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with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 SCHEME OF INSTRUCTION AND EXAMINATION B.E.

IIIrd YEAR (REGULAR) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SEMESTER-I Sl.No. Syllab ! R"#.No. S b$"%& S%'"(" o# S%'"(" o# E+a(*)a&*o) I)!&r %&*o ) ,"r*od! D ra&*o) Ma+*( ( Mar.! ,"r -"". *) Hr! L D/, U)*0. S"!!*o)al! E+a(
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CM 321
BIT 302 BIT 303 BIT 304 BIT 305 BIT 306

Managerial Economics & Accountancy o!tware Engineering "igital ignal #rocessing "ata$ase Management ystems %&erating ystems T'eory o! Automata ,RACTICALS

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BIT 331 BIT 332 BIT 333

%&erating ystems (a$ "BM (a$

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Mini #ro)ect * III





with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 CM 123


Instruction "uration 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 4 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours +5 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

I)&rod %&*o) &o "%o)o(*%! a)d *&! "0ol &*o)4 Managerial Economics its sco&e3 im&ortance anrelation to ot'er sciences3 its use!ulness to engineers 3 $asic conce&ts o! managerial Economics4

D"(a)d! A)aly!*!4 5 Conce&t o! -eman-3 -eterminants3 law o! -eman-3 its assum&tions3 elasticity o! -eman-3 &rice3 income an- cross elasticity3 -eman- !orecasting 5 mar.ets com&etiti1e structures3 &rice 5 out&ut -etermination un-er &er!ect com&etition an- mono&oly4 6t'eory 7uestions an- small numerical &ro$lems can $e as.e-84

T'"ory o# ,rod %&*o)4 9irm an- in-ustry3 &ro-uction !unction3 in&ut 5 out relations3 laws o! returns3 internal an- e2ternal economics o! scale4 Co!& a)aly!*!4 5 Cost conce&ts3 !i2e- an- 1aria$le costs e2&licitly an- im&licitly costs out o! &oc.et costs an- im&ute- costs3 o&&ortunity cost3 cost*out&ut relations'i&3 $rea. 5 e1en analysis4 6 T'eory an- #ro$lems 84

Ca6*&al Ma)a7"(")& a)d *&! S*7)*#*%a)%"4 "eterminants an- estimation o! !i2e- an- wor.ing ca&ital re7uirements3 sources o! ca&ital3 Intro-uction to ca&ital $u-geting3 met'o-s o! &ay$ac. an- -iscounte- cas' !low met'o-s wit' &ro$lems4 6T'eory 7uestions an- numerical &ro$lems on estimating wor.ing ca&ital re7uirements ane1aluation o! ca&ital $u-geting o&&ortunities can $e as.e-84

Boo. 8 .""6*)74 #rinci&les an- signi!icance o! -ou$le entry $oo. .ee&ing3 )ournal3 su$si-iary $oo.s3 le-ger accounts3 trial $alance conce&t an- &re&aration o! !inal accounts wit' sim&le a-)ustments3 analysis an- inter&retation o! !inancial statements t'roug' ratios4 6 T'eory 7uestions an- numerical &ro$lems on &re&aration o! !inal accounts3 cas' $oo.3 &etty cas' $oo.3 $an. reconciliation statement3 calculation o! some ratios 84

S 77"!&"d r"ad*)74
14 :ars'ney ;( an- <( Ma'eswari3 Managerial Economics3 ultan C'an-4 24 =C #a&&as an- E9 Brig'am3 Managerial Economics4 34 >rawal T4 4 Introduction to Accountancy4 44 Ma'eswari 4?4 Introduction to Accountancy. 54 #an-ay I4M4Financial Management. 64 M4 <asi ;e--y & 4 araswat'i3 Managerial and Financial Accounting3 #/I4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013

BIT 192

Instruction "uration 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 4 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours +5 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

UNIT-I So#&:ar" a)d So#&:ar" E)7*)""r*)74 T'e ?ature o! o!tware3 T'e 0ni7ue ?ature o! @e$ A&&s; o!tware Engineering4 T'e o!tware #rocess3 o!tware Engineering #ractice3 o!tware Myt's3 #rocess Mo-elsA A >eneric #rocess Mo-el3 #rocess Assessment an- Im&ro1ement #rescri&ti1e #rocess Mo-els3 &ecialiBe- #rocess Mo-els3 T'e 0ni!ie- #rocess #ersonal anTeam #rocess Mo-els3 #rocess Tec'nology3 #ro-uct an- #rocess4 U)d"r!&a)d*)7 r"< *r"(")&!4 ;e7uirements Engineering3 Esta$lis'ing t'e >roun-wor.3 Eliciting ;e7uirements "e1elo&ing 0se Cases3 Buil-ing t'e ;e7uirement Mo-el3 ?egotiating ;e7uirements3 :ali-ating ;e7uirements4 UNIT-II R"< *r"(")&! Mod"l*)74 ;e7uirements Analysis3 cenario*Base- Mo-eling4 D"!*7) Co)%"6&!4 "esign wit'in t'e Conte2t o! o!tware Engineering3 T'e "esign #rocess3 "esign Conce&ts4 Ar%'*&"%& ral D"!*7)4 o!tware Arc'itecture3 Arc'itecture >enres3 Arc'itecture tyles3 Arc'itecture "esign3 Assessing Alternati1e Arc'itecture "esigns3 Arc'itecture Ma&&ing 0sing "ata 9low4 Co(6o)")& l"0"l D"!*7)4 "esigning Class*BaseCom&onents3 Con-ucting Com&onent*(e1el "esign3 "esigning Tra-itional Com&onents3 Com&onent*Base- "e1elo&ment4 UNIT-III = al*&y Co)%"6&!4 o!tware Cuality3 Ac'ie1ing o!tware Cuality4 R"0*": T"%')*< "!4 Cost Im&act o! o!tware "e!ects4 So#&:ar" = al*&y A!! ra)%"4 Bac.groun- Issues3 Elements o! o!tware Cuality Assurance3 CA Tas.s3 >oals an- Metrics3 9ormal A&&roac'es to CA3 tatistical o!tware Cuality Assurance3 o!tware ;elia$ility3 T'e I % ,000 Cuality tan-ar-s3 T'e CA #lan4 o!tware Testing trategiesA A trategic A&&roac' to o!tware Testing3 trategic Issues3 Test trategies !or Con1entional o!tware3 :ali-ation Testing3 ystem Testing3 T'e Art o! "e$ugging4 UNIT-I5 T"!&*)7 Co)0")&*o)al A66l*%a&*o)!4 o!tware Testing 9un-amentals3 Internal an- E2ternal :iews o! Testing3 @'ite*Bo2 Testing3 Basis #at' Testing3 Control tructure Testing3 Blac. * Bo2Testing3 Mo-el*Base- Testing4 So#&:ar" Co)#*7 ra&*o) Ma)a7"(")&4 o!tware Con!iguration Management4 ,rod %& M"&r*%!4 A 9ramewor. !or #ro-uct Metrics3 Metrics !or t'e ;e7uirements Mo-el3 Metrics !or t'e "esign Mo-el3 Metrics !or Testing3 Metrics !or Maintenance4 UNIT-5 E!&*(a&*o)4 %$ser1ations on Estimation3 T'e #ro)ect #lanning #rocess3 o!tware co&e an9easi$ility3 ;esources3 o!tware #ro)ect Estimation3 "ecom&osition Tec'ni7ues3 Em&irical Estimation Mo-els3 &ecialiBe- Estimation Tec'ni7ues3 T'e Ma.eDBuy "ecision4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 R*!. Ma)a7"(")&A ;eacti1e 1ersus #roacti1e ;is. trategies3 o!tware ;is.s3 ;is. I-enti!ication3 ;is. #ro)ection3 ;is. ;e!inement3 ;is. Mitigation3 Monitoring3 an- Management3 T'e ;MMM #lan4 o!tware #rocess Im&ro1ementA T'e #I #rocess3 T'e CMMI3 T'e &eo&le CMM3 %t'er #I 9ramewor.s3 #I ;eturn on In1estment3 #I Tren-s4

