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eed T!"et#er$"

1. The flexibility of film allows the artist __________ unbridled imagination to the animation of cartoon characters. (A) to bring (B) bringing (C) is brought

(D) brings
2. Traditionally __________in !ew "ngland on Than#sgi$ing %ay. (A) when ser$ed is sweet cider (B) when sweet cider is ser$ed (C) is ser$ed sweet cider (%) sweet cider is ser$ed &. Ty'ical of the grassland dwellers of the continent __________ or 'ronghorn. (A) it is the American antelo'e (B) the American antelo'e is (C) is the American antelo'e (%) the American antelo'e (. )illian %. *ald 'ublic health nurse and __________ was born in Cincinnati +hio in 1,-.. (A) reforming society (B) social reformer (C) who reformed society (%) her social reform /. Co''er sulfate s'read in 0udicious amounts #ills algae __________ harming fish or a1uatic in$ert2 ebrates. (A) does not (B) but does no (C) exce't (%) without -. +f the millions who saw 3aley4s comet in 15,- how many 'eo'le __________long enough to see it return in the twenty2first century. (A) will they li$e (B) they will be li$ing (C) will li$e (%) li$ing .. __________that fear ha''iness sadness and sur'rise are uni$ersally reflected in facial ex'ressions. (A) Anthro'ologists ha$e disco$ered (B) Anthro'ologists disco$ering (C) The disco$ery by anthro'ologists

(%) %isco$ered by anthro'ologists ,.6n 15-(__________of 3enry +ssawa Tanner4s 'aintings was shown at the 7mithsonian 6nstitution. (A) was a ma0or collection (B) that a ma0or collection (C) a collection was ma0or (%) a ma0or collection 5. __________irritating effect on humans the use of 'henol as a general antise'tic has been largely discontinued. (A) 6ts (B) *here its (C) 7ince its (%) Because of its 18.6n order to remain in existence __________must in the long run 'roduce something consumers consider useful or desirable. (A) a 'rofit2ma#ing organi9ation (B) a 'rofit2ma#ing organi9ation which (C) therefore a 'rofit2ma#ing organi9ation (%) whiche$er a 'rofit2ma#ing organi9ation 11.The greater the 'o'ulation there is in a locality __________for water trans'ortation and dis'osal of refuse. (A) the greater the need there is (B) greater need (C) is there great need (%) the great need 12. A historical no$el may do more than mirror history: __________future e$ents. (A) e$en influencing (B) it may e$en influence (C) may e$en influence (%) that it may e$en influence 1&. __________a child scul'tor Anne *hitney showed an eager intellect and artistic talent that her 'arents recogni9ed and encouraged. (A) 3as been (B) 6t was while (C) 7he was (%) As 1(. 6t is widely belie$ed that the 'ull of gra$ity on a falling raindro' changes__________round sha'e into a teardro' sha'e. (A) of the dro' (B) the dro'4s

(C) dro' of (%) dro's their 1/.__________modern offices becoming more mechani9ed designers are attem'ting to 'ersonali9e them with warmer less se$ere interiors. (A) 6f (B) But (C) *ith (%) +nce 1-. !ot woman held a 'residential cabinet 'osition in the ;nited 7tates until 15&& when <rances =er#ins became secretary of labor.

1.. The human body relies on certainty nutrients for its sur$i$al.

1,. Too much electric current may flow into a circuit as a result either of a fault in the circuit and of an outside e$ent such as lightning.

15. The A''alachian Trail extending a''roximately 2 828 miles from >aine to ?eorgia is the longer continuous mar#ed foot'ath in the world.

28. <or years ele'hants were hunted for food and i$ory and as a result theirs numbers ha$e been greatly reduced.

21. Barges which carrier most of the hea$y freight on ri$ers and canals are usually 'ro'elled by towing.

22. Although afflicted by serious eyesight 'roblems Alicia Alonso was one the 'rinci'al stars of the American Ballet Theater and later formed her own dance com'any.

2&. The ritual combat of animals are triggered by 'recise signals.

2(. 6t is more difficult to write sim'ly directly and effecti$e than to em'loy flowery but $ague ex'ressions that only obscure one4s meaning.

2/. %ifferent s'ecies of octo'uses may measure anywhere from two inches to o$er thirty feet in long.

2-. According to some theories deri$ed from 'sychoanalysis life is su''osedly easier and mo re 'leasant when inhibitions o$ercoming.

2.. *hen rainbows a''ear they are always in the 'art of the s#y o''osite directly the 7un.

2,. Ben0amin <ran#lin drew a 'olitical cartoon that is credited raising 18 888 $olunteers for the American @e$olutionary *ar.

25. The begins of the modern chemistry laboratory go bac# to the wor#rooms of medie$al lchemists.

&8. 6n many 'ieces of music there is a dominant theme on which the restful of the com'osition is centered.

&1. )uminescence refers to the emission of light by means another than heat.

&2.6n a re'resentati$e democracy the 'eo'le election delegates to an assembly.

&&.?eorge *ashington Car$er found hundred of uses for the 'eanut the sweet 'otato and the soybean and thus stimulated the culti$ation of these cro's.

&(. A citadel a fortress designed for the defense of a city usually standed on to' of a hill.

&/. Conser$ati$e 'hiloso'hers argue that the $ery structure of society is threatening by ci$il disobedience while humanists stress the 'rimacy of the indi$idual conscience.

&-. 7ince 15.1 the regional cor'orations set u' in Alas#a by Congress managing e$erything from fishing to ban#ing.

&.. A roc#et burns 'ro'ellant ra'idly and most roc#ets carry a su''ly that last 0ust a few seconds.

&,. Textile art is #nown for both its tactile and $ision 1ualities.

&5. The metal aluminum has been first isolated early in the nineteenth century.

(8. ?ulls can often be see swoo'ing o$er large bodies of water.

1989 05
1. The difference between libel and slander is that libel is 'rinted while__________. (A) s'o#en is slander (B) is s'o#en slander (C) slander is s'o#en (%) is slander s'o#en 2. ?reat numbers of tiny shelled animalsAon the ocean floor. (A) )i$e (B) )i$ing (C) They will li$e (%) 6f they li$ed &. The #nee is the 0oint __________the thigh bone meets the large bone of the lower leg. (A) when (B) where (C) why (%) which (. Closed 'lane figures li#e the s1uare or the e1uilateral triangle can be grou'ed into a class __________'olygons. (A) called (B) to call (C) is called (%) call as /. Acids are chemical com'ounds that in water solution ha$e __________ a corrosi$e action on metals and the ability to turn certain blue $egetable dyes red. (A) tastes shar' (B) shar'2tasting (C) a shar' taste (%) tasting shar' -. __________the history of the tough strong2willed !ebras#a farmer. (A) !ot only is much of the history of !ebras#a (B) Although it is much of the history of !ebras#a that is (C) 6t is much the history of !ebras#a4s being (%) >uch of the history of !ebras#a is .. Billie 3oliday4s re'utation as a great 0a992blues singer rests on her ability __________emotional de'th to her songs. (A) be gi$ing (B) are gi$en (C) being gi$en (%) to gi$e

,. __________1,5/ did Cornell ;ni$ersity begin to offer a degree in ornithology. (A) !ot until (B) !ot since (C) ;ntil (%) 6n 5. ;niform acceleration occurs __________the rate of change remains the same o$er successi$e and e1ual inter$als of time. (A) according (B) if (C) with (%) under 18. =eo'le4s ex'ectations for a higher standard of li$ing increase __________. (A) conditions in their community im'ro$e (B) since conditions in their im'ro$ing community (C) conditions im'ro$e in their community (%) as conditions in their community im'ro$e 11. "ssentially a theory is an abstract symbolic re'resentation of __________reality. (A) what it is concei$ed (B) that is concei$ed (C) what is concei$ed to be (%) that is being concei$ed of 12. All of the 'lants now raised on farms ha$e been de$elo'ed from 'lants __________wild. (A) once they grew (B) they grew once (C) that once grew (%) once grew 1&. __________relati$ely costly the diesel engine is highly efficient and needs ser$icing infre1uently. (A) "$en (B) 6t is (C) "$en though (%) There is 1(. __________images out of clay stone and metal. (A) The sha'ing of scul'ture (B) 7cul'ting the sha'es (C) To sha'e scul'ture (%) 7cul'tors sha'e 1/. __________dates from the end of the eighteenth century. (A) The modern circus

(B) That the modern circus (C) *hile the modern circus (%) The modern circus that 1-. The boiled 'oint of any li1uid is determined by the 'ressure of the surrounding gases.

1.. The @anger s'acecraft it 'ro$ided more than 1. 888 'ictures of the moon.

1,. >any 'eo'le who li$e in !ew Bor# City thin#s that life in a large city offers s'ecial ad$antages.

15. The scientific re$olution of the early 15884s affected education by change the nature of technology.

28. >eadowlar#s are about the same si9e than robins but they ha$e hea$ier bodies shorter tails and longer bills.

21. +n >ay 28 15&2 Amelia "arhart became the first woman fly solo across the Atlantic +cean.

22. Translated into terms of 'sychological theory association has been thought of as the basis of to learn conditioning and creati$e thin#ing.

2&. The 7tatue of )iberty was originally 'ro'osed in 1,-/ to commemoration the alliance of <rance with the American colonies during the American @e$olution.

2(. @e'tiles are widely distributed all o$er the world but are much abundant in warm regions and are $irtually absent beyond the treeline in the Arctic.

2/. Ali#e light wa$es microwa$es may be reflected and concentrated.

2-. 6ndustrial buyers are res'onsible for su''lying the goods and ser$ices that an organi9ation re1uired for its o'erations.

2.. The most easiest 'rocess for mining gold is 'anning which in$ol$es using a circular dish with a small 'oc#et at the bottom.

2,. <arm animals ha$e been regardless by nearly all societies as a $aluable economic resource.

25. Although it is any longer the big business that it was in the forties radio continues to be a medium of essential communication es'ecially at the local le$el.

&8. The field of dynamics in 'hysics is concerned with a 'article4s motion in relation to the forces acting it.

&1. 6n the ;nited 7tates both the federal and state go$ernments ha$e laws designed to guard consumers against dece'ti$e ad$ertise.

&2. ?ore Cidal has steadily 'ursue a literary career remar#able for its 'roducti$ity $ersatility and un'redictability.

&&. *hen o$erall ex'orts exceed im'orts a country said to ha$e a trade sur'lus.

&(. 6nstructors at the school of American Ballet first examine a young a''licant4s inste' to see whether it is 'liant and shows 'romising of a good arch.

&/. Anthro'ologists agree that our 'rimiti$e ancestors who inhabited the tro'ics 'robably ha$e natural 'rotection against the sun.

&-. Beha$ior modification techni1ues wor# best with 'roblems that manifest itself in o$ert actions.

&.. Because they are generally ta#en sim'ly to obtain a recogni9able and relati$ely clear image most non'rofessional 'hotogra'hs demand few e1ui'ment.

&,. At birth an infant exhibits a remar#able number of motor res'onse.

&5. Common to !orth America those cinnamon fern is found in wet 'laces.

(8. The origins of the %emocratic 'arty is often traced to the coalition formed behind Thomas Defferson in the 1.584s to resist the 'olicies of ?eorge *ashington4s administration.


1989 08
1. The Cubists were concerned with how__________a gi$en sub0ect from different 'oints of $iew simultaneously. (A) re'resented (B) do the re'resent (C) to re'resent (%) re'resenting 2. 7ometimes__________to 'lace 'hysics and chemistry into se'arate categories. (A) difficult (B) is difficult (C) it is difficult (%) that it is difficult &. >artha ?raham __________ has run her own dance com'any for half a century. (A) is the great modern choreogra'her (B) one of the great modern choreogra'hers (C) that the great modern choreogra'hers (%) the modern choreogra'hers were great (. )ong before children are able to s'ea# or understand a language __________communicate through facial ex'ressions and by ma#ing noises. (A) howe$er (B) they (C) furthermore (%) who /. The seating of musicians in an orchestra is arranged __________to 'roduce the desired blend of sounds from the $arious musical sections . (A) the conductor of (B) from the conductor (C) the conductor and (%) by the conductor -. The worldwide race to de$elo' an affordable synthetic fuel has so far consumed billions of dollars and __________ few results. (A) yielded (B) yielding (C) yield ha (%) has a yield of


.. "x'eriments in the 'hotogra'hy of mo$ing ob0ects __________ in both the ;nited 7tates and "uro'e well before 1588. (A) ha$e been conducting (B) were conducting (C) had been conducted (%) being conducted ,. The ;ni$ersity of ?eorgia __________ in 1.,/ was the first state su''orted uni$ersity in the ;nited 7tates. (A) chartered (B) was chartered (C) it was chartered (%) to be chartered 5. Than#s to modern irrigation cro's now grow abundantly in areas where once __________ cacti and sagebrush could li$e. (A) nor (B) not the (C) none other (%) nothing but 18. __________ in the late 1,884s some libraries had to #ee' as many as twenty to thirty co'ies of each of >ary Dane 3olmes4s boo#s on hand. (A) 6n$entories showing (B) That show in$entories (C) 6n$entories show that (%) 7howing the in$entories 11. The scholarly interest in 'erce'tion stems largely from 1uestions about the sources and $alidity of what __________. (A) it is #nown as human #nowledge (B) is #nown as human #nowledge (C) #nown human #nowledge (%) is human #nowledge #nown 12. Because of the Aleuts4 constant ex'osure to cold weather they ha$e long recogni9ed __________ . (A) and body needs to be fat (B) body needs the fat (C) how fat the body needs (%) the body4s need for fat 1&. Almost all economists agree __________ by trading with one another. (A) nations that are gained (B) nations they gain (C) gaining nations


(%) that nations gain 1(. The de$elo'ment of mechanical time'ieces s'urred the search for __________ with which to regulate them. (A) more accurate than sundials (B) more accurate sundials (C) sundials more accurately (%) more accurately than sundials 1/. Anthro'ology is a science __________anthro'ologists use a rigorous set of methods and techni1ues to document obser$ations that can be chec#ed by others. (A) in that (B) that in (C) that (%) in 1-.A li1uid is similar to a gas because has molecules are not fixed to each other in any s'ecific way.

1..The Conestoga wagon used for to carry hea$y loads o$er long distances originated around 1.2/ in a region of =ennsyl$ania occu'ied by the Conestoga 6ndians.

1,.=ro$idence @hode 6sland is a busy manufacturing city and sea'ort as well the state ca'ital.

15.The young of most bird s'ecies are totally de'endence on 'arental care after hatching.

28.%uring most of this century A. =hili' @andol'h struggled for Blac# rights in the ;nited 7tates and becomes an im'ortant figure in the labor mo$ement.

21.6t has been calculated that the "arth4s circumference around the e1uator is o$er forty longer miles than the circumference around the two 'oles.

22. A fish must constantly to gul' water in order to #ee' a current flowing through its delicate gills.

2&. >aria >artine9 a =ueblo 6ndian redisco$ered the ancient art of =ueblo blac# 'ottery A and by teaching the 'rocess to family and friends de$elo' a lucrati$e business.

2(. >uscular motion is caused by the stimulate of s'ecific ner$e cells in the brain and s'inal cord.


2/. The first libraries in the !orth American colonies was established in >assachusetts in the year 1-&,.

2-. *hen does a neutron from one atom collides with the nucleus of another atom a chain reaction can occur.

2.. Ali#e other academic disci'lines sociology has se$eral ma0or sub2disci'lines.

2,. An enormous $ariety of information may be obtained from a largest daily news'a'er.

25. Before the in$ention of the cloc# 'eo'le had to reliable on the celestial bodies to tell time.

&8. 3ow many 'eo'le remember listening to +rson *elles415&, radio broadcast. EThe *ar of the *orlds F *hich con$ince thousands that s'ace aliens had in$aded the "arthG

&1. =ewter a metal with an ancient heritage is still 'ractical medium for the non'rofessional metalwor#er.

&2. According to cogniti$e theories of emotion anger occurs when indi$iduals belie$e that A they ha$e been harmed and that the harm was either a$oidable and undeser$ed.

&&. Dac#ie >clean4s recordings ha$e shown that he is one of the few 0a99 musicians who style A B of 'laying has #e't 'ace with the e$olution of modern 0a99.

&(. 3ow !ati$e Americans de$elo'ed corn is a 'u99ling for no wild corn has e$er been disco$ered and it grows only where 'eo'le 'lant and tend it.

&/. A 'rinci'le of manager is to ensure that e$ery action or decision achie$es a carefully 'lanned goal.

&-. A good exercise 'rogram hel's teach 'eo'le to a$oid the habits that might shorten the li$es.

&.. Classicism as a doctrine see#s what is uni$ersally truth and good.

&,. @esearchers at the ;ni$ersity of Colorado are in$estigating a series of indicators that A B could hel' themsel$es to 'redict earth1ua#es.


&5.<ungi are im'ortant in the 'rocess of decay which returns ingredients to the soil enhances soil fertility and decom'ose animal debris.

(8. A common use with gold in the nineteenth century was as a standard for the $alue of money.


1989 10
1. Huasars __________ emitting extremely intense radio wa$es and $isible radiation. (A) 7tar2li#e ob0ects are (B) 7tar2li#e they are ob0ects (C) are star2li#e ob0ects (%) are they star2li#e ob0ects 2. >ary Cassatt s'eciali9ed __________ mothers with their children. (A) 'ainted (B) who 'ainted (C) 'aintings (%) in 'ainting &. ?orillas are 1uiet animals __________ they are able to ma#e about twenty different sounds. (A) how (B) in s'ite of (C) because of (%) e$en though (. <rom 15(- to 15(5 __________ *illiam 3enry 3astie ser$ed as go$ernor of the Cirgin 6slands. (A) the lawyer (B) he was the lawyer (C) the lawyer who (%) was the lawyer /. __________ struc# a tuning for# 'roduces an almost 'ure tone retaining its 'itch o$er a long 'eriod of time. (A) *hen is it (B) +ne is (C) *hen it is (%) 6s one -. __________ one time >anchester !ew 3am'shire was the home of the most 'roducti$e cotton mills in the world. (A) +n (B) At (C) By (%) To .. The edible tube mushroom __________ a cushion2li#e moist ca' that is light brown or dar#ish red. (A) which has (B) to ha$e (C) ha$ing (%) has


,. 6n 15-1 the entertainer Chubby Chec#er introduced a __________ to !ew Bor#4s roc#4n I roll fans. (A) new dance the twist (B) twist was the new dance (C) twist the new dance that (%) new dance is the twist 5. 6n scul'ture __________FmodelingF denotes a way of sha'ing clay wax or other 'liable materials. (A) to the term (B) is termed (C) the term (%) to term 18. The ca'acity for flight __________insects from the other in$ertebrates. (A) to distinguish (B) distinguishes (C) which distinguishes (%) distinguishing 11. Although 'ecans are most 'lentiful in the southeastern 'art of the ;nited 7tates they are found __________ +hio and 6llinois. (A) far north (B) north as far (C) farthest north (%) as far north as 12. __________ of caffeine can result in restlessness insomnia and e$en delirium. (A) Consuming in excess (B) "xcessi$e consum'tion (C) To consume excessi$ely (%) The consum'tion excessi$e 1&. Considered one of the leading 'oets in America today __________. (A) a number of boo#s and 'lays ha$e also been written by 7onia 7anche9 (B) 7onia 7anche9 has also written a number of boo#s and 'lays (C) A number of 7onia 7anche9 boo#s and 'lays ha$e been written (%) There ha$e been a number of boo#s and 'lays written by 7onia 7anche9 1(. Cariables such as indi$idual and cor'orate beha$ior __________ nearly im'ossible for economists to forecast economic trends with 'recision. (A) ma#e (B) ma#e it (C) it ma#es (%) ma#es it 1/. __________ by transferring the blame to others is often called sca'egoating.


(A) "liminate 'roblems (B) The eliminated 'roblems (C) "liminating 'roblems (%) =roblems are eliminated 1-. 7ea turtles date bac# 188 million year and are the only ancient sea re'tiles to sur$i$e the 'resent %ay.

1.. At a first the scientific method may a''ear to be a narrow and restricti$e way of gaining understanding.

1,. 7ince 'rehistoric times artists ha$e 'ortrayed sub0ects that re'resentati$e their culture.

28. >ammals lose body heat to them en$ironment in cold weather more 1uic#ly than in hot weather.

21. >ahogany is often considered the finest cabinet wood because they has most of the 1ualities desired for furniture ma#ing.

22. The situation comedy has 'ro$ed to a remar#ably durable commercial tele$ision format.

2&. Calcium the most abundantly mineral in the body wor#s with 'hos'horus in maintaining bones and teeth.

2(. 7oil science begun with the formulation of the theory of humus in1,8,.

2/. 7cholars tend to cite 1,&1 as the started of the ;nited 7tates abolitionist mo$ement.

2-. >ary >c%owell shared Dane Addam4s interest in social wor# also was a loyal su''rter of the )eague of !ations.

2.. 6n adolescence a young 'erson may ex'erience some stress emotional due to conflicting and confusing social demands.

2,. 7ituated in the heart of a grain2farming and li$estoc#2raising region Abilene Jansas is a 'ros'erous trading and distribute center.


25. A hologram is a 'attern usually made on film in that can create a three2dimensional image of a scene.

&8. The general sales tax has been a ma0or source of income for state go$ernments much of which deri$e more than half of their budgets from it.

&1. =rinci'al #nown for his dictionary !oah *ebster was also the first e'idimiologist in the ;nited 7tates.

&2. )i1uid lubricants contrast widely in weighing thic#ness and boiling 'oint.

&&. 6nterest with ma0or social e$ents led to a 'eriod of growth in 0ournalism after 15(/.

&(. 7aint "lmo4s fire is a luminous blue discharge of electricity sometimes seen when a thunderstorm.

&/. Almanacs in sim'le form ha$e been #nown from the in$ention of writing.

&-. 6f laid out in straight line the human digesti$e tract would measure a''roximately thirty foot in length.

&.. The relationshi' of )atin American music to Blac# music in the ;nited 7tates is clearly e$ident in the unaccented beats that are common to either.

&,. Today it is generally recogni9ed as the 'rimary function of the <ederal @eser$e 7ystem is to foster the flow of credit and money that will e$entually facilitate a balance in international 'ayments. &5. =ure flint is too hard and e$en2grained that it chi's in smooth cur$ed fla#es.

(8. The ty'ical ?eorgian2style house is rectangular in sha'e at less two stories high and designed around a central stairway.


1990 01
1. 222ratchet is a wheel or bar that can mo$e in only one direction. (A) A (B) 6t is a (C) Although a (%) There is a 2. Thomas Defferson4s achie$ements as an architect ri$al his contributions 222a 'olitician. (A) such (B) more (C) as (%) than &. The chief foods eaten in any country de'end largely on 222best in its climate and soil. (A) it grows (B) what grows (C) does it grow (%) what does it grow (. =ossibly the greatest ad$ance in 222materials came with the in$ention of a chea' way to ma#e steel. (A) bridge2building (B) building of bridges (C) building a bridge (%) bridges are built /. 222 sna#es fre1uently subdue their 'rey without in0ecting 'oison. (A) Contrary to general belief (B) ?eneral belief contrary to (C) Belief contrary to general (%) Contrary belief general to -. Two years after she was chosen 'resident of the Texas 7tate 7enate 222successfully for a seat in the ;nited 7tates Congress. (A) Barbara Dordan4s cam'aign being (B) Barbara Dordan cam'aigned (C) Cam'aigning for Barbara Dordan (%) Barbara Dordan cam'aigning .. The $alues of a 'eo'le their customs and their 'erce'tions of the world 222their language. (A) are influenced (B) be influenced (C) influencing (%) influence ,. +$er a $ery large number of trials the 'robability of an e$ent4s 222is e1ual to the 'robability that it will not occur. (A) occurs (B) will occur (C) can occur (%) occurring 5. 222fashioned from a wic# floating in a bowl of oil functioned according to the 'rinci'le of ca'illary action. (A) All lam's early (B) )am's all early (C) All early lam's (%) "arly all lam's


18. Annie Dum' Cannon 222disco$ered so many stars that she was called Ethe census ta#er of the s#y.F (A) a leading astronomer who (B) who as a leading astronomer (C) was a leading astronomer (%) a leading astronomer 11. The less the surface of the ground yields to the weight of the body of a runner 222to the body. (A) the stress it is greater (B) greater is the stress (C) greater stress is (%) the greater the stress 12. And ideal is a standard 222'eo'le 0udge real 'henomena. (A) how (B) of (C) by which (%) for it 1&. >aine has 222weather than most of the other states in the continental ;nited 7tates. (A) coolest (B) the coolest (C) cooler (%) the cooler 1(. Amoebas are 222small to be seen without a microsco'e. (A) far too (B) far and (C) so far (%) as far as 1/. ?ra'hite conducts electricity 222does not burn. (A) because (B) if (C) when (%) and 1-. The methods of s'ectrum analysis $ary according to the wa$elength region were studied.

1.. 3urricanes are se$ere cyclones with winds o$er se$enty2fi$e miles an hour who originate o$er tro'ical ocean waters.

1,. A great 'ro'ortion of the seeds of desert flora they 'ossess germination2inhibiting substances.

15. *indow treatment furniture arrangement and color combine all contribute to the o$erall im'ression of a room.

28. 3ar$esting of grains is affected by annual changes in tem'erature or in the amount of moisture but both.


21. %ue to its excellent tensile strength acetate rayon is an im'ortant material for 'roducts so as balloons 'arachutes fire hoses and webbing.

22. 6t has not been determined how years sea turtles can li$e in their natural en$ironment but they will reach a $ery old age if left undisturbed by humans.

2&. A footnote is characteristically em'loyed to gi$e information that is too long or too detailed be included in the body of a text.

2(. *atercolors dry more faster than other 'aints.

2/. 6n mathematical terms modern algebra is set of ob0ects with rules for connecting or relating those ob0ects.

2-. Ali#e most fruit trees the 1uince is normally 'ro'agated from shoots or cuttings.

2.. A 'atent gi$es in$entors exclusi$e rights to their in$entions for a fix 'eriod of time.

2,. 6n 15,1 the fossil 0aw of a 're$iously un#nown small mammal was found onto a !a$aho reser$ation in Ari9ona.

25. The wild carrot #new as Hueen Anne4s lace ga$e rise to the culti$ated carrot in its domesticated form.

&8. A statue a monumental a building or a 'ar# may be dedicated to commemorate a distinguished indi$idual.

&1. The "arth4s magnetic 'oles are not stationary but slowly shift its 'osition.

&2. A emotion is not necessarily aroused by something in the outside world.

&&. The elbows are 0oints that connected 'eo'le4s u' arms with their forearms.


&(. Ants ha$e an elaborate structure social and en0oy a longe$ity far greater than that of most insects.

&/. >unici'al 'lanners deal chiefly for the 'hysical layout of communities.

&-. A musician with multi'ly talents Aretha <ran#lin is able to write songs that are unusually consistent in style and content.

&.. *hether a healthy adult tends to feel hungry two three or four times a daily is a 1uestion of 'hysiology and of culture.

&,. +ne of the most distinction dialects of !orth American "nglish ?ullah is s'o#en by many 'eo'le in the 7outh Carolina area.

&5. The no$els of Dohn Chee$er belongs to a literary tradition that is concerned 'rimarily with manners.

(8. =ennsyl$ania has the most institutions of higher learning than any other state has.


1990 05
1. *hen 222in arctic regions the Aleuts construct igloos as tem'orary winter shelters. (A) tra$el (B) to tra$el (C) tra$eling them (%) tra$eling 2. >ost substances contract when they free9e so that the density of a substance4s solid is 222of its li1uid. (A) than the higher density (B) higher than the density (C) the density is higher than that (%) the higher the density &. The mechanism by which brain cells store memories is 222clearly understood. (A) none (B) no (C) not (%) nor (. %esert animals 222a means of retaining moisture in such a hot dry climate if they are to sur$i$e. (A) need (B) needing (C) to need (%) was needed /. 222state of *yoming is also #nown as the E"1uality 7tateF because *yoming women were the first in the nation to $ote. (A) The (B) There is a (C) That the (%) As the -. <ructose is a monosaccharide sugar that is much sweeter 222. (A) than cane sugar does (B) does cane sugar (C) cane sugar (%) than cane sugar .. ?round 'lans and contour ma's of the "arth 222from aerial 'hotogra'hs. (A) can be drawn (B) can draw (C) to draw (%) drawn ,. By the middle of the twentieth century 'ainters and scul'tors in the ;nited 7tates had begun to exert 222o$er art. (A) influence worldwide a great (B) a great worldwide influence (C) influence a great worldwide (%) a worldwide influence 5. 222millions of galaxies exist in the $ast s'ace outside the >il#y *ay.


(A) 6t is estimated that (B) An estimate that (C) That is estimated (%) That the estimated 18. The extent of the harmful effect of locoweeds on animals de'ends on the soil 222the 'lants grow. (A) which (B) which in (C) in which (%) in 11. The o'eretta first 222as a 'o'ular form of musical theater in the nineteenth century. (A) to emerge (B) emerging (C) has emerged (%) emerged 12. 222com'lex organic catalysts originating in li$ing cells. (A) "n9ymes (B) "n9ymes are (C) "n9ymes which are (%) "n9ymes while they 1&. 6n the eastern 'art of !ew Dersey 222 a ma0or shi''ing and manufacturing center. (A) lies the city of "li9abeth (B) the city of "li9abeth lies there (C) around the city of "li9abeth lies (%) there lies the city of "li9abeth around 1(. *or# in 'ara'sychology 222 has attracted a relati$ely small number of scientists. (A) is a $ery contro$ersial field (B) which a $ery contro$ersial field is (C) a $ery contro$ersial field (%) a field $ery contro$ersial which 1/. 222 the constitution of the Chero#ee !ation 'ro$ided for a chief executi$e a senate and a house of re'resentati$es. (A) 6n 1,2. they drafted (B) The draft in 1,2. (C) 6n 1,2. was drafted (%) %rafted in 1,2. 1-. 7ociological studies ha$e found that dee'ly hold $alues and 'rinci'les are highly resistant to change.

1.. <or centuries large communities of 'eo'le ha$e li$ing on houseboats in 'arts of the world where the climate is warm and the waters are calm.

1,. Ben0amin <ran#lin made the first bifocal s'ectacles for self by sawing the lenses of his eyeglasses in half.


15. !ot only do artificial reefs 'ro$ide fish with food and shelter they also ser$e as im'ortantly underwater landmar#s.

28. The ;nited 7tates %e'artment of Agriculture su'er$ises the 1uality clean and 'urity of meat.

21. All birds ali#e most re'tiles and a few 'rimiti$e mammals de$elo' from embryos in eggs outside the mother4s body.

22. The ex'ansion of adult training 'rograms has resulted 'artially from the feminist mo$ement which encouraging women to im'ro$e their s#ills for the 0ob mar#et.

2&. The most significant cosmological characteristic of the galaxies are the red shift in their o'tical s'ectra.

2(. Dames *histler was indifferent to the titles of his 'ainted and e$en changed the names of some wor#s years after their com'letion.

2/. %u#e "llington4s orchestra 'laying his original com'ositions and arrangements achie$ing a fine unity of style and made numerous inno$ations in modern 0a99.

2-. >oles are almost com'letely blind although its tiny eyes can distinguish light from dar#.

2.. !oise is a 'sychological term referring toward un'leasant unwanted or intolerable sound.

2,. "li9abeth Blac#well the first woman medical doctor in the ;nited 7tates founded the !ew Bor# 6nfirmary an institution that ha$e always had a com'letely female medical staff.

25. Criminal contem't committed in the 'resence of the court may consist of disorderly beha$ior disres'ectful or disobedience of a 0udge4s orders.

&8. The Cubist mo$ement in art was a reaction against traditional methods of 'ortray reality.

&1. %uring the 1-884s s#illed shoema#ers scarce were in what is now the ;nited 7tates.


&2. 6f a atom loses any of its electrons it becomes 'ositi$ely charged and can combine chemically with other atoms.

&&. The !ational "ducation Association conduct extensi$e research on a great many as'ects of education.

&(. The 'ain2#illing agent most commonly administered in dentistry is the local anesthetic who 'roduces loss of feeling only in a s'ecific area.

&/. Certain ty'es of com'uters wor# 'ro'erly only in en$ironments with controlled 'recisely tem'eratures.

&-. The gorilla while not as curious than the chim'an9ee shows more 'ersistence and memory retention in sol$ing a 'roblem.

&.. The belief in fairies ha$e existed from earliest times and the literature of many countries includes tales of fairies and their relationshi' to humans.

&,. Acrylic 'aint enables artists to ex'eriment with many colors effects.

&5. 7alt )a#e City ;tah4s ca'ital and largest city is industrial and ban#ing center.

(8. A rat4s shar' teeth can gnaw through wood 'laster or soft metallic such as lead.


1990 08
1. @esin is a substance that 222in water. (A) does not dissol$e (B) do not dissol$e (C) not dissol$ing (%) not dissol$ed 2. 222hardiness daylilies can be culti$ated 'articularly easily. (A) Their (B) 7ince their (C) 6t is their (%) Because of their &.A biologist does not merely describe organisms but tries to learn 222act as they do. (A) what cause them to (B) causes them to what (C) what to cause them (%) what does to them (.Ca'ori9ation in connection with general 222 has a mar#ed effect on long K term climate. (A) atmos'heric conditions that (B) conditions are atmos'heric (C) are atmos'heric conditions (%) atmos'heric conditions /. The oldest city in the state 222 . (A) the 3udson4s Bay Com'any founded Cancou$er *ashington in the early nineteenth century (B) the founding of Cancou$er *ashington by the 3udson4s Bay Com'any in the early nineteenth century (C) Cancou$er *ashington was founded by the 3udson4s Bay Com'any in the early nineteenth century (%) 6n the early nineteenth century with the founding of Cancou$er *ashington by the 3udson4s Bay Com'any -. 222 raw materials into useful 'roducts is called manufacturing. (A) Transform (B) Transforming (C) Being transformed (%) *hen transforming .. Alexander ?raham Bell once told his family that he would rather be remembered as a teacher of the deaf 222of the tele'hone. (A) than in$enting (B) than as the in$entor (C) the in$ention (%) as the in$entor ,. Because its lea$es remain green long after being 'ic#ed rosemary 222 associated with the idea of remembrance. (A) and becomes (B) became (C) becoming (%) to become 5. 222 that of iron construction the technology for constructing buildings with reinforced concrete de$elo'ed rather ra'idly.


(A) %issimilar (B) %ifferent (C) !ot li#ely (%) ;nli#e 18. Although adult education in the ;nited 7tates began in colonial times 222 chief growth has ta#en 'lace since the 15284s. (A) its (B) so it (C) but its (%) it is 11. 3ot ob0ects emit 222 do cold ob0ects. (A) rays more than infrared (B) rays are more infrared than (C) more than infrared rays (%) more infrared rays than 12. An +lym'ic marathon is 2- miles and &,/ yards a''roximately 222 from >arathon to Athens. (A) the distance is (B) that the distance is (C) is that the distance (%) the distance 1&. Although 222 rigid bones exhibit a degree of elasticity that enables the s#eleton to withstand considerable im'act. (A) a''arently (B) are a''arently (C) a''arently their (%) are they a''arently 1(. +ne of the oldest ty'es of aesthetic theory is that of formism 222 . (A) reference to the imitation theory is 'o'ular (B) the imitation theory is 'o'ularly referred to (C) is the reference to the 'o'ular imitation theory (%) 'o'ularly referred to as the imitation theory 1/. A 'anda4s 'rimary acti$ity is slee' 222 its wa#ing hours loo#ing for food. (A) that it s'ends (B) for s'ending (C) and it s'ends (%) will s'end 1-. The unit of measurement #nown as a EfootF has originally based on the a$erage si9e of the human foot.

1.. 7ocial reformer <lorence Jelly 'layed a role in the 1,5& decision of the 6llinois legislature to 'rohibition child labor.

1,. The term EtechnologyF refers to the disco$eries and in$entions that hel' 'eo'le im'ro$e its way of life.


15. Broo#lyn !ew Bor# had a 'o'ulation of about 2& 888 when it becomes a city in 1,&(.

28. =eo'le can remember more information for higher 'eriods of time when they use more than one sense in the 'rocess of learning.

21. Da99 first flourished in !ew +rleans )ouisiana and then s'read at cities all across the country.

22. <lower ha$e long been culti$ated and bred for their beauty and their fragrance.

2&. *hen a s'inning ball bounces some of the energy contained in its rotation can transferred to its energy of forward motion.

2(. +ne $alues 'roduct of a mus# deer is mus# which comes from a gland near the male4s abdomen and is used in medicines and 'erfumes.

2/. The economy of )ittle @oc# Ar#ansas is basis 'rimarily on manufacturing wholesale and retail trade and go$ernment functions.

2-. The first ;nited 7tates citi9en to become a 'rofessional scul'tor was =atience )o$ell *right which wor#s were executed in wax.

2.. A electric current can consist of charges that are 'ositi$e negati$e or both.

2,. =rogress in the field of o'tically and new #inds of glass ha$e made it 'ossible to construct 'hotogra'hic lenses with a minimum number of materials.

25. 6n nature the distributi$e of 'lants is ob$iously related to climate.

&8. The ;nited 7tates Constitution re1uires that the =resident be a natural2born citi9en thirty2fi$e years of age or be older who has li$ed in the ;nited 7tates for a minimum of fourteen years.

&1. 3ow many 'eo'le reali9e that >ar0orie Jinnan @awlings The yearling is a minor literary classic and an im'ortant contribute to regional literatureG


&2. "nsuring an ade1uate water su''ly ha$e been a concern e$er since 'eo'le began to li$e in towns and cities.

&&. The most substances ex'and in $olume when they are heated.

&(. %ue to so'histicated trans'ortation networ#s 'eo'le can now buy the same ty'es of 'erishable goods in Toronto li#e in !ew Bor# City.

&/. ?laciers that de$elo' nearly the !orth and 7outh =oles ad$ance into the sea brea# into 'ieces and become icebergs.

&-. As ine$itably as human culture has changed with the 'assing of time so does the en$ironment.

&.. <or some 'ur'oses it is con$enient to thin# of a surface as the locus generated when a line straight or a cur$e mo$es through s'ace in a 'rescribed manner.

&,. A significant 'ro'ortions of the 'lants and animals of 3awaii exists nowhere else in the *orld

&5. >ass ad$ertising is em'loyed when 'erson K to K 'erson selling is im'ractical im'ossible or sim'ly inefficiency.

(8. >exican 0um'ing beans are actually seeds in which contain moth lar$ae whose acti$ity causes the seeds to E0um'.F


1990 10
1. The significance of mythology within a culture is reflected in 222 the amount of time de$oted to this acti$ity and the rele$ance of mythology to ceremonials. (A) 7torytellers ha$e 'restige (B) The 'restige of storytellers (C) Telling stories is 'restigious (%) =restige comes with storytelling 2. Although 222 some textile 'roducts it im'orts many as well. (A) the ex'orts of the ;nited 7tates (B) ex'orting of the ;nited 7tates (C) ex'orter of the ;nited 7tates (%) the ;nited 7tates ex'orts &. "conomic goods may ta#e the form 222 of material things or of ser$ices. (A) either (B) because (C) as (%) or (. @agtime is a #ind of music 222 a strongly synco'ated melody and a regularly accented accom'animent. (A) has (B) that it has (C) that has (%) it has /. 3istorically 222 chief material for ma#ing furniture has been wood but metal and stone ha$e also been used. (A) 6t was the (B) That the (C) There was a (%) the -. All gases and most li1uids and solids ex'and 222 heated. (A) in (B) how (C) when (%) about .. Abstraction goes into the ma#ing of any wor# of art 222 or not. (A) whether the artist being aware of it (B) the artist is being aware whether (C) whether the artist is aware of it (%) the artist is aware whether ,. 222 often added to sauces and sou's is 'lentiful and relati$ely inex'ensi$e. (A) =arsley an herb that is (B) <or 'arsley an herb to be (C) An herb 'arsley is (%) =arsley is that herb 5. "mily =ost4s boo# "ti1uette 222 in 1522 was an immediate success. (A) 'ublished (B) was 'ublished (C) when it 'ublished


(%) that it 'ublished 18. "mily =ost4s boo# "ti1uette 222 in 1522 was an immediate success. (A) 'ublished (B) was 'ublished (C) when it 'ublished (%) that it 'ublished 11.A ma0ority of 'eo'le in the ;nited 7tates can get all the calcium their bodies 222 from the food they eat. (A) re1uire (B) re1uires (C) re1uiring (%) to re1uire 12. 222 ma' dates bac# to about & 888 B.C. (A) Jnown to be the oldest (B) 6t was the oldest #nown (C) Jnown as the oldest (%) The oldest #nown 1&. The best way to control rats is by seeing that they ha$e as 222 . (A) 'ossibly little nourishment (B) nourishment 'ossibly little (C) little as 'ossible nourishment (%) little nourishment as 'ossible 1(. The small greenish flowers of the American elm tree a''ear in the s'ring 222 . (A) is grown long before the lea$es (B) long before the lea$es grow (C) the lea$es before growing long (%) the growth of lea$es before long is 1/. 6n the years between 15&. and 15/2 author >argaret *ise Brown 222more than a hundred boo#s but also wrote the lyrics for 21 children4s records. (A) not only 'roduced (B) only not 'roduced (C) 'roduced only (%) only ha$e 'roduced

1.. %octor are disco$ering that there is a strong 'sychological com'onent to chronic 'ain.

1,. *ith her talent for business 'romotion Jate ?leason ex'ansion her family4s small machine2tool com'any into a ma0or manufacturer of gear K cutting machinery.

15. ;sing their bills as needles tailorbirds sew large lea$es together with 'lant fiber to forming their nests.

28. Columns may be circular or 'olygonal in cross section and are generally at least four times more taller than they are wide.


21. The 'oetry of ?wendolyn Broo#s demonstrates a ma0or characteristically of twentieth Kcentury writingL the conflict between commitment to a social ideal and commitment to art.

22. >ontessori 'reschools differ than 'ublic elementary schools in that the acti$ities focus on the child4s indi$idual abilities and interests rather than academic ones.

2&. Dosh Billings roamed the country as a laborer when he was a young man but settled down in his later life to become a humorist and lecturing.

2(. %ata recei$ed from two s'acecraft indicate that there is many e$idence that huge thunderstorms are now occurring around the e1uator of the 'lanet 7aturn.

2/. "$ery indi$idual cell whether its exists as an inde'endent microorganism or is 'art of a com'lex creature has its own life cycle.

2-. Because aluminum is nonmagnetic it is $alue for 'rotecting electrical e1ui'ment from magnetic interference.

2.. !itrogen and oxygen are too im'ortant that most li$ing organisms cannot sur$i$e without these elements.

2,. Coal and 'etroleum resulted when 'lants become buried in swam's and decayed.

25. =erca'ita income is a nation4s entire income di$iding by the number of 'eo'le in the nation.

&8. Dim Thor'e a football trac# and baseball stars from =ennsyl$ania is considered by many to be the greatest all2around athlete of modern times.

&1. <or centuries waterwheels were the only sources of 'ower aside from human and animal strong .

&2. =roteins form the most of the structure of the body and also act as en9ymes.

&&. The attorney general of the ;nited 7tates ad$ises the =resident on any 1uestions of law who may arise in the conduct of administrati$e affairs.


&(. >any of the science fiction 'ublications by @ay Bradbury dis'lay a desire to rebel against society4s de'end on machines.

&/. The age of a geological sam'le can be estimated from the ratio of radioacti$e to nonradioacti$e carbon 'resent in the ob0ect is examined.

&-. %ams $ary in si9e from small roc# barriers to concrete structures many feet height.

&.. "$en before the human organism de$elo'ed into their 'resent stage of home sa'iens the beginnings of culture were already e$ident.

&,. 6n the ;nited 7tates sleds for recreation were first 'roduced commercial in the 1,.84s or thereabouts.

&5. "m'loyments agencies bring together 'ersons 1ualified for s'ecific 0obs and em'loyers who ha$e those 0obs a$ailable.

(8. 7almon s'end most of their adult li$es in salt water des'ite they return to their freshwater birth'laces to s'awn and die.


1991 01
1.+rchestral instruments 222 under the following ty'esL strings woodwind brass and 'ercussion. (A) grou'ed (B) can grou' (C) can be grou'ed (%) to be grou'ed 2.222 de'ressions in the ocean floor are called trenches. (A) There are the dee' (B) Are the dee' (C) *here dee' (%) %ee' &.6n the course of her life >ary Anne 7adlier 222 some fifty of them original no$els and collections of stories. (A) =roduced nearly sixty boo#s (B) =roduced sixty boo#s nearly (C) !early sixty boo#s 'roduced (%) 7ixty boo#s nearly 'roduced (.222 xenon could not form chemical com'ounds was once belie$ed by scientists. (A) <or (B) 6t was (C) That (%) *hile /."astern meadowlar#s abound in 'laces 222 but eat harmful insects rather than grain. (A) land is culti$ated there (B) there is land culti$ated (C) where land is culti$ated (%) where is culti$ated land -.Am'lifiers such as those in com'uters and sound Kre'roducing systems are res'onsible for 222 an erratic in'ut signal. (A) strengthening (B) being strengthened (C) strengthen (%) to strengthen ..222 Dohn Aaron )ewis 'ioneered in the de$elo'ment of Ethird stream music Fa blend of 0a99 and classical music. (A) A com'oser who was (B) 3e was a com'oser (C) As a com'oser (%) *hen a com'oser he ,.6n reorgani9ing the curriculum of >t. 3olyo#e College in the late 1,884s "li9abeth >ead laid the foundation 222 the modern college rests. (A) is which (B) on which (C) which is on (%) on it 5.@esearch into the dynamics of storms is directed toward im'ro$ing the ability to 'redict these e$ents 222 to minimi9e damage and a$oid loss of life. (A) and thus


(B) so (C) howe$er (%) because 18. 222 li$ed on the !orth 7as#atchewan @i$er long before the 3udson4s Bay Com'any built a fur trading 'ost there. (A) Cree 'eo'le (B) <or Cree 'eo'le (C) 6t was Cree 'eo'le (%) *here Cree 'eo'le 11. 222 has been a to'ic of continual geological research. (A) %id the continents originate (B) 3ow did the continents originate (C) 3a$e the continents originated (%) 3ow the continents originated 12. Because the 'a'aya grows readily from seed 222s'read from its home in Central America and now grows throughout the tro'ics. (A) to be (B) it (C) the (%) its 1&. The elimination of inflation would ensure that the amount of money used in re'aying a loan would ha$e 222as the amount of money borrowed. (A) as the same $alue (B) the same $alue (C) $alue as the same (%) the $alue is the same 1(. <uturism 222early twentieth2century mo$ement in art re0ected all traditions and attem'ted to glorify contem'orary life by em'hasi9ing the machine and motion. (A) an (B) was an (C) that it was an (%) that an 1/. All li$ing organisms constantly absorb carbon 1( 222their existence. (A) out (B) about (C) around (%) throughout 1-. =orcelain is not a single clay and a com'ound of #aolin ball clay felds'ar and silica.

1.. The bison #now for the hum' o$er its shoulders is usually called a buffalo in !orth America.

1,. =ers'iration the body4s built2in cooling mechanism occurs as a natural reaction to ner$ousness intense heat or $igorously exercise.

15. Because of the rising cost of fuel scientists are building automobile engines who will conser$e gasoline but still run smoothly.


28. The 'rimary function of a sonometer is to calculate and demonstrate the relations mathematical of melodious tones.

21. The most useful way of loo#ing at a ma' is not as a 'iece of 'a'ers but as a record of geogra'hically organi9ed information.

22. The most useful way of loo#ing at a ma' is not as a 'iece of 'a'ers but as a record of geogra'hically organi9ed information.

2&. Citamin A is essential to bone grow and to the healthiness of the s#in and mucous membranes.

2(. The >oon being much more nearer to the "arth than the 7un is the 'rinci'al cause of the tides.

2/. +ne of the wildest and most inaccessible 'arts of the ;nited 7tates are the "$erglades where wildlife is abundant and largely 'rotected.

2-. The dromedary camel is raised es'ecially to racing.

2.. The founding of the Boston )ibrary in 1-/& demonstrate the early !orth American colonists interest in boo#s and libraries.

2,. =ublic recognition of Ben 7hahn as a ma0or American artistic began with a retros'ecti$e show of his wor# in 15(,.

25. The texture of soil is determined by the si9e of the grains or 'articles that ma#e u'. 25. To 'roduce one 'ound of honey a colony of bees must fly a distance e1uals to twice around the world.

&8. The domestic dog considered to be the first tamed animal is coexisting with human beings since the days of the ca$e dwellers.

&1. !ature not only ga$e the >iddle Atlantic region fine harbors howe$er endowed it with a first2class system of inland waterways.


&2. All matter resists any change in their condition of rest or of motion.

&&. 7wans noted for graceful mo$ements in the water ha$e been the sub0ect of many 'oetry fairy tales legends and musical com'ositions.

&(. 7ince 'each trees bloom $ery early in the season they are in danger for s'ring frosts.

&/. )i#e some other running birds the sanderling lac#s a bac# toe and has a three2toed feet.

&-. )ucretia >ott4s influence was too significant that she has been credited by some authorities as the originator of feminism in the ;nited 7tates.

&.. )arge bodies of water and the 're$alence of moisture2bearing winds often 'roduce a condition of tall humidity affecting the local weather.

&,. >anganese does not exist naturally in a 'ure state because it reacts so easily with other element.

&5. 7cientists estimate that as many as hundred millions $isible meteors enter the "arth4s atmos'here e$ery day.

(8. Although not abundant in nature 9inc is im'ortant for both the gal$ani9ation of iron and the 're'aration of alloys as such brass and ?erman sil$er.


1991 05
1. 222a bicameral or two2chamber 'arliament. (A) Canada has (B) 3a$ing Canada (C) Because Canada has (%) That Canada is ha$ing 2. 222time and labor cartoonists generally draw the hands of their characters with only three fingers and a thumb. (A) 7a$ed (B) 7a$es (C) To sa$e (%) The sa$ing &. The recent disco$ery of a no$el by 3arriet *ilson 'ublished in 1,/5 222a landmar# in Blac# American literature. (A) has brought to light (B) light to brought has (C) brought to light has (%) has light to brought (. 222telesco'es of the 1-884s magnified ob0ects thirty2three times their original si9e. (A) That the (B) The (C) This is the (%) Being where the /. Thyme 222 yields a medicinal oil containing thymol. (A) a fragrant garden herb (B) garden herb which is fragrant (C) fragrant garden herb (%) is an herb in a fragrant garden -. ;ntil the ninth century written words were not actually se'arated 222in some literary writing dots or 'oints were used to indicate di$isions. (A) in s'ite of (B) contrary (C) contrast to (%) but .. !utritionists 222goat mil# to be rich nourishing and readily digested. (A) consider (B) is considered (C) are considered (%) considering ,. 222con$entional blac# in# costs news'a'ers about thirty cents a 'ound most rub2resistant in#s add at least ten cents more 'er 'ound to the bill. (A) <urthermore (B) >eanwhile (C) >oreo$er (%) *hile 5. Dohn )one4s 'hysical grace and 222age sex and culture ma#e him an extraordinary 'erformer. (A) his ability to transcend (B) is able to transcend the


(C) the transcending ability (%) with his ability transcending 18. Before 222of synthetic dyes yarns were often colored by dyes obtained from natural $egetable and mineral matter. (A) introducing (B) introduction (C) the introduction (%) introducing that 11. %uc#s ha$e been domesticated for many centuries 222commercially for their meat and eggs. (A) raised (B) and are raised (C) raised as (%) are raised 12. >aggie )ena *al#er an insurance and ban#ing executi$e 222and s'ent her entire life in @ichmond Cirginia. (A) and was brought u' (B) brought u' with (C) who was brought u' (%) was brought u' 1&. The acti$ities of the international mar#eting researcher are fre1uently much broader than 222. (A) the domestic mar#eter has (B) the domestic mar#eter does (C) those of the domestic mar#eter (%) that which has the domestic mar#eter 1(. >ercury differs from other industrial metals 222it is a li1uid. (A) whereas (B) in that (C) because of (%) conse1uently 1/. 6n blac# $erse 222of ten syllables fi$e of which are accented. (A) line consists of each (B) consists of each line (C) each line consists (%) it consists of each line 1-. 7ome art historians ha$e say that too many artists ha$e tried only to imitate 're$ious 'ainting styles.

1.. 6n$entor ?ran$ille *oods recei$ed him first 'atent on Danuary & 15,( for a steam boiler furnace.

1,. Throughout history shoes ha$e been worn not only for 'rotection and also for decoration.

15. *or#er bees labor for the good of the hi$e by collecting food caring for the young and to ex'and the nest.


28. =athologists use their #nowing of body tissues and body fluids to aid other 'hysicians.

21. +b0ects falling freely n a $acuum ha$e the same rate of s'eed is regardless of differences in si9e and weight.

22. The construction of sundials was considered to be an acce'table 'art of a student4s educator as late as the se$enteenth century.

2&. 3istorians ha$e ne$er reached some general agreement about the 'recise causes of the Ci$il *ar in the ;nited 7tates.

2(. +f all the !ati$e Americans in the ;nited 7tates the !a$a0os from largest grou'.

2/.A neutron star forms when a star much more massi$e than the 7un dies and ex'loded.

2-.A thorough study of mythology re1uires familiarity for the 'ro'erties of 'ro'erties of 'lants and trees and the habits of wild birds and beasts.

2..Huart9 may be trans'arency translucent or o'a1ue and it may be colorless or colored.

2,.6n an adult human the s#in weighs about se$en 'ounds and co$ers it about thirty2six s1uare feet.

25.A leading Canadian feminist and author !ellie >cClung struggled relentlessly in the early twentieth century to win 'olitically and legal rights for Canadian women.

&8.>etabolism consists of a com'licated series of chemicals reactions carried out by li$ing cells.

&1.%u#e "llington was the first 'erson to com'ose extended 0a99 wor#s and gi$es regular 0a99 concerts.

&2.7eismology has not reached yet the stage where earth1ua#es can be foretold with a great deal of accuracy.

&&.The design of the ;ni$ersity of Cirginia came at the end of Thomas Defferson4s long career as theoretician statesman and architecture.


&(.At night the desert floor radiates heat bac# into the atmos'here and the tem'erature may be dro' to near free9ing.

&/.Although they are in different countries *indsor +ntario and %etroit >ichigan are close neighbors and coo'erate on numerous matters of mutually interest.

&-.<irst incor'orated in 1,.1 %allas Texas had become the se$enth largest cities in the ;nited 7tates by 15.-.

&..*ill @ogers was widely recogni9ed for his daily news'a'er column in which he humorously critici9ed and commented in the 'olitics of his time.

&,.The free sil$er mo$ement 'romoting unlimited sil$er coinage gained 'rominent in the late 1,884s. &5.The continental di$ide refers to an imaginary line in the !orth American @oc#ies that di$ides the waters flowing into the Atlantic +cean from it flowing into the =acific.

(8.The =etrified <orest of eastern Ari9ona are made u' of tree trun#s that were buried in mud sand or $olcanic ash ages ago and ha$e turned to stone.


1991 05
1. 222a bicameral or two2chamber 'arliament. (A) Canada has (B) 3a$ing Canada (C) Because Canada has (%) That Canada is ha$ing 2. 222time and labor cartoonists generally draw the hands of their characters with only three fingers and a thumb. (A) 7a$ed (B) 7a$es (C) To sa$e (%) The sa$ing &. The recent disco$ery of a no$el by 3arriet *ilson 'ublished in 1,/5 222a landmar# in Blac# American literature. (A) has brought to light (B) light to brought has (C) brought to light has (%) has light to brought (. 222telesco'es of the 1-884s magnified ob0ects thirty2three times their original si9e. (A) That the (B) The (C) This is the (%) Being where the /. Thyme 222 yields a medicinal oil containing thymol. (A) a fragrant garden herb (B) garden herb which is fragrant (C) fragrant garden herb (%) is an herb in a fragrant garden -. ;ntil the ninth century written words were not actually se'arated 222in some literary writing dots or 'oints were used to indicate di$isions. (A) in s'ite of (B) contrary (C) contrast to (%) but .. !utritionists 222goat mil# to be rich nourishing and readily digested. (A) consider (B) is considered (C) are considered (%) considering ,. 222con$entional blac# in# costs news'a'ers about thirty cents a 'ound most rub2resistant in#s add at least ten cents more 'er 'ound to the bill. (A) <urthermore (B) >eanwhile (C) >oreo$er (%) *hile 5. Dohn )one4s 'hysical grace and 222age sex and culture ma#e him an extraordinary 'erformer. (A) his ability to transcend (B) is able to transcend the


(C) the transcending ability (%) with his ability transcending 18. Before 222of synthetic dyes yarns were often colored by dyes obtained from natural $egetable and mineral matter. (A) introducing (B) introduction (C) the introduction (%) introducing that 11. %uc#s ha$e been domesticated for many centuries 222commercially for their meat and eggs. (A) raised (B) and are raised (C) raised as (%) are raised 12. >aggie )ena *al#er an insurance and ban#ing executi$e 222and s'ent her entire life in @ichmond Cirginia. (A) and was brought u' (B) brought u' with (C) who was brought u' (%) was brought u' 1&. The acti$ities of the international mar#eting researcher are fre1uently much broader than 222. (A) the domestic mar#eter has (B) the domestic mar#eter does (C) those of the domestic mar#eter (%) that which has the domestic mar#eter 1(. >ercury differs from other industrial metals 222it is a li1uid. (A) whereas (B) in that (C) because of (%) conse1uently 1/. 6n blac# $erse 222of ten syllables fi$e of which are accented. (A) line consists of each (B) consists of each line (C) each line consists (%) it consists of each line 1-. 7ome art historians ha$e say that too many artists ha$e tried only to imitate 're$ious 'ainting styles.

1.. 6n$entor ?ran$ille *oods recei$ed him first 'atent on Danuary & 15,( for a steam boiler furnace.

1,. Throughout history shoes ha$e been worn not only for 'rotection and also for decoration.

15. *or#er bees labor for the good of the hi$e by collecting food caring for the young and to ex'and the nest.


28. =athologists use their #nowing of body tissues and body fluids to aid other 'hysicians.

21. +b0ects falling freely n a $acuum ha$e the same rate of s'eed is regardless of differences in si9e and weight.

22. The construction of sundials was considered to be an acce'table 'art of a student4s educator as late as the se$enteenth century.

2&. 3istorians ha$e ne$er reached some general agreement about the 'recise causes of the Ci$il *ar in the ;nited 7tates.

2(. +f all the !ati$e Americans in the ;nited 7tates the !a$a0os from largest grou'.

