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Number 90
The UFO Monthly
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May, 1975


This sketch represents an artist's conception of one of the on April 6. The complete story begins on page 3. (Art by
UFOs reported recently in North Carolina. Highlighting the John Prince)
rash of sightings was a reported landing near Pembroke, N.C.,
"We tell it os it is"

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Editor As announced in Director Walt international coordinator will
Carolyn Connelly
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Business Manager resigned as MUFON's interna- staff, Richard Hall. As a form-
tional coordinator, effective er assistant director of NlCAP
Walter H. Andrus May 31. and editor of the excellent
Director of MUFQN We would be remiss if we did book, THE UFO EVIDENCE, Dick*'
not publicly express our appre- brings an extensive UFO back- .
Ted Bloecher ciation for the fine work which ground to his new position.
Humanoid/Occupant Cases Joe has done. It has been a He w i l 1 continue to write
d i f f i c u l t task to deve1 op re- hTs perceptiye column for .Sky
Joseph M. Brill _ l i a b l e contacts throughout the
International Coordinator look, "Recapping ,and Comment-
world. The frustrations of such ing," Since Dick wrote the
The Rev. Dr. Barry Downing a task are probably not apprec- column as a "freelancer" for a-
Religion and UFOs iated by those who have not "while, there has been no offic-
been in direct contact with ial announcement of his joining
Lucius Parish Joe's daily efforts. the Skylook staff. This ap-
Books, Periodicals, History Joe w i l l continue as a mem- pointment wa-s made official
ber of the Skylook staff, de- shortly before he was asked by.
Marjorie Fish voting most of his time to MUFON to assume the duties as
Extraterrestrial Life writing his well-known column, international coordinator. So,
Stan Gordon "UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain.11 Dick, this Is an official wel-
Creatures & UFO's Taking Joe's place as MUFON's come to both positions.

Arlist In This Issue
Richard Hall UFO landing reported near Pembroke, North Carolina...,,.... 3
CIA declassifies Robertson Panel Report — , — , 6
Details on Air Force 'unknowns' still incomplete 8
Object falls from sky and hits tractor , , .8
Mark Herbstritt Youths report UFO over school grounds 9
Astronomy MUFON'Director's Message .10
UFO. tracks, animal reactions, electric shock in Illinois 12
Rosetta Holmes UFO's escort pilot near Mexico City .14
Promotion/Publicity In Others' Words 15
UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain 16
Bob Kirkpatrick Bradenton, Florida, area reports several sightings .,.,..,17,..
West Coast Coordinator West Virginia family says UFO hovered over their home 18
1975MUFON Symposium program described , , 19
Ted Phillips Recapping and Commenting ,, . , 20
Astronomy Notes ; . , . .;20 '
UFO Landing Traces

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Page 2
Landing reported in N. Carolina
A, 5, 6, 1975. etc.
berton and Pembroke, N.C., and
surrounding areas.
POST of Lumberton, N.C. (MUFON
investigators Lee Spiegel and
Ted P h i l l i p s were at the scene,
but no formal, written reports
have been submitted by them
thus far.) The news stories,
sketches and photo were ob-
tained by SKYLOOK staff member
Joe B r i l l ; the article was
written by Dwight Connelly.

An alleged UFO landing near

Pembroke, N.C., on April 6 -has
been the high point thus far in
a rash of sightings in the five
counties of Rbbeson, Cumber-
land, Hoke, Sampson, and Bladen
in the southeastern section of
the state. the outline of trees silhouet- lowed by officers—traveled in-
The first reported sighting ted against the light, leading to Cumberland County, east of
was on Wednesday, April 3, at him to believe the object was Hoke County. From Cumberland
1:^5 a.m. when Lumberton police hovering near the ground or was County the object continued
officers Phil Stanton, Neil Mc- on the ground. east to Roseboro in Sampson
Cormick, and P. H. Atkinson saw The two witnesses spotted the County.
a V-shaped "thing" moving 200- object two additional times, a- A Roseboro police officer,
300 feet above the ground. bout 20 feet off the ground and Jim Driver, said the object
later as it zoomed to about 300 slowly passed over - h i m about
RED LIGHTS feet. The speed was estimated 100 feet above the ground,
at.200 m.p.h. making no noise. When he got
The "craft" was described as The fields and woods around out of his car, he said a spot-
having a row of red lights on the sighting area were inspect- light came on, intensified, and
one side and a row of green ed later, but nothing was the craft took off at h i g h
lights on the other. The ob- found. McPherson said .it had speed. He said he followed the
ject also had two spotlights, been stormy, but it was not craft to Garland, \k miles
according to the officers. raining at the time he saw the southeast, where he discontin-
Police at St. Pauls, 15 craft. He said the object was ued the chase.
miles north of Lumberton, were about the size of a twin-engine ' The craft was reported at
contacted and told to be on the Cessna and made no sound. Elizabethtown in Bladen County,
alert for the object, which was 2k miles due east of Lumberton,
moving in their direction. Of- IN HOKE COUNTY . about *t5 minutes later. , Pol ice
ficers R. T. Higgins and John Officer Bullock confirmed the
McPasson sighted the object two Following the sighting near sighting in Elizabethtown, and
miles south of St. Pauls. St. Pauls, the object was re- citizens claimed the object's
The two said they saw a ported in Hoke County," north- searchlights bathed the town in
b l i n d i n g flash of light which, west of St. Pauls and home of light. :'
according to McPherson, "just the Ft. Bragg M i l i t a r y Reser- From Elizabethtown the object
l i t up the woods like a giant vation. Hoke County officers moved to the south, where it
flash bulb." He said it was also described the object as V- was sighted in ColumbusiCounty
something like an explosion. shaped and lighted. at about 6:55 a.m., five min-
McPherson said he could see From Hoke, the object—fol- utes before sunrise. This was

Page 3
' » /• '7 v
'elr*£t. 'rv^s,-.*--:?v~ ~,-a

^v^>- .&^

Five areas of ash, each a foot in diameter, were apparently Three of the areas of ash are shown in the above photo (the
left at the reported landing site near Pembroke, N.C., on April 6. areas have been circled with a pen on the photo).

the last report. eral Aviation Administration *f, as dispatcher Thompson al-
Weather conditions for the i n i t i a l l y said the-UFO sight- legedly saw a flying object at
Lumberton area on the night of ings were of a Piedmont Air- 9:15 p.m. in the Midway commun-
the sightings featured a vio- lines Delta Jet. making ity. He said the object ap-
lent thunderstorm and "particu- test runs. Later the FAA re- proached from the southeast and
larly v i v i d " lightning flashes. versed this statement, saying then stopped and hovered about
High winds, driving rain^ and there were no airplanes in the 300 feet away.
intense l i g h t n i n g lasted sev- area at the time of the sight- Thompson says he shut off his
•eral hours, including .part'of ings engine and flashed .his head-
the time of the UFO observa- lights at the craft, and that
tions. REPORTS CONTINUE the object flashed a search-
The Fayetteville airport in light back before taking off in
Cumberland County reportedly On the evening of Thursday, a westerly direction behind
had no radar contact with any April. 3, the sighting reports some trees.
UFO during the period of the continued, with eight law of-
sightings.^' ficers and numerous citizens TWO SEARCHLIGHTS
Ronald Thompson, a dispatcher allegedly making observations.
with the Robeson County Sheriff Some of the citizen reports Thompson described the craft
Department and a UFO enthusi- were admitted hoaxes, however. as being 30 feet in diameter
ast, said he did not give any A possible landing was re- and having two searchlights,
description of the UFO when ported in Robeson County on NC one on 1 the bottom and one on
notifying other police units, Ik at \:kS a.m. (April 4) near the front. He said the V-shaped
and that he was "amazed" at the .the residence of Evander Par- object was also illuminated
similarity of descriptions nell. Parnell said a craft ap- from the inside. It made no
radioed back to him. peared to have been .on the noise.
Thompson said he contacted ground in a wooded area, and it Also on Friday, at White
air bases and airfields as far reportedly rose to a height of Lake, eight miles east of Eliz-
away as Myrtle Beach, but none 300 feet, then disappeared,, abethtown, Police Chief Gary
reported having planes in the The sighting reports con- Moore reported that he was
area. A spokesman for the Fed- tinued on Friday evening, April d r i v i n g a lakeside road about

