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Reference signal is used to measure quality

Cell Selection QRxLevMin -128 to -110 to discourage camping QRxLevMinOffset 0 to 2 ill

discourage camping!

Qqualmin -22 to 18 to discourage camping Pcompensation max(PEMAX PPower lass! "#! pMax"erving#ell! pMax$eran PMAX (max $E power# riteria %or camping o% &ess power $Es is 'ard! pMax"erving#ell 1000

(rxle) * Qrxle)meas (Qrxle)min + Qrxle)mino%%set# - Pcompensation

Reselection "tart Reselection "%ntra"earc& 2'(2)-*8d+m to ,1 ill encourage reselection sNonIntraSearch 2 to 5 will discourage IRAT reselection,
-114+5*2=-1 4d!"

-crMax#onnMode .mo/ility calc0 -1#RM231,0" to -1#RM23140" ill discourage reselection /ut increase precision! celRes-i5! s%ntrasearc&! s6on%ntrsearc& 7ig& mo/ility scaling Q7yst"f7ig& 8+01Q179"-1"517%$7.0d+0 to 8+121Q179"-1"517%$7 ill discourage reselection! #R$le%"ino&&set
to 2

-reselectionR2- increase to decrease reselection! tre"election :s Reselection 8ecision %dleQ&yst1s .current cell0 ; to 2 ill discourage stic<ing to current cell q7yst!
q7yst ;

ell o%%set qOffset#ell=>tran! qOffset#ell! qOff#ell! inter-Res=ut! qRxLevMin%nter5! o&&set're# 2 to ell,eselPriorit- " to 2 %or 'ig' priorit-! cellReselection?riority * to , discourage reselection! t&res&37ig&7rpd! tReselection=utra 2 to ;!
tReselection(utraS&)igh * to 2

6cellReselection7ig& 14 to 10 >= enters &ig& mo/ility state earlier t&res&37ig&! t&res&3Lo ! tReselection=utra"f7ig&! t&res&"ervingLo 42! s?riority"earc&1! inter5rq-&r7! tRes=ut"5! eutRes-i57M! celRes-i57M! cellRe"el?rio , to 0 ill discourage! mo/"tate?aram6#el#&g7g&! mo/"tate?aram-=val! qRxLevMinOffset 0 to 2d+! q-RxLevMin! sp"tRes?ars! q7yst"f7ig&! tResel=utr! time-o-rigger"fMedium! tRes>tra! tRes>tra"5! utrRes-i57M Qrxlevmeas

,s * Qmeas!s + Q.-st ,n * Qmeas!n - Qo%%set

-evaluation ,0 to 40s! t=valuation 2;0 T320 2--2#7 -,;10 .>=0! -,;*0 .e6ode+0 System Information Messages "%+1.2ccess@Message sc&eduling! reselection0!"%+2.>= timers!common@s&ared c&annel! >L R+s0!"%+,.intra-freq reselect0 system%nformation+loc<,!"%+;.%ntra neig&0!"%+* .inter-freq neig&0! "%+4.Reselect to A#8M20!"%+-:.Reslect to $"M0!"%+8.Reselect to #8M20 Sib3Period R514 to R5,2 less resources used /ut delay in access! max#r"i/8l! si;?eriodicity #ellRadius

RRC setu success rate !ser"ice#

pBero6ominal?ucc& -11: "R+0 is for RR# messages transmitted over t&e #ommon #ontrol #&annel CCC$


(,/1 is transmitted o)er t'e 0edicated ontrol 'annel DCC$1 RR# connection esta/lis&ment is "ignaling Radio +earer-1D -&eis is for 6"6 and RR# (,/22 3earing 4A( signaling and transmitted o)er t'e DCC$% sr/"c&edAeig&t8lD -&is is for 62" and RR# of &ig& priority 0,/ 3ears data maximum o% eig't 0,/s per $E wit' e4ode/ 56"2 7 to 8 s! timer 39w retries %or ,, connection esta3lis'ment

Causes emergency &ig&?riority2ccess Mo/ile terminating Mo/ile Originating "ignaling and mo-8ataD RRC failures LDRR#DRe=stDReconf5ailDReE LDRR#DRe=stD7o5ailDReE! R2 measurement.Random 2ccess
failures0! ?8#? discards! s1Retry-imer ,0 to ;0! T300&'% T30(% 200 to 300 ms% )3(0% )3(( T3(0 in*icates +ysical failure 200 to 300

T311 10000 to 150000 ms, RRC reestablishment T3446 T3460 supervises authentication request !"S timer T34#0 sueprvises identit$ request !"S timer
5671" $E timer super)ises attac' request 5671:! 56721 or 5676" retransmission timers 56721 $E timer super)ises detac' procedure

RRC Setu Success Rate !Signaling# ,RAC$ !SIB2#

prac&-#onfiguration%ndex! Max ?ream/les! contention@non contention .specified R2#70! Power ramping step 8+0 to 8+2! ?ream/le initial received target po er 8+M110; to 8+M1100! R2 retries! ?ream/%nitRcv-arget? r 8+M1120.-120d+m0 to 8+M1'2.-'2d+m0 performace of cell at t&e cost of interference on ot&ers! Rac&2lgo" itc&! max#rRa;8l! ?R2#7 cyclic s&ift! prac&5reqOff! prac&? rRamp! pream/-xMax! ra#ontReso-! raMsg?off$r+! ra6onded?ream/! ra?o Ramp"etup! raRespAin"iFe! root"eq%ndex! ulpc%ni?re? r! ulpcRaresp-pc! R2#7 density =arly contention resolution can improve t&e 2ccess success rate access+arring-ime s,2 -,0, num/erOf?R+s5or8ynamically"c&eduled?>"#75orR2#7Region! max72RQmsg,-x! maxR2#7-ransmit?o er! pR2#7?ream/le8etector-&res&old! pR2#7po er"etting! prac&5requencyOffset! pream/le%nitialReceived-arget?o er! pream/le-ransMax! pream/le-ransmit?o er"tep"iFe! adaptiveMsg,?o er#ontrol=na/le! sctp2ccess2ssociationMaxRetrans! sctp2ccess=sta/lis&mentMaxRetries

R2 .Random 2ccess0 update for service request! location update! and pagingD R2#7 is provided to >=D o #ontention .pream/le collision0 initial RR# connection esta/lis&ment! RR# connection reesta/lis&ment! uplin< data arrival o 6on #ontention .pream/les allocated0 &andover! do nlin< data arrival o +ac<Off" itc& adEust t&e /ac< off time dynamically to relieve load on R2#7 o R2#7 process influences t&e call setup delay! &andover delay! data resuming delay! call setup success rate and &andover success rateD o 2c+arring5actor5or#all ?'*.'*G0 to 80 ill discourage access 2--2#7 o %ncorrect L2# at M"#! -2# at MM= T3-(2 TAC u *ate T3-(- .E attac+ /it+ )AS S(0im licitDetac+Timer S(0Mo1ileReac+a1leTimer o "O6

R2#7 load .call arrival rate! 7O rate! trac<ing area update! traffic pattern0 %nterference on ?>"#7 c&annel ?aramaters t&at can /e controlled are ?R2#7 configuration index! R2#7 pream/le split! R2#7 /ac<off parameter value! ?R2#7 transmission po er control parameters

2AC$ ,A3I)3
8iscarded ?aging Messages over t&e >u %nterface! paging8iscard-imer , to *s! -,;1,! ! 8efault?aging#ycle or 8R3 cycle rf128 to fr4; s&orter paging cycleD 2" .>= H e6ode+0 RR# service request! location update! and paging! max#r?g8l! max6umRrc! paging6/! ra#rntiReuse-! modification?eriod#oeff 2! rrc#onnReest2ctive 0 to 1 RR# success! cellRange 15 to 10Km success! coverageIndicator, nrOfRrcConnectedReserved, dlGbrAdmThresh, T=defa lt!agingc"cle 1T to 1#$T less paging time! &ig& paging traffic! fe er groups! more >=s in a group! n+ - to 1@;- fe er and larger groups! less paging capacitT=defa lt!agingc"cle 1T to $T more paging time! lo 6/ O6=- .1-0 to -AO-.2-0 more paging capacity max6oOf?agingRecords, to * more >=s in a paging message "ingle paging message can accommodate a maximum of 14 paging recordsD "mall -2 more L2# updates and c&ances of missing paging message increase
+aging'orce,-S"in -1 to 2 "in ,-S sche"e

paging traffic! more groups! less >=s in a group!

