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The 820 Cat Pump Cat Pumps is the name of a brand of pumps used in high pressure pumping applications.

They are known for their strong performance and can withstand rigorous use in carwashes. The exposures to chemicals, the high-paced environment, and demand for water quality and pump cycling are all demands that must be met by the equipment. One of the biggest advantages to these pumps is that they minimize downtime, which is important to businesses that are expected to be in operation all the time. They also offer low maintenance and easy repairs to keep them operating regularly. The company makes two kinds of pumps: Cat pressure washer pumps or Cat piston pumps. All are designed to be user-friendly and ensure that they provide dependable performance when used at high frequency, such as in a car wash. When repairs are required, a wide range of parts are easily accessible from Kleen-Rite Corp. to ensure the repairs are made quickly. One of the most popular choices in a Cat Pump is the 820. This piston pump is ideal for selfservice bays. Some of the features of the 820 include: - 10 GPM - 100-1000 PSI - 940 RPM - 1.102 Stroke - .984 Bore - -8.5 40 PSI inlet pressure range The Cat Pump 820 has a maximum liquid temperature of 160 F and includes 1 inlet port that is 1 NPTF and 3 discharge ports that are . The 820 weighs 34.6 pounds with measurements of 17.28 x 11.42 x 6.30. Additional features that give the pump its superior quality include a Triplex Uniflow design that allows continuous forward liquid flow, wetted cups and floating pistons that are lubricated and cooled with pumped liquid to give cups long life and mechanically actuated inlet valves for strong lift and easy prime. A 100% wetted seal design results in a car wash pump with a longer than average life. Following is a table of some of the Cat piston pumps available at Kleen-Rite Corp: Cat Pump 1010 Cat Pump 290 Cat Pump 323 Cat Pump 333 Cat Pump 430 Cat Pump 623 Cat Pump 820 Cat Pump 280 3Frame 12 GPM 3.5 GPM 5.0 GPM 4.0 GPM 5.0 GPM 6.0 GPM 10.0 GPM 3.0 GPM 700 PSI 1200 PSI 1500 PSI 1200 PSI 1000 PSI 1200 PSI 1000 PSI 1000 PSI 5.8 HP 3.0 HP 5.2 HP 3.3 HP 3.4 HP 6.0 HP 6.9 HP 1330 RPM

Many business owners find that there are numerous benefits from using the Cat Pumps car wash pumps, with the 820 leading the way. All models are made to be energy-efficient and dependable. The high-pressure reciprocating, positive displacement pumps are made of highquality components, earning the company a reputation for making Pumps with Nine Lives. Cat Pumps offer versatile solutions for car wash businesses that rely on their pumps to meet the consistent demands of their customers whenever they require them. Down time can cost time, money and repeat business. Kleen-Rite offers a variety of Cat Pumps in various styles to offer businesses the flexibility they need in a pump that more car wash owners rely on. Company Bio Kleen Rite Corp. is a supply company for the car wash industry. They offer a wide variety of car wash supplies and equipment at the lowest prices. Their products are from the top manufacturers in the business, and include Cat Pumps and parts. For more information please visit us at : http://