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NAZI War Criminals

Lexi Lindrose & Madison McKee Senior Division Webpage

Lindrose and McKee 2 Lexi Lindrose and Madison McKee National History Day Website 3/5/14 Process Paper This years theme for National History Day is Rights and Responsibilities. To determine our topic for this theme, we conducted research online. One topic that appealed to us was The Holocaust. Since the Holocaust was such a broad topic with so much information about it, we decided to focus on Nazi War Criminals. This subject was both interesting and appealed to our emotions. This topic allowed us to explore an aspect of the Holocaust that is not normally discussed and expand our knowledge on this historical tragedy. When researching our topic we used many resources including primary and secondary sources. One of our main resources we used was an online photo gallery called AP Images. This photo gallery gave us accessibility to many of our primary resources that we used. The photographs that we selected to use from the website visually captured the horrific events that the war criminals incurred due to Dictator Adolph Hitlers orders. We also obtained a wealth of information from other websites including the Holocaust Museums webpage. All our sources that we obtained information from, we were sure to cite properly and give credit where it was due. We chose to create a website for our project on Nazi War Criminals. After discussing our options, we came to the conclusion that the website would convey our topic better than any other category including a paper, exhibit, documentary, or performance. Our website allowed us to show the tragedy through pictures to get a visual affect because images provoke emotions more

Lindrose and McKee 3 than words can express. We also were able to display quotes that were directly from survivors which allows you to see the tragedy and what they went through from their eyes with person experiences. Nazi War Criminals relates to this years National History Day theme of Rights and Responsibilities. Nazi criminals were put in a life or death situation. Under Dictator Adolph Hitlers command, they were forced to listen to his orders and if they refused they would be put to death. The Criminals were faced with the decision to stay alive and provide for their families or to refuse orders and die. Hitlers army had the responsibility to provide for their family, protect their country, and listen to their leaders commands and instructions. When faced with a life or death situation, the soldiers listened to Adolph Hitler.