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FW: TEPCO Earthquake Information Update on April 18 image0O1.jpg; image002.emz; imageOO4.png; ATT00001..txt; imageO07.jpg; imageoo8.jpg; imageo09.jpg; image005.emz; image002.emz; image0o5.emz; image002.emz; image003.png

From: Mitman, Jeffrey Sent: Friday, April 22, 2011 6:34 AM To: RST01 Hoc Subject: FW: TEPCO Earthquake Information Update on April 18 I believe someone was asking question at the 4 pm (Japan time) status call regarding isotopic concentrations in spent fuel pools other than Unit 4. The below gives information on Unit 2's SFP. Please forward on to any interested parties not here in Japan. Thanks. Jeff Mitman From: Wittick, Brian Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 12:41 PM To: Liaison Japan Subject: FW: TEPCO Earthquake Information Update on April 18

From: C 3*Z [mailto:] On Behalf Of Sent: Monday, April 18, 2011 2:17 PM To: Subject: TEPCO Earthquake Information Update on April 18 Dear Friends, Here are updates at Fukushima Daiichi NPS: (1) Result of radioactive material analysis of unit 2 spent fuel pool. (2) Results of dose, temperature, humidity and oxygen density measurement by robots in the reactor buildings of unit 1 and 3.

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TEPCO Washington Office 202-457-0790 Kenji Matsuo, Director and General Manager Yuichi Nagano, Deputy General Manager, Masayuki Yamamoto, Manager, Nuclear Power Programs (1) Result of Nuclide Analysis in the Skimmer Surge Tank Water of Unit 2 On April 16 th 2011, TEPCO sampled approx. 400ml of water from the water flowed from the spent fuel pool to the skimmer surge tank. The purpose of the sampling is to check the condition of the water in the pool, in order to design temporary cooling equipment for the spent fuel pool of unit 2. From the result of nuclide analysis of the water in the skimmer surge tank, radioactive materials have been detected as shown below. Date of sample collection: April 16, 2011
Date of analysis: April 17, 2011 Analysis result

Radiation dose of the sampled water: Approx. 3.5 mSv/h (radiation dose on the surface of container) In addition to the above nuclide, approx. 4,000 Bq/cm3 of cesium 136 (half life is approx. 13 days) was detected. Detailed valuation will be conducted hereafter. [Comments] It is not easy to evaluate this result, but we assume most of radioactive nuclide from PCV of unit 2 have dissolved in the form of condensate and/or dust. Because there are short half-life nuclides such as 1-131 and Cs-136 usually not exist in the spent fuel after at least 200 days of storage. We do not think fuels in the pool are seriously damaged based on the fact that the water level in the spent fuel pool is maintained periodical water injection through SPC, no damage in the reactor building and the decay heat from the unit 2 spent fuel is much lower than unit 4.
[Reference 1] Result of nuclide analysis of the water in the spent fuel pool of Unit 2, measured on February 10, 2011, before the accident Nuclide [Half life] Density (Bq/cm3) Cesium 134 Approx. 2 years N.D. Cesium 137 Approx. 30 years 0.28 Iodine 131 Approx. 8 days N.D.

Nuclide Cesium 134 Cesium 137 Iodine 131

[Half life] Approx. 2 years Approx. 30 years Approx. 8 days

Density (Bq/cm3) 160,000 150,000 4,100

[Reference 2] Comparison between unit 2 and unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool Density (Bq/cm 3 ) Nuclide [Half Life] Unit 2 Result Unit 4 Result (4/17) a (4/13) b Cesium 134 Approx.2Years 160,000 88 Cesium 137 Apporx.30Years 150,000 93 Iodine 131 Apportx,8days 4,100 220

Factor (a/b) xl,800 xl,700 f X19

[Reference 3] Decay heat in the spent fuel pool in units 1 - 4 as of April 15 Decay Heat (kcal/h) I Unit I Evaporation (ton/day) I 1 1 1 1.5x105 5 2 5.0x105 21

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'(2) Results of dose, temperature, humidity and oxygen density measurement by robots in the reactor buildings of unit 1 and 3 1 n April 17, TEPCO conducted field survey in the reactor building of units 1 and 3. We deployed two Packbot (iRobot) for measuring dose, temperature, humidity and oxygen density. We will continue field survey at unit 2. i ..--[S[ t _ S
[SPackbot (Manufacture: iRobot) pec] ..

. . ...

Dimension [cm]: L 70x W 53x H18 (with arm folded) Weight [kg]: 35 Function: Monitoring (Dose, Temperature, Humidity, Oxygen), Camera, Manipulator

1 0
, emperature: aDou zo-zt C Humidity: about 49-56 % Oxygen: about 21%

4:40 - 5:30 pm, April 17 side double entry door to elevator mSv/hr

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:Unit 3 Reactor Building > 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Area: Reactor building south side double entry door (the robots were not able to proceed further away from the door due to many obstacles in the area) Dose: Max 57 mSv/hr, min 28 mSv/hr Temperature: about 19-22 C Humidity: about 32-35 % Oxygen: about 21%

Pictures of the robots entering into the double entry door of unit 3 reactor building]

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