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First-Rate Pillar of Handiwork, Inc. Rules and Regulations of Services and Conduct I. INTRO !

CTION These Rules and Regulations of Services and Conduct shall apply to all employees of the company whose condition of service is in direct relation to the processes and operations of the company. In the event of an Appointment Letter !mployment Contract specifying a condition of service other than the Rules and Regulations of Services and Conduct mentioned hereunder "y way of alteration the addition of deletion shall prevail and will "e applica"le to the employee. II. "FINITIONS In these Rules and Regulations of Services and Conduct unless the conte#t otherwise re$uires% &. Company shall mean 'IRST(RAT! )ILLAR *' +A,-I.*R/ I,C. 0. !mployee shall mean all persons employed to do administrative functions. 1. 2anagement means such -irector or -irectors of the company vested with due authority "y the 3oard of -irectors of the Company and includes any other person or persons duly authori4ed "y the said -irector5s regarding enforcement o"servance or e#ecution of the Rules and Regulations of Services and Conduct. III. R!#"S $N R"%!#$TION OF S"R&IC"

'. Pro(ationar) Period All new employees are su"6ect to a period of pro"ation of si# 789 months. The management may in writing confirm e#tend the period of pro"ation or terminate the employment at the e#piry of the period of pro"ation at their sole discretion. -uring the course of pro"ation or any e#tension thereof the appointment may "e terminated in writing "y either side with one month notice in writing. *. Consolidated Salar) The consolidated salary shall "e paya"le in arrears at the &: th and 1;th day of each calendar month in accordance with the terms of the !mployment Contract or su"se$uent alterations or amendments if any communicated in writing to the employee. +. $ttendance The employee shall not a"sent himself from duty without furnishing ade$uate reason for doing so and o"taining sanction or regulari4ing his a"sence with leave. The ordinary wor<ing hours of the employee shall "e specified "y the 2anagement "ut the employee shall if and when so re$uired "y the 2anagement wor< such further period over and "eyond such normal wor<ing hours. ,o employee shall wor< "eyond the wor<ing hours specified "y the 2anagement without prior notice and approval of the latter. 'or the purpose of this provision wor<ing hours shall mean eight

7=9 hours which shall start at =%;; in the morning and will end at :%;; in the afternoon. The employee shall follow any system of recording attendance prescri"ed "y the 2anagement. >. )unctualit) >.& The employee shall come a few minutes earlier than the scheduled time and set an e#ample to others especially those who either wor< under him or report to him. >.0 The employee shall "e given a grace period of fifteen 7&:9 minutes. >.1 If and when the employee comes later than the grace period allowed he5she shall "e considered late for the first hour. If and when said employee comes later than the first hour he5she shall considered a"sent for the first half of the day. If the employee comes later than the half day he5she shall "e considered a"sent for the entire wor<ing day. This is without pre6udice to any approved tas< "y the 2anagement to "e done outside of the office. >.1.& 'or the purpose of this provision half(day shall mean fours of the eight hours wor<ing hours. ,. #eave !#cept in case of unforeseen circumstances no employee is permitted avail leave without prior sanction from his superior or the person who authori4ed to grant leave to him. Informing a"out the planned leave advance is considered not only a matter of discipline "ut also a matter courtesy. -. Ter.ination The service of an employee may "e put to an end and terminated "y either the 2anagement or the employee giving to the other due notice of the period mentioned in his !mployment Contract or in su"se$uent written communication "y the 2anagement to the employee in this respect. .hen payment in lieu of notice is offered "y the 2anagement the notice shall mean only the consolidated salary. /. 0isconduct If at any time the employee is found to "e guilty of any misconduct the 2anagement may impose the following singly or in com"ination% Issuance of a warning letter. Suspension for a period not e#ceeding four 7>9 wor<ing days. 'ines and penalty. -ismissal from service the service of the employee shall come to an end and stand terminated with effect from the date of dismissal. )ending in$uiry into any misconduct the employee shall "e lia"le to "e suspended from service. to is in of