S 77"!&"d R"ad*)74 14 ;oger 4#ressman3 o!tware EnigneeringA A #ractitioners A&&roac'3+t' E-ition3 Mc>ra/ill3 200,4 24 Ali Be'!oroB an- 9re-eric =4/a-son3 E o!tware Engineering 9un-amentalsF3 %2!or- 0ni1ersity &ress3 1,,64 34 #an.a) =alote EAn Integrate- A&&roac' to o!tware EngineeringA 3r- E-ition ?arosa #u$lis'ing 'ouse3 200G4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013

BIT 191


UNIT-I Basic Elements an- a-1antages o! " #3 "iscrete time signals an- systems3 Analysis o! -iscrete time (TI systems3 "iscrete time system -escri$e- $y -i!!erence e7uation4 ;e1iew o! H* trans!orms3 9re7uency -omain sam&ling3 #ro&erties o! "9T3 %1erla&*sa1e met'o-3 o1erla&*a-met'o-3 E!!icient com&utation o! "9TA 99T Algorit'm3 "irect com&utation o! "9T3 ;a-i2*2 99T Algorit'm3 MAT(AB &rogram !or 99T Calculation4 UNIT-II "esign o! 9I; !ilters3 c'aracteristics o! &ractical !re7uency selecti1e !ilters3 symmetric an- anti symmetric 9I; !ilters4 "esign o! linear !ace 9I; !ilters using win-ows4 "esign o! o&timum e7ui* ri&&le linear !ace 9I; !ilters4 tructure !or t'e realiBation o! -iscrete time systemsA structure !or 9I; systems3 -irect !orm an- casca-e !orm structures4 UNIT-III "esign o! II; !ilters !rom analog !ilters4 II; !ilter -esign $y im&ulse in1ariance3 $ilinear trans!ormation4 Butterwort' !ilters3 C'e$ys'e1 !ilters4 9re7uency trans!ormation in analog an-igital -omains4 tructures !or II; systems3 -irect !orm3 casca-e !orm3 &arallel !orm4 ;e&resentation o! num$ers3 ;oun- o!! e!!ect in -igital !ilters4 UNIT-I5 Ar%'*&"%& r"! #or ,ro7ra((abl" DS, d"0*%"!4 Intro-uction3 $asic arc'itectural !eatures3 " # com&utational Buil-ing Bloc.s 6Multi&lier3 'i!ter3 MAC 0nit & A(084 Bus Arc'itecture & MemoryA %n*c'i& memory3 organiBation o! on*c'i& memory3 "ata A--ressing ca&a$ilitiesA Imme-iate a--ressing mo-e3 register a--ressing mo-e3 -irect a--ressing mo-e3 in-irect a--ressing mo-e an- &ecial a--ressing mo-es4 A--ress generation 0nit3 #rogramma$ility & #rogram e2ecutionA #rogram Control3 #rogram e7uence4 &ee- issuesA /ar-ware arc'itecture3 &arallelism3 &i&elining4 Intro-uction to TM 320C5422 " # &rocessor3 Bus structure3 C#03 "ata A--ressing mo-es3 Memory s&ace4 UNIT-5 A&&lications o! #rogramma$le " # -e1ices3 " # $ase- Bio*telemetry recei1er3 A s&eec' #rocessing ystem an- its im&lementation o! TM 320C5422 &rocessor3 An Image #rocessing ystemA =#E> Algorit'm3 Enco-ing & "eco-ing 0sing TM 320C54224 S 77"!&"d R"ad*)74
14 #roa.is =o'n >3 "imitris >4 Manola.is3 E"igital ignal #rocessingF3 3 r- E-ition #/I 20054 60nits 132 &38 24 A1tar ing'3 4 rini1asan3 E"igital ignal #rocessing Im&lementations 0sing " # Micro&rocessors wit' E2am&les !rom TM 320C5422F3 T/%M %? B;%%< DC%(E3 20044 60nits 4 & 58 34 =onat'an 6I8 tein3 E"igital ignal #rocessing A Com&uter cience #ers&ecti1eF3 @I(EI* I?"IA3 20004 44 :inay <4 Ingle3 =o'n >4 #roa.is3 E"igital ignal #rocessing using MAT(ABF3 T/%M %? B;%%< DC%(E3 20044 54 #'il (a&sley3 =e!! Bier3 Amit 'o'am3 E-war- (ee3 E" # #rocessor 9un-amentalsA Arc'itectures & 9eaturesF3 @I(EI*I?"IA3 1,,64

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013


Instruction "uration 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 4 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours +5 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

UNIT 8 I I)&rod %&*o)4 "ata$ase ystem A&&lications3 #ur&ose o! "ata$ase ystems3 :iew o! "ata3 "ata$ase (anguages3 ;elational "ata$ases3 "ata$ases "esign3 %$)ect 5 Base- an- emi* structure- "ata$ases3 "ata torage an- Cuerying3 Transaction Management3 "ata Mining anAnalysis3 "ata$ase Arc'itecture3 "ata$ase 0sers an- A-ministrators4 Da&aba!" D"!*7) a)d &'" E-R Mod"l4 %1er1iew o! t'e "esign #rocess3 T'e Entity* ;elations'i& Mo-el3 Constraints3 Entity*;elations'i& "iagrams3 Entity 5 ;elations'i& "esign Issues3 @ea. Entity ets3 E2ten-e- E*; 9eatures3 "ata$ase "esign !or Ban.ing Enter&rise3 ;e-uction to ;elational c'emas3 %t'er As&ects o! "ata$ase "esign4 UNIT 8 II R"la&*o)al Mod"l4 tructure o! ;elational "ata$ases3 9un-amental ;elational*Alge$ra %&erations3 A--itional ;elational 5 Alge$ra %&erations3 E2ten-e- ;elational * Alge$ra %&erations3 ?ull :alues3 Mo-i!ication o! t'e "ata$ases4 tructure- Cuery (anguageA "ata "e!inition3 Basic tructure o! C( Cueries3 et %&erations3 Aggregate 9unctions3 ?ull :alues3 ?este- u$ 7ueries3 Com&le2 Cueries3 :iews3 Mo-i!ication o! t'e "ata$ase3 =oine- ;elations4 UNIT 8 III A-1ance- C(A C( "ata Ty&es an- c'emas3 Integrity Constraints3 Aut'oriBation3 Em$e--eC(3 "ynamic C(3 9unctions an- #roce-ural Constructs3 ;ecursi1e Cueries3 A-1ance- C( 9eatures4 R"la&*o)al Da&aba!" D"!*7)4 9eatures o! >oo- ;elational "esign3 Atomic "omains an- 9irst ?ormal 9orm3 9unctional*"e&en-ency T'eory3 "ecom&osition 0sing 9unctional "e&en-encies4 UNIT - I5 I)d"+*)7 a)d Ha!'*)74 Basic Conce&ts3 %r-ere- In-ices3 BJ* Tree In-e2 9iles3 B*Tree In-e2 9iles3 Multi&le*<ey Access3 tatic /as'ing3 "ynamic /as'ing3 Com&arison o! %r-ere- In-e2ing an- /as'ing3 Bitma& In-ices3 In-e2 "e!inition in C(4Transactions A Transaction Conce&ts3 Transaction tate3 Im&lementation o! Atomicity an- "ura$ility3 Concurrent E2ecutions3 erialiBa$ility3 ;eco1era$ility3 Im&lementation o! Isolation3 Testing !or serialiBa$ility4 UNIT 8 5 Co)% rr")%y Co)&rol4 (oc.*Base- #rotocols3 Timestam&*Base- #rotocols3 :ali-ation*Base#rotocols3 Multi&le >ranularity3 Multi1ersion c'emes3 "ea-loc. /an-ling3 Insert an- "elete %&erations3 @ea. (e1els o! Consistency3 Concurrency o! In-e2 tructures4 R"%o0"ry Sy!&"(4 9ailure Classi!ication3 torage tructure3 ;eco1ery an- Atomicity3 (og*Base- ;eco1ery3 ;eco1ery wit' ConcurrentTransactions3 Bu!!er Management3 9ailure wit' (oss o! ?on1olatile torage3 A-1ance- ;eco1ery Tec'ni7ues3 ;emote Bac.u& ystems4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013

