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© Logic To Magic - All rights reserved. You may redistribute brief quotations from this
© Logic To Magic - All rights reserved. You may redistribute brief quotations from this
© Logic To Magic - All rights reserved. You may redistribute brief quotations from this

© Logic To Magic - All rights reserved. You may redistribute brief quotations from this book for review and sharing purposes - on the condition that the content remains inclusive and that credit is given to the author. Please feel free to share the book itself with the world. © www.fromlogictomagic.com

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Chapter 1: Re-awakened Memories


Chapter 2: The Mind-Matrix


Chapter 3: Universal Truth


Chapter 4: A Journey into the Past


Chapter 5: Science, Religion and Extraordinary Experiences


Chapter 6: Purpose and Intention


Chapter 7: A Healing Session in Chalice Garden


Chapter 8: Evolutionary History


Chapter 9: The Gods and the Omniverses


Chapter 10: A School for Creator Gods


Chapter 11: Mother and FatherEarth and Sun


Chapter 12: The Verse of Light


Chapter 13:


Chapter 14: Masters of Deception


Chapter 15: HollywoodFrom Fact to Fiction


Chapter 16: The Fall of the Matrix-Wall


Chapter 17: The Shift


Chapter 18: The Triumph of Existence


Chapter 19: Allowing Heaven on Earth


Chapter 20: Fear is Nothing but fear


Chapter 21: The Balance Point of Integration


Chapter 22: The Return of the Goddess


Chapter 23: The Field of Love


Chapter 24: A Magical Miracle




I would like to thank my soul-friend Randy, who helped me edit the first parts of my bookwhich led me to understand and express the English language in a more comprehensible way. You have great skills, a wonderful spirit and a big heart. Gratitude goes out to my spiritual brother and 3D-work- companion Patrik, who has helped me with my websites (including fromlogictomagic.com). Not only do you have practical and significant skills that manifest in the external world, but a powerful internal vibration of wisdom and loving-kindness that affects us all.

I want to thank my kindred spirit Hannah, for her encouraging

interest and engagement in my writings, and for her generous participation in editing. You are a being of great wisdom that

knows how to tap into the power of Love.

I feel appreciation and gratefulness towards my parents (today

more than ever), family and many other friends who have been supportive in various ways throughout my life. You have helped

create my human experienceand you have all helped me become the person that I am in this day and age. Last but not least, I want to thank my beloved wifeDea. Your Wisdom, Truth and Love flow through many pages of this book. You are my shining Star and you have shown me Heaven on Earth.



A group of graduates, now highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor one evening. Their conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life. Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cupsporcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisitetelling them to help themselves to the coffee. When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said: "If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups have been taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress. Be assured that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee. In most cases it is just more expensive and in some cases even hides what we drink. What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the 'best' cupsand then you began eyeing each other's cups." Now consider this: The coffee in this case represents lifethe life that flows through all Humans and all living things, no matter our differences or our physical possessions. The cups represent our jobs, money and positions in society. They are just tools and vehicles to hold and contain Life, and the type of cup we have neither defines


nor changes the quality of the coffeenor of the life we live. Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee. So savor the coffee, not the cups! The short story above was written by an anonymous person, whom I feel shares wisdom common to us all. While it is our intention and ambition to experience the coffee, we also get an opportunity to experience the cupthe very tool that makes the experience of coffee possible in the first place. Similar to how the cup facilitates the experience of coffee, one could say that the physical body and the physical world facilitate our life-experience as Human beings on planet Earth. Because of our strong identification with the physical world, many fail to explore the formless dimension of consciousness that also experiences life through the physical as an integral part of who we are. This formless dimension of ourselves seems to be forgotten, which inspires me to pose the following question: What really lies at the core of a Human being? The core-essence of our being is most often referred to as the heart, soul or spirit, although there are many different perceptions of what those words actually entail among us Humans. The greater majority of Humanity has come to accept the definitions of soul and spirit that are passed down by age-old belief systems. As a result of our perception being primarily guided by today's social order, we have been conditioned to search for the identity of ourselves in the external society before exploring the internal society within our deeper selves. I see the foundation of a Human being similarly to how I see the foundation of a fruit. At the core of the fruit, underneath its flesh and pulp, there exist seeds that carry the potential of rebirthing the same fruit. Beneath the physical layers of our Human bodies there


also exists a seed that plants us into existence, which we have always carried within our deeper selves. Our seed represents a greater part of who we are, it is an eternal force of life that gives birth to our human experience. It is through re-connecting to our inner seed and by allowing ourselves to explore our inner society, that we are able to answer the question of what really lies at the core of our being.

I am glad you have chosen to read my work. It is an honor to share my thoughts and feelings with you and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read them. I have had a series of mind-opening experiences, memories and insights, that have given me a deeper and more profound understanding of life in the greater scheme of thingsand how we Humans fit perfectly into this bigger picture. In this concise handbook I intend to describe what is now taking place around and within us, as a species on planet Earth. Some may perceive my understandings as being no more than fiction, which in many ways overestimates and overvalues human life in the Universe. To others, they may act as a mirror that reflects the truth that is profoundly recognized within their own heart and soul. I trust that From Logic To Magic will serve as a steppingstone, guiding who ever reads it towards a greater expansion of consciousness. I feel my words merely point to the truth that is ready to awaken from inside each of us. Life in the greater scheme of things is a grand subject to explore, so before we continue any further I will summarize the most important concepts of my discoveries with a few statements:


We are all immortal and infinite beings of Love and Light. Life is infinite in all directions and nothing exists beyond us as Omniversal Beings.

We orchestrate our lives from a greater and higher aspect of our Human Selves. We are here because of a choice we made, to experience life, to learn and to evolve.

Our Universe is based on the construct of light, frequency and polarity, and it is made up of many dimensions of which we get to experience simultaneously. Within this construct we purposely disconnect ourselves from the higher aspects of our multidimensional identity through a journey of vast separationand this is all a part of our evolutionary process.

In the lower dimensions of our Universe the construct of light, frequency and polarity is condensed into extreme duality (good and evil, light and dark, Love and fear, + and -). As beings in these realms we get to experience a playground of conditions and limitations where we form egoic aspects that create a false image of self.

We all exist as galaxies, stars and planetary bodies and we all manifest inside one another to experience our different vibratory expressions. By experiencing each other in this way we all embody the oneness of life, while at the same time we are all so very unique and special in our own way of expressing life. One for All and All for One.


The concept of linear time and space only exists in the lower dimensions of our Universe. What we perceive as quantifiable locations in time of past and future all exist in one singular moment of Now.

The essence of infinite Love is a force that permeates through every Universe and Omniverse in Creation. As a Human being on planet Earth we can only experience this force by being the force itselfas a being of unconditional Love. The return to unconditional Love is the balance point for the integration with our greater selves, and one shall now more than ever ask one's self the question: 'To Be or not to Be'?

These statements certainly claim to explain a broad spectrum of Creation and our role in it. As I share with you my perspective on life, I will state that this is the way it works and that this is the way it is. The way I share it with you is the way I feel, and I am well aware that many people hold a different understanding of life. If you decide to read this book I ask for you to have an open mindand an open heartand to discern for yourself what you resonate with. Within our collective experience we as individuals choose to follow our own unique path and we are all entitled to our own beliefs and opinions. The set of values we choose to identify with becomes our reality and is what ultimately determines our perception of what life is and who we are. I respect everyone's individual path and I know that we all play an important role simply by existing here on our planet Earthregardless of the direction we choose to walk.


While I respect and honor our individual paths within our current reality, I must place emphasis on my personal experiences and understandings of the hidden world, which exists beyond this reality. By recognizing the journey we have all taken from higher planes of awareness, to our fragmented state of disagreement and separation, I will affirm that there are greater truths about life that belong to us all. Our evolutionary process is a journey through a multidimensional Universe, the structure of which I will explain as a universal playground that has facilitated and made possible our human and spiritual experiences. What I have chosen to share might spark within you an interest to discover more of your greater self. I encourage you to do so and to continue your own inner and outer pursuit for truth, wisdom and knowledge. I see us all as members of a never-ending journey through a cosmic dance of life, and perhaps I might help you on your way of re-membering into your eternal member-ship of the Universe of Light. Furthermore, this book explores the riddle of life and establishes that when we fully comprehend the composition of the riddle, we re-discover that the answer lies within our deeper selves. As I delve deeper into our spiritual core and explain how powerful and magnificent we all really are, I encourage you to acknowledge this magnificence within yourself and become truly self-empowered as a Human being. A hidden magical world exists beyond the limited perception of the logical mind. It is my intention to help you discover this magical reality and to explore it as an essential part of who you are.



Discoveries of other realities are not new to mankind. Such discoveries are in fact very ancient and are known to a greater part of us, for travels beyond the borders of our mind-paradigm are truly all about re-discovering our greater selves.


Re-awakened Memories

What I call the magical world is not a world excluded to 'spells and curses'. It is everything the logical mind terms 'supernatural' or 'unexplained'. My deeper understanding of a greater reality began to become clear when I opened up to the concept that in order to understand the external world, I first must understand what is happening within me. A few years ago I started to take an interest in spiritual wisdom that truly empowered me as an individual. After reading a few books and listening to some interviews, I began to feel that the knowledge, wisdom and Love that I resonated with already existed inside the depth of my own being. I became aware that true spiritual teachings are not made up of beliefs or rules of conduct and that they all originate from the same source of truth that is inside each and every one of us. When we learn to see through that which separates us from the deeper truth of who we are, we get to see ourselves in the mirror of life, not only as Human, but also as eternal spirit that is ever present and alive. A new and broader perspective of our human experience opened up to me. I began to realize, with my 'real eyes', that the eternal and formless essence of who we are does not age in time and space, and that if we allow ourselves we are able to find an everlasting present momenthere and Nowwithin this reality. Our eternal self simply exists beyond the concepts of time and space, and whether we are


aware of it or not, we are all here as spiritual beings to learn and evolve through the human experience. As I began to find my way back to this truth of who and what we all are, feelings rose from a place within my heart that I had not been very connected to since I was around eight years old. At that time I had visions of myself from past lifetimes and I used to dive deeply into these memories without talking to anyone about them. One of the strongest recollections I had of a previous life was of myself walking the Earth in total peace and harmony. I walked in simplicity, being no more or less than who I Am, without conditions and judgments from others or myself, and therefore I was able to be and to express a state of pure and unconditional Love. When I re-experienced this Love through my memories, I knew without a doubt that such a state of grace exists and that we all have the ability to find it within our deeper selves. However, the memories and feelings I had as a young child did not blend well with the contrasting ideals of society. By the age of ten I had forgotten my inner revelations, as I unconsciously adopted the mindset of the very different world around me. As I reflected on the visions I had during my childhood, I began to recall even more of my past lifetimes. Behavioral patterns in my current lifetime seemed to mirror patterns from my previous lifetimes. I recognized vibrations and characteristics that were unique to me, not only as a Human being, but also a spiritual beingor a soul. When I felt into the energetic vibrations of people around me, I was able to recall scenarios I had together with them in past lives. These scenarios again seemed to be mirrored in my current lifetime. Getting to know a greater aspect of myself and others, I understood


that whatever manifests in our lives has a greater purpose and meaning. It is from this greater aspect that we all orchestrate our soul-contract agreements that are to be fulfilled through our human experience. As we incarnate into this world of illusion we allow ourselves to experience not only Love, but also fear, and we succumb to the idea of mortality and separation, forgetting all about the intention and purpose of our higher self. Through this extreme polarization of Love and fear life is in many ways turned into a serious game with all kinds of dramatic scenarios. I have come to understand that there is nothing inherently wrong with dramatic scenarios as all experiences are essential parts of our evolutionary journey; which in the end is about learning and gaining wisdom from different experiences. Our spirit is a keeper of time and knowledge, and it is through the process of reintegrating with Spirit that we gain access to the records of our previous experiences and memories. Forgetting who we are as spiritual beings is nothing but a temporary disconnection from our greater aspects. By once again re-membering ourselves into the truth of who we are from within the human experience, we reconnect with these higher aspects. This has been my big revelation. We Humans have long searched for answers and recognition from outside of ourselves. I had clearly begun to realize that we have had it all wrongit is all to be rediscovered from within. Can you imagine what it would be like if we all remembered that a part of our eternal essence has manifested into this world of form in order to learn, and to experience the many different expressions of life as a Human being? What would happen to our fear and hatred if


we would realize that we exist infinitely beyond our body and our mind?

A revolution of perception would take place all over the world if

our subjective minds would realize not only the intellectual idea, but

also the universal truth that we are all the same underneath the different cultures and identities in our society.

Out of the many people who get to have abnormal experiences such as remembering past lives, talking to spirits or traveling to other realms, I am certain that there are many who do not speak about them openly. The current mindset of our world over-rides anything

that is outside the norm and, just as I did when I was ten years old, many deny having these experiences. In many cases it is easier to deny rather than try to explain them.

It is a fact that the logical-oriented mainstream institutions deny

the practical study of spiritual experience to be valid as a context of understanding the existence of a greater human and spiritual reality. In what most of us believe to be the greatest era of scientific and physiological evolution, the human mind perceives a world exclusively occupied with materialism and the five-sense-reality. Therefore, those who share their spiritual experiences openly are often ridiculed and perceived by mainstream society as outcasts with fantastic ideas. Due to the fact that the logical mind-set still maintains a strong grip around our collective state of consciousness, many Humans who are presented with staggering evidence of a greater spiritual reality, still refuse to accept and embrace it as true. It is safe to say that many of us are in a state of denial. However, in spite of all the ridicule, many people are now more than ever finding the courage within to venture down the


challenging path of sharing their discoveries. Whether it be near death experiences, contact with beings from other realms, astral travel or even journeying with one's pure consciousness; these phenomena are increasingly being spoken of around the world. Spiritual healing practices, past life regression therapies, workshops and forums where people can share their experiences, have all become everyday occurrences that are a part of our society. Since I began remembering more past lives, I have further explored and developed my capacity to recall aspects of my greater self. Now, I often wake up in the mornings remembering vibrations, surroundings and beings I have interacted with on other levels of life. I am able to explore realities I never knew existed before which has given me deep insights about the infinite possibilities we all possess as Humanand spiritualbeings. As a result of my experiences and insights, the world I live in has become much bigger than what I could previously imagine. I have come to understand that life truly becomes a riddle when we forget that we are the orchestrators of life in the first place. Yet my understanding also made me ponder upon how we, as orchestrators of life, have composed the journey in the greater scheme of things. I felt certain that there must be a greater purpose to our cycles of experiences in these different planes of creation. While contemplating the composition of the riddle I concluded that we are all a part of an evolutionary process, divinely planned, with an intended outcome. Is there really such a thing as a divine plan? Throughout the course of my book I intend to help answer this question, that I know we all, as eternal members of this Universe, carry within.