.ithout "eing e#haustive the act of 2isconduct shall include insu"ordination non(performance of assigned duties and responsi"ilities theft fraud dishonesty ha"itual a"sence neglect of wor< misappropriation of company funds 5 property tampering of Company records ha"itual inde"tedness drun<enness disorderly "ehavior acts su"versive of discipline conduct detrimental to the interest of the company se#ual harassment "reach of any of the Rules and Regulations of Service and Conduct. 1. $(andon.ent of Service If an employee a"sents himself without prior permission and 5 or prior sanction of leave or overstays "eyond the period of leave originally granted or su"se$uently e#tended he will "e deemed to have voluntarily a"andoned service. The employee will "e given an opportunity to e#plain his a"sence 5 overstay. The decision ta<en "y the 2anagement su"se$uently will "e communicated to the employee not later than five 7:9 wor<ing days. 2. Non-divulgence of Trade Secrets, etc. Confidentiality The employee shall o"serve confidentiality in respect of all confidential information received "y the company including received "y the company including from its customers supplier service providers etc. !mployees must at all(time protect the integrity of the company. Strict action could "e ta<en against anyone who doesn?t adhere to this. Individuals must at all times <eep all information pertaining to the client contracts within the organi4ation and must not discuss with e#ternal people. 2inutes of the 2eeting must not "e circulated outside of 'irst(Rate. In general employees are e#pected not to discuss contract status or amounts involved with anyone from other companies especially so with anyone from competing companies in the sector. '3. Ot4er ".5lo).ent, 6usiness, etc. ,o employee while in the service of the company is allowed to accept other employment or underta<e any wor< or service direct or indirect honorary or otherwise without previous written permission from the 2anagement. ,o employee shall carry on any "usiness on his own account while he is in the service of the Company. ,o employee shall have any trade or "usiness interest in connection with the Company as suppliers dealers agents or contractors without prior consent or approval on writing "y the management. ''. 7illful 7aste, a.age or In8ur) to Co.5an) Pro5ert). The employee shall not willfully do or commit or suffer to "e done or committed waste or damage or other in6ury to the property or goods "elonging to the company. The employee shall not lend property or goods entrusted to his charge "y the Company to any person without the written consent of the 2anagement. The employee shall pay damages to the

Company for any such waste damage or in6ury to the goods or property of the Company as determined "y 2anagement. 3esides "eing lia"le for dismissal from the service of the Company the employee shall also "e "ound to replace such property or goods in the condition in which they were entrusted to the employee "y the Company su"6ect to reasona"le wear and tear or pay damages to the company as may "e determined "y the 2anagement. '*. P4)sical and 0ental Fitness The 2anagement may at its discretion direct the employee to "e e#amined "y a 2edical )ractitioner specified "y them in this "ehalf. In any such e#amination shows that the employee is suffering from any disease or complaint that is incura"le or not cura"le within a period of si# months the 2anagement shall "e entitle to terminate the service of the employee in accordance with provision of Appointment Letter. '+. Service Certificate !very employee shall "e entitled to a Certificated in the prescri"ed manner at the time of cessation of his employment "y termination dismissal or retirement. I&. R!#"S OF CON !CT The position which the employee occupies in the Company ma<es it o"ligatory on his part to conduct himself in such a manner that the Company?s fair name and image in all spheres of life and in the community at large are maintained. The 2anagement e#pects that the employee will serve the Company with 4eal and diligence to promote mutual interest of the Company and the employee. All employees shall conduct themselves with due regard to the interests and proper functioning of the company. All employees shall perform the functions entrusted to them with integrity and with loyalty towards the Company. It shall therefore "e the endeavor of the employee to ensure that his conduct and "ehavior even outside the company are such that they do not affect his or the Company?s reputation. Any act or mis"ehaviors involving moral turpitude as defined "y the law on the part of the employee even outside the Company will have a "earing on the Company?s standing in the community and shall therefore "e responded accordingly. All employees shall refrain from any act or activity% &. .hich is incompati"le with their functions or 0. .hich would "e morally or materially pre6udicial to the company. The 2anagement shall decide whether or not an act or activity is thus incompati"le or pre6udicial su"6ect to due process. $. $d4erence to #aw The Company follows the principle that all dealing measures contract etc. should "e strictly lawful and its employees are "ound to o"serve the same principle.