S 77"!&"d R"ad*)7 4 14 A$ra'am il$ersc'atB3 /enry 9 <ort'3 u-ars'an3 "ata$ase ystem Conce&ts3 Mc>ra'*/ill International E-ition3 9i!t' E-ition3 20064 24 ;ama.ris'nan3 >e'r.e3 "ata$ase Management ystems3 Mc>ra'*/ill International E-ition3 T'ir- E-ition3 20034 34 Elmain3 ?owat'e3 omaya)ulu3 9un-amentals o! "ata$ase ystem3 #eason E-ucation3 9ourt' E-ition3 2000

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013

BIT 19?

Instruction "uration 0ni1ersity E2amination essional UNIT-I Intro-uction*com&uter system organiBation & Arc'itecture3 %&erating ystem tructure & %&erations3 #rocess3 Memory an- torage Managements3 #rotection an- ecurity3 "istri$utean- &ecial*#ur&ose ystems3 Com&uting En1ironments4 ystem tructures*%&erating* ystem er1ices3 0ser %&erating ystem Inter!ace3 ystem calls3 Ty&e o! ystem Calls3 ystem #rograms3 %&erating* ystem tructure3 :irtual Mac'ines3 %&erating 5 ystems3 Communication in Client er1er ystems4 Multit'rea-e- #rogramming*%1er1ies3 Multit'rea-ing Mo-els3 T'rea- (i$raries3 T'rea-ing Issues3 %&erating* ystem E2am&les4 UNIT II #rocess c'e-uling*Basic Conce&ts3 c'e-uling Criteria3 c'e-uling Algorit'ms3 Multi* #rocessor c'e-uling3 T'rea- c'e-uling3 %&erating ystem E2am&les3 Algorit'm E1aluation4 #rocess Coor-ination ync'roniBation*Bac.groun-3 T'e Critical* ection #ro$lem3 #etersonKs olution3 ync'roniBation3 Monitors3 ync'roniBation E2am&les3 Atomic Transactions4 "ea-loc.s* ystem Mo-el3 "ea-loc. c'aracteriBation3 Met'o-s !or /an-ling "ea-loc.s3 "ea-loc. #re1ention3 "ea-loc. A1oi-ance3 "ea-loc. "etection3 ;eco1ery 9rom "ea-loc.4 UNIT III Memory*Management trategies*Bac.groun-3 wa&&ing3 Contiguous Memory Allocation3 #aging3 tructure o! t'e #age Ta$le3 egmentation3 E+a(6l"4 T'e Intel #entium4 :irtual Memory Management*Bac.groun-3 "eman- &aging3 Co&y*on*write3 #age ;e&lacement3 Allocation o! 9rames3 T'ras'ing3 Memory*Ma&&e- 9iles3 Allocating <ernel Memory3 %t'er Consi-erations3 %&erating* ystem E2am&les4 torage Management*9ile ystem3 9ile Conce&t3 Access Met'o-s3 "irectory tructure3 9ile* ystem Mounting3 9ile s'aring3 #rotection4 UNIT I5 Im&lementing 9ile ystems*9ile ystem tructure3 9ile* ystem Im&lementation3 "irectory Im&lementation3 Allocation Met'o-s3 9ree* &ace Management3 E!!iciency an- #er!ormance3 ;eco1ery3 (og* tructure- 9ile ystems3 ?9 3 E+a(6l"4 T'e @A9( 9ile ystem4 econ-ary 5 torage tructure*%1er1iew o! Mass* torage tructure3 "is. tructure3 "is. Attac'ment3 ;AI" tructure3 ta$le* torage Im&lementation3 Tertiary* torage tructure4 ID% ystems*%1er1iew3 ID% /ar-ware3 A&&lication ID% Inter!ace3 <ernel ID% u$systems3 Trans!orming ID% ;e7uest to /ar-ware %&erations3 T;EAM 3 #er!ormance4 4 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours +5 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 UNIT 5 #rotection an- ecurity*>oals o! #rotection3 #rinci&les o! #rotection3 "omain o! &rotection3 Access Matri23 Im&lementation o! Access Matri23 Access control3 re1ocation o! access rig'ts3 ca&a$ility* $ase- ystems3 (anguage*$ase- &rotection4 ystem ecurity*T'e security &ro$lem3 &rogram T'reats3 ystem an- ystem ?etwor. T'reats3 Cry&togra&'y as a ecurity "e!enses3 9irewalling to &rotect ystems an- ?etwor.s3 Com&uter ecurity Classi!ication3 A? E+a(6l"4 @in-ows L#4 S 77"!&"d R"ad*)74 14 A$ra'am il$ersc'atB3 &eter >al1in3 >reg >agne3 F%&erating ystem &rinci&lesF se1ent' E-ition320064 24 A4Tanen$aum*EMo-ern %&eration ystemsF4 ?ew e-ition3 #earson E-ucation4 34 @illiam tallings*E%&erating ystems F9i!t' E-ition3 #earson E-ucation320054 44 I-a M49lynn3 Fun-erstan-ing %&erating ystemsF34t' E-ition4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013


Instruction "uration 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 4 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours +5 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