Page 4
50 m.p.h. when a UFO came down there previously. Each 'patch
and "the whole side of the road was about a foot in diameter,
lit up like it was daylight." and comparable in overall pat-
Moore says he continued about tern to the. format ion" observed
300 yards before stopping his by the Stricklands. .The ash is
car and getting out. "I looked described as "a strange blue"
in the air and the light was so in color.
bright I had to look back." He Additional witnesses !to the
then got his binoculars out and landing or near landing'observ-
looked at the object. "Then I ed .by the Stricklands have been
got an airplane landing light Driver's sighting
located by' Ted P h i l l i p s , who
that I. carry in my patrol car," investigated the landing . for
he related, "and I shined it. up the Center for UFO Studies.
there. I blinked the light and A small boy playing i,'\.n the
it blinked back." area said the objects '(;6r ob-
ANOTHER GOOD LOOK ject) kicked up a cloud of dust
as h i g h as a house.
Moore says he "took another
good look at it with the binoc- ONE OBJECT OR FIVE?
ulars" before the object moved
west toward Lumberton. He said W h i l e Strickland thought he
he followed it about two miles, saw five, objects in formation,
going as fast as 85 m.p.h. in other witnesses viewing the
his patrol car, but "it left phenomenon from other angles
me." say they saw a chrome-like at-
He-said that after the object tachment between each ;..light,
blinked its light it "went making one connected object.
straight up and out" at an est- P h i l l i p s was reportedly in-
imated 200 m.p.h. terested in. a ci rcular .impres-
'. . Describing the object from sion found at the site, saying
his vantage point of about 200 he had not seen . .anything .like
feet at one time, Moore said it before. He also reportedly
the craft was V-shaped with said that he had not previously
lights around one big light Moore's sketch.
heard of lights being seen on a
"that looked double the size of UFO in daytime.
the steering wheel of a car." Unlike the V-shaped UFO re- A hole which some,observers
The object reportedly lit up ported .previously, the sighting thought might be a landi,rig gear
an area of about 500 feet on by the Stricklands involved indentation reportedly did not
either stde of the road, and what appeared to be five cir- impress P h i l l i p s , since, there
several other drivers reported- cular objects, in a circular were no other .similar holes to
ly stopped to view the object formation about 100 feet off form a landing gear pattern.
through Moore's binoculars dur- the ground, traveling about 50 P h i l l i p s was reportedly:puz-
ing the five minutes the craft m.p.h. .. zled at the lack of damage to
was hovering. Strickland said his wife was plants located very near the
A state patrolman reported a afraid the objects were going six patches of ash. He also
slow-moving flying craft about to crash into a house located appeared surprised that ,'no one
2 a.m. Saturday (April 5) near in a nearby field. The objects saw the UFO leave the site.
Saddletree. He said the object were a formation of pinkish-red P h i l l i p s is quoted as say-
was about 300 yards away at his 1ights, and behind each object ing that "it's very difficult
closest observation, and that was a bluish trai 1 ..or ."streak." to imagine .,what the ash could
it had b r i l l i a n t orange and He .said the objects were sev- have resulted from." The ash
reddi'sh 1 ights. eral feet apart. and soil samples are to^be an-
The first daylight sighting The objects appeared to land alysed, by the Center for UFO
and verified landing came at in a potato patch,' so Strick- Studies or a,participating lab.
5:15 p.m. Sunday, April 6. Ray land went to his home two miles "Right now I see no conven-
Strickland, a Pembroke State away\ to call someone to the tional answer to what happened
University campus policeman; scene quickly. out there," P h i l l i p s is quoted
his wife; and children observed Dispatcher Thompson arrived as saying. : "But as far as a
five UFOs (or one UFO, depend- from, the sheriff's office with landing site providing I infor-
ing upon later interpretation) a photographer, but all that mation, it!s, not particularly
on the Philadelphus Road : one was left were five circular ash .interesting ;., unless analysis
m i l e north of Pembroke. •-' .patches which had not been shows something, extraordinary."

Page 5
CIA declassifies Robertson Panel Report
By Ann Druffel scientific interest. Therefore, 2. That the emphasis on UFO
a group of prestigious American reports would be a threat to
On Jan. 21, 1975, the Robert- scientists was selected, and the orderly functioning of the
son Pane-1 Report, long an enig- the panel — later called the protective organs of the body
ma to UFO researchers, was de- Robertson Panel—was convened. politic;
classified at the request of a The declassified report 3. That national security
MUFON investigator who was states p l a i n l y that the panel agencies should strip the UFOs
seeking additional material for was convened at the request of of their aura of mystery; and
a project TV documentary. the director of Scientific In- k. That national security
This action by the CIA might telligence (CIA), and authority agencies should institute poli-
be a small stepping stone to- over it was delegated to the cies of intelligence training
ward government disclosure on assistant director of Sientific and public education.
UFOs. Intelligence (AD/SI, CIA). The second "results," also
A brief history of the called the "final report," ap-
Robertson Panel might be appli- SCIENTIFIC PANEL pended to the Robertson Report
cable here. In 1953 the U.S. The Robertson Panel was of- as "Tab C," is s t i l l under re-
Air Force had an immense prob- f i c i a l l y a scientific advisory view, and the CIA has refused
lem on its hands. The 1,900 panel.of the CIA. But the re- declassification of it to this
UFO reports which had flooded sults of the panel, as written date.
in during 1952 had choked m i l i - in the Robertson Report, were In 1966 the late Dr. James
tary communication channels. but scientific. They E. McDonald came upon a copy of
Officials surmised that a set back meaningful research on the Robertson Report in Blue
potential enemy might possibly UFOs at least twenty years,, Book Headquarters where he was
create a fake UFO flap to give The panel was composed of studying the UFO problem first
t!iem advantage w h i l e launching Dr. H.P. Robertson, a mathemat- hand. The Report had been
an unexpected m i s s i l e attack a- ical physicist, experienced in "routinely declassified under
gainst our nation. r e l a t i v i t y , cosmology, and war- the 12-year rule" by Project
" CIA HELP REQUESTED time intelligence missions; Dr. Officer Hector Quintan!1 la.
Luis Alvarez, a nuclear physi-
The Air Force sought help cist who, among other achieve- C ^RESPONSIBLE
from the Central Intelligence ments, co-invented the GCA sys- £•"••.
Agency (CI A), perhaps assuming, tem for tracking aircraft in McDonald made extensive notes
w i t h topsy-turvy reasoning, fog and rain; Dr. Thornton and was the first to discover
that an agency more secret than Page, astronomer and underseas that the CIA was responsible
themselves would be better to weapons genius; Dr. SamuelA. for the "debunking policy" of
advise on the problem. Goudsmit, discoverer of the the Air Force from 1953 through
Evidently the alternate ap- theory of electron-spin; Dr. 1969. He requested a Xerox copy
proach of open, scientific in- Lloyd V. Berkner, expert on of the Report, but before it
quiry, adequately financed by ionospheric research and ter- was given him, the CIA inter-
government, funds, was never restrial magnetism. fered and re-classified the re-
cons idered. These scientists, together port.
Now positive proof is avail- with selected CIA personnel, Dr. McDonald treated the in-
able that the CIA was the agen- associate scientists, and Blue formation in his notes as open
cy directly responsible for the Book personnel who had studied information in no way affecting
inane and inhumane "debunking the UFO problem-first hand, met the security of • the United
policy" used by government on Jan. ]k, 1953. A speedy four States and shared the facts of
agencies for seventeen f u l l days and eight meetings later, CIA involvement. freely with
years. This policy of ridicule they filed two "results" to the other researchers and interest-
and de-emphasization was em- CIA, ed members of the media.
ployed to embarrass UFO wit- The first "results," append- -An-unsatisfactory "sanitized"
nesses, deny reports, and to ed to the Robertson Report as version of the Report was re-
confuse the American p u b l i c a- "Tab A," concluded the follow- leased later by the Air Force
bout the importance of this in- ing: at the request of aircraft man-
t r i g u i n g phenomenon. 1. That the UFOs were not ufacturer John Lear. But in
Certain officials were of hostile and did not indicate a this partial version everything
the opinion, even in 1953, that need for revision of current concerning the CIA's involve-
the UFOs were a matter of scientific concepts; ment was deleted. It was not

Page 6
until January, 1975, that the presented to the Robertson
CIA admitted openly, through Panel during the eight meet-
declassification, their part in ings! SERVICE
the absurd debunking policy. Mr. Young also stated-that The UFO NEWSCLIPPING
We can only wonder why the Tab "C" was s t i l l under review; SERVICE will keep you in-
CIA has chosen this time to de- that is, s t i l l classified "Sec- formed of all the latest United
classify. The action came about ret Security Information." He States and World-Wide UFO ac-
almost" by accident. stated he would notify promptly tivity, as it happens! Our ser-
While writing a segment of a of the results of that review, vice was started in 1969, at
projected TV documentary—a but I've not heard from him which time we contracted with
segment concerning the part the since. According to the Index a reputable international news-
Robertson Panel played in the of the declassifed Report, Tab paper-clipping bureau to obtain
history of UFO research in the C was supposed to be a "list of for us, those hard to find UFO
reports (i.e., little known photo-
U.S.—on a whim I wrote the CIA documentary evjdence present- graphic cases, close encounter
in November, 197^, requesting a ed." This, however, is covered and landing reports, occupant
declassifed copy of the Report. in the sanitized Tab B! .cases) and all other UFO re-
I was aware of the sanitized ports, many of which are car-
version, but felt it was un- CLASSIFIED REPORT ried only in small town > or
satisfactory and therefore foreign newspapers.
Tab C, in reality, is the
"played dumb"; in writing for classified "final report" of;
the declassified copy. Our UFO Newsclipping Service
the Panel, which has never been Report, is a 20 page photo-offset,
A GRAND SURPRISE made public. Perhaps not even monthly publication containing
Dr. McDonald saw this Tab C. the latest. United States and
It was a grand surprise to We cannot 'be certain. Accord- Canadian UFO newsclippings,
receive a letter from a Mr. ing to the text of the declas- with our foreign section carry-
sified Robertson Report, Tab C ing the latest English, Austra
Robert Young, "Records Manage- lian, New Zealand, South Afri-
ment Officer," stating that the was the "final report." It can, "and other foreign UFO
Agency could provide a declas- evidently differs, in what ways newsclippings! We publish more
sified copy, consisting of 28 we do not know, with the de- UFO reports from around the
pages, for .10 per page. classifed "results" known as globe than ANY other publica-
The necessary $2.80 was Tab A. tion in the World! Stay informed
speedily transmitted to the The field of ufology. has been —subscribe to the UFO NEWS-
CIA, and late in January the enriched by the CIA's declassi- CLIPPING SERVICE! ;
declassified report arrived. fication of the Robertson Re-
However, though p l a i n l y showing port. But Tab B and particu- For subscription information
larly Tab C still remain and sample pages from our ser-
CIA involvement, including spe- vice, write today to:
cific names of CIA personnel "secret." Why? UFO NEWSCLIPPING
and departments, involved in the Demands should be made upon SERVICE, Dept. S-">
debunking policy, the Report the CIA, or perhaps the Rocke- 3521 S.W. 104th
was missing Tab B and Tab C. feller Committee which is in- Seattle, Washington; 98146
I inquired about this, and vestigating the CIA, for re-
Mr. Young wrote back on Feb. lease of these documents.
19. He now signed himself, Other persons who may want
"Freedom of Information Coord- copies.of the declassifed Rob-
inator." .It is wondered wheth- ertson Report can send $2.80 to Beautiful afghan
er the trouble the CIA was fac- Mr. Robert . Young, Freedom of to be raffled
ing concerning 'illegal inter- Information Coordinator, Cen-
ference in domestic affairs had tral Intelligence Agency, Wash-
anything to do with his change ington, D.C., 20505. Beautiful heirloom qual-
of title! ity, large afghan w i t l b e
The Feb. 19 letter confirmed WANTED raffled at the annual UFO
that Tab B, which was described picnic at -Lake Carlyle, IL.
in the Repo'rt's Index as "a Back issues of FLYING on Aug. 17, 1975. Winner
l i s t of personnel concerned SAUCER REVIEW. Please list need not be present.
with meetings," could hot be issues available and To receive a chance send
declassified. However, he sent price. $1.00 and your name, 'ad-
the sanitized version, which is dress, and zip code to -
already available in the Condon SKYLOOK UFO Study Group, P. 0. Box
Report. But Tab B of the sani- 26 Edgewood Drive 6631, St. Louis, MO. 6317-5.
tized version turned out to be Quincy, IL 62301
a brief l i s t of the evidence

