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Virgilio, Martin Saturday, March 12, 2011 8:26 AM OST02 HOC; Kotzalas, Margie; McDermott, Brian Fw: Call?

---- Original Message ----From: Jaczko, Gregory To: Virgilio, Martin; Doane, Margaret Sent: Sat Mar 12 08:02:56 2011 Subject: FW: Call? please be aware if a call comes in. thanks From: Poneman, Daniel [] Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2011 7:59 AM To: Jaczko, Gregory Cc: Lyons, Peter; Aoki, Steven; DAgostino, Thomas, Connery, Joyce Subject: Fw: Call? Greg: forwarding msg from kondo-san. Trying to set up call. Dan ---- Original Message ----From: <> To: Poneman, Daniel Sent: Sat Mar 12 02:22:43 2011 Subject: RE: Call? Poneman-san Thank you very much for your kind actions. I have just received a report on the new progress at 1F1, a significant reduction of CV pressure due to the use of SGTS line to vent the Wet-Well atmosphere, recovering the operation of air compressor to operate AOV. We hope the pressure will become below its design pressure soon, as well as unconfirmed report on the sound of explosion in the building. As TEPCO team is required to be careful to the attack of tsunami, they are very slow in the action to recover the sea water cooling system. Therefore I am expecting the team will arrive at the conclusion about the next step they will take as an alternative to that relies on that line, paying due attention to the existence of hydrogen. Therefore it is very kind of you to convey this information to Chairman Jaczko. I will also ask Chairman of Nuclear Safety Commission Dr. Madarame to contact with him. Yours, Shunsuke Kondo -Original Message---

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From: Poneman, Daniel [] Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2011 3:11 PM To: i-.iffi &JJft(f,,-T-r) Subject: RE: Call? Kondo-san:


I am turning in soon but if you need me you may call through our DOE Operations Center, 202-586-8100. My BB isL_J
S (b)(6)

Sincerely, Dan Daniel B. Poneman Deputy Secretary US Department of Energy Washington, DC 20585

(202) 586-5500

-- Original Message---From: [] Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 10:59 PM To: Poneman, Daniel Subject: RE: Call? Poneman-san It was very nice to talk with you on phone. The following is my note on the current situation. I will continue to update it as apparoproate.

Current ( 12:00 of 2011/03/12) Situation of Fukushima Daiichi (iF, six units) and Fukushima Daini (2F, four units) Nuclear Power Plants Hit by Touhoku-chiho Taiheiyou-oki EQ (TT-EQ) on March 11, 2011 The TT-EQ caused automatic shutdown of all operating units of 1F, unit 1, 2, 3 and 2F, unitl, 2, 3, 4. Simultaneously, the off-site powers to these units were also lost due to the damage in fossil and some of hydro power generating stations in the network with which these units were connected. Furthermore, the emergency diesel generators (EDGs) of these units could not start operation due to extraordinary high Tsunami that damage heat sink line for these EDGs.


Difficulty in the execution was found, however, as the vital power source was not available due to the flooding of the building: this power source is to be used to supply power to sustain I&C system that is used to monitor plant status and operate motor operated valve (MOV) necessary in this operation in particular.

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Therefore TEPCO has gathered power supply trucks and batteries from available sources near-by and the team is fighting to limit the probability of occurrence of large-scale release utilizing them. 1Fi is in most difficult situation as the radiation level around the unit rouse gradually at around 4:00 AM today due probably to the partial core damage due to the occasional suspension of core cooling (water injection, this is my personal viewpoint) and recognizing this and as a precaution the government asked evacuation to the people within 10 km from the plant. The team started the water injection using fire-fighting car or fire engines to stabilize core condition and just succeeded to open the valve for CV venting under high radiation condition. We are very lucky that the wind direction is from land to sea at this time. However, the water level in the Reactor Pressure Vessel is reported to be stabilized due to the injection of the water, though it is now below the top of the core, probably due to the reason I mentioned above. I am expecting that the team will start feed and breed (F&B) operation in any units as smoothly as possible ( at least complete the preparation to perform the operation in parallel with making their best to recover sea water line, as key operation in these situation is the F&B operation utilizing venting line until we can recover the operation of sea water system as a heat sink and can use ECCS system. Yours, Shunsuke Kondo Chairman Japan Atomic Energy Commission (b)(6) Tel: 03-3581-9806 mobile I Email:

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