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Innovation and passion go hand in hand at LOOK we are constantly pushing our limits to enable you to exceed yours.
The worlds greatest racing cyclists get to test the products on which you will experience your nest achievements. 2013 is promising to be yet another year focusing on technology, starting with a new number joining the line with the introduction of the new 675. On the track front, the cutting-edge technology of the L96 frame will have equipped the best riders at the London Olympics with stunning achievements to boot. For enthusiasts of off-road prowess, bring on the thrills with the new MTB S-Track pedal, which on its own boasts 3 patents. Ahead of its time, Ko Power, the rst intelligent pedal, paves the way for on-board electronics. Enabling one and all to seek out the best sensations in each activity is what guides our research and development.


L96 596 TRACK AL 464 P


We hope you will have as much enjoyment in discovering our new products as we have had designing them.

Dominique Bergin, Chairman and CEO Advances rewarded once again by the INPI*, the French Patent Ofce, which awarded LOOK the prize for the most innovative company in France of the past twenty years in the Sports & Leisure and Everyday Life categories.
* Institut National de la Proprit Industrielle

LOOK is diversifying, reinventing itself and exploring new horizons: The brand is reconnecting with the heritage and spirit of the mountains to which it remains attached with a ready-to-wear collection for women and men. Innovative clothes, with echoes of yesteryear the elegance of the sixties and the modernity of the eighties the noble style of the materials and mineral shades set off by the colours of the legendary LOOK logo. LOOK is reinventing itself in the eld of show jumping with acquisition in 2009 of FreeJump, inventors of the rst automatic release stirrup. LOOK technology is being adapted to the eld of the world leader in order to innovate and offer performance to the greatest horsemen and women in the world. LOOK has always wished to diversify its know-how towards new sporting horizons. Setting up a division for research into carbon 25 years ago has enabled the brand to gain greater in-depth knowledge of this material. With the same passion for sport, LOOK is currently developing new carbon-based products for demanding athletes: Tennis rackets, bows, walking sticks, badminton rackets and golf clubs. An innovative exploration into products of excellence that LOOK has chosen to conduct under the brands legendary colours.



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LOOK revolutionized cycling by inventing the rst clipless pedal in the early eighties. This French company is still at the forefront of this market today due to the fact that it offers high-quality products, the result of unique know-how and, as always, a focus towards innovation. The LOOK signature is the benchmark for technology in cycling today. Innovation across the board: From Ko Power, the rst power measurement pedal, to the S-Track, the MTB pedal boasting 3 patents. By providing options for all cyclists, LOOK is a must-have in the cycling world as the pedal that sets the standard.

In 1985 it was my intention to start the Tour de France with the rst LOOK automatic pedals, which I was involved in developing. As from the initial tests, I knew they could help me in the challenge I wanted to take up: securing my 5th Tour de France... I was not mistaken, since shortly after the entire peloton was won over. The automatic pedal has become widely available and essential to racing cyclists feet.

Bernard Hinault Tour de France 1985

06 07

Bernard Hinault, Tour de France winner in 1985 on the rst automatic pedals, the LOOK PP 65.


Pdales Ko : la star franaise des pelotons Pourquoi la Ko Blade est-elle la pdale la plus utilise par les quipes Pro Tour ? Pour les mmes raison que la gamme Ko est plbiscite par les cyclistes amateurs !


MADE IN FRANCE is LOOKs commitment to quality - The story of a pedal designed and developed in our research department in Nevers (France). That is where it all started for LOOK and it is there, still today, that our pedals are assembled from French components. From design to quality tests, we are in control of all stages in order to guarantee an impeccable product for you.

Ko has stood out since 2005 as an effective technical concept a wide platform surface for optimum power transfer, secure cleat engagement and release, comfort, lightweight, reliability of titanium and steel spindles LOOK is the answer for demanding athletes.

LOOK is broadening the use of clipless pedals by considering including the novice cyclists, who will appreciate the simplicity of the Ko Flex or the Ko Easy pedals. All users, from beginners to competitors, will nd a Ko pedal to meet their requirements.

When it was introduced in 1984, the rst LOOK clipless pedal was seen by cyclists as the most reliable and innovative cycle component. True to this philosophy, we continue to innovate while looking after cyclist safety at all times.


LOOK has always developed its own cleats in conjunction with its pedals. The Ko Standard reduces the weight and bulk of the cleat/pedal assembly to a minimum and is compatible with all shoes on the market. Ko cleats are the only cleats featuring position memory: You can retain your cleat adjustment very easily when you change them by leaving the position memory clip in place and clicking the new cleat again into the memorized position.


Adjusting your cleats correctly is of prime importance in reducing the risk of tendinitis type injuries and in optimizing your pedaling efciency. That is why LOOK has developed Ko Fit, the rst precision cleat adjustment system, which has been developed and patented by LOOK working jointly with Sherbrooke University in Canada. This test, to be performed at your LOOK retailer, will enable you to nd your optimum cleat position and to specify which type of Ko cleat is best suited to your pedaling action. Once the Ko test has been completed, the Ko cleat position memory will enable you to retain your adjustment until the next time you replace your cleats. You will nd a list of Ko Fit Center approved retail outlets on our website: www.lookcycle.com

08 09

Thomas Voeckler Tour de France 2012

LOOK developed the rst pedals capable of measuring pedaling cadence, a distinct measurement taken at the left and right hand spindles. Using technology by Polar (inventors of the heart rate monitor) the information is visible directly on the display. Ko Power is an accurate and reliable product aimed at cyclists keen on improving their pedaling technique.



53% of power developed on the left 47% on the right

Each pedal senses the cyclists power and rate through the pedal spindle and transfers them to transmitters (xed on the crank arm) which send them directly to the computer using wireless technology.