2/.A neutron star forms when a star much more massi$e than the 7un dies and ex'loded.

2-.A thorough study of mythology re1uires familiarity for the 'ro'erties of 'ro'erties of 'lants and trees and the habits of wild birds and beasts.

2..Huart9 may be trans'arency translucent or o'a1ue and it may be colorless or colored.

2,.6n an adult human the s#in weighs about se$en 'ounds and co$ers it about thirty2six s1uare feet.

25.A leading Canadian feminist and author !ellie >cClung struggled relentlessly in the early twentieth century to win 'olitically and legal rights for Canadian women.

&8.>etabolism consists of a com'licated series of chemicals reactions carried out by li$ing cells.

&1.%u#e "llington was the first 'erson to com'ose extended 0a99 wor#s and gi$es regular 0a99 concerts.

&2.7eismology has not reached yet the stage where earth1ua#es can be foretold with a great deal of accuracy.

&&.The design of the ;ni$ersity of Cirginia came at the end of Thomas Defferson4s long career as theoretician statesman and architecture.


&(.At night the desert floor radiates heat bac# into the atmos'here and the tem'erature may be dro' to near free9ing.

&/.Although they are in different countries *indsor +ntario and %etroit >ichigan are close neighbors and coo'erate on numerous matters of mutually interest.

&-.<irst incor'orated in 1,.1 %allas Texas had become the se$enth largest cities in the ;nited 7tates by 15.-.

&..*ill @ogers was widely recogni9ed for his daily news'a'er column in which he humorously critici9ed and commented in the 'olitics of his time.

&,.The free sil$er mo$ement 'romoting unlimited sil$er coinage gained 'rominent in the late 1,884s. &5.The continental di$ide refers to an imaginary line in the !orth American @oc#ies that di$ides the waters flowing into the Atlantic +cean from it flowing into the =acific.

(8.The =etrified <orest of eastern Ari9ona are made u' of tree trun#s that were buried in mud sand or $olcanic ash ages ago and ha$e turned to stone.


1991 10
1. 222 a lonely and rugged life far from home and family. (A) *here$er the early 'ros'ector li$ed (B) The early 'ros'ector li$ed (C) !ot only did the early 'ros'ector li$e (%) The early 'ros'ector li$ing 2. 3elium is 222 all gases to li1uefy and is im'ossible to solidify at normal air 'ressure. (A) more than difficult (B) the most difficult of (C) more difficult of (%) most difficult &. "$ery year Canadian 222 about ./ 'ercent of their ex'orts to the ;nited 7tates. (A) businesses that sell (B) selling businesses (C) businesses sell (%) that sell to businesses (. An inno$ator ballerina Augusta >aywood was 222 a tra$eling com'any. (A) to form the first (B) the first to form (C) who formed the first (%) forming the first /. *hen water free9es in the crac#s of roc#s 222 ex'ands causing the roc#s to brea# a'art. (A) it (B) but (C) then (%) and -. *ith x K ray microsco'es scientists can see through li$e insects 222 e$en through solid 'ieces of metal. (A) howe$er (B) ne$ertheless (C) or (%) yet .. As resident of !ew >exico %ennis Cha$e9 222 to the 3ouse of @e'resentati$es in 15&8 and to the 7enate in15&,. (A) when elected (B) elected (C) who was elected (%) was elected ,. 222 are not leached out of soil reclamation 'rocedures are needed to restore the land4s 'roducti$ity. (A) <or concentrations of salt (B) 7alt concentrations that (C) 6f salt concentrations (%) *ith concentrations of salt 5. 222 social crusade aroused "li9abeth *illiams4enthusiasm more than the ex'ansion of educational facilities for immigrants to the ;nited 7tates. (A) !o (B) !othing (C) !ot


(%) !one 18. 222 as 2/88 B.C. the "gy'tians used mirrors made of highly 'olished metal. (A) 6n early (B) As early (C) "arly (%) *as as early 11. The 1uantum theory states 222 such as light is gi$en off and absorbed in tiny definite units called 1uanta or 'hotons. (A) energy that (B) that it is energy (C) it is energy (%) that energy 12. Huails ty'ically ha$e short rounded wings that enable 222 s'ring into full flight instatly when disturbed in their hiding 'laces. (A) they (B) to their (C) its (%) them to 1&. ?eysers are found near ri$ers and la#es where water drains through the soil 222. (A) surface below the dee' (B) dee' below the surface (C) the dee' below surface (%) the dee' surface below 1(. Algebra generali9es certain basic laws 222the addition subtraction multi'lication and di$ision of all numbers. (A) go$ern (B) that go$ern (C) ha$e go$erned (%) which they go$ern 1/. "$en at low le$els 222. (A) the ner$ous system has 'roduced detrimental effects by lead (B) lead4s detrimental effects are 'roducing the ner$ous system (C) lead 'roduces detrimental effects on the ner$ous system (%) the detrimental effects 'roduced by lead on the ner$ous system 1-. The culinary ex'ert <annie <armer taught dietetics #itchen management and to coo# at her famous Boston school.

1.. The ele'hant relies more on its sense of smell than for any other sense.

1,. A few naturally elements exist in such small amounts that they are #nown mainly from laboratory2 made sam'les.

15. 7ome insects hear ultrasonic sounds more than two octa$es than higher humans can.


28. To stay warm in cold weather cold2blooded animals must ex'ose itself to a source of warmth such as direct sunlight.

21. A se$ere illness where she was 0ust nineteen months old de'ri$ed 3elen Jeller of both her sight and hearing.

22. )i#e all ecological systems a forest is made u' of a li$ing en$ironment and a nonli$ing en$ironment the latter com'osed of air roc#s soiled and water.

2&. The 'ur'oseful of the elementary school is to introduce children to the s#ills information and attitudes necessary for a smooth ad0ustment to society.

2/. Christo'her =lummer is a Canadian actor who has starred in stage tele$ision and film 'roductions on both sides the Atlantic +cean.

2-. A micro'hone enables a soft tone to be am'lified thus ma#ing it 'ossible the gentle renditions of romantic lo$e songs in a large hall.

2.. Atro'hy is a decrease in si9e of a cell organ tissues or other 'art of the body such as a limb.

2,. The 'oetry of e.e. cummings illustrates the way in which some 'oets bend grammatical rules as they stri$e to ex'ression their insights.

&8. Accounting is described as art of classifying recording and re'orting significant financial e$ents.

&1. The de$elo'ment of the watch de'ended u'on the in$ent of the mains'ring.

&&. =hysical fitness acti$ities can lead to an alarming $ariety of in0uries if 'artici'ants 'ush themsel$es greatly hard.

&(. The structure or beha$ior of many 'roto9oans are ama9ingly com'lex for single2celled animals.


&/. Alas#a4s rough climate and terrain di$ide the state into isolated regions and the difficult of highway maintenance is a troublesome 'roblem.

&-. <or hundreds of years sailors relied on echoes to warn them of another shi's icebergs or cliffs in foggy weather.

&.. Although he is em'loyed in the scientific and technical fields the metric system is not generally utili9ed in the ;nited 7tates.

&,. =rototy'ical oboes did a loud harsh tone but the modern oboe is a''reciated for its smooth and beautiful tone.

&5. Beneath the dee' oceans that co$er two2thirds of the "arth tantali9ing secret of the 'lanet are concealed.

(8. The 'ioneer Dohn Cha'man recei$ed the nic#name EDohnny A''leseedF because he 'lanted a''le seedlings during him tra$els in what are now +hio 6ndiana and "linois.


1992 01
1. 6n the textile industry the term EgunnyF refers to 222burla' that is not of the best 1uality. (A) not ex'ensi$e a (B) ex'ensi$e not (C) not an ex'ensi$e (%) an inex'ensi$e 2. The s#yscra'er 222 is an architectural form that originated in the ;nited 7tates. (A) is a tall commercial structure (B) a tall commercial structure (C) a tall commercial structure which (%) of which a tall commercial structure &. 222 were stones 'iled at inter$als. (A) The earliest road mar#ers (B) The earliest road mar#ers which (C) @oad mar#ers were the earliest (%) ;ntil the earliest road mar#ers (. 7ome 'rocedures used for laboratory analysis of archaeological s'ecimens are 222 'rocedures conducted in crime laboratories. (A) resemble (B) similar to (C) same as (%) ali#e /. The windmill which has been used for hundreds of years to 'um' water and grind grains 222 redesigned to 'roduce electricity. (A) it is now being (B) it now can (C) is now being (%) now being -. 6n 15&, when Benny ?oodman4s orchestra 'resented a concert at the 'restigious Carnegie 3all 222 was clear that 0a99 had at last been fully acce'ted. (A) There (B) *hich (C) And (%) 6t .. 222 a continuous mass of water on the "arth4s surface all continents are islands in the strictest sense of the word. (A) The form of the oceans (B) 7ince the oceans form (C) To form the oceans (%) That the oceans form ,. The s'iral threads of a s'ider4s web ha$e a stic#y substance on them 222 insects. (A) tra's (B) tra' its (C) which tra's (%) which it tra's 5. 222 in 1-&/ the Boston )atin 7chool is the oldest 'ublic school in the ;nited 7tates. (A) <ounded (B) <ounding


(C) To found (%) 3a$ing founded 18. According to anthro'ologists the earliest ancestors of humans that stood u'right resembled chim'an9ees 222 with slo'ing foreheads and 'rotruding brows. (A) facially (B) their faces (C) ha$ing facial (%) they had faces 11. The #ettledrum 'roduces different tones de'ending on whether 222 with stic#s that ha$e felt or s'onge heads. (A) to stri#e (B) when struc# (C) 6t is struc# (%) stri#ing it 12. 222 in the latter 'art of the fifteenth century as a substitute for richly embroidered ta'estries. (A) *all'a'er that originated (B) The origination of wall'a'er (C) +riginated the wall'a'er (%) *all'a'er originated 1&. 222 was the first fully successful transatlantic cable finally laid. (A) !ot until 1,-(B) ;ntil 1,-- 0ust (C) ;ntil 1,-(%) 6n 1,-- not until 1(. >any of the Muni 'eo'le in the southwestern ;nited 7tates earn their li$elihoods and achie$e 222 as 'rofessional artists. (A) considered them 'o'ular (B) considerably 'o'ular (C) considering their 'o'ularity (%) considerable 'o'ularity 1/. The flatter a hair a''ears under a microsco'e 222 wa$ier it is. (A) although (B) which (C) and (%) the

1.. A radio telesco'e is an instrument that collects and measured faint radio wa$es gi$en off by ob0ects in s'ace.

1,. The 'ri$ate satellite industry s'rang u' in the mid215-84s to relay not only tele$ision broadcasts but too 'hone calls and com'uter data.

15. Bosemite !ational =ar# it has many s'ectacular natural attractions including Bosemite <alls +ne of the world4s highest waterfalls.


28. %uring the Colonial days the 6ro1uois had an agricultural economy basing mainly on corn with su''lementary cro's of 'um'#ins beans and tobacco.

21. Before the retina of the eye can be examined the 'u'il must to be artificially dilated.

22. The most widely writer 'raised of the 15-84s in the ;nited 7tates was 'robably Doyce Carol +ates who 'ublished many no$els and short stories.

2&. ;nli#e animals such as cows or horses human beings are neither able to digest cellulose the fibrous carbohydrate found in grass.

2(. At the age of 5( com'oser conductor arranger and acting "$a Dessye led her choral grou' in the first 'roduction of the o'era =orgy and Bess written in 15&/.

2/. 6n 15,. the states of ice cream in the ;nited 7tates amounted to fifteen 1uarts 'er year for e$ery 'ersons in the country.

2-. The ty'e of 'reci'itation is affected by electrical conditions air tem'erature and the 'ercentage of humid in the air.

2.. Almost destroy by fire in 1,1( the *hite 3ouse was rebuilt and enlarged o$er the next three years.

2,. A flight recorder shows how aircraft systems beha$e by gi$ing information such as a 'lane4s high direction and rate of descent.

25. 6t is not unusual for ballet dancers wear out more than one 'air of toe shoes during an e$ening4s 'erformance.

&8. A fable is usually a short tale featuring animals or inanimate ob0ects that can tal# and thin# ali#e humans.

&1. The EashcanFschool in American art being a rebellion against traditional sub0ects and fa$ored the 'ainting of bac#2street scenes.


&2. *hen a magnet is free sus'ended it becomes a com'ass.

&&. 7usan 7ontag4s a$ersion to the traditional critical 'ractice of extracting morals meaning from art is reflected in her no$els.

&(. Best #nown for his research in statistical mechanics and meson 'hysics Chen !ing Bang shared the !obel =ri9e in 15/. to another 'hysicist from the ;nited 7tates Tsung2dao )ee.

&/. Those electrons most closely to the nucleus are held there by electromagnetic force.

&-. 6ts tremendous out'ut of dairy 'roducts ha$e earned the state of *isconsin the title of America4s %airyland.

&.. The early use of a com'lete steel frame for towering buildings a''eared in the first s#yscra'er built on Chicago in 1,,&.

&,. 7ome cities ha$e a fire regulations that re1uires 'eo'le to 'ut smo#e detectors in their houses.

&5. 7ince flounders ha$e mar#ings that blend with their surroundings it can lie camouflaged on the bottom of the ocean.

(8. The determination of the 'ath of >ars4s orbit in1-85 became the unifying lin# among the two formerly se'arate realms of 'hysics and astronomy.


1992 05
1. 222 'rinci'al ty'es of accelerationL linear and angular. (A) There are tow (B) Two of them (C) The two (%) Two 2. "ast )i$er'ool +hio 222the 'ottery ca'ital of the ;nited 7tates. (A) and called (B) is called (C) calling (%) to call &. True hibernation ta#es 'lace only among 222animals. (A) whose blood is warm (B) blood warm (C) warm2blooded (%) they ha$e warm blood (. )i#e other women 222in the field of medicine 7ara >ayo found the beginning years difficult. (A) who they 'ioneered (B) they 'ioneered (C) who 'ioneered (%) 'ioneered /. 6n his writing Dohn Crowe @ansom describes what 222the s'iritual barrenness of society brought about by science and technology. (A) he considers (B) does he consider (C) considers (%) considers it -. ?reen 222ha$e the 'ower to ma#e food from substances found in the air and soil. (A) only 'lants (B) 'lants alone (C) the only 'lants (%) 'lants are alone .. Children with 'arents whose guidance is firm consistent and rational are inclined 222high le$els of self2confidence. (A) 'ossess (B) ha$e 'ossessed (C) to 'ossess (%) 'ossessing ,. *riting 'ens are made in 222of sha'es si9es and colors. (A) endless $ariety an almost (B) $ariety an almost endless (C) an almost endless $ariety (%) almost $ariety an endless 5. ;nder the guidance of choreogra'hers >artha ?raham and Derome @obbins American dance 222 new le$els of artistic achie$ement. (A) reaching (B) has reached (C) reach


(%) ha$e reached 18. Angios'erms inhabit relati$ely di$erse en$ironments and may be found 222 higher 'lants can sur$i$e. (A) there (B) where$er (C) somewhere (%) then 11. >agnesium has a s'ecific gra$ity of 1..( which means that 222 1..( times as much as an e1ual $olume of water. (A) it is weighed (B) weighing it (C) its weight (%) it weighs 12. =erha's the 'rimary 222 of adult education was industriali9ation which accelerated the 'ace of socioeconomic change. (A) causes growth (B) cause of the growth (C) cause was growing (%) caused the growing 1&. 222 Eas the census ta#er of the s#yFAnnie Dum' Cannon contributed considerably to the field of astronomy. (A) Jnown (B) Jnowing (C) To #now (%) Jnowledge 1(. %uring adolescence many young 'eo'le begin to 1uestion 222 held by their families. (A) $alues (B) of the $alues (C) the $alues are (%) are the $alues 1/. Coral reefs are 222 that teem with an abundance of exotic sea life. (A) when underwater landsca'es (B) landsca'es being underwater (C) underwater the landsca'es (%) underwater landsca'es 1-. Abraham )incoln deli$ery his most famous address at the dedication of the soldiers cemetery in ?ettysburg.

1.. 7talagmites are 'roduced when water to dro' directly to the floor of a ca$e.

1,. @egulation of 'ublic utilities in the ;nited 7tates is carried out by locally state and federal go$ernments.

15. The 'oet >arianne >oore was initially associated with the imagist mo$ement but later de$elo's her own rhyme 'atterns and $erse forms.


28. The most worst economic re$ersal of the twentieth century the ?reat %e'ression of the 15&84s began in the ;nited states and s'read abroad.

21. >any narcotic 'lants and its 'roducts such as nicotine are effecti$e in controlling insects.

22. 6n some occu'ations the com'uter has already re'laced the motor $ehicle as the 'rinci'al conser$e of time and laboring.

2&. <arming becomes more ex'ensi$e when farmers are forced to a''ly greater 1uantities of costly fertili9ers for to sustain yields.

2(. The meta'hors we use routinely are the means which by we describe our e$eryday ex'eriences.

2/. 7cientists finding out that the uni$erse is e$en larger and more com'lex than anyone has e$er imagined.

2-. Because their 'ro'erties differ from those of their constituents 'ro'er alloys can great increase the corrosion resistance of a metal.

2.. The ability to retain a mental record of earlier ex'eriences are referred to as EmemoryF.

2,. The aging 'rocess is not entirely determined by heredity but is influenced by different en$ironmental and social circumstances as good.

25. The waterwheel is a mechanism designed to harness energy from a source instead than animals.

&8. 6f they are 're'ared s#illfully soybeans they can be a''eti9ing as well as nutritious.

&1. 7tudies of either $ision and 'hysical o'tics began almost as early as ci$ili9ation itself.

&2. Dames *hitcomb @iley the E3oosier =oet F wrote many of his wor# in standard "nglish but he wrote his most 'o'ular 'oems in the dialect of his home state 6ndiana.

&&. The city of ?reen Bay established in 1.(/ was the first 'ermanent settler in *isconsin.


&(. *hiche$er they may differ widely in function all cells ha$e a surrounding membrane and an internal water2rich substance called cyto'lasm.

&/. Boo#er T. *ashington an educational leader wor#ed throughout the lifetime to im'ro$e economic conditions for Blac# 'eo'le in the ;nited 7tates.

&-. 6n the >iddle Ages boo#s called bestiaries were 're'ared in an attem't to describe animals real or imagine that exem'lified human traits.

&.. =um's can o'erate under 'ressures ranging between a fraction of a 'ound to more than 18 888 'ounds 'er s1uare inch.

&,. A''roximately fifty 'ercent of the 'ac#age utili9ed in the ;nited 7tates are for foods and be$erages.

&5. *hether as statesman scientist and 'hiloso'her Ben0amin <ran#lin was destined to gain lasting honor throughout much of the world.

(8. A traditional 3alloween decoration is a 0ac#2o2lantern which is a hollowed2out 'um'#in with a scary face cut into them.


1992 08
1. *ith affection and humor 'oet =hyllis >c?inley 222of ordinary life. (A) the $irtues were 'raised (B) 'raised the $irtues (C) she 'raised the $irtues (%) her 'raise of the $irtues 2. 7cientists thin# 222hel's some tree to conser$e water in the winter. (A) when losing lea$es (B) lea$es are lost (C) that losing lea$es (%) the lea$es losing &. The ancient 3o'ewell 'eo'le of !orth America 'robably culti$ated corn and 222cro's but hunting and gathering were still of critical im'ortance in their economy. (A) another (B) the other4s (C) other (%) other than (. )unar ecli'ses occur each time the "arth bloc#s the 7un4s light from the >oon 222 the >oon4s full 'hase. (A) during (B) whether (C) in which (%) whene$er /. 222 all data into electronic 'ulses. (A) The com'uter in'ut unit changes (B) Changing in'ut the com'uter unit (C) *hich changes the com'uter in'ut unit (%) Changes in the com'uter in'ut units -. @obert 7. %uncanson was considered a 'ainter of the 3udson @i$er school 222on scenes of America4s untamed wilderness. (A) which concentrated (B) which concentrated it (C) which it concentrated (%) and which concentrated .. 222 their senses many2celled animals 'ercei$e what is ha''ening in their en$ironment. (A) >eans of (B) By means of (C) +f the means by (%) By means ,. 6n central ?eorgia archaeological e$idence indicates that !ati$e Americans first inhabited the area 222. (A) since thirteen centuries (B) thirteen centuries ago (C) the 're$ious thirteen centuries (%) thirteen centuries were before 5. The large com'ound eyes of the dragonfly 222 to see mo$ing ob0ects almost eighteen feet away. (A) to enable it (B) enabling it


(C) it enables (%) enable it 18. ;sing many symbols ma#es 222 to 'ut a large amount of information on a single ma'. (A) 'ossible (B) it 'ossible (C) it is 'ossible (%) that 'ossible 11. Anarchism is a term describing a cluster of doctrines an attitudes 222 'rinci'al uniting feature is the belief that go$ernment is both harmful and unnecessary. (A) and (B) whose (C) since (%) for 12. After the great bli99ard of 1,,, in the northeastern ;nited 7tates it too# some 222 the snow away from their homes. (A) days to sho$el 'eo'le se$eral (B) 'eo'le se$eral days to sho$el (C) se$eral days 'eo'le to sho$el (%) 'eo'le to sho$el se$eral days 1&. =robably no man had more effect on the daily li$es of most 'eo'le in the ;nited 7tates 222 3enry <ord a 'ioneer in automobile 'roduction. (A) as was (B) than was (C) than did (%) as did 1(. 6n co''er engra$ings and etchings 222 caused by the edges of the 'late is clearly $isible on the 'a'er. (A) the im'ression is (B) if the im'ression (C) im'ressions (%) the im'ression 1/. Cora reefs ha$e always been 222 ha9ards to shi's sailing in tro'ical seas. (A) one of the greatest (B) the greatest ones (C) ones greatest (%) the greatest were. 1-. <or a long time cotton ran#ed first between Alabama4s cro's but today it accounts for only a fraction of the agricultural 'roduction.

1.. >argaret <uller was not acti$e in the women4s2rights mo$ement but she as#ing for a fair chance for women in her boo# *oman in the !ineteenth Century.

1,. >ost cities ma0or in the ;nited 7tates ha$e at least one daily news'a'er.


15. The sur$i$al of a forest de'ends not only on the amount of annual rainfall it recei$es and also on the seasonal distribution of the rain.

28. Dames <armer an American ci$il rights leader he hel'ed establish the Congress of @acial "1uality an organi9ation that is dedicated to the 'rinci'le of non$iolence.

21. A merger is a combination of two or more businesses down below a single management.

22. 6n its sim'lest form a transformer is com'osed of two coils of wire 'lace together without no wires actually in contact.

2&. The greatest natural resource of the state of !orth %a#ota is their fertile farmland.

2(. The doctrine of eminent domain is based the legal tradition that all real 'ro'erty is sub0ect to the control of the state.

2/. 6n a contro$ersial eating guide entitled Are Bou 3ungryG Dane 3irschmann and )ela Ma'hiro'olous argue that children instincti$ely #now what foods are good for sel$es.

2-. Bats rely to their hearing to na$igate and to find food at night.

2.. +nce an im'ortant 'ort of entry for immigrants to the ;nited 7tates "llis 6sland recent reo'ened its great hall as a museum of immigration.

2,. "$ery year Colorado is $isited by millions of tourists who come for a $ariety of reason.

25. The energy needed for animal grow is deri$ed 'rimarily from carbohydrates and fats.

&8. Countries tend to s'eciali9e in the 'roduction and ex'ort of those goods and ser$ices that it can 'roduce relati$ely chea'ly.

&1. Anti1ue auctions ha$e become 'o'ular in the ;nited 7tates because a steadily increasing awareness of the in$estment $alue of anti1ues.


&2. Ali#e an insect the crustacean is an arthro'od an animal with 0ointed legs and an exos#eleton a su''orti$e co$ering for its body.

&&. Bric#s are made from clay that is 'rocessed into a wor#able consistency form to standard si9es and then fired in a #iln.

&(. 3er s'eech at the *orld4s Columbian "x'osition in Chicago in 1,5& brought <annie Barrier *illiams local and nation recognition.

&/. A 'aragra'h is a 'ortion of a text consists of one or more sentences related to the same idea.

&-. A deficient of folic acid is rarely found in humans because the $itamin is contained in a wide $ariety of foods.

&.. 6ndustry utili9e the gaseous element xenon when de$elo'ing s'eciali9ed flashlights and other 'owerful lam's.

&,. 7ome ty'es of ferns resemble trees and some are too small that they loo# li#e moss.

&5. >ade of seals#in stretched o$er a framewor# of whalebone or driftwood an "s#imo #aya# is com'leted enclosed exce't for the o'ening in which the 'addler sits.

(8. +ur urge to classify different life forms and gi$e us names seems to be as old as the human race.


1992 10
1. %u#e "llington was a com'oser conductor and 'ianist 222 ran#ed as one of the greatest of all 0a99 figures. (A) him (B) although (C) or (%) who 2. 222 became a state in 1,.-. (A) *hen Colorado (B) Colorado (C) 6t was Colorado (%) Colorado which &. The fragrances of many natural substances come from oils 222 these oils may be used in manufacturing 'erfumes. (A) of (B) from (C) whether (%) and (. Because the saxo'hone is an excellent solo instrument 222 in some im'ortant orchestral wor#s. (A) it is featured (B) while featured (C) if featured (%) feature it /. Before ?eraldine <erraro was selected as the %emocratic =arty4s $ice 'residential candidate in 15,( no woman 222 run for national office in the ;nited 7tates on a ma0or 'arty tic#et. (A) e$er has (B) ne$er had (C) had e$er (%) ha$ing ne$er -. 222 reaches the cells of the body it is oxidi9ed or slowly burned. (A) As digested food (B) %igested food that (C) <ood is digested (%) *hy does digested food .. The 'osition of the larynx or $oice box in the nec# determines 222 swallows and $ocali9es. (A) an animal how does one breathe (B) how an animal breathes (C) an anima breathes how one (%) how does an anima breathe ,. The slide rule uses sliding scales with mar#s 222 numbers and their logarithms. (A) re'resenting (B) re'resented (C) are re'resented (%) they are re'resenting 5. 222 executi$e and administrati$e authority in the ;nited 7tates go$ernment rests with a =resident who is elected for a four2year term. (A) That the (B) The


(C) 6t is the (%) There is the 18.222 stereo'honic 'honogra'h records two recordings are made of the same musical 'erformance. (A) Creates (B) Created (C) The creating of (%) To create 11.?enes determine 222 the sha'e of a leaf and the sex height and hair color of a child. (A) such as features (B) such features as (C) as such features (%) features as such 12.California4s agricultural su'remacy dates from 15(. when its farm out'ut first 222 any other state. (A) that exceeded (B) exceeded that (C) exceeded that of (%) that exceeded of 1&.The use of well2chosen nonsense words ma#es 222 the testing of many basic hy'otheses in the field of language learning. (A) it is 'ossibly (B) its 'ossibility (C) them 'ossible (%) 'ossible 1(. !ot until 15&1 222 the official anthem of the ;nited 7tates. (A) EThe 7tar2s'angled BannerFdid become (B) when EThe 7tar2s'angled BannerFbecame (C) did EThe 7tar2s'angled BannerFbecome (%) became EThe 7tar2s'angled BannerF 1/.6n general the sim'ler 'lants a''eared on the "arth before those 222. (A) are structurally com'licated (B) more com'licated structure (C) ha$e a com'licated structure (%) their structure is com'licated 1-. @ebecca )atimer a 'olitical commentator and the author of se$eral boo# was the first woman to become a ;nited 7tates senator.

1.. 7urrealist artists 'ainted in such a manner that their 'ictures seem if as they came from the realm of dreams.

1,. >anure can be con$erted into methane gas by means the acti$ated2sludge 'rocess of sewage dis'osal.

15. !a$a0o !ational >onument in northern Ari9ona incor'orates three of the most large of all #nown cliff dwellings.


28. By studying geometry students can learn what to de$elo' logical arguments through dedecti$e reasoning.

21. The word EsagaF is often a''lication to any narration of e$ents of the 'ast whether mythical or historical in character.

22. The success of a na$al shi' is determined by its seaworthiness s'eedy and maneu$erability.

2&. Administrati$e assistants are often ex'ected to ma#e decisions su'er$ision staff delegate res'onsibility and wor# harmoniously with managers and fellow em'loyees.

2/. >any critics belie$e that Amy )owell4s most im'ortant wor# is not her 'oetry but his biogra'hy Dohn Jeats 'ublished the year of her death.

2-. @esearch on 'ain has been neglected although the mainly reason 'eo'le ta#e medicine is to relie$e 'ain.

2.. 7idney =oitier he is famous for his character 'ortrayals won an +scar for his 15-& 'erformance in )ilies of the <ield.

2,. The Carlsbad ca$erns located in !ew >exico ran# between the largest underground labyrinths in the world.

25. Commercial roc# wool is made by blowing steam through molten roc# such as limestone to create fine flexibility glassli#e fibers.

&8. *illiam Taft begins his many years of ser$ice for the ;nited 7tates when =resident Ben0amin 3arrison a''ointed him solicitor general in 1,58.

&1. A time 9one is a slightly irregular north2south belts that extends from 'ole to 'ole.

&2. 3arriet >onroe4s $erse sur$i$e today as e$idence of her undiscouraged 9eal for the ad$ancement of modern 'oetry.


&&. E3ow does the human brain wor#GF remains one of the most 'rofound 1uestions confront modern science.

&(. Cadence may be considered the rise and fall in intensified of sounds.

&/. +ne out of e$ery ten 'ersons in the 15., ;nited 7tates labor force was a teenager com'ared by one out of fifteen in 15-8.

&-. ?y'sum is too soft that it is easy to scratch it with a fingernail.

&.. A goose4s nec# is a tiny longer than that of a duc# and not so gracefully cur$ed as a swan4s.

&,. )i#e s1uirrels tree shrews are bearing well2de$elo'ed claws on their digits and are generally acti$e during daylight hours.

&5. "$en many early leaders of the ;nited 7tates ha$e 'ro$ided names for towns only ?eorge *ashington is remembered in the name of a state.

(8. !umerous insects s'ecial the butterfly ha$e wea# 'owers of flight.


1993 01
1. 222 that as both birds and mammals become larger their metabolic rates er unit of tissue decrease and they generally li$e longer. (A) The truth (B) 6f true (C) 6t is true (%) To be true 2. Asteroids are small and therefore $ery difficult to identify e$en when 222 to "arth. (A) 1uite closely (B) are being 1uite close (C) are they 1uite closely (%) they are 1uite close &. A number of modern scul'tors ha$e re0ected 222 of minimal and en$ironmental art and de$elo'ed a style of extreme realism. (A) which abstract 1ualities (B) there are abstract 1ualities (C) the abstract 1ualities (%) the 1ualities are abstract (. 222 tributaries of the >ississi''i @i$er system were na$igated by steamboats during the 'eriod before the outbrea# of the Ci$il *ar. (A) >ore than forty (B) >ore than forty were (C) <orty more than (%) There were more than forty /. >ary "li9a >c%owell4s introduction to social ser$ice came 222 when she assisted $ictims of the great Chicago <ire of 1,.1. (A) was sixteen years old (B) had sixteen years (C) at age sixteen (%) sixteen -. Boung herons are hel'less for a few wee#s 222 they learn to fly. (A) how (B) before (C) des'ite (%) since .. The history of 'ainting is a fascinating chain of e$ents that 'robably began with 222. (A) e$er made the $ery first 'ictures (B) the e$er made $ery first 'ictures (C) the $ery first e$er made 'ictures (%) the $ery first 'ictures e$er made ,. The center of gra$ity of the human body 222 behind the hi' 0oint. (A) locates (B) locating (C) to locate (%) is located 5. The lea$es and stems of the alfalfa 'lant are the only 'arts of the 'lant 222. (A) the uses for li$estoc# fees (B) for using li$estoc# feed


(C) used for li$estoc# feed (%) they are used for li$estoc# feed 18. 222 choose to li$e in or near metro'olitan areas sim'ly because they li#e the ra'id 'ace of city life. (A) 7o large numbers of 'eo'le to (B) There are large numbers of 'eo'le (C) )arge numbers of 'eo'le (%) )arge numbers of 'eo'le who 11. 222 to s'ace tra$elers is high acceleration or deceleration forces. (A) %anger can be (B) They can be dangerous (C) *hat can be dangerous (%) *hile danger 12. +rganic chemistry has made many new 'roducts222. (A) 'ossible (B) as 'ossible (C) are 'ossible (%) they are 'ossible 1&. =erfectly matched 'earls strung into a nec#lace 222 a far higher 'rice than the same 'earls sold indi$idually. (A) in order to bring (B) their bringing (C) bringing (%) bring 1(. 7ome metro'olitan news'a'ers would ma#e si9able $olumes 222 in boo# form. (A) than the 'rint (B) 'rint them (C) if 'rinted (%) they are 'rinted 1/. =ennsyl$ania ran#s high among the states 'o'ulation 222 many areas are s'arsely settled. (A) and yet (B) so e$en (C) if not (%) exce't for 1-. 7ince the beginning of this century the ;nited 7tates go$ernment has 'layed an role in the su'er$ision and use of the nation4s natural resources.

1.. Between 158- and 151. 'olitical acti$ist "mma ?oldma de$oted most of her efforts to writing tra$eling and lectured.

1,. 3eight 'owerful and s'eed are attributes that coaches often loo# for in bas#etball 'layers.

15. >any of society4s wealth is controlled by large cor'orations and go$ernment agencies.


28. =ieces of eighteenth2century 'orcelain they are fre1uently dug u' in exca$ations at williamsburg Cirginia.

21. A ma0or 'ur'ose of scientific analysis is to identify and examine causal connections between inde'endent and de'endence $ariables.

22. Caccines for some rare diseases are gi$en only to 'ersons which ris# ex'osure to the disease.

2&. @ecause it is a healthful way to exercise aerobic dancing is considered an excellent method for release tension.

2(. %o''ler radar can be used to determine the direction which in the 'articles of a cloud are mo$ing.

2/. A''lied research aims at some s'ecific ob0ecti$e such as the de$elo'ment of a new 'roduce 'rocess or material.

2-. >ost of the food what ele'hants eat is brought to their mouths by their trun#s.

2.. The highly res'ect 9oologist "rnest Dust 0oined the ruling board of the >arine Biological )aboratory in the 15&84s.

2,. Clementine 3unter4s 'rimiti$e 'aintings ha$e been exhibited at $arious galleries included one at the 7mithsonian 6nstitution in *ashington %.C.

25. Ali#e a chic#en the grouse has four toes with the hind one raised abo$e the ground.

&8. >embershi' in labor unions in the ;nited 7tates reached its 'ea# of 1. millions members in 15-8.

&1. The newer #inds of seeds 'roduce corn it has much greater food $alue than older #inds.

&2. 6n meteorology either the formation of clouds and the 'reci'itation of dew rain and snow are #nown as condensation.

&&. Carieties of yellow gra'es that ha$e tender s#in rich fla$or and high sugar content are es'ecially suited with ma#ing raisins.


&(. %es'ite resistance in some 'arts of Canada the con$ersion to metric measurement ha$e been said to be largely successful.

&/. The most safest way to watch a solar ecli'se is for one to loo# at it in a mirror while wearing dar# glasses.

&-. Chied Dose'h )a <lesche a $igorous +maha leader wor#ed hardly to ma#e his nation a 'roud and 'rogressi$e one.

&.. The diamond is the only gemstone com'osed with 0ust one chemical element carbon.

&,. 6n 15(1 +rson *elles 'roduced Citi9en Jane a film noted for its technical brilliant structural com'lexity and )iterate treatment of a contro$ersial biogra'hical sub0ect.

&5. *ildlife conser$ationists say the co$er that foliage 'ro$ides for animals is e1ual in im'ortance to the food su''lying.

(8. The )eyden 0ar was one of the earliest form of condensers in$ented to store an electrical charge.


1993 05
1. Before ,888 B. C. wheat did not grow as 'rolifically 222 it does today. (A) li#e (B) as (C) for (%) than 2. Both nic#el and iron are whitish metals 222. (A) that are attracted by magnets (B) that magnets are attracted by them (C) are attracted by magnets (%) magnets that attract them &. The bar# of some s'ecies of oa# trees yields a substance used in 222 leather. (A) treating (B) to treat (C) its treatment (%) it treats (. Although 'hos'horus is an essential constituent of all li$ing creatures 222is among the least abundant of the mineral nutrients. (A) what (B) it (C) still (%) howe$er /. 2222 angles of any triangle always add u' to 1,8 degrees. (A) 6f three (B) The three (C) Three of (%) Three are -. The gibbon ranges o$er 2222 other a'es do. (A) than an area wider (B) wider than the area (C) a wider area than (%) an area wider than are .. 7arah <rances *hiting o'ened the 222 of 'hysics in the ;nited 7tates in 1,.,. (A) undergraduate teaching was in a second laboratory (B) second teaching laboratory of undergraduate (C) undergraduate teaching laboratory was second (%) second undergraduate teaching laboratory ,. 222 some of the "arth4s interior heat esca'es to the surface. (A) A $olcano eru'ts (B) A $olcano whether eru'ts (C) A $olcano eru'ts it (%) 6f a $olcano eru'ts 5. 7andra %ay +4Connor the first woman member of the ;nited 7tates 7u'reme Court belie$ed that the courts should inter'ret the laws 222 legislate. (A) than attem't to rather (B) rather than attem't to (C) to attem't rather than (%) attem't rather than to


18. 222 of minerals which are chemical elements or com'ounds of $arying 'urity. (A) The consistency of roc#s (B) @oc#s consisting (C) @oc#s consist (%) *hereas roc#s consist 11. Boo#er T. *ashington acclaimed as a leading educator at the turn of the century 222 of a school that later became the Tus#egee 6nstitute. (A) ta#ing charge (B) too# charge (C) charges was ta#en (%) ta#en charge 12. 222 white ginger one scra'es and washes the roots before drying them. (A) 6f ma#es (B) *hen ma#ing (C) >ade (%) The ma#ing of 1&. By the time 222 !orman @oc#well had decided that he wanted to be an artist. (A) in his early teens (B) his early teens were (C) was his early teens (%) he was in his early teens 1(. %uring the eighteenth century )ittle Turtle was chief of the >iami tribe whose territory became 222 is now 6ndiana and +hio. (A) there (B) where (C) that (%) what 1/. =ansies can be culti$ated easily in home gardens but 222 'lenty of water and not too much sun. (A) to re1uire (B) they re1uire (C) re1uired (%) re1uiring 1-. <or ma#e adobe bric#s wor#ers mix sand and clay or mud with water and small 1uantities of straw grass or a similar material.

1.. A dictionary allows 1uic# access to the meaning of a word only if one #nows how s'ell the word.

1,. To simulate natural sounds in music com'osers often use the orchestral instrument that they feel most near a''roximates the sound in 1uestion.

15. 7odium is of one the few metals that will burn when heated in air.

28. Ali#e traditional harmony 0a99 'rogressions are based on triads but the s'ecial 0a99 sound is created by the 'iling u' of thirds abo$e a basic triad.


21. >aine4s abundant forests and ri$ers has made it a ha$en for many #inds of wildlife.

22. 6n feudal times the ran# of #nighthood carried no social distinction neither any man could be a #night.

2&. "thel 3ar$ey4s career illustrates some of the challenges encountered by women scientists of her generation as they sought su''ort for they wor#.

2(. Before the 'lains were settled 'rairie dog towns in many 'laces stretch as far as the eye could see.

2/. %irect mail ad$ertising ser$es to ac1uaint customers with 'roducts alert them to new o''ortunities and 'a$ing the way for other sales acti$ities.

2-. Animal life on =rince "dward 6sland is confined large to duc#s 'heasants and rabbits.

2.. Andrew *yeth is famous for his realistic and thoughtful 'aintings of 'erson and 'laces in rural =ennsyl$ania and >aine.

2,. 6t is common #nowledge that a flash of lightning is seen before a cla' of thunder heard.

25. *ild ele'hants are almost continuously wa$ing their trun#s both u' in the air and down aside the ground.

&8. +riental rugs are considered $aluable and because their designs are intricate and the wea$ing 'rocess is time2consuming. &1. The >ontreal 6nternational "x'osition E"x'o -. F was a''lauded for dis'laying an degree of taste su'erior to that of similar ex'ositions.

&2. A motion 'icture director for o$er twenty years )ois *eber stam'ed her films with herself style and 'ersonal con$iction.

&&. According to astronomers the ty'e cloud found most fre1uently in outer s'ace consist of diffuse 'articles of dust and gas.


&(. Among almost se$en hundred s'ecies of bamboo some are fully grown at less than a foot high while other can grow three feet in twenty2four hours.

&/. A foreign exchange rate is a 'rice that reflects the relati$e su''ly and demand of difference currencies.

&-. @ecent studies ha$e shown that air into a house often has higher concentrations of contaminants than hea$ily 'olluted air outside.

&.. @oc# decay or weathering is the results of reactions between elements in the atmos'here and the roc#4s constituents.

&,. The 'hases of the >oon ha$e ser$ed as 'rimary di$isions of time for thousands of years ago.

&5. The introduction of the 'ower loom enabled wea$ers to 'roduce yard goods faster more efficiently and less ex'ensi$e.

(8. 6n the 1,,84s when ?eorge "astman first offered the Joda# camera and film 'hotogra'hy becoming a 'o'ular and indi$iduali9ed art.


1993 08
1. There is e$idence that 'rehistoric humans used fire 222 (88 888 B. C. (A) so early (B) the earliest (C) as early as (%) so early that 2. 6n the late 1,884s "llen @ichards began wor# in the new field of Esanitary scienceF which was concerned with waste remo$al water 'urification and 222. (A) to $entilate ade1uately (B) ade1uate $entilation (C) ade1uate $entilate (%) $entilation ade1uately &. 222 red clo$er high in 'rotein content is an extremely im'ortant leguminous hay and 'asture 'lant of the eastern ;nited 7tates. (A) The (B) There us the (C) 6t is the (%) That the (. The to'ology of >ars is more 222 than that of any other 'lanet. (A) li#e that of the "arth (B) the "arth4s li#e that of (C) li#e the "arth of that (%) that of the "arth4s li#e /. +striches are 222 of li$ing birds attaining a height from crown to foot of about 2.( meters and a weight of u' to 1&- #ilograms. (A) large strong (B) large and strong (C) larger and strong (%) the largest and strongest -. The glaciers that reached the =acific Coast were $alley glaciers and between those tongues of ice 222 that allowed the original forests to sur$i$e. (A) that many sanctuaries were (B) were many sanctuaries (C) were there many sanctuaries (%) there the many sanctuaries .. 222 orbits the 7un ;ranus rotates on its axis an imaginary line through its center. (A) <or it (B) 6t (C) As it (%) There is ,. 222 duties are 'laced on commodities according to their $alue. (A) +rdinarily tariff (B) +rdinary tariffs are (C) +n ordinary tariff (%) Tariffs are ordinarily 5. 222 about indi$iduals who really existed and things that actually ha''ened. (A) <ol#tales which sometimes tell stories (B) The stories of fol#tales sometimes telling


(C) 7tories sometimes told are when fol#tales (%) <ol#tales sometimes tell stories 18. 222 matter in one form is transmuted to another form a 'hase change is said to ha$e ta#en 'lace. (A) 7uch (B) Then (C) *hene$er (%) 7eldom 11. !oise in the technical sense im'lies a random chaotic disturbance 222. (A) usually does not want (B) usually is unwanted (C) that one does not usually want it (%) that is usually unwanted 12. %uring the late 1,/84s the 1uestion of the best route for the o$erland mail to California was 222 in the *est. (A) interest of a serious to'ic (B) a serious interest of to'ic (C) a to'ic of serious interest (%) serious interest of a to'ic 1&. 6n his boo# 7ocial Theory and 7ocial 7tructure sociologist @obert >erton ex'lored 222 in ways that society considers abnormal. (A) those indi$iduals whose beha$ior (B) why do indi$iduals whose beha$ior (C) why indi$iduals beha$e (%) the beha$ior of those indi$idual who 1(. 222 wooden buildings hel's to 'rotect them from damage due to weather. (A) =ainting (B) =ainted (C) The 'aint (%) By 'ainting 1/. Carbohydrates are the most abundant and 222 food sources of energy. (A) least cost (B) least costly (C) less cost (%) fewer costs 1-. The *right brother4s <lyer who they built and flew in 158& became world4s first successful air'lane.

1.. Astronauts circling the "arth may get to seen sixteen sunrises and sixteen sunsets e$ery EdayF.

1,. The clasmosaur a giant 'rehistoric sea re'tile with ;erce2loo#ing 0aws and fli''ers had a muscular nec# that accounted for much than half its length.

15. The sonometer is instrument used to study the mathematical relations of harmonic tones.


28. 6n the 1,884s daguerreoty'es were used a greatest deal es'ecially for 'ortraits.

21. Cer$et mons ha$e a well2de$elo'ed systems $ocal communication.

22. The in$ention of a cotton gin by "it *hitney in 1.5& made cotton yarn more economy than linen yarn.

2&. 7cientists has found that the sali$a of the octo'us contains a substance that functions as a 'owerful heart stimulant.

2(. The #atydid a ty'e of grassho''er is acti$ely at night and rests motionless amid foliage during the day.

2/. 7oa' is used as a lubricant in ma#ing tiny wires for electrical a''liances such tele$ision sets and tele'hones.

2-. Although the art of sand 'ainting originated with neighboring =ueblo 6ndians the !a$a0o 6ndians ha$e refined and richly reinter'reted they symbology and execution.

2.. 6n 15-. Canada4s year centennial one and a 1uarter million 'eo'le from all o$er the world $isited =arliament 3ill in +ttawa.

2,. The ?eneral 7herman tree a giant se1uoia in California has grown to be the world4s largest 'lant at a''roximate 2.2 feet tall.

25. 7ince the turn of the century the number of !ati$e Americans li$ing in Canada is increased.

&8. "leanor @oose$elt 'layed a leading 'art in women4s organi9ations and she was acti$e in encouraging youth mo$ements in 'romoting consumer welfare and to wor# for ci$il rights.

&1. !utrients are substances neither occurring naturally or in synthetic form that are necessary for maintenance of the normal functioning of organisms.

&2. "$en in an age of ex'erimentation and de'artures from con$ention the sonata form remain among the most $ital means of musical ex'ression.


&&. @esearchers ha$e found many ways of treating 'a'er so that it will be strong fire'roof and resistance to li1uids and acids.

&(. Because its body is su''orted by water the blue whale can grow to a si9e considerable large than any land mammal ali$e today.

&/. )angston 3ughes a 'rolific writer of the 15284s was concerned with the de'icting the ex'erience of urban Blac# 'eo'le in the ;nited 7tates.

&-. %uring ecli'ses of the 7un the +0ibwa 6ndians of !orth America shot flaming arrows inside the s#y to re#indle the light.

&.. <rom 1,52 to 1,5/ Alice "l$ira <recman was %ean of *omen at the newly foundation ;ni$ersity of Chicago.

&,. 3istorical geology deals about data on the de$elo'ment of the "arth gathered from the study of roc#s which are analy9ed to determine their age and com'osition.

&5. 3uman being ha$e thirty2thirty or thirty2four $ertebrae but a sna#e may ha$e as many as three hundred.

(8. =arrots ha$e hea$ily bodies and exceedingly strong legs.


1993 10
1. A fuel is a substance used 222 light heat or energy. (A) generating (B) generates (C) to generate (%) it is generating 2. The state of >aine generally has cooler tem'eratures than 222. (A) there are most other states (B) most other state which ha$e (C) most other states ha$e (%) ha$ing most other states &. <ruit is one of the most abundant nutritious and 222 foods a 'erson can eat. (A) delicious (B) too delicious (C) is it delicious (%) tastes delicious (. =rescri'tions for correcti$e lenses that are 'ro$ided by an o'tometrist are often brought to an o'tician who 222 the lenses. (A) grinding (B) grinds (C) they grind (%) are ground /. )oganberries can be used in 0ams 222 their 0uice. (A) and for (B) while (C) too (%) in which -. <rom her early teens 222. (A) Blanche *illis 3oward4s determination to be an author (B) *as determined to be an author Blanche *illis 3oward (C) Blanche *illis 3oward was determined to be an author (%) An author Blanche *illis 3oward was determined to be .. Adhesi$e such as glue ta'e and gum $ary with the 'ur'ose 222 intended. (A) they were for (B) for they were (C) which were they (%) for which they were ,. Alas#an forests 222 fi$e or six miles inland from the =acific coast. (A) 'enetrate more rarely than (B) more rarely than 'enetrate (C) more 'enetrate than rarely (%) rarely 'enetrate more than 5. The colors of a rainbow 222 arranged in the same order. (A) which are always (B) and they are always (C) always (%) are always


18. 222 The Bearling won a =ulit9er =ri9e. (A) >ar0orie @awlings4 best wor# was (B) >ar0orie @awlings4 best wor# (C) 3er best wor# was >ar0orie @awlings4 (%) That >ar0orie @awlings4 best wor# 11. Dimmy Connors well2#nown tennis cham'ion is su''osed 222 that he did not want to 'artici'ate in all the tournaments once he had reached forty. (A) has said (B) he says (C) saying (%) to ha$e said 12. The month is not a suitable unit of measure for determining the seasons 222 the seasons are a solar not a lunar 'henomenon. (A) in order that (B) while (C) since (%) in $iew of 1&. The human s#eleton consists of more than two hundred bones 222 together by tough and relati$ely inelastic connecti$e tissues called ligaments. (A) are bound (B) to bind (C) bind them (%) bound 1(. !ot until about 28 888B. C. 222 executed. (A) were #nown of the oldest 'aintings (B) the oldest of #nown 'aintings were (C) the oldest #nown were 'aintings (%) were the oldest #nown 'aintings 1/. 6n 1.2. Ben0amin <ran#lin founded one of the first adult2education organi9ations 222 the Dunto. (A) has been called (B) which grou' called (C) to call (%) a grou' called 1-. At the future ban#s will be offering an increasingly broad s'ectrum of financial ser$ices.

1.. Considered one of America4s greatest 'laywrights "ugene +4!eill win the !o$el =ri9e for literature in 15&-.

1,. The density of a substance is calculus by di$iding its mass by its $olume.

15. The grou'er is an ocean fish that li$es in warm and tem'erate seas most around roc#y shores and coral reefs.

28. 6n the 15/84s aircraft were de$elo'ed that flew high they could hardly be seen from the ground.


21. =a'er is strong under tension instead crum'les easily under the stress of com'ression.

22. Tariffs are the taxes or customs duties le$ied against goods that are im'ort from another country.

2&. "ach 'erson in the ;nited 7tates consumes an a$erage of /-8 'ounds of dairy 'roducti$ity e$ery year.

2(. The $ascular system consist of the heart arteries $eins ca'illaries and lym'hatics.

2/. The 3o'i community of +raibi in northeastern Ari9ona is one of the oldest not if the oldest continuously occu'ied settlements north of >exico.

2-. *hen a cor'oration needs to raise large amounts of ca'ital common stoc# can be issued and sell in 'art to outside in$estors.

2.. The de$elo'ment of stratus clouds is extremely common o$er the cold seawater away the northwestern ;nited 7tates coast.

2,. Contem'orary management 'ractice ha$e been influenced by in$estigations in the beha$ioral sciences.

25. The Bu#on @i$er which flows into the Bering 7ea gi$es its name to a region of Alas#a and a territory of the Canada.

&8. Although the ;nited 7tates ex'erienced ra'idly growth in the first half of the nineteenth century it was still 'redominately concerned with agriculture and forestry.

&1. =orgy and Bess by ?eorge ?ershwin has called the first truly successful !orth American o'era.

&2. +$er the 'ast two decades the 'o'ularity of the bicycle as a mean of trans'ortation and recreation has increased tremendously in the ;nited 7tates.

&&. 3a$ing resided in !ew >exico for many years 'ainter ?eorgia +4Jeefe em'loys such as 7outhwestern motifs as bleached bones rolling hills and desert blooms.


&(. )ouisa >y Alcott4s most famous no$els )ittle *omen and one of the se1uels )ittle >en are considered classics for childrens.

&/. *ea$ing was a function household in the first settlements in colonial America.

&-. <ascination by the 'romise of the internal combustion engine and its a''lication to a self2 'ro'elled $ehicle 3enry <ord constructed a one2cylinder gasoline motor in1,52.

&.. >arble has long been highly $alued for its beautiful strength and resistance to fire and erosion.

&,. A ma0ority of the re'orts recei$ed from 'eo'le claiming to ha$e seen the legendary )och !ess >onster ha$e 'ro$en to be mista#es misconce'tions or they were being tric#ed.

&5. <or con$enience it is common to s'ea# of 'lants as Eherbs F Eshrubs F and Etrees F but it is really no shar' distinctions among them.

(8. The labor mo$ement de$elo'ed differently in the ;nited 7tates from the way did it in other countries.


1994 05
1. _____ limit to the extent which human beings may benefit from their own in$enti$e genius. (A) !ot any (B) 3as no (C) There is no (%) 6t not 2. The light from a laser differs _____ 'roduced by other sources such as electric bulbs fluorescent lam's and the sun. (A) from the light (B) and the light (C) the light that is (%) the light can be &. 6n addition to 'leasure _____ excitement challenge and relaxation. (A) the 'ro$iding of games (B) games if 'ro$iding (C) the games which 'ro$ide (%) games 'ro$ide (. !ot only can wal#ing fish li$e out of water _____ they can also tra$el short distances o$er land. (A) neither (B) and (C) but (%) if /. _____ "i0ah >cCoy4s in$ention of the lubricating cu' in the early 1,.84s machinery had to be sto''ed in order to be lubricated. (A) Before (B) *hen (C) *hile (%) )ately -. As >ercury mo$es in its solar orbit _____ its axis an imaginary line that runs through its center. (A) rotates it on (B) it rotates on (C) on rotates it (%) rotates on it .. The 3awthrone studies _____ the monotonous wor#ing conditions of factory 'ersonnel were a ma0or contribution to industrial 'sychology. (A) in which the in$estigation of (B) were they in$estigated (C) which were in$estigation (%) an in$estigation of ,. 6n 151( a bron9e tablet _____ 3arriet Tubman was 'laced at the entrance of the Cayuga Country Courthouse in Aubum !ew Bor#. (A) honored (B) for honor (C) in honor of (%) was honoring 5. 6t is unli#ely that a nation would choose war if its goals _____ 'eacefully. (A) meet (B) could be met


(C) ha$ing been met (%) would ha$e met 18. Their #een senses of hearing and smell ha$e made some ty'es of dogs _____ in hunting and trac#ing and as security guards. (A) as $aluable (B) of the $alue (C) are $alued (%) $aluable 11. ;sed only for wall surfaces that are ex'osed to $iew or re1uire a decorati$e effect _____. (A) the exactness in sha'e si9e and color of face bric# (B) face bric# must be exact in sha'e si9e and color (C) must be face bric# which is exact in sha'e si9e and color (%) the sha'e si9e and color must be exact of face bric# 12. _____ were first used in electrical 'ower 'roduction it was necessary to add su'er2heaters because turbines wor# best with high2'ressure steam. (A) 7team turbines (B) *hen steam turbines (C) <or steam turbines (%) The steam turbines which 1&. 7herwood Anderson4s no$el windy >c=lerson4s 7on _____ first a''eared in 151-. (A) a restless young man who stri$es for better things is concerned (B) is a concerned with a restless young man who stri$es for better things (C) concerned with a restless young man who stri$e for better things (%) why is concerned with a restless young man who stri$es for better things 1(. The redhead duc# builds a dee' nest of reeds _____ u' to a do9en egg are laid. (A) containing (B) which contains (C) in which (%) in it 1/. The dominant 'hiloso'hy of the Age of "nlightenment _____ in the uni$erse in terms of forces that could be detected by the human senses. (A) an ex'lanation for e$erything (B) attem'ted to ex'lain e$erything (C) e$erything was an attem't (%) ex'lained and attem'ted 1-. American sign language has its own distinct grammatical structure which must be mastered in the same way as that of another languages.

1.. Alas#s is the larger and most s'arsely 'o'ulated state of the ;nited 7tates.

1,. <ossil remains indicate that s1uidli#e creatures called betemnites swam in the sea who co$ered the !orth American continent .8 million years ago.

15. 6n 1551 singer Jathleen Battle is recei$ing the annual American Blac# Achie$ement Award for excellence in $ocal 'erformance.


28. 7cientists do not #now why did dinosaurs became extinct but some theories 'ostulate that changes in geogra'hy climate and sea le$els were res'onsible.

21. Anthro'ologists in$estigate the customs of different grou's of 'eo'le 'articularly that in isolated areas.

22. 3ydraulic machines lift hea$y load exertion large forces dri$e $ehicles and machine tools and control many #inds of motion.

2&. Although 7hirley Dac#son4s fiction often dealt with frightening ex'eriences she also wrote autobiogra'hical descri'tions humorous of her life in a small Cemor# town.

2(. *hen a nucleus is not di$iding it consisting of a nuclear membrane a nucleolus and e$enly distributed genetic material.

2/. >ost a1uatic animals breathe by means external res'iratory organs called gills.

2-. 6t is not #nown why only four of all the occurring naturally elements in the 'eriodic table are ferromagnetic.

2.. @ice has been a basically food for millions of 'eo'le for hundreds of years.

2,. 7ome linguists belie$e that the earliest language were no less com'lex as modern language.

25. The American artistic Dames Abbort >c!eill *histler 'romoted the idea of art for art4s sa#e insisting that 'ainting had no mission to fulfill.

&8. +nce a teacher of <rench and 7'anish the writer >aya Angeiou remaining strongly committed to the goals of foreign language education.

&1. "x'loitation of the 'owers of com'uters de'end on one4s ability to load information into them.

&2. Animals usually 're'are for hibernation by eating large amounts of food to build out stored fat in their bodies.


&&. *illiam Denriings Bryan was a %emocratic nominee for the ;nited 7tates 'residency third times but he ne$er won.

&(. The domestic architecture of the *estern world has res'onded to a number of cultural geogra'hy and social needs.

&/. =eo'le ha$e always fascinated by the 'arrot4s colorful feathers and its ability to mimic human s'eech.

&-. The American astronomer ?erard Jui'er disco$ered a satellite of ;ranus found Titan to ha$e an atmos'here and ad$anced theoretical of 'lanetary formation.

&.. 7ome metal $ary in resilience at different tem'eratures becoming $ery brittle when cold.

&,. The fritillaries one of the largest grou' of butterflies are found not only in this country but in many other 'arts of the world as well.

&5. =receding the ;nited 7tated !a$al Academy was founded in 1,(/ sailors were trained at sea.

(8. %uring her lifetime >argaret >ead was internationally #nown as an authority on $arious literate and illiterate culture.