Page 7
No details on 28%
Air Force 'unknowns1 still a mystery
By Richard Hall It is true that Dr. David
"From 1947 through 196? a total of 697 UFO reports were Saunders' UFOCAT now contains
listed as 'unknowns' by the Air Force, No complete l i s t i n g or date and location references
summary of these cases has ever been released by the Air Force for the majority of Air Force
or compiled by others." "unknown" cases, but whether
Thus begins an unpublished report I began preparing while descriptions of the sightings
s t i l l at NICAP, as part of a rebuttal of the Condon Report, exist is not clear, and in any
and only completed several years later after leaving NICAP 0 event there are no publicly
From available sources, I reconstructed as complete a l i s t available descriptions of these
of the "unknowns" as possible—by date, location, and brief sightings.
description. To my surprise, I found that less than a third The two salient findings of
of these cases were described in the literature. The following this study are (a) that we have
chart indicates the basic statistics of the study: never been able to read des-
criptions of J2% of the cases
AVAILABLE (*) COLORADO PROJECT (b) that for all its preten-
sions, the Colorado Project ex-
12 9 0 amined only 1% of these cases.
1948 7 2 0 Don Berliner, an aviation
1949 22 2 0 writer and former member of the
1950 27 1 None of these, but NICAP staff, has done addition-
3 other 1950 cases. al research on the Air Force
1951 22 6 0 "unknowns" in connection with a
1952 303 55 4 of these plus book on the history of the Air
6 other 1952 cases. Force UFO project. His book
1953 42 11 2 of these plus
would make a valuable addition
3 other 1953 cases. to the 1iterature.
1954 46 None of these, but
2 other 1954 cases.
1955 24 None of these, but Object from sky
1 other 1955 case.
1956 14 3 2 strikes tractor
1958 10 6 0 reports that a piece of ceram-
1959 12 8 None of these, but ic-like material "golf-ball
1 other 1959 case. sized" and weighing about one
1960 14 10 0 pound apparently fell from the
1961 13 9 •o sky and struck a tractor on
1962 15 15 0 Jan. 12, 1975, near Carlisle,
1963 1 55 None of these, but N.Y.
1 other 1963 case. After striking the tractor,
1964 19 9 0 the object landed on a patch of
1965 16 15 None of these, but ice and quickly melted through
6 other 1965 cases. it.
1966 32 Only 1 of these, but The object is apparently not
10 other 1966 cases. from any conventional aircraft
1967 19 None of these, but or satellite, nor does it ap-
about 44 other 1967 pear to be a meteorite.
cases. Through the efforts of Dr.
J. Allen Hynek, the object was
697 195 (28*) 9 (U) examined at Northwestern Uni-
versity. According to a pre-
(*)—At leosl brief description of sighting publicly available. liminary analysis, the object
(**)—When this was written there was no available list of 1957 "unknowns," so that it
cannot be established whether any of the 7 cases reviewed by the Colorado Project coin- contains iron, has a rust col-
cided with the 14 "unknowns." It is noteworthy that there were 1,006 official USAF coses oration, is.magnetic, and has
(•••(—Official USAF figures indicate 14 "unknowns", yet descriptions of 15 unexplained experienced extreme thermal
cases are available. An unresolved discrepancy. shock.

Page 8
Youths report
UFO moving
over school
DATE OF S I G H T I N G : Nov. 22,


cinnati, Ohio

This report involving two

young boys as witnesses is an- This is the drawing made by Peter of the object which he and Chris say they saw over
ecdotal, lacking personal on- a school in Cincinatti, Ohio. :
the-spot follow up for techni-
cal details. This is a result of "something like a steering bove the tree tops and in,clear
of the parents of one boy being wheel" at the top and bottom of view; that it was "without any
reluctant to allow his son to the rear end of the craft. wings, but it had rings around
relate additional information The UFO's appearance .was it." I asked for details on
and a drawing of the UFO, which over a heavy residential area the rings and he said it ap-
I had requested. known, as Hyde Park in the heart peared to be "three rings close
Fortunately, in this case, I of Cincinnati. I thought it together or just one wide
got. the preliminary details by was significant that the UFO's ring." He said the body was
phone from the two young wit- .location was above, or near the "oval rather than round, and at
nesses, which follow: Hyde Park School, as schools the end of it was a tail stuck
Peter (last name on file), seem to be "common ground" for up at the top.,.all of it was
age 10, and Chris (last name on UFO surveillance, known in UFO d u l l gray."
file), age 8, were playing to- research,, Peter also described the
gether after school at Chris 1 Chris said, the UFO came from craft as moving in a curve,
home. Chris saw the UFO first the east, then moved slowly to adding, "You could see it bare--
about 5:30 p.m. in gray skies; the northwest in a "slight ly, barely, barely turn to the
watched it for about two min- curving and tipping" motion, or right in the direction of the
utes before Peter could get to as I could best-determine, in a school." He said he didn't
the window. swerve to the northwest. He hear any sound and he couldn't
Chris said the gray metallic said it did not change speed or see how the UFO disappeared
object was quite low, .about hover, left no vapor or smoke, "because trees were i;n the
"twice as high as the tree made no sound,, and disappeared .way."
tops." into the clouds. Chris said, I asked Peter if he was in-
He said it was "oval and "It was sort of weird, and I terested in UFOs, or read books
large like a b l i m p with lines was frightenedo" about them. He said that he
or indents," which he described Peter was called to the win- ."didn't get into the subject,"
as running horizontally from dow, and most of his descrip- but.he did watch a TV show a-
the front to the rear. "It had tion of the UFO is s i m i l a r to bout UFOSo
no wings or windows," he said, Chris 1 . He said he saw it for Peter's mother was concerned
"but around the body was a about a minute. "It was cigar about his delay in returning
large gray ring like Saturn shaped," he said, "of d u l l gray from Chris 1 and called, re-
that was not attached to the color, and it was made of questing that he get home. When
body." He added, "The ring metal." He said it was s t i l l she" learned of the incident,
seemed to move slowly around 1ight. outdoors and the UFO was the poMce were called. :
the body, and it had l i t t l e very clear in the .sky above To compile my report, I re-
1 ights on it." Hyde Park School. He also des- quested from Chris and Peter
On the top of the oboid ob- cribed the lighted dome on top, their i n d i v i d u a l drawings of
ject, Chris described a "dome which he said was ."green" the object they witnessed.
that lighted up brightly; a (Chris said "yeMow") and that Peter was prompt in sending me
sort of yellowish light." Chris "it blinked." h i s drawing. '.
then described his observation Peter said the object was a- Chris' drawing never arrived,