Photo : CS600X computer Also available with CS500 computer.

The Keo Power permits very accurate measurement of the power and cadence. Each axle is equipped with 8 strain gauges permitting very accurate measurement of the axle deection and so of the forces applied to it. The deviations in accuracy are less than 2%. The axle electronics are designed to measure forces up to 170kg, obviously the axle can support much larger forces. The cadence is measured using a reed relay placed in the axle of the pedal.
David Montcouti Tour de France 2012

Through the force and cadence measurement, the Keo Power is capable of giving the power. The information is then sent to the POLAR transmitter, which sends it wirelessly to the computer via the WIND protocol.

8 stress gauges per spindle permit force measurement with very high accuracy (<2%)

The sensors measure the deformation of the pedal axle

The Keo Power is very easy to install, is compatible with the majority of bicycles on the market, and is very easy to move from one bike to another, in contrast to systems that are found in the crankset or the hub. Calibration is done automatically when the system starts up.

Connectors at the end of the shaft send the data directly to the transmitter. The transmitter ts easily into the pedal, being held in place by a clamp collar.

10 11

Scan and nd all the videos on the KO POWER playlist on LOOK Cycle TV.

Ko Blade offers demanding cyclists precise engagement and release from the pedal. Free from springs, its unique carbon blade concept offers new sensations. A comfortable and efcient pedal that owes a great deal to its large platform surface. Ko Blade is available with titanium or steel spindles.



The Ko Blade concept is based on the compression of a carbon blade which replaces the spring. Result: a sensation of great rmness when starting to click out and the same force at the end. The other benet of the blade is a substantial weight saving: the Ko Blade Carbon in the titanium spindle version weighs just 95 g!


Stainless steel platform surface: 402 mm Injection-molded long carbon ber Titanium (Ti) or oversize steel (CrMo) spindle 95 g in Ti version / 115 g in CrMo version (252 g / 298 g per pair with cleats and screws) 2 different blades for 12 or 16 Nm tension Supplied with grey Ko Grip cleats

Efcient pedalling is achieved through optimum power transfer. LOOK has always been committed to giving its pedals a large platform surface, where others seek to cut down on the size of their pedals. This platform surface, besides providing a high degree of stability and comfort, will provide improved power transfer.



The rst pedal designed for CLM and triathlon events: a carbon structure rigidies the body of the pedal and improves the aerodynamics. It benets of the same advantages as the Keo Blade Carbon. 120 g (steel axis).


In titanium or steel, the Ko Blade spindle has been specically developed for this pedal. Three bearings as well as a double seal assure our pedals a long service life, even under extreme conditions. All our spindles are subjected to a series of extremely severe impact, fatigue and wear tests, which even go beyond current standards.

Impact test on a titanium spindle

LOOK, 2012 teams partner:

12 13

Scan to see the KEO BLADE video

Ko 2 Max is aimed at recreational riders, it will be at home on leisure rides as well as competitive cycling. Its very wide platform surface in stainless steel makes the Ko 2 Max a pedal that sets the standard in competitive circles. It boasts light weight, complemented by the reliability of a double seal and an oversize spindle.

Get a taste of LOOK pedaling comfort - stability and a large pedalling platform- Ko CLASSIC suits all users from touring to recreational cyclists, even beginners The tension is adjustable to adapt to each individuals preference. LOOK technology affordable for all in a light and reassuring pedal.
Large platform surface Composite body Oversize steel spindle Weight: 139g (354g per pair with cleats and screws) Tension adjustable from 8 to 12 Nm Supplied with Ko Grip cleats


Stainless steel platform surface: 402 mm Composite body Oversize steel spindle Weight: 130g (328g per pair with cleats and screws) Tension adjustable from 9 to 15 Nm Supplied with grey Ko Grip cleats


14 15


Ideal for discovering the joys of the open road, Ko Easy ensures great pedaling stability with its large pedalling platform. It ensures easy disengagement without tension adjustment. A light pedal which is ideal for novice cyclists.

Cycling as a new recreational activity means discovering new sensations. The latest in the Ko range is ideal for cyclists new to automatic pedals and for leisure use. It boasts a major patented innovation cloaked in its apparent simplicity.


The moment of release is provided by the resistance of two external locks at the rear of the pedal whereas the retention is achieved by the exible center section. By separating these two functions, the LOOK design department has once again achieved the feat of designing a truly new linkage with this pedal which is as high performing as it is easy to use.

Large platform surface Composite body Oversize steel spindle Weight: 129g (326g per pair with cleats and screws) Spring tension: 8Nm Supplied with grey Ko Cleat

Large platform surface One-piece composite body and lever Steel spindle Weight 122g (312g per pair with cleats and screws) Tension: 8Nm Supplied with red Ko Cleat

16 17

XC competition and leisure use Injected carbon body and deectors Titanium spindle Weight: 122g (280g per pair with cleats and screws)

XC leisure / All Mountain / Enduro use Injected carbon body, aluminium deectors Chromoly + spindle Weight: 145g (326g per pair with cleats and screws)

Xc leisure / All Mountain use Body: composite Deectors : composite Chromoly spindle Weight: 142g 320g per pair with cleats and screws) S-Track pedals are the only MTB pedals that offer such a large pedaling platform: 460 mm of high-strength stainless steel for maximum power. A patented wire-spring system operating in torsion, plus optimum mud clearance thanks to DCS (Dynamic Cleat System). Patented adaptable removable Cage* allowing for different congurations. S-Track pedals are supplied with cleats, hardware and height adjustment shims.

Speciality Level


ALL MOUNTAIN leisure soft



18 19

Christoph Sauser, Cape Epic 2012 winner Marathon 2011 World Champion

See the S-TRACK video on YouTube.

