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Summary of Concealed Weapon erm!" #CW $ La% and roce&& C'an(e& Effective February 11, 2014 Persons with a CWP may carry a concealed weapon into an esta lishment licensed to sell alcohol !or cons"mption on premise "nless# o $he owner% holder o! a lease interest% or operator o! a "siness may prohi it the carryin& o! conceala le weapons into the "siness y postin& a 'N( C(NCEALA)LE WEAP(N* ALL(WE+, si&n in accordance with *ection -./.0/-.1 o! the *.C. Code o! Laws 2to incl"de si&n si3e and proper postin& location4. $he owner% holder o! a lease interest% or operator 5er ally as6s anyone 6nown to e carryin& a concealed weapon not to carry the weapon7 or as6s a person carryin& a concealed weapon to lea5e "pon learnin& they are in possession o! the weapon. $he owner% holder o! a lease interest% or operator o! the property sho"ld noti!y the law en!orcement a&ency o! 8"risdiction i! there is a patron who is carryin& a concealed weapon on property properly posted or re!"ses to comply with this re9"est.

CWP holders who law!"lly carry a concealed weapon into an esta lishment that sells alcohol !or on premise cons"mption may no" cons"me alcohol 2!ail"re to comply may res"lt in criminal char&es and a !i5e year re5ocation o! a CWP4.

Concealed Weapon Permits iss"ed a!ter :e r"ary 00% -;0< will e 5alid !or !i5e years instead o! !o"r years.

*LE+ will noti!y CWP holders at least .; days prior to permit e=piration.

An Accredited Law En!orcement A&ency

P.(. )o= -0.>? @ Col"m ia% *o"th Carolina ->--0/0.>? @ 2?;.4 A.A/>;;; @ :a= 2?;.4 ?>B/A1??

CWP holders also may sec"re the weapon "nder a seat in a 5ehicle% or in any open or closed stora&e compartment within the 5ehicleCs passen&er compartment 2*ection 0B/-./>;2>42a4 o! the *.C. Code o! Laws4. $here is no chan&e to the laws !or those who do not ha5e a CWP.

*LE+ certi!ied CWP instr"ctors will now ha5e the discretion to esta lish trainin& time limits !or CWP applicants. $here is no lon&er an ?/ho"r minim"m trainin& re9"irement. *ome applicants will re9"ire more trainin& while others may re9"ire less% ased on e=perience and@or trainin& e=emptions.

CWP instr"ctors m"st still cond"ct trainin& p"rs"ant to a *LE+/appro5ed lesson plan and administer a written test pro5ided y *LE+ to all applicants. Applicants who are not e=empt !rom the !irearms pro!iciency portion o! trainin& m"st still satis!y the proo! o! ran&e trainin& re9"irement in accordance with *ection RA./.-;2C4 o! the *.C. Code o! Re&"lations.

Applicants and instr"ctors m"st also complete the Sou"' Carol!na Concealed Weapon& erm!" In&"ruc"or)S"uden" C'ec*l!&"% which m"st e s" mitted to *LE+ with the application. CWP instr"ctors will e responsi le !or 6eepin& copies o! these chec6lists in addition to the other records re9"ired !or a minim"m o! !o"r years in accordance with *ection RA./.-;2+4204 o! the *.C. Code o! Re&"lations. I" !& &u((e&"ed you *eep record& for a m!n!mum of f!+e #,$ year& pur&uan" "o "'e c'an(e !n la% ma*!n( perm!"& +al!d for f!+e year&-

$here is no lon&er a re9"irement !or instr"ctors to iss"e a trainin& certi!icate or !or the applicant to s" mit a trainin& certi!icate to *LE+. Ho%e+er. "'e curren" cer"!f!ca"e %!ll /e accep"ed un"!l "'e May 0. 1203 !mplemen"a"!on. $his has een replaced y the *o"th Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Instr"ctor@*t"dent Chec6list. CWP instr"ctors may still pro5ide class participants a trainin& certi!icate7 howe5er% a!ter May 0% -;0<% the certi!icate may not ma6e any re!erence to or association with *LE+ 2to incl"de the *LE+ seal4.

CWP instr"ctors m"st iss"e and maintain a st"dent n"m er !or each class participant% which is to e listed on the application and Instr"ctor@*t"dent Chec6list. $he !ormat o! the st"dent n"m er will e as !ollows#

Instr"ctor N"m er D Year o! $rainin& D *t"dent N"m er 2E=ample# 0>>B;;;0/-;0</;;;-4

No"e4 Implemen"a"!on of &"uden" num/er& and u&e of "'e In&"ruc"or)S"uden" C'ec*l!&" mu&" occur on or /efore May 0. 1203- Tra!n!n( cer"!f!ca"e& !&&ued pr!or "o May 0. 1203 %!ll rema!n +al!d and con"!nue "o /e accep"ed for "'ree year& from "'e da"e of !&&uance-

$he !irearm pro!iciency portion o! trainin& no lon&er applies to the !ollowin& indi5id"als#

("t/o!/state retired law en!orcement o!!icers or *o"th Carolina retired law en!orcement o!!icers whose certi!ication has e=pired 2m"st s" mit proo! o! &rad"ation !rom a !ederal or state academy that incl"ded !irearms trainin& as a &rad"ation re9"irement4. Retired@!ormer military personnel who completed asic military trainin& 2m"st pro5ide ++-0<4.

No"e4 T'e a/o+e l!&"ed !nd!+!dual& mu&" &"!ll comple"e "ra!n!n( per"a!n!n( "o !nforma"!on on "'e &"a"u"ory and ca&e la% of "'!& S"a"e rela"!n( "o 'and(un& and "o "'e u&e of deadly force !n accordance %!"' Sec"!on 156 506102#a$#!$ of "'e S-C- Code of La%& and &ucce&&fully pa&& a %r!""en "e&" pro+!ded /y SLED-

Any 7ue&"!on& &'ould /e d!rec"ed "o "'e SLED Off!ce of Re(ula"ory Ser+!ce& a" #825$ 89:6;20,-