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Security Products Name Institution Date


A computer irus is a sma!! piece o" code that spreads "rom one computer to another #y copying itse!"$ This code has a damaging e""ect !i%e destroying some or e en a!! data contained in a computer and a time corrupts the &ho!e computer system$ The said sma!! so"t&are program can easi!y spread through attachments in messages or emai!s$ This research paper is aimed at e a!uating t&o competing security products descri#ing each product step'#y'step and su#se(uent!y gi ing a )udgment on the t&o$ *cA"ee+ Inc$ a!so ca!!ed Inte! Security in most o" its #usiness setups is an American security so"t&are company &ith its head(uarters in Santa C!ara+ Ca!i"ornia$ The company is the &or!d,s !argest security techno!ogy company running its #usinesses g!o#a!!y$ *cA"ee &as "ounded in -./0 under the name 1,*cA"ee Associates,, named a"ter 2ohn *cA"ee the "ounder and the CEO o" the company 3P!un%ett+ 4556+ pg$ 789$ P!un%ett 345569 a""irms that the company o era!! o#)ecti e is to #e at the top in interruption pre ention and to pro ide ris% management so!utions and ser ices$ The "irm &or%s on its mission to de oted!y secure #usiness and home net&or%s and systems "rom a!ready and yet to #e disco ered ris%s$ The company management argues that home and #usiness users trust their unmatched products and that their "u!! con"idence in the pro en and comprehensi e so!utions to pre ent attac%s has made the company at the top o" its competitors 3P!un%ett+ 4556+ pg$ 869$ True to their &ord+ the company is regard as one o" the !argest and "astest gro&ing security company "or e:amp!e the ;4.8 mi!!ion do!!ars recorded in 4558 "isca! year$ *cA"ee tota! protection according to a report re!eased in 45-4 Computer Shopper *aga<ine &as 4$= o" = stars$ The maga<ine c!aims that the security "irm has a !ot o" security too!s and is a#!e to protect ma!&are enough #ut the pro#!em is remo ing such &hen a!ready in"ected$


*cA"ee insta!!ation and cost comes in di""erent "orms &ith others #eing "ree to insta!! &hen it comes a!ongside certain program such as *cA"ee sa"e %ey and others &ith di""erent prices depending on time and the num#er o" computers to insta!!$ Ta%e "or e:amp!e upgrading a *cA"ee internet security "or use in a persona! computer+ the charge &i!! #e around ;-5 U$S do!!ars #ut ta%ing a &ho!e *cA"ee security &i!! go as "ar as ;0. U$S do!!ars 3>os&orth et a!$+ 455.9$ Norton Internet Security is a company de e!oped #y Symantec Corporation to pro ide computer programs and to gi e protection against iruses to computer users and other re!ated de ices$ The "irm,s ser ices inc!ude phishing protection+ emai! spam "i!tering and persona! "ire&a!! among many others$ In United States+ the company he!d a tota! o" 65? mar%et share in o""ering retai! security ser ices according to the report re!eased #y Computer Shopper *aga<ine in 45-4$ According to >arrett 345-79+ the company,s year!y ersions and series has made a #ig change in product,s per"ormance and speed together &ith its !ightest suites o""ered ma%ing the company the choice o" many 3>arrett et a!$+ 45-79$ The insta!!ation and su#scription cost "or Norton Security uses the same app!ication !i%e *cA"ee$ That is+ the terms in the amount o" usage and time determines the cost o" insta!!ation and su#scription$ To protect a home persona! computer using Norton security &i!! cost ;4.$.. U$S do!!ars per year$ On comparing the t&o+ I "ind Norton security the #est$ This is #ecause the !atter is poc%et "riend!y and co ers a!! areas and intuiti e to set up thus gi ing the reason o" #eing ran%ed the #est in the &or!d$ Norton automatica!!y remo es incompati#!e so"t&are un!i%e *cA"ee$ Norton


security not on!y gi es the #est &e# protection #ut the company,s nice and in"ormati e @UI runs the #est program "or #oth !earners and e:perienced users 3Cross+ 45-89$ A (uite interesting thing a#out Norton is its 1,patience,, &hen running a scan$ Ahen it happens that you open a page or say a certain program+ Norton gi es you a hum#!e time to "inish your #usiness and !ater resumes it &or% &hen the computer is idea!B Such a good security productB 3Norton+ -...9$


Re"erence >arrett+ R$ @$+ C >arrett+ R$ @$ 345-79$ Maximum security: The ultimate Les Norton collection$ Pym#!e+ N$S$A: DarperCo!!ins$ >os&orth+ S$+ Ea#ay+ *$ E$+ C Ahyne+ E$ 3455.9$ Computer security handbook$ Do#o%en+ N$2: 2ohn Ai!ey C Sons$ Cross+ *$ 345-89$ Social media security: Leveraging social networking while mitigating risk$ Norton+ P$ 3-...9$ Peter Norton s complete guide to network security$ Indianapo!is+ Ind: Sams$ P!un%ett+ 2$ A$ 345569$ Plunkett s in!otech industry almanac "##$: The only comprehensive guide to in!otech companies and trends$ Douston+ Te:: P!un%ett Research$