Page 9
so I followed up by phone eight
times, and on each try, I was
told by some member of the fam-
ily that he was not at home.
With both drawings, my next
hopeful move was to have a
meeting with the boys on loca-
tion. FIELD INVESTIGATOR'S MANUAL punch holes for 3 ring or clasp
F i n a l l y , I reached Chris by binders.
phone Feb. 8, 1975. I asked a-
bout his drawing he promised Another significant step has
and he said, "My dad was lis- been taken by MUFON in UFO re- INTERNATIONAL COORDINATOR
tening on the other phone to search with the completion of
our talking about the UFO I saw the writing and editing of the It is with regret that we
and got mad at me." He said a l l new second edition of our announce the resignation of Joe
the father "would not allow me "Field Investigator's Manual." B r i l l as international coordin-
to send the drawing I made." I Raymond E. Fowler, MUFON ator. Joe has systematically
asked to speak to his father, director of investigations and developed a world-wide group of
but he was out of town. author of the book "UFOs: In- foreign representatives in over
Chris said his drawing was terplanetary Visitors," has thirty countries' to provide
different from Peter's. I asked done a superb job in composing liaison between MUFON and the
how d i d it differ? He indicated and editing this outstanding UFO organizations in their re-
that it was the' "ring," and contribution to UFOlogy, dedi- spective nationso
added, "but I saw it longer cated to providing the methods His specialization of "UFOs
than Peter." and techniques for interview- Behind the Iron Curtain" w i l l
Unquestionably, the two boys ing and gathering the raw data continue unabated, since he
witnessed an unidentifiable on reported UFO sightings. w i l l be sharing his vast reser-
aerial object maneuvering at Recognition must also be be- voir of information by continu-
low level over a residential stowed upon the following indi- ing as a staff writer for SKY-
d i s t r i c t of Cincinnati. I know viduals who either wrote sec- LOOK. Joe's resignation w i l l
of no other UFO reports for tions on their field of exper- be effective May 31, 1975.
Nov. 22, 197^, in the South- tise or contributed in a major In order to retain the con-
western Ohio coincide way: .Ted P h i l l i p s , Adrian tinuity of .correspondence with
with this inner city report. Vance, David Webb, Ted Bloe- our network of foreign repre-
cher, Ron West rum, Robert Stin- sentatives, we are taking this
son, Fred Youngren, John Os- opportunity for announcing
wald, Joe Santangelo, J 0 Allen Joe's successor in.this impor-
Tbe Bible Hynek, John Acuff, Rubin S i l - tant position on the board of
and Flying Saucers directors of MUFON. Richard H.
by ver, Walter Webb, and Walt
Dr. Barry H. Downing Andrus. H a l l , presently state director
192-page paperback The nine distinct question- for Maryland and Washington, D.
$1.00 postpaid naire forms have been printed, C., has accepted the ^position
from and the manual was sent to the of international coordinator.
SKYLOOK printer on April 28. Distribu- Richard was formerly the as-
26 Edgewood Drive tion of the manual to "paid-up" sistant director of NICAP when
Quincy. IL 62301 MUFON members w i l l be announced Major Donald E. Keyhoe was its
in the June issue of SKYLOOK, director. He is best known for
and copies w i l l be available at his publication THE UFO EVI-
the UFO Symposium in Des DENCE and co-authoring a book
Highly recommended Moines, Iowa, on July 5. with Professor Meany. Richard
by SKYLOOK . However, we expect ~ to mail brings to this position matur-
copies to state directors and ity and experience based upon
1973 — Year of the Humanoids others prior to this date. This his outstanding "track record"
manual w i l l also be used by the of the past.
by Dave Webb Our foreign representatives,
independent investigators for
the Center for UFO Studies. who receive a complimentary
$3.00 from Both Dr. Hynek and your Direc- subscription to SKYLOOK from
MUFON MUFON, should record Richard's
40 Christopher Ct.
tor have Xeroxed copies in
Quincy, III. 62301 finished form. m a i l i n g address. He resides at
As previously announced, the M18 39th Street, Brentwood,
8?X11" pages w i l l be printed on Maryland, 20722, U, S. A. A l l
both sides with standard 3 future correspondence from our

Page 10
Director's Message By Walt Andrus

foreign representatives should STATE-SECTION DIRECTORS counting manager and has been
be addressed to Richard. A new following UFO publications for
state director for Maryland The recent Lumberton, N.C., 20 years. Lois A. Sayen, 2210
w i l l be announced in the near UFO sightings have motivated Patty Lane, Green Bay, Wl.
future to succeed Mr. Hall, our North Carolina people and 5^303; telephoneA AC k\k ^99-
given them an opportunity to be 7791. has accepted greater re-
"where the action is." New sponsibi1ities with MUFON as
SLIDE-TAPE UFO LECTURE state-section directors for the state-section director :for
Tar Heel State are Lee C» Brown and Kewaunee counties.
The Nebraska section of MU- Starns, P.O. Box 67, Cullowhee,
FON, as part of a public aware- N.C., 28723; telephone: AC 70V DIRECTOR TO RELOCATE
ness program, has produced 293-9588, covering Graham,
their first rendition of a Cherokee, Clay, Swain, .Jackson, After l i v i n g in Quincy, IL.,
slide-illustrated lecture with
tape-recorded commentary and and Macon counties. Lee is as- for twenty-eight years, one be-
sistant director of admissions comes very attached to the com-
music titled "The Mystery of at Western Carolina University. munity and the friendly people.
UFOs." It was produced by MU- W i l l i a m D. Redfearn, 1012 De-
FON member Jack A. Dunn, coord- In order to continue my employ-
catur, Jacksonville, N'. C., ment with a nationally-known
inator for the Ralph Mueller
285^0; telephone: .AC 919 3*»7- electronics firm and to have
Planetarium, University of Ne- 5220; has been assigned Onslow,
braska at Lincoln, with selec- additional opportunities for
Pender, Carteret, Jones, further promotion and growth,
tion of slides by Elmer A. Craven, and Pamlico counties.
Krai, MUFON state director for your directbr w i l l be moving
B i l l is a high school principal the -MUFON administrative of-
Nebraska. with an M.A. in school adminis- fices from Quincy to Sequin,
It is composed of 160 slides, tration. Texas, approximately Aug. 1,
many from the. collection of From Jacksonville, N.C., to
Jacksonville, FL. -<*Rf chard M.
1975., • • - ' . . . ; '•
Walt Ahdrus, with a playing The new m a i l i n g address w i l l
time'of'thirty-five-minutes. It Mahan, 800 Broward Road, Apt. be communicated via a future
is professionally produced and D-206, Jacksonville, FL., issue of SKYLOOK. In the mean-
written .by Jack Dunn, narrated 32218; telephone: AC 90*» 76A- time, all. correspondence should
by- Don Jacks, photography by 6357; has accepted the respons- be sent to kO Christopher
Terrence Winslow, and graphics ibility for Nassau, • Duval, Court, Quincy, IL. 62301. The
by Mohler and Grubbs. Baker, Clay, St. Johns, Union, Quincy postmaster w i 1 1 continue
and Bradford counties. Richard to forward mail after August 1,
When we say this is the first has an M.S. in microbiology 1975» for as long a period as
rendition, -we mean that it is and is a college professor for may be negotiated.
already being updated, revised, biology and chemistry at North We ask the patience and in-
and improved as of this writing Florida Jr. College. dulgence, of our members so that
to make it even more effective Elmer A. Krai has approved this transition may be made
as a program that may be given the appointment of Gorden with a minimum of interruption
as an introduction to the UFO Gruber, R.R. 2, Box ~fk, Hart- to our member services. ,
phenomena to any assembled ington, NE. 68739; telephone AC
group as part of MUFON's p u b l i c 402 25^4-61*35; as state-section
awareness program. director for Cedar and Dixon
counties. Gorden was recommend- • UFO. MATERIAL FOR TRADE -
Everyone in MUFON should be ed by Lawrence A. Lacey. I have many photos, slides
immensely proud that we have Ted Bloecher, state director clippings, and books on
dedicated people like Elmer for New York, has selected UFOs that I w i l l trade for
Krai . and Jack Dunn "doing Harold E. Haglund, .32 Woodlane s i m i l a r UFO material. \ Send
their thing" for UFO research. Road, Ithaca, N.Y. U850; tele- trade lists to: Ron Smotek
This f i l m w i l l be shown during phone: AC 607 539-7137 as state 5625 Thomas St., Maple!Hts.
the afternoon workshop session section director for Tompkins, Ohio ^137 . :
on July 6 in Des Moines at the Schuyler, Chemung, and .Tioga
UFO Symposium. counties. Hal is a retired ac-

