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Afghanistan’s protracted election sours the mood How

By Sean Maguire (Front Row or if the suspiciously similar ticks will come from the haggling over Securitization
Washington) on the ballot paper are attributable the shape of the next government.
Submitted at 10/14/2009 10:49:31 PM to only one man in the village Meanwhile Afghanistan is Works
knowing how to write. Many of Limbo-stan. Obama won't decide
A n a t m o s p h e r e o f s t a l e the rural voters will never have his strategy on Afghanistan until (Financial Sector and Stocks
defensiveness has sunk over held a pen in their hand, argued he sees what kind of Afghan Analysis from Seeking Alpha)
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:34:02 AM
Kabul. The mood has been one official. It is natural in such a partner he has to deal with. At
lowered by the protracted saga of tribal society for the village to least until then, and possibly
the Afghan election count, almost establish a consensus on who to GP: We thought we’d found a
longer, he won't say yes or no to way where even if house prices
two months on from the first support. Do such ballot papers fighting the Taliban. the extra troops that General
round August 20 vote. It's a drama count? Remember Florida, and Other more fraught scenarios Stanley McChrystal says he needs didn’t go on rising forever, we
veering towards farce more often how 'hanging chads' and the U.S. are possible, as outlined by my t o c a r r y o u t t h e c o u n t e r - wouldn’t have to worry about it.
than post-modern play, as we wait Supreme Court gave George W. colleague. Would Karzai gamble insurgency strategy that he has Q: This is securitization.
endlessly for a result, that like Bush the presidency over Al that the West has no alternative to prepared. (Though he'll carry out GP: Securitization. You see, the
Godot, does not want to come. Gore? It's that kind of agony. him in Afghanistan? And that he a different strategy, with no or problem about lending money
Winter has not yet arrived in can therefore afford to ignore the fewer extra troops, if that's what who don’t have a glimmer of a
Behind the scenes the whispers chance of paying it back is that
Kabul, though the evenings are are that hesitation and delay are opprobrium that would follow if h e ' s o r d e r e d t o d o b y h i s
cold, quickly taking the heat of b e c a u s e t h e o u t c o m e i s he rejected an outcome he did not commander-in-chief). So in this there’s a risk.
the sun out of the day. Afghan excruciatingly close, too close to like? Or are the suspicions of limbo - the Washington policy Q: That they won’t be able to
politicians are frustrated and call. President Hamid Karzai, chicanery, back-room pressure on void is filled with echo-chamber pay it back?
twitchy, second-guessing the once set clear for victory, may election officials and string- exhortations across the political GP: That’s not a risk, that’s a
reasons for the U.N.-backed find first round success ripped pulling by all involved just a d i v i d e s ; t h e T a l i b a n i s cast-iron certainty. No, no, the
election watchdog's plodding. We f r o m h i s g r a s p b y t h e proliferation of nonsense to fill e m b o l d e n e d ; A f g h a n i s t a n ' s risk is that in some very
are being solidly methodological disqualification of votes stuffed the void left by the lack of a clear n e i g h b o u r s a r e p o s i t i o n i n g complicated way the bank will
to retain the confidence of all, i n t o b a l l o t b o x e s b y h i s outcome? lose money. Now what happens
themselves to benefit or at least with securitization? You see
says the Electoral Complaints supporters. He'll likely win a Eventually the result will be out, guard against strategic loss should
Commission, as it examines second round, if it happens, perhaps by the time some of you Washington fold its tent; and before securitization, we could
thousands of dodgy votes. A a g a i n s t h i s f o r m e r f o r e i g n get round to reading this. Most Western publics are wondering if see the risk. It was there. We had
thankless task, most likely. The minister Abdullah Abdullah; but likely I will be back in London, there is a real purpose to their it. And then, after securitization,
ECC officials will be puzzling there will have been a loss of watching from afar. Optimists boys getting their limbs blown off what that did was, whooooo. The
over whether a box of votes has dignity, of self-confidence and of would have it that clarity will while trudging through the fields risk was sort of out there.
been mass-endorsed for one a n o p p o r t u n i t y t o s t a b i l i s e clear the air, the Afghan political of southern Helmand. Somewhere. Nobody knew. Then
candidate, and should not stand, Afghanistan and get on with mood will lighten and spoils to all we looked back, and my god, it
was still there after all!
Told Ya Nokia Was Doomed [Cellphones] This content has passed through
By matt buchanan (Gizmodo) dollar loss comes from its percent, from 41 percent last
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:37:17 AM network equipment side, it's worth quarter. It used to be over 50.
noting their marketshare has Anyone wanna guess where it's
While most of Nokia's billion tumbled again, down to the 35 stopping? [ Nokia]
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Hedge Fund Cadogan
Healthcare reform may leave some legal migrants Wins Independence In
Management Buyout
to U.S. in limbo (Financial Sector and Stocks
Analysis from Seeking Alpha)
By Tim Gaynor (Front Row percent of U.S. voters opposed
Washington) providing government healthcare Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:43:03 AM

Submitted at 10/14/2009 2:42:28 PM coverage to undocumented

migrants. But activists say a bill Cadogan Management will be
Immigration, particularly what to that left many legal permanent spun-off from Fortis Bank’s asset
do with millions of illegal residents in limbo would likely management arm as part of a
immigrants living in the shadows, discourage some skilled migrants management buyout.
has long been a divisive issue in from seeking to move to the The $3.6 billion New York-
the United States — so it comes United States. based hedge will become an
as little surprise that Aman Kapoor, the founder and independent firm at the close of
undocumented migrants are president of advocacy group the transaction, ending its three
excluded from benefits under Immigration Voice said many years under the Fortis umbrella.
President Barack Obama’s high-skilled immigrants including Fortis is being acquired by French
signature drive to overhaul engineers and software specialists bank BNP Paribas.
healthcare. were already wary about moving The buyout deal comes two
But legislation to reform the to the United States because of weeks after Cadogan founder
$2.5 trillion U.S. healthcare red tape and delays in processing Stuart Leaf and several other top
system to cut costs, extend applications for permanent executives resigned after the spin-
coverage and regulate insurers residency. off talks stalled. According to The
could also exclude more than a “This will ring the alarm bells Wall Street Journal, those
million legal permanent residents the prospects for the overhaul are to ensure that 12 million again around the world for the executives, including chief
living, working and paying taxes far from certain. But if legal undocumented immigrants living high-skilled community,” Kapoor investment officer Paul Isaac and
in this country of immigrants residents are denied eligibility for and working in the United States said, adding that skilled foreign chief risk officer Michael
from core benefits, according to a Medicaid and insurance subidies, do not receive benefits could workers were “already Waldron, will return to the
study published this month. yet are nevertheless subjected to prove expensive and may also considering other destinations like independent Cadogan.
The report by the nonpartisan mandates requiring them to buy discriminate against Americans. India, China and Brazil because Terms of the deal are not
Migration Policy Institute said 4.2 health insurance coverage, the “Document checks would be the hassle of settling here has expected to be disclosed when the
million lawful permanent study concluded, many of them especially costly, and would have increased dramatically.” buyout agreement is announced
residents in the United States are would face a “significant burden.” the biggest impact on U.S. Photo credit: Reuters/Jason today.
uninsured. More than 1 million of “Leaving large numbers of legal citizens who cannot produce birth Reed (Senator Max Baucus and In September, Cadogan told its
them could be excluded from immigrants out of healthcare certificates or other forms of ID, Senator Olympia Snowe shake investors, who have been spooked
Medicaid coverage or insurance reform would defeat the core goal leading to lost or delayed hands after Senate Finance by the Fortis-BNP deal, that it
subsidies outlined in the bill — of the legislation, which is to coverage,” said Marc Rosenblum, Committee passed healthcare would be spun-off. But
five versions of which are extend coverage to the nation’s 46 a co-author of the MPI study. reform bill, October 13, 2009) negotiations broke down earlier
currently on Capitol Hill — if million uninsured,” said MPI The measures denying this month over financial and
Congress does not remove a five- Senior Vice President Michael undocumented immigrants other terms, leading to the
year waiting period for eligibility. Fix, who co-authored the report. benefits are likely to be welcomed resignations of its top
Congress is set to debate the The study also concluded that by most Americans — one management. The departures of
legislation in coming weeks, and implementing verification systems telephone survey in June found 80 Leaf, Isaac and Waldron, who are
among a handful of Cadogan
Dell: Yes, Our Android Smartphone is Coming Stateside principals who own 30% of the
By Jeremy Kessel about a Dell smartphone for what still more vaporware than firm, would have forced Fortis to
(CrunchGear) feels like an eternity. Sure, the fact...until now. buy out their stakes.
Round Rock crew managed to l This content has passed through
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:21:21 AM
aunch a smartie over in China at fivefilters.org.
last week, a US-bound device was
Rumors have been swirling the end of the summer, but until
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How Hillary got the nod 'Tight-Knit' Citadel High-

By Tabassum Zakaria (Front
Row Washington) Frequency Group Hurt By
Submitted at 10/14/2009 11:09:52 AM

Hillary Clinton was walking

Malyshev, Kohlmeier Exits
with her husband Bill in a nature (Financial Sector and Stocks case against them is designed as a
preserve near their home in New Analysis from Seeking Alpha) warning to Citadel employees
York when the cellphone in his Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:45:19 AM who might also consider leaving
pocket started ringing. the firm.
It was five or six days after the For Citadel Investment Group, Citing the two men’s non-
November election that Barack its lawsuit against a pair of former compete agreements, Citadel last
Obama won after defeating her employees may be about more week asked a Chicago court to bar
for the Democratic presidential than a simple non-compete Teza and its founders from doing
nomination. agreement, one of their former business for at least nine months,
Instead of turning the phone off team members testified. the term of the non-compete
while strolling through nature, Stephen Lazzo, an original agreement. The hedge fund sued
Clinton’s husband, the former member of Citadel’s high- Malyshev, Kohlmeier and Teza in
president, answered it. frequency trading group and now July, shortly after a Teza
(Probably a good thing in manager of software development employee—since fired—was
hindsight. What would have at the hedge fund, said the arrested and charged with stealing
happened if he hadn’t brought the departures of the group’s head, proprietary computer code from
phone? What if he had decided others were qualified for that president again. “I have Mikhail Malyshev, and Jace his former employer, Goldman
not to answer it? Who would have position, and then answered yes. absolutely no interest in running Kohlmeier did more damage to Sachs. Both sides presented their
been Secretary of State then?) “I finally began thinking, look, if for president again. None. None. I the highly-profitable unit than final arguments in a hearing to
OK, OK, it probably would not I had won and I called him, I mean, I know that’s hard for some previously thought. determine whether a preliminary
have made a difference (but who would have wanted him to say people to believe, but … I just Lazzo, who says he wasn’t injunction will be entered against
knows?) yes. And, you know, I’m pretty don’t.” offered a job at Malyshev and the two men and their firm,
It was the newly elected Obama old-fashioned, and it’s just who I Here’s the ABC News interview Kohlmeier’s new firm, Teza preventing them from doing
calling to discuss some potential am. So at the end of the day, when Click here for more Reuters Technologies, praised Malyshev business.
candidates for his administration. your president asks you to serve, political coverage as “a good leader” who created “a Citadel contends that Malyshev
And then he popped the question, you say yes, if you can.” Photo credit: Reuters/pool good vibe within the group. But and Kohlmeier set up Teza just
and asked Hillary Clinton to be And if tables were turned, and (Clinton during meeting with he added that the two departures six weeks after leaving Citadel,
his Secretary of State. she were president, would she Russian president) jeopardized the “tight-knit, and have accused the men of
Clinton says in an interview on have called Obama? “Absolutely. productive group,” causing him to “industrial espionage.” Teza
ABC’s “Good Morning America” Absolutely. Oh, of course.” meet with top Citadel executive argues that, since it was not
that she initially demurred saying But she is not running for James Yeh about his concerns actually trading, it wasn’t
about the future of the business, competing with Citadel.
known as Tactical Trading. This content has passed through
Lazzo’s testimony could add fivefilters.org.
weight to Malyshev and
Kohlmeier’s claim that Citadel’s
Exos Braces Heal Your Bones, Look Cooler Than Casts [Medical]
By Adam Frucci (Gizmodo) lightweight, clean and waterproof. fit. The best part? You don't need
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:20:00 AM The only drawback is that you a damned saw to get the thing off.
can't have girls sign them. [ Exos Medical via Fast
Say goodbye to old-school casts These things use a lattice of thin Company]
for broken bones. Exos Medical's steel laces that can be tightened
braces, splints and casts are with one hand and loosened using once and leave it be, or you can
a d j u s t a b l e , b r e a t h a b l e , a clicky dial knob. You can set it continually adjust it for the best
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The First Draft: Let it Snowe, Let it Analyst upgrades, downgrades

and initiations: ACOR, BHI,
Snowe, Let it Snowe HAL, LAZ, SLB, TRV ...
By Tabassum Zakaria (Front
Row Washington) By Eric Buscemi Outperform from Neutral and
Submitted at 10/14/2009 7:55:01 AM (BloggingStocks) raised its target to $28 from $24.
Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:30:00 AM Following the panel review, Baird
Republican Senator Olympia expects Amaya to be approved in
Snowe is having her day in the Filed under: Analyst reports, 1H10 and would be buyers into
sun. A n a l y s t u p g r a d e s a n d the mid/high $20s.
Snowe blanketed morning TV downgrades, Analyst initiations • Chicago Bridge & Iron(NYSE:
talk shows. The main question Analyst upgrades: CBI) was upgraded to Buy from
posed to the Maine moderate: • C i t i g r o u p u p g r a d e d Neutral at Goldman.
How does it feel to be all alone? Schlumberger(NYSE: SLB) to • PG&E(NYSE: PCG) was
“I have to focus on what I think Buy from Hold on valuation and upgraded to Buy from Neutral at
is right. My constituents expect the company's exposure to a UBS.
that in Maine, they want me to do potential upturn in international • Newfield Exploration(NYSE:
what I think is right for the drilling. The firm raised its target N F X ) w a s u p g r a d e d t o
country, for the state,” she said on on shares to $80 from $56. Outperform from Market Perform
ABC’s “Good Morning America.” • UBS upgraded Allegheny at Wells Fargo.
“And so I decided to set aside Tech(NYSE: ATI) to Buy from Continue reading Analyst
my own differences and try to see Neutral and raised its target to $43 u p g r a d e s , d o w n g r a d e s a n d
what was right for the country and from $31 and believes the end of initiations: ACOR, BHI, HAL,
moving forward.” jet engine and other destocking LAZ, SLB, TRV ...
After becoming the first (and in a corner, wear a big red make it happen and incorporating will result in an initial recovery Analyst upgrades, downgrades
only) Republican to vote for letter??? the good ideas, and Republicans into 2010, even before an order and initiations: ACOR, BHI,
healthcare reform, siding with the With all the Republican have good ideas, and hopefully ramp into 2011. HAL, LAZ, SLB, TRV ...
Democrats on the Senate Finance pressure, will she melt? the Democrats will incorporate • Merriman upgraded Acorda o r i g i n a l l y a p p e a r e d o n
Committee bill Tuesday, everyone Snowe for her part appeared those good ideas,” she said on Therapeutics(NASDAQ: ACOR) BloggingStocks on Thu, 15 Oct
is imagining all sorts of intrigue. quite relaxed and at ease, not NBC’s “Today” show. to Buy from Neutral based on the 2009 11:30:00 EST. Please see
Will she get a stern talking-to really the demeanor of someone Click here for more Reuters favorable FDA panel outcome and our terms for use of feeds.
by Republican leaders (plenty of who turned her back on her political coverage set a $30-$33 target range on the Permalink| Email this| Comments
hidden backrooms in the warren party’s determination to show Reuters/Michaela Rehle stock. Baird upgraded Acorda to
of Capitol Hill)? Will they try to Democrat President Barack (woman walking through snow
lure her back to toe the line with Obama that he isn’t the boss of fall in Germany), Reuters/Jason
promises of a top seat on a top them. Reed (Snowe after Senate Finance
committee? Will Republicans “I think it’s a question of Committee healthcare vote)
outright shun her, make her stand working through this issue to

Good news! President Obama wants a $250 payment to seniors

By Connie Madon calling for a $250 payment to living, or COLA. Since there is no Good news! President Obama
(BloggingStocks) seniors. inflation this year, there will be no wants a $250 payment to seniors
Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:10:00 AM This news comes on the eve of increase in Social Security originally appeared on
an announcement by the Social benefits. This would be the first BloggingStocks on Thu, 15 Oct
Filed under: Good news, Security Administration stating year since 1975 with no increase. 2009 10:10:00 EST. Please see
Consumer experience, Personal that there will be no "cost of Continue reading Good news! our terms for use of feeds. Read|
finance, Recession l i v i n g " t h i s y e a r . B y l a w , payments are tied to the cost of President Obama wants a $250 Permalink| Email this| Comments
Good news! President Obama is increases in Social Security payment to seniors
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The First Draft: No Decisions Laser-etched Corn Flakes

By Tabassum Zakaria (Front
Row Washington)
Submitted at 10/15/2009 6:33:44 AM
of the future?
By Mark Fightmaster
Beau Biden, son of the vice (BloggingStocks)
president, says he is considering Submitted at 10/15/2009 12:30:00 PM

running for his dad’s Senate seat

but hasn’t made a decision yet. Filed under: Rumors, Kellogg
“I’ve been away from my family Co (K) am sure, but let's treat this like it
for a year, first things first,” Biden Let's file this under something is real. Could you imagine
said on ABC’s “Good Morning that didn't need to happen (kind of personalized Corn Flakes?
America” after returning from like a Bob Dylan Christmas Perhaps we could call them (insert
Iraq with the Army National album) -- if the story is real. your own name here) Flakes, with
Guard. “There’s time to make that Apparently, Kellogg(NYSE: K) is your last name etched into each
decision.” planning to battle the rampant corn flakey little morsel. The
“Look, am I considering it? counterfeit cornflake market by possibilities are endless:
Absolutely. Absolutely,” Biden, individually laser etching its name advertising, wedding proposals,
who is Delaware’s attorney into each of your cornflakes. birthday wishes. Of course
general, said. “But I’ll be making White House spokesman Robert Closed-door meetings on Seriously, the Guardian quotes someone would have to read the
the decision in due course.” Gibbs roundly denied it — “I’ve healthcare legislation continue on Kellogg's as stating, "Now you'll flakes before they get soggy.
President Barack Obama is still seen the report. It’s not true, either Capitol Hill focused on resolving be able to tell your Corn Flakes Continue reading Laser-etched
likely weeks away from a generically or specifically.” differences among the various from you corn fakes!" Corn Flakes of the future?
decision on a new Afghanistan Beau Biden, the not-yet bills. So, is it real? It seems like a Laser-etched Corn Flakes of the
strategy. candidate for senator, had some Click here for more Reuters good number of bloggers feel that future? originally appeared on
A BBC report last night created wise words on the Iraq and political coverage this is a hoax, but there are others BloggingStocks on Thu, 15 Oct
a bit of a stir in saying that the Afghan wars: “Understand that Photo credit: Reuters/Pool (Vice that are covering the story like it 2009 12:30:00 EST. Please see
Obama administration had told they’re two different wars. What President Joe Biden talks with son is true news. So are we dealing our terms for use of feeds.
the British government that it works in Iraq doesn’t necessarily Beau Biden in Iraq in July) with a master hoax or reality? We Permalink| Email this| Comments
would soon announce a troop mean it will work in Afghanistan. will find out in the coming days, I
increase that “could exceed They are fundamentally different
40,000.” places.”

With solar overheated, here are two indirect ways to play climate
By Alex Salkever and 2008, then crashed with stock near $100 to a closing price of overheated, here are two indirect
(BloggingStocks) market and commodity price $154 on October 14. "I wouldn't ways to play climate change
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:50:00 AM declines in 2009. Since then, be stepping into buying these With solar overheated, here are
some of the most obvious stock stocks right now," says Pacific two indirect ways to play climate
Filed under: ETF Investing, plays have strongly rebounded. Crest senior analyst Mark change originally appeared on
Stocks to Buy, Green Stocks Many solar stocks have posted Bachman, who covers solar BloggingStocks on Thu, 15 Oct
Investors hoping to ride the high double-digit gains since stocks. Still, he rates FirstSolar as 2009 09:50:00 EST. Please see
climate change bandwagon have rebounding off year-to-date lows a market perform and considers it our terms for use of feeds.
had a roller coaster ride over the in March 2009. the best solar stock at present on Permalink| Email this| Comments
past two years. Greentech stocks The leading solar panel ( N A S D A Q : F S L R ) h a s his coverage list.
soared with the oil spike in 2007 m a n u f a c t u r e r , F i r s t S o l a r appreciated by 45% from lows of Continue reading With solar
6 World/ Finance/ Tech News/ Internet News Record

Dozens dead as militants launch attacks on

Green Moutain
Pakistan police (GMCR): A
By Declan Walsh, Adam officials were stranded on the first to the roof of a residential unit The attacks in Lahore
Gabbatt (World news and
comment from the Guardian |
floor. After a 45-minute gun
battle, seven people were dead,
where one was shot by a police
sniper and the remaining two
underscore how much of the
militant problem is to be found in
coffee revolution
guardian.co.uk) including at least four police blew themselves up. Punjab, the country's most By Steven Halpern
Submitted at 10/15/2009 6:54:09 AM officers. By mid-morning Shasqaat said two more people populous and prosperous (BloggingStocks)
authorities said the situation was were killed in the conflict, a province. Hardline madrasas that Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:30:00 AM

At least 38 dead as gunmen and in hand. nursing assistant and a civilian. have served as incubators for
suicide bombers target law Last year the same building was One rescue worker said some of extremism are dotted across Filed under: Starbucks (SBUX),
enforcement centres in Lahore devastated by a suicide truck the gunmen had been wearing southern Punjab but the Newsletters, Stocks to Buy
and North-West Frontier bomb that killed at least 19 uniforms when they mounted the authorities have been slow to "One of the guiding principles of
Militants launched a series of co people. attack. crack down on them, citing our growth investing system is the
-ordinated strikes against police The second target hit today, the Helicopters hovered overhead as limited resources and fears of concept that major trends tend to
facilities in Lahore today, killing Munawan police training centre, television footage showed armed provoking a wider militant persist longer and go farther than
dozens of people and plunging the was the subject of a militant paramilitary forces taking cover backlash. originally expected," says
Pakistani city into chaos. attack last March. This morning a outside the compound. Provincial The violence is reminiscent of Timothy Lutts.
Attackers armed with weapons team of gunmen entered the law minister Rana Sanaullah said the Mumbai attacks in India last In The Cabot Stock of the
and suicide jackets attacked the complex in an attack which killed the emphasis was on trying to take year, when organised militants Month, he explains, "It's a
Federal Investigation Agency nine police officers and four attackers alive to garner engaged in co-ordinated attacks principle that supports our current
(FIA) headquarters in the city militants, according to police and information on the attacks. on several different targets. The bullish market stance and our
centre and two police training hospital reports. One of the Conflicting reports suggested attacks, over four days in recommendation of Green
centres on the outskirts just after gunmen was killed by police and the attackers may have included November, left more than 170 M o u n t a i n C o f f e e
9am, as a suicide bomber struck three more blew themselves up, women, which would be a new people dead. In the aftermath of Roasters(NASDAQ: GMCR),
in the North-West Frontier officials said. departure in Pakistan's rapidly the violence Indian police said the even though the stock is already
province. At least 38 people are Seven people were reported to escalating battle against extremist attackers had come from Pakistan, up more than four-fold since
reported to have died. have died at the Elite police militancy. and Ajmal Mohammad Ajmal March."
Today's events mark the sixth training school, located among In North-West Frontier province Amir, the only attacker to be "The business, of course, is
terrorist spectacular in Pakistan in rice fields on the edge of the city, a Taliban suicide bomber captured alive, is believed by coffee, a true global mass-market
11 days, following attacks on in an attack which lasted several exploded his vehicle next to a India to be a member of Lashkar-e product. And while Starbucks'
United Nations offices and the hours. Major General Muhammad police station, killing three police -Taiba, the Pakistan-based stock peaked in 2006 (ending a 14
army headquarters, underscoring Shafqaat, commanding officer of officers and eight civilians, militant group. -year run), Green Mountain
fears for the country's stability. It the 10th division of the Pakistan including schoolchildren. • Pakistan Coffee Roasters is younger and
is believed to be the first Mumbai- army, said five attackers scaled a There were no claims of • Global terrorism far less famous.
s t y l e a t t a c k s o n P a k i s t a n , boundary wall where they were responsibility but many such • Taliban Continue reading Green
involving co-ordinated attacks on i m m e d i a t e l y c o n f r o n t e d b y attacks over the past year have Declan Walsh Adam Gabbatt Moutain (GMCR): A coffee
multiple targets. guards. been carried out by Taliban or guardian.co.uk© Guardian revolution
"The enemy has started a One of the five was shot dead, Punjabi militant groups or, as in News & Media Limited 2009 | Green Moutain (GMCR): A
guerrilla war," the interior Shafqaat said, while another was the army headquarters attack last Use of this content is subject to coffee revolution originally
minister, Rehman Malik, told a wounded before blowing himself weekend, a combination of both. our Terms & Conditions| More appeared on BloggingStocks on
television station. up. The remaining three headed The violence came as the army Feeds Thu, 15 Oct 2009 10:30:00 EST.
In the attack on the FIA for a residential area within the was preparing to launch a major Please see our terms for use of
building at least four gunmen compound, forcing women and assault on the Taliban stronghold feeds. Permalink| Email this|
forced their way into the offices in children to lock themselves of South Waziristan at the Comments
the city centre, where about 50 indoors. The gunmen climbed on southern end of the tribal belt.
Nikon's D5000 Takes 2 Steps Back
By Seán Captain Nikon's D90 was awesome, but at capturing photos, but even your faded.
(Wired Top Stories) the D5000 not so much. It's a star freshest movie is going to look
Internet News Record World/ Finance/ Tech News/ 7

Seroxat blamed for baby's heart defects

By Sarah Boseley (World news February 2005, she discovered defects was double the normal community and the public."
and comment from the she was pregnant. According to rate, while the rate of major Lawyers for women in the US
Guardian | guardian.co.uk) her lawyer, Sean Tracey of defects was 2% compared with allege that GSK knew of the
Submitted at 10/15/2009 3:03:46 AM Houston, Texas, her obstetrician
gave her the standard advice at the
1%. The general rate of
miscarriages is 8%, but 16% of
problem earlier than it admits.
Internal documents produced at
More static at
• British maker of Seroxat told to time: that Paxil was safe. David
pay £1.6m damages later stopped taking it because of
women on Seroxat miscarry.
GSK denied that its drug was
the Kilker trial suggest that it was
investigating complaints as early
• GlaxoSmithKline denies drug side-effects that might have been responsible for harm to babies in as 2001, when a woman emailed By Tom Taulli
harms foetuses attributable to the pregnancy. the womb. "While we sympathise GSK to ask whether Paxil could (BloggingStocks)
A family has been awarded Her son, Lyam Kilker, was born with Lyam Kilker and his family, be the reason for her baby Submitted at 10/15/2009 12:00:00 PM
$2.5m (£1.6m) in damages after a in October 2005. A couple of the scientific evidence does not developing severe heart defects in
jury in Philadelphia decided that weeks later he stopped feeding establish that exposure to Paxil the womb. The pregnancy was Filed under: Earnings reports,
the British-made antidepressant and doctors found he had two during pregnancy caused his terminated. Nokia Corp. (NOK)
Seroxat was responsible for their holes in the heart and a very rare condition," said the company in a GSK replied with a formal letter Even for a company the size of
three-year-old son's heart defects. congenital defect called an statement. "Very unfortunately, telling her to consult her doctor. Nokia(NYSE: NOK), a quarterly
GlaxoSmithKline, the British interrupted aortic arch. "The birth defects occur in 3-5% of all But an internal report recorded loss of $834 million is still a big
manufacturer of Seroxat, known hospital put in a stent to keep him live births, whether or not the that the link between her baby's deal. And, this is what the
as Paxil in the US, said it would alive," said Tracey. "He had mother was taking medication defects and Paxil was "almost company posted for its Q3
a p p e a l a g a i n s t t h e v e r d i c t . acquired an infection – the heart during pregnancy. certain". In court, GSK officials report(it's the first net loss since
Although drug regulators in the c o n d i t i o n m a d e h i m m o r e "GlaxoSmithKline acted said the report was a mistake and 1996).
US and UK warned in 2005 that s u s c e p t i b l e . " properly and responsibly in that somebody had filled in the OK, the main reason for the red
Seroxat could be linked to heart Soon afterwards, Lyam had the conducting its clinical trial form wrongly. ink was the write-down of a joint
defects, GSK does not accept its first of two open heart operations programme for Paxil, including • Health venture with Siemens that
drug is the cause. and spent five months in hospital. sharing documentation and • GlaxoSmithKline develops network equipment. No
T h o u s a n d s o f w o m e n He will need more major heart submitting results from studies on • Drugs doubt, the business has been
w o r l d w i d e h a v e t a k e n surgery in five to 10 years. Paxil to regulators. Once • Depression in adults brutal. But, Nokia somehow
antidepressants such as Seroxat in A number of studies have approved for use, the company • Pregnancy thinks there's potential for growth.
p r e g n a n c y , a s s u r e d b y suggested that rates of congenital acted properly in marketing the • United States Continue reading More static at
manufacturers and doctors that heart defects are higher among medicine, including monitoring its Sarah Boseley Nokia
they are safe. The case is one of a women taking Paxil and other safety, updating pregnancy guardian.co.uk© Guardian More static at Nokia originally
number in the US and the first to drugs of the SSRI (selective information in the medicine's News & Media Limited 2009 | appeared on BloggingStocks on
end in a verdict against the serotonin reuptake inhibitor) labelling as new information Use of this content is subject to Thu, 15 Oct 2009 12:00:00 EST.
company. class. David Healy, professor of became available, and in our Terms & Conditions| More Please see our terms for use of
Michelle David, 24, was psychiatry in Bangor, Wales, who communicating important safety Feeds feeds. Permalink| Email this|
prescribed Paxil in the US after gave evidence in the Kilker case, information to regulatory Comments
panic attacks. Around mid- said that at 4%, the rate of birth agencies, the scientific
Plant Siblings Play
Private equity biz back in action Nice, Share Dirt
By Tom Johansmeyer with and could load up their biz back in action By Hadley Leggett (Wired Top
(BloggingStocks) acquisition targets with it. So, Private equity biz back in action Stories)
Submitted at 10/14/2009 3:00:00 PM
Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:00:00 AM they could realize a fantastic originally appeared on
return on equity, mitigate their BloggingStocks on Thu, 15 Oct
Filed under: Private equity, own risks, and show that they 2009 11:00:00 EST. Please see Mustard seedlings are able to
Blackstone Group L.P (BX), were the studs of the Street. acquisition fuel. The numbers our terms for use of feeds. recognize siblings from the same
Initial public offerings, Recession Then, all that went away. Credit aren't as big as they used to be, Permalink| Email this| Comments mother plant using chemical
Up until the credit crisis, private markets dried up, and private but it looks like the private equity signals, and they try not to
equity firms had it made. They equity companies lost their market is back in action. compete with each other for soil
had plenty of leverage to play Continue reading Private equity and water like they would with
unrelated plants.
8 World/ Gadgets/ Internet News Record

Northern Congo 'needs urgent aid' Why Didn't Verizon

By Mark Tran (World news and violence aimed at instilling fear in eastern DRC bears some parallels of security and the absence of
comment from the Guardian | the people," said Luis Encinas, the with that in eastern Congo, where roads in some isolated areas Announce the Storm 2
guardian.co.uk) co-ordinator of Médecins sans government forces are battling means MSF has had to use planes
Submitted at 10/15/2009 1:48:47 AM Frontières (MSF) operations in Hutu rebel groups who fled to bring in supplies. When RIM Did? [Huh]
central Africa. "Our patients have Rwanda after the 1994 genocide "Delivering humanitarian aid to By matt buchanan (Gizmodo)
Agency says rape, killing and told us the most brutal stories – in which 800,000 Tutsis were the people of this region is of Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:02:48 AM
child abduction rife and 40,000 about children who are forced to slaughtered. course a challenge," Encinas said,
people displaced as Lord's kill their parents and people burnt In both regions, the violence "but we believe much more can The BlackBerry Storm 2's had a
Resistance Army fights military alive inside their homes." against civilians has been a and must be done to address the pretty weird debut. The original
Relief groups should increase Civilians increasingly have consequence of military attempts consequences of war on the launched with a ton of
their presence in the north of the come under threat since to crush an elusive and ruthless population. Humanitarian coordinated fanfare from Verizon
Democratic Republic of the September last year, when rebel force. But the situation in organisations should urgently and RIM, but this time around, it's
Congo (DRC) to help civilians Congolese and Ugandan forces the north has received less media address people's needs in areas a murky, limbo launch, basically
amid an upsurge of fighting moved to crush the last remnants attention than eastern Congo. that are most affected by the announced by Walt Mossberg.
between government troops and of the LRA after they were driven MSF is making an urgent appeal fighting and have so far been So what happened? Officially,
the notorious Lord's Resistance out of Uganda. The fighting has to the UN and other relief neglected." the reason that Verizon hasn't
Army (LRA), an aid agency said spilled over into Sudan and the agencies to redeploy staff from • Democratic Republic of the announced the Storm 2 is that "it's
yesterday. Central African Republic. In the central town of Dungu to Congo not available yet," and when it is,
The UN estimates that 400,000 response to the LRA's terror outlying areas to stabilise the • International aid and they'll "share that like normal." O-
people in this remote region of the tactics, civilians have fled to the situation. development kay. Unofficially, well, we just
DRC have fled their homes as the main towns, where they are being "We are saying to other groups: • Uganda think it's weird, but why you tell
LRA – once based in Uganda – helped by the local population as just stay in the outlying areas • Central African Republic us? [ Storm 2 Coverage @ Giz]
responded to attacks from best they can and by relief groups beyond the main town of Dungu," • Sudan
Ugandan and Congolese troops by such as MSF and the International said Katharine Derderian, MSF Mark Tran
striking out against civilians. Led Committee of the Red Cross humanitarian affairs adviser, who guardian.co.uk© Guardian
by Joseph Kony, who is wanted (ICRC). was in northern Congo in July. News & Media Limited 2009 |
by the international criminal Towns such as Gangala and "Even such a small step could Use of this content is subject to
court, LRA fighters have looted Banda have become enclaves for make a huge difference." our Terms & Conditions| More
towns and villages, abducted 20,000 displaced people each as In several places, such as Feeds
hundreds of children, and raped outlying fields and villages are Dingila or Niangara, MSF is the
and killed people. deserted. The humanitarian crisis only group present despite
"We are talking about tactics of in the Haut-Uélé district, in north- security concerns. This lack

CEIVA outs 8-inch wireless photo frame

By Doug Aamoth home network. a standard phone jack for old- via the internet is a great feature,
(CrunchGear) The frame normally sells for school connectivity so you can it’d be nice to offer no-cost Flickr
Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:30:00 AM $180 but CEIVA is offering safely give this to your grandma and/or Picasa streaming for those
special pricing throughout the and instruct her to sit next to it all of us who can handle setting up
As digital photo frames go, the 8 holidays at $148. PicturePlan day long while waiting for new that functionality.
-inch Pro 80 from CEIVA is an service is included for one year, pictures to show up. CEIVA Pro 80 with 1 Year
otherwise attractive device with so friends and family can send Other features include an 8-inch Local PicturePlan Photo Delivery
built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that pictures directly to your frame 640×480 screen, support for most Service[CEIVA.com]
can pull pictures down from the over the internet. After the first popular memory card formats,
company’s photo delivery service, year, the service costs $10 per For people without wireless and two interchangeable frames
PicturePlan, as well as from m o n t h o r $ 7 p e r m o n t h i f networks, the frame also includes (black and wood). While the
connected computers across your purchased as an annual plan. ability to send photos to the frame
Internet News Record World/ Gadgets/ 9