After having recalled extraordinary experiences it is my understanding that when we experience higher dimensions we get to re-connect with the higher aspects of ourselves that exist simultaneously with our earthly incarnation. Imagine us all living inside a world that has walls built up around it. From here a doorway exists that is able to lead us beyond the walls we currently reside in. Leaping beyond this world into the unknown can be frightening for the mind. Most of us are so comfortable running around in circles within this world, like hamsters in a spinning wheel, that we fail to notice that a doorway even exists. Those who truly allow themselves to explore beyond the boundaries of our mentally constructed paradigm discover that we are the key to the doorway, and that what was thought of as 'unknown' is already known to us. Discoveries of other realities are not new to mankind. Such discoveries are in fact very ancient and are known to a greater part of us, for travels beyond the borders of our mind-paradigm are truly all about re-discovering our greater selves. When we connect with higher aspects of ourselves we are actually interacting in dimensions where we all exist together. Through our human experience we have each managed to create an expression of individuality that is truly unique, and in which we are separated from each other. At the same time we are all so intimately connected to our greater aspects and to each other. We truly are universal and multidimensional beings in a multidimensional Universe. As we exist on multiple levels, I will continue to utilize a multidimensional perspective in order to properly explain the nature of our whole existence. Considering this perspective, let us


examine the 'surface-world' of today and explore the ways we keep ourselves inside the walls of what I refer to as the current mindset.



If we could seek society within ourselves, before seeking ourselves within society, we have a chance to discover our own unique spirit, which ultimately holds the truth about life beyond that which our current mainstream society portrays.


The Mind-Matrix

The understandings held within the mainstream establishment regarding the known Universe and Humanity's role in it is very narrow when compared with the multidimensional perspective. Religion and science, along with the academic institutions and the mainstream media, have for a very long time portrayed a limited perspective of life. As such, the greater concepts I present may seem radical to many people. In this chapter, it is my intention to clarify how the human mind becomes deeply entrenched into a limited reality through a process of self-deception. I define the mind-matrix to be a virtual reality overlay that keeps us within a limited paradigm of perception. Within this paradigm, we are taught to perceive and recognize only that which is presented to us through our five senses as being all there is to experience. What we learn to accept as reality is only the outermost layer of perception. It is nothing more than the physical surface- level of what we are capable of perceiving, but since we become so identified with this five-sense-reality it becomes our whole world. We have become so identified with the physical world that we have forgotten that all of us, beneath the details of this world, are intimately connected to the whole. Being brought up within such conditions we automatically develop an egoic personality-driven aspect. Our identification with the physical world and our ego- aspect creates an image of self that does not represent who we are


in our entirety. This aspect only cares about itself and is incapable of acting with compassion. The ego sees everything as separate and judges others by their outward physical features and appearances. We are so focused on material requirements that we often forget to feel and acknowledge the being inside of us. We have an idea of how other people will perceive us and we are constantly trying to create a character through the material requirements that will fulfill this false idea of self. Through our desperation to form this character we forget that it is only a game on the surface-world and that there is so much more to life. The development of our ego in a world of separation is the vehicle for the process of forgetting our true nature as pure soul- consciousness. Inside of our being is a deeper dimension, ready to be explored by our mind and heart, but it cannot be found through any external means. The behavioral patterns of the ego are perhaps most apparent throughout our world of media and entertainment. In news programs, TV-shows and the political world we get caught up in drama between the different characters that are playing the game of the surface-world, and for many people this is all they ever focus on. No matter what paradigm we choose to engage ourselves in, our ego is often present with a judgmental and conditional perspective. By only focusing on the game of the surface-world, we may satisfy the needs of the ego, but we fail to see the bigger picture of what is going on. Because of this narrow perspective we have developed very destructive behavioral patterns within our society. Our ego- aspect has been entrained with the notions that we must fight for


peace with war and sustain freedom with security. Somehow we fail to notice the inherent paradox of the approach. When a conflict arises we get so caught up in drama and differences of opinions, that we don't recognize the fact that we are all really one organism at war with itself. The ego-aspect is simply not aware of the self-destructive behavioral patterns of our society because it does not recognize the essence of who we are underneath our attachments to identities and opinions. Through different incarnations we have all played roles in different cultures with different identities. For instance, let us say that a soul incarnates as a woman somewhere in Africa. This woman has previously experienced life as a Jewish woman who died in Auschwitz during the second world war. She will have carried the wounds of her previous lifetime with her, while engaging in a completely different life experience in her present incarnation in Africa. The Jewish people of today may carry wounds from the holocaust as a collective identity of the culture itself. But the souls who incarnated into the experience of the holocaust are not necessarily the same souls that have incarnated as the Jewish people of today. If we would all realize here and now, that the essence of who we are is not defined by one religion, culture or skin color; we would end the destructive cycles of the 'blame-game' and victimhood, to understand life from a greater and more inclusive soul-perspective. Though the media is an integral part of propagating destructive cycles like the ones mentioned above, it is not my intention to portray news and entertainment as being entirely negative. Neither is it my intention to claim that we should never enjoy our physical possessions or explore the expressions of our ego. My intention is


simply to look at the current surface-world and reveal how far removed we are in our everyday lives from the deeper understanding of what lies beyond it. We have forgotten the presence of our formless spiritour souland therefore forgotten the eternal magnificence of our being. If we could seek society within ourselves, before seeking ourselves within society, we have a chance to discover our own unique spirit, which ultimately holds the truth about life beyond that which our current mainstream society portrays. Everything around us is energy expressing itself through a network of interconnected consciousness. The fact that we operate together as a single organism is understood and explained today by both science and spirituality. However, because the greater majority of the people in our world are programmed into a robotic society that only plays on the surface-world, today's mainstream perception is diminutive compared to the deeper understanding of who we are and how alive everything is around us. Let us explore how our fundamental nature is one with the living nature of our planet Earth. When we look deep into the nature of our plant and animal kingdoms, we are able to find ourselves in them. Nature tells the truth; it teaches us about being in the moment, about stillness and silence, and about the balance of life. The re-discovery of our inner eternal space is the re-discovery of the inner eternal space that is reflected in All Living Things. Imagine yourself communicating with the consciousness of a tree from the depth of your own being. If you were to stand and have a conversation with a tree, how would those who passed by react to such a sight? Because of how disconnected most people are to the living nature around us, they would likely stare at you with


bewilderment as if you were doing something wrong. Whether it be a tree, a stone or a waterfall, the truth is that nature speaks to us all the time and in the presence of our stillness, we can learn a lot from it. This feeling of interconnectedness is accessible to us right now, but we as individuals have to experience it from deep within if we are to truly know the essence of it.

Through our human experience there are two states of being from which we express ourselvesthe mental state and the emotional state. In our process of developing a false image of self, the identification with our thoughts in the mind becomes strong and we let our true feelings from the heart come second. Our mind works as a mental software program that manages the thought patterns within our brain. We use our mind to think, and it is an important tool for our body vehicle in order to function and communicate. Through the left-brain programming in our robotic society we are trained to be rational according to the paradigm of the logical mind. This indoctrination is what builds a partition between our minds and our hearts, hence the label mind-matrixit exists within our minds and not our hearts. Our mind is able to grasp and understand concepts of the heart and soul, but it is not the aspect that represents the essence of the heart itself. Through our strong identification with the mind we often become led by our thoughts, thoughts that may not always be of our own making, and we fail to acknowledge the feelings within our hearts. Our hearts are one with our spirit as a keeper of time and knowledge. By re-connecting with our hearts we re-open the doors to our cosmic and universal soul-journey, and thus we are able to move far beyond the logical mind into the deep and magical core of


our eternal selves. To speak from the heart is to express one's true nature and while doing so the essence of who we are has the opportunity to be acknowledged by the mind-aspect. By getting to know our true hearts we get to know our true eternal selves that exist infinitely beyond our limited minds. By following the programs of the mind rather than the truth of our own heart, we simply lead ourselves away from our true nature. It is not difficult to deceive ourselves if we give in to the manufactured systems of this world. Our mental and physical aspects are far more important to the eyes of the surface-world than what our emotional and spiritual aspects will ever be. Let me put this into context. When Princess Diana was asked in a BBC Panorama interview why the establishment doesn't want her to be Queen, she responded; "Because I lead from the Heart and not the head." This is why she was 'removed' by the monarchs and their heartless cult. Despite the strong influence from controlling factions of our society we all have the ability, like Princess Diana, to follow the deeper wisdom of our hearts. No matter how the mind-matrix desires to program us, we are ultimately the ones who decide if we are to become someone that is not who we truly are. When we understand and become aware of how the two methods of expression operate, it becomes easier to differentiate between them. If we can allow ourselves to let go of the identifications with the mind, we can more easily see the pathway to the heartour most sacred aspect of Self.

By restricting our attention and awareness to the construct of the mind and the physical world, we purposely keep ourselves within a limited reality. Most of us believe ourselves to be a short-lived


entity that only experiences a single lifetime and feels the need to conform to the current mindset of the world. The current mindset operates as a collective lens, which I refer to as the eyes of the surface-world. As we accept the eyes of the surface-world we can only perceive through the collective lens that identifies with the physical human experience. When we connect with our formless spiritual self we are able to explore the world that exists beyond the perception of the lens, beyond our physical world. As spiritual beings in our essence, we are fully capable of journeying beyond the five-sense-wall of the mind-matrix, to discover realities beyond our current one. However, because of norms that are created within our society, we are discouraged to explore beyond the collective lens that everyone seems to look through. Norms are the unwritten laws of the mind-matrix that fortify its boundaries. Their job is to contain us within this paradigm of limited perception. If one were to step out of the norms and break these unwritten laws, one could be exposed to extreme ridicule. If we don't employ the eyes of the surface-world we have no real eyes to perceive with because we are blinded by our own madness. Because of this ridicule and judgment the energy of fear enters our reality. Fear is another creation of the mind-matrix. Because of fear we give into the norms and we allow something external to answer our questions and formulate our reality. By giving into fear we become completely dependent upon the mind-matrix to provide for us. Our fear-based minds are not capable of questioning the current mindset itself. We are simply programmed to remain within the walls of the mind-matrix, without deviating from the norms, and


through this process we are hypnotized into a trance state of conformity. Living in the trance state of the mind-matrix is like living in a small box floating in an infinite ocean of possibilities, unable to see that we are prisoners in our own corrupted minds. Consider the commonly used expression 'thinking outside the box'. By staying inside the box the human race keeps itself in ignorance of what exists outside of it. From within the mind-matrix we align ourselves with various doctrines and belief systems, which are inherently closed perspectives, creating limited paradigms themselves. These limited paradigms are far from representing the multidimensional perspective, and far from revealing the truth that we all have aspects that exist beyond the perception of the five-sense-reality. It is in fact these greater aspects that have brought us here in the first place, and have orchestrated our lives in physical form. From the multidimensional perspective, we created the mind-matrix in order to learn from it through the human experience. Our minds may not prefer a complex world of judgments, conditions and differences of opinion, but there is purpose for us to live in it, to learn from it and to be itwhatever we experience. When we become aware of our multidimensional identity it is easier for us to understand how, and more importantly, why we deceive ourselves in the ways that we do.

Most people are shrouded in a state of ignorance as to what lies beyond what I have referred to as the mind, the lens or the box. At present, these people may closely associate with teachings of religion, science, educational institutions and the mainstream


media, which I call the four pillars of the mind-matrix. These paradigms covertly funnel people into limited states of awarenessa process we will explore in the next few chapters. While the majority of people are in a state of ignorance, a revolution of perception is clearly emerging where millions on the planet are expressing similar discoveries to the ones I share. A gigantic wave of awareness is breaking through the walls of the mind-matrix as people are freeing themselves from the mindset of the surface-world to see a brighter and broader reality open up. Those who have a greater awareness beyond the mainstream understandings are not superior to individuals whose journey it is, at this time, to fully engage in the mind-matrix. There is no judgment in saying that some are attached to the mind-matrix while others have broken free from itit is simply a distinction between different levels of awareness. We all have different soul-paths that are unique to each individual and by understanding the multidimensional perspective we can embrace the different levels of awareness and honor everyone's individual journey through the human experience. No matter what path we have chosen in life, we all have the opportunity to go within ourselvesto understand life beyond what any guideline of society has taught us to believe. It is within our human core, beyond the illusion of separation, that we reintegrate with the universal truth that has been carried within our deeper selves all along.



Our heart and soul stores all the experiences that have led us to the path we now find ourselves walking upon and therefore WE are keepers of universal truth.


Universal Truth

Here on Earth we often say that we all have our own truths. We have our own filter where we analyze surroundings and we formulate our perception of reality based upon our subjective beliefs and opinions. The truths we hold in our subjective beliefs are all relative and, of course, we are all entitled to our own relative truths. However, the differences of opinion separate us from seeing a common bigger picture in the greater scheme of life. Therefore, most people choose to carry the very same 'we all have our own truth' mindset while contemplating the bigger questions on life and creation. Many think that there is no one great truth that tells us how it all works and the way it is. Of course, these individuals also believe we are not capable of discovering timeless knowledge and wisdom from our eternal spirit within. Throughout the ages, people have been searching for answers to the bigger questions through various doctrines and dogmas. When we set out on a quest to search for truth within the various paradigms of religion and science, we are adhering to guidelines and keeping ourselves within the limited perspective of the mind-matrix. This identification with truth belonging to one or another dogmatized belief-system, counteracts our process of finding the universal truth that can be felt and re-membered from inside all of us.


Our heart and soul stores all the experiences that have led us to the path we now find ourselves walking upon and therefore we are keepers of universal truth. We will never discover the greater truths from a scientific book on our physical Universe or from a religious manuscript that was written some hundreds of years ago, but it can be felt and expressed here and now, from inside every Human being. Our human experience becomes a riddle when we limit our perception of reality, but to learn that we are the answer to the riddle of life will turn our world inside out. We all carry the answer to the riddle of life, and re-membering into that truth is the very freedom from the limiting paradigms we have kept ourselves within. The answers to the bigger questions, to the universal truth, are now being expressed by many people who's intention it is to remind us of that freedom. Those who have re-connected with what is already here, within us, are all speaking the same language regarding what life is all about. The manmade religions and philosophies, when followed blindly, lead their followers away from the truth that inside each Human being a divine spirit resides that is sovereign and eternal. Science also follows guiding principles, as it needs to have everything proven according to the laws of its paradigm. No matter what Humans choose to identify with, when we accept a paradigm as being our only reality, we limit our perception of what truth is and we forget that our eternal, infinite and boundless selves cannot possibly be contained inside anything. I have met scientifically minded people who perceive the notion of universal truth existing inside a Human being to be part of a new religion or dogma, and say that no one knows the whole story except what science can prove. I have met people within the


paradigms of religion, who defend their doctrines, saying that the notion of a human consciousness existing beyond 'the almighty creator' is outrageous. Science and religion are both the same in that they both require external sources of validation. When we discover that universal truth emanates from within, we learn that there is no need to prove it according to the laws of physics or to seek it through worshipwe only need to acknowledge the existence of truth within ourselves. The understanding of our essence as spiritual beings is vital if we are to understand that we all carry the same truth within. Knowledge of our eternal nature may have been suppressed and long forgotten in the mainstream teachings of our society, however it is the key to unlocking and activating the truth within our own being. Through this inner core-essence of ourselves, we reintegrate not only with the records of our human experiences, but also with the universal library, commonly known as the Akashic recordswhich is an archive of all thoughts and experiences from our planet, our galaxy, our Universe and beyond. Throughout our journey as eternal members of this Universe, we have all helped to create these Akashic records, and therefore we all have access to them from within.