Page 11
Illinois youths report strange UFO effects
DATE OF OBSERVATION: Dec. wooded area that was approxi- that might come along.
21, .197** mately one thousand feet from
Athens and Darmstadt, I l l i n o i s veling. At a point where the
INVESTIGATED BY: W. J. (Dub) object was fifty feet above the I checked out this area quite
Mi 11s trees they lost sight of it thoroughly on Jan.12. It was
momentarily due to the eleva- a beautiful sunshiny day and
On Dec. 21, 197**, at approx- tion of the f i e l d on that side quite cold. The ground .was
imately 11:30 p.m. Kim Lloyd, of the road. frozen, but I am told by the
Rodney Walta, and Jeff Walta witnesses that the night of the
left Darmstadt, returning to OBJECT GONE sighting was confortably warm
New Athens. They were traveling and that the ground was muddy.
west; it was a clear n i g h t with At that particular point you I discovered no trace of a
f u l l moon and bright stars. Kim could not see the woods, and landing.
was d r i v i n g , Rodney was r i d i n g their v i s i o n was obscured here The day I was there I did
in the front seat with her, and for probably five or ten sec- discover a huge clearing in the
Jeff was in the back seat. onds. When they were again able wooded area. I was accompanied
At a point approximately four to see the same area where the by Rodney, and he felt this
m i l e s west of Darmstadt, they object was descending, it was would have been approximately
were suddenly aware of a bright gone. The entire time involved where the object was des-
light i l l u m i n a t i n g the area here from the. time they first cending when they lost sight of
around them; saw the object up u n t i l this it. This area was approximate-
Rodney was the first to see particular moment was no more ly fifty yards wide by one hun-
the object. He looked out his than two or three minutes and a dred yards deep. It could have
window to . the north, at about d r i v i n g distance of no more been used for a landing site,
a forty-five degree angle and than perhaps a m i l e , perhaps with no one from the surround-
saw this brightly Ut disk- less. ing area being able to see ito
shaped object descending. Ex- They were so certain that it
c i t i n g l y c a l l i n g it to the at- had landed they began driving U N I D E N T I F I E D TRACKS
tention of Kim and Jeff, they down roads and lanes in and a-
.too saw it as it descended into round the area in an effort to I did discover tracks I can-
their field of vision. relocate it. Feeling certain not identify. The tracks be-
The object was descending it was on or near the ground gan in a section of the clear-
at an angle, with the leading and would be obscured by the ing and they also abruptly end-
edgn lower than the t r a i l i n g trees and other terrain, they ed as if they were made by
edge and the descent Was such felt that in patrol ing in these something or someone stepping
so they were seeing the top of areas they would have a chance onto the ground, and at approx-
the object; it was probably of spotting it. However, after imately a point thirty-five
twenty or thirty feet in di- probably thirty or forty min- feet away they stepped back on
ameter.. utes they gave up the search to whatever. In other words,
It had rotating lights around and drove into New Athens. the tracks abruptly began and
the lower edge of the rim that In New Athens they ran into abruptly ended.
were red and yellow,- red and some of their friends and pur- I made some photographs of
ysllow in that sequence all the suaded them to accompany them these tracks. As I type this I
way around. • There appeared to back to the area for another have not received the f i l m back
be portholes around the ob- search. Again they went through so I can't really tell you if
ject; 11 had something resemb- this patrol ing for perhaps an the photos turned out well or
l i n g antennas that were coming hour. By this time, the friends if they did not. If they d i d ,
out each side of the dome and had lost interest and returned they w-i 1 1 be attached to this
coming up as if they were going to New Athens^ However, Kim, report.
to meet at a point up above the Rodney and Jeff were not yet So that you have something
dome of the object itself. The ready to give up the search, so as a matter of information,
color of the "antennas" appear- they drove around a l i t t l e these tracks were s i m i l a r to
ed to be blue. w h i l e longer and f i n a l l y parked paw . or hoof marks, yet they
The object continued its the car to set up a watch for were not any kind of paw or
descent and appeared to be in any further sign of their elu- hoof marks I am f a m i l i a r with»
the process of landing in a sive U.F.O. or anything else Since I have done considerable

Page 12
hunting over the years, I am ually changing color, green and Route #13 and Darmstadt Road
familiar with many wild game red according to the witnesses. intersection they turned on to
tracks and am quite familiar As it came lower it seemed to Route #13, going northwest to
with domestic animal [tracks. level off at about fifty feet Rodney's house. They lost sight
I am certain neither would above the tree tops, but it was of the object. '
fit the case and I feel these s t i l l quite far away, perhaps a When they arrived at Rodney's
tracks were made by a two-leg- mile or even more. house they were a l l in a very
ged being with a stride of per- However, now it is only ten excitable state. There are
haps forty inches. For me to or fifteen degrees above the several children in the family,
stride along side of these horizon as they look at it, and and in their excitment some of
tracks I had to stride in very it is s t i l l more or less in a the children awakened and the
exaggerated long strides. I northeasterly direction. After story was related to them, al-
would say my normal stride is perhaps one or two minutes it though Mrs. Walta evidently
between thirty and thirty-six moves back up to about forty- slept through this part of the
inches. In carefully examin- five degrees. Then it begins excitement.
ing these marks I would esti- moving toward the witnesses, be- During this period of time
mate that the prints were four coming larger. It appears to Rodney continued to insist in a
JL to five inches wide, seven to be emitting a light point like very excitable state that he
i eight inches long. I am sorry a beam toward the ground except knew the object was coming over
I did not have a ruler along the beam continually breaks up to the house.
f with me. and never seems to touch the Very shortly they observed
the imprints were one inch ground. As Rodney stated, "It that some type of a light was
to one-half inch into .the was like pouring out mercury; i l l u m i n a t i n g the area around
ground, which at that time it beaded up and seemed to the house. They are not quite
would have been soft and muddy. break up the beam and somehow sure if this was an artificial
The prints were reasonably join back together." light or if it was actually the
clear and seemed to have been At this point, Kim, who was l i g h t , of day; As the time was
made by a multi-toe foot. I the driver of the car, started approximately five thirty a.m.,
really can't be more specific the car and turned west on it was not' getting light—of
than this. Darmstadt Road headed toward that I am certain. My guess is
I checked with several neigh- New Athens and Route #13. The that it was an artificial light
bors in this area regarding object changed course and fol- that was i l l u m i n a t i n g the area
i anything they may have heard or lowed them,' moving parallel to around the house.
seen at the time of the sight- their car and remaining about
ing. Being a farm area, and i m i l e distance from them. Now DOGS ACT STRANGELY
considering the time, no one this object is definitely not
could shed any additional light like the i n i t i a l object they In looking out the window,
on the subject. saw. This object is very much Rodney excitedly called Kim and
of a pie-shaped object with a Jeff to look at the dogs and
ACTIVITY CONTINUES row of yellow lights around the their strange behavior. The
bottom of the pie plate and a dogs were lying on the ground
While phase one was apparent- row of red lights around the as if mesmerized, with their
ly over, the activities of the edge of the pie plate, with the tongues literly hanging out,
night were only beginning for pie itself making up the entire making no movement or sound
Kim, Rodney and Jeff. top of the object as they des- whatsoever. I might inject at
They had parked their car at cribed it. this point that when , I was
an intersection facing, north, there on Sunday, Jan. 12, these
^ with the Darmstadt road going ANOTHER OBJECT dogs were continually barking,
east and west in front of their and I am told they are very
car. At about four thirty t As they neared the route #13 vocal at any time anyone or
which would now be the morning and the Darmstadt intersection anyth i ng'comes around. However,
of Dec. 22, in the northeast at the object appeared to stop and at this particular time in the
about sixty degrees and very hover over a long cylinder ob- early morning hours in question
high, they noticed a light that ject on the ground. They esti- the dogs were doing nothing.
first looked like a star„ As mated this to be at least fifty At this time Rodney thought
they watched it, the light be- feet long and perhaps five to he heard noises on the roof of
gan to gyrate and hop around. seven feet in diameter. This his house and possible noises
It shot .beams down as it began cylinder had a pulsating orange down in the basement of his
to come down lower. light in the front half of it home that he ^somehow attribu-
During this initial obser- and a green light in the rear ted to the presence of this U.
vation the object was contin- half. When they arrived at the F.O. 'Neither of the other wit-

Page 13
nesses could be certain that .itely had two experiences as I did not feel it, or at least it
they heard these noises, but have related. I cannot deter- did not waken her»
Rodney insisted he heard them. mine in my own mind whether or These instances would cer-
He was now in a state of ex- not the incident as related tainly indicate that there was
citement to the point of being happened after they returned to more going on than just imagin-
hysterical. Rodney's home are actual facts ation. However, it does perplex
or the working of an imagina- me that Rodney is the only one
AN ELECTRIC SHOCK tion by some very excited teen- that seems to have heard the
agers. There are some areas noises. Rodney is also the only
Suddenly, without any warn- that do substantiate Rodney's one who says he saw the'U.F.00
ing, there was a tremendous claim of the incident at his as it was leaving, and the fact
electrical shock within the house: that the other witnesses are
house that was of such force not absolutely sure of all of
that little five-year-old 1. The condition of the dogs these happenings at the home
Susie, who was in an occasional and the fact that they were not leave me with a very question-
chair, was knocked . into the responding as they normally able attitude about that phase
floor. . A l l of the children would. of it.
were up at this time,, I'm 2. The light that illuminat- I think it is very important
speaking of Kim, Rodney, Jeff, ed the area outside of the that we do not discount the
l i t t l e Susie, and one other house at five thirty a.m. .It highly excitable .state of the
l i t t l e fellow whose name es- could not have been the light three witnesses at the time
capes me,, A l l of them felt this of day that time of morning. leaves me with a very question-
shock. 3. The electrical shock that .they arrived home and related
At this time Rodney went to was felt by five witnesses at their experience of the night
the window, pulled back the this point, although Mrs. Walta to even younger children.
shade, and saw the bottom side
of this U;F.O. slowly leaving
the area from :above, the top of
UFOs escort Mexican pilot
his house. It i s - moving in a DATE OF SIGHTING: May 3, He said his plane was "pilot-
northerly direction as if it 1975 ed by some strange force" be-
was following the railroad LOCATION OF SIGHTING: over tween Tequesquitengo and Tlal-
tracks that move along here Tequesquitengo Lake, Mexico pan, a southern suburb of Mexi-
running north and south. SOURCE OF REPORT: United co City, but that he was able
At this point Mrs. Walta was Press International to radio the control tower at
awakened and Rodney was in a SUBMITTED BY: Joe B r i l l , in- the Mexico City airport.
hysterical state. She was try- ternational coordinator The objects left the Piper
ing to calm him down and find Cub at Tlalpan and moved to-
out what was going on. How the wards two snow-capped volcanoes
lady slept through the excite- .Carlos Antonio de los Santos about 50 miles to the south.
ment as described by the wit- Montiel has reported that three Two air traffic controllers,
ness is inconceivable, but evi- UFOs joined him as he was fly- Julio Interian and Emilio
dently she had. ing his Piper Cub at 15,000 Estanol, said they observed the
However, her concern for feet over Tequesquitengo Lake, incident on two separate radar
Rodney and the mental state he about 50 miles south of Mexico screens at Benito Juarez Inter-
was in prompted her to call the City, on May 3. national Airport. They said
doctor and make arrangements to The 23-year-old flier said radar indicated "an unidenti-
take Rodney to see him and get he was traveling at about 1^0 fied object" speeding along at
something to calm him down,, She m.p.h. when he was joined by the side of the Piper Cub.
did take Rodney to the doctor the objects. "Two of them flew Interian said he "observed
about seven thirty or eight a few inches from each wing, the plane from the moment it
a.m. that morning. Rodney, in and another below the plane," was over Tequesquitengo until
t e l l i n g the doctor of his ex- he said. "I tried to lower the it landed. When it was above
perience, was asked by the doc- landing wheels to hit the one the Ajusco (a mountain on the
tor "what he had been smoking,," below, but the mechanism fail- edge of the Valley of Mexico) I
ed." noticed another mark on the
AN ANALYSIS He said he then "tried to screen move rapidly away from
hit the other two with the the plane."
My own analysis of this par- wings, but the controls did not The two controllers said that
ticular case based on two very respond." The pilot, said that it was at that moment when the
lengthy interviews with these at that moment his nerves broke pilot radioed that the UFOs had
witnesses is that they.defin- and he burst into tears. left him.

