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Excellent Retail Franchisee Opportunity for Vijayas Winning Products APDDCF ntends to appoint !

""" #pecial Retail Oulets $Parlours % &ios's( to )ar'et Vijaya Products WE OFFER #ite design Free painting Free #ignage *in'age of supply to +o,t- nstitutions Cooler % Free.er on attracti,e ter)s &ios' on easy ter)s

WE RE/0 RE Financially strong parties 1illing to in,est or sho1 2an' finance lin'age around Rs-!34"3""" #hould ha,e o1n 5 rented pre)ises 1ith a )ini)u) of !"x!" for parlour or 6x6 for 'ios' in pro)inent location Experience in selling F7C+ 5 Food products 5 8e,erages prefera2le Allot)ent 1ill co))ence i))ediately on F R#9 CO7E F R#9 #ERVE 8A# # : 1ith )ini)u) for)alitiesWE ;V 9E Existing Retailers $<uice and Cool Drin' stalls3 9ea 5 Coffee #talls3 8a'ery 5 #9D 8ooth etc-( Distri2utors ha,ing experience of 7anaging Franchisee parlours $Extra co))ission can 2e earned through distri2ution across their o1n net1or' in parlours 5 'ios's 5 tricycle units for ice=crea)( Colony 5 Apart)ent Associations : including tie=ups for li>uid )il' supply also Existing 7il' 8ooth Agents of *i>uid 7il' #upply Existing canteens in offices3 colleges3 hostels3 esta2lish)ents #elf e)ployed youth 1ith .eal for 2usinessApplications and full details fro) our 1e2site 111-appcf-go,-in Contact? +eneral 7anager = 7ar'eting 9he Andhra Pradesh Dairy De,elop)ent Co=operati,e Federation *i)ited3 *alapet3 @ydera2ad : 4"" "!APh? "B"=CA"!D!A!3 Fax ? "B"=CA"!DB!B Cell? DDBE! EC4"4 E)ail? g))'t-apddcfFg)ail-co)3 CC toapdairyFg)ail-co) #u2? Parlour Franchisee


1. Name & Residential address of Retailer with telephone Nos. DOB & Fathers Name: 2. Location of the retail outlet proposed for i!a" Dair" #arlour : $. Re%istration Num&er of the retail outlet. 'n case of firm .#artnership ( co. when incorporated. ). Name of the partners ( #romoters *Firm ( #artnership ( compan"+ alon% with their permanent address ,.#roof of 'D- #.N No. /. Ban0ers Reference 1. 2taff .3aila&le 4. 56perience of sales of food ( dair" products in the retail outlet * enclose separate sheet if space is not sufficient + with necessar" supportin% documents. 7. .ppro6imate 8urno3er of the outlet at present 19. Reference and address of the :uarantee ( 2ureties alon% with #hone Nos. 11.Remar0s if an" 1.


RE9A *ER NO85: 8he Retailer should si%n on each pa%e of the anne6ure enclosed- as a to0en of acceptance of the terms and conditions stipulated- &efore su&mission of offer.

9ER7# % CO;D 9 O;# FOR #PEC A* RE9A * O09*E9# 9O F0;C9 O; A# V <AGA DA RG DAG PAR*O0R# 8he .#DD;F Ltd.- in3ites offers to setup with the followin% terms and conditions: < i!a"a Dair" Da" #arlours= in retail

outlets located in 3arious parts of the cit" for a minimum period of three *$+ "ears

1. 8he retailer should &e in the &usiness field of sellin% food( dair" related products for a period of not less than $ "ears and should sell mil0 and mil0 products of outlet. 2. 8he retailer identified should ha3e his own ( rented premises with coolin% e@uipment li0e &ottle cooler- 3issi coolers and deep freeAers to stoc0 the products and a&ilit" to mar0et the $. i!a"a #roducts in lar%e @uantities. ;oolin% e@uipment can &e arran%ed on ,9B deposit and &alance in earl" 5C's. 8he retailer should pro3ide sufficient space *appro6imatel" /6/ ft area+ in the retail outlet for displa" and sale of i!a"a Dair" #roducts. ). For other e6istin% retailers infrastructure de3elopment would &e suita&l" modified. ,. i!a"a dair" products- includin% mil0- fresh products- iceDcream shall &e supplied &" the ..#. Dair" at retailer price with a mar%in ran%in% &etween 19B to 2,B. #roduct wise price structure shall &e pro3ided separatel". /.8he ..#. Dair" a%rees to offer i!a"a Cil0 and Cil0 #roducts on Franchise &asis for a minimum period of $ * three+ "ears to the retailers for sale of and Cil0 #roducts on cash and carr". 1. 8he ..#. Dair" shall arran%e to suppl" all the i!a"a Cil0 and Cil0 #roducts as per the indent furnished &" the retailer. 8he Cil0 #roducts Factor"- E"dera&ad shall ma0e efforts to adhere to the suppl" schedule su&!ect to e6i%encies of da" to da" operation and is not responsi&le for an" loss incurred &" the retailer on this count. 4. 8he retailer shall arran%e to deplo" their own staff to conduct da"Dto Fda" sales of i!a"a Dair" #roducts at these outlets. 7. 8he retailer has to maintain the i!a"a Dair" parlour space at the retail outlet to 3er" %ood standard and displa" the products so as to ha3e an attracti3e appearance. 8he retailer shall at their own cost %i3e facelift to the space allotted for i!a"a Dair" #arlour for &etter appearance and displa" of < i!a"a dair" parlour= with .#DD;F name and lo%o alon% with %ood ele3ation * e6terior and interior+ is compulsor". 19. 8he retailer shall &e supplied mil0 and mil0 products on cash and carr" &asis at retailer price as per departmental circular issued from time to time . 11. 8he retailer should %i3e indent one da" in ad3ance for BiD #roducts and two da"s for fresh products to a3oid shorta%e of stoc0s 3ia Cail ( 2C2( #hone. 12. 8he R2C #arlours will arran%e to recei3e the indents in ad3ance and suppl" the products as per the schedule %i3en &" the retailers. 1$. 8he retailer would also &oo0 &ul0 orders if an" for ..#. Dair" for occasions li0e marria%es and other functions etc. 1). 'n no case- the retailer shall sell the mil0 and mil0 products at their outlets at prices hi%her than the ma6imum retail price fi6ed &" ..#. Dair" from time to time. 8he list of products alon% with CR# should &e displa"ed in front of the parlor. '>.?. mil0 '>.?. &rand throu%h the dair" parlours proposed in the retail

