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Current work focus in three areas Java-based software development using open-source or free and open-source software (F/OSS), Java and Java-based technology !rimary industry focus is healthcare-related, mainly digiti"ation of clinical data through electronic medical records (#$%, provider-oriented) and electronic health records (#&%, patient-oriented) applications #'perience in developing other e-commerce-type websites for selecting and ordering products along with other types of complete Java ##-based applications #$% advisory and implementation services to medical service providers (primarily ambulatory facilities) related to evaluation and implementation of #$% systems (mplementation of F/OSS #$% systems such as !atientOS and open#$% and commercial systems such as e)linical*or+s, ,llscripts !rofessional or #nterprise, -reenway, ,ma"ing )harts, etc .usiness and financial management consulting services in process and operational improvement, financial management physicians office and hospital settings primarily, but in other industry settings as well Java deve o!"ent #$$#%current &re!resentative' not co"!rehensive( #$)$ Surve*+co""entar* we,site A-S .ntercu tura /ro0ra"s' NY' NY Survey/weblog application for scheduling reunions of ,FS (international student e'change organi"ation) participants Originally created to a reunion of a specific year and country of ,FS students to use in planning the get-together 1echno o0* used: Java core ,!(s , Java ## (Servlets, JS!, JS/0, #J. 1, J.oss-based J$S messaging), )2F web services, $yS30 database server, Struts $4), Spring (nversion of )ontrol container, J.oss application server, &ibernate ob5ect-relational mapping #$)$ 2ea th .nfor"ation E3chan0e ! atfor" on%0oin0 REC4RD &/enns* vania Re0iona E3tension Center(' 5ennett S6uare /A !latform of e'changing clinical and demographic data for patients among medical service providers, patients, paying organi"ations and governmental agencies #'tends the 6ossia &(# platform that in turn in build on &arvard )hildrens &ospital FOSS called (ndivo 1echno o0* used: Java core and Java ##-based system $yS30 -oogle *eb /ool+it (-*/) for web tier along with *ic+et for $4), )2F for web services, #J. 1 (J!, for data persistence) Spring inversion of control container, OJ. F/OSS (,pache pro5ect) ob5ect-relational mapping combined with #J. 1 and Java !ersistence ,!( (J!,) #$$7%#$)$ A!! ication for ,iddin0 on id e "edica i"a0in0 e6ui!"ent on%0oin0' West Chester /A ,utomated, web-accessible service for patients who want to ma+e bids on idle time available on imaging

machines such as ),/ (computeri"ed a'ial tomography) scanners and $%( (magnetic resonance imaging) machines #7uipment is e'pensive to ac7uire, but relatively ine'pensive to operate 6iagnostic imaging facilities price is based usually on average cost assuming a certain level of utili"ation of the machinery during the year and with reference to the relevant )!/ ()urrent !rocedure /erminology) code translated into a monetary value by $edicare or by a private insurer or as a self-pay charge /he average cost therefore is a function of the amorti"ation period of the purchase/installation cost of the machine which is a big number in the million dollar plus range /he machines however are often idle, so pricing can be on an incremental cost basis which is 7uite low, essentially the cost of a technician for a short period of time and the cost of electricity and and e'pendables to run the e7uipment (n other words price able at say 89:: rather than 89,9:: or so with fully loaded costs 1echno o0* Used: #J. 1, Spring, &ibernate, Servlets, $yS30 )2F, *ic+et, JS!, ,5a', JavaScript among other technologies #$$7%#$)$ We,%,ased 8!orta 8 into eC inica Works EMR s*ste" on%0oin0 /ioneer Ur0ent Care' West Chester /A *eb-accessible interface for patients and other outside parties to interact with an electronic medical records (#$%) application called e)linical*or+s #$% systems record, manipulate clinical data /he application, called e)linical*or+s and produced by a company also called e)linical*or+s, is one of the leading commercial products on the mar+et 1echno o0* used: Java core ,!(s, Java ## (Servlets, JS!, JavaServer Faces, JS/0, #J. 1), )2F web services to outside systems, $yS30, /omcat, &,!( ,!( for &0; messaging #$$9%#$$: 2and,a0s and crafts we,site' /er"anent "akeu! ,usiness we,site' Devon /A -oogle )hec+out service to handle payments (nitally written with !&! and $yS30 0ater refactored using Java and Struts as $4), then refactored using JavaServer Faces ,!( 1echno o0* used: Java/Java ##, using Servlets, Struts, $yS30, &ibernate O%$, #$$; Schedu in0+!ersonne "ana0e"ent a!! ication West Chester Anesthesia Associates' West Chester /A )ontracted with a 1:-person anesthesia practice that provides anesthesia services to the )hester )ounty &ospital, a top-rated hospital serving )hester )ounty !, and the surrounding area /he pro5ect developed is web-accessible application written originally in !&!, then refactored using Java and Javarelated ,!(s .efore creating and implementing the application a nurse anesthetists spent close to 9< hours per wee+ scheduling anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetists for the practice /he person used an ad hoc manual way of scheduling and communicating with her colleagues, e'pending a significant amount of time that could be much better spend providing anesthesia services to the hospital Savings on the anesthetist=s time amounted to at least 8>:,::: per year Significant savings in time to the personnel scheduled for wor+ who now may chec+ the schedule, ma+e changes and so at any time through the web interface Originally written in !&! using a $yS30 database, later refactored as lsited below )ollaborated with (ntratechs, a software developer in *est )hester !, 1echno o0* used: Java core ,!(s , Java ## (Servlets, JS!, JavaServer Faces, JS/0, #J. 1, J.ossbased J$S messaging), )2F web services, $yS30 Software deve o!"ent !rior to #$$#