Arctic summer ice could soon

By David Adam (World news now first year ice, it is clearly showed that the Arctic's
and comment from the more vulnerable. The area is now permanent blanket of ice around
Guardian | guardian.co.uk) more likely to become open water the North Pole has thinned by
Submitted at 10/15/2009 5:54:58 AM each summer, bringing forward
the potential date when the
Catlin Arctic survey finds summer ice will be completely
more than 40% since 2004.
While dramatic reductions in
Arctic sea ice have fuelled
Google clarifies plans for
evidence that ice is thinning more gone."
rapidly than expected, say The average thickness of the ice
concern about global warming
and led to more dire predictions
Google Editions ebook
analysts floes measured by the team was
A pioneering expedition to the 1.8m, a depth considered too thin
north pole has confirmed that to survive the next summer's ice
about how soon the ice could
disappear, the issue has provoked
controversy among scientists.
store launching next year
A r c t i c i c e i s t h i n n e r t h a n melt season. The team's data has Earlier this year, Vicky Pope, By Paul Miller (Engadget) with Google collecting 55 percent
expected, highlighting fears that not yet been published, but will be head of climate change advice at Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:11:00 AM of the profits and supposedly
the region could be free of ice in submitted to the journal Cold the Met Office said"apocalyptic sharing much of that with "retail
the summertime within a few Regions Science and Technology. predictions" about the course of Despite the fact that nobody partners." The books will be
decades. Announcing the findings at a global warming could mislead the reads anything anymore, the available to any device with a web
The Catlin Arctic Survey, led by press conference yesterday, public. She said there was little ebook market sure is hot lately, browser, but will be available
polar explorer Pen Hadow, found Hadow said: "This is the kind of evidence to support claims that with Barnes & Noble about to offline after they've been accessed
that the area covered by their scientific work we always wanted Arctic ice has reached a tipping make some sort of big splash and the first time -- that sounds like
survey was covered almost to support, by getting to places in point and could disappear within a now Google getting in on the Google Gears to us, but since
entirely by ice less than one year the Arctic which are otherwise decade or so, as some reports action in a new way. After phones and other devices are
old. The region, in the northern nearly impossible to reach for have suggested. "The record- shaking up the industry quite a bit mentioned for compatibility,
part of the Beaufort sea, used to research purposes. It's what breaking losses in the past couple with its Google Books initiative, hopefully there's more to it than
contain older, thicker ice that modern exploration should be of years could easily be due to Google is going to offer paid just a browser-based reader.
formed over several years, and is doing." natural fluctuations in the ebook purchases in its new Filed under: Software
more resistant to summertime Problems with a radar designed weather, with summer ice "Google Editions" store in the Google clarifies plans for
melting. to scan the ice meant the explorers increasing again over the next few first half of next year, which has Google Editions ebook store
The survey, carried out earlier were forced to make several years," she said. been bumped back from the 2009 launching next year originally
t h i s y e a r t o i n c r e a s e thousand measurements of ice • Catlin Arctic survey launch originally planned. The appeared on Engadget on Thu, 15
understanding of the impact of thickness using a handheld drill • Arctic store will offer somewhere in the Oct 2009 11:11:00 EST. Please
climate change in the Arctic, was along their 300 mile route. • Polar regions range of 400,000 and 600,000 see our terms for use of feeds.
beset with technical difficulties Wadhams said the results • Climate change b o o k s ( c o m p a r e d t o t h e Read| Permalink| Email this|
and ended with the three explorers agreed with other studies of the • Climate change 100,000ish offered by Sony and Comments
being plucked from the ice 300 region, but that the thinning could David Adam the 330,000+ on Kindle), and
miles short of the pole, their not simply be blamed on global guardian.co.uk© Guardian prices will be set by publishers,
original destination. warming. Recent changes in wind News & Media Limited 2009 |
Peter Wadhams of the Polar patterns in the Arctic have also Use of this content is subject to
Ocean Physics Group at the contributed, he said, because it our Terms & Conditions| More
University of Cambridge, who has redirected much of the Feeds
analysed the team's findings, said: floating ice.
"With a larger part of the region A Nasa study this summer
Coat Hanger Gorilla in Captivity [Image Cache]
By Mark Wilson (Gizmodo) Boogie Man, there's a new ReubenMiller via Geekologie]
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:00:00 AM monster living amongst my nice
shirts. Where's Jane Goodall's
Great, just when I was over the modular closet organizer when you need it? [ David Mach via
10 World/ Gadgets/ Internet News Record

Pepsi sorry for 'sexist' iPhone app All-weather GPS device

By John Plunkett (World news
and comment from the
"rebound girl" it offered a map of
local ice-cream shops.
evaluating its options.
"The application was designed to
handles golf, skiing,
Guardian | guardian.co.uk)
Submitted at 10/15/2009 4:43:43 AM
The app, which was launched
last Friday, also encouraged users
who were successful with one of
entertain and appeal to Amp's
target market," said the
spokesman. "We'll continue to
running, and more
By Doug Aamoth
Drinks firm PepsiCo accused by its chat-up lines to record it via monitor the feedback from all (CrunchGear)
Twitter users of stereotyping email, Facebook or Twitter. parties and act accordingly."
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:00:00 AM
women with iPhone app "Let's say you meet a girl who is But not all Twitter users thought
s u g g e s t i n g p i c k - u p l i n e s way into being green, and you the app controversial. Another Sport-specific GPS devices can
PepsiCo has apologised after it need a vegan restaurant – we've said: "Calm down PC pansies. Go often cost hundreds of dollars
was accused of stereotyping got you covered," says an online read a Cosmo and get a sense of each and if you’re someone who’s
w o m e n w i t h a n i P h o n e promo for the app. humour. You all make me sick into all different types of outdoor
application for its Amp Energy "Or say you need a quick primer with your sheltered approach to activities like skiing, golfing, and
drink helping users "score" on a on punk rock because she is life." running, buying separate GPS
date. staring holes in you and you are a • To contact the MediaGuardian gizmos can add up quickly. Sure,
The app featured 24 types of little scared – we have got your news desk email you could probably use your
w o m e n , i n c l u d i n g " n e r d " , back. If you are anticipating a editor@mediaguardian.co.uk or smartphone to run multiple sports
"foreign exchange student" and successful night the Before You phone 020 3353 3857. For all GPS apps but then you’ve got to
"treehugger", and offered possible Score app gives you up to the other inquiries please call the deal with sweat, the elements,
pickup lines including "Wasn't I minute info, feeds, lines and much main Guardian switchboard on and… um, cell phone thieves that
in Space Academy with you?" and more to help you Amp up and talk 020 3353 2000. hang around ski resorts. That’s a
"You know the Mona Lisa has no to 24 different types of ladies." • If you are writing a comment real thing, right?
eyebrows. I wonder what else she Under the headline"Alienate for publication, please mark London’s Satsports Ltd. just
shaves?" your customers? PepsiCo has an clearly "for publication". announced what the company’s
Pepsi's "Amp Up Before You app for that", social media • iPhone calling the “world’s first truly
Score" app prompted a storm of website Mashable said it was • Mobile phones multi-sport interactive all weather “additional mass market retailers
p r o t e s t o n T w i t t e r , w i t h "certainly bold and controversial, • Twitter GPS,” a $490 handheld device to be named soon.”
commenters suggesting people but does it go too far?". • Internet with built-in navigation The optional turn-by-turn
drink Coke instead. Twitter users certainly appeared • Marketing & PR applications for skiing, golfing, automotive application costs $65
The US drinks giant responded to think so. "So is there only 1 • Social networking running/cycling/hiking, and an and Satsports also sells Windows
with a tweet apologising for any type of man? A neanderthal who • Digital media optional automotive application. Mobile-specific GPS apps for $8
offence caused. "Our app tried 2 needs a cellphone app to talk to • United States The “Satsports GPS” is apiece, with similar Android
show the humorous lengths guys women? Here's a hint: put down John Plunkett currently available through the versions to be available soon.
go 2 pick up women," Pepsi said. the cellphone," said one. guardian.co.uk© Guardian company’s web site and “at select Multi-sports
"We apologise if it's in bad taste Another said: "Enough with the News & Media Limited 2009 | ski resorts worldwide.” It’ll GPS[SatSportsGPS.com]
& appreciate your feedback." sexist apps – at least make it Use of this content is subject to apparently also be available at
Other categories of women equally sexist and make a version our Terms & Conditions| More
featured in the app included that women can play." Feeds
"sorority girl", "cougar" and When asked if PepsiCo would
"punk girl", and offered suggested withdraw the app, a spokesman
pick-up lines for each one. For told the Wall Street Journal it was
Obviously, a Bar Made of a Boeing 747 Engine Attracts Girls In the Skimpiest Dresses [Furniture]
By Jesus Diaz (Gizmodo) not attract buxom women in tiny chairs, airplane piston engine semitransparent yellow lace
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:45:50 AM black dresses. It will make me tables, and a mirror bed made of lingerie. [ Motoart via BornRich]
look like that guy. What. Evah. wings, with a big-boobed blonde
Say whatever you want. It may The Motoart PW-747 Cowling always by the side, preferably in a
be naff. It may be tacky. It may Bar rocks my world: A world with ejection seat stewardess costume and
Internet News Record World/ Gadgets/ Tech News/ 11

Limbaugh dropped from NFL bid

(World news and comment comment that the media wanted leading to Limbaugh getting
from the Guardian | the Philadelphia Eagles involved. Limbaugh was to have
guardian.co.uk) quarterback Donovan McNabb to had a limited partnership role,
Submitted at 10/15/2009 3:37:51 AM succeed because he is black. said Checketts, and little day-to-
The Indianapolis Colts owner, day involvement.
• NFL players and team owners Jim Irsay, said on Tuesday he A native of Missouri, Limbaugh
objected to Limbaugh's views could not even consider voting to is one of the most highly paid
• Lawrence Donegan: English approve Limbaugh as an owner figures in broadcast media and an
football should heed NFL's stance because of comments that were ardent football fan who came
Rush Limbaugh has been "inappropriate, incendiary and close to landing a spot as a
dropped from a group trying to insensitive", according to a report commentator on Monday Night
buy the St Louis Rams after
several black NFL players
objected and the league
posted on the NFL's website. The
report also quoted the NFL
commissioner, Roger Goodell, as
Football on ABC in 2000. Three
years later, Limbaugh, who
played football in high school,
Altec Lansing FX3021
commissioner weighed in against
the controversial rightwing
telling the NFL's fall meeting: "I
think divisive comments are not
joined ESPN's Sunday NFL
Countdown. After a month on the
Expressionist Plus reviewed,
talkshow host's "divisive
"It has become clear that
what the NFL is all about. I would
not want to see those kind of
comments from people who are in
show, he resigned amid
controversy over his remarks
about McNabb.
deemed good value
By Vladislav Savov (Engadget) considered rich and well detailed.
[Limbaugh's] involvement in our a responsible position within the Limbaugh was born in Cape The reviewer also notes that while
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:43:00 AM
group has become a complication NFL." Girardeau, Missouri, and later the design is attractive, the
and a distraction to our Checketts's group is bidding for worked for the Kansas City Speakers might be among the positioning of the power button
intentions," said the SPC the Rams as part of a sale being Royals baseball team. worst hardware to assess online. and extra audio input on the
Worldwide chairman, Dave conducted by Goldman Sachs. Forbes magazine recently What do 36 watts of power output subwoofer makes for awkward
Checketts, who is leading the bid While the process limits valued the Rams at $913m and a 40Hz to 20kHz response day-to-day use. On the whole,
to buy the Rams and keep them in Checketts on what he can say, he (£562.6m), ranking them 25th out range tell you about the actual with online prices in the vicinity
St Louis, in a statement. "We obtained special permission to of 32 NFL teams. audio quality? A kindly soul over of $75, this looks like a decent
have decided to move forward clarify the investor group's • NFL at Macworld has tried to clear that value, so hit up the full review if
without him and hope it will intentions. • US sport up for us with a review of Altec your interest has been piqued.
eventually lead us to a successful A spokeswoman for Limbaugh guardian.co.uk© Guardian Lansing's prettified Expressionist Filed under: Peripherals
conclusion." could not immediately be reached News & Media Limited 2009 | Plus 2.1 setup. The tiltable Altec Lansing FX3021
Several black NFL players have for comment. Use of this content is subject to satellites score design points for Expressionist Plus reviewed,
told newspaper reporters they Checketts, who owns the NHL's our Terms & Conditions| More their looks, though that all- deemed good value originally
would never play for a team St Louis Blues, wants to keep the Feeds important sound output was appeared on Engadget on Thu, 15
owned by Limbaugh because of Rams in St Louis, and to bolster deemed only middle of the road. Oct 2009 09:43:00 EST. Please
remarks they found racially these efforts, his group had Real bass response begins at see our terms for use of feeds.
objectionable, including his invited Missourians to join them, somewhere around 70Hz and the Read| Permalink| Email this|
midrange is, well, middling, Comments
though treble definition is
California County Hoarding Map Data Ordered to Pay $500,000 Road Trip! GM Sends the Volt Out Into the World
By Kim Zetter (Wired Top battle to prevent a nonprofit group in legal costs. The county had By Chuck Squatriglia (Wired vehicles hit the road for a three-
Stories) from obtaining public mapping once tried to charge the group Top Stories) day shakedown cruise to see how
Submitted at 10/14/2009 3:45:00 PM data has ended disastrously for the $250,000 for the data. Submitted at 10/14/2009 3:00:00 PM they perform in the real world.
county after it was ordered by a
A California county's three-year court to pay the group $500,000 Eight range-extended electric
12 World/ Gadgets/ Tech News/ Internet News Record

Three get death penalty for China

(World news and comment man to death, Xinhua said. The has presented no direct evidence,
from the Guardian | others had Uighur names, except and overseas Uighur activists
guardian.co.uk) for one defendant sentenced to have denied supporting violence.
Submitted at 10/15/2009 1:44:06 AM death with a two-year reprieve One of those figures blamed by
whose name was not included in Beijing, the World Uighur
Nine now face death penalty the report. Congress leader, Rebiya Kadeer,
over Urumqi riots between Five others were given prison condemned the earlier sentences,
Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese terms, it said, without providing saying the accused had been
which killed nearly 200 people details. denied due legal process and
China sentenced three people to On Monday, six Uighur warning the court's actions could
d e a t h t o d a y o v e r m u r d e r s defendants were sentenced to stir new unrest.
committed during riots in the death by the same court. Those Kadeer has denied any role in
western Xinjiang region in July, sentences were the first to be the protests and denounced the
bringing the number of people handed down in the trials of use of violence.
facing the death penalty for the scores of suspects arrested during Swift punishment of those
riots to nine. and after the riots. arrested over the rioting were
Nearly 200 people were killed The violence flared on 5 July among the demands of Han
when riots erupted in the regional after police broke up a protest by protesters who swarmed into
capital of Urumqi, with Muslim Uighur youths demanding an
Uighurs attacking members of investigation into a deadly brawl
Urumqi's streets early last month
calling for the firing of Xinjiang's
New Archos 5 with Android
China's dominant Han ethnic between Han and Uighur workers
group. It was the country's worst at a toy factory in southern China.
powerful Communist party boss,
Wang Lequan. Five people died in
unboxed, meets its chubby
communal violence in decades. Angry Uighurs attacked random
The official Xinhua news b y s t a n d e r s i n U r u m q i , a n
the protests under circumstances
that remain unclear. predecessor
agency said three new defendants overwhelmingly Han city in the • Xinjiang By Paul Miller (Engadget) Thankfully for Archos fans those
were sentenced to death by the heart of the Uighurs' traditional • China Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:34:00 AM differences don't break
Urumqi intermediate people's homeland. Two days later, Han • Capital punishment compatibility with the optional
court and three others were carried out revenge attacks in guardian.co.uk© Guardian The folks at Pocketables have an Archos 5 mini dock, and overall
sentenced to death with a two- U i g h u r n e i g h b o u r h o o d s a s News & Media Limited 2009 | Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet the Android model seems to have
year reprieve – a penalty usually security forces struggled to restore Use of this content is subject to with Android in house, and after just a slight bit of "premium" vibe
commuted to life in prison. order. our Terms & Conditions| More the requisite unboxing they've put to it.
One of the condemned men The Chinese government has Feeds it up against the older, wiser Filed under: Handhelds,
appeared to be Han Chinese based blamed the rioting on overseas- Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet Portable Audio, Portable Video
on his name, Han Junbo, and was based groups agitating for more original. It's not quite a fair fight, New Archos 5 with Android
convicted of beating a Uighur Uighur rights in Xinjiang. Beijing since the Android model shown u n b o x e d , m e e t s i t s c h u b b y
Hands-On: Nokia Booklet 3G Promises Monster here has 32GB of flash storage predecessor originally appeared
compared to the old IMT's 250GB on Engadget on Thu, 15 Oct 2009
Battery Life HDD (there's also a HDD option 11:34:00 EST. Please see our
By Priya Ganapati (Wired Top 3G, and it's a head-turner. Its for the new Android tablet, a terms for use of feeds. Read|
Stories) design and monster battery life whopping 500GB), but there are Permalink| Email this| Comments
Submitted at 10/14/2009 3:50:00 PM make it stand out from the some other notable differences
competition. like materials and curves.
We get some hands-on time with Wired.com's Crazy Flyer Survives With Mental Health Intact — Mostly
Nokia's first netbook, the Booklet
By Hadley Leggett (Wired Top Wired.com's Terminal Man, who to stay relatively sane, we think.
Stories) flew JetBlue for a month without
ever leaving the airports, managed
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5 Key Takeaways from SNL's Bank M&A Conference

(Financial Sector and Stocks M&A counsel for the past 25 Second, permit more favorable Ugh. Here we go again. This is might be overvalued. (I take their
Analysis from Seeking Alpha) years. Cohen’s view was echoed treatment of tax loss the same Tim Long that, back in caution as a very bullish sign by
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:20:06 AM by investment bankers from four carryforwards, as was temporarily the early 1990s, significantly the way.) I assume that, given
different firms. One of them done to enable Wells Fargo’s ( overestimated the magnitude of what’s happened in the financial
Last week I attended the SNL described the amount of M&A WFC) acquisition of Wachovia the credit problems at Zions Bank world over the past 24 months,
Bank M&A Symposium in New activity that will end up getting and PNC’s acquisition of National in Utah ( ZION). And it’s the the panelists were simply trying to
York. That may not seem like a done this year as a “rounding City. same Tim Long that forced Wells be conservative.
big deal to you, but it is to me. error.” Third, allow banks the FDIC Fargo to take such massive loan 5. Bank of America’s ( BAC)
I’m something of a banking- As long as government-assisted rates as “3” to make acquisitions. loss provisions in 1991 that the motivation on M&A was just as
conference aficionado, and have acquisitions are available to (The FDIC rates banks for bank was still reversing them corrupt as we thought. One
been going to them for years. acquirers, the panelists said, financial strength on a five-point years later. And it’s the same Tim panelist, Nick Paumgarten, the
(I’ve even hosted a few.) And I riskier go-it-alone deals won’t scale, with 1 being the strongest.) Long that, back in the early founder and chairman of Corsair
must say, last week’s event ranks happen. But over the longer term, Right now, the FDIC generally 1990s, forced First Interstate’s Capital, recalled a telling
up there with the most interesting everyone agreed that a period of only allows 1- and 2-rated banks subsidiary banks to take conversation he had with Hugh
I’ve been to. massive consolidation for the to do unassisted deals. Cohen enormous, redundant reserves. McColl back when Nick was an
Which is a bit of a surprise. banking industry lies ahead. believes that’s too restrictive, Not only is it the same guy, he’s investment banker in the 1980s:
Other than government-assisted (Then again, these are investment especially considering the number higher up in the OCC now than he McColl: Nick, do you ever read
deals, bank M&A activity has bankers. They always think that.) of banks that have been was then, and so is in a position to bank proxy statements?
been virtually non-existent lately. The lack of activity has made downgraded from a “2” (many inflict even more needless Paumgarten: Sure.
You’d think, then, that a banking some bankers downright petulant. likely just temporarily) over the damage. Thanks to regulators like McColl: Have you ever noticed
M&A conference in 2009 would KBW’s Joe Moeller, for example, last year has probably doubled. Tim Long, the entire banking that the CEOs of big banks make
be a bit of a snoozer. But this one complained that buyers’ focus on Fourth, bank examiners should industry is building excessively more money than the CEOs of
wasn’t. The speakers were (for the assisted deals was “almost stop using a “worst case” high reserve levels now, which small?
most part) a distinguished group unhealthy.” It might be unhealthy financial scenario when will inevitably be reversed Paumgarten: Yes, I have.
who had some interesting things for your income, Joe, but it sure evaluating banks. (starting next year at some banks) McColl: Well then, Nick, I’m
to say. won’t be for the shareholders of Finally, the Fed should finalize and boost bank earnings for years going to become a big bank.
Anyway, here are my key institutions that get to participate its rules governing private equity to come. I’ve heard other people recount
takeaways from the event: in well-structured FDIC-assisted investors’ ownership of 4. Even the investment bankers similar conversations with
1. No deals likely anytime soon. acquisitions. controlling stakes in banks. believe bank stock prices have McColl. The stories would be
Sullivan & Cromwell chairman 2. What’s needed to get deals 3. The regulators are way too moved too far too fast. So do the funny if they hadn’t been so
Rodgin Cohen set the tone for the going. Cohen had five suggestions bearish. One panel of regulators private equity types, for that costly to shareholders over so
conference in his keynote address, for what should be done to get the included Joe Giampietro from the matter, but that’s understandable. many years.
when he described the current deal pipeline moving again. All FDIC and Tim Long of the OCC. They’re the buyers; of course In all, it was a great conference.
state of the bank M&A market as struck me as thoughtful. First, he Yes, that Tim Long. You won’t be they’re grousing that stock prices The tone at next year’s will be a
“dismal.” says, change the accounting rules surprised to learn that they are are too high. But the bankers? lot different, I suspect, once
If anyone should know the state so the acquirees’ assets and extremely negative on banks’ near Investment bankers make their unassisted M&A finally comes
of future bank M&A activity, it’s liabilities don’t have to be marked - and medium-term earnings money by, among other things, back into vogue.
Rog Cohen. Along with to some (currently unrealistic) outlook. Long in particular stated pushing secondaries. You’d think This content has passed through
Wachtell’s Ed Herlihy, he has market levels at the time of flatly that, “we are early in this their natural inclination would be fivefilters.org.
been Bigfoot among banking closing. credit cycle.” to resist believing the stocks

Smart Use Of Facebook By College Helps Students

By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) fear mongering and moral panics points us to the news of how students work together in virtual experience, rather than just
Submitted at 10/15/2009 12:15:48 AM coming out of the woodwork. But, Gloucestershire College has study groups, something that complaining about such online
of course, correlation does not embraced Facebook to help other colleges have complained services.
Earlier this year, a study mean causation, and Facebook is students do better. It's kept the was a form of cheating. It's nice to Permalink| Comments| Email
claiming that students who used just a tool. For schools that use it staff and faculty better in touch see at least some higher education This Story
Facebook had lower grades got a in a smart way, perhaps it could with students and reduced drop institutions looking at ways to use
lot of attention, with the typical do good. Reader Ben Ketteridge out rates, so far. It's also helped tools to improve the overall
14 Finance/ Gadgets/ Tech/ Internet News Record

Earnings Preview: Bank of America

(Financial Sector and Stocks
Analysis from Seeking Alpha)
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:13:39 AM

Bank of America( BAC) is

expected to report Q3 earnings
before the market open on Friday,
October 16, with a conference call
scheduled for 9:30 am ET.
The consensus estimate is (7c)
for EPS and $27.71B for revenue,
while the consensus range for
EPS is (33c)-8c and $25.60B-
$30.05B, according to First Call.
Investors will be listening for Merrill Lynch last year, and some Wells Fargo recently upgraded
information about the search for a have questioned whether the bank BofA to Outperform from Market
new CEO. Current CEO Kenneth did enough to inform its Perform, with a target range of
Lewis announced last month that shareholders about Merrill's $24-$27. The firm wrote that
he was stepping down by year's losses. On a positive note, some BofA was trading "at a deep
end. Several institutional investors of the bank's investors may be discount to peers." Wells Fargo
have reportedly urged BofA to encouraged by the much better noted that BofA was trading at a
consider external candidates.
However, the bank is considering
than expected results announced
by J.P. Morgan ( JPM), although
1.5x price to total book value
ratio, a 17% discount to the
How-to guide details PS/2
two internal candidates, the Wall
Street Journal reported: Chief
most of their profits came from
trading activities. But J.P. Morgan
average of the large cap regional
banks they cover.
keyboard-to-iPhone mod, just
Risk Officer Gregory Curl and
Brian Moynihan, the bank's
CEO Jamie Dimon said he was
"seeing some initial signs of
This content has passed through
fivefilters.org. for you
consumer and small business consumer credit stability." Also, By Darren Murph (Engadget) actually explains how to build a
banking chief. BofA is also Citigroup ( C) today reported a PS/2 keyboard-to-iPhone
Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:50:00 AM
dealing with the legal smaller than expected Q3 loss. converter, so you're not
ramifications from its takeover of Analyst Views Oh sure, we've seen hacker after necessarily tied to a certain board.
hacker brag about their success in Hit the read link if you're down
Firefox 3.6 Beta Now Available for Testing connecting some sort of keyboard for a weekend project.
to Apple's iPhone, but have any of [Via MAKE]
By Stan Schroeder A s f a r a s r o t a t i o n - r e l a t e d them bothered to take the time to
Filed under: Cellphones,
(Mashable!) functions, we don’t have a laptop explain the process behind the
Submitted at 10/15/2009 5:08:45 AM equipped with an accelerometer, magic? Exactly. The man behind Peripherals
but if you do, we’d like to hear AwghBlog, however, is a kinder, How-to guide details PS/2
The first beta of the upcoming your opinion in the comments! gentler soul, and he's found the keyboard-to-iPhone mod, just for
new version of Firefox, 3.6, is Another new release recently time to detail in quite specific you originally appeared on
now available for download. posted is the release candidate for terms how he connected a legacy Engadget on Thu, 15 Oct 2009
This release is aimed only for Firefox 3.5.4; since this is an PS/2 keyboard (you know, the one 10:50:00 EST. Please see our
the adventurous types, as it’s not update that aims to improve you're not using any longer) to terms for use of feeds. Read|
really a complete beta; stability, we’d recommend most A p p l e ' s c a s h - c o w o f a Permalink| Email this| Comments
technically, it’s the test build of can expect better JavaScript users to simply wait for the final smartphone. Best of all, the guide
the first 3.6 beta version. In other performance, new version of the version before upgrading.
words, if you decide to upgrade, rendering engine (Gecko 1.9.2),
expect bugs. and the uber-neat tab previews.
As far as new features go, you
Internet News Record Gadgets/ Tech/ Tech News/ 15

Amber Alert GPS device keeps

kids close
By John Biggs (CrunchGear)
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:02:59 AM

What BrickHouse lacks in

photoshop skills they more than
make up for in caring for kids.
BrickHouse sells the Child
Now YOU Can Contribute and Locator, a little thinger that lights
up when your kid moves up to
600 feet away from you, and now
Comment to Gizmodo Directly they have this. It’s basically a
little tracking device that hangs
off of your kid’s clothes and
[Announcements] allows you to track them
anywhere on Earth.
The Amber Alert device is not
This is basically a little GPS
transponder that transmits the
By Jason Chen (Gizmodo) two new ways you can contribute Creating hashtag pages will
device’s current location to a
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:43:43 AM First, you can directly comment essentially give you guys forums in any way associated with the
from the top of the main page, to talk about stuff, since every real Amber Alerts – a fairly central server. You can then
Tweaking the design is actually which is useful for sharing tips comment with that hashtag will disingenuous bit of naming, if you follow the device on a map. The
the less interesting design change about stuff (#tips) or telling the display there. ask me – but it seems like it could technology isn’t earth-shattering,
w e m a d e t o d a y . T h e m o r e world about how some gadget you So, the most important bit is that help out in worst case scenarios. It but it’s nice to know it exists.
interesting one is adding ways for o w n i s d e f e c t i v e a n d t h e your tips can appear directly on costs $379 ($279 if you act now) Seems a bit over the top to me.
you to get your tips and problems manufacturer won't address your the site without going through the and requires a monthly Product Page
onto Gizmodo instantly. issue properly (#broken). Just filter that is us; and we'll go subscription.
All of Gawker's sites opened up type in your problems and make through them regularly to feature
our comment systems four years sure to include the correct them on the main site. Negotiating Through Lawsuit
ago, and since then, not only have hashtag, and a hashtag page will As with all new releases, there
you folks contributed to the be created just for your tag. In this will be bugs. In the spirit of the Continues: EMI Drops Lawsuit,
content of each post—many case, http://gizmoodo.com/tag/tips new comment system, you can
people skim through the post just a n d report bugs directly to our tech Signs Deal With Grooveshark
so they can get to the comments, http://gizmodo.com/tag/broken. team here, without waiting for us
like some sort of home-made These work for new tags as well, to pass along your bug reports: By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) happen over and over again, and
d e s s e r t — y o u ' v e a c t u a l l y not just existing ones, so go ahead http://getsatisfaction.com/gawker Submitted at 10/14/2009 9:50:00 PM saw it happening when EMI sued
contributed to making many of a n d c r e a t e a s m a n y Make sure to include an image Grooveshark this past summer.
those posts better, with tips and http://gizmodo.com/tag/jasonis[va of your problem and as much We've noticed a troubling trend And, of course, a few months
things we hadn't thought about. riationofhandsome] that you like description as possible (OS, in how legitimate online music later, the lawsuit is dropped and a
And also, many of the Editors You can also create these new Browser). services are being pressured into licensing deal has been reached,
on all our sites were commenters hashtag tag pages from inside And as for regular commenting, deals with the major record labels. though you can bet the terms are
before they started working here; regular posts as well, just by here's a FAQ that should get you The labels begin the negotiations not quite what Grooveshark
something that will definitely tagging them with the correct up to speed on the basics. on licenses... and then sue the originally intended. That's what
happen again in the future. So, the #hashtag inside your comment. company. That, of course, makes h a p p e n s w h e n p a r t o f t h e
life difficult for the startup, which "negotiation" involves a lawsuit.
Oct. 15, 1956: Fortran Forever Changes Computing's is then pressured to offer even Permalink| Comments| Email
Fortunes better (read: ridiculously onerous) This Story
terms to the labels. We've seen it
By John C. Abell (Wired Top IBM publishes a user manual to
Stories) launch the first high-level
Submitted at 10/14/2009 9:00:00 PM programming language.
16 Gadgets/ Tech Tips/ Entertainment/ Internet News Record
Clive Owen and
Massive 'Google Editions' eBook Store Pushed Catherine Keener
Back Until Next Year [Google] are 'Trust'-worthy
(ETonline - Breaking News)
By John Herrman (Gizmodo) courtesy of Google, of all shop: Submitted at 10/15/2009 3:58:00 AM
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:39:43 AM companies). 55% of the fees, The books bought from Google,
which will be set by and its partners, would be Clive Owen and Catherine
"This time we mean it" was the publishers—Google's already got accessible on any gadget that has Keener will star in 'Trust.' The
last declaration Google made 30,000 partnerships in place, a Web browser, including dark drama is to be directed by
about their plans to open an evidently—will be skimmed off smartphones, netbooks and David Schwimmer, according to
eBook store, set to launch before the top, then given to retail personal computers and laptops. Variety.
then end of 2009. And hey, it partners. If this sounds weird, A book would be accessible This is not the first directorial
looks like they did! Well, except that's because it is—Google offline after the first time it was gig for the "Friends" star. He also
for that 2009 part. Editions isn't quite like the Kindle accessed. called the shots for 'Run Fatboy
Google's come forth with a few store in one major way. From In-browser book buying with Run.'
more details about how their Google 's Tom Turvey: Google Gears support sounds like 'Trust' follows parents, played by
store, called " Google Editions" Google Editions allows retail a nice feature to add to a book Owen and Keener, who find out
and now slated for the first half of partners to sell their books, store, but what about the basics? their 14-year-old daughter has
2010, will work. It'll open with a especially those who haven't ePub? PDF? I mean, they've got been victimized by a sexual
staggering 400,000 to 600,000 invested in a digital platform," he to be planning on including some predator on the internet. The
books to Amazon's 330,000 and said. "We expect the majority (of Another way it's not the Kindle kind of eBook format support, but predator poses as a teenager in a
Sony's 100,000 (though the latter customers) will go to retail store? From the sounds of it—and they haven't mentioned any at all. chat room.
is supplemented by nearly a partners not to Google. We are a i n l i n e w i t h w h a t h e h e a r d [ AP]
million public domain books, wholesaler, a book distributor. before—it's a browser-based

Cyberbike may be the largest Wii accessory to date

By Doug Aamoth helicopter bike for some reason or tipping the scales at 230 pounds,
(CrunchGear) another. I’d actually be more interested to
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:30:00 AM According to Kotaku: know whether or not I’d even fit
“The game that comes packed-in on this thing and, if so, how long
If you’re a Wii owner and places you in the role of an eco- it’d take for the apparatus to
you’ve been thinking to yourself, citizen, using your head and legs buckle under the pressure of an
“Boy, there aren’t nearly enough to clean up the planet. You clear individual my size frantically
available accessories for my pollution by riding over land, sea, pedaling like an eight year old in
console,” then maybe you’d enjoy and air, powering your strange a neighborhood bike race.
blowing off some steam on a full- vehicles with your feet.” Unless this tiny lady is secretly
size Wii-compatible exercise bike. And while I can’t speak to the a center in the WNBA, I’m
Yes, a bike. effect of being able to clean up guessing this bike might not be
The Cyberbike will apparently large swaths of land simply by place… to the ground. shimmy from left to right. meant for big kids like me.
be available in January 2010 from h o v e r i n g o v e r t h e m o n a The accessory is apparently also There’s no pricing information Ooh, look! Just found a video,
German accessory maker Bigben helicopter bike, I can tell you with compatible with Mario Kart Wii. available for the Cyberbike yet too. Enjoy…
Interactive. It’ll come with its 100% certainty that if I don’t get I’m not quite sure how you would and, as a fully-grown Norwegian [ Kotaku via Crave]
own game, wherein you find my own real-life helicopter bike steer, but maybe the handlebars standing 6 feet 4 inches tall and
y o u r s e l f p e d a l i n g a w e i r d for Christmas I will burn… this
Are You Planning to Upgrade to Windows 7 [Reader Poll]
By Adam Pash (Lifehacker) Windows 7 officially drops on wondering: Give us the specifics on your
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:30:00 AM October 22nd, so with just one Are You Planning to Upgrade to upgrade plans in the comments.
week before its release, we're Windows 7?( answers)
Internet News Record Gadgets/ TV/ Entertainment/ 17

AMD’s low-voltage ‘Congo’

platform due soon?
By Doug Aamoth
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:00:00 AM

Not content to sit back and let

Intel have all the ultra low voltage
fun, AMD’s low voltage Congo
platform is apparently due in the Fitbit review
coming weeks – late October or By Tim Stevens (Engadget)
early November, according to Submitted at 10/15/2009 12:16:00 PM
The processors will be used in It wasn't that long ago that a
ultraportable notebooks and will bathroom scale was the only
consist of various dual-core gadget you needed to track weight
Turion Neo and Althlon Neo X2 loss. Today even videogame
chips, as well as a single-core consoles, once the bane of the
Athlon Neo MV-40 chip similar AMD traditionally undercutting fitness industry, are trying to help
to the one currently found in HP’s you recycle that spare tire, and of
dv2 system.
Intel’s pricing and current ultra
low voltage notebooks hovering
HAVA media streamer for course there's no shortage of
So yes, the Congo platform is specialty doo-dads getting in on
already kind of here but we can
apparently expect to see more and
in the $600 to $1000 range, if
AMD were able to, say, push out iPhone available now the action. The Fitbit is one of
those, a little accelerometer that
some models starting near $500, By Joseph L. Flatley from Jim Kramer. Supports pledges to keep an eye on what
more available systems in near things could heat up.
future. (Engadget) iPhone and iPod touch with (OS you do so that you can just go
It’ll be interesting to see how Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:55:00 AM 2.2.1 or higher) and will run you ahead and do it, reporting back at
the systems are priced. With $9.99. PR after the break. the end of the day on how well
Just a quick note to all you Continue reading HAVA media
HAVA Player enthusiasts: the streamer for iPhone available now you did at staying active. It
Sumner Redstone selling his iPhone app that the company sounds nice, but it's not quite that
Filed under: Cellphones, Home self-sufficient. Read on to see if
announced at CES is finally ready Entertainment
share of CBS, Viacom for public consumption. Available HAVA media streamer for
it's worth the commitment.
Gallery: Fitbit unboxing
By Danny Gallagher (TV Of course, he'll still maintaining from the App Store (of all places), iPhone available now originally Continue reading Fitbit review
Squad) "controlling interest" in both the software lets HAVA owners appeared on Engadget on Thu, 15 Filed under: Misc. Gadgets,
companies but it won't feel the control it all remotely -- including Oct 2009 11:55:00 EST. Please
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:33:00 AM
cable, satellite, and your DVR. Wireless
same. Now, no one will have see our terms for use of feeds. Fitbit review originally
One of television's oldest and enough power to make media What's more, you can stream your Read| Permalink| Email this| appeared on Engadget on Thu, 15
most powerful names is about to bigheads like Stephen Colbert recorded programming right onto Comments
the handset for all those times Oct 2009 12:16:00 EST. Please
get a little less powerful. (literally) dance. see our terms for use of feeds.
Media mogul Sumner Redstone The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs when you can't stand to be apart Permalink| Email this| Comments
is selling nearly $1 billion shares 11:30pm / 10:30c Mega Millions
of CBS and Viacom to pay off a www.colbertnation.com Colbert
big portion of his debt to preserve Report Full Episodes Political Paris Hilton & 'Melrose Place' Star Sport Same Style
his media empire. He owes nearly Humor Michael Moore (ETonline - Breaking News) sparkled separately in the same r o c k e d t h e m i n i - d r e s s a t
$1.46 billion and has to pay at Filed under: Industry, Reality- dress. Tuesday's Fox Reality Channel's
Submitted at 10/15/2009 6:53:00 AM
least $500,000 of it by the end of Free Cassidy was seen in the Brian Really Awards.
October. Maybe he's got some Permalink| Email this| | These blondes are looking a little Lichtenberg dress in August at To see more style savvy celebs,
used DVDs he can sell at his local Comments blue. Paris Hilton and "Melrose T h e C W " M e l r o s e P l a c e " click HERE.
Gamestop. Place" actress Katie Cassidy Premiere Party, while Hilton
18 Gadgets/ Tech Tips/ Internet News Record

Google to Launch E-
Book Store in Early
2010 [Ebooks]
Logitech outs the G110 gaming By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
keyboard Submitted at 10/15/2009 6:00:00 AM

By Matt Burns (CrunchGear) maintains customizable backlighti Perhaps because there isn't
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:30:53 AM ng, on-the-fly macro recording, 15 enough news about the Google
dedicated macro buttons, and it Books deal already, Google
When I think of Logitech even adds USB audio to the mix.
gaming keyboards, I picture large, But it’s the styling that draws me
Logitech's G110 gaming keyboard announced that it would offer up
more than half a million books to
oddly shaped creations because in. Dare I call it sexy? It’s sleek,
that’s what they traditionally look clean, and thin. Logitech has
announced "any device with a browser" in
early 2010. Google will offer e-
like. However, the new G110 finally made a gaming keyboard By Laura June (Engadget) (definitely going to need that), books both directly, and with
throws out those styling cues for that can easily blend into a Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:27:00 AM and a USB 2.0 port. There's no links to other online stores like
s o m e t h i n g a l i t t l e m o r e work environment. word on pricing or availability for Amazon, but the main feature will
minimalistic and I like it. Want it? The G110 carries a The just announced Logitech the G110 quite yet -- we'll keep be searchable text from publishers
The G110 might not have LCD $79.99 MSRP and is currently G110 gaming keyboard is the you posted. with whom Google has reached
screens or futuristic color schemes available for a pre-order. No word followup to the G11-- and it F i l e d u n d e r : G a m i n g , an agreement. Google also states
like its G19 or G15 big brothers, on when it will ship out though. shows. Aesthetically, it's a bit Peripherals that it's not focused on selling to
but it also has a lot lower price at tamer looking than the previous Logitech's G110 gaming any particular e-reader or device,
$ 7 9 . P l u s , i t version. This bad boy boasts keyboard announced originally so it might be interesting to see
customizable red and blue appeared on Engadget on Thu, 15 how various parties line up on the
backlighting LEDs, 12 Oct 2009 10:27:00 EST. Please Google/Amazon/Other divide. [
programmable G keys, three M see our terms for use of feeds. Reuters/Yahoo News]
keys, automatic game detection Read| Permalink| Email this|
which allows you to create Comments
custom profiles for each game,
plus integrated headset support

Layar Augmented Reality Browser Hits the iPhone 3GS [Downloads]

By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) showing you what's nearby and one. You can tag favorite layers, another coffee fix.
Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:00:00 AM where on a 3GS. grab screenshots, and get mapped Layar is a free download for
All the same features apply to directions to anything that seems iPhone 3GS models running the
Layar, the (somewhat) the iPhone release. Choose your just a tad to far to blindly walk 3.0 firmware. Layar[iTunes Store
augmented reality browser layers from sites like Wikipedia, toward. The best use case is (direct link)]
previously available only on Trulia real estate search, Flickr finding food, services, and neat
Android, has hit the App Store. If and Twitter mashups, point your stuff to check out on vacation; at
it seemed cool on a G1, it's phone around you, and Layar planar, sonar-type screen, with a worst, you're probably going to
probably going to zoom at brings up the results as blips on a smidge of information about each loose some pocket cash on yet
Internet News Record Tech/ 19

Is Quicken at the end of the road?