1994 08
1. ?rou's of muscles in the head direct the actions necessary for _____. (A) chew and swallow (B) to chew and to swallow (C) being chewed and swallowing (%) chewing and swallowing 2. 6n the +sage tribe of +#lahoma beaded belts _____ who held a high social status. (A) only by women were fashioned (B) by women were fashioned only (C) were fashioned only by women (%) were by women fashioned only &. _____ commonly chosen as the first ste' to a career in 'ublic office. (A) *hy legal training is (B) )egal training is (C) )egal training that is (%) 6t is legal training (. 6n 1,/2 _____ one hundred 'iano2ma#ers in !ew Bor# alone. (A) were (B) had been (C) there were (%) being that there /. >ammals ha$e a larger more well2de$elo'ed brain _____ other animals. (A) than do (B) that are ha$ing (C) which ha$e (%) that do -. Astronomy de$elo'ed from the obser$ation _____ through regular cycles of motion. (A) going to hea$enly bodies (B) the hea$enly bodies going (C) hea$enly bodies that go (%) that the hea$enly bodies go .. _____ the arctic regions recei$e little sunlight the air there is too cold to hold much moisture. (A) Because (B) The reason that (C) Therefore (%) 6n conse1uence of ,. The wood of the holly tree close2grained and $ery hard _____ for musical instruments furniture and interior design. (A) is used (B) uses (C) used (%) is using 5. >any "nglish _____ were o''osed to the American @e$olution of 1..- mo$ed to Canada where they were #nown as ;nited "m'ire )oyalists. (A) settling there (B) they settled (C) who were settlers (%) settlers who


18. The wor#ing conditions of railroad em'loyees were _____ ha9ardous in the early days that 'ri$ate insurance com'anies refused to insure the wor#s. (A) so (B) $ery (C) 1uite (%) much 11. "lisha ?. +tis in$ented a safety de$ice designed to sto' the fall of an ele$ator _____ su''orting cable should brea#. (A) that which the (B) if its (C) might the (%) were its 12. 6n areas away from the 'oles the si9e of glaciers decreases in summer because the rising tem'eratures cause the lower 'arts _____. (A) melt (B) are melting (C) melted (%) to melt 1&. The final ste' in manufacturing cloth is ironing it between hea$y rollers _____ calendering. (A) which 'rocess called (B) 'rocess is being called (C) is calling that 'rocess (%) a 'rocess called 1(. The science of horticulture _____ the 'rimary concerns are maximum yield and su'erior 1uality utili9es information deri$ed from other sciences. (A) and which (B) in which (C) which is (%) which 1/. *hile holding no official or elected 'osition _____ as a statesman of great wisdom and acumen. (A) the res'ect of Boo#er T. *ashington (B) Boo#er T. *ashington being res'ected (C) Boo#er T. *ashington was res'ected by many (%) >any 'eo'le res'ected Boo#er T. *ashington 1-. A sym'hony orchestra conductor selects the re'ertoire inter'rets the music and directed the musicians during rehearsals.

1.. The rhinoceros is #nown for its distincti$e horns which continue to growing throughout the Animal4s lifetime.

1,. Before 1,88 only a few small 'ortable lam's had been ma#ing.

15. %reaming is a distinct and necessary 'art of slee'ing usually it characteri9ed by the occurrence of ra'id eye mo$ement (@">).


28. 7ea turtle hatchlings slee' afloat at the surface of the water not adults tend to slee' far below the surface.

21. !early all 1ualities in the 'hysical world can be ex'ressed in terms of four fundamentally measurementsL length mass time and electrical charge.

22. >usical chords generally consist of three or four notes which 'layed at the same time.

2&. The no$el or short story are the literary forms most ty'ically called fiction.

2(. "clecticism is the 'ractice of mixing elements dissimilar in style in single wor# of art.

2/. 7'eed refers only toward the rate of motion without s'ecifying any direction of motion.

2-. Turbines 'ro$ide 'ower for a $arious of machines including electric generators and water 'um's.

2.. %eciduous trees are those that shed all or nearly all of its lea$es each year.

2,. The same molecular orderliness that ma#es crystals so easy to analy9e mathematically ma#es them difficult using in the laboratory or the factory.

25. The =acific +cean constitutes about half of the "arth4s water surface and co$er about one2third of the total area of the globe.

&8. The Tennessee Calley Authority has chartered by the ;nited 7tates Congress in 15&& to construct dams 'ower structures and flood2control wor#s along the Tennessee @i$er and its tributary streams. byN was chartered ! byN"#$%&'

&1. The cost of 're'aring and har$esting an acre of field corn is extremely high e$en though in the best of weather.


&2. Dohn Audubon4s firsthand ac1uaintance with birds and his im'ressionistic artistic gi$e his drawings their high $alue and wide 'o'ularity.

&&. +ne of =hillis *heatley4s earliest $erses com'osed in her teens celebrates learning redem'tion and $irtue three 'rinci'al themes of her wor# subse1uent.

&(. The <lorida town of 7easide is laid out on its ,8 acres so no 'oint is more than a 182or 1/ minute wal#s from another.

&/. 7tatistics show that there are only slightly fewer males than females in the teaching 'rofession yet it is 'o'ularly belie$ed that the $ast ma0ority of teacher are women.

&-. Canadian scarlet2clad guards and mounties with horsebac# are 'art of the summer scene in +ttawa.

&.. Bernese mountain dogs are hardy and loyalty and they ma#e excellent 'ets.

&,. The basis conce'ts of systems engineering ha$e been in use for centuries.

&5. 7ome of the most celebrated 'ublicity stunts while the history of radio were associated with ?racie Allen.

(8. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the crust of the "arth but the nonmetals oxygen and silicon are more still abundant.


1994 10
1. 7now aids farmers by #ee'ing heat in the lower ground le$els thereby _____ from free9ing. (A) to sa$e the seeds (B) sa$ing the seeds (C) which sa$es the seeds (%) the seeds sa$ed 2. _____ mineral content in the bones of $ery young children is low com'ared to that of adults. (A) 6f the (B) That is (C) The (%) 6t is the &. _____ the sil$ery2chec#ed hornbill chooses a hollow tree for a nest and seals herself in until her chic#s are grown. (A) =rotection for 'redators against (B) Against 'rotection 'redators for (C) <or 'rotection against 'redators (%) =redators against 'rotection for (. A flood'lain is an extension of a ri$er channel _____ not inundated exce't during a flood. (A) where is it (B) but it is (C) or is (%) in case it /. "$en though Dohn <. Jennedy failed to recei$e the %emocratic =arty4s $ice 'residential nomination in 15/- _____ won their nomination for =resident in 15-8. (A) he (B) who (C) and (%) but -. 7ince Tam'a has a mild winter climate _____ as a tourist resort. (A) 'o'ular it (B) that as 'o'ular (C) 'o'ular (%) it is 'o'ular .. Cosmetics rarely noted today for any dangerous 'ro'erties ha$e been _____ for serious health 'roblems in the 'ast. (A) res'onsibility (B) res'onsible (C) its res'onsibility (%) the res'onsible ,. The ;nited 7tates Congress made *ashington %.C. _____ in 1,88. (A) after the go$ernment center (B) of the go$ernment center (C) the center of go$ernment (%) then the center of go$ernment 5. Astronomer >aria >itchell was the first woman _____ to the American Academy of Arts and 7ciences. (A) to be elected (B) was elected


(C) which she was elected (%) for her to be elected 18. _____ of staging a 'lay that hel' the audience understand its structure and meaning. (A) 7'ecific as'ects (B) *hen s'ecific as'ects (C) 7'ecific as'ects are (%) There are s'ecific as'ects 11. 6llustrator !orman @oc#well s'eciali9ed in finely drawn richly anecdotal scenes _____. (A) of e$eryday small2town life (B) of which e$eryday life in a small town (C) were in a small town e$ery day (%) small2town life e$ery day 12. _____ de'ends on the density of both the ob0ect and the water. (A) An ob0ect floats whether or not (B) *hether or not an ob0ect floats (C) <loating an ob0ect whether or not (%) *hether or not a floating ob0ect 1&. 7turgeons are 'ri9ed for their blac#ish roe _____ when salted and ser$ed as an a''eti9er is called ca$iar. (A) which (B) such (C) therefore (%) while 1(. 6n !a$a0o society not only _____ for food and for woo but also as a means of 'ayment or exchange. (A) shee' were $aluable (B) to $alue the shee' (C) the shee'4s $alue (%) were shee' $alued 1/. The re'ertory of a concert band _____ traditionally included flourishes marches and music transcribed from other media. (A) is (B) which (C) of (%) has 1-. "ducated at home and re1uiring to wor# to su''ort her family )ouisa >ay Alcott recorded many of her life4s e$ents in her autobiogra'hical no$els.

1.. 6t was not until the latter 'art of the nineteenth century that the Adirondac# region of !ew Bor# 7tate was 'ro'er ma''ed.

1,. 7uch s'ecial ada'tations as lightweight bodies widely wings and unusually soft feathers allow owls to fly silently.

15. @esearch shows that em'loyees whose obtain satisfaction from their 0obs are more 'roducti$e.


28. As glaciers reach the sea huge chun#s of ice brea# away of them.

21. *ith en$ironmental regulations tightening many of California4s to' wine ma#ers are starting grow gra'es organically using no herbicides or 'esticides.

22. The 'anda becoming an endangered s'ecies because humans ha$e encroached on the wilderness that is essential to the animal4s sur$i$al.

2&. Ad$ocates of the art form Abstract "x'ressionism em'hasi9e free s'ontaneous and 'ersonality emotional ex'ression.

2(. =ollen grains contains half as many chromosomes as the 'arent 'lant.

2/. 6n August 1..( Dohn Adams left Boston and went to =hiladel'hia in a re'resentati$e to the <irst Continental Congress.

2-. >ary >c)eod Bethune was begun to teach in 1,5/ and by 152& had become 'resident of Bethune2Coo#man College in <lorida.

2.. The artist <rederic @emington created a large numbers of 'aintings of the western ;nited 7tates.

2,. *orldwide there are a''roximately 2.8 s'ecies of carni$orous birds that ma#e u' the order <alconiformes the scientifically name for haw#s.

25. <rom its innermost core to its corona the 7un has a structure ty'ical of most star of its #ind.

&8. Although fre1uent melodramatic )illian 3ellman4s 'lays are mar#ed by insight and finesse.

&1. @ubbing a glass rod with sil# will cause small 'ieces of dries 'a'er to 0um' to the rod and cling to it.

&2. Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of creati$e ex'ression dating it bac# to at least ,888 B.C.


&&. Besides 'ro$iding clues to the nature of atoms mineral analysis allows to s'eculate geologists about the ancient "arth.

&(. The first antibiotics were made from ali$e matter such as molds.

&/. "$en the richest diamond de'osits tons of roc# must be mined and crushed to 'roduce one small diamond.

&-. 7e$eral ancient cultures 'resented math in sentences form with little or no abbre$iation or symbolism.

&.. 7ecretion by the 'ancreas into the bloodstream insulin affects metabolism by allowing cells throughout the body to use glucose as fuel.

&,. >ost Algon1uin 6ndian tribes exce't those of the north were sedentary and carried on agriculture with $arying degrees of intense.

&5. Although culti$ated in the new world for hundreds of years only within the last century the tomato has become recogni9ed as a $aluable food.

(8. Though the different between any two languages in the world may a''ear to be great they seem to function e1ually well as means of communication.




1995 01
1. An underlying assum'tion of most mar#et research is that 'eo'le are continually _____ financial decisions based on their desire for goods that gi$e them the most satisfaction. (A) ma#ing (B) and ma#e (C) being made (%) ha$ing made 2. _____ tem'era 'aint the artist mixes dry 'igments with water until the mixture resembles a stiff 'aste. (A) 6n 're'aration (B) The 're'aring of (C) To 're'are (%) =re'ared &. *hen two straight lines meet _____ an angle. (A) it is formed (B) formed (C) they form (%) to form (. >adge >ac#lin 'romoted the ex'ansion of medical training to include genetics _____ su''orted the founding of genetics de'artments in !orth American medical schools. (A) nor (B) and (C) while (%) if /. _____ mammals ha$e hair at some time in their li$es though in certain whales it is 'resent only before birth. (A) >ost (B) The most (C) >ost of which (%) 6n most of the -. The digesti$e en9yme 'e'sin brea#s down 'roteins into com'onents _____ readily absorbed by the human body. (A) that can be (B) and are (C) which they (%) are to be .. _____ the 'recise 1ualities of the hero in literary wor#s may $ary o$er time the basic exem'lary function of the hero seems to remain constant. (A) *hate$er (B) "$en though (C) 6n s'ite of (%) @egardless ,. !ot until the dedication of Bellowstone =ar# in the late nineteenth century _____ a national 'ar#. (A) the ;nited 7tates had (B) did the ;nited 7tates ha$e (C) when the ;nited 7tates had (%) the ;nited 7tates ha$ing 5. %aniel Jen 6nouye 3awaii4s first Congressman was elected to the ;nited 7tates 7enate in 15-&


where _____ #nown for his unbiased $iews on ci$il issues. (A) being (B) it is he (C) he became (%) ha$ing become 18. Because caricature tends to em'hasi9e the 'eculiarities of a sub0ect _____ an effecti$e $ehicle for 'ictorial satire. (A) which is often (B) and often seen as (C) it is often (%) many of which are 11. 6n the nineteenth century 7amuel ?ridley 3owe founded the =e#ins 7chool for the Blind _____ for children in Boston >assachusetts. (A) that institutes (B) while instituted (C) was an institution (%) an institute 12. "arly forms of life on "arth _____ in the absence of oxygen re1uired elements such as sulfur instead. (A) which li$ed (B) whose life (C) li$ed (%) were li$ing 1&. =eo'le in 'rehistoric times created 'aints by grinding materials such as 'lants and clay into 'owder _____. (A) water to be added (B) for adding water then (C) and water added (%) and then adding water 1(. +ften $ery annoying weeds _____ and act as hosts to many insect 'ests. (A) that crowd out less hardy 'lants than goldenrods (B) crowding out less hardy 'lants by goldenrods (C) the goldenrod4s crowding out of less hardy 'lants (%) goldenrods crowd out less hardy 'lants 1/. 7tarting around .888 B. C. and for the next four thousand years much of the !orthern 3emis'here _____ tem'eratures warmer than at 'resent. (A) with ex'erience of (B) ex'erienced (C) ex'eriencing (%) ex'erience 1-. The chief goal of biochemistry is for to understand the structure and beha$ior of the carbon2 containing com'ounds that ma#e u' $arious com'onents of a li$ing cell.

1.. According to entomologists 'ollinating insects are attracted to flowers by scent else by color.

1,. The American writer Alex 3aley tra$eled more than a half million mile to authenticate his no$el @oots.


15. @esearch by 'hysician Alice 3amilton on industrially ailments and 'oisons led to greatly im'ro$ed health conditions for wor#ers in the early 15884s.

28. 6t was in the late 15&84s where %ixieland 0a99 was a''reciated by the general 'ublic for the first time.

21. 7ince 1528 women ha$e been able to 'artici'ate acti$ely in the go$ernment the ;nited 7tates.

22. The architectural floor 'lan for a building is 'rimarily a diagram of the location and function of area each of the building. area. 2&. Cloc#s not only measure and tell time but also ser$e as decorated in homes and other buildings.

2(. Commercial 'rices for gems are based in se$eral factors including beauty durability rarity and the current fashion.

2/. Candle are made by di''ing a wic# into wax to 'our wax into a mold containing a sus'ended *ic# or rolling wax around a wic#.

2-. A$alanches occur why 'articles of sand roc# or snow are dragged down a slo'e by gra$ity.

2.. The a$erage annual solar radiation recei$ed by the atmos'here $aries strongly with latitude it is four times great at the e1uator than at the 'oles.

2,. =eggy ?uggenheim was none so much attracted to contem'orary art itself as she was to the bohemian art world.

25. @adon2in$isible tasteless and has no odor2is released into the atmos'here from soil and roc#s.

&8. 7'arrows small birds of the finch family ha$e stout bea#s ada'ted seed eating and are useful to farmers in destroying weed seeds.

&1. The 'oems of 7ara Teasdale are noting for their sim'licity and 'urity of form.


&2. Charlotte =e#ins ?ilman was a leading intellectual in the women4s mo$ement while its early decades in the ;nited 7tates.

&&. The Canadian 'ro$ince of !ewfoundland has a roc#y coast a moisture climate and 'robably the best cod2fishing areas in the world.

&(. Among the fa$orite attractions at the !ational Air and 7'ace >useum in *ahington %. C. Are the film 'resented on the fi$e2story2tall screen.

&/. Alchemists had the idea which by a''lying chemical $a'ors to base metals they could create gold.

&-. The most often flour is made from wheat but it may also be made from the seeds of other cereal 'lants.

&.. )acrosse the oldest organi9ed s'ort in !orth America originally 'layed by the 6ro1uois 6ndians throughout u''er !ew Bor# and lower +ntario.

&,. Although most house 'lants are ac1uired already 'otted they also can be grown from seeds or leaf cuttings from mature 'lant.

&5. The uni1ue ability of the horseshoe crab detected bacterial endotoxins was a chance disco$ery in the 15.84s at the >arine Biological )aboratory in *oods 3ole >assachusetts.

(8. Although ex'erimental tele$ision had been a$ailable since the 15284s many 'eo'le in ;nited 7tates did not see a broadcast until was the !ew Bor# *orld4s <air of 15&5.


1995 05
1. _____ 3enry <ord first sought financial bac#ing for ma#ing cars the $ery notion of farmers and cler#s owning automobiles was considered ridiculous. (A) 3ow (B) "$en (C) *hen (%) %es'ite 2. The first 'resident of Cornell ;ni$ersity Andrew *hite _____ the conce't of a uni$ersity unaffiliated with any religious sect or 'olitical 'arty. (A) de$elo' (B) de$elo'ing (C) de$elo's (%) de$elo'ed &. 6n order for information to be easily communicated _____ must be organi9ed in an understandable way. (A) there (B) and (C) it (%) how (. Because of record snowfalls in the mountains surrounding ;tah4s ?reat 7alt )a#e there is more water in the la#e and its salt content is _____ it once was. (A) least as (B) much less than (C) the least what (%) less /. 3ome mo$ies began to become 'o'ular as a hobby in the ;nited 7tates during the 15284s _____ of low2cost film. (A) the in$ention followed (B) the in$ention to follow (C) following the in$ention (%) in$ention the following -. >ary "dmonia )ewis a scul'tor who studied at +berlin College was _____ by 3rriet ffosmer. (A) tutored in the neoclassical aesthetic (B) the neoclassical aesthetic tutored in (C) aesthetic in the neoclassical tutored (%) the aesthetic neoclassical tutored in .. "$en though rhubarb is a $egetable _____ as a dessert. (A) 'o'ular also (B) it is 'o'ular (C) but it is 'o'ular (%) which is 'o'ular ,. "li9abeth Cabot Agassi9 _____ of @adeliffe College had wor#ed as both an educator and a naturalist. (A) the first 'resident (B) was the first 'resident (C) she was the first 'resident (%) which she was the first 'resident 5. _____ e$er de$elo'ed was celluloid a combination of natural cam'hor and cellulose nitrate.


(A) The first 'lastic and (B) Being the first 'lastic (C) The first 'lastic (%) 6t was the first 'lastic 18. +ften the design of a scholarly in$estigation _____ by the 1uestion it is addressing. (A) to affect (B) affects (C) affected (%) will be affected 11. Though once 1uite large _____ 'o'ulation of the bald eagle across !orth America has drastically declined in the 'ast forty years. (A) it is the (B) there is the (C) as the (%) the 12. =lywood was originally manufactured from logs _____ for other 'ur'oses. (A) were not suitable (B) that were not suitable (C) which they were not suitable (%) and suitable were not 1&. Aerobic exercises create a _____ oxygen in the body without seriously disru'ting normal body functions. (A) demand (B) demanding (C) demanding of (%) demand for 1(. A 'rotagonist of a 'lay is _____ in tragedy as the suffering main character. (A) what #nown (B) #nown as (C) what it is #nown (%) what is #now 1/. The bea$er chews down trees to get food and material _____ its home. (A) builds (B) it can builds (C) that it builds (%) with which to build 1-. The architect rural style of >annerism used unbalanced 'ro'ortions nor arbitrary arrangements of decoration.

1.. The theater is 'erha's the most com'lex of the arts re1uiring a number large of 'eo'le for a 'lay4s 'erformance.

1,. 7ome comets are $isibly to the unaided eye but only for se$eral months when they 'ass closest to the 7un.


15. 7inger comedienne and creating of the radio character Baby 7noo#s <anny Buice had an engaging 'ersonality that delighted audiences for nearly half a century.

28. 7accharin is about &88 times as sweeter as table sugar but has no carbohydrates and no food $alue.

21. +ne of the s to the sur$i$al of any animal is its ability ada'ts to changes in the en$ironment.

22. The element bromine is not found in nature in the free state because of their strong tendency to ta#e u' electrons and form com'ounds.

2&. %uring di$es that may reach de'ths of almost / 888 feet an ele'hant seal can holds its breath for an hour or more.

2(. The de$elo'ment of the boiler is closely related to those of the steam engine to which it is a necessary ad0unct.

2/. The @odeo Association of America formed in 1525 set u' a system 'oints for determining the national rodeo cham'ions.

2-. As the late 15(84s Dac#son =olloc#4s art has been considered the 'i$otal manifestation of Abstract "x'ressionism as his form of it is #nown.

2.. 7tars differ fundamental from 'lanets in that they are self2luminous whereas 'lanets shine by reflected light.

2,. 6n 15.& and 15.( %r. 7yl$ia >ead was selected chief scientist and a1uanaut for di$ing 'ro0ects in$ol$ed the underwater laboratory 3ydrolab.

25. An electromagnet is a de$ice which magnetism is 'roduced by an electric magnet.

&8. Almost all human acti$ity alters water 1uality somewhat but not necessity as a result of 'ollution by human materials.


&1. %uring 'eriods of hea$y rains a swam' can become a naturally flood controlling de$ice if excess runoff can be tem'orarily stored in its basin.

&2. *ith the ad$ent of 'ower2dri$en machinery home industry began toward gi$e way to 'roduction in mills and factories.

&&. )i1uefied natural gas is the most $olatile chemistry ex'losi$e in common use today.

&(. 3istorian ha$e been able to calculate the dates of e$ents from long ago by tracing references to ecli'ses that too# 'lace at the same time.

&/. 6n a small community beha$ioral norms are more uni$ersally understood and acce'ted and are therefore more li#ely being homogeneous than in a large city.

&-. Anthro'ologists face com'lex 'roblems of analysis and synthesis when they go about the tas# of descri'tion the culture of a grou' of 'eo'le.

&.. The guilds of the >iddle Ages began as associations in merchants established for the 'ur'ose of regulating the rules of commerce.

&,. Boo#er T. *ashington $iewed as one of the ablest 'ublic s'ea#ers of his time.

&5. The Alas#an wilderness is filled of wildlife including wol$es foxes and such waterfowl as wild geese.

(8. 3istorically no artists ha$e 'resented clearer or the more com'lete records of the de$elo'ment of human culture than scul'tors ha$e.


1995 08
1 According to the third law of thermodynamics _____ 'ossible is K2.&.1- degrees centigrade. (A) that tem'erature is lowest (B) the tem'erature is lower (C) lowest tem'erature (%) the lowest tem'erature. 2 After the <irst *orld *ar the author Anais !in became interested in the art mo$ement #nown as 7urrealism and in 'sychoanalysis both _____ her no$els and shorts stories. (A) in which the influence (B) of which influenced (C) to ha$e influence (%) its influence in & >us#rats generally _____ close to the edge of a bog where their fa$orite 'lant foods grow 'lentifully. (A) staying (B) they are staying (C) stay (%) to stay there ( +li$er "llsworth _____ of the ;nited 7tates 7u'reme Court was the author of the bill that established the federal court system. (A) he was the third chief 0ustice (B) the third chief 0ustice was (C) who the third chief 0ustice (%) the third chief 0ustice / _____ Colonial 'eriod the great ma0ority of Connecticut4s settlers came from "ngland. (A) 7ince (B) The time (C) %uring the (%) 6t was - A 'olitician can ma#e a legislati$e 'ro'osal more _____ by gi$ing s'ecific exam'les of what its effect will be. (A) to understanding (B) understandably (C) understandable (%) when understood . =laying the trum'et with da99ling originality _____ dominated 0a99 for 28 years. (A) )ouis Armstrong (B) The influence of )ouis Armstrong (C) The music of )ouis Armstrong (%) )ouis Armstrong4s talent , Before e$ery 'residential election in the ;nited 7tates the statisticians try to guess the 'ro'ortion of the 'o'ulation that _____ for each candidate. (A) are $oted (B) $oting (C) to be $oted (%) will $ote 5 _____ at a ri$er ford on the %onner =ass route to California the city of @eno grew as bridges and railroad were built.


(A) 7ettle (B) To settle (C) 6t was settling (%) 3a$ing been settled 18 The air inside a house or office building often has higher concentrations of contaminants _____ hea$ily 'olluted outside air. (A) than does (B) more (C) as some that are (%) li#e of 11 The decimal numeral system is one of the _____ ways of ex'ressing numbers. (A) useful most world4s (B) world4s most useful (C) useful world4s most (%) most world4s useful 12 "mily %ic#inson4s garden was a 'lace _____ great ins'iration for her 'oems. (A) that she drew (B) by drawing her (C) from which she drew (%) drawn from which C () 1&. The mountains surrounding )os Angeles effecti$ely shield the city from the hot dry winds of the >o0a$e %esert _____ the circulation of air. (A) but they also 're$ent (B) also 're$ented by them (C) and also to 're$ent (%) and also 're$enting A () % *+ 1(. !ot only _____ to determine the de'th of the ocean floor but it is also used to locate oil. (A) to use seismology (B) is seismology used (C) seismology is used (%) using seismology A ,- B () 1/. !ebras#a has floods in some years _____. (A) in others drought (B) droughts are others (C) while other droughts (%) others in drought 1-. =o' Art was a mo$ement of the 15/84s and 15-84s whom imagery was based on readily recogni9ed American 'roducts and 'eo'le.

1.. Because the tachinid fly is a 'arasite of harmful insects much s'ecies ha$e been im'orted into the ;nited 7tates to combat insect 'ests. 1,. All almost the electricity for industrial use comes from large generators dri$en by steam turbines.


15. The "gy'tians first disco$ered that drying fruit 'reser$ed it made it sweeter and im'ro$ement its fla$or. 28. %uring his twel$e year there "llsi >arsalis turned the !ew +rleans Center for the Creati$e Arts into a rich training 'lace for future 0a99 stars.

21. Algebra is the branch of mathematics concerned with o'erations on sets of numbers or other elements that are often re'resented at symbols.

22. As her focus changed the lo$e 'oetry that "dna 7t. Cincent >illay 'roduced in the 15284s increasing ga$e way to 'oetry dealing with social in0ustice.

2&. *hen a 'earl is cut in half and examined under a microsco'e but its layers can be seen.

2(. A conductor uses signals and gesture to let the musicians to #now when to 'lay $arious 'arts of a com'osition.

2/. 6f a glass li9ard loses its tails a new one grows to re'lace it.

2-. >any of the recording instruments used in $ary branches of science are #ymogra'hs.

2.. 6t was near end of 'rehistoric times that the first wheeled $ehicles a''eared.

2,. >artin )uther Jing Dr.4s magnificent s'ea#ing ability enabling him to effecti$ely ex'ress the demands for social 0ustice for Blac# Americans.

25. %esigners of athletic footwear finely tune each category of shoe to its 'articularly acti$ity by studying human motion and 'hysiology.

&8. ?othic @e$i$al architecture has se$eral basis characteristics that distinguish it from other nineteenth2century architectural styles.

&1. 7ince rats are destructi$e and may carry disease therefore many cities try to exterminate them.


&2. 6n the ;nited 7tates among -8 'ercent of the s'ace on the 'ages of news'a'ers is reser$ed for ad$ertising.

&&. @ecently in the automobile industry multinational com'anies ha$e de$elo'ed to the 'oint where such few cars can be described as ha$ing been made entirely in one country. &(. 7cientists belie$e that by altering the genetic com'osition of 'lants it is 'ossible to de$elo' s'ecimens that are resisting to disease and ha$e increased food $alue.

&/. The 'ur'ose of tra$eler4s chec#s is to 'rotect tra$elers from theft and accidental lost of money.

&-. The early 'eriods of a$iation in the ;nited 7tates was mar#ed by exhibition flights made by indi$idual fliers or by teams of 'erformers at country fairs.

&.. The American anarchist "mma ?oldman infused her s'irited lectures 'ublishes and demonstrations with a 'assionate belief in the freedom of the indi$idual.

&,. Being the biggest ex'anse of brac#ish water in the world the Baltic 7ea is of s'ecial interesting to scientists.

&5. The main ad$ertising media include direct mail radio tele$ision maga9ines and news'a'er.

(8. *hile studying the chemistry of human body %r. @osalyn Balow won a !obel =ri9e for the research she conducted on the role of hormones.


1995 10
1. _____ the demands of aeros'ace medicine and agriculture engineers are creating exotic new metallic substances. (A) >eet (B) Being met are (C) To meet (%) They are meeting B ./01 C 23 2. _____ Dames A. Bland ECarry >e Bac# to +ld CirginnyF was ada'ted as the state song of Cirginia in 15(8. (A) *as written by (B) 3is writing was (C) 3e wrote the (%) *ritten by A ./ was B *+ &. >ary ?arden _____ the early 15884s was considered one of the best singing actresses of her time. (A) a so'rano was 'o'ular (B) in a 'o'ular so'rano (C) was a 'o'ular so'rano (%) a 'o'ular so'rano in % *456 (. 6n the realm of 'sychological theory >argaret <. *ashburn was a dualist _____ that motor 'henomena ha$e an essential role in 'sychology. (A) who she belie$ed (B) who belie$ed (C) belie$ed (%) who did she belie$e Awho 7 she 89 B () %*A /. _____ no real boundary to the 'art of the ocean referred to as a Edee'F because of changing water le$els and mo$ement in the sea floor. (A) 6t is (B) To be (C) Being (%) There is -. ;nli#e moderate antisla$ery ad$ocates abolitionists _____ an immediate end to sla$ery. (A) demanded (B) they demand (C) that they demanded (%) in that they demand A () B .- % -0,: .. A few animals sometimes fool their enemies _____ to be dead.


(A) a''ear (B) to a''ear (C) by a''earing (%) to be a''earing C () % to be a''eared ,. _____ of the mourning do$e is made only by the male. (A) That the sad cooing call (B) The sad cooing call (C) 6s the sad cooing call (%) The cooing call is sad. Athat ;< B () % *C 5. The wor# of 'ainters in the ;nited 7tates during the early twentieth century is noted for _____ as well as telling stories. (A) it is re'resenting of images (B) which images re'resenting (C) the images re'resenting (%) re'resenting images % () 18. Abraham )incoln insisted that _____ not 0ust on mere o'inion but on moral 'ur'ose. (A) to base democracy (B) for democracy to be based (C) democracy be based (%) whene$er democracy is based B *+ C () % is => 11. *orld trade 'atterns are indicati$e of the im'ortant economic issues _____ confront the world today. (A) what (B) that (C) who (%) they B () C ?@ % ./- 12. 6n the sym'hony orchestra bass drums are not _____ #ettle drums. (A) as 're$alent (B) that 're$alent (C) so 're$alent as (%) 're$alent than A AB as C () % C more 1&. >ost natural 'orts are located where the shoreline is irregular and _____. (A) dee' water (B) is the water dee' (C) the water is dee' (%) there is the dee' water


A BD B *+ C () % =>E 1(. _____ to the re'roducti$e rates of other small mammals that of the bat is $ery low indeed. (A) Com'ared (B) 6t is com'ared (C) To be com'aring (%) 3a$e com'ared A () B .01 Cbe done 1/. _____ nati$e to "uro'e the daisy has now s'read throughout most of !orth America. (A) Although (B) 6f it were (C) 6n s'ite of (%) That it is A FG it is B -0HIJ % that ,#K 1-. +n "llesmere 6sland in the Arctic one fossil forest consists of a nearly hundred large stum's scattered on an ex'osed coal bed.

1.. The surface conditions on the 'lanet >ars are the more li#e the "arth4s than are those of any other 'lanet in the solar system.

1,. The midnight sun is a 'henomenon in which the 7un $isible remains in the s#y for twenty2four hours or longer.

15 The 3umber @i$er and its $alley form a ma0or salmon2fishing lumbering hunting and farmer region in western !ewfoundland Canada.

28 Among the 'arameters that determine whether an en$ironment is suitably for life as we #now it are tem'erature water a$ailability and oxygen content.

21. *hen eggs of some s'ecies of insects hatch the newly born insects loo# almost li#e its adult counter'arts.

22. Although there are more than 2 888 different $ariety of candy many of them are made from a basic boiled mixture of sugar water and corn syru'.


2&. The ca'ital of the ;nited 7tates originally !ew Bor# City was mo$ed to =hiladel'hia where stayed until 1,88.

2( >igration of animals may be initiated by 'hysiological stimuli such as re'roducti$e changes external 'ressures such as weather changes or a combination of either ty'es of changes.

2/. )awrence @obert Jlein recei$ed the 15,8 !obel =ri9e in economics for 'ioneering the useful of com'uters to forecast economic acti$ity.

2-. The strength si9e and surefootedness of the 3ama ma#e it as excellentcy beast of burden in mountainous regions today as it was in the 'ast.

2.. !uclear energy des'ite its early 'romise as a source of electrical 'ower is still insignificant in com'ared with older and safer energy sources.

2,. 3awaii4s eight ma0or islands and numerous islets form the only state in the ;nited 7tates that is not lie on the mainland of !orth America.

25. "stablished about 1&88 the Acoma 'ucblo in !ew >exico is belie$ed to be oldest continuously occu'ied settlement in the ;nited 7tates.

&8. !octurnal creatures raccoons forage 'rimarily at night and s'end their days rest in their dens.

&1. >arian Anderson in addition to gaining fame as a concert soloist also ser$ed as a ;nited 7tates delegates to the ;nited !ations.

&2. ?ood dental hygiene and a 'ro'er diet are necessary for the maintain of sound teeth.

&&. @ice ada't better than other grain cro's to areas with unfa$orable saline al#aline or acid sulfate soils.

&(. Deanette @an#in 'acifist and lifetime crusader for social and electoral reform was the first woman to be a membershi' of the ;nited 7tates Congress.


&/. 6n the ;nited 7tates >aryland ran#s second only to Cirginia as a oyster2 'roducing state.

&-. The social games of children hel' to 're'are themsel$es for their adult roles.

&.. Algae ha$e been an extremely im'ortant lin# in the food chain after the beginning of life on "arth as we #now it.

&,. The chorus 'lays a large 'art in any oratorio lin#ing areas were sung by soloists with segments of choral music.

&5. Butte >ontana had built abo$e large de'osits of sil$er gold and co''er and became #nown as Ethe richest hill on "arth.F

(8. @ealistic no$els in trying to 'resent life as it actually is ha$e written many wor#s that are notable for their artistry of style.


1996 01
1. 7ociologists ha$e long recogni9ed that social tension _____. (A) elements from grou' li$ing. (B) elements of a normal grou' life (C) li$ing are a grou' of elements. (%) are normal elements of grou' life 2. _____ ha$e a $ery #een sense of hearing although most do not hear sounds audible to the human ear. (A)*hile some insects do (B) 7ome insects which (C)7ome insects (%)That some insects. &. Although both 'olitical 'arties wanted %wight %. "isenhower as their 'residential nominee in 15/2 he became a @e'ublican candidate and _____. (A)=resident was electing (B) was elected =resident (C)to elect the =resident (%)being elected 'resident. (. 6f an act is rewarded many times immediately and with strong reinforces it will ra'idly become _____. (A)a habit (B) into a habit (C)that which a habit (%)a habit can be /. ?iant 'andas resemble bears in sha'e and in _____. (A)it is a slow clumsy way to wal# (B) the slow clumsy way they wal# (C)they wal# in a slow clumsy way (%)their slow wal# is clumsy. -. _____ tem'erature at which air holds as much water $a'or as it can is called the dew 'oint. (A)6t is the (B) 6s the (C)As the (%)The .. The earring is one of the oldest #nown ornaments and _____ 'ieces of stone bone or shell. (A)was from originally from (B) was made originally from (C)originally made was from (%)from originally made was ,. !o one #nows exactly _____. (A)how did s'eech begin (B) how s'eech began (C)how the beginning of s'eech (%)of how beginning s'eech. 5. _____ mechanical de$ice has e$er been in$ented that can satisfactorily re'lace teasel flower heads for raising the na' on cloth. (A)!o (B) !ot the


(C)!e$er has a (%)There is no 18. "$en as a girl _____ to be her life and theater audiences were to be her best teachers. (A)'erformances by <anny Brice were (B) it was #nown that <anny Brice4s 'erformances were (C)audiences #new that <anny Brice4s 'erformances were (%)<anny Brice #new that 'erforming was 11. _____ the diffusion of heat u'ward to the "arth4s surface the tem'erature within the "arth remains constant. (A)That (B) %es'ite (C)6f (%)*hen 12. !oise in a room may be reduced by car'eting dra'eries and u'holstered furniture _____ absorb sound. (A)which they all (B) of them all (C)all of which (%)of all which 1&. _____ de$ised to lessen the drudgery of washing clothes that origin of the washing machine is unclear. (A)*ere the in$entions so numerous (B) The in$entions so numerous (C)7o numerous were the in$entions (%)The in$entions that were so numerous 1(. +f the thousands of $arieties of bird s'ecies in !orth America _____ bright red 'lumage li#e the cardinal are most often designated as state bird. (A)those that ha$e (B) who ha$e (C)which ha$e (%)to ha$e their 1/. _____ as a territory in 1,/( and admitted as a state in 1,-1 Jansas is at the geogra'hical center of the ;nited 7tates. (A)By organi9ing (B) Because organi9ed (C)+rgani9ed (%)3e had organi9ed 1-. Before 'ioneers cleared the land for farms cities and road forests co$ered about (8 'ercent of what is now the state of 6llinois.

1.. The sea chantey a ty'e of fol# music not only described the 'leasures of stations4 li$es ashore also but the harsh conditions of life aboard shi'.

1,. >ount @ushmore !ational >emorial in 7outh %a#ota has a heads of four 'residents of the ;nited 7tates car$ed into its face.


15. !est building is much less commonly among mammals than among birds.

28. The Awa#ening a no$el by Jate Cho'in shoc#ed readers and cause a storm of criticism.

21. The Alas#an 3ighway was officially o'ened !o$ember 28 15(2 although much more wor# needed be done to com'lete it.

22. 7agebrush flourishes in the dry soil of the western 'lains where other many 'lants cannot grow.

2&. >odern directions of 7ha#es'eare are not longer inhibited by earlier traditions of realistic settings.

2(. 7ur$eys show that the ma0ority of 'assengers are 'leasing that an agreement has been reached to forbid smo#ing on commercial flights within the continental ;nited 7tates. 2/. 7na#es are ca'able of graceful motion throughout the entire long of their rubbery bodies.

2-. Tariffs 're$enting the most efficient use of the world4s resources by restricting di$ision of labor to national boundaries.

2.. The Aleuts in western Alas#a ha$e always de'ended of the sea for food.

2,. Atoms that ha$ing different atomic numbers generally beha$e differently.

25. +$er the 'ast few year many towns in the ;nited 7tates ha$e been 0oining with neighboring communities to share the costs of go$ernment.

&8. *hat ma#es for human s#eleton hard and strong is the 'resence of the metallic element calcium.

&1. >any of @obert Bly4s 'oems ex'lore solitude natural $igor and silent in an immediate and modern idiom.

&2. To con$ert an angle measured in radians for an e1ui$alent angle measured in degrees multi'ly the number of radians by /..25-.


&&. 7er$ing as chief of the ;nited 7tates Children4s Bureau from 1521 to 15&(. ?race Abbott fought for the rights of women and children through the world.

&(. To 'eo'le from tem'erate climates tro'ical butterflies may seem incredible big.

&/. The first railroad in the ;nited 7tates were short wooden tramways connecting mines also 1uarries with nearby streams.

&-. The league of *omen Coters of the ;nited 7tates identifies certain local state and nation issues for study and action.

&.. <ibers can come from 'lants animals or mineral ores or they may be made from a $ariety chemical substances.

&,. "dwin <ran#o ?oldman was the first bandmaster to encourage leading contem'orary com'ositions to write original wor#s for a band.

&5. The ta'ir an odd2toed hoofed mammal feed on 'lants eating such things as grass lea$es fallen fruit and moss in large 1uantities.

(8. <or thousands of years 'eo'le ha$e used some #ind of refrigeration cooling be$erages and 'reser$e edibles.


1996 05
1. *ind motion can be obser$ed in the mesos'here by _____ the trails of meteors 'assing through it. (A) to watch (B) watching (C) watched (%) watch 2. Thomas "dison4s first 'atented in$ention was a de$ice_____ in Congress. (A) $otes counted for (B) had been counting $otes (C) for counting $ote (%) be a counted $ote &. Clara Bow a 'o'ular actress in the 15284s retired _____ she was unable to ma#e the transition from silent films to sound films. (A) ne$ertheless (B) in s'ite of (C) because (%) and for (. Built in 1,,2 the Jin9ua Ciaduct in >c#ean County =ennsyl$ania is o'en only to those $isitors _____ are able to wal# its 2 8/, 2 foot length. (A) who (B) to whom (C) which they (%) that which /. A bridge must be strong enough to su''ort its own weight _____ the weight of the 'eo'le and $ehicles that use it. (A) as well (B) so well (C) as well as (%) so well as -. The swallows of Ca'istrano are famous _____ to the same nests in California each s'ring. (A) to return (B) who returned (C) they returned (%) for returning .. 6n the fourteenth century _____ that glass coated with sil$er nitrate would turn yellow when fired in an o$en. (A) the disco$ery (B) it was disco$ered (C) with the disco$ery (%) if it was disco$ered ,. _____ recurring fear is out of 'ro'ortion to any real danger it is called a 'hobia. (A) *hen (B) *hereas (C) *hich (%) *hether 5. >any modern 'hotogra'hers attem't to mani'ulate elements of 'hotogra'hy other _____ in their 'hotogra'hs. (A) than light is


(B) than light (C) being light (%) light 18. <or any adhesi$e to ma#e a really strong bond _____ to be glued must be absolutely clean and free from moisture or grease. (A) and surfaces (B) when surfaces (C) the surfaces (%) surfaces that 11. Although still underwater )oihi 7eamount the newest 3awaiian island _____ closer to the surface by fre1uent $olcanic eru'tions that add layers of la$a to the island. (A) brought (B) to be brought (C) being brought (%) is being brought 12. _____ unstable and ex'lodes as a su'erno$a is not #nown. (A) <or a star to become (B) 3ow a star becomes (C) A star becomes (%) That a star is becoming 1&. !ot until linoleum was in$ented in 1,-8 _____ hard 2 wearing easy 2 to 2 clean flooring. (A) any house did ha$e (B) did any house ha$e (C) house had any (%) any house had 1(. 3iram @e$els the first Blac# member of the ;nited 7tates 7enate ser$ed as senator from >ississi''i an office _____ he was elected in 1,.8. (A) which (B) to which (C) and which (%) being which 1/. +ceans continually lose by e$a'oration much of the ri$er water _____. (A) to constantly flow into them (B) is constantly flowing into them (C) constantly flows into them (%) constantly flowing into them 1-. Because of it consists only of a relati$ely short strand of %!A 'rotected by a shell of 'rotein a $irus cannot eat or re'roduce by itself.

1.. The oxygen in the air we breathe has no tasted smell or color.

1,. 6n 15.. Jathleen Battle was hired by the !ew Bor# >etro'olitan +'era *here her became the star so'rano.

15. The aard$ar# is a mammal that burrows into the ground to catches ants and termites.


28. Because of the a$ailability of truc#s and easy access to modern highways the locate of farms has become relati$ely unim'ortant with res'ect to their distance from mar#ets.

21. The homes created by the legendary architect <ran# )loyd *right are still $iewed as uni1uely inno$ati$e and $aluable.

22. ?eologists find it useful to identification fossils in a roc# sam'le because certain assemblages of s'ecies are characteristic of s'ecific geologic time 'eriods.

2&. >any 'oets enhance their wor# by creating a contrast among realism and symbolism in a gi$en 'oem.

2(. >ost countries de'end to few extent on cereal im'orts to augment their own cro's.

2/. The fragrant lea$es of the laurel 'lant to sell commercially as bay lea$es and are used for seasoning foods.

2-. *hen contented and occasionally when hunger cats fre1uently ma#e a 'urring sound.

2.. The e$olution of fishes is a history of constant ada'tation to new 'ossibilities and a refined of these ada'tations.

2,. 6n 1551 Antonia !o$ello the ;nited 7tates 7urgeon ?eneral launched se$eral 'rograms to address 'articular 'roblem that young 'eo'le ha$e.

25. 7ome 'sychologists belie$e that those who are encouraged to be inde'endent res'onsible and com'etent in childhood are li#ely more than others to become moti$ated to achie$e. &8. The central 'ur'ose of management is for ma#ing e$ery action or decision hel' achie$e a carefully chosen goal.

&1. As a 'oetry !i##i ?io$anni ma#es effecti$e use of 0a99 and blues rhythms.


&2. ;nli#e wood 'a'er and fabric which tendency to disintegrate after being buried for many years ceramics and glassware although easily bro#en sur$i$e well in the ground.

&&. >argaret >ead achie$ed world famous through her studies of child 2 rearing 'ersonality and culture.

&(. The disco$ery of the antibiotic 'enicillin in 152, has not 'roduced antibiotics useful for the treatment of infectious diseases until 15(8.

&/. 6n the ;nited 7tate the Cabinet consist of a grou' of ad$isers each of whom is chosen by the =resident to head an executi$e de'artment of the go$ernment.

&-. Colleges in the newly formed ;nited 7tates in reco$ering from the ad$erse effects of the American @e$olution inaugurated a broad curriculum in res'onse of social demands.

&.. 3umus is formed during soil microorganisms decom'ose animal and 'lant material into elements usable by 'lants.

&,. +9one is an unstable faintly bluish gas that is the most chemical acti$e form of oxygen.

&5. The de$elo'ment of 'rofessional s'orts in the ;nited 7tates dates bac# to nineteenth century.

(8. )ong before his death Dohn %ewey saw his 'hiloso'hy ha$e a 'rofound influences on education and thought in the ;nited 7tates and elsewhere.


1996 08
1. A microsco'e can re$eal $astly _____ detail than is $isible to the na#ed eye. (A) than (B) than more (C) more than (%) more. 2. !arcissus bulbs _____ at least three inches a'art and co$ered with about four inches of well drained soil. (A) should be 'lanted (B) to 'lant (C) must 'lanting (%) should 'lant &. 6ndustriali9ation has been res'onsible for _____ most radical of the en$ironmental changes caused by humans. (A) a (B) the (C) some of which (%) which are the (. 6n many areas the slo'e and to'ogra'hy of the land _____ excess rainfall to run off into a natural outlet. (A) neither 'ermit (B) without 'ermitting (C) nor 'ermitting (%) do not 'ermit. /. Color and light ta#en together _____ the aesthetic im'act of the interior of a building. (A) $ery 'owerfully influence (B) $ery influence 'owerfully (C) 'owerfully $ery influence (%) influence 'owerfully $ery. -. _____ that @achel Carson4s 15-2 boo# 7ilent 7'ring was one of the chief sources of ins'iration for the de$elo'ment of nontoxic 'esticides. (A) There is li#ely (B) )i#ely to be (C) 6t is li#ely (%) )i#ely .. Total color blindness _____ is the result of a defect in the retina. (A) a rare condition that (B) a rare condition (C) that a rare condition (%) is a rare condition. ,. _____ no conclusi$e e$idence exists many ex'erts belie$e that the wheel was in$ented only once and then diffused to the rest of the world. (A) "$en (B) But (C) Although (%) 7o. 5. *here$er there is 'lenty of rain during the growing season life is _____ in $arious forms. (A) abundant


(B) the abundance (C) an abundant (%) it abundant 18. 6n her time 6sadora %uncan was _____ today a liberated woman. (A) calling what we would (B) who would be calling (C) what we would call (%) she would call it. 11. _____ around stones that are sun2warmed e$en the smallest of stones creates tiny currents of warm air. (A) The cool air (B) 6f the air is cool (C) That the air cools (%) The cooler the air. 12. %es'ite its wide range of styles and instrumentation country music has certain common features _____ its own s'ecial character. (A) gi$e it that (B) that gi$e it (C) gi$e that (%) that gi$es it to 1&. >ost of _____ archaeologists #now about 'rehistoric cultures is based on studies of material remains. (A) these (B) what (C) which (%) their 1(. According to some critics the no$els of *illiam Burroughs demonstrate the ma0or ha9ard of absurd literature _____ tendency toward o$er2embellishment and incoherence. (A) notwithstanding (B) besides (C) is a (%) its 1/. Coinciding with the de$elo'ment of 0a99 in !ew +rleans in the 15284s _____ in blues music. (A) was one of the greatest 'eriods. (B) one of the greatest 'eriods (C) was of the greatest 'eriods (%) the greatest 'eriods. 1-.?one *ith the *ind the e'ic no$el about life in 7outh during the Ci$il *ar 'eriod too# ten years write.

1.. !one two butterflies ha$e exactly the same design on their wings.

1,. To sa$e the California condor from extinction a grou' of federal local and 'ri$ately organi9ations initiated a rescue 'rogram.


15. A coral reef a intricate a1uatic community of 'lants and animals is found only in warm shallow sunlit seas.

28. Carnegie hall was the first building in !ew Bor# designed s'ecial for orchestral music.

21. 7ince it li$es in the desert the collared li9ard de'ends from insects for water as well as for food.

22. The Texas =anhandle region in the northwestern 'art of the state 'roduces more wheat cotton and grain sorghum than any of other area of Texas.

2&. )ight rays what enter the eye must be focused onto a 'oint on the retina in order for a clear $isual image to form.

2(. The orangutan4s hands and feet are designed for holding and gras'ing branches and its 'owerful immensely arms enable it to climb and swing in trees without difficulty.

2/. The extraordinary beautiful of orchids ma#es them the basis of a multimillion dollar floral industry.

2-. The Cermont "lememary 7cience =ro0ect according to its founders are designed to challenge some of the most widely held beliefs about teaching.

2.. The number ,./ is an exam'le of a Emixed numberF because it is com'osing of an integer and a fraction.

2,. 6f it is #e't dry a seed can still s'rout u' to forty years after their formation.

25. 6n The 7ociology of 7cience now considered a classic @obert >erton discusses cultural economy and social forces that contributed to the de$elo'ment of modern science. . &8.Bacteria li$ed in the soil 'lay a $ital role in recycling the carbon and nitrogen needed by 'lants.

&1.7ome sna#es ha$e hollow teeth are called fangs that they use to 'oison their $ictims.

&2.7tars deri$e their energy from thermonuclear reactions that ta#e 'lace in their heat interiors.


&&.Carrie Cha'man Call organi9ed the )eague of *omen Cotes after successfully cam'aign for the constitutional amendment that ga$e women the right to $ote.

&(.Any grou' that conducting its meeting using 'arliamentary rules will encounter situations where 'rescribed 'rocedures cannot be a''lied.

&/.The strongly 'atriotic character of Charles 7angster4s 'oetry is credited about greatly furthering the cause of confederation in Canada.

&-.Dessamyn *est4s first and most famous no$el The friendly =ersuasion describes the life of a Hua#er farmed family in the mid21,884s.

&.. +ne in$entor that Thomas "dison can ta#e credit for is the light bulb.

&,."lectric motors range in si9e from the tiny mechanisms that o'erate sewing machine to the great engines in hea$y locomoti$es.

&5.The nitrogen ma#es u' o$er ., 'ercent of the "arth4s atmos'here the gaseous mass surrounding the 'lanet.

(8.The >ississi''i the longest ri$er in the ;nited 7tates begins as small clear stream in northwestern >innesota.


1996 10
1. Charlie =ar#er _____ was one of the creators of the music style called Ebo'.F (A) a great 0a99 im'ro$iser who (B) to im'ro$ise great 0a99 (C) a great 0a99 im'ro$iser (%) im'ro$ised great 0a99. 2. The world4s dee'est ca$e =ierre 7t. >artin in the =yrenees >ountains is almost three times as dee' _____. (A) as the "m'ire 7tate Building is high. (B) That the "m'ire 7tate Building is higher. (C) 6s higher than the "m'ire 7tate Building (%) And the "m'ire 7tate Building4s height. &. *hen Columbus reached the !ew *orld corn was the _____ in the Americas. (A) widely most grown 'lant. (B) >ost widely grown 'lant (C) >ost grown widely 'lant (%) =lant widely grown most. (. Because #aolin shrin#s in firing at a different rate than ordinary clay _____ when creating 'ottery using both ty'es of clay. (A) s'ecial handling is re1uired (B) s'ecial handling re1uired (C) a re1uirement of s'ecial handling (%) the re1uired s'ecial handling /. The ceremonial Chilcat blan#et of the !orthwest Tlingit 6ndians was generally _____ from cedar bar# wool and goats4 hair. (A) wo$e (B) to wea$e (C) wea$ing (%) wo$en -. _____ com'osed traditionally has been a sub0ect of debate among scholars. (A) *ere ballads how (B) Ballads were how they (C) 3ow ballads that were (%) 3ow ballads were .. Du'iter the closest of the giant 'lanets to "arth has _____ solid surface and is surrounded by 9ones of intense radiation. (A) not (B) nor (C) no (%) neither. ,. The blac#2billed cuc#oo has been #nown to steal eggs _____ to other birds. (A) belong (B) which belonging (C) which they belong (%) that belong C they 5. The 'ur'ose of 'honetics is _____ an in$entory and a descri'tion of the sounds found in s'eech. (A) to 'ro$ide (B) 'ro$ided


(C) which 'ro$ided (%) 'ro$iding that % that 18."arth1ua#es can damage a tree _____ $iolently and it can ta#e se$eral years for the tree to heal. (A) to cause sha#ing (B) when sha#ing it causes (C) by causing it to sha#e (%) to cause to sha#e it 11._____ bacteria in foods are #illed as they are during ba#ing or stewing decay is slowed down. (A) *hat (B) The (C) 6f (%) 7o 12.The colors and 'atterns of the wings of butterflies and moths hel' _____ the organism against 'redators. (A) 'rotect (B) being 'rotected (C) 'rotecting (%) 'rotection of 1&.6n 155& the )ibrary of Congress a''ointed author @ita %o$e _____ of the ;nited 7tates. (A) as was 'oet laureate (B) was 'oet laureate (C) 'oet laureate (%) and 'oet laureate 1(.At the 7outh =ole _____ the coldest and most desolate region on "arth. (A) Antarctica lies where (B) *here Antarctica lies (C) Antarctica lies and (%) )ies Antarctica 1/.Tornados 'owerful destructi$e wind storms occur most often in the s'ring when hot winds _____ o$er flat land encounter hea$y cold air. (A) which to rise. (B) that rising (C) are rising (%) rising 1-.>any exercises such as calisthenics running or to swim in$ol$e 'roducing muscle tension through a range of mo$ements that are called isotonics.

1..6ntelligence education and ex'erience all hel's sha'e management style.

1,. The basic elements of 'ublic2o'inion research are inter$iewers 1uestionnaires tabulating e1ui'ment and to sam'le 'o'ulation.

15. Conser$ation organi9ations hel' for to 'reser$e the ecology of an area by #ee'ing trac# of endangered s'ecies.


28. ?wendolyn Broo#s which won a =ulit9er =ri9e for =oetry in 15/8 had ./ 'oems 'ublished by the time she was twenty.

21. + 3alifax is largest city and chief 'ort of !o$a 7cotia and is the eastern terminus of Canada4s two great railway systems.

22.T. 7. "liot recei$ed wide recognition after 'ublishes The *aste )and which fused 'oetic traditions with elements of modern music and language. 2&. !umerous ty'es of cells such as s#in cells and white blood cells ha$e the 'ower re'roduce asexually.

2(. The #nee is more li#ely to be damage than most other 0oints because it is sub0ect to tremendous forces during $igorous acti$ity.

2/.Although ferns lac# flowers they do ha$e lea$es stems and root.

2-. Cra9y 3orse is generally recogni9ed for his courageous and s#ill and he was re$ered by the 7ioux as their greatest leader.

2.. 6n medicine certain 'lastics ha$e im'ortant uses because they do not affected by chemicals in the body and they do not harm the body.

2,. 7ince a hos'ital is organi9ed to 'rotect and treat 'eo'le who are ill its goals structures and functions de'end on the currently state of medical science.

25. A change in direction of the monsoon winds result from the differences between the heating or cooling of landmasses and that of oceans.

&8. 7mall distinctions among stam's unim'ortant to the 'erson a$erage would mean a great deal to the stam' collector.

&1. >embers of a nation4s foreign ser$ice re'resent that country4s interests abroad and re'ort on the conditions trends and 'olicies of the country which they are stationed.


&2. Abraham )incoln4s boyhood home resembled those of many others mid2western 'ioneers with its dirt floor slee'ing loft and crude fire'lace. &&. %welling 'rimarily in the ice northern 'olar seas beluga whales are characteristically small white agile and elusi$e.

&(.There is e$idence that the caribou originated into !orth America and crossed o$er al land bridge into Asia and e$ol$ed into the +ld *orld4s reindeer.

&/.The bold way in which >argaret >ead defined the terms EfamilyF 2 based as much on choice as on biological relationshi' 2 is 'ossibly the most enduring of her legacies. &-. The 'lanet >ars is a free9ing barren deserts with huge dry canyons and towering $olcanoes.

&.. +f the many machines in$ented in the late nineteenth century none had a great im'act on the ;nited 7tates economy than the automobile.

&,. A number of the =acific 6slands are $olcanoes that ha$e 'ushed u' from the ocean floor others are the to's sun#en mountain ranges.

&5. 6t has been re'orted that during any twenty2four hour 'eriod a minimal of three hundred !orth American women start their own businesses.

(8. Archeological studies ha$e 'ro$ided e$idence that the use of 'lants for decoration as well as for food de$elo'ed early in the history.


