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png[/img][/center] [FONT=Comic Sans MS] [color=#d113ee]Race:[/color] Imperial [color=#2360dd]Gender:[/color] I'd hope that was obvious, but for the sake of fi lling out every blank - male. [color=#6e23dd]Age and birthsign:[/color] Born under the sign of the Thief - som e nights when the wind is cold and howling, and Falx seems a bit more honest tha n usual, a person asking the right questions in the right place might be told th e story of how Falx hates birthdays, refusing to remember his own. Mostly due to his father always referencing his birth sign as a premonition; a forshadowing o f how Falx, by manner of his birth, had stolen the family dreams and aspirations . [color=#dd9323]Known As:[/color] To his associates and general acquaintances he is known only as Falx. To his sup eriors or unacknowledged (usually hated) authority figures he is called Quintus. Only his mother would know his family name Aurelius. [color=#d113ee]Misc. Names:[/color] Some women have been known to call him god when in the throes of amorous passion. A few of the locals at the tavern he frequents have called him a bastard, a chea t and a fancy pants nancy boy who talks too much. I think one time he was also cal led a fizzle . [color=#2360dd]Titles[/color] He is the son of Quintus Aurelius Cossa, great grandson of Quintus Aurelius Gaiu s. Which ... means... nothing. He titles himself the "Hopeless Wanderer" or the "Sophisticate Vagabond" He speaks little of his past and what he does discuss is highly embellished if not an outright lie. [color=#6e23dd]'At first glimpse...':[/color] Falx is a handsome man. Everything about him could be described in one word - "s mooth". From his complexion, to his manner of speech to his lacksidasical stride . He has dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin. His eyes twinkle with intelligence , but just beneath that spark is a cynical heart. At first encounter he may seem vibrant with a flair for the dramatic, but beneath that flashy exterior is a sa dness that he rarely speaks of. He is the tragic clown. [center][img] 2ffd.png[/img][/center] [center][img] eb105ad.jpg[/img][/center] [FONT=Comic Sans MS] [color=#dd9323]Background:[/color] His clothing and possessions are in good repa ir, some even fairly new. For this reason it could be assumed he has possessed s

ome wealth - either currently or at a time past, though he would never tell. His past he keeps a mystery, exchanging half-truths and lies instead of a chronolog ical list of events. What few details he has made known would suggest that he ha d an ambivalent upbringing - he rarely speaks well of his father, but his mother is a completely different story. He speaks of her with a reverence most reserve for dieties or spiritual beings of great goodness. He is and was a momma's boy. [color=#d113ee]Factions and loyalties:[/color] Currently he has allied himself w ith the Ebonhart Pact. Mostly due to his current company - a stalwart Argonian c ompanion, Grasimnio. For the most part, his loyalties shift with the wind. He's an easy-going sort, following his whims (and his purse). [color=#2360dd]Legacy:[/color] Legacies are for people who take themselves eriously. Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind. Nothing lasts, ie and you are promptly forgotten, maybe the name lives on - but what's in e? No legacies, today is all we have, so let's eat, drink and be merry for row we die. too s you d a nam tomor

[color=#6e23dd]Prejudice and judgement:[/color] The benefit of forsaking anythin g akin to a legacy is that it allows you freedom from most rash biases and judge ments. The only people Falx finds tedious are authoritarian rule book sticklers, dim wits and violent barbarians. [center][img] e4df5ff.png[/img][/center] [center][img] 78fd037f63a99926_zps29152974.jpg[/img][/center] [FONT=Comic Sans MS] [color=#dd9323]Aesthetics:[/color] He prefers jewel tones - rich reds, deep blue s, twilight purples. Falx is a fan of color and color coordination. The clothes make the man, or so he says. His hair is always freshly oiled - not oily - but s cented and soft to the touch. It falls in loose chocolate curls around his shoul ders. His hazel eyes shift in color from greyish-blues to gold-greens depending on his mood and attire. He's of average height with a lean, muscular frame. He i s agile, and moves with a languid grace - like water, always seeking the path of least resistence. [color=#d113ee]Trinkets and jewelry:[/color] He wears an ornate ring - with a th ick gold band and crimson stone - on his left pinky finger. Despite the thicknes s of the band, it is definately a woman's ring - with and edge of flowers that f orm the stone's setting. He is known to wear a few other pieces of gold jewelry, some necklaces, a layering of fine gold bracelets, but these change often. [color=#2360dd]In their bag:[/color] No one who has seen has lived to tell, so y our guess is as good as any. He is seen frequently with a thick, black, leather bound journal. It's pages are worn, torn and it's binding battle scarred. He wri tes in it often but displays it never. He also carries a deck of cards. Each one ornately detailed with gold edgings. He's known to shuffle and sort them, idlel y twirling one card at a time out of the deck with a single hand. [center][img] png[/img][/center] [center][img] n_19_large_zps3bdb6380.jpg[/img][/center]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS] [color=#6e23dd]Personality:[/color] He's a cocky, roguish sort. Always quick wit h a compliment or a witticism. He loves to hear his own voice and would converse with a tree stump if that's all that was present. He is confident at times to t he point of arrogance, unapologetic, but never rude. He admires women, literally and figuratively. He's never one to not make his interest known, but would neve r force his affection on any unwilling. He's easy come, easy go, typical in his fear of commitment, lavish with his praise and good at slight of hand - though m ost of it is strictly for show, he's only roguish in personality, not profession . [color=#dd9323]Talents and weaknesses:[/color] He is a proficient healer. An ade pt at curing what ails you. In his own words, "I'm a lover not a fighter" - a se ntiment impressed on him at a young age by his mother. He is good around a spell or two, whether it's to set a broken bone or to grant refreshment from the road -weary. He's an expert card-player, a fair singer, a decent song-writer, and a h obbiest poet. His weakness is good food, good wine and a beautiful face (particu larly the eyes, he's been enslaved by several pairs of bejeweled eyes in his tra vels.) Falx is also a bit of a loud-mouth, failing to contain his emotional outb ursts in the face of brutish injustice or stupidity. [color=#d113ee]Motivations:[/color] His only motivation is to fill this short, p ainful and suffering existence with some beauty. The world is a cruel and cold p lace, and too often the beautiful savagry goes unnoticed, his life goal is to be a passive participant of this fleeting moment. He pretends to care about coin, but comfort is really his only motivation. To be comfortable and drunk... with a warm body to sleep against - those are his only motivations. [color=#2360dd]Critiques?[/color] Yes please! I welcome all forms of critique, from constructive to destructive.

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