* Cage sold separately

S-TRACK + Cage*


For all mountain bikers who dont want to have to choose between a pedal with a large pedaling platform and a light one, LOOK is launching the S-Track: boasting 460 mm of stainless steel pedalling platform, it smashes all records, and weighs just 122 g (in the Carbon Ti version). Available in 3 versions and offering versatility with the addition of the Cage - there is an S-Track for all activities, from cross country to enduro.




S- TRACK technologY
3 patents for one pedal LOOK has devoted all its experience and know-how to innovation in its latest MTB pedal. Platform surface, lightness, engagement and release, we have exceeded all mountain bikers expectations.


This cleat is specially designed to ensure optimal evacuation of mud. This guarantees cleat insertion and removal even in the most extreme conditions. Its build-in pads (LOOK technology) provide stable and effective contact as well as maximum comfort, by eliminating functional play by pedalling uidity that recalls the best road pedals.
Angular movement: +/-3 Lateral movement: +/-1mm Cleat removal angle: 15



The new S-shaped spring-wire acting as a torsion bar (LOOK patent) provides impressive efciency: instant cleat insertion and removal in any conditions, absence of untimely cleat removal, long working life. The spring-wire system has been proven in the mostsevere conditions, both in the laboratory and actual use.

The simplicity of its design makes the S-Track compact, light and reliable, able to meet the demands of mountain bikers of all levels.

The Cage, compatible with all the S-Track range of pedals, increases the platform surface signicantly, ensuring enhanced control and maximum safety in technical or steep sections. In this conguration, the S-Track pedal with the Cage meets the requirements of a large range of activities, from All Mountain to Enduro. With the Cage you will also be able to use your S-Track pedal easily, with no need for an automatic xing, for off-road touring.

The S-Track Cage was designed to be tted or removed in a few seconds, with only four screws per pedal.



be obtained by adjusting the height of the cleat with wedges (0.5, 1 and 2mm) which are slipped under the cleat. The total surface obtained, 460 mm2, is by far the largest on the market, which assists power transmission and provides unmatched comfort.
pedal-cleat contact surface


The S-Track tted with the Cage provides a surface area of 870mm2 for the maximum pedal/shoe contact, regardless of your position. With its anti-slip surfaces and large surface, this version gives condence and safety in technical singletracks.
pedal-cleat contact surface pedal-crampons contact surface

The S-Track pedal is the rst in the world of MTB to offer a double surface area: a cleat-pedal contact - 200 mm2 - via elastomer pads. This contact is ensured regardless of the type of shoe, by using the 2mm wedge. an additional pedal-crampons contact can

pedal-crampons contact surface

20 21

In 1986, Greg Lemond won the Tour de France on the rst carbon frame by LOOK. Over 25 years on, our know-how has become a benchmark in professional circles - having fully mastered working with this material has enabled us to develop products of excellence - we identify with innovation: Every LOOK invests 11% of its turnover in research in order to continue offering innovative products to demanding athletes.


This mastery of the manufacturing processes is apparent by the absence of subcontracting at LOOK. Keeping frame development and manufacturing under control means developing new manufacturing processes in order to speed up innovation. It also guarantees awless products. LOOK has always imposed very strict quality control, pushing tests beyond current standards. All our products are inspected before, during and after production.


Its properties have won over the professionals very quickly its elongation resistance, rigidity and incomparable lightness carbon composites consistency over time have made them a material of choice for manufacturing LOOK frames. Carbon is a exible material it is possible to adjust product characteristics by mixing different types of bres, changing their orientation and quantity. Thorough knowledge of carbon enables LOOK to offer two levels of rigidity on its 695 frame.

The concept of component integration is one of aesthetics combined with technology aimed at optimising performance. After the powerful 695, and the all-terrain 920, this concept continues with the all new 675. LOOK approaches with holism, where form meets function.

22 23



The very essence of LOOK in a frame: integration and innovation at the highest level, for unmatched control. C-Stem handlebar stem, HSC7 fork, HeadFit 3 headset, EPost seat post, and above all ZED 2 crankset for maximum power transfer, the 695 is the high-performance frame.


E-POST Integrated carbon seat post with elastomer to improve rider comfort. Adjustable by +/- 30 mm with the seat tube.

695 Frame A 100% carbon single-piece frame a featherweight of 900 gr.*

*gross frame in size M

C-STEM Adjustable carbon stem integrated into the frame. Can be inclined from -9 to +13 (no spacers).


HEADFIT 3 LOOK patented headset that is adjusted independently of the stem.


Rear dropoUts In compressed carbon for moulding of bases and seat stays: improved weight/ reliability ratio. BB 65 Oversize bottom bracket ZED 2 One-piece 100% carbon crankset with unequalled weight/stiffness ratio. Crank arms adjustable from 170mm to 175 mm using a three-lobe nut. HSC 7 One-piece 100% carbon fork (fork + frame tabs). Very light : only 295 gr.

The LOOK 695 is a race bike that exhibits the truest reection of a real, integrated Formula One-design philosophy of any bike on the market. (...) It is a bike that makes you want to sit up and say magnique!

24 25


695 technologY
The pinnacle of LOOK technology serving the most demanding racing cyclists. The rst road bike to feature such integration, for unfailing efciency.

The culmination of 5 years of studies, it was designed to be as light as possible while being ultra rigid. The crankset (star + axis + handles) only weighs 320 g. It is this weight rigidity ration that is in fact a unique part and


that brings an exceptional performance. This unit runs inside an oversized crankset casing of 65 mm, an exclusive LOOK product. The star of the ZED 2 crankset is compatible with all double or compact chain wheels. The star is pierced to accept the 2 axel spaces of 110 and 130 mm. LOOK has developed its own patent to arrive at this attachment system inside the star. 695, 596 and L96 models are all tted with ZED cranksets. On the road, in triathlon or on the track, its outstanding stiffness will enable you to develop your pedalling power.