62" .>= H MM=0 procedure consists of attac&! detac&! trac<ing area .-20 update! service request! and extended service requestD

,, connection reesta3lis'ment caused 3- 'ando)er %ailure! ,, recon%iguration %ailure! or radio lin; %ailure do nlin< data arrivalD uplin< data arrivalD
initial coding is set /y parameter

CCC$ o SRB&0 o RRC!SRB&(# o"er DCC$ #onnection Request .Over ###7 from >= to e6ode+0 >=
context@"R+1 allocation RR# #onnection "etup .e6ode+ to >=0 RR# #onnection "etup #omplete .>= to e6ode+0 %nitial >= Message .e6ode+ to MM=0 %nitial #ontext "etup message .MM= to e6ode+0 "ecurity Mode command .e6ode+ to >=0RR# #onnection Reconfiguration message.e6ode+ to >=0 RR# #onnection Reconfiguration #omplete message .>= to e6ode+0

o RRC!SRB&2# for =R2+over DCC$%

"ignaling Lin< Release RR# Release >e%nactive-imer 1800 to 2000s! load re/alancing

ERAB Setu Success Rate !4oI,# ERAB Setu Success Rate !All# o E-,A/ esta3lis'ment * (ignaling ,adio /earer-2 ((,/2# esta3lis'ment and 0ata ,adio /earer (0,/#
esta3lis'ment1 E,A/*,/($m#-(1((1#

o Ra*io )et/or5 .na"aila1ility Rate 6 Ra*io Bearers RadioBeare rs <QCI < 1 ('ig'est# to =
o RR# reconfiguration esta/lis&ment! modification and Release of R+s

o SRB2 %nititial #ontext "etup Request .MM= to e6ode+0 RR# connection reconfiguration
.enode+ to >=0 RR# connection reconfiguration complete .>= to e6ode+0 %ntial context setup .e6ode+ to MM=0 =R2+ setup request .MM= to e6ode+0 RR# reconfiguration .enode+ to >=0 RR# reconfiguration complete .>= to e6ode+0 =R2+ setup response .e6ode+ to MM=0

o DRB =R2+ modify request .MM= to e6ode+0 RR# connection Reconfiguration .e6ode+ to >=0
RR# Reconfiguration complete.>= to e6ode+0 =R2+ modify response.e6ode+ to MM=0D 8 8R+ maxD

cs>all3ac;Prio! s1,etr-5imer! #" 5all-+ac< feature! $old"ervice2rp-&d * to 8 access! Qci17o-&d =" to =? access! 6e $old"erviceOffset 1" to ? access to gold at t'e cost o% sil)er9copper!
a2-ime-o-riggerRedirect! oc2c?ro/5ac! ac+ar"ig! sig2c?ro/5ac! add2>eRr7o! qRxLevMin>tra

,A is 3ased on 4o1 o% ,, s and acti)e users! max4umAct0r3

RRM! 8ynamic Resource 2llocation ) "c&eduling! resources modified are ?R+s! ?o er! ?8##7@?>##7 Resources! -3 ran<! /ase/and po er! >l+ase/and#apacity 8l+ase/and#apacity

'annels o 0ownlin; ontrol 'annels PC%&C' .no of sym/ols in ?8##7 depending upon signaling0! max6r"ym?dcc&! P(CC' .sc&eduling! 8o nlin< control info-8#%! M%MO mode! precoding! modulation! "%+!
paging! /roadcast! R2#7 response0 8#%-0 uplin< sc&eduling! R+ group assignment! >L grant 8#%-1 modulation! -?#! coding! R+ assignment Resource allocation type-0 Resource allocation type-1 Resource allocation type-2 Resource indication Ialue-R%I .li<e pointer0 8#%-2 do nlin< s&ared c&annel assignments in case of closed loop spatial Mux 8#%-22 do nlin< s&ared c&annel assignments in case of open loop spatial Mux 8#%-, -?# #Q% request c'I 1 to 2 increase in noD of ?8##7 sym/ols! d.na"ic-'I(na/led initial coding is /ased on control data volume P'&C' ac<@nac< P)C' M%+ ;0 ms! +!-)0ower1&&set, initial coding is set /y parameter ?"" H """ sym/ol and frame timing as ell as cell identities R" reference signals for cell recognition! c&annel estimation! pat& loss estimation! and &andover measurementD soundRs=na/ledD srs+and idt&! srs7opping+ ! srs? rOffset!

o $plin; c'annels o P+CC' ac<@nac<! c&annel quality indication .#Q%0 reports! precoding matrix information .?M%0

?#% *0; ) 148 .secondary x , .primary group0 P(SC' for do nlin< data! deliver R2-R6-%!-2! uplin< grant! contention response /y e6+! ?/ 0 to , H Reference"ignal? r 182 to 200 .20d+m0 &ig& coverage@capacity /ut interference on ot&ers! ?8"#7 po er /oosting! initial coding is set /y parameter Pa*in* initial coding is set /y parameter

and ran< indication .R%0 for M%MO! and sc&eduling requests ."R0D #ontrol info is ent on t&is c&annel if ?>"#7 is not assigned to >=! pucc&"iFe! pBero6ominal?ucc&! noOf?ucc&"r>sers!

o P+SC' data! freq &opping can /e used! %ntra-frame or %nter frame &opping! type 1 or 2 &opping
demodulation reference signal is used for c&annel estimation sounding reference signal provides uplin< c&annel quality #Q% 14 values representing modulation sc&eme and coding format! pBero6ominal?usc& -10, .po er0! 7oppingMode 7oppingOffset!

o PR"C' ?ream/les! initial access! &andover! >L sync and >L "#7 resource requestsD initial
coding is set /y parameter! 6#".prac&#s0

o 8R" 8emodulation reference signals for c&annel estimation o "ounding reference signals ."R"0 are used to control frequency-dependent sc&eduling /y t&e o ,78ER C7)TR7L
e6ode+ and ?"rsOffset8eltaMcs8isa/le -,0 to -1* increase po er of "R"D =stimate c&annel quality! transmitted &ere t&ere is no user data Measurement messages are sent

o 5?# 5ractional ?o er #ontrol! applica/le on #ell-specific reference signal! ?+#7D estimation! and
o o o &andover measurementD #ommands are sent t&roug& 8#% Reference signal po er -*:! ?#5%#7 po er -,1:*! ?+#7 po er -,1:;! "ync&roniFation signals po er! -,1:,! 8+#7 po er -,1:2! ?aging po er -,1:1! Rac& respond po er -,1:0! ?rs ?o er -,14' "%6R target and #Q%! 8o nli< %#%#! sc&eduling affect po er control @ @ (A4 can c'ange parameters .@@! A@ and 0& 5X Power indicator1 @ @ c'anges sc'eduling strategies on ser)ing and neig'3or cells #ell8lpc?dsc&?a .ena/le ?# or even po er distri/ution0 partOfRadio?o er 100! confOutput?o er 20 to ;0! confOutput?o er! maximum-ransmission?o er! rlfailure-! noutsync%nd! Minp rRL! Minp rMa! qRxLevMin%nter5! d5pucc&51! dl?at&loss#&g! dlpcMimo#omp! ena/le?c?dcc&! p06om?ucc&! p06om?usc&! pMax! pMax%ntra5! pMaxO n#ell! rx?o er"caling! tpc"tep"iFe! ulpc2ccu=na/le! ulpc2lp&a! ulpc=na/le! ulpc%ni?re? r! ulpcLo lev#c&! ulpc?ucc&=n! ulpcRead?eriod! ulpc>plev#c&! ulpc>pqual#c&! pMax>tra! net or<"ignallingIalue 6"101 .>= po er attenuation0 ?o er #ontrol of "ignals Reference"ignal? r 182.18d+m0! offset of "ync signal "c&? r 0! ?/c&? r -400.-,d+0! ?cfic&? r -400.-,d+0! -&ey affect t&e coverageD -&e cell-specific reference signal is used for cell recognition! c&annel estimation! pat& loss! "caling factor Pb 1 to 3 ,01,-,3. 7ig& ?o er of Reference signal /ut at t&e cost of ?8"#7! #ell>lpc8edic! re&erenceSignal0ower ?R2#7 ?ream/%nitRcv-arget? r 8+M110;.-10;d+m0 to -102 ! ? rRamping"tep 8+2 to 8+;! retries! %ncrease in ?o er more interference /ut good accessi/ility! %ilterRsrp ?8##7 #arrying R2#7 Response! ?aging Messages! "%+sD RaResp? r! ?aging? r -,1:1! 8/c&? r! -&ey affect accessi/ilityD %ncrease in ?o er more interference /ut good accessi/ilityD ?8##7 .RR# or "80?# is dynamic DrDt "%R targets and "tatic /ased on ?dcc&? r8edi larger value less drops /ut less >=s accommodated! t&roug&put and accessi/ility is affected! ?dcc&+nd?c" is t&e s itc& for dynamic ?#D max6r"ym?dcc&! ?7%#7 carries 72RQ and affects t&roug&putD ?# is dynamic DrDt "%R targets and "tatic /ased on ?&ic&?cOff! ?&ic&Resource 1 to 2 more control resourcesD (@4,,(./ased on #Q%0 B(@4,5arget t&en increased po er ?8"#7 %ncrease ?/ and ?a to increase po er of ?8"#7D ?a#enter>e ?210! PP0( .<A! PA<P0( .!
+3--)0ower1&&setS."/ol1, +a1&&set0dsch, +3--)0ower-ontrol,a$0ower3ecrease