1997 01
1. _____ a necessary dimension for measuring astronomical s'ace and the distance of hea$enly bodies from the "arth. (A) +nce in time (B) Time is (C) The time (%) 6t is time 2. Dac#ie Doyner2Jersee _____ the world record in the he'tathlon in the 15,, +lym'ics also won the long 0um' in the year. (A) whose setting (B) which she set (C) whoe$er set (%) who set (A) no more large (B) no larger than (C) not larger (%) which no larger (. ?orillas are 1uiet animals _____ they are ca'able of ma#ing about 28 different sounds. (A) whether (B) which (C) e$en though (%) as well as AL0#=M % =NO01 /. Although the "arth4s chemical com'osition had been studied for years only toward the end of the nineteenth century _____ as a disci'line in its own right. (A) when geochemistry was recogni9ed (B) was geochemistry as recogni9ed (C) then recogni9ed as geochemistry (%) as geochemistry was recogni9ed -. Because the wood of the dogwood tree is $ery hard _____ is used for ob0ects such as roller s#ate wheels in which hardness is desired. (A) and (B) it (C) what (%) thus .. 6n hot dry regions the 7un4s heat causes the outer layer of roc#s _____ a 'rocess called exfoliation. (A) are ex'anded and 'eeled away (B) to ex'and and 'eel away (C) ex'ands and 'eels away (%) they ex'and and 'eel away ,. The lower _____ in a room the more slowly our eyes focus. (A) the le$el of lighting (B) light le$el (C) le$eling of light (%) lighting is le$el


5. _____ 7arah +rne Dewett a nineteenth2century writer read widely in her family4s extensi$e library. (A) That she recei$ed little education formally (B) The little formal education that she recei$ed (C) )ittle formal education that was recei$ed by (%) Although she recei$ed little formal education 18. 6n the early twentieth century the E>odel TF automobile was mass2'roduced and sold at a 'rice _____ could afford. (A) the a$erage 'erson who (B) that the a$erage 'erson who (C) and the a$erage 'erson (%) the a$erage 'erson C afford PB: 11. !ot only _____ all the 'ositi$e charge of an atom it is also the site of the weight of e$ery atom. (A) does the nucleus hold (B) the nucleus holding (C) the nucleus does hold (%) holds the nucleus 12. The wind2ri''led sand at California4s Jelso %unes resembles _____. (A) to be an ocean floor (B) as an ocean floor (C) an ocean floor (%) being an ocean floor 1&. <ossil records indicate _____ existing in the 'ast ha$e become extinct. (A) that many s'ecies of organisms (B) many s'ecies of organisms that (C) many s'ecies of organisms are (%) there are many organisms 1(. "x'eriments related to the sense of smell are more easily _____ than those related to 'erce'tion of color. (A) setting them u' (B) to set u' (C) set u' (%) sets u' those 1/. The =ulit9er =ri9e has been _____ in American literature for more than se$enty years. (A) the award most 'restigious that (B) the most 'restigious award (C) a 'restigious award that most (%) most 'restigious award 1-. Those interested in co$ered bridges can find six of they between Jeene and *inchester !ew 3am'shire.

1.. The 7un4s energy is generated dee' in the solar core by the synthesis of helium from hydrogen through a se1uences of thermonuclear fusion reactions.

1,. ;sing carbon2dating techni1ues archaeologists can determine the age of many ancient ob0ects by measurement the amount of radioacti$e carbon they contain.


15. The e$olutionary ada'tation of a 'articular s'ecies of animal o$er time occurs in res'onse to en$ironmental conditions including others animals.

28. 7aturn is the second largest 'lanet after Du'iter with a diameter nearly ten times those of "arth.

21. +gden !ash often extended sentences o$er se$eral lines 'roduce sur'rising and comical rhymes.

22. By the second month of life most infant can turn their heads and mo$e their eyes to follow the mo$ements of 'eo'le and large ob0ects around them.

2&. "arly mo$ies had a''eal immediate and became a means to 'resent contem'orary attitudes fashions and e$ents.

2(. %r. >artin )uther Jing Dr. clergyman and ci$il rights leader won the 15-( !obel =eace =ri9e for his wor# toward racially e1uality in the ;nited 7tates.

2/. )eontyne =rice ran#s among the most celebration so'ranos of her time.

2-. Carrie Cha'man Call was instrumental in 'assing the !ineteenth Amendment to the ;nited 7tates Constitution gi$es women the right to $ote.

2.. %isco$ery in 1.,5 and isolated from other element in 1,(1 uranium is $alued as a source of atomic energy.

2,. ;lysses 7. Jay was among the ;nited 7tates com'osers $isited the 7o$iet ;nion in 15/, to 'artici'ate in a cultural exchange 'rogram.

25. Alas#a is fame for tall mountains and beautiful scenery.

&8. True ferns ha$e undergone remar#ably little change during its long geological history which extends bac# to the %e$onian 'eriod.

&1. %i'lomatic negotiations generally ta#e 'lace in embassies or in the foreign offices of the countries which in ambassadors are accredited.


&2. The no$elist 7hirley 3a99ard is noted for the insight 'oetic style and sensiti$e she demonstrates in her wor#s.

&&. Com'are with the 0agged estuaries of the Atlantic coast the =acific coast seems almost uniformly straight.

&(. Because of its low cholesterol content margarine is a widely used substitute from butter.

&/. After the Boston Tea =arty in 1..& coffeehouses in the !orth American colonies became centers for gossi' gamble and 'olitical criticism.

&-. 7tudies by B.<. 7#inner indicate that reward 'ositi$ely reinforces beha$ior and ma#es that beha$ior li#ely more to recur.

&.. >athematical 'u99les are common into history because they ha$e been used a intelligence tests and amusements.

&,. >ost authorities consider both dreaming while slee' and daydreaming to be forms of fantasy.

&5. ?enetic engineering is hel'ing researchers unra$el the mysteries of 're$iously incurable diseases so that they can get to its root causes and find cures.

(8. The >ontessori method of education stresses initiati$e and self2reliance to 'ermitting 'u'ils to 'ursue inde'endently whate$er interests them but within disci'lined limits.


1997 01 QR
1. The 'ro$ince of !ewfoundland has ____ than any other region of !orth America in which the first language is "nglish. (A) its longer history (B) a longer history (C) the longer the history (%) the history is longer 2. Clinical 'sychologist %r. Carl @ogers found that ,8 'ercent ____ $erbal communication in$ol$ed fi$e ty'es of res'onsesL e$aluati$e inter'reti$e su''orti$e 'robing and understanding. (A) all (B) is the (C) with (%) of all &. The early feminist leader 7usan B. Anthony became increasingly aware through her wor# in the tem'erance mo$ement ____ the same rights as men. (A) women were not granted that (B) that women were not granted (C) not granted women that wore (%) that were not granted women (. %!A ____ is found in the cell nucleus in the form of $ery long and thin molecules consisting of two s'iral strands. (A) inherits material (B) is inheritance material (C) material is inherited (%) the material of inheritance /. ____ 'lants which manufacture their own food animals obtain nourishment by ac1uiring and ingesting their food. (A) ;nli#e (B) %ifferent (C) *hereas (%) As much -. The 3awaiian al'habet introduced by missionaries in the 1,284s ____ and only se$en consonants. (A) the fi$e $owels consists of (B) consisting of fi$e $owels (C) that consists o fi$e $owels (%) consists of fi$e $owels .. *or#ing li#e a telesco'e ____ the si9e of ob0ects at great distances. (A) which magnifies a tele'hoto lens (B) a tele'hoto lens magnifies (C) a tele'hoto lens which magnifies (%) and magnifying a tele'hoto lens ,. Colcanoes are di$ided into three main grou's based on their sha'e and the ty'e of material they ____. (A) are made (B) made of (C) are made of (%) made for 5. ____ to inanimate ob0ects such as machines is a form of animism.


(A) *hen attributing emotion (B) Attributing emotion (C) "motion is attributed (%) 6f emotion is attributed 18. ____ dol'hins ha$e no sense of smell. (A) As #nown as far (B) Jnown thus far as (C) 6t is #nown as far (%) As far as is #nown 11. The growth of 'sychobiology owes ____ to ma0or conce'tual ad$ances in the way 'eo'le thin# about the brain. (A) much (B) as much as (C) much which (%) there is so much 12. 6n 15&, =earl 7. Buc# became the first American woman ____ the !obel =ri9e for )iterature. (A) recei$e (B) recei$ed (C) to recei$e (%) she recei$ed 1&. !ow considered an art form 1uilt2ma#ing originated as a means of fashioning bed co$ers from bits of fabric that otherwise ____. (A) not use (B) were no use (C) had no use (%) it was not used 1(. The early years of the ;nited 7tates go$ernment were characteri9ed by a debate concerning ____ or indi$idual states should ha$e more 'ower. (A) whether the federal go$ernment (B) either the federal go$ernment (C) that the federal go$ernment (%) the federal go$ernment 1/. Beneath the streets of a modern city ____ of walls columns cables 'i'es and tunnels re1uired to satisfy the needs of its inhabitants. (A) where exists the networ# (B) the existing networ# (C) the networ#4s existence (%) exists the networ# 1-. The anti1ue collector must be able to distinguish real anti1ues from later imitations which can be either re'roductions nor fa#es.

1.. =aint must be stirred and sometimes dilution before it is a''lied.

1,. A great a$iation 'ioneer Amelia "arhart was already famous when she sets out on her ill2fated attem't to circle the globe in 15&..


15. Although a''les do not grow during the cold season a''le trees must ha$e a such season in order to flourish.

28. Two uni1ue features of the Arctic they are lac# of 'reci'itation and 'ermanently fro9en ground.

21. <aced with 'etroleum shortages in the 15.84s scientists and engineers in the ;nited 7tates ste''ed u' its efforts to de$elo' more efficient heating systems and better insulation. 22. @abbits ha$e large front tooth short tails and hind legs and feet ada'ted for running and 0um'ing.

2&. %entistry is a branch of medicine that has de$elo'ed $ery dramatic in the last twenty years.

2(. The ease of sol$ing a 0igsaw 'u99le de'ends the number of 'ieces their sha'es and shadings and the design of the 'icture.

2/. =lants range in si9e to tiny single2celled blue2green algae in$isible to the na#ed eye to giant se1uoias the largest li$ing 'lants.

2-. %uring the 15(84s science and engineering had an im'act on the way music reach its audience and e$en influenced the way in which it was com'osed.

2.. By 1,-8 the railroads of the ;nited 7tates had & 888 miles of trac# three21uarters of which it was east of the >ississi''i @i$er and north of the +hio @i$er.

2,. Ballads were early ty'es of 'oetry and may ha$e been among a first #inds of music.

25. The thin outer layer of the s#in is called the e'idermis while the layer inner which is slightly thic#er is called the dermis.

&8. *ith the incor'oration of 0a99 history into current academic curricula leading 0a99 musicians are now founding on the faculties of se$eral uni$ersities.

&1. 3umus a substance found in soil is soft and s'ongy and enables 'lant roots to send out tiny hairs through that they absorb water and food.


&2. Although flies li$e longest in cool tem'eratures it breed 'rolifically when tem'eratures are warm food is abundant and humidity is moderate.

&&. Alas#a4s $ast areas of untamed wilderness attracts many 'eo'le who en0oy the outdoors.

&(. The giant 'anda closely resembles the bear but account of certain anatomical features it is 'laced in the raccoon family.

&/. The ode was original a ceremonial 'oem written to celebrate 'ublic occasions or exalted sub0ects.

&-. "$en as he wrote co'iously on such di$erse to'ic as education 'olitics and religion )ewis >umford remained acti$e in city and regional 'lanning.

&.. +scillation is a electronic function that changes direct current to the signal of desired fre1uency.

&,. =a'ier2mache figures by 7te'hen 3ensen which they cheerfully de'icted life in the 6nformation Age were the focus of an exhibit at the >useum of American 3istory.

&5. =harmacist fill drug 'rescri'tions #ee'ing records of the drugs their 'atients are ta#ing to ma#e sure that harmful combinations are not 'rescribed.

(8. ?reat technical ad$ances in aerial and satellite 'hotogra'hy ha$e been made since end of the 7econd *orld *ar.


1997 05
1. The 'onderosa 'ine is _____ of most of the timber used by forest 'roduct firms in the Blac# 3ills of 7outh %a#ota. (A) the source (B) as source (C) the source which (%) because the source 2. Com'uters that once too# u' entire rooms are now _____ to 'ut on des#to's and into wristwatches. (A) small enough (B) smaller than (C) so small (%) as small as A SDTU01 &. According to some educator the goal of teaching is to hel' students learn what _____ to #now to li$e a well2ad0usted and successful life. (A) do they need (B) they need (C) they are needed (%) as they may need. % as ;< (. The sa''hire4s trans'arency to ultra$iolet and infrared radiation ma#es _____ in o'tical instruments. (A) it is of use (B) it uses (C) it a useful (%) it useful /. _____ initial recognition while still 1uite young. (A) >ost famous scientists achie$ed. (B) That most famous scientists achie$ed (C) >ost famous scientists who achie$ed (%) <or most famous scientists to achie$e. -. >ango trees _____ densely co$ered with glossy lea$es and bear small fragrant flowers grow ra'idly and can attain heights of u' to 58 feet. (A) whose (B) which are (C) are when (%) which .. _____ the Canadian com'oser Barbara =entland wrote four sym'honies three concertos and an o'era among other wor#s. (A) An artist who 'rolific (B) 6s a 'rolific artist (C) =rolific an artist (%) A 'rolific artist. ,. The Chisos >ountains in Big Bend !ational =ar# in Texas were created by $olcanic eru'tions that occurred _____. (A) the area in which dinosaurs roamed (B) when dinosaurs roamed the area (C) did dinosaurs roam the area


(%) dinosaurs roaming the area. 5. 6n bas2relief scul'ture a design 'ro0ects $ery slightly from its bac#ground _____ some coins. (A) as on (B) because (C) the way that (%) similarly. 18. Alas#a found the first years of its statehood costly because it had to ta#e o$er the ex'ense of ser$ices _____ 're$iously by the federal go$ernment. (A) To 'ro$ide (B) Be 'ro$ided (C) 'ro$iding (%) 'ro$ided 11. *ith age the mineral content of human bones decreases _____ them more fragile. (A) ma#e (B) and to ma#e (C) thereby ma#ing (%) which it ma#es. 12. !ot until Jentuc#y4s >ammoth Ca$e had been com'letely ex'lored in 15.2 _____. (A) when was its full extent reali9ed (B) that its full extent reali9ed (C) was its full extent reali9ed (%) the reali9ation of its full extent. 1&. The first ex'lorer _____ California by land was Dedediah 7trong 7mith a tra''er who crossed the southwestern deserts of the ;nited 7tates in 1,2-. (A) that he reached (B) reached (C) to reach (%) reaching it % V it ;< 1(. *ritten to be 'erformed on a _____ Thornton *ilder4s 'lay +ur Town de'icts life in a small !ew "ngland community. (A) stage scenery of bare (B) bare of stage scenery (C) scenery bare of stage (%) stage bare of scenery. 1/. _____ many co''er mines in the state of Ari9ona a fact which contributes significantly to the state4s economy. (A) They are (B) There are (C) +f the (%) The 1-. A food additi$e is any chemical that food manufactures intentional add to their 'roducts.

1.. >argaret >ead studied many different cultures and she was one of the first anthro'ologists to 'hotogra'h hers sub0ects.

1,. Talc a soft mineral with a $ariety of uses sold is in slabs or in 'owdered from.


15. %uring the 1,.84s iron wor#ers in Alabama 'ro$ed they could 'roduce iron by burning iron ore with co#e instead than with charcoal.

28. ?eologists at the 3awaiian Colcano +bser$atory rely on a number of instruments to studying the $olcanoes in 3awaii. 21. ;nderlying aerodynamics and all other branches of theoretical mechanics are the laws of motion who were de$elo'ed in the se$enteenth century. 22. *as o'ened in 151, the =hilli's Collection in *ashington %.C. was the first museum in the ;nited 7tates de$oted to modern art. 2&. A mortgage enables a 'erson to buy 'ro'erty without 'aying for it outright: thus more 'eo'le are able to en0oy to own a house.

2(. Ali#e ethnogra'hers ethnohistorians ma#e systematic obser$ations but they also gather data from documentary and oral sources.

2/. Basal body tem'erature refers to the most lowest tem'erature of a healthy indi$idual during wa#ing hours.

2-. @esearch in the ;nited 7tates on acu'uncture has focused on it use in 'ain relief and anesthesia.

2.. The >oon4s gra$itational field cannot #ee' atmos'heric gases from esca'e into s'ace.

2,. Although the 'ecan tree is chiefly $alue for its fruit its wood is used extensi$ely for flooring furniture boxed and crates.

25. Born in Texas in 1,58 Jatherine Anne =orter 'roduced three collection of short stories before 'ublishing her well2#nown no$el 7hi' of <ools in 15-2.

&8. 6nsulation from cold 'rotect against dust and sand and camouflage are among the functions of hair for animals.

&1.The notion that students are not sufficiently in$ol$ed in their education is one reason for the recently surge of su''ort for undergraduate research.


&2.As secretary of trans'ortation from 15./ to 15.. *illiam Coleman wor#ed to hel' the ban#ru't railroads in the northeastern ;nited 7tates sol$ed their financial 'roblems.

&&. <aults in the "arth4s crust are most e$idently in sedimentary formations where they interru't 're$iously continuous layers.

&(. >any flowering 'lants benefit of 'ollination by adult butterflies and moths.

&/. A number of the American 6ndian languages s'o#en at the time of the "uro'ean arri$al in the !ew *orld in the late fifteen century ha$e become extinct.

&-. ?eorge ?ershwin was an American com'oser whose concert wor#s 0oined the sounds of 0a99 with them of traditional orchestration.

&.. +ne of the 'roblems of ;nited 7tates agriculture that has 'ersisted during the 15284s until the 'resent day is the tendency of farm income to lag behind the costs of 'roduction.

&,. Colcanism occurs on "arth in se$eral geological setting most of which are associated with the boundaries of the enormous rigid 'lates that ma#e u' the lithos'here. &5. "arly "uro'ean settlers in !orth America used medicines they made from 'lants nati$e to treat colds 'neumonia and ague an illness similar to malaria.

(8. 7ome insects bear a remar#able resemblance to dead twigs being long slenderness wingless and brownish in color.


1997 08
1. Associated with the %enishawn com'any from 151- until 152& >artha ?rahaim de$elo'ed a 'owerful _____ that was integral to the foundations of modern dance. (A) ex'ressi$ely stylish (B) a style ex'ressi$e (C) stylishly ex'ressi$e (%) ex'ressi$e style. 2. 7ome sna#es lay eggs but others _____ birth to li$e offs'ring. (A) gi$e (B) gi$ing (C) they gi$e (%) to ha$e gi$en &. Because it was so closely related to communication _____ art form to de$elo'. (A) drawing was 'robably the earliest (B) to draw early was 'robably (C) early drawing 'robably (%) the earliest draw. (. 3alley4s Comet had its first documented sighting in 2(8 B.C. in China and _____ it has been seen from the "arth 25 times. (A) after (B) because of (C) since then (%) that is /. _____ that managers commit in 'roblem sol$ing is 0um'ing to a conclusion about the cause of a gi$en 'roblem. (A) >a0or errors. (B) 7ince the ma0or error (C) The ma0or error (%) +f the ma0or errors. -. Algon#ian2s'ea#ing !ati$e Americans greeted the =ilgrims _____ settled on the eastern shores of what is now !ew "ngland. (A) to whom (B) of which (C) who (%) which .. The best #nown boo#s of @oss >acdonald _____ writer of detecti$e no$els feature the character )ew Archer a 'ri$ate detecti$e. (A) is the (B) is an (C) they are by (%) the ,. The first building to em'loy steel s#eleton construction _____. (A) Chicago 6llinois the home of the 3ome 6nsurance Com'any Building com'leted in 1,,/. (B) The 3ome 6nsurance Com'any Building in Chicago 6llinois was com'leted in 1,,/. (C) Because the 3ome 6nsurance Com'any Building in Chicago 6llinois was com'leted in 1,,/. (%) The 3ome 6nsurance Com'any Building in Chicago 6llinois in 1,,/.


5. %uring the course of its growth a frog undergoes a true metamor'hosis _____ with fishli#e lar$al stage. (A) begin (B) began (C) beginning (%) is begun. 18. >ahalia Dac#son _____ combined 'owerfully $itality with great dignity was one of the best #nown gos'el singers in the ;nited27tates. (A) it was her singing (B) which songs (C) who sang (%) whose singing 11. =recious metals gems and i$ory ha$e been used to ma#e buttons but most buttons are made of _____ wood glass or 'lastic. (A) such materials that (B) materials as such (C) such materials as (%) such materials. 12. +utside the bright 'rimary rainbow _____ much fainter secondary rainbow may be $isible. (A) so (B) a (C) since (%) still 1&. An critic teacher librarian or 'oet who ho'es to broaden 'oetry4s audience faces the difficult challenge of 'ersuading s#e'tical readers _____. (A) that 'oetry is im'ortant today (B) for 'oetry to be im'ortant today (C) to be im'ortant 'oetry today (%) 'oetry that is im'ortant today. 1(. <ollowing the guidelines for s'ea#ing and $oting established by the boo# @obert4s @ules of +rder _____ during meetings. (A) and a$oid large decision2ma#ing organi9ations4 'rocedural confusion (B) large decision2ma#ing organi9ations a$oid 'rocedural confusion (C) is 'rocedural confusion a$oided by large decision2ma#ing organi9ations (%) are a$oiding 'rocedural confusion in large decision2ma#ing organi9ations. 1/. 6ndigo is a $at color _____ called because it does not dissol$e in water. (A) which it (B) it is (C) but (%) so 1- According to most 'sychological studies body language ex'resses a s'ea#er4s emotions and attitudes and it also tends to affect the emotions and attitudes of the listen.

1.. The dachshund is a hardy alert dog with a well sense of smell. 1,. Huasars faint celestial ob0ects resembling stars are 'erha's the most distant ob0ects #now.


15. The im'ortance of en$ironmental stimuli in the de$elo'ment of coordination between sensory in'ut and motor res'onse $aries to s'ecies to s'ecies.

28. A smile can be obser$ed described and reliably identify it can also be elicited and mani'ulated under ex'erimental conditions.

21. A musical genius Dohn Cage is noted for his highly uncon$entional ideas and he res'ected for his unusual com'ositions and 'erformances.

22. Chocolate is 're'ared by a com'lexity 'rocess of cleaning blending and roasting cocoa beans which must be ground and mixed with sugar.

2&. 7e$eral million 'oints on the human body registers either cold heat 'ain or touch.

2(. 6n the 1,884s store owners sold e$erything from a needle to a 'low trust e$eryone and ne$er too# in$entory.

2/. Although they reflect a strong social conscience Arthur >iller4s stage wor#s are ty'ical more concerned with indi$iduals than with systems.

2-. *hile highly 'ri9ed for symboli9ing good luc# the four2leaf clo$er is rarity found in nature.

2. An in$oluntary reflex an yawn is almost im'ossible to sto' once the mouth muscles begin the stretching action.

2,. "lected to ser$e in the ;nited 7tates 3ouse of re'resentati$es in 15-, 7hirley Chisholm was #nown for ad$ocacy the interests of the urban 'oor.

25. A mirage is an atmos'heric o'tical illusion in what an obser$er sees a nonexistent body of water or an image of some ob0ect.

&8. Tur1uoise which found in microsco'ic crystals is o'a1ue with a waxy luster $arying in color from greenish gray to s#y blue.


&1. 3omo erectus is the name commonly gi$en into the 'rimate s'ecies from which humans are belie$ed to ha$e e$ol$ed.

&2. Today modern textile mills can manufacture as much fabrics in a few seconds as it once too# wor#ers wee#s to 'roduce by hand.

&&. The 3o'i the westernmost tribe of =ueblo 6ndians ha$e traditionally li$e large. multile$el structures clustered in towns.

&(. "x'loration of the 7olar 7ystem is continuing and at the 'resent rate of 'rogress all the 'lanets will ha$e been contacted with in the near /8 years.

&/. 7ince their a''earance on farms in the ;nited 7tates between 151& and 1528 truc#s ha$e changed 'atterns of 'roduction and mar#et of farm 'roducts.

&-. Anti1ue collection became a significant 'astime in the 1,884s when old ob0ect began to be a''reciated for their beauty as well as for their historical im'ortance.

&.. American 'ainter ?eorgia +4Jeeffe is well #nown as her large 'aintings of flowers in which single blossoms are 'resented as if in close2u'.

&,. %es'ite tele$ision is the dominant entertainment medium for ;nited 7tates households ?arrison Jeillor4s 7aturday night radio show of fol# songs and stories is heard by millions of 'eo'le.

&5. The wor# which the 'oet "mma )a9arus is best #nown is EThe !ew ColossusF which is inscribed on the 'edestal of the 7tatue of )iberty.

(8. 6n the !ew "ngland colonies Chi''endale designs were ada'ted to locally tastes and beautiful furniture resulted.


1997 10
1. =ortland >aine is _____ the 'oet 3enry *adsworth )ongfellow s'ent his early years. (A) where (B) it where (C) where is (%) which is where 2. As consumers4 res'onse to traditional ad$ertising techni1ues declines businesses are beginning _____ new methods of reaching customers. (A) the de$elo'ment that (B) it de$elo'ing (C) de$elo' (%) to de$elo' B it ;< &. The #nee is _____ most other 0oints in the body because it cannot twist without in0ury. (A) more li#ely to be damaged than (B) li#ely to be more than damaged (C) more than li#ely to be damaged (%) to be damaged more than li#ely (. The 1uince is an attracti$e shrub or small tree _____ closely related to the a''le and 'ear trees. (A) is (B) that is (C) that it is (%) is that which /. >any gases including the nitrogen and oxygen in air _____ color or odor. (A) ha$e no (B) which ha$e no (C) not ha$ing (%) they do not ha$e -. The American Academy of =oets _____ the 15&84s 'ro$ides financial assistance to su''ort wor#ing 'oets. (A) when it was founded (B) was founded (C) which was founded in (%) was founded in .. %uring the =leistocene glacial 'eriods _____ 'ortions of the "arth where 'lant and animal life flourished ma#ing it 'ossible for 'eo'le to subsist. (A) the (B) it was (C) there were (%) ha$e there been ,. The 'hotogra'hs of Carrie >ae *eems in which she often ma#es her family members _____ are an affectionate and incisi$e re'resentation of the African American ex'erience. (A) are her sub0ects (B) her sub0ects (C) are sub0ects (%) which her sub0ects. 5. 3ubble4s law states that the greater the distance between any two galaxies _____ is their relati$e s'eed of se'aration.


(A) the greatest (B) the greater (C) greater than (%) as great as 18. The onion is characteri9ed by an edible bulb com'osed of lea$es rich in sugar and a 'ungent oil _____ the $egetable4s strong taste. (A) which the source of (B) that the source is (C) the source of (%) of the source is 11. A regional writer with a gift for dialect _____ her fiction with the eccentric comic but $ital inhabitants of rural >ississi''i. (A) and "udora *elty is 'eo'ling (B) "udora *elty 'eo'les (C) because "udora *elty 'eo'les. (%) "udora *elty to 'eo'le. 12. @elati$e humidity is the amount of water $a'or the air contains at a certain tem'erature _____ with the amount it could hold at that tem'erature. (A) to com'are (B) com'ared (C) com'aring (%) com'ares 1&. 7cientists belie$e the first inhabitants of the Americans arri$ed by crossing the land bridge that connected 7iberia and _____ more than 18 888 years ago. (A) this is Alas#a now (B) Alas#a is now (C) is now Alas#a (%) what is now Alas#a. 1(. <ibers of hair and wool are not continuous and must normally be s'un into thread _____ wo$en into textile fabrics. (A) as are they (B) when to be (C) that they are (%) if they are to be 1/. >argaret Brent because of her s#ill in managing estates became _____ largest landholders in colonial >aryland. (A) what the (B) one of the (C) who the (%) the one that 1-. "leanor @oose$elt set the standard against which the wi$es of all ;nited 7tates =residents since ha$e e$aluated. 1.. The Armory 7how held in !ew Bor# in 151& was a im'ortant exhibition of modern "uro'ean art. 1,. @i'e fruit is often stored in a 'lace who contains much carbon dioxide so that the fruit will not decay too ra'idly.


15. 6n 1,/2 >assachusetts 'assed a law re1uiring all children from four to eighteen years of old to attend school.

28. The main 'ur'ose of classifying animals is to show the most 'robable e$olutionary relationshi' of the different s'ecies to each another.

21. >atthew C. =erry a ;nited 7tates na$al commander gained fame not in war and through di'lomacy.

22. +ne of the most im'ressi$e collections of nineteenth2century "uro'ean 'aintings in the ;nited 7tates can be found to the =hiladel'hia >useum of Art.

2&. Three of e$ery four migrating water birds in !orth America $isits the ?ulf of >exico4s winter wetlands.

2(. Charleston *est Cirginia was named for Charles Clendenin who son ?eorge ac1uired land at the 0unction of the "l# and Janawha ri$ers in 1.,..

2/. <inancier Andrew >ellon donated most of his magnificent art collection to the !ational ?allery of Art where it is now locating.

2-. 7oil tem'eratures in %eath Calley California near the !e$ada border ha$e been #nown to reach 58 of degrees Celsius.

2.. *hen the 7un >oon and "arth are alignment and the >oon crosses the "arth4s orbital 'lane a solar ecli'se occurs.

2,. >ary Cassatt4s 'aintings of mothers and children are #nown for its fine linear rhythm sim'le modelings and harmonies of clear color.

25. =lants synthesi9e carbohydrates from water and carbon dioxide with the aid of energy is deri$ed from sunlight.

&8. The best American 'o'ular music balances a 'owerful emotions of youth with tenderness grace and wit.


&1. 6n the nineteenth century women used 1uilts to inscribe their res'onses to social economic and 'olitics issues.

&2. <ossils in /882million2year2old roc#s demonstrate that life forms in the Cambrian 'eriod were mostly marine animals ca'ability of secreting calcium to form shells.

&&. @ainbows in the sha'e of com'lete circles are sometimes seen from air'lanes because they are not cutting off by the hori9on.

&(. 3ot at the e1uator causes the air to ex'and rise and flow toward the 'oles.

&/. Although research has been ongoing since 15&8 the existence of "7=2 'erce'tion and communication without the use of sight hear taste touch or smell 2 is still dis'uted.

&-. As many as /8 'ercent of the income from motion 'ictures 'roduced in the ;nited 7tates comes from mar#eting the films abroad.

&.. 7lee' is controlled by the brain and associated by characteristic breathing rhythms.

&,. The walls around the city of Huebec which was originally a fort military still stand ma#ing Huebec the only walled city in !orth America.

&5. The manufacture of automobile was extremely ex'ensi$e until assembly2line techni1ues made them chea'er to 'roduce.

(8. The ballad is characteri9ed by informal diction by a narrati$e largely de'endent on action and dialogue by thematic intense and by stress on re'etition.


1997 12 QR
1. The acting of >ary Ann %uff was characteri9ed by subdued dramatic force fidelity to ____ and a mar#ed unity of effect. (A) of each 'lay the structure (B) the structure of each 'lay (C) the 'lay each structure of (%) each 'lay the structure of 2. The coherent light of a laser ____ entirely of synchroni9ed wa$es of a single fre1uency that tra$el in the same direction. (A) it com'oses (B) to com'ose it (C) is com'osed (%) is com'osing it &. _____ that ornithischians 'lanteating dinosaurs li$ed about 22/ million years ago. (A) 7cientists belie$e (B) 7cientists belie$ing (C) 7cientists belie$e in (%) 7cientists4 belief (. _____ that boo# American art out of the fomanticism of the mid 1,884s and carried it to the most 'owerful heights of realism. (A) *inslow 3omer4s 'aintings (B) 6t was *inslow 3omer4s 'aintings (C) *hen *inslow 3omer4s 'aintings (%) =aintings of *inslow 3omer /. 7ettlers of the western ;nited 7tates had a sense of e1uality in the face of hardshi' ____ democratic 'olitical 'ractices. (A) led to (B) they had led (C) which led to (%) was leading them to -. The !ational >edal of 7cience is the ____ gi$en by the ;nited 7tates go$ernment. (A) highest science award (B) highest award for scientific (C) award that is the highest scientific (%) highest and awarding scientists .. =rehistoric 'eo'le made 'aints by grinding colored materials ____ into 'owder and adding water. (A) if $egetation and clay (B) that $egetation and clay are (C) how $egetation and clay (%) such as $egetation and clay ,. The conce't of tele$ision ____ images o$er distances had intrigued scientists e$en before the intention of mo$ing 'ictures or radio. (A) the transmission of (B) transmits to (C) for transmission (%) the transmitting 5. @ecent technology gi$es com'uters ____ ma#ing them multimedia machines with interacti$e 'otential.


(A) both audio and $ideo ca'ability (B) its ca'ability is both audio and $ideo (C) both audio and $ideo are ca'able (%) ca'able of both audio and $ideo 18. ____ at a music store was one of )il Armstong4s first 'rofessional 0obs as a young 'ianist when she came to Chicago in 151.. (A) %emonstration tunes (B) %emonstrating tunes (C) %emonstrate tunes (%) Tunes that demonstrated 11. The first 'eo'le to li$e in ____ 3awaii were the =olynesians who sailed there in large canoes from other =acific 6slands about 2 888 years ago. (A) now where is (B) what is now (C) it is now (%) now this is 12. The Alas#an blac#fish exhibits ____ to both extreme cold and low concentrations of oxygen under the ice. (A) remar#able and resistance (B) remar#able resistant (C) remar#ably resistant (%) remar#able resistance 1&. =enicillin acts both ____. (A) #illing bacteria and their growth being inhibited (B) and to #ill bacteria and to inhibit their growth (C) by #illing bacteria and by inhibiting their growth (%) #ills bacteria and inhibits their growth 1(. !ow until the 1,/84s ____ in !ew Bor# see# to rescue historic building from destruction or alteration. (A) some concerned citi9ens (B) did some concerned citi9ens (C) some citi9en concerned (%) when some concerned citi9ens did 1/. 6f a diamond is heated without oxygen it will turn to gra'hite a form of ____ that it Is used as lubricant. (A) carbon is so soft (B) is carbon so soft (C) carbon so soft (%) so soft the carbon 1-. ?old or sil$er bullions ser$e into commerce as mediums of exchange all o$er the world.

1.. Today4s farmers ha$e increased mil# 'roduction greatly through im'ro$ed methods of breeding feeding and manage dairy cattle.

1,. 3y'oglycemia is a condition in which a ra'idly dro' in blood sugar most often results from an o$ersecretion of insulin from 'ancreas.


15. !ewborn infants show a distinct 'reference for human $oices o$er other sounds and also 'refer her own mothers4 $oices to the $oices of strangers.

28. The chi''ewa and 7antee 7ioux of the ;''er >ississi''i @i$er regional ha$e used catlinite to 'roduce car$ings for almost 1/8 years.

21. Absolutely nothing that floats neither a cor#ed bottle nor a /8 8882ton shi's can esca'e the effects of water currents.

22. The *right Brothers were owner of a bicycle sho' and they used a number of bicycle 'arts to ma#e the original motori9ed air'lane.

2&. ?emstones are usually bright color o'a1ue or trans'arent minerals found in the roc#s of the "arth .

2(. The modern detecti$e story in which a detecti$e sol$es a crime by disco$ering and inter'retation e$idence is considered to ha$e originated with "dgar Allan =oe4s E The >urders in the @ue >orgueF in 1,(1. 2/. The su'erintendent of women nurse for the ;nion Army during the Ci$il *ar was %orothea %ix .

2-. 7low growth in the early 15884s lin#ed with rising unem'loyment less s'end and meager business in$estments led many ex'erts to declare a recession.

2.. +rchestrating musical wor#s re1uires a understanding of the range and characteristics of each instrument.

2,. The Canadian 'ro$ince of British columbia is rich of minerals and because o$er /8 'ercent of the land is co$ered with forests lumbering is its ma0or industry.

25. "ach ma0or styles of architecture emerged because new 'roblems in building or challenges in design a''eared for architects to resol$e.

&8. >uch of the significant research related for the theory of numbers concerns the distribution of 'rime numbers.


&1. )auren Bacall made her film debut in To 3a$e and 3a$e !ot starting together 3um'hrey Bogart who later became her husband.

&2. The blac# leo'ard is $ery dar# that its s'ots are difficult to see.

&&. +n stee' hillsides tree roots bind to soil that might otherwise be washed away if hea$y rains.

&(. Carson >ecullers was only 2& when she 'ublished her first no$el The 3eart 6s a )onely 3unter for what she recei$ed much acclaim.

and follow other members of own s'ecies.

&-. The in$ention of fresh meta'hors today continues to ma#e it 'ossible the $i$id ex'ression of emotions.

&.. =roteins are made u' of long folded irregularly chains the lin#s of which are amino acids.

&,. Although most s'ecies of small birds gather in grou's at feeders 'ro$ided by bird2watchers the bright red cardinals usually a''ears alone or with its mate.

&5. The astronomy is the oldest science but it continues to be at the forefront of scientific thought.

(8. 3enry %a$id Thoreau was an American writer who is remembered for his faith in the religious significance of the nature.


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1. Between 1,.8 and 1,58 the total 'o'ulation of tile ;nited 7tates____. (A) that doubled (B) doubled (C) 6t doubled (%) when doubled 2. 6ntended to dis'lay the wor# of twentieth2century artists _____ in 1525. (A) the o'ening of the >useum of >odern Art (B) so the >useum of >odern Art o'ened (C) why tile >useum of >odern Art o'ened (%) the >useum of >odern Art o'ened U/01WX-0. YZ [(%). &. The "arth has a tremendous amount of water but____ in the ocean. (A) almost all of it is (B) it is almost all of (C) is of it almost all (%) all is of it almost (. ____ ha$e sense organs in a canal #nown as the lateral line which allows them to res'ond to changes in water 'ressure caused by nearby motion. (A) That tile fish (B) <ish (C) *hen fish (%) 6f tile fish P- YZ[(B) \]N^_`abcdeYfghi. /. %irect information on the chemical com'osition of the >oon became a$ailable in 15-5 ____ of the first A'ollo mission to land on the >oon. (A) with the return (B) returning (C) when returned (%) and the return jk(A).lmBn. opqrs. -. ____ com'letely harmless to the en$ironment is $ery difficult and usually economically unsound. (A) Cleaning 'roducts that (B) Cleaning 'roducts are (C) Cleaning 'roducts are made (%) >a#ing a cleaning 'roduct .. +ne of ;lysses 7. ?rant4s first acts as =resident of the ;nited 7tates was to name tile 7eneca chief %onehogawa ____ of 6ndian Affairs. (A) as was Commissioner (B) Commissioner (C) was Commissioner (%) him Commissioner tm%nV him u;< ,. +ne of the most ancient arts ____ in different 'arts of the world. (A) for wea$ing to de$elo' inde'endently (B) the inde'endent de$elo'ment of wea$ing


(C) wea$ing to de$elo' inde'endently (%) wea$ing de$elo'ed inde'endently 5. ____ classified as a carni$ore the !orth American gri99ly bear cats berries and e$en grass. (A) Dust as (B) Because of (C) Although (%) "ither 18. !ot only ____ much bigger than any 'lanet but unli#e the 'lanets it consists com'letely of gaseous material. (A) the 7un is (B) the 7un which is (C) is the 7un (%) that the 7un v[mCn 11. Collo1uialisms ____ of informal s'o#en language are often considered ina''ro'riate for more formal written language. (A) ex'ression which are characteristic (B) which characteristic ex'ressions (C) are ex'ressions characteristic (%) ex'ressions can be characteristic [mAn. ex'ressions w collo1uialisms *4 A which are...w ex'ressions 12. 3er wor# in genetics won ;nited 7tates scientist Barbara >cClintoc# ____22 in 15,&. (A) was the !obel =ri9e (B) the !obel =ri9e was (C) the !obel =ri9e (%) for the !obel =ri9e 1&. ____ usually thought to end in northern !ew >exico the @oc#y >ountains really extend southward to the frontier of >exico. (A) %es'ite (B) To be (C) *hile (%) 3owe$er mCn. while xyz{|} con0. 1(. The no$elist "dith *harton considered the *riter 3enry Dames_____. (A) that a strong influence on her wor# (B) as strong influence on her wor# (C) a strong influence on her wor# (%) was a strong influence on her wor# YZ[mCn 1/. 6ronically the 'oet 3enry *adsworth )ongfellow claimed he ne$er li#ed teaching although ____ a 'rofessor at 3ar$ard ;ni$ersity and taught for many years. (A) becoming (B) he became (C) had lie become (%) for him to become ~=. 1-. The hind leg of the gerbil are 'articularly well ada'ted to lea'ing across its desert habitat.

1.. "ducator 3elen >agill *hite was the first American woman to ha$e earn the =h.%. degree.


1,. The changes that occur in the life cycle of a butterfly or moth are 'robable the most stri#ing exam'les of metamor'hosis.

15. 6n the nineteenth century !orth American locomoti$es ran on hardwood fuel which was inex'ensi$e and 'lentiful in the time. . 28. >uch theories ha$e been de$elo'ed concerning how 'eo'le learn about cultures from the myths and legends 'assed down from one generation to another. V. 21. 7e$eral comet are disco$ered each year but $ery few of them are bright enough to be seen without the aid of magnification.

22. Charles >onroe 7chul94s comic stri' E=eanutsF is translated into 2- languages also has a''eared in o$er 2 &88 daily news'a'ers. YZ and 2&. 6n human beings the li$er is the biggest glandular organ of his digesti$e system.

2(. >any scientists contributed to the de$elo'ment of tele$ision whether no one 'erson can be said to ha$e in$ented it.

2/. !orthern Canada contains $ast areas treeless of low $egetation #nown as tundra.

2-. ?ordon =ar#s com'osed wrote and directed >artin the classical ballet who "xamines the meaning of the life of >artin )uther Jing. Dr.

2.. 6n 15-/ @odolfo ?on9ales has estab1ished an organi9ation called the Crusade <or Dustice in %en$er Colorado.

2,. )arge hea$y draft horses were commonly used for labor farm in the ;nited 7tates before the introduction of tractors.

25.3erads of migrating caribou members of the deer family are an im'ortant economically resource to 6nuits and other !ati$e Americans.


&8. 7ome nineteenth2century ad$ocates for the emanci'ation of women in the ;nited 7tates were also acti$ity in the ;nderground @ailroad hel'ing to sla$es esca'e.

&1. <eathers not only 'rotect birds from in0ury and conser$e body heat but also function in flight. courtshi' camouflage and sensory 'erce'ti$e. &2. The radio telesco'e in$ented in 15&2 has ca'abilities beyond far those of o'tical telesco'es in trac#ing signals from galaxies.

&&. @afting was an essential mean of trans'ortation from 'rehistoric times to the nineteenth century.

&(. >any fortification ran# among the most functional and beautiful wor#s of architecture constructed in !orth America before the twentieth century.

&/. Because her wor# was 'o'ular with "uro'ean royally 3arriet ?oodhue 3osmer became financial successful as a scul'tor in the mid2eighteen hundreds.

&-. The actor Dames "arl Dones gained Broadway stardom in EThe ?reat *hite 3o'eF for his 'owerful 'ortrayal of 'ri9efighter.

&.. %es'ite fats and oils arc nutritionally im'ortant as energy sources medical research indicates that saturated fats may contribute to hardening of the arteries. &,. )arge multicolored insects with four wings dragonflies 'lay a $ery im'ortant role in the ecosystem of humid area by controlling the 'o'ulation of mos1uitoes.

&5. %uring early nineteenth2century Boston. the architect Charles Bulfinch eager to ma#e the city beautiful sometimes 'ro$ided free 'lans for 'eo'le building (8. 6n 1,,5 Dane Addams a social wor#er in Chicago founded hull house an institution de$oted to the im'ro$ement of community life in 'oor neighborhood.


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1. _____ a ma0or role in future 'lanetary ex'loration. (A) @obots will surely 'lay (B) @obots which will surely 'lay (C) Because robots will surely be 'laying (%) 7urely robots which will be 'laying 2. ;nli#e the owl bats cannot see $ery well but they do ha$e_____. (A) it hears $ery well (B) $ery good to hear (C) hearing $ery well (%) $ery good hearing &. Com'arati$ely few clues in the ;nited 7lates ha$e com'eting news'a'ers today a ma0or change from 1588 _____ more than two news'a'ers. (A) because then most large cities ha$ing (B) when did most large cities ha$e (C) then most large cities that had (%) when most large cities had (. *itch ha9el extract ____ distilled from the bar# and twigs of the witch ha9el shrub has been utili9ed in medicine. (A) is (B) when to be (C) which is (%) has been /. ____ touching in +. 3enry4s stories is the gallantry with which ordinary 'eo'le struggle to maintain their dignity. (A) >ost is (B) 6t mostly is (C) 6s it most (%) *hat is most -. The face of the >oon is changed by collisions with meteoroids ____ new craters to a''ear. (A) cause (B) causing (C) caused (%) ha$e cause .. 7ocial scientists belie$e that ____ from sounds such as grunts and bar#s made by early ancestors of human beings. (A) the $ery slow de$elo'ment of language (B) language de$elo'ed $ery slowly (C) language which was $ery slow to de$elo' (%) language $ery slowly de$elo'ing ,. ____ substances include $arious forms of silica 'umice and emery. (A) !atural abrasi$es occur (B) Abrasion occurs in natural (C) !aturally occurring abrasi$e (%) A natural occurrence of abrasion 5._____ in the u''er 'art of their long thin legs allow deer to run swiftly and 0um' far. (A) >uscles are 'owerful (B) There are 'owerful muscles


(C) The 'owerful muscles that (%) =owerful muscles 18. ?eo'hysicists ha$e collaborated with archaeologists and anthro'ologists to study the magnetic 'ro'erties of 'ottery and fire'laces at sites ____22 by early humans. (A) occu'ied (B) occu'ying (C) which occu'y (%) were occu'ied 11. ____ technically 'roficient: it also ex'lores 'sychological 1uestions. (A) !ot only is Barbara Astman4s artwor# (B) !ot only Barbara Astman4s artwor# (C) Barbara Astman4s artwor# which is not only (%) Barbara Astman4s artwor# not only 12.Although Canada4s =arliament can neither administer or enforce laws_____ initiate 'olicy it does ha$e the 'ower to ma#e laws and $ote on the allocation of funds. (A) not (B) nor (C) and (%) either 1&.*illa Cather considered her no$el of life in nineteenth2century !ebras#a >y Antonia ____ (A) was her best wor# (B) her best wor# (C) her best wor# it was (%) being her best wor# 1(.<irst designated in 15.8 "arth %ay has become an annual international e$ent ______ concerns about en$ironmental issues such as 'ollution. (A) dedicated to raising (B) dedicated raising (C) dedicates to raise (%) that dedicates to raising 1/.6n 1552 Albert ?ore Dr. the son of a former ;nited 7tates senator became _____ Cice =resident of the ;nited 7tates. (A) who was the forty2fifth (B) and the forty2fifth (C) the forty2fifth (") he was the forty2fifth 1-. Although Christo'her Columbus failed in his original goal the disco$eries he did ma#e were as 6m'ortant than the route to Asia he ex'ected to find.

1.. >artha ?raham a leading figure in modern dance made she debut in 1528 with the %enishawn 7chool.

1,. 6n the ;nited 7tates the federal go$ernment is res'onsible to regulating the wor#ing conditions in factories.


15. Du'iter is a gaseous 'lanet with. an atmos'here com'osed most of hydrogen and helium.

28. Throughout her career ?eorgia +4Jeeffe 'aid meticulous attention to her craft: her brushes were always clean her colors fresh and brightness.

21. 3ydrogen the nine most abundant element in the "arth4s crust is an odorless colorless and tasteless gas.

22. 7alamanders are fre1uently to be find in moist wooded areas.

2&. 7team engines ha$e been re'laced in most cases by more economical and efficiency de$ices such as the electric motor.

2(. Traditionally the <ourth of Duly is celebrated in the ;nited 7tates with 'olitical s'eeches 'icnics and most im'ortant of all a dis'layed of firewor#s at night. 2/.The style of used in cartoon animation range from relati$ely realistic re'resentations of e$eryday life to the most romantic and im'ossible fantasy.

2-. +rdinary bea$er dams $ary in length from a few feet to a hundred feet or more than.

2.. 6n the ;nited 7tate 'residential elections are held once e$ery four year.

2,."xce't of the freehand toe the feet of the gull are fully webbed.

25. Teaching machines are de$ices that can store instructionally information 'resent dis'lays recei$e res'onses from a learner and act on those res'onses.

&8. Challotte =er#ins ?ilman 6s #nown 'rimarily as an author of short stories but she also wrote an influential boo# argued for e1ual economic o''ortunities for women. &1.6n some areas of the ;nited 7tates unfa$orable climate or soil ma#e farming an im'ossible tas#.


&2. !aturalists ha$e identified at least four hundred of s'ecies of mammals and six hundred ty'es of birds in the state of California.

&&. 6nstead of tooth the blue whale has a row of bony 'lates in its mouth that functions as a food2 collecting de$ice.

&(. >urres are blac#2and2white dri$ing birds that mate e$ery fi$e or six years and lay only a single egg at time.

&/. A bar code consists a 'attern of lines and bars that a com'uter can translate into information.

&-. 3ummingbirds are the only birds that can fly to bac#wards.

&.. <luorine a greenish2yellow gas that is slightly hea$y than air is 'oisonous and corrosi$e and has a 'enetrating and disagreeable odor.

&,. The "$erglades a large swam' area is an uni1ue wilderness extending o$er much of southern <lorida.

&5. "ach year millions of tons of fertile to'soil that could 'roduce good cro's washed away by rains.

(8. 7ince the 15/84s fol#4 music has had a significant influence on many 'o'ular $ocal and instrumental music.


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1Because air is highly com'ressible ____ to define a clear u''er boundary of the atmos'here. (A) it is im'ossible (B) im'ossible is (C) so the im'ossibility (%) is the im'ossibility m 1n 2BA76C the acronym for Beginner4s All2'ur'ose 7ymbolic 6nstruction Code is a high 2 le$el 6nstruction Code is a high 2 le$el com'uter 'rogramming language______. (A) learning relati$ely sim'le (B) related it sim'ly to learning (C) sim'le and relati$e to learn (%) that is relati$ely sim'le to learn &. ____ <rances =er#ins held the 'ost of labor secretary for twel$e years. (A) The first woman a''ointed by a ;nited 7tates =resident to a cabinet 'osition was (B) The first woman a''ointed by a ;nited 7tates =resident to a cabinet 'osition (C) A''ointed by a ;nited 7tates =resident to a cabinet 'osition was the first woman who (%) The first woman was a''ointed by a ;nited 7tates =resident to a cabinet 'osition who d$ A C % (. ____ at the turn of the century the >innesota 7tate Ca'itol building is made of white granite and marble. (A) "rected (B) *as erected (C) To erect it (%) "recting it /. A stream of $olcanic la$a flows differently 22 on the sort of ground it flows o$er. (A) to de'end (B) de'ending (C) that de'endent (%) when it de'ended -. ____ large amounts of $itamin " found in green lea$es such as lettuce and in cereals es'ecially in wheat germ. (A) The (B) They ha$e (C) There are (%) Because of [ B. they ?= v => YZ[ C there be 0

.. A 'o'ular belief ____ radio and tele$ision ha$e homogeni9ed the language of the ;nited 7tates. (A) states that (B) that is stated (C) that states (%) stating that


,. The astronomical unit is the a$erage distance of the "arth from the 7un ____ is the standard of distances in the 7olar 7ystem. (A) and (B) also (C) in addition (%) because

5. 6n 15/2 "rnest 3emingway 'ublished The +ld >an and the 7ea ____. (A) won him the !obel =ri9e for )iterature in 15/( (B) and the !obel =ri9e for )iterature won in 15/( (C) in 15/( won the !obel =ri9e for )iterature for this wor#. (%) a wor# that won him the !obel =ri9e for )iterature in 15/(

18. >any birds ha$e feathers____2with their surroundings. (A) colors blend (B) that colors to blend (C) whose colors blend (%) of which the colors that blend

11. >osaic is the art of closely setting small colored 'ieces such as stone or glass into a surface 22. (A) and create a decorati$e design (B) and a decorati$e design creates (C) to create a decorati$e design (%) that a decorati$e design is created xN B.P: %.D=

12.____ that distinguish human beings from mother 'rimates are related to the ability of 'eo'le to stand u'right and wal# on two legs. (A) >any of the 'hysical characteristics (B) +f the many 'hysical characteristics (C) The 'hysical characteristics are many (%) There are many 'hysical characteristics A.[ v[ A

1&.The letters of Abigail Adams to her husband and future =resident Dohn ____ during the American @e$olution con$eyed a $i$id 'icture of the times


(A) were written (B) which written (C) written (%) written when %. during when =NOp. YZ[ C

1(. The lenses in an o'tical microsco'e bend the light 'assing through a s'ecimen to form an image of that s'ecimen that is much larger ____ actually $iewed. (A) than it (B) than the one (C) one than (%) than one which A [ B [ YZ A => [ B one ? image actually $iewed w . + -;. 1/. !ot only ____ as a coo#ed dish the world o$er but it is also used as the base of many other foods condiments and e$en be$erages. (A) eating rice (B) rice is eaten (C) 'eo'le eat rice (%) is rice eaten A P-

1-According to modern astronomers the s'ace between the 'lanets and stars is not em'ty: rather he is filled with something called dar# matter. . 1..6n the late nineteenth century 0ournalist and 'ublisher *illiam @andol'h 3earst established a $ast 'ublishing em'ire that included "ighteen news'a'ers in twel$e city. 1,. Because the diamond is the hardest naturally substance it is used in industry for to cut grinding and boring other hard materials. %

28. Being chemical com'ounds minerals ha$e characteristic sha'es and colors whereas do roc#s not.


21. 7ome of the first aerial 'hotogra'hs were ta#en from a balloon while the Ci$il *ar in the ;nited 7tates.

22Beyond their im'ortance as a source of food for both 'eo'le and animals corn is also used to 'roduce alcohol2based fuels. their D its

2&. The Bollingen =ri9e in 'oetry established of the Bollingen <oundation is a O1 888 award for the year4s highest achie$ement in 'oetry in the ;nited 7tates. 1888 R. 2(. <or more eighty years scientists ha$e argued o$er whether life exists on the 'lanet >ars.

2/. )udmilla Tur#e$ich #nown as a translator and scholar in the field of @ussian literature she became a member of the faculty of =rinceton ;ni$ersity during the 7econd *orld *ar.

2-. The Architectural 3istory <oundation was established in 15.. to su''ort the 'ublication of im'ortant boo# on architecture.

2.. *ildlife 'hotogra'hers are in$ol$ed of a new go$ernment 'ro0ect to docum the /8 most endangered s'ecies in the ;nited 7tates. R /8 . 2,.>ost bats roost in cre$ices ca$es or building by day and are acti$e at night or twilight.

25hanges within the chemist structure of single genes may be induced by ex'osure to radiation and extreme tem'eratures.


&8. A landmar# famous the Broo#lyn Bridge in !ew Bol# was one of the first wo$en wire cable sus'ension bridges e$er constructed.

&1 6ndustry4s need for more and minerals is a constant challenge to the mining industry to ma#e new disco$eries. . 'ro'osal P &2. The waters of 3anauma Bay in +ahu 3awaii are #nown for the color di$ersity and abundant of their tro'ical fish.

&&. The ;nited 7tates go$ernment 'rogram 3ead 7tart 're'ares children for school encourages the in$ol$ement of local communities in the children4s %e$elo'ment. encourages

&(Brown rice has great nutritional $alue than white rice because the nutrient2rice outer layers of the rice #ernel are not remo$ed from brown rice.

&/After 1,(/ 'estilence s'read in Boston but before then Boston was a city in which the life s'an of its citi9ens was long and disease was rarely.

&-."ntomologists scientists who study insects are often concerned with the fungus 'oisonous or $irus carried by a 'articular insect.

&..The eight stri'es of red white and blue on state flag of 3awaii re'resent 3awaii4s eight ma0or islands.

&,. Cool tem'eratures shade moist and the 'resence of dead organic material 'ro$ide the ideal li$ing conditions for mushrooms.

&5. >etalwor#ers use the term Emachine toolF to refer to a 'iece of an e1ui'ment used for sha'ing metal.


(8. 6n 'ools goldfish are not 0ust ornamentalL since they feed on mos1uito lar$a they are also benefit.


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1Because air is highly com'ressible ____ to define a clear u''er boundary of the atmos'here. (A) it is im'ossible (B) im'ossible is (C) so the im'ossibility (%) is the im'ossibility 2BA76C the acronym for Beginner4s All2'ur'ose 7ymbolic 6nstruction Code is a high 2 le$el 6nstruction Code is a high 2 le$el com'uter 'rogramming language______. (A) learning relati$ely sim'le (B) related it sim'ly to learning (C) sim'le and relati$e to learn (%) that is relati$ely sim'le to learn &. ____ <rances =er#ins held the 'ost of labor secretary for twel$e years. (A) The first woman a''ointed by a ;nited 7tates =resident to a cabinet 'osition was (B) The first woman a''ointed by a ;nited 7tates =resident to a cabinet 'osition (C) A''ointed by a ;nited 7tates =resident to a cabinet 'osition was the first woman who (%) The first woman was a''ointed by a ;nited 7tates =resident to a cabinet 'osition who (. ____ at the turn of the century the >innesota 7tate Ca'itol building is made of white granite and marble. (A) "rected (B) *as erected (C) To erect it (%) "recting it /. A stream of $olcanic la$a flows differently 22 on the sort of ground it flows o$er. (A) to de'end (B) de'ending (C) that de'endent (%) when it de'ended -. ____ large amounts of $itamin " found in green lea$es such as lettuce and in cereals es'ecially in wheat germ. (A) The (B) They ha$e (C) There are (%) Because of .. A 'o'ular belief ____ radio and tele$ision ha$e homogeni9ed the language of the ;nited 7tates. (A) states that (B) that is stated (C) that states (%) stating that ,. The astronomical unit is the a$erage distance of the "arth from the 7un ____ is the standard of distances in the 7olar 7ystem. (A) and (B) also (C) in addition (%) because


5. 6n 15/2 "rnest 3emingway 'ublished The +ld >an and the 7ea ____. (A) won him the !obel =ri9e for )iterature in 15/( (B) and the !obel =ri9e for )iterature won in 15/( (C) in 15/( won the !obel =ri9e for )iterature for this wor#. (%) a wor# that won him the !obel =ri9e for )iterature in 15/( 18. >any birds ha$e feathers____2with their surroundings. (A) colors blend (B) that colors to blend (C) whose colors blend (%) of which the colors that blend 11. >osaic is the art of closely setting small colored 'ieces such as stone or glass into a surface 22. (A) and create a decorati$e design (B) and a decorati$e design creates (C) to create a decorati$e design (%) that a decorati$e design is created 12.____ that distinguish human beings from mother 'rimates are related to the ability of 'eo'le to stand u'right and wal# on two legs. (A) >any of the 'hysical characteristics (B) +f the many 'hysical characteristics (C) The 'hysical characteristics are many (%) There are many 'hysical characteristics 1&.The letters of Abigail Adams to her husband and future =resident Dohn ____ during the American @e$olution con$eyed a $i$id 'icture of the times (A) were written (B) which written (C) written (%) written when 1(. The lenses in an o'tical microsco'e bend the light 'assing through a s'ecimen to form an image of that s'ecimen that is much larger ____ actually $iewed. (A) than it (B) than the one (C) one than (%) than one which 1/. !ot only ____ as a coo#ed dish the world o$er but it is also used as the base of many other foods condiments and e$en be$erages. (A) eating rice (B) rice is eaten (C) 'eo'le eat rice (%) is rice eaten 1-According to modern astronomers the s'ace between the 'lanets and stars is not em'ty: rather he is filled with something called dar# matter. 1..6n the late nineteenth century 0ournalist and 'ublisher *illiam @andol'h 3earst established a $ast 'ublishing em'ire that included "ighteen news'a'ers in twel$e city.