Since the logical rational mind inherently operates through a limited perception, it is impossible for those who exclusively identify with it to fully understand life in the greater scheme of things. I can only suggest to the limited logical mind that we all carry the same truth within our deeper selves and that we must integrate with our hearts in order to re-discover it. I know that along with our mind-identified attachments, each of us has a longing for a truth and Love that lies


deeper than the aspects of the mind. If we can allow ourselves to go within our hearts and perceive beyond the constraints of the logical mind, we will come to realize that the truth and Love we have been longing for already exists inside of us. Truth is here and now, and it is you. You created the riddle from a higher aspect of yourself and you are the answer to it. Your heart is intimately connected to the universal library of experiences that is always present and ready for you to explore. If you want to understand universal truth, go and look in the mirrorfor you are truly the one you have been waiting for.



We are at a time of great spiritual change and through these moments of multidimensional interconnection, we play an important part in anchoring new energies that will help rebalance and transform our earthly domain.


A Journey into the Past

In July of 2011, I experienced a profound past life recollection together with my beloved Dea. I felt guided to take her to a place in a nature reserve not far from our home. I grew up in the southern parts of Sweden, and I knew that I had been to this place some years ago, but I did not recognize the surroundings as we entered the hills and the woods. We felt guided to follow a particular path that brought us up to a beautiful little valley with a lake at the center of it. As we entered the valley we felt an energetic shift take place in the atmosphere. The Sun shined beautifully from the sky, birds were singing and hundreds of little bees were out collecting pollen from the flowers. We felt a calling and a greeting from a familiar vibration which we turned towards and realized was a huge standing rock, vibrating a strong male energy. I felt him communicating with me and I went over to give him a big hug. As I physically connected with the rock I felt a very old and friendly connection between us. "Good to see you old friend," I said, recognizing his vibration to represent a wise old general I once knew. In an instant, a deep knowing came to me that if I would place both of my hands on him he would help transmute an energetic charge that I carried from a past life I once had around this area. Placing my hands upon this ancient stone , I felt a powerful vibration surge up my hands. Memories of previous scenarios that had taken place in southern Sweden flowed into my


mind and through my heart. I realized that my old stone friend was here to help me remember and heal some of the painful chapters from a past lifetime. After my communication with the rock, we walked towards the lake gazing upon an arrangement of stones forming a half circle around it. Dea and I looked at each other and acknowledged how beautiful it was. We realized that the valley setting itself did not exist at the time of our incarnation, but we knew we had been together in the area during a past lifetime. After a while our gaze turned towards another huge rock on the opposite side of the lake facing the half circle of stones. I felt guided to go over and stand on top of the rock and speak to the other stones. Facing the half circle of stones I intuitively connected with my past life and began to visualize the surroundings of that time. I gave a speech to acknowledge my return and to salute and honor the warriors who had fought bravely here once upon a time. Deep in my heart I knew I was returning to a place similar to one where I had spoken many times before. At this sacred site we both allowed joyful and painful memories to resurface and be transmuted. I had healed wounds carried from the past with my old friend the rock, and I now had a deep feeling of peace and harmony within. In these moments of reconnection to the formless and timeless magical world, our multidimensional identity emerges through our human experience. Dea and I had a deep knowing that by being here together we were activating, and facilitating, an interplay of energetic exchange on multiple levels.

Whether or not those who constructed and arranged the stone setting were aware of it, we knew that the valley was created for a


great purpose with deep spiritual intention. We knew this intention was for the sacred stone memorial to serve as an energetic portal creating a doorway for souls to reconnect with the pastas it served this purpose for us. Similarly to Humans, stones are also keepers of time and knowledge. They serve a unique role as they are intimately connected to the crystal heart in the center of the Earth, which holds all experiences that have ever taken place. Therefore, when returning to a location of a previous lifetime a soul is able to access memories from the vibration of the stones that are unique to the soul's journey and past experiences. An energetic portal is what facilitates the interplay of energetic exchange throughout our multiple levels and lifetimes. As our multidimensional identity emerges the portal transcends the boundaries of linear space-time, creating a singular moment of Now. As I will cover throughout the book, we are at a time of great spiritual and earthly transformation, and through these moments of multidimensional interconnection we play an important part in anchoring new energies that will help rebalance and transform our earthly domain. Energetic portals are now being activated around the world by all of us, whether we are aware of it or not. In a process of transformation we are changing our future by healing our past, welcoming a brighter present moment of re-awakened memories.



Although they are limited paradigms, mainstream science and religion help facilitate challenging experiences that, from the multidimensional perspective, assist the learning process and evolution of our soul.


Science, Religion and Extraordinary Experiences

Science has developed a lot during the last two centuries and iswhat I callthe modern truth-holder of the surface-world. What is released and taught in mainstream science defines what is true and what is not true, according to concrete evidence that is available. It has become a paradigm of conditions that serves the logical and rational thinking mind, and disregards everything that cannot be quantified. Therefore, those who have experiences beyond what can be physically measured, might just have a few questions regarding what is contained and accepted by mainstream science. On the other hand, how many within the scientific paradigm are aware that many supernatural phenomena can be explained through scientific method? Out of body experiences, mind over matter and life after death, are all examples of such phenomena. The fact is that most of the mainstream science community denies that we can prove any of these occurrences, and even if they could be validated within scientific method, they are swept under the carpet. Astrology, quantum physics and consciousness-studies, are other examples of significant areas that have been excluded from mainstream science. The simple fact that many areas of studies are excluded is a clear indication that a limited paradigm is created and sustained by a set of guidelines. Because the overwhelming majority of people within the scientific community strictly adhere to these


guidelines, they overlook the fact that as science develops its scope it continuously disproves its previous models of understanding. Mainstream science is a controlled paradigm, dictating to those within it what is possible and impossible in our reality. When we exclusively identify with such a paradigm, we are unable to discover that we exist infinitely beyond all paradigmseven beyond that which is contained within the full spectrum of scientific understanding. In fact, the higher aspects of our multidimensional identity cannot be explained and understood within quantifiable mathematical constructs and therefore the full magnificence of our being will forever remain unsolved from within the paradigm of science.

If science is the modern truth-holder of the surface-world then religion is what I call the old world truth-holder that has for a very long time been part of the human psyche. Many religious teachings that were created during the last 6000 years have developed into what we today know as the five big religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. Their teachings are primarily based upon stories of men who have walked the Earth at different times. They have passed through hundreds of human generations and each religion has more or less claimed to represent the one and only truth. Therefore many people have come to believe that the one truth can only be found within churches, synagogues, mosques and temples. Because these main outlets have great influence during an individual's upbringing, they appear to be the only options available for those who seek God and spirituality. Hence, this involuntary indoctrination creates a lack of


encouragement to seek society within ourselves, before seeking ourselves in society. In religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism the central focus has always been the worship of a male god. It has most often been referred to as "the one creator of all things" known as the holy father, the holy allah and the holy yahweh. The concept of a single male god may not be the foundation of every religion, but it is clear that the male energy has a dominant influence in most of them. Even in eastern philosophies that do not promote the suppression of feminine energy, there is still a male influence dividing the sexes. The Dalai Lama for example, who is the religious head of eastern Buddhism, has historically been a male figure. Such traditions have suppressed the feminine by robbing her of an authoritative voice. In every religious structure there always seems to be a pervading common themethe female being undermined by the male. This lack of balance is a lack of acknowledgment and respect for the whole of Life. Even though the acknowledgement and respect of the female is more present today than ever before, the tradition of suppression will remain intact as long as the foundational constructs of male dominance are sustained through age old scripture and ritual. We must always acknowledge the bigger picture if we wish to fundamentally change the destructive patterns that are engrained within the structures of our society. Some religions may present teachings of a spiritual essence within Humanity. But there are no religious teachings that present the multidimensional role in the Universe and therefore there are no religions that can tell us who we are in our entirety. Because our eternal and multidimensional spirit is not acknowledged, the


worship of external entities becomes a required condition for many people. When we fail to recognize that each of us carries our own source of Godliness, we seek externally for a substitute source of authority. Even the New Age movement that promotes radical ideas and freethinking is still a religious paradigm that involves the externalization of power to controlling authorities. It may seem as though the New Age movement is all about self-empowerment, but the use of external energies according to the teachings of so called enlightened masters is still a practice of externalizing power. Knowing who and what we all are, one can easily state that any teaching or being that promotes and propagates the externalization of power to any degree, is one who helps sustain the process of giving our own divine power away. Different aspects of worship have developed throughout history within the various religions and many of them have evolved from fundamentalist-worship of god, into a more relationship-oriented connection to god. This modern relationship-oriented practice does not necessarily identify with a single religion, nor does it need to strictly adhere to literary doctrine. Through my personal experience of religion I feel that it has mainly been rooted in respect, common sense and good will. I know many who are closely involved with the Christian church in Sweden and other religious practices in the world. They are all wonderful people who share much wisdom and Love through their religious practice, which I feel anyone could relate to. They have certainly helped me acknowledge the authentic human values that can exist within religious institutions and I feel that none of these individuals intend to deceive others into any kind of disempowerment. If all


religious institutions would share a similar sense of self- empowerment, the manipulative network that is at the core of these institutions would fail to sustain the deceptive 'house of cards', which inherently seeks to remain its power over Human sovereignty. When we fully realize the eternity of our existence carried within our deeper selves, a bigger picture emerges. The foundational construct of any religious paradigm inherently involves the externalization of power to hidden authorities. Regardless of the intentions and good will of anyone contained within such a paradigm, the foundational construct of the religion itselfbeing limiting and controlling in its very natureoverrides the intentions and good will of those contained within it; and therefore they unknowingly participate and propagate a limited perspective. There is however, no doubt in that unconditional Love and wisdom pervades the Human spirit, regardless of culture or religion. What I wish to emphasize is that the general teachings of every manmade religion shares a limited scope of knowledge that misleads us from understanding the totality of life. The worship of something we believe to be greater than ourselves is the very concept that limits the paradigm of religion. We are the Godly, spiritual beings that co-create everything we experience in this Universe; but when we put our trust and faith into something external we forget that we carry all the power within ourselves. It is one thing to believe in the 'beyond' and what it means to our existence hereand an entirely different matter to experience this reality for ourselves, and thus rediscover our true nature. In truth, there have been many beings that have walked the Earth sharing wisdom that reflects the Godly and spiritual nature within


all of us. There is no doubt that the original teachings of these individuals have been cleverly restructured into stories of teachings that endorse worship rather than self-empowerment. These stories that have formed the foundation of religious teachings have managed to be propagated as historical and factual events. Therefore, without the awareness of most people, the true meaning behind the stories have been completely misinterpreted. The intention behind the religious teachings, which have been practiced and sustained by the masses throughout the ages, has always been to divert human consciousness away from the self-empowering truth of our inner eternal spirit. If we would interpret religious stories from books such as the Bible and the Torah, as stories rather than factual and historical events, and with true spiritual understanding rather than intellectual understanding, we would discover that significant patterns exist behind literary interpretations of religious teachings. Stories from all influential religions of today can be traced back to ancient mythology that formed the base structure of these patterns. The literary versions of Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, who are key figures of the five big religions, all perpetuate ancient mythology in some capacity. Because our intellectual minds have become so caught up in examining every literal detail, most of us fail to acknowledge how many of these recurring stories fit into a bigger picture.

The foundational patterns for many myths and religious stories are directly connected to astrological symbols and cycles that, from our earthly point of view, are the position and movements of different celestial bodies. The best examples of this connection between


astrology and religious teachings may be the allegorical myths involving the Sun's movement in the sky. The birth sequences and lifecycles of beings that we have come to know as Horus, Jesus, Krishna, Dionysus, Mithra and many more are all one and the same mythology. Their lifecycles all include a virgin birth on December 25th, a star in the east, three kings, 12 disciples or followers and have all experienced a death lasting three days before being resurrected. By examining astrological events and cycles we are able to establish that the recurring mythology of the Sun God is completely astrological in its origin. On December 24th the brightest star in the east, Sirius, aligns with the three brightest stars in the constellation Orion's Belt. The three stars of Orion's belt are called today what they were called in ancient times 'the three kings'. On December 25th, these three stars, together with the brightest star in the east, all point to the location on the horizon where the Sun rises. From this significant alignment comes the myth of three kings following the brightest star in the east to get to the new born son of God. The concept of a virgin mother such as Isis or Mary also carries significant meaning that has been hidden and unrecognized. Virgin is the English translation of the Latin Virgo and refers to the Zodiac constellation Virgo. The ancient glyph for Virgo is an altered M which correlates to the M of the Virgin Mary along with other virgin Mothers such as Myrrha and Maya in Greek and Buddhist mythology. The Sun travels through the constellation from August 23 through to September 22 which is the time of harvest. Therefore the constellation is often referred to as the 'house of bread' and is symbolized by a virgin holding a bundle of wheat. Bethlehem, the assumed birthplace of Jesus, in fact literally translates from Hebrew


to 'house of bread'. The virgin and Bethlehem symbolize the constellation of Virgo, and Jesus the son of God symbolizes the Sun. Therefore, the story of a virgin giving birth to a son of God in the city of Bethlehem is nothing more than a myth created from the Sun's travel through the constellation of Virgo. Another interesting phenomenon that occurs around the winter solstice is the symbolic crucifixion and resurrection of the Sun. From the perspective of the northern hemisphere, between the summer and winter solstice the Sun appears to move south. According to many ancient civilizations, this approach towards the winter solstice, creating colder and shorter days, symbolizes the death of the Sun. By December 22nd the Sun's southern descent is fully realized as it has reached its lowest point on the horizon. The Sun is perceived to have stopped its travel, residing for three days in the vicinity of the constellation Crux, which translates from Latin and is commonly known as the Southern Cross. On December 25th, the Sun starts to move north welcoming a spring of warmer and longer days. When we take these astrological observations into consideration it becomes apparent that the crucifixion, the three days of death and the resurrection of Jesus and other versions of the Sun God; are all stories based upon the movements of the Sun during the time of the winter solstice. Although different beings have been depicted in stories based upon the recurring astrological movement of the Sun, they all in fact represent the same beingwhich is the Sun itself. The hidden universal truth is that the consciousness of the Sun embodied these different incarnational aspects with the intention of guiding human consciousness throughout the ages. This guidance is what I previously referred to as the original teachingsthe wisdom that


reflects our true spiritual essence and encourages self- empowerment rather than worship. Through the journey of the divine feminine the consciousness of the Earth has also embodied multiple incarnational aspects with the same intentions. The role of these two beings has been significant to our evolutionary process and I will cover more of their journey throughout the book. The concept of 12 disciples or followers is one of many fractals of 12 that repeat itself throughout Creation. Similar to the Sun God, the concept of 12 disciples also correlates with astrological phenomena. The most significant astrological relationship to the fractal of 12 is represented by the 12 constellations of the Zodiac. This celestial coordinate system is a key tool in decoding myths and to revealing their astrological and scientific significance. If you are interested to learn more about religious and astrological correlations I encourage you to further explore the Zodiac and related topics presented by various authors, speakers and filmmakers who have made their work available on the Internet. Having explored the relationships between religious stories and astrological phenomena we find that we are able to decode and acknowledge them with both spiritual and scientific understanding. It is by combining religious literary perspectives and scientific astrological perspectives that we are able to perceive how ancient mythology has evolved into the widely practiced religions of today. The conclusion is that astrological mythology, being scientific in nature and established within the foundation of religions, creates a bridge between the two paradigms of science and religion. We have been exploring the taste of two different 'fruits of understanding', which ultimately grow from the same 'tree of life' that is sustained by roots that are one with the roots of our own eternal soul.


