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l u Seo
Never ending story

The Center of Seoul where the City Center Past Meets the Present
08 City Hall Area 10 Myeong-dong Euljiro Namdaemun MarketNamsan 12 Key to Symbols
UNESCO World Heritage Accommodation Museum / Gallery Performance Hall Shopping Tourist Information Center Craft Studio Restaurant Police Station Post Office Embassy Hospital Bank School University Seoul Free Wi-Fi * Airport Limousine City Tour Bus Casino Theater Club
* Seoul Free Wi-Fi

A Walk to the Ancient Palace that Palace Quarter Breathes History

16 18 20 22 Gwanghwamun Cheonggyecheon Jongno Insa-dong Samcheong-dong Bukchon

Dongdaemun Street of Passion for Shopping and Arts & Around 26 Dongdaemun Market
Daehangno 28

University Streets of Cafes, Galleries, and College Life Quarter 32 Hongik Univ. Sangsu Area
Sinchon 34 Ewha Womans Univ. Area

Yongsan Global District Within Seoul on the & Yeouido Riverside of Hangang
Itaewon 38 Yeouido 40

Embracing both tradition and the present, nature and the latest technology, Seoul is now reaching beyond Asia to become reborn as a global city. This book presents the never-ending stories of a dynamic city through its seven most distinguished districts. Seoul, where experiences beyond your wildest dreams await.

l u o Se
Never ending story
City Center Palace Quarter Dongdaemun & Around University Quarter


The Mecca of the Lastest Fashion Trend

44 46 48 50 52 Apgujeong-dong Cheongdam-dong Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil Area Gangnam Station Area Samseong Station Area Seocho

Available Area


A Green Retreat in Seoul, Full of Surprises

56 Jamsil 58 Songpa 60 61 62 66 68 70 Gourmet in Seoul Shopping in Seoul Seoul Travel Information Seoul City Tour Bus Seoul City Walking Tours Seoul Tourist Map

Charge Hours

Foreign Assistance
Location Contact Website

Publishing Date January 2014 Published by Seoul Metropolitan Government, Tourism Business Division Planning and production Seoul Tourism Organization Design Design Soomokwon j contentree m&b

Yongsan & Yeouido Gangnam

Seoul Tourism Website

Travel information about Seoul: Call 120 and then press 9 when you hear a recorded message in Korean. (You can choose from the following languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Mongolian.)

Ofcial title Seoul Special City | Area 605.33 km2 | Population 10,143,645 (Dec. 2013) | Language Korean Climate Temperate | Currency unit won (\, KRW) | Local standard time GMT+9 (Korea Standard Time) Country code +82 | Local code Seoul 02 (When calling from abroad, omit "0" and just press "2".)


City Center

The Center of Seoul where the Past Meets the Present

City Hall Area / Myeong-dongEuljiro Namdaemun MarketNamsan


Gyeongbokgung Palace Anguk Gyeongbokgung


Changgyeonggung Palace Jongmyo Shrine

The city hall area is the undisputable heart of Seoul where you can see either a wide stretch of green grass, or modern skyscrapers standing in harmony with palaces that are hundreds of years old. Of all tourist magnets in the area, where the past blends with the present in harmony, Deoksugung Palace has particular signicance as the background of Koreas modern and contemporary history. Deoksugung is the only palace among the ve ancient palaces in Seoul that shows a modern architectural style. It attracts tourists with the majestic sight of Seokjojeon, which is Koreas first modern stone building, and Jeonggwanheon (Pavilion), where King Gojong, the 26th king of the Joseon Period, is reported to have enjoyed his coffee. After touring the Deoksugung area, take a walk along the Doldam-gil that takes you to the Seoul Museum of Art. This road is often called the most beautiful walking path in Seoul with the ginkgo trees lining both sides. The city hall area is within ten minutes of other popular tourist attractions, such as Myeong-dong and Namdaemun Market, which is a six hundred year old market where you can enjoy bargaining with merchants. Myeong-dong, on the other hand, is the modern shopping district where you can nd top-quality cosmetics. When the sun goes down, it is time to enjoy the lights that illuminate the nightlife of Seoul. The best place to have the entire night scene of Seoul in a single, sweeping vista is N Seoul Tower in Namsan (mountain). Go up to the observatory at N Seoul Tower, and watch the city of Seoul sparkling in the darkness of the night. This will surely be one of the most special moments in your visit to Seoul.

What to do
Namsangol Hanok Village Visitors to Namsangol Hanok Village can experience diverse Korean traditions such hanbok (traditional outt) and tea ceremony. (p.11) The N Seoul Tower Roof Terrace Originally built as a wooden deck for an aerial view of the city, the Roof Terrace is now more popular as a place where visitors hang their locks of love on the fence. You may want to leave your own lock with your loved ones name on it and let it be part of the endless parade of memories. (p.13) Namdaemun Market Mokjagolmok Visit the so-called Mokjagolmok (Eatery Alley) and indulge in popular street food such as braised cutlass fish, Kalguksu, and Hotteok, to name just a few. (p.13)

Local Tips
Use the Seoul City Tour Bus for convenient transportation to Deoksugung Palace, Myeong-dong, Namdaemun Market, and Seoul Station. A recommended place to visit along with the Seoul Museum of History, Gyeonghuigung Palace was once a palace massive enough to house a hundred structures within its facility during the Joseon Period. Some of the structures and the leafy woods behind the palace are in high demand as a location for lming historic movies.

City Hall Seoul Museum of Art Namdaemun Market Namsan Sungnyemun Gate Hoehyeon

Nam daem un-ro


0 250 500m

Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Gwanghwamun

Jongno 3(sam)ga

Gyeonghuigung Palace Seoul Museum of History

ro gilTon

Jonggak City Hall Area Seoul City Hall

Cheonggyecheon (Stream)

Euljiro 1(il)ga Euljiro 3(sam)ga Deoksugung Palace Watch the changing ceremony of royal guards called Sumunjang that takes place three times every day, before setting out for a laidback stroll on the Doldam-gil by Deoksugung. (p.9) Seoul City Hall Sky Square, an ecology landmark of Seoul that boasts the worlds largest Green Wall at the new Seoul City Hall building, is a place where you can take a break at a gallery or cafe on the 8th and 9th oors. (p.9) Myeong-dong Indulge yourself in shopping for the trends of Seoul on the street of Myeong-dong that is lined with department stores, duty free shops and designer and brand shops that sell clothes and cosmetics. (p.11) N Seoul Tower Go up the N Seoul Tower in Namsan Park where a beautiful walking path harmonizes with nature, and observe the night scene of Seoul that can be seen from this vantage point. (p.13)


Deoksugung Palace

Myeong-dong Cathedral Myeongdong Chungmuro Korea House


ng-ro Sogo

Namsangol Hanok Village

Suggested Itinerary
Culture Station Seoul 284 Seoul Station Namsan Public Library
ero il-da Sam

N Seoul Tower

Seoul Plaza (30mins) Deoksugung Palace (1hour 30mins) Deoksugung Doldam-gil (10mins) Seoul Museum of Art or Seoul Museum of History (1hour) Take a subway to Namdaemun Market (20mins) Shop and eat lunch in Namdaemun Market (2hours) Take a ride on the Namsan Cable Car (30mins) Visit N Seoul Tower (1hour 20mins) Take the Namsan Shuttle Bus to Myeongdong (20mins) Shop in Myeong-dong (2hours) Durations may vary depending on the itinerary and mode of transportation.

Namsan (Mountain)

C i t y C e n t e r

01 City Hall Area

Nearby subway station
1 2 City Hall

Plan your Trip

Watch the changing of the royal guards ceremony at Deoksugung Palace and take a walk Tour the Seoul City Hall building that is considered the ecology landmark of Seoul View diverse exhibitions at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Deoksugung Palace, Seoul Museum of Art, and Seoul Museum of History
Cheonggye Plaza

Dongwha Duty Free Shop (B1-3F)

Deo ksu gun g-g il

City Hall

Jeo ng Chungdong do ng First Methodist -gi l Church


Kookmin Hana Korea Samkyetang Woori



Nam daem un-ro

Hall City


Samsung Main Bldg.

Sejon g-dae ro 11 -gil

Sejong -daero


Seo som unro

L in e

Ramada Hotel&Suites Seoul Namdaemun



Se ou lS tat ion

0 75 150m Appx. 350m


1 Deoksugung Palace

Gwanghwamun P.16

Seoul City Tour Bus Platform Deoksoo Elementary School Salvation Army Sponge House Koreana

Hana Hanmiri Seoul Finance Center Singaporean Embassy(28F) New Kukje Best Western New Seoul

Chosun Ilbo Art Museum

An age-old historic palace originally built during the Joseon period, it is echoed in Koreas modern and contemporary history. In fact, it served as a historic backdrop during the Daehanjeguk (the Great Korean Empire) days. The only palace among all ancient palaces in Seoul to have a western-style garden, fountain, and a modern royal palace, it stands as the bridge between the middle and modern ages. The changing of the royal guards ceremony called Sumumjang that takes place at the main gate is one of the must-see sights of Seoul.
Adults 1,000 Minors 500 09:00-21:00 (Closed on Mondays) Regular events : Royal guard changing ceremonies 11:00 14:00 15:30 Weekdays English and Japanese-guided tour twice a day, Chinese-guided tour once a day, Weekends English, Japanese, Chinese-guided service, Each service once a day Line 1 City Hall Station. Exit 2 02-771-9951 http://www. 1-1 Doldam-gil Stone-wall road encircling Deoksugung. A beautiful place for a stroll with tall trees lining the street and an ancient stone wall.

Seoul Museum of History 5

Seokjojeon Pavilion

Seoul Cathedral Anglican Church of Korea British Embassy Dalgaebi Cecil Theater

il aero 21-g Sejong-d

Seoul Metropolitan Council


Korea Press Center

Sejong-daero 21-gil 2-1 Seoul City Hall Bldg.

4 5 3

2-2 Seoul Metropolitan Library

2 Seoul Plaza

3 Chongdong Theater

2 Seoul Plaza

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Deoksugung



1 Deoksugung Palace

This is a lawn plaza in front of Seoul City Hall. Here, various events including mini concerts, outdoor exhibitions and flea markets are held every weekend. During winter, a skating rink is set up for visitors to enjoy ice skating at a reasonable price.
2-1 Seoul City Hall building The New City Hall, Seouls brand new landmark. It is an eco-friendly building with the worlds largest indoor green wall. 2-2 Seoul Metropolitan Library The former Seoul City Hall building constructed in 1926 has been remodeled into Seoul Metropolitan Library which is open to everyone. Weekdays 09:00-21:00 (Some reference room 09:00-18:00), Weekend 09:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays) 02-2133-0300~1

Russian Embassy Baejae Park


m-gil 1-1 Dolda

Ticket Ofce 7 Daehanmun 6 1 7


The Plaza
-ro ong Sog

Seoul Museum of Art

Seoul City Hall Seoul Metropolitan Seosomun Building Council Annex 12 Shinhan 10 11 11 8


3 Chongdong Theater

Hanwha Bldg.

-gil Sejong-daero 18


If you want to experience the best of traditional Korean performing arts, you should visit this theater. Along with MISO, a regular traditional performance held every day at 16:00 and 20:00, the theater offers hands-on experience programs such as one on how to play the janggu (a traditional percussion instrument).
R seats 50,000 S seats 40,000 MISO performance 16:00, 20:00 (Closed on Mondays) Line 5 Seodaemun Station. Exit 5. Line 1, 2. City Hall Station. Exit 1, 12. 10minute walk 02-751-1500

L in e

o mun-r Seoso


Dominican Republic Embassy




4 Seoul Museum of Art

Namdaemun-ro 5-gil

Walk along the Doldam-gil near Deoksugung Palace, and you will arrive at this museum where you can view works by Korean artists and world-famous masters such as Chagall, Matisse and Picasso in exhibitions throughout the year.
Free (Admission fee applied for special exhibitions only) Weekdays 10:00-20:00, Mar.-Oct. Weekends 10:00-19:00 Nov.-Feb. Weekends 10:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays) Line 1, 2 City Hall Station. Exit 10, 11, 12. 5minute walk 02-2124-8800


il 2-g il-ro Tong

Gangseo Myeonok




El Salvador Embassy Shinhan Kookmin



un-ro Namdaem
24 Namdaemunno Underground Shopping Center

5 Seoul Museum of History

This is a museum where visitors can get a glimpse of life and culture in the early days of Seoul. The jewel in the crown of this museum collection is a scale model of the city. Built on a scale of 1:1,500, it provides visitors with a panoramic view of Seoul.
Free (Admission fee applied for special exhibitions only) Weekdays 09:00-20:00, Weekends Mar.-Oct. 09:00-19:00, Nov.-Feb. 09:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays) English, Japanese, Chinese audio guide available for rental Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station. Exit 7. Line 5. Seodaemun Station. Exit 4 02-724-0274~6


Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry

ro dae ngSejo

Sungnyemun Junction

-gil unsijang Namdaem


il 7-g

Sungnyemun Gate


Namdaemun Market


Samik Fashion Town




C i t y C e n t e r

02 Myeong-dongEuljiro

3 4

Plan your Trip


Nearby subway station

5 2 Euljiro 1(il)ga

4 Myeongdong

Shop for brand name products at major department stores and duty free shops Shop for unique accessories and a variety of Korean-made make-up on the streets of 8 7Myeong-dong Experience traditions of Korea at Namsangol Hanok village


Ferrum Tower

Mirae Asset Center One Bldg.


1 Myeong-dong Street
Hanbit Media Gallery

Jongno P.18

Hana 1

3 4 Hana IBK

Koreas most widely known shopping town, the streets are lined with department stores and shops that sell famous brand name make-up, clothes, and shoes.
1-1 Myeongdong Theater The theater, made by remodeling a baroque-style building constructed in 1934, is a theater dedicated to plays. With its archaic appearance and auditorium design that 11 12 closes the distance between the stage and the audience, it is considered the mecca of Korean live theater. Line 2 Euljiro 1(il)ga Station. Exit 6, Line 4 Myeongdong Station. Exit 6. 7minute walk 1644-2003 1-2 UNESCO House This is UNESCOs Korean ofce building. Nanta Theater Myeong-dong and restaurants are also located in this building. 1-3 Guanqian Street A street where you can encounter Chinese culture through Chinese dishes and household items.

50 100m

Euljiro 1(il)ga



Line 2

8 7 6


KEB Head Ofce


2 Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center




Lotte Town




Korea Federation of Banks

il 3-g g1 on gd n eo My

l ong 9-gi Myeongd

Lotte Dept. Store 13 Lotte Duty Free Shop (9-11F) 2 3 Lotte Dept. Store Avenuel ibis Ambassador

Namdaem un-ro

Myeongdong 11 -gil

Myeongdong 3-gil

2 Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center

Get free access to the Internet, make online reservations for lodging and performances, and experience chroma key technology in this center where 15 16 you also have a choice of over 400 tourist information leaets. The center also operates a tourist complaints center along with the tourist police.
09:00-22:00 Line 2 Euljiro 1(il)ga Station. Exit 5. 3minute walk 02-778-0333 2-1 Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center This is the place where you can get information about tourist attractions in Seoul, use the Internet for free and experience Korean culture. 10:30-20:00 Line 4 Myeongdong Station. Exit 6. 3minute walk 02-3789-7961~3

14 Hadongkwan
Global Exchange Center(24hours) Seoul YWCA Seoul Royal

Hanwoori (12F) Lotte Cinema

Namdae 18 mun-ro 7-gil


1-1 Myeongdong Theater

6 7

Shinhan Myeong-dong Police Box8


Olive Young Woori Myeongdong Kyoja


Myeong-dong Myeongdong-gil Underground Lotte Shopping Center 4-4 NOON Square Young Plaza CGV(8F) 17

1-2 UNESCO House

3 Myeong-dong Cathedral 3 Myeong-dong Cathedral

Nanta Theater Myeong-dong (3F)

g 8-gil Myeongdon



11 Street 1 Myeong-dong 23

The most iconic cathedral in Korea, it has been symbolizing the Catholics of Korea for 110 years. It is also the rst Gothic20 style cathedral in Korea, a 19 majestic wonder.
Line 4 Myeongdong Station. Exit 8. 8minute walk


qian Guan 1-3


M Plaza 4-3 Amiso(5F)


Myeongdong Kyoja (Main Shop) Gyeseong Girls' High School Woori Gogung

4 Dept. Stores and Shopping Malls

The Myeong-dong and Euljiro area is home to many agship department stores and shopping malls where you will have access to hundreds of stores specializing in fashion, accessories, and more.
4-1 Lotte Town It is a large scale shopping district that houses Young Plaza, duty free shops, luxury brand shop Avenuel, and the main Lotte Department store, one of the ve largest department stores in the world. Department Store/Avenuel 10:30-20:00, Young Plaza 11:30-21:30, Duty Free Shop 23 09:30-21:00 (Everyday) Dept. stores, Avenuel, and Young Plaza24 is closed one day each month Line 2 connects to theEuljiro 1(il)ga Station 02-771-2500 4-2 Shinsegae Dept. Store 4-3 M Plaza 4-4 noon Square 4-5 Migliore 4-6 Aland



Haechi Hall (5F) 16Global Culture Seoul 2-1 & Tourism Center (5F)

t Stree

The Bank of Korea Junction



Overseas Chinese Post Tower Primary 21 School Seoul Central Post Ofce (B1)

18 Seoul Central Clinic (B3) 19


4-6 Aland


22Namsangol Hanok Village 5


g 8na-gil Myeongdon

5-1 Korea House Appx. 600m

CGV (10F,11F) Coryo Daeyungak Bld. 4-2 Shinsegae Dept. Store


Migliore (B1-2F) 4-5

23 24

5 4

8 3 2

5 Namsangol Hanok Village



g Myeongdon

Hoehyeon Junction
.12 t P rke Ma 26 n mu dae Nam

Line 4
State Tower Namsan


25 New oriental
27-2 27-2



This is a village that showcase an ancient village from the Joseon Period with well-preserved hanoks (traditional Korean houses), pavilions and even a pond. After viewing the residential culture of the Joseon Period, you have an opportunity to participate in traditional culture experience programs 27-2 27-2 is the traditional style that are available every day, one example of which wedding ceremony.
5-1 Korea House After enjoying various performances, you have an opportunity to make kimchi, or savor the traditional royal cuisine. 02-2266-9101~3


ng-ro Sogo


0-gil e-ro 2 Toegy

Namsan Elementary School

Toeg ye-r o 18 -gil



C i t y C e n t e r

03 Namdaemun Market Namsan

Nearby subway station

4 Hoehyeon
P.08 City H all

Plan your Trip

Tour the Namdaemun Market where you can buy everything from traditional arts and crafts to cameras and glasses Explore great restaurants in the food alley of Namdaemun Market View the panoramic sight of Seoul city at the N Seoul Tower observatory

2 3 4

mun-ro Namdae

1 Namdaemun Market
Namdaemuntobang Fish soup restaurant

Namdaemunno Underground Shopping Center

Shinhan 3 Market entrance


L in



Sungnyemun Junction


2 Market entrance 7

The largest market in Korea. Countless shops and street stalls line its alleys, selling clothes, household items and food. As the place is famous for its reasonable prices and the generous hospitality characterizing traditional markets, almost half of foreign tourists who visit Seoul are known to stop by the market.
1-1 Sungnyemun Imported Goods Market This is where shops selling various imported goods

9 2 Sungnyemun Gate

Ho eh ye on

50 100m

-gil unsijang Namdaem

05:00-17:00 (Some until 20:00) (Closed on Sundays).

Line 4 Hoehyeon Station. Exit 3, 5

Namdaemunsijang 8-gil

Mesa Samik Fashion Town

including kitchenware, accessories and food products are gathered. 1-2 Food alleys There are a lot of food alleys in Namdaemun Market, where Wangmandu (giant-size dumplings), Kalguksu (noodle soup) and Galchijorim (braised cutlasssh) are especially popular.

1 Market entrance



Food Alleys

Jungang 11 Shopping Center Daedo Shopping Center

Namdaemunsijang 4-gil

Children's Apparel Market


2 Sungnyemun Gate
Sambu Bldg.

Sungnyemun Imported Goods Market

Kookmin (1F) 6

g -don ong Mye

Namdaemunsijang 2ga-gil

Lotte Insurance Bldg. 14 Kookmin (1F) Shinhan Market entrance 8

Market 1 Namdaemun
15 16

Clothing Shops Mano Accessories 6 Market entrance

4 Market entrance


1 2

Sungnyemun, the number one national treasure of Korea, was originally built as the southern gate of Seoul Fortress, from which came its other name, Namdaemun, or the great southern gate. It was burned down a few years ago, but was faithfully restored in 2013, following traditional architectural details.
Free 02-779-8547 8minute walk Line 4 Hoehyun Station. Exit 5. Line 1. Seoul Station. Exit 4.

