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Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl

Cold air drifted through the cracks in the masonry of the wall into the already freezing cell. It was a barren, stone prison for those who oppose the crown. A single torch gave off a small amount of heat for those lying there, doomed to see the gallows and their graves. It was the only source of light save for a single shaft of moonlight penetrating the fog. A small group of prisoners dressed in rustic, seafaring clothes similar to that of a sailor yet somewhat menacing. They were reaching through the thick black, iron gate that kept them sealed in the dark. Dying slowly, they were thin and starving yet had not lost all hope. They were whistling to a large shabby black and grey dog with a ring of steel keys clamped in its aws. !Can ya smell it"# preached one of the prisoners. !$%re boy, come on, &ere boy# encouraged another. !$%re, look a nice uicy bone# the first of the men had a yellow bone and was waving it in front of the bars, trying to get the dog to come closer. 'owever he was fighting a losing battle, as the dog ust sat there staring at the bone. In the cell ne(t door sat another man, not ust any man but the infamous Captain )ack *parrow. +earing a tricorn hat and a huge black greatcoat he looked magnificent yet was reduced to a lowly prisoner. !If you keep doing that forever the dog is never going to move# he said in a matter of fact tone. !,h e(cuse us if we haven$t resigned ourselves to the gallows ust yet# spat out the reply from the ghastly man that turned to stare at him. )ack turned away and smiled revealing a mouth sporting three or four golden teeth. ,nly moments later a loud echo shot through the air like a cannonball, which in fact it was. !I know those cannons# e(claimed )ack. -ow e(cited he scrambled up to the small barred window with the other prisoners. ,ut in the dark water of the bay lurked a ship with sails as black as death itself. !It$s the .earl# he whispered. !The /lack .earl0 I$ve heard stories about her1 she kills all in her wake and never leaves any survivors# one of the prisoners trembled, terrified. !Then where do the stories come from I wonder# laughed )ack. The other prisoner now confused looked towards his friend and shrugged, clearly he didn$t know either. )ack leapt away from the ledge when he saw a cannonball flying towards the window only to hit the cell ne(t to him, smashing through the wall as if it were paper. As the prisoners escaped one turned to speak. !2y sympathies friend, you clearly have no manner of luck at all#, he grimaced as he leapt out into the deepening night. 2att Alderton 3)

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