o o o o

o o o o o

%n 8ynamic sc&edulingJ #Q%! transmission /loc<! $+R! 2M+R are considered to arrive at ?a value %n "emi-persistent sc&edulingJ +L=R target is considered %#%# informs if user is at t&e centre or edge P$( . ($E# a%%ects t'roug'put ,PCMAX, 2lp&a .0D; to 0D80 good for cell edge users /ut not of system performance, P0!ominalP+SC' /6# to /50 lar*e value t&roug&put of t&e cell increases /ut net or< decreases! (elta1cs2nabled 0 to 1 M#" value affects po er control and t&roug&put increases

0-namic "%6R /ased ?7! R+s! R+s and O% of neig&/or (emi persistent /&E, P$ . ($E# affects t&roug&putD -&e ?>##7 carries t&e 2#K@62#K information! #Q%s! and sc&edule request ."R0 information related to do nlin< dataD 8elta5?>##75ormat1! ?ucc&2lgo" itc&! ?06ominal?>##7 -10* to -100 increases t&roug&put /ut decreases net or< t&roug&put


o "R" for uplin< c&annel estimation and uplin< timing! ?"R" O55"=-! lo po er lo performance o maximum-ransmission?o er! confOutput?o er! sector?o er! pMax%nter5!
o o o RaRsp? r ?c&? r 8/c&? r "c&? r ?/c&? r ?cfic&? r ?rs? r Open loop ?# is /ased on pat& loss! /roadcasted@RR# parameters

o ?a?cOff o #losed Loop ?# is /ased on >L level and quality measurements! #=LL1?AR1R=8 L7AD C7)TR7L
o -,20 Rac2lgo" itc& ena/le admission and load control algo! Ml/2lgo" itc& load /alancing algo ul2cc$/r2dm-&res& loadTarget'or1-NS R+ /ased loadTarget'or1-NSon03--) ?o er /ased Load Monitoring Resource Limitation %ndications 8o nlin< po er limitation indication ?>##7 resource limitation indication "ounding resource limitation indication ?>"#7 -ransport resource limitation indication #ell #ongestion 2qm2lgo" itc& .queueing at t&e cost of integrity0 ?R+ usage! Qo" satisfaction rate of $+R services! and resource limitation! 8lR/7ig&-&d '* to '0 to encourage load control >lR/7ig&-&d '* to '0 Load control QO" "atisfaction Rate! /ased on Q#%! admission /ased on QO" 2dmission #ontrol #&ec< >= capa/ility Resource prediction or Qo" satisfaction rate of 2dmitted services or c&ec< noD of ?R+s ResourceJ 2llocation and Retention ?riority .2R?0! "R+ for location updates and detac&! $old>ser2rp-&d * to ; ill increase priority! Max6on$/r+earer6um ,000 to ;000 ill en&ance admissionD +y limiting t&e num/er of ?R+s used /y $+R services! admission control increases t&e admission success rate Qo"J admission t&res&old for ne gold services is Qcix7o-&d plus 6e $old>serOffsetD "ervice preemption and Redirection! ?reemption2rp-&d *.2R? value0 to , to encourage preemption Max6on$+R+earer6um ,000 to ;000 admission $/rR/>se7ig&?roportion! dl2cc$/r2dm-&res& Load +alancing %ntra-5requency #%O.for connected mode0! Qoffset in idle mode! %ncrease #%O and decrease Qoffset %ntra5reqMl/-&d 40 to *0 for traffic s&ifting! LoadOffset 8 to *!6eig&/or it& t&e lo est load is considered or in 2 category 2uto adEust #%O.for connected mode0! Qoffset in idle mode #%O decrease to discourage 7O to neig&/or %nter5reqMl/-&d 40 to ** %nterRatMl/-&d :* to :0 unidirectional only! /ased on >= attri/utes! service attri/utes! load factors! and system performanceD Load=xc&ange?rd 10s to 8 load control! imLoad+alancing2ctive! t&res&"ervingLo 7ystMin! t&res&37ig&7ystMin #ongestion #ontrol


o o

?reemption of $+R services it& lo energy efficiency rate .==R0 ?reemption2rp-&d * to , congestion relief $+R service rate do nsiFing #opper$/r#ong?roportion '0G to reduction 80 reduction congestion relief


Qci1#ong-&d 4* C #ongRelOffset 20 L Qci17o-&d '0 to 8* congestion reliefM Qcix7o-&d is small overall Qo" satisfaction rate of t&e admitted services is lo /ut t&e admission of incoming &andovers is easy and drop rate may increaseD =nergy efficiency rate .==R0 depend upon data amount! ?R+ used! 8o nlin< ?o erD More data it& less po er efficiency if 2R? is N) LdcMea2rp-&d 10 to * ==R is calculated LdcMea2rp-&d 10 to 1, congestion relief /ut drops increase

Call Dro Rate !4oI,# Ser"ice Dro Rate !All# Ra*io )et/or5 .na"aila1ility Rate
pBero6ominal?usc& RAB 2ailures =R2+ relase causes .normal!a/normal!7O! congestion! unavaila/ility0! =R2+ modification causes! #Q% measurement! M2# traffic retransmissions! no of users@edge users!?8#? discards@pac<et loss! >= context releases! #&ec< R2#7 and po er parameters Ra counters! -races! Layer,! 8-! ?M events for diagnosis! #"5all+ac<+lind7o#fg #Q% 0 to 1*! M#" 0 to ,1! Q#1 to Q#'! R26K 1 to ; T3(0 in*icates +ysical failure 200 to 300

+e&nactiveTimer 1000 to -000s T3-1

Interference o %R# or<s at p&ysical layer M%MO o %#%# or<s at M2# layer! adEust center ##> and edge #=> >= loading
dl%nterferenceManagement2ctive s itc&! noOfRx2ntennas! t7O8ata5 dReordering *0 to 100 ms

o t%nactivity-imer! a5%$&obilit"Timer, s1Retr"Timer, t'O(ata)*dReordering, cellRange 15 to 10Km

lo drops! coverageIndicator, lInterference&anagementActive, !&a+,ervingCell M%MO o 5ading)Iariance in "%6R! 4d+ gain it& ; antennas! adEust antenna eig&ts to eit&er minimiFe interference gain .MR#0 O &ite 6oise or maximiFe signal gain .%R#0 O colored interference! #losed loop for slo moving and open loop for fast moving E&RAB Release "ervice! &andover! actRedirect! ta-imerMargin! add2>eRr7o! dl-arget+ler! p06om?usc&! ri=na/le! ri?erOffset! taMaxOffset! ta-imer! ulamc" itc&?er! qQualMin>tra! qRxLevMin>tra 8elta?ream/leMsg, ; to 4! 8elta5?>##75ormat2a 8=L-252.2d+0! ?06ominal?>##7 -&e definition of an a/normal release is t&at t&ere s&all /e /uffered data to /e transmitted at t&e time of release release of t&e =-R2+ &ad a negative impact on t&e end-userD o Ioice release! normaliFed to releases o ?" releases! normaliFed to session time


T30( tTimeAlignmentTimer !Timer for TA .L sync# T3-(( failure in )AS signaling T3-(0 failure in )AS signaling T3-30 failure in )AS signaling T3-(9 failure in )AS signaling T3--0

groupHoppingEnabled, isRrcReEstablishmentAllowed, isS1EnhancementsAllowed, isTrafficBasedContextReleaseAllowed, swr!rgentThreshold "# to 1$ earl% trigger of alarm, minimumC&'(or(SS, connTimer, hAR&)axTimer, initial)CS'ndex(orBearerSetup, m')*)ode, sctpAccess+ath)axRetrans

#losed Loop ?# is /ased on >L level and quality measurements! #=LL1?AR1R=8! upper and lo er t&res&olds


3eneral Causes o ?at& im/alance! connectors! &ard are! antenna tilt! serving@neig&/or config! discontinuous coverage!
parameter settings! interference! cell degraded! ?#% collisions!unavaila/ilities! c&ec< equipment &ealt&!