By Rafe Needleman effect on CNET's own reviews. Quicken 2010 is a bit easier to Intuit.) you're using an older version of
(Webware.com) Users hate Quicken. Few products user than Quicken 2009.(Credit: Quicken for the Mac: At Quicken, it will still function on
Submitted at 10/14/2009 4:00:00 PM have user reviews scores as low: Screenshot by Jessica MacWorld 2009 in January, Scott the desktop, but its ability to
none of the variations of of Dolcourt/CNET) Cook, now chairman of Intuit's access online information, like
Conventional wisdom is that Quicken from recent years have What will Patzer do with the executive committee, handed me stock prices and bank balances,
Intuit's acquisition of the personal user reviews garnering more than ailing Quicken product line? a copy of the beta version of will end. Intuit does this so it can
finance Web service Mint will 1 and a half stars out of 5. (Our While he hasn't taken the role Quicken for the Mac, then called focus its development and
mean the end of the line for the official reviews score the products officially yet--the acquisition has Quicken Financial Life. The maintenance on newer versions
company's standalone software higher.) yet to close--already we can see product is still not out. Miller told and shifting standards for online
app, Quicken. Upstart Mint, Another reason that Quicken that there may be a few conflicts me it's scheduled to be released in financial services, I'm told.
which is being acquired by Intuit suffered: Intuit shifted its focus as the two products come under February 2010. Based on my talk Skeptics believe it's so Intuit can
for $170 million, has a personal away from the flagship product to unified management. Ultimately I with Patzer, I strongly doubt he squeeze upgrade dollars out of
finance product more in line with new moneymakers, in particular believe this will be good for will devote resources to its locked-in users. Regardless of the
the times, with a younger its small-business product, personal finance users, although I separate code base. Furthermore, reason, it angers users who are
demographic, a working business QuickBooks, and its tax software expect a few rough years for Intuit Quicken Mac will not be able to forced to upgrade their software
model, and a passionate CEO, and service, TurboTax. As Miller employees and their customers, read and write files from Quicken even if they're satisfied with it.
Aaron Patzer, who's slated to take says, "There were decisions made too. Here are some points of for Windows. I gather the Miller told me that Intuit "will
over the Quicken product line at over time that had the unintended conflict: conversion code is yet to be continue its sunset policies." But
Intuit once the acquisition closes. consequence of putting the Quicken Online versus Mint: completed, since Miller called it Patzer told me that "we might go
It doesn't look good for the old Quicken business where it was Patzer told me, when he came in "a top priority," not an existing to a subscription model," adding
desktop app, Quicken. starved for focus and resources." to be interviewed for a recent feature. She also said the that it's "speculation," as he's not
It's a shame that we think of Finally, though, the light began Reporters' Roundtable podcast, conversion of data from Windows yet on the job. The key point is
Quicken that way, but it's Intuit's to dawn at Intuit. Miller: "Our that Quicken Online, Intuit's to the Mac version will be a one- that he's open to examining the
own fault that we've gotten here. thinking was too limited. We existing Web-based personal way trip. Patzer has indicated to sunset practice, even if the
The product, according to Intuit weren't thinking beyond the finance products and its me that his vision is to give existing Intuit management has
legend, started at founder Scott desktop solution. The way we competitor to Mint, will "go consumers access to their data no not considered doing so.
Cook's kitchen table in 1983 as he grow this, we realized, was to away" some time after the matter what platform they are on. The good news: Assuming
watched his wife struggle with look for acquisitions." companies merge. "We have four A locked-in financial application Patzer can exercise control over
paying bills. The original Fortunately, while Quicken was personal finance code bases," he like Quicken Mac doesn't fit with the combined Mint/Quicken
Quicken, little more than an DOS- alienating users, in 2005 Mint was said, referring to Mint, Quicken this world view. product lines, the best possible
based checkbook and register, born. Patzer, who had held several Online, Quicken for the Desktop, The Quicken code base overall: outcome for customers will be a
over time became an ambitious engineering jobs, including at and Quicken for the Mac. He While Patzer has yet to take the personal finance suite that exists
personal finance suite that Sony (working on the made it clear that he sees it as reins at Intuit's Quicken group, online for those users who want it,
handled budgeting, retirement PlayStation) and at Internet start- inefficient to maintain them all. he's already thinking about on the desktop for those who
planning, loans, public equities ups, founded the company in his Miller told me more recently unifying the code bases of the don't, and in both places at once,
and employee stock options. It own kitchen table moment, when that Mint will be seen as a various personal financial as well as on mobile devices for
became more capable but also he became frustrated with existing "customer acquisition engine" at products that will be under his the more flexible consumers. The
more complex, harder to use, and personal finance software apps-- Intuit. (To decipher: She probably purview. He's considering desktop product will get easier to
much harder to get started with. like Quicken. means that the free online developing a cross-platform use (as Mint is), but the online
Mint got access to investment And now the upstart is moving personal finance site will be kept version of Quicken on Adobe Air, version will get more features as
data a year ago.(Credit: Mint.) into the big house. When the Mint feature-light to encourage users not just because it's one code base well as the capabilities to pay bills
More importantly, as Julie acquisition closes, Patzer will be who want more capability to pay that can run on Windows and the and do other transactions (as
Miller, director of corporate vice president and general for the full desktop version of Mac but because it's easier to Quicken allows). Miller also said
communications for the consumer manager of the personal finance Quicken.) And compared with make a version that integrates that TurboTax Online and Mint
group at Intuit told me, "Quicken group at Intuit, which will include Mint, she said, Quicken Online with the Web. Patzer admits that will get integrated, although not
made its way through the Mint as well as Quicken. will be "more connected to the "getting up to feature parity on an likely in time for the coming tax
organization. We shuffled the (TurboTax will stay with Patzer's desktop experience."(This Air app will take years," though. season.
Quicken business around. That new boss, Dan Maurer, senior paragraph has been updated from Quicken's enforced upgrades: All this is great, but in the short
had a direct effect on the quality vice president of the Intuit the original version of the story, Quicken "sunsets" its desktop
of the product." You can see the consumer group.) based on a clarification from applications every three years. If QUICKEN page 24
20 Tech/ Tech Tips/ Internet News Record

Online Web-design tools for the beginner

By Don Reisinger The premise of CSS Typeset is site needs its own unique Favicon, Roxer allows you to drag and Reisinger/CNET)
(Webware.com) simple: take some CSS from your that little image you find next to a drop different elements of a site Wordpress Theme Generator: If
Submitted at 10/14/2009 3:51:03 PM site, modify it with the drop-down URL in your address bar and on onto your homepage. You can add you're unhappy with the themes
lists featured at the bottom of the the tabs in your browser. But images, drag-and-drop YouTube other Wordpress users have
If you're not an advanced Web page, and CSS Typeset generates creating one might not be easy for videos, change the header of your created, you can create your own
designer, and you don't want to the CSS code you can paste back novices. That's where the Favicon page, and more. You can also with the help of the Wordpress
pay a company to create a Web into your site. You can change the Generator Tool comes in. create content to make it a little Theme Generator.
site for you, there are services font type, its color, alignment, and The Favicon Generator Tool is more useful to visitors. I should Wordpress Theme Generator
across the Web that can help you more. If you need a little help about as simple as they come: note that Roxer is GeoCities- allows you to create a two-column
create the site you want. All of the with CSS, CSS Typeset is the upload an image that you want to esque in that your site is free to or three-column Wordpress
tools listed below are designed service for you. make tiny. From there, click build and features a Roxer theme. To the left of the design
specifically for beginners. If that's CSS Typeset will help you "upload" and the service will domain. Regardless, it's a great page is a listing of all the
you, give them a whirl. change your site up.(Credit: convert the image into a Favicon. way to quickly build a site for elements you can change,
Get your design on Screenshot by Don Simply download the image, simple purposes. including font type, text color, tag
Color Wizard: Having trouble R e i s i n g e r / C N E T ) upload it to your site, and you're Roxer makes it quick and easy clouds, and more. To the right of
finding the right color for a Dotemplate: Dotemplate all set. It's that easy. to create a simple Web the site is a look at what your site
portion of your site? Color provides several free templates Favicon Generator Tool is page.(Credit: Screenshot by Don looks like. It will change as you
Wizard will help you determine that you can customize right from simple and easy to use.(Credit: Reisinger/CNET) modify the site's many elements.
which color works with your the company's Web page. From Screenshot by Don Web 2.0 Button Generator: If When I used the service, I was
current color scheme. there, you can download the Reisinger/CNET) you want to add a Web 2.0 feel to quite happy with what it offered.
When you get to Color Wizard's template and place it into your Flickrslidr: If you're having your site, you'll want to consider Granted, it won't allow you to
site, just input the color you want site. trouble adding a slideshow to using Web 2.0 Button Generator. change everything, but if you
to match. From there, the service When you get to Dotemplate, your site, make it easy with the The site allows you to create a want to create a basic, but unique
will spit out several colors that you can choose between a bunch help of Flickrslidr. Web 2.0-like button for your site. theme, I think Wordpress Theme
match well with your base color. of free templates. You can change The premise is simple: input the When you start using Web 2.0 Generator is a worthwhile tool.
If you're unhappy with all the the color of the navigation bar, link to a Flickr album you want to Button Generator, you'll find that Wordpress Theme Generator
colors on your site, you can also input text into different sections add to your site. From there, you you can choose from three button features simple Wordress-theme
use the site's sliders to create a of the site, and more. You can can name it and input tags. designs. From there, you can creation.(Credit: Screenshot by
color you desire. It then gives you even change the colors of all the Flickrslidr then spits out HTML choose a color, modify the text in Don Reisinger/CNET)
a color tag that you can place in different headers across the site. code, allowing you to quickly and the button, and decide if you want My top three
your site's HTML. It's a simple, Dotemplate allows you to use easily input the slideshow into to add logos to sites across the 1. CSS Typeset: If you want to
neat tool that I use quite often. your template anywhere on the your site. Web, including YouTube, Flickr, quickly modify a site's design,
Color Wizard helps you match Web as long as you provide a link Add a Flickr slideshow from Facebook, and others. Creating CSS Typeset is the place to go.
colors or create your own.(Credit: to the service. You can also Flickrslidr.(Credit: Screenshot by the button takes just a few 2. Color Wizard: Find the right
Screenshot by D o n donate $10 if you don't want to Don Reisinger/CNET) seconds. Once complete, you can color with Color Wizard.
Reisinger/CNET) link to it. Roxer: If you want to create a download it as an image, place it 3. Wordpress Theme Generator:
CSS Typeset: If you're looking Dotemplate lets you change quick site that doesn't feature all where you want on your site, and It's not advanced, but if you want
to quickly edit portions of CSS t e m p l a t e s q u i c k l y a n d the Web 2.0 features that have you're all set. a simple, unique Wordpress
from your site, CSS Typeset is easily.(Credit: Screenshot by Don become so commonplace on the Web 2.0 button generator is free theme, Wordpress Theme
one of my favorite tools to do just Reisinger/CNET) Web, Roxer might be a good and easy to use.(Credit: Generator is worth trying out.
that. Favicon Generator Tool: Every place to start. Screenshot by Don
Performance Update Targets Hard Drive Issues in Leopard, Snow Leopard [Updates]
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) running Leopard or Snow Leopard or Snow Leopard updates
Submitted at 10/15/2009 5:30:00 AM Leopard last evening, aiming to from Apple's site, or use your
fix occasional hard drive built-in software update tool. [
Apple pushed a Performance performance issues the Mac The Loop via Gizmodo]
Update out for certain models maker says affects a small number of users. You can grab the
Internet News Record Tech/ 21

Business as
usual in search
market share
By Tom Krazit (Webware.com)

News Corp Lawyer: Aggregators Steal From Us! Submitted at 10/14/2009 3:15:00 PM

(Credit: Comscore)
New month, same story: the
News Corp: Hey Check Out Our Aggregator! Internet search market doesn't
move very much.
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) just a few years ago, News Corp little column based on our reader's Row, 471 U.S., at 589 (dissenting Comscore released the latest
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:51:00 AM was happily hyping up its own comment. According to News opinion). It is, rather, "the essence data on search engine market
aggregator, and even today it Corp. and Jacobs, Newsweek just of copyright," ibid., and a share Wednesday, and stop me if
We've already covered how appears to run a number of made money "off the sweat of our constitutional requirement. The you've heard this one before:
Rupert Murdoch has flip flopped different aggregators, with a Wall b r o w " ( o r t e c h n i c a l l y , o u r primary objective of copyright is Google has a commanding lead. It
his position on free online news, Street Journal editor proudly readers). But, frankly, I think it's not to reward the labor of authors, gained 0.3 percent to up its share
but his recent foray into blaming talking about how useful the pretty awesome that someone but "to promote the Progress of of search queries to 64.9 percent
search engines and aggregators is aggregator is. Fox News has its from Newsweek isn't just reading Science and useful Arts.... The in September, as compared with
really reaching the height of own news aggregator, the WSJ's Techdirt, but getting value out of "sweat of the brow" doctrine had August. As usual, Yahoo and
hypocrisy. We've already looked tech page has Popular Technology our community as well. numerous flaws.... So, let's sum Microsoft trailed in the second
into the issue of aggregators and Stories from Around the Web and Oh, and why stop there? Seeing up. While Murdoch and Jacobs and third positions.
found there's no problem there at AllThingsD has its "Voices" as Lawrence Jacobs is general are out trashing aggregators for Such has been the order in the
all. Most aggregators either direct section -- all of which aggregate counsel of News Corp., one has to making money based on the sweat U.S. search market since at least
traffic to the original sites or are content from elsewhere with no assume that he's a lawyer with a of their brow, News. Corp. itself 2004, according to an old post on
too small to matter. There's no payment. real law degree and such. And gleefully offers up at least three J o h n B a t e l l e ' s b l o g . T h e
evidence they actually siphon any So, according to News Corp., thus, you would think that he was aggregators itself, which its percentages have obviously
traffic away at all... but it seems News Corp., is one of the worst familiar with copyright doctrines writers and editors happily changed--Google has doubled its
that the old newspaper guys need offenders, right? in the US, and would choose his promote. The tech staff uses its share since 2004 at the expense of
an enemy, and these days it's And, of course, things get even language carefully. It's then robots.txt file to point aggregators its rivals--but the rankings have
those evil "aggregators." worse, the more you look at what especially odd that he chose the to exactly where they should go, not.
Following on the lead of his Jacobs has to say. As one of our phrase "sweat of our brow" in explicitly calling out some Microsoft's latest attempt to
b o s s , N e w s C o r p . G e n e r a l readers pointed out earlier this describing his complaint, given a g g r e g a t o r s ( t h e " w o r s t " change that picture with the
Counsel Lawrence Jacobs made week, not only doesn't Fox News that in Feist, the US explicitly according to Jacobs) by name. launch of Bing hasn't set the
some interesting statements, use robots.txt to block Google and rejected "sweat of the brow" as a And, oh yeah, the Supreme Court world on fire but is making some
claiming that aggregators are a other aggregators, it specifically reason to grant copyright. Since has already ruled that the "sweat progress, according to the latest
big problem:"Aggregators and tells Google News where to find Jacobs appears unfamiliar with o f t h e b r o w " a r g u m e n t i s results. Bing's share increased
Google News are, to us, the worst its news. So as its execs and the ruling in Feist, here's a quote meaningless when it comes to slightly to 9.4 percent of the
offenders," general counsel lawyers are whining about how for him: It may seem unfair that copyright law. market in September, as
Lawrence Jacobs said today at a evil Google News is to index its much of the fruit of the compiler's Time for a rethink, perhaps? compared with the 8 percent share
luncheon talk at Brooklyn Law site, its tech people are putting up labor may be used by others Permalink| Comments| Email that the former Live Search held
School. "They make money by a big glowing sign that says "Hey! without compensation. As Justice This Story in May, just before the Bing
living off the sweat of our brow." Google News! Over here! Come Brennan has correctly observed, launch. Those gains have come at
This isn't just ridiculous and and get it!" Hypocrites. By the however, this is not "some the expense of Yahoo, down from
wrong, it's hypocrisy of the worst way, Weston Kosova, over at u n f o r e s e e n b y p r o d u c t o f a 20.1 percent of the market in May
kind. As Gabe Rivera points out, Newsweek even wrote up a nice statutory scheme." Harper & to 18.8 percent of the market in
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Where the clean-tech jobs are Three Economic Nobel

(CNET News.com) biomaterials, conservation and (Md., Va., W.V.) Laureates In A Row Recognizing
efficiency, smart grids, and wind • Denver-Boulder-Greeley
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:17:00 AM
power. • Seattle-Tacoma-Bremerton Power Of Infinite Goods
General unemployment may be For those willing to move for a • Portland-Salem
on the rise, but the clean-tech job, the report lists the 15 areas in • Chicago-Gary-Kenosha (Ill., By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) commons will automatically get
sector should be a bright spot for the U.S. where people are likely Ind., Wisc.) Submitted at 10/15/2009 4:22:00 AM overrun simply isn't true in
job seekers, according to a report to find the most clean-tech job • Sacramento-Yolo County practice. And that's exactly what
released Thursday by Clean Edge With the Nobel Prize in we've seen in areas where there
activity, as well as a separate list • San Diego Economics being awarded to i s n ' t i n t e l l e c t u a l p r o p e r t y
research. for global clean-tech hotspots. • Austin-San Marcos, Texas
The clean-technology sector Elinor Ostrom(as well as Oliver protections. The supposed fear of
"Unlike the early days of • Phoenix Williamson) this year, plenty of a "tragedy of the commons" never
was one of the largest recipients computers and IT, the clean-tech • Detroit-Ann Arbor
of venture capital last year, raising people are noting that Ostrom's seems to show up. Instead, the
economy is a highly dispersed • Houston-Galveston-Brazoria seminal work has to do with how markets adjust.
about $3.35 billion in the U.S., phenomenon, with no single The report also contains a
according to New Energy Finance the concept of "the tragedy of the What struck me as really
place, industry, or professional comprehensive spreadsheet commons" isn't really true in interesting, however, is that this is
statistics in the the " Clean Tech demographic controlling the detailing the type of clean-tech
Job Trends 2009" report (PDF). m a n y c a s e s , a n d h o w t h a t the second time in three years that
sector," Ron Pernick, co-founder jobs available, the typical degree" c o m m o n s " c a n o f t e n s e l f - the Nobel committee has awarded
Unlike most reports from and managing director of Clean level required, and the median pay
research firms, this one is free to regulate itself. And, Ostrom s o m e o n e w h o s e r e s e a r c h
Edge, said in a statement. levels. The jobs range in median definitely recognizes how this highlights this point. In 2007, the
download in full. Not surprisingly, the San pay from $36,100 to $106,000.
The 29-page report, which also applies to the "commons" that is award went to Eric Maskin, who
Francisco and Los Angeles And while some jobs like the public domain. I didn't want to has done work showing why
draws on statistics from other greater metropolitan areas topped project developer or geothermal
organizations such as the Pew comment right away on this. patents can often be harmful (his
the U.S. list at No. 1 and No. 2, power engineer required a While I've read Ostrom's work in focus was on software) -- again,
Charitable Trusts, includes a respectively. The greater New bachelor's degree or even a
plethora of useful information for the past, I wanted to revisit some suggesting that government
York metropolitan area (which specified engineering degree, of it, to refresh myself on it.
the clean-tech job hunter, includes northern New Jersey and most of the jobs on the list were intervention can be harmful in
including schools offering green But what comes out in reading cases of "public goods." And,
Long Island) was No. 3 for clean- true "green-collar" jobs in that through her work is that she while it's less tied to the reasons
career training, job posting and tech jobs. Here's the breakdown: they only require a high school
social media sites dedicated to recognizes that government why he got his Nobel or his core
• San Francisco-Oakland-San diploma. Those jobs included intervention -- such as with areas of research, last year's award
clean-tech jobs, a list of the Jose HVAC service technician,
largest clean-tech employers, and monopoly rights -- really doesn't winner, Paul Krugman, has
• Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange journeyman lineman for smart make sense in many situations of r e c e n t l y c o m e a r o u n d t o
a list of the best green-tech blogs. County grid, network operations center
Based on the number of job "public goods." In a recent recognizing that "infinite goods"
• New York-northern New technician for smart grid, solar discussion on this site, people or public goods aren't a problem,
postings and placements, and Jersey-Long Island (N.Y.-N.J.- fabrication technician, and solar
public and private investment, the pointed to the concept of a "public but a potential opportunity as a
Conn.-Pa.) energy system installer. good" as something that needs market shifts.
report found the solar industry to • Boston-Worcester-Lawrence- This content has passed through
be the leading clean-tech sector, government intervention -- and I It's nice to see the Nobel
Lowell-Brockton (Mass., N.H.) fivefilters.org. noted that more recent economic committee helping to get these
followed by biofuels and • Washington, D.C.-Baltimore analysis showed that wasn't true at ideas out there -- and highlighting
Search Warrants Released in David Letterman Case all. Ostrom's work is much of the research that debunks the old
what kicked off that line of wisdom that the answer to any
(ETonline - Breaking News) Robert J. Halderman, the man removed, the Associated Press analysis (Coase deserves credit as public good is to create a gov't
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:34:00 AM who allegedly tried to extort $2 reports. well...). Her key finding was that regulated monopoly system,
million from David Letterman. The warrants were acquired in in commons situations, the rather than letting the market
ET has the latest... The judge ruled Thursday that order to search the home and car players can often work out work out a solution on its own.
A Connecticut judge has sealed documents will be of news producer, Halderman. perfectly reasonable solutions on Permalink| Comments| Email
reportedly granted a release of the released, provided that the Halderman has pleaded not guilty. their own, that don't involve This Story
information found in the search information identifying witnesses regulatory efforts to put up fences
warrants in the case against and "victims by association" are or restrictions. The idea that a
Internet News Record Tech/ Popular News/ 23

PhoneView gives you an inside look AT&T's Ridiculous

at your iPhone data Argument Against
By TJ Luoma (The Unofficial your address book, so you will see
Apple Weblog (TUAW))
Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:30:00 AM
Google Voice who those calls came from
• Play/Export/Delete Voice
memos By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) gatekeeper control it wields over
Filed under: iPhone, iPod touch The best part of PhoneView is Submitted at 10/15/2009 6:19:00 AM the Internet? But... uh... that's the
Some time ago, I looked around that it does not require you to thing. The FCC cannot stop
for a way to access my iPhone to jailbreak your iPhone, and it is We've been covering the Google from also blocking
use it as a portable hard drive, quickly updated to support each ridiculous attempt by AT&T to d i s f a v o r e d w e b s i t e s f r o m
almost like a generic USB device, new version of the iPhone OS. sic the FCC on Google for appearing in its results. That's
for copying files back and forth I've never found myself unable to deciding to block certain calls via because Google has every right to
between computers. I decided on access my iPhone through Google Voice. AT&T is being determine what sites appear in its
PhoneView. At the time I didn't PhoneView. m i s l e a d i n g a n d i n c r e d i b l y index and which don't -- and the
even care too much about the PhoneView can only be used disingenuous. While there are courts have said exactly that in the
other features it offered. As time over USB. I wish they would s o m e i s s u e s w i t h G o o g l e ' s past. Google's rankings and site
has passed, I've liked it even Voicemail. Got a message you come up with a way to access the decision to block certain calls, the index are Google's own opinion,
better and better. want to save? You can copy it as iPhone over Wi-Fi, but my guess issue there has nothing to do with and there's no legal right for
The application has been an .mp4 (or add it to iTunes, is that is not possible because they net neutrality -- as AT&T aims to Google to include anyone if it
polished with each release and although I can't imagine anyone would have to have an iPhone app tweak Google for supporting net chooses not to. Google knows
now includes a very substantial wanting to do that). The filenames to serve the phone's data, and I neutrality -- and everything to do this. The FCC knows this. AT&T
feature list. In no particular order, include the date, time, and name have a hard time believing that with bad regulations-- which certainly knows this -- so why is it
here is what the just-released (if known). Apple would approve such a AT&T is just as against as Google pretending that this is some big
PhoneView 2.3 brings to the • Shows you a list of music, thing. Fortunately, I have an is. issue?
table: ringtones, videos, podcasts, and iPhone cable around most of the But the latest letter/PR play Then there's the claim about
• View pictures on the iPhone. audiobooks on your iPhone, and time. from AT&T sinks to ridiculous Google "blocking access to
This was a lifesaver to me when allows you to copy them off the The application costs $19.95, lows -- and it's a shame that no applications that compete with its
iPhoto suddenly refused to import iPhone if you need to (preserving but that includes free upgrades for reporter I've seen so far calls own email, text messaging, cloud
any of the pictures I had taken on metadata) life. If you ever find yourself AT&T on any of the crazy claims. computing and other services."
my iPhone. It includes a • Use iPhone (or iPod touch) as a wanting more access to your W h i l e t h e r e ' s s o m e f u n i n Except... Google physically
thumbnail of the pictures (and portable drive iPhone, PhoneView provides the mocking the use of nuns(who are cannot block such things, because
videos) as well the time-stamp. • Access the full "Media" folder easiest way to just about every apparently also blocked), AT&T's Google is not the pipe. If I want to
You can even import them o n n o n - j a i l b r o k e n d e v i c e s corner of your iPhone. "slippery slope" argument isn't go to another email service
directly into iPhoto. (jailbroken devices will have the TUAW PhoneView gives you just questionable, it's wrong: provider, I just type that URL into
• Displays Safari's history, full file structure displayed) an inside look at your iPhone data Indeed, if the Commission cannot my address bar, and Google isn't a
bookmarks, and open windows • Allows you to view/export originally appeared on The stop Google from blocking party to that at all. The only one
(ever visit a site on your iPhone SMS and MMS messages (MMS U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g disfavored telephone calls as who could block such a thing is
a n d t h e n w i s h y o u c o u l d support is new in 2.3) (TUAW) on Thu, 15 Oct 2009 Google contends, then how could (oops) my ISP: AT&T. So why
remember where it was?). It also • View, Edit, and Create Notes 11:30:00 EST. Please see our the Commission ever stop Google even make this argument? It's
includes the ability to search the • View call log, including terms for use of feeds. from also blocking disfavored totally nonsensical.
browsing history (URLs and whether the call was incoming or Read| Permalink| Email this| websites from appearing in the Obviously, AT&T is having fun
Titles). outgoing, completed, missed, or Comments results of its search engine; or poking at Google over this
• View/Play/Export Visual cancelled (it also integrates with prohibit Google from blocking particular issue, but, honestly it
a c c e s s t o a p p l i c a t i o n s t h a t should at least limit its complaints
Carter: Obama's Nobel mixes achievement, promise (AP) compete with its own email, text to things that actually make sense.
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) Ginsburg hospitalized for This content has passed through messaging, cloud computing and Permalink| Comments| Email
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:48:03 AM drowsiness (Reuters) fivefilters.org. other services; or otherwise This Story
8 seconds ago 2009-10- prevent Google from abusing the
bob buzzed up: Justice Ruth 15T09:42:03-07:00
24 Tech/ Tech Tips/ Internet News Record

Wood-chip ethanol maker opens plant

(CNET News.com) Coskata will use a plasma gasifer
Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:50:00 AM from Westinghouse Plasma that
converts biomass, such as wood
Start-up Coskata on Thursday is chips, into what's called synthesis
starting up a facility that can turn gas, a combination of carbon Firefox 3.6 Beta 1
wood chips into ethanol, a step dioxide, carbon monoxide, and
toward producing at large scale hydrogen, Roe explained. "Test Build" Now
next year. Then genetically optimized, Available [Downloads]
The "semi-commercial" plant in proprietary bacteria digest the
Madison, Pa., will use a variety of synthesis gas and convert it into By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
techniques to convert the ethanol. There is a third step for Submitted at 10/15/2009 4:40:00 AM
cellulosic material in plants or upgrading that liquid into fuel-
even municipal trash into liquid grade ethanol, with a lot of the Windows/Mac/Linux: It's not the
fuel that's cheaper than gasoline, water being recovered in the official beta of Firefox 3.6—that's
according to the company. Its process, according to the been put off for a week. But a
method reduces greenhous gas company. The greenhouse gas "test build" of Firefox 3.6 has
emissions dramatically and uses reduction compared with gasoline landed, with Windows 7
less than half the water than is is 96 percent, it says. compatible taskbar thumbnails,
needed to process gasoline, The facility in Pennsylvania will visual tab previews, and a new
according to the company. be able to produce about 40,000 rendering engine.
A 1,500-gallon bioreactor at to 50,000 gallons per year. Once You can grab your early build
Coskata's demonstration ethanol scaled up, the cost will range of Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 from
facility.(Credit: Coskata) depending on the feedstock but it Mozilla's FTP servers—select the
It plans to test a number of will be about $1 per gallon, Roe OS and processor platform from
different feedstocks at the said. the folder list, and grab the binary
Pennsylvania plant, called two years with a number of a technical and engineering "Because we have the ability to inside. There are bound to be
Lighthouse, and is now producers shutting operations in blueprint to scale up. Financially, use a wide array of feedstocks, the some bugs, as you might imagine,
negotiating with feedstock the face of falling gas and it intends to license its technology cost point for this ethanol will be and the actual beta is now set to
providers for planned large-scale commodity prices. Corn ethanol and to finance at least it first world class. It's a whole new launch Oct. 21, the day before
operations next year, Coskata has also been accused of having plant, he said. General Motors, a game. If you're limited to one Windows 7 launches.
CEO Bill Roe said in a phone questionable environmental supporter of flex-fuel vehicles, is feedstock like a grain, you're Along with tab previews in the
interview. It is also designing a 50 benefits. Meanwhile, there still an investor and is testing its fuel. probably setting yourself up for taskbar, you can check out visual
million to 100 million gallon per aren't commercial-scale second- Coskata's hybrid process challenges," he said. previews of tabs when you switch
year facility somewhere in the generation ethanol operations combines different technologies, This content has passed through through them with Ctrl+Tab. It's
southeast U.S. that would use with use nonfood, cellulosic i n c l u d i n g a g a s i f i e r a n d a fivefilters.org. not enabled by default, but as with
southern pine wood chips, he said. biomass for fuel. bioreactor that uses micro- the 3.6 alpha, you can enable
The ethanol industry has slowed Roe said Coskata's organisms to produce ethanol. them by heading to about:config
down significantly over the past demonstration facility will give it At the Pennsylvania facility, in your address bar, searching for
browser.ctrlTab.previews, and
continued from page 19
setting that value to "true."
Give Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 a try
term I fear greatly for Quicken leadership is yet another bounce. the Windows Quicken legacy Quicken. Assuming I'm not forced and tell us your impressions in the
desktop users. As Patzer said, While under Patzer the product product. I use Quicken 2008 (I've to by sunset policy, I am fine with comments. Firefox 3.6 Beta 1[via
integrating the products will take may finally have a loving home, it been using the product line waiting a few years to upgrade Download Squad]
years, especially if a rewrite of will take time for it to settle in. I overall since 1989) and will be Quicken itself again until Patzer
Quicken is part of the plan. Recall will avoid Quicken 2011. moving to Quicken 2010 to puts his mark on the product.
that Miller said that Quicken has At least, Quicken 2010, just manage my own finances. I also Originally posted at Rafe's
been bounced around for years. released, seems to be a solid if find myself using Mint more and Radar
This acquisition and change of unspectacular yearly upgrade of more; it works well alongside
Internet News Record Tech/ TV/ 25