1,. Because the diamond is the hardest naturally substance it is used in industry for to cut grinding and boring other hard materials. % 28. Being chemical com'ounds minerals ha$e characteristic sha'es and colors whereas do roc#s not.

21. 7ome of the first aerial 'hotogra'hs were ta#en from a balloon while the Ci$il *ar in the ;nited 7tates.

22Beyond their im'ortance as a source of food for both 'eo'le and animals corn is also used to 'roduce alcohol2based fuels. their D its 2&. The Bollingen =ri9e in 'oetry established of the Bollingen <oundation is a O1 888 award for the year4s highest achie$ement in 'oetry in the ;nited 7tates. 1888 R. 2(. <or more eighty years scientists ha$e argued o$er whether life exists on the 'lanet >ars.

2/. )udmilla Tur#e$ich #nown as a translator and scholar in the field of @ussian literature she became a member of the faculty of =rinceton ;ni$ersity during the 7econd *orld *ar. 2-. The Architectural 3istory <oundation was established in 15.. to su''ort the 'ublication of im'ortant boo# on architecture.

2.. *ildlife 'hotogra'hers are in$ol$ed of a new go$ernment 'ro0ect to docum the /8 most endangered s'ecies in the ;nited 7tates.

2,.>ost bats roost in cre$ices ca$es or building by day and are acti$e at night or twilight.

25hanges within the chemist structure of single genes may be induced by ex'osure to radiation and extreme tem'eratures.


&8. A landmar# famous the Broo#lyn Bridge in !ew Bol# was one of the first wo$en wire cable sus'ension bridges e$er constructed.

&1 6ndustry4s need for more and minerals is a constant challenge to the mining industry to ma#e new disco$eries. . 'ro'osal P &2. The waters of 3anauma Bay in +ahu 3awaii are #nown for the color di$ersity and abundant of their tro'ical fish.

&&. The ;nited 7tates go$ernment 'rogram 3ead 7tart 're'ares children for school encourages the in$ol$ement of local communities in the children4s %e$elo'ment. encourages &(Brown rice has great nutritional $alue than white rice because the nutrient2rice outer layers of the rice #ernel are not remo$ed from brown rice. &/After 1,(/ 'estilence s'read in Boston but before then Boston was a city in which the life s'an of its citi9ens was long and disease was rarely.

&-."ntomologists scientists who study insects are often concerned with the fungus 'oisonous or $irus carried by a 'articular insect.

&..The eight stri'es of red white and blue on state flag of 3awaii re'resent 3awaii4s eight ma0or islands.

&,. Cool tem'eratures shade moist and the 'resence of dead organic material 'ro$ide the ideal li$ing conditions for mushrooms.

&5. >etalwor#ers use the term Emachine toolF to refer to a 'iece of an e1ui'ment used for sha'ing metal.

(8. 6n 'ools goldfish are not 0ust ornamentalL since they feed on mos1uito lar$a they are also benefit.


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1 %airy farming is _____ leading agricultural acti$ity in the ;nites 7tates. (A) a (B) at (C) then (%) none 2 Although thunder and lightning are 'roduced at the same time light wa$es tra$el faster ____ so we see the lightning before we hear the under. (A) than sound wa$es do (B) than sound wa$es are (C) do sound wa$es (%) sound wa$es & Beef cattle ____ of all li$estoc# for economic growth in certain geogra'hic regions. (A) the most are im'ortant (B) are the most im'ortant (C) the most im'ortant are (%) that are the most im'ortant ( The disco$ery of the halftone 'rocess in 'hotogra'hy in 1,,1 made it ____ 'hotogra'hs in boo#s and news'a'ers. (A) the 'ossible re'roduction (B) 'ossible to re'roduce (C) the 'ossibility of re'roducing (%) 'ossibly re'roduced / <lag %ay is a legal holiday only in the state of =ennsyl$ania ____ Betsy @oss sewed the first American flag. (A) which (B) where (C) that (%) has - ____ $astness of the ?rand Canyon it is difficult to ca'ture it in a single 'hotogra'h. (A) *hile the (B) The (C) <or the (%) Because of the . 7'eciation ___ results when an animal 'o'ulation becomes isolated by some factor usually geogra'hic. (A) form biological s'ecies (B) biological s'ecies are formed (C) which forming biological s'ecies (%) the formation of biological s'ecies , 6n this 'ure state antimony has no im'ortant uses but ___ with other substances it is an extremely useful metal. (A) *hen combined 'hysically or chemically (B) combined when 'hysically or chemically (C) the 'hysical and chemical combination (%) it is combined 'hysically and chemically 5 The dawn redwood a''ears _____ some 188 million years ago in northern forests around the world. (A) was flourished


(B) ha$ing to flourish (C) to ha$e flourished (%) ha$e flourished 18 Beginning in the >iddle Ages com'osers of *estern music used a system of notating their com'ositions _____ be 'erformed by musicians. (A) will (B) that (C) and when to (%) so they could 11 Ci$il @ights are the freedoms and rights ____ as a member of a community state or nation. (A) may ha$e 'erson (B) may ha$e a 'erson who (C) a 'erson may ha$e (%) and a 'erson may ha$e 12 @ichard *right en0oyed success and influence ____ among Blac# American writers if his era. (A) were un'aralleled (B) are un'aralleled (C) un'aralleled (%) the un'aralleled 1& ____ of large mammals once dominated the !orth American 'rairies the American bison and the 'ronghorn antelo'e. (A) There are two s'ecies (B) *ith two s'ecies (C) Two s'ecies are (%) Two s'ecies 1( <ran#lin %. @oosewelt was ____ the great force of radio and the o''ortunity it 'ro$ided for ta#ing go$ernment 'olicies directly to the 'eo'le. (A) as the first =resident he understood fully (B) the first 'resident that to fully understand (C) the first =resident fully understood (%) the first =resident to understand fully 1/ %uring the late fifteenth century ____ of the nati$e societies of America had 'rofessions in the fields of arts and crafts. (A) only a few (B) a few but (C) few but only (%) a few only 1- The firstly na$al battle of the @e$olutionary *ar was fought off the coast of >achias >aine in Dune 1../.

1. The 'ublic ceremonies of the =lains 6ndians are lesser elaborate than those of the !a$a0o in the 7outhwest.

1, 6n some s'ecies of fish such the three2s'ined stic#lebac# the male not the female 'erforms the tas# of caring for the young.


15 *hen she retires in 7e'tember 15,5 tennis cham'ion Christine "$ert was the most famous woman athlete in the ;nites 7tates.

28 The ancient @omans used $essels e1ui''ed with sails and ban#s of oars to trans'orting their armies.

21 %inosaurs are traditionally classified as cold2blooded re'tiles but recent e$idence based on eating habits 'osture and s#eletal structural suggests some may ha$e been warm2blooded.

22 7ince the ?reat %e'ression of the 15&84s social 'rograms such as 7ocial 7ecurity ha$e been built into the economy to hel' a$ert se$erity business declines.

2& 6n the 15.84s consumer acti$ities succeeded in 'romoting laws that set safety standards for automobiles children4s clothing and a widely range of household 'roducts.

2( Moos in !ew +rleans 7an %iego %etroit and the Bronx ha$e become biological 'ar#s where animals roams free and 'eo'le watch from across a moat.

2/ 6n human beings as in other mammal hairs around the eyes and ears and in the nose 're$ent dust insects and other matter from entering these organs.

2- The @oc#y >ountains were ex'lored by fur traders during the early 1,884s in a decades 'receding the ;nited 7tates Ci$il *ar.

2. The wor#s of the author 3erman >el$ille are literary creations of a high order blending fact fiction ad$enture and subtle symbolic.

2, "ach chemical element is characteri9ed to the number of 'rotons that an atom of that element contains called its atomic number.

25 The body structure that de$elo'ed in birds o$er millions of years is well designed for flight being both lightly in weight and remar#ably strong.


&8 <rom 158/ to 1528 American no$elist "dith *harton was at the height of her writing career 'ublishing of her three most famous no$els.

&1 6n the early twentieth century there was considerable interesting among sociologists in the fact that in the ;nited 7tates the family was losing its traditional roles.

&2 Although 'ure diamond is colorless and trans'arent when contaminated with other material it may a''ear in $arious color ranging from 'astels to o'a1ue blac#.

&& Com'arati$e anatomy is concerned to the structural differences among animal forms.

&( A seismogra'h records oscillation of the ground caused by seismic wa$es $ibrations that tra$el from its 'oint of origin through the "arth or along its surface.

&/ "lectric lam's came into wides'read use during the early 15884s and ha$e re'laced other ty'e of fat gas or oil lam's for almost e$ery 'ur'ose.

&- )ocated in Canada the Columbia 6ce field co$ers area of 128 s1uare miles and is & &8 feet thic# in some 'laces.

&. Com'oser @ichard @odgers and lyricist +scar 3ammerstein brought to the musical +#lahomaQ extensi$e musical and theatrical bac#grounds as well as familiar with the traditional forms of o'eretta and musical comedy.

&, Because of its $ast tracts of $irtually uninhabited northern forest Canada has one of the lowest 'o'ulation density in the world. &5 @ice which it still forms the sta'le diet of much of the world4s 'o'ulation grows best in hot wet lands.

(8 ?o$ernment money a''ro'riated for art in the 15&84s made 'ossible hundreds of murals and statues still admiration in small towns all o$er the ;nites 7tates.


1998 10
1.The sociali9ation 'rocess ex'lains _____ of societies through successi$e generations but also the ability of a society4s members to ha$e meaningful interactions. (A) that continuity only not (B) continuity only not that (C) the only continuity not (%) not only the continuity 2.3eat transfer ta#es 'lace when _____ with a warmer substance. (A) is there a colder substance (B) a colder substance comes into contact (C) does the colder substance contact (%) contacts a colder substance &.<ormerly called natural 'hiloso'hy 'hysics has retained _____ of understanding the structure of the natural world and ex'laining natural 'henomena. (A) its original aim (B) it aimed originally (C) its original aim was (%) aiming originally (.7ome bird s'ecies ha$e a song that is totally uninfluenced _____ en$ironment during their de$elo'ment whereas other s'ecies learn from other birds while young. (A) the (B) yet the (C) since the (%) by the /.=rior to the eighteenth century _____ storms formed and died out at the same location. (A) a common belief that (B) that a common belief (C) it was commonly belie$ed that (%) because it was commonly belie$ed -.?rown widely in 6owa and 6llinois the soybean 'ro$ides one of the world4s _____ sources of 'rotein. (A) useful and chea'er mostly (B) chea'est and most useful (C) chea'est and useful mostly (%) most chea'ly and usefully ..Co''er _____ used by humans and is second only to iron in its utility through the ages. (A) the first metal (B) was the first metal (C) the first metal that (%) being the first metal ,._____ are inert outside li$ing cells but within the a''ro'riate cells they can re'licate causing $iral diseases in the host organism. (A) Ciruses (B) That Ciruses (C) Ciruses which (%) %es'ite $iruses 5.The ;nited 7tates Constitution 'ro$ides for a count of the 'o'ulation _____ a census e$ery ten years.


(A) that it is called (B) when called (C) called (%) as called 18.%igital recording has ma#e _____ a significantly wider dynamic range in recorded music. (A) for the 'ossibility (B) the 'ossibility is (C) it is 'ossible (%) 'ossible 11.!ot only _____ 'eo'le to send words music and codes to any 'art of the world it can also be used to communicate far into s'ace. (A) enabled by radio (B) radio enables (C) does radio enable (%) radio has enabled 12.Allegory is a literary de$ice _____ another le$el of meaning is concealed within what is usually a story. (A) which (B) by which (C) which is (%) which it is 1&.The fact that _____ was disco$ered in 152& by the astronomer "dwin 3ubble. (A) the ex'ansion of the uni$erse (B) the uni$erse is ex'anding (C) the uni$erse which is ex'anding (%) when the uni$erse ex'ands 1(.Today _____ little fossil i$ory remains comes from Alas#a. (A) what (B) which (C) there is (%) where 1/.Although most famous for her 'aintings of the 7outhwest desert _____ as well. (A) ?eorgia +4#eeffe 'ainted many urban scenes (B) the 'ainting of many urban scenes by ?eorgia 84#eeffe (C) were many urban scenes 'ainted by ?eorgia +4#eeffe (%) ?eorgia +4#eeffe4s 'aintings of many urban scenes 1-.6t was in the 15284s that the arched2to' guitar was first de$elo'ed commercially in the ;nited 7tates and use in dance bands.

1..The intensity of 'olitical struggles in the ;nited 7tates after 1,2( led to A the re$i$al of the two2 'arty system which had been inacti$e when 1,1..

1,.<luids exert e1ual 'ressure in all directions ha$e identical 'ro'erties throughout their $olume and theoretically offering no resistance to flow in any direction.


15.@eading has come to be regarded as an integrated 'art of language study than rather an isolated s#ill to be 'racticed out of context.

28. 6t has been estimated that during e$ery second of our life 18 888 888 red blood cells died and are re'laced by new ones.

21.=eriodic fires commonly s'read across grasslands and 'lays an im'ortant role in the maintenance and character of these ecosystems.

22.The 'lots of *illiam ?addis4s no$els allow am'le o''ortunity for 'hiloso'hical theological and society digression.

2&.6n additionally to being >ississi''i4s ca'ital and largest city Dac#son is also the state4s financial and medical center.

2(.<easts and festi$als among many !ati$e American tribes in the ;nited 7tates celebration agricultural and lunar e$ents.

2/.!euro'sychologist >arilyn Albert is loo#ing beyond brain functions for answers the 1uestion E3ow do emotions and attitudes affect the

2-.6ncor'orated in 1,2, )ouisbille Jentuc#y was named from Jing )ouis RC6 of <rance in recognition of his hel' during the @e$olutionary *ar.

2..@ainbows are formed by the refraction of sunlight through falling raindro'.

2,.Alas#a the larges state of the ;nited states in area is more than twice the si9e than Texas.

25.>eridians of longitude and 'arallels of latitude form grid that can be used to locate the 'osition of any 'oint on the "arth4s surface.

&8.>ercury and Cenus are the only 'lanets in the solar system where do not ha$e moons.

&1.Carbohydrates which include cellulose sugary and starches are the most abundant class of organic substances found in nature.


&2.%uring the 're2@e$olutionary 'eriod the 'ress in Britain4s !orth American colonies was sub0ect to licensing laws similar to them of ?reat Britain itself.

&&.6n its 'ure state aluminum is a wea# metal but when combined with e elements such as co''er or magnesium it is formed alloys of great strength.

&(.7'ecially bred $arieties of lettuce can be grown in water containing dissol$e nutritious rather than in soil.

&/.Throughout the 15&84s ;nited 7tates go$ernment 'atronage the arts was concentrated in the section of the *or#s =rogress Administration #nown as <ederal +ne.

&-. "ssential a nineteenth2century instrument the callio'e was usually 'layed outdoors and was a 'art of fairs holiday gatherings and other such acti$ities.

&..*inter broccoli has large white heads similar to those of cauliflower whereas s'routing broccoli 'roduces numerous small 'ur'lish green or white clum'.

&,.?reen'eace an international organi9ation of en$ironmental acti$ists founded by Canadians uses non$iolent means to 'rotest and bloc# acti$ities it considers en$ironmentally harm.

&5.Be$erly 7ills was a child radio star who became one of the world4s most dramatically gifted o'era singer ma#ing her debut at se$enteen.

(8. 6n the 'ractice of ?estalt thera'y many attention is gi$en to non$erbal as'ects of beha$ior.


1999 01
1. Among the first 'lants to grow on the land regions of the "arth _____ which in 'rehistoric times grew to immense si9e (A) were horsetail rushes (B) horsetail rushes (C) horsetail rushes were (%) and horsetail rushes 2. ;nli#e fossil fuels which can be used only once wind and solar 'ower _____of energy. (A) for renewable sources (B) the sources are renewable (C) are renewable sources (%) renewable sources &. _____ that the first cheese was 'robably made more than ( 888 years ago by nomadic tribes in Asia. (A) The belief (B) Although they belie$e (C) 6t is belie$ed (%) Belie$ing (. Today _____ of the "arth li$e on a $ery small 'ercentage of the "arth4s land surface. (A) about two2thirds 'o'ulated (B) the 'o'ulation is about two2thirds (C) about two2thirds of the 'o'ulation (%) of about two2thirds the 'o'ulation is /. 6t was in the year 1.52 _____ (A) that the !ew Bor# 7toc# "xchange was founded (B) founding the !ew Bor# 7toc# "xchange (C) which year the !ew Bor# 7toc# "xchange was founded (%) the !ew Bor# 7toc# "xchange founded -. >any small birds use new sites for each nesting _____ large birds often reuse the same nest. (A) by (B) how (C) within (%) whereas .. =lateaus are often referred to as tablelands _____ essentially flat2to''ed and stand cons'icuously abo$e an ad0acent land area. (A) because are (B) because they are (C) because of their (%) which because they are ,. Although many contem'orary craft ob0ects are not _____ they generally ha$e their roots in function. (A) function (B) functionally (C) as function (%) functional 5. _____ hearing aid was a tube called the ear trum'et a flared tube held u' to the ear. (A) <irst


(B) *hen the first (C) 6t was the first (%) The first 18. >ost lea$es are coated with a water'roof _____ or cuticle. (A) that the co$ering (B) and is co$ering (C) co$ering (%) by co$ering 11. The first glass factory _____ the !orth American continent was started in Damestown Cirginia in 1-8.. (A) established on (B) being established (C) was established on (%) that established it 12. _____ in the desert is mainly due to the limited su''ly of desert water. (A) =lants are widely s'aced (B) The s'acing of 'lants is wide (C) =lants to be s'aced widely (%) The wide s'acing of 'lants 1&. 6n addition to 'ainting highly acclaimed 'ortraits >ary Cassatt was _____ to se$eral ma0or art collectors. (A) to ad$ise (B) an ad$iser (C) ad$ised (%) ad$ising 1(. 7'ringwater is _____ clean since it has been filtered through 'ermeable roc#s but all s'ring water contains some dissol$ed minerals. (A) generally fair (B) generally fairly (C) in general fair (%) general and fair 1/. All eels s'awn in the sea the eggs hatching into trans'arent ribbon2li#e lar$ae _____ feeding until they metamor'hose into small eels. (A) that drift about (B) drift about (C) about drifting (%) drift about them 1-. Citrus fruits thri$e in 1uite $ery tro'ical climates.

1..Carson >cCullers was fame for her no$els about life in the small owns of the southern ;nited 7tates.

#ilometers 'er hour are re1uired to raised dust 'articles during dust storms.

region of !orth America.


28. The as'halt de'osits of )a Brea Tar =it in California ha$e yielded fossils of numerous animal of the =leistocene e'och including the giant ground sloth.

21. )ocated in the center of the continental ;nited 7tates and #nown for its endless wheat fields Jansas is one of the nation4s leading agriculturally states.

22. An intrinsic 'art of the sound structure of 'oet the re'etition of a consonant sound or sounds may also be exhibited in 'rose.

2&. =eo'le feel uncomfortable when the humidity rises o$er -8 'ercent because 'ers'iration cannot e$a'orate 1uic#ly enough for the body to rid themsel$es of excess heat.

A''roximately half of his or her adult height.

2/. The =ulit9er =ri9es are annual awards for excellence in ;nited 7tates 0ournalism literature and musical.

can either o$erturn or u'hold a lower court ruling.

2.. 7cience fiction is any fiction dealing with the future or with so imaginati$e sub0ects as interstellar tra$el life on other 'lanets or time tra$el. such as used when gi$ing an exam'le of something formal used in com'arisons to say that something or someone has less of a 'articular 1uality than another 'erson or thing 2,. The wings'read of $arious s'ecies of bats range from o$er fi$e feet to less than two inches.

25. The harmonica4s tones are made by the $ibrations of the feeds created by the blowing and suction to the 'layer.

&8. The constitution of 1,5. under which %elaware is now go$erned is fourth constitution in the history of the state.

&1. Because most 'hotogra'hic filters wor# by subtract 'ortions of $isible light from the sub0ect they decrease the intensity of light that reaches the film.


&2. 6n a $acuum discharge tube at ordinary $oltages and currents neon glows reddish2 orange and is the mostly intense of all the rare gases.

&&. Although ".". Cummings studied art in =aris but his writings attracted much more interest than his 'aintings.

&(. Because material organic decays slowly in 'eat the remains of 'rehistoric animals are often found in the de'ths of 'eat hogs.

&/. ;sually an atom ha$ing one two or three electrons in its $alence band readily contributes electrons to and recei$e electrons from neighboring atoms.

&-. A symbol of freedom the 7tatue of )iberty re'resents a woman has 0ust esca'ed from the chains of sla$ery which lie at her feet.

&.. The southwestern 'ortion of the ;nited 7tates is a land of little rain and 'arts of it are too dry that they are called deserts.

&,. 7eneca chief Corn2'lanter hel'ed arrange treaties between many ;nited 7tates settler and !ati$e American tribes in western =ennsyl$ania after the American @e$olutionary *ar.

&5. >ercury is so much close to the 7un that it is usually in$isible in the glare of the 7un4s rays.

(8. =ollen can be transferred by the wind or by birds that comes into contact with flowers.


1999 05
1. Classical logic is characteri9ed by a concern for the structure and elements of argument____ that thought language and reality are interrelated. (A) based on the belief (B) on the belief based (C) belief based on the (%) the based belief on 2. Adult fleas_____ only blood and are external 'arasites of mammals and birds. (A) eat (B) ha$ing eaten (C) that eat (%) to eat &. 3eat energy may be absorbed or released when_____ while wor# is done on or by the system. (A) changes in the internal energy of a system (B) by changing the internal energy of a system. (C) the internal energy of a system that changes (%) the internal energy of a system changes (. >etheods of measuring mass time and distance are _____ of human culture. (A) among the oldest s#ills (B) they are among the oldest s#ills (C) what among the oldest s#ills (%) the s#ills that among the oldest /. ______ they sometimes swim alone dol'hins usually congregate in large grou's often numbering in the hundreds. (A) *hy (B) Although (C) "$en (%) !e$ertheless -. ______ 'lays an im'ortant 'art in commercial art illustrating ad$ertisements textboo#sbrochures and articles in maga9ines and 'eriodicals. (A) %rawing and (B) Because drawing (C) %rawing which (%) %rawing .. ?oldfinches build com'act _______ nests which they line with soft $egetable down. (A) sha'ed li#e a cu' (B) cu'2sha'ed


(C) cu' sha'es (%) sha'e of a cu' ,. )ouisa >ay Alcott 'ublished her first boo# <lower <ables _____ of fairy tales in 1,/(. (A) which a collection (B) a collection was (C) a collection (%) in which a collection 5. ______ understanding of weather and its $ariability it has been difficult to 'ro$e that weather can be controlled. (A) 7ince incom'lete (B) Because of incom'lete (C) 6ncom'lete (%) *hy is incom'lete 18. <ran#lin @oose$elt4s !ew %eal =rogram included ______ designed to 'ro$ide relief and counteract the effects of the economic de'ression that had begun in 1525. (A) measures were tem'orary (B) in tem'orary measures (C) tem'orary and measures (%) tem'orary measures 11. Current health guidelines recommend that 'eo'le restrict their consum'tion_______. (A) foods of high in fat (B) of foods in fat high (C) of foods high in fat (%) in foods high of fat 12. *alt *hitman originated a distincti$e form of free $erse that sets his wor# a'art from_____ of all other 'oets. (A) what (B) that (C) how (%) it 1&. _____ economic change by in$estigating the fluctuations in the relationshi' between wor#ers4 wages and their buying 'ower. (A) "conomists gauging (B) "conomists gauge how (C) "conomists gauge (%) *hene$er economists gauge 1(. Although the many hours of summer sunshine in Canada4s Jlondi#e region 'roduce good $egetable cro's the long winters rarely 'ermit ______.


(A) grain cro's ri'en (B) grain cro's are ri'e (C) the ri'ening of grain cro's (%) to ri'en grain cro's 1/. Tools a wor#sho' and some storage s'ace were ______ for early ex'eriments in a$iation. (A) re1uired all that (B) all that was re1uired (C) all the re1uirements that (%) such that all the re1uirements 1-. A ma0or railroad 0unction in 6llinois %ecatur has became an im'ortant commercial hub for the region4s farm 'roducts and li$estoc#.

1.. =eo'le use muscles to ma#e $arious mo$ements such as wal# 0um'ing or throwing.

1,. "mily %ic#inson unmista#enly fixed her own highly indi$idually and re$olutionary 'ersonality in her elli'tical and 'ro$ocati$e 'oems.

15. The human s#eleton is made u' of 28- bones of difference si9e and sha'es.

28. +ne of the earliest stri#e in ;nited 7tates history occurred in 1.(8 when ba#ers refused to wor# until their wages were increased.

21. Count Basie4s distincti$e 'iano style and band arrangements of the late 15&84s earned his an im'ortant 'lace in 0a99 history.

22. The wide range of ele$ations in the southern A''alachian >ountains allows for the great di$erse of 'lant life found there.

2&. <our huge shield $olcanoes ha$e been obser$ed on >ars as well as a great number of small ones li#e found those on the "arth.

2(. The 1,5. disco$er of gold in the Jlondi#e hastened the commercial de$elo'ment of *ashington 7tate as did the increasing trade with =acific 6slands.

2/. The 7aint )awrence @i$er is young relati$ely by geological standards as it was founded during the last ice age.


2-. *ith the ability 'roduce and control fire early humans could ma#e heat and light and could coo# foods that were difficult to eat raw.

2.. +nly the female and the wor#er was's are e1ui''ed with a sting which they use it to attac# their 'rey or to 'rotect themsel$es against enemies.

2,. Com'ared with another breeds 1uarter horses can start more 1uic#ly turn more shar'ly and run faster o$er short courses.

25. 7tars emit radio wa$es which they may be detected and studied using radio telesco'es.

&8. A glider is a ty'e of aircraft resembling an air'lane but often ha$ing not means of 'ro'ulsion at all.

&1. A 'atrilineal extended family consists of core grou' of males their wi$es and their unmarried daughters.

&2. 3erons inhabit marshy areas of the shores along fresh or salt water which they find fishes frogs crustaceans and other a1uatic animals to eat.

&&. A com'uter 'rogram that communicates with the user solely by choices 'ro$iding from interlin#ed menus is said to be menu2dri$en.

&(. 6n the 15&84s few ma0or orchestras in the ;nited 7tates hired woman so many chose to 'erform in amateur musical grou's as an alternati$e.

&/. Com'lex s'acecraft are characteri9ed by a $arious of su''orting systems including communications guidance and na$igation altitude control and in some cases life2su''ort systems. &-. *hen a 'iano board is substituted for buttons on right side of an accordion the instrument is #nown as a 'iano accordion.

&.. Today4s lunar and solar ecli'ses can be 'redicted to within seconds of its occurrences and interest in them is scientific as well as aesthetic.


&,. The windowless inner rooms of the =ueblo Bontio in !ew >exico ser$ed for the storage of su''lies while the brighter outer rooms were using for li$ing 1uarters.

&5. ;ltrasonic is concerned with sound $ibrates or wa$es of a fre1uency abo$e 28 888 cycles 'er second the u''er range audible to the human ear.

(8. <reesia 'lants reach a height of two and one2half feet and thri$e best at tem'erature of /8 degrees to -8 degrees <ahrenheit.


1999 08
1. 6n 1,-( !e$ada enter the ;nited 7tates as _______ thirty2sixth state. (A) in the (B) to be the (C) was the (%) the 2. Bob 7te'henson a biologist in Alas#a who studies the Canadian lynx a ty'e of wildcat has learned ______ from studying their trac#s in the snow. (A) how lynx hunt (B) lynx hunt how (C) how hunt lynx (%) lynx how hunt &. ______ lay eggs but some gi$e birth to li$e young. (A) Although most insects (B) >ost insects (C) %es'ite most insects (%) >ost insects that (. Author 7raah Dewett established her literary re'utation with %ee'ha$en a collection of s#etches ______. (A) with rural >aine life (B) that life in rural >aine (C) about life in rural >aine (%) life in rural >aine /. By means of $arious ty'es of wind tunnels ______ simulate most of the flight conditions to which an air'lane is sub0ected. (A) which aeronautical engineers can (B) aeronautical engineers can (C) the ability of aeronautical engineers to (%) aeronautical engineers being able to -. ______ 'lanes in flight between air'orts air traffic controllers rely on radar. (A) Trac#ed (B) Trac# of (C) To trac# (%) +f trac#ing .. The o'erating 'rinci'les of the tele'hone are ______ they were in the nineteenth century.


(A) the same as today (B) the same today (C) the same today as (%) today what the same. ,. 7teel magnate Andrew Carnegie used 'art of his wealth _______ more than 2 /88 'ublic libraries in "nglish2s'ea#ing countries between 1,,1 and 1515. (A) hel'ed in building (B) hel'ed him to building (C) to hel' build (%) his hel' in building 5. !ot until 15(5 _______ Canada4s tenth 'ro$ince. (A) became !ewfoundland (B) did !ewfoundland become (C) !ewfoundland did become (%) !ewfoundland became 18. =aul 7amuelson re$olutioni9ed _____ by 'resenting his students with the most ad$anced economic thin#ing at an introductory le$el. (A) to teach economics (B) the teaching of economics (C) teaching that economics is (%) economics is taught 11. The term bell2letters is used to denote literary forms that contain _____ such as drama 'oetry essays and no$els. (A) artistic creati$e writing (B) writing that artistic creati$e (C) artistic creati$e and writing (%) them is artistic creati$e writing 12. +'en2'it mining follows the same se1uence of o'erations ______ miningL drilling blasting and loading and remo$ing waste and ore. (A) where underground (B) that underground (C) underground (%) as underground 1&. ______ in cases where s'ecial oxidants are used fires are the result of a fuel ra'idly combining with the oxygen in the air. (A) There are (B) "$en though (C) 3ow (%) "xce't


1(. >aya Angelou4s widely acclaimed autobiogra'hy 6 #now why the Caged Bird sings is a mo$ing and ______ of her childhood in segregated Ar#ansas. (A) an account that is often humorous (B) often humorous as an account (C) often humorous the account (%) often humorous account 1/. ______ to study element 18( because only a few atoms of his substance can be isolated at one time. (A) The difficulty (B) *hy it is difficult (C) 6t is difficult (%) "$en though difficult 1-. Common salt occurs naturally in 'ure solidly form as the mineral halite and in widely distributed de'osits of roc# or mineral salts.

1.. The term EmetabolismF refers to the chemical changes which by li$ing things transform food into energy.

1,. >aterials that of clay are among the most ancient manufactured articles and ha$e 'layed a $ital role in human ci$ili9ation.

15. Bogurt contains a higher 'ercentage of lactic acid than another fermented mil#s and it is rich in B2 com'lex $itamins.

28. Canada is made u' of ten 'ro$inces and two territories with go$ernmental 'owers being di$ided between the federal go$ernment or the 'ro$inces.

21. Before the formation of labor unions indi$idual wor#ers had almost not $oice in determining their wages hours or wor#ing conditions.

% 2&. "ach stan9a of a 'oem has a re'eatable 'attern of meter and rhyme and is normally di$ision from the following stan9a by a blan# line.


2(. %e'ending on many factors including climate mineral content of the soil and the 'ermanency of surface water wetlands may be mossy grassy or co$ering with shrubs or trees. 2/. 6n many areas of the world 'eo'le need clothing for 'rotection the weather.

2-. 3oocer %am in !e$ada is a multi'ur'ose structure that 'ro$ides flood control hydroelectric 'owerful and drin#ing and irrigation water.

2.. =hysiologically the 'eriod of adolescence is mar#ed by acti$e growth es'ecially in the s#eletal and muscular systems and in a certain $ascular tissues.

2,. <ree nitrogen is chemically inert and combines with other elements only since $ery high tem'eratures or 'ressures.

25. 7awfish are shar#2li#e fish ha$e EsawsF of cartilage set with two rows of teeth on their snouts.

&8. The decade of the 15284s was significant in ?eorgia4s history because of the ra'idity with what agriculture declined in the state.

&1. Although usually li$ing on or under roc#s or on coral reefs marine snails ha$e been obser$ed in a great $arious of habitats.

&2. 6n the field of acting theory contro$ersy arises o$er the 1uestion of whether is acting a beha$ioral or a mental 'rocess.

&&. 7hort2wa$e radios that can recei$e and transmit signals are used by 'ilots the 'olice and amateur o'erator.

&(. Because sil# is the strongest of all natural fibers ran#ing in strong with the synthetic fiber nylon its delicate loo# and fell are dece'ti$e.

&/. The @ed @i$er so named because of the red2colored sediment it carries it is one of the main branches of the >ississi''i.


&-. <loyd Bennett was a 'ilot for two of the Arctic ex'edition of the 15284s and the first 'ilot to fly o$er the north 'ole.

&.. To those who fa$orite free trade the re$i$al of barter can suggest nothing less than a disaster.

&,. 6n the ;nited 7tates about ./ 'ercent of the total tomatoes cro' is 'rocessed into 0uice caned tomatoes sauces 'astes and #etchu'.

&5. Today4s nuclear fission fuels are the remnants of which used to be a much more acti$e mixture of radioacti$e and fissionable materials two billion years ago and earlier.

(8. =etrogra'hy concerns 'rimarily with the detailed descri'tion and classification of roc#s whereas 'etrology deals 'rimarily with roc# formation.


1999 10
1. <inger'rints form an unchangeable signature and ______ for identification des'ite changes in the indi$idual4s a''earance or age. (A) the use of finger'rint records (B) with the use of finger'rint records (C) when finger'rint records are used (%) finger'rint records can be used 2. Animals obtain their energy from _______ . (A) eat their food (B) their food to eat (C) the food they eat (%) they eat the food &. )i1uid water has fewer hydrogen bonds than ice: so more molecules can occu'y the same s'ace ma#ing li1uid water ______ than ice. (A) more dense (B) is more dense (C) more than dense (%) as more dense (. 6t is difficult for 'resent2day readers ______7ister Carrie was withdrawn from circulation at the turn of the century. (A) to understand the no$el why (B) why to understand the no$el (C) the no$el to understand why (%) to understand why the no$el /. 3istorical linguists study ______ o$er time. (A) languages e$ol$e (B) whether languages e$olution (C) how languages e$ol$e (%) e$olution that languages -. Tennis star Chris "$ert who retired from the game after eighteen years 'erha's _____ more than anyone to ma#e women4s 'rofessional tennis a widely res'ected career. (A) who did (B) has done (C) and doing (%) to do .. The daytime _____ bright because the "arth4s atmos'here scatters sunlight. (A) while s#y is (B) has a s#y (C) s#y is (%) for the s#y ,. "dward 3o''er4s 'aintings 'ortray the loneliness and isolation of the indi$iduals _____. (A) is in an urbani9ed society


(B) in society is urbani9ed (C) who in an urbani9ed society (%) in an urbani9ed society 5. Braille _____ 'rinting reading materials for use by 'eo'le who are blind consists of a system of raised 'oints or dots that are read by touch. (A) is a method of (B) a method of (C) which a method of (%) a method is of 18. The art of landsca'e architecture is almost as old ______ of architecture itself. (A) as that (B) than (C) as (%) than that 11. The de$elo'ment of synthetic fibers after 15(8 led to the 'roduction of new ty'es of fabrics _____ more durable and easier to care for. (A) that they were (B) that were (C) were (%) and were 12. ;ntil the eighteenth century charcoal was _____ used in blast furnaces as well as in glassma#ing blac#smithing and metalwor#ing. (A) what the chief fuel (B) the chief fuel that (C) the chief fuel was (%) the chief fuel 1&. =ure iron cannot be hardened by heating and cooling as _____ because iron lac#s the necessary carbon. (A) steel it can (B) can steel (C) with steel can (%) so can steel 1(. @a'ids and waterfalls ______ along $irtually all >assachusetts waterways 'ro$ided 'ower in colonial times for grist and saw mills and later for textile mills. (A) common (B) were common (C) which being common (%) being common were 1/. Airsic#ness is 'roduced by a disturbance of the inner car ______ 'sychogenic factors such as fear also 'lay a 'art. (A) in s'ite of (B) neither (C) nor (%) although


1-. A large collections of materials focused on )ouisiana4s history and culture is 'ro$ided by the *illiams @eseach Center in !ew +rleans.

1.. >ary Austin4s first boo# The )and of little @ain a descri'tion of desert life in the western ;nited 7tates won she immediate fame in 158&.

1,. The most abundant 'hos'hate mineral a'atite includes se$eral ty'e that $ary in their content of fluorine chlorine or hydroxyl ions.

15.3a$ing gained a re'utation as a daring intre'id 0ournalist !ellie Bly became the first female re'ort assigned to the "astern front during the <irst *orld *ar.

28. 6n 1,-2 Abraham )incoln signed the 3omestead Act allows settlers 1-8 acres of free land after they had wor#ed it for fi$e years.

21. Alone with the other 'hysical sciences meteorology has de$elo'ed in the 'ast three centuries from myth and fol#lore to rigorous obser$ation com'utation analy9e.

22. 6n 15.& the ;nited 7tates armed forces were 'laced on an all2$olunteer basis for a first time since 15,(.

2&. Because lions do not ha$e exce'tional s'eedy they must rely on the element of sur'rise for the hunt.

2(. The 'osition of the earth4s magnetic 'oles is not constant but shows an a''reciable change after year to year.

2/. ?rassland $egetation reduces com'etition for water among s'ecies by concentrates roots at different le$els.

2-. )i#e the giant re'tiles most lineages of organisms ha$e e$entually become extinct: still some exist that ha$e changed $ery little in millions of year.

2.. %emonstrations 'ublic are an effecti$e means by which ad$ocacy grou's can bring ine1ualities to the attention of local state and federal officials.


2,. >ethods used in 're'aring articles for an encyclo'edia differs de'ending on the length of the article.

25. 7ince the ad$ent of roc# music in the 15/84s the 'o'ular music of the ;nited 7tates has become a significant musical influence around world.

&8. Cloud dro'lets and ice crystals first form on certain ty'es of small 'articles of dust or another airborne materials.

&1. >ale fiddler crabs ha$e huge claws that mo$e bac# and forth similar $iolinists mo$e their arms when 'laying the $iolin.

&&. Almost e$ery fruits and $egetables contain ribofla$in: the richest sources are leafy green $egetables such as s'inach #ale or turni' greens.

&(. ?old lends itself to the ma#ing of decorati$e articles because of its great resistant to corrosion and tarnish and its ease of wor#ing.

&/. "thics is the branch of 'hiloso'hy that deals with the $alues of life in a coherent systematic and science manner.

&-. 6ndiscriminately dum'ing of waste materials and inade1uate sewage treatment are two serious causes of en$ironmental 'ollution.

&.. The builders of the $ariety ancient cliff ruins scattered throughout the canyons and mesas of the arid 7outhwest of the ;nited 7tates are #nown as the cliff dwellers.

&,. A fragrant 'lant has tiny sacs that ma#es and stores the substances that gi$e it a 'leasant odor.

&5. !omadic hunter and gatherer societies ha$e access to only a limited amount of food in an area and mo$ed on when they ha$e exhausted each locality.

(8. Collagen a strong rubbery 'rotein su''orts the earfla's and the ti' of nose in humans.


2000 01
1. Amanda *ay4s career as a social reformer____ in 1,/1 when at an antisla$ery meeting in 6ndiana she called for a state woman4s rights con$ention. (A) begin (B) began (C) ha$e begun (%) to ha$e begun 2. The celesta an orchestral 'ercussion instrument resembles___ (A) a small u'right 'iano (B) how a small u'right 'iano (C) a small u'right 'iano is (%) as a small u'right 'iano &. Thomas =aine _____ wrote Common 7ense a 'am'hlet that identified the American colonies with the cause of liberty. (A) writer of elo1uent (B) whose elo1uent writing (C) an elo1uent writer (%) writing elo1uent (. Although bea$ers rarely remain submerged for more than two minutes they can stay underwater ___fifteen minutes before ha$ing to surface for air. (A) as long (B) as long as (C) so long (%) so long that /. =rotein digestion begins in the stomach ____ends in the small intestine. (A) while (B) and (C) how (%) because -. *hen natural gas burns its___ into atoms of carbon and hydrogen. (A) hydrocarbon molecules brea#ing u' (B) bro#e u' by hydrocarbon molecules (C) hydrocarbon molecules brea# u' (%) bro#en u' hydrocarbon molecules .. _____ ballet dancers learn fi$e basic 'ositions for the arms and feet. (A) All of (B) +f e$ery (C) All (%) "$ery ,. 7ome colonies of bryo9oans small marine animals form ___with trailing stems. (A) cree'ing colonies (B) which colonies cree' (C) cree'ing colonies are (%) colonies cree' 5. @uth Bader ?insburg argued six women4s rights cases before the ;nited 7tates 7u'reme Court in the 15.84s ____ (A) of fi$e winning them (B) fi$e winning of them


(C) of them fi$e winning (%) winning fi$e of them 18. !atural selection is defined as the 'rocess ___the course of e$olution by 'reser$ing those traits best ada'ted for an organism4s sur$i$al. (A) to which directs (B) of which directs it (C) directs it (%) that directs 11. ____ &-& miles between the cities of Albany and Buffalo in !ew Bor# 7tate the "ric Canal hel'ed lin# the Atlantic +cean with the ?reat )a#es. (A) The extension of (B) The extension (C) "xtending (%) "xtends 12.The chief sources of B12 a water2soluble $itamin ____ stored in the body include meat mil# and eggs. (A) is not (B) that is not (C) not that is (%) that not 1&. ____ is rooted in ex'eriments in iron and steel conducted in the nineteenth century. (A) *hile the history of twentieth2century architecture (B) The history of twentieth2century architecture (C) That the history of twentieth2century architecture (%) Both twentieth2century architecture and its history 1(.The 'rimary source of energy for tro'ical cyclones is the latent heat released when ____ (A) does water $a'or condense (B) condensed water $a'or (C) water $a'or condenses (%) the condensation of water $a'or 1/. >aufacturing is Canada4s most im'ortant economic acti$ity ____1. 'ercent of the wor#force. (A) engages (B) and to engage (C) that it engage (%) engaging 1-. The outer layer of the heart called the 'ericardium forms a sac in what the heart lies.

1.. *ood from the ash tree becomes extremely flexibly when it is ex'osed to steam.

1,. The ability to tal# is one of the s#ill that ma#e humans different from the rest of the animal world.

15. 6n 'lane geometry the sum of the internal angles of any triangle has always e1ual to 1,8 degrees.

28. =olar bears are bowlegged and 'igeon2toed ada'tations that enable this massi$e animals to maintain their balance as they wal#.


21. Ca$es are formed by the chemical or action mechanical of water on soluble roc# by $olcanic acti$ity and by earth1ua#es.

22. Celery an edible 'lant is ha$ing long stal#s to''ed with feathery lea$es grows best in cool weather.

2&. The first fiction writer in the ;nited 7tates to achie$e international fame was *ashington 6r$ing who wrote many stories included E @i' Can *in#leF and EThe )egend of 7lee'y 3ollowF. 2(. Three fundamental as'ects of forest con$ersation are the 'rotection of immature trees the use of 'ro'er har$esting methods and 'ro$ide for an en$ironment that su''orts re'roduction.

2/. <or each en9yme reaction there is an o'timum tem'erature which maximum efficiency is achie$ed.

2-. Adolescence is a transitional stage in human de$elo'ment from the beginning of 'uberty to the attainment of the emotion social and 'hysical maturity of adulthood.

2.. The 'eo'le nati$e to the northwest coast of !orth American ha$e long be #nown for wood car$ings of stunning beauty and extraordinary 1uality.

2,. Colonial efforts to manufacture glass at Damestown2222 and later attem'ts near =hiladel'hia and Boston222failed des'ite the abundant of fuel and good raw materials.

25. The orbit of a celestial body is usually in the sha'e of elli'se.

&8. Chicago is the third largest 'ublishing center in the ;nited 7tates exceeding only by !ew Bor# City and 7an <rancisco.

&1. !orth American bison differ from domestic cattle in ha$e 1( rather than 1& 'airs of ribs.


&2. <emale sea turtles before laying her eggs swim as much as 2 888 #ilometers to return to the beaches where they themsel$es were hatched.

&&. *ater is the only substance that occur at ordinary tem'eratures in all three states of matterL solid li1uid and gas.

&(. %es'ite the growth of manufacturing and other industries the economy of the state of Texas has remained hea$ily de'endence on oil and gas.

&/. )yndon B. Dohnson was the only ;nited 7tates =resident who oath of office was administered by a woman Dudge 7arah Tilghman 3ughes.

&-. 6t too# more than fourteen years to car$e the faces of four ;nited 7tates =residents into the granite cliffs to >ount @ushmore 7outh %a#ota.

&..Charles Bullfinch was the architect who design the original red bric# core of the 7tate 3ouse in Boston.

&,.@arely has a technological de$elo'ment had as great an im'act on as much as'ects of social economic and cultural de$elo'ment as the growth of electronics. &5. )owell >assachusetts #nown as the E7'indle CityF since 1,22 when its first textile mills were built attracted worldwide attention as textile center.

(8.7trange Cictory 7ara Teas dale4s smallest and most 'erfect collection of 'oems a''ear in 'rint in 15&&.


2000 05
1.<rom 15(5 onward the artist ?eorgia +4 Jeeffe made !ew >exico ______. (A) her 'ermanent residence was (B) where her 'ermanent residence (C) 'ermanent residence for her (%) her 'ermanent residence 2. Dust as remote2controlled satellites can be em'loyed to ex'lore outer s'ace _______em'loyed to in$estigate the dee' sea. (A) can be robots (B) robots can be (C) can robots (%) can robots that are &. 6n ______ 'eo'le the areas of the brain that control s'eech are located in the left hemis'here. (A) mostly of (B) most (C) almost the (%) the most of (. 7tars shine because of _______ 'roduced by the nuclear reactions ta#ing 'lace within them. (A) the amount of light and heat is (B) which the amount of light and heat (C) the amount of light and heat that it is (%) the amount of light and heat /. ________ is not clear to researchers. (A) *hy dinosaurs ha$ing become extinct (B) *hy dinosaurs became extinct (C) %id dinosaurs become extinct (%) %inosaurs became extinct -.Although many 'eo'le use the word Emil#F to refer cow4s mil# _______ to mil# from any animal including human mil# and goat4s mil#. (A) a''lying it also (B) a''lies also (C) it also a''lies (%) but it also a''lies .. The first transatlantic tele'hone cable system was not established _______ 15/-. (A) while (B) until (C) on (%) when


,. _______ no two 'eo'le thin# exactly ali#e there will always be disagreement but disagreement should not always be a$oided: it can be healthy if handled creati$ely. (A) There are (B) *hy (C) That (%) Because 5.%rin#ing water ________ excessi$e amounts of fluorides may lea$e a stained or mottled effect on the enamel of teeth. (A) containing (B) in which containing (C) contains (%) that contain C *B 18. 6n the 1,284s 'hysical education became_______ of the curriculum of 3ar$ard and Bale ;ni$ersities. (A) to be 'art (B) which was 'art (C) was 'art (%) 'art A = =Nwy 11. =ewter _______ for eating and drin#ing utensils in colonial America is about ninety 'ercent tin which co''er or bismuth added for hardness. (A) was widely used (B) widely used it (C) widely used (%) which widely used 12.A moth 'ossesses two 'airs of wings _____ as single 'air and are co$ered with dustli#e scales. (A) function (B) are functioning (C) that function (%) but functions 1&.7oa' o'eras a ty'e of tele$ision drama series are so called because at first they were ________. (A) often which soa' manufacturers s'onsored (B) s'onsored often soa' manufacturers (C) often s'onsored by soa' manufacturers (%) soa' manufacturers often s'onsored them 1(.The *oolworth Building in !ew Bor# was the highest in America when _______ in 15(& and was famous for its use of ?othic decorati$e detail. (A) built (B) it built (C) was built


(%) built it 1/.3umans ________ interact through communicati$e beha$ior by means of signs or symbols used con$entionally. (A) li#e other animals (B) how other animals (C) other animals that (%) do other animals 1-.>ore and 58 'ercent of the calcium in the human body is in the s#eleton.

1.. =erha's the most 'o'ular film in mo$ie history 7tar *ars was written and direction by ?eorge )ucas.

1,. 7ome animal acti$ities such as mating migration and hibernate ha$e a yearly cycle.

15. ?eogra'hers were once concerned largely with ex'loring areas un#nown to them and from describing distincti$e features of indi$idual 'laces.

28. 6n his animated films *alt %isney created animals that tal# and act li#e 'eo'le while retaining its animal traits.

21. The first city in the ;nited 7tates that 'ut into effect ma0or 'lan for the clustering of go$ernment buildings was *ashington %.C.

22. 6n a microwa$e o$en radiation 'enetrates food and is then absorbed 'rimarily by water molecules caused heat to s'read through the food.

2&.The cultures early of the genus 3omo were generally distinguished by regular use of stone tools and by a hunting and gathering economy.

2(. %ol'hins are slee# and 'owerful swimmers that found in all seas and unli#e 'or'oises ha$e well defined bea#li#e snouts and conical teeth.

2/. The $elocity of a ri$er is controlled by the slo'e the de'th and the tough of the ri$erbed.


2-. The 'honogra'h record was the first successful medium for ca'turing 'reser$ation and re'roducing sound.

2.. ?enerally the 'attern of o'en s'ace in urban areas has sha'ed by commercial systems go$ernmental actions and cultural traditions.

2,. A li1uid that might be a 'oor conductor when 'ure is often used to ma#e solutions that readily transmits electricity.

25.The initial disco$ery by humans almost 18 888 years ago that they could ex'loit metallic mineral de'osits was an im'ortant milestone in the de$elo'ment ci$ili9ation.

&8. 6n 15,5 Tillie <owler a @e'ublican became the first member of her 'arty to ser$ing as 'resident of the city council of Dac#son$ille <lorida.

&1. ?eneral anesthesia which is usually used for ma0or surgery in$ol$es a com'lete loss of consciousness and a relaxed of the muscles.

&2. After first establishment subsistence farms along the Atlantic seaboard "uro'ean settlers in !orth America de$elo'ed a maritime and shi'building industry.

&&.The legs of a roadrunner are enough strong that it can run u' to 2( #ilometers 'er hour to catch li9ards and small rodents.

&(. <or the immune system of a newborn mammal to de$elo' 'ro'erly the 'resence of the thymus gland is essentially.

&/. =hysicians wor#ing in the field of 'ublic health are mainly concerned with the en$ironmental causes of ill and how to eliminate them.

&-.By 1,/8 immigration from distance shores as well as migration from the countryside had caused !ew Bor# City4s 'o'ulation to swell.

&..By identifying similar words or structures in different languages we find e$idence that those languages are related and may be deri$ed from same ancestor.


&,. Astronomers use 'hotogra'hy and sighting telesco'es to study the motions of all of the bright stars and many of the faint one.

&5.6n the nineteenth century a number of !ati$e American tribe such as the Comanche li$ed a nomadic existence hunting buffalo.

(8. The a$erage ele$ation of *est Cirginia is about 1 /88 foot abo$e sea le$el.


2000 08
1. The gray scale a 'rogressi$e series of shades ranging from blac# to white is used in com'uter gra'hics _____ detail to gra'hical images. (A) added (B) to add (C) are added (%) and add 2. By _____ excluding com'etition from an industry go$ernments ha$e often created 'ublic ser$ice mono'olies. (A) they ado't laws (B) laws are ado'ted (C) ado'ting laws (%) ha$ing laws ado't &. _____ s#eleton of an insect is on the outside of its body. (A) 6ts (B) That the (C) There is a (%) The (. )enses _____ are used to correct im'erfection in eyesight. (A) are the forms of glasses and contact lenses (B) in the form of glasses and contact lenses (C) glasses and contact lenses which form (%) glasses and contact lenses may be formed /. 6n eighteenth2century !orth American 'rinted engra$ings 'ro$ided____ rococo style. (A) the most manifestation wides'read (B) manifestation wides'read the most (C) the wides'read manifestation most (%) the most wides'read manifestation -. 6n the Arctic tundra ice fog may form under clear s#ies in winter ____ coastal fogs or low stratus clouds are common in summer. (A) because of (B) whereas (C) des'ite (%) that .. +n attaining maximum si9e ___ by drawing itself out and di$iding into two daughter amoebas each recei$ing identical nuclear materials. (A) the re'roduction of the amoeba (B) the amoeba which re'roduces (C) re'roducing the amoeba (%) the amoeba re'roduced ,. <or the ad$ertiser one of the greatest a''eals of radio is ____ an audience all day long. (A) that it has


(B) that to ha$e (C) to ha$e it (%) ha$ing it 5. Charles 7chul94s comic stri' E=eanuts F features children who ma#e ____ about life. (A) funny wise statement that (B) which funny wise statements (C) statements are funny but wise (%) funny but wise statements 18. +ne of the ma0or ri$ers of the western ;nited 7tates ____ flows for some 1 /888 miles from Colorado to northwestern >exico. (A) it is the Colorado @i$er (B) the Colorado @i$er which (C) and the Colorado @i$er (%) the Colorado @i$er 11. 6n art the tendency of gouache colors to lighten on drying ma#es ___ a wide range of 'early or 'aste2li#e effects. (A) it is 'ossible (B) 'ossible (C) 'ossible to be (%) it 'ossible the 12. 6sabel Bisho' was one of many American artists ___ by the go$ernment during the %e'ression years on $arious federal art 'ro0ects. (A) em'loyed (B) whose em'loyment (C) to em'loy (%) had been em'loyed 1&. +utbrea#s of diseases in trees commonly occur _____ stressed because of drought or other en$ironmental factors. (A) as forests that become (B) in forests become (C) that become forests (%) when forests become 1(. To brea# thic# ice an icebrea#er boat mo$es fast enough to ride u' on the ice ____ under its weight. (A) so then brea#s (B) when brea#s it (C) which then brea#s (%) for which then brea#s 1/. Cholesterol is 'resent in large 1uantities in the ner$ous system where ____ com'ound of myelin. (A) it a (B) a


(C) being (%) it is a 1-. =ainters of the early twentieth century who were #nown 'rimarily for they colorful landsca'es the ?rou' of 7e$en changed is name to the Canadian ?rou' of =ainters in 15&&.

1.. >ost animals ha$e ner$ous systems sense organs and s'eciali9ed modes of locomotion and are ca'able of securing ingesting and to digest food.

1,. The cor# oa# tree has a layer of cor# se$eral inches thic#ness that can be stri''ed e$ery ten years.

15. 6nflation interest rates and o$erall economic acti$e can be go$erned by the ;nited 7tates <ederal @eser$e4s decision to ad0ust the su''ly of money to the economy. 28. <ree radicals of oxygen which common by2'roducts of metabolic 'rocesses in the body are ca'able of causing tissue damage.

21. By 1,&8 the glass industry in the ;nited 7tates had become too well established that the country no longer needed to de'end on im'orted glass.

22. <ree land chea'ly trans'ortation and 'owerfully 'ersuasi$e railroad ad$ertising all hel'ed flood the western 'art of the ;nited 7tates with farmers in the nineteenth century. 2&. Coral formations ha$e #nown as fringing reefs are located close to shore se'arated from land only by shallow water.

2(. <or a seagoing cargo2carrying sailing $essels the cli''er shi' was remar#ably fast.

2/. Cisibly only through large telesco'es =luto has a yellowish color which indicates that there is $ery little atmos'here.

2-. %iamond is the hardest #nown substance so diamonds can be cut only by another diamonds.


2.. The 6nternational >onetary <und was created in a effort to stabili9e exchange rates without interfering with the healthy growth of trade.

2,. Butterflies and moths undergo com'lete metamor'hosis them changing from cater'illar to adult $ia one intermediate stage the 'u'a.

25. Thousands of meteorite hit "arth each year but most fall into the sea or in remote areas and are ne$er reco$ered.

&8. Alas#a become the forty2ninth state in 15/5 and 3awaii became the fiftieth state lately that year.

&1. A s'onge feeds itself by drawing water through tiny 'ores on its surface filtering out food 'articles and then ex'el the water through larger $ents.

&2. Toward the end of his life Dohn 7inger 7argent returned to the 'ainting of landsca'es and the use of watercolors of which he excelled.

&&. =ythons differ than most other sna#es by ha$ing two well de$elo'ed lungs rather than a much smaller left lung or no left lung at all.

&(. *eighing among two to fi$e #ilograms in adults the s#in is the largest organ of the human body.

&/. @odents dwell in $arious habitat some s'ecies being a1uatic some terrestrial.

&-. The nectar of flowers are ingested by wor#er bees and con$erted to honey in s'ecial sacs in their digesti$e systems.

&.. )ucid dreaming the ability dreamers to become aware of and to control their dreams while dreaming is the focus of some current 'sychological research.

&,. The sensation of sound is 'roduced how $ibrations transmitted through the air stri#e the eardrum.

&5. The musical tone of an electric guitar is created not by the resonance of the body of the guitar but by electronically am'lification.


(8. Considered one of the most beautiful of the fine art ballet is a combination of dance and mime 'erformed to music.