This "asic principle does not arise out of "usiness e#pediency vi4. that trespassing and circumventing the law may "ring a"out "usiness disadvantages such as prosecutions ta# or duty punishments etc. "ut it is o"served $uite independently of any "usiness opportunism. !very employee is personally responsi"le for adherence to the laws in his range of wor< and it is the duty of all superiors to supervise carefully to ensure this. Arguments "rought forward sometimes that in order to achieve advantages or $uic<er "usiness results in the interest of the Company certain deviations from the a"ove principle would "e necessary are totally unaccepta"le. It is also not permissi"le to anyone in the Company to assist a third party in any unlawful dealings. Also in the private and personal spheres the employees is re$uired not to get involved in any unlawful dealings for instance% Ta# Customs -uty or 'oreign !#change offences or undue inde"tedness which reflect upon his position and dealing in the company and which would affect his reputation within and outside the Company. The more responsi"le the position of the employee the more far(reaching can "e the conse$uences for his prosecution also for the company. The Company will in no circumstances protect or assist the employee in a prosecution launched against him5her for any "reach or violation of any Law or Regulations promulgated "y the government. 6. Non- iscri.ination The company "elieves in providing e$ual opportunity for employment and "usiness relation regardless of gender nationality ethnic origin race color religious and political "eliefs the employee shall in the discharge of his duties a"ide "y and uphold this principle of non(discrimination. &. OFF"NS"S $N R"N$#TI"S

Section &. )urpose and Application( 'or the purposes of stilling discipline and promoting good order among staffs and employees of 'irst(Rate )illar of +andiwor< Inc. and to provide a uniform set of penalties to corresponding offenses in connection with the performance of their duties and responsi"ilities this regulation is prescri"ed. Section 0. @eneral )rovision% a. Any concerned employee5staff of this corporation upon "eing criminally charged5 arrested "y proper government law enforcement agency for any offence penali4ed under the law of which no "ail is allowed shall "e -IS2ISS!-. In case where "ail is allowed the employee may either "e SAS)!,-!- or -IS2ISS!- as the )resident 5 @eneral 2anager may order5direct. ". Any covered employee5staff shall "e -IS2ISS!- for the following offenses% &. Crime as defined under the Revised )enal Law of the )hilippines against the person of officers and employees of the 'irst(Rate )illar of +andiwor< Inc. and client is firm5individual and their personnelB

0. Crimes as defined under )hilippine Laws against properties of the 'irst(Rate )illar of +andiwor< Inc. client firms5individuals and their personnelB 1. 'rauds as defined under )hilippine Laws and when applica"le and pre6udicial to the interest of the 'irst(Rate )illar of +andiwor< Inc. client firms5individual and their personnelB >. Ciolations of special Laws and -ecrees which pertain to dangerous drugs firearms and e#plosives and related device within the premises of the 'irst(Rate )illar of +andiwor< Inc. its client firms5 individuals and their personnelB :. *ther series of aggravated acts omissions which pre6udices the interest of the 'irst(Rate )illar of +andiwor< Inc. its client firms5person and the safety and well "eing of their personnel. Section 1. Ta"le of *ffenses and -isciplinary Action I. C#$SS $ &st offense 0nd offense 1rd offense >th offense :th offense 8th offense II. C#$SS 6 &st offense 0nd offense 1rd offense >th offense :th offense III. C#$SS C &st offense 0nd offense 1rd offense I&. C#$SS &st offense 0nd offense 1rd offense &. C#$SS " OFF"NS" &st offense 0nd offense &I. C#$SS F OFF"NS" &st offense $. OFF"NS"S $%$INST P"RSON #"SS 0INOR OFF"NS" *ral Admonition .ritten Reprimand &(1 days suspension >(D days Suspension =(&: days Suspension -IS2ISSAL 0INOR OFF"NS" .ritten Reprimand &(1 days suspension >(D days Suspension =(&: days Suspension -IS2ISSAL #"SS S"RIOS OFF"NS" &(1 days Suspension >(D days Suspension =(&: days Suspension S"RIO!S OFF"NS" =(&: days Suspension 1; days Suspension -IS2ISSAL &"R9 S"RIO!S