Netflix and Roger Corman to haunt First Look: ZenNews

the Internet brings the news cloud to
(CNET News.com) including Netflix-ready Blu-ray Corman recruited other horror
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:30:32 AM players, Microsoft's Xbox 360,
and TiVo DVRs
film veterans. Filmmaker Joe
Dante ("Gremlins," "Twilight
your iPhone
Renowned horror filmmaker "Splatter" tells the tale of rock 'n' Zone: The Move") applied his By Brett Terpstra (The
Roger Corman is going "boo" on roller Johnny Splatter, whose directing talents to each Unofficial Apple Weblog
the Internet this Halloween. sudden death has drawn together Webisode, while actor Corey (TUAW))
Corman and online rental his professional hangers-on, eager Feldman ("The Goonies," "The Submitted at 10/15/2009 12:30:00 PM
company Netflix are joining to see what the star has left them Lost Boys") plays the lead role of favorite, and view a list of your
forces to frighten online audiences i n h i s w i l l . B u t J o h n n y ' s Johnny Splatter. Filed under: iPhone, First Look, marked articles in the Favorites
w i t h a t r i l o g y o f I n t e r n e t unexpected return to the living "Netflix is delighted to be App Review view. You can quickly share
Webisodes charmingly titled may bring his "friends" more than working with such film luminaries Zensify announced its latest articles via Twitter or email, as
"Splatter." they bargained for. as Roger Corman and Joe Dante app, ZenNews[ iTunes link], this well.
The first episode rises from the Known for such classic '60s to bring our instant streaming morning. It's basically an It's all quite slick, and pretty
grave on October 29, the second horror films as "Little Shop of intelligent news aggregator, using
capabilities to life in a unique and solid for a first release. I did run
appears on November 6, and the Horrors," "Pit and the Pendulum," creative way for horror fans algorithms to find "what's hot" into a bug which would bring up
third closes the bloody chapter a n d " T h e R a v e n , " C o r m a n across the country," said Leslie from a variety of sources blank tag cloud pages if a specific
later in November on, of course, jumped at the chance to scare up a Kilgore, chief marketing officer including the New York Times, combination of being on a certain
Friday the 13th. story that would let the audience for Netflix, in a statement. the Washington Post, Al Jazeera, view and losing a network
But the trilogy is more than just join in on the fun. "'Splatter' is a celebration of the Guardian and more. It parses connection at the right time
an online scarefest. Using the "When Netflix approached me classic horror movies and it gives Twitter and other social mediums occurred. I spoke with the
interactive power of the Net, with this unique idea, I was truly fans of the genre an exciting way to figure out who's talking about developers yesterday, and I'm
viewers will be able to vote on the i n t r i g u e d a b o u t c r e a t i n g to sample watching instantly at what, and then creates a tag cloud confident they'll smooth out any
fate of the characters in each of something that left the ending up Netflix." of hot topics. There's an wrinkles quickly.
the three "Splatter" stories. to the audience," said Corman in a Starting October 29, the aggregated view combining all Zensify is offering ZenNews for
The episodes will be free for statement. "Making content for Webisodes can be seen at sources, or you can view a tag free. Their plan is to demonstrate
everyone to watch on their the Web is a natural progression www.netflix.com/splatter. cloud for each source. You can the buzz-detecting algorithms, and
c o m p u t e r s ; n o N e t f l i x for me, but 'Splatter' is a rare This content has passed through toggle sources and/or categories then offer white-label versions --
membership is required. But opportunity to involve my horror fivefilters.org. on and off in the preferences. using a subscription model -- to
Netflix members on an unlimited fans who really love being a part If a keyword in the tag cloud companies with a need for up-to-
plan will be able to check out of the process." reveals more than 5 articles, the-minute buzz tracking. For the
"Splatter" on other devices, To create the Webisodes, tapping it will drill down into rest of us, this is a good-looking
another tag cloud, repeated until and, as far as I've been able to tell,
Eat a mushroom for the fallen Mario the keyword returns a list of 5 or
fewer articles. View articles
accurate way to see what's
happening in the world at any
By Danny Gallagher (TV version of video game hero Mario on it. within ZenNews using the built-in given moment. Check out the
Squad) on the top rated syndicated kids' Here's my all-time favorite webkit browser, or open them in gallery below for a preview, and
Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:29:00 AM show The Super Mario Bros. episode because it combined the Safari. You can always switch grab a copy on the App Store.
Super Show, along with actor two things I worshiped as an from the tag cloud to a list view Gallery: First Look: ZenNews
The late Capt. Lou Albano wore Danny Wells as Luigi who organized religion: Nintendo and for any page, and there's a default TUAW First Look: ZenNews
many hats in his career (some Jeffersons fans will recognize as Ghostbusters. view titled "All News" which lists brings the news cloud to your
wrestlers wear hats). But in my Charlie the bartender. Mario Bros. Filed under: Video, Celebrities, all the aggregated news (in list iPhone originally appeared on The
nostalgia filled mind, none of is a show I vividly remember Obituaries, Children, Reality-Free format) at once. You can drill Unofficial Apple Weblog
those hats were greater than the from my childhood because my Permalink| Email this| | down to specific topics in the (TUAW) on Thu, 15 Oct 2009
red service cap with the giant "M" parents never bought me a Comments Categories view, and see what's 12:30:00 EST. Please see our
on it. Nintendo and that just drove me new/hot from all enabled sources terms for use of feeds.
The famed wrestler played both to want and watch anything and for a single category. As you read, Read| Permalink| Email this|
the live action and animated everything with the Mario Bros. you can mark any article as a Comments
26 Tech/ Entertainment/ Internet News Record

Waze for iPhone has a ways to go How Chrome users can

By Mel Martin (The Unofficial
Apple Weblog (TUAW))
Submitted at 10/14/2009 7:30:00 PM
incidents, it is pretty lightly
populated. Of course, that should
get better as more and more
scrub Yahoo logo off
Filed under: iPhone, App
Review Several of our readers
people use Waze. A clever aspect
of the app is that it keeps track of
where you are while you're
suggested that we take a look at navigating, and uses your speed to By Stephen Shankland though, you must be using the
Waze, a free navigation app [ add to its database of road (Webware.com) developer preview version of the
iTunes link] that depends on other conditions. Submitted at 10/15/2009 5:00:00 AM browser, since extensions are
users for reports of traffic tie ups, I think Waze is promising, and something of a work in progress.
accidents, and speed traps. It also if you don't want to spend money Those of you who hate the recent (Click to download for Windows
functions as a turn-by-turn on a turn-by-turn nav app, it's a arrival of Yahoo's logo on Flickr or Mac OS X.) I've had to restart
navigator with spoken directions, start. To be really useful some of now have an easy way to erase it-- Chrome sometimes to enable the
although it doesn't have text to the bugs need to be fixed, the and get a number of useful last two extensions I tried out.
speech capabilities for naming address data needs to be more features--as long as you're using Another nice feature for pixel-
streets or points of interest. complete, and there need to be a an edgy version of Chrome. peepers such as myself is the
As a navigator Waze is fine, but heck of a lot more people using Fittr Flickr lets you click 'EXIF' addition of an EXIF button below
it seems to be missing a lot of Waze so there is more incident to expand a box below the image the photo that reveals camera,
residential addresses. Waze had a reporting. to show photo details.(Credit: lens, and exposure details without
nasty habit of jumping my vehicle This app is free and implements Stephen Shankland/CNET) navigating away from the photo.
icon to a nearby parallel street, some creative ideas. If you're Chrome extensions let people Nearby are direct links to the
and while it was nice to have both POI data are all downloaded from thinking about getting a nav app, customize the browser's behavior, small, medium, and large version
2D and 3D maps, the software the internet, so if you're in a "dead but you're on the fence, make the and the Fittr Flickr extension from of the photos.
seemed to change the zoom factor zone" for data, you have no risk-free download of Waze and Gmail programmer Dan Pupius There are some other nice
without me telling it to. This navigation. see if it enhances your driving. whips Yahoo's photo-sharing site tidbits, too, involving viewing
erratic zooming seemed to happen As for the social functions of TUAW Waze for iPhone has a into shape. Some people use photos against a black
when I went to a menu and then the app, they are a great idea, but ways to go originally appeared on extensions for using Delicious background, comments, and other
returned to the map. in reality you're only going to get The Unofficial Apple Weblog bookmarks, banishing ads, and matters.
The maps aren't very attractive. information in a densely (TUAW) on Wed, 14 Oct 2009 filling out forms, but this is my Yahoo has to make Flickr
There are both day and night populated areas. Even then, you 19:30:00 EST. Please see our favorite Chrome extension so far. appeal to a large swath of people,
views for the Waze maps, but may not get much of anything in terms for use of feeds. The Yahoo logo is ugly but not most of whom probably don't care
even when set to 'auto,' the night terms of reported incidents. If you Read| Permalink| Email this| too bothersome in my eyes. about these options. But for me,
map comes up no matter what go to the Waze web page and look Comments Instead, what I like best about they unlock some of Flickr's
time of day it is. The maps and at the national map for reported Fittr Flickr is its keyboard potential.
navigation options. Once the Firefox users who want similar
Will Taylor Swift Spoof Kanye West on 'Saturday Night extension is installed, you can
type "?" to see the options, but the
technology can try Dustin Diaz's
Quickr Flickr script, which
Live'? two I now use a lot are "." and ","
to navigate forward and backward
requires the Greasemonkey add-
on for Firefox to be installed
(ETonline - Breaking News) Swift at the MTV VMAs this -old told the Associated Press. through a person's photostream. before the script can be added.
Submitted at 10/15/2009 5:40:00 AM year, now the country cutie may "There are definitely some Typing "s" will star a photo as a Greasemonkey fans also can use a
have her revenge as she takes a h i l a r i o u s t h i n g s t h a t h a v e favorite, and in a nice Google number of scripts that will un-
Taylor Swift is set to host comedic turn on "SNL." happened to me over the past touch harkening to the vi text Yahoo the logo.
"Saturday Night Live," and the While there's no word on what couple of months that I think will editor, "/" will put your cursor in Originally posted at Deep Tech
obvious question is: who will play type of skits she may take part in, be pretty substantial skits." the search field.
Kanye West? "I've been thinking about skit To use Chrome extensions,
The rapper famously upstaged ideas for a long time," the 19-year
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Wi-Fi Direct to bring secure peer-to- Yo Gabba Gabba! returns to

amuse, confuse, terrify kids
peer networking in 2010 By John Scott Lewinski (TV
By Steven Sande (The and can be implemented in simultaneously."
Unofficial Apple Weblog existing devices through software I can imagine that at some point Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:01:00 AM
(TUAW)) updates. Wi-Fi Direct competes in 2010, we'll be able to sync our
Submitted at 10/14/2009 11:30:00 PM directly with Bluetooth, and will iPhones using Wi-Fi Direct, Disclaimer: Children should not
provide much faster data transfer directly send address book take Acid. In fact, no one should
Filed under: Wireless, Odds and s p e e d s ( u s i n g m o r e p o w e r , information to other iPhone-toting sample LSD, but children should
ends, Apple If there's one thing unfortunately). According to the people, and enjoy high-speed really stay away.
that I've wanted to be able to do Wi-Fi Alliance, multi-player gaming fun. Apple is That said, speaking
for years, it's to set up a direct Wi- "The specification, previously a sponsor corporation for the Wi- theoretically, if kids did drop a
Fi connection to another device code-named 'Wi-Fi peer-to-peer,' Fi Alliance, so adoption of Wi-Fi soaked sugar cube or six, they
without having to actually be near can be implemented in any Wi-Fi Direct on Macs, iPhones, and would see visions potentially less
a Wi-Fi base station, or going to device, from mobile phones, future Apple equipment will bizarre than what they take in with no elbows) ), Toodee (the
the trouble of getting an ad-hoc cameras, printers, and notebook hopefully be swift and during an episode of Yo Gabba blue cat) and Plex (the yellow,
network set up on both devices. computers, to human interface widespread. Gabba(!). The Nick, Jr. and 50s-ish robot).
T h i s t y p e o f p e e r - t o - p e e r devices such as keyboards and [via MacRumors] Noggin show is back this week Continue reading Yo Gabba
networking is nothing new; back h e a d p h o n e s . S i g n i f i c a n t l y , TUAW Wi-Fi Direct to bring with new episodes for fascinated Gabba! returns to amuse, confuse,
in the Newton MessagePad days devices that have been certified to secure peer-to-peer networking in children and really high adults. terrify kids
we could beam address cards and the new specification will also be 2010 originally appeared on The A lot of kids love it. It's Filed under: Other Comedy
data between devices through an able to create connections with Unofficial Apple Weblog colorful, kinetic, and everybody Shows, Other Sci-Fi/Supernatural
IrDA connection. hundreds of millions of Wi-Fi (TUAW) on Wed, 14 Oct 2009 involved keeps a smile on their Shows, Daytime, Animation,
Now the Wi-Fi Alliance has CERTIFIED legacy devices 23:30:00 EST. Please see our face -- even the bizarre Children, Reality-Free
announced that this will be already in use. Devices will be terms for use of feeds. anthropomorphized, toys-turned- Permalink| Email this| |
possible next year through the use a b l e t o m a k e a o n e - t o - o n e Read| Permalink| Email this| life size characters -- Muno (red Comments
of Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi Direct will connection, or a group of several Comments cyclops), Foofa (pinkish bow
come built into many new devices d e v i c e s c a n c o n n e c t thing), Brobee (the green monster

Pretty Web journal tool Penzu goes pro

By Josh Lowensohn A pro membership now gets you membership.(Credit: Screenshot to find the shots for which you're those tools, but to be honest, I
(Webware.com) all kinds of goodies, including a by Josh Lowensohn/CNET) looking. After that, you have to don't see much value in paying
Submitted at 10/14/2009 11:23:00 AM rich text editor, tags for New features are not limited to wait while they're imported, the $19 for some of the extra
organization, image hosting, 256- pro users. All users now have a which, in our case, took close to 2 features it adds. Things like rich
Penzu, the stylish Web word bit AES encryption on posts that way to share a read-only version minutes per photo, making the text editing, data exporting, and
processor we checked out about a you've locked, and themes that of a post to others that does not tool take too long to be usable. tagging should be standard
year ago, is ready to make a skin the entire interface to your require any special sign-up for the It's worth noting that the service features on just about any Web-
business out of its hosted writing liking. Pro users can also slurp in person who's viewing it. The tool is still designed as a diary based writing tool, if it hopes to
tools. their posts from another blog can also now grab your photos replacement, not as a compete for user attention and, in
The company on Wednesday service (currently Live Journal from Flickr, not just your desktop. collaborative document editor, the this case, dollars.
introduced a professional version only), as well as export them as This feature worked without way Google Docs, Zoho Writer, Originally posted at Web
of its service that costs $19 a year PDFs and raw text files. issue when we tried it, albeit Adobe's Acrobat.com, and others Crawler
and fixes many of the gripes we Penzu can now be skinned in slowly. You first have to dig operate.
originally had about its very one of six themes for those who through all your Flickr albums, Penzu's focus makes it difficult
pretty, but feature-light, offerings. pay for the service's new pro then cycle eight photos at a time to make strong comparisons to
28 Tech/ Entertainment/ Popular News/ Internet News Record

LockerBlogger: An All-Access Pass Poland launches

to Sports Stars Auschwitz page on
By Jennifer Van Grove focused around athletes or sports.
Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:32:03 AM
Facebook Coaches can also use the space to
start online groups and share
video content with team members, By Chris Matyszczyk and frightening a place as you can
With the wealth of social media and there’s even a way for high (Webware.com) ever visit, view the site as an
tools available for professional school athletes to connect with Submitted at 10/14/2009 4:41:11 PM experiment but hope that it will be
athletes to leverage and connect college scouts. a lasting reminder to younger
with fans, do they really need LockerBlogger doesn’t appear When I lived and worked in generations of the concentration
their own celebrity blogging to be all that different from sites Warsaw, Poland, just before the camp's painful significance in
platform? like Yardbarker, nor does it sport turn of the century, I had a client history.
The brand new service, and combines blogging, social anything that is groundbreaking in who was about to make a TV Pawel Sawicki, a museum
LockerBlogger, seems to think so, media, and rich media, enabling the technology sphere. It’s biggest spot. The client insisted on a official at Auschwitz, told the
and they’re launching today with stars to better control their online selling point is the big name Polish director. We offered the BBC, "If our mission is to educate
an all-star lineup of professional personas. Depending on what the members. Fans will follow their name Marek Dawid. the younger generation to be
athletes to prove their point. athletes post, fans could get a heroes, so the fact that they’ve "Who's his DP (director of responsible in the contemporary
There are already more than 140 better, more unfiltered view of recruited high profile names could photography)?" the client asked. world, what better tool can we use
celebrity athletes using the their favorite athletic heros on and be all they need for an instant "Pawel Edelman," was the to reach them than the tools they
s e r v i c e , w i t h t o u t e d off the field. victory. answer. use themselves?"
LockerBloggers including Dwight With LockerBlogger, you can For a taste of LockerBlogger, "Oh, I'm not having two Jews on These tools are already being
F r e e n e y , L a r r y J o h n s o n , expect personal “lockers” to watch this clip: my shoot," came the reply, which used, after all, by those who seek
L a w r e n c e T a y l o r , D a r r y l include typical social network Image from CC_Chapman on was both stunningly anti-Semitic to deny that the Holocaust ever
Strawberry, Jason Kidd, Don features like photo and video Flickr Reviews: Facebook, Flickr, and frighteningly stupid, as happened, which has led to much
Mattingly, Alan Houston, and galleries, friend lists, following MySpace Edelman went on to be DP on controversy as to whether they
Dominique Wilkins. options, onsite messaging, groups, Tags: athletes, lockerblogger, such movies as " The Pianist." contravene Facebook's terms of
LockerBlogger is designed to user bios with links, and a sports I tell this story only because service.
make it simple for athletes to member blog. It’s pretty much Poland, despite its pride in being The new Auschwitz Facebook
connect with fans. The service like Facebook or MySpace, but t h e o n l y E u r o p e a n c o u n t r y site allows for discussion and, as
caters to the sports community occupied by Nazis that didn't have yet, nothing has been posted by
a collaborator government, is not deniers.
Larry Birkhead Speaks Out on Anna Nicole devoid of anti-Semitic attitudes. However, it will be interesting
This is why many will welcome to see whether, over time, it will
the creation of an Auschwitz serve as a lasting reminder when
Smith Case Facebook site. there is no one still alive who
Auschwitz, a very real place p e r s o n a l l y e x p e r i e n c e d
(ETonline - Breaking News) "What I could testify to is the what's so odd about this situation
indeed.(Credit: C C Auschwitz's horrors.
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:14:00 AM timeline before she died and what is when you said something to
was going on in people's heads. ... Anna ... she referenced you back Lumiere/Flickr) Originally posted at Technically
Larry Birkhead-- father to the I guess the coming and going of to the bottles with the doctor's According to the BBC, the Incorrect
late Anna Nicole Smith's 3-year- different people around her," names on it. So, you found some authorities at Auschwitz, as bleak
old daughter Dannielynn-- reveals Birkhead told "Today" show host comfort basically that a doctor is Judge OKs release of warrants in Letterman case
how he plans to testify in the Matt Lauer. prescribing this and there was (AP)
criminal case against attorney Birkhead said he attempted someone, supposed to be, having
Howard K. Stern, Dr. Khristine several times to talk to the former the right mind to be in charge of (Yahoo! News: U.S. News) 16 seconds ago 2009-10-
Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Playboy model and Stern about this." Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:45:36 AM 15T09:41:43-07:00
Kapoor, who are being charged on her drug use. "There's several This content has passed through
counts of conspiracy to furnish times and attempts I made and 1 buzzed up: Federal contractors fivefilters.org.
the late Smith with drugs. conversations. The thing is and report 30,000 stimulus jobs (AP)
Internet News Record Tech/ TV/ Fashion/ 29

Jim Dolan's Lawsuit Against Cityfile Reports: Google to

Highlights The Need For Stronger launch online bookstore
(CNET News.com)
Anti-SLAPP Laws Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:31:00 AM
directly from its Web site, the
search giant said at the book fair
that it would give publishers 63
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) considering getting rid of the back against such bogus lawsuits, Watch out Amazon. Google is percent of the sales and keep 37
Submitted at 10/15/2009 2:17:32 AM famous "Christmas Spectacular" whose purpose is only to silence hitting the online bookstore percent itself. For books sold
involving the Rockettes at Radio s p e e c h ( S L A P P s t a n d s f o r business. through Amazon or other
The Citizen Media Law Project City Music Hall in New York. As Strategic Lawsuit Against Public The search giant announced retailers, the publisher would get
has yet another story of bogus Arthur Bright points out, the Participation). The problem, Thursday at the Frankfurt Book 45 percent, the retailer would get
lawsuits being used to silence original post doesn't seem all that however, is that right now anti- Fair that in the first half of next 55 percent, and Google would
something someone doesn't want different than speculative articles SLAPP laws are at the state level, year it will launch Google k e e p t h e s m a l l r e m a i n i n g
written about them. In this case, it published all the time in pretty and only a few states have really Editions, a new service that will p e r c e n t a g e .
involved Jim Dolan, known (but much every media outlet. strong ones. New York is not one deliver e-books to anyone with a The company said that
not particularly liked) to New U n f o r t u n a t e l y , f a c i n g a of them. While Bright says this is Web browser. consumers would be able to read
Y o r k e r s a s t h e o w n e r o f protracted legal fight, Cityfile evidence of why NY should Partnering with publishers the books on any connected
Cablevision, the Knicks and agreed to settle and "retract" the strengthen its anti-SLAPP laws, a which whom it already has digital device, including PCs, Netbooks,
Madison Square Garden. More story. Bright notes that this is better solution might be a strong rights deals, Google plans to and smartphones. Apple iPhone
recently, Cablevision bought the silly, and any decent lawyer federal anti-SLAPP law, that initially offer about a half-million users could access the e-books
newspaper Newsday -- so you should have been able to get the shows a strong support for b o o k s t h r o u g h t h e s e r v i c e , through their Gmail accounts.
might think that Dolan would be a l a w s u i t t o s s e d o n F i r s t freedom of speech, and helps according to press reports from Google said it doesn't plan to
little more aware of why it's bad A m e n d m e n t g r o u n d s . T h e prevent bogus lawsuits whose Frankfurt. Readers will be able to offer a dedicated e-book reader to
t o s u e a n e w s p u b l i c a t i o n problem is the time and resources only purpose is to allow those purchase the books directly from accompany the new service,
claiming defamation over a needed to fight such a thing. with more money to silence Google or from online bookstores according to the press reports.
clearly speculative piece. And, Bright then points out how this speech they dislike. such as Amazon and Barnes & "We're not focused on a
yet, sue he did. Dolan sued the highlights the need for stronger Permalink| Comments| Email Noble. dedicated e-reader or device of
blog Cityfile for posting a piece anti-SLAPP laws in New York. This Story In September, in conjunction any kind," Tom Turvey, Google's
about rumors that Dolan was Anti-SLAPP laws let people fight with Congressional hearings into director of strategic partnerships,
Pink Ribbon Beauty: Estee Lauder Lip Glosses its Google Books project, the told journalists at the Frankfurt
search titan had revealed a reseller Book Fair.
By ELLE.com (ELLE News —Janna Johnson, Beauty p r o g r a m t h a t w o u l d g i v e Google was not immediately
Blog) Assistant competitors a share of money available for comment to CNET
complete with a lipstick, gloss Photo: Kevin Cremens from such a service. News.
Submitted at 10/14/2009 8:00:00 AM
(shown), pencil, and mirrored Follow ELLE on Twitter Google plans to share the sales This content has passed through
Evelyn Lauder and Elizabeth case. Sales support Estée Lauder’s with both publishers and the fivefilters.org.
Hurley handpicked these lip sets, $500,000 donation to the BCRF. online bookstores. For books sold

Cougar Town: I Won't Back Down

By Joel Keller (TV Squad) he's Bill's favorite singer. So there as a purely neurotic mess, and a overall health of the show.
Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:29:00 AM you have it. loud one at that. It's not Continue reading Cougar Town:
Now, on to this episode. We've endearing, it doesn't help me I Won't Back Down
(S01E04) First, let's get a all seen Courteney Cox play connect with Jules' plight, and, Filed under: Episode Reviews,
mystery out of the way: the Tom neurotic; she played neurotic for most importantly, it's not funny. Reality-Free, Cougar Town
Petty centric titles. I shot off a ten seasons on Friends. But we've Tonight's episode was Jules at Permalink| Email this| |
note to Bill Lawrence asking also seen her play tough, her most neurotic, and it made for Comments
about it, and he Blackberried back confident and warm, whether it the least funny episode of the first
to me that it's because a) Tom was on Friends or any of her other writing or the way she interprets four. It's a bad trend that's starting
Petty is from rural Florida and b) roles. Right now, either via the the role, she's playing Jules Cobb to make me worry about the
30 Tech/ TV/ Internet News Record

Offshore iPhone/iPod USB power Broadband Internet is

adapters: Caveat Emptor Now a Legal Right in
By David Winograd (The amazement from the vendor, my
Unofficial Apple Weblog
money was refunded.
Undaunted, or maybe just
Submitted at 10/14/2009 6:30:00 PM dumb, I went back to eBay and By Stan Schroeder
found another vendor that claimed (Mashable!)
Filed under: Accessories, iPod to be selling, "100% Brand New Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:00:25 AM
Family, iPhone When I opened Original OEM Charger and
my iPhone 3GS, I was surprised Original OEM USB Cable for The EU Parliament has on
to find that the power adapter was iPhone/iPod" for around US$4. I several occasions stated that
nothing but a little 2-prong AC just checked eBay and found this access to the Internet is one of
plug (I live in the US) that same vendor raising the price to basic human rights. Now, Finland
allowed you to plug in the US$10 in one auction and has become the first country to
standard USB to 30-pin connector lowering it to $US.01 in another. actually declare fast (broadband)
to charge the phone. Continue reading Offshore Internet access a legal right. dollars to expand broadband
I wanted to get a spare; and after a few weeks received iPhone/iPod USB power adapters: In practice, this means that coverage throughout the country.
checking online told me that the them. They looked perfect, right Caveat Emptor telecom companies in Finland will This decision by the Finnish
Apple Store wanted US$29 for down to the little green dot -- but TUAW Offshore iPhone/iPod be required to provide all Finnish Government is in contrast with
the little plug, which just seemed none of them worked. They might USB power adapters: Caveat citizens – all 5.3 million of them– the often heard proposals
like too much for too little, so I start charging, but after a few Emptor originally appeared on with broaband Internet connection (especially in France and the UK,
went shopping. minutes the iPhone would beep a The Unofficial Apple Weblog of at least 1 Mbps, starting in but also – surprisingly – in
On eBay I found a bunch of few times and I would be (TUAW) on Wed, 14 Oct 2009 July. Finland) about the possible
auctions based in Hong Kong informed that "this accessory is 18:30:00 EST. Please see our That’s not all. According to the introduction of the three-strikes
selling what looked like the exact not compatible." And so it went terms for use of feeds. legislative counselor for the law, under which illegal file
same thing for anywhere from for all four pieces. After sending Read| Permalink| Email this| Ministry of Transport and sharers would be disconnected
under around $2-4, and they often some pictures back and forth and Comments Communications Laura from the Internet after repeated
included the USB cable to boot. reading a few emails containing a Vilkkonen, the plan is to provide offenses. Making something a
I ordered four from a vendor combination of surprise and all the citizens with even faster legal right doesn’t mean it cannot
broadband speeds (100 Mbps) by be taken away, but the
Spike TV's Scream special celebrates our nation's 2015. “We think it’s something
you cannot live without in modern
government’s stance that
broadband Internet access is
vampires society. Like banking services or
water or electricity, you need
similar to “banking services or
water or electricity” should mean
By John Scott Lewinski (TV wanted to today, and I need to get Internet connection,” she said. that net access should not be taken
Squad) to the point. So, vampires will be This task is easier to achieve in away from people lightly, if at all.
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:03:00 AM the cause celebre of Spike TV's Finland than most other countries, Image courtesy of iStockphoto,
4th Annual "Scream.," Tuesday, since its broadband penetration Eraxion Reviews: iStockphoto
Vampires aren't scary anymore. October 27 at 10 PM ET/PT. rate is among the highest in the Tags: broaband internet,
They haven't been for a while. Continue reading Spike TV's world. In the US, the FCC may Finland, legal right
Anne Rice saw to that while she Scream special celebrates our need as much as 350 billion
was making her fortune turning nation's vampires
vampires into the kind of delicate Filed under: Other Sci-
camp caricatures you see hosting Fi/Supernatural Shows, Reality-
cooking shows on Bravo. It's Free, True Blood, Vampire
continued through Twilight and Bank now, and no one gives a Diaries
every Twilight clone coming cuss what I think. Permalink| Email this| |
down the pipe. Still, Twilight can Now, I've officially typed the Comments
build it's own Federal Reserve word "Twilight" way more than I
Internet News Record Tech/ TV/ Entertainment/ 31

TweetDeck Adds New Notification Dress like Don Draper with

Brooks Brothers' help
System and New Follower Column By Allison Waldman (TV
By Christina Warren making changes and sending
(Mashable!) messages without ever having to Submitted at 10/15/2009 12:03:00 PM

Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:07:11 AM go to the mouse.

TweetDeck 0.31 has also been Lately, Don Draper has not been
TweetDeck is one of the most optimized to consume less coming off as a very nice guy on
popular Twitter clients, and with memory — which should result in Mad Men. In fact, he's been a
the bevy of features, support for an overall better user-experience, complete jerk. However, if there's
multiple accounts and services — especially for heavy users. Here’s one thing positive about the tall,
plus groups — TweetDeck has a demo of the new features: dark and handsome ad man, he's a
defined itself as a solid cross- You can update your existing great dresser. Jon Hamm looks
platform Twitter client for the amazing in Don Draper's suits.
TweetDeck v 0.31 is the ability to TweetDeck program or download Well, now so can you. Brooks
power user. view your newest 100 followers. it from here— and don’t forget to
Today, TweetDeck has released Brothers is selling the Mad Men
From there you can follow, block, c h e c k o u t M a s h D e c k , a Edition suit for a mere $998. Van Dyke Show look, depending
version 0.31 and with it a slew of or add to an existing group — customized version of Tweetdeck on your favorite reference point
new features, including keyboard (Hey, that's not a grand, unless
w i t h o u t h a v i n g t o l e a v e with some extra Mashable love. you count tax). from the '60s.
shortcuts and a new notifications TweetDeck. What’s your favorite Twitter Continue reading Dress like
system. Don't dawdle, though. There's
For keyboard addicts (like client? What do you think of the only 250 suits in the limited Don Draper with Brooks Brothers'
The new notifications system myself), TweetDeck has often new Tweetdeck features? Let us help
can be applied to certain groups edition run. The look is inspired
been frustrating because you’ve k n o w ! R e v i e w s : M a s h a b l e , by the Mad Men 1960's Madison Filed under: OpEd, Reality-
(instead of being the same across really got to use a mouse to use T w e e t D e c k , T w i t t e r Free, Mad Men
all columns) and now features Tags: tweetdeck, twitter, twitter Avenue style, which could also be
the program with any consistency. the How To Succeed in Business Permalink| Email this| |
inline reply, RT, and direct N o w T w e e t D e c k s u p p o r t s clients Comments
message access from within the Without Really Trying look from
keyboard shortcuts and a Heads- the Broadway show or The Dick
notification menu. Also new with up Display (HUD) for quickly
Russell Crowe
Twitter to squeeze the wine business for charity Involved in Car
(CNET News.com) the self-described "social highlighting the power of open and ultimately literacy to people Accident
Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:59:00 AM winemaking venture" has a communication to bring about in the poorest areas around the
Twitter page too that just kicked positive change." world." The remaining $15 will (ETonline - Breaking News)
"ABC" refers back in minutes ago. For now, Fledgling Wine is be used for production costs. Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:04:00 AM

to the mission. But "As a company that's only one available only as a pre-order-- Twitter's co-founders said they
no bird?(Credit: Twitter) percent into its journey, we're pinot noir or chardonnay. The believe Fledgling Wine will help Action star Russell Crowe has
For your non sequitur of the always thinking about our long wine will be bottled in August Twitter as well. They reason that reportedly had a fender-bender
day... term impact on the world," 2010. In the meantime, anyone "if you can't read, you can't with a Pittsburgh fire truck.
In an attempt to boost literacy Twitter co-founders Ev Williams interested in buying Twitter's Tweet!" Crowe is in Pennsylvania
rates around the world, Twitter and Biz Stone wrote on Fledgling 750ml bottles of wine can pay The news was first reported by shooting 'The Next Three Days'
has launched a wine label with W i n e ' s h o m e p a g e . " T h e $20. According to Stone and San Francisco Weekly. and was clipped by a fire truck
San Francisco-based winery Fledgling Initiative embodies two Williams, $5 from the proceeds This content has passed through while filming, according to an
Crushpad. things that are at the core of "will be donated to Room to fivefilters.org. ABC news affiliate (WTAE) in
The label is dubbed Fledgling Twitter's mission: providing Read, a transformational non- Pittsburgh.
Wine. In addition to its Web site, a c c e s s t o i n f o r m a t i o n a n d profit that brings books, libraries The truck was reportedly
pulling out of the Deutschtown
Fire Station Wednesday afternoon
when it hit the front end of a van
that was parked in the street.
32 Tech/ Entertainment/ Fashion/ Popular News/ Internet News Record
Insurers dropping Uma Thurman,
Twitter to squeeze the wine business Chinese drywall Minnie Driver Dish
for charity policies (AP)
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News)
on 'Motherhood'
(ETonline - Breaking News)
By Don Reisinger "As a company that's only one 750ml bottles of wine can pay Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:01:39 AM Submitted at 10/15/2009 3:21:00 AM
(Webware.com) percent into its journey, we're $20. According to Stone and
Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:59:00 AM always thinking about our long Williams, $5 from the proceeds [ fivefilters.org: unable to ET joined Uma Thurman,
term impact on the world," "will be donated to Room to retrieve full-text content] Minnie Driver and Anthony
"ABC" refers back Twitter co-founders Ev Williams Read, a transformational non- AP - James and Maria Ivory's Edwards at the premiere of their
to the mission. But and Biz Stone wrote on Fledgling profit that brings books, libraries dreams of a relaxing retirement on new comedy 'Motherhood' in
no bird?(Credit: Twitter) Wine's home page. "The and ultimately literacy to people Florida's Gulf Coast were put on NYC on Wednesday night, and
For your non sequitur of the Fledgling Initiative embodies two in the poorest areas around the hold when they discovered their the stars dished about being real-
day... things that are at the core of world." The remaining $15 will new home had been built with life parents!
In an attempt to boost literacy Twitter's mission: providing be used for production costs. Chinese drywall that emits “It’s a beautiful sort of family
rates around the world, Twitter a c c e s s t o i n f o r m a t i o n a n d Twitter's co-founders said they sulfuric fumes and corrodes pipes. love story,” said Uma of the film,
has launched a wine label with highlighting the power of open believe Fledgling Wine will help It got worse when they asked their adding, “motherhood has been the
San Francisco-based winery communication to bring about Twitter as well. They reason that insurer for help — and not only great experience of my life.”
Crushpad. positive change." "if you can't read, you can't was their claim denied, but “I was heavily pregnant, so it
The label is dubbed Fledgling For now, Fledgling Wine is Tweet!" they've been told their entire was pretty intense to be that heavy
Wine. In addition to its Web site, available only as a pre-order-- The news was first reported by policy won't be renewed. with child and working, but it’s a
t h e s e l f - d e s c r i b e d " s o c i a l pinot noir or chardonnay. The San Francisco Weekly. great movie,” said Minnie.
winemaking venture" has a wine will be bottled in August
Twitter page too that just kicked 2010. In the meantime, anyone
in minutes ago. interested in buying Twitter's
Pink Ribbon Beauty:
BW: Apple's Schiller sees opportunity for Mac Charlotte Moss Air
with Windows 7 launch By ELLE.com (ELLE News
By Ken Ray (The Unofficial "a very good opportunity" in the with a Mac out of the box, like
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) Windows 7 noise, in an interview iMovie and GarageBand. Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:00:00 AM

Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:30:00 AM with Business Week's Peter Continue reading BW: Apple's
Burrows. Schiller sees opportunity for Mac Named after the romantic
Filed under: Hardware, OS One While no one expects Windows with Windows 7 launch Parisian neighborhood, Charlotte
week from today, Microsoft will 7 to be as poorly received as TUAW BW: Apple's Schiller Moss Left Bank AirEssence
try to shake the stink of Vista. Vista, the new operating system sees opportunity for Mac with infuses your space with
BusinessWeek reminds the world will mark the first time in a long Windows 7 launch originally lemongrass and patchouli. Ten
that Microsoft is set to launch while that millions of PC owners appeared on The Unofficial Apple percent of proceeds on
Windows 7 on October 22nd. I've will start looking seriously at Weblog (TUAW) on Thu, 15 Oct Agrariahome.com during the
got the day free, since all of my replacing existing machines, 2009 10:30:00 EST. Please see month of October benefits the
invitations to Windows 7 launch especially with so many PC- our terms for use of feeds. BCRF.
parties seem to have been lost in p e o p l e h a v i n g s k i p p e d t h e at PC users, trying to pull them to Read| Permalink| Email this| —Janna Johnson, Beauty
the mail. purchase cycle when Vista came the Mac side in the coming days. Comments Assistant
As the spotlight shifts toward around. The ads will probably hit familiar Photo: Kevin Cremens
Redmond, WA, Apple Senior VP And there's where Apple gets points, such as the susceptibility Follow ELLE on Twitter
of Worldwide Product Marketing them. Or tries to, anyway. to malware worn by Windows,
Phil Schiller says that Apple sees Apple is likely to aim new ads and extra programs buyers get
Internet News Record Tech/ Sports/ Economy/ 33

BlackBerry Storm 2 to It's Natural To Freak Out Over Pete Carroll Makes
His Line Coaches
Feature WiFi, More Memory, Someone Copying Your Stuff... Slide in the Mud
Improved Touchscreen But It Doesn't Make It Rational By Michael David Smith
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) freaking out isn't going to make (FanHouse)
By Christina Warren the situation any better (and it has Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:55:00 AM
Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:40:00 AM
(Mashable!) a better than even chance of
Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:45:51 AM
Owen Kelly has a nice post up, making it worse). But embracing by Michael David Smith
where he basically admits that, it, and figuring out ways to use Filed under: USC, Coaching,
When the BlackBerry Storm was Video
released last November, RIM was even though he's not against the copying to your own benefit
copying, he had an initial visceral can be tremendously rewarding. It was a rare rainy day in
hoping that the first touch-screen Southern California on Tuesday,
BlackBerry would set the world bad reaction when he recently saw But, of course, that doesn't
his own work copied, but after mean we don't recognize that and the rain gave USC coach Pete
on fire. It didn’t. Carroll a bright idea for what to
Now the Canadian smartphone taking a step back and thinking normal impulse reaction. It's
do at the end of practice: Settle a
company is looking for a second- BlackBerry Storm — the new about it rationally, he realized it entirely natural, even if it's tied scrimmage between the
chance at touch-screen bliss with model will be fully electronic (so wasn't so bad. The problem is that i r r a t i o n a l . S o , w e ' r e n o t offense and the defense by having
the BlackBerry Storm 2. Verizon the screen won’t shift when you most people, when they see their necessarily surprised when people his offensive and defensive line
is bringing the Storm 2 to the type) and will sport a full-width own work copied, never take that overreact to such things -- even if coaches see who could slide
United States and Vodafone will keyboard while in landscape second step. They see it, they we think it's not a particularly farther in the mud.
be a carrier in seven European mode. freak out and go negative (or, smart long-term strategy. But,
worse, call in the lawyers). But if hopefully, as more and more Pete Carroll Makes His Line
countries as well as South Africa. Will these changes be enough to Coaches Slide in the Mud
The Wall Street Journal’s Walt counter the other touch-screen you take a step back, you can ask people show how allowing more originally appeared on Fanhouse
Mossberg gives an overview of s m a r t p h o n e s s t o r m i n g t h e yourself (1) if the copying really widespread copying helped rather NCAA Football Blog on Thu, 15
the new BlackBerry Storm 2 (on marketplace? Only time will tell. matters one way or another and than harmed them, this won't Oct 2009 10:55:00 EST . Please
Verizon) in his column and hints What do you think about the new (2) if there's any way to use that seem so counterintuitive to so see our terms for use of feeds.
that the phone should be coming BlackBerry Storm 2? Are the new copying to your advantage, rather many people. Permalink| Email this| Linking
out sometime in November for features enough to make you than freaking out about it. That's Permalink| Comments| Email
Blogs| Comments
around $200. the point we've been trying to This Story
consider switching over or are
On the specifications side, the y o u a p h y s i c a l k e y b o a r d make for years. In most cases,
BlackBerry Storm 2 has more BlackBerry diehard for life? Let Xstrata walks away from Anglo bid
memory, will take up to a 32GB us know!
microSD card, includes a 3.2 Tags: blackberry, blackberry (Financial Times - US American, five days before the offer for six months, unless it is
megapixel camera, and now s t o r m , b l a c k b e r r y s t o r m 2 , homepage) deadline that UK takeover an agreed bid or an approach
includes WiFi. The biggest s m a r t p h o n e s Submitted at 10/15/2009 5:23:24 AM authorities had set for it to make a comes from a third party.
change is in the keyboard — gone formal offer. This content has passed through
is the mechanical “button” Xstrata has dropped its proposed The move means the Swiss- fivefilters.org.
keyboard from the original merger with rival miner Anglo based miner cannot make another

Pickin' on the Big Ten: Teams for Sale

By Mark Hasty (FanHouse) Thursday, Pickin' on the Big Ten such good news. Pickin' on the Big Ten: Teams
Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:30:00 AM gives you the bottom line on the This would be a perfect time for for Sale originally appeared on
upcoming weekend's games. mid-term report cards, but letter Fanhouse NCAA Football Blog
by Mark Hasty Every team now has six games grades are so one-dimensional, on Thu, 15 Oct 2009 10:30:00
Filed under: Illinois, Indiana, on the books. Well, Illinois don't you think? There are more EST . Please see our terms for use
Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, doesn't, which is good news/bad meaningful comparisons to be of feeds.
Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio news. Illinois fans have only had made. Make the jump and see Permalink| Email this| Linking
S t a t e , P e n n S t a t e , P u r d u e , to watch five games so far; that's games left to watch, which is not every Big Ten team compared to Blogs| Comments
W i s c o n s i n , B i g 1 0 E v e r y good news. They have seven ... well, just go and look.
34 Tech/ Economy/ Internet News Record

Gartner and IDC agree: 3rd Meghan McCain’s Twitter Tandberg investors
seek to block $3bn
quarter Mac sales are up Photo Creates Drama Cisco bid
By Michael Rose (The By Adam Ostrow (Mashable!) (Financial Times - US
Unofficial Apple Weblog Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:43:48 AM homepage)
(TUAW)) Submitted at 10/15/2009 5:53:11 AM
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:45:00 AM John McCain might’ve been
criticized during his Presidential Investors holding 24 per cent of
Filed under: Apple Financial campaign for being somewhat of the shares in Tandberg look set to
Amidst the ongoing a technology neophyte (he’s since block Cisco’s $3bn bid for the
macroeconomic malaise (is it over joined Twitter), but his daughter Norwegian video conferencing
yet? Can we come out from under Meghan is anything but. company, raising hopes that the
the covers?), the PC industry's An active Twitter user and a US networking company might
sales have been suffering as big shipments, with US numbers up blogger for The Daily Beast, account, what once was fun now sweeten the offer.
corporations and cash-strapped f r o m 8 . 6 % t o 8 . 8 % s h a r e Meghan McCain is seemingly all just seems like a vessel for Cisco offered NKr153.5 a share
c o n s u m e r s p o s t p o n e t h o s e (Gartner) or a blazing 9.4% share over the social web. However, last harassment.” for Tandberg this month in a
discretionary purchases of shiny (IDC). For the unvarnished night things apparently got a little That seems unlikely, as the buzz move designed to make it a
new gear. The expectation, based results, you can tune in this dramatic when McCain the created is no doubt helping her dominant force in the growing
on 2008's results, was that this coming Monday, 10/19 at 2pm PT younger posted the picture you stats over at The Daily Beast, and video communications market.
quarter would be tough sledding. to hear Apple's quarterly earnings see here to TwitPic. her account has become an The Cisco deal was recommended
Results from analysts Gartner call. More than 80,000 views and important medium for promoting by the Tandberg board, but a
and IDC, however, both show an [via BrainstormTech] many comments (some of them her work. Before signing off for g r o u p o f m a i n l y s m a l l
uptick in unit sales across the PC TUAW Gartner and IDC agree: decidedly negative) later, she’s the night, she even posted a link shareholders including the Oslo
market year-over-year (2.3% 3rd quarter Mac sales are up threatened to pull a Miley and quit to her latest post. Ultimately, this Pension Fund and Rasmussen
higher globally per IDC, 0.5% originally appeared on The Twitter altogether. She tweeted just might add up to a savvy Group on Thursday said they
higher per Gartner). Any pickup U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g “so I took a fun picture not s o c i a l m e d i a p l a y , e v e n i f would not sell shares to Cisco
in sales comes as a surprise to (TUAW) on Thu, 15 Oct 2009 thinking anything about what I unintentional. Reviews: Twitpic, under the current offer.
Gartner, which had predicted a 09:45:00 EST. Please see our was wearing but apparently Twitter This content has passed through
5.6% decline in unit shipments. terms for use of feeds. anything other than a pantsuit I Tags: meghan mccain, twitter fivefilters.org.
For Apple specifically, the news Read| Permalink| Email this| am a slut, this is why I have been
is also good: both firms predict a Comments considering deleting my twitter
boost in unit sales and share
percentage for Apple's CPU

WARNING: “98B351 AMBER Alert Hoax Still Spreading on Twitter,

By Stan Schroeder boy has been kidnapped in a on the internet, which means the abduction alert issued upon the
(Mashable!) Mitsubishi Eclipse with the hoax is working. Don’t fall for it! suspected abduction of a child;
Submitted at 10/15/2009 4:29:01 AM registration plate “ 98B351“, and A quick search on the reveals the best way to check if it’s real is
many users have fallen for it, there are currently no active to go straight to National Centre
A very resilient hoax is making spreading it further via Facebook, AMBER Alerts. Interestingly, this for Missing and Exploited
t h e r o u n d s o n T w i t t e r a n d Twitter, and SMS. hoax has been making the rounds Children’s website.
Facebook. It consists of a message According to IT security for several weeks, but – as hoaxes Tags: amber alert, facebook,
that poses as an AMBER Alert company Sophos, the message is often do – it seems to now be hoax, twitter
about a 3-year-old kidnapped boy. nothing more than a hoax, but the already ranking high among the resurfacing stronger than ever. An
The message further claims the said license plate number is most commonly searched terms AMBER Alert is a child
Internet News Record Tech News/ Sports/ Fashion/ 35

Google Wave More Secure than Traditional Email

By Sarah Perez refers to as "crypto fairy dust." (which probably explains the Luxury Hair
(ReadWriteWeb) That's obviously meant to be a company's hesitance to switch it
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:17:12 AM simple and fun way to explain the on in other products, too), but Treatment for $10:
security complexities built into they ultimately decided that the
Google Wave, the company's Wave which involve detailed security it provides was worth it. Tomorrow Only!
new real-time collaboration authentication mechanisms to Whitelisting Kills the Noise By ELLE.com (ELLE News
platform currently in private beta, keep users safe from malicious A third security feature of sorts Blog)
is more secure than traditional attacks. In Wave, every bit of info coming to Wave in the future is Submitted at 10/14/2009 12:03:57 PM
email, claims the company. you receive from another Wave the ability to do "whitelisting."
According to Greg D'alesandre, user has already been Wave users will be able to select Whether your strands are limp
Google Wave product manager, authenticated as to its origin so which people they want to and greasy or frizzy and dry
that's because Google has focused you can be assured that they are end of 2008, Google was only collaborate with and place them L'Oréal Professionnel’s exclusive
on addressing privacy and who they say they are. offering SSL as a feature in its on a whitelist of approved in-salon Powerdose Treatment is
security issues as the product was "You know you are getting the other Google Apps programs if persons. Only those who are on customized to your specific hair
built from the ground up instead Wave from the person that is users were on either the Premier the list will be able to contact you needs. Typically a $35 value, the
of waiting to deal with them later. sending it to you and it has not or Education editions. That meant via Wave and everyone else will targeted treatment will be offered
Speaking to media in Sydney changed mid-stream. This is a that for non-paying consumer be ignored. for just $10 at the Roy Teeluck
today, he detailed several of very big problem in current users, Google Docs, Calendar and That feature should certainly Salon in NYC tomorrow. Bonus:
Wave's security features which communication technologies - other online offerings were only help to address the concerns Teeluck’s Powerdose won’t just
are meant to stop criminals from data can be changed mid stream available via unencrypted HTTP certain folks have about Wave's leave your tresses in better
exploiting the new technology and and you will never know," said sessions. "noise level," to some, an shape—it will leave victims of
harming Wave users. D'alesandre. Today, little has changed. Still, overwhelming amount of activity local and global disasters in better
Sponsor HTTPS Enabled by Default o n l y u s e r s o f P r e m i e r a n d that led them to call out Wave as a shape too. 100 percent of
Built In Features to Prevent For an additional layer of Education Editions have access to distraction and a time-waster proceeds from tomorrow’s event
Spoofing security, all Wave traffic is by SSL and it's not switched on by i n s t e a d o f t h e f u t u r i s t i c will be donated to Fashion
As reported by Australian news default encrypted via HTTPS, a default. The protocol is now productivity product it intends to Delivers, a not-for-profit
outlet ITNews, Wave has multiple protocol for secure a v a i l a b l e f o r G m a i l , C h a t , be. By allowing those who can't organization. To book your
levels of security which are communications. That represents Calendar, Docs and Sites but not s e e m t o e m b r a c e W a v e ' s appointment with the celebrity
designed to prevent email a big change in Google's standard the Start page, Google Video or cacophony the ability to limit hairstylist and his team of
spoofing. Spoofing, meaning policy regarding use of this the Google Talk desktop client. their collaborators, Wave could specialists, call 212-888-2221.
when you receive an email that protocol. It wasn't until July of Consumers using free Google transfer from noisy attention killer —Emily Hebert
claims to be from either a person 2008 that Gmail users were even apps like Docs still don't have to useful tool in an instant. Photo: Courtesy of Roy Teeluck
or company you know but is given the option to encrypt SSL unless they type it in the Of the three features, the first Salon
actually from someone else - a messages using SSL and to enable address bar manually. two are already in place. No date Follow ELLE on Twitter
hacker in most cases. it, you had to go into your settings D'alesandre admitted that was given on the whitelisting
D'alesandre says the Wave and make a change - something switching on encryption in Wave feature, only that it will be
protocol is more secure because it that most mainstream users would slows down the service a little "coming soon." Discuss
includes something he jokingly never have bothered with. By the

Fantasy Football Cram Session: Rebirth?

By Matt Snyder (FanHouse) Braylon Edwards and Jamal this and many, many other things Fanhouse Fantasy Football on
Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:05:00 AM Lewis were left for dead in (including Herrera's Thu, 15 Oct 2009 11:05:00 EST .
fantasy leagues across the internet underwhelming movie experience Please see our terms for use of
by Matt Snyder after abysmal beginnings. Low and Snyder channeling his inner feeds.
Filed under: NFL Fantasy and behold, a trade and a return 2Pac to forgive Mike Sims- Permalink| Email this| Linking
Felony, NFL Waiver Wire, NFL from injury (against the hapless Walker) in this week's cram Blogs| Comments
Injury Report, Podcasts, NFL Bills) made them both look like session.
Start 'Em Sit 'Em their old selves in Week 5. Was it FanHouse's dynamic duo, Tom Fantasy Football Cram Session:
Former fantasy football stars a rebirth or an aberration? Fantasy Herrera and Matt Snyder, discuss Rebirth? originally appeared on
36 Tech News/ Sports/ Fashion/ Internet News Record

Is Apple Going to Support Augmented Reality,

After All?
By Marshall Kirkpatrick beginning to change. developers and venture capitalists
(ReadWriteWeb) Layar is a browser that displays need to abandon Apple entirely.
Submitted at 10/14/2009 6:53:13 PM geo-located information like real- There are good alternatives out
estate listings and restaurant there that may not be as shiny, but
The cranky elves that run the reviews on top of a mobile are certainly as powerful and
i P h o n e A p p S t o r e m a y b e camera's view of its surroundings. definitely more open for us to
warming up after all to the The company has used well-made work with."
emerging field of Augmented demo videos to stoke excitement It's also possible that Apple
After a Year on
Reality (AR). AR app makers, among iPhone owners for months. hasn't been offering AR apps Sidelines, Kim Couture
who are building sci-fi-like The app has long been available meaningful support because so far Ready to Resume MMA
interfaces for viewing data about on Android handsets but just they are a little dissapointing once
the physical world on top of the emerged from the dark and consumers get their hands on Career
mobile phone's camera, were mysterious iTunes App Store them. GPS data is clumsy, data By Ariel Helwani (FanHouse)
beginning to feel spurned. approval process this morning. sets are incomplete and the user Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:51:00 AM
Today Apple both approved the Its competitor Wikitude displays last month. experience still hasn't been nailed
m o s t e a g e r l y a n t i c i p a t e d Wikipedia data (as Layar does) as All of this creates a very yet by anyone. It's also borderline by Ariel Helwani
Augmented Reality app yet, well as user-generated Points of different experience for startups embarrassing to wave your phone Filed under: Strikeforce,
Amsterdam's AR browser Layar( Interest input through its website compared to the way they can around in the air when out in FanHouse Exclusive Kim Couture
iTunes link), and made its primary Wikitude.me. Wikitude was made launch apps on Android phones. public, surrounded by people you will compete in the co-main event
challenger, Wikitude( iTunes a featured app in iTunes today, They simply post them to the don't know. That's quite unlike the spot on the Nov. 20 Strikeforce
link), a featured app in the iTunes just hours before Layar went live Android App Store, no approval usual experience Apple tries to Challengers show in Kansas City,
App Store. in the store. process needed. Application associate with itself. Kan., 364 days after her last
Sponsor A long list of AR companies developers are also working on Perhaps things are changing, MMA fight.
Those moves came a month were at the edge of their seats AR for Nokia, a handset with far though. It's exciting to think about Her opponent will be Kerry
after many AR-watchers were waiting for a big announcement in greater user numbers than the bringing latent geo-located data Vera, the wife of UFC light
dissapointed that Apple didn't September, believing that Apple iPhone has - but everyone's been out into a view accessible through heavyweight fighter Brandon
offer big support to Augmented w o u l d m a k e p u b l i c a l l t h e waiting for AR to bloom on the a mobile phone. It would be nice Vera, and the bout will be
Reality when launching the latest technical hooks they needed to much-hyped iPhone and Apple to see Apple help advance this contested six days after Vera
version of the iPhone OS. Some create an Augmented Reality hasn't been very supportive. early field, instead of giving it the faces Couture's ex-husband,
critics complain that even if some e x p e r i e n c e . I n s t e a d o f t h e Robert Rice wrote in an open cold shoulder and silent treatment. Randy Couture, in the main event
forms of AR are being permitted expected opening-up and perhaps letter last week that:"One of two End-users should recognize as of UFC 105.
by Apple, the company still has a some publicity for this very eye- things needs to happen. Either well that the super-wow but "I think it was a brilliant idea on
tight grip on APIs that could catching software niche, Apple Apple needs to quit screwing us controlled experience of the Strikeforce's part," Couture
enable whole new methods of opened up only some of the APIs around and make [all] the APIs iPhone could be holding back recently told FanHouse.
displaying data on top of the needed, didn't make any public public so we can get back to the o t h e r , e v e n m o r e e x c i t i n g After a Year on Sidelines, Kim
phone's camera view if made mention of AR and has slowly let business of innovating and i n n o v a t i o n s . D i s c u s s Couture Ready to Resume MMA
publicly available. It's not a happy AR apps trickle into the App building a new industry, or the Career originally appeared on
relationship, but perhaps that's Store with no fan-fare over the respective communities of Fanhouse MMA Blog on Thu, 15
Street Chic: New York Oct 2009 10:51:00 EST . Please
see our terms for use of feeds.
By ELLE.com (ELLE News punch of color to black and gray Daily. Permalink| Email this| Linking
Blog) separates. Follow ELLE on Twitter. Blogs| Comments
Submitted at 10/15/2009 4:00:00 AM Photo: Lee Satkowski
Think you are Street Chic? E- appear in ELLE.com's Street Chic
Cherry-colored kicks add a mail us your photo and you could
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AlphaLab Demo Day Showcases Real-Time Web Summit:

Pittsburgh's Finest Announcing the Live Streams
By Dana Oshiro site has already penned and Our Next Premium Report
(ReadWriteWeb) partnerships with HarperCollins By Marshall Kirkpatrick
Submitted at 10/14/2009 3:00:00 PM and the American Booksellers (ReadWriteWeb)
Association. It will be interesting Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:27:02 AM
Pittsburgh-based startup to see if the publishing industry
incubator AlphaLab hosted its uses the service to broadcast Today is the big day! It's time
Fall demo day earlier this readings and launches, or if they for the ReadWrite Real-Time
morning. Created by seed funding will find new methods to engage Web Summit. Hundreds of people hundreds of people will be
group Innovations Works, readers and fans. working on or with real-time web discussing various parts of the
AlphaLab provides 6 promising NavPrescience: NavPrescience technologies have come to real-time story today at the
startups with funding, office space is a GPS system that incorporates Mountain View, California and Summit. All the knowledge we've
and business advice over a 20- predictive technologies. By ReadWriteWeb staff has arrived gleaned from all those
week mentorship program. observing driver behavior, the from around the world as well. conversations will be expertly
Today's event showcased half of concentrated into one high-value
order button. After scanning a service continually tweaks route We'll be live-streaming selected
research report that you can pre-
those companies and was similar u s e r ' s m e n u a n d b a s i c recommendations according to sessions from the event, starting at
in format to YCombinator, order starting today.
information, the company indexes d r i v i n g p a t t e r n s a n d r o u t e 8:30 AM PST, thanks to Justin.tv.
Please note that this is a
Techstars and Launchbox Digital your restaurant in its "Anywhere preferences. The company is You can see and join the Twitter-
demo days. Investors, different beast from the
Ordering Network". Customers seeking funding to launch a chatter by using the
conference e-book documenting
entrepreneurs and advisors then order menu items over their mobile and web-based freemium hashtags#rtwsummit or#rtws.
clamored to get a peek at these Summit sessions that all
desktop computers and mobile service for the Pittsburgh area. We've set up a page displaying
registered Summit participants
early-stage companies. devices via the Fooala widget. Zipano: Zipano is a personal both the live video and the
Sponsor will receive at no cost. And Now
The company already has 60 privacy platform that allows users flowing hashtag stream at
Get Ready For a Deep Dive!
CloudFab: CloudFab is an restaurant partners and is actively to better express their privacy http://readwriteweb.com/summit.
online fabrication platform where We hope you'll join us in person
seeking investment to expand into preferences and contacts. The Conversation there has begun
or online for an in-depth
owners of 3D printers, machining new regional markets. group claims to solve the privacy already. But wait, there's more!
tools and laser cutters can offer conversation with some of the
LeftRight Studios: LeftRight issues associated with location- Sponsor
smartest people around the world
their services to designers. Similar Studios is an independent game based services by offering users The Real-Time Web and Its
to Ponoko or Shapeways, who are working on the real-time
development house specializing in another layer of information Future: A Premium Report
designers and hobbyists visit the iPhone applications. The studio's s h a r i n g o p t i o n s . Z i p a n o We're also excited to announce
site with ideas for custom jewelry, In the meantime, please check
goal is to create a branded gaming demonstrates its capabilities with that our next premium report will
out these sponsors, whose
furniture, vinyl figurines or even network where companies can i t s L o c a c c i n o F a c e b o o k be on the topic of the real-time
bike parts. From here users generosity made this whole thing
expand their customer reach via application. Users specify their web and is available for pre-order
possible. Several have come from
connect with those who can help entertaining mobile games. To level of comfort with location starting today. Our first report, the
make their ideas reality. CloudFab outside the United States to
show off its development abilities, requests and have instant access ReadWriteWeb Guide to Online
participate in the Real-Time Web
CEO Nick Pinkston is so the group has already released to those who have already looked Community Management, was a
dedicated to the maker-lifestyle Summit, so please join me in
Smackbots, an iPhone version of for their location. There is also an commercial and critical success
learning about what they do in
that he started Hack Pittsburgh- a the classic Rock'em Sock'em option to create rules so that your (most recently it got nice links
non-profit organization dedicated public whereabouts only display from CNN and PBS). thanks for their support. See you
robots game. on the live stream!
to DIY tinkerers and hobbyists. Vivo: Vivo is a lifestreaming in specific locations, during This next report should be even
Fooala: Fooala is restaurant Discuss
service that allows users to share specific times, and for specific better- we've interviewed more
platform that offers instant live event broadcasts. Rather than friends. than 40 companies building or
ordering options for hungry pursuing the Justin.tv lifestyle Photo Credit: Alex Thomson using the real-time web and now
website visitors. This service audience, Vivo pitched AlphaLab Discuss
ensures that for every web access investors as a platform for live
point and mention of a restaurant, video customer engagement. The
there is a corresponding online
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More Details Emerge on "Google Apple Releases

Editions," Google's eBook Store Performance Update,
By Sarah Perez purchase the ebook from Google
Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:19:17 AM
Books, Google's online collection
of digitized books. The second
Fixes Hard Drive Stalls
will allow consumers to purchase By Liam Cassidy
At the Frankfurt Book Fair, from a partner retailer and the (TheAppleBlog)
Google announced more details was accessed once. He also third would direct consumers to a Submitted at 10/15/2009 6:30:18 AM
about their upcoming online clarified that the company is "not publisher's website. In the first
ebook service known as "Google route, payments are split 63/37 in Apple has released what it calls
focused on a dedicated eReader or “Performance Update 1.0,” an
Editions." Originally revealed device of any kind." Instead, the publisher's favor. If
earlier this year, Editions will be a purchasing from a retailer, that update to its Mac OS X 10.5
consumers would go online one (Leopard) and 10.6 (Snow
hosted electronic bookstore for a time from their device of choice split would be 45/55 with the 45%
selection of in-print books which going to the publisher and the Leopard) operating systems for
and afterwards, a cached version selected iMacs and MacBooks.
would be provided by Google's of that book would be stored so retailer splitting the remaining
publishing partners. And unlike 55% with Google. No decision As Apple describes it — in
that it could be read offline at typically brief fashion — in its
some other ebook formats, like anytime. "As long as you can get has been made on the split for the
those designed for Amazon's third option, purchases made via a Support pages, ”This update
onto the library, you can access addresses intermittent hard drive
Kindle for instance, the so-called it," says Amanda Edmonds, publisher's own website.
"Google editions" will be readable Edmonds also noted that these related pauses reported by a small MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late
Google's director of strategic number of customers.” 2008)
on any device whether that's a partnerships, who was speaking at splits are not set in stone just yet -
laptop, phone or dedicated discussions were "just beginning." Gotta love those detailed MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early
O'Reilly's Tools of Change descriptions! 2009)
eReader. conference, also being held in In addition, Google may discount
According to news coming out books from their list price where The update may be related to an MacBook Pro (17-inch, Mid
Frankfurt at a venue near the EFI Firmware Update in June that 2009)
of the Book Fair event, the new Book Fair event. permitted, but the discount would
digital books program will launch be taken from Google's profits some MacBook owners suspect MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid
Although not specified, it seems was the cause of intermittent 2009)
in the first half of 2010 and will probable that the offline caching and not anyone else's.
offer 400,000 to 600,000 ebooks Other news from the O'Reilly crashes and system freezes. This MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid
done by Google Editions will be latest update may well put these 2009)
at that time. made possible via Google Gears, event pinned down the launch
Sponsor date of the Google Editions store. problems to rest once and for all, MacBook Pro (15-inch,
a browser extension that allows except there’s something 2.53GHz, Mid 2009)
Access Anywhere website content to be taken offline It will launch simultaneously in
Although we already knew that the U.S., U.K., and Europe in interesting about the name…that MacBook Air
and then re-synced when an 1.0 suffix hints at the possibility MacBook Air (Late 2008)
the online store would host books Internet connection returns. June 2010.
in the cloud, we didn't know just Google would not give the of further revisions to come. A MacBook Air (Mid 2009)
Business Models “Performance Update, Update” Mac Mini
how that would work. Tom As noted on The Bookseller, a names of the device
Turvey, Google's director of manufacturers they intend on perhaps? Mac Mini (Early 2009)
site covering the Tools of Change The update isn’t for everyone, iMac
strategic partnerships, now conference, Google Editions will partnering with, but Edmonds
explains that the device does not says she doubts Kindle will be however. It applies only to the iMac (24-inch, Early 2009)
offer three business models. The following Mac models. iMac (20-inch, Early 2009)
need to be connected to the first will allow a consumer to one of them. Discuss
Internet to read the book after it MacBook iMac (20-inch, Mid 2009)
MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, As Q4 begins, online video is
AB InBev sells central Europe assets to CVC Late 2008) now mainstream. Read the, "
MacBook (13-inch, Early 2009) Connected Consumer Q3 Wrap-
(Financial Times - US operations to CVC Capital Anheuser-Busch and Belgium’s MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2009) up."
homepage) Partners, the private equity group, InBev, which created the world’s MacBook Pro
Submitted at 10/15/2009 12:33:15 AM for up to $3bn. largest brewer.
The deal is the latest non-core This content has passed through
Anheuser-Busch InBev has asset to be sold following last fivefilters.org.
agreed to sell its central European year’s $52bn merger of the US’s
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LinkedIn Hits 50 Million Users; Still An open letter to Om

(Scripting News)
a Roach Motel (Updated) Submitted at 10/14/2009 8:26:23 AM

By Marshall Kirkpatrick Why not make LinkedIn all the In a thread about netbooks on his
(ReadWriteWeb) more valuable by making it the blog, Om asks what he's missing the airline bustled with new
Submitted at 10/14/2009 10:47:14 AM currency that social sites all in his analysis of the relationship business. People came home from
around the web make us of? between the computer industry their holidays and told everyone
Updated at 11:30 PST with Would that not drive all the more and users re netbooks. I spent that they had a great trip. And
comment from LinkedIn. One people to LinkedIn itself, to fill some time thinking of an analogy, with the new economies of scale
million new people signed up for information? LinkedIn! Who out their profiles there? It's and came up with one about the Susa was able to get the price
LinkedIn accounts already this won't let startups access that info? possible that LinkedIn has done a industry we all love to hate -- the down to $350. Not the $100 that
month, taking the professional LinkedIn! serious analysis of the benefits of airline industry. the MIT professor promised, but
social network past the 50 million Programmatic access to a developer ecosystem vs. very So here's the story... still cheap enough that lots more
user mark. LinkedIn has some of LinkedIn data is reserved for a limited partnerships and come to Once upon a time there was an people could have a vacation, and
the most valuable user data in all very select few high-profile API the conclusion that it has - but it MIT professor who said: "I have while some people still went on
of social networking, not just partners. The company appears to still seems like a real shame. an idea, let's design an airline that the more expensive and luxurious
because its members are operate under the assumption that Imagine the innovation that can get you to a great resort for airlines, more and more people
disproportionately wealthy, but only heavyweight partners could could be made possible by $100! Then every schoolkid can were flying Susa.
because the site is one of the only move the needle for its bottom developer access to LinkedIn! afford to have a great vacation in In fact this happened in the
places you can find a person's line, not a thriving ecosystem of Congratulations to LinkedIn for Mexico, Italy or Thailand!!" airline industry, and it forced a lot
occupational information and independent innovators. Hardly hitting 50 million users. Now No matter how hard he tried the of the big airlines to either merge
history. surprising for a company that please open up the data! professor couldn't come up with a or go out of business. Maybe
"What do you do for a living" is spends so much of its time in Otherwise we'll have to cheer for solution. The moguls of the airline analysts in the airline industry say
one of the most potent questions a public talking about how wealthy a more open competitor to industry sighed in relief. Their that any day the users will tire of
person can be asked and online its users are. challenge your dominance in this margins were safe. the cheap flights, but they'd be
that means LinkedIn. FriendFeed used to include market. Not so fast! A Taiwanese airline just as wrong as the analysts in
Unfortunately, in this era of data updates to your LinkedIn profile Update: Adam Nash, Vice named Susa discovered a way to tech who predict the demise of
portability and connected social in the activity streams it President, Search & Platform do it for $600, which was still a netbooks.
networks, LinkedIn isn't playing displayed. That was great, but Products at LinkedIn, says things lot cheaper than the airlines could
very nicely. there was nothing official going are set to improve in the future. get you to Italy or Spain for. Huge
Sponsor on - FriendFeed was scraping Below in comments he writes: numbers of people signed up and
Every time I see a new social LinkedIn. When LinkedIn added a "Marshall, I think you'll be quite
application online I think "it sure layer of obfuscation over its happy with our plans for Nokia weighed down by
would be nice if a person's job HTML, FriendFeed took the hint improvements to our APIs. Stay networks venture
title and employer were displayed and stopped, the now Facebook- tuned." Fantastic! Let's see what
along side their profile on this you've got, Adam. Discuss (Financial Times - US
owned company says. homepage)
service." Where is that
Submitted at 10/15/2009 6:36:16 AM

FanHouse Preview: Suns Nokia weighed down by

By Brett Pollakoff (FanHouse) The 2009-10 Phoenix Suns are originally appeared on Fanhouse networks venture
Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:00:00 AM caught somewhere between the NBA Blog on Thu, 15 Oct 2009 By Andrew Ward in Stockholm
past and the future. But just 11:00:00 EST . Please see our Published: October 15 2009
by Brett Pollakoff because they don't know where terms for use of feeds. 12:51 | Last updated: October 15
Filed under: Suns, NBA they're going, and have one foot Permalink| Email this| Linking 2009 14:36
Preseason, NBA Previews stuck in a place where they've Blogs| Comments This content has passed through
FanHouse previews all 30 NBA already been, doesn't mean that of basketball along the way. fivefilters.org.
teams in advance of the 2009-10 the team can't win this season,
season. FanHouse Preview: Suns
while playing an entertaining style
40 Tech News/ TV/ Fashion/ Internet News Record

Elance Index: Online Contract Work What's On Tonight: Vampire

Shows Growth Diaries, 30 Rock, Project
By Alex Williams
• People with Java skills have
some reason to be optimistic.
Runway, It's Always Sunny
Their skill advanced 36 slots to
By Bob Sassone (TV Squad)
Submitted at 10/14/2009 1:25:17 PM
Submitted at 10/15/2009 12:20:00 PM
the #24 position.
The other day, National Public • Joomla! rose 15 spots to #6.
Radio (NPR) featured a tech • At 8, ABC has a new
In marketing: FlashForward, followed by new
worker who has been out of work • Graphic design is a hot skill to
for some time. He spends his days episodes of Grey's Anatomy and
have. It rose to the #5 slot. Private Practice.
in San Francisco coffee shops • Illustrator is in the #8 spot.
looking for work. • CBS has a new Survivor at 8,
• Social media marketing came then new episodes of CSI and The
His job search may improve if in 14th on the index.
the " Elance Work Index," proves Mentalist.
• SEO skills are still in demand, • NBC has a new Community at
true. Elance reports that they are ranking #15 in the index.
seeing a 46% increase in hiring 8, followed by new episodes of
In writing: Parks and Recreation and The
for contract work, compared to a • Content Writing moves up 6
year ago. Office, the season premiere of 30
spots to #2. Rock, and a new Jay Leno Show.
Sponsor • Article Writing came in the #3
Contract work is always hot • FOX has new episodes of
spot. Bones and Fringe.
during a recession as employers • Copywriting and Creative Tosh.0 at 10.
look to get their work done • The CW has a new Vampire
Writing move up to the #12 and Diaries at 8, then a new • At 10:30, Current has a new
without hiring people full-time. In #13 spots, respectively. Rotten Tomatoes Show.
other words, it's a great time to be graphic design, social media and Supernatural.
Contract jobs are not a reality • TBS has Baseball Playoffs at 8, Check your local TV listings for
in consulting. search engine optimization (SEO) for many people. Health insurance more.
The "Elance Index," looks at the being the kind that employers the Dodgers vs. the Phillies.
costs can be steep for contractors. • At 9, Spike has a new TNA After the jump, the late night
top 100 skills in today's online job want. Writers are also in demand On the upside, skills in web talk shows.
market. The results arrive from First, let's look at the top ten on Wrestling.
development, online marketing • MTV has a new Rob Dyrdek's Continue reading What's On
more than 100,000 jobs posted on the Elance Index: and writing may be signs that the Tonight: Vampire Diaries, 30
Elance in recent months, making Some tech highlights: Fantasy Factory at 9, followed by
overall web technology market is new episodes of Bully Beatdown, Rock, Project Runway, It's
it a credible barometer of online • Knowing PHP is still a great rebounding, with employers Always Sunny
hiring trends. bet for getting a job. It remains Nitro Circus, and Pranked.
focusing more on those types of • Cartoon Network has a new Filed under: Late Night,
Tech skills carry 11 of the top the #1 sought-after skill by projects. Programming, Celebrities, Talk
25 spots in the index. And prospective employers. Total Drama Action at 9, then a
Discuss new Stoked. Show, What To Watch Tonight,
marketers look like they have • HTML skills jumped two Reality-Free
better prospects, with skills in notches to the #4 slot. • At 10, Lifetime has a new
Project Runway. Permalink| Email this| |
• FX has a new It's Always Comments
Sunny in Philadelphia at 10.
• Comedy Central has a new