Namdaemunsijang 2-gil


NH Swedish 17 Embassy (8F) Hana

Market 18 entrance 4-gil Namdaemunsijang 7

Fashion City

Namdaemun Market 19 (Accessory) Ladies Apparel Market


il 6-g -ro gye e o T

3 Namsan Park
This park gives you an access to many popular tourist attractions, just a few of which include N Seoul Tower, Palgakjeong Pavilion, Botanical Garden and National Theater of Korea, not to mention of the leafy park itself



Station Seoul 284 Line 5 Culture 284

Appx. 400m
25 26

5 5 Market entrance



Namsan Cable Car : Adults Round-trip 8,500 One-way 6,000 Youths Round-trip 5,500 One-way 3,500 Namsan Cable Car : 10:00-23:00 Line 4 Hoehyun Station. Exit 1 Banpo-ro (Towards Namsan Tunnel 3) Namsan Oreumi Namsan Oreumi : An inclined escalator that enables visitors to go halfway up the mountain conveniently 02-753-2403

Toegye-ro 4-gil

4 N Seoul Tower N
Postal Agency

tion l Sta Seou

Toegye-ro 2-gil

Toe gye -ro

Standing 236.7 meters of height, this is the 10th tallest tower of the world. Enjoy the fantastic laser show and beautiful night scene of Seoul at the observatory on the third oor or at the revolving restaurant
Observatory Adults 9,000 Seniors & Youths 7,000 Children 5,000 Observatory 10:0023:00 (Sat. 10:00-24:00) Restaurants 11:00-23:00 (Some restaurants: 10:00-22:00) Namsan yellow buses No.2, 3, 5 that circle the mountain or the Namsan Cable Car 02-3455-9277

il 8-g -ro gye Toe

6-g il

ll Wa ity lC ou Se
Dodong Junction

SK Namsan Bldg. SK



5 Culture Station Seoul 284 284


gil Toegye-ro 6Sopa-ro

32 33 34

This multi-purpose cultural space has been remodeled from the old Seoul Station built 90 years ago. This facility is a popular venue for contemporary art exhibitions, as well as movie screenings and live band performances.
Free 10:00-19:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Line 1, 4 Seoul Station. Exit 2


3 4
Millennium Seoul Hilton Seven Luck Casino (Millennium Seoul Hilton) (1F)

Namsan Park
Appx. 300m Appx. 300m

N Seoul Tower N




Baekbeom Square




Palace Quarter

A Walk to the Ancient Palace that Breathes History

Gwanghwamun / CheonggyecheonJongno / Insa-dong Samcheong-dongBukchon
0 300 600m


Cheongun Hyoja-dong
Tongin Market


Bukchon Hanok Village

Gwanghwamun Gyeongbokgung Palace Gyeongbokgung Palace Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Gyeongbokgung Palace Jonggak Insa-dong Anguk

Changdeokgung Palace


Travel 600 years back through time to ancient palaces and structures, such as: Gyeongbokgung Palace where the 500 year history of Joseon Dynasty began; Jongmyo where you can watch traditional Confucius rituals; and Changdeokgung Palace, which is loved by everybody for its beautiful landscape. All these ancient scenes that breathe Korean history are waiting for visitors at the center of the city. Gwanghwamun, whose literal meaning is a gate from which humane politics reach out in all directions, is fronted by Sejongdaero, the widest road in Korea that is 100 meters wide and 600 meters long. On Gwanghwamun Square, you can nd the statue of King Sejong the Great, who invented the Korean writing system Hangeul, and farther down from there, the statue of the great admiral Yi Sun-shin, who protected Joseon from the offshore invaders. To the side you can find Sejongno Park where a total of 11,172 permutations of the Korean alphabet are compiled into a public artwork, testifying to the greatness of Hangeul. At Insa-dong and Samcheong-dong, you will see alleys and streets lined with arts and crafts workshops, galleries, and tea houses, the majority of which have been remodeled from traditional hanok structures. However, over 900 hanok houses still remain in their original shapes at Bukchon Hanok village, reminiscent of the past days of the city. Now, move forward on your journey from the past to the present, and head to Cheonggyecheon (Stream), a recently reconstructed ecology stream. Originally a popular spot either for doing laundry or just playing around, it has now become a popular hang-out among Seoul citizens. Take a break from your busy itinerary, and listen to the stories associated with the 22 bridges built over the stream, which ows 10.84km from Gwanghwamun Gate to Dongdaemun under these historic structures and into present day Seoul.

What to do
Jogyesa Temple Stay Experience the life of a Buddhist monk at Jogyesa where you can participate in meditation, lotus lantern making and an alms bowl meal. (p.21) Bukchon Eight Views Stroll through the Bukchon Hanok Village and explore Bukchons eight beautiful vistas. This is where you can also have an aerial view of Changdeokgung Palace, a palace designated as part of UNESCO World Heritage. (p.23) Tongin Market Tongin Market is less than ten minutes from Gyeongbokgung Palace. The market is famous for oil fried Tteokbokki, lunchbox cafe and other simple dishes. You may buy some food for a snack, hop on a bus to go to the Suseong-dong, and enjoy your food while taking a walk in the valley.

Local Tips
Remember to visit Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung when the two palaces are open to the public at night in spring and autumn. This night tour of the palaces requires an advanced reservation. Insa-dong is usually a heavy-traffic area but it is vehicle-free on weekends. If you want a stress-free tour of the area, a weekend is the best time to visit.


Changgyeonggung Palace


Gyeongbokgung Gyeongbokgung, whose literal meaning is wish for your blessing and prosperity, is the largest and the most majestic of all ve ancient palaces that remain in Seoul today. (p.17) Cheonggyecheon The restored ecology stream that stretches from Gwanghwamun to Dongdaemun is all the more beautiful under the lighting late at night. The Seoul Lantern Festival that opens in November is one of the sights you should not miss while visiting Seoul. (p.19) Insa-dong Street Stroll around the streets of Insa-dong either to shop for beautiful crafts and souvenirs at the craft workshops and galleries, or to walk into a traditional tea house and experience traditional Korean teas. (p.21)


Jongmyo Shrine

Jongno 3(sam)ga

Jongno 5(o)ga
echeon (Stream) Cheonggy

Seoul City Hall Euljiro 1(il)ga

Euljiro 3(sam)ga CheonggyecheonJongno

Euljiro 4(sa)ga

Suggested Itinerary
Gwanghwamun Square (50mins)-Walk to Gyeongbokgung Palace (10mins)-Tour Gyeongbokgung Palace and National Palace Museum of Korea (2hour 30mins)Walk to Insa-dong (10mins)-Tour Insa-dong and have lunch (2hours)-Experience a traditional craft workshop at Samcheong-dong (40mins)-Take a walk around the Bukchon Hanok Village (1hour)-Take a subway to Cheonggyecheon (Stream) (10mins)-Enjoy the night scene of Cheonggyecheon (Stream) (1hour 30mins) Durations may vary depending on the itinerary and mode of transportation.

Myeong-dong Cathedral Chungmuro Sungnyemun Gate Hoehyeon Myeongdong

o gil-r Ton


Dongguk Univ.


01 Gwanghwamun

Nearby subway station

3 Gyeongbokgung 5 Gwanghwamun

Plan your Trip

Hop on the Seoul City Tour Bus and view Seouls famous tourist stops along the way Learn more about the modern and contemporary history of Korea at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History Enjoy a walk through nature and skyscrapers from Gwanghwamun Square to Cheonggye Plaza

Sarangchae 6 Cheongwadae 1
Appx. 600m 75 150m


The National Folk Museum of Korea


1 Gyeongbokgung Palace
The first palace ever built during the Joseon Period, this is where the five hundred year history of the Joseon Dynasty began. You can get the glimpse into the royal palace and styles, as well as the architectural heritage. There are two museums: National Palace Museum of Korea where articles relating to the royal families are on display, and the National Folklore Museum where you can learn the history of Koreans livelihood.
Adults 3,000 Youths 1,500 Mar.-Oct. 09:00-18:00 or 18:30, Nov.-Dec. 09:00-17:00 (Closed on Tues.) 8 Permanent event: Royal guards changing ceremony (10:00 13:00 15:00) Gwanghwamun watch guards ceremony (11:00 14:00 16:00) English, Japanese and Chinese guided tours 3 times a day Line 3 Gyeongbokgung Station. Exit 5. 5minute walk 02-3700-3900 1-1 National Palace Museum of Korea 02-3701-7500 02-3704-3114 1-2 The National Folk Museum of Korea

Samcheong-dong P.22


Tongui Police Box

4 6

Gyeongbokg ung
Hyundai Securities
Saemunan-ro 5-gil
Sajing-ro 8-gil

Government Complex-Seoul 5 Junction


Pyoung-an Do Chapssal Soondae

il Saemunan-ro 5-g
o5 an-r mun Sae

Sejong Center for the Performing Arts 3


3-1 The Story of King Sejong / Admiral Yi Sun-shin

4 Hangeul Gaon-gil (Street)

Sejong-daero 23-gil

Saemunan-ro 2-gil


1 Gyeongbokgung Palace




Heungnyemun Gate Ticket Ofce Gwanghwamun Gate


National Palace Museum of Korea


Dongsipjagak P.20 Insa-dong

2 Gwanghwamun Square
An expansive plaza built facing Gwanghwamun, the main gate of 12 Gyeongbokgung, it stretches 550m in length and 34m in width. Statues of the two most respected historical gures in Korea - King Sejong the Great and Admiral Yi Sun-shin - stand in the square.
Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station. Exit 2, Line 3 Gyeongbokgung Station. Exit 5.

Line 3


Gwanghwamun Junction

Japanese Embassy Government Complex-Seoul


Gwanghwamun Citizens Square

3 Sejong Center for the Performing Arts




Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 5Trade

Sejongno Park

5 KEB National Museum of Korean Irish Embassy Contemporary History 2 Gwanghwamun Square


National Tax Service

This is a performance theater representing Korea and also a cultural complex for exhibitions and cultural experiences. The facilities of the center 16 include art museum, small-scale gallery, chamber music concert hall, medium theater and a large theater whose capacity is over 3,000.
Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station. Exit 1, 8 02-399-1114 Free 10:30-22:30 (Closed on
3-1 The Story of King Sejong / The Story of Admiral Yi Sun-shin Exhibitions on the lives and


achievements of King Sejong the Great and Admiral Yi Sun-sin Mondays) 02-399-1176

il o 5-g Jong-r

Jong-ro 1-gil

US Embassy

Jongno-gu Ofce

4 Hangeul 20 Gaon-gil (Street)

il ga-g
1 5 9



Sejongno Fire House Olleh Square


Gaon is a pure Korean word that means the center. The Gaon-gil is the center of Koreas Hangeul heritage where you can find the Korean Language Society, the site of Ju Si-gyeongs residence, Hangeul 10 Madang, and many Hangeul-related stories. Line 5. Gwanghwamun Station. Exit 1.


Seolgaon 1

2 8

5 National Museum of Contemporary


o an-r mun Sae





Line 5
Jong-ro 3-gil


3 4

Austria Embassy(21F) Australia Embassy(19F) Finland Embassy20 Kyobo Book Centre


A museum of modern and contemporary Korean history spanning a period from the late 19th century to the time of the establishment of ROK government and Seoul Olympics.

Korean24 History




Sejong-ro Junction


Le Meilleur Jongro Town


Free 09:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays) 02-3703-9200

Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station. Exit 2. 5minute walk

il 9-g

Cheongwadae Sarangchae

21 22


Line 1 24
Ilmin Museum of Art

P.18 Jongno

10 Mission in Korea Taipei 11

P.08 City Hall

5 12

Dongwha Duty Free Shop


Dongah Media Center


27-2 A historical memorial museum where visitors can learn about the former presidents and Seoul, this facility includes: the Korea Hall featuring the history of Korea; Seoul Hall about Seoul, and the Presidents Hall 8 where visitors can interactively experience the presidential office and Cheongsadae, the presidential residence.

Woori 15 Seoul City Tour Bus Platform



Cheonggye Plaza



Free 09:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays) English and Chinese tours at 10:30 12:00, Japanese tours at 14:00 16:00 Line 3 Gyeongbokgung Station. Exit 4. 12minute walk 02-723-0300







02 CheonggyecheonJongno

Nearby subway station

1 3 5 Jongno 3(sam)ga 2 3 Euljiro 3(sam)ga

Plan your Trip

Take a stroll along the walking path of Cheonggyecheon (Stream) that spans from Gwanghwamun to Dongdaemun Market Enjoy the night scene of Cheonggyecheon and the 22 bridges that shine under fantastic lightings Enjoy diverse genres of non-verbal performances


Kyodong Elementary School
50 100m

1 Jongmyo Shrine
This is a Confucian shrine where memorial tablets for kings and queens of the Joseon Dynasty are kept and memorial services are offered. It is the worlds largest remaining single wooden structure built in the 14th century and was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in 1995. Jongmyojerye, the memorial service offered every May since 1464, is one of the oldest ancestral rites maintained today, and was designated 12 as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral Tradition and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2001. A guided tour with some restrictions is available throughout the week, except for Saturdays when visitors can tour the area on their own.
Adults 1,000 Minors 500 Saturdays (Self-guided tour) Mar.-Sep. 09:00-18:00, Oct.-Feb. 09:00-17:30 (Closed on Tues.) Weekdays, Sundays, and Natl holidays (Foreign language guided tours with some restrictions) Japanese : 8 times a day (Mar.-Sep. 9 times a day). English : 4 times a day. Chinese : Twice a day (Inquire about the available time) Line 1, 3, 5 Jongno 3(sam)ga Station. Exit 8. 5minute walk 02-765-0195

P.22 lace ung Pa deokg onhwamun-ro D Chang

Tteok Museum
Samil-daero 30-gil

10-gil Yulgok-ro


1 Jongmyo Shrine

-gil sulla Seo

ng -do Insa


Daegaksa Temple 11

Line 3

Nakwon Arcade Seoul Art Cinema (4F)

4-1 Sachoom Theater (4F)

Donhwamun-ro 11-gil

Jongno 3(sam)ga 3
5 4 3

7 8
Donhwamun-ro 10-gil

L in e

m)ga o 3(sa Jongn

il 7-g o1 g-r Jon



2 16 Cheonggyecheon (Stream)
This is a 10.84km-long stream flowing from Gwanghwamun Gate to Dongdaemun. It was originally a natural stream, but was covered with asphalt and used as roads. Then, in 2005, it was once again changed into an ecological stream after a restoration that took three years. Take a stroll down the walking path along Cheonggyecheon and enjoy the night scene of Cheonggyecheon and the 22 bridges that shine under fantastic lightings.
Jewelry Wholesale Market

Choonwondang Museum of Korean Medicine Lotte Cinema Piccadilly Kookmin

Jongno Fire House 9


Wongaksa Temple 3 Tapgol Park



Kumkang Shoe's Store

Gwanghwamun P.16

Samilmun Gate


1 15 Shinhan

2 14

Line 1
YBM Education Center

3 Jongno 3(sam)ga


10 13
Jong-ro 20-gil


Dongdaemun Market P.26

Jong-ro 22-gil

Samil-daero 20-gil

-gil Supyo-ro 18

Seoul Cinema

Gwangtonggyo A bridge built during the Joseon Dynasty and excavated during the restoration process and recreated. Jeongjobanchado A mural that reproduces Jeongjobanchado, a painting of the royal parade of King Jeongjo 20 created by famous artists of Joseon, with 5,120 tiles. Wall of Hope A wall made of 20,000 tiles on which the hopes of citizens are written. Wall of Proposal A screen through which you can propose to your loved one. Anyone can use it through advance reservation. Cheonggyecheon Museum This is where you can learn about the Cheonggyecheon restoration process, and what Cheonggyecheon was like before the restoration, and how it was transformed after restoration. Free Weekdays 09:00-19:00 Weekends & Natl Holidays Mar.-Oct. 09:00-19:00, Nov.-Feb. 09:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays) Line 1 Jegidong Station. Exit 4, Line 2 Yongdu (Dongdaemungu Ofce) Station. Exit 5 02-2286-3410


Samilgyo (Bridge)

-gil Jong-ro 16



Cheonggye 3-ga Junction
Gwansugyo (Bridge)

3 24 Tapgol Park
This is a key historic site where 33 representatives of the March 1st Movement of 1919 recited the Korean Declaration of Independence from Japan and shouted for independence. In the park, the Ten Storied Stone Pagoda of Wongaksa Temple Site, the countrys National Treasure No.2, and the Monument of Wongaksa, Treasure No.3, remain as they did in ancient times.
09:00-18:00 Line 1, 3, 5 Jongno 3(sam)ga Station. Exit 1, 5. 5minute walk

4-2 Bibap Theater (B2)

Pagoda Academy Jongno Tower

2 Cheonggyecheon (Stream)
Supyogyo (Bridge)
ro Cheonggyecheon-

Woori Signature Towers


P.10 Myeong-dong

KEB Hana
Samil-daero 12-gil


Seoul Youth Center

4 Non-verbal Performance Venues

Eulji-ro 15-gil

27-2 4

Shinhan 1 2 11

Woori 3

Enjoy 27-2diverse genres of performances such as Samulnori, Jazz, hip-hop, break dance, a cappella concert, and drawing exhibitions at specically dedicated venues. Visitors are sure to have a great time while wholeheartedly experiencing the passion of the performers and the inspiration and fun that they bring.
4-1 Sachoom Theater

Chungmu-ro 9-gil

Euljiro 3(sam)ga

Eulji-ro 11-gil

02-3676-7616~7 4-2 Bibap Theater


Eulji-ro 9-gil

Line 2

Euljiro 3(sam)ga






03 Insa-dong

Nearby subway station

1 Jonggak 3 Anguk

Plan your Trip

Shop for a wide selection of souvenirs, such as antiques, hanbok, and traditional arts and crafts that only Insa-dong can offer Taste traditional Korean teas and dishes at traditional tea houses and restaurants Experience temple life at Jogyesa Temple

1 Insa-dong Street
Wonseo Park KEB

P.22 chon Buk

Constitutional Court of Korea

Hyangga Sannaeri

This is a street of Korean traditional culture with antique art and book shops, traditional teahouses and craft shops. It is one of Seouls leading gallery streets and has been the location of many art galleries since olden times.
Weekdays 09:30-18:30 Weekends & Natl Holidays 10:00-18:00 1-2 Gana Insa Art Center Free 10:00-19:00 02-736-1020 1-3 Ssamzie-gil This is a multi-cultural space where visitors can shop a wide variety of traditional arts and crafts. Various exhibitions and performances are available as well. 10:30-20:30 (Some22:00)
1-1 Insa-dong Information Center




Hana Dongduk Art 13 Gallery(B1)

Temple Stay Information Center


Shinhan 3 Jogyesa Temple



Jongro 9-g il

2 1 6 5

Jongno 1-ga Junction


il seon-g Yunpo


hon-ro Bukc

Duksung Girls High School

Line 3 Anguk Station. Exit 6. 7minute walk

P.22 Changdeokgung Palace

o Yulgok-r

2 Woori Hana Pungmoon Girls' 6 Anguk-dong High School Post Ofce 1


Public Information and Cultural Center, Japanese Embassy

7 uk Ang

P.22 ong ng-d cheo Sam


Relic Museum

Unhyun Elementary School


[Traditional Handicraft Shops]

Various cute household items and traditional handicrafts are mustbuys in Insa-dong. A wide variety of souvenirs, such as antiques, hanbok, and cellular phone straps are available for purchase.

Anguk-dong Junction

L in


The Korea-Arab 2 Friendship Society Seoul Senior Welfare Center

daero Samil11

6 Jongno Police Station

2 Unhyeongung Palace
Entrance 12

Gallery MIZ

Duksung Womens Univ.

7 8

[Traditional Korean Dishes and Traditional Teahouses]

There are a lot of teahouses in original Korean-style houses and hanjeongsik (Korean traditional set menus) restaurants with traditional interiors in Insa-dong. Snack carts selling temple food and time-honored snacks including Kkultarae (honey skein) and Tteok (rice cake) on the streets add to the unique atmosphere of the area.


Insa-dong Street

6 The Central Suun Hall Temple of Cheondogyo Jongno District Tax Ofce Hanul 15 Poong Kyoung 16

Seoul Gyeongun Special School

il ero 32-g Samil-da


Gogung 9 Toto's Old Goods 1-3 Ssamzie-gil Gallery Lux Topohaus Art il g 1 Center18 dong 1 19 Gana 1-2 Mokin Museum Insa Art Center 1-1 Knife Insa-dong Gallery Information Center

Kyungin Museum of Fine Art 10 10-gil

ng Insado

Kyodong 11 Elementary School Crown



2 Unhyeongung Palace
This was the private residence of Heungseon Daewongun, father of Emperor Gojong (1852-1919). Special exhibitions on traditional culture and events such as the royal costume experience program are held each month.
Adults 700 Minors 300 Apr.-Oct. 09:00-19:00 Nov.-Mar. 09:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays) MP3 audio guides are available in English, Japanese, and Chinese for a small fee. Line 3 Anguk Station. Exit 4 02-766-9090


Ins ado nggil 13

gil 30ero il-da Sam

16 28-gil daero Samil-



Nagwon-dong Tteokjeongeori


KEB Aventree




Woori NH

Standard Chartered on Insad Nakwon Arcade 24 -gil Hanuso 7 g Insa-dong don Insa Junction Seoul Art Cinema Fraser Suites gil 18 19 Sachoom Theater g 5n o d Insa Gallery Violet

gil g 4-

3 Jogyesa Temple

Line 5
o-ro Supy

Jogyesa Junction




This is a temple representing Korean Buddhism. It offers a temple life program for foreigners. On Buddhas Birthday, the Lotus Lantern Festival is held in the Jongno and Insa-dong areas with Jogyesa Temple as the starting point of the parade.
3-1 Temple Stay Information Center

Hanaro Heogwan Chohyung Gallery

22 23


Line 3 Anguk Station. Exit 6. 7minute walk



Seoul Art Center Gongpyeong Gallery

P.10 Euljiro

Find out about diverse Temple Stay programs, as well as traditional culture and Buddhist temple food experiences. 09:00-20:00 02-2031-2000

l -gi 17 -ro ng Jo


il ng 3-g Insado

4 Bosingak Belfry




Tapgol Park P.18 27-2 Entrance Wongaksa Temple

During the Joseon Period, the hours of the day were announced here by tolling the bell. This practice from the past is reenacted daily, even to this day. A bell-tolling ceremony is held on January 1st to mark the new year.
Bell-tolling ceremony 11:40-12:20 (Closed on Mondays) Line 1 Jonggak Station. Exit 4

Jongno Tower Bandi&Lunis 3 4 7 9 8 10

Woori YMCA 11 12

Jewelry Wholesale Market

Jong-ro Jongno 2-ga Junction

Samilmun Gate


P.18 Jongmyo Shrine

Line 1
20 21

4 Bosingak Belfry





04 Samcheong-dongBukchon
38 39

Plan your Trip

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Changdeokgung Palace and Huwon Visit craft workshops, galleries, and cafes remodeled from traditional hanok structures Visit the eight most beautiful viewpoints of Bukchon selected by the Seoul Metropolitan Government


Nearby subway station


3 43 Anguk

Palgakjeong Pavilion


Samcheong Park

1 Changdeokgung Palace
Originally built in 1405 as a detached villa within Gyeongbokgung palace, it is considered the most well-preserved royal residential palace of all from the Joseon Period. With its perfect harmony between nature and human touch, it made it to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997.
War yon ggo ngw on-g il
2 3 4

5 Samcheonggak Appx.1.5km
50 51

100 200m
4 8 12
9 13
49 53

Samcheong-dong Street 3
54 55

Adults 3,000 Children 1,500 Feb.-May, Sep.-Oct. 09:00-18:00, Jun.-Aug. 09:00-18:30, Nov.-Jan. 09:00-17:30 (Closed on Mondays) * Changdeokgung Huwon tour has separate tour hours. (Make reservation online or at the palace) English guided tour available twice a day, Japanese and Chinese guided tours available once a day Line 3 Anguk Station. Exit 2. 10minute walk 02-762-8261, 9513

Owl Museum

The Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea 7 Vietnamese Embassy Samcheong-dong Post Ofce