T304 supervises the &ntra/3T2 '4

E"ents o 21.stop %nter-freq@%nter-R2- meas due to good quality0! 22.start %nter-fre@%nter-R2- meas due to
good quality0 RR# #onnection Release it& Redirect! 2,.start intra-freq 7O due to good neig&/or0 /etter cell 7O! 2;.start inter-freq 7O due to good neig&/or! +1 .start inter-R2- 7O due to good neig&/or0! 2* coverage 7O a,offset .serving0 ,0 to ;0 discourage 7O! time-o-rigger2, ;0 to 4;! &ysteresis22"ec .neig&/or0 10 to 20! &ysteresis?m! report2mount22?rim 1 to 2 discourage 22! report2mount2,! report%nterval22?rim M"120 to M"2;0! reportQuantity22?rim! time2nd?&ase"ync&#ritical! x2+lac<List! x2retry-imer"tart! report%nterval?m M"1;80 to M"14;0! remove6cell-ime 1 to 2 min! /1-&res&old=c6o>tra! &ysteresis2, ,d+! time-o-rigger2, ,20 ms! filter#oefficient=>traRsrp ;! t7O8ata5 dReordering ,00 to ;00 ms >= Level Oscillating 7andover MinimiFation feature

o S7) o 2nr" itc&! Mro" itc&! -pe" itc& o ,o/er Control


Reference signal po er -*:! ?#5%#7 po er -,1:*! ?+#7 po er -,1:;! "ync&roniFation signals po er! -,1:,! 8+#7 po er -,1:2! ?aging po er -,1:1! Rac& respond po er! -,1:0! ?rs ?o er -,14'

o )eig+1or&A)R ma+Re!ortCells-m, meas rement-riorit", cellAddRan./imit0 tran! isRemove2llo ed!

cellAddRsr!Offset0 tran, cellAddRsr!Threshold0 tran, remove1relTime, ctrl&ode, ma+&easInter)re203tra, filterCoefficient03traRsr2, dlInterference&anagementActive, anr3esThreshInter)&a+, min%estCell'oAttem!ts 1, +$%lac./ist, anrIntra)re2,tate, 26R add cell t&res&old.G0!5ast 26R ?#% report amount! 5ast2nrRsrp-&d! 5ast 26R c&ec<ing period! covTriggerd%lind'oAllo*ed 26R is suggested for early p&ases anr=na/le! is+lind?s7o-o>tra5dd2llo ed =vent triggered! 8etection of missing neig&/oring! ?#% collisions and a/normal neig&/oring cell coverage 6R-#ell7O"tat6um no of 7Os it& 6 and 26R 8el#ell-&d 40 to *0G discourage deletion! 7O"R it& 6! 5ast2nrRprt2mount! 8ra /ac<s! 7O delayed! data delay ?eriodic or 5ast! detects only missing neig&/or! 5ast2nrRprt%nterval 20;8 ms to 102; ms ill speed up t&e 26R &ig& speed! 5ast2nr%ntraRatMeas>e6um * to : ill improve 7O"RD ?eriodic measurements increase po er and decrease t&roug&putD 5ast2nrRsrp-&d -102 to -'0 ma<e 26R toug& >R+26 Manual configure /lac< and &ite list! intr5r+#List! intra=n/?rio! statusRepReq! 2, offsets! a,Report%nterval! a,-ime-o-rigger! add2>eRr7o! add2>e-c7o! cqi?er6p! dls>se?art?r/! max6um2>e7o! p06om?usc&! p0>e?usc&! pMax! taMaxOffset! t&res&old1 #sf/7o>tran-ime-o-rig! $7 ,arameter&MR7 minimiFes 7O failures! service drops! =arly@8rag@?ing-pong /y adEusting #%OD =na/le during initial p&ase! MRO .Mo/ility Ro/ust OptimiFation0 feature optimiFes t&e &andover parameters automaticallyD 8eals premature &andover! delayed &andover! and ping-pong &andoverD %t c&anges t&e #%O! 6cellOpt-&d! ?ingpong-ime-&d! ?ingpongRatio-&d 1" to ? C (to encourage M,A#! MRO optimiFation period.min0! 6cell optimiFation t&res&old.G0 #%O! ?ingpong-ime-&d * to ,! ?ingpongRatio-&d * to , "O6 or MRO Opt?eriod 1;;0 to 1,00! Opt?ara-&d :0 to 80G 7O"R "O6 =alry 7osN8elayed 7os decrease #%O of neig&/or

2D 8etect early or late 7O

o IRAT $7 a2-&res&oldRsrp?rim! a2-&res&oldRsrp"ec! /2-&res&old1Rsrp!

>emeasurementsactive! triggerQuantity22"ec! &ysteresis22?rim! time-o-rigger22?rim! is'orced3r$'or-s'all/ac4Allowed no to .es, is526oadIndicationAllowed, threshold2(utraRsr# 7 8-9,-:;5< to = 8-1 ,-=;5< discourage 2*! tReselection(2TRAN,

o a,offset ,0 to ,* discourage 2, or adding %ntra freq neig&/or! a1-&res&oldRsrq?m o pMax$er! qRxLevMin$er :,Is &andover success rate! call drop rate! and ping-pong &andover rate are set per Q#%D RAC$&,DCC$
#%O decrease to discourage 7O to neig&/orD %ntra-5requency #%O.for connected mode0! Qoffset in idle mode L-= system uses &ard &andovers RR# ) connected mode! 7O -ypes! #overage! Load! service /ased! Measurements gaps)compressed mode! frequency-specific offset 0 to 2 encourages 7O ?+$- 7O min+est#ell7o2ttempts! qOffset5req =vent--riggered ?eriodical Reporting 7ysteresis! time-to-trigger! %iltering coe%%icient %or &6-

2utran%ilterCoe55RSRP %C0 to %C- 6ill dela$ '4! reporting con%iguration1

Intra&fre;uency $an*o"er 7ut Success Rate

o o

#ell group %8 is critical %n load /ased! #%O is c&anged automatically A3 Mn C Ofn C Ocn O 7ys N Ms C Ofs C Ocs C Off .%ntra5req7o2,Offset0 Mea+and idt& M+A-*0 M+A-40! Qoffset5req! %ntra5req7o2,Offset 2 to ; ill discourage 7O! %ntra5req7o2,7yst 2 to ;.2d+0! %ntra5req7o2,-ime-o-rig ;0 to 40 ms! %ntra5req7o2,-rigQuan! %ntraR2-7oMaxRprt#ell ; to 4! %ntra5req7oRprt%nterval 2;0 to ;80ms! =utran5ilter#oeffR"R? 5#4 to 5#8! %ntraR2-7oRprt2mount r2 to r; 7ig& values for cells it& large signal fading variance #ell%ndividualOffset (Auto# d+-0 to d+-2 ill encourage 7O


o Measurement 3a s

Ocs less value will discourage HO Ocn (connected mode) high will encourage HO Retry and ?enalty 7andover failure cell selection procedure RR# connection re-esta/lis&ment