Although they are limited paradigms, mainstream science and religion help facilitate challenging experiences that, from the multidimensional perspective, assist the learning process and evolution of our soul. This is what our human experience is all aboutto learn and to evolveand the exploration of different paradigms from within our mind-matrix is what our soul benefits from the most. From the multidimensional perspective, we become aware that it is the choice of our soul to venture through the human experience into the limiting paradigms of science and religion. A part of our global awakening is the recognition of this evolutionary process acknowledging that there is more to us as Humans than what the doctrines of modern society portray. People all over the world are gaining this wider perspective through what today's society considers supernatural and extraordinary experiences. Extraordinary experiences are today's doorway into the unknown, and serve as bridges between our spiritual and material worlds. Those who have had experiences and past-life insights similar to my own share the realization that we are not mortal Humans having spiritual experiences, but eternal spiritual beings having human experiences. As the realization of our eternal self is not shared by mainstream science and religion we can conclude that identifying exclusively with these limited paradigms misguides us from understanding who and what we are in the greater scheme of life. Rediscovering that we are all the same as eternal beings in our core is returning to the truth that we need no external sources of validation to understand life. Understanding that universal truth emanates from our own


heart and spirit, is about understanding our Godly self from within, which is a concept that does not conform to either mainstream science or religion. As infinite consciousness-awareness we all have the opportunity to explore our eternal selves from within. As it is our choice to incarnate on Earth, we also have the choice within our human experience to either exclusively identify with a limited paradigm or to begin to embrace our eternal selves in a much bigger picture.



The moment we seek the intention with everything that we have manifested in creation we are inspired to search not only for HOW, but WHY it has all been created.


Purpose and IntentionThe Educational Process

Throughout our upbringing, when we become immersed into dogmatized programming that does not acknowledge the full magnitude of who we are, we fail to recognize that we have a greater self-fulfilling purpose and intention with our lives. While contemplating the big questions most of our focus is centered on how life works rather than why life works. We often ask the questions: How does the Universe work? How is it possible for us to exist here as Humans? How did we end up here on Earth? Because the dogmatized programming maintains a strong grip through our social order many of the people awakening around the world still fail to recognize the greater purpose and intention with our existence. Today there are many active groups of people who have the intention of exposing the limiting and deceiving views of life portrayed by our mainstream society. Subjects including suppressed scientific discovery, occult esoteric spiritual knowledge and conspiratorial drama are brought to the mainstream surface as more and more people begin to see the world from wider perspectives. In many grassroots movements people encourage others to realize how we all carry a divine human spirit that is constantly being suppressed by controlling factions of our society. Even though many people understand that there is a bigger picture to our existence, a great majority of these awakened


individuals still operate from a 'how-mindset'. With this mindset they are unable to see that there's an intention with everything we have created in the greater scheme of life. The answers to how we have managed to lead ourselves down a path where we have accepted a limited state of being, forgetting the essence of who we are, will not give us the answers to why we have led ourselves down such a path. The moment we seek the intention with everything that we have manifested in creation we are inspired to search not only for how, but why it has all been created. Why does the Universe work? Why is it possible for us to exist here as Humans? Why did we end up here on Earth? When examining the different perspectives of the mind and heart we notice that our limited egoic minds want to ask how this world has come to be as it is, while our all-encompassing eternal hearts already know how and why it has all been created. An open mind will satisfy our intellectual thirst for wider perspectives. However, the widest perspective which encompasses the meaning, purpose and intention with our lives, can only be acquired through a deep resonance and knowing from within our hearts. It is not through our thoughts, but through our feelings that we open our heart and spirit to truly connect with the all-knowing source of truth that exists within each and every one of us. Whether it be recollections from past lives and extraordinary experiences, access to the Akashic records or subtle peaceful feelings while having a nice cup of tea on the porch; those of us who awaken all have unique points of reference that help us gain perspective on the purpose and intention behind our lives. No matter what experiences we have that facilitate our awakening, it is by acknowledging the


greater Love and knowledge gained from such experiences that we now come together, emanating the same truth from within.

In order to recognize our journey and our roles in the greater scheme of life we must see through the mist and understand the mess that we have co-created. By seeing through the mist I mean seeing through the deceptions that limit us, to reveal the truth that we as infinite beings are all playing a part in an evolutionary process that has an intended outcome. Understanding the mess means understanding that there is an intention with not only the positive but also the negative experiences we have in our lives. To fully learn and prosper from all our experiences we must acknowledge and accept the different polarities of life, and realize that both joy and pain are essential to experience along our spiritual path. This is our process of freeing ourselves from the attachments to negative and painful experiences that we are unable to fully comprehend when we use a judgmental perspective. By realizing that greater aspects of ourselves orchestrate both positive and negative experiences, we create an opportunity to rise above the two polarities within our human experience and achieve a state of balance. In this centered state of being we do not play the game of polarization, attaching ourselves to positive and negative drama. The concept of stepping out of duality may seem inconceivable to the conditional egoic mind. But if we want to be free from our self- destructive behavior we must go beyond it and acknowledge the judgments and conditions we unconsciously apply within the game of duality. While becoming conscious of our destructive thoughts,


emotions and actions we are able to step back from all the drama and consciously choose an unconditional state of being. To be balanced is simply to be unconditional in whatever we experience. The process of detaching from our self-destructive behaviors, to embrace our true unconditional selves, allows us to merge with the greater purpose and intention with our existence. We then free ourselves from a limiting state of uncertainty regarding what exists beyond our 'small world'. The realization of the truth of who and what we are is what shall set us free from our self-imposed suffering. We shall delve deeper into this process of inner freedom throughout this book. From the multidimensional and universal perspective, the purpose and meaning with our life is to live it to the fullest and to learn from our experiences without judgment or discrimination. In order to live life fully we must endow life with meaning, regardless of its manifestations. The greater intention with our current existence as Humans on Earth is for us to grow intoand becomeall that we have learned from experience. We are now at a time where the virtual reality overlay, commonly referred to as the veil, is lifting to uncover the full spectrum of our existence. We are in the final stages of ascension. The term ascension signifies our journey back to unity, back home to the ultimate source of ourselves. As a part of this process, an increasing number of us are able to explore life beyond our current reality. All facets of life are about to change rapidly and the outcome of what was long ago intended is finally being achieved by those who feel they are part of the occurring earthly and spiritual shift. As each individual's essence is an infinite all-knowing consciousness, we have consciously disconnected from the


awareness of our greater selves in order to fully experience life within the playground of duality. We have done so by fragmenting our individual essences into multidimensional expressions, which comprise many aspects on many levels. When a being has experienced all there is to experience on the different levels of life in the Universe its intended outcome is finally achieved. This is the multidimensional journey that we have all collectively embarked on, where along the way each individual creates its own unique path of experiences. Our multidimensional journey of evolution is an educational process, which we graduate from when we have experienced all possible scenarios in the Universe of Light. Imagine yourself taking the journey of becoming a doctor in our matrix. You would first have to attend medical school to learn what is required if you are to responsibly serve as a graduated member of the medical profession. As eternal members of this Universe we learn all there is to know about life in order for us to become that which we have experienced and educated ourselves in for so long. Similarly to how we educate ourselves in society with the intention of becoming responsible members of a profession, our souls experience a multidimensional educational process with the intention to graduate as responsible Creators of Light on a universal level. In summary, our purpose and meaning is to live our lives to the fullest, and to learn from whatever it is we have chosen to experience. The intention with our purpose and meaning is for us to become that which we were always meant to learn and experiencea Universe that embodies the expression of Light.



We often heal our painful memories when we come together and remind each other that all is okay, acknowledging that the things we did were simply experiences to learn from.


A Healing Session in Chalice Garden

Long ago we all promised to come together with our soul family on planet Earth, at the time before the great shift. We promised to re- unite in human form here to experience the shift together and all over the world gatherings of ancient soul families are now taking place. Some of our kindred spirits may already be incarnated into our blood line family and have known us since we were born. Others are contracted to meet with us later on along our journey through life. Similar to the energetic work Dea and I did at the stone settings, we are together unlocking and healing ancient memories, while creating doorways for new energies to enter our earthly domain. A very ancient soul-friend of mine, with whom I have worked with in recent times, has facilitated many gatherings in which I have taken part. In the spring and early summer of 2011 I helped organize seminars for my spiritual brother George in Europe. When we gathered for George's seminars in Glastonbury and Salisbury in May 2011, I had the chance to reunite with many kindred spirits and I experienced deep healing on many levels. I have had many incarnations in western England that have been both painful and joyful, thus returning to the ancient city of Avalon was indeed a powerful experience for me. It felt important to return to western England in this lifetime and there is a healing session that took place in Glastonbury that I wish to share.


Together with Dea and our two friends, Mateya and Grega, I arrived to Glastonbury in the early afternoon on Friday the 20th of May. We immediately decided to enter the sacred Chalice Garden to connect with the Chalice Well and the spirits of ancient Avalon. When we entered the Chalice Garden my friend Grega felt a surge of pain in the right side of his lower stomach. We rested a while, until he was able to carry on with us through the garden. After visiting the Chalice well Grega and I walked up on the highest hill of the garden to connect with the Earth. After only a few minutes I felt a vibrant sensation in the right side of my lower stomach, the same as Grega. A lot of energy started to move around and the aching became so powerful that I had to lie down for a few minutes. While sitting on the hill, both of us with stomachaches, we understood that a spiritual healing had taken place between us. While Grega and I were walking, Dea and Mateya had sat down by the Lion Head Fountain some distance away. When returning from our stroll through the garden Dea told me that she had also experienced the pain from our healing in her lower stomach and in her heart. Without having been told a word about my experience with Grega, Dea intuitively knew what we had been through. She had seen our past lifetime, and she had felt our wounds as if they were her own. Grega and I had returned to Glastonbury together, a place we had both been to numerous lifetimes. Glastonbury had been a place of many joyful experiences, but the healing session we had experienced in Chalice Garden stemmed for a lifetime in which we had killed each other in battle. However, with our visit the wounds from the blades were now healing.


Those who stand the closest to us are often the ones with whom we have experienced the most painful scenarios along our soul journey. The purpose of the game is both to learn from each other, as well as to teach one another, through experiences that are joyful and painful. We often heal our painful memories when we come together and remind each other that all is okay, acknowledging that the things we did were simply experiences to learn from. Through being together in Glastonbury once again, Grega and I unlocked joyful and painful memories residing within our hearts. This enabled us to heal what we had done to each other a long time ago. After our visit to the Chalice Garden, all four of us healed and transmuted old memories in our hearts. We all carry wounds from past lives that are unique to our own individual journey. The wounds can be both physical and emotional. The only way to fully heal them is to bring our memories and emotions to the surface; allowing them to pass and return home through our hearts.

Today there are all kinds of spiritual healers who are working not only with the physical body, but also with the spiritual and energetic patterns within the physical body. Spiritual exercise with healers such as Shamans and Reiki practitioners can provide healthy treatment for anyone who is open to explore physical pain that is connected to the spiritual depth of our being. From personal experience, such as my healing session in Glastonbury, I would like to emphasise that the deepest and most profound healing is the healing we do from within ourselves. Though we are all able to offer support and assistance to one another, in a collective process of bringing memories, emotions and deep physical pain to the surface; we cannot fully heal and


transmute the spiritual and emotional wounds of others. We are in the process of re-integrating with all our experiences that have been gained throughout our existence. We are therefore at a time where we as individuals must bring our deepest pain to the surface, to acknowledge, appreciate and accept it, and to heal ourselves from within. Forgiving ourselves and others for the pain and suffering we have caused and experiencedto fully accept and unconditionally Love ourselves and all others just as we areis a healing that is far more significant than any externalizing healing exercises could ever be. We have individually chosen our experiences, and we must individually choose to accept and embrace that which we have created for ourselves. In the end, nobody else is responsible for our own internal healing. Therefore, it is only through individual choice that we consciously achieve an inner state of balanced and unconditional wellbeing. After all, we cannot swim over to the other side of the river when carrying othersor the worldon our shoulders, but we can swim there on our own and encourage others to do the same by letting them know how and why we did it. This is not to say that we should not nurture one another with Love and compassion, as much as we can.



By clinging to our pre-established notions of accepted literary history, we keep ourselves safe inside of the very walls that we, within the mind-matrix, have created. In order to examine a deeper and wider perspective of our evolutionary process, we must look beyond these walls of limitation.


Evolutionary History

Today's science tells us that our first modern civilizations, with great cities and societies, were created approximately 12 000 years ago. The overwhelming majority of people believe that we as a race have become wiser and more developed, evolving from mumbling cavemen to today's world of science and technology. It is commonly thought that knowledge about our origin, our planet and the known Universe, has only developed and grown within human consciousness, since the time of modern civilizations. From the mainstream perspective, we Humans have ended up on planet Earth by coincidence and, as far as we can perceive, we are the only intelligent life form in the Universe. A narrow and unexciting story about our history of evolution, I would say. May I remind you that the eyes of the surface-world only accept that which is presented from within its own looking glass? Therefore, individuals who are identified with today's mind-matrix may well have difficulties with perspectives beyond their narrow perceptions. It is due to the fact that most of us have become dependent upon the mainstream system of information throughout our upbringing, that our mental perceptual box inherently challenges our indoctrinated minds whenever faced with new possibilities. Trusting the system that has taught us what we know and what we don't know about our history of evolution has become a matter of comfort. By clinging to our pre-established notions of


accepted literary history, we keep ourselves safe inside of the very walls that we, within the mind-matrix, have created. In order to examine a deeper and wider perspective of our evolutionary process, we must look beyond these walls of limitation.