1; days Suspension -IS2ISSAL ":TR"0"#9 S"RIO!S -IS2ISSAL

&. Inflicting or attempting to inflict "odily harm or assaulting "odily in6ury or assaulting another employee in the wor< premises or elsewhere if started from within and consummated outside company premises or while in company sponsored activities at any time and for reason e#cept in self( defense. 7!9 0. Inflicting or attempting to inflict "odily in6ury or assaulting another employee5staff in company premises as a result of retaliation to sufficient provocation. 7!9 1. Theatening intimidating coercing harassing provo<ing fellow employees5staff or any"ody in the company or wor< premises at any time. 7!9 >. Challenging superiors to a fistfight. 7'9 :. -istur"ing other employee 7such as horse playing name calling "oisterous laughter signing etc9 while in the course of doing their wor< there"y causing delay and undue distraction. 739 8. Slander.7C9 D. Slander against superior. 7'9 =. Su"stituting for an employee accused of discipline violation 7trying to cover up for an employee accused of company rules violations9.7@9 E. -oing the wor< of others without due approval from immediate superior. 7A9 &;. Anauthori4ed solicitation of contri"ution from employees. 7A9 &&. Ase of foul language rudeness in addressing an employee or a company officer disorderly "ehavior etc.7-9 &0. Conduct of grossly indecent act or willful indecent e#posure or using profane or defamatory language in addressing another person during wor<ing hours or within the company premises. 7'9 &1. Acts of lasciviousness. 7'9 &>. Se#ual harassment 7as defined under e#isting law9. 7'9 &:. )rovo<ing a fight or fighting inside company premises of 6o" site at any given time. 7!9 &8. Indecent acts or willful indecent e#posure or using profane or o"scene language in addressing another person in company premises or 6o" site. 7-9 &D. Immoral conduct or indecency or posting or e#hi"iting o"scene picture or possessing pornographic materials. 7-9

6. OFF"NS"S $%$INST PROP"RT9 &. Stealing or attempted stealing of company or co(employee?s personal property on company premises at any time. 7'9 0. -amaging or attempting to damage the property of company or the property of another at wor< premises either willfully or through gross

negligence. The penalty to "e imposed shall "e determined in accordance with the following value of damage. 3elow )hp& ;;;.;;((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((7-9 2ore than )hp& ;;;.;; "ut lower than )hp: ;;;.;;((((((((((((((((((((7!9 A"ove )hp: ;;;.;;((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((7'9 1. 2alversation of 'unds. 7'9 >. Su"stituting or attempting to su"stitute company owned material or e$uipment with inferior $uality. 7!9 :. Asing company?s materials unauthori4ed wor<. 7-9 e$uipment or other property to do

8. Carelessness improper or incorrect use of company materials and e$uipment. 7C9 D. Candalism removing mutilating of deforming any matter on the "ulletin "oard or within the company premises. 7C9 =. @ross negligence in the use of company property. 7!9 E. Anauthori4ed usage of company vehicleB and vehicle of company client5personnel. 7'9 &;. Anauthori4ed disposal5selling of company properties without prior approval from authori4ed company officers. 7'9 &&. *"taining or attempting to o"tain company materials or e$uipment. 7-9 &0. Anauthori4ed use or company materials of e$uipment5vehicle of company client. 7!9 C. OFF"NS"S $%$INST S"C!RIT9 $N P!6#IC OR "R

