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Sari& N M.Tech* Structura" En%ineerin% +,th se#esterNIT Ca"icut Contact No. ' .,./01./.2 E(#ai"'( sari&n3%#ai".co# Present A$$ress' 8!%$< *rofessors= +partments NIT%!alicut !hathamangalam *.;. !alicut
*in92(- 2#$ /erala

CAREER OBJECTIVE To impart my limited knowledge to future generations as a teacher and to nurture them with a quest for knowledge. BASIC ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS Course M.Tech (Structural Engineering) B.Tech (!i.il Engineering) ISC ICSE PROJECT WOR S M.Tech Institution National Institute of Technology !alicut
T./.0. !ollege of Engineering /ollam

Year "#$"%"#$&

Score '.( (!)*+) ,p to -rd semester

"##'%"#$" "##2%"##' "##2

'."- (!)*+) 3"4 3#4

Trinity 1yceum /ollam Trinity 1yceum /ollam

Direct Dis!"ace#ent Base$ Desi%n o& Rein&orce$ Concrete Structures'(

The 5irect displacement 6ased design is non%iterati.e performance 6ased design technique. The aim of this work is to compare the 5isplacement 6ased design of 7! framed 6uildings with that of 8orce 6ased design as per IS $'3-9"##&. B.Tech P"annin% an$ Desi%n o& Mu"ti(store) Dia%ri$ O&&ice Bui"$in% 5iagrids are triangulated system of 6eams and columns resulting in aesthetically dominant structures. This *ro:ect in.ol.ed the functional planning and structural design of a 0ulti% storey steel diagrid ;ffice 6uilding. Sarif N 0.Tech


Buc4"in% Restraine$ Braces'(

Buckling restrained 6races are state of the art 6races capa6le of yielding in 6oth tension and compression. This seminar discussed the structural 6eha.ior and +IS! design recommendations for Buckling restrained 6races. B.Tech Dia%ri$' The "an%ua%e o& Mo$ern Da) Bui"$er'( The 6asic structural 6eha.ior and design considerations of diagrid were discussed. The scope of diagrid as structural tool for eco%friendly construction and sustaina6le infrastructure de.elopment was presented. TRAININ5S 6NDER5ONE $# day training in !;ST8;75 Tri.andrum.

S+*"### .$& ST++5 *ro .'i ET+BS +uto!+5 "##( 0icrosoft ;ffice (E@cel Aord *ower*oint)


;ptimistic Sincere >ard working ?est for learning

ACTIVITIES' Sarif N 0.Tech

!oordinator 8+!E=$" B a national le.el paper presentation competition for graduate and post% graduate students. 0em6er ISTE

PERSONAL DETAILS 8ather9s Na#e Mother9s Na#e Per#anent A$$ress '( S. NaCar '( 0. +seena Ba6y '(Sura6hika Neera.il *erinad *.;. /ollam /erala *in9 23$2#$ '( $-thDuly $33# '( 0alayalam English E >indi '( Single '( Indian F 0uslim

Date o& Birth Lan%ua%e no:n

Marita" Status Nationa"it);Re"i%ion

DECLARATION I do here6y declare that the a6o.e information is true to the 6est of my knowledge. o<hi4o$e Sari& N

Sarif N 0.Tech