The Cyber University of Korea

2 Changgyeonggung Palace
Changgyeonggung is a palace that symbolizes the filial piety of King Seongjong, the ninth king of the Joseon Period, who built the palace and dedicated it to the three wives of preceding kings. Visitors can learn about the history and appreciate the outstanding sense of architectural aesthetics of the time throughout the palace, particularly in the main gate, Honghwamun.
day Adults 1,000 Children 500 English, Japanese and Chinese guided tours available twice a Line 4 Hyehwa Station. Exit 3, 4. 15minute walk

University of North Korean Studies



Korea Banking Institute




Choongang Middle School


Hanok Village 4 Bukchon

Community Credit Cooperative Gallery Doll
17 13

3 Samcheong-dong Street

14 Bukchon Museum Old Fragrance


Choongang High School Museum of Humanities

Asian Art Museum

ture Stre et

1 Changdeokgung Palace

Traditional Korean houses and modern buildings exist side-by-side, creating an unusual scenery. Contemporary restaurants and wine bars have been established in traditional houses along with galleries, designer shops, specialty shops and themed museums.
3-1 The National Museum of Contemporary Art Seoul Hall

Line 3 Anguk Station. Exit 3. 15minute walk

6 5

Han Sang Soo Think Museum Embroidery Museum Sim Hwa sook Kitai Rhee Bukchon Hanji Workshop Korean 3 Jeotdae (ute) 4 Workshop Lacquer Traditional Kite Gallery Biim Woori Bitkkal Workshop 'Chilwon' Workshop Gahoe Museum Workshop Gallery Donglim Knot 21 22 23 24 Jinsun Samcheongdong Museum Daedong Taxation Jeongdok Police Box Insa Art Space High School 16 Public Library Bukchon Bukchon KoreanTraditional 4-1 of the Arts Chogo The National Folk House Council Korea Museum of Korea World Jewelry Workshop Bukchon Art Center 'Godraetdol' Tea Museum of Museum Kukje Gallery (Bongsanjae) Korean Art Seoul 25 26 27-2 27-2 Myeongin Chung Won Hakgojae Gallery 1 2 3 4 Museum San Bang 2 Changgyeonggung Jaedong Palace Elementary School Appx.800m Bukchon Traditional Art Sonje Center 20 Culture Center Portuguese 1 Embassy Gallery Dam 3-1
h eo





This is where a wide variety of contemporary artworks by artists both from inside and outside of Korea are on display for visitors. The exhibition space is hosted inside a 17 meter high building. Admission fee is only applied to special exhibitions. Tues. Thurs. Fri. Sun. 10:00-18:00 Wed. Sat. 10:00-21:00 Line 3 Anguk Station. Exit 1. 15minute walk 02-3701-9500

ong Cul

4 Bukchon Hanok Village

This district between Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace is packed with over 900 Korean traditional houses. Members of the royal family and noblemen lived here during the Joseon Period. As it retains the citys old appearance, it is a popular lming location for movies and TV dramas.
Line 3 Anguk Station. Exit 2. 10minute walk Bukchons Eight Views 1 Panoramic view of Changdeokgung (Palace) 2 Wonseo-dong Gongbang-gil 3 11 Gahoe-dong area 4 Hillside area at 31 Gahoe-dong 5 Downward alley in Gahoe-dong 6 Upward alley in Gahoe-dong 7 31 Gahoe-dong 8 Stone steps in Samcheong-dong Bukchon Korean Traditional House 4-1 Bukchon Korean Traditional House 4-2 Hanok Guesthouse Urijip Bukchon Traditional Craft Studios Craft studios engaged in hanji (Korean traditional paper), kite, embroidery, knot and lacquer crafts


5 6 National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

Lacquer Workshop Duksung Girls' High School



Shinhan Constitutional Court of Korea

Hanok Guesthouse Urijip

Bukchon Art Hall Wonseo Park


Polish Embassy Duksung Girls' 10 Kumho 24 Middle School Museum of Art Gallery Hyundai


Ticket Ofce

5 Samcheonggak
Six traditional Korean houses located in the forest of Bugaksan (Mountain) where visitors can watch traditional performances and enjoy tea in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Visitors are encouraged to stroll along the walking trail of Seoul City Wall, that stretches from Waryong Park all the way to Samcheonggak restaurant.
Line 3 Anguk Station. Exit 1, 6. Take a free shuttle bus. 02-765-3700 http://www.

Woori 2 Anguk-dong Post Ofce 1


3 4


Line 3

Pungmoon Girls' High School

Gwanghwamun P.16

uk Ang

Relic Museum Unhyeongung Palace

Jongno Police Station






Dongdaemun & Around

Street of Passion for Shopping and Arts

Dongdaemun Market / Daehangno

Hansung Univ. (Samseongyo)

Hyehwamun Gate Bomun

Marronnier Park Hyehwa Naksan Park Changsin

Changdeokgung Palace

Changgyeonggung Palace

Seoul National Univ. Hospital

The downtown area near Heunginjimun (one of the four great gates in Seoul, also called Dongdaemun) were just busy streets during the Joseon Period, but today, they have turned into a hub of fashion that attracts crowds of shoppers from everywhere to numerous retail and wholesale businesses. This area was also the second in Asia to welcome streetcars (1899), and the rst to host a movie theater. Now, the Dongdaemun area reaches beyond Seoul and sets fashion trends for the world. In 2014, Dongdaemun area was reborn with Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), a new addition designed by the world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid. The glistening exterior of DDP is made of 45,133 aluminum panels, none of which are the same. This hardto-believe facility and the nearby Dongdaemun History & Culture Park attract crowds of visitors every day, testifying to the vibrant past and the future of Dongdaemun area. The Gwanghui-dong area where the market is located is also known as the Silk Road of Seoul because the area is a magnet for merchants from nearby countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia. Visitors are sure to nd traces of Dongdaemun areas past and present in many corners of the area, a few of which include the mural that you will see while walking along Cheonggyecheon (Stream), a mural that describes how a cloth item is completed in three days and how the fashion town Dongdaemun area is a place that never sleeps. If time allows, stroll along the walking trail of Seoul City Wall, a fortress wall that connects all four major ancient gates of the city. The walking trail begins at Heunginjimun Gate and proceeds to Naksan Park and Hyehwamun Gate. This is the best place to see traces of the ancient city fortress, and to have an aerial view of todays Seoul city. When you arrive at Naksan Park, you will see Daehangno and the streets of arts that are lined with over 90 small theaters and galleries. Your journey to Dongdaemun area is complete when you visit and take pictures of Ihwa Maeul that has recently been reborn as a mural town, and meet some of the young street artists at Marronnier Park.

What to do
Street Performances at Marronnier Park Nicknamed the Montmartre of Seoul, Marronnier Park is where you can enjoy street performances by young artists, including street painters who offer portrait painting services. (p.29) Night Scene of Heunginjimun Gate As night falls, you can watch how Heunginjimun becomes the central figure of a beautiful night scene along with the brilliant neon lights from the nearby shopping town. Taking a keepsake photo after a full day of shopping is a must. (p.27) Gwangjang Market Mokjagolmok One of the most popular street foods in this food court alley is Addictive Gimbap that is served and enjoyed with a spicy mustard dipping sauce. Other popular dishes include Bindaetteok and Yukhoe, a shredded seasoned raw beef dish.

Local Tips
Seoul City Wall Walking Trail begins at Dongdaemun, goes past Hyehwamun Gate, and takes you to Seongbuk-dong, where you can visit Gilsangsa, a temple in the midst of a busy city neighborhood, or Suyeonsanbang, a traditional Korean tea house. Dongdaemun History & Culture Park has historic relics associated with Seoul City Wall, all of which were excavated from the ancient site at Dongdaemun Stadium.

Ch ang gye ong gun g-r o

Cheonggyecheon (Stream)

Jangc hungd an-ro

0 600m

Wall Seoul City

Jongmyo Shrine


Changsin 2-dong
Dongmyo Shrine

Dongdaemun Fashion Town This is a shopping haven with a global reputation, patronized by domestic and overseas clothing wholesalers. The pre-dawn hours are generally busy with wholesalers. Tourists will nd it more advantageous to visit during the day or evening hours. (p.27) Seoul City Wall Take a walk along the Seoul City Wall Walking Trail from Dongdaemun to Naksan Park and Hyehwamun Gate. This is the best walking trail to reect on the history of Seoul and to have a full aerial view of the city. (p.29) Ihwa Maeul This is a neighborhood that has transformed itself into a picturesque landscape through the Naksan Public Art Project. Colorful murals painted on walls, stairways, and handrails bring vitality to the entire village of Naksan. (p.29)

Jongno 3(sam)ga

Jongno 5(o)ga Gwangjang Market Bangsan Market

Dongdaemun Market Dongdaemun Heunginjimun Gate Pyounghwa Market


Euljiro 3(sam)ga


Suggested Itinerary
Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (40mins)- Shop at Doota, Migliore, Pyounghwa Market, and Lotte Fitin Tour Heunginjimun Gate (30mins) Take a walk on Seoul City Wall to Naksan Park (1hour 30mins)- View the public arts at Ihwa Maeul (30mins)- Visit Lock Museum (40mins)- Visit Marronnier Park and Daehangno and enjoy street performances (1hour 30mins) Durations may vary depending on the itinerary and mode of transportation.



Dongdaemun &Around

01 Dongdaemun Market

Nearby subway station

1-gil -ro 4 Jong

Plan your Trip

Night-out to shop at the Dongdaemun fashion town Explore the landmarks of Dongdaemun, the Dongdaemun History & Culture Park and Design Plaza Savor street food such as Tteokbokki, Gimbap, and Bindaetteok at Gwangjang Market

4 Dongdaemun
ro okYulg

5 Dongdaemun History & Culture Park

Naksa nseon ggwa k 1-g il

Yulgo k-ro 30-g il

Se oul city wall

2 3

Jon g-ro 43gil

0 50 100m

Dongdaemun Fortress Park

1 Heunginjimun Gate

un daem Dong

National Treasure No. 1, this eastern gate among the eight gates of Seoul is also called Dongdaemun (Great East Gate). The Fortress walls were destroyed long ago, but the gate remains the same as in the Joseon Period retaining its magnicent beauty.
Line 1, 4 Dongdaemun Station. Exit 6, 7

o gn an eh Da e 4

L in

8 P.2

un aem ngd Do

Jongmyo Shrine P.18






Line 1

2 Dongdaemun Design Plaza

A new landmark of Dongdaemun designed by the world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, Dongdaemun Design Plaza features an unbelievable exterior decorated with over 40,000 aluminum sheets none of which are the same. The Plaza is home to a design museum, fashion design information center, sky lounge, and many more spaces for exhibitions and rest.
Line 2, 4, 5 Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station. Exit 1. 3 minute walk.




Jong-ro 40-gil



JW Marriott Dongdaemun

Standard Chartered 8 7
19 20


4 Dongdaemun Shopping Complex



Jon g-ro 46gil


Market 6 Gwangjang

1 Heunginjimun Gate



Jeon Tae-il (Bridg e)

14 15 16

3 Pyounghwa Market
A clothing wholesale market with a 50-year history, this is where over 2,000 stores are offering wholesale-price clothes for men and women, and even underwear and socks.
22:00-18:00 the following day (Excluding Saturday nights) Line 1, 4 Dongdaemun Station. Exit 8

Ogansugyo (Bridge)


Cheonggyecheon (Stream)

Jongno P.18






Market 3 Pyounghwa

Cheonggye 6-ga 23 Junction




Shin Pyeong Hwa Fashion Town





Doota 5-1

Nam Pyeong Hwa Maxtyle Market


4 Dongdaemun Shopping Complex

This is the worlds largest market of fabrics and clothing materials, a market where you can buy the latest fabrics faster than any other places in Korea. You can also buy accessories, beddings and hanboks in this market, in addition to fabric materials. If you need a hanbok, this is the place where you can buy a quality one, or even have it custom-made at an affordable price.
08:00-19:00 Line 1, 4 Dongdaemun Station. Exit 8, 9. 5 minute walk

Jung-gu Community Center

17 18

Euljiro 3 9-gil

Jangch ungdan -ro 13-g il


Donghwa Market

Jan gch ung dan -ro



Jeil Pyeong Hwa Market Shinhan



all ity W ul C Seo

Migliore 5-2


Seoul City Tour Bus Platform

Euljiro 4 3-g il

Event Hall Dongdaemun Stadium Memorial Dongdaemun History & Culture Park


National Medical Center



5-3 hello apM


5 Apparel Malls
These apparel shopping malls offer a wide variety of fashion apparels and accessories for shopping on each oor. Explore these malls to nd just the one that correspond to your taste in fashion.
5-1 5-2 5-3 5-4

Eulji-ro 41 -gil

Goodmorning City MEGABOX (9F)

25 26

Jan gch ung dan -ro



Euljiro P.18

Line 2
Euljiro Co-Op Residence Central Asia Village
Eulji-ro 44-gil
Eulji-ro 42-gil

Hana 13 12


(Opening Scheduled for March 2014)

2 Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Dongdaemun History Museum Design Gallery

45-gil Eulji-ro

Lotte Fitin 5-4


Don gda emu n

10 9

Line 1, 4 Dongdaemun Station. Exit 8. 5minute walk Doota 10:30- 05:00 a.m (Closed on Sunday 23:00-Monday 19:00) Migliore 10:30-05:30 a.m (Closed on Mondays) hello apM 10:30- 05:00 a.m (Closed on Tuesdays) Lotte Fitin 11:00-24:00 (Open all year round)

&C ultu re

Pa rk

Hist ory &

Toegy e-ro 6 3-gil

Cult ure Park

6 Gwangjang Market
A wholesale market with a long history beginning from 1905, this is a place where you can buy fabrics, hanboks, and beddings, among many others. Some of the hotspots within this market include Guje Market (second-hands market) and the so-called Mokjagolmok (Eatery Alley) where you can savor generously portioned cheap street food such as Tteokbokki, Gimbap, Bindaetteok, and Jokbal.
09:00-18:00 Guje Market : Mon.-Sat.10:00-19:00, Sun.11:00-19:00 Mokjagolmok 09:00-23:00 (Some businesses closed on Sundays) Line 1 Jongno 5(o)ga Station. Exit 8. 5minute walk.

Hanyang Middle School

Do ng da em un His tor y


3 Toyoko-Inn

Dongd aemun History & Culture Park

5 .10 P g n -do yeong

4 Silk Road milestone

Namsa n (Mt.)

Gwanghuimun Gate


Shilla Duty Free Shop

Appx. 600m


L in e5



Dongdaemun &Around

02 Daehangno

Nearby subway station

Hyehwa-dong Post Ofce Hyehwa-dong Rotary

Plan your Trip

Enjoy various genres of street performances at Daehangno and Marronnier Park Take a walk along the Seoul Fortress Walls that takes you from Heunginjimun Gate to Naksan Park and Hyehwamun Gate Take keepsake pictures at Ihwa Maeul, recently refurbished with public arts
Catholic Univ. of Korea (Songsin Campus)

4 Hyehwa

Ch ang gye ong gun g-r o

Seoul Womens Univ. (Daehangno Campus) 3 Seoul National Univ. (Yeongeon Campus)

Seoul National Univ. Hospital

Naksan 4gil

o ungn ongg ggye Chan

0 100m

Dongseong Middle School

1 Daehangno Street
The center of performance culture where over 150 small theaters are found, this is where you can enjoy theater plays and impromptu performances by young artists on the streets and in small theaters. There are also restaurants, bars and movie theaters.
Line 4 Hyehwa Station. Exit 1 [Recommended Theaters] Dongsung Art Center (02-766-3390), Daehangno Musical Center (022135-1507), Marronnier Theater (02-764-0686)

Dongseong High School


4 g-gil yeon Daem

Dongsung Art Center 1

Daehak-r o 8-gil
Daehak-ro 12-gil

2 Marronnier Park
Daehangno Musical Center Hansung Univ.

-gil Daehak-ro 11

street 1 Daehangno
Daehak-ro 10-gil

The small park planted with Marronnier trees was once part of the Seoul Natl Univ. campus, but now it is a park at the center of Daehangno. It also serves as an outdoor stage for street artists and young musicians.
2-1 Arko Arts Theater A landmark of Marronnier Park where a wide variety of performances are offered, this brownstone theater was built by the renowned architect Kim Su-geun. Line 4 Hyehwa Station. Exit 2 02-3668-0007 2-2 House for Artists This Romanesque style brick stone building was built during the 1920s and used as the main building of Seoul Natl Univ. Today, the facility includes Koreas National Archives of the Arts and Slow Garden which is a cafe restaurant. Koreas National Archives of the Arts : 10:00-19:00 (Closed on Sundays), Slow Garden: 10:00 22:00. Line 4 Hyehwa Station. Exit 2. 5minute walk 02-760-4715

Arko Arts Theater 2-1 House for Artists 2-2

2 Marronnier Park


Marronnier Theater ibk


3 Naksan Park

3 Naksan Park
Named for its shape which resembles a camels back, this park offers a spectacular view of Daehangno from its peak. The park is famous as the lming location of some popular Korean TV dramas such as Shining Inheritance and Rooftop Prince. A great spot to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or night scene, the park is also home to Naksan Gallery, which shows the history of the park and Biudang, a historic site.
3-1 Ihwa Maeul A village of murals founded on the uphill from Daehangno to Naksan Park. After the alleys turned into a gallery of murals through the Naksan Public Art Project, the village became a popular subject among photographers. Line 4 Hyehwa Station. Exit 2. 15minute walk

Korea National Open Univ.

4 Lock Museum

all ity W ul C Seo

Daehangno Police Box

Seoul National Univ. Dental Hospital

Seoul National Univ. Girls Middle School Seoul National Univ. Elementary School



Ihwa Maeul


Hongik Univ. (Daehangno Campus) Hyundai Group Bldg. Daehangno Ehwa Soufe

-gil o 19 ok-r Yulg

[Seoul City Wall ]

An 18.6 km long fortress wall built around Seoul at the very beginning of the Joseon Dynasty, you can get the panoramic view of Seoul when you walk on the walking trail along the wall. You will be pleasantly surprised when you come across many other structures from the same period hidden along the trail, a few of which include the hidden guard towers and gates. The walking trail that spans from Dongdaemun to Naksan Park is also a part of the fortress wall.

L in e4

Biwon Tourist

sin-gil Chung

il 16-g

ro okYulg

il 22-g k-ro Yulgo


Hyoje Police Box


4 Lock Museum
A museum of locks and keys, this facility displays over 4,000 lock and key related articles from Korea and around the world. Visitors can also learn about the Korean history of locks and view historic relics. The facility includes a cafe, art shop and gallery where metal craftworks are on display. Built by the architect Seung Hyo-sang, the building itself is a sight to behold.
Adults 4,000 Youths 3,000 10:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays) Station. Exit 2. 5minute walk 02-766-6494
un aem ngd Do

6 P.2

gil 31g-ro Jon

Hyoje Elementary School Shinhan

Jongno 6-ga Post Ofce Woori

Jon g-r o3 9-g il

t rke Ma un aem ngd Do

Dongdaemunseonggwak Park

1-gil -ro 4 Jong

Hyehwa Police Station Kookmin

Line 4 Hyehwa

Jong-ro 35-gil

Jongno 5(o)ga Post Ofce 2 1 8


4 5

5 Jongno 5(o)ga

Line 1





University Quarter

Streets of Cafes, Galleries, and College Life

Hongdae & Sangsu Station Area Sinchon & Ewha Womans Univ. Station Area

Digital Media City

The area near Sinchon that houses Yonsei Univ. and Ewha Womans Univ. is the most widely known college town in the city. The Gothic-style campus of Yonsei Univ. has been a popular location for many Korean Wave movies and dramas with its ivy vines climbing the campus buildings and trees that change through the seasons. Sinchon and the area surrounding Ewha Womans Univ. is just the spot to visit if you are traveling on a budget, and on a quest to nd affordably priced restaurants and shops. The streets that face Ewha Womans Univ. in particular have been such a shopping haven that during the 1990s, the area was setting the trends in Seoul and gave birth to the term Ewha Style long before Gangnam Style came about. While the Ewha Univ. and Sinchon area represent the campus life of Seoul, the area near Hongik Univ.often called the Hongdae area is famous as the hub of indie art culture. This is the place where entire streets transform into a stage for a megascale festival at night with dances, music, and young clubbers, surrounded by free-spirited murals, young designers flagship shops, and cafes. Clubs in the Hongdae area are so famous among international tourists that the New York Times once picked the area as one of the Ten Must-Dos in Seoul. Recently, the culture of the area has been expanding to reach as far as Sangsudong cafe street transforming itself all over again as the streets of youth that embrace diversity.

What to do
Hongdae Free Market Dont miss the flea markets offered by young artists at Hongik Childrens Park each Saturday and surround yourself with their free spirit and sensibility. (p.33) Sinchon Streets for Foodies The Sinchon and Ewha Womans Univ. area is famous for its streets of food vendors and stalls. Particularly popular among international tourists is Dak Galbi (Spicy Chicken), which is chicken seasoned with a spicy sauce and stir-fried in an iron pan. (p.35) Trickeye Museum Located at the entrance to Hongdae Univ., this museum is where you can see what happens when you trick the eye. Also included in the same facility is the Ice Museum where you can personally carve an ice sculpture. (p.33)

Local Tips
Take a bus or subway from Hongik Univ. to visit Sunyudo Park and World Cup Park in Sangam-dong. It takes only about ten minutes walking from Hongdae Univ. Station to to Yeonnam-dong, which is a haven for Chinese-Korean dishes prepared by Chinese-Korean chefs. You can enjoy native Chinese dishes as well, such as beef noodle soup and lamb kebab.

Yeo nhu i-ro

World Cup Park

gway u Rin Naeb

Seo ngsa n-ro

Changsin 2-dong

Seonyudo Park

Yan ghw ada egy o

Seo gan gda egyo


0 600 1200m

World Cup Stadium (Seongsan)

Seong san-ro

Mapo-gu Ofce

Sinchon (Gyeongui) Yonsei Univ. Hongik Univ. Sinchon

SinchonEwha Womans Univ. Ewha Womans Univ. Ewha Womans Univ. Ahyeon Aeogae

Underwood Hall, Stimson Hall, and Appenzeller Hall of Yonsei Univ. These three Gothic-style buildings, standing side by side with a beautiful garden along the front, are designated as historic sites. The area is the most popular photo setting among tourists. (p.34) Hongdae Clubs Clubs are the icon of Hongdae culture. The clubs in the area are always crowded with young people who dance to all genres of music from modern rock to techno. (p.33) Sangsu-dong Cafe Street This is the newly emerging hotspot in Hongdae that makes the street of cafes in Sangsu-dong pale by comparison. Feel the liberal spirit that only Hongdae culture can offer when you walk into boutique shops run by young designers and nationality-transcending eateries. (p.33)

Hongik Univ. Hapjeong Hongik Univ.Sangsu Sangsu Gwangheungchang (Seogang)

Sogang Univ. Daeheung (Sogang Univ.) Gongdeok Mapo

Suggested Itinerary
Tour the Ewha campus and shop in the fashion streets (1hour 30mins)- Walk to Yonsei Univ.(10mins)-Tour the Yonsei campus (1hour)-Tour the streets of Sinchon and have lunch (1hour 30mins)-Take subway to Hongik Univ. Station (15mins)- Visit Trickeye Museum (40mins)-Tour the streets of Hongdae and enjoy the cafes (1hour 30mins)- Have a great time at Hongdae clubs or Karaoke studios (1hour 30mins) Durations may vary depending on the itinerary and mode of transportation.