Page 14
In Others' Words By Lucius Parish

A report of a UFO formation es of information on UFO occu- torical flaps, they are ; worth
over Japan on Jan. 15 may be pant accounts. far more than that. They may
found in the April 8 issue of The May issue of SAGA has an be ordered from the author at:
NATIONAL ENQUIRER. article by John Keel on the 38675 Paseo Padre #305 - Fre-
The March 16 NATIONAL TATTLER "Men in Black" reports. An in- mont, CA 9^536. '
reports on a NICAP investiga- teresting summary, whether or What can one possibly say a-
tion of a supposed UFO crash in not one agrees with a l l of bout THE COMPLETE BOOKS OF
California. Keel's ideas. CHARLES FORT? They are the pi-
The Wyoming contact story of For those who collect, all oneer works of Ufology, but
Carl Higdon is presented in the available material on . the they are far more than that. If
March 22 issue of NATIONAL "ancient astronauts!1 subject, you like to read accounts of
STAR. This account quotes Dr» you might like to pick up a a l l manner of strange phenom-
R. Leo Sprinkle as saying that "Marvel Preview" comic book, ena, these are for you. If you
Higdon "is reporting sincerely MAN-GODS FROM BEYOND THE STARS, like wry humor and some "digs"
the events which he experienc- In addition to comic strip ver- at scientists, you'll enjoy
ed." The March 29 STAR has an sions of the AA theory, this them thoroughly. But' Fort's
article on recent Minnesota UFO magazine also contains bio- writings are not designed to be
sightings, though at least one graphical information on Erich mere sources of data. Those
of these reports actually hap- von Daniken, plus material on who have read them already w.i 11
pened in Wisconsin. In the the other writers who have pre- know what I mean; those who
April 12 STAR, new UFO photos ceded and followed von Daniken. have not read them are in for a
from Ontario are spotlighted, There is also a section devoted rare treat. The four I books by
along with a short and rather to book reviews of the leading Fort~THE BOOK OF THE DAMNED,
sensational item about an im- titles on the AA subject. If NEW LANDS, LO! and WILD TALENTS
minent UFO invasion. Recent this is not available on your —have not been available in a
North Carolina UFO reports are local stands, you may order it hardcover edition, for several
featured in the April 19 issue from: MARVEL PREVIEW - Magazine years, but Dover Books (180
of the STAR. Management Co., Inc. - 575 Mad- Varick St. - N.Y., N.Y. 1001 if)
The May issue of MALE and ison Ave. - N.Y., N.Y. 10022. .has : now reprinted them in a
June issue of STAG contain UFO The price is $1.00. handsome volume with a new in-
articles. The former is stricly The most thorough treatment troduction V by Fort's biogra-
rehash; the latter is a combin- of the 19^6 "ghost rockets" pher, Damon Knight. The price
ation of rehash and probable sightings that I have yet seen for this new edition is $15.00,
fiction. Save your time and is Loren E. Gross1 booklet, but that isn't really so bad,
money. THE MYSTERY OF THE GHOST ROCK- considering that this volume
Brins ley LePoer Trench's ETS. Mr. Gross examines the contains over 1000 pages. If
first book, THE SKY PEOPLE, has political climate of the per- you have never read the words
recently been republished in iod, as well as the technologi- of "the master," ' you owe it to
paperback by Award Books and is cal capabilities of the Soviet yourself to do so.
now available on newsstands. Union (a prime suspect for the
THE HUMANOIDS was originally rockets' source when they, first
published as a special issue of appeared). He concludes that WANTED
FLYING SAUCER REVIEW several whatever the objects were, they
years ago and has now gone do not appear to have been of UFO newsclippings. Please
through four hardcover and terrestrial origin. His book- Keep them coming. They pro-
paperback editions in England let contains an 8-page chron- vide valuable leads for us.
and the U.S. The latest edition ological Listing of the report- We also forward them to Rod
is a "large" paperback from ed sightings from 19^3 through Dyke's newsclipping .ser-
Henry Regnery Co, - 180 North early 19^7. Both this booklet vice. Though we cannot ac-
Michigan Ave. - Chicago, II and Gross1 previous work, THE ^knowledge each one.individ-
60601. The price is $3.95. UFO WAVE OF 1896, are availa- ually, they are greatly ap-
Though some of the material is ble from him for a combined preciated. Thanks for your
now a bit dated, THE HUMANOIDS price of '/only $1.00. As ex- past help.
is s t i l l one of the best sourc- cellent summaries of two his-

Page 15
UFO's Behind the Iron Curtain
By Joe Brill

. KOLENOV's STATEMENT side it resembled the shape of

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is another
in a series of copyrighted articles
a hat and "some sort of tail
"On Oct. 13, 1967, between which International Coordinator Joe protruded, straight, like a
.1700 and 1800 hours, Moscow Brill has prepared from the unpub- pencil emanating from the cen-
time, I observed an unidenti- lished manuscript of Soviet UFO ex- ter of the hat. This tail was
fied flying object with a tri- pert Felix Y. Zigel, assistant pro- projected straight downward and
fessor at the Moscow Aviation Insti- had a thickening on the end of
angular shape through .eight tute.
.power binoculars from the bal- it. This tail changed its po-
cony of my apartment. It some- SAVKUYEV's STATEMENT sition together with .the hat;
what resembl.ed an airplane in that is, it did not change its
shape, on whose wings dark "On Oct. 13, 1967, I remember position relative to the hato
line's were clearly observed. the date exactly because I im- The length of this tail was
"The object was v i s i b l e in mediately wrote the date in my scarcely less than the height
the.southwestern portion of the notebook, I was in the v i l l a g e of the hat.
sky, and it flew very slowly. of Second Lesken, which is a- "The object gave off no sound
Its speed . was approximately bout thirty-five kilometers that could be heard. My vision
that of the- American ."Echo" east of Nal'chik. is very . good despite my old
s a t e l l i t e . Movement was to the "The day was .cloudless and age. The object could be ob-
northeast. In my own personal exceptionally clear. At 1630 served clearly without glasses
opinion, • the object shone with hours I went out of the house even in a darkened place.
the reflected light of the set- into Sovetskaya Street and no- .Therefore, I am transmitting
ting sun. :l t appeared to be ticed many people standing and exactly what I observed with my
silvery, in color. No changes looking up at the sky. Some of own eyes.
in the brightness were noticed the old religious people be- "The . entire population of
during the observation, and no wailed: 'Good .heavens, what the: v i l l a g e of Second Lesken
sounds were heard at any time. can it be?' 'What kind of omen observed this object for a long
"A large number of the resi- is it? 1 . time. There are about 6,000
dents of building A3 and other "I looked up into the sky and people and more than 550 house-
houses took..part in the obser- saw almost in the zenith some holds in.this vi1lage.
vation of this.object. In the kind of object, sparkling with "Before the sun . set, the
University, .they observed it a white l i g h t which was smaller color of the object was white,
v i s u a l l y , and in the BC scope than the moon in size and which but as darkness set in the
used in tracking a r t i f i c i a l did not .change its .position in white gradually became reddish
earth satellites. The rector the sky. The sun had not yet and then red.
and pro-rector of the Univer- set. I stood and looked at this "I quit watching the object
sity were present during the body u n t i l it grew completely when it began to move in a
observation. dark. southeastern direction. I af-
"Many of my co-workers ' and "Standing in place, the ob- f i rm. that this:;bbject was emit-
students of the University pre- ject revolved slowly.. It was .ting its own light."
sented questions to me concern- clearly seen at times that the (Signed): A 0 G. Savkuyev,
ing this object on the follow- object had a triangular shape, Kabardino-Belkar ASSR, Urzan-
ing day. I could only say that since occasionally an equilat- skiy rayon V i l l a g e of Second
the observed object did not be- eral triangle was clearly pro- Lesken,,
long to any of the natural as- jected on the background of the
tronomical bodies. sky, with some kind of internal MOLOPANOV's REPORT
luminous f i l l i n g , and some sort
(Signed): A.I. Kolenov, as- of body s l i g h t l y darker than "It was Oct. 13, 1967, and
tronomy professor and chief of the sides .of the .triangle could the time was 1810 hours when I
the Station for Observing Arti- easily be distinguished in the observed a UFO. At first I
f i c i a l Earth Satel1ites of the center of the triangle. looked . at it only with the
Kabardino-Belkar State Univer- "At times, the object assum- naked eye: My first impression
sity, Lenin Prospect 43, Apart- ed a position with respect to was that the object was sta-
ment k. the ground wherein from' the tionary. After several minutes

