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Dear Consignor, Thank you, we received your submission.

We will review your submission and send you a UPS label shortly. STEP 1: Print two copies of the consignment agreement at the link below. STEP 2: Sign one copy of the consignment agreement and include it in your shipment and keep one copy for your records. STEP 3: Affix the UPS label to the shipping box and take it to your nearest UPS store. CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT: http://www.malleries.com/service/consignment/ Consignment_agreement.pdf * We will contact you with our suggested listing price(s) within 1-2 business days after receiving your item(s). * Please Note: You can ship multiple item(s) in a single box. * Special Consideration: If you require quotes prior to shipment please email images of your item(s). Consignment Support, Luxury Mart Shop with us http://www.malleries.com/all.php?columns=true&V=A&sID=333 E-mail: consignment@theluxurymart.com Phone: (808) 387-2579 Our Mission: To assist our clients in receiving top dollar for their luxury goods.

CONSIGNORS INFORMATION: First Name: _________________ Daytime Phone: ______________ Mailing Address: __________________________________ E-mail Address: _______________________ CONSIGNMENT ITEM(S): Item 1: Brand/Designer: _________________ Condition: _____________________ Original Box: _ , Dust Bag: _ , Original Tags: _ , Receipt: _ , Authenticity Card: _ Item 2: Brand/Designer: _________________ Condition: _____________________ Original Box: _ , Dust Bag: _ , Original Tags: _ , Receipt: _ , Authenticity Card: _ Consignors Message: How did you find us?____________

-----------------------------------------LUXURY MART CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT By signing this Agreement, you agree that Luxury Mart LLC will attempt to sell your item in return for a percentage of the completed sale. The terms for our consignment agreement are as follows: Term Agreement: This contract is valid for ninety (90) days and can be terminated thereafter. If this contract is terminated before the (90) day period, the consignor will be assessed a $65.00 early termination fee, per item. I also understand that during this 90 day contract period, I cannot list on any other venue. Process: Luxury Mart LLC will photograph, package & ship, list, research, and advertise my item(s). I understand that I will not be charged any Paypal fees associated with the sale price of my item(s). I understand that in the case of a layaway option, it may take up to 30 days to make a full payment and that the transaction will be processed after the buyer completes full payment. Authenticity: I, the consignor guarantee the authenticity of my items(s) and agree that if my item(s) are found not to be authentic, I have the option of having them returned to me or destroyed by Luxury Mart LLC. In the event that my item(s) are found to be counterfeit, a $25.00 fee will be assessed for each item that is not authentic, payable to Luxury Mart LLC before being returned. Reductions: I understand that Luxury Mart LLC will do its best to sell my item(s) at the agreed prices. I acknowledge that my item(s) consigned may or may not sell and that I will not hold Malleries LLC or Luxury Mart LLC responsible. Ownership: I agree to the legal title and that the item(s) consigned were obtained legally. Commission: I understand that Luxury Mart LLC will receive 30% or 35% of the final sale price as commission and that I will be paid via corporate check upon sale of my item(s). Luxury Mart LLC will receive 35% of the final sale price as commission for item(s) with a final sale price under $500.00 and 30% of the final sale price as commission for item(s) with a final sale price greater than $500.00. International consignors will be paid via Paypal or bank wire transfer and are subject to the accompanying fees. Shipping: The shipping to have my item(s) returned at the end of my contact will be on me, the consignor. If there are any customs fees during transit incurred to Luxury Mart LLC, the cost will be subtracted from my 70% or 65% payment. In the event that my item(s) do not sell, the inbound UPS shipping, customs fees (if any), return shipping, and any outstanding fees must be paid to Luxury Mart LLC via Paypal, check, money order, or bank wire transfer before being shipped back to me. Luxury Mart LLC is not responsible for items lost during transit. Complimentary UPS Ground Shipping will apply to consignors whose combined shipment have a final resale value of $1500.00 USD or greater. If the combined shipment has a final resale value of less than $1500.00 USD, the initial shipping will be subtracted from the consignors net payment. Insurance is not included with inbound shipments. Consignors wishing to insure their items may purchase insurance at their local UPS store. Other: Luxury Mart LLC may use photos of my item(s) in its advertisement and promotion.

Signature: ___________________________________________

Date: __________________ (MM/DD/YYYY)