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This CONTRACT TO SELL made and entered into this _____ day _______________ at Makati City, Philippines by and between: _____________________________, a corporation duly incorporated under and by virtue of Philippine laws with local address at ___________________________, duly represented herein by its ______________, ______________ hereinafter referred to as the SELLER . -And_____________, of legal age, ilipino citi!en and with home address at _____________________, and hereinafter referred to as the BUYER;

WHEREAS, the "#$$#%, is the absolute and registered owner of the following
motor vehicle, more particularly described as follows: MODEL COLOR ENGINE NO. CHASSIS NO. PLATE NO. : : : : :

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises and of the terms, conditions and covenants herein below set forth, the parties hereto stipulate as follows:




The &'(#% shall pay the "#$$#% a total sum of PESOS: ________________________, Philippine currency, interest free, payable _______ as per amorti!ation schedule )*nne+ ,*-. herein attached and made as an integral part of this contract, to be deducted automatically // )pls. state the terms agreed upon by the buyer and the seller.. That if the &'(#% has paid already the e0uivalent of _______ amorti!ation, the &'(#% shall have the option to pay the balance plus the accrued interest at prevailing rate. 1therwise, the &'(#%, if unable to pay the balance including interest at the time of his cessation of work or separation from employment, he shall immediately turnover possession of the sub2ect motor vehicle to the "#$$#% and all the amorti!ation already made shall be considered as mere rentals for the use of the sub2ect motor vehicle and said &'(#% shall surrender the possession of the said car to the "#$$#% immediately upon his separation3 'pon full payment of the aforestated purchase price, the "#$$#% shall SELL, CEDE, TRANSFER nd CON!EY unto the &'(#%, his heirs and assigns, the motor vehicle abovedescribed, as free from all liens and encumbrances whatsoever3 *ll e+penses arising out of or incidental to the e+ecution of the corresponding 5eed of *bsolute "ale, as well as registration fees re0uired to transfer ownership to the &'(#%6s name shall be for the e+clusive account of the &'(#%3 *ll fuel e+penses as well as e+penses for the maintenance, repairs, future insurance and registration fees of the sub2ect motor vehicle shall, starting



from the date of delivery thereof to the &'(#%, shall be borne by the &'(#%3 The "#$$#% may , at his option, advance funds re0uired for repair, maintenance, rehabilitation, whenever deemed necessary and such amount advanced will be for the account of the &'(#% with interest at the prevailing rate3 :o delay or omission on the part of the "#$$#% in e+ercising any right granted under this Contract shall be construed as an abandonment or waiver thereof or variation of any provisions hereof.

P "# $ %& $, C%n'( )' '% S#**

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused these presents to be

signed this _____ day of ______________ at the _______________. _____________________


___________________ +P%,-'-%n.

"igned in the presence of

R#012*-) %& '3# P3-*-00-n#,4 CITY OF _______ _4,.,.
BEFORE ME, personally appeared this ____ day of ________________ at Makati City,





*ll known to me and to me known to be the same persons who e+ecuted the foregoing instrument and hereby acknowledged to me that the same is their free act and deed. This instrument consisting of two );. pages, including this page on which this acknowledgment is written refers to a C1:T%*CT T1 "#$$ and has been signed by the parties and their witnesses and sealed with my notarial seal. above written.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, < have hereunto set my hand on the date and place first

D%). N%.___; P "# N%.___;

B%%7 N%.___; S#(-#, %& $889.

REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES. CITY OF _______________________. S).

<, ATTY. GLENN M. MANGAOIL, ilipino, of legal age, in my capacity as the duly elected and incumbent Corporate "ecretary of SWIRE TRA!EL PHILIPPINES, INC. +STPI., a corporation duly organi!ed and e+isting under the laws of the %epublic of the Philippines, with principal office address at Un-' ;B C%1n'(< S0 )# = B*d"., S#n. G-* P1< ' A>#n1#, M 7 '- C-'<, do hereby certify under oath that at a "pecial Meeting of the &oard of 5irectors of the said corporation held on "eptember =9, ;>>7, at which meeting a 0uorum was present and acting throughout, the following resolution was unanimously approved and remains unrevoked to date, to wit:

STPI SBR $88; ? 8@ - 8$

RESOL!ED, AS IT IS HEREBY RESOL!ED , That the Corporation, through the &oard of 5irectors be authori!ed and empowered, as it hereby authori!es and empowers, to sell the following motorcycle, specific descriptions of which, to wit: MA/E: PLATE NO.: SERIAL6CHASSIS NO.: MOTOR NO.: COLOR: SUAU/I $88= M%d#* TN - B;$C TS=$9-=8@@@C TS=$9$-$C8@=; B* )7

RESOL!ED FURTHER, That the corporation designates, authori!es and empowers its P(#,-d#n' ELEANOR N. WHITE to negotiate, e+ecute and sign as well as deliver all documents, agreements and contracts with respect to sale and disposition of the aforesaid motorcycle3RESOL!ED FINALLY, That the Corporate "ecretary be ordered to furnish copies of this resolution to all parties concerned.* <*:T '%T?#% "*(#T? :*'@?T.

M 7 '- C-'<, S#0'#D2#( =E, $88;. ATTY. GLENN M. MANGAOIL Corporate "ecretary *TT#"T#5 ELEANOR N. WHITE President "'&"C%<&#5 *:5 "A1%: to before me this _____ day "eptember ;>>7 affiant e+hibiting his CTC B >4;78=C7 issued on Dune =8, ;>>7 at Manila. NOTARY PUBLIC 5oc. :o. _______: Page :o. _______: &ook :o. ______: "eries of ;>>7.