In a previous chapter, I expressed the greater intention with our existence here, and by doing so; I stated the outcome of our universal process of evolution. We have been on a path of descension from the higher dimensions of our Universe, experiencing all that we can be on these different levels of life. This path of fragmentation from higher to lower dimensions, constitutes the universal journey we have all chosen to take. For instance, a man who is currently educating himself to become

a schoolteacher within the matrix is essentially educating himself on multiple levels throughout the Universe. He may not be aware that his role on planet Earth is orchestrated by the greater aspects of his multidimensional identity. However, these higher aspects are gaining the knowledge and experiences from his incarnational aspect, not only for the purpose of becoming a teacher within our earthly matrix, but also a Universal Teacher of Light. Along our path of evolution, we have individually manifested multi-expressions of life forms such as galaxies, stars and planets that have all facilitated the exploration and evolution of life in the physical realms. Consider that we all manifest inside each other's celestial bodies, to experience the different vibratory constructs of life. You are a galaxy out in the cosmos, and the essence of your galaxy is one with the essence of your Human being. Your galaxy has

a unique vibration that you have composed and expressed. When

my soul manifests a celestial body in your galaxy, my being merges


with and becomes a part of your unique galactic vibration. The soul- essence of my celestial body is the same soul-essence that has chosen, just as you have, to incarnate as a Human onto the being that is planet Earth. Each individual soul has many tentacles, that have seeded our essence throughout the Universe, composing many different life forms that together make up the identity of our entire physical self. We are all part of a cosmic life-dance that stretches throughout the whole Universe. As the veil lifts to uncover our entire existence, we willfrom within our human experiencere-integrate with all spiritual and physical manifestations and expressions of ourselves.

Regarding the history of our planet Earth there are indeed many timelines containing stories that have been forgotten in human consciousness. Long ago they were concealed from our mainstream society, by those that have for so long restricted our spiritual connection to life. Some true stories of our home planet are still told within the mainstream. However, these are understood merely as mystical legends and myths, since our rational perception of reality, shaped by our pre-established notions of literary history, refuse to acknowledge them. The truth is that for billions of years beings have dwelled on planet Earth, leaving behind knowledge and cultural identity within our universal and earthly library of experiences. Many of these ancient cultures still exist as traditional patterns that are embedded within today's cultures and societies. According to what our mainstream institutions acknowledge, our journey on planet Earth may seem to be one continuous path of evolution from the time of cavemen to our modern days of science and technology. It is a fact that we have evolved into a somewhat


advanced world of science and technology that we did not have a thousand years ago. However, when we explore our true history of evolution in the greater scheme of things, we learn that the human race on planet Earth has been on a path of devolution for many thousands of years. The Lemurians, Atlantians, and early Egyptians are examples of civilizations that are today perceived by the mainstream as legends and myths that may or may not have existed. Along with the Mayans and the Sumerians, these are the most recent and recognized ancient civilizations from our timeline. They were in many wayslike all the civilizations before themhighly evolved compared to what we are today. They lived on planet Earth as co- creators in multidimensional realms, with access to true knowledge about how our Universe, galaxies and planetary systems work. They have left behind scrolls and documents, with the intention of keeping alive the true knowledge and wisdom within civilizations to come. However, a very different story has developed up until today. True knowledge from civilizations that existed up until 6 000 years ago, have been kept hidden from the majority of the people. This has been achieved through traditional mystery schools and secret societies that have existed for thousands of years. A great amount of documented history that reveals the true origin of legends, myths and religions, are hidden inside a huge library underneath the vatican. A small group of religious leaders, upper ruling class, bankers, intellectual elite and governments have for a very long time sustained the traditions of secret societies in order to control the masses and to keep the power within their families. Acknowledging the existence of this well-established network of conspiracy is vital if we are to understand why the mainstream


institutions seem to know so little about our past. The complete truth about science, religion, history and spirituality has been kept from the common man in order to create a manipulated mind- matrix. Because ancient civilizations were intimately connected to the universal truth; suppressing the proof of their existence and their knowledge, has played a fundamental part for the ruling elite network. It is due to the suppression of knowledge that they have managed to manipulate our perception of life into the narrow perspective most of us hold today. There is no doubt about the fact that the greatest pyramids, temples and statues around the world were not built by Humansthey simply weren't. Advanced technology supplied by extraterrestrial races facilitated the construction of the largest monuments around the world. When examining these structures it is very naive to think that we Humans could have built such great monuments with only ropes and logs. This obvious influence in our history is well documented in books and popular TV series such as 'Ancient Aliens'. The Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities is a very corrupt body that has, along with other councils around the world, systematically plundered underground facilities and monuments of ancient documents, available energy sources and advanced technology, before openly disclosing a tiny scope of their discoveries. The true knowledge may be hidden, but we are now in times of great change. Many secrets will reach the surface of the mainstream sooner rather than later, as the true knowledge, and the divulgence of the network that seeks to suppress it, is increasingly being highlighted by people all around the world. It is my expectation that ancient civilizations that existed even before


500 000 years ago are to be officially (or unofficially) discovered from underneath places such as Antarctica, the Gobi Desert, Bosnia and Australia. As more and more people awaken and see the deceiving forces at work, the full disclosure and remembrance of ancient civilizations and their highly advanced cultures is upon us.

Deities that are referred to as 'gods from above' in our common myths and legends, are simply beings from higher dimensions and other planetary systems, who have been involved with our planet for thousands of years. We still hear about the presence of these entities today, as either benevolent or malevolent extraterrestrial beings, as they interact with Humans around the world. Some of the benevolent races have long played the role of overlords, dictating to our governments how to control the human race in their favor. These outer forces are inter-dimensional beings that mainly come from the Draco constellation, hence the draconian laws that exist within our governments. Races from Sirius, Orion and Pleiades have also played a part in the manipulation and destruction of life here. Nonetheless, they have also played a significant role in supporting the seeding and development of life through our human evolution on planet Earth. It is important not to judgmentally compare the different races. We all carry the duality of so called 'good' and 'evil' within, while we are all eternal spirit in our essence. The different star systems may signify certain collective behavioral patterns and different races may represent specific genetic encodings, but it is always the heart and mind of an individual that is either benevolent or malevolent based upon the chosen journey of that individual in this lifetime. In the greater scheme of life, we are all following soul-contracts that are


orchestrated by our higher selves to assist the learning process along our journey through separation. The reptilian races for example, that may be seen by the human race as completely malevolent, have played a vital part in the creation of Human life as a close ancestral lineage of our Human heritage. We all have a reptilian brain, don't we? Some extraterrestrial races, including reptilians, have played an important role in the process of creating the universal genetic codes of DNA that we embody today as Humans on planet Earth. All races have assisted in the creation of a DNA-structure that embodies all the biological life codes of the Universe. In order for this to happen, planet Earth long ago became a portal for exchange of knowledge and information. A representative from every galaxy in our Universe has come here, bringing with them their genetic codes, in order to make it a part of the Human DNA. The ultimate design of Human DNA on Earth was completed by the real spiritual hierarchy, which has taken great responsibility in creating and managing our journey through separation. They were the first original Annunaki, not to be confused with the imposters commonly known as Annunaki from the planet Nibiru. The highest purpose for the creation of a universal genetic embodiment was to make way for our final process of becoming universal Creators. A perfect child of the Universe has been formulated through our biogenetic and cosmic experiment, transforming our Human bodies into the very ascension-tool that will get us through the upcoming earthly and spiritual shift of the ages. This knowledge from our forgotten timeline is now returning to our inner timetable as re-awakened memories that are not only


stored within the source of our formless spirit, but within the source of our own blood and DNA. Our bodies have all been disconnected from 10 strands of DNA, and as part of our biological transformation we are re-claiming their identities. Our 12 strands of DNA are being fully switched-on in order to activate our full potential as divine Human beings walking this Earth.

Unfolding what I previously referred to as 'the upcoming earthly and spiritual shift of the ages', I will state that our long journey of separation is completed through the Human embodiment on planet Earth. It is here that we as Humans carry all the wisdom, knowledge and Love with experiences of an entire Universe within our being. The consciousness of Humanity on planet Earth is ever more expanding from trying to explain our coincidental role in the physical Universe, to the re-memberance of our journey as spiritual beings, evolving through lifecycles in various planes of creation. These greater truths are now rediscovered from within all those who choose to follow the way of the heart and to remember whom they truly are. Our journey of evolution through the Universe is not the journey we have been led to believe in by our mainstream institutions. We are not mortal beings who are the only intelligent life form in existence. We are infinite beings and our journey of evolution has been all about learning from our experiences in order to graduate and become Universal Creators. This truth belongs to us all, for we have all taken the journey. It is our birthright to know this. It is our Divine Legacy.



Beyond this Uni-verse, in our Omni-verse, or Multi-verse as many call it, there are many other verses playing to their own unique patterns of Creation. You are One of them.


The Gods and the Omniverses

Knowing who and what we truly are, one is able to perceive beyond the somewhat arrogant concept of a god that is believed to be the 'one creator of all things'. A deeper understanding of what we refer to as God introduces us to a being who is humble rather than arrogant and who is equal to all of us. First of all, not only is she of a male aspecthe is of a female onealong with all elements and constructs that this Universe has to offer us as visitors here. God is the Creator of our light, sound and polarity based Universe. Our Uni- verse is the One-verse of these constructs. Beyond this Uni-verse, in our Omni-verse, or Multi-verse as many call it, there are many other verses playing to their own unique patterns of Creation. You are One of them. We are essentially Omniversal beings experiencing many verses of different constructs. Our Multiverse is an expression that is part of an even greater Omniverse, which in its turn is a part of something even greater. It goes on and on for infinity, for there is really no end to the vastness of our Omniversal existence. So not only are we ambassadors on planet Earth for all races, planets and galaxies, but also from beyond our Universe. We are Uni-verses who enter each other to learn about the different constructs we have created as unique expressions of life. When entering a Universe outside of our own, we bring a part of our own universal heart and we become one with the embodiment of that


being. What I call our universal heart is the core-essence of our being that is one with what I have referred to as the heart, soul and spirit residing within every Human being. Whether we choose to define ourselves as Universes, souls or Humans, we are all here to experience and to learn from the 'verse' of this Creator, of this God.

I choose not to worship some external supreme being, simply because I understand who and what God is. As an equal to this Universe, I feel gratitude and Love for the Creator of it and I know we all carry the essence of this Creator within ourselves. While we are visitors here, we are hosting the Creator in our own unique Verse somewhere out there in the Multiverse. With very little awareness about the greater scheme of life, many Humans choose to worship an external supreme being that is said to be the only true male god. While accepting something external to dictate what to believe and what not to believe, most religious followers judge themselves and others, believing there is something greater judging us all in the first place. The true God does not judge any one of us. When the Creator of this Universe is over in your unique verse, playing to your unique patterns of creation, I believe you do not judge this being either. In the greater scheme of life we don't judge anyone or anything, simply because we are all equal as Godly Creators. However, on certain levels of life in this Universe, there are beings that can trick other beings into believing in something that is greater than us, that life is a sin and that we must follow the written word of a certain male god in order to live our life to the fullest. To realize that we are all equal as Creators and Gods is to start living with the understanding of how things truly work around here.


For some people this means the end of worshipping a judgmental and false god. My version of understanding and living life to the fullest is to honor the God and Goddess inside of myself and inside of all others. There is no wrong in letting our internal light shine externally through our hearts, and expressing a deeper aspect of who we are. We are all beings of divine essenceand we should all embrace it.

Okay, so to me we are equal as Gods and Goddesses, yet despite this I have expressed how we exist on higher and lower dimensions and levels of awareness. To some, who are not yet able to comprehend the vastness of our existence and the intention behind our journey through separation; this might sound contradictory and confusing. It is essential to understand that everything in our existence serves a divine purpose of evolutionary significance. Our experiences along our journey through separation are as divinely guided as the higher aspects of our multidimensional identity. Most people, religious or not, condemn the notion that we Humans are equal to what we call God. After all, "One mustn't think too highly of oneself," and so forth. Dealing with self-worth issues may be a part of re-discovering the truth of how great we are and this is something we all need to deal with in our own pace. One who has rediscovered the truth regarding what life is all about in the greater scheme of things also discovers the truth that wherever we areon our path of remembering our Godly selvesis simply where we have chosen to be at this time. Essentially, we are all mirrors to the internal divine spark that shines from within. No one Universe, soul or Human is more or less worthy than the otherwe are all equally divine. When we


experience the deepest reality of who we are and of what is taking place in our Universe, we rediscover ourselves as equals to what we call God, simply because we recognize our individual spark of essence to be merged in the center of Creation. We are all Creators, and this is simply the way it is. As part of our journey through separation it has been our intention to forget this truth, but now is the time for us to re-member who our true God really is and that we are all Gods-of-Light to be. I honor the Godly presence in You.



Like the wind streaming through our oceans, we all stream in here to paint the cosmos and to dance the cosmic dance.


Welcome to the Matrixa School for Creator Gods

You are here, with me. You are everywhere. So am I.

I am there, with you.

Out there you have your own unique verse, playing to its own unique patterns of creation.

I can't sing the verse of your song, but I believe a part of me is there. Thank you.

Like the wind streaming through our oceans, we all stream in here to paint the cosmos and to dance the cosmic dance. When the being we call God streams into your unique verse, will you judge this being? You won't. As Humans walking this Earth we have it all inside. It is now time to remember who we are as Creators of life.

We came here to become what we saw; Light, Sound, Polarity, Separation and Oneness. To become we needed to experience. To become one must learn. Here my brother, separated and misled. Here and now my sister, abused and enslaved,


We have learned it all.

We have entered into a dream state, believing in the illusion of separation. Unaware of our Godliness we have traveled through lifetimes with those we have chosen to seek. We have become travelers through space and time, deceived by illusion. We have disconnected and we have forgotten, We have been deceiving and we have been deceived, We have fallen deep.

Now we are bringing life back to One. We are turning inside out and we are expressing our uniqueness. Can we fully understand and comprehend the greatness of our beauty? Yes, for we carry it all within our deeper selves.

To become a Creator of Light, we educate ourselves in the school for Creator Gods. It is now graduation time.

Mother, I feel your sacrifice. Now is the time. Sovereignty is to be restored. You are truly my sister, You are truly my brother. The fences are coming down and we shall flourish together and embody all that we came here to Be.


Understand that we have forgotten in order to learn, to evolve and to become.

Do you remember?

Welcome to the Matrixa School for Creator Gods.



We are not here on planet Earth at this time to discover the identity of a supreme being, but to re-discover the potential and magnificence we ALL have as eternal beings.