2000 10
1The role of the ear is ____ acoustic disturbances into neural signals suitable for transmission to the brain. (A) to code (B) so that coded (C) coded (%) it coding 2. The imagist mo$ement in 'oetry arose during the second decade of the twentieth century ____against romanticism. (A) when a re$olt (B) as a re$olt (C) a re$olt was (%) that a re$olt &. Cirtually ____ s'ecies ha$e biological cloc#s that regulate their metabolism o$er a 2(2hour 'eriod. (A) all there are (B) all (C) all are (%) they all (. According to ;nited 7tates criminal law insanity may relie$e a 'erson from the usual legal conse1uences____. (A) what his or her acts ha$e (B) of his or her acts are (c ) of his or her acts (%) what of his or her acts /. 6n addition to ____a 'lace where business deals are made a stoc# exchange collects statistics 'ublishes 'rices 1uotations and sets rules and standards for trading. (A) being (B) it is (C ) that which (%) where is -. The first inhabitants of the territories ____Canada came across the Bering 7trait and along the edge of the Arctic ice. (A) ma#e u' that now (B) ma#e u' now that (C ) that ma#e u' now (%) that now ma#e u' ..____ need for new schools following the 7econd *orld *ar that 'ro$ided the sustained thrust for the architectural 'rogram in Columbus 6ndiana. (A) 7ince the (B) To be the (C ) The (%) 6t was the ,. The soybean contains $itamins essential minerals ____high 'ercentage of 'rotein. (A) a (B) and a (C ) since a (%) of which a 5. 3ail is formed when a dro' of rain is carried by an u'draft to an altitude where ____ to free9e it.


(A) is the air cold enough (B) the air cold enough (C ) the cold enough air (%) the air is cold enough 18. ?eometrically the hy'erbolic functions are related to the hy'erbola ____ the trigonometric functions are related to the circle. (A) 0ust as (B) same (c ) similar to (%) and similar 11. ____ Jilauea is one of the world4s most acti$e $olcanoes ha$ing eru'ted do9ens of times since 15/2. (A) The big island of 3awaii4s location (B) )ocates the big island of 3awaii (C ) )ocated on the big island of 3awaii (%) +n the big island of 3awaii4s location 12. !ot until the eighteenth century ____ the com'lex chemistry of metallurgy. (A) when scientists began to a''reciate (B) did scientists begin to a''reciate (C )scientists who were beginning to a''reciate (%) the a''reciation of scientists began 1&. ____ 1,18 water2'owered textile manufacturing arri$ed in !ew 3am'shire with the founding of a com'any in >anchester that manufactured cotton and wool. (A) "arly (B) 6n the early (C ) As early as (%) *hen early 1(. The settings of "udora *elty4s stories may be rather limited but ____about human nature is 1uite broad. (A) ex'oses (B) ex'oses that (C ) she ex'oses (%) what she ex'oses 1/. )ichens grow extremely well in $ery cold 'arts of the world ____'lants can sur$i$e. (A) where few other (B) few others (C ) where do few others (%) there are few others 1-The 'ear tree has sim'le o$al lea$es that are smoother and shinier than them of the a''le.

1.6n the orbit of a 'lanet around the 7un the 'oint closest to the 7un is called it the 'erihelion.

1,6n the early 15884s @oy 3arris created and 'romoted a distinctly American style of classical music and greatly influenced a number of com'oser in the ;nited 7tates.


15The eighteenth century witnessed the emergence of !orth American 'orts 'articular Boston !ew Bor# and =hiladel'hia as ma0or commercial centers within the British em'ire. 28?uitarli#e instruments ha$e exist since ancient times but the first written mention of the guitar itself is from the fourteenth century.

21The law of biogenesis is the 'rinci'le what all li$ing organisms are deri$ed from a 'arent or 'arents.

22+nyx is a mineral that can be recogni9ed its regular and straight 'arallel bands of white blac# or brown.

2&There are as many as 288 million insects for e$ery human beings and in fact their total number exceeds that of all other animals ta#en together.

2(!ati$e to 7outh America and culti$ated there for thousands of years the 'eanut is said to ha$e introduced to !orth America by early ex'lorers.

2/+riginally canoes were made by the hollowing out of logs and used were for combat as well as trans'ort.

2-Among the sym'toms of measles which ta#es about twel$e days to incubate are a high fe$er swelling of glands in the nec# a cough and sensiti$e to light.

2.6ce crystals in a glacier tends to melt and recrystalli9e within a brief moment of tra$el on a downhill glide.

2,=hotogra'h was re$olutioni9ed in 1,/1 by the introduction of the collodion 'rocess for ma#ing glass negati$es.

25The 'iano is a stringed musical instrument in which the strings are stri#e by felt2co$ered hammers controlled by a board.


&8The sounds used in human languages to create meaning consist of small $ariation in air 'ressure can be sensed by the ear.

&1The mountains es'ecially the @oc#y >ountains formerly constituted a seriously barrier to east2 west trade in British Columbia.

&2Telesco'e are fre1uently used in astronomy to collect light from a celestial ob0ect bring the light into focus and 'roducing a magnified image.

&&%iamond is the hardest #nown substance so diamond can be cut only by another diamonds.

&(There are about &/8 s'ecies and subs'ecies of birds in danger of become extinct with a large number of them 11. in all found on oceanic islands.

&/The nineteenth2century romantic mo$ement in art was 'artially a reaction to what was 'ercei$ed as o$erem'hasis on reasonable and order in neoclassicism.

&-)i#e triglycerides cholesterol is a ty'e of fat that is both consumed in the diet but manufactured by the body.

&.Both the ;nited 7tates sil$er dollar and half2dollar first minted in 1.5( had a figure of )iberty on one side and a eagle on the re$erse side.

&,<or an ad$ertisement to be effecti$e its 'roduction and 'lacement must to be based on a #nowledge of human nature and a s#illed use of the media.

&5*hile 'hotosynthesis in green 'lants light energy is ca'tured and used to con$ert water carbon dioxide and minerals into oxygen and energy2rich organic com'ounds.

(8The %emocratic =arty the most oldest existing 'olitical 'arty in the ;nited 7tates has 'layed a $ital role in the nation4s history.


2001 01
1. A three2foot octo'us can crawl through a hole 222222 in diameter. (A) than one inch less (B) less than one inch (C) one less inch than (%) than less one inch 2. 222222ado'ted the decimal system of coinage in 1,-.. (A) Canada (B) *hen Canada (C) Canada which (%) There was Canada &. ?enerally the re'resentati$es 222222 a legislature are constitutionally elected by a broad s'ectrum of the 'o'ulation. (A) who they com'ose (B) who com'ose (C) and com'ose (%) com'ose (. The Actor4s 7tudio a 'rofessional actors4 wor#sho' in !ew Bor# City 'ro$ides 222222where actors can wor# together without the 'ressure of commercial 'roduction. (A) a 'lace and (B) a 'lace (C) so that a 'lace (%) a 'lace is /. 222222 that life began billions of years ago in the water. (A) 6t is belie$ed (B) 6n the belief (C) The belief (%) Belie$ing -. By 1,.2 the ;nited 7tates had .8 engineering colleges 222222 astonishing ex'ansion credited largely to the >orrill Act of 1,-2. (A) because (B) an (C) to which (%) was .. The artist @omare Bcarden was 222222 whose yellows dee' blues and fuchsias contrasted strongly with 'hotogra'hic gray in his bright collages. (A) with a gift for color (B) a gifted colorist (C) a gift with colorful (%) gifted with coloring (A) with a gift for color K ,. The most im'ortant chemical catalyst on this 'lanet is chloro'hyll 2222222carbon dioxide and water react to form carbohydrates. (A) whose 'resence (B) which is 'resent (C) 'resenting (%) in the 'resence of which 5. +ne theory of the origin of the uni$erse is 2222222from the ex'losion of a tiny extremely dense fireball


se$eral billion years ago. (A)because what formed (B)the formation that (C) that it formed (%) when forming 18. @oads in the ;nited 7tates remained crude 2222222 with gra$ed or wood 'lan#s until the beginning of the twentieth century. (A) were unsurefaced or they co$ered them (B) which unsureface or co$ered (C) unsurfaced or co$ered them (%) unsurfaced or co$ered 11. =ortrait 'rints were the first re'roductions of American 'aintings 2222222 widely distributed in the ;nited 7tates. (A) were (B) that which (C) that being (%) to be 12. Abigail Adams was 'rodigious letter writer 2222222 many editions of her letters ha$e been 'ublished. (A) who (B) and (C) in addition to (%) due to 1&. 6n geometry an elli'se may be defined as the locus of all 'oints 2222222distances from two fixed 'oints is constant. (A) which as the sum of (B) of the sum which (C) the sum of whose (%) whose sum that the 1(.2222222at the site of a fort established by the !orthwest >ounted =olice Calgary is now one of Canada4s fastest growing cities. (A) Built (B) 6t is built (C) To build (%) 3a$ing built 1/. An image on a national flag can symboli9e 'olitical ideals that 2222222ex'ress. (A) ta#e many words to otherwise would. (B) would ta#e to many otherwise words (C) many words to ta#e would otherwise m%nwould otherwise ta#e many words to (A) (B) (C) 1-. A $ariation of collodion 'hotogra'hy was the tinty'e which ca'tured images on a blac# or dar# brown metal 'late instead from on glass.

1.. 6n cases of minor in0ury to the brain. Amnesia is li#ely to be a tem'orarily condition.

1,. The system of chemical symbols first de$ised about 1,88. gi$es a concise and instantly recogni9able descri'tion of a element or com'ound.


15. The fact that white light is light com'osed of $arious wa$elengths may be demonstrating by dis'ersing a beam of such light through a 'rism.

28. +$er the course of history much ci$ili9ations de$elo'ed their own !umber systems.

21. 6n the ;nited 7tates during the 7econd *orld *ar each trade unions and em'loyers a$oided federal limits on wages by offering em'loyees !ontaxable medical benefits. 22. =hiloso'hy is the study of the nature of reality #nowledge existent and ethics by means of rational in1uiry.

2&. =oems $ary in length from brief lyric 'oems to narrati$e or e'ic 'oems *hich can be as broad in sco'e than a no$el.

2(. The 'o'ulation of California more than doubled during the 'eriod 15(8215-8 creating 'roblems in road2building and 'ro$ide water for its arid southern section.

2/. Although based it on feudal models the colony of =ennsyl$ania de$elo'ed a re'utation for a 'rogressi$e 'olitical and social outloo#.

2-. 3ard and resistant to corrosion bron9e is traditionally used in bell casting and is the material used widely most for metal scul'ture.

2.. The A''alachian >ountains formation a natural barrier between the eastern seaboard and the $ast lowlands of the continental interior of !orth America.

2,. The ;nited 7tates census for 15.8 showed that the <rench2s'ea#ing residents of )ouisiana were one of the country4s most com'act regional linguistic minority.

25. *hen used as food additi$es antioxidants 're$ent fats and oils from become rancid when ex'osed to air and thus extend their shelf life.

&8.li1uid will flow and ta#e the sha'e of their container.


&1. Co''er was the first metallic used by humans and is second only to iron in its utility through the ages.

&2. %es'ite the fact that lemurs are general nocturnal the ring2tailed lemur tra$els by day in bands of four to twel$e indi$iduals.

&&. The *estern world is beset with the range of 'roblem that characteri9e mature 'ostindustrial societies.

&(. Acrylic 'aints are either a''lied using a #nife or diluted and s'reading with a 'aintbrush.

&/. 7ome marine in$ertebrates such as the sea urchin and the starfish migrates from dee' water to shallow during s'ring and early summer to s'awn.

&-. >arshes wetland areas characteri9ed by 'lant grassy growth are distinguished from swam's wetlands where trees grow.

&.. *am'um beads used as a form of exchange by some !ati$e Americans was made of bits of seashells cut drill and strung into belts.

&,. Jangaroos use their long and 'owerful tails for balance themsel$es when sitting u'right or 0um'ing.

&5. =ro'er city 'lanning 'ro$ides for the distribution of 'ublic utilities 'ublic buildings 'ar#s and recreation centers and for ade1uate and the inex'ensi$e housing.

(8. >ost traditional dances are made u' of a 'rearranged series of ste's and mo$ements but modern dancers are generally free to mo$e as they choice.


2001 05
1. The giant ragweed or buffalo weed grows _____. (A) 1, feet u' to high (B) to high 1, feet u' (C) u' to 1, feet high (%) 1, feet high u' to 2. !e'tune is _____ any 'lanet exce't =luto. (A) to be far from the 7un (B) far from the 7un being (C) farther than the 7un is (%) farther from the 7un than &. 7ince 'rehistoric times artists ha$e arranged 'aint on surfaces in ways _____ their ideas about 'eo'le and the world. (A) ex'ress (B) that their ex'ression of (C) which ex'ressing (%) that ex'ress (. "xce't for certain microorganisms _____ need oxygen to sur$i$e. (A) of all li$ing things (B) all li$ing things (C) all are li$ing things (%) are all li$ing things /. %ubbing is used in filmma#ing _____ a new sound trac# to a motion 'icture. (A) which to add (B) to add (C) is adding that (%) to add while -. _____ of green lumber may come from moisture in the wood. (A) >ore weight than half (B) +f the weight more than half (C) The weight is more than half (%) >ore than half of the weight .. Archaeologists study _____ to trace ancient trade routes because such tools are relati$ely rare and each occurrence has a slightly different chemical com'osition. (A) which obsidian tools (B) obsidian tools (C) how obsidian tools (%) obsidian tools are ,. _____ the hamster4s basic diet is $egetarian some hamsters also eat insects. (A) %es'ite (B) Although (C) @egardless of (%) Conse1uently 5. The !a$a0o 6ndians of the southwestern ;nited 7tates _____ for their sand 'ainting also called dry 'ainting. (A) noted (B) are noted (C) to be noted


(%) ha$e noted 18. 6n 1.,( the leaders of what would later become the state of Cirginia ga$e u'_____ to the territory that later became fi$e different >idwestern states. (A) any claim (B) when the claim (C) to claim (%) would claim 11. _____ one after another 'arallel com'uters 'erform grou's of o'erations at the same time. (A) Con$entional com'uters by handling tas#s (B) 7ince tas#s being handled by con$entional com'uters (C) *hereas con$entional com'uters handle tas#s (%) *hile tas#s handled by con$entional com'uters 12. The )iberty Bell formerly housed in 6nde'endence 3all _____ in =hiladel'hia was mo$ed to a se'arate glass 'a$ilion in 15.-. (A) which a historic building (B) a historic building which (C) was a historic building (%) a historic building 1&. <ossils traces of dead organisms found in the roc#s of "arth4s crust re$eal _____ at the time the roc#s were formed. (A) what was li#e (B) was li#e life (C) what life was li#e (%) life was li#e 1(. Although the huge ice masses _____ glaciers mo$e slowly they are a 'owerful erosi$e force in nature. (A) call them (B) are called (C) to call (%) called 1/. The soybean contains $itamins essential minerals _____ high 'ercentage of 'rotein. (A) a (B) and a (C) since a (%) of which a 1-. A gene is a biological unit of information who directs the acti$ity of a cell or organism during its lifetime.

1.. The flowering of African American talent in literature music and art in the 15284s in !ew Bor# City became to #now as the 3arlem @enaissance. 1,. The sym'toms of neumonia a lung infection include high fe$er chest 'ain breathing difficult and coughing.


15. The ra'id grow of Boston during the mid2nineteenth century coincided with a large influx of "uro'ean immigrants.

28. 6n 158, +li$e Cam'bell started writing down fol# songs by rural 'eo'le in the southern A''alachian mountains near hers home.

21. The thirteen stri'es of the ;nited 7tates flag re'resent the original thirteen states of the ;nion which they all were once colonies of Britain.

22.6n 1,-8 more as 58 'ercent of the 'eo'le of 6ndiana li$ed rural areas with only a few cities ha$ing a 'o'ulation exceeding 18 888.

2&.?ra$itation #ee's the >oon in orbit around "arth and the 'lanets other of the solar system in orbit around the 7un.

2(.=hotogra'h was re$olutioni9ed in 1,&1 by the introduction of the collodion 'rocess for ma#ing glass negati$es.

2/. After flax is washed dry beaten and combed fibers are obtained for use in ma#ing fabric.

2-. A fe$er is caused which blood cells release 'roteins called 'yrogens raising the body4s tem'erature.

2.. Because of $arious gift2gi$ing holidays most stores clothing in the ;nited 7ates do almost as much business in !o$ember and %ecember as they do in the other ten months combined.

2,. The ;nited 7tates !ational )abor @elations Board is authori9ed to in$estigation allegations of unfair labor 'ractices on the 'art of either em'loyers or em'loyees.

25. The ?reat =otato <amine in 6reland in the 1,(84s caused an un'recedented numbers of 'eo'le from 6reland to immigrate to the ;nited 7tates.


&8.The 'articles com'rising a gi$en cloud are continually changing as new ones are added while others are ta#ing away by mo$ing air.

&1. =olitical 'arties in the ;nited 7tates hel' to coordinate the cam'aigns of their members and organi9es the statewide and nationa con$entions that mar# election years.

&2. The lemur is an unusual animal belonging to the same order than mon4s and a'es.

&&. Cheese may be hard or soft de'ending on the amount of water left into it and the character of the cuting.

&(. The carbon2are lam' a $ery bright electric lam' used for s'otlights consists of two carbon electrodes with a high2current arc 'assing between it.

&/. At first the 'oems of ".". Cummings gained notoriety to their idiosyncratic 'unctuation and ty'ogra'hy but they ha$e gradually been recogni9ed for their lyric 'ower as well.

&-. The mechanism of human thought and recall a sub0ect only 'artly understood by scientists is extraordinary com'licated.

&.. *hile the 'rocess of 'hotosynthesis in green 'lants light energy is ca'tured and used to con$ert water carbon dioxide and minerals into oxygen and organic com'ounds. &,.The globe articho#e was #nown as a delicacy at least 2 /88 years ago and records of its culti$ation date from fifteenth century.

&5. 3umans do not constitute the only s'ecies endowed with intelligenceL the higher animals also ha$e considerably 'roblem2sol$ing abilities.

(8. >any of s'ecies of mil#weed are among the most dangerous of 'oisonous 'lants while others ha$e little if any toxicity. L7ome cleaned the windows others mo''ed the floor. X X


2001 08
1. ?eothermal energy is a 'otentially inexhaustible energy source ______been ta''ed by humans for centuries but until recent years only on a small scale. (A) has it (B) has (C) that has (%) that it has 2. The im'ortance of the hand and more generally of the body in children4s ac1uisition of arithmetic_____. (A) can hardly be exaggerated (B) hardly exaggerated can be (C) can be exaggerate hardly (%) exaggerated can be hardly &. ______ is 'resent in the body in greater amounts than any other mineral. (A) Calcium (B) There is calcium (C) Calcium which (%) 6t is calcium m%n*B (. _______ the e$idence is inconclusi$e it is thought that at least some seals ha$e an echolocation system a#in to that of bats 'or'oises and shrews. (A) @ather (B) %es'ite (C) Although (%) *hy /. The total mass of all asteroids in the solar system is much less ______ mass of "arth4s >oon. (A) than that is the (B) than the (C) the (%) is the -. )i#e bacteria 'roto9oans _______by s'litting in two. (A) re'roducing (B) re'roduce (C) to re'roduce (%) re'roduction .. ______main 'rocesses in$ol$ed in $irtually all manufacturingL extraction assembly and alteration. (A) There are three (B) Three (C) The three (%) Three of the


,. >ost documentary filmma#ers use neither actors _______studio setting. (A) or else (B) but not (C) nor (%) and 5. 7alamanders are sometime confused with li9ards but unli#e li9ards ________no scales or claws. (A) that they ha$e (B) to ha$e (C) they ha$e (%) are ha$ing 18. The 'ro$ince of Alberta lies along three of the ma0or !orth American flyways ;sed by birds _______between their winter and summer homes. (A) the migration (B) migrating (C) migrate (%) and migrate 11. Astronomers estimate ______called the =leiades in the constellation Taurus is (1/ light2years away from "arth. (A) that a loose cluster of stars (B) a loose cluster of stars is (C) that is a loose cluster of stars (%) there is a loose cluster of stars 12. =earl 7ydenstric#er Buc# _____ the !obel =ri9e for )iterature in 15&, is Best #nown for her no$els about China. (A) won (B) winner of (C) to win (%) who the winner of 1&. 7tage 'roducers Jlaw and "rlanger were the first to eliminate arguments among leading 'erformers _______in order of a''earance instead of 'rominence. (A) of whom list the 'rogram (B) the 'rogram listing (C) for them the 'rogram listed (%) by listing them on the 'rogram 1(. %uring the decades after the ;nited 7tates Ci$il *ar a host of technical ad$ances made 'ossible ______and uniformity of railroad ser$ice. (A) a new integration (B) for a new integration (C) that a new integration (%) and a new integration 1/. <orests stabili9e _____and retain 'reci'itation thereby hel'ing to 're$ent erosion and regulate


the flow of streams. (A) to the soil (B) the soil (C) where the soil (%) the soil is 1-. >odern societies are such com'lex that they could not exist without a well2de$elo'ed system of law.

1,. The bathysca'he a free2mo$ing $essel designed for underwater ex'loration consists of a <lotation com'artment with a obser$ation ca'sule attached underneath it.

15. *ater constitutes almost 5- 'ercent of the body weight of a 0ellyfish so if a 0ellyfish were to dry out in the sun it would $irtually disa''eared.

28. The most im'ortant 'arameters affecting a roc#et4s maximum flight $elocity is the relationshi' between the $ehicle4s mass and the amount

21.There were once only eight ma0or la#es or reser$oirs in Texas but today there are o$er 1,8 many built to storing water against 'eriodic droughts. 22. All harmoni9ed music that is not contra'untal de'ends from the relationshi' of chords which are either consonant or dissonant.

2&. "x'ressionist drama often shows the influence of modern 'sychology by reflecting the frustrations inner of the dramatist.

2(. 6t is the number #ind and arrange of teeth that determine whether a mammal is classified as a carni$ore not the food that the animal actually eats.

2/. The sea otter is well ada'ted at its marine existence with ears and nostrils that can be closed under water.

2-. =etroleum which currently ma#es u' about four2tenths of the world4s energy 'roduction su''lies more commercial energy than any another source.


2.. 7omeone may refuse to recogni9e the seriousness of an emotionally threatening situation and 'ercei$e as less threatening.

2,. Through ex'eriments with marine organisms marine biologists can increase our #nowledge of human re'roducti$e and de$elo'ment as well as our understanding of the ner$ous system. 25. *hen swollen by melting snow or hea$y rain some ri$ers routinely o$erflow its ban#s.

&8. 6n 1,,( Bel$a )oc#wood a lawyer who had a''eared before the 7u'reme Court became the first woman was nominated for =resident of the ;nited 7tates.

&2. =hysicists ha$e #nown since the early nineteenth century that all matter is made u' of tiny extremely 'articles called atoms.

&&. @ain is slight acidic e$en in un'olluted air because carbon dioxide in the atmos'here and other natural acid2forming gases dissol$e in the water. &(. 6n a stoc# com'any a trou'e of actors 'erforms in a 'articular theater 'resenting 'lays from its re'ertory of 're'are 'roductions. &/. "stablished in 1,-8 the ?o$ernment =rinting +ffice 'rints and binds documents for all de'artment of the ;nited 7tates go$ernment.

&-. "thnology usually considered a branch of cultural anthro'ology is often defined as the scientifically study of the origin and functioning

&.. The one2fluid theory of electricity was 'ro'osing by Ben0amin <ran#lin a man famous for his wide interests and great attainments. &,. =robably not s'eech of so few words has e$er been as celebrated as )incoln4s ?ettysburg Address.


&5. ?enerally Abstract "x'ressionist art is without recogni9able images and does not adhere the )imits of con$entional form.

(8. Although com'lete 'aralysis is rare with neuritis some degree of muscle wea#ness common.


2001 10
1.>ost geologists belie$e __from the remains of tiny marine 'lants and animals that died millions of years ago. (A) what was formed 'etroleum (B) that 'etroleum was formed (C) when 'etroleum formed (%) 'etroleum that formed learn mean #now 2.The seat of <rance4s !orth American holdings in the eighteenth century was Huebec and the <rench heritage __dominant there. (A)to remain (B)remaining (C)by remaining (%)has remained &.6f "arth did not rotate differences in air 'ressure would be __ with winds blowing from high2'ressure to low2'ressure areas. (A)'rimary air flow to cause (B)the 'rimary cause of air flow (C)they 'rimarily cause air flow (%)air flow has a 'rimary cause (.A mobile is a scul'ture constructed of 'arts so delicately connected and balanced __the entire sus'ended structure may be mo$ed by $ibration or manual mani'ulation. (A)in order (B)ma#ing (C)with (%)that /.The ice or a glacier that reaches the sea brea#s off__ (A)and forming icebergs (B)to form icebergs (C)icebergs ha$e2formed (%)when the formation of icebergs [ B -.>igraine headaches are more fre1uent among women __among men. (A)than (B)howe$er (C)exce't for (%)as are ..7outh American flamingos can sur$i$e in tem'eratures __abo$e the free9ing 'oint. (A)that fewer degrees (B)if few degrees (C)only a few degrees (%)when fewer degrees ,.>ade of hard wood the boomerang is roughly C2sha'ed with arms __s#ewed. (A)of slightly (B)are slightly (C)slightly (%)that those are slightly 5.!ot until the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries __as a unified science. (A)did ecology emerge


(B)when ecology emerged (C)ecology emerged (%)when did ecology emerge only....but also neither nor seldom hardly rarely scarcely in no way on no account under no 18.The ancient "gy'tian water cloc# re1uired so'histicated calibration since water dri''ed faster from its bowl when __and the 'ressure was greater. (A)the full bowl (B)was the bowl full (C)bowl full (%)the bowl was full 11."nid +#lahoma __a sto''ing 'lace on the Chisholm Trail in the 1,884s is now the site of the fourth largest wheat storage s'ace in the world. (A)originally (B)which originally (C)was originally (%)originally where 12.The common barn owl one of ten s'ecies of barn owls found in !orth America is also called the mon2faced owl because its heart2sha'ed face loo#s __of a mon. (A)li#e much that (B)li#e that much (C)much li#e that (%)that much li#e 1&.All the 'lanets in the solar system exce't >ercury and Cenus ha$e natural satellites __ob0ects that re$ol$e around the 'lanets. (A)which (B)which are (C)of which (%)and which 1(.7ome subsistence acti$ities such as hunting large animals or netting fish re1uire __to wor# together. (A)grou's are (B)grou's which (C)grou's (%)that grou's 1/.The "x'ressionistic artist was concerned not with the reality of the sub0ect matter but with __inner nature and the emotions that it aroused. (A)it has (B)its (C)what its (%)is it whether 1-By the end of the nineteenth century organic chemistry had de$elo' new methods for the synthesis of dyes 'erfumes ex'losi$es and medicines.

1.The %inee a !ati$e American 'eo'le of the southwestern ;nited 7tates were once seminomadic hunters who 'racticed a few agriculture.

1,The earliest successful sewing machines were 'owered by turn a hand cran#.


15"arly signs characteristic of the acute 'hase of $iral he'atitis in adults are abdominal 'ain nausea and fe$erish often accom'anied by chills.

28The ?uggenheim >useum in !ew Bor# City is one of the ma0or center for the collection and dis'lay of wor#s of abstract art in the ;nited 7tate.

21*ith the disco$ery of gold in the Jlondi#e in Canada4s Bu#on Territory in 1,5- 'eo'le floc#ed soon there from all 'arts of the world.

22The right side of the brain is mostly concerned with 'ictorial intuiti$e musically and s'atial ablilities.

2&A uniform mingling of molecules which it occurs in homogeneous chemical com'ounds results from the chemical constituents melting dissol$ing or diffusing into one another.

2(>any dinosaurs were so much hea$y that they s'ent most of their li$es in swam's and shallow la#es where water could su''ort them.

2/*ith little nor no mass and no electric charge neutrinos can 'enetrate a solid ob0ect such as the "arth as if it were not there.

2-?eorgia +4Jeeffe is #nown for hers use of organic abstract forms 'ainted in clear strong colors.

2.;ntil the ?eorge *ashington Bridge was built modern sus'ension bridges were stiffened with steel trusses and beams to limited their motion in traffic and wind.

2,<irst re'orted by 7'anish ex'lorers in 1.5- the as'halt in California4s )a Brea Tar =it was mined commercial for many years.

256nde'endence 'olitical of news'a'ers became a common feature of 0ournalism in the ;nited 7tates of the 1,(84s and 1,/84s.


&8Transistors exhibit a high am'lification factor o'erate without distorted o$er a wide fre1uency range and can be made extremely small.

&16n most cases of e'ile'sy cerebral electrical acti$ity also #nown as brain wa$es demonstrates a characteristically abnormal rhythms.

&2!ew Bor# City4s theatrical district was concentrated the Bowery from 1,-8 to 1,./ and around 1588 the a$enue became a center for the Biddish theater.

&&>ost female li9ards lay eggs but the females of a number of li9ard s'ecies bear her young ali$e.

&(@ecently archaeologists ha$e stri$ed to de$elo' theories based on archaeological e$ident that ex'lain societal changes such as the de$elo'ment of farming..

&/+ne of the most im'ressi$e cultural achie$ements of the ;nited 7tate during the 15284s was a $astly out'ouring of serious literature.

&-The chemical element chlorine is a corrosi$e greenish2yellow gas that has shar' odor and has 21S2 times hea$ier than air.

&.3air grows more 1uic#ly in summer than in winter and more slowly at the night than during the day.

&,%ifferent fourteen cro's were being grown , -88 years ago by some of the world4s earliest farmers.

&5Between 158/ and 158. floodwaters from the Colorado @i$er 'oured into a salt2co$ered de'ression and creating the 7alton 7ea.

(87aturn ta#es almost &8 "arth years to ma#e one tri' around the 7un during Du'iter ta#es about twel$e "arth years to com'lete one solar re$olution.


2002 01
1.*hen __ from mil# the remainder is called s#im mil#. (A)all the butterfat is remo$ed (B)remo$ing all the butterfat that (C)is all the butterfat remo$ed (%)the remo$al of all the butterfat 2.The Buffalo @i$er in Ar#ansas was designated __ in 15.2. (A)a national ri$er and (B)which a national ri$er (C)a national ri$er (%)being a national ri$er &.>uch of northern Canada lies within the Arctic Circle and __ ice or the s'arse $egetation #nown as tundra. (A)it is 'ermanently co$ered by (B)by 'ermanently it is co$ered (C)is 'ermanently co$ered by it (%)it is co$ered by 'ermanently (.>ani'ulation of the s'inal column massage and dietary ad0ustments __ used in chiro'ractic thera'y. (A)the 'rinci'al methods are (B)are the 'rinci'al methods (C)how are the 'rinci'al methods (%)are there the 'rinci'al methods /.?iant cor'orations __ to dominate the ;nited 7tates economy in the late nineteenth century grew steadily larger during the 1528T. (A)which began (B)in which began (C)they began (%)which they began -.The tradition of the bowhead whale hunt __ bac# a thousand years and is a $ital 'art of 6nuit culture. (A)goes (B)if it goes (C)gone (%)that went ..__ the son of an im'o$erished farmer was born on )ong 6sland. (A)The 'oet was *alt *hitman (B)*hen the 'oet *alt *hitman (C)The 'oet *alt *hitman (%)That the 'oet *alt *hitman ,.The 'rimary digesti$e function of the throat and eso'hagus is __ swallowed materials from the mouth to the stomach. (A)to trans'ort (B)trans'orted


(C)for trans'ortation (%)that trans'orted 5.6nsulin is manufactured by s'eciali9ed cells in the 'ancreas and released __ glucose reaches a certain concentration in the bloodstream. (A)which (B)whene$er (C)how (%)during 18.+ne of the basic 'rinci'les of wildlife conser$ation in$ol$es __ ade1uate natural food and shelter to maintain 'o'ulations of each s'ecies in a gi$en habitat. (A)the 'ro$ision (B)that 'ro$ision (C)to 'ro$ide (%)'ro$iding 11.6n 15.( the s'ace 'robe >ariner 18 disco$ered __ >ercury4s surface is cratered by meteorite im'acts. (A)that the 'lanet (B)of the 'lanet (C)the 'lanet that (%)which 'lanet is 12.6n the diurnal ty'e of tidal oscillation the alternate rise and fall of sea le$el a single high water and a single low water occur __ tidal day. (A)each (B)each of (C)each of the (%)of each (B)ha$e im'ortant decisions (C)that im'ortant decisions (%)concerning im'ortant decisions 1(.By focusing on the interesting __ the significant the 'enny 'ress news'a'ers of the 1,&84s hel'ed to change the conce't of news. (A)which does not necessarily (B)not necessarily (C)was not necessarily (%)nor necessarily being 1/.%ocumentary e$idence su''orts claims that __ the !ew *orld about A% 1888. (A)reached the Ci#ings (B)the Ci#ings reached (C)reaching the Ci#ings (%)the Ci#ings that reached 1-.<og and mist li#e clouds can formed only in the 'resence of dust 'articles.


1..The 7'anish claiming title to all of !orth America and established the oldest city in the ;nited 7tates 7t. Augustine <lorida in 1/-/.

1,.The federal system of go$ernment in Canada is similar to it of the ;nited 7tates.

15.6t may be argued that genetics the study of heredity and $ariation underwent the most ra'id de$elo'ment of any science biological in the twentieth century.

28.>usic in$ol$es the interaction of three elementsL rhythm melodic and harmony.

21.The >edicare 'rogram was established in 15-/ to hel'ing elderly ;nited 7tates citi9ens 'ay the increasing cost of health care.

22.@esearchers ha$e found subtle neurological differences between the brains of men and women either in 'hysical structure and in the waythey function.

2&.7cientists ha$e traditionally classified 'lants by grou'ing them according to similarities in their o$erall a''ear their internal structure and the form of their re'roducti$e organs.

2(.?eometric figures first a''eared more than 1/ 888 years ago in both 'ractically and decorati$e forms such as sha'es of buildings ca$e 'aintings and decorations on 'ottery.

2/.6n the early nineteenth century the Chero#ee nation of American 6ndians was ado'ted a written constitution based on that of the ;nited 7tates.

2-.The able of writers to 'recisely record obser$ations made about others enables them to include in their wor# a great deal of material outside their own ex'erience.

2..6n Connecticut hundreds of houses dating from the se$enteenth and eighteenth centuries are 'reser$ed by more as 188 local or national historical societies.

2,.6n 1,55 >ary "li9abeth Brown donated hers collection of o$er 288 musical instruments to the >etro'olitan >useum of art.


25. <our different ty'es of remembering are ordinarily distinguished by 'sychologistsL recollection recall recogni9e and relearning.

&8.3arbors are 'rotected areas of water that can be used the transfer of 'assengers and cargo between shi's shore. &1.<ossil remains re$eal that the farther bac# in time an animal li$ed the smaller than was its brain in 'ro'ortion to the si9e of its s#ull.

&2. As do all insects a butterfly has a hard outer co$ering called it an exos#eleton that both su''orts and 'rotects the body.

&&.6n the early 15884s =ennsyl$ania4s industries grew ra'idly a growth sometimes accom'anied by dis'utes labor.

&(.Also #nown as a mo$ie or a film the motion 'icture is one of the most 'o'ular form of art and entertainment throughout the world.

&/.The soil in which coffee is grown must be rich moisture and absorbent enough to acce't water readily but sufficiently loose to allow ra'id drainage.

&-.A merger is achie$ed when a com'any 'urchased the 'ro'erty of other firms thus absorbing them into one cor'orate structure that retain its original identity.

&..;nder the certain conditions a rainbow a''ears at the end of a rain shower in the 1uarter of the s#y o''osite the 7un. &,. %uring the nineteenth century the molecular theory of matter was de$elo'ed which considered all matter to be com'osed of tiny indi$isible entity called molecules.

&5. A cardinal role for 'layers of the lute a stringed instrument are that e$ery note is sustained for as long as 'ossible. (8. 6t was the s'lit of ele$en southern states from the ;nion in 1,-1 that leading to the Ci$il *ar in the ;nited 7tates.


2002 05
1.__of pottery is dependent on the dur bi!ity of "! y fter firing. (#)$o % &e (')$he % &ing (())hen to % &e (D)*t is % &ing 2.+ig iron, -rought iron, nd stee! "ont in iron " rbides % de up of __ of " rbon. (#) %ounts re different (')different %ounts th t (()different %ounts (D)-hi"h %ounts re different 3.$he #r"ti" fo. is found throughout the #r"ti", usu !!y on tundr or %ount ins __ the se . (#)by -hi"h ne r (')ne r of (()be" use ne r (D)ne r 4.$he %idge __ to ny of se/er ! spe"ies of s% !! f!ies, refers to %os0uito1!i&e inse"t -ith s!ender -ings nd body, !ong !egs, nd ntenn e. (#)-hi"h ter% pp!ied (') ter% pp!ied (()is ter% pp!ied (D) pp!ied ter% 5. $he f "e is the %ost __ of hu% n being. (#)p rt is distin"t!y (')distin"tion in p rt (()distin"ti/e p rt (D)p rt of distin"tion 6.$he "he%i" ! f "ts __ s by1produ"t of their se r"h for go!d be" %e the b sis for %ode% "he%istry. (#)th t h d been ""u%u! ted by !"he%ists (')-ere ""u%u! ted by !"he%ists (() !"he%ists ""u%u! ting the% (D)h d been ""u%u! ted by !"he%ists 7.$he f!uoros"ope % &es __ for %edi" ! do"tors to /ie- si!houette of the bones nd intern ! org ns of p tient2s body. (#)being possib!e (')possib!y (()it is possib!e (D)it possib!e


8.$he se"ond1o!dest "ontinuous!y o""upied go/ernor2s % nsion in the 3nited 4t tes __ 5 "&son, 6ississippi. (#)the !o" tion in (')is the !o" tion (()is !o" ted in (D)!o" ted in 9.# te!e/ision " %er produ"es n i% ge by "on/ening __ re"ei/es into series of bright nd d r& dots. (#) nd it (')it (()-h t it (D)th t it 10.*n so1" !!ed nonfi"tion no/e!s, do"u%ent ry sty!e is "o%bined -ith fi"tion ! te"hni0ues __ "tu ! e/ents nd peop!e. (#)th t they des"ribe (')to des"ribe (() nd in des"ribing (D) re des"ribing 11.6 n gers often re"ei/e "onsider b!e tr ining in the 7te"hni" !8 spe"ts of their 9obs __ /ery !itt!e in the 7peop!e % n ge%ent8 spe"ts. (#)so (')9ust s (()yet (D) nd th t 12.#re s of ferti!e soi! " !!ed de!t s, usu !!y __ re for%ed by %ud deposited t the %outh of ri/er. (#)tri ngu! r in sh pe (')their sh pe is tri ngu! r (()they h /e tri ngu! r sh pe (D)tri ngu! r sh pe 13.$hough respe"ted edu" tor, #!e. nder :r h % 'e!! __ the in/entor of the te!ephone. (#) s is best &no-n (')best &no-n s is (()is best &no-n s (D)best is &no-n s 14. ;ot unti! the <irst )or!d ) r __ to i%pro/e the ro d syste% in the 3nited 4t tes. (#) deter%ined effort - s % de (')% de deter%ined effort (()-hen deter%ined effort - s % de (D)- s deter%ined effort % de 15. =ften in/isib!e, !- ys in %otion, g s is __ of % tter. (#)the st te is %ost energeti"


(')st ting the %ost energeti" (()the %ost energeti" st te (D)the st te th t %ost energeti"
1-. 7ome fish ha$e whis#ers which are sensory organs used for touching and tasting and which are hel'ful when are they searching for food in sand and mud.

1..Cement is 'roduced commercially by to heat a mixture of limestone and clay in a large slowly rotating cylindrical furnace.

1,.6n addition to a''ro'riating the sub0ect matter of mass culture the 'o' art mo$ement of the 15/84s utili9ed $arious techni1ue of mass 'roduction.

15. =ractical 'roblems limit the ability of astronomers to determine the mass of asteroids who are small 'lanetary bodied orbiting the 7un.

28.An accom'lished saxo'honist and com'oser Dohn Coltrane begun his career 'laying in the big bands of the early 15/84s.

21.Bacteria and similar one2celled organisms re'roduce by cell di$ision each of the daughter cell then beginning a new life as a distinct organism.

22.>any s'ecies of birds that breed in tem'erate latitudes often show 'articular 'atterns of migration while the year.

2&.Huebec the most oldest city in Canada lies on the north ban# of the 7t. )awrence @i$er.

2(.Because of the need to maintain the correct balance of salts and minerals in the water #ee'ing saltwater fish in a1uariums re1uires more wor# that #ee'ing freshwater fish.

2/. Addressing themes that were uni1ue American the 'oet *alt *hitman celebrated the li$es of ordinary 'eo'le.

2-.>any museums ha$e been founded by 'ri$ate benefactors and a few ha$e recei$ed endowments that hel' to su''ort theirs routine o'erations.


2..The Bessemer 'rocess for con$erting iron to steel was in$ention of enormous im'ortance because it led to many significant changes in industrial 'rocesses.

2,. =ainters ha$e been 'ortraying the sea for centuries and in the ;nited 7tates a rich tradition of marine 'ainting been de$elo'ed during the nineteenth century.

25.The city of >em'his Tennessee was a im'ortant Confederate military center during the American Ci$il *ar and ser$ed as the tem'orary state ca'ital in 1,-2.

&8. Although all sedimentary roc#s contain iron but the de'osits that are richest in iron consist 'redominantly of minerals such as iron oxides carbonates silicates and sulfides.

&1.6n the ;nited 7tates the attorney general is a cabinet member in charge with the administration of the %e'artment of Dustice.

&2.The Atlantic cable which began to o'erating in 1,-- lin#ed the ;nited 7tates to )ondon and to another cable stretching eastward to 6ndia and beyond.

&&. >any fol# songs were originated to accom'any manual wor# or to mar# a s'ecific ceremonies.

&(.The shell of the abalone a marine snail is es'ecially suited by its hardness and $arious of colors for the manufacture of 0ewelry.

&/.?eraldine <arrar who debuted as an o'era singer in 1581 later a''eared both on stage and in se$eral silent film.

&-.The migration of African Americans from the rural 7outh to the industrial !orth in the early 15884s were the biggest internal migration in American history.

&..7earching for alternate forms of energy does not necessary mean the abandonment of fossil fuels as an energy source.

&,. The flamingo constructs a cylindrical mud nest for its egg which both 'arents care for it.


&5. %ue to 'ersistent inbreeding self2'ollinating 'lants ha$e genetically more uniform than cross2 'ollinated 'lants which harbor more genetic $ariability.

(8. >eta'hysical 'hiloso'hy is concerned with the 'rinci'les structures and meaningful that underlie all obser$able reality.


2002 10
1. Among the (/8 artwor#s in the *hite 3ouse art collection __ (A) as is >ary Cassatt4s Boung >other and Two Children (B) is >ary Cassatt4s Boung >other and Two Children (C) which is >ary Cassatt4s Boung >other and Two Children (%) >ary Cassatt4s Boung >other and Two Children 2. An unconsolidated aggregate of silt 'articles is also termed silt __ a consolidated aggregate is called siltstone. (A) which (B) why (C) whereas (%) whether &. 6n 1,-( the American 7ha#es'earean actor "dwin Booth gained critical acclaim when he __ 3amlet at the *inter ?arden Theatre in !ew Bor# City. (A) 'erform (B) 'erformed (C) had been 'erforming (%) ha$ing 'erformed (. 22 are chiefly deri$ed from 'etroleum. (A) =lastics today (B) There are 'lastics today (C) Because today 'lastics today (%) %ue to 'lastics today /. >ost tangerine trees and their flowers and fruits resemble __ the orange although tangerines are generally smaller. (A) of those (B) which of those (C) those of (%) which are of -. +hio. the center of __ the 3o'ewen culture has the greatest concentration of ancient burial mounds in the ;nited 7tates. (A) called (B) what is called (C) that is called (%) is called .. __ such as 0a99 are often 'layed from memory rather than from a written score. (A) +f some ty'es music (B) >usic some of ty'es (C) 7ome ty'es of music (%) Ty'es of music some ,. %uring the 1,/84 reform mo$ements __ tem'erance and the abolition of sla$ery gained strength in the ;nited 7tates. (A) ad$ocating (B) they had ad$ocated (C) to ad$ocating (%) to ad$ocate when


5. >any meteorites are thought to ha$e originated from __ that once existed between the orbits of >ars and Du'iter. (A) where a 'lanet or 'lanets (B) a 'lanet or 'lanets so (C) which a 'lanet or 'lanets (%) a 'lanet or 'lanets 18.The modem automobile is a __ com'osed of more than 1( 888 'arts. (A) com'lex technical system (B) system of com'lex technical (C) com'lex technical system that (%) system is technically com'lex system !" com'osed of more than 1( 888 'arts #$ %&' 11. __ o$er 188 years since the in$ention of the s1uare2bottomed 'a'er bag. (A) !ow is (B) !ow it has (C) There is now (%) 6t is now 12.The no$elist Dohn %os =assos de$elo'ed a style of fiction incor'orating se$eral documentary de$ices __ to his wor#s. (A) lent realism (B) that lending realism (C) to lend realism (%) of whose realism lent 1&.6n "arth4s infancy its surface was warm enough for life __ the young 7un was fainter than it is today. (A) in s'ite of (B) whether (C) neither of which (%) e$en though 1(.The in$ention of the com'ound microsco'e (which allowed much higher magnification through multi'le lenses) made __ the great strides in life sciences. (A) it 'ossible (B) 'ossibly (C) 'ossible (%) it was 'ossible 1/.3ares generally ha$e longer ears and hind legs than rabbits and mo$e by 0um'ing __ running (A) rather to be (B) rather than (C) are rather (%) as rather 1-. )a#e trout fish usually finding in dee' cool la#es are greenish gray and are co$ered with 'ale s'ots.

1.. %uring the first 28 years of the s'ace age the ;nited 7tates s'ent more than 58 billion dollars onto its ci$ilian and military s'ace 'rograms.


1,. Citamin A and C and most of the B $itamins are retain in foods that ha$e been canned.

15. "lla Ba#er s'ent her adult life wor#ing for social change by lecturing writing teacher and organi9ing adult literacy 'rograms.

28. ?old can combined with sil$er in any 'ro'ortion but alloys with /8 to -8 'ercent sil$er are the strongest.

21. The camera obscure a lensless 'recursor of the 'hotogra'hic camera consists of a dar#ened chamber with light 'ass into it through a single tiny hole.

22. )umber 'roduction was the main industry in >ichigan until the early 1588Us which the automobile industry was established in %etroit.

2&. Twenty minutes of $igorous exercise e$ery day is $ery effect in hel'ing a 'erson to maintain 'hysical fitness.

2(. 6t was not until after "mily %ic#enson4 s death in 1,,- that hidden away in her bureau o$erly one thousand un'ublished 'oems were disco$ered.

2/. @oc#s form within "arth are called intrusi$e or 'lutonic roc#s because the magma form which they form often intrudes into neighboring roc#.

2-. >ost fish swim by mo$ing their tails from side to side with little relati$ely body undulation.

2.. 6n its life ex'ectancy although in most other things the 7un is a ty'ical star.

2,. >achines need energy to function whether it is animal or human muscle wind or waters currents or heat2generated energy such as steam. The modern $iolin the smallest and $ersatile instrument in the $iolin family is tuned in fifths and 'roduces tones ranging o$er four and a half octa$es.

&8 !orman @oc#well was a meticulous artist who 'aintings 'ortrayed family incidents and well2 defined characters with a wealth of su''orting details.


&1 By the late twel$e century stained glass had emerged in "uro'e as an integral 'art of ?othic architecture.

&2 The ;nited 7tates a nation with a highly di$ersified economy is a ma0or ex'orter of grain fruit chemical aircraft and cars.

&& Canada began culti$ation wheat intensi$ely in 1518 which led to a demand for tools machines housing and building su''lies.

&( >agnesium has little structural strength and must be alloyed with another metals such as aluminum and 9inc when it is to be sub0ected to stress.

&/ +rchid seeds ta#e u' to eighteen months to mature before they s'rout and the young 'lants may need another two years to reach at the flowering stage.

&- The oldest 'ublic edifice in *ashington %.C the *hite 3ouse was originally constructed in the 1.58Us also has been rebuilt or extensi$ely remodeled three times since.

&. >itosis is the normal 'rocess by which a cell di$ides each new cell ending u' wich a same number of chromosomes as the 'arent cell.

&,.There are a series of large2scale wind 'atterns all o$er "arth are called 're$ailing winds that ha$e a direct effect on weather and climate.

&5.6n Dune 1,(- near 7acramento California a number of new settlers rebelled in the Bear <lag @e$olt and 'roclaiming California an inde'endent re'ublic.

(8.A mutation is result of a definite biochemical change in a gene that causes the offs'ring to $ary in some characteristic from the 'arents.


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1. +$er the centuries ____ that try to ex'lain the origins of the uni$ersity. (A) although many theories (B) many theories (C) ha$e many theories been (%) there ha$e been many theories 2. The 'lanet Cenus is almost exactly the same si9e and mass _____ "arth with a similar interior including a nic#el2iron core. (A) to (B) as (C) is (%) than &. ?eorge *ashington Car$er ____ international fame for re$olutioni9ing agriculture research in the southern ;nited 7tates during the early twentieth century. (A) won (B) winning (C) who has won (%) the winner of (. Constituting one of the earliest engineering techni1ues ______ in =aleolithic time was done in order to extend natural ca$es. (A) tunnels were built (B) which built tunnels (C) the building of tunnels (%) tunnels whose building /. The tuli' tree is nati$e to the eastern ;nited 7tates _____ the tallest and largest broadleaf tree. (A) where (B) where it is (C) it is where (%) is where -. "lementary schools in the ;nited states 'ro$ide formal education ______ arithmetic science social science and communication s#ills that including reading writing s'elling and s'ea#ing. (A) such sub0ects as basic in (B) as basic sub0ects in such (C) in such basic sub0ects as (%) as in such basic sub0ects (()* + , -) .. ______ land and money enabled construction of the ;nion =acific railroad to begin from Council Bluffs 6owa in 1,-/. (A) By the go$ernment granting of (B) ?o$ernment grants of (C) <or the go$ernment to grant (%) ?o$ernment grants so that


,. A''ointments to the ;nited 7tates 7u'reme Court and all lower federal courts ____ by the =resident with the ad$ice and consent of the 7enate. (A) ma#ing (B) to ma#e (C) are made (%) ha$e made 5. The name Es1uirrelF is commonly used for those forms of the family 7ciuridae that li$e in trees _____ it is e1ually accurate for ground dwelling ty'es. (A) whether (B) that (C) although (%) in s'ite of 7ciuridae ./. 18. ?reen 'lants combine _____ with water and carbon dioxide to ma#e food. (A) energy deri$ed from light (B) energy deri$ed it from light (C) energy is deri$ed from light (%) from light and energy deri$ed 11. <rom the archeologist4s 'ers'ecti$e understanding the 'ast is $itally im'ortant and re1uires ______ of earlier cultures. (A) the ruins examined (B) examining the ruins (C) of the ruins to be examined (%) that the examined ruins 12. The Texas )egislature selected Cassar >iller _____ in 15,2 and again in 15,,. (A) was the state4s 'oet laureate (B) as the state4s 'oet laureate (C) the state4s 'oet laureate (%) become the state4s 'oet laureate 1&. The distinguishing feature of a fluid in contrast to a solid is the ease _____ . (A) that a deformed fluid (B) to deform a fluid (C) when a fluid that is deformed (%) with which a fluid may be deformed 1(. +xygen and nutrients reach the body4s tissues ____ from the blood through the ca'illary wall. (A) 'ass (B) by 'assing (C) to be 'assing (%) ha$e 'assed 1/. _____ im'ortant de$elo'ment of the !eolithic age was not in the manufacture of stone tools but in the 'roduction of food. (A) The most (B) >ost (C) >ost of (%) +f the most 1-. By 1,55 @ansom olds had establish in %etroit >ichigan the first factory in the ;nited 7tates for the manufacture of automobiles.


1.. The 'rogressi$e >o$ement is an umbrella tern refer to a number of reform efforts that emerged in the early 15884s.

1,. The 'elican is a water bird with a large 'ouch attached to its bill which it uses as a scoo' for catch small fish. 15. The in$ention of reinforced concrete 'late glass and steel in the mid21,884s 28. Acoustics the study of sounds is one of the oldest of the 'hysically sciences.

21."ach of functions of the body e$en thin#ing re1uires the ex'enditure of energy.

22.?ourds were introduced to what is now the southwestern ;nited 7tates by earliest 'eo'les who migrated north from >esoamerica about .888 years ago.

2&. The economic heart of Canada +ntario accounts for more than (8 'ercentage of the nation4s 'roducti$e ca'acity.

2(. Cirtually all 'arts mo$ing of an automobile need to be lubricated because without lubrication friction would increase 'ower consum'tion and damage the 'arts.

2/. @arely has a technological de$elo'ment had as great an im'act on society as the ra'id grow of electronics.

2-. The !orth American @e$iew a maga9ine was first 'ublished in 1,1/ was one of the leading literary 0ournals of the 'ast woe centuries.

2.. <uel is any substance or material that reacts chemically with another substance or material to 'roduce hot.

2,. ?lint was a fa$ored material of 'rehistoric humans which used it to ma#e tools and wea'ons because it would chi' into sha'es with shar' edges.

25. >utiny of a shi'4s crew against the ca'tain signifies the brea#down of the obedience and disci'line re1uired to deal effecti$ely to 'erils at eat.


&8. +f all the art2related reference and research library in !orth America that of the >etro'olitan >useum of a Art in !ew Bor# City is among the largest and most com'lete. -0L 12345678. 9:;<. &1. Acclimati9ation is the 'rocess by which an organism ad0usts to li$ing in an en$ironment to which it normally unsuited.

&2. ?laciers mass of ice that flow outward from ice ca's co$er about one2tenth of earth4s land area.

&&. 7ome s'ecies of bacteria and fungi thri$e on such sim'ly com'ounds as alcohol.

&(. 6n 152& Alice =aul began cam'aign to 'romote the ado'tion of an amendment to the ;nited 7tates Constitution mandating e1ual rights for women.

&/. =erha's more than any other ;nited 7tates city 7an <rancisco is a collection of neighborhood.

&-. Almost e$ery the hereditary material of an indi$idual organism resides in the chromosomes.

&.. +nly with early se$enteenth2century obser$ers did the music of the original inhabitants of the ;nited 7tates and Canada entered recorded history.

&,. =erha's the most distincti$e features of shar#s and undoubtedly one of the most im'ortant reasons for their success is their well2de$elo'ed sensory system.

&5. The ma0or economic acti$ities of Cheyenne *yoming include trans'ortation chemicals tourism but go$ernmental acti$ities.

(8. The fiction writer 'oetry and critic "dgar Allan =oe is among the most familiar of American writers and one of the most enigmatic.

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1. >any scientists belie$e _____ as a result of a collision between the newly formed "arth and a large asteroid. A. that the >oon was formed


B. in that the >oon was formed C. that the >oon formed was %. when the >oon was formed 2. The organ2'i'e cactus is _____ in the ;nited 7tates. A. @are that B. 6t rare C. so that rare %. rare &. *illa Cather _____ gained recognition for her boo#s concerning the American frontier. A. a no$elist and =ulit9er 'ri9ewinning B.a =ulit9er 'ri9ewinning no$elist C.a =ulit9er 'ri9ewinning no$elist who %.was a =;lit9er 'ri9ewinning no$elist (. The a$erage wa$elength of $isible light is 2 888 times _____ the diameter of an atom. A. much as B. as great C. greater than %. more than that /. _____ ants li$e in nests which may be located in the ground under a roc# or built abo$e ground and may be made of twigs sand or gra$el. A. >ost B. The most of C. >ost of %. +f the most -. The ban#ing systems of the world ha$e many similarities _____ they also differ sometimes in 1uite material res'ects. A. of which B. in s'ite of C. but %.how .. )earning that ta#es 'lace in infancy 'ro$ides the____ for the e$entual transformation of a child into an adult. A. foundation is necessary B. necessary foundation is C. necessary in the foundation %. foundation necessary ,. 6n the late 15&84s and early 15(84s Dacob )awrence created many 'aintings _____ the li$es of famous African American acti$ists. A. 'ortayed B. 'ortrayed them C. that they 'ortrayed %. that 'ortrayed 5. The Centennial "x'osition _____ in =hiladel'hia =ennsyl$ania in 1,.- celebrated the one2 hundredth anni$ersary of the %eclaration of 6nde'endence. A. was held B. to be held C. held %. by holding 18. 6n the dar# abyss of the dee' sea _____ is 'roduced by luminescent fish. A. because the only light


B. the only light C. the only light that %. is the only light 11. classic American no$el >oby %ic#____ an account of the conflict between human beings and their fate. A. may be regarded as B. as may be regarded C. regarded as may be %.regarded may as be 12. 6n the metals industry hydrogen is used to 're$ent metals from tarnishing while undergoing_____. A. treated by heat B. heat treatments C. by heat treatments %. heat2treated 1&. =>?@ 1(. =>?@ 1/. =>?@ 1-.The "xecuti$e >ansion constructed in the 1.584s and now 'o'ularly called the *hite 3ouse is oldest 'ublic edifice in *ashington %.C.

1.. 6n$entor "lisha ?ra$es +tis designed the first ele$ator that it incor'orated an automatic bra#e which in turn led to the de$elo'ment of the s#yscra'er.

1,. Although the term EcorrosionF a''lies mostly to metals and 'articularly to their reaction to oxygen all material are sub0ect to surface deterioration.

15. The chief commercial source of bromine is ocean water from what the element is extracted by means of chemical re'lacement by chlorine.

28. )i#e Du'iter and "arth 7aturn is flattened at a 'oles.

21. All li$ing things are made u' of one or more cells and each of these cells were 'roduced by an already existing cell.

22. 6t is belie$ed that some dinosaurs were intelligent ability to 'erform com'lex acti$ities and 'erha's e$en ca'able of social beha$ior.

2&. ;ni1ue among bi$al$es scallo's swim extremely well 'ro'elled by 0ets of water ex'elled while sna''ed the shell shut.


2(. 6n the 'eriod between 151, and 15&5 $arious 'olitical economic and geogra'hic factors combined in determine the extent to which a country de$elo'ed ci$il a$iation.

2/. The main attracti$e at 7e1uoia !ational =ar# is thirty2fi$e gro$es of giant se1uoias the largest li$ing things in the world.

2-. 6n films o'tical 'rinting can be combined with blue2screen 'hotogra'hy for 'roduce such s'ecial effects as characters seeming to fly through the air.

2.. The de$elo'ed coutries of the world are using u' $aluable resources at a rate un'recedented human history.

2,. An acti$ist for women4s rights )eonora +4@eilly 'romoted women4s $ocational training besides fought for increased wages for garment wor#ers. 6ncreased ad0. 25. Cameras of one ty'e or another ha$e been using for more than a hundred years.

&8. "lectricity is the 'henomenon associated with 'ositi$ely and negati$ely 'articles charged of matter at rest and in motion either indi$idually or in great numbers.