UNIT I A &o(a&a4 Intro-uction to !inite Automata3 Central conce&ts o! Automata T'eory4 F*)*&" A &o(a&a4 An in!ormal &icture o! !inite Automata3 "eterministic 9inite Automata3 ?on-eterministic 9inite Automata3 An A&&lication3 9inite Automata wit' E&silon Transitions4 R"7 lar E+6r"!!*o) A)d la)7 a7"!A ;egular E2&ressions3 9inite Automata an- ;egular E2&ression3 A&&lications o! ;egular E2&ressions3 Alge$ric (aws !or ;egular E2&ression4 UNIT II ,ro6"r&*"! o# R"7 lar La)7 a7"!A #ro1ing (anguages not to $e ;egular3 Closure #ro&erties o! ;egular (anguages3 "ecision #ro&erties o! ;egular (anguages3 E7ui1alence an- MinimiBation o! Automata4 Co)&"+& Fr"" Gra((ar! a)d La)7 a7"!A Conte2t*9ree >rammars3 #arse Trees3 A&&lications3 Am$iguity in >rammars an- (anguages4 UNIT III #us'-own AutomataA "e!inition3 (anguage o! #"A3 E7ui1alence o! #"AKs an-M C9>Ks4 "eterministic &us'-own Automata4 ,ro6"r&*"! o# Co)&"+& Fr"" La)7 a7"!A ?ormal 9orms !or Conte2t*9ree >rammars3 #um&ing (emma3 Closure #ro&erties3 "ecision #ro&erties o! C9(Ks4 UNIT I5 I)&rod %&*o) &o T r)*)7 Ma%'*)"!4 #ro$lems t'at Com&uter Cannot ol1e 3T'e Turning Mac'ine3 #rogramming Tec'ni7ues !or Turning Mac'ines3 E2tensions to t'e Turning 4 Mac'ines3 restricte- Turning Mac'ines3 Turning Mac'ine an- Com&uters4 0?IT 5 U)d"%*dab*l*&yA A language t'at is not ;ecursi1ely Enumera$le4 An un-eci-a$le &ro$lem t'at is ;E3 un-eci-a$le &ro$lems a$out Turning Mac'ines3 #ostKs Corres&on-ence #ro$lem3 %t'er 0n-eci-a$le #ro$lems4 I)&ra%&abl" ,robl"(!A T'e classes # an- ?#3 An ?# com&lete #ro$lem3 A ;estricteatis!ia$ility &ro$lem4 S 77"!&"d R"ad*)7A 14 =o'n E4/o&cro!t3;a)ee1 Motwani3=e!!ery " 0lman3Intro-uction to Automata T'eory (anguages An- Com&utation3 econ- e-ition3&earson E-ucation3200+4 24 )o'n c4Martin3intro-uction to (anguages an- t'e T'eory o! com&utation 33r- e-ition3Tata Mc>raw /ill320034

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 BIT 113 O,ERATING SYSTEMS LAB Instruction "uration 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 3 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours 50 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

14 9amilarity an- usage o! system calls o! (I?0LD@I?"%@ ?T on &rocess management !or.683 e2ec68 etc43 I#C & ync'oroniBation*&i&es3 s'are- memory3 messages3 sema&'ores etc43 9ile management*rea-3 write etc4 24 Creating T'rea-s an- Mani&ulating un-er @in-ows*?T &lat!orm4 34 Im&lementing a &rogram to get t'e attri$utes o! a !ileD"irectory on (inu2 using relatesystem calls4 44 Im&lementing a &rogram to get an- set t'e en1ironment 1aria$les using system calls4 54 Im&lementation o! Ec'o ser1er using &i&es4 64 Im&lementation o! Ec'o ser1er using s'are- memory4 +4 Im&lementation o! Ec'o ser1er using Messages4 G4 Im&lementing #ro-ucer Consumer #ro$lem using sema&'ores4 ,4 Im&lementing #ro-ucer Consumer #ro$lem using Message &assing4 104 Im&lementing ;ea-er*writers &ro$lem using ema&'ores4 114 Im&lementing "ining &'iloso&'ers &ro$lem using sema&'ores4 124 Im&lementing "inning &'iloso&'ers &ro$lem using @in-ows*?T t'rea-s4 134 Im&lementation o! (imite- s'ell on (inu2 &lat!orm4 R"#"r")%"!4 14 ;ic'ar- ste1ens3F0ni2 ?etwor.F4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013

BIT 112

DBMS 8 LAB Instruction "uration 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 3 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours 50 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

14 Creation o! -ata$ase 6e2ercising t'e comman-s !or creation8 24 im&le to Com&le2 con-ition 7uery creation using C( #lus 34 0sage o! Triggers an- tore- #roce-ures4 44 Creation o! 9orms !or stu-ent In!ormation3 li$rary in!ormation3 #ay roll etc4 54 @riting #(D C( &roce-ures !or -ata 1ali-ation 64 >eneration using C( re&orts +4 Creating &asswor- an- security !eatures !or a&&lications4 G4 0sage o! 9ile loc.ing ta$le loc.ing3 !acilities in a&&lications4 ,4 Creation o! small !ull &le-ge- -ata$ase a&&lication s&rea-ing o1er to 3 sessions4 No&"4- T'e creation o! sam&le -ata$ase !or t'e &ur&ose o! t'e e2&eriments is e2&ecte- to $e &re*-eci-e- $y t'e instructor4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 BIT 211

Instruction essional 3 #erio-s &er wee. 25 Mar.s

T'e tu-ents is re7uire- to ta.e one o! larger &ro)ects liste- in t'e suggeste- rea-ing un-er &ro)ect e2ercises3 im&lement an- su$mit t'e re&ort4 "uring t'e mini &ro)ect3 #ersonal o!tware #rocess #rinci&les s'oul- $e a&&lie- an- t'e wor.$oo.s an- &ro)ect re&ort s'oul- $e e1aluate-4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 SCHEME OF INSTRUCTION AND EXAMINATION B.E. IIIrd YEAR (REGULAR) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SEMESTER-II Sl.No. Syllab ! R"#.No. S b$"%& S%'"(" o# I)!&r %&*o) ,"r*od! ,"r -"". L D/, S%'"(" o# E+a(*)a&*o) D ra&* o) *) Hr! Ma+*( ( Mar.! U)*0. S"!!*o)al! E+a(
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BIT 351
BIT 352 BIT 353 BIT 354 BIT 355

Com&uter ?etwor.s Com&iler Constructions %$)ect %riente- ystem "e1elo&ment Arti!icial Intelligence "esign & Analysis o! Algorit'ms El"%&*0"-I Com&uter >ra&'ics "ata @are'ousing & "ata Mining o!tware Testing "igital Instrumentation & Control ,ra%&*%a!