#'perience programming on mainframes at ,ndersen )onsulting (now ,ccenture) in )O.O0, including integrating new software with e'isting systems also written in )O.O0 On-going e'perience with )O.O0 occasionally over the past ? decades #'perience development complete systems including my own version of a relational database system in various versions of .,S() Some e'perience developing a payroll system in ) in 9@@> to use in issuing payroll chec+s to wor+ers in a company ( owned and ran, along with automation of payroll accounting, ta' reporting of payroll data to the (%S, and maintaining relevant data on employees

C4M/U1ER 1EC2N4L4<Y:
Lan0ua0esA U.+we, access+M=C: EJ>: -ra"eworks'-+4SS A/.s: Java core, Java ##,0inu' shell programming Bot currently used !erl, !&!, ), )CC, )D, )O.O0, .,S() Servlets, JS!, JavaServer Faces, *ic+et, 4elocity, JavaScript, &/$0, )SS, ,5a', Swing, S*/, -oogle -*/, EF( #J. ? ', #J. 1, J!, (Java !ersistence ,!( that is implemented in #J. 1) Spring, Struts, *ic+et, O%$ framewor+sA &ibernate, i.,/(S, J6O, many ,pache Software Foundation framewor+s, e g ,pache !O(, i/e't, ,pache )ommons ,!(s

>usiness /rocess Mana0e"ent: (.$!) J.oss 5.$! Content "ana0e"ent: ,lfresco We, services: J,2-*S, J,2-%!), 2$0-%!), *S60, F66(, %#S/, )2F, ,'is 9 G/9 ?, ,'is?, ,2(O$, SO,! ? 1 and earlier ,!(s, Spring web services, #J. 1 web services Securit*: *S-Security ,!(, 2$0-based security, J,,S (Java ## ,!(, Java ,uthentication and ,uthori"ation Service) Networkin0: /)!/(! programming using Java A!! ication servers: J.oss, -lassFish, -eronimo, limited *ebSphere and *eb0ogic We,+other servers: /omcat, ,pache, 06,! Linu3: all standard services e g (ptables, Samba #nterprise e-mailA !ostfi', 6ovecot =o./: ,steris+ =ersionin0: Subversion, )4S Continuous inte0ration:&udson, )ruise)ontrol RD>MS: $yS30, !ostgresS30, S30 coding, limited Oracle 4ther data,ase s*ste"s: 2indice 2$0, O"one ob5ect database systemH 2$0A6. ,!( >ui d: ,nt, $aven .DE: Bet.eans and #clipse, limited J%un Search: 0ucene ?ML techno o0*: 2$0, 2S0/, 2!ath -inancia "ana0e"ent Senior-level financial management e'perience in large, well-+nown companies Full range of financial responsibilities including traditional controllership functionsA accounting, receivables/payables management, auditing, internal reportingH along with accounting system selection and installation, budgeting, financial analysis, business analysis, ac7uisition due diligence, divestiture and ac7uisition negotiation, strategic development for a 8G:: million/year operating unit of the *alt 6isney )ompany Financial planning and strategic planning responsibility at &ome .o' Office and other units of /ime (nc %esponsibility for /ime (nc =s financing activity &ands-on e'perience setting up and maintaining a range of computeri"ed accounting systems for manufacturing businesses Financial management, including negotiating ban+ financing, of small manufacturing companies that ( have run or helped to run #'cellent +nowledge of both financial and management (cost) accounting #'tensive e'perience in preparing corporate and other ta' returns and e'tensive e'perience in ta' planning and ta' reporting for small businesses