National Assembly National Assembly

yo aeg pod Ma
o egy oda nhy o W

Yeongdeungpo-gu Ofce


U ni ve r s i t y Quarter

01 Hongik Univ.Sangsu Station Area

Nearby subway station
2 A Hongik Univ. 6 Sangsu

Plan your Trip

Tour the many unique cafes, such as cafes for pets, cartoons, and weddings Experience the club culture of Korea, such as dancing, live performance and DJ shows Visit Hongik Childrens Park on Saturdays for shopping at free markets and band performances

ro ukpb Cu rld Wo

on l ch 2 -gi Sin o2 r uk .34 . 8 pb P v u i C Un rld Wo gik

Hon gikro 2 -gil

0 75 150m

YZ PARK Lotte Cinema (8-11F)

il 8-g o1 a-r ghw Yan

1 Hongdae Street
Hongik Univ. is famous for its College of Fine Arts, and this is one of the reasons why a street for young people with their unique tastes was created in this area. It is lled with clothes shops, accessory shops, clubs and theaters, so you can enjoy shopping, entertainment and culture. At night, performances of amateur bands are often held in the playgrounds or vacant lots.
1-1 Hongdae Free Market An art market held at Hongik Childrens Park each Saturday. Mar.-Nov.

n Ho

ro gyoDong
1 2


1 9


-ro ang ad m l u Eo

Line 2 Hongik Univ. Station. Exit 9. 5minute walk Saturdays 13:00-18:00

IBK Standard Chartered


Hongik Univ. Station Junction


il 7 6-g ro ikg n Olive Young Ho

Wa usa n-ro


1-2 Picasso Street Lined with distinctive shops designed for university students and young

rld Wo

l -gi o1 k-r u pb Cu

L in
o a-r w9 gh Yan


Seokyo Elementary School

people, and is a popular lming location for TV dramas. 1-3 Wall Painting Street A street where you can see wall paintings by students at the College of Fine Arts in Hongik Univ.



Mapo Lifelong Learning Center 12

2 Sangsu-dong Cafe Street

The street is lled with trendy cafes decorated based on different individual concepts. There are a wide variety of cafes, including coffee bars where coffee beans are roasted on the spot and dessert cafes that serve tasty sweet desserts.
Line 6 Sangsu Station. Exit 1, 2


Trickeye Museum 4

Seogyo Market


Juch ajan g-gil

il 5-g ro ikg n Ho

Street 1 Hongdae

ro ikng Ho

Park 5 Seonyudo Appx. 2.7km

Seogyo-dong Junction

Music Show Wedding Theater

Str eet


3 Hongdae Clubs
The Hongdae area is widely known as the mecca of club culture in Seoul. There are various clubs such as dance clubs where you can get into the rhythms of exciting music and dance as well as live performance clubs that offer music of different genres from jazz to indie band music. Most of these clubs can be visited in casual clothes such as jeans and sneakers.
3-1 Club Street A street packed with various clubs from dance to live performance clubs.


Seoul Art Space Seogyo

17 18 19







-gil ri-ro 6 Janda

Wausan-ro 21-gil

Hongik Childrens Park


ll Pa intin g


Free Bird

Hongdae Free Market Club NB


Hongik Univ.

Line 2 Hongik Univ. Station. Exit 9, Line 6 Sangsu Station. Exit 1. 10 minute walk


4 Trickeye Museum
As the name indicates, this is where you can experience and enjoy how one dimensional pictures turn into three dimensional pictures through tricking the eye. Ice Museum is another attraction where you can experience an igloo, and ice slide.
Adults 15,000 Minors 12,000 Line 2 Hongik Univ. Station. Exit 9. 5minute walk. 02-3144-6300

Club M2 KT&G Sangsang Madang 26 25 DGBD

Jazz Club Palm Picasso Street

27-2 27-2


3-1 Club Street

Club Evans

5 Seonyudo Park
A 20 minutes bus ride from Hondae streets to arrive at Seonyudo Park and take a stroll around it. The park is an ecological park created by reusing the facilities of a closed water purication plant, and is widely known to have been used as a lming location for the TV drama Iris. By crossing Seonyugyo (Bridge) in the park, visitors can reach Mangwon Hangang Park.
Free 08:00-24:00 Univ. Station Exit 2, 8) Bus no. 603, 5714, 7612 (Get on buses going to Hapjeong at Hongik

Don gm ak-r o

7-g il

aA Design Museum

Far East Broadcasting Company


Cafe Street 2 Sangsu-dong

Rolling Hall

Line 6

Danginri Junction





U ni ve r s i t y Quarter

Sinchon & Ewha Womans Univ. 02 Station Area

Nearby subway station
2 Sinchon, Ewha Womans Univ.

Plan your Trip

Stroll through college campuses and experience the romantic college culture Enjoy shopping for affordably priced trendy clothes, fashion accessories and make-up Hop on a Gyeongui line train at Shinchon train station for a tour to suburban towns such as Paju and Munsan
ro anngs Seo

Univ. 2 Yonsei
Severance Hospital

Ewha Womans Univ. High School 2

Womans Univ. 4 Ewha

4-1 Art House Momo

Seoul Changseo Yonsei-ro 7-gil Elementary School Changcheon -gil Childrens Park sei-ro 5 Yon Deoksan Sauna Hyundai Dept. Samhobikzip Store U-PLEX
Sincho n-ro

Hong ik Univ . P.3 2

1 Sinchons Pedestrian-Friendly Street

A cultural showcase designed around the street leading from Sinchon Station to Yonsei Univ. lined with numerous restaurants and attractions. A meeting plaza and a culture cafe are just two of the spots where you can enjoy shopping and relaxation.
1-1 Shinchon Station(Gyeongui Line) A station that sits between Yonsei and Ehwa Womans universities, it is a station separate from the Shinchon subway station. Take a Gyeongui Line train that comes about once every hour for a tour to Munsan, Paju and other suburban regions. 1-2 Sinchon Tourist Information Center (formerly the Sinchon Train Station) Seouls oldest train station that opened in 1920 has been converted in 2012 into an excellent tourist information center. 09:00-18:00 Line 2 Shinchon Station. Exit 3, 5. 15minute walk 02-363-7833

2 Yonsei Univ.
Yonsei Univ. was founded in 1885 when Koreas first Western-style hospital, Gwanghyewon, was reborn as a medical school. Three university buildings that serve as excellent examples of modern university architecture-Stimson Hall, Appenzeller Hall and Underwood Hall-re designated as Historic Sites. The ivy draped campus is a frequent shooting location for movies and television dramas.
Line 2 Shinchon Station. Exit 2, 3. 10minute walk.




1-1 Sinchon (Gyeongui Line) ()

Yonsei-ro 13-gil

1 Sinchons PedestrianFriendly Street

1 1-2 Migliore

Sinchon-dong Community Service Center Sinchon Tourist Information Center Ewhayeodae-gil Mercer Shopping Mall Kookmin Sinchon Area Patrol Unit

Daehyun Lucky Apt.

Ewhayeodae 8-gil

Yonsei-ro 9-gil


gil mulong Mye -gil ro 4 seiYon

Hyundai Campuville Sinchon-dong Community Center Changkwang Church

il i-ro 2-g Yonse

Universitys Street You 3 Ewha Want to Visit

Yes apM Daeheon Culture Park Woori 2 3 4

Daeshin  Elementary School



Fitness Korea Kookmin

Ewhayeodae 3-gil

Seobu District Ofce of Education

Ewhayeodae 2-gil

TodaCosa The Stage(B2) Hongik Book Store Sinchon Police Box 4 5 6 Woori

Lotte Market 999 Camp21 Ofce-tel

Sinchon-ro 26-gil

Sinchon Post Ofce

Daehe ung-ro 29-gil

1 6


Ewha Womans Univ.


Sinchon Posvill Kyobo Life Insurance Bldg.

-gil ro 24 honSinc

Hyundai Dept. Store 8 7

Kookmin 1 2 3


-gil m-ro 1 Baekbu

-gil an 5 Gos

Jangsu Bath Hall

11-gil Gosan


Changcheon Elementary, Middle School

l -gi 17 san Go

gil Gosan-

Clothes, accessories, beauty parlors and more can be found in this shopping area popular with young women. Lots of fascinating little streetside shops are clustered along a side-street that branches off from the main street leading from Ewha Univ. subway station to the universitys main gates.
Line 2 Ewha Womans Univ. Station. Exit 2, 3

3 Ewha Universitys Street You Want to Visit

4 Ewha Womans Univ.

Founded in 1886 as Koreas rst womens college, Ewha Womans Univ. is today Koreas largest university for women. The high-tech ECC (Ewha Campus Complex) designed by the world renowned architect Dominique Perrault is famous for its unique and sophisticated facades.
4-1 Art House Momo Koreas rst permanent theater to open within a college facility, the theater

Line 2 Ewha Womans Univ. Station. Exit 2, 3. 5minute walk.

mostly plays art movies. Annes Attic is a book cafe that is open for free to those who have the days movie ticket. 02-363-5333




Yongsan & Yeouido

Global District Within Seoul on the Riverside of Hangang

Itaewon / Yeouido


Muakjae Gyeongbokgung Palace Dongnimmun (Independence Gate) Seodaemun Chungjeongno (Kyonggi Univ.) Gwanghwamun Jonggak City Hall Anguk Jongno 3(sam)ga Jongno 5(o)ga Euljiro 4(sa)ga Euljiro 3(sam)ga Myeongdong Hongik Univ. Sinchon Hoehyeon Chungmuro Dongguk Univ.

Itaewon itself is like a small world within Seoul, a microcosm of the entire world. In this urban center, you can see everything from the exotic atmosphere of an Islamic temple to exotic cuisines the names of which you may never have heard. This is also where you can nd uniquely designed boutique hotels and galleries with global reputations. You may not want to miss the opportunity to see the unique souvenirs that came from countries around the world at Itaewon Market and Antique Street. While Itaewon is the global district in Gangbuk region, Yeouido, an island that faces it across from Hangang, is the district of global finance in Gangnam region. Yeouido was nothing more than a sandy island about a hundred years ago, but the area began to attract attention when Koreas first airport opened for business in 1916. Today, it is home to many landmarks of Seoul, such as the National Assembly building, 63 Building and IFC Mall, but the true gem of Yeouido is Hangang (river). Take a ferry cruise and sail on the river to view the bridges of Hangang that underwent many changes over the course of Korean history, and other major tourist attractions of Seoul such as the beautiful ecology island, Bamseom (Islet). During the Joseon Period, ferryboats were the major means of transportation. So it was from the piers by the river Hangang that Seoul culture and civilization spread throughout the nation in days gone by. Today, Hangang is still the iconic foundation upon which the culture of Seoul blooms. In spring and autumn, Hangang Park transforms itself into a stage for various festivals. Other popular attractions along the riverside of Hangang include public swimming pools and water taxies that ferry passengers across the river. Hangang riverside is always the place to be with many leisure and sports activities throughout the four seasons.

What to do
Shopping at Itaewon Market This is a place full of unsung heroes of fashion that only some seasoned shoppers would know. This is where you can find plus-sized clothes that some foreign tourists are looking for. (p.39) Hangang Cruise Take a cruise along the Hangang river to view major riverside attractions and also to enjoy the night scene of Seoul. The themed ferry cruise itinerary offers live performances, a dinner buffet, and many other entertainments. (p.41) Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival Yunjung-no in Yeouido turns into the street of cherry blossoms for about two weeks beginning in midApril each year. You will not want to miss the spectacular scene created by the cherry blossom petals that rain down on you with the spring breeze. (p.41)

Local Tips
Comme des Garons, the newly opened landmark shop in Itaewon, is surrounded by numerous dessert cafes, a few of which include Rose Bakery, Fashion 5, and Take Out Drawing. Just one stop away from Yeouido Station is Nor yangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market that is open 24 hours. Indulge yourself with inexpensive yet ultra-fresh seafood in this wholesale market. You can buy fresh seafood and walk into any of the many restaurants that offer cooking services and have them prepare your purchase.



Yeo uido

Seo gang daeg yo

Yeouido Park

Hang angd aegy o



Olym picdae ro


Dongjakda egyo

0 0 400 800 800m 1600m

Euljiro 1(il)ga

Ahyeon Ewha Seoul Station Sinchon Womans Univ. Aeogae Gwangheungchang (Seogang) Sangsu Daeheung (Sogang Univ.) Gongdeok Mapo

Namsan (Mountain) Leeum Samsung Museum of Art The museum attracts visitors with its worldclass collections and special exhibitions, but the museum building, designed by the world famous architects Mario Botta, Jean Nouvel, and Rem KoolHaas, is nothing short of an impressive work of art in itself. (p.38) Gyeongnidan-gil If you need to take a break from the bustle of Itaewon, Gyeongnidan-gil is just for you. This is a street lined with small restaurants that boasts chefs from other countries and internationally-trained Korean chefs. (p.39) 63 Building It may no longer be the tallest building in Seoul, but its popularity remains higher than ever as a versatile cultural complex that houses an aquarium, a wax museum, and the observatory called Sky Art. (p.40)

Hyochang Park Yongsan Electronics Shopping Mall Yongsan

Bamseom (Islet)

The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea National Assembly Yeouido

yo aeg pod Ma
o egy oda nhy Wo

Sookmyung Women's Univ. Itaewon 2-dong (Garwol) Leeum Samsung Itaewon The War Museum of Art Memorial Hangangjin of Korea Noksapyeong Itaewon Samgakji


Sinyongsan National Museum of Korea


Suggested Itinerary
Seobinggo Visit Leeum Samsung Museum of Art(1hour 30mins)-Walk to Gyeongnidangil(15mins)-Tour Gyeongnidan-gil and have lunch(1hour 30mins)- Shop at Itaewon Market(40mins)-Walk to the Water Taxi stop at Seobinggo(30mins)- Ride the water taxi to Yeouinaru pier(30mins)- Shop at IFC Mall(1hour)-Tour 63 Building(2hours)Enjoy the Hangang Ferry Cruise with Dinner Buffet(1hour 30mins) Durations may vary depending on the itinerary and mode of transportation.


Yeouido Hangang Park



Gan Ichon gby eon buk -ro

Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

gyo odae Banp

Yo n g s a n & Ye ouid o

01 Itaewon

Nearby subway station

6 Itaewon, Hangangjin, Noksapyeong

Plan your Trip


Shop for big sized clothes and unique accessories imported from around the world 21 22 23 24 Savor cuisines of countries around the world prepared by their native chefs View diverse exhibitions at The National Museum of Korea and Leeum Samsung Museum of Art
7 8

3 Gyeongnidan-gil

1-1 Ice Rink










ro m-dae Hanna

Noksapyeo ng-daero

Seoul Digitech High School

Nok sapy eon g-da ero 40n a-gil

Grand Hyatt Seoul


ro 6-gil Hoenamu-




National Museum of Korea


4-gil -ro 4 amu Hoen

2 Leeum Samsung Museum of Art


gil 55-ro 16 won Itae


Around 1.8km




40d a-g il

Itae wo n-r o

Itaewon Post Ofce

rpass Itaewon Unde

Nok sap yeo ngdae ro
Itaewon-ro 27da-gil
-gil 27 n-ro o w Itae

L in

The War Memorial of Korea

Itaewon-ro 27ra-gil



Around 1.5km

Belgian Embassy

Argentine Embassy

Hannam Foreigners Apt




Street 1 Itaewon


IP Boutique

Saudi Arabian Culture Center

Han n Undam 2-d erpa ong ss


Hana 2
25 26 27-2

No ksa pye 4 ong



Standard Chartered


1 4

3 Kookmin Itaewon Police Box Itaewon Fire House Seoul Central Mosque

t ee Str fe Ca ng do am nn Ha

Noksapyeong Station Junction

Itaewon Shopping Center Itaewon Market

Antique Street 4 Itaewon

1 Itaewon Street
Signs in foreign languages, and English spoken by many of the merchants and restaurants and cafes based on the cuisine of diverse foreign countries: these make one feel as if Itaewon Street is located in another country. Enjoy brunch menus and party culture that only Itaewon can offer, and shop for unique products imported from around the world.
Line 6. Itaewon Station. 1-1 Ice Rink Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel operates an ice rink that presents a romantic mood exclusively during winter. It is a famous lming location for TV dramas and movies, and is also a popular spot for marriage proposals. Mon-Thu 12:00-21:00 Fri-Sun 10:00-22:00 Line 6 Hangangjin Station. Exit 2. Bus transfer. 02- 797-1234

3 Gyeongnidan-gil
This is a unique street in a residential area lined with restaurants and cafes based in foreign countries such as Japan, Thailand, Turkey and Mexico. Exotic dishes whose avors are recreated by foreign chefs and Korean cooks who have worked abroad are highly popular.
Line 6 Noksapyeong Station. Exit 2, 3. 5minute walk

4 Itaewon Antique Street

There are more than 100 antique shops on this street. They are lled with items from Korea, Chinese furniture and goods from Europe. Visitors can browse through antique goods that show the trace of time and purchase vintage interior items.
Line 6 Itaewon Station. Exit 3, 4. 5minute walk

2 Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

This art museum was established with the art collection of the founder of the Samsung Group. Permanent exhibits include old Korean artwork and works by renowned global artists including Andy Warhol and Nam June Paik.
Adults 7,000-10,000 Youths 4,000-6,000 10:30-18:00 (Closed on Mondays) English, Japanese, and Chinese digital audio guide is available for paid rental Line 6 Hangangjin Station. Exit 1. 10minute walk 02-2014-6900

[Popular nearby attractions you can visit along with Itaewon]

National Museum of Korea The most representative museum in Korea praised as one of the six major museums of the world. Free Tue., Thu.&Fri. 09:00-18:00 Wed.&Sat. 09:00-21:00 Sun.&holidays 09:00-19:00 English guided tour twice a day. Japanese guided tour once on weekdays, twice on weekends. Chinese guided tour once on weekdays, twice on weekends. French guided tour once a month. Line 4 Ichon Station. Exit 2 02-2077-9000 The War Memorial of Korea A museum based on the theme of the wars that occurred on the Korean Peninsula. Free 09:00-17:30 (Closed on Mondays) Make advance reservations for Free English, Japanese, and Chinese guides Line 4, 6 Samgakji Station. Exit 1, 12 02709-3139



Yo n g s a n & Ye ouid o

02 Yeouido

Nearby subway station

9 The National Assembly, Saetgang 9

Plan your Trip

Observe the Flower Festival and Fireworks Festival that open in Spring and Autumn Go to the 63 Building observatory and behold the beautiful night scene of the Seoul city Get involved in diverse leisure activities available in Hangang Park, such as ferry cruise, outdoor swimming and water taxi ride
Map odae gyo

5 Yeouido

5 Yeouinaru

Water taxi 4-2


Floating Stage

4 Yeouido Hangang Park

eo-ro Yeouis

Daebanggol Yangmani

Yeou i-dae ro

Yeouido Gukh oe-d aero 76-g il

Yeou igon gwo n-ro

Yeouido Seoul Apt. 1 Yeouido Gongjak Apt.

Yeouin aru

Hangang Swimming Pool 4-1 Yeouido

4-2 Water taxi

Cruise 2 Hangang 4 Yeouido Hangang Park

Yeouid ong-ro

Water taxi 4-2 Yeouido Elementary School

Yeou inam u-ro

The Lexington The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea Dangsan Middle School Gangbyeon Raemian Apt. Dangsan Prugio Apt.
g-ro gjun Yeon

Yeouido High School

IFC Mall

L in e

Guk hoedaero

Woori The 1 Natio 2 3 nal A 6 sse mbly 5 4

Uisad angdaero

3 Yeouido Park

Korea Development Bank

L in e

Gukje geum yung -ro

Yeou idaeb angro

Conrad Seoul

Yeouido Girls High School

Sibeom Apt.

