of Documents,
effective application of this system. Training, Materials Supplied by the Customer,
Software Control, Corrective & Preventive
Actions Procedures, Internal Audit, Control of
Accordingly Ittihad became the 23rd company in Jordan Production, Examination, Inspection and Control
to receive the certificate of approval for its quality of Non-Conformity, Calibration, Customer
management system in Jordan to the standards of BS Complaints, Stores Control & Quality Control,
EN ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO Records, and many more procedures that ensure
9001:2000 our continuous development and our customer
For the past 13 years Ittihad stayed committed to
the international standards, ensuring that it always
meets customers’ requirements through the
continuous improvement of its systems. This ensures
that Ittihad will always remain the customer’s first

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