Blake Lively Goes Nude in Marchesa

By ELLE.com (ELLE News spring 2010 presentation and You seemed split down the decision after all? And do you
Blog) pondered what the Gossip Girl middle, but Blake knew exactly think this look translates from
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:30:00 AM star might wear from the which one she liked best. For runway to red carpet?
collection of slyly sexy Tuesday’s premiere of Where the —Violet Moon Gaynor
Back in September, during New confections. From the 25 looks, I Wild Things Are, she decided on Photos: Imaxtree (left); Retna
York Fashion Week, I caught up chose two favorites—one short look 25 (paired with nude pumps). (right)
with Blake Lively at Marchesa’s and frothy, one long and airy, both with one-shoulder styling. Do you think she made the right
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Make TweetDeck and Other AIR Albert Pujols in no

Apps Use Your Chosen Browser hurry to talk extension
[Adobe AIR] with St. Louis Cardinals
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) By ESPN.com news services However, the 2008 and 2005
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:10:00 AM (ESPN.com) NL MVP still gets nervous when
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:28:18 AM speaking of the award.
Adobe AIR apps like TweetDeck "Let's wait. I'd rather not talk
work on all platforms, but with a The St. Louis Cardinals have about it, but I can tell you that I
few quirks—like not opening your expressed interest in extending had a good season and I deserve
preferred browser on clicked Albert Pujols' contract during the it, but also Prince Fielder and
links. Here's a few solutions for winter, but the slugger is not in a Ryan Howard," he said.
TweetDeck and other AIR apps hurry. Pujols indicated that he will
running on Windows, Mac, and "I'm not desperate to sign a undergo an MRI exam next week
Linux. contract extension. I still have one to check the status of his elbow,
On a Windows system, the year remaining in my contract for which was operated on last
solution is actually more simple 2010 and a club option for 2011. I winter.
than you'd think. You might have leave the rest in God's hands," "It's just a routine that I do when
set a browser like Chrome or Pujols told a Dominican radio the season is over to make sure
Opera as your default browser and Registry fix to ensure it sticks. dump into a new file: s t a t i o n ( C D N 9 2 . 5 F M ) that everything is OK. I feel good,
have it launch from most apps as Remember, kids: back up your e x p o r t Wednesday during an interview but it's something I will confirm,"
such, but that doesn't mean it registry before editing it. GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ on the sports program "Manana he said.
passed the memo along to In Mac OS X, the default ID=Default Deportiva." Pujols lamented that the
Windows itself. Richard Barley's browser setting is set in Safari's /opt/TweetDeck/bin/TweetDeck Pujols signed a seven-year Cardinals were swept in the first
exhaustive Tweetdeck FAQ has preferences—as if they want to Make that script executable ( contract for $100 million after the round of the postseason by the
the solution: guarantee one last visit from you! chmod a+x in a terminal, or right- 2003 season, but the two-time Los Angeles Dodgers.
• Select Start > Default Programs Head there to set up which click and check off that property), MVP said money will not be the "I didn't think we would be
> Set Program Access And b r o w s e r i s o p e n e d f r o m keep it somewhere it won't get central issue in his next contract. swept, but only God knows what
Computer Defaults. TweetDeck. deleted, then edit your menu "We have not sat down to talk will happen to you," he said.
• Click Continue in the Security On a GNOME-based Linux launcher to point at that script about contracts yet. Last week, Pujols' prediction is that the
Alert dialog box, if it appears. platform like Ubuntu, the most instead of the default TweetDeck the GM [John Mozeliak] called Dodgers will advance to the
• Select Custom, and then select elegant solution I've seen—in location. me and I told them to talk to my World Series to face the Los
your preferred browser under other words, one without too Found another way to make lawyer. But I reiterate that money Angeles Angels.
Choose A Default Web Browser; much terminal work—is the TweetDeck and other AIR apps is not everything, it's better to "I know the Yankees and
click OK. creation of a small script that open your actual default browser, have a competitive team that can Philadelphia have good teams, but
The process is fairly similar for resets an antiquated variable that or, even better, a custom browser go to the postseason," he added. my favorites for the World Series
XP, but if you want a walk- Adobe AIR checks on your of your choice? Tell us about it in Pujols, 29, hit .327 with 47 are the Dodgers and the Angels,"
through of the process, or find s y s t e m , t h e n l a u n c h e s the comments, and we'll update home runs and 135 RBIs this he said.
that it doesn't work, Fred Von TweetDeck. From Roy Tanck's this post with the good stuff. season for the Cardinals, and is a This content has passed through
Graf explains it all, along with a blog post, here's some code to heavy favorite to win the NL fivefilters.org.
Goldman Sachs profits jump to $3.2bn
(Financial Times - US Thursday that it had nearly own corporate investments. deposits.
homepage) quadrupled its profits in the third Meanwhile, Citigroup defied This content has passed through
Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:41:01 AM quarter compared with a year ago, expectations of a third-quarter fivefilters.org.
driven by a jump in trading loss, reporting profits of $101m
Goldman Sachs reported on revenues and strong returns on its on the strength of its customer
42 Tech Tips/ Sports/ Picture/ Apple/ Internet News Record
Asuka Lighting
VistaSwitcher is an Absolutely Awesome Alt-Tab Festival
Replacement [Screenshot Tour] By Heather Champ (Flickr
Submitted at 10/14/2009 3:54:10 PM
By The How-To Geek
(Lifehacker) • About Flickr
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:00:00 AM Flickr is a revolution in photo
storage, sharing and organization,
Window switching utility making photo management an
VistaSwitcher replaces the boring easy, natural and collaborative
Alt-Tab built into Windows with process. Get comments, notes,
an incredibly useful and tags on your photos, post to
alternative—complete with eye any blog, share and more!
candy and loads of keyboard This content has passed through
navigation options. fivefilters.org.
(Click any of the images for a
closer look.)
It's a little difficult to showcase
how well this thing works with
just a screenshot, but you can see
the partially transparent Alt-Tab
switcher window, complete with a
massive preview window and the actually a whole set of hotkeys combination, and you'll be able to over at How-To Geek(my home
window titles easily readable. that you can use to manipulate switch between just windows away from Lifehacker).
Awesome Keyboard Window open windows. from that same process—in my VistaSwitcher is a free download,
Manipulation Switch Between Open Instances case, I'm switching between open works on Windows XP, Vista, or
Once you've brought up the Alt- of a Single Application Windows Live Writer windows. Windows 7—but you'll have the
Tab dialog, you can use the "S" One of the few features that I've If you head into the preferences, best luck on a system with Aero
key to select more than one always been jealous of from the you can re-map the "Application enabled, since it can take
window at a time—and then you Mac OS X operating system is the windows hotkey" to Alt+` and get advantage of the smooth Desktop
can use the C, V, or H keys to Alt+` shortcut key that switches the same feature built into Mac Window Manager.
either Cascade, Tile Vertically, or between open windows of a single OS X—it will allow you to just VistaSwitcher[via How-To Geek] Update for iMovie ‘09
application—and now with switch between open windows of
Tile Horizontally for just the
VistaSwitcher, I've got that the same type. Brings Support for New
windows that you've selected. The Nanos, Industry
X key will close them, or the M feature on Windows. Just hit the Hit the link for the download, or
Ctrl+Alt+Tab shortcut key check out the rest of the review Home movie makers, start your
key will minimize them... there's Standard
Software Updater, for Apple has
By Liam an
released Cassidy
update to iMovie ‘09.
In Perry, Blount Still a Hometown Hero The latest version, 8.0.5, brings

By Jim Henry (FanHouse) understand what triggered The played football with Blount's In Perry, Blount Still a
Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:00:00 AM Punch. Mark Southerland, a local father Gary at Taylor County in Hometown Hero originally
businessman, School Board the mid-1970s and considers appeared on Fanhouse NCAA
by Jim Henry member and Taylor County High himself a family friend, offered Football Blog on Thu, 15 Oct
Filed under: Oregon PERRY, School resident historian, waited advice and support. A remorseful 2009 11:00:00 EST . Please see
Fla. -- As LeGarrette Blount two days after Blount's meltdown Blount, 2,357 miles from his our terms for use of feeds.
follows the corrective measures on national television before he Florida safety net in Eugene, Ore., Permalink| Email this| Linking
that may signal his return to the telephoned. quietly listened. Blogs| Comments
Oregon football team next month, Blount recognized the 850 area "I told him three things,"
residents in this small, coastal city code and number and immediately to know why. Never asked, in Southerland, 49, said in an
o f f H i g h w a y 2 7 s t i l l d o n ' t answered. Southerland didn't want fact. Instead, Southerland, who interview with FanHouse.
Internet News Record Sports/ Game/ 43
continued from page 42
the usual improvements in industry standard technologies announced the availability of two
Big East Controls Its BCS
compatibility and fixes for “minor
issues,” but the real story here is
such as H.264 and AAC audio,
iFrame produces small file sizes
dual cameras (digital cameras
which capture both still images Destiny
the introduction of a brand new and simplifies the process of and full speed video)…the By Brett McMurphy
video format called ‘iFrame.’ working with Video recorded with snappily named VPC- (FanHouse)
iFrame (not to be confused with your camera. HD2000ABK and the VPC- Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:00:00 AM
the troublesome iFrame HTML For your Mac, smaller files can FH1ABK. Both provide full
tag) is a video standard based on potentially mean less time spent iFrame support in addition to the by Brett McMurphy FanHouse
Apple’s hugely successful H.264 crunching numbers during an edit. more typical MPEG-4, H.264 Big East writer Brett McMurphy
Video and AAC Audio codecs. That’s assuming, of course, video formats. empties out his reporter's
Just as we’ve come to expect from you’re tweaking a short video of It’s easy to imagine next year’s notebook every week.
those codecs, iFrame offers your pet cat falling off the couch, iPhone upgrade including native TAMPA, Fla. -- A one-loss
reasonably high quality audio and not cutting an epic feature of support for iFrame. The iPhone team getting selected over an
video with low file sizes. Smaller Lucasfilm proportions. (If you 3GS records video in the .mov file undefeated Big East team for a
files are ideal for those of us who are, you won’t be using iMovie to format, managing a measly spot in the BCS national title
make home movies with digital do it.) There’s no word yet from 640×480 (VGA) resolution. game?
camcorders, keeping to the Apple on whether it plans to add Nevertheless, shortly after its It isn't going to happen, said
absolute minimum the time it iFrame compatibility into its pro- launch the iPhone 3GS quickly ESPN analyst Craig James.
takes to import video from a level Final Cut software, though became one of the most popular "Cincinnati is so high [ranked
camcorder into iMovie. it’s probably only a matter of portable devices used for No. 9 in the coaches poll], if they
The smaller sizes are not time; after all, Final Cut supports capturing and uploading video to run it, they have a real good
surprising, considering iFrame just about every other format, one YouTube. If that trend continues, chance," James told FanHouse.
records video at a resolution of more can’t hurt. I’ll welcome iFrame for the "The Pac-10 [USC or Oregon] is
960×540 (at 30fps). While a little Cameras with native support for improved quality it brings to not going to leap frog them. I team that could threaten keeping a
higher resolution than SVGA, it’s iFrame offer faster imports into video sharing networks. don't see that. If Cincinnati goes 12-0 Cincinnati or USF out of the
still shy of HD’s lowest standard iMovie because the files they For casual movie making, undefeated, they'll play for the BCS title game would be an 11-1
offering, (1280×720). Apple create will not require the usual iFrame should be very well national title [over a one-loss Texas team, presumably if the
released a support document on (often lengthy) conversion that received. I wonder whether team from another conference]. Longhorns lose to Oklahoma
its website briefly describing takes place when importing other competitors in a similar space will "USF? They have more of a Saturday and then win out.
iFrame: formats. take it seriously? climb." Big East Controls Its BCS
The iFrame Video format is iFrame already has some native In Q3, NewNet focus turns to The Bulls, who are ranked No. Destiny originally appeared on
designed by Apple to speed up hardware support in the form of business models and search. Read 21 in the coaches' poll, host Fanhouse NCAA Football Blog
importing and editing by keeping the latest iPod Nano, which uses the, " NewNet Q3 Wrap-up." Cincinnati tonight in a matchup of on Thu, 15 Oct 2009 11:00:00
the content in its native recorded iFrame as its default format. In the Big East's only unbeaten EST . Please see our terms for use
format while editing. Based on addition, earlier this week Sanyo teams. of feeds.
James, who was in Tampa Permalink| Email this| Linking
Wednesday speaking at the Blogs| Comments
Outback Bowl's Deloitte Kickoff
Luncheon, said the only one-loss

Activision wisely promotes DJ Hero with Daft Punk

By JC Fletcher (Joystiq) commercials happen to feature Enemy, and an improbably shiny Activision wisely promotes DJ
Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:45:00 AM Daft Punk's wonderfully catchy DJ Hero controller. And if you Hero with Daft Punk originally
"Around the World," even better. like those, Activision continues to appeared on Joystiq on Thu, 15
If Activision really wants to After the break, see one TV ad upload preview clips of in-game Oct 2009 11:45:00 EST. Please
reach the widest possible audience starring a digital version of Daft songs to its YouTube channel. see our terms for use of feeds.
with DJ Hero, TV commercials Punk (though, since the band is Continue reading Activision Read| Permalink| Email this|
are probably the best way to ostensibly robotic, what's the both a clip of Justice vs. Public wisely promotes DJ Hero with Comments
expedite that process. If said TV difference?) and another featuring Daft Punk
44 Apple/ Game/ Internet News Record

AT&T Using the iPhone as a

Prospective Employee Search Tool
By Darrell Etherington browse a list of all the events
(TheAppleBlog) AT&T is holding or participating
Submitted at 10/14/2009 8:32:58 AM in relating to job seeking. Many
are college-based job fairs, but
There’s already a few apps for there are also info sessions and
getting a job on the iPhone, but teleconferences listed. Finally, the
today sees the release of the first Media section provides potential
one dedicated entirely to one employees with plenty of
employer. AT&T is taking information about the company
advantage of the device it remains and the industry so that they can
the sole distributor of in the U.S. study up.
to help in its ongoing search for It may not be perfectly executed
quality staff. (job listings load in an in-app web
The AT&T Jobs App(iTunes view, for example, instead of as
link) is the first app of its kind,
one designed by a company to
promote only its specific job
properly integrated components of
the app), you can’t apply to any
job directly from your device
Demonstrated: Controlling
listings. Job seekers will find
updated info on openings, career-
(though would you want to?), and
there’s no feature to take facial expressions in-game
related events, and even company advantage of your phone’s
information, so you can take it location services to find jobs or
with you to the interview and do a suggest jobs to qualified people in events in your immediate area.
with camera
little last minute cramming while your network of friends and Still, it’s a step in the right By Christopher Grant (Joystiq) the same FaceAPI software he
you’re waiting to see HR staff. family, thanks to a job post direction for major employers, Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:45:00 AM used for his first demo). Much
Scott Smith, AT&T’s Vice sharing feature, or forward it to and others would do well to like Hideo Kojima's visions of a
President of Staffing, had this to your email address so you can follow AT&T’s example. If you There are two things we can say Natal-enabled future, Sko's never
s a y a b o u t t h e a p p a n d t h e give more detailed attention at want to reach as wide an audience about Torben Sko. First: He's involve replacing the controller
reasoning behind its creation to home on your primary computer. a s p o s s i b l e , w h i c h s h o u l d probably never had a problem (or keyboard and mouse) but
mobile site Mobiletor.com: Finding jobs is as simple as theoretically net you the best job getting 'torbensko' usernames. rather supplementing it with, in
The AT&T Jobs App combines performing a fully customizable candidates, what better way to do We'd like to applaud his forward- this case, your face. No word on
greater accessibility with up-to- search, or by browsing the s o t h a n t o o f f e r i P h o n e thinking parents who clearly saw support for particularly ugly
d a t e i n f o r m a t i o n o n c a r e e r available positions via categories accessibility, which most people the benefit of a unique name in faces, but we suspect Microsoft's
advancement at AT&T on one of l i k e b r o a d b a n d , r e t a i l , a n d probably have on them even when the distant, internet-enabled got its best and most beautiful
the world’s most popular devices. wireless. You can also search there isn’t a computer in reach. future. Second: Sko's technology people on it.
This app provides a mobile and using criteria like geographic area What was the big news that demos (remember this head- Continue reading Demonstrated:
interactive way for applicants to and qualifications required, which happened in your sector in Q3? tracking demo?) have helped us Controlling facial expressions in-
network and identify employment should expedite the process of Catch up with GigaOM Pro's, " conceptualize what a Natal- game with camera
opportunities, while expanding f i n d i n g a s u i t a b l e l i s t i n g Quarterly Wrap-ups." enabled future will be like, more Demonstrated: Controlling
the reach of our AT&T career s o m e w h a t . so than jury-rigged versions of facial expressions in-game with
portal to even more people. If you’re interested in doing Burnout Paradise or Katamari camera originally appeared on
You can also use the app to something in person, you can Damacy. Joystiq on Thu, 15 Oct 2009
In his latest video (found after 10:45:00 EST. Please see our
the break), Sko demonstrates how terms for use of feeds.
to control the facial expressions of Read| Permalink| Email this|
a virtual character using nothing Comments
but a plain ol' web cam (oh, and
Internet News Record Apple/ Game/ Media/ 45

Apple Backs Wi-Fi Direct, Indicates

Better Peer-to-Peer On the Way
By Darrell Etherington Wi-Fi connection between two
(TheAppleBlog) devices without the need for an
Submitted at 10/14/2009 12:18:52 PM intermediary router or bridge. If
so, my only concern would be
Move over Bluetooth, there’s a frequency chatter. If your mouse,
new direct device connectivity keyboard, iPhone, and network
technology out there, and it’s on are all working on Wi-Fi
track for a mid-2010 production connections, won’t the
rollout. The tech in question is Wi interference cause lag time,
-Fi Direct (previously known as current Wi-Fi tech. It’s hard to slowdowns, etc.? Without more
“Wi-Fi peer-to-peer”), and Apple find solid numbers quantifying the detail or a practical demonstration
is now one of its main proponents, difference between the two, but o f t h e t e c h i n a c t i o n , i t ’ s
along with other heavy hitters like sources agree that Bluetooth’s impossible to tell at this point.
Microsoft, Intel and Sony. power requirements are best The idea that your iPhone could
With legacy device support,
improved speed, and easier
described as “low,” while Wi-Fi is theoretically connect with your
in the “high” range. Mac for the purposes of using
L4D2 pre-order demo out
connectivity than Bluetooth but
with a lot of the same functions
But what exactly does Wi-Fi a p p s l i k e R e m o t e , o r f o r
Direct do, and how? Perhaps Wi- transferring files, without having
Fi Alliance Executive Director to be on the same network
Oct. 27, public demo Nov. 3
and usages, Wi-Fi Direct is By Richard Mitchell (Joystiq)allow up to four players the
expected to be in ‘direct’ Edgar Figueroa, as quoted by controlled by a router is very opportunity to survive "The
Submitted at 10/15/2009 12:40:00 PM
competition with the older device- AppleInsider, can help clarify interesting. At home, this kind of Parish" campaign. The PC version
t0-device tech when it does things: thing is never an issue, since all
R e m e m b e r w h e n V a l v e will be playable online or through
eventually see the light of day. Wi-Fi Direct represents a leap my devices, both portable and announced that the Left 4 Dead 2 a local network, while the Xbox
With those companies backing it, forward for our industry. Wi-Fi otherwise, are plugged into the Wi demo would launch on October version features the same options
Bluetooth may be looking at a users worldwide will benefit from -Fi network at all times. But when 27? It turns out that said day is plus two-player split screen.
competition it can’t hope to win. a single-technology solution to I’m working from the road, it can actually the early access date for Valve notes that the demo
The only downside of the new t r a n s f e r c o n t e n t a n d s h a r e be annoying to accomplish, and
those that pre-order the game on includes "all the new boss
standard, when compared to applications quickly and easily often involves elaborate network Xbox 360 or PC (via Steam). infected zombies and all the new
Bluetooth, is that power among devices, even when a Wi- connection sharing over Wi-Fi Starting November 3, the demo melee weapons." So, please, do
consumption would be Fi access point isn’t available. from my Macbook to accomplish. will be available to all PC players yourself a favor: grab a katana
considerably higher using it. The impact is that Wi-Fi will As Q4 begins, online video is
and Xbox Live Gold subscribers. and start cutting fools down.
According to sources familiar become even more pervasive and now mainstream. Read the, " Xbox Live Silver members, as L4D2 pre-order demo out Oct.
with the technology, Wi-Fi Direct useful for consumers and across Connected Consumer Q3 Wrap- usual, will have to wait an 27, public demo Nov. 3 originally
power demands would be “on the enterprise. up." additional week to demo the game appeared on Joystiq on Thu, 15
par” with the requirements of Essentially then, it sounds like a on November 10. Then again, if Oct 2009 12:40:00 EST. Please
you only have a Silver account, see our terms for use of feeds.
MediaDailyNews: Smithsonian Add 2 To Integrated Sales you probably aren't too excited for Permalink| Email this|
an exclusively multiplayer Comments
Team shooter, anyway.
(MediaPost | Media News) Smithsonian after a three-year Media comprises Smithsonian, The Left 4 Dead 2 demo will
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:41:43 AM hiatus where she sold for both The Air & Space, goSmithsonian and
Week and More. Prior to joining the Smithsonian Media digital
Smithsonian Media named Smithsonian, Scelzi spend five network.
Meryle Lowenthal and Lori Scelzi years at Time Inc.. where she This content has passed through
to its integrated sales team in New worked for both Life and fivefilters.org.
York. Lowenthal, returns to Targeted Media. Smithsonian
46 Apple/ Game/ Media/ Internet News Record

Apple Takes Aggressive Next Step in

the Ongoing Jailbreak Dance
By Darrell Etherington comfortably under the yoke of
(TheAppleBlog) Apple and friends. Of course, if
Submitted at 10/14/2009 8:29:08 AM you haven’t bought your device
within the last week, you should
It can’t really do anything about have no problem using the
the iPhone hardware that’s recently released jailbreaking
already on the market, aside from tools for the most recent iPhone
trying to block jailbreaking via OS release, 3.1.2.
software methods again and Apple’s main problem with
again, but Apple has made jailbreaking, in all likelihood, is
hardware changes to the latest the fact that it leads to
shipments of iPhone 3GS devices
that should ensure they can’t be
significantly high rates of piracy
on the company’s devices. Nintendo, Capcom, friends file
unlocked, at least for the time
The newest devices hitting the
According to MacRumors, of the
nearly four million jailbroken suit over DS piracy-enabling
iPhones estimated to be in
market have an updated boot
ROM that blocks the exploit
existence, a full 38 percent of
those are using at least one pirated
R4 sales
typically used in jailbreaking the app. Additionally, of iPhone apps By Christopher Grant (Joystiq) warnings. Enter: a new lawsuit,
3GS, known as the 24kpwn that have been successfully Submitted at 10/15/2009 11:15:00 AM which Capcom hopes leads to a
exploit. iPhone Dev-Team cracked and distributed, a full ruling that acknowledges "our
member MuscleNerd confirmed ever that Apple has changed the third of the installations are of Faced with The Truth that - company and other software
that the block does indeed mean boot ROM on a production pirated copies. regardless of what sorts of anti- manufactures have sustained
that for now, a standard jailbreak device. Previously, Apple has So, to Apple’s mind, piracy technology it folds into its [ e x t r e m e ] d a m a g e s f r o m
on these devices is out of the waited until it released brand new jailbreaking is depriving it of a DS platform - pirates will p r o l i f e r a t i o n o f i l l e g a l
question. devices to do this, like when the nice chunk of its revenue on some invariably hack the dual-screened instruments." Seems pretty cut
The 24kpwn exploit was 3GS was originally introduced. of the most popular apps available handheld, Nintendo has buddied and dry to us, but we'll let the
originally discovered early on in Presumably, there is a not in the App Store. Even if the boot up with Capcom and 53 other courts decide.
the production life of the iPhone insignificant cost associated with ROM update only effectively video game publishers in Japan to Nintendo, Capcom, friends file
3GS, thanks to connections making that kind of change mid- blocks jailbreaking for a month or file suit against four resellers of suit over DS piracy-enabling R4
between the iPhone Developer production. two, it should have a positive the popular R4 flash cartridge. sales originally appeared on
community and iPhone unlockers. In all likelihood, it’s only a effect in Apple’s income stream Earlier this year, a Tokyo court Joystiq on Thu, 15 Oct 2009
George Hotz (also known as matter of time before another for that period. banned the sale of the devices; 11:15:00 EST. Please see our
geohot), building on the iPhone exploit is discovered and taken As Q4 begins, online video is however, Capcom now says that terms for use of feeds.
Dev Team’s work, published a advantage of in order to jailbreak now mainstream. Read the, " "legal action has had no Read| Permalink| Email this|
way to jailbreak the 3GS a few the newer 3GS phones, too, but Connected Consumer Q3 Wrap- m e a n i n g f u l e f f e c t i n t h e Comments
weeks after the exploit was for now, Apple has dealt a up." intervening period" and that
revealed. significant blow to the Dev-Team sellers would "ignore" its
Apparently, this is the first time and those who’d rather not rest
MediaDailyNews: Clownfish Helps Vodafone Go Green
(MediaPost | Media News) develop a green brand strategy for reducing the environmental change in focus toward enabling
Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:04:13 AM Vodafone, an international mobile impact of its own operations. Vodafone's customers to be
telecommunications group, Earlier in the year, it set itself as a greener.
Clownfish, the communications internally and externally. Since target to be recognized as a green This content has passed through
consultancy, has been hired to 2004, Vodafone has focused on brand in its developed markets, a fivefilters.org.
Internet News Record Apple/ Game/ 47

Rumor Has It: Next-Gen Mac Pro

Getting Six-Core “Core i9 Processor
By Darrell Etherington
Submitted at 10/15/2009 6:59:38 AM

Apple’s powerhouse
configurable tower desktop aimed
mostly at semi-pro and pro users
could be getting some update love
in the near future, according to the
latest rumblings coming out of the
rumor mill today. Hardmac.com is
reporting that one of its sources
has solid information on the new Nintendo officially announces
Mac Pro, which should appear
sometime in early 2009. PokePark Wii
The new Mac Pro will feature a By JC Fletcher (Joystiq) park through, according to
brand new Xeon CPU from Intel, Hardmac.com speculates that capacity for 8 and 16GB units,
the new six-core Core i9 which would mean that the future Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:05:00 AM Andriasang, " tag, battle, and quiz
if the rumors are accurate, which mini-games." The game
it will offer exclusively for a short processor might not immediately Mac Pro could theoretically
be put to work across the Mac Pro support up to 128GB of RAM at Only a week after everyone emphasizes Pikachu's interactions
time until the second quarter of found out about Nintendo's with his new friends and includes
2009. The CPU, code-named line, instead suggesting that Apple once.
may want to extend its line in that Being way more hardware- PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Big a camera mode to allow you to
Gulftown, boasts a huge six Adventure, Nintendo has revealed photograph the Pokémon you
processing cores, which beats the category by continuing to offer savvy than myself, Hardmac sums
the quad core version in an entry- up with the tantalizing prediction the game, which will be released meet.
current single core total by two. in Japan on December 5 for Gallery: PokePark Wii:
With two processors, like the level Pro. It’s a nice thought, but that the combination of Snow
without any real basis, so I’d file Leopard, the Core i9 processor, ¥4,800 ($53). Though it's Pikachu's Big Adventure
more expensively configured Mac certainly not the console debut Nintendo officially announces
Pro has, that would result in a this one under wishful thinking and top-of-the-line graphics cards
for the time being. Hardmac from either NVIDIA or ATI could that fans really want, this happens PokePark Wii originally appeared
total of 12 cores of processing to be the first console Pokémon on Joystiq on Thu, 15 Oct 2009
power. believes a lower-priced, entry- provide more than enough power
level Pro might attract some mini for real-time rendering in Final game developed by Creatures 10:05:00 EST. Please see our
The Gulftown processor also Inc., creators of the main terms for use of feeds.
sports 12MB of shared cache, customers, but I doubt that’s Cut Studio 3.0. Speaking for my
something Apple really wants to friends who work in television handheld series. Read| Permalink| Email this|
instead of the 8MB on current The game involves Pikachu Comments
models, uses 32-nm engraving do. editing, who’ve spent many a late
They do have other info directly night waiting for a render to competing and cooperating with
instead of 45, and will feature other Pokemans in a sort of theme
slightly lower power consumption from the source, who remains finish, this is very good news
than the current generation Xeon. anonymous, as per usual. The indeed.
Also, even though it’s a true motherboard will sport some What was the big news that
successor to the Xeon line major changes that should allow it happened in your sector in Q3?
currently found in Mac Pros, to increase performance Catch up with GigaOM Pro's, "
rumor has it that it will be exponentially. There will be an Quarterly Wrap-ups."
ditching that moniker in favor of Ethernet 10Gbits/s port, and a
the “Core i9 namesake. bump up in the RAM module
48 Apple/ Game/ Internet News Record

Lots of Nearly Live TV Now

Available Free to UK iPhone Users
By Darrell Etherington
Submitted at 10/14/2009 7:30:04 AM

TV on the iPhone isn’t anything

new, but a new web site makes it
much easier, more direct, and less
expensive for iPhone users in the
UK. Just by visiting the site and also watch in either landscape or international stations, but I sure
logging into the new beta web app portrait mode (using your phone’s hope someone out there is
from TV Catchup, you can access
11 slightly delayed British TV
channels, streamed directly to
built-in Quicktime player) and
pause any footage.
watching and thinks this is a good
idea. True, AT&T would likely Band Hero demo walking on
your iPhone.
As long as you live somewhere
Keen readers will observe that
the BBC is already available to all
try to block something like this
because of the network load or Xbox Live
on the iPhone via its own iPlayer because it can’t control access via By Richard Mitchell (Joystiq) Burn"
within the UK, pointing your web application (also limited to subscriptions, but if it’s a similar
iPhone’s Safari browser at the TV Submitted at 10/15/2009 12:00:00 PM That's right, Taylor Swift is
UK residents). That app provides web-based application from right there. With some clever
Catchup optimized site will allow on-demand access to many BBC someone like Hulu, there’s little it
you access to Britain’s five main The Major sends word that a positioning and a few mirrors, you
programs, like TV.com does for can do to stop it. Band Hero demo is now available might be able to convince your
networks, including BBC 1 and 2, various CBS shows in the U.S. Asian cell phone users have
ITV and Channel 4, as well as six on Xbox Live Marketplace. The daughter this is the full game,
Apps like Slingplayer and Orb been enjoying TV on their mobile demo allows players to try out saving you the trouble of actually
additional channels, including can also potentially bring live TV devices for years, thanks to 1seg
BBC 3 and 4 Music. three different songs in the new, buying it. Good luck.
to the iPhone, but require TV antennas. It’s about time we family-friendly Hero title, and Band Hero demo walking on
Attempting to access the site expensive hardware and software started catching up. I suspect the
from outside of the UK results in offers both the Party Play mode Xbox Live originally appeared on
additions to your existing setup, last barrier will be stubborn and the new Sing-Along mode. Joystiq on Thu, 15 Oct 2009
a dialog informing you that you or at least an iPhone app if you networks. Don’t worry guys, you
aren’t authorized to play back the The three playable songs are: 12:00:00 EST. Please see our
already have everything else. TV can still advertise to us on a • Finger Eleven - " Paralyzer" terms for use of feeds.
content in question, which comes Catchup only requires that you mobile platform.
as no surprise given the general • Katrina & The Waves - " Read| Permalink| Email this|
have an iPhone and a network What was the big news that Walking on Sunshine" Comments
attitude of major U.S. TV connection, which can be either happened in your sector in Q3?
networks when it comes to • Taylor Swift - " Picture to
Wi-Fi or 3G. Catch up with GigaOM Pro's, "
international access. No word on whether TV Quarterly Wrap-ups."
If you are in the UK, you get Catchup will eventually try to
streams from each channel expand its service to include
delayed only about 20 seconds international audiences, or
behind the live TV feed. You can
Internet News Record Tech Blog/ Fashion/ Media/ 49
What's obvious about netbooks Cheers: Bud Light Sole
Sponsor For 'SNL' Oct
(Scripting News) can't get him to use my software new product. It exposes back in the bottle.
Submitted at 10/14/2009 7:46:57 AM these days because it runs in a something pretty ugly about the This should serve as a lesson to 17
desktop style web browser. Of computer industry. They've been the architects at Twitter and
Some people in the tech industry course what he's doing is a controlling prices. There must Facebook. The day will come (MediaPost | Media News)
believe netbooks are a mistake reasonable choice. But it's never Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:56:54 AM
have been price collusion before when your users figure out that
that will be corrected any day w o r k e d f o r m e b e c a u s e netbooks came out. It's clearly they can do what you do without
now. Problem is they've been communicating on an iPhone is possible to build notebooks for Anheuser-Busch will buy out all
the costs you impose. Better to
saying that for hundreds of days too slow. Not just the typing, not much less than they the TV commercial time in this
prepare for that day, factor it into
while the netbook market keeps just the cramped keyboard, but the manufacturers are charging. weekend's "Saturday Night Live"
your economics, than be surprised
growing, as the market for more actual networking. I had an That's a matter for the Federal on NBC to help launch its new
by it as Michael Dell appears to
expensive portables stagnates. interesting experience the other Trade Commission to look into, Bud Light Golden Wheat beer.
have been. He's complaining
The trend won't reverse because day on my mother's new FIOS but even that is not what's going While other network and cable
about netbooks probably because
netbooks represent a far more home network, all of a sudden I on with netbooks. The truly shows have done this before --
his expense structure can't sustain
fundamental shift than they could use the iPhone the way significant thing is this -- the users especially with new season
the business. He's a leading
recognize. Far more significant Scoble does. For some reason it took over. premieres -- this is the first time
vendor of netbooks, yet is selling
than I've realized until just the doesn't work very well on my Let me say that again: The users "SNL" has done so in its 35-year
against them. This means only
other day. network at home, and the net took over. history.
one thing, and it's kind of obvious
12/17/08: What is a Netbook? connection from AT&T is I always say this is the lesson of "Anheuser-Busch has supported
-- he's losing money on each sale.
At one level, a netbook is just a infinitely too slow to be usable. the tech industry, but the people "Saturday Night Live" since the
He can't afford to be in the
new product, something between So it could be that my iPhone in the tech industry never believe early days of the show. We are
business. Which means he can't
a notebook and an iPhone. It fits experience is much worse than it, but this is the loop. In the late very happy Bud Light Golden
afford to be in business at all.
e a s i l y i n t o a b r i e f c a s e o r most people's. 70s and early 80s the Wheat has chosen "SNL" for this
Windows 7 may be nice, I don't
knapsack, has a keyboard and As a product a netbook is less minicomputer and mainframe event," said Lorne Michaels,
know and I don't care. I like my
screen that while not exactly expensive, more portable, and has guys said the same kinds of things executive producer, "Saturday
XP-based netbook just fine with
spacious, are functional. longer battery life than a about Apple IIs and IBM PCs that Night Live" in a release.
its 10 inch screen, 160GB hard
The iPhone is a compromise, a n o t e b o o k . Michael Dell is saying about The sponsorship for the Oct. 17
drive and 8-hour battery life. My
good one because of its supreme It has a bigger keyboard, bigger netbooks. It happens over and show will also feature "Backstage
computer cost $350. I'm not a
portability (it fits in a pocket). But screen and is a better reading and over again, I've recited the loops with Bud Light Golden Wheat," a
likely customer for an upsell.
netbooks are a good compromise writing tool than an iPhone. so many times that every reader of series of never-before-aired clips
Those are the new economics, like
too. It's in the middle -- and there is this column can recite them from it or not. from "SNL" throughout the years.
An aside, I know some people a middle -- a product between an memory. All that has to be said is As part of the promotion, "SNL"
use iPhones for their networking. iPhone and notebooks that it happened again. will feature highlights from
Scoble is my prime example. I But the netbook is not just a Once out, the genie never goes "SNL" viewing parties that will be
hosted by Bud Light Golden
Wheat across the country this
Cynthia Zichy Thyssen's Luxe Harnesses Saturday.
The new Anheuser-Busch beer
By ELLE.com (ELLE News Those in the London fashion in Italy are also on the table as launched nationwide on Oct. 5.
Blog) sphere have been taking the design elements. "This first-of-a-kind sponsorship
Submitted at 10/14/2009 12:21:22 PM leather accessories better known She says hers are different from of "Saturday Night Live" by Bud
for their use in bondage-related other takes in the trend: "Mine are Light Golden Wheat perfectly
Sienna Miller has been seen activities and wearing them as a luxury tool. What we find illustrates the kind of deal we
sporting them. A version of one part of their outfits, layering them nowadays are fun, but they don't mean when we talk about wanting
came in the front-row gift bag at under and over various articles of speak the aesthetic language I am to innovate with our clients," said
Sass and Bide. And now Central clothing. looking for, and they undervalue M i k e P i l o t , p r e s i d e n t o f
Saint Martins design student Cynthia's harnesses (see left) power. Sex is an art form. a d v e r t i s i n g s a l e s f o r N B C
Cynthia Zichy Thyssen is creating will be the epitome of luxury, Changing one's sexual life can U n i v e r s a l T e l e v i s i o n .
ultra-luxe versions of them for her lined in nubuck and made from semi-precious stones and jewels. change anything." This content has passed through
MA collection. What am I talking stingray skin, hers can also be Closures created by silversmiths —Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin fivefilters.org.
about? Bondage harnesses. personalized with accents such as Follow ELLE on Twitter.
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Friends see things you don't Be Your(Secret)self This