The Continuous Fibre Design (CFD) concept was put in application for the design of the HSC 7 fork. We optimize the mechanical performance of the carbon bre by reducing all the angular thresholds and variations. The effort in uniformly distributed over the whole fork. Since several years (HSC6) the tabs are moulded and compressed with the arms of the fork, which allows making the area lighter while reinforcing it. The conical pivot optimized by the CFD allows positioning the bearing directly on the forks head. A new standard bearing 11/2 comes to improve the uniform distribution of the effort. Thanks to its 100% single-piece design,

we obtain a more rigid fork, resisting to the most severe tests while being ultra lightweight (295 gr).


On a traditional stem, the height setting is done by adding spacers. Their accumulation lessens the lateral rigidity and moves the stem away from the headset, where the renewal of effort is located.

A single screw serves to adjust the height and to tighten the stem. The rigidity and handling are increased. For pedalling standing and for sprinting, the energy loss is lessened. The weight rigidity ratio of the C-Stem is one of the best on the market. Two at sections on the pivot ensure the perfect positioning of the stem without having to do any settings. The pivot is delivered cut at the right height; it is no longer necessary to calculate the height of the cut.
3 1 2

LOOK has developed its own patented integrated saddle stem system: the E-Post. A series of elastomers completely isolate the saddle stem from the frame: no part of the E-Post other than the elastomers is in contact with the frame. The roads mini-shocks and

seat post

vibrations are absorbed by the elastomers, the hardness of which is interchangeable (black elastomer = hard, red = average and grey = exible). It thus offers personalized settings adapted to the different types of roads, to the mileage and to the cyclists preferences.

1. 0 2. -9 3. +13




Scan to see the 695 video

26 27



A unique bike by LOOK: with the Premium range, LOOK offers enthusiasts exclusive and highly complex graphics which are impossible to produce on a large scale, and which can be personalised by adding your name or signature.


28 29

695 FLAG

LOOK adorns the agship of its range, the 695, with colours from around the whole world. With 19 colour schemes already available, you will nd the one for you. You will always have the option of personalising it by adding your name or signature.

The special FLAG EDITION Premium Collection comprises 19 colour schemes, others to be seen very soon at www.lookcycle.com

30 31



The 586 SL, a benchmark frame, benets from the know-how acquired during development of the 695. The use of pre-impregnated high bre content carbon allows the unit to be lighter while retaining the same performance. The 586 SL, a pleasing combination of exibility and stiffness, is a multi-purpose frame that will delight cycling acionados.

E-POST Integrated carbon seat post with elastomer to improve rider comfort. Adjustable by +/- 30 mm with the seat tube.

586 SL Frame One-piece carbon Super Light (SL) frame: 950 gr. Seat stays and rear triangle designed to increase comfort.

HEADFIT 2 Allows headset to be adjusted independently of stem. Adjustment via a threaded insert blocked against the fork pivot. The compression kit is eliminated, which gives a weight saving of 40 g.

HSC 6 One-piece 100% carbon fork weighing only 350 grammes. Compressed moulded carbon frame tabs in continuation of fork.

Rear dropoUts In compressed carbon for moulding of bases and seat stays: improved weight/reliability ratio


32 33



The LOOK 675 came about from the will to integrate. The latest monocoque carbon frame stands out as a bike that is sporty and comfortable. It combines rigidity and efciency in the front triangle and is compliant within the rear triangle. By incorporating the stem, cable guides and press t bottom bracket housing, LOOK has turned the 675 into a sleek and compact bike with uid lines. Giving the sensation of being one with your bike.
675 FRAME Monocoque frame in HM carbon. Carbon reinforced head tube, bottom bracket shell and seat tube for greater rigidity and strength in the areas under the greatest stress. A-STEM An application of our Direct Drive concept: optimising the riders posture thanks to the incorporation of the reversible stem.

27.2 SEAT POST Flexible carbon seat post Diameter: 27.2 mm INTEGRATED SEAT CLAMP Integrated seat clamp, its design blends into that of the frame for uid lines.

DCSC 2 Dual Comfort and Stiffness Concept 2: the ideal compromise between rigidity and comfort. Sports geometry which also provides a high degree of comfort.

HEADFIT 4 LOOK patented headset that dispenses with headset adjustment. 675 Fork 100% carbon monocoque fork specially designed for the 675, its design is consistent with the uid lines of the frame. RemoVable cable stops The 675 accommodates internal cable routing. It is mechanical, DI2 and EPS compatible.

STAYS Optimised chainstay rigidity for effective power transfer.

BB PRESS FIT 86.5 mm Bearings are integrated into the frame for longer life. More aesthetically rened, the bottom bracket shell is also wider and more rigid.


You will nd all the technology in the 675 and its app at www.lookcycle.com

34 35

Competitive riders have been the rst to benet from it. Today the benets of integration are affordable for all with the 675. Here technology is directed towards comfort and pleasure, never forgetting efciency.

For the rst time on a road bike, LOOK has completely integrated the stem into the frame design. As well as the aesthetic impact this integration allows us to apply our Direct Drive concept meaning optimising all the cockpit parameters. We achieve this by using a short head tube tapering from 1 at the bottom to 1 1/8 at the top and removing the spacers. With this


shorter pivot, oversized bearings and a stiffer stem, the whole cockpit is stiffer and more accurate. The A-Stem permits very accurate height and length adjustments without having to add spacers.

