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regie braille

Find a Braille translator online and use it to decipher the Braille on the "doors". You'll need Rock Smash, Flash, and either Fly or Strength (I think it's Fly) to reach the individual Regis (you'll know which one it is and where to use it after reading the Braille), but if you haven't already opened their caves you'll need to use a FAQ as this part is somewhat complicated. You will need Surf, Dive, Dig, and a Relicanth and Wailord.

If you already made the island cave,desert ruins,and the ancient tomb appear, you can open the individual regis door by: Registeel: Use flash in center tile Regirock: Move 2 steps left,2 steps down, & use rock smash Regice:Do one lap around the room without moving away from the wall i think you go to route 132 with a Relicanth in the last slot and a wailord in the first slot.You need the moves dig,surf,dive,rock smash,& flash.You have to dive in a certain place on route 132,find the Braille,surface right in front of the Braille,go to the back of the room,use dig in front of the Braille,go in the door that appears,& go to the back of the room and read the braille(Rock smash and Flash are for opening the individual regis door) Once you are in the Sealed Chamber on Route 134, walk forward and you will see a wall with braille on it. Use dig on the wall to open the chamber. Walk in if you want. The next thing you have to do is get a Wailord and put it as the first pokemon in you party. Then get a Relicanth and put it as the last pokemon in your party. Then walk in the chamber you opened and walk forward to the large alter. The ground will shake and the Regie's hiding spots will open up. REGIE STEEL - To get Regie Steel you need to go to the cave on Route 120. Once inside, go to the middle and have one of your pokemon use the move flash. The door will open, go inside and get the Regie Steel. REGIE ROCK - Fly to Mauille City and go North into the Desert and then go South in the desert until you find a huge rock with an opening and go inside and go up to the alter with braille and stand infront of the middle one. Take 2 steps left and 2 steps down and then have a pokemon use Rock Smash. The door will

open for you to go get Regie Rock. REGIE ICE - Fly to Dewford Town and surf North and stick to the left side, and after a while you will find a cave opening, go in. Ok, now do not move yet. Hit the "B" button to run and hold it down, now go left or right, you have to stay against the wall and run around the wall of the room. Once you go around and get back to the spot you started at the door should open and you will be free to get Regie Ice. k. First you need a Wailord and a Relicanth. Some say you need to place one at the head of the party, and one at the back, but i don't think so. Next, go to the fast moving current out by Pacifilog town. There's a single dive spot located in there, trial and error will eventually hit it, it's not that hard. Dive down, and there will be a cave with odd symbols. Its just Braille. Download a Braille alphabet off google or something, and decode the message on the back wall. I can't remeber what you need to do, but it's either Dig, Fly, or a certain combination of steps. It's also not that hard. Once you do that, the three caves containg the Regi's will open, one in the desert, one on the route from Dewford to Petalburg, and one one Route 120 or 121. They are all pretty easy to find, Ruin Maniacs are always nearby. Once inside, there will be another task written in Braille on each of the doors. Do the task, and you're in the cave with one of the Regi's. The desert one has Regirock, one between Dewford and Petalburg has Regice, and the one near route 120 has Registeel. Save before fighting, and bring pokemon with sleep moves. Timer balls and Ultra balls work great, and waste a master ball if you want. All are at Lv 40 and, in my opinion, pretty much suck.

In Sealed Cave, go to the back of the room, and use dig, then a door will open. In the next room, go to the back once again, and have a Wailord first i your party, and a Relicanth last in the party, then press A. Three doors will open somewhere else