Won hyo dae gyo

Yeo uido

Yeo uido

1 63 Building 63
One of Koreas tallest buildings, 63 Building is a multi-venue leisure complex that features Sea World aquarium, Sky Art observatory, Wax Museum, and many other entertainment facilities. Particularly spectacular is the panoramic night scene of the city observed from Sky Art, which is called the tallest gallery of the world.
Sky Art Adults 12,000 Youths (3years to adolescence) 11,000 Sea World Adults 19,000 Line 5 Youths 16,000 Wax Museum Adults 14,000 Youths 13,000 10:00-22:00 Yeouinaru Station. Exit 5. 15minute walk 02-789-5663

2 Hangang Cruise
Take the ferry cruise to enjoy the sweet breeze and the beautiful view of the Hangang river, while sailing by tourist attractions and historic sites such as Bamseom (islet), Jeoldusan Park, 63 Building Namsan Tower, Jamsil Stadium and others. The course that passes under Banpodaegyo (Bridge) at night is particularly popular for the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain show. Themed ferry cruise that include live performances and buffet is also available.
Adults 12,000 Youths 10,800 Children 8,400 (varies depending on the course) Yeouido Pier : Line 5 Yeouinaru Station. Exit 3, Jamsil Pier : Line 2 Sincheon Station. Exit 7 Yanghwa Pier : Line 2, 9 Dangsan Station. Exit 4, Ttukseom Pier : Line 7 Ttukseom Park Station. Exit 3 02-3271-6900

0 300m

1 63 Building


Duraemidam Kookmin

Kookmin Catholic Univ. of Korea Yeouido St. Marys Hospital Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market

l-ro deu No


Yeouido Post Ofce Shinhan Citi

Uisad angdaero

g an etg Sa

l-ro deu No

New Seoul St. Marys Hospital

-ro mu na eu od Be

Tamla 2

Standard Chartered Indonesian Embassy 3

KBS Annex 1

Youngdong Elementary School

Gwangjang Apt. Yunjung Elementary School

Yunjung Middle School

Sae tgan 4 g

L in 9 in e


jin ng rya No gjin n rya Dongjak Police No

Station Noryangjin Elementary School

i-ro aeg ngb gseu Jan

3 Yeouido Park
A sprawling plaza surrounded by woods at the center of the city, Yeouido Park is where you can take a walk along the ecology wood and trees, or rent a bike or in-line skate and enjoy the ride through the park. Some of the sights you can nd within the park include the statue of King Sejong the Great and the models of his inventions.
Line 5, 9 Yeouido Station. Exit 2, 3. Line 9 National Assembly Station. Exit 3, 4. 5minute walk

4 Yeouido Hangang Park

The park is famous as the stage for diverse urban festivals due to its proximity to Yunjung-no, a road famous for beautiful cherry blossoms. In April each year, it turns into the venue for Spring Flower Festival of Yeouido, and in October, the Seoul World Fireworks Festival.
4-1 Yeoido Hangang Swimming Pool A place where you can enjoy swimming in the urban center overlooking the stretch of Hangang, it is loved by Seoul citizens particularly in Summer. Adults 5,000 Youths 4,000 Children 3,000 Jul.-Aug. 09:00-20:00 02-785-0478 [Other swimming pools along the Hangang river] Gwangnaru Swimming Pool (02-470-9561), Ttukseom Swimmiing Pool (02-452-5955), Mangwon Swimming Pool (02-322-6302), Jamwon Swimming Pool (02-536-8263), Jamsil Swimming Pool (02-421-2564), Nanji Riverside Swimming Area (02-3151-0256) 4-2 Water Taxi An attraction of Hangang (river) that connects the western and the eastern parts of Seoul fastest, Water Taxi is popular for its fast speed and also for the breeze from the river. With no xed operation schedule, advance reservation is required to use it. Line 5 Yeouinaru Station. Exit 3. 5minute walk 1588-3960





The mecca of the Lastest Fashion Trend

Apgujeong-dong Cheongdam-dong / Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil Area Gangnam Station Area / Samseong Station Area / Seocho
Seoul Forest


yo daeg gho Don

Seoul Forest

Gangnam is a district famous for its streets that represent the latest fashion trends of Seoul. Gangnam district is the best spot for tourists, because you can find top-class hotels, the airport terminal, cafes, galleries, and designer shops that you wont nd anywhere else. The area around Samseong Station and Gangnam Station creates a business and commercial zone, while the area around Apgujeong-dong and Cheongdam-dong creates a shopping haven. Other attractions of this district include Garosugil and Seorae Village famous for its exotic atmosphere. You can see the latest fashion trends of Seoul at the outdoor cafes and designer shops that line the Garosu-gil, and you can shop for world-famous brand labels along the streets of Apgujeongdong and Cheongdam-dong, which are frequented by Korean celebrities. Gangnam is not just the hub of fashion in Seoul; it is also the hub of nance and the culture of Seoul. Dosan Park in the area is surrounded by galleries that offer the highest-class art experiences, and some of the age-old cultural and historic sites such as Bongeunsa temple and Seonjeongneung Royal Tombs are also within a short distance. The most exquisite sight of Gangnam unfolds when the sun goes down at Banpo Hangang Park. This is where you can watch the famous Rainbow Fountain at Banpodaegyo (Bridge), created by using underwater pumps to shoot waterjets from the river to the edges of the bridge. If you can manage to capture the scene of the fountain sparkling with light along with N Seoul Tower in the background, you have completed the most special memory of your visit to Seoul.

What to do
Explore Eateries in Seorae Village Called a French Village within Seoul, this is a place where you will find many outdoor cafes and restaurants with wonderful atmosphere. This is a good place to enjoy a laid-back brunch during the late morning hours. (p.53) Galleries around Dosan Park Dosan Park is also known as the streets of culture for the many galleries that surround the area. Two must-visit galleries of the area include Maison Hermes and Horim Art Center. (p.45) Performances at the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts This is where you can watch top-class Korean traditional music and dance performances, some of which include royal ancestral rites music and Cheoyongmu (Dance of Cheoyong) that are registered as Intangible Cultural Heritages by UNESCO. (p.53)

Local Tips
Moonlight Square within Banpo Hangang Park is the venue of various performances of classic, a cappella, popera and jazz music each Saturday evening for six months from May to October. You can experience the life of a Buddhist monk in the middle of the city by staying overnight at Bongeunsa Temple near Samseong Station.

Yeon gdon gdae gyo

Apgujeong-dongCheongdam-dong Apgujeong Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil Sinsa Dosan Park Apgujeong Rodeo

Cheongdam Gangnam-gu Ofce

Cheo ngdam daegy o


Olym pic-d aero

Seocho Jamwon Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain Express Bus Terminal Nonhyeon Hakdong

Banpo 4-dong
Seoul Natl Univ. Seocho


National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts

Seocho 1-dong
Seoul Arts Center

gyo dae nam Han

Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil One of the most popular hotspots in Gangnam
Samseong Station Area Samseong district, this is where you will nd romantic outdoor cafes and boutique shops run by designers with unique individuality. This is the place where you will nd the latest trends of Seoul faster than anywhere else. (p.47) COEX This is where the G20 Summit Conference was held in 2010. The facility includes a shopping mall of over 180 stores, and an attractive aquarium. Home to the City Airport Terminal, this is also the best place for last minute shopping before departure. (p.51) Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain This is the worlds longest bridge fountain, which set a Guinness World Record with nearly 190 lighted jets creating a festival of light and water designed to carry images of hope and the energy of positivity. (p.53) Hangnyeoul
sway Dongbu Expres

Seonjeongneung Seonjeongneung Royal Tombs

Sinnonhyeon Gangnam Gangnam Station Area

daero namGang

LG Art Center Yeoksam


Hanti Daechi Dogok

Suggested Itinerary
Tour COEX or Bongeunsa Temple (1hour 45mins)- Take a subway to Gangnam Station (15mins)-Tour the streets near Gangnam Station and have lunch (1hour 30mins)-Tour Samsung dlight (30mins)- Take a bus to Sinsa Station (20mins)Shop at the Garosu-gil (1hour 30mins)-Walk to the junctions at Dosan Park (10mins)-Visit Horim Art Center (50mins)-Shop at the multishops in Cheongdamdong (1hour 30mins)-Take a bus to the southern part of Banpodaegyo (Bridge) (30mins)-Watch the Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain (40mins)-Walk to Seorae Village (25mins)- Have dinner at a cafe in Seorae Village (1hour) Durations may vary depending on the itinerary and mode of transportation.

ro yeonNonh

Nambu Bus Terminal (Seoul Arts Center) Yangjae (Seocho-gu Ofce)

Maebong Guryong



01 Apgujeong-dongCheongdam-dong
21 22 23

Plan your Trip

Shop for luxurious brand name products that are new or reserved for Asia Try on the latest hairstyles at the trendiest hair salons frequented by Korean stars Explore galleries in front of Dosan Park, such as Horim Art Center and Maison Hermes Gallery
27-2 24

Nearby subway station

3 Apgujeong

B Apgujeong Rodeo
25 26 27-2

Kookmin Cecil Art Hall

g-ro jeon Apgu

Cheongdam Middle School

Apguje ong R odeo

Apguje ong-ro 50-gil

1 Hyundai Dept. Store 6 5 2

Woori Pop Green KDB

Shingu Middle School Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine

Galleria Luxury Hall WEST 1-1 West Kookmin 7 Hana Woori 6 Apgujeong Rodeo Street

1-1 The Galleria Luxury Hall EAST


2 3

Cheongdam Cheongdam Elementary School High School Apguje S.M. Entertainment on


Gallery Won You Art Space

5 Gangnam Tourist Information Center

Nori Market

Apguje ong-ro 60-gil

6 P.4

-gil osu Gar

Sawore Boribap

Seolleun g-ro 157gil

SK gas Station 10 Corso Como

Pungwoldang Standard Charted

Cheongdam-dong Fashion 2 Street

Boon The Shop MUE
80-gil Apgujeong-ro

Cheo ngd am -do n


Seolleu ng-ro


t tree ry S uxu
Seomi & Tuus Gallery Citi
Cheongdam Junction

JYP Entertainment
79-gil Apgujeong-ro

Korea House

Non hye onro

Samwon Garden Space*C


Seolleung-ro 157-gil


3 Dosan Park
Dosan Ahn Chang-ho Memorial Hal

152-gil Seolleung-ro



168 -gil


Ahnsei Hospital

Dongduk Women's Univ. Design Research Center Cheongdam Human Starville

Prima Pungnyugwan


Hak-dong CGV Cheongdam Junction


The street is packed with luxury brand stores and related goods. From mega shopping malls that sell luxury goods to outlets of luxury brands, used luxury goods shops and luxury goods repair shops, there is everything about luxury goods in this area, making it the essential shopping destination of trendsetters.
40 44

Bundang Line(Railroad) Apgujeong Rodeo Station. Exit 6. 5minute walk. 1-1 Galleria Dept. Store This high-end department store features two luxury halls: Luxury Hall East for high-class designer and fashion labels; and Luxury Hall West more for unique designs for young shoppers Weekdays 10:30-20:00, Fri. and Weekends 10:30-20:30 Bundang Line connects with Apgujeong Rodeo Station 02-3449-4114

This street is filled with studios, showrooms and shops of leading designers as well as beauty shops and wedding shops frequented by famous stars, and thus draws keen attention from trendsetters. It is also lined with global luxury brand shops. Some of the hotspots on this street include multishops where famous brand and designer label shops are combined with cafe, gallery, or restaurant
Bundang Line (Railroad) Apgujeong Rodeo Station. Exit 2, 3. 10minute walk [Recommended Multi Shops] 10 Corso Como (02-3018-1010), Boon The Shop (02-542-8006), MUE (02-3446-8074), Beaker (02-543-1270), Super Normal (02-511-0991) Call to conrm business hours, because each business has different business hours and holiday schedules.

0 100 200m

Omiga Yedang

IBK Yangmani Youngdong High School

Maison Hermes Dosan Park

33 34

Bu n d

gno seon Sam

4 Horim Art Center


1 Apgujeong Rodeo Street

41 42 43

2 Cheongdam-dong Street
52 53 54 55

Line 3

ang L

Dosan-daero Junction

37 38

Cheongdam Neighborhood Park


3 Dosan Park
This park was built in commemoration of Ahn Chang-ho, an independence activist during the Japanese colonial period. There are agship stores of leading global brands, designer shops and cafes around the park, and lming of movies and TV dramas often takes place here.
Line 3 Apgujeong Station. Exit 3. Bundang Line (Railroad) Apgujeong Rodeo Station. Exit 5. 10minute walk




4 Horim Art Center

49 50 51

This is where you can appreciate the beauty and the originality of Korean arts. The permanent displays in this art center include earthenwares, ceramics, paintings, and metal works, among many other traditional cultural heritage and cultural assets that represent the ancient artworks of Korea. The exterior of the building is particularly impressive with motifs inspired by ceramics and comb-pattern pottery.
Adults 8,000 Youths 5,000 10:30-18:00 (Closed on Sundays) Line 3 Apgujeong Station. Exit 3, Bundang Line (Railroad) Apgujeong Rodeo Station. Exit 5. 15minute walk 02-541-3523~5

5 Gangnam Tourist Information Center

Find the information you need about medical or Korean Wave related tours in this center located at the center of the city. The center features an experience zone where you can try on the K-stars dresses and have your picture taken, take advantage of a medical tour counseling service, and nd information about visitor-participation programs. You can also make reservations for major tourist attractions.
10:00-20:00 Line 3 Apgujeong Station. Exit 6 02-3445-0111




02 Sinsadong Garosu-gil Area

Nearby subway station
3 Sinsa

Plan your Trip

Enjoy a laid-back brunch at terraced cafes and restaurants. Shop for unique merchandise at designer studios and select shops of diverse concepts Experience the latest culture and arts of Seoul while touring galleries in the gallery street

Sinsa Middle School

o ng-r ujeo Apg

Sinsa-dong Community Service Center

Hanchu Gaewhaok

5cijung Gallery SP

Hangang Park 5 Jamwon

Appx. 750m

il 4-g g-ro jeon u g Ap

6-gil ro 15 -dae nam Gang

0 50 100m

1 Sinsadong Garosu-gil
Unique apparel and accessories from Koreas most promising young designers can be found along this street lined with Ginkgo trees that runs from Sinsa-dong to Apgujeong-dong. Large multibrand shops for foreign brands give shoppers the chance to take in fashion trends from all over the world, and one might even be lucky enough to catch a really special deal in the ea markets that spring up occasionally in the area.
Line 3 Sinsa Station. Exit 8. 5minute walk
1-1 Forever21 1-2 around the corner 1-3 Smile Market 1-4 Aland 1-5 8seconds

-gil 18 -ro ong uje Apg

Dongeun Plaza Gallery CoLA

1-1 Forever21

3 Gallery Street
Singu Elementary School
14-gil Apgujeong-ro

Ap Bogo gujeon g-ro Bldg. 8-

Gallery YEH

10-gil Apgujeong-ro

Gallery UM

gil 61-ro 1 yeon h n No

1-2 Around the Corner

12-gil Apgujeong-ro

-gil 159 n-ro hyeo n o N

2 Serosu-gil
Unique stores began popping up along the eight side-streets that branch off from the main Garosu-gil as visitors to the area have increased over the years. The exotic cafes and delightful restaurants along these streets might even make you feel you are in a romantic European city.
Line 3 Sinsa Station. Exit 8. 5minute walk [Recommended Restaurants] HanChu (Chicken, 02-541-0969), DUEX CREMES (Tarte Cafe, 02-545-7931), Allo Paper garden (Italian, 02-541-6933), 5cijung (Organic Cafe, 02-512- 6508), Gaewhaok (Korean Cuisine, 02-3444-1459) Call to confirm business hours, because each business has different business hours and holiday schedules.

Gallery AM
1-3 Smile Market

-gil 23 ero -da san Do

U Sauna

2 Serosu-gil
1-4 Aland


gil 62ro 1 dae m gna Gan gil 60ro 1 dae m gna Gan -gil 158 aero m-d a n g Gan

Eawes Bldg.

Do san -da ero 19 -gil

3 Gallery Street
Art galleries began moving from Insa-dong to Sinsa-dong in the early 1980s to form todays Gallery Street. Art galleries of every shape and size ll the alleyways and allow the visitor to experience Seouls trendiest culture and art. Many galleries also serve as cafes, tea shops and restaurants where you can enjoy art and ne dining at the same time.
Line 3 Sinsa Station. Exit 8. 6minute walk

Urban Art Gallery Allo Papergarden

11-gil Dosandaero

1 Garosu-gil

gil 15aero an-d Dos

Contackorea Corporation
-gil Nonhyeon-ro 151

7-gil ero 1 n-da Dosa

4 Simone Handbag Museum Bagstage

Seoul Mode Fashion Institute

ro ngujeo Apg il 2-g
4-gil ro 15 -dae nam g n a G 2-gil ro 15 -dae nam Gang

1-5 8seconds

Koreas first museum dedicated entirely to the history, manufacturing, design and art of the handbag is an exhibition and cultural experience area that has everything you want to know about the worlds favorite fashion accessory.
5,000 Tue.-Thu.11:00-20:00, Fri.-Sat.11:00-21:00, Sun.11:00-19:00 (Closed on Mondays) Line 3 Sinsa Station. Exit 8. 5minute walk 02-3444-0912 http://www.

Handbag Museum Bagstage 4 Simone

Spicy Color Rio Bldg.
Kookmin Sinsa Police Box J-Tower IBK
ero n-da Dosa


ark an P Dos

5 Jamwon Hangang Park

Located in proximity to such popular hotspots as Apgujeong-dong and Sinsa-dong in Gangnam district, Jamwon Hangang Park is where anybody from advanced athletes to beginners can come and enjoy various sports activities, such as biking, inline skating, and even wake boarding. Also found in this park is the Jamwon Nature Learning Center, a namesake science center where you can observe and learn about silkworm, from which came the name, Jamwon.
Line 3 Sinsa Station. Exit 5. 15minute walk

13-gil Dosan-daero

MG Tower

Villa De Bailey Young Dong Gwangmyeong Bldg.

Do san -da ero 16 -gi l


3 L in e
Shinhan National Pension Corporation Gangnam Center

a Sins

Lotte Cinema Broadway

n-ro hyeo Non

-gil 149

Do san -da ero 12 -gi l

8-gil -daero Dosan




03 Gangnam Station Area

Nearby subway station
o 1-gil unsa-r Bonge

Plan your Trip

Visit the Kukkiwon to learn about the long history of Taekwondo and take a walk at the Yeoksam Park Shop from a wide selection of affordably-priced clothing and accessories at Gangnam Shopping Center. Enjoy arts and performances such as music, theater plays, and dance at LG Art Center
Novotel Seoul Ambassador Gangnam

2 D Gangnam

9 Shinnonhyeon

a-ro euns Bong

L in


Bon geu nsa -ro



Gan gna m-d aero 102 -gil



6-gil ro 10 -dae nam g n a G

Bon geu nsa -ro

Tehe ran-ro 5-gil

Seocho Elementary School

il 61-g daero amn g n Ga
il o 71-g o-dare Seoch

0 50

il o 10-g unsa-r Bonge

1 Kukkiwon
A Mecca of Taekwondo that any Taekwondo practitioners have to visit at least once in lifetime, this facility features a majestic studio where Taekwondo masters from around the world come for training, and a Taekwondo museum where over 2,500 articles are on display testifying to the long history of the martial art.
Mon.-Fri. 09:00-11:30, 13:00-17:30 Line 2 Gangnam Station, Exit 12. 10minute walk 02-567-1058~9


3 Kookmin

n yeo onh n in Sh

il 26-g a-ro euns Bong

The Ritz-Carlton Seoul

7 Woori 6

Shinhan Daedong Bldg.

o 4-gil unsa-r Bonge

Kyobo Tower

il 10-g ero 1 m-da a n g Gan

Baek Ae Heon Hanbok

2 Yeoksam Park
Located above the Gangnam Station intersection on a hill, Yeoksam Park provides an amazing view of the areas skyscrapers. A popular urban retreat among the Seoul citizens, it is found close to Kukkiwon and the National Library for Children and Young Adult.
Line 2 Gangnam Station, Exit 12, Line 9 Sinnonhyeon Station, Exit 4, 5. 8minute walk

o 6-gil unsa-r Bonge

Teh era n-r o

13 -gil

8-gil aero 5 ong-d Sapye 6-gil aero 5 ong-d Sapye

n-ro Seou

3 Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center

7-gil -ro 9 yeon Nonh

Citi Hungkuk Life Insurance Bldg. Shinhan

-gil ro 69 Kumkang Shoes -dae nam Club NB Gang
il o 77-g o-dare Seoch il o 75-g o-dare Seoch


ro -dae nam Gang

-gil 100

Located in the center of the Gangnam Station area, the underground shopping center is made up of hundreds of clothing stores and accessory shops that allow one to take in Seouls fashion trends all in one place. The Hub Plaza in the center of the complex gives shoppers the opportunity to rest and enjoy a cultural performance.
10:00-23:00 Connects to Line 2 Gangnam Station 02-553-1898

Jump Milano

4 Samsung dlight 1 Kukkiwon

Chongro Yuhak

il 65-g daero namGang

-gil ro 98 -dae nam g n a G

The National Library For Children & Young Adults

Lotte Cinema
1-gil n-ro Tehera

Citi Tower
-gil ro 96 -dae nam g n a G

2 Yeoksam Park

Visit Samsung dlight, the exhibition space within the Samsung Electronics headquarters building, and test and use all the latest products made by Samsung Electronics. Visitors can also experience a wide variety of digital media arts, and enjoy a stage performance that is offered once every month.
Free 10:00-19:00 (Closed on Sundays and Natl holidays) 3minute walk 02-2255-2277 Line 2 Gangnam Station. Exit 8.

Miss H

7-gil n-ro Tehera

Gangnam Art Hall

il o 73-g o-dare Seoch

Pagoda Bldg. Club MASS YBM Academy

-gil ro 94 -dae nam g n a G

5 LG Art Center LG
The LG Art Center is where the world-class musicians such as Pina Bausch, Matthew Bourne and Philip Glass offer a wide variety of high-class performances. Visitors can enjoy all genres of art performances, including music, dance, theater, and musicals.
Line 2 Yeoksam Station. Exit 7 02-2005-0114

Clubs around Gangnam Station 6

The Body Shop KEB 10 IBK MEGABOX GT Tower Yeontabal Imagine 9

Art Center LG 5 LG Appx. 800m

-gil ro 92 -dae nam g n a G

YBM Gangnam Center Glass Tower 11

LIG Tower

L in
ro ranTehe


6 Clubs around Gangnam Station

Seouls nightlife begins and ends with the clubs near Gangnam Station. Every genre of music, from hip-hop to house, can be heard coming from the areas numerous nightclubs that are jampacked with revelers partying the night away every weekend.
Line 2 Gangnam Station. Exit 10. 5minute walk


Norang Jugory

Station Underground 3 Gangnam Shopping Center


Yeoksam District Tax Ofce

gna Gan


National Health Insurance Corporation

4-gil n-ro Tehera

gnam Gan

Boutique Monaco

Kookmin 2

aero ho-d Seoc

Samsung dlight 4




04 Samseong Station Area

Nearby subway station
2 Samseong

Plan your Trip

Shop at COEX Mall where visitors have access to the trendiest Korean styles Observe diverse underwater creatures at COEX Aquarium Experience life at a temple at Bongeunsa Temple for a few hours or overnight



1 Seonjeongneung Royal Tombs

112-gil g-daero Yeongdon

.44 g P -don dam ong Che

3 Bongeunsa Temple

Samseong Police Box

a-ro Bongeuns 108-gil

Here, King Seongjong, the 9th king of the Joseon Dynasty, rests in peace with Queen Jeonghyeon, as well as King Jungjong, the 11th king of the dynasty. The royal tombs are preserved quite well and the place was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in 2009.
Adults 1,000 Minors 500 Mar.-Oct. 06:00-21:00, Nov.-Feb. 06:30-21:00 (Closed on Mondays) Line 2, Bundang Line Seolleung Station. Exit 8. 5minute walk 02-568-1291





75 150m

Temple Stay

sa-ro Bongeun


CoeX Gyocharo

-gil 104 a-ro euns Bong


Hyundai IPark Tower Seoul Art College ASEM Tower

gil 106aero ng-d o d g Yeon

This is the largest exhibition venue with numerous exhibition halls, a convention center and meeting rooms. There are various additional facilities including a five-star hotel, casino, the largest underground shopping mall in Asia, museums and an aquarium, making it a key 31 destination for exhibitions, culture and sightseeing.
2-1 Coex Mall the largest underground shopping mall in Asia, with more than 180 shops, 100

InterContinental Seoul COEX Lotte Duty Free shop
il 86-g a-ro euns Bong


Connects to Line 2 Samseong Station

Seven Luck Casino


Korea Electric Power Corporation

cafes and restaurants. Individual business hours vary. Inquire the shop for details in advance. 02-6000-0114 2-2 Coex Aquarium A marine theme park that presents an underwater environment created to closely resemble nature and where visitors can see diverse aquatic animals and plants. Adults 12,000 Youths 16,500 Children 14,000 10:00-20:00 (Open throughout the year) 02-6002-6200

ero g-da gdon Yeon

Oakwood Premier 33 Coex Center

il 87-g ran-ro Tehe

2 CoeX
2-1 Coex Mall 2-2 Coex Aquarium

3 Bongeunsa Temple
il 96-g daero ongd g n Yeo

35 The temple was built in 794 CE. During the Joseon Dynasty, it was the


largest temple in Seoul, and the magnicent splendor of the old days still remains here. The temple, where people can experience Buddhist culture in the center of the city, is highly popular among tourists.
Line 2 Samseong Station. Exit 6. 15minute walk 02-511-6070~4 http://www. 3-1 Bongeunsa Temple Stay It is a cultural experience program through which participants can experience the daily life of monks for one to two days.