Page 16
chief designer of the KTB (De-
sign and Technological Office)
of the Ministry, of Instrument-
Making,.- B.M. Yegorov, collected
another twenty-four witnesses'
affidavits on this sighting. A
photograph of the .UFO was ob-
tained in two aspects.• These
two photographs are not avail-
able nor were they included
with the Zigel manuscript.
A UFO photographed over Ruse, Bulgar-
ia, on April 20, 1967, at 1945 hours. The
entire population of Ruse watched this
object for more than three hours, and Several sightings
it changed direction of movement twice. This UFO was first sighted over Pristiha,
It's color was described as "a silverish
glow becoming purple toward the edges."
Yugoslavia, at 1530 hrs. on Nov. 21, 1967.
It was observed by hundreds of people in
reported in Florida
This UFO was also observed over Pana- Leskovac, Vlasotinci, and Pristina, Yu-
gyurishte, Bulgaria, the same day, accord- goslavia, between 1530 and 1630 hrs. The (SOURCE: Bradenton, Florida,
ing to the Peoples Observatory in Stara above photograph was taken at 1710 hrs. Herald, April 23, 1975) \
Zagora. over Sofia, Bulgaria, where it was ob-
served until 1735 hrs. It was observed by The Holmes County, Florida,
I noticed that the UFO moved the entire population of Sofia. Its color Sheriff's Office says that at
slowly. was described as "silverish-blue gradual- least 10 persons in Bon ifay,
"I remember that there was a ly changing to orange and finally to red Ponce de Leon, and other tiny
when it disappeared from view." (Photo hamlets have seen a flying ob-
telescope and camera in the has been retouched for better printing.)
school. The UFO hung in the ject in the skies on April 20,
west-southwest at an altitude It was just a l i t t l e shorter 21, and 22,
of fifteen degrees, it moved than the UFO. The first impres- The sheriff says that Eglin
approximately toward us. It sion was that it was an antenna Air Force Base at Ft. Walton
could be seen with the naked with a thickening on the end. Beach has assured him that
eye that the UFO had a bright The vertical position of this there have been no air tests
white color and a triangular 'cable1 did not change. The run in the area at the time of
shape—it was clearly visiVle body changed its direction of the sightings, but that the
in outline against the back- movement once during the obser- base, located 300 miles north-
ground of the sky. The triangle vation. At first it moved from
seemed to be scalene with west, has been unable to track
southwest to east-northeast and any of the objects on radar.
rounded corners. then from west-southwest to
"It appeared that the light southwest. When the body chang-
of the .UFO shone with a blue One of the sightings was
ed its direction of movement, .made at 2 a.m. April 21 by mem-
light. The impression was form- the luminescence changed from
ed that the body was transpar- bers of the James Townsend fam-
blue to red. At approximately. i l y of Ponce de.Leon, who went
ent or semi-transparent. Some 1830 hours the UFO began to out to m i l k when they saw a
kinds of lines could be seen disappear as a regular non-
inside the body. bright object. Sheriff's dep-
"The UFO seemed to have a luminous body would disappear. uties were called, and they
three-dimensional shape in the "The outlines of the object said the object was "flying in
telescope,, It was noted with were s t i l l clearly v i s i b l e at some sort of zigzag pattern"
the naked eye that the UFO. ro- the end of the observation, but and "changing colors from red
tated around an axis. In the they also, gradually went out. to green to amber to white." It
telescope it was observed that The object was illuminated ap- appeared to be the size of a
the UFO rotated i n . a l 1 direc- proximately uniformly unti1 it basketball, but the witnesses
tions in a rather complex man- began to -disappear,, The lines said they could not tell how
ner. When the sun was setting, within the 'triangle.' " were not high it was.
the light of the UFO became parall.el sides and they rotated
together with the body."
reddish, and when the = sun had INFO convention set
set the object became red. The (Signed): 0. A., Molopanov,
impression remained, however, laboratory worker of the Phy-
The 1975 International For-
that it shone from within and sics Department of school No, tean Organization (INFO) con-
6, City of Nal'chik.
the body was transparent. vention (Fortfest 75) / w i l l be
"Some kind of vertical 'ca- Note: The UFO over Nal'chik Aug. 8, 9, and 10 at the Shera-
ble 1 , protruding from the UFO was observed by thousands of ton-Oakbrook' in Chicago, Paul
was also seen in the telescope. residents of the City. the W i l l i s has announced. . :"

Page 17
Family says UFO hovered over home
By Theodore Spickler Liberty in search of the ob- joined by two other lighted ob-
MUFON State Director for ject. jects (possibly airplanes at a
West V i r g i n i a At the top of the next h i l l greater d.istance).
it could be seen in the far While overhead, a distinct
On the evening of Jan. 7, distance occasionally moving to humming sound could be heard
1975, Dorothy Sommerville and the right and then back to the coming from the shape. The
her two children Deborah (9th left. The g i r l s tried, sending sound was similar to that of a
grade student) and Tammy (7th "telepathic" messages asking it phonograph motor left running.
grade) were d r i v i n g toward to return and land. When the
their home in West Liberty, W. object did turn and begin com- ANALYSIS
Va., along twisting route 88. ing back the g i r l s ' mother de-
With them in the car was a cided that it was time, indeed Only some preliminary
friend of the two girls. past time, to go quickly and thoughts at this time: Many
At the top of the h i l l over- safely home. airplanes fly over this area
looking West Liberty State Col- After the quarter-mile ride due to the presence of the
lege they all saw at once a home, the three came out of the Wheeling airport in the v i c i n i -
black oval shape coming toward garage and one of the girls ty. During the course of the
the college to their right in said, "Look mom, its directly interview on the evening of
the distant sky. The time was above us!" Jan. 17, I had them identify
immediately checked; it was every mysterious light in the
3:05 p.m., EST. OVER THEIR HOUSE sky that went by. A l l were
A d u l l blue gray color washed properly and confidently iden-
an overcast sky, permitting the "Mom" did not really want to tified as ai rplanes.
dark shape to be seen. It was look up and see anything; she There are also regular heli-
larger than the apparent size was frightened by now. But copter flights between Wheeling
of a typical airplane as seen there was no escaping the fact and Pittsburgh airports. This
from that distance. They that a huge, black, oval shape reported black shape was
thought a fist at arm's length could be seen hovering over the thought to be much lower than
would be about right (to be house. the typical helicopter flight,
consistent, with later aspects When asked to think of some- and hummed instead of making
of the sighting they should thing in the house that when the usual heavy drone one ex-
have suggested thumb nail held at arm's length could dup- pects from helicopters.
size). licate the apparent size and After this sighting, Dr.
There were 1 ights on the shape of the object, they Hynek's book, "THE UFO EXPER-
shape, described by one of the thought first of a dish pan and IENCE, was checked out of the
g i r l s as window-like, although then, even better, a tub. The library by the witness for the
the others specified the im- thought that a fist at arm's purpose of finding out what to
pression of rim lights. Al- length could have covered it up do if the shape were to return.
though not exactly seen as was greeted with laughter. Some terminology from the book
such, they had an image of a By now the g i r l s had run seeped into the interview—
.circular disc with low dome on over to the bright street lamp words like "mother ship" and
top. The lights would have in front of the house to wave "contactee."
been . around the interface of up at the craft and to demon- I believe these ideas have
the dome and disc rim. The strate their eagerness to have grown upon them after -the
l i g h t s either turned on and off a landing occur. sighting and knowledge about
in sequence or the object was There was no indication of other sightings became known to
rotating. structure, only a black shape them. I judge the witnesses to
The carload of bewildered with lights around the rim— be sincere, uninterested in
witnesses drove on past the alternating white and red publicity, and with no axes to
college and into the village of lights. Confusion exists over grind.
West Liberty where they let off whether the lights blinked in The sighting could perhaps
the girls' friend, who wanted sequence or the entire shape be considered explained if it
nothing more to do with black turned.. After the longest five were to turn out that a b l i m p
oval lights. Rather than stop- seconds in history, the shape had been manuvering at low al-
ping at their own home, a smoothly accelerated and moved titude over West Liberty that
s p i r i t of adventure took hold again out past the distant night, an unlikely circum-
and they drove on past West h i l l t o p where it seemed to be stance.