(Scripting News)
Submitted at 10/14/2009 9:28:38 AM
Halloween at the Santa Monica
This is a very personal time for
Museum of Art's Halla Gala
me, lots of observations, things By ELLE.com (ELLE News
I'm learning about myself, things Blog) Tickets to the grand event start
you can only see when a big tree Submitted at 10/14/2009 2:27:27 PM at $350 for a Hall’va one-pass and
falls and light shines on spaces go all the way up to the indulgent
that were previously hidden. Halloween isn’t typically a $25,000 Gardeners of Eden 10-
Here's a reason why it's good to festivity associated with high pass, which includes many, many
have friends (as if one needs a fashion, but this year, the Santa luxuries, most notably: pre-gala
reason) and why you should share Monica Museum of Art is doing assistance for two from two
your childhood pictures with them something to remedy that. With designers (see full-list here) to
as soon as you can. I waited way say start making sense. They were memorial site. the hosting help of Leonard help create your secret self
too long for this. there too. Of course they have the Another observation. My Dad Nimoy and his wife Susan, along ensembles. All ticket packages
When they see pictures of you advantage of remembering. did a great job of organizing all with designers Jenni Kayne, The above $5,000 also include a
as a baby and toddler and then as Some of Dad's pictures are so the pictures. All I had to do was Row’s Ashley and Mary-Kate personal secret self photography
a small child they see something good they deserve to be called out write some scripts to merge the Olsen, Society for Rational Dress’ session with the man of the night,
you never see in those pictures --> specially. captions, and link the thumbs with Corinne Grassini, among others, Leonard Nimoy.
You! That's my grandmother, Lucy the originals. I'm storing all the the SMMoA will throw the first Tickets are tax-deductible and
Doc Searls' comment, as usual, Kiesler, on the left, and my stuff in Amazon S3 because I Halla Gala, one part high-art, one on-sale now, so if you’re in the
hits the nail square on the head. mother, Eve Winer, on the right. think it's the most reliable storage part high-style Halloween party. Santa Monica area over
"That's Dave! Great to see the kid, My brother Peter Winer is sitting we have right now. Should I die And the dress code? “Come as Halloween weekend, stop being
the son and the big brother, and with his back to us, and the guy in or become incapacitated they will your secret self, your alternate frugal and start envisioning your
how they match with the man and the loud 70s style coat is me, at just keep billing my credit card, identity or inner persona,” the o n e - o n - t w o s e c r e t s e l f
the friend." age 21. The picture was taken in and hopefully my successors will invitation instructs. consultation with the sisters
Francine Hardway sees it too. New Orleans, not sure exactly just let the charges go through. The unique costume concept, Olsen.
What a revelation. I never liked where (possibly Commander's Amazon really ought to allow a c c o r d i n g t o S M M o A Fashion and photography lovers
looking at those pictures, and now Palace) just before or after my people (as opposed to companies) C o m m u n i c a t i o n s D i r e c t o r Leonard and Susan Nimoy will
I know why. I didn't believe it college graduation. Click on the purchase perpetual hosting. What Miranda Carroll, was actually serve as honorary hosts of this
ever happened. I have no memory picture to see the full image. And a contribution to our culture they i n s p i r e d b y L e o n a r d ’ s year’s Halla Gala (photos to the
of it, but friends can see what you the full set of pictures, uploaded would be making if they did so. photography exhibit of the same right of the couple include
can't -- that you were there. Now yesterday, is on my Dad's name, not Halloween. But the Masquerade and Tree Man, both
all of a sudden things your parents timing couldn’t have been more taken by Nimoy)
perfect, as everyone this time of Photos: Getty Images and
year has an itch to be someone or courtesy of Leonard Nimoy
something else for a night.
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Uruguay’s Soccer Team Could Ruin Argentina’s Decade

(WSJ.com: The Daily Fix) himself in the third person and almost certainly keep him off the Tweets.”
Submitted at 10/14/2009 8:30:12 AM once claimed to have been the team’s roster for the 2010 World Bisher’s exceptionally graceful
victim of a total lack of respect Cup. Davies’ absence will be final column is here, and some of
Fervent national soccer rivalries from the Pope.” That would be foremost among the many things his greatest hits, which function as
like the one between Argentina the inimitable Diego Maradona, on the U.S. team’s mind when a sort of guided tour of a half-
and Uruguay are a big part of one of the greatest players of his they face Costa Rica with the century of sports history, can be
what makes international soccer generation but not, thus far, a Concacaf regional title at stake found here.* * *
so fun to watch. But Wednesday’s great success as the coach of Wednesday. Rod Benson had a good college
meeting between Argentina and Argentina’s national squad. “His teammates must carry on,” career at the University of
Uruguay is for more than regional In the Independent, Neil Clack but not unavoidably so. So what t h e M i a m i H e r a l d ’ s L i n d a California and has played very
bragging rights. The intensity outlines Argentina’s struggles, is football? Is it dogfighting or is Robertson writes. “It’s another well during his seasons in the D-
level, in fact, should be more akin and the task before the team. In it stock-car racing?” setback for a team that has fought League, the NBA’s minor league.
to the 1930 World Cup final The Irish Times, Damian Cullen The question itself is a through many. [But] no matter But his rebounding and
between the two, which led to approaches the game and the classically Gladwellian reduction, what happens, expectations will athleticism are not the attributes
Argentine rioters stoning r i v a l r y f r o m U r u g u a y ’ s but it’s worth asking if only continue to grow over the next for which he’s best known by
U r u g u a y ’ s e m b a s s y a f t e r perspective. And in the Telegraph, because — basic moral objections eight months for the most talented basketball heads. No, thanks to
Uruguay’s 4-2 win. The slate of Giles Mole explains the anxiety of to the NFL meat-grinder aside — team the United States has fielded his work at his own blog and
p o s s i b l e p e r m u t a t i o n s i s FIFA officials at the prospect football players continue to bring in modern times.”* * * Yahoo’s indispensable Ball Don’t
complicated — play-in games that Messi — the defending their concussed brains onto the Furman Bisher, whose very Lie blog, Benson has made his
against Ecuador could be involved UEFA Club Footballer of the field. At Yahoo’s Dr. Saturday name seems to belong to a bygone name with his sharp sense of
— b u t f r o m A r g e n t i n a ’ s Year — might not reach the blog, Dan Shanoff examines the era, has retired from the Atlanta humor, unfailing honesty and, um,
perspective, Wednesday’s task is World Cup.* * * more modest post-concussion Tim Journal-Constitution after an obsession with actress Jenna
simple enough to understand: Malcolm Gladwell is a big Tebow, who took the field in astonishing 59 years at the paper. Fischer.
Argentina needs to beat Uruguay sports fan, and proved as much Florida’s win over LSU last It was a career long enough for Benson has demonstrated that
in Montevideo or risk not making earlier this year in a series of weekend. “In between cringing Bisher to have received stock tips he’s a good enough player to earn
the World Cup for the first time nearly unreadable back-and-forths moments every time Tebow hit from Ty Cobb and interviewed a training camp invite from the
since 1970. Associated Press If he with ESPN’s Bill Simmons. But the line, I actually found myself Shoeless Joe Jackson, and one Indiana Pacers this season, but he
finds himself with too much time his sports knowledge is not the liking this version of Tebow at that Bisher — a healthy 91 — might have proven too good a
o n h i s h a n d s s o o n , D i e g o thing for which he’s best known. least as much as the classic could probably have kept going blogger over the past few years
Maradona could swap coaching Gladwell became a national brand ‘Tebow Smash!’ edition,” Shanoff had he wanted to. As it is, Bisher for his own good. The Pacers
ideas with Wayne Gretzky and not because of his ability to writes. “Whether from the play- leaves behind a legacy that — as placed a gag order on the
Magic Johnson. dissect the cover-two, but because calling from coaches or his own Bisher himself wrote of Joe Louis blogging big man for the duration
“How they came to stand on this o f h i s u n c a n n i l y r e a d a b l e decision-making, he was letting after the Brown Bomber’s death of training camp. He’ll have his
knife edge is a mystery to anyone presentation of provocative ideas. the talent around him carry more — “shall become a national work cut out for him in terms of
who looks at a squad made up of His methods can be argued with, of the load — and they proved resource.” making the Pacers roster, but
outstanding players, with Lionel and your Fixer generally isn’t a they could handle it. Hopefully, “With Bisher retired, there is no FanHouse’s Chris Tomasson
Messi top of the bill, but not to big fan, but Gladwell is at his best he showed himself that he doesn’t one left who has had such an writes, “The bigger issue for
those who consider the man in in a recent piece for the New have to rumble his body into an impact on his craft — especially Benson, 25, is whether his
charge,” the Daily Mail’s Martin Yorker that gives a controversy- oncoming tackler to prove he has in the South — as measured by blogging ever could cost him a
Samuel writes in a terrific piece. begging question whether pro imposed his will — he can simply the stack of awards at his door or chance to make an NBA team
“The management of an football is different than keep winning games.”* * * the reverence of those who even if he might be playing better
international football team dogfighting — its due. Charlie Davies, an emerging followed him,” the Journal- than non-blogging candidates.”
requires a strategist, a clear “Part of what makes dogfighting star at forward for the United Constitution’s Steve Hummer It has happened before — the
thinker, a cool head, a man who so repulsive is the understanding States men’s soccer team, was writes. “Someone may one day very funny Paul Shirley earned a
will use the restless space that violence and injury cannot be injured in a scary car accident m a t c h h i s i n f l u e n c e , Journal profile from yours truly
between games to resolve removed from the sport,” Tuesday. He suffered numerous accomplishments and stature, but for his blogging work while with
problems clearly and rationally. Gladwell writes. “Its a feature of broken bones and internal injuries it wont be easy. There is no one the Phoenix Suns, but hasn’t
Argentina instead went for a the sport that dogs almost always in a one-vehicle crash that left who writes so doggone Bisher-ly, played in the NBA since. Instead,
c r a c k e r j a c k , a m a v e r i c k , a get hurt. Something like stock-car a n o t h e r p e r s o n d e a d . L e s s in a courtly voice reminiscent of a
p h e n o m e n o n w h o r e f e r s t o racing, by contrast, is dangerous, importantly, the accident will time before snarky blogs and URUGUAY’S page 52
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Torre Bets on Kid Kershaw Against the Phils

(WSJ.com: The Daily Fix) Inquirer’s Bob Ford looks at the news of his potential inclusion aiming for the city championship.
Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:58:30 AM different routes Joe Torre and unleashed a shower of criticism. Patterson’s 20 players represent
Charlie Manuel have taken in In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12 countries on five continents,
The Yankees, Angels and their managerial careers. Bernie Miklasz isn’t surprised — Glenn Graham writes in the
Phillies all have won World The ALCS between the Limbaugh wouldn’t have been Baltimore Sun, and they’re
Series since 2000. The Los Yankees and Angels begins approved anyway, he writes.* * * meshing as a team without the
Angeles Dodgers, the fourth team Friday. In the New York Daily Belgian Frank Vandenbroucke cliques on past teams.* * *
left in this year’s playoffs, haven’t News, Bill Madden isn’t sure could have been the next Eddy John Wooden remains the
ended a season with a Champagne New York’s pitching is good Merckx, one of the best cyclists standard-bearer of success for
shower since 1988. To have a shot enough to beat L.A. the polls. Sports Illustrated’s ever. But drug abuse, domestic college-basketball coaches: 10
they’ll have to survive their Be sure to catch tonight’s live Frank Deford believes Boise isn’t violence and mental-health national championships in 12
rematch with Philadelphia, which blog of the Dodgers-Phillies getting a fair shake from the p r o b l e m s m a r r e d seasons, four perfect seasons amd
won the NLCS in five games a game, with Jonah Keri presiding.* BCS.* * * Vandenbroucke’s life, and he died 88 straight victories, all records
year ago. Getty Images Joe Torre ** The NFL has a lot of crummy of a pulmonary embolism on that have stood since the Wizard
ponders how much harder it To merit consideration for the teams this season, including Monday in Senegal at age 34. At of Westwood retired in 1975.
would be to manage a team national championship with an Tampa Bay, Kansas City, St. Cycling News, Greg Johnson and Wooden celebrated his 99th
without a payroll in the gazillions. undefeated season, Boise State Louis and Tennessee — all 0-5. Les Clarke write about the rise birthday Wednesday. He retired at
For Game 1 on Thursday night, must prove each week it deserves Washington’s two victories have and fall of “a precocious talent.”* the right time and other coaches
manager Joe Torre has chosen 21- its ranking despite playing in the come against the Bucs and Rams ** could learn from his example,
year-old left-hander Clayton WAC. The No. 5 Broncos’ 28-21 and a third is probable when the Gilbert Arenas has spent much Dean Hybl writes at Sports Then
Kershaw to face Cole Hamels, victory over Tulsa on Wednesday Redskins host the Chiefs on of this decade being the closest and Now. In the Los Angeles
who’s had an erratic 2009 season. likely won’t convert any doubters. Sunday — Washington’s thing to a sure bet for NBA Times, Mike Penner lists 99 facts
In the Los Angeles Times, Bill The Broncos trailed by six after unprecedented sixth straight game reporters in need of a pithy quote. about Wooden. Finally, from
Plaschke agrees with Torre’s the first quarter, then hung on against a winless opponent. Sure, But those days appear over. The Sports Illustrated’s Vault, read the
decision. “The choice was after building a 14-point lead. Washington isn’t likely to earn a Washington Wizard was adamant cover story from Dec. 25, 1972,
Kershaw, because nobody on the Rather than make a statement, playoff spot, especially in the he’d no longer speak with the when the magazine named him
staff throws more fearlessly to Boise raised doubts with its less- tough NFC East, but it’s not a media until that stance cost him a sportsman of the year.
more sides of the plate,” Plaschke than-impressive victory. bottom-feeder yet, the $25,000 fine earlier this week. So – Tip of the Fix cap to reader
writes. “The choice was Kershaw, “Wednesday was a huge Washington Post’s Thomas after scoring 24 points Tuesday in Don Hartline and the Journal’s
because he has an attitude to opportunity missed for a program Boswell writes. In Washington only 28 minutes of Washington’s Lydia Serota.
match his command.” trying to shatter the sport’s glass City Paper, Dave McKenna 101-98 preseason win over Found a good column from the
While pitching will play a big ceiling,” Charles Durrenberger reports on an imposter Hogette Detroit, Arenas spoke with world of sports? Don’t keep it to
role should L.A. win its series, writes at CBS Sports. “With the infiltrating Redskins games. reporters, as the Washington yourself — write to us at
CBS Sports’s Scott Miller writes baseball playoffs idle and the rest Perhaps that explains their bad Post’s Michael Lee blogs, but dailyfix@wsj.com and we’ll
that Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp of college football looking on, the start. didn’t say much. Is Arenas trying consider your find for inclusion in
are a dangerous duo for Phillies fifth-ranked Broncos swung and Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh to pay tribute to Rasheed the Daily Fix. You can email
pitchers to corral. In the missed at convincing the fence- won’t be part of the group led by Wallace?* * * Garey at ris84rap@gmail.com.
Philadelphia Daily News, Sam sitters of their legitimacy.” Dave Checketts bidding for the Diversity is paying off
Donnellon wonders which In the Idaho Statesman, Brian Rams. The group ditched the handsomely for Patterson High
Hamels will show up for the Murphy writes that coach Chris controversial talk-show host after School in Baltimore, where the
Phillies. The Philadelphia Petersen isn’t preoccupied with boys’ soccer team is 10-0 and
continued from page 51
he wrote a book and has a music With a third of the NBA’s players determining which Twittering world of sports? Don’t keep it to
column at ESPN.com. Benson on Twitter, there are a great many athletes are real, and which are yourself — write to us at
won’t stay gagged forever. cats to put back in bags. In the imposters. dailyfix@wsj.com and we’ll
More broadly, the NBA has its Journal, David Biderman reports – Tip of the Fix cap to Fixer consider your find for inclusion in
work cut out if it really wishes to on Twitter detective Brendan emeritus Carl Bialik. the Daily Fix. You can email
enforce rigid message control. Wilhide, who specializes in Found a good column from the David at droth11@gmail.com.
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Joe Torre gives Clayton Kershaw Game 1 start for Los

Angeles Dodgers in NLCS vs. Philadelphia Phillies
By ESPN.com news services straight year, making them the their Sunday best to play you. Dodgers with 12 wins, will pitch Manuel wouldn't disclose his
(ESPN.com) closest thing the NL has to a You always get the best pitchers out of the bullpen in the series. rotation beyond Hamels.
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:08:00 AM couple of dominant teams. matching up." "I have no problem with it," Kershaw was 0-2 against the
They are the first repeat teams This year, the Dodgers own Billingsley said, according to Phillies in the regular season, but
LOS ANGELES -- Clayton since Houston and St. Louis home-field advantage against the MLB.com. "I've always told Joe he plans an aggressive approach
K e r s h a w w i l l s t a r t f o r t h e squared off in 2004 and '05, and team they beat four times in seven that whatever situation he puts me Thursday.
Dodgers on Thursday against only the third repeaters since games during the regular season. in, I'll always do the best I can. If "That's what I try to do every
fellow left-hander Cole Hamels of Atlanta and Pittsburgh met in "Because we're the ones that this is what he thinks is best for time," he said. "I'm not trying to
the Phillies in Game 1 of the NL 1991 and '92. took it away from them, they the club, why should I get upset or sit up there and walk people or try
Championship Series. "I heard Joe Torre say the beauty definitely want to prove frustrated? We're here to win and pitch around someone else.
At 21 years and 209 days, of it is always going back and something," Hamels said. "If I'm games. We're not here for You can't go out there with that
Kershaw will be the third- seeing how many times you can able to go out and execute strikes individual achievements." mindset. They've got a great
youngest Game 1 starter in win," Phillies manager Charlie and really get ahead of them, I can Jon Garland, who won three lineup. But the pitcher's job is just
postseason history. The youngest Manuel said Wednesday of his definitely make this a better game games for the Dodgers after being to go right after them with your
was Fernando Valenzuela, who counterpart. for my pitching." acquired from the Arizona best stuff."
was 20 years and 339 days when "Believe me, we came back here Torre went with Kershaw Diamondbacks, was left off the The Dodgers worked out
he started for the Dodgers in the to win. I have more determination because he came up big in the NLCS roster. Wednesday in light rain and 89
1981 division series. probably than I had last year, and Dodgers' division-clinching win Kershaw will be backed by a percent humidity. The rain had
Joe Torre in NLCS I mean that from the fact that against Colorado on Oct. 3. starting lineup of Rafael Furcal, ended by the time the Phillies
Joe Torre will attempt to end a that's how much I want it, and I Kershaw pitched six scoreless Andre Ethier, Manny Ramirez, took the field. Thursday's forecast
two-series losing streak in an LCS think I know how much our innings in that game, striking out Matt Kemp, Casey Blake, James calls for a high of 78 degrees.
when the Dodgers face the players want it." his first five batters and retiring Loney, Ronnie Belliard and Reliever Jeff Weaver was sent
Phillies for the second A year ago, the Phillies took a 2 his first 11 in a row. Russell Martin. home from practice with flu-like
consecutive season. -0 lead at home and went on to "He's the most mature 21-year- Ramirez wasn't a factor in the symptoms. He's the third member
"I've grown up a lot since last beat the Dodgers in five games in old kid I've run across," teammate first two games of the division of the team to fall ill this week.
year," said Kershaw, who worked the NLCS before defeating Tampa Randy Wolf said. "At the same series against St. Louis, going 1 Martin was sent home Tuesday.
out of the bullpen in last year's Bay to win the World Series. time, he's stubborn and that's good for 8, but he broke out with three Hitting coach Don Mattingly also
NLCS. "It's not obviously the Now, they're trying to become because I don't want a pushover hits and two RBIs in Game 3 to has been ill. However, Martin and
same starting Game 1 of a series the first repeat World Series guy. If he's throwing strikes, he's close out the sweep. Mattingly were both feeling better
or anything like that, but just to winners since Torre's Yankees did pretty amazing." "I'm comfortable all the time, my at Wednesday's workout.
have the experience to get out so from 1998 to 2000. The rest of the Dodgers' rotation confidence level is up all the Information from The
there and pitch against them a "When you repeat, you basically will be Vicente Padilla, Hiroki time," he said. "I'm just excited Associated Press was used in this
little bit is definitely going to help have to go through a tougher Kuroda and Wolf, who would and can't wait to see what report.
me out." season to get there," Torre said. pitch Game 4 against his old team happens. The rest of the guys This content has passed through
The Phillies and Dodgers are "You've got a bull's-eye on your in Philadelphia. grew up a lot. They're more ready fivefilters.org.
back in the NLCS for the second back. Everyone seems to put on Chad Billingsley, who led the this time."
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Rush Limbaugh
Report: Players want Washington Redskins to to be out of bid
endorse Jim Zorn for St Louis Rams
By ESPN.com news services The team's three losses include a tempered ourselves, to be honest Post, Jurgensen was particularly By ESPN.com news services
(ESPN.com) Week 3 defeat at Detroit, which with you. The expectations for critical of quarterback Jason (ESPN.com)
Submitted at 10/15/2009 8:12:08 AM ended the Lions' 19-game losing this team were so much greater Campbell, saying during a Submitted at 10/14/2009 10:00:47 PM
streak. The Giants, who coming into the year -- and they pregame show last weekend he
Washington Redskins coach Jim Washington lost to in Week 1, are haven't come even close to living would have used backup Todd Sources: Checketts To Drop
Zorn appears to be sitting on one the only team the Redskins have up to it," Theismann said in a Collins instead and that, "I think Limbaugh Sources: Checketts To
of the hottest seats in the NFL. played so far that has a winning telephone interview Wednesday. Collins would have won all four Drop Limbaugh
With uncertainty surrounding record. "It's the little things that bother of these games." Conservative radio talk show
their coach, some players would Two of the players questioned the living daylights out of me Campbell's response to such host Rush Limbaugh was dropped
like the front office to give the by the newspaper said that even a more than anything. ... They thoughts coming from ex- from a group bidding to buy the
embattled Zorn a public vote of "no comment" by Redskins waste timeouts at an astounding Redskins? St. Louis Rams.
confidence -- if it doesn't intend to management will lead to division rate. To me that's disgraceful. "You can't get mad," the ESPN's Adam Schefter first
fire him during the season, The within the ranks just when players That's Football 101," Theismann quarterback said. "You can't agree reported the story on Wednesday.
Washington Post reported. are attempting to salvage their said. "Ultimately, where does it or disagree. They're entitled to Limbaugh was to be a limited
SportsNation: Approval Ratings season. have to fall on? It has to fall on their opinion." partner in a group headed by St.
Only 12 percent of SportsNation A Redskins official refused to coaching and teaching." Riggins, a Redskins teammate Louis Blues chairman Dave
approves of the job Jim Zorn has comment when asked by the Theismann, for one, said the of Theismann's and member of Checketts. Checketts said in a
done with the Redskins this newspaper about Zorn's status on team is "fundamentally not sound the Hall of Fame, spared no one in statement Wednesday that
season. Just the Raiders' Tom Wednesday. In a conference call at all," referred to how a diatribe he posted as a video on Limbaugh's participation had
Cable and Bills' Dick Jauron rank last week, Redskins executive Washington "mucks along in YouTube, then linked to on his become a complication in the
lower. Ratings vice president of football futility," called the offense Twitter feed. group's efforts and the bid will
The newspaper talked with two operations Vinny Cerrato chose "inept," and added, "What is Riggins on Cerrato: "You're a move forward without him.
prominent offensive players and a not to give Zorn an endorsement. unacceptable is the lack of effort great guy, Vin, but you're no Checketts told the Associated
veteran defensive player who Mike and Mike in the Morning to do more than just what is GM." Press he will have no further
wished to remain anonymous. ESPN NFL analyst Mark required." On Zorn: "You're out of your comment on the bid process.
"I wish someone upstairs would Schlereth talks about the former “ league, Jim," and "you ... are not a Three-quarters of the league's
just say he's going to be our coach Redskins players speaking out "You're out of your league, Jim," head football coach in the NFL. 32 owners would have had to
for the season," one of the about coach Jim Zorn. Schlereth and "you ... are not a head football High school? Definitely. You can approve any sale to Limbaugh and
u n n a m e d p l a y e r s t o l d t h e says Zorn was set up to fail and coach in the NFL. High school? coach in high school. You can his group. Earlier this week,
newspaper. "That way, we don't it's the team's fault. Plus, Mike Definitely. You can coach in high coach my son in high school any Indianapolis Colts owner Jim
h a v e t o a n s w e r a n y m o r e Greenberg moderates as Mike school. You can coach my son in time." Irsay predicted that Limbaugh's
questions about it and everybody G o l i c j o i n s S c h l e r e t h f o r high school any time."”-- John Through a team spokesman, potential bid would be met by
knows we're in this boat True/False. Riggins on Jim Zorn Cerrato declined to respond. significant opposition. Several
together." More Podcasts » Ex-players such as Hall of Fame Information from The players have also voiced their
The Redskins are last in the Zorn has a career 10-11 record members Sonny Jurgensen and Associated Press was used in this displeasure with Limbaugh's
NFC East with a 2-3 record. The as the Redskins' coach. Sam Huff -- whose framed photos report. potential ownership position, and
subpar record is even more Everyone from former stars Joe hang on a wall outside the locker This content has passed through NFL Players Association head
glaring because each of their Theismann and John Riggins to room at Redskins Park -- have fivefilters.org. DeMaurice Smith, who is black,
games -- including this week's people writing for the team's questioned play-calling and urged players to speak out against
matchup against the Kansas City official Web site are ripping the individual players' fitness on Limbaugh's bid.
Chiefs-- has been against a Redskins lately. game-day radio broadcasts. A Limbaugh spokesman told
winless team. "A lot of us have sort of According to the Washington ESPN that Limbaugh would have
no comment on Wednesday.
Earlier, on his syndicated radio
show, Limbaugh was defiant,

RUSH page 55
Internet News Record Sports/ 55
Louisville Cardinals players Terrence continued from page 54
holding on to hope that he still that a black quarterback do well."

Jennings, Jerry Smith to face single could be part of the ownership

group that buys the Rams.
"This is not about the NFL, it's
The Rams had no comment,
reissuing a statement from Oct. 5
in which owner Chip Rosenbloom

charge, won't miss any games not about the St. Louis Rams, it's
not about me," Limbaugh said.
"This is about the ongoing effort
said a review of the team's
ownership was under way and the
club will make an announcement
By Dana O'Neil (ESPN.com) Calif., and Smith, a 6-foot-2 by off-duty police. by the left in this country, when it's over.
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:09:22 AM senior from Wauwatosa, Wis., are Officers needed to strike wherever you find them, in the Checketts, the chairman of SCP
scheduled to appear Monday Jennings twice with the Taser to media, the Democrat Party, or Worldwide, announced that
LOUISVILLE -- Louisville morning in Jeffersonville City subdue him. Police said Jennings, wherever, to destroy Limbaugh had been dumped
basketball players Jerry Smith and Court. 20, also had a low level of alcohol conservatism, to prevent the toward the end of a news release.
Terrence Jennings each will face Pitino said both players in his system, according to the mainstreaming of anyone who is "It has become clear that his
only one charge stemming from understand the severity of the report. prominent as a conservative. involvement in our group has
their involvement in an altercation situation. Police said Smith, 22, "Therefore, this is about the become a complication and a
with off-duty police officers "Anytime you defy a police approached officers after Jennings future of the United States of distraction to our intentions;
during the weekend, and coach officer, it's serious," Pitino told was placed in handcuffs. Smith, America and what kind of country endangering our bid to keep the
Rick Pitino said the two would E S P N . c o m . " T h e y w i l l b e the Cardinals' team captain, we're going to have." team in St. Louis," Checketts said.
not miss any game time. punished and are being punished refused to comply with requests to Without Limbaugh, Checketts "As such, we have decided to
Clark County (Ind.) prosecuting right now. But no, they will not back away and resisted when an and his group will have to find move forward without him and
attorney Steve Stewart said that miss game time." officer attempted to restrain him. another partner. At the NFL hope it will eventually lead us to a
after reviewing the police report, The two were taken into custody After the incident, Jennings owners meetings this week in successful conclusion."
he has decided to charge the two in Jeffersonville, following a apologized to police and event Boston, NFL commissioner Roger The move was hailed by the
with a single count each of confrontation with off-duty police organizers in a statement issued Goodell addressed Limbaugh's Rev. Al Sharpton, one of the most
resisting law enforcement. The o f f i c e r s d u r i n g a n a l u m n i through his attorney. He said he potential involvement in the vocal critics of Limbaugh's bid.
misdemeanor charge carries a homecoming party early Sunday had been minding his own league and said "divisive "It is a moral victory for all
maximum of one year in jail and a morning. Jeffersonville is across business when he was provoked comments are not what the NFL is Americans -- especially the
$5,000 fine. the Ohio River from Louisville. by a person he did not know. He all about." players that have been unfairly
The police report initially asked The police report said several also said Smith was only trying to Goodell added: "I've said many castigated by Rush Limbaugh,"
that the pair be charged with off-duty officers -- all of whom help him and meant no disrespect times before, we're all held to a Sharpton said in a statement.
multiple counts. were wearing T-shirts with to police. high standard here. I would not "This decision will also uphold
“ "Police" clearly marked on the "I think Jerry saw a teammate on want to see those comments the unifying standards of major
Anytime you defy a police front and back -- were working at the ground and didn't want to coming from people who are in a sports."
officer, it's serious. ... They will the party when a fight broke out abandon him," Pitino said. "I responsible position in the NFL -- Information from The
be punished and are being inside. Officer Tom Mitchell think he saw a teammate taking absolutely not." Associated Press is included in
punished right now. But no, they found Jennings pushing and some pretty good blows and tried In 2003, Limbaugh was forced this report
will not miss game time.”-- Rick shoving people, according to his to help." to resign from ESPN's Sunday This content has passed through
Pitino report. Dana O'Neil covers college NFL Countdown after saying of fivefilters.org.
"People don't understand that Jennings was eventually basketball for ESPN.com and can Philadelphia's Donovan McNabb:
police make a recommendation in escorted outside and placed on the b e r e a c h e d a t "I think what we've had here is a
the report, but the prosecutor ground but "continued to fight espnoneil@live.com. Information little social concern in the NFL.
makes the decision what charges with officers; trying to get back to from The Associated Press was The media has been very desirous
will be filed," Stewart told the his feet and refusing to place his used in this report.
Jeffersonville (Ind.) Evening hands behind his back," according This content has passed through
News. to the report. fivefilters.org.
Jennings, a 6-foot-10 Jennings said he wasn't aware at
sophomore from Sacramento, the time he was being confronted
56 Sports/ Popular News/ Internet News Record

The Count: A Very Unlucky Nats Mom gets at least 6

Fan years for attempt to kill
(WSJ.com: The Daily Fix) statistician at the University of
Submitted at 10/14/2009 3:01:54 PM California, Irvine, said. “The
second is a nice retrospective
kids (AP)
In a Washington Nationals question (given this series of (Yahoo! News: U.S. News) for a long time for what she did,"
season that finished with 103 outcomes how could someone Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:35:11 AM Friedly's son wrote to the judge,
losses, the most in the major have been so unlucky). The only saying he was "emotionally
leagues, there was little good caveat to either number is that MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. – A scarred for life."
news for the team’s dwindling fan they are essentially asking the woman with bipolar Friedly, appearing in court
base. But at least the Nats had the probability that a specific person disorder"forfeited" her right to be shackled and wearing jail clothes,
courtesy to win seven more games chance of 47/80, because one loss sees 0-19, not the probability that a mother when she served her apologized.
at home than on the road — was taken. The third’s probability someone in Nat Nation would children drugged hot chocolate "I love my children
roughly in line with typical home- of being a loss would be 46/79, have this experience. You need to before setting the house on fire, a unconditionally, and I was sick,"
field advantage in the majors — a n d s o o n . M u l t i p l y t h o s e know how many Nat fans went to j u d g e s a i d T h u r s d a y a s h e she said, her voice breaking with
and therefore won 40.7% of their probabilities for all 19 games and 19 or so games, which makes it sentenced her to six to 20 years in emotion. "The worst punishment I
home games. Associated Press you arrive at one in 131,204. not so unusual. (This is akin to the prison. can have is the loss of contact
For the Nationals, 2009 home There are other ways to look at difference between a person Tanya Friedly, 33, of Warren, a with my children."
games were slightly less awful it. Suppose that the Nats had a winning the lottery twice in a year Detroit suburb, pleaded no contest Viviano noted that Friedly by all
than road ones. 40.7% chance of winning any and you winning the lottery twice last month to one count of arson accounts was "a loving, devoted
Yet one unlucky Nats fan told given home game. Then the in a year.)” and two counts of assault with mother" but suffered from bipolar
Washington Post sports blogger probability of seeing 19 straight As bad as the Nationals were, intent to murder. disorder with depression and
Dan Steinberg he went to 19 losses would be 48/81 to the 19th h a d t h e y s o m e h o w b e e n Macomb County Circuit Judge anxiety.
home games, and saw the Nats power, or one in 20,800. Or m i s t a k e n l y e n t e r e d i n t h e David Viviano also ordered "There's no question in my mind
lose all 19 games. What are the suppose that the Nats’ 33-29 playoffs, they’d have had about a Friedly not to have contact with that you had and continue to have
c h a n c e s ? T h e f a n , S t e p h e n performance in the 62 games 1% chance of winning the World her son and daughter, who were a serious mental illness," the
K r u p i n , c o n s u l t e d w i t h K r u p i n m i s s e d w a s t r u l y Series, according to the blog Walk 13 and 10 when she took them out judge said, though not reaching
mathematician friends, and they indicative of the team’s quality. Like a Sabermetrician. That of school early on Nov. 18, 2008, Michigan's legal definition of
came up with a probability of one Then the probability was an calculation shows how likely it is and told them she was going to a lacking criminal responsibility for
in 131,204. That’s a reasonable infinitesimal one in 1.86 million. for upsets to happen even when a psychiatric hospital. her actions.
estimate, according to several “They are two slightly different team is much worse than its She then gave them hot Macomb County assistant
mathematicians I consulted. calculations. [One in 20,800] is opponents. Keep that in mind chocolate, which made them prosecutor Michael Servitto said
Here’s how to arrive at the the chance of seeing 19 straight before assuming that the Yankees "lightheaded and drowsy," and set the six-year minimum sentence
estimate. Look back on the Nats occurrences of an event that and Dodgers will advance to the their home on fire, her son wrote will give Friedly's children time to
schedule and figure that Krupin happens with probability .6. [One World Series. The Angels and in a letter to Viviano that was read grow up before having to confront
could have chosen any game as in 131,204 is] the probability of Phillies are nearly as strong. aloud in court. Neither child their mother again.
his first to attend. That game happening to choose 19 losing Hat tip: Deadspin. Thanks to appeared in court, and Viviano There is a "special bond"
would have had a chance of 48/81 games from 81 with 48 known statisticians Shane Reese and Carl asked news media not to identify b e t w e e n a m o t h e r a n d h e r
of being a loss. His next choice, losses among them,” Hal Stern, a Morris for their consultations. them or the guardian now raising children, Viviano told Friedly,
though, would have a lower them. adding that her actions "severed
"We're all going to go to a better that bond forever" and "forfeited
place now," Friedly told her son your right to raise your children
that day, he wrote. He then ran and be their mother."
out of the burning building along This content has passed through
with his sister. Friedly was pulled fivefilters.org.
out by a neighbor.
"My mom should be gone away
Internet News Record Game/ Popular News/ 57