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BIT 356 BIT 35+ BIT 35G BIT 35,

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%% " & Com&iler Construction (a$ ?etwor. #rogramming (a$ Mini #ro)ect * I:

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with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013

BIT 1?3
COM,UTER NET-ORB Instruction "uration 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 4 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours +5 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

UNI T - I I)&rod %&*o)4 0ses o! Com&uter ?etwor.s3 ?etwor. /ar-ware3 ?etwor. o!twareA ;e!erence Mo-els 6I % * % I3 TC#DI#84 N"&:or. Lay"r4 ?etwor. (ayer "esign Issues3 ;outing Algorit'ms3 Congestion Control Algorit'ms3 Cuality o! er1ice4 UNI T - II I)&"r)"&:or.*)74 Concatenate- 1irtual circuits3 connectionless internetwor.ing3 tunneling3 Internetwor. routing3 !ragmentation4 N"&:or. lay"r *) &'" I)&"r)"&4 I# &rotocol3 I# a--ressees3 Internet control &rotocols3 % #93 B>#3 internet multicasting3 mo$ile I#3 I&164 Tra)!6or& Lay"r4 T'e Trans&ort er1ice3 Elements o! Trans&ort #rotocols3 T'e Internet Trans&ort #rotocolsA 0"#3 Internet Trans&ort #rotocolsA TC#4 UNIT - III ?etwor. #rogramming So%."& I)&"r#a%"4 oc.ets3 oc.et A--ress3 Elementary oc.ets3 A-1ance- oc.ets3 oc.et %&tions3 Async'ronous ID%3 In&ut D %ut&ut Multi&le2ing3 %ut o! Ban- "ata3 a n - Internet u&er er1er4 ;emote #roce-ure CallsA Intro-uction3 Trans&arency Issues an- un ;#C4 UNI T - I 5 A66l*%a&*o) Lay"r4 Do(a*) Na(" Sy!&"(4 "? ?ame &ace3 ;esource ;ecor-s3 ?ame er1ers4 Electronic MailA Arc'itecture an- er1ices3 0ser Agent3 Message 9ormats3 Message trans!er an- 9inal "eli1ery4 -orld -*d" -"b4 Arc'itectural %1er1iew3 tatic @e$ "ocuments3 -ynamic @e$ -ocuments3 /TT#3 @ireless @e$4 M l&*("d*a4 "igital Au-io3 treaming Au-io3 :oice o1er I#3 :i-eo on "eman-4 UNI T - 5 N"&:or. S"% r*&y4 Cry&togra&'y3 symmetric .ey algorit'ms3 #u$lics .ey Algorit'ms3 "igital ignatures3 Management o! #u$lic <eys3 Communication ecurity3 Aut'entication &rotocols3 E* mail security3 we$ security4 S 77"!&"d R"ad*)74 14 An-rew 4 Tanen$aurn3 NCom&uter ?erwor.sN3 4t' E-ition3 #earson E-ucation4 24 @4 ;ic'ar- te1ens3 N0ni2 ?etwor. #rogrammingN3 #earson E-ucation 20064 34 =ames 94 <urose3 <eit' @3 ;oss3 NCom&uter ?etwor.ing3 Ato&*"own A&&roac' 9eaturing t'e InternetN3 2n- E-ition3 20034

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 44 @illiam tallingsA NCom&uter ?etwor.ing wit' Internet #rotocols an- Tec'nologyN3 #earson E-ucation3 2004

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 BIT 1?2

Instruction "uration o! 0ni1ersity E2amination 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 4 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours +5 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

UNIT-I I)&rod %&*o) 5 &rograms relate- to com&ilers4 Translation &rocess4 Ma)or -ata structures4 %t'er issues in com&iler structure4 Boot stra&&ing an- &orting4 L"+*%al a)aly!*! 5 T'e role o! (e2ical AnalyBer4 In&ut Bu!!ering4 &eci!ication o! To.ens4 ;ecognition o! To.ens4 T'e (e2ical*AnalyBer >enerator (e24 UNIT-II Sy)&a+ A)aly!*! 5 Intro-uction4 To&*"own &arsing3 Bottom*0& &arsing3 Intro-uction to (; #arsing4 More &ower!ul (; &arsers4 0sing Am$iguous >rammars4 #arser >enerators Iacc4 UNIT-III Sy)&a+ D*r"%&"d Tra)!la&*o) 5 ynta2 "irecte- "e!initions4 E1aluation %r-ers !or ""s4 A&&lications o! ynta2 "irecte- Translation I)&"r("d*a&" %od" 7")"ra&*o)4 :ariants o! synta2 trees4 T'ree*A--ress Co-e3 Ty&es an"eclarations4 Translation o! E2&ressions4 Ty&e C'ec.ing4 Control 9low4 UNIT-I5 S&ora7" Or7a)*Ca&*o)4 tac. Allocation o! &ace4 Access to ?on local "ata on t'e tac.4 /ea& Management4 Intro-uction to >ar$age Collection4 Cod" G")"ra&*o) 5 Issues in t'e "esign o! a Co-e >enerator4 T'e Target (anguage4 A--resses in t'e Target Co-e Basic Bloc.s an- 9low >ra&'s4 %&timiBation o! Basic Bloc.s4 #ee&'ole %&timiBation4 ;egister Allocation an- Assignment4 Mac'ine In-e&en-ent %&timiBations 5 T'e #rinci&al ources o! %&timiBations3 Intro-uction to -ata !low analysis3 9oun-ation o! -ata !low analysis4 UNIT-5 O6&*(*C*)7 #or ,arall"l*!( a)d Lo%al*&y - Basic Conce&ts3 Matri2 Multi&lyA An In*"e&t' E2am&le3 "ata ;euse3 ync'roniBation Between #arallel (oo&s4 L*)."r! a)d Load"r! 5 Basic (oa-er !unctions4 "esign o! an A$solute (oa-er4 A sim&le $ootstra& loa-er4 Mac'ine -e&en-ent an- in-e&en-ent !eatures S 77"!&"d R"ad*)74 14 Al!re- : A'o3 Monica (am3 ;a1i et'i3 =e!!rey " 0llman 5 Com&ilersA #rinci&les3 Tec'ni7ues &Tools 5 #earson E-ucation 2n- E-ition 200+ 24 (elan- ( Bec' 5 ystem o!twareA An Intro-uction to ystems #rogramming 5 #earson E-ucation Asia4 R"#"r")%"!4 34 <ennet' C (ou-en 5 Com&iler ConstructionA #rinci&les an- #ractice 5 Cengage (earning4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 BIT 1?1


Instruction "uration o! 0ni1ersity E2amination 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 3 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours +5 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

UNIT-I U)*#*"d So#&:ar" D"0"lo6(")& ,ro%"!!A T'e 0ni!ie- #rocess3 T'e 9our #s3A 0se*Case*"ri1en #rocess3 An Arc'itecture*Centric #rocesses3 An Iterati1e an- Incremental #rocess4 UNIT-II Cor" -or.#lo:!4 ;e7uirements Ca&ture3 Ca&turing ;e7uirements as 0se Case3 Analysis3 "esign3 Im&lementation3 Test4 UNIT-III UML I)&rod %&*o) A @'y we Mo-el3 Intro-ucing t'e 0M(3 /ello @orl-4 Ba!*% S&r %& ral Mod"l*)74 Classes3 ;elations'i&s3 Common Mec'anisms3 "iagrams3 Class "iagrams4 Ad0a)%"d S&r %& ral Mod"l*)74 A-1ance- Classes3 A-1ance- ;elations'i&s3 Inter!aces3 Ty&es an- ;oles3 #ac.ages3 Instances3 %$)ect "iagrams3 Com&onents4 UNIT-I5 Ba!*% B"'a0*oral Mod"l*)74 Interactions3 0se Cases3 0se Case "iagrams3 Interaction -iagrams3 Acti1ity -iagrams4 Ad0a)%"d B"'a0*oral Mod"l*)74 E1ents an- ignals3 tate Mac'ines3 #rocesses an- T'rea-s3 Time an- s&ace3 tate C'art "iagrams4 UNIT-5 Ar%'*&"%& ral Mod"l*)74 Arti!acts3 "e&loyment Colla$orations3 #atterns an- 9rame*wor.s3 Arti!act -iagrams3 "e&loyment -iagrams3 ystems an- mo-els4 S 77"!&"d R"ad*)74 14 24 I1or =aco$son3 >ra-y Booc'3 =ames ;um$aug'A T'e 0ni!ie- o!tware "e1elo&ment3 #rocessF #earson E-ucation3 In-ia3 200G4 >ra-y Booc'3 =ames ;um$aug'3 I1or =aco$son3 ET'e 0ni!ie- Mo-eling (anguage*0ser >ui-eF 6Co1ering 0M( 24083 2n- E-ition3 #earson E-ucation3 In-ia3200+4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013

