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: Good afternoon, mrs. Is there anything I can help for you : Yes, I want to register to doctor to do medical consultation . : what the problem? : My name is liza, the problem is meri.my dougther I now she!s at a difficult age and all teenagers "ust want to drin soda and eat "un food. #ut she drin s li e about three bottles of soda a day. $hose big bottles %. and then of course, she always going to the bathroom. You now sometimes I thin .


: o , we ha&e to fill an admission card fisrt, "ust a few minutes. please, what is her full name?


: her full name is meri yusnita.

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: 'here do you li&e? : we li&e in (adang on "alan ampung niaga No )*. : 'hen and where were she born? : she was born in (adang at +st "anuari +,,+ : 'hat do she do? : she is a student of senior hight school in (adang. : -nd what she religion? : we are moslem. : who is she nearest relation? : Me%. .er mother. : Now, your phone number, please. : It,s ))*/0. : 1o you now which doctor is in charge of you case. : I don!t now, I thin according with the hospital doctor schedule. I don!t mine. : 2h I see. $han you Mrs liza. 3an I "ust as meri a few 4uestions, (lease. : of course, please. : 25. Meri, so you ha&e been feeling &ery thirsty, when did this thistiness begin? : I,d say about two or three wee s ago. : -nd are you thirsty all the time? : Yes. #ut especially after I ha&e eaten. : -nd how often do you ha&e go to the bathroom? : 2h, I don,t now. -bout si6 times a day, maybe more. : 'hat about at night? : yeah, I ha&e to get up in the night as well.

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: .a&e you had any problems li e this before, meri? : No, I don!t thin so. : 25, Meri. You,re doing great. Now are you ha&ing any other problems : 7i e what? : 'ell, other health problems,school, you now anything. : .er teacher say she,s lazy, "ust won,t wor : Meri? : 'ell, I am always tired. I used to play a lot of tenis, but now I get tired in no time.

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: -nd when did this start? : -bout a month ago, I guess. : .a&e you been losing weight recently? : No, I don,t thin so, 1on,t really now. : -ctually, It!s funny you should say that, but I was saying to her father the day that meri loo ing thin. #ut her father said that it was "ust a stage her was going through and that her would fill out later.

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: .as anyone else in your family had a similar problems? : No, I don!t thin so, my mother died of a stro e and my fahter is still ali&e, but .e is not well. You now, he has problems with his heart. -nd he has problems with his eyes as well. Nothing li e meri has.

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: -nything else? : No I don,t thin so : well, I thin that enough so far, we will ta e physical e6amination later., than you Mrs liza and Miss meri for your cooperation.