The 675 adopts the Press Fit standard: the bearings are integrated into the frame for better nishes, which also protects them from contamination. The Press Fit standard seals the bearings better because they are inserted into polyamide cups that are than pressed into the frame. Consequently tting the bottom bracket is eased and its durability increased. The other advantage is that the frame is wider at the crankset because it includes the bearings. As a result the lateral stiffness increases, guaranteeing better transmission of pedalling forces.



The 675 is the latest born LOOK road frame. It benets from a completely new manufacturing process: the 3 most highly loaded frame zones are rst draped on mandrels before being placed inside the mould with the rest of the frame for moulding. This technology permits a large gain in stiffness and a stronger frame.


The 675 is designed in a very sporting spirit whilst being comfortable. The geometry takes this double objective into account and, for example, adopts a fairly high head tube to favour comfortable positions. The fork dampens vibrations, the bases and stays adopt a carbon composition and a shape ensuring a 25 % difference in lateral and vertical stiffness. This is the secondgeneration DCSC (Dual Comfort and Stiffness Concept) concept. This concept is based on attening the tube sections without reducing their diameter. The lateral rigidity is improved, also improving the vertical exibility.

The 675 has integrated cable passages in the down tube and in the right base and removable cable stops (LOOK patent). By changing these stops, mechanical groupsets can be mounted as easily as the Shimano (DI2) or Campagnolo (EPS) electric groupsets.



36 37

Scan to see the LOOK 675 video and you will nd all its technology at www.lookcycle.com



The 566 was specially designed for cyclists looking for a highly versatile bike, and it is ideal for endurance tests. Yet the comfort is not at the detriment of performance: LOOK has the know-how allowing it to propose ultra-lightweight weight carbon frames without compromising the bikes security and its performance. It is designed to be both rigid in strategic places (for example its crankset casing) while remaining comfortable.

Compatible with 27.2 mm seat posts To ensure greater rider comfort the 566 adapts to all 27.2 mm diameter seat posts (this diameter allows for better seat post exing).

566 Frame One-piece carbon frame in a mixture of HR and HM bres for an excellent compromise between stiffness and comfort. Lightweight: 1100 g.

Compact geometry Geometry designed to increase feeling of comfort. The height of the head tube has been increased while the frame length is standard.

Comfort Carbon Design Fork One-piece 100% carbon fork designed to increase both the riders comfort and cycling stability.

X-design Stays The bases and stays are designed with a attened section in their centre, which increases their ability to absorb vibrations. This increases the tube width, which heightens lateral rigidity at the rear of the frame.


38 39



The X-85 heralds LOOKs return to cyclocross. The X-85, a truly avant garde product, is tted with disk brakes to allow it to be used on every type of terrain, even in the very worst conditions. The Mud Evac rear stays have been designed for optimal mud evacuation. The horizontal tube is at for easy shouldering and comfort. The carbon frame is lightweight and stiff allowing you to achieve your very best performances.

Compatible with 27.2 mm seat posts To ensure greater rider comfort the X-85 adapts to all 27.2 mm diameter seat posts (this diameter allows for better seat post exing). MUd EVac Stays for great mud evacuation.

X-85 Frame HM Carbon, Tube To Tube construction. IS disk brake ttings. Lightweight: 1,150 gr.

Rear wheel axle length 135 mm, compatible with 29 in. MTB wheels Fork 100% carbon, specic cyclocross geometry. IS disk brake ttings. Headset play 11/8

Disk brakes For maximum efciency, even in the most extreme conditions.

DCSC bases Dual Comfort and Stiffness Concept : ltration of vibrations and improved transmission of pedalling effort.

40 41

596 I-PACK


The 596 I-Pack was developed with one aim in mind: aerodynamics. Digital wind tunnel calculations and full-scale trials at the Nevers/Magny-Cours wind tunnel to optimise frame geometry, one-piece sub-assembly construction and VHM carbon for lightness and stiffness. The 596 I-Pack was the rst bicycle in the LOOK range to have integrated components: ZED 2 crankset with Keo Blade carbon pedals, indexed carbon stem and offset aerodynamic fork, E-Post R32 integrated seat post: everything is designed to improve performance.


E-POST R32 Entirely insulated from the frame by elastomers, it provides a high degree of comfort by absorbing vibration. In the triathlon version it is reversible, and can be adjusted by 32 mm forwards or backwards.

596 IPACK Frame 100% carbon monocoque frame. Manufacturing technology derived from the aviation industry enabling strength and rigidity to be improved.

Indexed stem Composed of 2 compressed carbon arms and an aluminium collar. It is adjustable by rotation of the carbon arms and offers two starting position options. The association between the fork and the stem provides excellent stiffness and precise steering.


ZED 2 One-piece carbon crankset with unequalled weight/stiffness ratio. Cranks + shaft + star= 320 grammes. Crank arms adjustable from 170mm to 175mm using a three-lobe nut. Designed for a BB65 bottom bracket.

Offset aero fork The fork was subject to the same aerodynamic design development as the rest of the frame. It plays a key role, because it is in effect the cycles leading edge. Seen from front-on, the frame is almost hidden by the fork.

Get all the odds stacked in your favour with the Ko Blade Aro, the only pedal specially developed for triathlons and time trials.

42 43

Sylvain Sudrie European Long Distance Vice-champion French LD Champion 2012



The 576 is the triathlon frame in the 2013 range. It has a special geometry, with a tube angle of 78, allowing the triathlete to take up a forward position which is both aerodynamic and comfortable for the upper body. It is extremely versatile, and will be in its element whether on hilly or at courses.

RSP R5 The RSP R5 non-integrated carbon seat post gives the 576 added simplicity. Reversible, for a +/- 5 mm adjustment on the seat tube.