Profits up
for top US
(BBC News | Americas | World
Submitted at 10/15/2009 7:49:17 AM

Two major Wall Street banks

have reported better-than-
expected profits between July and
Goldman Sachs' profits for the
period were $3.19bn (£1.96bn), a
four-fold increase from the same
period in 2008.
It has set aside $5.35bn to cover
pay and bonuses for the quarter,
an average payout of $172,581
per worker.
Citigroup's profits also grew,
but the much lower figure of
$101m reflected the impact of the
recession on its High Street
banking operation.
It is highly exposed to consumer
loans and has more bad debts than
Goldman, which concentrates
Report: EA acquires social games dev Playfish more on investment banking;
trading and helping companies to
merge with each other.
By James Ransom-Wiley in social gaming -- a slightly less scooped up social games [Via Industry Gamers]
(Joystiq) dirty designation than "casual publishing technology company Source- Is EA Going to Buy In the same period a year
gaming" -- starting with the J2PLay, as reported by Zynga or Playfish in Social earlier, Citigroup had made a loss
Submitted at 10/15/2009 12:20:00 PM
launch and consolidation of the Games.com. Gaming Bid? [Inside Social of $2.82bn. But its latest profit
Industry sources claim EA has EA Casual Entertainment division It's difficult to predict how EA Games] figure was significantly lower
completed a deal to acquire social in 2007, and then with the Casual's major investments in Source- Rumor: EA Acquires than the previous quarter, when it
games developer Playfish, report creation of EA Blueprint social gaming might affect the EA Playfish For $250 Million [Silicon made $4.82bn.
Inside Social Games and Silicon expressly for social ventures in Games label -- makers of the Alley Insider] Citigroup is currently 34%-
Alley Insider. Unconfirmed 2008. The company has done kinda games we care about-- but Report: EA acquires social owned by the US government and
estimates put EA's buyout bill at plenty of outside spending, too, let's just hope there's a mighty games dev Playfish originally has written off more than $100bn
$250 million, while ISG believes like throwing some dollars at thick wall between the two appeared on Joystiq on Thu, 15 of assets since the start of the
Playfish could earn as much as Napster creator Shawn Fanning divisions. Okay, so maybe we've Oct 2009 12:20:00 EST. Please credit crisis.
$75 million in revenue this year for his Rupture service. Just this got some social anxiety, but we see our terms for use of feeds. Shares in both banks fell in
alone. That's alotta money for week, EA launched Pogo Puppies just can't stand the thought of our Permalink| Email this| early trading because while the
those janky, little games on for Facebook -- which actually extravagant, big-budget, dim-the- Comments results were better than had been
Facebook, right? competes with Playfish's Pet lights, and shut-out-the-world expected, they were still not as
For years, EA has been dabbling Society(pictured above) -- and games go the way of the dodo.
PROFITS page 58
58 Popular News/ Internet News Record
Confusion over Honduras accord continued from page 57
impressive as JPMorgan Chase crippled many of its peers.
(BBC News | Americas | World and analysed by President Zelaya reverse that decision would be the day before, which had sent the Its currency, commodity and
Edition) and Mr Micheletti". illegal. Dow Jones above the 10,000 bond trading fared particularly
Submitted at 10/14/2009 4:10:55 PM "I wouldn't talk of an end to the Disruption mark. well in the third quarter.
political crisis, but an exit, yes," Mr Zelaya was sent into exile 'Complex business' But revenue from its mergers
There is more confusion in Mr Meza was quoted by Reuters on 28 June after trying to hold a Goldman Sachs said that there and acquisitions operations fell
Honduras over whether an news agency as saying. vote on whether a constituent were signs of "improving sharply from the previous quarter,
agreement has been reached to The army chief, Romeo assembly should be set up to look conditions and evidence of reflecting the continuing lack of
solve the political crisis. Vasquez, also said progress had at rewriting the constitution. stabilisation" in the world activity.
Negotiators for ousted President been made. The vote was deemed in economy. The was reflected in Goldman's
Manuel Zelaya said a "unified "I know that we have advanced violation of the constitution by the The $5.35bn it set aside to cover overall profit figure, which at
text" had been agreed that could significantly, we are almost at the Supreme Court. pay and bonuses during the $3.19bn, was lower than the
lead to an "exit" from the crisis. end of this crisis," he told local Mr Zelaya's opponents accused quarter brings the total for the first $3.44bn that Goldman made in
But representatives of interim radio HRN, Reuters reported. him of trying to lift the current nine months of this year to the previous three months.
leader Roberto Micheletti said no But representatives of Mr ban on presidential re-election to $16.7bn. 'Challenging' environment
agreement had been reached on Micheletti said that no agreement remain in office - a charge he has "Goldman has always been the The two sets of results followed
the key issue of a possible return had been reached yet on restoring repeatedly denied. biggest bonus payer simply figures from JP Morgan Chase on
to power for Mr Zelaya. Mr Zelaya. Some commentators point out because its people make more Wednesday, which were
Talks are likely to resume again Mr Zelaya has set a deadline of that a new constitution allowing money per person than anyone dramatically better than had been
on Thursday in the capital Thursday for agreement to be presidential re-election was else," Ralph Silva from Tower expected.
Tegucigalpa. reached. unlikely to have been ready Group told BBC News. The second-biggest US bank
Mr Zelaya was sent into exile in "Elections without the before January 2010, when Mr "The problem here is made a net income of $3.6bn,
June, but has been inside Brazil's reinstatement of the constitutional Zelaya's term was due to end. fundamental, it is a very complex compared with $527m in the same
embassy since secretly returning (elected) president would International sanctions against business. There are very few period of 2008.
in September. legitimise and authorise more the interim government have cost people in the world who have the Bank of America is due to
He wants to be reinstated before coups in Honduras," he told the Honduras, one of the region's ability to do this job so the reason report its results on Friday while
29 November elections, but the AFP news agency before poorest nations, millions of they get paid so much is there is Morgan Stanley results will be out
interim leaders have resisted his negotiators announced a deal had dollars. just not enough of them." on Wednesday 21 October.
demands. been reached. Curfews and restrictions on civil Trading boost Citigroup reported another $8bn
They say he was legally "Reinstatement after the fact liberties have also disrupted the "Although the world continues in credit losses for the three-
removed from office as he had (vote) is something we will not lives of ordinary Hondurans over to face serious economic month period and the bank's boss
violated the Honduran accept." the past four months. challenges, we are seeing warned conditions would remain
constitution. Mr Micheletti has repeatedly Print Sponsor improving conditions and difficult.
Thursday deadline resisted calls for Mr Zelaya to be This content has passed through evidence of stabilisation, even "While consumer credit trends
Earlier, Mr Zelaya's lead restored to office. fivefilters.org. growth, across a number of are improving in international
negotiator Victor Meza said the His position is that Mr Zelaya sectors," said chairman and chief markets, the US consumer credit
two sides had "agreed on one was removed according to the executive Lloyd C Blankfein. environment remains
unified text that will be discussed Honduran constitution, and that to The bank paid back the challenging," said chief executive
emergency loan it had received Vikram Pandit.
from the government in July this Print Sponsor
year. This content has passed through
It has come through the fivefilters.org.
financial crisis relatively well,
having been less exposed to the
mortgage-related debt that
Internet News Record Popular News/ 59

Obama views New Orleans recovery Mother of Fla. teen set

(BBC News | Americas | World
Edition) on fire says son is strong
Submitted at 10/15/2009 5:21:23 AM
of the Lower Ninth ward have
returned, compared to 75% for the
rest of the city.
popular destination for party-
goers, he said the city's people
deserved "more than a drive-

(AP) President of the local

US President Barack Obama will neighbourhood council Vera
t r a v e l t o N e w O r l e a n s o n McFadden told the BBC she felt
through daiquiri summit with the
The White House quickly
Thursday for a close-up look at poor areas of the city had been rebuffed the criticism, saying that (Yahoo! News: U.S. News)Broward County Sheriff's Office
the city's recovery since Hurricane neglected by Washington. more than $1bn had been spent on spokesman Jim Leljedal. Brewer
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:33:15 AM
Katrina. "I really wish he could just ride "1,000 projects - work on roads, never paid for the game, which
In his first visit since taking through the neighbourhood to see bridges, Army Corps MIAMI – The mother of a 15- authorities would not identify, so
office, he will tour a school in an what's going on. year-old doused with rubbing the other teen tried to steal a $500
construction, schools, health
area devastated by the storm's "We have children and they alcohol and set on fire called the custom bike that belonged to
centres and more" in New Orleans
aftermath four years ago and meet deserve a state-of-the-art school. alone. attack a nightmare on Thursday, Brewer's father, Leljedal said.
residents. The community is trying to raise but said her son was strong and
One resident planning to Brewer refused to attend classes
Mr Obama made the city's money, but we're just forgotten would pull through despite the at his middle school Monday. His
capitalise on the hurried nature of
rebuilding one of his campaign down here." burns over much of his body.
the president's visit is Leah Chase. mother said he was "petrified" of
pledges. Local input The owner of a New OrleansValerie Brewer told NBC's going to school, and the teen
Opposition politicians have The president will also hold a "Today" show and ABC's "Good instead went to an apartment
soul food restaurant told the
criticised the brevity of the visit, town-hall-style meeting at the Morning America" that her son, complex to visit a friend. He told
White House she would like to
which is scheduled to last less University of New Orleans, where Michael Brewer, couldn't talk but deputies that while he was sitting
prepare a take-away order for the
than four hours. residents who managed to secure president. was communicating with her by by the swimming pool, he was
Slow recovery a ticket through a White House motioning with his hands.
According to the city's Times- splashed with rubbing alcohol and
Mr Obama's first stop will be at website will get the chance to "It's a complete nightmare," she set ablaze.
Picayune newspaper, the White
the school in the Lower Ninth voice their concerns. said.
House has made time in the Five teenagers — 15-year-olds
ward. But for many, the whirlwind Michael Brewer was attacked at Matthew Bent, Denver Jarvis,
president's busy schedule for a
This mainly poor area of New visit is not enough, especially short stop at Mrs Chase'sa Deerfield Beach apartment Steven Shelton and Jesus Mendez
Orleans was particularly hard hit after Mr Obama pledged to complex in South Florida on and 13-year-old Jeremy Jarvis —
restaurant to pick up such
by flooding in the wake of the restore trust in government during Monday after turning in another were charged with aggravated
Southern food staples as gumbo,
hurricane, which left up to 80% of a campaign stop in the city in teen for trying to steal his father's battery in the attack. Mendez also
shrimp Creole and fried chicken.
the city submerged. 2008. Print Sponsor bicycle, authorities said. was charged with attempted
The school is the only one out Louisiana Republican The teen was expected to second-degree murder because
This content has passed through
of six to have reopened in the congressman Steve Scalise was fivefilters.org. remain hospitalized for several authorities say he flicked the
neighbourhood. particularly scathing. months and is at extremely high lighter.
According to some estimates, Referring to New Orleans's lax risk of infection and organ failure, Valerie Brewer said she knew
less than a quarter of the residents liquor laws and its reputation as a but he is doing as well as can be the teens, but would not say more
expected, his doctor said. Valerie b e c a u s e i t w a s " t o o h e a r t

No raise for US welfare claimants Brewer praised the staff at wrenching" to talk about. She
Jackson Memorial Ryder Trauma asked viewers to help stop
Center. childhood violence around the
(BBC News | Americas | World The rate is pegged to inflation, payments, which would go to Dr. Nicholas Namias said the world.
Edition) which this year is negative Social Security recipients and the teen suffered burns on his torso "What they did to my son...we
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:25:06 AM because of lower energy costs. elderly, military veterans and and arms and most of his hair, but need to stop this now."
President Barack Obama urged people with disabilities, could his face was not badly burned. This content has passed through
The US government has said Congress on Wednesday to agree cost the government about $13bn, Brewer's troubles started when fivefilters.org.
there will be no cost-of-living a one-off $250 (£154) payment the White House said. one of the teens gave him a video
allowance increase next year for for recipients. The proposal has the support of game and expected $40, said
more than 57m people receiving But a senior Republican said senior Democrats including
Social Security payments. allowances should reflect the cost House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,
2010 will be the first year of living.
without a rise for three decades. Mr Obama's request for $250
RAISE page 60
60 Popular News/ Economy/ Internet News Record
RAISE Pakistan’s new assault
Call for rethink on data continued from page 59
Senator Harry Reid and Analysts calculate that the cost
on terrorism: Tackling
storage Congressman Charles Rangel,
chairman of the House Ways and
of living has fallen with decreases
in petrol and fuel prices over the
the other Taliban
(The Economist: News
(BBC News | Americas | World country," he said, speaking at the Means Committee. past year. analysis)
Edition) Global Services Conference in However, Republican Senator But campaigners for the elderly
Submitted at 10/14/2009 11:09:42 PM
Submitted at 10/15/2009 6:05:57 AM Washington in the US. Judd Gregg said the extra say that that advantage has been
Mr Smith called for new trade payment was "inappropriate" swallowed up by their spending Pakistan’s new assault on
The rules on the movement of rules to ease what he called the since the Social Security system on healthcare costs, which rise terrorism
electronic data around the world "quagmire" of laws facing the was set up so that allowances faster than consumer prices. Oct 15th 2009 | DERA ISMAIL
need an overhaul, according to a information providers industry. would reflect the cost of living. The US Labour Department KHAN
Microsoft executive. Andy Cordial, managing Social Security head Michael reported on Thursday that fewer From The Economist print
Many technology companies, director of British company A s t r u e w a s q u o t e d b y t h e people had made first-time claims edition Amid a surge in terrorism,
including Microsoft, IBM and Origin Storage, agreed that there Associated Press as saying the for unemployment benefits in the Pakistan’s army prepares to enter
Yahoo, use vast data centres to was a problem. benefit was doing its job in past week than the previous week the lair of its Mehsud militants
run services over the internet and "There are a number of standards helping Americans maintain their - the fifth such decline in six AFTER descending the jagged
store data such as e-mail. in place and if anything they're standard of living. weeks - suggesting that the jobs heights of South Waziristan, a
However, the rules for data confusing," he told the BBC. "Not But, he added: "In light of the market may be slowly improving. remote part of Pakistan that
storage can vary widely from only are there different standards human need, we need to support Print Sponsor borders Afghanistan, Wazir Khan
country to country. between countries but also within President Obama's call for us to This content has passed through Mehsud reached safety last week
One might insist that data is countries, depending on the make another $250 recovery fivefilters.org. with his three small children, 40
kept for a year while another sensitivity of the data." payment for 57 million other relations and their bundled
might want it destroyed in six The UK, home to hundreds of A m e r i c a n s . " possessions. They had come to
months, said Microsoft senior data centres, was no exception, he Dera Ismail Khan, in the “settled
vice-president Brad Smith. added. area” of North-West Frontier
"If that's the case, it's very Print Sponsor Province (NWFP) that borders
difficult to locate a data centre in This content has passed through Pakistan’s semi-autonomous tribal
one country and provide that fivefilters.org.
service to consumers in another

Credit in America: Slim pickings, no appetite

(The Economist: News members of the National government support. quarter profit on Wednesday back amid uncertainty over capital
analysis) Association of Business But at the same time the overall October 14th, an almost sevenfold -adequacy requirements and
Submitted at 10/14/2009 6:00:59 AM Economics said markets would level of credit is dropping. Bank improvement on the same period accounting rules for off-balance-
continue to drag on economic lending expanded in the thick of in 2008. Others, including a still- sheet assets.
Credit in America growth until at least mid-2010. the crisis as companies tapped pre frail Citigroup, are due to report But companies are also seeking
Oct 14th 2009 | NEW YORK For many the big question is -agreed credit lines. But it has shortly. But smaller banks in fewer loans, as they think twice
From The Economist print whether a lack of credit is holding since fallen back sharply, from particular fear losses in before hiring or investing in
edition Constrained lenders and back America’s nascent recovery. $7.14 trillion in May to $6.78 commercial-property and equipment. Demand for
wary borrowers explain falling In a sign of easing conditions, trillion in September, with the construction loans, to which “commercial and industrial” loans
levels of credit in America usage of the Fed’s special decline accelerating recently. Is CLSA, a broker, thinks they have has fallen in every quarter since
THE worst may be over for liquidity facilities has fallen this down to a reluctance to lend, exposure of $1.5 trillion. mid-2006, according to the loan-
America’s financial markets, but markedly and the central bank is or to borrow? The latest Fed survey of bank officer survey.
they are still abnormal. Bill gradually winding down its asset Both. With loan losses still loan officers, in July, showed A similar synchronised decline
Dudley, head of the Federal purchases. Securitisation markets climbing, banks are loth to throw them continuing to tighten in supply and demand is visible in
Reserve Bank of New York, a r e t h a w i n g , w i t h v o l u m e s money around. True, some large underwriting standards across all consumer credit. The total
captured the mood in a recent approaching pre-crisis levels in banks have regained their footing, categories. Meanwhile, they have outstanding fell at an annualised
speech, bluntly titled “ A bit c r e d i t - c a r d d e b t a n d c a r thanks largely to robust capital record levels of reserves parked at rate of 5.8% in August, the
better, but very far from best”. In loans—though not in mortgages, markets. JPMorgan Chase the Fed. Even those banks that are
a survey released this week, which remain dependent on reported a $3.6 billion third- in good shape may want to hold CREDIT page 62
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belt, to escape an army assault on jihadist haven, more or less, since eat, and that his house back in under army protection.
the local Taliban. Militants of the
Mehsud tribes, these fighters
2001. Besides the Uzbeks, al-
Qaeda and a ragbag of Punjabi
South Waziristan had been
flattened in an air raid.
The army seems to have done
better in buying off the Taliban
represent one of the most
formidable of several tribally
based Islamist gangs in north-west
jihadist groups are present. And
the Taliban have learned their
arts. A Mehsud commander called
The army is now planning a
ground attack on the Mehsud
militants. The terrain is forbidding
belonging to other tribes. To help
keep the Mehsud fighters out of
NWFP, it has armed militants of
Pakistan. The army now vows to Qari Hussain has become famous and, with the winter snows the small Bhittani tribe, despised (The Economist: Daily
crush them. for training suicide-bombers. The expected next month, so is the by the Mehsud. It also seems columns)
Recent acts of terrorism confirm army reckons that, of over 200 weather. The Mehsud Taliban confident that it can ensure the Submitted at 10/15/2009 2:11:12 AM

the need for this. On October 9th suicide blasts in Pakistan in the also seem to be in better shape neutrality of two powerful Taliban
a suicide blast in Peshawar, past two years, 80% were than the army had hoped. commanders of the Wazir tribe, Europe.view
NWFP’s capital, killed 52 people. launched from South Waziristan. Their leader, Baitullah Mehsud, Mullah Nazir, who controls most Oct 15th 2009
On the following two days the Since ending its Malakand was killed in August by an of the rest of South Waziristan, From Economist.com It looks
army’s headquarters in operation, which it considers a American drone. He was also the and Hafiz Gul Bahadur, in simpler from across the Channel
Rawalpindi were attacked by ten turning-point in a previously supreme commander of Tehrik-e- neighbouring North Waziristan. TWEAK history a bit. Imagine
militants, five of them from South undistinguished seven-year Taliban Pakistan, an alliance of 13 Despite the almost permanent that in 1940 Hitler and Stalin
Waziristan. Three were said to be campaign, the army has deployed Pushtun Taliban groups of which state of war between the Wazirs divide Britain between them. Both
Uzbeks, members of an Islamist 28,000 troops to blockade the he had been a founder. On his and the Mehsud, these occupying powers behave
group driven from Uzbekistan Mehsud’s fief, which has also death a leadership battle ensued, commanders forged an alliance abominably but in different ways.
into Afghanistan and from there, been bombed. Over 100,000 motivated, the army claims, by his with Baitullah Mehsud last After a rigged election, Scotland
after America’s invasion of 2001, people, a third of the population, lieutenants’ desire to lay hands on February. And in June, when the is declared part of the Soviet
into South Waziristan. In a 22- have fled into NWFP. Most, given a vast fortune that their dead army began its operation in South Union. Stalin imposes a one-party
hour battle, nine militants and 14 the hospitable way of Pushtuns, “emir” had accrued by extortion Waziristan, it seemed they might state and planned economy with a
others, including a passing have found shelter with relations. and foreign donations. A 28-year- even honour it: Mr Bahadur’s terrifying secret-police apparatus,
brigadier, were killed. It could They have no alternative. Unlike old militant, Hakimullah Mehsud, men killed at least 23 soldiers in liquidating normal life and
have been worse. The militants at the offensive in Malakand, in allegedly al-Qaeda’s favourite and an ambush. But the army, which decapitating the country. Tens of
one stage made 22 hostages which over 200,000 of the 2m a cousin of Qari Hussain, was exacted a bloody revenge for that thousands of people—lawyers,
huddle round a suicide-bomber. displaced people were allowed declared his successor. But, until attack, considers this unlikely. If teachers, businessmen, priests,
Pakistani commandos shot him sanctuary in refugee camps, this this month, when video footage of history means anything, it will journalists, and even
dead. Another teenage suicide- operation provides no shelter for him was televised, he was thought have paid hefty bribes to Mr Nazir philatelists—are woken in the
bomber killed 45 people on Mehsud fugitives. by foreign and local spies to have and Mr Bahadur, with whom it small hours, given ten minutes to
October 12th in NWFP’s For security reasons, the United been killed in a fight with his has also previously made peace pack and then deported to slave
Malakand region, which the army Nations, which lost five staff chief rival, Waliur Rehman. Some deals. In recent days it has labour camps in northern Norway.
captured from another Taliban when a suicide-bomber attacked reports said Mr Rehman, who had showed restraint in repelling Few ever return.
gang in May. And on October an office of the World Food been put in charge of South attacks by Mehsud and Uzbek South of the border, the Nazi
15th roughly 25 militants Programme in Islamabad on Waziristan, was also dead. But he militants in North Waziristan, military dictatorship rounds up
launched co-ordinated attacks on October 5th, is also absent. And was heard on a telephone viewing these as an effort to draw England’s Jews, supported by
three police bases in Lahore, as a the army has often prevented local intercept on October 11th Mr Bahadur and his men into the local anti-Semitic collaborators.
suicide-bomber drove into a charities from dispensing food aid exhorting a follower to pray for fight. Industry is commandeered by the
police station in Kohat in the to the Mehsud refugees, success in the Rawalpindi attack. A longer version of this article Nazi war machine. Anti-Nazi
north-west. apparently fearing this would be In another sign of the Taliban’s appears in The Economist print activity is lethal; thousands are
All these attacks were probably funnelled to the Taliban. In dusty resilience, the army has had edition. shipped off to work as forced
launched from South Waziristan, Dera Ismail Khan, where most of limited success trying to divide Back to top ^^ Readers' labourers. Others, disgracefully,
long the most hostile of Pakistan’s the displaced have been them. The leader of a rival comments even volunteer as concentration-
seven Federally Administered registered, no food has been Mehsud Taliban militia, supported The Economist welcomes your camp guards and for auxiliary
Tribal Areas. Despite at least distributed for a month. Arriving by the army, was killed by the views. police battalions in the hope of
three army offensives and peace footsore and broke in Dera Ismail genuine article in June. Having no This content has passed through gaining privileges or settling
deals with the Mehsud and other Khan, Wazir Mehsud was popular support, its fighters are fivefilters.org. scores. Life is dire, but for most
militants, the region has been a dismayed to discover so little to locked down in Dera Ismail Khan of the non-Jewish population it is

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seventh straight monthly America is in the middle of an business owners—big users of members, conducted in “neo-Fascist”. Also on the same
drop—and the decline would have “epic shift in household attitudes credit cards and home-equity September, only 4% saw programme, he failed to challenge
been steeper but for the cash-for- towards credit and discretionary lines—face a severe credit crunch financing as their biggest a British comedian, Stephen Fry,
clunkers car-sales programme. spending”, and that this is as these crutches get yanked problem, compared with 32% who deplored Poland’s history of
Lenders have pulled back most pressing down on bond yields. away. Loans are harder to come citing weak sales. With so much “right-wing Catholicism”, terming
from “revolving credit”, such as Tellingly, consumers are by than at any time since the early uncertainty, capital-spending it “deeply disturbing for those of
credit cards, where they have shrinking their debts even as 1980s. Surveys suggest they will plans are at 35-year lows. “The us who know a little history, and
more flexibility to cut. In the past fiscal programmes tempt them to get even scarcer. only ones trying to get loans are remember which side of the
two years credit-card lines have do more shopping: consumer It hardly helps that one of those struggling to stay in border Auschwitz was on”.
been cut by a whopping $1.25 spending rose by a hefty 1.3% in America’s biggest small-business business, not those looking to Mr Fry is entitled to criticise
trillion and another $1.5 trillion August. lenders, CIT, has run aground. grow their business,” says Mr Poland’s record on gay rights and
will disappear by the end of 2010, Nonetheless, parts of the With the firm seemingly sliding Dunkelberg. the Tories’ choice of friends. But
estimates Meredith Whitney, an economy may still be caught in a towards bankruptcy, its boss, Jeff He may be right. But when it is horribly unfair to mention
analyst. genuine credit squeeze. Take Peek, said on October 13th that he recovery seems more assured, Auschwitz (a death camp run by
But borrowers are pulling back corporate finance. Large public would step down at the end of the firms will want to borrow to beef German Nazis in an occupied
too. Over-extended households firms have relatively easy access year. Nor have corporate up inventories and buy new country) in the same breath. The
are saving more and paying down to loans and equity once again. minnows been able to count on equipment. Mr Dunkelberg thinks million-plus Poles, both Gentile
debt as they adjust to the shock of Corporate-bond issuance is on much help from taxpayers. In the banks will be ready to help them. and Jewish, who perished there
seeing their net worth fall by $11 track to shatter records this year, year to September, a mere $9.3 Others are less sure. With loan deserve better. And commentators
trillion. Balance-sheets need to be largely offsetting the slump in billion of loans were guaranteed losses unlikely to peak until well from Britain, which escaped the
repaired but the effects are bank lending. “For investment- by the Small Business into 2010 and banks likely to keep war unoccupied, should try
painful. Weak demand from grade companies, it’s almost as Administration, a government failing until at least 2011, the real approaching other countries’
consumers, whose spending much as you can eat,” says agency, though the pace has been credit crunch may still lie ahead. wartime history with more
accounts for two-thirds of output, Charles Himmelberg of Goldman picking up. Back to top ^^ Readers' humility and less self-satisfaction.
is one of the strongest headwinds Sachs. Not everyone thinks credit is so comments Back to top ^^ Readers'
facing the economy. With But only a quarter of America’s constrained. Small businesses are The Economist welcomes your comments
household debt still at 129% of listed companies can tap bond hampered less by a lack of loans views. The Economist welcomes your
disposable income, deleveraging markets. Beneath them is a mass than a shortage of customers, This content has passed through views.
could go on for some time. A ratio of small and medium-sized firms argues Bill Dunkelberg, chief fivefilters.org. This content has passed through
above 100% is generally that collectively employ around economist of the National fivefilters.org.
considered unsustainable. David half of American workers and are Federation of Independent
Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff, an heavily reliant on banks. Ms Business (NFIB), a trade group.
investment firm, argues that Whitney argues that small- In the NFIB’s latest survey of its

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much less awful than in the Glasgow ghetto. Most are gassed Soviet power is restored in Britain either. Many British people might party and Latvia’s nationalist
Scottish Soviet Socialist Republic. in death camps, some on British by 1944, with implacable focus more on their own suffering Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK
In 1941 Hitler attacks Stalin. As soil, some further afield. vengeance. A doomed than that of the all-but vanished party, British commentators
the Red Army flees Scotland, As the Nazis start losing the war underground army fights on (its Jewish population. Outsiders would do well to bear some
Jews suffer terrible pogroms. they conscript thousands of last partisan is killed only in would do well not to jump to history in mind. Fatherland and
Many Scots blame them, quite teenagers into a “British legion” 1975). Britain regains its freedom conclusions. Stereotypes linking Freedom (which has roots in the
unfairly, for being allied with the of the Waffen-SS. About one- only when the evil empire the Holocaust in Britain to anti-Soviet dissident movement)
communists. (In fact, though third of this unit are volunteers, collapses. “endemic anti-Semitism” before says Latvian SS veterans have the
many Scottish communists are desperate to stave off another Digesting that historical trauma the war would clearly be right to pensions and public
indeed Jewish, Jews feature Soviet occupation at least for long would take time. Britons’ views ludicrously simplistic. gatherings. Yet Jon Snow, a
prominently among the enough for their families to of their country’s SS troops would Amid the current row about the British television presenter,
“bourgeois elements” deported to escape to neutral Ireland. Some probably be rather ambiguous: Conservative Party’s new alliance misleadingly dubbed the party
Norway). Many Jews die of have ardently helped the Nazis. few would call them heroes, but with Poland’s socially
starvation or typhus in the Despite last-ditch resistance, few would condemn them outright conservative Law and Justice
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TV Board: Media Insights QandA With NBCU's Alan Wurtzel

(MediaPost | Media News) Alan Wurtzel: The reason we does is try to give you a sense of prime-time shows that have multi- Second prediction is that within
Submitted at 10/15/2009 9:45:11 AM have to measure it is that if we how television, Internet platform exposures. Some have five years a lot of people are
don't measure, it we can't sell it. streaming, VOD, downloads, are more than others like the show going to start getting television
Between the stress on the It's clearly the way people are used to provide an exposure to a "Heroes" or "The Office." You from the Internet directly into
broadcast affiliate model and the consuming media and it's only show -- I don't say impressions, can look at it over time. You can their TV with the kind of quality
n e e d f o r s t a n d a r d i z e d going to increase. To define it, it because that is a Nielsen term. It's take a look at how a program or a that makes it indistinguishable
measurement across all platforms is television, it's the internet and a combination of different particular episode, how each of from current television. And I
-- television, Internet and mobile - it's mobile. Mobile is emerging -- metrics. I can't account for the platforms contribute. You can think that when that happens it's
- there has never been a greater but I think it's going to play a duplication, because it just isn't also look at a platform over going to be a huge game-changer.
time of change in the marketing huge role in the future when the single source. But it's interesting. time.... I don't know how it's going to
and media research field. platform gets better. The fact of When I put it out there a few CW: Can you give me three play out -- but I think that clearly
Alan Wurtzel, president of the matter is that people are years ago, I thought there would predictions for the next five when you can go from a few
N B C U r e s e a r c h a n d m e d i a consuming media that way -- we be a lot of pushback from years? hundred channels to an infinite
development, is on the forefront have done all sorts of research agencies or clients saying, you AW: Well let me just say this -- number of channels, it has all
of these changes and is charged about it -- and now the question is know you're just trying to increase if my predictions were absolutely kinds of possibilities, good and
with the task of finding revenue- how to measure it. the numbers, but I was surprised accurate, I would be rich. I bad.
oriented solutions to these new, In my view, the only way we at how it was embraced. Then I wouldn't be here talking to you. I And I think the third thing that
evolving challenges. are ultimately going to get to that realized that it was embraced would be in Switzerland. is going to happen is that the pay
This interview encompasses a holy grail of measurement is to a because there was really nothing I think prediction number one is model is going to increase in its
range of media issues from the single source measurement where else. And people are so hungry for that the media landscape is going impact. I think the sponsor, the
broadcast vs the cable model, the one person generates information any kind of information now to become increasingly advertiser-supported model is
decision to strip Jay Leno at 10 about their TV use on the about how we can begin to fractionalized. You can call it going to decrease. Neither of them
p.m. on NBC, past changes, future television, on the Internet and on measure across platforms, and "television," but I think it will be is going to totally supplant the
predictions and how Alan got to mobile. they accepted it. a very, very different thing. I other, but I think that consumers
where he is today. Links to the Right now we have not been We've been very, very clear think we are going to have to are going to be offered a variety
full interview videos can be found able to do that. So we've come up with respect as to how it is done figure out from an advertiser and of ways of paying for content and
a t with a lot of substitutes. We came and what its limitations are, but it marketing standpoint how to use a I think we are going to have to
http://weislermedia.blogspot.com/ up here [at NBC] with something is still very interesting and if medium that's going to become figure out exactly how they
search?q=alan+wurtzel we call the TAMI: the Total anyone wants to look at it they smaller in the sense of its absolute respond to that.
Here 's an excerpt from the Audience Measure Index. I've can go on to our marketplace delivery in aggregate. It stuns me This content has passed through
interview: been really honest in saying that I w e b s i t e how people are multitasking. I fivefilters.org.
Charlene Weisler: Alan, let's would love to retire the minute we www.NBCMarketplace.com, think the fractionalization is going
t a l k a b o u t 3 6 0 - d e g r e e can get real research out there -- [where] there is a TAMI button. to be very challenging. That is my
measurement and viewership. but until that time, what TAMI We "TAMI" every one of the first prediction.
64 Media/ Internet News Record

Digital Outsider: DO Takes To The

(MediaPost | Media News) and event marketing reaching New York's JFK Airport,
Submitted at 10/15/2009 10:00:26 AM consumers via other travel and allowing travelers who don't want
hospitality-related venues like to leave the gate to order food for
Digital out-of-home video airport lounges and hotels. delivery from airport dining
content and advertising is taking Last week also brought new options. Overall, there are 200
flight, literally, with new deals for partnerships giving air travelers such screens around Terminal 5,
ad sales representation and in- on Southwest and Alaska Airlines which sees traffic from about
flight, ad-supported WiFi on two access to in-flight WiFi courtesy 50,000 people per day, with an
major airlines. Along with of JiWire, which provides average visit duration of 90
extensions of DO-enabled food consumers with free ad-supported minutes.
service in airports, the new deals Internet while offering advertisers The JetBlue digital network,
represent a trend towards DO video ads targeted by location and called Re:vive, was designed by
linked with consumer services in other contextual factors. JiWire New York's Deepend for OTG
the air travel environment. hopes to expand the free in-flight Management, which runs the
In the most recent tie-up, United Internet service, dubbed Row 44, airport's food and beverage
Airlines announced it has joined to other airlines, citing strongly concessions. It was designed to be
the in-flight TV network operated favorable consumer sentiment. A flexible in its presentation of
by Brand Connections, offering recent survey from the Wi-Fi content, creating more
advertisers greater scale and Alliance revealed that 76% of opportunities for advertisers to
efficiency in campaigns targeting business travelers would choose deliver messages, and thus
air travelers in their seats -- one of air travel arrangements based on incremental revenue. When no
the biggest "captive audiences" the availability of WiFi service, one is interacting with the digital
out there. With the United while 70% would choose to have displays in the Re:vive network, it
Airlines deal, Brand Connections WiFi service instead of free features 30-second and 60-second
is now the exclusive ad sales meals. video ad spots from a variety of
representative to roughly two- The new trend in air travel DO ad categories, targeted by the time
thirds of the domestic in-flight TV integrates advertising with content of day. In the interactive menu
market, reaching over 100 million t h a t e n g a g e t r a v e l e r s w i t h section, there are also spots for
in-flight TV viewers per year. entertainment, Internet, and other banner advertising.
Brand Connections can integrate services. Last year JetBlue This content has passed through
TV advertising with product installed interactive video screens fivefilters.org.
sampling, literature placement, at the gates of its new terminal at