Korea World Trade Center COEX Artium KDB


5 Korea City Air Terminal

29 30 31

4 Korea Cultural House

7 6 5

33 34

Convention Center Post Ofce Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Hyundai 47 Dept. Store

6-gil -ro 9 eong Sams Hana



g seon Sam Samseong Station


This is the workplace of traditional artisans where you can experience 39 traditional culture. Visitors can watch artisans make handicrafts or make them firsthand under the instruction of artisans. In addition, traditional performances are held every Wednesday.
traditional performance on Wednsday 5,000-30,000 (only Mar.-Jun, Sep.-Dec.) Samseong Station. Exit 4. 7minute walk 02-3011-1788 Line 2

il 83-g ran-ro Tehe

il 81-g ran-ro Tehe



2-gil -ro 9 eong Sams


4 3 Glass Tower
il 92-g n-ro Tehera

5 Korea City Air Terminal



45 46

Seonjeongneung Royal Tombs

41 Appx. 650m

n-ro Tehera

Kookmin Shinhan



In this airport terminal conveniently located in the center of Seoul, you can get the checking in and boarding process services, and take a limousine shuttle bus to catch your plane either at Incheon Intl Airport or Gimpo Airport.
Korea Air, Asiana Airlines 05:20-18:30, Jeju Air and Foreign airlines 05:10-18:30 Services available only from limited airline companies. Make sure to conrm in advance. Line 2 Samseong Station. Exit 5, 6. 5minute walk 02-551-0077

il 98-g ran-ro Tehe


ne 2

il 88-g ran-ro Tehe


POSCO 50 Junction

-gil ro 85 -dae dong g n o Ye




4 Korea Cultural House




il 86-g g-ro seon Sam

Daemyeong Middle School




05 Seocho

Nearby subway station

3 7 9 Express Bus Terminal 9 Sinbanpo 3 Nambo Bus Terminal
gyo odae Banp

Plan your Trip

Visit Hangang Park at night and watch the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain at the Banpodaegyo (bridge) Enjoy diverse art exhibitions and traditional music performances at the Seoul Arts Center and the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts Taste savory French dishes prepared by famous chefs at Seorae Village
n wo Jam
Sinbanpo 8-cha Apt. Banwon Elementary School Kyoungwon Middle School


1 Banpo Hangang Park

The park has many attractions of Hangang, a few of which include the Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, Jamsugyo, and Moonlight Square. Around the man-made Seoraeseom island, you can enjoy various water sports such as water skiing and motorboats on the water of Hangang.
1-1 Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain You can watch this spectacular fountain show from

Sinbanpo 15-cha Apt.

5 Jamwon Elementary School

ero g-da yeon Sap

Banpo Middle School

Exp ress Bu s

Banpo Sports Complex

Banp oche on


Banpo SK view Apt

Line 7

L in e

g ban Nae

150 300m

Hangang Park 1 Banpo

1-1 Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

ro dae picOlym

Banpo Keangnam Apt.

Sinbanpo 2-cha Apt.

Hanshin Apt. 11-cha danji

Line 9 Express Bus Terminal Station Exit 8-1, Sinbanpo Station. Exit 2. 15minute walk

on-ro Jamw


npo-ro Sinba

April to October. The rainbow-colored fountain created by 200 lightings unfolds like a picture on both sides of the bridge, which spans 570 meter long on each side. With its total length reaching 1,140 km when combined the both sides, the fountain is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the worlds longest bridge fountain. Weekdays 3 times a day between 12:00-21:00, Weekends 6 times a day between 12:00-21:30 (7 times between Jul. and Aug.) The operation schedule is subject to change 02-3780-0578

-gil ro 23 npoSinba

Sinbanpo 3-cha Apt. Gyeseong Elementary School 2


Megabox Shinhan

l 1 Middle School rmina us Te B s Seoul Express Bus Terminal L in s re p e9 x 8 E

Shinsegae Dept. Store 7



2 Central City
This place has grown into a mega-sized shopping town visited by half a million shoppers per day due to its proximity to the Express Bus Terminal that connects you to 70 local cities. The place is home to a giant shopping mall that is connected with Shinsegye Department Store, as well as a theater, bookstore, food court, and Marriott Hotel.
10:30-20:00 (Business hours vary. Check in advance) Line3,7 Express Bus Terminal Station. Exit 3, 4, 7, 8 02-6282-0114

inal s Term ss Bu Expre


anpo Sinb 3

Central City 2

inal Term


Samho Garden 5-cha Apt.

ng-ro Seochojunga

Sehwa High School

Catholic Univ. of Korea (Songeui Medical Campus)


L in

Seoul Palace


3 Seorae Village
A village where half of the French residents of Korea are believed to be living in, Seorae Maeul has such an exotic environment that you will feel as if you are walking a street of open cafes somewhere in Paris. This is where you can nd wine bars and cafes, not to mention of restaurants that boast of famous chefs and great atmospheres.
Line 3, 9 Express Bus Terminal Station. Exit 5. 10minute walk

Seorigol Park The National Library of Korea

ro o-dae Banp

4 Seoul Arts Center

Seoul High Court

Village 3 Seorae
Bangbae Middle School

Montmartre Park Seoul Supreme Prosecutors Ofce

Supreme Yongsusan Prosecutors Ofce Supreme Court of Korea

cho Seo

Kookmin KEB Hana

Enjoy diverse genres of performance arts beginning from the concerts of world-famous musicians to opera, musical, theater, dance, and exhibitions. The SAC World Music Fountain that sits between the Opera House and Music Hall is the largest in Korea in terms of its size. It creates a fantastic show as the water ows dance to the music from around the world from Spring to Autumn.
Line 3 Nambu Bus Terminal Station. Exit 5. Transfer to local bus. 02-580-1300 http://www. 4-1 Hangaram Art Museum This museum mostly exhibit contemporary artworks by artists from in and out of the country. The museum has six exhibition halls, storage space, art shop and cafe. Mar.-Oct. 11:00-20:00, Nov.-Dec. 11:00-19:00 (Closed on Mondays) 4-2 National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts The center has been preserving and promoting Koreas traditional culture through a continuous series of performances. This is where you can enjoy top-class Koreas performance arts, such as Geomungo Sanjo (free-style solo), fan dance, Samulnori, in addition to other performance arts and folk music programs such as the Saturday Premium Performance and royal ancestral rites music, which is designated by UNESCO as the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity 10,000 Saturday Premium Performance 15:00 on Saturdays English, Japanese, and Chinese brochures are available Line 2 Bangbae Station. Exit 1, Line 7 Naebang Station. Exit 3. Nambu Bus Terminal Station. Exit 5. Transfer to bus 02-580-3300

ro ngwa ngg Do

Bangbae Lotte Castle Rose Apt.

ro o-dae Seoch

Uldolmok Way Kookmin Woori Seocho 3-dong Post Ofce

Seoripul Park Brownstone Bangbae Apt. Bangil Elementary School

Appx. 1.2km

Seocho High School

4 Seoul Arts Center

4-1 Hangaram Art Museum 4-2 National Center for Korean Traditional

Standard Chartered


Performing Arts
Appx. 1.2km

Seocho Middle School Seoul High School

ro baeBang





A Green Retreat in Seoul, Full of Surprises

Jamsil / Songpa
yo aeg icd mp Oly

Seongnae 2-dong
Mongchontoseong Fortress


Jamsil is located in the southeastern part of Seoul embracing an extensive stretch of green land along the Hangang river. The area around Jamsil Station is full of interesting sights and entertainment, such as a large-scale shopping mall and themed park. To the east of Seokchon Lake, you will find the Seoul Norimadang where you can watch traditional art performances such as percussion music, fan dance, and pansori music, while to the west of the lake you will nd Lotte World, the worlds largest indoor theme park. Visit the indoor ice rink, the folk museum, and other attractions, but you will nd it hard to cover all the hotspots in a single day! Within ten minutes by subway from Jamsil, you will nd Olympic Park that was built to commemorate the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics. This is also the site of Mongchontoseong, an ancient earthen rampart dating back to the Baekje Kingdom, a kingdom which ourished some 2,000 years ago with the area of presentday Seoul as its capital. After touring Mongchon Museum of History and Hanseong Baekje Museum and learning about the life and culture of the ancient Baekje people, it is time to take a walk around the mud rampart, which is surrounded by a remarkable, wide stretch of wildowers that change the landscape throughout the seasons, along with an extensive meadow land. All the scenery in the area is true to the name of the region, Mongchon, whose literal meaning is the Village of Dreams. As the fth largest sculpture park in the world, Seoul Olympic Park is sure to give you a new experience with the sculptures by the greatest artists of our time on display in harmony with nature.

What to do
Take pictures of the night sights of Olympic Park When you nd all nine best sights for photographs indicated on the tourist information leaflet and take pictures of them all, you are entitled to receive a keepsake postcard. (p.59) Watch a performance at Seoul Norimadang Enjoy the uplifting traditional Korean beats, melodies and dances at this venue. The performances are offered each Sunday between April and October, and admission is free most of the time. (p.56) Seoul Helicopter Tour This helicopter tour on which you can have a panoramic view of Seoul and Hangang offers a total of four different trips. Yeouido, Trade Center, Gwangnaru, and Paldangdam. They all begin at the Jamsil Heliport. (p.57)

Local Tips
Take a walk on the Hanseong Baekje Wangseong-gil that connects Mongchontoseong and Pungnaptoseong, two historic sites from the early Baekje Period. This is where you will nd outstanding cultural heritage from the Baekje Period and also traces of the ancient history of Seoul which was already a capital city of an ancient kingdom before the birth of Christ. If you want to visit Lotte World but your itinerary has a tight schedule, try to use the After 4 ticket that allows you to enter after 4:00 in the afternoon. You can use the facility until it closes at a much cheaper price.

Jamsil Sports Complex Sports Complex Sincheon


0 600 1200m


o egy silda Jam

pic-ro Olym

Olympic Park Mongchontoseong Olympic Park


Wiry eseo ng-d aero

Bangi Lotte World Lotte World is divided into an indoor theme park called ''Adventure and an outdoor theme park called Magic Island. This is where various seasonal festivals are hosted throughout the year. One of the must-sees in this facility includes a magnicent parade that takes place twice a day. (p.56) Olympic Park Built to commemorate the Seoul Olympics, the facilities of the park include a water garden that features a music fountain, the historic site Mongchontoseong, Soma Museum of Art, and over 200 outdoor sculptures on display. (p.59) Mongchontoseong An old fortress built on mud, this is a historic site from the Baekje Dynasty which you can nd within Seoul Olympic Park. It is a historically signicant place, but today, it is more popular for its walking trail. (p.58 )

Lotte World


Oge um -ro


Baekje gobun -ro

Ogeum Songpa
ro e-dae Yangja

Dong bu E xpre sswa y

Daecheong Daemosan (Mountain)

Irwon 1-dong

Garak Market

National Police Hospital

Suggested Itinerary
Tour Olympic Park (40mins)-Walk on the Hanseong Baekje Wangseong-gil (30mins)- Visit Seoul Baekje Museum or Soma Museum of Art(1hour 20mins)Take a keepsake picture at the World Peace Gate (20mins)-Take subway from Mongchontoseong Station to Jamsil Station (10mins)-Watch various performances at Seoul Norimadang (1hour)- Visit Lotte World for the afternoon (4hour 30mins) Durations may vary depending on the itinerary and mode of transportation.

Suseo Irwon


Garden5 Jangji


01 Jamsil

Nearby subway station

2 Sports Complex, Sincheon 2 8 Jamsil

Plan your Trip

Enjoy various parades and amusements at the theme park Lotte World Have a skating time at the indoor ice rink that opens all four seasons Watch outdoor performances of traditional music at Seokchon Lake Seoul Norimadang
aru silm Jam

Jamsil Hangang Park

Hangang (River) Cruise Ships dock

Jamsilmaru Rest Area

aero pic-d Olym

Jangmi Apartments Jamdong Elementary School Jamsil Middle School Standard Chartered Sincheon Childrens Transportation Park 7

5 Seoul Helicopter Tour

gil 60ero -da gpa Son


eon-ro Sinch

200 400m

Hangang Park 1 Jamsil


ero -da gpa Son

Sincheon Middle School Jamil Elementary School

hosu-ro Seokchon un-ro Baekjegob


Jamsin Middle School

Jamsin High School

il-ro Jams

Jamsil Jugong Apts. 5 Sincheon Elementary School

Sports Complex 3 Jamsil

3-1 Jamsil Baseball Stadium

Jamil High School Jamsil Ells Apartments Jamil Police Box Jamsil 2-dong Post Ofce 5 Shinhan 4

Gandong District Ofce of Education Jamsin Elementary School Ricenz Apartment 8 1

Jamsil Station Underground Shopping Center 6


Luther Hall 9 Sigma Tower 8

Olym P.58

ark pic P

il Jams



Songpa-gu Ofce

Jamsil 5 Community Policing Center Jamsil Post Ofce

5 4

il Jams

1 2

Lotte World Tower (completion in 2015)

sil-ro Jam

Saemaeul Market Asian Seonsuchon Apartments

-ro gok Do


Trisium Apartments

Sa mje onro

ng-ro Tancheondo

6 5 3



omple Sports C

Hana Apple Tower

3 2


6 7

Line 2


4-2 Lotte Dept. Store 4-3 Lotte World Duty Free

Galleria Palace Beodeul Elementary School Yeongdongil High School Seoul Songjeon Elementary School

Lotte Mart Lotte Cinema

2-1 Lotte World

Lotte Hotel World

Lake Park 2 Seokchon

ro suil nho 8-g o4 cho k o aer d Se a ngp So

Asia Park


2-2 Lotte World

Jeongsin Girls Middle and High School Woosung Apartments

Lake Palace Apt.

Folk Museum Magic Island

ro 4-gil Olympic-

2-3 Seoul Norimadang

1 Hangang Park (Jamsil District)

The Jamsil District of the Hangang Park has several large sports and leisure facilities lining the park area. Visitors will find swimming pools, inline skate parks, bicycle paths, and basketball courts.
Line 2 Sports Complex Station. or Sincheon Station Exit 6, 7. 10minute walk 02-3780-0511

2 Seokchon Lake Park

A piece of serene nature in the middle of the city, Seokchon Lake is composed of the east and west lakes. The east lake is used as a park where local residents can relax, stroll and jog along the water, while the west lake features the lively Lotte World amusement parks Magic Island.
2-1 Lotte World Worlds largest indoor amusement park opened its doors in 1989, and today it

offers exciting rides and attractions as well as an indoor ice skating rink and a shopping mall. 09:30-23:00 Connects to Line 2 Jamsil Station 02-411-2000 http://www. 2-2 Lotte World Folk Museum See Koreas history and culture in a fun, family-oriented museum. Adults 5,000 Youths 3,000 Childrens 2,000 Weekdays 09:30-20:00, Weekends 09:30-21:00 02-411-2000 2-3 Seoul Norimadang An outdoor traditional performance venue within the Seokchon Lake Park 15:00-16:00 (Apr.-Oct. each year) Schedules subject to change (Sat. Intangible cultural treasure performances, Sun. Fusion Korean music and other creative traditional art performances) 02-2147-3727

o 61-gil Dogok-r

L in

Seoil Sauna

Seoul Jamcheon Elementary School


Jamsil 119 Safety Center Lake


3 Jamsil Sports Complex

Koreas largest sports complex was home to the 10th Asian Games in 1986 and the 24th Seoul Olympics in 1988. The Olympic main Stadium, indoor stadiums and swimming stadium. The complex hosts international sports matches as well as diverse cultural activities.
3-1 Jamsil Baseball Stadium Koreas oldest and most famous baseball stadium opened in


Line 2 Sports Complex Station. Exit 6, 7

1982, with an average of 20,000 fans cheering for their teams during the baseball season (Apr.-Sep.) 1644-0211 No games are held on Mondays, or in inclement weather.

4 Jamsil Shopping Town

The Jamsil Station Underground Shopping Center, Lotte Department Store, Lotte World Duty Free make this a one-stop shopping destination.
4-1 Jamsil Station Underground Shopping Center 4-2 Lotte Dept. Store Jamsil 4-3 Lotte World Duty Free

Line 2. Jamsil Station. Exit 3, 4. 15minute walk.


Connects with Line 2 Jamsil Station

5 Seoul Helicopter Tour

The helicopter tour that you can have the panoramic view of Seoul and Hangang offers a total of four courses - Yeouido, Trade Center, Gwangnaru, and Paldangdam courses. The tour takes about 7-30 minutes. Up to three people per helicopter, but it varies depending on the course.
Line 2 Jamsil Sports Complex Station. Exit 6, 7. 15minute walk 1899-2679 http://www.




02 Songpa


Plan your Trip

Tour the 9 Must See Sights in Olympic Park such as the lake and sculptures Take a walk along the Hanseong Baekje Wangseong-gil that connects Mongchontoseong 45 46 47 with Pungnaptoseong Visit the exhibitions open at Seoul Baekje Museum and Soma Museum of Art
Seon ganro

Nearby subway station

5 Olympic Park 8 Mongchontoseong


Hangang Park Gwangnaru District

Poongsung Asan Pungnap Elementary School Medical Center Middle School College of Medicine, Ulsan Univ. 48
Olym pic-ro
Olympic-ro 37-gil

L in

Sungnae Ecological Park

49 50

Ogeum-ro 3-gil

6 One Tree Hill

Jamsil High School Jamhyun Elementary School 4 1 Jamsil Park Rio Apt.

Mongchon Museum of History

Seoul Olympic Parktel

1 Mongchontoseong Fortress

Kookmin Seongnae-dong Post Ofce

L in e
Dunchon Jugong Danji 2 Apt. Posung Middle School Olympic Danji 3 Apt. Oryun Middle School


Seoul Physical Education Middle School


Jangmi 2-cha Apt.

Kookmin 2 Jamsil Elementary School

1-2 Hanseong Baekje Wangseong-gil


88 Lake

Seoul Physical Education High School Korea National Sport Univ.

Yang jaedae ro

Mongchon Lake

Park 2 Olympic

Jangmi 1-cha Apt

35-gil Olympic-ro

tos eon g

Jinju Apt. Jamdong Elementary School Jamsil Prugio Jamsil Worldmark Middle School Sincheon Childrens Transportation Park 9
.56 sil P Jang

Kookmin Misung Town Apt. 4

2 Citi


il 11-g m-ro Ogeu

Oly mp ic P ark

pic-ro Olym

3 3 Monchon Moat Musical Fountain Soma Museum

Wiry eseo ng-d aero

K-Pop Music Exhibition Hall



Gara ng-r o

sil Jam 10

Bae kjeg obun -ro

Bangi Middle School

1-3 Seoul Baekje Museum

on gch Mon

1 World Peace Gate The Thumb (sculpture) 2

5 Walking Trail


Seryun Elementary School

4 Dialogue (sculpture)

1 Kookmin Hana
n cheo gnae Seon

Jamsil Post Ofce

Bangi Elementary School

8 Wild Flower Garden

Rose Garden

1 Mongchontoseong Fortress
Found within the Olympic Park, Mongchontoseong is a 2.7 km fortress wall that was built in early Baekje period. You can learn about the architectures of the time along with Pungnaptoseong in this historic site from the Hanseong Baekje period. The place attracts many visitors because it is a signicant historic site, and also because it features sprawling elds of canola owers, barley, and grass. Line 8 Mongchontoseong Station. Exit 1. 15minute walk
1-1 Mongchon Museum of History With historic relics discovered during the excavation of Mongchontoseong and Pungnaptoseong on display, this is where you can come into contact with the ancient culture of Baekje period. Free 09:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays) 02-424-5138~9 1-2 Hanseong Baekje Wangseong-gil You can learn about the brilliant civilization and architectural skills of the Baekje Kingdom when you stroll from Pungnaptoseong, the capital fortress during the early Hanseong Baekje Period, to Mongchontoseong, a mud fortress that was built for military purposes. You will also discover the ancient site of dugout huts and the symbol of Chiljido or the Seven Branched Sword that testies to the outstanding iron smelting skills of the time. 1-3 Seoul Baekje Museum You can view tens of thousands of historic relics from the Hanseong Baekje period in this museum that is dedicated to the ancient history and culture of the ancient capital city of Baekje. Free (only applied for special exhibitions) Weekdays 09:00-21:00, Weekends & Natl holidays Mar.-Oct. 09:00-19:00, Nov.-Dec. 09:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays) Make advance reservation for English, Japanese, or Chinese guide Line 5 Olympic Park Station. Exit 3. 20minute walk 02-2152-5800

2 Olympic Park
A park in the urban center built to commemorate the 88 Seoul Summer Olympics, this sculpture park has over 200 sculptures from in and out of the country on display throughout the sprawling lawn. With its beautiful scenery changing each season, it became a popular movie and TV commercial lming location. The place also serves as the venue for various concerts and sports events. The area has many attractions such as museums and art galleries, not to mention of path on which you can take a walk along the Mongchontoseong wall.
Free 05:00-22:00 Line 5 Olympic Park Station. Exit 3 02-410-1114 2-1 The 9 Must See Sights in Olympic Park 1 World Peace Gate 2 The Thumb (sculpture) 3 Monchon Moat Musical Fountain 4 Dialogue (sculpture) 5 Mongchon Toseong Walking Trail 6 One Tree Hill 7 88 Lake 8 Wild Flower Garden 9 Rose Garden 2-2 K-Pop Music Exhibition Hall A place that is built on the first floor of Olympic Hall, a venue dedicated to Korean popular music, this is the place where you can learn about the chronological history of K-pop in chronological order. Free 10:00-19:00 (Closed on Mondays) 02-3431-9480

3 Soma Museum of Art

A museum of art that features modernistic exterior and a garden of diverse outdoor sculptures, it is a wonderful place to unload yourself and enjoy nature. You can view the late Korean-born artist Nam June Paiks artworks at the Video Art Hall.
Adults 3,000 Youths 2,000 Children 1,000 10:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays) Line 8 Mongchontoseong Station. Exit 1, Line 5 Olympic Park Station. Exit 3 02-425-1077


0 150 300m




Gan gdo ngdae ro


Dunchon-dong Post Ofce IBK

L in e2
ru illa s Jam

ero -da gpa Son

-ro Ogeum


Gourmet in Seoul
The 10 Must-Try Foods in Seoul
Seoul is one of the leading epicurean cities in Asia. Discover a side of Seoul that you never knew through its diverse and majestic food culture.
Bibimbap Traditional cuisine served as a bowl of steamy
white rice topped with various vegetables, stir-fried beef and egg, all of which is mixed at the table with red pepper paste to your taste. Samgyetang One of the most popular health foods for summer, this is a bowl of soup made from an entire young chicken stuffed with ginseng, glutinous rice, dates, garlic, chestnuts and herbs. Jeon (pancake) Kimchi, meat, seafood, or various vegetables mixed in an egg batter and then pan-fried in oil. Bindaetteok is a popular form of jeon made with mung bean batter mixed with pork and kimchi. Bulgogi Famous Korean cuisine that is sure to delight the palates of foreigners, it refers to beef slices marinated in sweet soy sauce and then roasted on a special grill. Samgyeopsal The name refers to the area of pork belly marked by three layers of flesh and fat. Thick slices are grilled and eaten wrapped in lettuce or perilla leaves.