>usiness "ana0e"ent #'tensive e'perience starting, running and building profitable businesses, primarily in manufacturing -eneral and operational management e'perience in highly competitive industries supplying industrial goods to large companies (wooden pallets) and manufactured goods to the consumer mar+et (high-end bicycle frames) .usiness planning and e'ecution of business plans, including development of a plan to create a post-production (entertainment production-related entity) sound facility in 0os ,ngeles and a plan to develop and mar+et on an ,S! (application service provider) basis the electronic medical record/practice management information system of a large multi-office, multi-specialty physician practice

Wende Murra* Associates .nc@ 5ennett S6uare' /A #$$# Strategic, operational, financial and systems consulting Software development related to consulting wor+ .usiness development ,ctive in the FS, and in (taly ?::1-current Res!onsi,i ities: 6esign and programming of a web-based survey using Java tools 6esign and programming of a Java-based application to permit the auctioning of idle medical imaging e7uipment time to patient 6esign and programming of a web-accessible patient interface to the e)linical*or+s #$%/!$ system written in Java #'perience with the installation of the Open#$% system written in !&! !articipation in an open-source #$% system pro5ect using Java and Java e'tensions called !atientOS 6evelopment of a web service for data interchange between disparate #$% system applications using Java technology Strategic and operational advice to developers/vendors of software for physicians practices 6evelopment of a software system using open source database, voice management and web-access software tools to automate administrative functions for a psychology practice using Java technology and 4o(! technology 6evelopment of web-based application for use in scheduling providers in a ?:-provider anesthesia medical practice using Java and Java ## technology .usiness administration advice for specialist practices ,dvice on evaluation/purchase of #$%/!$ for a large (9?:,::: patients) multi-office, primary-care medical practice in )hester )ounty !, System installed now called ,llscripts !rofessional .usiness management, strategy development, financial management advice for a developer of largescale commerce websites .usiness valuation, strategy advice to a leading regional architecture/interior design business Supply chain improvement advice for a manufacturer of high-end wedding dresses /urnaround plan, financing for a manufacturer of marine electronic e7uipment .usiness development plan for mar+eting a web-based software product developed by a nursing home operator to schedule per diem nursing personnel /ranslation services and advice on program development for healthcare management program at FniversitI 0 .occoni in $ilan (taly ,dvice on use of information technology to Ospedale Joelli+er in /urin (taly, a leading private multispecialty ambulatory facility and 9::-bed hospital !lan for converting electronic medical records (#$%) systems developed for the FS, mar+et for use in (taly

Some clientsA e)linical*or+s, $eyer 6esign ,ssociates, -ateway $edical ,ssociates, !ioneer Frgent )are, )hester )ounty ,nesthesiology, )hester )ounty &ospital, FniversitI 0 .occoni $ilan, (taly , Studio Scotti/$odica, 0=FniversitI degli Studi di .ologna, .randywine ,ssisted 0iving, Ospedale Joelli+er /urin, (taly, ,msale, !atientOS /a et Rec*c ers of New York .nc@ Sarato0a S!rin0s' New York@ )77#%#$$) !resident Founded and ran a manufacturer of wooden pallets made from wood recovered from e'isting pallets Saw an opportunity to start a business by underpricing and outperforming the dominant vendor Sold business in ?::?