BIT 1?>

Instruction "uration 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 34 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours G0 Mar.s 20 Mar.s

UNIT-I Intro-uction3 /istory3 Intelligent ystems3 9oun-ations o! AI3 u$ areas o! AI3 A&&lications ,robl"( Sol0*)7 - S&a&"-S6a%" S"ar%' a)d Co)&rol S&ra&"7*"!4 Intro-uction3 >eneral #ro$lem ol1ing3 C'aracteristics o! #ro$lem3 E2'austi1e earc'es3 /euristic earc' Tec'ni7ues3 Iterati1e*"ee&ening AO3 Constraint atis!action >ame #laying3 Boun-e- (oo.*a'ea#runing trategy an- use o! E1aluation 9unctions3 Al&'a*Beta

UNIT-II Lo7*% Co)%"6&! a)d Lo7*% ,ro7ra((*)74 Intro-uction3 #ro&ositional Calculus3 #ro&ositional (ogic3 ?atural "e-uction ystem3 A2iomatic ystem3 emantic Ta$leau ystem in #ro&ositional (ogic3 ;esolution ;e!utation in #ro&ositional (ogic3 #re-icate (ogic3 (ogic #rogramming B)o:l"d7" R"6r"!")&a&*o)4 Intro-uction3 A&&roac'es to <nowle-ge ;e&resentation3 <nowle-ge ;e&resentation using emantic ?etwor.3 E2ten-e- emantic ?etwor.s !or <;3 <nowle-ge ;e&resentation using 9rames UNIT-III E+6"r& Sy!&"( a)d A66l*%a&*o)!4 Intro-uction3 #'ases in Buil-ing E2&ert ystems3 E2&ert ystem Arc'itecture3 E2&ert ystems 1s Tra-itional ystems3 Trut' Maintenance ystems3 A&&lication o! E2&ert ystems3 (ist o! 'ells an- Tools U)%"r&a*)&y M"a! r" - ,robab*l*&y T'"ory4 Intro-uction3 #ro$a$ility T'eory3 Bayesian Belie! ?etwor.s3 Certainty 9actor T'eory3 "em&ster* 'a!er T'eory UNIT-I5 Ma%'*)"-L"ar)*)7 ,arad*7(!4 Intro-uction4 Mac'ine (earning ystems4 u&er1ise- an0nsu&er1ise- (earning4 In-ucti1e (earning4 (earning "ecision Trees 6 uggeste- ;ea-ing 283 "e-ucti1e (earning4 Clustering3 u&&ort :ector Mac'ines4 Ar&*#*%*al N" ral N"&:or.!4 Intro-uction3 Arti!icial ?eural ?etwor.s3 ingle*(ayer 9ee-* 9orwar- ?etwor.s3 Multi*(ayer 9ee-*9orwar- ?etwor.s3 ;a-ial*Basis 9unction ?etwor.s3 "esign Issues o! Arti!icial ?eural ?etwor.s3 ;ecurrent ?etwor.s4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 UNIT-5 Ad0a)%"d B)o:l"d7" R"6r"!")&a&*o) T"%')*< "!4 Case >rammars3 emantic @e$ Na& ral La)7 a7" ,ro%"!!*)74 Intro-uction3 entence Analysis #'ases3 >rammars an- #arsers3 Ty&es o! #arsers3 emantic Analysis3 0ni1ersal ?etwor.ing <nowle-ge4 S 77"!&"d R"ad*)74 14 aro) <aus'i.4 Arti!icial Intelligence4 Cengage (earning4 2011 24 ;ussell3 ?or1igA Arti!icial intelligence3 A Mo-ern A&&roac'3 #earson E-ucation3 econE-ition4 2004 34 ;ic'3 <nig't3 ?airA Arti!icial intelligence3 Tata Mc>raw /ill3 T'ir- E-ition 200,4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 BIT 1?? DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF ALGORITHMS Instruction "uration o! 0ni1ersity E2amination 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 4 &erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours +5 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

UNIT-I Intro-uction3 Algorit'm &eci!ication3 #er!ormance analysis3 &ace Com&le2ity3 Time Com&le2ity3 Asym&totic ?otation6%3%mega3T'eta83 #ractical Com&le2ities3 #er!ormance Measurement3 ;e1iew o! elementary -ata structure* /ea& an- /ea& ort3 /as'ing3 et re&resentation4 0?I%?3 9I?"4 UNIT-II D*0*d"- a)d Co)< "r4 T'e general met'o-3 !in-ing ma2imum minimum4 Merge sort 7uic. sort an- selection4 Gr""dy M"&'od4 <na&sac. &ro$lem3 %&timal torage on ta&es3 =o$ se7uencing wit' -ea-lines3 %&timal merge &atterns3 Minimum &anning Trees4 UNIT-III Dy)a(*% ,ro7ra((*)7 A)d Tra0"r!al T"%')*< "4 Multistage gra&'3 All #air 'ortest #at'3 %&timal Binary earc' trees30D1 <na&sac.3 ;elia$ility Tra1eling alesman #ro$lem3 Bi connecte- Com&onents an- "e&t' 9irst earc'4 UNIT-I5 Ba%.&ra%.*)7 a)d Bra)%' a)d Bo )d!4 G*Cueens #ro$lem3 >ra&' Coloring /amilton cycle3 <na&sac. #ro$lem3 0D1 <na&sac. #ro$lem3 Tra1eling sales&erson &ro$lem3 (ower*BounT'eory4 UNIT-5 N,-Hard a)d N,-Co(6l"&")"!!4 Basic conce&ts3 coo.Ks t'eorem3 ?#*'ar- gra&' &ro$lems ansc'e-uling &ro$lem3 ?#*'ar- generation &ro$lems3 "ecision &ro$lem3 ?o-e co1ering &ro$lem4 S 77"!&"d R"ad*)74 14 /orowitB E4 a'ani A F9un-amentals o! Com&uter Algorit'mF3 >algotia #u$lications4 24 Anany (e1itin3 EIntro-uction to t'e "esign & Analysis3 o! Algorit'msF3 2003A #earson E-ucation4 34 A'o3 /o&cro!t3 0lman3 T'e "esign an- Analusis o! Com&uter Algorit'm3 &earson E-ucation 1 20004 44 #arag /4"a1e3 /imans'u B4 "a1e E"esign an- Analysis o! Algorit'msF &earson E-ucation3 200G

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 BIT 1?@

Instruction "uration o! 0ni1ersity E2amination 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 4 &erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours +5 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