&1. Air which it is a mixture of elements oxygen and nitrogen and com'ounds water and carbon dioxide also contains small 1uantities of many other substances.

&2. The 'lanets far from the 7un are so remote from any heat source that their tem'eratures are thought to be much near absolute 9ero.

&&. 7ome claim that $egetarian diets may to be more healthful than a diet that includes meat since they generally contain less fat and more fiber.

&(A(8 >?

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1. _____crumbles readily when ex'osed to a moist acid atmos'here but the stone is durable in a dry atmos'here. (A) The surface of marble is (B) The surface of marble which


(C) Although the surface of marble (%) The surface of marble 2. By using their trun#s ele'hants can tell the sha'e of an ob0ect and _____ is rough or smooth or hot or cold. (A) it (B) whether it (C) how (%) since it &. 6n 15,5 Carret 3ongo was chosen as _____ for the =ulit9er =ri9e in 'oetry. (A) his being one of the finalists (B) to be one of the finalists (C) one of the finalists (%) the one finalist who (. The >oon is much closer to "arth _____ is the 7un and thus it had greater influence on the tides. (A) unli#e (B) than (C) but (%) where /. The brain of an a$erage adult is one of the largest organs of the body _____about three 'ounds. (A) weighs (B) is weighed (C) weighing (%) to weigh it -. Throughout history _____different re'resentations for numbers and for the basic 'rocess of counting. (A) ha$e been many (B) there ha$e been many (C) many (%) when many .. %emocratic go$ernments constantly face the 'roblem of balancing _____ the indi$idual with the needs of society. (A) the rights of (B) to the rights for (C) for the rights to (%) with the rights by ,. Connecticut was the fifth of the original thirteen states _____ the Constitution of the ;nited7tates. (A) ratified (B) ratify (C) to ratify (%) ha$e ratified 5. The chemical com'osition of sandstone is the same as _____ (A) that of sand (B) that sand is (C) sand is that (%) what of sand 18. 3ydrofoils can exceed ./ miles 'er hour as com'ared with con$entional watercraft whose maximum s'eeds _____ a''roach /8 miles 'er hour. (A) are rarely (B) rarely (C) of rarely (%) they rarely


11. 6t was no$elist and 'oet _____ in 15-, founded Dac#son 7tate ;ni$ersity4s 6nstitute for the 7tudy of the 3istory )ife and Culture of Blac# =eo'le. (A) >argaret *al#er did (B) >argaret *al#er (C) >argaret *al#er who (%) >argaret *al#er and 12. Before the "uro'eans arri$ed American 6ndians were using $irgin co''er _____ into ornaments #ni$es and other artifacts. (A) *hich was hammering (B) which hammered (C) was hammered (%) hammered 1&. 6n western !orth America _____ form the ?reat %i$ide which se'arates the areas from which waters flow either eastward to the Atlantic or westward to the =acific. (A) the @oc#y >ountains (B) where the @oc#y >ountains (C) the @oc#y >ountains in which (%) there are the @oc#y >ountains 1(. 7ome ecologists belie$e _____ more than /8 'ercent of existing s'ecies will be lost in the next 188 years. (A) because (B) that (C) while there is (%) that there are 1/. Almost _____ substances ex'and in $olume when heated and contract when cooled. (A) all (B) they all (C) all of (%) all are 1-. A children4s librarian often conducts story hours and other acti$ities to hel' children en0oy herself while de$elo'ing an interest in reading and the library4s resources.

1.. Titanium has the strength of steel but weighs half only as much hence its ad$antage for use in aircraft.

1,. =rotecti$e beha$iors of am'hibians include hiding in the 'resence of danger and ha$ing coloration such closely matching the en$ironment that the animal is not ob$ious.

15. As the highest2'aid star of the silent screen earning a re'utedly income of O28 888 a wee# ?loria 7wanson e'itomi9ed the glamour of 3ollywood in the 15284s.

28. Candles may be made by re'eatedly di''ing wic#s in tallow by molding nor by 'ouring melted wax o$er the wic#s and rolling them into sha'e.


21. *hile models of automobiles date bac# as far as the late 1-884s the 1,,84s seen the first commercial interest in the $ehicle.

22. The conce'tual of musical harmony is generally traced to the ninth century because it is first mentioned in treatises of that 'eriod.

2&. =aleontologists ha$e examined fossil embryos and hatchlings from three ty'e of duc#2billed dinosaurs to figure out how they matured.

2(. )ightning tends to stri#e the nearest good conductor and hence often stri#es in same 'lace more than once.

2/. *hen study different cultures and societies anthro'ologists often focus on marriage as a contractual agreement between different 'arties.

2-. The first 'iloted balloon flight across the Atlantic +cean too# 'lace at 15.,.

2.. The Arts and Crafts >o$ement of the late nineteenth century stro$e to re$itali9ing handicrafts and a''lied arts during an era of increasing mass 'roduction.

2,. *hen canned using 'ro'er methods food suffers no loss in $itamins or another nutriti$e elements.

25. 3eat exhaustion is causing by excessi$e loss of body fluids and body salts.

&8. =rimiti$e humans 'robably did not deliberately coo# food until long after they had learned to use fire for light and warm.

&1. The 'oor condition of 'risoners are what concerned %orothea %ix an American social wor#er and director of a school in Boston.

&2. <ound in the shells of lobsters shrim' and crabs glucosamine is also 'resent in human cartilage which co$ering the bones in 0oints.


&&. Between 1,.1 until 1,51 the 'o'ulation of Toronto more than tri'led increasing from /- 888 to 1,1 888.

&(. 6n the nineteenth century >ontreal grew into an im'ortant trans'ortation and industrial center aided by its many natural resources and an abundant of hydroelectric 'ower.

&/. 6n the initial 'lanning for theaters auditoriums but any room intended 'rimarily for listening acoustics is a ma0or consideration.

&-. The 'ulse that may be felt where$er an artery 'asses o$er a solid structure such as a bone or cartilage.

&.. Through his essays 'oems and lectures @al'h *aldo "merson established himself as a ma0or thin#er of his time and as a figure leading of American literature.

&,. The EmethodF which is both a style of acting a system of training for the actor stresses inner moti$ation and 'sychological truth.

&5. +n 7e'tember - 155- ci$il rights acti$ist @osa =ar#s was awarded the =residential >edal of <reedom the highest honor the ;nited 7tates go$ernment gi$es to ci$ilian.

(8. Basalt which com'oses most of the ocean floor is a dar#2grey roc# rich in iron and magnesium than most surface roc#s.


1996 12 QR
1The 'ro$ince of !ewfoundland has ________ than any other region of !orth American in which the first language is "nglish. (A) its longer history (B) a longer history (C) the longer the history (%) the history is longer 2Clinical 'sychologists %r. Carl @ogers found that ,8 'ercent _______ $erbal communication in$ol$ed fi$e ty'es of res'onsesL e$aluati$e inter'reti$e su''orti$e 'robing and understanding. (A) all (B) is the (C) with (%) of all &The early feminist leader 7usan B. Anthony became increasingly aware through her wor# in the tem'erance mo$ement ___________ the same rights as men. (A) women were not granted that (B) that women were not granted (C) not granted women that were (%) that were not granted women (%!A _________ is found in the cell nucleus in the form of $ery long and thin molecules consisting of two s'iral strands. (A) inherits material (B) is inheritance material (C) material is inherited (%) the material of inheritance /_________ 'lants which manufacture their own food animals obtain nourishment by ac1uiring and ingesting their food. (A) ;nli#e (B) %ifferent (C) *hereas (%) As much -The 3awaiian al'habet introduced by missionaries in the 1,284s _______ and only se$en consonants. (A) the fi$e $owels consist of (B) consisting of fi$e $owels (C) that consists of fi$e $owels (%) consists of fi$e $owels


.*or#ing li#e a telesco'e ________ the si9e of ob0ects at great distances. (A) which magnifies a tele'hoto lens (B) a tele'hoto lens magnifies (C) a tele'hoto lens which magnifies (%) and magnifying a tele'hoto lens ,Colcanoes are di$ided into three main grou's based on their sha'e and the ty'e of material they __________ . (A) are made (B) made of (C) are made of (%) made for 5________ to inanimate ob0ects such as machines is a form of animism. (A) *hen attributing emotion (B) Attributing emotion (C) "motion is attributed (%) 6f emotion is attributed 18_________ dol'hins ha$e no sense of smell. (A) As #nown as far (B) Jnown thus far as (C) 6t is #nown as far (%) As far as is #nown 11The growth of 'sychobiology owes ________ to ma0or conce'tual ad$ances in the way 'eo'le thin# about the brain. (A) much (B) as much as (C) much which (%) there is so much 126n 15&, =earl 7. Buc# became the first American woman ________ the !obel =ri9e for )iterature. (A) recei$e (B) recei$ed (C) to recei$e (%) she recei$ed 1&!ow considered an art form 1uilt2ma#ing originated as a means of fashioning bed co$ers from bits of fabric that otherwise __________ . (A) not use (B) were no use (C) had no use (%) it was not used


1(The early years of the ;nited 7tates go$ernment were characteri9ed by a debate concerning _______ or indi$idual states should ha$e more 'ower. (A) whether the federal go$ernment (B) either the federal go$ernment (C) that the federal go$ernment (%) the federal go$ernment 1/Beneath the streets of a modern city ________ of walls columns cables 'i'es and the tunnels re1uired to satisfy the needs of its inhabitants. (A) where exists the networ# (B) the existing networ# (C) the networ#4s existence (%) exists the networ# 1-The anti1ue collectors must be able to distinguish real anti1ues from later imitations which can be either re'roductions nor fa#es.

1.=aint must be stirred and sometimes dilution before it is a''lied.

1,A great a$iation 'ioneer Amelia "arthart was already famous when she sets out on her ill2fated attem't to circle the globe in 15&..

15Although a''les do not grow during the cold seasons a''le trees must ha$e a such season in order to flourish.

28Tow uni1ue features of the Arctic they are lac# of 'reci'itation and 'ermanently fro9en ground.

21<aced with 'etroleum shortage in the 15.84s scientists and engineers in the ;nited 7tates ste''ed u' its efforts to de$elo' more efficient heating systems and better insulation.

22@abbits ha$e large front tooth short tails and hind legs and feet ada'ted for running and 0um'ing.

2&%entistry is a branch of medicine that has de$elo'ed $ery dramatic in the last twenty years.

2(The ease of sol$ing 0igsaw 'u99le de'ends the number of 'ieces their sha'es and shadings and the design of the 'icture.


2/=lants range in si9e to tiny single2celled blue2green algae in$isible to the na#ed eye to giant se1uoias the largest li$ing 'lants.

2-%uring the 15(84s science and engineering had an im'act on the way music reach its audience and e$en influenced the way in which it was com'osed.

2.By 1,-8 the railroads of the ;nited 7tates had &888miles of trac# three 1uarters of which it was east of the >ississi''i @i$er and north of the +hio @i$er.

2,Ballads were early ty'es of 'oetry and may ha$e been among a first #inds of music.

25The thin outer layer of the s#in is called the e'idermis while the layer inner which is slightly thic#er is called the dermis.

&8*ith the incor'oration of 0a99 history into current academic curricula leading 0a99 musicians are now founding on the faculties of se$eral uni$ersities.

&13umus a substance found in soil is soft and s'ongy and enables 'lant roots to send out tiny hairs through that they absorb water and food.

&2Although flies li$e longest in cool tem'eratures it breed 'rolifically when tem'eratures are warm food is abundant and humidity is moderate.

&&Alas#a4s $ast areas of untamed wilderness attracts many 'eo'le who en0oy the outdoors.

&(The giant 'anda closely resembles the bear but account of certain anatomical features it is 'laced in the raccoon family.

&/The ode was original a ceremonial 'oem written to celebrate 'ublic occasions or exalted sub0ects.

&-"$en as he wrote co'iously on such di$erse to'ic as educations 'olitics and religion )ewis >umford remained acti$e in city and regional 'lanning.


&.+scillation is a electronic function that changes direct current to the signal of desired fre1uency.

&,=a'ier2mVchW figures by 7te'hen 3ensen which they cheerfully de'icted life in the 6nformation Age were the focus of an exhibit at the >useum of American 3istory.

&5=harmacist fill drug 'rescri'tions #ee'ing recordings of the drugs their 'atients are ta#ing to ma#e sure that harmful combinations are not 'rescribed.

(8?reat technical ad$ances in aerial and satellite 'hotogra'hy ha$e been made since end of the 7econd *orld *ar.


2003 8
16n 1.5- in$estigations into the chemical nature of diamond concluded _________ a form of 'ure carbon. (A) that it (B) is it (C) that it is (%) is that 2The "nglish coloni9ation of Cirginia was de$ised in 1-8- by a grou' of merchants _________ the Cirginia Com'any of )ondon. (A) who formed (B) formed who they formed they formed &The hourglass an instrument used _________ usually consists of two bulbs united by a narrow nec#. (A) measures time (B) time is measured (C) for measuring time (%) the time for measuring (A master is an electronic a''aratus that _________ radio and light wa$es. (A) generated and was am'lified (B) generating and am'lifying (C) generates and am'lifies (%) to generate and am'lify /The human s#in forms _________ against the action of 'hysical chemical and bacterial agents on the dee'er tissues. (A) how 'rotecti$e a barrier is (B) a 'rotecti$e barrier (C) a barrier 'rotects (%) and which a barrier 'rotects ->edical research at the cellular le$el _________ research on the immune system has been made 'ossible through twentieth2century ad$ances in techni1ues of genetic research. (A) which (B) whereas (C) such as (%) is also .)i$ing organisms contain more water _________ substance.


(A) than do any other (B) does than any other (C) other than do they any (%) than they do any other ,The twentieth century has been a 'eriod of enormous growth in mathematical research and in the number of mathematicians and fields _________ them. (A) they re1uire (B) re1uiring (C) re1uire (%) as re1uired 5Columbia ;ni$ersity4s 7chool of =ublic 3ealth is _________ a handful of schools of 'ublic health in the ;nited 7tates. (A) one that (B) the one (C) one of (%) one 18The ;nited 7tates %e'artment of the interior designated the Broo#lyn bridge _________ in 15-(. (A) was a national historic landmar# (B) a national historic landmar# (C) which a national historic landmar# (%) a national historic landmar# which 116n 0a99 music a riff is a sim'le melodic figure _________ and re'eated se$eral times. (A) usually one or two measures lasted (B) lasted one measure or two usually (C) is lasting one or two measures usually (%) usually lasting one or two measures 12At its center the sun has a density of o$er a hundred times _________ and a tem'erature of 18 to 28 million degrees centigrade. (A) that of water (B) of water (C) than that of water (%) water 1&The ;nited 7tates Congress a''ro'riates some four million dollars _________ the u'#ee' of the *hite 3ouse grounds. (A) year for a (B) for a year (C) a year for (%) a for year


1(The sea horse uses _________ to cling to the seaweed and other 'lants. (A) it has a tail (B) a tail with which it (C) its tail (%) as its tail 1/6n the years ahead health 'rofessionals will be able to enhance or restore health far better _________ at 'resent. (A) whereas (B) they can (C) than (%) that are 1-. The constitution of !ew 3am'shire a second oldest among those of the fifty states was ado'ted in 1.,(. 1.. "linor *ylie4s writings consist of eight boo#s222four no$els and four $olumes of 'oem222in which she dis'layed a #nowledge of both history and literature. 1,. 6n addition to their usefulness as sca$engers birds are of enormous $alue to humans because of they eat insects and control the s'read of weeds.

15. *hen 'reci'itation occurs some of it e$a'orates some runs off the surface it stri#es and some sin#ing into the ground.

28. The astronauts chosen for fly the first ;nited 7tates s'acecraft were selected from military test 'ilots.

21. Tarantulas in0ect a 'araly9ing $enom into 'rey or with their large fangs.

22. Born in !ew Bor# City in 1,51 =reston %ic#inson was one of the 'ioneers of modern artistic in the ;nited 7tates.

2&. The water of the Atlantic =acific and 6ndian +ceans ma#e u' .8., 'ercent to the "arth4s surface.

2(. The three main tele$ision networ#s in the ;nited 7tates account for more ad$ertising dollars than any others medium.

2/. 6n 151& when he was only 1, year old )eo 7owerby4s $iolin concerto was 'erformed by the Chicago 7ym'hony.


2-. <ossil records su''ort the assum'tion which microorganisms were the first forms of life.

2.. The 7t. )ouis =ost2%is'atch was founded in 1,., and by 1,,1 had become the most largest e$ening news'a'er in the city.

2,. 6n artifacts from as early as the 7tone Age mathematics and art can be seen to ha$e fused in the geometric 'atterns decorate 'ottery wea$ing and car'entry.

25. %es'ite their common heritage bac#ground and homogeneity the original ;nited 7tates consisted of 1& distinct 'olitical entities each commanding considerable loyal from its citi9enry.

&8. The choreogra'her ?eorge Balanchine created more than 1/8 wor#s for the !ew Bor# City Ballet that which he was a founder.

&1. 7ome ways in which li9ards different from sna#e are in ha$ing ear o'enings mo$eable eyelids and less flexible 0aws.

&2. >uch of the wor# of the anthro'ologist >argaret >ead was de$oting to a study of 'atterns of child rearing in $arious cultures.

&&. The feathers of birds not only 'rotect their s#in from in0ury and conser$e body heat but also function in flight courtshi' camouflage and sensory 'erce'ti$e.

&(. +f the many mushroom s'ecies growing wild the common field mushroom is the one that is most fre1uently gather for human consum'tion.

&/. Carl @oger4s client2centered thera'y is now widely em'loyed and is among the most influential techni1ue in modern ;nited 7tates clinical 'sychology.

&-. <emale horseflies transmit a few diseases but their main significance as 'ests is in sting of their bite.

&.. %es'ite a lac# of na$igably waterways >adison *isconsin de$elo'ed into a manufacturing center as well as a ma0or trade nucleus during the 1,884s.


&,. The food and water that 'eo'le consume them come from the en$ironment 'ro$ided either by nature or through the wor# of farmers and other 'roducers.

&5. Communal dance as a 'owerful symbol of mutual regard and coo'eration grou' underlies enduring traditions in fol# dancing.

(8. >ore than ,88 ma0or oil com'any ha$e 'lants and offices in Tulsa +#lahoma the site of the international 'etroleum ex'osition.


2003 10
1. The musical comedy +#lahoma did much to ex'and the 'otential of the musical stage and it encouraged others to attem't_________ (A) (B) (C) (%) original themes to original themes that were original themes how original themes

2. %es'ite its fishli#e form the whale is_________ and will drown if submerged too long. (A) (B) (C) (%) an animal breathes air that an animal that breathes air an animal breathes air that an animal breathes air

&. The saguaro found in desert regions in the southwestern ;nited 7tates _______ cactus in the world. (A) (B) (C) (%) is the largest the largest that is the largest the largest that is a

(. 6t is said that ;nited 7tales literature _________ indi$iduality and identity in the twentieth century after long imitation of "uro'ean models. (A) (B) (C) (%) was achie$ed achie$ed to achie$e achie$ing

/. )ucy 7tone __________first feminists in the ;nited 7tates hel'ed organi9e the American *oman 7uffrage Association in 1,-5. (A) (B) (C) (%) the one who was the another one of the

-. __________ including climate mineral content and the 'ermanency of surface water wetlands may be mossy grassy scrubby or wooded. (A) (B) (C) (%) %e'ending on many factors >any factors de'ending on <actors de'ending on many +n many factors de'ending

.. %u#e "llington4s orchestra __________his own often com'lex com'ositions made many inno$ations in 0a99.


(A) (B) (C) (%)

he 'layed 'laying that it 'layed was 'laying

,. The term Eice ageF refers to any of se$eral 'eriods of time when glaciers co$ered considerably more of "arth4s surface__________. (A) (B) (C) (%) as is today than today is than they do today that today

5. <rom colonial times ;nited 7tates 'ro'erty owners agreed to tax themsel$es on the theory__________ directly from ser$ices that the go$ernment could 'ro$ide. (A) (B) (C) (%) 'ro'erty owners benefited so that why 'ro'erty owners benefited that if 'ro'erty owners benefited that 'ro'erty owners benefited

18. 3elium is not flammable and next to hydrogen is__________. (A) (B) (C) #nown the lightest gas lightest the #nown gas the lightest gas #nown the #nown gas lightest


11. *ild eagles that sur$i$e to adulthood are belie$ed __________ from 28 to &8 years. (A) (B) (C) (%) li$e to li$e they li$e their li$ing

12. =ortland __________ is located 'rimarily on two hilly 'eninsulas o$erloo#ing Casco Bay and its many islands. (A) (B) (C) (%) which >aine4s largest city >aine4s largest city where is >aine4s largest city >aine4s largest city

1&. _________ widely used in the chemical industry sodium carbonate is 'rinci'ally consumed by the glass industry. (A) (B) (C) (%) %es'ite *hether Though "xce't for


1(. Cells first identified by the early microsco'ists began to be considered _________ in the nineteenth century. (A) (B) (C) them as microcosm of li$ing organisms the microcosm of li$ing organisms the microcosm of li$ing organisms to be as which the microcosm of li$ing organisms


1/. )i#e Du'iter 7aturn is a large gaseous 'lanet com'osed _________ of hydrogen and helium. (A) (B) (C) (%) it is mostly mostly almost both are almost

1-Bacterial cultures are used commercially in the 're'aration of food 'roducts such that yogurt sour cream and $inegar.

1.. Anyone with absolute or 'erfect 'itch are able to identify by ear any note at some standard 'itch or to sing a s'ecified note at will.

1,. 7ea horses usually li$e along the shore among seaweed and other 'lants to which they cling to by their tails. 15. Babies ha$e soft s'ots between the bones of their s#ulls which allowing for further growth.

28. T.7."lot who a 'oet 'laywright literary critic and editor was a leader of the >odemist mo$ement in 'oetry.

21.The =acific +cean com'rises almost the entire boundary western of !orth and 7outh America.

22"stablished in 15(, the 7tate ;ni$ersity of !ew Bor# is the singly largest uni$ersity system in the ;nited 7tates.

2&.=hotogra'hy disseminates information about humanity and nature records the $isible world and extension human #nowledge into areas the eye cannot 'enetrate.

2(.Because of their ra'idly changing economically fortunes many frontier towns of the American *est underwent s'ectacular fluctuations in 'o'ulation in the nineteenth century.


2/.Cirtually no disease exists today for which there is no drug that can be gi$en neither to cure the disease or to alle$iate its sym'toms.

2-.Calcium is essential for blood clotting for the action of certain en9ymes and for the normal contraction and relax of muscles.

2..The large collection of the *illiams College >useum of Art includes ancient and medie$al art but much exhibits are modern or contem'orary.

2,.The techni1ue of s'ectrosco'y allows analyst of incoming light after it has been se'arated into its com'onent wa$elengths by 'assage through a 'rism.

25. Today fifty years after its construction the Alas#a 3ighway con$eys (8 888 $ehicles in normal year.

&8.7ince 'rehistoric times artists ha$e been arranged colors on surfaces in ways that ex'ress their ideas about 'eo'le the world and religion.

&1. <ew substances loo# less ali#e than coal and diamonds yet both are fashioned from same elemental carbon.

&2.>eteorologists can 'rogram their com'utes to scan for a s'ecific set of weather criteria such as falling barometric 'ressure increase cloud co$er and rising humidity.

&&.+bsidian is formed when siliceous la$a cools too ra'idly to crystalli9ed into roc#2forming minerals.

&(."uro'ean settlers in !orth America mo$ed from the Atlantic coast across & 888 miles forests grasslands deserts and mountains until they reached the =acific +cean.

&/.=hiloso'hy tries to disco$er the nature of true and #nowledge and to find what is of basic $alue and im'ortance in life.

&-.6n this world of high technology it is easy to forget that the most im'ortant tools e$er de$elo'ed for learning is still the boo#.


&..The element 'otassium ma#es u' less than one half 'ercentage of the human body.

&,.Twenty thousand years ago a sheet of ice a thousand meters thic# co$ered the coastal region which the cities of Cancou$er and Duneau now are located.

&5.The Crow Blac#foot and 7ioux tribes traditionally adorned they dwellings and costumes with colorful and highly $alued beaded decorations.

(8. 6n the late 1,884s ;nited 7tates 'ainter Thomas "a#ins de$elo' a broad 'owerful @ealist style that became almost ex'ressionistic in his later years.


2004 01
1. The ancestors of the horse li$ed _________ and were about half a meter tall. (A) years ago -8 million (B) -8 million years ago (C) ago -8 million years (%) million years ago -8 2. The museum on "llis 6sland a former immigration station contains documents and artifacts_________ to four centuries of ;nited 7tates immigration. (A) related them (B) related (C) related that (%) be related &. _________ 'articularly the oxides of sulfur greatly increases the rate at which rust forms. (A) The 'resence of air 'ollutants (B) Air 'ollutants are 'resent (C) Because the 'resence of air 'ollutants (%) Air 'ollutants whose 'resence (. The 7un the >oon and "arth ha$e magnetic fields and_________ e$idence that the stellar that extend through $ast regions galaxies ha$e fields of s'ace. (A) which is (B) is (C) because (%) There is /. The Econfederation schoolF 'oets of nineteenth2century Canada were 'rimarily nature 'oets _________ a wealth of eulogies to Canadian rural life. (A) and 'roducing (B) who they 'roduced (C) 'roducing (%) whose 'roduction of -. 7ince 'rehistoric 'eo'le first a''lied natural 'igments to ca$e walls _________ ha$e 'ainted to ex'ress themsel$es. (A) when artists (B) artists (C) artists who (%) that artists .. About (2 million bushels of oats are used annually _________ manufacture of brea#fast foods in die ;nited 7tates.


(A) the (B) is the (C) in the (%) to ,. Any acid can in 'rinci'le neutrali9e any base although _________ between some of the more reacti$e com'ounds. (A) side reactions can occur (B) the occurrence of side reactions can (C) can side reactions occur (%) side reactions that can occur 5. Dust o$er two2thirds of "arth4s surface is co$ered by wafer _________ more than 5, 'ercent of this water is contained in the oceans. (A) with (B) which (C) and (%) resulting l8. =leasing to loo# at and touch beads come in sha'es colors and materials _________.to handle and to sort them. (A) that almost com'el one (B) one com'els (C) that com'el almost (%) one is almost com'elled 11. 6n 15., the united 7tates !ational Air and 7'ace Administration selected 7ally @ide _________.the first woman astronaut. (A) who being (B) to be (C) and being (%) was 12. Adhesions are _________ formed within the body in res'onse to inflammation or in0ury. (A) that thin bands of scar tissue (B) they thin bands of scar tissue when (C) thin bands of scar tissue (%) thin bands of scar tissue able to 1&. The 'lanet !e'tune is about &8 times _________ from the 7un as "arth is. (A) far (B) as far (C) more far (%) far that 1(. !ot until the 1,/84s _________ a few 'ublic2s'irited citi9ens and state legislatures see# to rescue historic buildings in the ;nited 7tates from destruction or alteration.


(A) both (B) came (C) did (%) when 1/. 22222 288 bones forming the framewor# or s#eleton of the human body. (A) Being o$er (B) There are o$er (C) *here o$er (%) +$er 1-. The world4s water balance is regulated by the constant circulation of water in )i1uid and $a'or tom among the oceans the atmos'heric and the land.

1.. The ma0or 'ur'ose of the ;nited 7tates %e'artment of "ducation are to ensure e1ual educational o''ortunity for all and to im'ro$e the 1uality of education.

1,. >assi$e gains in com'uter s'eed 'ower and reliably ha$e been largely due to ad$ances in silicon technologies and manufacturing 'rocesses.

15. The sunflower the official state flower of Jansas and is wides'read in the 'rairies of the western ;nited 7tates.

28. )a#e 7u'erior 'art of the ;nited 7tates2Canadian boundary is a largest freshwater la#e in the world.

21. The sna''er a large2headed fish with a long dorsal fin is named to its characteristic way of suddenly shutting its mouth.

22. The aim of the decorati$e arts is to beautiful our surroundings.

2&. >odern digital synthesi9ers based on micro'rocessors are $irtually unlimited in the number and range of musical sounds it can 'roduce.

2(. %uring the years he com'osed Charles 6$es was isolation from the music world: none of his ma0or wor#s was 'ublicly 'erformed.

2/. =sychoanalysis is a form of thera'y that attem'ts to eliminate conflict by alter the 'ersonality in a 'ositi$e way.


2-. ?lobally the 15584s stood out as the warmest decade for what we ha$e weather records.

2.. 7ilicon chi's are reliable and chea' to 'roduce in large numbers and are used them in com'uters calculators 'rogrammed household a''liances and most electronic a''lications.

2,. Because its 'itch cannot easily be altered the oboe ser$es as the standard which by the sym'hony orchestra is tuned.

25. Bursae are fluid2filled sacs that form cushions between tendons and bones and 'rotect them while mo$ement.

&8. 6n 151- ;nited 7tates suffragist Alice =aul founded the !ational *oman4s =arty a 'olitical 'arty dedicate to establishing e1ual rights for women.

&1. The s'ice cinnamon and the drugs cascara and 1uinine all come from bar# the 'rotecti$e out layer of stems and roots of woody 'lants.

&2. Tunas migrate long distances o$er all the world4s oceans and occu'y tro'ical tem'erate and e$en some the cooler waters.

&&. Taste buds small sensory organ located on the tongue and 'alate recogni9e four 'rimary tastesL sweet sour salty and bitter.

&(. Astronauts recei$e extensi$e training to 're'are themsel$es both 'hysically and 'sychologically for com'lexity and rigor of a s'ace mission.

&/. By 1588 se$eral 'rominent technical institutions including the >assachusetts 6nstitute of Technology fashioned its own educational offerings to meet the industrial needs of the ;nited 7tates.

&-. 7ome of the earliest mechanical de$ices were designed to raise water from streams for the irrigate of cro's.


&.. The )ouisiana =urchase of 1,8& increased the territory of the ;nited 7tates by a''roximate ,(- 888 s1uare miles 'ractically doubling the area of the ;nited 7tates.

&,. A most useful tool for analy9ing the elemental com'osition of fossils is the electron 'robe a modify electron microsco'e.

&5. <ew substance on "arth e1ual the beauty of gemstones such as twin#ling diamonds green emeralds red rubies blue sa''hires and multicolored o'als.

(8. <or the 'ur'oses of the fine and decorati$e arts metals ha$e been used either in their sim'le state and in uncom'licated alloys.


288( 5 d chasedream - li#ui 9houshao \-(tDd chasedream YXz}x $( 1.6n the late 15.84s and early 15,84s the ;nited 7tates de$elo'ed the reusable s'ace shuttle ________to s'ace chea'er and easier. A. to ma#e access B. and ma#ing access C. which made accessible %. and made accessible. 2. ?enetically the chim'an9ee is more similar to humans _______. A. are than any other animal B. than is any other animal C. any other animal is %. and any other animal is &._______more than -/ 888 described s'ecies of 'roto9oa of which more than half are fossils. A. Being that there are B. There being C. Are there %. There are (.The 7herman Antitrust Act of 1,58 ___ nearly unanimously through the ;nited 7tates Congress. A. 'assed B. in 'assage C. ha$ing 'assed %. 'assing /.>odern s#yscra'ers ha$e a steel s#eleton of beams and columns ___a three2dimensional grid. A. forms B. from which forming C. and forming %. that forms -.The a$erage le$el of ;nited 7tates 'rices grew $ery little from 15/& until the mid215-84s when ____________. A. did inflation begin B. inflation began C. the beginning of inflation %. did the beginning of inflation ..The basis 'remise behind all agricultural 'roduction is _____a$ailable the riches of the soil for human consum'tion. A. to be made B. the ma#ing C. ma#ing is %. to ma#e ,.___to the united states 3ouse of @e'resentati$es in 1.51 !athaniel >acon remained in office until 1,1/. A. "lection B. *hy he was elected C. "lected %. *ho was elected 5.________ of classical ballet in the united states began around 1,&8. A. To teach B. 6s teaching


C. 6t was taught %. The teaching 18.The uni$erse is estimated ___between 18 billion and 28 billion years old. A. being B. to be C. which is %. is. 11. A situation in which an economic mar#et is dominated by a ____ is #nown as a mono'oly. A. single of a 'roduct seller B. 'roduct single of a seller C. seller of a 'roduct single %. single seller of a 'roduct 12.____ freshwater s'ecies of fish build nests of stic#s stones or scoo'ed2out sand.. A. As the many B. +f the many C. >any %. >any of them are 1&.!ews'a'er 'ublishers in the united states ha$e estimated ___________reads a news'a'er e$ery day. A. nearly ,8 'ercent of the adult 'o'ulation who B. it is nearly ,8 'ercent of the adult 'o'ulation C. that nearly ,8 'ercent of the adult 'o'ulation who %. that nearly ,8 'ercent of the adult 'o'ulation 1(. The foundation of all other branches of mathematics is arithmetic _ science of calculating with numbers. A. is the B. the C. which the %. because the 1/.!ylon was ___the human2made fibers. A. the first of which B. what the first of C. it the first of %. the first of 1-.The male cicada sound is made by s'eciali9ed structures on the abdomen and which a''arently ser$es to attract females. 1..Tele$isions are now an e$eryday feature of most households in the ;nited 7tates and tele$ision $iewing is the number one acti$ity leisure. 1,.Bacteria are one of the most abundant life forms on "arth growing on and inside another li$ing things in e$ery ty'e of en$ironment. 15.<luorine is a greenish gas too acti$e that e$en water and glass burn in it. 28.6n general no$els are thought of extended wor#s of 'rose fiction de'icting the inner and outer li$es of their characters. 21.>etabolism is the inclusi$e term for the chemical reactions by which the cells of an organism transforms energy maintain their identity and re'roduce.


22.Although most 'etroleum is 'roduced from underground reser$oirs 'etroleum occurs in a $arieties of forms at the surface. 2&.A musical organ can ha$e 'i'es of two #indsL flue 'i'es that wor# li#e a flute and reed 'i'es that o'erate on same 'rinci'le as a clarinet. 2(.The )and +rdinance of 1.,( di$ided the western lands belonging to the ;nited 7tates into territories each to be go$ern tem'orarily by its settlers. 2/.6f there is too much 'ituitary hormone of too few insulin the amount of sugar in the blood rises abnormally 'roducing a condition called. 3y'erglycemia. 2-.The care of children during their years of relati$e hel'lessness a''ears to ha$e being the chief incenti$e for the e$olution of family structures. 2..6t was not until the 15284s that 'ollution came to be $iewed by many as a threat to the health of li$e on "arth. 2,.=latelets are tiny blood cells that hel' trans'ort hormones and other chemicals throughout the body and it 'lay a role in clotting blood. 25. ;ntil the twentieth century 'endulum cloc#s were calibrated against the rotation of earth by ta#ing astronomically measurements. &8.The ra'id growth of the world4s 'o'ulation o$er the 'ast 188 years ha$e led to a great increase in the acreage of land under culti$ation. &1.6n the eighteenth century the =awnees descendants of the !ebras#a culture li$ed in $illages si9eable on the )ou' and =latte ri$ers in central !ebras#a. &2.The attraction of o''osite charges is one of the force that #ee' electrons in orbit around of nucleus of an atom. &&.+f e$ery the ma0or traditions of wood car$ing the one that is closest in structure to the tree is the crest 'ole made by the !ati$e Americans of the !orthwest coast. &(.>any of the fine2grained $arieties of sedimentary roc#s #nown as shales yield oil when distilled by hot. &/.6n 1,28 there were only -/ daily news'a'ers in the united states which total daily circulation of 'erha's 188 888. &-.The >il#y *ay galaxy includes the 7un its 'lanets and rest of the solar system along with billions of stars and other ob0ects. &..7ome of shar'shooter Annie +a#ley4s ex'loits with a gun are almost unbelie$able when it comes to accuracy s'eed of firing and endure. &,."$idence from ancient fossils indicates the scor'ion may had been among the first land animals.


&5.Detties 'iers designed to aid in marine na$igation are constructed 'rimary of wood stone concrete or combinations of these materials. (8.The Barnes <oundation in >erion =ennsyl$ania was chartered in 1522 to 'romotion art education by 'ro$iding art classes and by establishing a 'ublishing 'rogram.


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16n tile 'hiloso'hical school of 'ragmatism 22222certainty and there are no absolutes. (A) there is no (B) is there not (C) neither (%) no 2. The femur or thighbone is 2222222in the human body. (A) the bone is longest (B) the longest bone that (C) the longest bone (%) that of which the longest bone &.2222222 different #inds of beans are culti$ated throughout the world. (A) >any (B) +f the many (C) There are many (%) >any are the (. A ma0or source of roc# salt is domes 222222of roc# salt embedded in surrounding layers of earth. (A) are that $ertical cylinders (B) that $ertical cylinders (C) cylinders are $ertical (%) $ertical cylinders /. 3ot s'rings are one of the most characteristic features of areas of recent $olcanic acti$ity although22222 in other areas less abundantly. (A) also to ha$e occurred (B) their occurrence also (C) also occur (%) they do also occur -. 7oa' o'eras a ty'e of tele$ision drama series are so called because at first they were 222such as soa' manufacturers. (A) commercial com'anies by s'onsored (B) com'anies commercial by s'onsored (C) s'onsored by commercial com'anies


(%) com'anies commercial s'onsored by .. 6n the early 1588Xs Albert "instein showed222 under s'ecial circumstances matter and energy can be con$erted into one another. (A) in which (B) that (C) what (%) there are ,.222222in the ;nited 7tates began in the eighteenth century when indi$iduals merchants and colonial go$ernments loaned money to one another. (A) Ban#ing (B) *hen ban#ing (C) 6t was ban#ing (%) Ban#ing was 5. By 'erforming s'ecific motions forager honeybees are able to recruit 222222222to gather at a recently disco$ered food source. (A) while their nestmates (B) so that their nestmates (C) their nestmates (%) their nestmates are 18. Although the chemical elements niobium and tantalum are not 1uite 22222222229irconium and hafnium the differences between them are slight (A) as similar (B) as similar as (C) similar than (%) that similar 11. 222222both safety and reliability ha$e always been 'rimary goals of the railway mechanical engineer. (A) @ailroad history (B) @ailroad history includes (C) Throughout railroad history (%) 6n railroad history there are 12. The trum'et is22222of most dance and 0a99 bands. (A) a 'art is im'ortant (B) 'artly im'ortant (C) what 'art is im'ortant


(%) an im'ortant 'art 1&. >ost whole mil# undergoes homogeni9ation 2222222hot mil# is 'um'ed through $al$es to brea# u' and 'ermanently dis'erse the fat globules. (A) a 'rocess (B) which 'rocess (C) a 'rocess in which (%) which is a 'rocess 1(. A lingua franca is any auxiliary language 2222222a rudimentary #ind used as a medium of communication between 'eo'le who s'ea# different languages. (A) of which usually (B) which usually of (C) is usually of (%) usually of 1/. 6n 1,-/ the astronomer >aria >itchell became 2222a''ointed to the faculty of Cassar College. (A) as the first woman (B) the first woman was (C) the first woman (%) being the first woman 1-. @e'tiles are found on land and in water but they cannot ali$e in frigid climates because they need the 7unXs warmth to gi$e them energy_ 1.. 7tone tools began to be re'laced around - 888 years ago by metal tools who were used to build instruments and sim'le machines. 1,. +ne of the most famous structures in the world the 7tatue of )iberty is widely considered a ins'iring symbol of ho'e and freedom. 15. Buses were de$elo'ed at the beginning of the twentieth century to com'ete with streetcars by 'ro$iding flexibility greater in routes. 28. Abundant rainfall or irrigation is necessary during the early grow 'eriod of coffee but dry conditions during ri'ening 'roduce beans with the best fla$or. 21. There was at least 2 888 years ago that inhabitants of the !orthwest Coast of !orth America first established trade mutes for obsidian. 22. The sim'lest 'olymers are created when 'ressure or heat causes small molecules alter slightly and lin# together in a long chain.


2&. A Canadian =rime >inister must ha$e the su''orti$e of a ma0ority of the members of the 3ouseof Commons to remain in office. 2(. The Ashcan school of 'ainting concentrated on ordinary 22e$en ugly22city scenes rendering they in straightforward con$entional styles that bordered occasionally on illustration. 2/. By the end of the 15/8Ys the suburban 'o'ulation of the ;nited 7tates totaled -8 million a''roximately e1ui$alence to the urban areas of the country. 2-. Because it is often de'endent of the conditions of crystalli9ation the com'osition of the minerals in a roc# can be im'ortant in determining the roc#Xs geologic history. 2.. "ndemic diseases are diseases that habitual infect only those 'ersons li$ing within certain geogra'hical limits. 2,. @egional geogra'hy examines on a regional basis the ways in which the 'eo'le local interact with the en$ironment of the area where they li$e. 25. The >obile @i$er and its tributaries which flow south to the ?ulf of >exico form most im'ortant ri$er system in Alabama. &8. Beneath the surface of the ocean there lies a hidden world inhabit by 'lants and animals we rarely see. &1. Ad$ertisingXs 'rimary ob0ecti$e is to 'resell a 'roduct that is to con$ince consumers to 'urchase an item before they are actually see and ins'ect it. &2. <ats and fixed oils are greasy or waxy substance that ill their 'ure state are normally tasteless colorless and odorless.X &&. +f all the elements in the "arthXs crust oxygen is #nown to be the more common. &(. 6n micro'hotogra'hy 'rocesses 'hotogra'hic are used to re'roduce text or illustrations on film in si9es re1uiring magnification for reading or $iewing them. &/. The round hard2shelled nuts of the macadamia tree grow in clusters and are co$ered with hus#s what s'lit when the nuts are ri'e. &-. The ;nited 7tates 7ocial 7ecurity Act enacted in 15&/ contained three ma0or 'rograms a retirement fund unem'loyment insurance and welfare grants for local distribute. &.. The light 'roduced by lasers is in general far more monochromatic 'owerfully and coherent than that from any other light source.


&,. !ineteenth2century ;nited 7tates artist Dohn )a <arge was the 'remier interior designer of his time recei$ing commissions for church interiors 'ri$ate houses and mural. &5. %uring first ten years of the 7'ace Age which began in 15/. more than /88 artificial satellites were roc#eted into orbit around the "arth. (8. 7ettlers streamed into Connecticut @i$er towns in so large numbers between 1.-/ and 1.58 that they nearly doubled the 'o'ulation of 3am'shire County >assachusetts.

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1. 6nertial na$igation 2222 a $ital role in s'ace ex'loration em'loys de$ices called accelerometers to measure accelerations of s'acecraft. (A) it 'lays (B) which 'lays (C) which it 'lays (%) in which 'lays 2. 22222 they rely on external sources of warmth am'hibians in cool regions hibernate through the *inter (A) Because (B) By reason of (C) %ue to (%) 7ince that &. 6n 1,(- 222 agreed u'on the boundaries se'arating what would become *ashington and British Columbia. (A) when the Canadian and ;nited 7tates go$ernments (B) the Canadian and ;nited 7tates go$ernments which (C) with the Canadian and ;nited 7tates go$ernments (%) the Canadian and the ;nited 7tates go$ernments (. =ri9ed for centuries for their beauty roses are 'robably the worldXs 222 'lants. (A) culti$ated ornamental most widely (B) ornamental widely culti$ated most (C) most widely culti$ated ornamental (%) widely ornamental most culti$ated /. 6n area >ontana is the fourth largest state in the ;nited 7tates 2222 it ran#s forty2fourth in 'o'ulation. (A) nor (B) in s'ite of (C) how (%) but -. )arch and s'ruce trees 2222 in bogs and wet areas of the northern ;nited 7tates. (A) found


(B) are found (C) ha$e found (%) finding .. +strich eggs are larger 2222of any +ther li$ing animal: they may be 1/8 mm long and 12. mm wide and ha$e a shell 1.5. mm thic#. (A) than those (B) of those (C) those that (%) than ,. Although rain falls throughout most of the world in Antarctica and in a few other 'laces 2222222 'reci'itation occurs as ice and snow. (A) and all (B) all (C) where all (%) it is all 5. 2222 to learn about human origins and e$olution the 'hysical anthro'ologist studies fossil remains and obser$es the beha$ior of other 'rimates. (A) Because trying (B) %o they try (C) There is trying (%) 6n trying 18. 2222 where the American craft mo$ement seems to ha$e flourished most $igorously 'artly through its association with the =rairie 7chool of Architecture. (A) *as the >idwest (B) The >idwest as (C) 6t was the >idwest (%) The >idwest beingQ 11. 2222 as taste is really a com'osite sense made u' of both taste and smell. (A)To which we refer (B)*hat do we refer to (C)That we refer to it (%) *hat we refer to 12. )orraine 3ansberryXs 'lay A @aisin in the 7un was 2222 to be 'roduced on Broadway. (A) the first drama that all African American woman


(B)an African American woman whose first drama (C)an African American womanXs drama that first (%) the first drama by an African American woman 1&. *hen changes in the tilt of the "arth relati$e to the 7un shift the location of 7outh AmericaXs warmest 9one 2222 with it. (A) the rains go (B) as go the rains (C)which the rains to go (%) and the rains going 1(. The ;nited 7tates go$ernment shares go$ernmental 'owers with the states under the federal system.2222 by the ;nited 7tates Constitution. (A) established it (B) which established (C) and established (%) established 1/. A challenging new area in inorganic chemistry is 2222 the role of transition metals in the biochemical catalysts called en9ymes. (A) that of understanding (B) to ha$e understanding (C) the understanding (%) understanding that 1-. The hermit crab a crustacean that uses an em'ty shell as a 'ortable refuge to co$er its soft abdomen changes shells as grows. 1.. 6n the mid215-8Xs many artists began to wor#ing outdoors on a large scale ma#ing the landsca'e rather than the studio their arena. 1,. "lectoral 'olitics in the ;nited 7tates has been dominated by two 'olitical 'arties since the administer of ?eorge *ashington. 15. Art %eed a style of design 'o'ular in the 1528Xs and 15&8Xs was used 'rimarily in furniture 0ewel textiles and interior decoration. 28. 6nitially introduced in 1,/2 the gyrosco'e consists a s'inning de$ice usually in the form of a wheel that exhibits strong angular momentum. 21. The membrane surrounding a single2celled animal or 'lant or any indi$idual cell in a multicellular organism is im'ortant in the res'iratory and nutritionally 'rocesses of that cell.


22. 6n the nineteenth century mo$ing from crowded Britain to relati$ely s'arsely 'o'ulated !orth America were seen by many British as an act of 'atriotism. 2&. The <ourth Amendment to the Constitution of the ;nited 7tates regulates the right of the go$ernment to search a citi9enXs 'ersonal and 'ro'erty. 2(. The color and 'ageantry #een ri$alry and high le$el of com'etition both contribute to the great worldwide interest in the +lym'ic ?ames. 2/. Although ha$e there been better singers and actresses than "thel *aters none ty'ifies the rise from rags to riches more dramatically than she. 2-. The college that became 3ar$ard ;ni$ersity the oldest institution of higher learning at the ;nited 7tates was founded in Cambridge >assachusetts in 1-&-. 2.. 6n a ecli'se of the 7un the regions of umbra ex'erience total ecli'se and those of 'enumbra 'artial ecli'se. 2,. =aleoanthro'ologists examine fossil remains of extinct 'rimates while 'hysical anthro'ologists concern with ethnology study the beha$ior of 'rimates in their natural settings. 25. >ost ocean wa$es are generated by wind current that agitate the waterXs surface. &8. 7ome seeds are $iable or ca'able of growing into healthy 'lants for only a few days after fall from the 'arent tree. &1. 7tatistics indicate that a''roximate e$ery 22 years22within a range of & to ( years22a ma0or drought occurs in the ;nited 7tates. &2. The wor# of 7arah +arne Dewet care2nineteenth2century writer reflects a concern in the alienating conse1uence of condustriali9ation and urbani9ation. &&. 7eismic wa$es generated by an earth1ua#e or large ex'losion can be recorded thousands of #ilometer from their source. &(. After the ;nited 7tates became inde'endent the cure of more fertile lands drew steadily !ew "nglanders into the +hio Calley and the British colony of ;''er Canada. &/. <ound in all oceans the $arious s'ecies of electric rays use the charge they can generate for both stunning 'rey or warding off 'redators. &-. Barium is a soft hea$y sil$ery white metallic element that readily reacts with another elements to form useful com'ounds.


&.. Among the most com'lex crystals are that of silicon dioxide which has se$en different structures at $arious tem'eratures and 'ressures the most common being 1uart9. &,. Animals ha$e to co'e with and control 'hysical and chemical 'rocesses that do not necessarily act to benefit of the animal. &5. By 1,18 the 2& towns of 3am'shire County >assachusetts had reached a remar#able uniform of economic de$elo'ment as well as 'o'ulation density. (8. *ith more than half the worldXs annual yield of /8 million tons of soy beans an im'ortant source of 'rotein is grown in the ;nited 7tates.

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2005 01
1-. 6n the eighteenth century 1uilting became a common techni1ue in the American colonies for ma#e of co$erlets sewed in floral and geometric designs.

1.. The com'uter4s com'lex circuitry is miniaturi9ed inside silicon chi's wafer2thin silicon crystals with circuits electronic etched onto them.

1,. Centrifuges are widely use to se'arate li1uids ha$ing different densities or to se'arate solids from li1uids.

15. There is am'le e$idence of that about .88 million years ago glaciers reached well into what are now tro'ical regions.

28. >athematics is a tool that can hel' sol$e 'roblems and lead to new de$elo'ments in other fields such as s'ace flight medical and architecture.

21. The meter of the "nglish 'oetry is determined by accented syllables rather by the 1uantities of $owels.

22. 6n the nineteenth2century ;nited 7tates it was assumed that growth change and 'rogressi$e deri$ed mainly from indi$idual effort and com'etition.

2&. 7welling of the mucous membranes cause by irritants allergies or infections may bloc# the nasal 'assages ma#ing breathing difficult.

2(. The s'earmint 'lant which grows to about three feet height has stal#less lea$es and lax ta'ering s'i#es of flowers that are usually 'in# or lilac.

2/. ?erm theory defined 'recisely how diseases affect tissues and described their 'assage from one li$ing creature to other.


2-. The rings of the 'lanet ;ranus consists 'rimary of boulder2si9ed chun#s of dar# matter a$eraging about one meter in diameter.

2.. ?eorge 6nness4 rending of distance and atmos'here raised his art abo$e the ordinarily realism of nineteenth2century American landsca'e 'ainting.

2,. !ot much is it #nown about the details of the de$elo'ment and the ac1uisition of 'rimate communication es'ecially in the wild.

25. Although Alas#a is the state in the ;nited 7tates with the largest area Texas is the one that is di$ide(di$ided) into the largest number of countries.

&8. >uch of the early "uro'ean colonist in !orth America remar#ed on the 'rofusion of birds animals and fish.

&1. The dancer and choreogra'her Twyla Thar' grew u' in )os Angeles California and hers childhood included com'rehensi$e training in music and dance.

&2. Telecommunication systems in$ol$e the transmission of sound 'ictures words and other ty'es of information by electronic means include radio signals and satellite relays.

&&. 6n addition to being the state ca'ital Albany is a focal 'oint of trade shi' and commerce in u'state !ew Bor#.

&(. )i#e bats dol'hins use echolocation222'ulses of high2fre1uency sound222both to find 'rey and for ex'lore their en$ironment.

&/. The American 9oologist %ian <ossey conducted field studies of wild gorillas that dis'ro$ed old beliefs that gorillas were $iolence and aggressi$e.


&-. %elaware is the only state which the legislature can amend the state constitution without the a''ro$al of the $oters.

&.. The subcutis layer of the s#in contains fat and muscle that insulate internal organ and act as an energy reser$oir for the body

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PP Test 1
Test 1 1[1(& 1. >ost doctors of the Colonial 'eriod belie$ed _______ was caused by an imbalance of humors in the body. A. in disease B. that disease C. of disease %. about disease 2. 6n 15.- 7arah Caldwell became _________ at the >etro'olitan +'era 3ouse in !ew Bor# City. A. she was the first woman to conduct B. the first woman conductor C. the woman was first conducting %. the woman conducts first &. +n Danuary . 15// >arian Anderson became _________ to sing a ma0or role at !ew Bor# City4s >etro'olitan +'era 3ouse. A. the first African American B. the first African American was C. she was the first African American %. when the first African American (. =erha's the most significant 'ostwar trend was the decentrali9ation of cities throughout the ;nited 7tates _________ when massi$e highway2building 'rograms 'ermitted greater suburban growth. A. and accelerated a 'henomenon B. a 'henomenon that accelerated C. accelerating a 'henomenon which %. the acceleration of which 'henomenon /. @onald @eagan had ser$ed two terms as go$ernor of California before _________ =resident. A. he became B. when becoming C. became %. did he become -. _________ domesticated gra'es grow in clusters range in color from 'ale green to blac# and contain sugar in $arying 1uantities. A. Their botanical classification as berries B. Although their botanical classification as berries C. Because berries being their botanical classification %. Classified botanically as berries


.. The cymbal is ________ in the military band and is also fre1uently used in modern orchestral music. A. a basic instrument B. basic instrument C. how basic an instrument it is %. as an instrument is basic ,. 6n instrumentalist 'hiloso'hy ideas and #nowledge are exclusi$ely functional 'rocessesL they are of significance only _________ instrumental in the de$elo'ment of ex'erience. A. as they are B. are they C. there are %. are 5. _________ either by cooling or by de'ri$ing the fire of oxygen and most do both. A. *or#ing fire extinguishers B. <ire extinguishers that wor# C. <ire extinguishers wor# %. The wor# of fire extinguishers 18. The introduction of mass2'roduction methods enabled many 'eo'le _________ and ga$e them an un'recedented amount of mobility. A. to 'urchase their own automobiles B. their own to 'urchase automobiles C. to their own 'urchase automobiles %. own their automobiles to 'urchase 11. <rances =er#ins _________ of the ;nited 7tates cabinet ser$ed in the cabinet as secretary of labor from 15&& to 15(/. A. the first female member B. was the first female member C. the first female member who %. of whom the first female member 12. *hen _________ to dough and heated carbon dioxide is released causing the dough to rise. A. is added ba#ing 'owder B. added ba#ing 'owder is C. is ba#ing 'owder added %. ba#ing 'owder is added 1&. _________ the 'ercentage of indi$iduals with similar traits in succeeding generations geneticists use the theory of 'robability. A. The calculation of B. To calculate C. 6s calculating


%. Calculated 1(. Big2band 0a99 relies on fixed arrangements where _________ than one instrument 'laying some of the 'arts rather than on im'ro$isation. A. is more B. whene$er more C. there is more %. more 1/. Because of _________ di$ersity se$en se'arate grou'ings or di$isions of algae ha$e been established by botanists. A. them B. so that C. those %. their 1-. Chromosomes are regarded today as the ma0or carriers of genetic material _________ of %!A and $arious ty'es of 'rotein. A. consisting B. as to consist C. consist %. which consisting 1.. The leo'ard seal is the only 'inni'ed _________ 'reys on 'enguins and other seals. A. that normally B. of which it normally C. normally %. that it normally 1,. _________ Eno$aF means new no$as are actually stars that ha$e existed for a long time and suddenly flare into brilliance. A. That B. *hy C. Although %. 6t is 15. Because >ars is farther from the 7un than _________ >ars ta#es longer to com'lete a re$olution. A. "arth is B. is from "arth C. what is "arth %. is it "arth 28. A social system is _________ of social relations that draws the beha$ior of its members toward the core $alues of the grou'.


A. a com'lex networ# B. how a com'lex networ# C. a com'lex networ# and %. a networ# that is com'lex 21. Bubbles flaws and other irregularities diffuse the light that 'asses through stained glass _________ the glass s'ar#le. A. which ma#ing B. and ma#ing C. ma#ing %. to ma#ing 22. <og is common near _________ inland bodies of water and along coasts in tem'erate 9ones. A. there are large B. large C. either large %. where large 2&. The 'ortrayal of e$eryday life in the ob0ects of fol# art ma#es it _________ $aluable source of history. A. and a B. so that a C. a %. is a 2(. _______ by the ;nited 7tates go$ernment4s Bureau of )abor 7tatistics the Consumer =rice 6ndex com'ares current costs of goods and ser$ices with 'ast costs. A. To 're'are B. As it 're'ared C. *hen 're'aration %. =re'ared 2/. _________ carries the genes which determine the hereditary characteristics of the cell or organism. A. The chromosome B. The chromosome that C. *hereas the chromosome %. There is a chromosome 2-. _________ directly with most metals to form com'ounds called carbides. A. Carbon reacting B. Carbon reacts C. The reaction of carbon %. *hen carbon reacts 2.. >eteorites are slowed down by "arth4s atmos'here but if they are mo$ing _________ they can form a crater on im'act.


A. enough fast B. fast enough C. so fast enough % enough are fast 2,. )ocated at the u''er end of each________ an adrenal gland an integral 'art of the endocrine system. A. #idney which is B. #idney is C. #idney being %. #idney 25. About ./ 'ercent of all cadmium is used for cadmium 'lating of _________ such as iron and steel. A. easily corroded metals B. metals are easily corroded C. corroded metals that easily %. how easily metals corroded &8. An atom is a basic structural unit of matter the smallest 'article of an element _________ into chemical combination. A. that can enter B. can it enter C. when entering it can %. that enters can &1. All the ma0or cities of the ;nited 7tates ________ the cities of the ?reat )a#es and the ?ulf of >exico began as centers of trade. A. and to include B. which including C. included %. including &2. 7ettled by "nglish =uritans in 1-&8 Boston became _________ . A. the ca'ital of the >assachusetts Bay Colony B. the >assachusetts Bay Colony its ca'ital C. it was the ca'ital of the >assachusetts Bay Colony %. so that the ca'ital of the >assachusetts Bay Colony &&. !a$igators on shi's and aircraft use a com'ass to determine _________ they are heading. A. the direction in which B. to where the direction C. that direction of which %. where the direction &(. A condenser is a heat exchanger _________ steam or $a'or loses heat and returns to li1uid form. A. what B. in which


C. in whose %. that &/. =ublished in 15/. Dohn Chee$er4s first no$el The *a'shot Chronicle earned _________ the !ational Boo# Award. A. that he had B. him C. was his %. to him &-. As seen from the "arth at night _________ 'lanet Du'iter ran#s third among the 'lanets and stars in maximum brightness after Cenus and >ars. A. when the B. in which the C. the %. and the &.. _________ 'roduces a crimson glow in a $acuum tube and is used extensi$ely in ad$ertising dis'lays. A. !eon that B. *hen neon C. !eon %. There is neon &,. Cha'arral consists of _________ stunted by short wet winters followed by long dry summers. A. are trees and shrubs B. how trees and shrubs C. trees and shrubs ha$e %. trees and shrubs &5. The >onroe %octrine of 1,2& was _________ of ;nited 7tates 'olicy concerning the acti$ities and rights of "uro'ean 'owers in !orth and 7outh America. A. when a statement B. as a statement C. a statement %. to a statement (8. _________ to stand in a warm 'lace it sours because of the 'resence of bacteria that con$ert mil# sugar into acid. A. *hen mil# is allowed B. *hen is mil# allowed C. >il# when allowed %. *hen mil# allowed (1. *hile 'lay is im'ortant at all le$els of human de$elo'ment _________ ta#es on 'articular significance when children are fi$e and six years old.