Mother and FatherEarth and Sun

The feminine and masculine aspects of the universal Creator have facilitated the final stages of our evolutionary process, by creating the platforms for extreme compression as well as ascension of life. The beings that have manifested themselves as our Earth and Sunas Mother Earth and Father Sunembody the very consciousness of the Universe itself; they are aspects of the universal Creator. The Creator has taken responsibility in leading us through our final journey home by manifesting itself as the feminine Milky Way galaxy and the masculine Andromeda galaxy. Inside our Milky Way galaxy we have experienced eons of evolution through the exploration of various star systemsincluding the Pleiades, Sirius and Orion constellationsnow finding ourselves on Mother Earth to complete our journey through separation. After having compressed the physical and spiritual embodiment of life forms from a universal and galactic level, into the one solar and planetary system we currently exist within as Humans, we are ready to return home and become one with the deepest source of who we are. Referring back to the fractal of 12; the true spiritual hierarchy consists of 12 beings playing the role of archetypal embodiments of the Creator. They have, together with the Creator, formulated our solar system of 12 planets (including the Sun, Nibiru and Marduk) and the 12 strands of Human DNA. Many times the Creator has walked the Earth in human form and all the members of the


spiritual hierarchy have been present. Stories of the 12 apostles of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and the 12 knights at the round table with King Arthur and Lady Morgaine Le Fay, are from times when the 12 have assisted the Creator in guiding human consciousness towards Love, wisdom and truth. The real Jesus and Mary Magdalene were the walking incarnations of the Sun and the Earth. They were simply here to inform us of the truth. It was their intention to lend us a mirror, so we could see our own inner beauty and be reminded of what we had forgotten; that we are all divine, that we are all God. The beings who are commonly referred to as Osiris and Isis, Krishna and Radha and Buddha and Yasodhara are other incarnational aspects of the Creator that have helped influence the human racealways carrying the same message. "You are the path"; "You have The Kingdom of Heaven within you"; and yes, "The meek shall inherit the Earth." With the understanding of our true essence and our role in the journey of evolution, we can make a distinction between the true teachings and the manipulated teachings, which are both found in religious scripture. The teachings that endorse worship of external deities are the manipulated teachings, diverting us away from the truth that we are all Godly beings of sovereign divine nature. Never did the Creator intend to start a religion with followers of the kind we have today. The intention behind the true teachings on Earth has been to share the truth, and not to mislead people from it. The Creator of this Universe has taught wisdom and Love on our planet knowing that we are all equal as eternal beings of Light. By encouraging us to look to our inner cosmos, to explore our own unique knowing and creative abilitiesand to Love ourselves just as


we areit has been the Creators intention to help us re-discover the truth that shall ultimately set us free from within ourselves.

When we understand the true role of our Creator, the pieces are put into place. As host of our playground, the Creator has taken responsibility in leading the way through our separation-journey. At present we are all incarnated into a solar system of the divine masculine and we are walking on a planet that is the divine feminine. Our Earth Mother and Sun Father appreciate our gratitude and recognition for who they are and for what they have donebut they do not seek worship. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed were all one and the same consciousness of the Creator. The true version of these incarnations did not want us to follow them in a religious manner, and they did not encourage us to divide into different rules of conduct and argue over the 'correctness' and 'superiority' of various dogmas. They encouraged us all to be the fundamental wisdom and Love that has been shared in similar messages at different times. Like you and me, the Creator of our Universe has played roles on both sides of duality. This God is no more or less perfect and 'imperfect' than any other Godwe are all equal. Our Creator may have played a significant role in many ways, nevertheless are we all equally part of the evolutionary soul-journey. We have all led the way many times. Similar to the Creator we have all shared our wisdom and truth to guide and assist others on their path. We are not here on planet Earth at this time to discover the identity of a supreme being, but to re-discover the potential and magnificence we all have as eternal beings. The Christ consciousness, the wisdom


of Mohammed, the Buddha nature and the Krishna spirit reside within each individual. The hidden truth, now being discovered from within the spirit of our eternal selves, is that the so-called second coming of the Christ is the return of Christ in every Human being.



To know the Universal Spectrumin its entire constructmay be of no greater importance to one's spiritual evolution at this time. However, when we do become true beings of Light, we will remember the bigger picturein which we are all perfectly painted.


The Verse of LightA Multidimensional Playground

To fully understand our divine plan, we must know the structure of the Universe we exist in. We are truly experiencing a unique construct of life in the Universe of Light and what we are achieving here at this time has never been achieved before in Creation.

Wave-form-vibration is the frequency-based construct that formulates the framework of dimensional realities in the Universe of Light. Similar to how different TV-channels all share the same space, although they exist on different frequencies, our Universe is fragmented into unique dimensions or frequenciesall sharing the same space. The Universe of Light is the only verse in our Multiverse that offers a playground where we get to fragment our one essence into a multi-expression. As multidimensional beings we are holographic in nature, which means that every dimensional aspect of our being is a fractal of every other dimensional aspect. All our aspects are completely synchronized and linked together. This includes all the galaxies, stars, planets and other life forms that we have manifested. Let us for instance compare our multidimensional expression to a piano and its different tones. One tone represents one particular dimension out of many dimensions. In other dimensions and other Universes we express only one dimension. Humans on Earth


represent all dimensions in one dimension, all tones in one tone. Most of us here assume that we represent only one dimension in our entirety. In reality we are able to feel and express the whole scale of all different dimensions simultaneously. The revolutionizing transformation that is now taking place within Earth and her human race is the process of re-integrating our fragmented aspects into one conscious beinggiving birth to a new universal and multidimensional expression that has never been created before. In its entire construct, our Universe consists of 13 dimensions. The 13th dimension embodies all dimensions within itself, while the other 12 dimensions formulate their own unique vibratory frequency. Imagine yourself being the Sun in the center of the 12 Zodiac constellations; at the heart of a universal and cosmic journey, you symbolically represent the 13th element. As Human beings on planet Earth we are the 13th element. The cosmic energies of the 12 Zodiac constellations are expressed through the human body via 12 chakras, connecting us to our 12 strands of DNA, which correlates with the 12 universal-dimensional aspects of our being. The 12 chakra-portals are a fragmented energetic program; a manifestation in what I call the lower Universe. Humans have yet to reintegrate with the 13th heart-center chakra, our doorway to true Universal Multidimensionality. In between what we call the heart- chakra, and the throat-chakra, our universal Heart-center resides. It emerges and vibrates as we move more and more into a state of unconditional Love. It has emerged as a slight bump on my chest, which becomes warm and vibrant whenever I find myself in a deep harmonious state. This, is my truest and deepest energetic Heart- center, my doorway to the Heavens within and beyond.


As Humans on Earth, we are becoming what the 13th dimension representsthe embodiment of all dimensions within itself. We are becoming our own Universe. No wonder that the hidden Zodiac- constellation is now returning to our celestial coordinate system as the 13th and final constellationit is indeed symbolical to what is taking place within our own being. The fractal of 12 and 13 repeats itself throughout Creationnot by mistake, but by design. However, do not get fixed on the numbers. The number of fractals and dimensions are composed and created the way they are with deep intention by the Universal Creator, to facilitate the Universal playground. The real significance lies in our existence within this divinely planned construct. It lies in the journey we undertake to experience, and to learn and evolveto become all that we came here to be. This entire Universal Spectrum is the foundational playground in which we have evolved to the state we now find ourselves in as Humans on planet Earth.

The greater parts of our earthly presence currently (as I am writing this) exist in 3rd dimension. Dimensions such as the 4th and the 5th are, from our 3rd dimensional perception, higher dimensions with higher vibrational frequencies. The soul-journey we have all embarked upon is about experiencing all the dimensions in our Universe. Multidimensional in our essence, we are all experiencing life in what we may call pure soul-consciousness, as well as in physical form in lower and higher dimensions. All life from the 5th dimension and above exists in complete oneness and harmony with Creation. As everything is interconnected through the harmonic frequencies, there is no separation in the higher dimensions. The 4th dimension and below,


are very different because of what transpires here. These are the lower dimensions, making up the lower Universe. The frequencies of the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st dimension vibrate at such a slow rate that the waveform construct creates dualistic realities. In the lower Universe we get to experience a state of apparent separation from source, which is not in tuned with our natural state of oneness and harmony. Descending into these realms marks the beginning of our journey through separation. To fragment our infinite consciousness, and create an aspect of self that operates from a limited state of consciousness, helps us forget who we are and why we came here. This is an evolutionary process of learning, while dwelling in the space of the forgotten. Between the 5th and 4th dimension a thick membrane exists that disconnects our lower aspect from fully accessing the higher aspects of our multidimensional identity. Know that we purposely disconnect ourselves from our higher self through this journey of vast separationit is all a part of our evolution in the lower Universe. We, Humans on Earth, have travelled through all layers of separation. The only way to fully reintegrate with our higher aspects of self is to graduate through the ascension process that we are now experiencing on planet Earth. This is why millions of people on (and beyond) our planet now speak of an earthly-spiritual shift into the 5th dimension.

After trillions of years of evolution in the lower Universe, there are beings that have gained the most advanced abilities to deceive other beings into servitude. The 4th dimension is our largest dimension in physical size and is ruled by a hierarchical empire of


intergalactic forces. The deceivers have created their own 'universal structure' in the 4th dimension, by creating synthetic reality- constructs. Billions of beings who believe that they get to experience the true dimensions of our Universe, have been entrapped into the 4th dimensional artificial paradigms. Similar to concepts created in several videogames on planet Earth, they 'advance and upgrade' through the many levels within the 4th dimension, unaware of the massive deception taking place. The different layers within the 4th dimension all have hierarchical structures which consist of beings that assist the maintenance of deception in some capacity. The manipulation techniques that have been imposed on the human race are the very best the deceiving forces have ever implemented. The beings in charge operate from the top of the 4th dimensiona dimension we cannot perceive from within our 3rd dimensional reality. Our human experience in 3rd dimension on planet Earth is truly the greatest divine experiment in the Universe at this time. We are the ones who have chosen to experience separation and limitation to the fullest, so that we can fully learn about life that has forgotten who and what it is. From within our earthly paradigm it may be hard to imagine that all the misery we have gone through has been created for a higher purpose with spiritual intention, yet this is the case. "We have marched into hell for a heavenly cause," as Joe Darion once wrote. We may have evolved into darkness, but only so that we could one day shine a light from within that darkness by enlightening the darkest part of ourselves. This is our divine plan. Through an evolutionary journey of separation and reunification, our greatest


task is to once again re-member who we truly arebeyond all physical, mental and spiritual limitations.

You may or may not agree with my understanding of the Universal playground. It is entirely up to you to gain your own understanding about life. To know the Universal Spectrumin its entire constructmay be of no greater importance to one's spiritual evolution at this time. From one perspective, this knowledge may have very little to do with your inner process of becoming free from your mind and to become sovereign as a being of Light. However, when we do become true beings of Light, we will remember the bigger picturein which we are all perfectly painted. It is here on planet Earth that we get to play the one song of perfect harmony in the greatest orchestra of light and sound. We are showing the way for all dimensions and all beings. It has been our task to gift the entire existence by letting them learn, through us, the way of touching, feeling and creating from within the dense physical reality that we have created for ourselves. Through the human embodiment, the most beautiful instrument that has ever been created, we are showing how to live life at the bottom of the 'abyss'. Having compressed the physical and spiritual embodiment of life in to the lowest point of integration, we now welcome Heaven (the higher dimensions) on Earth, as we turn inside out and express our Universal Light.




Under the influence of these on-and off-world forces, our spiritual world has been ever more suppressed and forgotten, while our material and psychological world has developed for thousands of years from agricultural societies to our modern globalized civilizations of science and technology.


Masters of Deception

I find it somewhat interesting to examine how we Humans learn from an early age to consciously and subconsciously attract pain and suffering into our lives. Nobody wants to suffer, yet most of us who are entrenched in the mind-matrix somehow seek to experience suffering every day. We morally oppose violence and we fear physical death, yet we pay money to feed our minds with so called entertainment that portrays such scenarios to the Nth degree. Most of us fear the dark and negative aspects of life; yet the suffering generated by it is the very energy that feeds our egoic aspect the most. The survival of our egoic mind is simply dependent upon our suffering. As I am now about to unfold the role of the deceiving forces, I will once again emphasize the multidimensional perspective; implying that our acts of imbalance are intended for a higher spiritual purposeto assist the evolution and learning process of our soul. When we individually embrace our self-destructive patterns with this spiritual understanding, we free ourselves from the mental suffering that is dependent upon our identification with the limited egoic mind. With the multidimensional perspective in mind, we are able to acknowledge a bigger picture as to how the deceiving forces have managed to take control of our lower Universe and planet Earth. To fully understand the great deception that has influenced our planet,


we must not only understand how the deceiving forces operate, but also the fundamental reason as to why they continuously wish to enslave other beings into servitude.

Deceiving forces in the lower Universe have manipulated other beings for trillions of years. They have been able to do so by controlling both sides of duality. That's right; to manipulate and control our perception of reality, in the way that the manipulative mind-matrix programs us to do here on Earth, the deceiving forces also operate inwhat we may callthe conditional light of our duality-based existence. They are masters of deception. They create the 'bad guys' as well as the 'good-guys', and they rule the lower domains of our Universe by playing the dualities against each other. This is a game that has been fully implemented on planet Earth. Through the course of our history, Humans on planet Earth have come to accept a system where the few rule over the many. Most people do not question how this system was put into place and by whom, and therefore the truth of the matter is only understood by

a few of us. People who strive for world peace and equality through the means of our mainstream institutions may have good intentions. Nonetheless, do they fail to acknowledge our

fundamental problem; that 99% of our resources are in the hands of

a few people who haven't been too concerned about the rest of us.

Again, acknowledging the existence of this well-established network of conspiracy is vital if we are to understand why the mainstream institutions seem to know so little about so much. When it comes to solving problems such as poverty and starvation most of our mainstream institutions are like hamsters in the wheel, because the people who secretly control our mainstream


institutions are the same people who cause the problems in the first place. Now we are beginning to understand how the deceiving forces control both sides of duality from within our earthly paradigm. They help create fear, while at the same time playing the role of the 'bigger brother' that keeps us safe, mostly through acts of war and centralization of power. There is a lot of interesting information on the subject of conspiratorial drama and the network behind it. I have decided not to explore it in too much detail. But I will share my summary on the subject to further unveil the role and the history of the deceiving forceswho operate from an intergalactic cabal to a network of greedy individuals on planet Earth:

In the lower Universe, a hierarchal empire has been created and sustained for trillions of years by beings that have the desire to control other beings for their own egoic purposes. This intergalactic cabal has duplicated the universal structure by creating their own synthetic paradigmsall for the purpose of limiting and controlling billions of other beings.

Around 6 000 years ago, when human consciousness fragmented deeper into separation than ever before, deceiving forces fully engaged themselves in planet Earth. Our separated and limited state of awareness, combined with our unique genetic embodiment, attracted the most advanced 4th dimensional beings who sought to get a full grip around planet Earth and the collective mind of her Humanity.