UNIT-I Gra6'*%! Sy!&"(! a)d Mod"l!4 >ra&'ics systemM ImagesM #'ysical an- synt'eticM Imaging systemM synt'etic camera mo-elM &rogramming inter!ace M gra&'ics arc'itectures &rogramma$le &i&elinesM &er!ormance c'aracteristics4 Gra6'*%! ,ro7ra((*)74 #rogramming two*-imensional a&&licationsM %&en>( A#IM #rimiti1es an- attri$utesM colorM 1iewing3 control !unctions UNIT-II I)6 & a)d I)&"ra%&*o)4 In&ut -e1iceM clients an- ser1ersM -is&lays listsM -is&lay lists anmo-elingM &rogramming e1ent -ri1en in&utM &ic.ing M $uil-ing interacti1e mo-elsM animating Interacti1e &rogramsM logic o&erations4 G"o("&r*%! Ob$"%&!4 T'ree * -imensional &rimiti1esM coor-inates systems an- !ramesM !rames in %&en>(M Mo-eling colore- cu$e4 UNIT-III Tra)!#or(a&*o)!4 A!!ine Trans!ormationsM Trans!ormations in 'omogenous coor-inatesM concatenation o! Trans!ormationsM %&en>( trans!ormation matricesM :iewingA Classical anCom&uter 1iewsM :iewing wit' a com&uterM #ositioning o! cameraM im&le &ro)ectionsM #ro)ections in %&en>(M /i--en sur!ace remo1alM #arallel*&ro)ection matricesM #ers&ecti1e &ro)ection matrices4 UNIT-I5 L*7'&*)7 a)d S'ad*)74 (ig't sourcesM T'e #'ong lig'ting mo-elM Com&utational 1ectorsM #olygonal s'a-ingM (ig't sources in %&en>(M &eci!ication o! matrices in %&en>(M >lo$al illuminationM 9rom :ertices To 9ramesA Basic im&lementation strategiesM line*segment cli&&ingM &olygon cli&&ingM cli&&ing o! ot'er &rimiti1esM cli&&ing in t'ree -imensionsM ;asteriBation M Bresen'amKs algorit'mM #olygon ;asteriBation M /i--en sur!ace remo1alM anti*aliasingM -is&lay consi-erations4 UNIT-5 Mod"ll*)7 D H*"rar%'y4 /ierarc'al mo-elsM trees an- tra1ersalM use o! tree -ata structureM animationM >ra&'ical o$)ectsM cene gra&'sM im&le scene gra&' A#IM %&en cene gra&'M ot'er tree structuresM Cur1es an- ur!acesA ;e&resentation o! cur1es an- sur!acesM -esign criteriaM BeBier cur1es an- sur!acesM Cu$ic B*s&linesM >eneral B*s&linesM ren-ering cur1es an- sur!acesM cur1es an- sur!aces in %&en>(4 S 77"!&"d R"ad*)7!4 14 E-war- Angel 3 Interacti1e Com&uter >ra&'ics A To&*"own A&&roac' 0sing %&en>(3 #easrson E-ucation3 5t' e-ition *200,4 24 Fra)!*! S H*ll Ar.; S&"6'") M B"ll"y 3 Com&uter >ra&'ics 0sing %&en>(3 #rentice*/all3 Inc43 3r- e-ition 3 200+4 34 =im L4 C'en3 9oun-ation o! 3" >ra&'ics #rogramming 0sing =%>( an- =a1a3"3 &ringer :erlag3 20064 44 /earn "onal-3 #auline Ba.er MA Com&uter >ra&'ics3 2n- e-ition 3 1,,54

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 BIT 1?E


Instruction "uration o! 0ni1ersity E2amination 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 4 &erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours +5 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

U)*& 8 I I)&rod %&*o)4 @'at is "ata Mining3 "ata Mining 9unctionalities3 Classi!ication o! "ata Mining ystems3 Ma)or Issues in "ata Mining4 Da&a ,r"6ro%"!!*)74 #re&rocessing3 "escri&ti1e "ata ummariBation3 "ata Cleaning3 "ata Integration an- Trans!ormation3 "ata ;e-uction3 "ata "iscretiBation an- Conce&t /ierarc'y >eneration4 U)*& 8 II Da&a -ar"'o !" a)d OLA, T"%')olo7y4 @'at is "ata @are'ouse3 A Multi-imensional "ata Mo-el3 "ata @are'ouse Arc'itecture an- Im&lementation3 !rom "ata @are'ousing to "ata Mining4 Mining 9re7uent #atterns3 Associations ;ulesA Basic Conce&ts3 E!!icient an- cala$le 9re7uent Item et Mining Met'o-s3 Mining :arious .in-s o! Association ;ules4 U)*& 8 III Cla!!*#*%a&*o) a)d ,r"d*%&*o)4 Intro-uction3 Issues ;egar-ing Classi!ication an- #re-iction3 Classi!ication $y "ecision Tree In-uction3 Bayesian Classi!ication3 ;ule $ase- Classi!ication3 Classi!ication $y Bac. #ro&agation3 u&&ort :ector Mac'ines3 Associati1e classi!ication3 %t'er classi!ication Met'o-s3 #re-iction3 Accuracy an- Error Measures3 E1aluating t'e Accuracy o! a Classi!ier or #re-ictor4 U)*& 8 I5 Cl !&"r A)aly!*!4 Intro-uction3 Ty&es o! "ata in Cluster Analysis3 A CategoriBation o! Ma)or Clustering Met'o-s3 #artitioning Met'o-s3 /ierarc'ical Met'o-s3 "ensity*Base- Met'o-s3 >riBase- Met'o-s3 Mo-el Base- Clustering Met'o-s3 Clustering /ig' "imensional "ata3 %utlier Analysis4 M*)*)7 S&r"a(!; T*("-S"r*"!; a)d S"< ")%" Da&a A Mining "ata treams3 Mining Time* eries "ata3 an- Mining e7uence #atterns in Transactional "ata$ases an- Biological "ataA U)*& 8 5 Mining %$)ect3 &atial3 Multime-ia3 Te2t3 an- @e$ "ataA Multi-imensional Analysis an"escri&ti1e Mining o! Com&le2 "ata %$)ects3 &atial "ata Mining3 Multime-ia "ata Mining3 Te2t Mining3 Mining t'e @orl- @i-e @e$4 Suggested Reading: 14 /an = & <am$er M3 E"ata MiningA Conce&ts an- Tec'ni7uesF3 Elsi1er3 econ- E-ition 24 #ang*?ing Tan3 Mic'ael tein$ac.3 :i&in <umar3 EIntro-uction to "ata MiningF3 #earson E-ucation3 200G4 34 "ata mining Tec'ni7ues 5 Arun < #u)ari3 2 n- E-ition3 0ni1ersity #ress 44 Margaret / "un'am3 4 ri-'ar3 E"ata miningA Intro-uctory an- A-1ance- To&icsF3 #earson E-ucation3 200G4 54 /um&'ires3 /aw.ins3 "y3 E"ata @are'ousingA Arc'itecture an- Im&lementationF3 #earson E-ucation3 200,4 64 Ana'ory3 Murray3 E"ata @are'ousing in t'e ;eal @orl-F3 #earson E-ucation3 200G4 54 <argu&ta3 =os'i3etc43 E"ata MiningA ?e2t >eneration C'allenges an- 9uture "irectionsF #rentice /all o! In-ia #1t (t-3 200+4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013


Instruction "uration 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 4 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours +5 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