A. it B. and C. which %. because it (2. %uring the second and third years of life children gain _________ o$er their bodies. A. control increasing B. increasing to control C. control is increasing %. increasing control (&. All brass instruments use a mouth'iece _________ into a long cone2sha'ed tube. A. is inserted B. that inserted C. that is inserted %. and inserted ((. _________ as children that most 'eo'le first come in contact with myths. A. *hen B. 6t is C. There are %. That is (/. By the mid2twentieth century ;nited 7tates 'residential staffs _________ had numbered fewer than ten a century earlier numbered in the hundreds. A. as B. that they C. which %. and (-. 6n 15-- only -8 'ercent of all fi$e year olds in the ;nited 7tates attended #indergarten _________ in 15,/ almost ,2 'ercent did so. A. with B. which C. whether %. while (.. _________ industries in$entions and communal endea$ors of the 7ha#ers the best #nown is their fine furniture. A. +f the many B. Their many C. Are the many %. >any of the (,. >ost fishes and many re'tiles ha$e ribs along most of the s'ine but in mammals _________ only in the chest area.


A. they are found B. finding them C. in which they are found %. are found (5. Although the habitat of the American beech tree is now confined to the eastern ;nited 7tates and southeastern Canada _________ extended as far west as California. A. where it once B. once C. it once %. and once /8. >ost of !orth America recei$es _________ some form of continuous 'lant co$er exce't in the arid and semiarid 7outhwest. A. moisture to sustain sufficient B. sufficient moisture to sustain C. to sustain sufficient moisture %. sufficient to sustain moisture /1. _________ denotes currency in circulation 'lus ban# de'osits. A. The term Emoney su''lyF B. The term is Emoney su''lyF C. *hen the term Emoney su''lyF %. E>oney su''lyF is the term /2. The <ran#lin sto$e in$ented around 1.(2 ________ originally with a 'artially o'en front and was designed to fit into a fire'lace. A. was made of cast iron B. cast iron was made of C. cast of iron was made %. was of iron made cast /&. A few s'ecies of mushrooms cause death or serious illness _________. A. ha$ing eaten B. that they are eaten C. are eaten %. when eaten /(. 7ome critics maintain _________ the mystery no$el is a symbolic ritual of guilt and retribution. A. is that B. that there is C. it is %. that //. _________ all cherry trees are $ery attracti$e when in bloom some s'ecies with inferior fruit are culti$ated es'ecially for their flowers.


A. Although B. There are C. 6t is %. That /-. ;sually 'itched in the of C _________ may be tuned to B flat by means of a slide. A. the bugle B. because of the bugle C. the bugle that %. but the bugle /.. *ith _________ formal art training and largely self2educated Anna >ary >oses #nown as ?randma >oses began to 'aint rural scenes at the age of se$enty2eight. A. not B. no C. neither %. ne$er /,. A bloc# and tac#le is a _________ of 'ulley bloc#s and ro'es used for 'ulling or hoisting large ob0ects. A. mechanical set s'ecial B. set s'ecial mechanical C. s'ecial mechanical set %. s'ecial set mechanical /5. Although _________ instant critical acclaim in 15/2 he ne$er com'leted a second no$el 'ublishing many short wor#s instead. A. 6n$isible >an was the first no$el by @al'h "llison recei$ed B. first recei$ed by @al'h "llison the no$el 6n$isible >an was C. @al'h "llison4s first no$el 6n$isible >an recei$ed %. @al'h "llison4s first no$el 6n$isible >an was recei$ed -8. 7auro'ods had _________ smallest brains relati$e to body weight of any grou' of dinosaurs yet they were among the most successful of all dinosaurs in e$olutionary terms. A. what was a B. when a C. of the %. the -1. At the time of Columbus4 $oyages !ati$e Americans used an astounding di$ersity of languages ________ the di$ersity used by "uro'eans. A. the greatest by far B. by far than greater C. by far the greatest %. greater by far than


-2. %uring the 3arlem @enaissance of the 15284s much African American writers artists and musicians came to 3arlem in !ew Bor# City creating a cultural center there.

-&. 6n Concord >assachusetts there is a museum commemorating the life of )ouisa >ay Alcott the author the nineteenth2century no$el )ittle *omen.

-(. )actose a sugar 'resent in mil# is one of sim'le sugars used in food 're'arations for infants.

-/. Dac#son >ichigan a city who was settled in 1,25 was named for Andrew Dac#son the se$enth =resident of the ;nited 7tates.

--. Boulder Colorado is only city in the ;nited 7tates that deri$es its water su''ly from a glacier.

-.. Construction of first s#yscra'er began in Chicago in 1,,& with the ten2story 3ome 6nsurance Building.

-,. The >ississi''i ri$erboat which e$ol$ed from sim'ler steamshi' of the early 1,884s became the dominant form of 'assenger trans'ort on the >ississi''i @i$er.

-5. >odern stringed instruments com'rise both instruments of ancient origin such as the har' and the de$elo'ed recently family of bowed instruments that includes the $iolin.

.8. 7tars 'ro$ided early astronomer with a reference system for measuring the motions of 'lanets the >oon and the 7un.

.1. The coal industry is im'ortant to e$ery industrial nations because most other industries are directly or indirectly de'endent on it.

.2. The brightly colored #ingfisher that 'erches until it sights a fish then di$es into the water to catch its 'rey.

.&. !e'tune circles the 7un once e$ery 1-(., "arth years and its day 222 one rotation its axis 222 is 1/., hours.


.(. +bser$able comets are occasionally attracted toward the inner 7olar 7ystem by the fields gra$itational of nearby stars and giant molecular clouds.

./. A single bacterium has the 'otential to 'roduce 1- million co'ies of themsel$es in a day.

.-. Atoms are held together by the electrical forces of attraction between each negati$e electron and a 'ositi$e 'rotons within the nucleus.

... The original aim of encyclo'edias was to 'ro$ide a general educational.

.,. 6cebergs are usually white blue or green e$en although some are blac# due to roc# material incor'orated in them .

.5. Both adult ladybugs and their lar$ae are $oracious eaters of a'hids scale insects and another 'lant 'ests.

,8. "arly "nglish burles1ue often ridiculed celebrated literary wor#s and sentimentally drama.

,1. The American cli''er shi' era was of duration short extending from about 1,(/ to 1,/5.

,2. Crystals of 'ure 1uart9 usually called roc# crystal are coarseness colorless and trans'arent.

,&. +f 128 minerals #nown to ha$e been used as gemstones only about 2/ are in common use in today 0ewelry.

,(. +ne of the thirteen original state of the ;nited 7tates !orth Carolina lies on the Atlantic coast midway between !ew Bor# and <lorida.

,/. The $arious 'eo'les who de$elo'ed !orth America ha$e made it a world leader economic .

,-. The >il#y *ay is a flat s'iral galaxy who contains an estimated 188 billion stars including the 7un.

,.. The 'iano as it is #nown today re'resents a long series of ex'eriments extend bac# to the year 1.11 or 'erha's e$en earlier.


,,. Climate is the 'rimarily force that distinguishes one biome or ma0or terrestrial region from another.

,5. =rehistoric $illagers tended to wor# harder suffer from more diseases and eat the 'oorer diet than nomadic hunters did.

58. A ma0or Canadian city >ontreal is second only to =aris as the most largest <rench2s'ea#ing city in the world.

51. Archaeological and geological exca$ations indicate which a 'rimiti$e ty'e of corn was used as food in !orth America at least . 888 years ago.

52. The ma0or com'onent of the sedimentary roc# called shale is clay an earthy fine2grained material consisting 'rimary of a 'articular grou' of crystalline minerals.

5&. Co''er was the first metal used by humans and is second only to iron into its utility through the ages.

5(. The mineral chalco'yrite usually is found in com'act masses or in mixtures with $arious other mineral as o'a1ue brass2yellow tetragonal crystals.

5/. Because the study of chemistry encom'asses the entire material uni$erse it is central to the understand of other sciences.

5-. Cyclamates were introduced in the early 15/84s as alternati$e sweeteners for use by indi$iduals who needed reducing their sugar inta#e for medical reasons.

5.. The 'ericardium a double2layered sac it surrounds the heart and the large $essels entering and lea$ing the heart.

5,. The 3o'i descendants of the 'rehistoric Anasa9i 'eo'le are a =ueblo 'eo'le who of the southwestern ;nited 7tates.


55. A storyteller exercises close control o$er the storytelling ex'erience by the choice of words their arrangement and their effecti$e.

188. 6ron is one of the basic element of which the world is made.

181. The 'resident and $ice 'resident are the only 'ublic officials in the ;nited 7tates choose in a nationwide election which ta#es 'lace e$ery four years.

182. %eri$ed from the conce't of natural law is the theoretical that indi$iduals 'ossess inalienable natural rights as stated in the ;nited 7tates %eclaration of 6nde'endence.

18&. The ;nited 7tates national debt was relati$ely small until the 7econd *orld *ar during when it grew from O(& billion to O2/5 billion in 0ust fi$e years.

18(. Brass is stronger than either the co''er and 9inc of which it is com'osed.

18/. 6n the traditional sense a molecule is smallest 'article of a chemical substance ca'able of inde'endent existence while retaining all of its chemical 'ro'erties.

18-. The able of a clarinet to blend and contrast with other instruments ma#es it 'o'ular for chamber music and as a solo instrument.

18.. =henoty'ic traits such as si9e or s#in color result to the interaction between an organism4s genetic ma#eu' and the en$ironment in which the organism de$elo's.

18,. To classical scholar rhetoric was im'ortant in three s'heres of human interactionL in law courts in legislati$e assemblies and in 'ublic forums.

185. The star# boxy forms of "uro'ean modernist architectural dominated ;nited 7tates citysca'es in the building boom following the 7econd *orld *ar.

118. 7ub0ects of Cecilia Beaux4s 'aintings included 'rominent figures in go$ernment the arts and financial but her strongest wor#s are 'ortraits of family members and friends.


111. By 1528 the area of the ;nited 7tates under culti$ation had more than doubled in 0ust /8 years and the national 'o'ulation that sur'assed 188 million.

112. 7ome areas of the dee' sea are $ulnerable fre1uent natural disturbances ta#ing the form of intense currents mud slum's low oxygen and u'wellings.

11&. 6n the ;nited 7tates the first roads were 'a$ed in colonial times first with logs latest with cobblestones or bric# de'ending on the region.

11(. 6n 'hysics sound is considered to be the wa$es of $ibratory motion nether or not they are heard by the human ear.

11/. +$er one thousand mineral are #nown most of which are characteri9ed by definite chemical com'osition crystalline structure and 'hysical 'ro'erties.

11-. The layers of an ele'hant4s tus# are de'osited from the 'ul' yet that the innermost layer is the newest.

11.. Butane is found into both oil and natural gas.

11,. *hen ex'elled from the nucleus of an atom a neutron is unstable and decay to form a 'roton and an electron. The monument is decaying after years of neglect 128. Automobile insurance com'ensates only not for fire and theft but also for damage caused by a collision and for in0ury to $ictims of an accident.

121. 6m'ortance as foods carbohydrates su''ly energy and are used to ma#e fats.

122. Because banana 'lants yield only one bunch of fruit each 'lant is cut down after 'roduces bananas.

12&. <lash 'hotogra'hy is widely used for ta#ing 'ictures when the natural light is insufficient such as outdoors at night and indoors most of time.


12(. The s'ecific 'ur'ose ser$ed by a storage dam will influence its design and determined the amount of reser$oir storage needed.

12/. 6n 1,,5 Dane Addams founded 3ull 3ouse an institution in Chicago where she and other socially reformers li$ed and wor#ed to im'ro$e urban li$ing conditions.

12-. "arly ;nited 7tates re$olutionaries sha'ed an orderly 'rocesses by which frontier territories would mo$e from colonial status to statehood.

12.. 6n music caco'hony is discordant sounds false harmony or noisily and inharmonious combinations of sounds.

12,. 7mall to medium2si9ed marsh birds similar in body sha'e by cranes rails are found throughout the world exce't in the 'olar regions.

125. The com'letion of the first transcontinental railroad in 1,-5 ga$e California its first direct rail connection with a rest of the ;nited 7tates.

1&8. *hilhelmina Cole 3olladay she was the founder and first 'resident of the !ational >useum of *omen in the Arts in *ashington %C.

1&1. As sweeteners there is $ery small difference between honey and sucrose although the former does contain minimal 1uantities of $itamins minerals and amino acids.

1&2. Culti$ated for salad since ancient times lettuce is har$esting before its flower stem shoots u' to bear its small yellow flowers.

1&&. =honological structure encodes s'ea# sounds as a se1uence of $ocal tract configurations 222 successi$e 'ositions of the larynx 0aw li's tongue and $elum.

1&(. The steamshi' contributed of the de$elo'ment of fast news2gathering during the nineteenth century.

1&/. The 1,,84s saw not only the creation of the curtain wall and wind2braced iron frame also the architectural mastery of these structural de$ices.


1&-. A century ago women made 1uilts only not to #ee' their families warm but also to ex'ress their artistic abilities.

1&.. The building #new as the Ca'itol is situated on Ca'itol 3ill in *ashington %.C. and it houses the legislati$e branch of the ;nited 7tates go$ernment.

1&,. A 'erson or business with more debts than assets for meeting debt 'ayment may to declare legal ban#ru'tcy.

1&5. The first stethosco'e222the #ind of instrument what has come to symboli9e medicine around the world 222was constructed in 1,1-. 1(8. 6t is said that no 'otential frontier has such fired the imagination or challenged the ingenuity of human#ind as has s'ace.

1(1. The Congress of the ;nited 7tates can initiate legislation and significantly amend or re0ection =residential legislati$e 'ro'osals.

1(2. Through his 'aintings "dward 3o''er de'icted the isolation lonely and lac# of $ariety of the daily life of small2town America.

1(&. The chief editorial concern in maga9ine 'ublishing is 'resenting a mix of news information and entertain all targeted at the audience the maga9ine see#s to reach.


PP Test 2
Test 2 1[1(& 1. 7and is formed by the weathering and decom'osition of all ty'es of roc# _________ most abundant mineral constituent being 1uart9. A. and its B. since its C. its %. it is 2. _________ in the daytime for most of the year the groundhog hibernates in a burrow during winter. A. 6s acti$e B. That it is acti$e C. Acti$e %. *hile is acti$e &. The wood of elm trees is used in shi'building and in _________ barrels furniture flooring and s'orting goods. A. to ma#e B. as made C. ma#ing %. to ha$e made (. 6n 1,-. @ussia sold Alas#a to the ;nited 7tates and in 15/, _________ the forty2ninth state. A. Alas#a4s becoming B. Alas#a became C. when Alas#a became %. Alas#a to become /. Almost _________ countries use the decimal system. A. all B. all of C. all of which %. of all -. _______ allows the s#in and thus the body to be cooled. A. 7weat e$a'orates B. *hen sweat e$a'orates C. 7weat the e$a'oration of which %. The e$a'oration of sweat


.. Acti$ities such as writing down notes will generally lead to faster learning _________0ust listening to or reading facts. A. than B. than is C. whereas %. in that ,. The %allas Ci$ic +'era has earned _________ since its initial 'roduction debuted in 15/.. A. an international re'utation and B. an international re'utation was C. what an international re'utation %. an international re'utation 5. Born in A#ron +hio in 1,(- 3enry "ugene Abbey became the ________ of the >etro'olitan +'era 3ouse in !ew Bor# City in 1,,&. A. first manager was B. first manager C. manager who first %. manager was the first 18. A co$ered bridge is built of wooden timbers _________ su''orting trusses and a floor and are 'rotected from weather by a roof. A. when form B. so form C. form %. that form 11. Although _________ with herons or stor#s cranes are distinguished from these birds by bare red areas or ornamental 'lumes on their heads. A. they are often confused B. how often they are confused C. that they are confused often %. are they confused often 12. >ore battles were fought in 7outh Carolina _________ in any other state during the American @e$olution. A. as B. although C. than %. but 1&. Cotton is grown throughout the world and _________ year about /8 million bales weighing nearly /88 'ounds a'iece are 'roduced. A. each B. a C. by a


%. in which 1(. Based on a de$ice used in na$al $essels the automatic 'ilot contains gyrosco'es _________ references for an air'lane4s course. A. 'ro$ides B. that 'ro$ide C. that 'ro$iding %. and to 'ro$ide 1/. American 7ign )anguage contains o$er ( 888 signs _________ is used by o$er half a million 'eo'le. A. and B. although C. whene$er %. also 1-. _________ founded the American @ed Cross in 1,,1 and ser$ed as its 'resident until 158(. A. Clara Barton who B. Although Clara Barton C. 6t was Clara Barton %. Clara Barton 1.. _________ two air masses with different characteristics meet an area called a EfrontF de$elo's. A. *hat B. There are C. *hen %. Being 1,. Today4s farmers use irrigation fertili9ers large machines and other technology _________ high cro' yields. A. in the 'roduction B. for 'roduction C. to 'roduce %. 'roduce 15. ________ ser$ed as secretary of war under the Articles of Confederation and also in ?eorge *ashington4s administration under the ;nited 7tates Constitution. A. *hen 3enry Jnox B. 6t was 3enry Jnox C. 3enry Jnox %. 3enry Jnox who 28. The course of the >issouri @i$er mar#s the ________ of continental glaciation. A. a''roximate southern limit B. limited a''roximately southern C. southern limit and a''roximately


%. limit that a''roximately southern 21. About three21uarters of the state of 6ndiana is co$ered by _________. A. which farmland B. such farmland is there C. farmland %. it is farmland 22. Also called the 'ainted cu' the 6ndian 'aintbrush gi$es forth tiny flowers that are mostly green while ________ brightly colored. A. its lea$es B. it lea$es being C. are its lea$es %. its lea$es are 2&. _________ .8 s'ecies of coc#roaches in the ;nited 7tates. A. 7ince about B. Are about C. About %. There are about 2(. ______ difficult to achie$e centrifugal forces thousands of times as great as the force of gra$ity. A. There is not B. *hile not C. *hat is not %. 6t is not 2/. 6n the early nineteenth century a Conestoga wagon on a 'oor road could economically _________ light fairly high2$alue goods o$er short distances. A. only while carrying B. carry only C. it was only to carry %. only carrying its 2-. The solid2bodied electric guitar mixes and am'lifies $ibrations from micro'hone contacts at different 'oints _________ a range of tone 1ualities. A. 'roduce B. to 'roduce C. a 'roduction %. and 'roducing 2.. *hile the term EharmonyF suggests a 'leasant or agreeable sound it is a''lied to any combination of notes _________ consonant or dissonant. A. which B. such C. neither %. whether


2,. >ost meteorites are thought to be fragments from asteroids _________ some may be 'ieces from the heads of comets. A. des'ite B. either C. although %. but if 25. =enicillin ________ #ills a broad s'ectrum of bacteria many of which cause disease in humans. A. the first antibiotic to be disco$ered B. when the first antibiotic to be disco$ered C. the first antibiotic that disco$ered %. was the first antibiotic to be disco$ered &8. Action 'ainting em'hasi9es the 'hysical act of a''lying 'aint to can$as rather _________ 'icture as a finished wor# of art. A. the B. from the C. than the %. is the &1. Contrary to 'o'ular belief the basic instruments of the old 0a99 bands were not saxo'hones _________ cornets and trum'ets. A. or not B. but C. instead %. neither &2. _____ $ary greatly in sha'e and form de'ending u'on both the growth 'attern and the arrangement of 'oly's within the colony. A. 7ince coral colonies B. Coral colonies that C. Coral colonies although they %. Coral colonies &&. The transition element cadmium is 'laced below 9inc and abo$e mercury in the 'eriodic table _______ many 'ro'erties in common with these elements. A. and its B. and ha$ing C. and it has %. and &(. The co$ered wagons #nown as Conestogas were 'rimarily used _________ of freight across the 'rairies of the ;nited 7tates. A. hea$y loads were carried B. to carry hea$y loads C. the carrying of hea$y loads


%. in hea$y loads carrying &/. The outstanding feature of co''er and the other metals of ?rou' 6B in the =eriodic Table is _________ chemical attac#. A. resists B. to resisting C. their resistance to %. by resistance &-. *hen _______ with atmos'heric 'articles they create many ty'es of secondary 'articles including 'ositrons mesons and hy'erons. A. the collision of 'rimary cosmic rays B. 'rimary cosmic rays collide C. 'rimary cosmic rays colliding %. do 'rimary cosmic rays collide &.. A common way to 'roduce x2rays is _________ electrons into a co''er target. A. fires B. fired C. by firing %. how to fire &,. _________ in 1,88 >iddlebury College is the oldest college in Cermont. A. +'ened B. +'ened it C. The o'ening %. There was o'en &5. )i9ette *oodworth @eese4s best2#nown 'oem is the sonnet ETears F _________ in 1,55 in 7cribner4s >aga9ine. A. to 'ublish B. 'ublished C. to 'ublish it %. was 'ublished (8. %uring the @e$olutionary *ar )ancaster =ennsyl$ania was the ca'ital of the ;nited 7tates for one day in 1... _________ there. A. was when the Continental Congress sto''ed B. when did the Continental Congress sto' C. the Continental Congress when it sto''ed %. when the Continental Congress sto''ed (1. 6n a barter economy a 'erson ha$ing something to trade must ma#e contact with another 'erson ________ and has something acce'table to offer in exchange. A. and who wants it B. wants it


C. who wants it %. who does it want (2. The chief 0ustice of the ;nited 7tates is the country4s _________ and is a''ointed by the =resident with the a''ro$al of the 7enate. A. 0udicial officer highest B. officer 0udicial highest C. officer highest 0udicial %. highest 0udicial officer (&. 6ncluding land and water the state of Alas#a ________ an area of 1 /&8 .88 s1uare #ilometers e1ual to about one2sixth of the si9e of the ;nited 7tates. A. ha$ing B. where there is C. which is %. has ((. _________ until the twelfth century that the magnetic com'ass was used for na$igation. A. 6ts not being B. 6t was not C. !ot %. *as not (/. Although she wrote only two short no$els and 15 stories during her brief career <lannery +4Connor made _________ to ;nited 7tates fiction. A. a contribution is im'ortant B. an im'ortant contribution C. a contribution and im'ortant %. is an im'ortant contribution (-. The !ew Bor# City Ballet has been _________ of ;nited 7tates classical ballet com'anies since its ince'tion in 15(-. A. the consistently creati$e most B. consistently creati$e the most C. most creati$e the consistently %. the most consistently creati$e (.. *hen condensation occurs close to the ground _________ results in fog or dew. A. or B. the C. it %. then (,. %es#to' 'ublishing systems are ca'able of _________ camera2ready 'ages made u' of text and gra'hics with text set in different ty'efaces and si9es. A. when 'roducing


B. 'roduce C. to 'roduce %. 'roducing (5. The femur is the _________ in the body. A. bone is the largest and longest B. largest and the longest bone that C. largest and longest bone %. bone largest and longest and /8. 7'urred by the 'henomenal growth of the city of Chicago after the Ci$il *ar 6llinois became ________. A. that a ma0or industrial state B. to a ma0or industrial state C. a ma0or industrial state %. to be a ma0or industrial state /1. _________ from the Caribbean islands ex'lored the area now #nown as Texas and !ew >exico as early as the sixteenth century. A. 7'aniards who B. As 7'aniards C. *hen 7'aniards %. 7'aniards /2. 6f $olcanoes eru't ex'losi$ely and cast fluid la$a high into the air _________ dis'ersed by the wind gi$es rise to 'articles of $arious si9es. A. the la$a B. and la$a C. when la$a %. which la$a is /&. !orth America dis'lays more ________ than any other continent exce't Asia: only a true tro'ical en$ironment is absent. A. $ary climate B. climate $aried C. climatically $aried %. climatic $ariation /(. !eurobiologists belie$e _________ endor'hins and other neurochemicals may control our hunger for certain #inds of foods. A. whose B. that if C. that %. of those


//. A feature of Carlsbad Ca$erns in !ew >exico is the nightly emergence exce't during the winter hibernation 'eriod of _________. A. se$eral bats million B. bats million se$eral C. se$eral million bats %. million se$eral bats /-. _________ -&5 named muscles in the human anatomy. A. As are B. There are C. +f the %. That are /.. _________ or striated muscles are sub0ect to the will and control of the body and are attached to the s#eleton by tendons. A. The $oluntary are B. There are $oluntary C. That the $oluntary %. The $oluntary /,. +rchestra conductor >ichael >organ became interested in classical music as a high school student when _________ rehearsals of the !ational 7ym'hony in *ashington %.C. A. beginning his attending B. did he begin attending C. he began attending %. began attending his /5. Cirtually the same array of mammals _________ in the hills surrounding )os Angeles today occu'ied this area in the late =leistocene era. A. that they li$e B. li$es C. that li$es %. that li$ing -8. *ood has been the _________ for furniture since anti1uity. A. commonly most material used B. used material commonly most C. commonly material used most %. most commonly used material -1. Because of the com'lexity of modern society it is not _________ that many of the games ordinary 'eo'le 'lay are solitary games. A. sur'rises B. sur'rised at C. sur'rising %. sur'rise


-2. Cartogra'hy the science and art of designing drafting and create ma's and charts is older than the art of writing.

-&. 6t seems 'robable that 'rehistoric 'eo'le who disco$ered by trial and error which 'lants were 'oisonous and which had some medicinal $alue.

-(. %e$elo'ed from the medie$al mandola the modern mandolin has four 'airs of string tuned to $iolin 'itch and 'roduces a clear bright tone.

-/. =hotogra'her "dward 7teichen constantly ex'erimented new techni1ues and materials in his 1uest to ha$e 'hotogra'hy acce'ted as a creati$e art.

--. >aine is almost as large than the fi$e other !ew "ngland states combined but contains only about 5 'ercent of !ew "ngland4s 'o'ulation.

-.. The area of the ;nited 7tates was doubled as a result of the )ouisiana =urchase which made in 1,8&.

-,. +a# trees furnish more timber annually in the ;nited 7tates than any of other broad2lea$ed tree and are second only to conifers in total lumber 'roduction.

-5. Although months or e$en years may 'ass without rainfall in 'arts of some deserts they are ne$er com'lete dry.

.8. "ducation in the ;nited 7tates is o$erseen by local school districts which follow regulations mandated by their res'ecti$e state go$ernment.

.1. ;' to &8 'ercent of the blood 'um'ed with each heartbeats goes directly to the li$er.

.2. 6f atoms are 'ush together by high 'ressure or sub0ected to high tem'erature they can rearrange themsel$es within minerals without changing their o$erall com'osition.

.&. )ight from the 7un can 'enetrate only a few hundred meters below surface of the ocean.


.(. The surface of Cenus is obscured by the 'lanet4s thic# clouds yet so is in$isible to o'tical instruments.

./. The Andromeda galaxy li#e the >il#y *ay is orbited by se$eral com'anion galaxies but contains about as twice many stars.

.-. 6n art caricature is a 'ictorial re'resentation which the 'hysical features of a 'erson or ob0ect ha$e been grossly exaggerated for comic effect.

... =hiloso'hy has much as'ects and different manifestations according to the 'roblems in$ol$ed and the method of a''roach used by the indi$idual 'hiloso'her.

.,. <ound in wild woods and stony 'laces the Canterbury bell ne$er flowering until the second (and final) summer of its life.

.5. )a#e >ead one of the largest artificial la#e in the world in ca'acity is formed by 3oo$er %am.

,8. The alligator sna''ing turtle weighing u' to -, #ilograms is one of the largest freshwater turtle.

,1. Cli''er shi's were designed for maximum s'eedy and were used for trans'ortation to and from the gold rush regions of California and Australia.

,2. As the centrally control organ of the body the brain go$erns the functioning of the body4s other organs.

,&. The 6nuit 'robable first came to !orth America by crossing the Bering 7trait landbridge from Asia about ( 888 years ago.

,(. =reci'itation in mountainous regions that collects in a number of small $alleys that are called rills and gullies.

,/. 7uction dis#s along the body of the sea cucumber 'ro$ides locomotion and tentacles around its mouth are used to catch food.


,-. The numerous Cro2>agnon burial sites that been found re$eal that these early humans li#e the 'receding !eanderthalers engaged in $arious ritual acti$ities.

,.. <rom the 1,,84s on artist >ary Cassatt increasingly de$oted herself to the theme of mother and child in oils 'astels etchings and engra$ed.

,,. ?laciers hel'ed creation the thousands of la#es for which the state of >innesota is famous.

,5. Al'ha rhythm a brain wa$e fre1uency of moderate $oltage is characteristic of a 'erson when is awa#e but relaxed.

58. The amount of money generated by a nation in a year in the forms of wages rents interest and 'rofits is #nown the national income.

51. 6n !orth America the name chameleon is 'o'ularly gi$en to se$eral li9ards ca'able of change color.

52. !aturally occurring ca$es are formed in $arious way but chiefly by the sol$ent action of water and com'ounds in it.

5&. Clouds 'erform a $ery im'ortant function in modifying the distribute of solar heat o$er "arth4s surface and within the atmos'here.

5(. @agtime is a musical form de$elo'ed and brought to maturation between 1,58 and 1518 which is rooted in se$eral musical tradition.

5/. The 'eccary an American mammal is closely related to the swine family and fills an ecological similar role.

5-. The teaching of literary and com'osition has figured 'rominently in the formation of educational curriculums in the ;nited 7tates at all le$els.

5.. The s'ice 'lants what yield the 'ungent and fragrant substances used all o$er the world as condiments are almost all nati$es of tro'ical regions.


5,. ;ltrasonic wa$es $ibrate such ra'idly that they 'roduce sounds that are too high for the human ear to detect.

55. Contem'orary election 'ractices in the ;nited 7tates ha$e their roots in British and colonial American laws and customary.

188. The degree of 'hysical fitness that anyone can de$elo' is go$erned by age sex 'hysi1ue and other natural factor.

181. The migration route of the first humans to occu'y !orth America too# them across a land bridge that once was connected Asia with what is now Alas#a.

182. 7ociali9ation which begins in child is a 'rocess by which 'eo'le become members of a society learning its norms customs laws and ways of li$ing.

18&. =oet Amy )owell began her career by 'ublishing the con$entional $olume A %ome of >any2 Coloured ?lass des'ite e$entually succeeded "9ra =ound as leader of the 'rogressi$e 6magists.

18(. The towns of >iddlebury and Cornwall both in Cermont was united into the single town of >iddlebury in 1.5-.

18-. *hile the late nineteenth century most laborers in the ;nited 7tates wor#ed six days a wee# often ten or more hours a day.

18.. Chordo'hones are musical instruments with strings that can be set in motion by mo$ing a bow 'luc#ing a string or stri#ing .

18,. The 'ro'ortion of ;nited 7tates households owning tele$ision recei$ers rose from 8.( 'ercent in 15(, of 2&./ 'ercent in 15/1.

185. The chief character or hero of 'iece of fiction or drama is #nown as the 'rotagonist.

118. A drought is a 'eriod of dry weather that lasts too long enough to cause a serious imbalance in the water cycle.


111. Cotton cro' failures and a 'lague of boll wee$ils at the beginning of the twentieth century forced the di$ersification of Alabama4s the agriculture.

112. Although absolute 9ero cannot actually be reached a''roximations of less than 8.881 degrees Celsius abo$e absolute 9ero ha$e been created the laboratory.

11&. That brought about the wides'read extinction of the dinosaurs is un#nown: it must howe$er ha$e in$ol$ed ma0or changes in the en$ironment.

11(. 7tructuralism and it deri$ati$e theories es'ecially deconstructionism ha$e 'ro'osed to alter drastically the direction of literary studies during the last thirty or thirty2fi$e years.

11/. The northwest coast of !orth America was originally settled by a series of tribal with extremely di$erse linguistic affiliations.

11-. After the *ar of 1,12 immigrants from Britain and 6reland swelled the 'o'ulate of Canada.

11.. The ra'idly ad$ancement of modern anthro'ology since the end of the nineteenth century has been the most im'ortant single influence on the growth of myth criticism.

11,. Although 7'aniards had ex'lored u''er California much earlier they did not attem't to settle there until the latter 'art the eighteenth century.

115. Although co''er was hammered into tools and ornaments by some early inhabitants of !orth America the smelting and casting of co''er were un#nown between them.

128. As moist air in a warm front ascends the retreating wedge of cold air it cools to 'roduce cloudy and fre1uently causes 'reci'itation.

121. Choreogra'her >artha ?raham4s 'ioneering techni1ue designed to ex'ress inner emotion through dance forms re'resentati$e the first real alternati$e to classical ballet.

122. A in#20et 'rinter wor#s by s1uirting $ery fine streams of 1uic#2drying in# onto 'a'er.


12&. The 'ro'erties of coca are similar to those of o'ium but coca is not such strong a narcotic.

12(. 6dentical twins are always of the same sex resemblance one another $ery closely and ha$e similar finger'rints and blood grou's.

12/. The great bul# of business transactions in the ;nited 7tates is handled by means of credit instruments rather currency.

12-. The outstanding feature in the e$ol$e of the central ner$ous system in humans has been the growth of the brain.

12.. +n )ong 6sland4s >ontau# =oint are located a stone lighthouse 1-, feet high e1ui''ed with a flashing light white and a ;nited 7tates lifesa$ing station.

12,. )oons migratory a1uatic birds are ex'ert swimming and di$ers but wal# on land with difficulty.

125. ;sually only the males grassho''ers 'roduce a song but both sexes 'ossess auditory organs.

1&8. 6ntricate choreogra'her em'hasi9ed the beauty and $irtuosity of the nineteenth2century 'rima ballerina while the male dancer functioned only as her 'artner until the twentieth century.

1&1. %ol'hins can held their breath for u' to se$eral minutes and are ca'able of ra'id and dee' di$es of more than &88 meters.

1&2. The conce't of fol# music though generally understood by most 'eo'le has not sim'le widely acce'ted definition.

1&&. The two steel towers of the ?olden ?ate Bridge in California are the tallest bridge towers in the world each measuring 22. meters in high.

1&(. 6nde'endence 3all in =hiladel'hia =ennsyl$ania is where the %eclaration of 6nde'endence also the ;nited 7tates Constitution were signed.

1&/. <rom 1,52 to 15/( "llis 6sland was an immigration station through which some 28 million immigrant entered the ;nited 7tates.


1&-. 6nterstellar matter interce'ts some of the $isibly light emitted by distant stars so that obser$ers on "arth cannot $iew in detail distant 'arts of the >il#y *ay.

1&.. *or#ing by chemical reaction and being inde'endence of atmos'heric oxygen roc#ets are used to 'ower inter'lanetary s'ace $ehicles.

1&,. *ind and oceans currents may mo$e icebergs thousands of #ilometers from their resource.

1&5. )ocomotion of the body is 'roduced through the coo'eration of s#eletal muscles and another systems including the s#eletal ner$ous and circulatory systems.

1(8. +n 1,(, the first organi9ed meeting for women4s rights in the ;nited 7tates too# 'ace in 7eneca <alls !ew Bor#.

1(1. The word EfableF fre1uently denotes a brief tale in whose animals or inanimate ob0ects s'ea# and beha$e li#e humans usually to ad$ance a moral 'oint.

1(2. 6n his boo# @oots Alex 3aley combines fact and fiction as he describes his family4s history begins in the mid21.884s in Africa.

1(&. The 'oet ?wendolyn Broo#s had she first 'oem 'ublished when she was thirteen years old.

!" 1

1. 7im'le 'hotogra'hic lenses cannot _____ shar' undistorted images o$er a wide field. (A) to form (B) are formed (C) forming (%) form 2. +f all the factors affecting agricultural yields weather is the one ____ the most. (A) it influences farmers (B) that influences farmers (C) farmers that it influences (%) why farmers influence it &. Be$erly 7ills ______ assumed directorshi' of the !ew Bor# City +'era in 15.5. (A) be a star so'rano (B) was a star so'rano


(C) a star so'rano and (%) a star so'rano (. ______ of tissues is #nown as histology. (A) 7tudying scientific (B) The scientific study (C) To study scientifically (%) That is scientific studying /. *ith the exe'tion of mercury ______ at standard tem'erature and 'ressure. (A) the metallic elements are solid (B) which is a solid metallic element (C) metallic elements being solid (%) since the metallic elements are solid -. =otential dehydration is ____ that a land animal faces. (A) the often greatest ha9ard (B) the greatest often ha9ard (C) often the greatest ha9ard (%) often the ha9ard greatest .. By trac#ing the eye of a hurricane forecasters can determine the s'eed at which ____. (A) is a storm mo$ing (B) a storm is mo$ing (C) is mo$ing a storm (%) a mo$ing storm ,. The gra'es of *rath a no$el about the %e'ression years of the 15&84s is one of Dohn 7teinbec#4s _____ boo#s. (A) most famous (B) the most famous (C) are most famous (%) and most famous 5. Technology will 'lay a role in _____ future life2styles. (A) to sha'e (B) sha'ing (C) sha'e of (%) sha'ed 18The com'uter has dramatically affected _____ 'hotogra'hic lenses are constructed. (A) is the way (B) that the way (C) which way do (%) the way 11. The early railroads were _____ the existing arteries of trans'ortationL roads turn'i#es canals and other waterways. (A) those short lines connected (B) short lines that connected (C) connected by short lines (%) short connecting lines 12. ______ as a master'iece a wor# of art must transcend the ideals of the 'eriod


in which it was created. (A) @an#s (B) The ran#ing (C) To be ran#ed (%) <or being ran#ed 1&. Dac#ie @obinson ______ to 'lay baseball in the ma0or leagues 0oined the Broo#lyn %odgers in 15(.. (A) the Blac# American who first (B) the first Blac# American (C) was the first Blac# American (%) the first and a Blac# American who 1(. %uring the flood of 152. the @ed Cross _____ out of emergency head1uarters in ississi''i set u' tem'orary shelters for the homeless. (A) o'erates (B) is o'erating (C) has o'erated (%) o'erating 1/. 6n bacteria and in other organisms ______ is the nucleic acid %!A that 'ro$ides the genetic information. (A) both (B) which (C) and (%) it 1-. Twenty to thirty year after a mature forest is cleared away a nearly im'enetrable thic#et of trees and shrubs de$elo's.

1.. The first national 'ar# in world Bellowstone !ational =ar# was established in 1,.2.

1,. Because it does not ha$e a blood su''ly the cornea ta#es their oxygen directly from the air.

15. >agnificent mountains and coastal scenery is British Columbia4s chief tourist attractions.

28. 7cientists at uni$ersities are often more in$ol$ed in theoretical research than in 'ractically research.

21. Dohn @osamond Dohnson he com'osed numerous songs including )ife "$ery Coice and 7ing for which his brother Dames *eldon Dohnson wrote the words.

22. !ylon a synthetic done from a combination of water air and a by2'roduct of coal was first introduced in 15,&.


2&+rnithology the study of birds is one of the ma0or scientific fields in which amateurs 'lay a role in accumulating researching and 'ublish data. 2(. Animation is a techni1ue for creati$ity the illusion of life in inanimate things.

2/. The non$iolent 'rotest ad$ocated by %r. >artin )uther Jing 'ro$ing highly effecti$e in an age of ex'anding tele$ision news co$erage.

2-. +n %ecember . 1.,. %elaware became a first state to ratify the Constitution.

2.. !utritionists belie$e what diet affects how one feels 'hysically and emotionally.

2,. >ealii Jalama creator of o$er (88 3awaiian 1uilts was granted a !ational 3eritage <ellowshi' in 15,/ for herself contributions to fol# and art.

25. A 0etty ser$es to define and dee'en a channel im'ro$e na$igate or 'rotect a harbor.

&8. >inoru Bamasa#i is an American architect which wor#s de'arted from the austerity fre1uently associated with architecture in the ;nited 7tates after the 7econd *orld *ar.

&1. Chemical research 'ro$ides information that is useful when the textile industry in the creation of synthetic fabrics.

&2. Dane Addams social wor#er author and s'o#eswoman for the 'eace and women4s suffrage mo$ements she recei$ed the !obel =eace =ri9e in 15&1 for her humanitarian achie$ements.

&&. Bromyrite crystals ha$e a diamond2li#e luster and are usually colorless but they dar# to brown when ex'osed to light.

&(. 7tars in our uni$erse $ary in tem'erature color bright si9e and mass.

&/. 6ce is less denser than li1uid from which it is formed.

&-. The 15,& !obel =ri9e in >edicine was awarded to Barbara >cClintoc# for her ex'eriments with mai9e and her disco$eries regardless the nature of %!A.


&.. 6n 1,-- to 1,,& the bison 'o'ulation in !orth American was reduced from an estimated 1& million to a few hundred.

&,. >ost of the damage 'ro'erty attributed to the 7an <rancisco earth1ua#e of 158- resulted from the fire that followed.

&5. Dames Baldwin4s 'lays and short stories which are to some degree autobiogra'hical established them as a leading figure in the ;nited 7tates ci$il rights mo$ement.

(8. Thunder can be listened from a maximum distance of about ten miles exce't ;nder unusual atmos'heric conditions.


!" 2

1. 3elium is _____ all gases to li1uefy and is im'ossible to solidify at normal air 'ressure. (A) more than difficult (B) the most difficult of (C) more difficult of (%) most difficult 2. "$ery year Canadian ______ about ./ 'ercent of their ex'orts to the ;nited 7tates. (A) businesses that sell (B) selling businesses (C) businesses sell (%) that sell to businesses &. An inno$ator ballerina Augusta >aywood was ___ a tra$eling com'any. (A) to form the first (B) the first to form (C) who formed the first (%) forming the first (. *hen water free9es in the crac#s of roc#s _____ ex'ands causing the roc#s to brea# a'art. (A) it (B) but (C) then (%) and /. *ith x2ray microsco'es scientists can see through li$e insects ___ e$en through solid 'ieces of metal. (A) howe$er (B) ne$ertheless (C) or (%) yet -. %ennis Cha$e9 of !ew >exico _____ to the 3ouse of @e'resentati$es in 15&8 and to the 7enate in 15&,. (A) when elected (B) elected (C) who was elected (%) was elected .. _______ are not leached out of soil reclamation 'rocedures are needed to restore the land4s 'roducti$ity. (A) <or concentration of salt (B) 7alt concentrations that (C) 6f salt concentrations (%) *ith concentrations of salt ,. ______ social crusade aroused "li9abeth *illiams4 enthusiasm more than the ex'ansion of educational facilities for immigrants to the ;nited 7tates. (A) !o (B) !othing


(C) !ot (%) !one

5. ______ as 2/88 B.C. the "gy'tians used mirrors made of highly 'olished metal. (A) 6n early (B) As early (C) "arly (%) *as as early 18. The 1uantum theory states ______ such as light is gi$en off and absorbed in tiny definite units called 1uanta or 'hotons. (A) energy that (B) that it is energy (C) it is energy (%) that energy 11. Huails ty'ically ha$e short rounded wings that enable _______ s'ring into full flight instantly when disturbed in their hiding 'laces. (A) they (B) to their (C) its (%) them to 12. ?eysers are found near ri$ers and la#es where water drains through the soil ______. (A) surface below the dee' (B) dee' below the surface (C) the dee' below surface (%) the dee' surface below 1&. Algebra generali9es certain basic laws _____ the addition subtraction multi'lication and di$ision of all numbers. (A) go$ern (B) that go$ern (C) ha$e go$erned (%) which they go$ern 1(. "$en at low le$els ______ (A) the ner$ous system has 'roduced detrimental effects by lead (B) lead4s detrimental effects are 'roducing the ner$ous system (C) lead 'roduces detrimental effects on the ner$ous system (%) the detrimental effects 'roduced by lead on the ner$ous system 1/. _____ a lonely and rugged life far from home and family. (A) 3owe$er the early gold 'ros'ector often li$ed (B) The early gold 'ros'ector often li$ed (C) !ot only did the early gold 'ros'ector often li$e (%) The early gold 'ros'ector often li$ing


1-. The culinary ex'ert <annie <armer taught dietetics #itchen management and to coo# at her famous Boston school.

1.. The ele'hant relies more on its sense of smell than for any other sense.

1.. A few of the naturally elements exist in such small amounts that they are #nown mainly from laboratory2made sam'les. 15. 7ome insects hear ultrasonic sounds more than two octa$es than higher humans can.

28. Because of its larger si9e the ;nited 7tates 3ouse of @e'resentati$es is more im'ersonal hierarchical and s'eciali9ation than the 7enate.

21. To stay warm in cold weather cold2blooded animals must ex'ose itself to a source of warmth such as direct sunlight.

22. A se$ere illness where she was 0ust nineteen months old de'ri$ed the well2#nown writer and lecturer 3elen Jeller of both her sight and her hearing.

2&. )i#e all ecological systems a forest is made u' of a li$ing en$ironment and a nonli$ing en$ironment the latter com'osed of air roc#s soiled and water.

2(. The 'ur'oseful of the elementary school is to introduce children to the s#ills information and attitudes necessary for a smooth ad0ustment to society. 2/. !otorious as a host for wheat rust the barberry bush has been banned from many area.

2-. Christo'her =lummer is a Canadian actor who has starred in stage tele$ision and film 'roductions on both sides the Atlantic +cean.

2.. A micro'hone enables musical tones to be am'lified thus ma#ing it 'ossible the gentle renditions of soft songs in large halls.

2,. The 'oetry of e.e. cummings illustrates the way in which some 'oets bend grammatical rules as they stri$e to ex'ression their insights.


25. 6n the wild tea 'lants become trees of a''roximately thirty feet in high.

&8. Accounting is described as art of classifying recording and re'orting significant financial e$ents.

&1. The de$elo'ment of the watch de'ended u'on the in$ent of the mains'ring.

&2. The ordeal of the Chero#ee 6ndians who were forcible mo$ed from their homeland in the 1,&84s is remembered as the ETrail of Tears.F

&&. =hysical fitness acti$ities can lead to an alarming $ariety of in0uries if 'artici'ants 'ush themsel$es greatly hard.

&(. The structure but beha$ior of many 'roto9oans are ama9ingly com'lex for single2celled animals.

&/. Alas#a4s rough climate and terrain di$ide the state into isolated regions ma#ing highway maintenance difficulty.

&-. <or hundreds of years sailors relied on echoes to warn them of another shi's icebergs or cliffs in foggy weather.

&.. Although he is em'loyed in the scientific and technical fields the metric system is not generally utili9ed in the ;nited 7tates.

&,. =rototy'ical oboes did a loud harsh tone but the modern oboe is a''reciated for its smooth and beautiful tone.

&5. Beneath the dee' oceans that co$er two2thirds of the "arth intriguing secret of the 'lanet are concealed.

(8. The 'ioneer Dohn Cha'man recei$ed the EDohnny A''leseedF because he 'lanted a''le seedlings during him tra$els in what are now +hio 6ndiana and 6llinois.


!" 3

1. Cobalt resembles iron and nic#el in tensile strength a''earance 222. (A) is hard (B) although hard (C) has hardness (%) and hardness 2. 222 who was the first Blac# woman to run for the office of =resident of the ;nited 7tates in15.2. (A) 7hirley 7. Chisholm (B) 6t was 7hirley 7. Chisholm (C) 7hirley 7. Chisholm was (%) *hen 7hirley 7. Chisholm &. 222 $ersatile 'erformer so'rano Jathleen Battle has often concluded a 'rogram of art songs and arias with selections from ragtime or 'o'ular music. (A) A (B) *hich (C) 7o (%) Because (. Before starting on a sea $oyage 'rudent na$igators learn the sea charts 222 and memori9e lighthouse locations to 're'are themsel$es for any conditions they might encounter. (A) sailing directions are studied (B) study the sailing directions (C) to direct sailing studies (%) studies direct sailing /. 222 social nesting birds that build their nests in trees and on cliffs. (A) The most stor#s (B) >ost are stor#s (C) >ost stor#s are (%) 7tor#s most -. =lan#ton 222 is the basic foodstuff for e$erything that li$es in the ocean. (A) com'rise both minute marine animals and 'lants (B) is the name gi$en to minute marine animals and 'lants (C) the collecti$e name for minute marine animals and 'lants (%) minute marine animals and 'lants collecti$ely that .. The best2#nown diffuse nebula is the great +rion !ebula 222 can be seen by the na#ed eye. (A) one (B) it (C) which (%) who ,. +f all the economically im'ortant 'lants 'alms ha$e been 222 . (A) the least studied (B) study the least (C) study less and less (%) to study the less 5. >ost am'hibians hatch from eggs laid in water or moist ground and begin life 222 water2dwelling lar$ae. (A) such (B) as (C) to be


(%) are 18. At the 7e$enth 6nternational Ballet Com'etitions <ernando Bu0ones won the first gold medal e$er 222 to a ;nited 7tates male dancer. (A) to be awarded (B) to award (C) that awards (%) should be awarding 11. <ounded around 18./ the Acoma 'ueblo is considered 222 settlement in the ;nited 7tates. (A) the oldest continuously occu'ied (B) occu'ied continuously the oldest (C) the oldest occu'ied continuously (%) continuously the oldest occu'ied 12. +n >arch 1 1,-. 222 to the ;nion when =resident Andrew Dohnson4s $eto was o$erridden. (A) since the state of !ebras#a had been admitted (B) admitted that the state of !ebras#a (C) the admission of the state of !ebras#a (%) the state of !ebras#a was admitted 1&. The best #nown of all the Arctic birds 222 . (A) birdwatchers fa$or 'tarmigans (B) being 'tarmigans and birdwatchers4 fa$orites (C) fa$ored by both 'tarmigans and birdwatchers (%) 'tarmigans are a fa$orite of birdwatchers 1(. !early all trees contain a mix of 'olymers that can burn li#e 'etroleum 222 'ro'erly extracted. (A) after (B) if (C) when it (%) is 1/. Acute hearing hel's most animals sense the a''roach of thunderstorms long before 'eo'le 222 . (A) do (B) hear (C) do them (%) hearing it 1-. "mily %ic#inson one of the greatest 'oets of the ;nited 7tates was entirely almost un#nown to the 'eo'le of her own time.

1.. Charcoal is em'loyed widely as a deodori9er because it absorbs gases good.

1,. Abstract "x'ressionism was a mo$ement in American 'ainting that flourished from the mid215(84s and mid 15/84s.

15. The !ational Cowboy 3all of <ame in +#lahoma City 'ay tribute to e$eryone associated with what Americans call the E+ld *est.F

machine that registers difference brain wa$es in a slee'ing indi$idual.


21. The +bie Awards ha$e been gi$en annually for 15/- to outstanding artists in off2Broadway theater.

2&. Because geo'hysics embraces the conce'ts data and methods of $ariety other sciences it is $ery board in sco'e and its boundaries are hard to define.

2(. A white oa# at @utgers ;ni$ersity is said to had been the ins'iration for Doyce Jilmer4s 'oem ETreesF.

2/. 7tarfish mo$e feed and breathes with their tube feet.

2-. The *hitney >useum continues to reflect the di$ersity of the art of the ;nited 7tated in all of it ac1uisitions.

2,. %es'ite the broad acclaim of him no$els Dames Baldwin is most highly res'ected as an essayist and social critic.

25. Along the "ast Coast American 6ndia women4s councils could $ote a declaration of war at refusing to su''ly moccasins and field rations.

&8. 6n 'ro'ortion to its si9e the hungriest animal is the shrew which must consume se$eral times their own weight e$ery day.

#nowledge which learned by li$ing there for many years.

&2. !orth America has eight time 9one ranging from !ewfoundland on the "ast Coast to Alas#a on the *est Coast.

&&. 3istorians belie$e that some forms of an ad$ertising must be as old as barter and trade.

&(. Although fluorine tests and x2ray analyses archaeologists can 'ro$e the $alidity of artifacts.


&/. %ams are used to control flooding 'ro$ide water for irrigation and generating electricity for the surrounding area.

&-. The de$elo'ment of 'hotogra'hic techni1ues and e1ui'ment 'ro$ided an im'ortant aid to industry medical and research.

&.. ;nited 7tates tennis cham'ionshi' =ancho ?on9ales gained international acclaim for his strong ser$e.

&,. >any tele$ision newscasters ma#e the 'ublic an eyewitness to the news by means of on2the2s'ot ali$e re'orts.

&5. Certain 9oologists regard crows and ra$ens are the most intelligent of birds.

(8. *hile the twentieth century the field of dentistry has de$elo'ed braches that s'eciali9e in the treatment of indi$idual dental 'roblems


!" 4

1 .3anya 3olm is a doctor choreogra'her and 222. mAndance that she teaches mBnher teaching of dance mCnto teach dancing m%ndance teacher 2. %uring an ecli'se of the 7un 222 in the shadow of the >oon. mAnthe "arth lies mBnthe "arth when lying mCnthat the "arth lies m%nthe lying "arth &. ;nder the influence of "9ra =ound 3ilda %oolittle became associated with the 6magists and 222 into one of the most original 'oets of the grou'. mAnde$elo'ed mBnto be de$elo'ed mCnwho de$elo'ing m%nde$elo'ing it (. 222 all rainwater falling from a cloud reaches the ground: some of it is lost through e$a'oration. mAn!owhere mBn!ot mCn!o m%n!one /. 6n an area first ex'lored by 7amuel de Cham'lain 222 . mAnestablishment of the city of 3alifax in 1.(5 mBnin 1.(5 the city of 3alifax established mCnin 1.(5 establishing the city of 3alifax m%nthe city of 3alifax was established in 1.(5 -. A nation4s merchant marine is made u' of its commercial shi's and the 'eo'le 222 them. mAnthey o'erate mBnwho o'erate mCnthey o'erate of m%ndo they o'erate .. 22 !at Turner who led a re$olt against sla$ery in Cirginia in 1,&1. mAn*here was mBn6t was mCn3e was m%nThat he was ,. The most elaborate of all bird nests 222 domed communal structure built by social wea$erbirds. mAnlarger mBnlargely is mCnthe large m%nis the large 5. *illiam *al#er4s mural E *all of @es'ectF 222 an outdoor wall in Chicago deals


with social issues. mAnco$ers mBnco$ers it mCnwhich co$ers m%nwhich it co$ers 18. 7tudies of the gra$ity field of the "arth indicate 222 yield when unusual weight is 'laced on them. mAnalthough its crust and mantle mBnits crust and mantle to mCnthat its crust and mantle m%nfor its crust and mantle to 11. The columbine flower 222 to nearly all of the ;nited 7tates can be raised from seed in almost any garden. mAnnati$e mBnhow nati$e is mCnhow nati$e is it m%nis nati$e 12. The 'hoto'eriodic res'onse of algae actually de'ends on the duration of dar#ness 222 . mAnthe light is not on mBnand not on light mCnbut is not on the light m%nis not on light 1&. 222 the first Blac# denomination in the ;nited 7tates. (A) @ichard Allen founded the African >ethodist "'isco'al Church (B) @ichard Allen who founded the African >ethodist "'isco'al Church (C) The African >ethodist "'isco'al Church founded by @ichard Allen (%) The foundation of the African >ethodist "'isco'al Church by @ichard Allen 1(. The annual worth of ;tah4s manufacturing is greater than 222 . (A) that of its mining and farming combined (B) mining and farming combination (C) that mining and farming combined (%) of its combination mining and farming 1/. The wallflower 222 because its wea# stems often grow on walls and along stony cliffs for su''ort. (A) so called is (B) so is called (C) is so called (%) called is so 1- The tongue is ca'able of many motions and configurations and 'lays a $ital role in chewing swallowed and s'ea#ing.

1.. 6nstead of being housed in one central ban# in *ashington %.C the <ederal @eser$e system is di$ision into twel$e districts.

1,. =hilodendrons of $arious #inds are culti$ated for their beautifully foliage.


15. Jiwi birds mainly eat insects worms and snails and to search for their food by 'robing the ground with their long bills.

28. *illiam =enn founded the city of =hiladel'hia in 1-,2 and he 1uic#ly grew to be the largest city in colonial America.

21. <ewer 'eo'le reside in !ewfoundland than in other any Canadian 'ro$ince exce't =rince "dward 6sland.

22. %r. >ary >c)eod Bethune the founder of Bethune2Coo#man college ser$ed as ad$ice to both <ran#lin %elano @oose$elt and 3arry Truman.

2&. 7ome 'lant 'roduce irritating 'oisons that can affect a 'erson e$en if he or she merely brushes against them.

2(. The rotation of the "arth on its axis is res'onsible the alternation of 'eriods of light and dar#ness.

2/. Anne "li9abeth >c%owell is best remembered for a wee#ly 0ournal *oman4s Ad$ocate who she launched in Danuary 1,//.

2-. 6n e$ery society there are norms that say indi$iduals how they are su''osed to beha$e.

2.. An eru'ting $olcano or an earth1ua#es sometimes affected the featured of the surrounding region and can e$en cause la#es to disa''ear.

2,. >ost tree frogs change color to harmoni9e with its bac#ground.

25. %ue to the refraction of light rays this is im'ossible for the na#ed eye to determine the exact location of a star close to hori9on.

&8. >odern 'oets ha$e ex'erimented with 'oetic de$ices such alliteration and assonance.

&1. Birds eggs $ary greatly of si9e sha'e and color.


&2. 7ocial reformer <rederic# %ouglass dedicated his life to wor#ing for the abolish of sla$ery and the fight for ci$il rights.

&&. >ount "dith Ca$ell a 'ea# in the Canadian @oc#ies is named after a famous nurses.

&(. Ranthines ha$e both good and bad effect on the body and these effects are generally determined on the si9e and regularity of dosage.

&/. *hen a se$ere an#le in0ury forced herself to gi$e u' re'orting in 152- >argaret >itchell began writing her no$el ?one with the wind.

&-. +ne of the most difficult 'roblems in understanding slee' is determining what the functions of slee' is.

&.. The >illicent @ogers >useum houses fi$e thousands 'ieces of 3is'anic and American 6ndia 0ewelry textiles and other ob0ects documenting the $ibrancy of these cultures.

&,. 7e$en of 'lanets rotate in the same direction as their orbital motions while Cenus and ;ranus rotate in the o''osite direction.

&5. 6n the ;nited 7tates $oters election re'resentati$es to the national legislature which consists of the 3ouse of @e'resentati$es and 7enate.

(8 6t is the interaction between 'eo'le rather than the e$ents that occur in their li$es that are the main focus of social 'sychology.