Shopping in Seoul
The 10 Must-Buy Things to Shop for in Seoul
Seoul is a shopping haven, a city that sets global trends while preserving the beauty of tradition.
Korean Food Many traditional Korean foods, such as
Tteok, or rice cake in English, spirits, naturally dehydrated food, and healthy snacks are attracting attention from global well-being advocates. Cosmetics Visitors can personally test a wide variety of beauty products before purchasing at Myeong-dong, where all famous and popular Korean beauty brands have their flagship shops. Traditional Handicrafts Visitors can buy traditional arts and crafts, such as dolls in hanbok, key chains decorated with mother-of-pearl and traditional fans in Insa-dong and Samcheong-dong. Clothing and Shoes When it comes to clothes, you can trust the Made in Korea tag as a powerful certification of quality. Particularly popular among tourists are matching couples T-shirts and character socks. Books Travel books about Seoul or Korea written in foreign languages are special souvenirs only available in Seoul. They are available for purchase at major book stores in the city.

Yangnyeom Chicken American style fried chicken

coated with Koreas unique sweet and spicy sauce. Koreans enjoy pairing beer (maekju in Korean) with it, the combination of which is affectionately called Chimaek. Tteokbokki Originally a soy sauce marinated gungjung yori, or court cuisine in English, it is now one of the most popular street foods, made of string rice cakes mixed with fish cake and scallion in spicy red pepper paste sauce. Makgeolli Milky traditional Korean spirits made by fermenting rice, it is rich in lacto acid and dietary fiber. Patbingsu One of the most popular summer snacks made with shaved ice mixed with a wide variety of delicacies such as red beans, rice cakes, fruits, and misutgaru (drink mix) in milk. Kimchi Traditional Korean cuisine made of vegetables such as cabbage, radish, zucchini, and onion, seasoned and fermented in red pepper powder and salted seafood.

Accessories Namdaemun Market is where you can find

affordably priced trendy accessories. The two best places for more unique and luxurious accessories are Hongdae and Sinsa-dong. Hanbok and Accessories The traditional Korean outfit, Hanbok, is known for its dazzling yet elegant style. Most hanboks are custom made, but ready-mades are also available for purchase at Dongdaemun Market. Hallyu Wares Some of the most popular Hanryu items among international Hanryu fans include domestically produced CDs, DVDs, and complimentary posters. Postcards A wide variety of postcards and stationary goods with patterns inspired by famous tourist attractions of Seoul, traditional motifs and cultural heritage can be purchased at souvenir shops at ancient palaces and museums. Tableware Traditional style celadon ware and spoon and chopstick sets are very popular among international visitors and even collectors.





Clothes and Shoes

Traditional Arts and Crafts


The 10 Must-Try Foods Places in Seoul

Meokjagolmok in Namdaemun Market Kalguksu (Noodle Soup )and Galchi Jorim (Braised Cutlass Fish) Line 4 Hoehyeon Station. Exit 5. 5minute walk Ojang-dong Hamheung Naengmyeon Street Chilled buckwheat noodle soup made with sweet potato-based chewy noodles with seasonings Line 2, 4, 5 Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station. Exit 6. 20minute walk Gwangjang Market Jeon Street Addictive Kimbop, Yukhoe (Beef Tartare), Bindaetteok and others Line 1 Jongno 5(o)ga Station. Exit 7. 5minute walk Sindang-dong Tteokbokki Street Tteokbokki cooked on-the-spot with rice cakes, ramen, fish cake, fried mandu and boiled egg, all in a single serving pan Open 24 hrs. Line 2, 6 Sindang Station. Exit 7. 5minute walk Mapo Jumulleok / Dwaeji Galbi (Spareribs) Street Jumulleok dishes made of seasoned and grilled pork spareribs and beef sirloin Line 5 Mapo Station. Exit 1. 2minute walk Sillim-dong Soondae Town Spicy dish made of soondae, which is similar to German sausage, stir fried with various vegetables. Open 24 hours. Line 2 Sillim Station. Exit 3. 3minute walk Heukseok-dong Dwaeji Galbi Street Pork spareribs seasoned and grilled over charcoal. Line 9 Heukseok (Chung-Ang Univ.) Station. Exit 4. 10minute walk Kyunghee Univ. Pa Jeon Street Seafood-added Pa Jeon and Makgeolli Line 1 Hoegi Station. Exit 1. 5minute walk Eungam-dong Gamja Guk (potato soup) Street Potato stew cooked with dried radish leaves, potato, and pork backbones. Open 24 hrs. Line 6. Saejeol (Sinsa) Station. Exit 2. 10minute walk Jangchung-dong Jokbal Alley Hard-boiled pigs feet that are chewy outside and soft inside. Line 3 Dongguk Univ. Station. Exit 3. 5minute walk

The 10 Must-Visit Shopping Places in Seoul

Mega shopping malls
Times Square 10:30-22:00 Connected to Line 1 Yeongdeungpo Station IPARK Mall 10:30-20:00 Connected to Line 1 Yongsan Station BITPLEX 10:00-22:00 Line 2, 5 & Jungang Line Wangsimni Station, Exit 5 D-Cube City 11:00-21:30 (Weekend 22:00) Connected to Line 1, 2 Sindorim Station Garden 5 10:30-22:00 Line 8 Jangji Station, Exit 3 Yongsan Electronics Shopping Mall 10:00-20:00 Connected to Line 1 Yongsan Station

Traditional markets
Seoul Folk Flea Market 10:0019:00 (Closed on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month) Line 1 Sinseoldong Station. Exit 6 http:// Seoul Yangnyeong Market 09:00-18:00(Closed on Sundays) Line 1 Jegidong Station. Exit 2 Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market 01:30~22:00(Open year-round) Connected to Line 1, 9 Noryangjin Station http:// Yangjae Flower Market 00:00~13:00(Closed on Sundays) Line 3 Yangjae (Seocho-gu Office) Station. Exit 7 Gwangjang Market 09:00-19:00 Line 1 Jongno 5(o)ga Station. Exit 8, Line 2, 5 Euljiro 4(sa)ga Station, Exit 4

Duty-free shops
Shilla Duty Free Shop 09:3021:00 Line 3 Dongguk Univ. Station. Exit 5 http://www. Lotte Duty Free Shop 09:3021:00 Line 2 Euljiro 1(il)ga Station. Exit 7, 8 Donghwa Duty Free Shop 09:30-20:30 Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station. Exit 6 Walkerhill Duty Free Shop 10:00-22:30 Line 5 Gwangnaru Station. Exit 4, Use hotel shuttle bus http://www. Please refer to relevant homepage for exact operating hours of different shops in these malls.

Meokjagolmok in Namdaemun Market



Seoul Travel Information

Getting to Seoul
Transportation between Incheon International Airport or Gimpo International Airport and downtown Seoul is very convenient. You can check distances, fares and other information on limousine buses, taxis and airport railroad trains and choose which form of transportation you will use.

Transportation cards available in Seoul

How to use Where to buy Fare \2,500 for a regular card and charge amount of \1,000 and up

Airport Limousine
Airport Incheon Intl Airport Boarding location Ticket ofces To Seoul: Bus stops 3B-6B, 10A-13A out of the Next to Exits 4, 6-8, 11 and 13 on the 1st oor entrance area on the 1st oor of the passenger terminal / bus stop 9C [Domestic terminal] To Seoul; Exits 3-5 1st oor of the passenger terminal To Incheon Intl Airport; Exits 13-15 [Intl terminal] To Seoul; Exit 6 Payment with cash after boarding without To Incheon Intl Airport; Exit 7 ticketing


Transportation card that can be used on buses and subway in Seoul and the metropolitan area; you should touch the card to the card reader both when you board and alight to receive the transfer discount.

Subway stations in Seoul, convenience stores with T-money signs

Gimpo Intl Airport

AREX (Airport Railroad)

05:20-24:00 (10-15 mins intervals) Incheon Intl Airport Railroad 032-745-7788

The card combines T-money and a discount service for designated performances, exhibitions, tourist attractions Seoul and restaurants. You get a Citypass Plus 5% discount when you use Seoul City Tour Bus using this card.

GS25 convenience stores, tourist information centers, train stations

\3,000 for the purchase of the card, Mobile phone strap type: \5,000 Refillable up to \500,000

Public Transportation
Buses Seoul city buses can be distinguished by their colors. Blue buses cover long-distance routes within Seoul, green buses run short-distance routes within the city, yellow buses run circular routes in central Seoul, and red buses run express routes between the city and the metropolitan area. Subway Seoul Subway has nine routes from Line 1 to Line 9. These nine lines, in combination with Jungang Line, Bundang Line and Gyeongui Line, form the metropolitan railroad network. Each line has its own designated color, which is used on subway maps and signs in subway stations to enable not only Seoul citizens but also foreign visitors to use the subway without difculty. [Single journey ticket for subway] If you dont have a T-money or Seoul Citypass, you should purchase a single journey ticket every time you use the subway. If you insert a deposit of \500 and your fare into the vending machine installed at each subway station, a ticket is dispensed. After you arrive at the destination, you can return the ticket using the Deposit Refund Device and have the \500 deposit refunded. Taxi A taxi is a convenient means of transportation that takes you straight to your destination. Taxi stands are located in numerous corners in Seoul, and you can catch a taxi anywhere on the streets by holding out your hand. There are regular taxis, deluxe taxis and van taxis. [International taxi] The city government's official taxi for international tourists. Just visit the website or call to make a reservation for the taxi. Make sure to ask for a driver who speaks either English, Chinese or Japanese. Please note! The reservation must be booked 24 hours before the pickup time. 1644-2255 M-PASS

Public transportation card exclusively for international visitors, M-Pass can be rented and used to take up to 20 city bus and subway rides in Seoul and metro area. Like T-money, you can refill cash and use the card to pay for your purchases at convenient stores and taxis that accept T-money card.

Incheon International Airport Tourist Information Center, Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center (Myeong-dong), Gangnam Tourist Information Center

1 Day Pass : \10,000 2 Day Pass : \18,000 3 Day Pass : \25,500 5 Day Pass : \42,500 7 Day Pass : \59,500 Not including the \5,000 rental fee. (Upon returning, \4,500 is refunded after a \500 deduction.)


Visitors have many choices of accommodations depending on their budget and travel purpose, beginning with luxurious hotels to affordable youth hotels. Check out the Seoul government operated Visit Seoul website to nd information about hotels, guest houses, youth hotels, camp sites, as well as trusted home-stay facilities and Goodstay certied businesses available in Seoul. For more information, visit [Goodstay] Goodstay is an initiative designed to provide visitors with information about mid to low-priced accommodations, all of which are certified by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization. Its mission is to provide information about businesses that offer outstanding accommodation services and facilities at affordable prices. 02-729-9600

Exploring Beyond Seoul

Express Bus Terminal Bus terminals Nambu Bus Terminal Seoul Station Railroad Yongsan Station Yeongdeungpo Station Lines 3, 7 & 9 Express Bus Terminal Station Line 3 Nambu Bus Terminal (Seoul Arts Center) Station Lines 1 & 4, Airport Railroad and Gyeongui Line Seoul Station Line 1 and Jungang Line Yongsan Station Line 1 Yeongdeungpo Station 1544-7788 1688-4700 02-521-8550 1688-5979 Sangbong Bus Terminal Line 7 and Jungang Line Sangbong (Intercity Bus Terminal) Station 02-323-5885 Dongseoul Bus Terminal Line 2 Gangbyeon (Dongseoul Bus Terminal) Station

Currency The Korean currency unit is the won ( \/KRW). You can exchange currencies in airports, exchange booths at mega shopping centers and banks. It is also possible to use us dollars in duty-free shops in Seoul. Currency Exchange Currency exchange service is available at ofcial foreign exchange booths, banks, airports, department stores and hotels at the current daily exchange rate. You can check the ofcial daily exchange rate in newspapers and on the Internet. It is recommended that visitors check the exchange fee in advance, since the fee varies depending on exchange service providers. In general, the fee is highest in the order of ofcial exchange booth, bank, airport, department stores and hotel. [Currency Exchange After Bank Business Hours] Round-the-clock exchange service Global Exchange Center 36-3 Myeong-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu 02-7778272 Airport Currency exchange service is available until late at night (up until 23:00) at the foreign currency exchange centers of Hana, Kukmin, Korea Exchange, and Sinhan banks. Department Stores Currency exchange is available until business closing hours during the week and weekends at major department stores in the city. Dongdaemun Shopping Mall Major shopping malls such as Doota, Migliore and Hello aPM offer foreign exchange service up until 2:00am on weekdays. ATM Round-the-clock Global ATMs are available at banks located in major tourist attractions, such as Itaewon and Myeong-dong. If you carry international cash cards or credit cards, you can make withdrawals in Korean currency at ATMs that have the Global ATM logo on them. Transaction fees are applied.

KTX High-speed railroad operates at a maximum speed of 300km/h: it connects Seoul and major cities including Daegu and Busan in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Passengers can use the wireless Internet service and video and information service on the train and make reservations for packed lunches. [How to make reservations] Visit or call 1544-7788. K-shuttle K-shuttle is a shuttle bus tour package offered exclusively to international visitors. The bus departs from Seoul and travels around major tourist cities of Korea. You can get on and off the bus at any bus stop, and can transfer to other transportation. Interpreter tour guide service is available: English tour guide by licensed interpreter tour guide, and Chinese and Japanese by assistant tour guides. [How to make reservations] Make online reservations at or call 1899-2508.



Seoul Travel Information

Weather in Seoul
Korea has a temperate climate and four distinctive seasons. When you visit Seoul, you are advised to prepare clothes and personal items suitable for the season.
Spring (Mar.-May) Sunny and warm weather is common. However, visitors are advised to bring warm outer clothing because of sudden cold snaps and large daily temperature ranges. Summer(Jun.-Aug.) With sweltering weather and an average temperature of 27C, it is recommended that you bring light clothes that absorb sweat well. During the rainy season between mid-June and early July, it may be a good idea to bring umbrellas, raincoats or rain boots. Fall (Sep.-Nov.) The weather is sunny and warm, but it starts to get chilly in the mornings and evenings. Visitors are advised to bring knitwear or light windbreakers. Winter (Dec.-Feb.) It is cold and dry at around -6~7C. It often snows, so visitors are advised to bring hats or umbrellas. It is also necessary to carry gloves, scarves or masks to keep out the cold.

Easy and Convenient Seoul Tour Information

Visit Seoul Homepage Seoul city government-run official Seoul tour information portal, the Visit Seoul website offers information about major tourist attractions and accommodations in Seoul, as well as recommended themed tours. You can make reservations for walking tours, performances, and even movies. Use your smartphone for convenient access to the website ( at anytime, anywhere. iTourSeoul App An application for accessing Seoul tour information made for easy and convenient use during your stay in Seoul, it provides real-time information about nearby tourist attractions and public transportation all based on the current location of the user. The app supports Korean, English, Japanese, and both simplified and traditional Chinese. [How to Use] Search iTourSeoul at app stores and android markets and download the app. Or scan the QR code on the right for immediate download. [Smartphone Rental Service] Smartphone with the pre-installed iTourSeoul is available for rental for international visitors. Reservation at least three days before arrival is required. Rental fee \3,000 per day Domestic call \11 per second Unlimited Wi-Fi data \5,000 a day KT Olleh Roaming Centers at Incheon International Airport, Gimpo Airport, Korea City Air Terminal 02-1588-0608(when calling from Korea), +82-2-2190-0901(when calling from overseas)

Festivals in Seoul
Festival Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival A flower festival that is held each year in Yeouido area in time for the cherry blossoms. Lotus Lantern Festival Dont miss this traditional cultural festival and the lotus lantern parade that proceeds from Dongdaemun to Jogyesa Temple. Seoul Fringe Festival An indie art festival of music, arts, performance, theater, graffiti and all other art genres Time Venue Sometime in April Yeouido Junjung-no area each year Sometime in May Bongeunsa Temple, each year Jongno/Insa-dong area Hongdae area Varies each year (Check in advance) Throughout the city


Tourist Information Centers

Tourist information center Incheon Intl Airport Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center(p.10) Gangnam Tourist Information Center(p.45) Korea Tourism Organization Gyeongbokgung Palace(p.16) Gwanghwamun(p.16) Namdaemun Market(p.12) Naminsa(p.18, 20) Dongdaemun(p.26) Mapo Tourist Information Center Myeong-dong(p.10) Myeong-dong(Seoul Global Culture and Tourist Center)(p.10) Bukinsa(p.20) Phone Tourist information center Phone 02-720-0872 032-743-3270, 3272 Samilgyo (Bridge)(p.18) 032-743-2600, 2602 Seoul Station(full information service) 02-3149-3333 02-778-0333 02-3445-0111 02-729-9496~9 02-738-9171 02-735-8688 02-752-1913 02-737-7885 02-2236-9135 02-334-7878 02-774-3238 02-3789-7961~3 02-734-0222 Seoul Meeting Square Citizens Hall(p.08) Sinchon Station(Gyeongui Line)(p.34) Yeongdeungpo Station (full information service) Yongsan Station (full information service) Itaewon(p.38) Itaewon Station(p.38) Jamsil(p.56) Jaedong Elementary School(p.22) Jeongdok Public Library(p.22) Cheonggye Plaza(p.8, 16) Hongik Univ.(p.32) 02-579-0290 02-739-7755 02-363-7833 02-2639-3320 02-3780-5555 02-794-5579 02-3785-0942 02-2143-7007 02-2148-4160 02-2148-4161 02-2290-7126 02-323-2240




Sometime in August each year SeptemberSeoul Drum Festival A festival of percussion that brings October each people together through the beats year Hi Seoul Festival A representative festival of Seoul, this Sometime in event is designed to showcase different sides of Seoul, the October each city of art and culture, through diverse content year Towards the end Seoul International Fireworks Festival Fireworks of Septemberexperts from around the world participate in this festival October each year that is held in the autumn Seoul Eulalia Festival A variety culture and music festival Sometime in that is held when the silvery eulalia is at its prime beauty at October each World Cup Park year Seoul Lantern Festival Representative night scene Sometime in festival of Seoul that creates majestic scenes at November each Cheonggyecheon bridges and on the stream itself year

Yeouido Hangang Park

World Cup Park Cheonggyecheon (Stream)

Official Holidays
Classification New Years Day (Jan.1 by the solar calendar) Lunar New Years Day (Jan. 1 by the lunar calendar)* Independence Movement Day 2014 1.1 (Wed.) 1.31 (Fri.) 3.1 (Sat.) 2015 1.1 (Thurs.) 2.19 (Thurs.)

Useful Phone Numbers

Information on Seoul Dasan Call Center 02-120 Phone interpretation service Interpretation service BBB  (Before Babel Brigade) 1588-5644 Emergency medical service Emergency Medical Information Center 119  Lost articles Lost and Found Center at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency 02-2299-1282 Tourist information KTO tt Call Center 1330 Tourist complaint report Dasan Call Center 02-120+9 Tourist Complaint Center at Korea Tourism Organization 1330

3.1 (Sun.) Childrens Day 5.5 (Mon.) 5.5 (Tues.) Buddhas Birthday (Apr. 8 by the lunar calendar)* 5.6 (Tues.) 5.25 (Mon.) Memorial Day 6.6 (Fri.) 6.6 (Sat.) National Liberation Day 8.15 (Fri.) 8.15 (Sat.) Chuseok (Aug. 15 by the lunar calendar)* 9.8 (Mon.) 9.27 (Sun.) National Foundation Day of Korea 10.3 (Fri.) 10.3 (Sat.) Hangeul day 10.9 (Thurs.) 10.9 (Fri.) Christmas 12.25 (Thurs.) 12.25 (Fri.)

Look for the red vests in Seoul If you need help while touring Gwanghwamun, Myeong-dong, Namdaemun Market, Sinchon, Itaewon, Samcheong-dong, Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil, Hongdae, Dongdaemun, Insa-dong or Buchon, you should look for red shirts with the symbol. These people are so called mobile tourist information centers. They are uent in foreign languages including English, Japanese and Chinese, and provide tourist information of Seoul from introduction about Seoul, from the introduction of tourist attractions to direction guides.
GwanghwamunNamdaemun MarketSamcheong-dong 09:30-18:30, Myeong-dong 09:30-19:30, SinchonInsadongItaewonSinsa-dong Garosu-gil 10:00-19:00, DongdaemunHongdae 12:00-20:00, Bukchon 09:30-18:30 (Summer season) 09:00-18:00 (Winter season) For more detailed information, visit the official Seoul-city tour information website,, or check the mobile app iTourSeoul. Information in this guide book is current as of January 2014.

mark refers to holidays based on the lunar calendar whose dates change each year in the solar calendar.