UNIT-I Intro-uction3 o!tware*Testing3 Terminology an- Met'o-ology3 :eri!ication an- :ali-ation4 UNIT-II Dy)a(*% T"!&*)7A Blac. Bo2 Testing Tec'ni7ues3 @'ite Bo2 Testing Tec'ni7ues3 tatic Testing3 :ali-ation Acti1ities3 ;egression Testing4 4 UNIT-III Test Management3 o!tware Metrics3 Testing Metrics !or Monitoring an- Controlling t'e Testing #rocess3 E!!icient Test uite Management4 UNIT-I5 Testing %$)ect %riente- o!tware3 Testing @e$ Base- ystems3 "e$ugging. UNIT-5 %1er1iew o! Testing Tools3 Testing an A&&lication using @in;unner3 Test cri&t (anguage3 Arc'itecture an- use o! il. Test3 0se o! (oa-;unner an- =Meter3 ource Co-e Testing 0tilities in 0ni2 D 0ni2 En1ironment4 S 77"!&"d R"ad*)74 14 ?ares' C'au'an3 E o!tware Testing #rinci&les an- #racticesF3 %2!or- 0ni1ersity #ress 20104 24 "r4<4:4<4<4#rasa-3 E o!tware Testing ToolsF3 "reamtec' &ress 200G4 34 @illiam E4 #erry3 EE!!ecti1e Met'o-s !or o!tware TestingF3 2n- E-ition $y3 econ- E-ition3 #u$lis'e- $y @iley & ons4 44 rini1asan "esi.an3 >o&alaswamy ;ames'3 E o!tware TestingF3 #rinci&les an- #ractices3 #u$lis' $y #earson E-ucation4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 BIT1?G


UNIT 8I Intro-uction to &rocess control Intro-uction3 control systems3 &rocess control $loc. -iagram3 control system e1aluation3 time res&onse3 signi!icance an- statistics4 Analog signal con-itioning4 &rinci&les o! analog signal con-itioning3 &assi1e circuits3 o& am&s3 o&*am&s in instrumentation3 In-ustrial Electronics4 D*7*&al S*7)al Co)d*&*o)*)74 ;e1iew o! -igital !un-amentals3 com&arators3 "ACs A"Cs "ata Ac7uisition ystems 6"A 84 UNIT 8 II T'"r(al S")!or!4 Metal resistance :s tem&erature -e1ices3 t'ermistors3 t'ermocou&les3 $imetal stri&s3 >as t'ermometer3 1a&or &ressure t'ermometer3 li7ui- e2&ansion t'ermometer3 soli- state tem&erature sensors4 Mec'anical ensors -is&lacement3 location or &osition sensors3 strain sensors3 motion sensors3 &ressure sensors3 !low sensors4 UNIT 8III O6&*%al S")!or! A 9un-amentals o! EM ra-iation3 &'oto -etectors3 &yrometry3 o&tical sources3 a&&lications4 9inal control A 9inal Control o&eration3 signal con1ersions3 actuators3 control elements4 UNIT 8 I5 D*!%r"&"8!&a&" 6ro%"!! %o)&rol A "e!inition 3 c'aracteristics o! t'e system3 la--er -iagram3 #rogramma$le logic controllers4 Co)&roll"r 6r*)%*6l"! A #rocess c'aracteristics3 control system &arameters3 -iscontinuous3 continuous an- com&osite controller mo-es4 UNIT 8 5 A)alo7 %o)&roll"r!A Electronic controllers3 &neumatic controllers3 -esign consi-erations4 "igital Controllers "igital electronics met'o-s3 com&uters in &rocess control3 c'aracteristics o! -igital -ata3 controller so!tware4 Co)&rol loo6 %'ara%&"r*!&*%!A Control system con!igurations3 multi1aria$le control systems3 control system 7uality3 sta$ility3 &rocess loo& tuning4 S 77"!&"d R"ad*)74 14 Curtis =o'nson3 E#rocess Control Instrumentation Tec'nology E3 Gt' E-ition3 #/I*20064 24 @ Bolton 3 Mec'atronics3 EElectronic Control ystems in Mec'anical an- Electrical EngineeringF4 2n- E-ition3 #earson E-ucation3 Asia3 20014 34 C ;angan3 >4;4 arma3 :4 4: Mani3 EInstrumentatin "e1ices & ystemsF 2 n- E-ition4 Tata Mc>raw /ill320024

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 BIT 1F3


Instruction "uration 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 3 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours 50 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

Ob$"%&*0"4 To e2&ose t'e stu-ents to in-ustry &ractices an- team wor.4 COM,ILER CONSTRUCTION LAB4 E2ercises must $e ta.en !rom 1 to 6 OBAECT 8 ORIENTED ANALYSIS D DESIGN LAB4 E2ercises must $e ta.en !rom + to 12 14 24 canner &rograms using (EL (; #arser ta$le generation

34 (; #arser ta$le generation 44 #arser >eneration using IACC 546 #rogram on Co-e generation

Co-e %&timiBation +4 ystem "e!inition a8 ;e7uirements Management $8 "ata Mo-eling G4 o!tware "e1elo&ment a8 A&&lication & @e$ mo-eling $8 Con!iguration Management c8 0nit Testing ,4 Content Management 104 ystem Testing a8 9unctional Testing $8 ;elia$ility Testing c8 #er!ormance Testing -8 "e!ect & C'ange Trac.ing 114 C'ange Management

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 a8 Con!iguration Management $8 ;e7uirement Management c8 ystem "ocumentation 124 #ro)ect Management

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 BIT 1F2


Instruction "uration 0ni1ersity E2amination essional 3 #erio-s &er wee. 3 /ours 50 Mar.s 25 Mar.s

14 0n-erstan-ing an- using o! comman-s li.e i!con!ig3 netstst3 &ing3 ar&3 telnet3 !t&3 !inger3 traceroute3 w'ois etc4 24 Im&lementation o! concurrent an- iterati1e ec'o ser1er using $ot' connection anconnectionless soc.ets system calls4 34 Im&lementation o! time an- -ay time ser1ices using connection oriente- soc.ets system calls4 44 Im&lementation o! &ing ser1ice 54 Buil- a we$ ser1er using soc.ets4 64 Im&lementation o! remote comman- e2ecution using soc.et system calls4 +4 "emonstrate t'e use o! a-1ance- soc.et system calls4 G4 "emonstrate t'e non $loc.ing ID%4 ,4 Im&lementation o! concurrent c'ary ser1er t'at allows current logge- in users to communicate one wit' ot'er4 104 Im&lementation o! !ile access using ;#C4 114 Buil- a concurrent multit'rea-e- !ile trans!er ser1er using t'rea-s 4 124 Im&lementation o! "? 4 S 77"!&"d R"ad*)74 14"ouglas E4Comer3F/an-s*on ?etwor.ing wit' Internet Tec'nologiesF3#earson E-ucation4 24;ic'ar Ate1ens3F0ni2 ?etwor.ing #rogrammingF3#/I4

with effect from the Academic Year 2012-2013 BIT 1F1

Instruction essional 3 #erio-s &er wee. 25 Mar.s

T'e tu-ents is re7uire- to ta.e one o! larger &ro)ects liste- in t'e suggeste- rea-ing un-er &ro)ect e2ercises3 im&lement an- su$mit t'e re&ort4 "uring t'e mini &ro)ect3 #ersonal o!tware #rocess #rinci&les s'oul- $e a&&lie- an- t'e wor.$oo.s an- &ro)ect re&ort s'oul- $e e1aluate-4