7apPatternT$pe $2? measurement pattern1 -period ;0ms! -$2? 4ms $2? measurement pattern2 -period 80ms! -$2? 4ms RR# connection re-esta/lis&ment to ards t&e selected cell only +lind 7O %n t&e case of a load-/ased or service-/ased &andover! t&e e6ode+ may select a target cell in t&e a/sence of t&e measurement information! in order to reduce t&e delay

Inter&fre;uency $an*o"er 7ut Success Rate o A2 Ms + .-s D 5'res' %nter5req7o21227yst ; to 4.,d+0! %nter5req7o22-&dR"RQ -2;.-12d+0 to -28.-1;d+0! o A- Mn + A%n (Qo%%set>req# + Acn .-s E 5'res' Qoffset5req 0 to , ! &nter%req'o"4'$st 4 to 6 %nter5req7o21-&dR"RQ -20 to -22! %nter5reqLoad+ased7o2;-&dR"R? -10, to -10* -imer,0; $=26 %R2- timer Loa* Base*
o +ased on frequency capa/ility of >=s! 2R?s! and resource usage

$an*o"er In Success Rate Inter&RAT $an*o"er 7ut Success Rate !LTE to CDMA# Inter&RAT $an*o"er 7ut Success Rate !LTE to 8CDMA# o @nter,at.oA25'd,(,Q -2" to -22! %nterRat7o21-&dR"RQ -20 to -18!
%nterR2-7o>tran+1-&d=c60 -20 to -14! Ld"v+ased7o$eran+1-&d -'8 to -';! >tran5ilter#oeffR"#? 5#0 to 5#2! %nterRat7oRprt2mount! %nterRat7o$eranRprt%nterval

o o

T311 10000 to 150000 ms

Inter&RAT $an*o"er 7ut Success Rate !LTE to 3SM# o


7eran%ilterCoe55 %C0 to %CT304 ms4000 to ms0000 redirection%nfoRef?rio1! Offset5req! -&res&37ig&! 5'res'X&ow! ?ci#onflict2lm" itc&


ulC+B/% re*B/Ma<R1Dl (0 to (' ,RBs Ma<imum num1er of ,RBs assigne* in *o/nlin5% t,erio*icBsr 20 to =0s> -&roug&put depends upon o #&annel environment .eDgD stationary or mo/ile! speed0 and fading conditionsD o Reception conditions impaired /y traffic load levels! and /y interference /et een t&e cells! in s&ort /y t&e userPs "%6RD o 6et or< layout! type of antennaD o ?osition of users in t&e cell .implies eDgD pat& loss and fading0D o Restriction of user data rates .eDgD /y terminal category0 o Lin< s&aring eig&ts .Quality of "ervice .Qo"0 configuration0 o +ac<&aul capacity o Trou1les+oot T+roug+ ut #&ec< alarms #&ec< >= capa/ility #&ec< 2M+R of user service #&ec< parameters li<e dl#&annel+and idt&@ re*B/Ma<R1Dl noOf>sed-x2ntennas! pBero6ominal?ucc&! noOf>sed-x2ntennas #&ec< Licenses 4;-Q2M #&ec< Radio %= #Q%! M#"! ?R+s! -ransmission mode!R%! 72RQ! RL# retransmisssions! #5%! /uffer status! ?7R! rx?o erReport! --% sc&eduling! RL# discards! t"tatus?ro&i/it #&ec< reports from L1 to M2# #&ec< >= varia/les! 2R?!/uffer status! ?7R report of >=! interference! pBero6ominal?usc& of neig&/ours@serving! Max ?R+s allo ed #&ec< ?8##7! if ##= are occupied /y don lin< grants t&an >L grants cannot /e sc&eduled Qo" profile Q#%! priority /it! 2M+R! 2R? -ransport 6et or< 1D $= lin< counters .pac<et delays! errors! re-trans0!"#-?! sync&! %p%nterface 2D >se ires&ar< .t&roug&put result and signalling analysis0

Ser"ice Do/nlin5 A"erage T+roug+ ut Ser"ice . lin5 A"erage T+roug+ ut A?M .automated queue management0-discard large data volume! relieves queue congestion! reduce
transmission delay R7$C .Ro/ust 7eader #ompression0 -raffic Iolume! no of R+s! M#" coding! usage of ?R+ .?&ysical resource /loc<s0! M2# retransmission! no of users@edge users #Q% 0 to 1*! M#" 0 to ,1! Q#1 .&ig&est0 to Q#'! R26K 1 to ;! modulation sc&eme RRM! 8ynamic Resource 2llocation ) "c&eduling! resources modified are ?R+s! ?o er! ?8##7@?>##7 Resources! -3 ran<! /ase/and po er! >l+ase/and#apacity 8l+ase/and#apacity #ommon Lo 8ata Rate %ssuesJ -#?@>?8@%? #onfig! transport net or<! ca/le s aps! pm%f%nOctetsLin<17i! #R# errors! Rx?o er at e6+! $%6R on 8L! -2! sync
is6arge0dc+SduAllowed, "a$N/1&-all-a+acit.6icensing, sR0eriodicit. 1 to 5"s, nu"/er1&0R!s'or3.na"icall.Scheduled02S-)'or-entralRegion 1: to 2 , srs!andwidth-on&iguration, dl!asicScheduling,ode, dlResourceAllocationT.+e, dlScheduler,ode, e$+ectedNu"/er1&2(0erTTI'or36RR, "a$Nu"/er1&R!s0er2(,

n/r2serThr'3S, "a$i"u"'SS2sers, o+erational,ode, +"c,a$ResultString!loc4Si>e, "I,1,ode

Reducing Lo #%6R impact o Resource +loc< $roup 2ssignments o 5requency "elective "c&eduling o %nter-#ell %nterference #oordination .%#%#0 K?%-9?= (alarm# ?o er is distri/uted along su/carriers! &ig& /and idt& less po er less coverage 62" aut&entication! service request! connection setup Mimo2daptive?ara#fg .-ransmission mode fixed ,@adaptive0! =#$%! ?#%! sc&eduling recources! L++? ./ase/and resources0! Qam4;=na/led! Rac&2lgo" itc&! 2qm2lgo" itc& .queueing at t&e cost of integrity0! +f2lgo" itc& /eamforming algo! 8l"c&" itc&! 8lsc&"trategy .8L"#71?R%1-9?=1RR.RR0 to 8L"#71?R%1-9?=1M231#%.M23 #@%00! >l"c&" itc&! +t"erviceAeig&t! ?dcc&"ym6um" itc&! MaxReport#ell6um! meas+d ! dl-rm+ ! ul-rm+ ! dr/?rio8l! pac<Loss! res-ype! uls+"8! uls?rio! prio! res-ype! raLargeMcs>l! ?ucc&R"! d"r-ransMax! delta?reMsg,! delta-f=na/led! dl4;Qam=na/le! dl#ell? rRed! dl#&+ ! dlMimoMode! dlR+M! &arqMax-r8l! &op+ ?usc&! &opMode?usc&! iniMcs8l! ini?r/s>l! max+itrate8l! max6um2>e7o! max6um>e8l! m/r"elector! mimoOl#qi-&8! min+itrate8l! pMax! red+ =n8l! re*B/Ma<R1Dl! red+ Rpa=n>l! ri=na/le! ul#&+ ! ul-arget+ler! ulamc=dg5ug=n! ulamc" itc&?er! ulat/=na/le! traffic-ype! rtoMax! qQualMin>tra! qRxLevMin>tra! proportional fair sc&eduler! ?ream/le format affects >L t&roug&put! -raffic Mar<ing .transport0! ?R+! ?8"#7 po er /oosting More users service fair /it rate! Less users resource fair spatial multiplexing and transmit diversity 2daptive -ransmission /and idt& ulat/=vent?er pream3le sequence su3set uplin< resources M%MO feature"tate8ual2nt8l?erf?<g! noOf-x2ntennas -&e resources managed /y t&e do nlin< sc&eduler are do nlin< ?&ysical Resource +loc<s! do nlin< po er! ?8##7 capacity and /ase-/and processing capa/ilityD -&e resources managed /y t&e uplin< sc&eduler are /loc< resources for ?>"#7! ?8##7! ?7%#7 and /ase-/and processing capacityD 100 simultaneous >=s! 8 8R+s max per >ser! license#apacity#onnected>sers! license#apacity8l+/#apacity!! num/er of O58M sym/ols for ?8##7 ?>##7 Overdimensioning feature for Rural sites 8R3 introduces extra delay to sc&eduling =nter8rx" itc&! 8rx%nactivity-imer! 8rxRe-x-imer! "&ort8rx#ycle! 5dd=nter8rx-&d! -rm" itc&! 8iscard-imer! >eMaxRetx-&res&old! =6ode+MaxRetx-&res&old! >lsc&?riority5actor! 8lMin$/r! ?re2llocationAeig&t! ?rioritised+itRate! Logical#&annel?riority! "ri?eriod! >lsc&?riority5actor! def?ag#yc noOf?ucc&"r>sers *0! nrOf"ym/ols?dcc& 1! allo edMeas+and idt&! c&annel+and idt&! noOf?ucc&"r>sers! noOfRx2ntennas! priority! pucc&Overdimensioning 0! sc&eduling"trategy .round ro/in to strict priority0! ul#&annel+and idt&! ulMin+itRate! pd/! dscp! dlMin+itRate! resource2llocation"trategy! dl#&annel+and idt&! dl-rans6 +and idt&! dl5requency2llocation?roportion! ul-rans6 +and idt&! dlMaxRetx-&res&old! mtu! t?ollRetransmit8l! rlcMode! dl?oll?8>! tReordering8l! ulMaxRetx-&res&old! ul?oll?8>! dlMax72RQ-x! priority /it o ?oor >plin< ?06ominal?>"#7 -4: to -*8 uplin< t&orug&put at t&e cost of net or< performance o @ncrease ?ream/%nitRcv-arget? r! ? rRamping"tep improved accessi/ility and t&roug&put