Seoul City Tour Bus

With only one ticket, you can navigate through the city's hotspots on the Seoul city tour bus, circulating famous touristic attractions by category and unlimited use for one valid day.
[Provided Service] Audio guide system in 4 languages (Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese), Information of main attractions on LCD monitors, Interpreters on spot and Leaflets of the routes

Seoul City Walking Tours

Seoul Metropolitan Government offers 17 walking tour courses and tour guide programs by culture and Seoul Cultural Tourism Volunteer Guide. With prior booking, you can get a free travel guide from Seoul Cultural Tourism Volunteer Guide while walking around various parts of the city.
02-6925-0777 Individuals should make a reservation online at least three days in advance (for groups, at least five days in advance) before the desired date of visit.
Route title
Gangnam City Tour Course

How to Guide
Seoul City Courses Traditional Markets Seoul City Circulation Night-time I Night-time II Tour Course Panorama Course (Single-decker) (Single-decker) (Double-decker) (Double-decker) (Double-decker)
Departure Ticket Booth In front of Donghwa Duty Free Shop, Gwanghwamun (Subway : Ganghwamun Stn, Exit 6) Ticket booth, next to Koreana Hotel, Gwanghwamun 10:00-17:00 15,000 10,000 19:30 6,000 4,000 19:30 12,000 7,000 Adults 12,000 Ticket Price Minors 10,000 Dongdaemun Design Plaza, West End 9:00-18:30 15,000 10,000 02-1544-4239 http://www.

Route details

Duration Closing days

3hour 30mins 2hour 30mins 2hours 2hours 2hour 30mins 2hours 3hours 2hours 2hours 2hours 2hour 30mins 2hour 30mins 3hours 2hour 30mins 3hours 3hour 30mins 2hour 30mins 2hour 30mins 3hours 2hr Mondays Mondays Mondays Open yearround Mondays Mondays Open yearround Weekend Operation Weekend Operation Tuesdays Mondays Mondays

Bukchon Traditional Culture Center 11 Gahoe-dong Hanok Village Bukchon Hanok Village Han Sang Soo Embroidery Museum Gahoe Museum Hanok Village at 31 Gahoe-dong Bukchon Museum Changdeokgung Palace Changgyeonggung Palace Cheonggyecheon Stream 1 Cheonggyecheon Stream 2 Deoksugung Palace / Jeong-dong Dongdaemun Traditional Market Ecology in Changdeokgung Palace Ecology in Changgyeonggung Palace Gyeongbokgung Palace / Hyoja-dong Gyeonghuigung Palace / Seodaemun Hangang / Jeoldusan Catholic Martyrs Shrine Within Changdeokgung Palace Within Changgyeonggung Palace Cheonggye Plaza Gwangtonggyo (Bridge) Samilgyo (Bridge) Supyogyo (Bridge) Saebyeokdari (Bridge) Ogansugyo (Bridge) Dongdaemun DDP Independence Park Cheonggyecheon Museum Shanty town Theme Zone Gosanjagyo (Bridge) Muhakgyo (Bridge) Hwanghakgyo (Bridge) Seoul Folk Flea Market Deoksugung Palace Seoul Museum of Art Appenzeller/Noble Memorial Museum Chungdong First Methodist Church Jungmyeongjeon Site of the Former Ewha Hakdang Site of the Former Russian Legation Seoul Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum Seoul Yangnyeong Market Gyeongdong Market (bus ride) Janghanpyeong Janganpyeong Antique Shops Okcheongyo (Bridge) area Crown Prince Sado s locust tree in front of Seoninmun Gate Lacebark tree at Chundangji Locust tree at Donhwamun Gate Juniper tree at Bomgmodang Zelkova tree at Geumcheongyo (Bridge) Evodia tree at Nakseonjae Gyeongbokgung Palace Cheongwadae Sarangchae

Gangnam Tourist Information Center 10:00-20:00 12,000 13 to 18yrs 10,000 48mths to 12yrs 6,000 02-3448-5519 http://www.

Operation Hours 9:00-19:00

Phone Inquiries 02-777-6090 Website

Traditional Markets course and Gangnam City Tour course run all year round City courses : Closed on Mondays. However, if the Monday is holiday, and during summer holiday season (4th week of July August 15th), it runs on Monday as well Minors : Age of 5 under 18 For further information, contact the enquiries by courses and visit the homepage:

Main Route Information

City Circulation Course
Gwanghwamun Gate Deoksugung Palace Namdaemun Market Seoul Station USO Yongsan Station National Museum of Korea War Memorial of Korea United States Army Garrison Yongsan Itaewon Myeong-dong Namsangol Hanok Village National Theater of Korea N Seoul Tower Dongdaemun Market Daehangno Changgyeonggung Palace Changdeokgung Palace Insa-dong Cheongwadae The National Folk Museum of Korea Gyeongbokgung Palace Gwanghwamun Gate

Seoul Panorama Course

Gwanghwamun Cheonggye Plaza Myeong-dong Animation Center in Namsan (mountain) Namsan Cable Car Millenium Hilton Hotel Namsan Library Hyatt Hotel 63 Building eouinaru Station Hongik Univ. Airport Railway Station Shinchon Station Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Gwanghwamun Gate

Single-decker Gwanghwamun Gate Deoksugung Palace Mapodaegyo (Bridge) Yeouido Seogangdaegyo (Bridge) Seongsudaegyo (Bridge) Hannamdaegyo (Bridge) National Theater of Korea N Seoul Tower Namsan Public Library Sungnyemun Gate Cheonggye Plaza Gwanghwamun Gate Double-decker Gwanghwamun Gate Mapodaegyo (Bridge) Seogangdaegyo (Bridge) Banpo Hangang Park Dongjakdaegyo (Bridge) Seongsudaegyo (Bridge) Hannamdaegyo (Bridge) Namsan Public Library Namdaemun Market Cheonggye Plaza

Night-time Courses Non-stop running: impossible to take on or get off the bus at any stops while operation

Traditional Markets Tour Course

Dongdaemun Design Plaza, West Bangsan, Jungbu Markets Tongin market Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Seoul Station Namdaemun Market Myeong-dong Jonggak Insa-dong Jongmyo shrine Gwangjang Market Pyounghwa Market Seoul Folk Flea Market Seoul Yangnyeong Market Majang-dong Livestock Products Market Sindang-dong Jungang Market

Gyeonghuigung Palace Gyeonggyojang Seoul City Wall Hong Nanpas House Dongnimmun (Independence Gate) Seodaemun Independence Park Mangwonjeong Hangang Jamdubong Relic/Yanghwanaru Ferry Jamdubong Relic Jeoldusan Catholic Martyrs Museum Yanghwajin Foreigners Cemetery Unhyeongung Palace Cheondogyo Central Headquarters of Cheondogyo Insa-dong / (Suun Hall) Mingadaheon (Mins Club) Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art Unhyeongung Palace Ssamzie-gil Mongchontoseong Pungnaptoseong Mongchon Museum of History Mongchontoseong Fortress Seoul Baekje Museum Mongchontoseong Station Naksan Seonggwak Dongdaemun DDP (Heunginjimun Gate) Seoul City Wall Biudang (Jajudongsaem) Naksan Park (Observatory) Ehwajang (House) Citadel Namsan Seonggwak Jangchungdan Park (Supyogyo) Seoul City Wall National Theater of Korea Bongsudae (Beacon Mound) N Seoul Tower Patriot Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall Citadel Tongui-dong Hanok Village Tongin Market Okryu-dong Seochon Hanok Village Baehwa Girls' High School Sajik Park Seolleung / Seolleung Royal Tomb Jeongneung Royal Tomb (bus or on foot) Bongeunsa Temple Bongeunsa Temple Choi Sunu House Seonjamdanji Gilsangsa Temple Simujang Seongbuk-dong House of Yi Taejun (Suyeonsanbang, a traditional tea house) Tangpyeongbi (Impartiality Stele) Hamabi Bansu Sammun Daeseongjeon Shrine Bicheondang (house) Ginkgo tree Seonggyungwan Myeongnyundang (Lecture Hall)

Mondays Mondays Open yearround Mondays Mondays Mondays Sundays & Mondays Weekend Operation

Gangnam City Tour Course

Gangnam Tourist Information Center Apgujeong Rodeo S.M Entertainment Bongeunsa Temple COEX Yangjaecheon The Boundaries of Prince Gwangpyeongs Tomb, Philkyungjae Seolleung LG Art Center Kukkiwon Gangnam Station Dosan Park Garosu-gil Gangnam Tourist Information Center

Prior reservation required for groups and guided tour in foreign languages 10:30, 12:00, 14:00, 15:30 (Closed on Tuesdays) 02-2264-4412 Namsangol Hanok Village 10:30, 12:00, 14:00, 15:30 (Closed on Mondays) 02-723-0300 Cheongwadae Sarangchae 10:00, 14:00 (Closed on Mondays) 02-120 Seoul City Hall Building 10:00, 14:00 (Closed on Mondays) 02-709-3139 The War Memorial of Korea

Seoul Cultural Tourism Volunteer Guide Program

Seoul Tourist Map

How to read the index 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61

D-Cube City [A3]........................................................61 Dongdaemun Market [B2]........................................27 Dongwha Duty Free Shop [B2]...............................61 Ewha Univ.s Street You Want to Visit [B2]..................................35 Galleria Dept. Store [B2, C2]..................................44 Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center [B3]................................................49
...............................................................61 Garden5 [C3].

.......... 23 1 Gyeongbokgung Palace [B2].

Map no. Tourist attractions Coordinates Page no.

Cultural Heritages
Changdeokgung Palace [B2]...................................23 2 Changgyeonggung Palace [B2]..............................23 ..........................................09 3 Deoksugung Palace [B2].

..................................17 4 Gyeongbokgung Palace [B2]. 5 Gyeonghuigung Palace [B2]....................................07

6 7

Gwangjang Market [B2]............................................27 IPARK Mall [B2].........................................................61 Itaewon Antique Street [B2]....................................39 Jamsil Shopping Town [C3].....................................57 Lotte Dept. Store [B2]...............................................11 Lotte Duty Free Shop [B2]........................................11 Myeong-dong Street [B2].........................................11 Namdaemun Market [B2].........................................13
...........................................27 Pyounghwa Market [B2].

.................................................19 Jongmyo Shrine [B2].

Mongchontoseong Fortress [C3]............................58

8 Seonjeongneung Royal Tombs [C3].......................51 ...................................................29 9 Seoul City Wall [B1]. 10

Unhyeongung Palace [B2]........................................21

Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain [B3].............53 ..................................................21 12 Bosingak Belfry [B2]. .............................19 13 Cheonggyecheon (Stream) [B2].
11 14 Cheonggye Plaza [B2]..............................................17 15 Dongdaemun Design Plaza [B2].............................27 16 17

Seoul Folk Flea Market [B2].....................................61 Seoul Yangnyeong Market [B2]..............................61 Shilla Duty Free Shop [B2].......................................61 Shinsegae Department Store [B2].........................11 Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil [B3].....................................47 Ssamzie-gil [B2].........................................................21 Times Square [A3].....................................................61 Walkerhill Duty Free Shop [C2]...............................61 Yongsan Electronics Shopping Mall [B2]..............61

Gwanghwamun Square [B2]...................................17 Heunginjimun Gate [B2]...........................................27

18 Lotte World [C3]..........................................................57 19 N Seoul Tower [B2]....................................................13 20 21 22 23

Seoul City Hall [B2]....................................................09

.........................................................09 Seoul Plaza [B2].

Museums and Galleries

62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79

63Building [A3]...........................................................40 Sungnyemun Gate [B2].............................................13

Cheonggyecheon Museum [B2].............................19

............................17 Cheongwadae Sarangchae [B2].

Culture Station Seoul 284 [B2]..............................13 Gallery Street [B3]......................................................47 Gana Insa Art Center [B2]........................................21 Horim Art Center [B3]...............................................45 K-Pop Music Exhibition Hall [C3]............................59 Leeum Samsung Museum of Art [B2]..................38 Lock Museum [B2]....................................................29 Lotte World Folk Museum [C3]...............................56 Mongchon Museum of History [C3]......................58 National Museum of Contemporary Art ............................................................23 Seoul Hall [B2]. National Museum of Korea [B3].............................39 National Palace Museum of Korea [B2]................17 Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Art Museum [B3].53
.....................................59 Seoul Baekje Museum [C3].

Experience Traditional Culture

24 Bongeunsa Temple [C3]...........................................51 25 Bukchon Hanok Village [B2]....................................23 26 27

Jogyesa Temple [B2]................................................21 Korea Cultural House [C3]........................................51

28 Korea House [B2].......................................................11 29 Kukkiwon [B3]............................................................49 30 31

Namsangol Hanok Village [B2]..............................11 Samcheonggak [B1]..................................................23

32 33

Apgujeong Rodeo Street [B2]..................................44 BITPLEX [B2]...............................................................61

34 Central City [B3].........................................................53 ................44 35 Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street [C2]. 36

Seoul Museum of Art [B2].......................................09 Seoul Museum of History [B2]................................09

COEX Mall [C3]...........................................................51

Lin e7

80 81 82 83 84 85 86

...47 Simone Handbag Museum Bagstage[B3].

Soma Museum [C3]............................................59 The National Folk Museum of Korea [B2]......17 The National Museum of Korean Contemporary History [B2]................................17 The Story of King SejongThe Story of Admiral Yi Sun-shin [B2]....................................17 The War Memorial of Korea [B2]......................39 Trick Eye Museum [A2].......................................33
Train Station Tunnel Ferry Boat Quay No. Experience Traditional Culture Swimming Pools No. Shopping Water Taxi Stop No. Museums and Galleries Univ. No. Entertainment Hotel No. Hangang Tour Others Bus Terminal
No. Cultural Heritage No. Landmarks

Choansan (Mt.)

Nowon-gu Eunpyeong-gu
Bukhansan National Park

Mia (Seoul Cyber Univ)

Dream Forest

Royal Tomb Museum of the Joseon Dynasty


Gye ong chu nL ine

Seokgye Bulgwang
Palgakjeong Park



eo ort ul City W all ress wal l)


Bonghwasan (Mt.)
e g Lin gan Jun

[ Subway Railroad ]


Arko Arts Theater [B2].......................................29

..............49 Clubs around Gangnam Station [B3]. 91 COEX Aquarium [C3]..........................................51 92 Daehangno Street [B2].......................................29

Grand Hilton Seoul DMC Gallery Noeul Park


88 Bibap Theater [B2]...............................................19 89 Chongdong Theater [B2]...................................09

Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Line 5 Line 6

Line 7 Line 8 Line 9 AREX (Airport Railroad) Bundang Line

Sinbundang Line Jungang Line Gyeongui Line Gyeongchun Line Railway Not Open

Baengnyeonsan (Mt.)
ul C

a ty W

l) wal ess ortr 9 ll (F


Holiday Inn Seoul Seongbuk Kyung Hee Univ. Korea Univ.

Sangbong (Intercity Bus Terminal)

Sanbong Bus Terminal

S (F





82 4 73

Gay ag d (Brin dgeaegyo )

..........................................41 93 Hangang Cruise [B3]. 94 Hongdae Clubs [A2]...........................................33

95 97 98 99

Digital Media City

Seoul World Cup Stadium Haneul Park Pyeonghwa Park

Ansan (Mt.)

75 84


2 6

87 92 70 108

109 54

Gye ong ui L ine

LG Art Center [B3]...............................................49 National Center for Korean .......................53 Traditional Performing Arts [B3]. Sachoom Theater [B2]........................................19 Samsung dlight [B3]..........................................49

96 Myeongdong Theater [B2].................................11

Yonsei Univ.

Ewha Womans Univ. Chungjeongno

Hongik Univ.
Seo ngs (Bridandaeg ge) yo

(Kyonggi Univ.)

26 10 115 16 83 66 79 100 88 58 98 5 39 14 12 13 89 20 49 3 21 48 96 78 50 56 23 51 32 64

17 15

Cheongnyangni (University of Seoul) 31


38 52

Dongmyo 53 Sindang

Achasan (Mt.)

) dge (Bri yo aeg sad i-Am Gur




dae Yang g h Dan yo(Br wa (Ra gsa idge ilroa nch ) d B ealg ridg yo e)

Seo gan gda (Brid ge) egyo

100 Sejong Center for the Performing Arts [B2]..17 101 Seoul Arts Center [B3].......................................53 102 Seoul Helicopter Tour [C3].................................57 103 Seoul Norimadang [C3].....................................56 104 Yeouido Hangang Swimming Pool [A2]..........41

Lotte City

Seonyudo Kkachisan
Mok-dong Stadium Mok-dong Rodeo Street



Namsan Park 37 Seoul Grand Hyatt


Bamseom (Islet)


National 104 Assembly The Lexington Yeouido Park

61 45



Yeon gdo (Bridngdaegy ge) o Cheo ngd mdae (Brida ge) gyo

Han ga (Brid ge) ngdae gyo

105 Dosan Park [B3]...................................................44 106 Jamsil Hangang Park [C3].................................56 107 108

2 Line

Yeongdeungpo-gu Ofce
Courtyard Marriott Seoul Times Square

Marriott Executive Apartments Yeouido Park Centre - Seoul


Any ang che on ( Stre am )

Dongjakda (Bridge)egyo


o egy Yongsan 93 oda ) 117 nhy ge Station 118 Wo (Brid gyo eol e) Yeouido gch Bridg 22 n a ng ad Yeouido Saetgang Ha Railro ( Ecological Park
Noryangjin Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market

yo aeg pod ) Ma ridge (B

Best Western Premier Seoul Garden


114 38 Seoul Forest

Geondae Rodeo Street Seongsu39

Konkuk Univ.



IP Boutique

Konkuk Univ.

Gwan gjin Gwangnaru Cheon(Bridge)gyo h dae (Presbyterian College & (Brido ge) gyo Theological Seminary)
yo aeg ic-d e) mp ridg yo Oly (B eolgridge) silch dB Jam lroa (Rai

Dongseoul Bus Terminal

7 72

40 41

Ichon (National Museum of Korea)

74 Yongsan Park


Apgujeong 32 41 42 41 Sinsa-dong 35 105

80 65 57


Dosan Park



Jamwon Hangang Park [B3].............................47 Marronnier Park [B2]..........................................29

Yeongdeungpo Station

Hangang (River)

Imperial Palace Best Western Premier Gangnam The Ritz-Carlton Express Bus Seoul 116 29 Terminal Provista 90
49 45 46

Gangnam-gu Ofce Cheongdam





Olympic Park

91 36

Jamsil Sports Complex

103 18 Seokchon Lake 71 47


77 68



................................................29 109 Naksan Park [B2]. 110 Namsan Park [B2]...............................................13

Olympic Park [C3]................................................59 ..................................56 112 Seokchon Lake Park [C3]. 113 Seonyudo Park [A2].............................................33
111 114 115

Incheon International Airport


Yeongdeungpo-gu Dongjak-gu
Daerim (Guro-gu Ofce)
Boramae Park

Express Bus Terminal


Ramada Seoul

Chungang Univ.



Sports Complex

Lotte 112

Dongjak (Seoul National Cemetery)

Seoul National Cemetery

JW Marriot Seoul Palace

Renaissance Seoul

Line 1



99 42



Tanc heon (Stre am)

Seokchon-dong Ancient Baekje-era Stone Mound Tombs Garak Market

Line 8

Gimpo International Lin Airport e9


Hapjeong 94

Ewha Womans Sinchon Univ.



Cheonggu Yaksu



Gunja (Neungdong)
Children's Grand Park Sheraton Grande Walkerhill W SeoulWalkerhill


Hanyang Univ.

Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site

Seonyudo Park

Hongik Univ.


Seoul Station
19 110


Seongsudaegy (Bridge) o

Cheonho (Pungnaptoseong)

yo daeg gho e) Don (Bridg

gyo dae ) nam idge Han (Br

o egy silda e) Jam(Bridg

gyo odaee) Banp (Bridg

Seoripul Park



Seoul Nat'l Univ. of Education

Nambu Bus Terminal
101 97

Seoul Forest [B2]..................................................42

Tapgol Park [B2]...................................................19 116 Yeoksam Park [B3]..............................................49 ..............................41 117 Yeouido Hangang Park [A2].

Gasan Digital Complex

Geumcheon Fashion Town

Best Western Premier Guro


Line 2
Nakseongdae Park

Chongshin Univ.(Isu) Sadang

m) Yangjae ea (Seocho-gu Ofce) (Str on he ec gja n Ya

Dogok Suseo

3 Line
Bu nd an gL ine

Garak Market
Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street

8 Line

Sinbundang Line


Novotel Ambassador Doksan

Yeouido Park [A2].................................................41

Umyeonsan (Mt.)

Yangjae Citizens' Forest Seoul Grand Park




Lin e4

The-k Seoul


AREX (Airport Railroad)


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1I 59A 158 157 156 155 154 153 151 150 149


In G
A071 A11 A10 A09 A07


che on


161 310 K335

Bu pye Bu pye on g-g on gM u Of ar fic ke e t Ga eh wa Da eh wa

C eom In I Un heo Ca nche che am se ng on r na I go on I Gy o I T n nt nt 'I A erm t'I A ulhy 'l C ir ina ir eo ( i ty po l po n (N rt rt o ) tO M (U un
K334 AI


I136 7I









160 901

t'l B usi ne s Ce s Di str ntra ict l Pa rk Un iv. of In ch e

BI n

K259 159

Im ha k
akch o

B Ju yeo p

S ong do

D ong inch eo n Do wo n Gy es Sa an ng d ong

757 756 755

Gy eo ng in of Nat Ed 'l uc Un at iv io . n G Jakj eo alsa Gu lpo n n che on pe n) G yeya n g

nch san e ( on) ) P

I135 758 I134 118 715







T Zo ne Te chn o pa rk

eon su



mu ohw lp a o




ae ans on eo gam gun

G Sa ymn msa as n iu m

uch eo n Ci

In Gim t'l A po i So rport ng jeo ng


I133 615 611







amp u sT ow n











I132 328













Wo llo ng Ge um ch on Ge um ne Un ung jeo ng Tan hye on Ils an










Hangang (River)
































Subway Line 1

Subway Line 5

Subway Line 3

Subway Line 2

Subway Line 4





















448 210 552


























621 2 A G









Subway Line 9

Subway Line 8

Subway Line 7

Subway Line 6

Incheon Line 1
















5A 623 624 625 6 5AG









P154 P550







Jungang Line

Gyeongui Line

Sinbundang Line

AREX (Airport Railroad)

Bundang Line, Suin Line




14 GA









P156 2B 219 218 217 2B



























Ever Line

Not Open

Uijeongbu Line

Transfer Station

Gyeongchun Line









P160 K218




































P164 Y112











































































































P122 P123 P124 P125 P126 P127 P128 P129 P130 P131 P132 P133 P134 P135











Hangang (River)





























































Ever Line