576 frame LOOK uses the best VHM carbon bres to produce this frame. This ensures exceptional aerodynamic performance combined with extreme lightness: this is one of the only aerodynamic frames to weigh less than 1100 grammes, making it a very versatile frame.

576 Aero Fork The 576 fork was developed especially for the frame. Its prole, with its aerodynamic branch cross-sections, reduces turbulence to a minimum.

44 45



On the occasion of the London Olympics, LOOK is introducing its new weapon for the track: the L96. The rst track frame to feature such advanced integration, it has been developed to optimise its aerodynamics and improve power transfer. Its amazing qualities of rigidity and efciency have made it a new ally for track riders in the 2012 Olympics.

SADDLE CLAMP Fully integrated and continuous up to the saddle rails. Forged carbon head High precision angle adjustment.

FRAME Monocoque HM carbon frame with optimised aerodynamics in compliance with UCI regulations.

STEM One-piece hollow stem in forged carbon. New LOOK patented system for continuous angular adjustment. Excellent aerodynamic quality and high rigidity. CARBON HANDLEBARS Specially developed for the track. Improves the bikes overall aerodynamics.

FORK 100% carbon monocoque fork, mix of 3 types of bre (HR, IM and HM). Frontal/lateral rigidity ratio developed for increased precision.

BB 65 TRACK Oversized bottom bracket with increased rigidity over the road version.

ZED TRACK Track version of ZED 100% carbon one-piece crankset. Extremely rigid and aerodynamic. Variable crank length. Available in two sizes.

L96 black white

I am completely satised. You get the impression of becoming one with the bike. It is all good!... Grgory Baug, World Champion 2012, speed trial. I think there is nothing better! It is a Formula 1!, Its truly impressive... Michal DAlmeida, Silver medallist, World Championships 2012, kilometre trial.
Scan to see the L96 video and you will nd all its technology at www.lookcycle.com

46 47

596 BLACK white


This track version of the 596 is ideal for pursuit racing. The Chinese, Canadian and French federations have not chosen this version by chance: optimum aerodynamics through digital wind tunnel calculations and full-scale trials at the Nevers/Magny-Cours wind tunnel, one-piece construction of sub-assemblies to increase stiffness, ultra light, rigid VHM carbon...

E-POST R32 Entirely insulated from the frame by elastomers, it provides a high degree of comfort by absorbing vibration. In the triathlon version it is reversible, and can be adjusted by 32 mm forwards or backwards.

596 IPACK Frame 100% carbon monocoque frame. Manufacturing technology derived from the aviation industry enabling strength and rigidity to be improved.

Indexed stem Composed of 2 compressed carbon arms and an aluminium collar. It is adjustable by rotation of the carbon arms and offers two starting position options. The association between the fork and the stem provides excellent stiffness and precise steering.

Offset aero fork The fork was subject to the same aerodynamic design development as the rest of the frame. It plays a key role, because it is in effect the cycles leading edge. Seen from front-on, the frame is almost hidden by the fork.


48 49

AL 464 P


This track frame was originally intended for cycling schools and takes on the characteristics of a track champion, the 496. It originates from the geometry of the 496. The use of aluminium is adapted to track riders wishing to train in the best conditions and fully benet from LOOKs experience.

Geometry Derived from the 496, the track champion.

AL 464P Frame Top quality 6061 aluminium, to make no concessions over lightness. 1,600 g.

Fork 100% reinforced carbon to meet the demands of track racing. Extra light and sturdy, its aerodynamic prole reduces turbulence to a minimum.

Diagonal tUbe Oversize tube for enhanced frame stiffness. Good aerodynamic performance.

50 51



With the 920, LOOK is offering a new generation of full suspension MTBs: a full carbon frame for exceptional lateral stiffness and lightweight, with a drive allowing 120 mm of clearance for exciting descents and high performance climbs! The new height-adjustable A-stem guarantees absolute steering precision.

920 Frame All VHM carbon, full suspension frame. 120 mm clearance. One-piece front triangle, asymmetric rear triangle.

A-Stem The application of our Direct Drive concept: the optimisation of the steering position through integration of a reversible stem.

Mega Flex stays Replace the traditional pivot point thanks to the natural exibility of carbon.

Kinematics Anti-pumping, anti kickback mono-pivot drive with rocker tie-rod. Replacement of the traditional pivot point with a attened section on the stays, which ex when the suspension is operating.

920 Kit Carbon : Carbon rocker and seat post All the 920 Carbon Kit accessories have been optimised to achieve this ultra light version. 920 : aluminium rocker, seat post and shock absorber.

Protections Metallic protection moulded in the diagonal tube, which increases impact resistance by over 60% without added weight. Aluminium protection on the right base, level with the chainrings, to prevent damage to the carbon in the event of chainsuck.

52 53

The 920 is the rst MTB to feature LOOK integration technology. Thanks to the A-Stem, it offers optimum steering precision and handling. All details have been taken care of when designing this frame to give you lightweight, efciency and rigidity.




The kinematics of the 920 is of single-pivot type with tip over rocker. The main pivot point was precisely positioned to obtain the desired rear wheel path, the geometry and the position of the rocker were subject to long hours of work and of numerous tests to obtain the shock


absorption ratio curves and thus the desired path of the rear suspension, resulting in a high level of rigidity and an exemplary behaviour. Our experience in the use of carbon allowed us to continue further: we replaced the pivot point located on the stays by an accurately calculated at section that allows us to do without rolling bearing, the stays bend when the suspension operates offering an unequalled level of reliability. We thus obtain more laterally rigid stays, which is easier and does not require more maintenance.