1,. 5mpt" crates- &ottles and tu&s will &e handed o3er &ac0 to dair" &" retailer on da" to da" &asis for arran%in% cleanin%- refillin% and suppl" of products for ne6t da" sales. 1/. #enalt" will &e imposed for an" malpractices- contrar" to the terms and conditions stipulated in the under ta0in% %i3en &" the retailer. #enalt" shall &e calculated on the seriousness of the issue ( malDpractices ( misuse if an" at the discretion of the :.C. *C0t%+. 11. 8he @ualit" of products once certified and issued &" the dair" outDlet is final and no complaints will &e entertained e6cept in case of manufacturin% defect certified &" @ualit" control la& of .#DD;F Ltd 14. 8he retailer would allow the officials of the .#DD;F Ltd to inspect the sale of mil0 and mil0 products at an" time at the retail parlor conducted &" the retailer and necessar" action will &e initiated in case of an" irre%ularities. 17.8he Federation reser3es the ri%ht to terminate or cancel the parlour without assi%nin% an" reasons there of. 29. 8he Federation reser3e the ri%ht to cancel the allotment of parlour at an" time with one month notice. 21. 8he retailer is responsi&le for compliance of pro3isions of #.F... act 17,) *or an" other amendments there to+ and other statutor" re@uirements. 22. FreeAer will &e pro3ided on pa"ment ,9B ad3ance immediatel" and &alance in 4 e@ual installments. 2$+. 2i%na%e plus paintin% will pro3ided &" .#DD;F Ltd. 2). #roducts will pro3ided at Retail price i.e.- 19B commission on lon% shelf life products and 1,B to 2,B on fresh products. 2,. 2ale of other Dair" products will not &e allowed. 2/. 8he ran%e of products : ## :hee- :hee 8ins- 2FC 299 ml- Doodhpeda- Gho3a- 'ce ;reams- #aneer- ;urd- Fino #ac0 Cil0 & HE8 mil0. DDDDDDDDD at an" time

0;DER 9A& ;+ FOR RE9A * V <AGA DA RG PAR*O0R ' am ( Ie are- willin% to sell '>.?. BR.ND #RODH;82 and '(Ie underta0e to &e a&ide &" the followin% terms and conditions. 1+ '(Ie ha3e our own (rented outlet with coolin% e@uipment li0e &ottle coolers issi&le ;oolers and deep freeAer to stoc0 the products. 2+ '(Ie would pro3ide space *appro6imatel" ) 6 )Ft area+ in the outlet to store and displa" the products. $+. '(Ie shall ta0e deli3er" of the products on Retail #rice a%ainst 199B ad3ance pa"ment throu%h ;ash(Demand Draft in fa3our of Cana%in% Director- .#DD;F Ltd.E"dera&ad. )+. '(Ie understand that the responsi&ilit" of the ..#.DD.;.F.Ltd.- ceases once the products are deli3ered. '(Ie would displa" a full ran%e of consumers at our retail outlet i!a"a Cil0 and Cil0 #roducts to the

,+. '(Ie shall &e responsi&le to sell the products not more than the ma6imum retail price prescri&ed &" the Federation. 'f an" irre%ularities are reported from consumer of from an" other sources- ..#.D.D.;.F.Ltd.- shall ha3e the ri%ht to initiate action deemed fit a%ainst me ( us. /+. 8he officials of .#DD;F Ltd.- will ha3e a ri%ht to chec0 the sales of BR.ND #RODH;82 conducted &" me ( us to 0now the irre%ularities if an". 1+. '(Ie shall arran%e to deplo" our own staff to conduct da" to da" sales of Dair" #roducts. '>.?. i!a"a

4+. '(Ie would maintain the i!a"a #arolur space ( products to 3er" %ood standard and displa" them so as to ha3e attracti3e appearance.

7+. '(Ie would hando3er empt" crates- &ottles and tu&s &ac0 to dair" for arran%in% cleanin% refillin% and suppl" of products for ne6t da" sales.

19+. '(Ie would allow officials of .#DD;F L8D.- to inspect the sales of mil0 and mil0 products at an" time at the retail outlet. 11+. '(Ie would &e responsi&le for compliance of pro3ision of #.F... act 17,) *or an" other amendment there to + and an" other statutor" re@uirements. 12+. '(Ie further understand that this arran%ements is purel" temporar" and can &e discontinued &" the .#DD;F Ltd.- without an" notice.

2':N.8HR5 .DDR522