&. Conviction "y trial court of any crime where penalty is imprisonment of more than 1; days. 7'9 0. )ossession of e#plosives and firearms or deadly weapons of any nature inside company premises without proper authori4ation including pyrotechnics materials. 7'9 1. )ossession and use of prohi"ited drugs. 7'9 >. -iscourtesy and disorderly conduct during office hours or tour of duty within company premises or within premises of the company client. 7-9 :. Ta<ing part of or promoting any gam"ling lottery or any other games of chance within the company premises and5or within the company?s client firm. 7!9 8. Creating or contri"uting to unsanitary conditions. 7A9 D. +aving serious and communica"le disease which may endanger other employees <nowing a"out it and reporting it to the management. 7-9 . OFF"NS"S $%$INST CO0P$N9 INT"R"ST ISHON"ST9

&. 'alsifying official records e#penses account vouchers including receipts to support thereof with the intent to defraud the company. 7'9 0. 'alsification of time records or time cards employment application forms medical certificates or punching some"ody else?s card. 7'9 1. *ffering or accepting anything of value in e#change for a 6o" wor< assignment wor< location or favora"le condition of employment. 7!9 >. 'avoring supplier on consideration of <ic<"ac<s or personal re"ates. 7'9 :. Andue and unnecessary association with clients resulting to provision of favors in return or any association which would "e detrimental to the company which it has dealings. 7-9 8. Ase of company name for gaining material favors with any"ody where company has dealings. 7!9 D. 2alingering or feigning illness to avoid doing assigned wor<. 7-9 =. .ashing loitering or loafing on company time.739 E. @iving false testimony and5or non(cooperating in any investigation conducted in relation to occurrences within the company and5or within the company clients premises. 7-9 &;. Commission of acts inimical to employee5staffs interest resulting to loss of confidence.7'9 INS!6OR IN$TION &. Refusal to o"ey any lawful 6o" related or instruction of his superior. 7!9 0. @ross insu"ordination. 7'9 N"%#I%"NC" OF !T9 &. Leaving5a"andoning the office5post during wor<ing hours without permission from the immediate superior. 7!9 0. A"sence without leave 7A.*L9 Type 3 Type C Type Type ! Type ' ( one day ( Two day ( three day ( four day ( five day

1. Tardiness in e#cess of four 7>9 times each e#ceeding ten 7&;9 minutes in any one month. 7'or officers only9. 739 1a. Tardiness in e#cess of two 709 times each e#ceeds five 7:9 minutes in any one month. 7'or staffs only9 7C9 >. Accumulated tardiness of twenty 70;9 times within a year. 7-9 :. 'ailure to comply with prescri"ed procedures rules and regulations governing leave of a"sence attendance time <eeping and application. 739 8. -ivulging classified company information to outsiders or unauthori4ed parties 7lea<ing vital information9. 7'9

CONF#ICT OF INT"R"ST &. !mployee5staff engaging in any "usiness or underta<ing that is directly or indirectly in competition with or pre6udicial to the interest of the company. 7'9 0. !mployee?s5 staff?s acceptance of another employment without first resigning from the company. 7'9 ". OTH"R OFF"NS"S &. Sa"otage destruction of stoppage of operation of machines e$uipment without authority from management or without 6ustifia"le reason. 7!9 0. ,oticea"le decrease in production5output or contri"uting to the decrease in production without 6ustifia"le reason otherwise encouraging wor< slowdown. 7!9 1. Sleeping during wor<ing hours. 7'9 >. Anauthori4ed change of wor< schedule. 739 :. Anauthori4ed rendering of overtime. 739 8. )unching the timecard of another employee with the intent to defraud alter or disfigure timecard. 7'9 D. Ciolation of any regulation on the use and wearing of company uniform and5or dress code. 739 =. Ciolation of any regulation on the use and wearing of company I-. 739 E. Into#icating while on duty% drin<ing li$uor within premises or within the vicinity of the company and5or within the company?s client premises. 7'9 &I. %"N"R$# The 2anagement reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations of Service and Conduct from time to time at its sole discretion to allow "etter protection to the interest of "oth the Company and its employees.