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Rich04 Honey, Be Glad We’re Not Rich

The last option of the dispossessed in a global-market order is crime, and if there is
passion and a desire for revenge plus enough intelligence to see that this is the only
way the journey up and out can be made, then kidnapping is the crime of choice.


Why? Because—if you’re clever enough and lucky enough—you get your two
million and you also get into the personal life of those people whose lives are so
distant, so different that there is no longer a personal connection between one human
and another, between our intelligent, angry detective in the streets and our young
entrepreneurial, penhouse, dweller. It’s not hard to see what besides the money is
motivating the superintelligent but salaried detective Sinise portrays.


Let’s talk more about the global-market order, an order which has disconnected
personal assets from financial assets, has indeed just about finished marking the new
world order digital allocations of wealth, allocations which the continued use of
electronic financial dealings on a global scale will incrtease geometrically while at the
same time making it less and less possible for those without funds to climb aboard
and make the same journey.


This is a brand new state of affairs that the world has not seen before. While
wealth has been accumulated before in the narrow corridors, they were national
corridors. Now the super wealthy deal with each other globally; they are on the same
journey; they cross paths. And while an order of things which supports the few on the
backs of the many has historically always faced possible overturning, that option, as I
have suggested, has never been less conceivable than it is now.


The world has also never before seen the instrumentation that a global market
now has at its command: The telecommunications industry looms large on the horizon
not simply because it has state-of-the-art electronic “ infernal devices” through whose
agency stocks, bonds, certificates, currency exchange, futures contracts, and the like
are manipulated, but because the same electronic agency can come into the homes of
people like Gary Sinese, the angry detective, and lull him into submission through
gadgetry, from virtual reality to home shopping. He can be put on a numbing diet of
Bread and Circuses.