.uilt business to 8? million in revenue from "ero in an intensely competitive, commodity industry $aintained profitability by increasing wor+er productivity at least 9:K each year Obtained ban+ financing from one of the toughest lenders in Bew Eor+ State to launch the business Succeeded in replacing the e'isting supplier ;<K of the time when see+ing new customers Supplied many ma5or companies including )oca-)ola .ottling, -#-!lastics, /arget

Serotta Co"!etition >ic*c es Sarato0a S!rin0s' New York@ )77$%)77# Chief 4!eratin0 4fficer )o-ran with the founder, .en Serotta, a leading manufacturer of top-end bi+e frames during a period of fast growth Serotta has long been one of the leading innovators in frame design, in particular tube design Over the past 1: years it has built many of the frames used by F S , Olympic, world championship and professional racers &ired to help manage growth after the company received a large capital infusion Res!onsi,i ities: Sales tripled in two years to 8G million Sourced raw materials and componentry from (talian and Japanese suppliers Set up a new manufacturing facility to build mountain bi+e frames and complete bi+es Bew line of business which doubled output for the company in one year (nstalled a 0,B (Bet*are) and an #%! computer system (!latinum) )reated a separate mail-order business to sell 8 < million in e'cess product Supervised manufacturing, bi+e assembly, purchasing, logistics, accounting and other financial functions, inventory, fulfilment WSS /artners Los An0e es' Ca ifornia@ )7AA%)7A7 Founder )reated business plans, raised financing for ? post-production (editing) facility pro5ects Res!onsi,i ities: %aised 81 million in loan commitments to ac7uire the *est )oast operations of a video postproduction company !artnered with the e'ecutive who built the operation from scratch %aised 89 < million in e7uity commitments and 81 million in loan commitments for a post-production sound facility centered around Oscar-winning sound mi'ers Sold my interest in the pro5ect to 0ucasfilm Wa t Disne* Co"!an* >ur,ank' Ca ifornia@ )7A:%)7AA

=/%-inance' Consu"er /roducts )onsumer products encompassed all licensing, merchandising, music, publishing, educational and retailing activities of 6isney Operations were world-wide &ired to organi"e the financial staff of individual divisions and non-F S offices &elped e'pand the lines and volume of business wor+ing with operating managers and the head of business development Res!onsi,i ities: Begotiated the sale of one of the groupLs units for a 8?: million gain !lanned/helped negotiate direct publication of licensed maga"ines and boo+s in (taly for a 9: million increase in yearly income Supervised all accounting, financial reporting, analysis, budgeting, auditing and systems development 6irected a staff of M: professionals &elped develop strategy to e'pand publishing operations and establish retailing outside the theme par+s -roup generated 8G:: million in yearly revenue 1i"e .nc@ New York' New York@ )7A)%)7A: Director 1reasur* De!art"ent@ )7AB%)7A: Res!onsi,i ities: #valuated financing proposals pitched by investment ban+s for the /reasurer and the )FO (nitiated a share repurchase program to absorb e'cess li7uidity and boost the stoc+ price Begotiated the sale of an e7uity investment in another media company for a 9::K gain Saved 8? million in interest costs by issuing commercial paper versus ban+ borrowing to fund an ac7uisition Mana0er of -inancia / annin0 =ideo <rou! )7A;%)7AB Res!onsi,i ities: Supervised a staff of 9< ,nalytic, planning support for -roup 4! in charge of cable operations Financial management for /ime-0ife 4ideo, a producer and distributor of educational videos &elped develop and financially manage a 89< million pro5ect that created and tested distribution of information via cable !recursor to the (nternet Mana0er of -inancia / annin0 2o"e >o3 4ffice )7A)%)7A; Res!onsi,i ities: Financial planning and analysis for top management 6irected budgeting process for a fast-growing 8>:: million company Andersen Consu tin0 &now Accenture( New York' New York )7C7%)7A) Consu tant@ .nfor"ation s*ste"s inte0ration and i"! e"entation Res!onsi,i ities: * )omprehensive information systems plan for ,cademic !ress * )ommodities reporting system for )ontinental -rain )o

Financial consolidation system for ,merican )an

M>A ,mos /uc+ School (6artmouth )ollege) Finance/accounting >A

Fniversity of 4ermont