Once again, LOOK has not overlooked the protection of your MTB frame, the 920 has our moulded metallic protection in the diagonal tube, we have added a cable guide under the bottom bracket that acts as a shoe as well as an aluminium protection on the right base at plates level to prevent damaging the carbon in case of chain lifts.

The 920 innovates by incorporating our Direct Drive concept in its MTB version. The Direct Drive concept refers to the optimization of the cockpit with the goal of rigidity, reliability and safety to reach a

maximum performance level. We arrive at this result through the use of a short and tapered head tube (11/2 below and 11/8 above) and the suppression of spacers since the adjustment of the handlebars height is now done through the use of our A-Stem.


The carbon rocker allows a gain of 50gr in relation to its aluminium counterpart, it is the nal optimisation touch for this upper range version of the 920 on which every ounce counts.

54 55



All the components of the 920 Kit Carbon are made of carbon, from the single-piece front triangle to the asymmetric rear triangle, including its rocker and its seatpost, you thus fully prot of the performance level and lightness that our control of carbon procures.

Scan to see the 920 video

986 epost


The 986 is a hardtail that combines comfort and performance. This exceptional combination is made possible by its rear triangle, designed to heighten comfort, and the new LOOK A-stem which ensures excellent steering response. The use of carbon gives stiffness and lightweight, making the 986 ideal for cross-country, whether in competition or recreational riding.

E-POST R5 Entirely insulated from the frame by elastomers, it provides a high degree of comfort by absorbing vibration. In the MTB version it is reversible, and can be adjusted by 5 mm forwards or backwards.

986 FRAME Mixed one-piece carbon/ tube to tube frame: onepiece front triangle for greater lightness. Base and stays connected using tube-to-tube technology for high strength.

A-Stem The application of our Direct Drive concept: the optimisation of the steering position through integration of a reversible stem.

Protections Metallic protection moulded in the diagonal tube, which increases impact resistance by over 60% without added weight. Aluminium protection on the right base, level with the chainrings, to prevent damage to the carbon in the event of chainsuck.

DCSC bases and stays Dual Comfort and Stiffness Concept. Tubes attened to provide better vertical exibility. Results: improved comfort, better driveability and increased lateral stiffness for optimum pedalling effectiveness.

BB 30 Oversize bottom bracket to improve energy transfer without compromising lightness.

986 RSP
56 57

Axe axe rel Axe axe virtuel Axe haut Recul virtuel Recul rel Standover

C 568 581,5 582,5 599 615 D 70,5 67,5 61 61 61 E 136 141 153 161 165
Recul virtuel