LI): B.D3ET -3 8iversity of M%MO! 2daptive array gain! occupied su/-carrier /and idt&! R3 diversity
$ain! Maximal Ratio #om/ining .MR# $ain0-requires t o antennas and soft are in >=! 72RQ $ains ,ro agation Mo*els 7ata upto 1$&F! #ost-7ata 2$&F! $reenstien 2 $&F! Ray -racing .8ense >r/an0D ?ropagation related parameters mean frequency dependent parameters! L-= is interference limited! "ystem gain! also <no n as t&e maximum allo a/le pat&loss! use fixed interference@load margin or Monte #arlo simulation

, ,

L-= net or< poses also similar effects suc& as net or< /reat&ing due to >L interference and cell range dependency upon user data rateD ?R2#7 planning is done in L-=D #O"- model is used /y 6o<iaD Lo -x po er for small /and idt&! &ig& -x po er for large /and idt&D Ray -race model for >R+26 it& vectors provided L-= net or< poses also similar effects suc& as net or< /reat&ing due to >L interference and cell range dependency upon user data rate 8L load as G of total capacity! >L load in terms of interference margin M2?L "ignal "trengt& t&res&old of #overage /ased planning +est server areas s&ould /e contiguous and s&ould not /e fragmentedD 5 * to 20M&F R"R? reduce and R"RQ increases it& R""% /eing constant

, ,

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"elf 7ealing! OptimiFation! configuration #overage and capacity optimiFation Mimo2daptive" itc& 8ef8opplerLevel affects all K?%s =nergy "avings Load generator ailg2ctive! dl?r/LoadLevel! trafficModel?r/ %nterference Reduction! %nterference ReEection #om/ining .%R#0 +eamforming 2utomated #onfiguration of ?&ysical #ell %dentity Mo/ility ro/ustness optimisation Mo/ility Load /alancing optimisation Random 2ccess #&annel Optimisation 2utomatic 6eig&/our Relation 5unction RO7# compression feature #ounter#&ec<-imer! #ounter#&ec<-imer %nter-cell %nterference #oordination over 32 interface! Report%nterval! MaxReport#ell6um! Report2mount! -riggerQuantity! 7ysteresis! -ime-o-rigger! 2,Offset Q neig&/our cell list optimiFation Q interference control Q &andover parameter optimiFation Q Quality of "ervice related parameter optimiFation Q load /alancing Q R2#7 load optimiFation Q optimiFation of &ome /ase stations 2daptive -ransmission /and idt& 5-? and 7--? are sensitive to end-to-end delay 2ccess "tratum /@ >= and e6ode+ via RR# , RR# idle , RR# connected 6on 2ccess "tratum procedure consists of attac&! detac&! trac<ing area update! service request! and extended service requestD

EMM-0E,EF@(5E,E02 EMM-,EF@(5E,E02 MME esta3lis'es and stores t'e $E context E M-@0&E2 E M- A44E 5E02 (1 connection is esta3lis'ed!


, ,

, ,

,$?? causes ref 2;D,01 Random 2ccess Radio 6et or< -emporary %dentifier .R2-R6-%0 "u/scri/er@#ell@%nterface@#ell traffic@terminal@traces RO7# .Ro/ust &eader compression0 ?OR-" and -R2#= r/s>e-race=vent"treaming?ort stream?ort?m>e-race stream"tatus?m#ell-race stream"tatus?m>e-race 2 class "u/net mas< 2**D0D0D0@8! less net or<s .inter0 /ut more 7ost .intra0 + class "u/net mas< 2**D2**D0D0@14

Internet ,rotocol

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, , , ,

# class "u/net mas< 2**D2**D2**D0@2;! 2**)net or< address! 0)&ost address! more net or<s .inter0 /ut less 7osts .intra0 8efault gate ay .e6ode+ %? address0J 14'D2*;D1D10 ?ing command! tracert! sniffer capture! s&o route "#-? is use for signaling eDg 6+2? 32 and "1 are using $?R" -unneling ?rotocol for >ser data .$-?->0 to transfer t&e user plane trafficD %#M? reports erros of %? eDg ping! arp -&e process of finding t&e ne next &op after t&e net or< c&anges is called convergence 14'D2*;DxDx %? addresses are self-assigned &en your computer canPt get an address any ot&er ayD %tPs an almost sure sign of a pro/lem -&e 8omain 6ame "ystem .86"0 is used /y R+"s to translate &ost names of ot&er nodes .for example R+"s! MM=s! sync&roniFation servers0 to %? addresses Registered "tate o ?86!-2> update , %8L= state o 6o 62" signaling /@ >= and net or< , #O66=#-=8 stateJ o RR# /@ >= and e6ode+ o "1 /@ >= and MM=

Ericsson tools , ##R! 6explorer! 2uto-integration! -R>#! L-= trou/les&ooting A%K%! Mos&ell@++@R> commands! , Mos&ell! %-K!5lo 5ox!L-=8ecoder!-eRouter@-eIie er!Multimon!uetrace!Rapy!sc&eduling1parser!#82 , , ,
, , , , , , Ae/!7ammer&ead Ae/!L-=Log-ool!-=-Dpl!decode!L-= -race -ools! >= -race Recording .>=-R0 #ell -race Recording .#-R0! mtd-signal trace #OMM268 L%6= M?! R>! Mos&ell! RR>! ++! 2MO"! +#M -R2#=" #??! /ase/and L??! M-8! R8R! RR-! R+"! >=! -H=! 7i#ap! >=! #ell! #=3! 6"8 L-= toru/les&ooting i<i 8>M? configuration report! 8umpcap .net or< traffic0 "9"-=M #R2"7 8>M?" /ase/and core! ?ost MortemD LO$" alarm! availa/ility! 7A! audit! traceHerror! autointegration! /oard error! event! system! upgrade trace! security! exceptions! trace-error! dump net or< traffic =I=6-" R+H>= -race! =7+! exceptions =ricsson 6et or< %Q Reports #OL%! 6#L%!O""-R#! Micro#??! 26R! equinox ?M-initiated >= Measurements Layer , and "1@32 .5lo fox! L-=8ecoder! scripts0! L-=Logtool LL8M for data rate diagnosis #ell -races are streamed using -#? &ile >= -races are streamed using >8?! %perf! -#? OptimiFer! 5ileFilla .5-?0! IL# ."treaming@media0! 6eoload .Ae/ /ro sing0! ires&ar<! =lement Manager! 2MO"!6etpersec.realtime t&orug&put0! %perf.inEect -#?@>8? pac<ets0 %perf generates -#?@>8? traffic 6etpersec monitor t&orug&put MM, * #&annel 5eed/ac< Report .#5R0 6et&a <! ires&ar< .open source0! -#? dump! 2gilent #ell -race files DRO? , te e all 5t1RR#12"6 , te e all 5t1"12?12"6 , te e all 5t1322?12"6 , te e all 5t1L-=1=3#=?-%O6 , te e all L-=1=3#=?-%O6 , te e all #=LL1#O65%$ , te e all 5t1RR#1#O661"=->? , te e all 5t126R1#OMMO6 =6%Q ericssonsS tool li<e Optima Mos&ell commands , -evie er to vie trace commands , -e ena/le trace , ?set >=-R trace