When the civilizations were created around that time in places such as Suma and Babylon, a hierarchical structure was set up among the Humans on Earth. Inter dimensional reptilian and draconian forces inter-breaded with the human race and created 'royal-elite bloodlines' that have existed in positions of power up until today. At present, this network consists of a small group of religious leaders, upper ruling class, bankers, intellectual elite and governmentswho conspire through their network of secret societies.

Under the influence of these on-and off-world forces, our spiritual world has been ever more suppressed and forgotten, while our material and psychological world has developed for thousands of years from agricultural societies to our modern globalized civilizations of science and technology. Beings from the intergalactic cabal created our evolution of mainstream religion, science and technology. These tools have been used by the elite- bloodlines and their secret societies in order to manipulate the vast majority of Humanity with limiting and false perspectives on life.

Most beings in the lower Universe are well aware of the sovereign eternal soul existing within every life-form, yet they are limited in their awareness as to what goes on beyond the many layers of the 4th dimension. Many beings may remember trillions of years of existence, serving within vast regions and sectors in the lower Universe, but they have forgotten their higher self. They are immersed inside paradigms of technology, of guidance from 'higher dimensional beings' (in their process of advancing through the


synthetic constructs), and of constant obedience to some higher authority. Therefore many beings, who present knowledge to Humans on Earth at this time, may share different perspectives on the ascension processdepending on where they gain their knowledge from. Essentially, Humanity on planet Earth is ascending beyond all duality and all limitation. Considering the concept that most beings in the lower Universe are aware of the eternal soul existing within every life-form, one might ask: If we are all eternal beings that live foreverthen why do certain beings, who are aware of such a truth, have the desire to control other beings? Further one might ask: If the beings that are manipulating us are not trapped on planet Earthdepending on the limiting tool of moneythen what is their ultimate resource? We are now about to learn how Humans on planet Earth provide the deceiving forces with the most valuable resource in the lower Universe, by externalizing our own inner powers. Remember how I stated that on certain levels of life in our Universe, such as our current reality, there are beings that can trick you into believing in something greater than you, that life is a sin and that you must follow the written word of a certain male 'god' in order to live your life to the fullest? These so called 'gods' are feeding off the negative and externalizing energy that we produce with our thoughts and emotions. Everything in our Universe is made up of vibrating energy. Energy is the only resource that can never expireit only transforms. This is why pure energy is the most valuable resource in the lower Universe. Due to the massive amount of energy being projected through the means of worship; the dogmatic religions are the most valuable tool for those who feed off the energetic patterns


of Humanity. We have been manipulated into worship in order to project our energy outwards to those who feed of it. Whenever the vibration of fear is created by Humans, externalizing-type energies are produced. Keeping the human race in a state of fear is therefore always a priority of those who suppress us. It is a game that is all based on fear. While we are being manipulated into the limited fear-paradigm of the mind- matrix, there are beings in the 4th dimension who are playing 'god'. After trillions of years of evolution in the lower Universe, the deceivers of the game have become addicted to the energy they harvest through worship and fear. Harvesting energy from Humans who embody all the genetic codes of the Universe provides them with amounts of energy that they have never received before. It has become a drug to them, a drug that has created an addiction similar to the heroin drug addiction on planet Earth. Deceiving other beings has become their first and only priority. Keeping Humans alive and mind-controlled into worship is simply what keeps their drugs on the table. It has all been a big game to learn and gain experiences from. Now, however, is the time for us to end the game by empowering ourselves instead of giving our power away to the drug-addicted masters of deception.

It is a fact that from within our human 'on-the ground' experience we are physically suppressed by malevolent forces that are now rightfully being exposed for what they have done and thus removed from their positions of power. In this process, to blame others and to feel that we are nothing but victims to those who have forced their will upon us, is something that our limited egoic mind wants to do in order to survive and strengthen itself. When we perceive this


process with spiritual understanding, a wider and more encompassing perspective emerges. I'm not suggesting that we should support the deceiving forces, but in order to see the bigger picture and to fully understand our evolutionary process, we must rise above the blame-game and not only acknowledge but embrace the role of the deceiving forces. This is about perceiving life beyond the concepts of good and evil. We are all a part of a spiritually intended journey of separation where, along the journey, we have all played roles that have helped to sustain the deception. We must remember that the beings who's soul-journey it is to play on the side of the deceiving forcesat this timeare here for the same reason as we areto learn from their experiences. From this greater perspective we realize that the deceiving forces play an important role. Because of all the drama that has been created on planet Earth, we have learned all there is to know about the acts of darkness and deceit, and we have learned all there is to know about the brightest of conditional light and conditional love. In this lifetime we may have let ourselves be suppressed by others, while in another lifetime we have played roles of the opposite kind. If we can't fully understand and embrace the game that we have chosen to be a part of, then how are we to understand and embrace our own acts through our journey of experiences? The truth is that we all, in our essence, carry both duality-aspects of darkness and light within ourselves. The integrating balance-point of these two sides of duality we must find internally if we wish to help re-balance the external world in which we live. By shining a balanced inner light out into the external world we help enlighten all that tries to shadow the beauty of our existence, proving that


only Love and Light exists if we choose to be it. Choosing to be Love is a way to show others that this unconditional state of being exists, and perhaps we are able to remind those who suppress us that they are a part of us, as we are a part of them.



Most of us perceive these science fiction movies to be nothing but fantasy-stories, but those who have awakened to what is actually happening around us knows that today's world of fiction movies is a world of hidden reality portrayed on screen.


HollywoodFrom Fact to Fiction

Some hundred years ago, holly wood from a holly oak was used to create the wizard's wand. With this magical wand, a wizard could cast spells and hypnotize people into a trance-state. I do believe that the film industry named Hollywood was created to fulfill a similar purpose. In fact, I perceive the Hollywood industry to be one of the greatest trance-manipulators of our time. The first thing many people say to me when I mention something that is of the so called supernatural kind is that I have been watching to many science fiction movies. Here I am pointing out why I see Hollywood to be one of the greatest hypnotizers on the planet. Through our world of entertainment we are constantly presented with what we call science fiction. Examples of movies containing science fiction scenarios could be extra terrestrial life influencing planet Earth, and Humans who travel to imaginary worlds. Most of us perceive these science fiction movies to be nothing but fantasy-stories, but those who have awakened to what is actually happening around us know that today's world of fiction movies is a world of hidden reality portrayed on screen.

What the Narnia movies have in common with the Harry Potter movies is that we get to follow people who, from their everyday life on planet Earth, gain access to supernatural worlds that are unknown to the common man. When Peter, Susan, Edmund and


Lucy travel to the Land of Narnia, we view on screen a scenario that most of us don't believe exist in realitybecause in real life we have discovered nothing about other worlds with intelligent life forms, now have we? The main soundtrack in the third Narnia movie is performed by Carrie Underwood and is called "There's a place for us." A few words from the song goes: "We can be the Kings and Queens of anything if we believe it's written in the stars that shine above, there's a place for us." One who has broken free from the mental limited paradigms of perception, to discover that we are all indeed eternal "Kings and Queens of anything" who come from the stars above, might relate to those words just a little bit different than one who is not yet aware of what is actually going on in our breathing, Living Universe. Most of us have forgotten that weas eternal beingsare experiencing a Universe that is full of life and thus we have forgotten that we are all part of a great never ending story that is so well described through songs, movies and books. The truth is that every so-called fantasy-story that is written on planet Earth, is written somewhere as an actual scenario that has taken place somewhere in our Universe. Fantasy is reality put into a story that most of us believe only to be what we, with the eyes of the surface-world, refer to as fantasy. Have you ever heard the term 'hidden in plain sight'? We are not turning fiction into 'reality on screen', we are turning hidden reality into fiction on screen. In this way our entertainment world has helped to create and sustain the grand deception.

In the 1997 movie Contact, starring Judie Foster and Matthew McConnaughey, the scientist Dr Ellie Arroway is contacted by aliens


from a far distance in space, providing planet Earth with plans for a machine to travel space with. Ellie ends up being the one who gets to use the machine as she travels to other planets and interacts with extraterrestrial life. When she returns, there seems to be no proof that any space travel has occurred and thus Ellie has to share her experience with the world without physical evidence. In fear of the unknown, the two worlds of mainstream science and religion are somewhat comforted over the fact that no proof of outer intelligent life forms was presented. But in the end of the movie we get to see how the US government managed to recover over 18 hours of recording from Ellie's journeyevidence that they decide to conceal from the public. This movie is a perfect portrayal of what is taking place all over the world at this time. Most Humans who openly share their interactions with ETs, are being perceived by the eyes of a world that fears what might show itself outside the walls of our mind- matrix.

Movies such as Patch Adams with Robbie Williams and Phenomenon with John Travolta, I recommend for all to see. They are examples from a long list of movies where we get to meet individuals who step out of the norms of our society, to effect human consciousness in a way that opens up the mind to a wider and brighter view of life and its meaning. Sitting at home in our living rooms behind the TV, I think that most people resonate with what the characters, who step out of the norms, have to say to the world. I believe that these movies often portray a very good picture of our closed-minded society. They often remind us of how fearful we are to new ways of thinking and acting.


Because many of us are frightened of that which is different from our normal life-surroundings; it may be easier for us to resonate with and understand someone who acts from their heart, when portrayed in a movie, even though they might not be very popular in the eyes of the surface-world. When we are no longer watching a movie, but participating in everyday life, many of us are not as open-minded as we perhaps wish to be. To explore what is in real life perceived as different and unknown, to the eyes of the surface-world, is often considered unwise and naive rather than brave and exciting. Therefore, most of us choose to adhere only to the pre-established norms of society. This is one process of completely separating our 'down-to-Earth- reality' from the very unusual, yet remarkable, scenarios we experience in movies and books. I see it as a very well written plan of the mind-matrix, to be able to create this closed-minded perception.

The three Matrix movies with Keanu Reeves portray a world in which the human race is captivated in a virtual-reality by machines. This is achieved by manipulating them into thinking that the world they perceive on the surface is all there is experience. However, when individuals in the film free their minds from identification with the program that runs the 'Matrix', they manage to free themselves from the virtual reality that they had once believed was all there was to experience. If you have seen these movies you will have seen how our mind-matrix works. What we all seem to have forgotten is that we are all 'The One'. The Men in Black movies, Independence Day and K-PAX are examples from a long list of movies and series about aliens


interacting with Humans. These movies help shape our perspective on the existence of extra terrestrial life, but not necessarily in the same way for everyone. Many take on the mindset that these concepts are all fiction and that none of it really exists, while others are assisted on their path of awakening to what is going on around us. What I want to emphasize in this chapter are these two very differing perceptions. Many Humans have entered a deeper trance because of our fictionary world. At the same time these movies prepare those who are open-minded for upcoming disclosures that are upon the human race. Whatever your current understanding is, I encourage you to watch some of the movies I have mentioned and see how well they correlate with the spiritual understandings expressed in this book. We all have a character like Patch Adams inside of ourselves who sees that, if we choose to expand our own mental boundaries of conformity, there is more to our human life than to fittingly follow the robotic system we have created. (Don't forget to check out the actual Hunter Doherty Patch Adams, whom the movie is based upon.) We can all call ourselves 'extraterrestrials', because we are far from being the only intelligent life forms in the Universe. We all have a 'Narnia' that we can travel to, because we all have the ability to travel with our consciousness and we all exist on multi-levels throughout the Universe. Maybe it is time for us to get out of the TV-sofa every now and then, and open up to the bigger world around usoff screen. We are all 'The Kings and Queens of anything'and it is definitely written in the stars!



When we re-member who and what we truly are, why we are here and the inner powers we all possess, nothing will stand in our way of seeing through the deceptions, shining our inner light and furthering our venture on the path of inner ascension.


The Fall of the Matrix-Wall

While many are awakening to greater truths, it becomes obvious that those who are fully engaged in the mind-matrix can't see the 'elephant in the living room'. An ever increasing number of people have begun to share their discoveries, while the deceiving forces try their hardest to keep the majority of Humanity in a limited state of awareness regarding the major changes that are taking place. Our mainstream institutions seem persistent in communicating their fear mongering and limited perspective on life and most people, whose minds are led by them, fall into an even deeper trance-state. The deceiving forces may still have a grip around our collective state of consciousness, but events are soon to occur (or are now occurring) that will have a global effect on the awakening of Humanity. Events such as Earth changes and the dissolving of imbalanced societal structures have begun and are destined to occur, while some events may not occur, depending on what we collectively choose to experience as part of our awakening. Where we individually choose to place our attention and awareness within the human experience is from where we set the bases of our perceptional reality. As a result of upcoming events, many people's attention will be drawn from the eyes of the surface- world perception and they will start to experience the hidden world that exist beyond it. Many more of us will start to see through the limiting lies and deceptions and understand life from a new and


wider perspective. Before everything is brought together and fully returned to balance, most of the society we have come to know and depend on will fall apart. This process of disintegration is what I call the fall of the matrix-wall. We must not fear the changes that occurif we wish to help create the better outcome. In the end, good things are happening and we are all a part of it.

In order to straighten up on her axis, Mother Earth is creating quakes and floods. She is healing and cleansing herself from the imbalanced energetic patterns that have long existed upon her body. These Earth changes are already happening and there will be more to come. As more changes take place, more people will awaken, connect with the Earth and hear her call. If we look at the changes that have already taken place, for example in Haiti and Japan, these incidents have brought death and fear to many. They have also brought together people who are in need of helping each other. Many closed hearts have unlocked in the process of helping others and thus proven how connected we all are when we work together. The re-opening of the human heart is indeed the path of ascension. In whatever scenario we Humans get to experience, our duality really provides us the opportunity to attain both negative and positive outcomes. Those who are exclusively operating from their minds may react with fear and negativity to sudden Earth changes, simply because they don't understand the purpose of them. The one who brings out their inner spiritual guidance and connection to creation and to our planet, will know and feel the greater purpose as to why the Earth changes are taking place. Mother Earth is ascending; she is becoming a pure Light-body-expression.


Nibiru, or Planet X, is a commonly unknown planet that has its orbit within our Solar System. It takes 3600 years for the planet to make a circuit on its orbit and therefore it has not been visible to Humans on planet Earth for thousands of years. The planet may turn up from behind the Sun for all to see. Several videos are out on YouTube as more and more people are locating the planet in pictures and video footage they have taken of the Sun. If you haven't heard about it then I would suggest that you explore some of the amazing footage that is being presented on the Internet. It is my feeling that the planet removed itself into a higher vibration during the fall of 2011 and that it may take another route while passing our planet, so that it won't be visible to us. If we collectively choose to experience Nibiru as part of our awakening however, I expect the planet to reveal itself again, fully visible to Humans on Earth. The planet Nibiru has a strong magnetic field. If it passes close to our planet it will naturally interfere with Mother Earth's environmental and planetary structure. The magnetic interaction would normally be catastrophic due to the strong magnetic field of both Nibiru and Mother Earth. However, due to her polar shift, Mother Earth is already lowering her magnetic fields. The interaction between the two planetary bodies would not be as catastrophic as many would think. Although we should know that there are those who want to keep us in fear and might propagate a more catastrophic perspective on the coming of Nibiru. There was a movie recently produced called Melancholia, which is about the coming of a planet behind the Sun bringing the end of the world. The question here leads again, if Nibiru were to reveal itself, are we


going to re-act with fear and negativity or are we going to re-act with Love and understand it from a greater perspective?