566 (1)
H XS = 49 S = 51 M = 53 L = 55 XL =57

A2 430 432 450 465 485

Axe axe rel

A1 510 530 550 575 590

Axe axe virtuel

A 480 490 500 525 545

Axe haut

Accomp 50 58 50 60 60

Sloping 80 98 100 110 105

B 510 526 542 558 574

B 494,5 509 523 539 555

E 116 119 128 135 140

Recul rel

F 43 43 43 43 43

G 410 410 410 410 410

HAV 65 65 65 65 65

I 71 71,5 72,5 72,5 72,5

J 74,5 74,5 73,7 73,7 73,7

K 125 145 164 185 205

KO 98 116 131 156 171

L 368 368 368 368 368


Milieu tube - sol 740 755 767 791 808

986 E POST
H S M L Stack 524 537 552 566 580,5
Limite coupe


L sans SAG 473 473 473




Limite coupe A partir du haut du tube 150 150 150

Axe - haut minimum

640 690 740

565 595 625

623 654 684

80 80 80

39 39 39

425 425 425

30 30 30

70 70 70

72,5 72,5 72,5

99 115 131

390 415 440

551 566 585

738 758 765

490 540 590

675 (2)
H XS = 49 S = 51 M = 53 L = 55 XL = 57

A2 458 472 491 506 521

Axe axe rel

A1 543,5 557 575 590,5 606

Axe axe virtuel

A 475 489 508 523 538

Axe haut

Accomp 17 17 17 17 17

Sloping 85,5 85 84 84,5 85

B 511 520 538,5 554 571

B 495 504 521 537 552

C 571 576 580 593 608

D 69 66 61 61 61

E 145 149 160 167,5 174

Recul virtuel

E 125 129 140 147 153

Recul rel

F 43 43 43 43 43

G 410 410 410 410 410

HAV 65 65 65 65 65

I 71,25 71,25 72,5 72,5 72,5

J 74,5 74,5 73,75 73,5 73,25

K 132 144 157 172 187

L 368 368 368 368 368

Milieu tube - sol (axe boitier) 797 809 825 838 852

Reach 365,5 371 378 387 397


986 RSP

A 440 480 520

B 565 595 625

C 623 654 684

D 80 80 80

F 39 39 39

G 425 425 425

HAV 30 30 30

I 70 70 70

J 72,5 72,5 72,5

K 99 115 131

L sans SAG 473 473 473

Reach 390 415 440

Stack 551 566 585

Standover 738 758 765

586 SL (1)
H XS = 49 S = 51 M = 53 L = 55 XL = 57

A2 425 460 495 530 550

Axe axe rel

A1 490 510 530 550 570

Axe axe virtuel

A 625 660 695 730 760

Axe haut

Accomp 200 200 200 200 210

Sloping -65 -50 -35 -20 -20

B 520 530 540 560 575

B 507 519 530 555 570,5

C 575 578 577 593 603

D 67,6 64,4 58,2 58,2 58,2

E 129 138 146 156 167

Recul virtuel

E 122 135 147 161 164

Recul rel

F 43 43 43 43 43

G 405 405 405 405 405

HAV 70 70 70 70 70

I 71,5 72 73 73 73

J 74,75 74,25 74 73,5 73

K 109 127 149 157 179

KO 71 89 112 120 139

L 368 368 368 368 368

Haut tube - sol (axe boitier) 708 739 769 797 814

A partir du haut du tube 150 150 150 150 150

Limite coupe

Axe -haut minimum

475 510 545 580 610



L sans SAG 493 493 493 493




390 430 480 530

548 564 589 618

622 638 662 694

84 84 84 84

39 39 39 39

431 431 431 431

0 0 0 0

69,5 69,5 69,5 69,5

72,5 72,5 72,5 72,5

100 110 125 140

377 390 410 436

542 551 566 580

729 760 772 787

695 (1)
H XS = 49 S = 51 M = 53 L = 55 XL = 57 XXL = 59

A2 440 460 480 500 520 540

A1 490 510 530 550 570 590

A 635 660 695 730 750 770

Accomp 195 200 215 230 230 230

Sloping 50 50 50 50 50 50

B 515 530 545 560 575 585

B 505 520 534 549 564 573

C 575,7 581 583,4 596,2 608,8 613,5

D 70,7 64,4 58,2 58,2 58,2 58,2

E 129 136 146 154 162 172

E 117 124 133 141 149 159

F 43 43 43 43 43 43

G 405 405 405 405 405 405

HAV 65 65 65 65 65 65

I 71 72 73 73 73 73

J 74,75 74,5 74 73,75 73,5 73

K 122,5 140,5 162,5 170,5 192,5 211,5

KO 77 94,4 109,9 129,3 148,7 167,2

L 368 368 368 368 368 368

Haut tube Axe boitier 459,1 479,9 501,2 516,9 537,6 555,8

A partir du haut du tube 150 150 150 150 150 150

Axe - haut minimum 485 510 545 580 600 620

You will nd all the geometry tables for road, track, triathlon and MTB frames at www.lookcycle.com


C-Stem (695) Available lengths : 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 and 120mm.



Congure your bike on our website:


58 59


LOOK has developed a full range of accessories to constantly improve your performance. Whether it be for road use, taking part in a triathlon, mountain biking or on the track, they have been designed for perfect compatibility with your LOOK frame and will be matched to your activity, even at the highest level. Innovative and smart, LOOK accessories will put the nishing touch on your bike.


Adjustment: + or 5 mm Structure: single-piece hm carbon Saddle clamps: forged carbon Diameter: specic non circular Colours: black / red gloss varnish black/white mat varnish Accessories: comes with a specic collar adaptable on the frame


Adjustment: from -15 to -45 mm Structure: single-piece hm carbon Saddle clamps: forged carbon Diameter: specic non circular Colours: gloss varnished carbon nish 3k / mat varnished carbon nish 3k Accessories: comes with a specic collar adaptable on the frame


Structure: hr carbone Colours: gloss or matt carbon / white Weight: 24 gr Accessories: 2 water bottle cage mount bolts


Structure: hm carbon Lengths available: 80mm - 90 mm - 100 mm - 110 mm -120 mm Angulations possible: from -9 to +13 (equivalent to 55 mm of spacers) Colours: Black gloss silver varnish / Black mat silver varnish / Black gloss white varnish Weight: 170 grs


Structure: 3D forged aluminium then machined Lengths available: 80mm - 90 mm - 100 mm - 110 mm -120 mm (half moon shaped part to adjust the length by + or - 10 mm sold separately) Possible angles : + or - 5 mm (lengths 80/ 90 / 100 /110 / 120 mm) + or -15 mm (lengths 100 / 110 mm) Colour: black Weight: 180 grs

Structure: one piece hm carbon Length: 350mm (useable length: 270 mm) Diameter: 27.2 Mm Saddle offset: 20 mm Colour: gloss varnish carbon Weight: 178 gm


Structure: CnC machined aluminium Weight: 92 gm in 52 tooth / 46 gm in 42 teeth

Structure: carbon Sizes: 350mm / 370 mm / 400 mm (centre to centre) Reach: 83 mm Drop: 117 mm Starter diameter: 27 mm Stem diameter: 31.8 Mm Weight: 350mm= 325g, 370mm= 355g, 400mm= 375g

Structure: eva deformable material Colours: white or black

60 61
Composition: hm carbon arm, aluminium pivot xing nut, aluminium casing Max. Length: 154 mm / Min. Length: 0 mm Max. Height: 124 mm / Min. Height: 126 mm Diameter: tted to fork pivot 11/8 Weight 331 grs


2012 - 2013


Comfort and technology. Two key words in the design of LOOK cycling wear. Cut, materials, design, etc., everything has been developed for your wellbeing and performance.


62 63






64 65


To get involved is to work for the benet of others. From its inception, we have been lending our support to associations and bodies to propel them towards new victories. LOOK has backed Mcnat Chirurgie Cardiaque, a medical charity, since 2003. This association which was set up by Patrice Roynette, enables underprivileged children suffering from heart defects to be operated on and saved. Numerous celebrities ride throughout the year on Les Vlos Du Cur LOOK [LOOK heart bikes] and especially in the Tour de France in support of this charity. The brands stands shoulder to shoulder with athletes and encourages them in their quest to surpass themselves. LOOK is one of the few ofcial suppliers to the French Cycling Federation that date back to its inception. It provides equipment for professional athletes as well as to the French elites who distinguish themselves in the various international championships and races. Our involvement transcends boundaries. Together with the Bikes For The World association, LOOK has enabled young cyclists in developing countries to practise their cycling. Over 400 frames have already been handed over in this way to mainly African teams. A land where a splendid passion for cycling is growing, Africa is serving up some wonderful surprises like Team Rwanda. A brave development that has also received support from LOOK.

Visit our web site for full details of our products. Use the congurator to customize your LOOK cycle frame.

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