, ,

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8iff for parameter audit of R6#DFip Mos&ell rnc: , momd D po erTp r @@list po er control parameters , set primarycpic&po er , pmr get specific K?% , pmom get counter , lgx! lgo alarm , inv c&ec< licenses , KO >= capa/ility , -e e get Q#%! 2M+R! 2R? values #OL% commands are for trou/le s&ooting L12 features! Ro7#! ;- ay receive diversity! service /ased 7O! "ystem info-' tunneling! preempt lo users! oscillating 7O minimiFation ,


)S) tools , --% -race! =mil! L-= /ro ser! +-"-Log! R5 >nit console! Memory 8umper :,Is
G G 8elay 8elay Iariation Latency! t&roug&put! pac<et drop! ?ac<et Loss 2vaila/ility "ervice 2ccess time is a Latency K?%


=vent 21J =vent 22J =vent 2,J =vent 2;J

"erving /ecomes /etter t&an a/solute t&res&oldU "erving /ecomes orse t&an a/solute t&res&oldU 6eig&/or /ecomes amount of offset /etter t&an servingU 6eig&/or /ecomes /etter t&an a/solute t&res&oldU %nter-5req orse t&an a/solute t&res&old1 268 6eig&/or /ecomes /etter

=vent 2*J "erving /ecomes t&an anot&er a/solute t&res&old2D =vent +1 =vent +2 t&res&old

%nter-R2- neig&/or /ecomes /etter t&an t&res&old %nter-R2- neig&/or /ecomes /etter t&an t&res&old and serving /ecomes orse t&an

-&e RR##onnectionReconfiguration message is t&e command to modify an RR# connectionD %t may convey information for measurement configuration! mo/ility control! radio resource configuration .including R+s! M2# main configuration and p&ysical c&annel configuration0 including any associated dedicated 62" information and security configurationD ?8#?J integrity protection and cip&eringU RL#J relia/le and in-sequence transfer of information R""% ) ide/and po er) noise C serving cell po er C interference po er R"R? .d+m0) R""% .d+m0 -10(log .12(60! &ig& +A less R"R? Ialue 00 .-1;00 to ': .-;;0! step 1 %ndependent of load

R"RQ ) 6 x R"R? @ R""%! &ig& +A Ialue 00 .-1'D*0 to Ialue ,; .-,0! step D* 8ependent on load

R"RQ -, to -1'! R"R? -1;0 to -;; R"RQ)R"R?@.R""%@60 ) R"R?(6@.%61n C V(12(6(?sc0 and

"%6R)"@.%61m0 "6R -1* to ;0 #%6R)R"RQ >= estimates "%6R /ased on t&e ?o er "pectral 8ensity of t&e do nlin< R" and ?"8 offset /et een ?8"#7 and R"D -&e "%6R is #&annel Quality %ndicator .#Q%0D >= ill report lo er #Q% values &en using M%MO as opposed to "%MO in same R5 environment ."%6R0! >= ill typically use lo er Modulation@M#" #Q% 0 to 1*! M#" 0 to 28 #%6R -2* to ;0d+ R"R? -1*0 to -,0 R""% -120 to 0 >= ?R2#7 -3 ?o er -10 to 2, d+m R"RQ 0 to -;0 +L=R 0 to 100G tolera/le till 10G 5=R 0 to 100G >= categories 1.lo 0 to &ig&est.*0 -ransmission modes Mode 1 to ' .&ig&est0! open@closed loop! antenna ports! M%MO .tm,0 vsD -x8 .tm20 vsD "%MO .tm10 $%6R $ain to interference and 6oise Ratio 2 >= is said to /e Win sessionS if any data on a 8R+ .>L or 8L0 &as /een transferred during t&e last 100 ms ?7R .po er &eadroom report0D ?"8 "%6R #Q% #&annel 5eed/ac< Report .#5R0 transport formatD R% i suded it& M%MO lin< quality ."%6R! +L=R! 72RQ O??0 M#" and coding rate -+"

e!ode) 'ard6are
02$ H2 (1 u M + 6 e EM# 5,0$ (remote-radio-'eads comprising o% ampli%iers and %ilters#! 7"I 5x power

05 Per%ormance Metrics Air @nter%ace o $E 5x power o ,((@ o (@4, o /&E, o ,etransmission statistics (.A,Q and ,& # o 5ransport >ormat o 4um3er o% resource 3loc;s (0&9$&# o 'annel ran; statistics o M@MA mode (5x di)ersit- or (patial Multiplexing# o (er)ing sector o &ocation (FP(# o $E Helocit 5'roug'put o @ndi)idual user t'roug'put and aggregated sector t'roug'put o $0P indi)idual user t'roug'put and aggregated sector t'roug'put o 5 P indi)idual user t'roug'put and aggregated sector t'roug'put o $ser statistics (pea; rates! a)erage rates! standard de)iations#

o &atenco $-plane latenco onnection set up times o .ando)er interruption time wit'in t'e same site and across di%%erent sites

Open loop ?# is /ased on pat& loss! /roadcasted@RR# parameters #losed Loop ?# is /ased on >L level and quality measurements -&e po er per su/carrier ill /e &ig&er in smaller /and idt&s do nlin< coverage ill /e &ig&er for smaller /and idt&s t&an for larger ones 8o nlin< 2M#@fast 2M#! "%6R #Q% modulation and coding sc&eme! per --%! sc&eduling! >plin< 2M#@ slo 2M#! "R"! +L=R modulation and coding sc&eme! sc&eduling! =mergency 8o ngrade! 5ast >pgradeS #urrent +L=R and -arget +L=R #Q% offset ?="Q ; ./est0 to 1. orst0 "56)system frame numer! 10ms! 0 to 102; "u/-frame num/er! 1ms! 0 to ' ?aging Occasion ) "ystem and su/ frame num/er "56mode ; ;0 ms -7= >= reads ?-"" and "-"" every *ms to stay in sync&D %f >= successfully detected #ell %8@?#%! it means >= successfully completed t&e time-syncD 6et or< not detected /ut signal /ars are t&ere R2#7 error -&ere are 4; ?R2#7 sequencesD "ame ?R2#7 pream/le from multiple >= reac&es t&e 6A at t&e same timeD -&is <ind of ?R2#7 collision is called X#ontentionX ?ream/le format 0-; ?recoding matrix 0-,D Related to M%MO ?8##7 format 0-, 5ailure to decode "%+2 /y t&e >=! ill affect ?R2#7 process ?M% precoding matrix indication! .code/oo< index!noDof layers0 5a3le 816171216-2! 681211! reported in

case o% 5M*7
-ransmission mode 1-:


. %ormat "(1#-6(8


- is t&e 8R3 cycle or default?aging#ycle Q#% 1.7ig&est0 to '.Lo est0 RR# #onnection Reconfiguration for measurement configuration! &andover@mo/ility control! radio resource configuration .R+s! M2#! p&ysical c&annel0! dedicated 62" information and security configuration R2#7 procedure initial access! &andover! RR# recon est/! "ync loss in RR# connected mode R+s@+A 2*@*M&F! *0@10! :*@1*! 100@20 RR" Re-est/ after >= tirggered R5 failure! 7O failure! RR# re-config failure 5or R"R?J R"R? /ased t&res&old for event evaluationD -&e actual value is %= value O 1;0 d+mD 5or R"RQJ R"RQ /ased t&res&old for event evaluationD -&e actual value is .%= value O ;00@2 d+D R"RQ100 ) R"RQ < -1'D*! R"RQ1,;) -, R"RQ ,4D1,, ?7 ?o er &eadroom ! is defined as t&e difference /et een t&e nominal >= maximum transmit po er and t&e estimated po er for ?>"#7 transmission ?710) -2, ?7 < -22 H ?7142 ) ,' ?7 < ;0D Lo value index means >= &as limited po erD -o transmit more ?R+s! more po er is required =MM ) =?" mo/ility management! timers refJ 10D2! 2;D,01 ="M ) =?" session management! /earer assignment! timers refJ 10D,! 2;D,01 -2 0!1.1*4m0 !YYY1282 .200<m0 RR# function "%+! RR#! connection! &andover! paging! security message! 62" messages! selection@reselection #5% noD of sc&eduling /its! .num/er of O58M sym/ols for ?8##70 vsD M#" vsD G sc&eduling 72RQ -M -ransmission mode 1-:! :D2D,-0 ,4D21,