Page 18
1975 MUPON Symposium program described
The 1975 Mutual UFO Network ordinator, associate to the 'Motel reservations should be
Symposium on Saturday, July 5, Center for UFO Studies, and made by contacting the Holiday
at Des Moitie's', Iowa, w i l l get Skylook staff member; "Human- Inn of Des Moines Downtown-
underway at 8 a.m. with regis- oids," conducted by Ted Bloe- Towers, 1-235 and 6th Ave., Des
tration and the opening of ex- cher; "Propulsion Methods," Moines, Iowa 50309 (telephone
hibits. The theme of this conducted by John F. Schussler, 515-283-0151), Reservations may
year's program is "UFO's-- deputy director of MUFON, aero- also be made through your near-
Search for a Scientific Break- space engineer, and Skylook est Holiday Inn, Be sure to
through." staff member; and "Instrumenta- tell the Holiday Inn that you
The morning session w i l l open tion" (to be announced). want one of the 175 rooms
at 9:00 with a welcome by Sym- Dinner is scheduled from blocked off for the Symposium.
posium Co-chairman Forrest 5:*»5 to 7:15 by advance regis- 1974 MUFON UFO
Lundberg on behalf of the Mid- tration. SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS
Iowa UFOlogists, hosts of this The evening session w i l l
"UFO's—An Issue Whose Time
year's symposium (Dr. Desmond feature a talk by James M. Mc- Has Almost Come" By Ralph
Bragg is the other co-chair- Campbell, MUFON director of Blum
man). Mufon Director Walt An- research and author of UFOLOGY
"Religion and UFO's: The Extra-
drus is scheduled to extend — NEW INSIGHTS FROM SCIENCE AND sensory Problem" by Barry H.
greetings from 9:10 to 9:20. COMMON SENSE, on "Interpreting Downing, Ph.D.
The first featured speaker, Reports of UFO Sightings."
A panel critique featuring "UFO Trace-landing Cases" by
Dr. David M. Jacobs, APRO con- Ted Phillips
sultant and author of THE UFO symposium speakers and a ques-
tion and answer period is "Journey Into the Hill Star
CONTROVERSY IN AMERICA, w i l l Map" by Marjorie E. Fish
present "An Expanded Vision of scheduled for 9:30 to 10:30 p.
m. to wind up the symposium. "Saucers, PSI ond Psychiatry"
UFO Research" from 9:20 to by Berthold E. Schwarz, M.D.
10:30. The annual MUFON corporation
Following coffee break, the meeting for MUFON members only "Flying Saucers and Physics" by
w i l l be held Sunday morning Stanton T. Friedman
second featured speaker, Sher-
man Larsen, president of the from 9:00 to noon. "UFO's, in Relation to Creature
Center for UFO Studies, w i l l Sunday afternoon w i l l feature Sightings in Pennsylvania" by
a workshop session entitled Stan Gordon
speak on "The Center for UFO
Studies and the UFO Central "Techniques Employed in Field 1973 MIDWEST UFO
Situation." Investigations and the New SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS
Lunch w i l l be from noon un- Field Investigator's Manual."
Moderators w i l l include Ted "UFO Flight Characteristics"
til 1:30 p.m., with special presented by John F. Schuessler
luncheons scheduled for Amateur Phillips, Ted Bloecher, Ron
Westrum, John Schuessler, and "Landing Traces, Physical Evi-
Radio (Dr« Willard P. Arm- dence for the UFO" presented by
strong, moderator) and for MU- Walt Andrus. The session w i l l Ted Phillips
FON Consultants (James McCamp- last from 1:30 to *» p.m. "Vision, Photography & UFOs"
bell, moderator). Each speaker's presentation, presented by Adrian Vance
The afternoon session w i l l plus additional papers, w i l l be "Ufology and the Search for
get underway at 1:30 with a published in the Proceedings of Extraterrestrial Life" presented
talk by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, the Sixth Annual (1975) Sym- by Stanton T. Friedman
member of the National Enquirer posium. The 1975 Proceedings "The Embarrassment of Riches"
UFO Blue Ribbon Panel and APRO w i l l be available at the Sym- presented by Dr. J. Allen Hynek
Consultant, on "UFO Research; posium for $1*.00, or by mail "Some Questions Concerning Dr.
Problem or Predicament? after July 5 for $*4.50 in the Meniel's Biblical Exegesis" sub-
At 2:30 p.m., Ted Bloecher, U.S. and Canada, and $5,00 in mitted paper by Dr. Barry H.
other countries. Downing
MUFON state-section director
and Skylook staff member, w i l l Advance Symposium reserva- For the 1974 or 1973
speak on "A Catalog of Humanoid tions may be secured by writing MUTUAL UFO SYMPOSIUM
Reports for 197^." to Mid-Iowa Ufologists, Forrest PROCEEDINGS, send $3.25
Following coffee break, R. Lundberg, treasurer, Apt. 2, ($4.00 outside the United States
3215 Grand Ave., Des Moines, or Canada) by check or money
Specialization Workshops w i l l order, to MUFON UFO NET-
be offered on "Landing Case Iowa 50312. The cost for all
WORK, INC., 40 Christopher
Traces," conducted by Ted Phil- sessions and the banquet is Court, Quincy, III. 62301, U.S.A.
lips, MUFON specialization co- $15.00.

Page 19
By Richard Hall

(This column is directed to- seen by the witnesses in Rho- '

wards articles appearing in the desian dry country,it is tempt-' By Mark Herbstrift
March, 1975, edition of SKY- ing to speculate that someone
LOOK). Is tajnperi.hg with bur space-
time perceptions (or giving 1 the June Sky
Any critic, if he is trying i l l u s i o n thereof), but first, Mercury--is too close to the
to be constructive, must point we must attend to the facts. sun for .ea'<sy observation, in-
out the positive as well as the Some of the skeptics also need ferior conjunction bein.g on the
negative, despite the well- to learn that facts come before 10th.
established principle in the theory, and poorly checked Venus— i s a ,br i.l 1 i ant objiectt
news media that good news is no facts can lead to nonsense i n the west at s'un-S-e-t. 11 'sets'..
news. theories. about 3 hours "liat'er. Gfea>te<5st
MUFON is growing by leaps and One might question whether a eastern elog'aitKtrn/ is on the*,;
bounds and our beleaguered edi^ spectacular and controversial 18th.
tor has his hands full in sort- case of this type should be Mars--'is in Pisces, rising
ing through materials of all reported so fully before more about 3 hours before t'he s.iah.
kinds and degree of quality. thorough investigation is ac- On the 16£h it is in close con^ ,
He brings to bear a background complished. In talks with col- junction with Jupiter.
in journalism 'that is a defin- leagues, ' I •• detect two schools Ji'tpit'ei— is in P'is^es. , It
ite asset to MUFON. SKYLOOK is of thought: (1) such cases riises about 3 hours •b'ejf^&r.e- s'litfV?1 •4
changing and evolving into what should be reported . i,n outline, rise. *'-';$P*v •' .
I confidently predict w i l l be fol lowed--up and investigated as Sat-urn—is intfem\it\&• vl t i s "
the premier publication on thoroughly' as possible, THEN quite low 'i'ri* the west at. .s-uoset^
UFOs. reported in detail with invest^ and sets s'bon af'te.r.
igator's findings.; (2) ail
In this time of growth and ava l i a b l e deta i 1 s shpu Td be ,
change, we should be quick to published, then criticized, re-
support and s-l:bw. to criticize— viewed, and put through a pro-
except for constructive criti- wi :11 be teaeh-
cess pf refinement. Either view rni;g 1a.-:! cpjlrse eni'i^ilje-df ''''Fl y i ng
cism. Th.e editorial qualifi-
cations placed on the "Stiisa'nge
is .defensible, S'a'userS" and- A'nc:,ienit:Ws;ti{.6nautsl!!;'
Journey" story are welcome, and 'Two other welcome features this'summer at t4e: New 1S chop I.
necessary if we wish to avoid in this issue are the follow-up for Soc i a I ,Re,s,e,a'r.c.h' in New Ypifl<v'
being label led gul 1 i'ble land urn detai'ls on the Spanish roadside City. The course begins June
c r i t i c a l . The comparison cases occupant case and the correc- 1-8, and meets eac-h Wedlesday
are a good feature. tion notes. ni'g;hit fo:r a si'x'-week period i

Another comparison case to No matter what approach is ' •IJPIH8NOM€NA' RESEARC'H

the Rhodesian "strange journey" taken to reporting partially ER—The official publication:'
occurred Oct.. 22, 1973, in investigated cases, follow-up of Phenomena Research—-PiO.,.
Blackford County, IN. (Hartford reports with new findings or Box 180.7 - - Sea 111 e, Wa s'h i ag'ton :
C i t y News-Times, 10/23/73). details are important to UFO 9'8l.11:: A major source o'f';]^1-,:
research. So are what may ap- format ion pertai n i ng. to Afeirr-=.;
Two ^t-foot silvery creatures ial and Surface' Phenomena.
were seen cavorting on and pear to be picky criticisms of
specific cases. One must chip The Reporter is mailed to you
alongside a highway t "One thing as rapidly as the incoming1
that bothers Flatter (one of away, doubting and questioning,
to get at the underlying truth. news can be prepared for-
the witnesses) is the condition printing; Currently a.ver-a.g;i,n.g
of the field they were-standing Some garbling and error in- an issue every two we'ek<s,.'
in» When he spotted the two evitably gets introduced while Subscription: U. S., Canada.4
strange beings, he could swear processing large amounts of in- and Mexico—Six issues for,
they were standing in either a formation, and it may be by the $A.-59 by First Class Mail.
freshly plowed or \ disc(ed) reporter, editor, or typist. A l l other counti'ijjes — Six is-
field." (This was also true of THE UFO sues for $7.00 by Air Mail."
As with the tropical foliage EVIDENCE, which I editedK
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