Q@ " to 1?! M ( " to 61! Q 1 to Q =! ,A4J 1 to 7

A#Q%! ide-/and #Q% reported periodically :./est0

"#Q%! su/-/and #Q%! reported aperiodically on request from enode/! 1. orst0 to

R% Ran< indicator! >= reports t&at info &as /een decoded from &o many antennas! 2@; layer spatial multiplexing :D2D,-1 ,4D21,! 2ssigna/le /its means t&e amount of data in t&e do nlin< /uffer availa/le for t&e sc&eduler to sc&edule for t&is >=D RL# 8%"#2R8s ill trigger -#? congestion control and lo er t&roug&put +"R /uffer status report 0.0K+0 to 4; .1*K+0! po er &eadroom report %nterference po er N -10;d+m Lin< adaptation considers ?7R! recived po er of >= and >L interference po er Qo" profile Q#%! priority /it! 2M+R! 2R? 8"#? differentiated servise code pointD Q#% is mapped to 8"#? $-?>! $?R" tunneling protocol 8#% 8o nlin< sc&eduling control indicator! c&annel coding formats! &ic& resource /loc< carries your data! po er control! transport format!72RQ! L1 signaling! 8#% format 1! 12! 1+! 1#! 18! 2 or 22 >#% >plin< sc&eduling control indicator! it contains! "R! 2c<@6ac<! #Q%D -ransmistted in ?>"#7 is t&ere is data and on ?>##7 ot&er iseD Resource %ndication Ialue .R%I0!t&at informs t&e device &ic& R+ to use and &ic& start offset to applyD 7opping /its are 5-pe1 00!01!10! follo s one pattern only

5-pe2 11 random 3ased on su33and! o%%set and mirror %unction1 $nique to t'e cell

?8##7 format 0.lo capacity0 to ,.&ig& signaling capacity0 8L "c&eduling of R+s is determined -9?= H 8#% format

5KPE " to 2 0 @ %ormat "!1A!1/!1 !2!6!6A

R+ assignment is carried in R%I .resource indication value0 R+) 1 slot x 12 carriers! resource /loc< R$+ ) ; R+s or ;8 carriers %f 20M&F! 100 R+s and 2* R$+s R$+ su/set 0!1!2!, 1 R= ) 1 carrier x sym/ol % R=$); R= eDgD 1##= ) ' R=$s or ,4 R=s! :2 /its if R=$-8/its 1! 2! ; or 8 ##=.s0 .1 ##= ) ' R=$s ) '(; R=s ) :2 /its Aggregation Level - a group of 'L' CCEs. (L can be 1,2,4,8) %n order to get t&e assigned R+ resources .and t&e location0 in ?8"#7! 8#% /its and format -9?= &as to /e decoded 2' M"# sc&emes sector capacity is approximated /y t&e &armonic mean of t&e M?R distri/ution L-= smart antenna arrays focuses t&e /eam to ards t&e user 2R? allocation and retention priorityD -&is determines if /earer can /e dropped if congestions occurs! or it cause ot&er /earers to /e dropped #-R6-%! ?-R6-% .?aging >= identifier0! R2-R6-%.R2#70! "%-R6-%."ystem information0 -?# 0.-4d+0 to :.8d+0 8#% format0@, ?>"#7 c&annel -?# 0.-;d+0 to ,.;d+0 8#% format0@, C 5P -P$( .- -,45@ ?>##7 c&annel -?# 0.-1d+0 to ,.,d+0 8#% format0@, C 5P -P$( .- -,45@ ?8"#7 ?o er is determined in t&e follo ing manner %f R" is not present in t&e R+ of ?8"#7! offset from R" po er is defined /y ?a! &ic& is >= specific offsetD ?a is signaled /y &ig&er layers and is c&anges every 1ms! values are -4 to , d+D %f R" is present t&en ?/ and antenna?orts#ount toget&er ill determine t&e offsetD %t is cell specific and c&anges only &en t&ere is c&ange in system message eDg if antenna?orts#ount)1 and ?/)2 t&en Offset ) -2D218

-ranmist diversity same stream sent on diff antennas "patial diversity means diff stream on diff antennas

#yclic 8elay 8iversity .#880 2ddition of antenna specific cyclic s&ifts 5ast ?o er control is per slot ?cmax ) min.p-Max!?umax0! ?cmax is max >= po er

p-Max 26 d/m PuMax

o M?R .max po er reduction0 ta/le 4D2D;-1 ,4D101
additional"pectrum=mission )1 t&em M?R )0d+

R%I resource indication values indicates t&e starting position and num/er of R+s assignedD %t is given in 8#%-0 2ssigned ?R+s in layer,

@n order to sa)e signaling 3its on t'e downlin; control c'annel (p'-sical downlin; control c'annel! P0 .#! t'ese two parameters are not explicitl- signaled1 @nstead! a resource in*ication "alue !RI4# is deri)ed w'ic' is signaled in t'e downlin; control in%ormation on t'e P0 .1

2lp&a range 0!0D;!0D*!0D4!0D:!0D8!0D'!1D0D %t is used as pat& loss compensation factor as a trade-off /et een total uplin< capacity and cell edge-data rateD 7ig&er value ill /e good for cell edge user /ut not for t&e overall capacity due to &ig& uplin< po er "&ort and Long 8R3 cycles are configured to trade off /attery saving and latency ?+R prioritiFed /it rate time2lignment-imer R+$ a group of radio /earer it& similar Qo" requirements "R" uplin< sc&eduling! +"R! ?7RD "R" is uplin< counterpart of #Q% report for do nlin< sc&eduling #ylic s&ifts and su/-carrier offsets and used to define transmission com/s for >=s or in ot&er ords sc&edule reference signals of >=! cell edge user cannot use srs-+and idt&#onfig range 0.&ig& / 0 to : .Lo / 0 srs-+and idt& range 0 . &ole /and0 to , narro est /and "c&eduling tec&niques

@n d-namic sc'eduling! t'e resources are distri3uted in 1 ms inter)als1 Quic; lin; adaptation @n persistent sc'eduling! longer transmission period is allocated %or user wit' t'e one grant1 Poor lin; adaptation! %ixed resources 5/

R+ ?o er is t&e po er of 1 R+ -3 ?o er is t&e po er of all assigned R+s --% is su/frame)1msec 2 cyclic s&ift in t&e time domain .post %55- in t&e O58M modulation0 is equivalent to a p&ase rotation in t&e frequency domain .pre-%55- in t&e O58M modulation0D #ommon "R" is also called #ell "pecific "R" and 8edicated "R" is also called >= "pecific "R"D M2# #=! M2# control info 1 ?8##7 ) 8 8#%s ?8##7 #arries common control info R2#7 response! +roadcast! "%+! paging! >L -?# 8edicated control info >plin< sc&eduling information .8#% format 00 8o nlin< sc&eduling information .8#% format 1@12@1+@2@220 ?>"#7@?>##7 -?# commands .8#% format ,@,20

#2"=" 8ifference /et en RR# or R2+ congestion ?R2#7! not o/serva/le from -=M"D #&ec< R5 conditions! R2#7 parameters -,0; %ntra-L-= 7anodver failure -2#@L2# update #5% noD of sc&eduling /its! .num/er of O58M sym/ols for ?8##70 vsD M#" vsD G sc&eduling 72RQ! #5%) 6 %or 117! 6 and ? M.L s-stem 3andwidt's and >@* 2 %or 1"! 1? and 2" M.L s-stem 3andwidt's -&roug&put as lo /ecause of lo +"R and ?7R 6o ?7R left in t&e >=

QuestionsM "ounding reports "R"

MA la-er o MA ontention5imer o 5A5imer&engt'