We may be facing a global economic collapse and I will tell you why. Well, first of all, what is money? How do we define it? Is it digits on a computer? Is it pieces of paper and coins? Ultimately, money is nothing but a tool. Although the system of money has brought injustice and corruption to our world, we have all come to accept this tool to be the very foundation on which the pillars of our society are raised. Money is indeed what makes the current system of this world go around. But from within this system, most of us don't question how the tool of money came to exist and who implemented it. Therefore most people have no idea of who is truly benefiting from this system. If you are new to the topic of money- conspiracy, you can easily explore it further through a variety of books and documentaries that are well recognized on the Internet. When we open our minds to the hidden reality around us, we realize that the tool of money, when misused, totally limits our sense of freedom and our possibilities to flourish as a race. The implementation of money has been an important piece of the game to those who wish to suppress the human race. Blinded by our ignorance, we have surrendered to the imbalanced and corrupt system and we have accepted the tool of money to rule us all. It is an extraordinary thing to do, for we are in fact the only race in the entire Universe to base our society on a monetary system. Try to imagine cultures and societies on other planets who make their living without the tool of money. Their everyday living conditions are perhaps a bit different to ours? Because we are so limited in our


awareness, I believe most Humans on planet Earth can't even imagine a world without money, but soon we may all have to. This planet is now freeing itself from our destructive system of enslavement, to restore balance and harmony along with all Humans who are getting ready to transform with it. In the process of finding our way back to a natural and peaceful environment, the societal structures of our world will collapse if they are not in balance and harmony with our planet. We may face a total economic collapse, simply because the system of money is not a balanced one. Another solution, which also restores balance and justice to our world, would be the creation of a new global economic restructuring. We could, instead of being faced with a total economic collapse, transform the entire economic system into a system that is fair to all Humans. Due to our accelerating spiritual evolution, the human race may very well chooseas a collectiveto create this more mindful and less chaotic scenario. For some time now (as I am writing this) the economic collapse has been prophesized. It may never come to pass, but whatever we choose to create during these times of great change, there may still be an increase of riots, chaos and outbreaks in parts of the world. As we have seen during the last years, riots have already increased in some places. Because some events create chaos, most people do not perceive them to be a result of the greater balancing forces at work. Focusing on negative outcomes when the world is changing does not help change it into a better place. Disorder might erupt in many ways when the old systems dissolve, but we should know that from within this world of chaos we are destined to rise into a higher


vibration that is a new world of conscious spiritual co-creation. Personally, I intend to experience a transformation with ease and grace, without being affected negatively by the drama. By holding on to those feelings I consciously create this elevating reality for myselfand I encourage you all to do the same. When enough of us consciously envision a new and better world that is fundamentally shifting, many facets of life will change rapidly. As we begin to raise our vibration and merge more intimately with higher dimensional energies, we will no longer be physically attached to our system the way we have been for so long. In time there will be no need for money as we know it, simply because we will no longer be in need of nurturing our body-vehicles. As the return to our true spiritual nature involves a full reactivation of our genetic blueprint, when we are fully activated, we will be in no need of physical nurturing. It may be difficult for many to imagine a new world without the traditional resources, but along with our spiritual and biological transformation comes freedom from an age old system of bondage and the right to live freely without physical limitations.

During the last decades the deceiving forces on planet Earth have orchestrated an increasing number of false flag attacks. During our transition period, they wish to keep the herd-mentality intact for as long as possible. Therefore they may cause more of these so called terror-attacks, in order to create more fear and servitude among the people. Further diverted from our true infinite selves, many of us would fall deeper into fear and put all trust into the system that has given us both 'freedom and security' for such a long time. While many would fall into fear, others would see through this attempt to


further create and sustain the herd-mentality, as they saw through the 9/11 false flag attacks. The deceivers stage false flag attacks, as well as many other key events portrayed in the mainstreamand alternativemedia. These illusory games are being played to create fear so that we will give our power away and thus forget the greater purpose as to why we are all here on planet Earth at this time. Many individuals, who place a lot of their attention on false flag attacks and other types of conspiratorial drama, believe that the deceiving forces may soon implement a so called 'new world order'. Most of these individuals may have very little spiritual knowledge at the moment and may be very identified with the 'how-mindset'. It is true that many within the lower ranks of the cabal (whose names we know) have long wished for this 'Orwellian state' to be implemented. It is also true that some wish to wipe out the majority of the population. However, those whofrom the darkest of shadowsdictate to the earthly cabal will never decrease their 'human herd', their greatest resource. Besides, the deeper purpose and intention behind whatever drama we may experience on our planet, is all part of our destined spiritual path to create a new world of divine order in which all Humans thrive together. This deeper intended outcome is indeed very different to the one of a 'new world order'.

People from around the world are increasingly acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrial life. More and more ET races that have long been present in underground bases and other dimensions on planet Earth, are now physically interacting with Humans in 3rd dimension. We are all able to individually tune in to other


dimensions and interact with beings from other realms. However, if ETs wish to present themselves to Humans on Earth, they are only able to do so if they are allowed through soul contract agreements. If we collectively choose to allow more ETs to reveal themselves as part of our awakening to greater awareness, many more of us are likely to openly experience them sooner rather than later. Interactions with ETs will indeed serve as an eye-opener for those who are ready to discover the truth of their existence. The fictionary alien movies and series we have been watching on television are about to become reality and more of us will come to learn that there are many different races who have been involved in planet Earth for a very long time. Similar to what we may call benevolent and malevolent Humans on Earth, there are benevolent and malevolent beings throughout the lower Universe. Some malevolent ETs have been allowed to abduct us, make experiments on us and even have some of us for lunch. Other benevolent races are here at this time to assist us and help us through the earthly and spiritual transformation. Whatever ETs we may encounter, it always comes down to trusting our own inner spirit-guidance and discerning for ourselves who we consider to be benevolent or malevolent. A true and genuine relationship is always based on the sharing of unconditional Love. Beings who propagate anything other than that we are all equal and free, as sovereign and eternal beings of Light, are not in harmony with the truth that we are now rediscovering from within ourselves during our transformation. To divert us from this self-empowering truth, the deceiving forces may stage what I would call a false flag alien attack. Whether or not this event takes place, an alien invasion scenario is certainly being propagated by the use of fear mongering


TV-series that have become well known to the public. To see this for yourself, I encourage you to check out V (from 1983 or 2009)a series that contains a great deal of truth regarding other world intelligence (such as the interbreeding of human-reptilian hybrids, energy-technology and manipulation techniques). The major governments on Earth have for a very long time been in contact with different ET races. Treaties that were signed in the 1950s between the ruling elite on the planet and malevolent ETs, granted the ruling elite with so called alien technology, while the ETs were allowed more access to our earthly domain and what they perceive to be their human herd. Individuals from the major governments, who are part of the deceiving forces, may try and stage an alien attack simply to bring more fear and confusion within the mind-matrix. They want us to trust in them and their agendas, rather than trusting our own unique spirit, which ultimately holds the greater truth of who we are, and of what is actually taking place here. Among the many deceptions that are possible to take place, the 4th dimensional beings that truly run the intergalactic cabal may have the cleverest ones in store for us. They are aware of the great shift occurring on planet Earth. They are the ones who really feed of the energetic patterns of Humanity, and they will do everything they can to preserve their greatest resource. They may turn up at 'a time of global crisis' with their spaceships and technology, promising to bring us safely to another world. Some may present a false version of ascension, which could assimilate many Humans into an artificial, yet higher dimensional reality that is still under their command.


This alternative version of ascension has already been presented to Humans by both malevolent and benevolent ET races that are all manipulated into the 4th dimensional paradigms. In times of apparent destruction on our planet, we may be offered help from what will be perceived by many as highly advanced beings. Those who play the 'bigger brother' will most likely lead those who are led by fear, technology and spiritual ego. Propagating their heroic efforts to save our race is indeed a clever deception, when in fact we are the real heroes who are in the process of great spiritual evolution. A movie called Knowing, which was produced in 2009 starring Nicolas Cage, is an example that proves how this scenario has been propagated on the planet for years. If the deceivers decide to play this game, most religious followers are likely to be presented with a false version of historical, spiritual and religious figures that are coming forth to 'save our race'. Those who are indoctrinated into worship will most certainly perceive these beings to be the saviors of our time, whilst anyone who knows what is really going on will expose the deceptions and encourage Humanity to stay on planet Earth and be a part of the great shift. When we re-member who and what we truly are, why we are here and the inner powers we all possess, nothing will stand in our way of seeing through the deceptions, shining our inner light and furthering our venture on the path of inner ascension.



On the ascended Earth we will become universal archetypes, broadcasting a new frequency of multidimensionality that embodies a divine blueprint of Universal Creators.


The Shift

The twelve known constellations of the Zodiac together form a circle of 12 divisions which are centered upon the path of the Sun across the celestial sphere. When our Solar system has orbited around the center of our Milky Way galaxy, it has traveled through all 12 (13 in total) Zodiac constellations during a period of roughly 26 000 years and completed what we call a galactic cycle. We are now completing a galactic cycle that brings an end to the world we have known, in order to create a new Earth and Humanity. Along with her human race, Mother Earth is in the process of ascending to the 5th dimension. Our Earth Mother is re-uniting with her beloved, the Sun Father, who has his main-vibration in the 5th dimension. Here we will integrate our universal multidimensionality. Ascension along with our planet is about to become reality for those whose soul-journey it is to return back home, beyond duality and polarization, to a state of oneness and harmony. Many people are hearing the call and there are indeed many different perspectives on when and how this final process of Earth-ascension is to take place. Between October 2011 and March 2013 we are ending the last cycle within the galactic cycle that has facilitated the final steps of our evolutionary process. The Mayan calendar, the most accurate time-calendar ever created, calculated October 2011 to be the end of our galactic cycle. Due to all the mainstream-talk, most people


believe the Mayan calendar to be calculating the completion of our cycle on December 21st 2012. The 21st of December 2012 is for many a date that marks a new beginning and a new world. For others, who are operating from a state of fear, this date is perceived to mark the end of the world. The numerology of 21/12/12 has a very powerful vibration indeed and the deceiving forces have put a lot of effort into creating a negative mind-set around the outcome of this date. Those who believe we are to face the end of the world have not opened to the greater purpose and intention behind our existence as Humans on Earth. If people hold on long enough to such a mindset they are likely to create that reality for themselves. December 21st to March 21st is the last quarter of our astrological year. It is the true yearly completion-time that ends with Pisces. Since the real natural cycle ends every year on March 20th, for a new year to start on March 21st, the completion of our galactic cycle from the precision of the solstice on December 21 2012 to the precision of the equinox on March 21st 2013, is also a calculation that symbolically marks the final process of Earth-ascension. Our minds can easily get fixed on specific dates from our linear timeline regarding when the ascension process is to occur and complete itself. But if we keep one eye on the outcome, or the goal, we only have one eye on the path that will lead us there. To have in mind and heart how we create our own reality here and now, not really knowing what the new energies of tomorrow will bring, is something that we all should take into consideration. At the same time we should also consider the fact that the more we express our multidimensionality, the more we will be able to consciously create our future outcome in the present. We may know in our hearts that it is soon 'time' to go home, but we cannot set a specific time and


date for the final Earth-ascension until enough of us choose to experience a new spiritual reality to-get-her with Mother Earth. Since our awareness expands immensely from one day to the next, our perception of time and space will change a lot before the final Earth-ascension. When I mention calculations of the Mayan calendar, the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013, I am referring to points in our linear time that exists only in our lower dimensions. In our process of integrating higher dimensional energies with our lower aspects, the concept of linear time does no longer apply to us, simply because these concepts do not exist in the higher dimensions of our Universe. Our minds may be fixed on future dates at the moment, but many will face the reality that nothing is fixed and nothing is certain, because we are in the process of re-fixing the future, day-by-day, moment-by-moment. One may look at the world and Humanity today and contemplate when and where we will end up ascending to the higher realms, although that perspective may change tomorrow. When the major collective spiritual changes happen however, we will all become aware of them, we will all feel them. The reality of what is taking place on planet Earth is a truth we all merge with in our own unique way. At present, only a few of us may be consciously aware of that a shift is occurringyet we are all part of it. Since no one soul-journey is the same, the changes occurring within our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies may feel different to us all. In our process of healing and aligning with new energies along with Mother Earth we all have our own individual path that leads to home. No matter what our path looks like and no matter how we choose to verbally express the occurring shift, we are allin the endchanging for a common destiny; to birth a new


world of enlightened Humans who co-create in balance and harmony.

Other evolutionary cycles, facilitating ascension such as the one on Earth, have long been prepared around our galaxy and beyond. If there are beings on planet Earth who are not yet ready to graduate and ascend beyond our educational realms of duality at this time, they will choose to do so in another lifecycle on another planet. Never again will future ascension-planets have to create a reality as dense and limited as the one currently existing on planet Earth. The dense energies we are in the process of transmuting on Mother Earth are being experienced by the whole of existence through our presence on the planet. When we ascend into a new universal light- expression, the codes and the formulas that are kept from our earthly library of experiences will be shared with the rest of the Universe, to help educate other beings who are ready to graduate. On the ascended Earth we will become universal archetypes, broadcasting a new frequency of multidimensionality that embodies


divine blueprint of Universal Creators. We will show others that it


possible to fully embody all we have gone through and

experienced in the Universe of Light. We truly are the way showers for others to come.



It is a fact that we naturally begin to awaken our inner spiritual powers of fortitude when we fully trust that they exist within a deeper part of who we are.


The Triumph of Existence

It is at the very end of a long journey that we find ourselves on a

planet, destined to alter its internal core and ascend beyond the playground of duality. The seed we long ago planted inside our deeper selves has grown into a flower, ready to flourish like never before. The divine spark carried within is ready to burn as the never- ending flame of eternal grace. These words of truth are indeed significant, yet most of us have learned to perceive our human life with much less significance and are therefore programmed not to feel worthy of such inner beauty. It is for the purpose of cultivating and educating our soul that we have chosen to experience life in limitation. It has been an enthralling quest, to explore the linear passages of time, although no one said it would be easy to venture down a path that leads through all levels of separation. It is only natural that most of us carry destructive thought-patterns and wounds from our present as well as our previous life-experiences; they are from a world that taught us how to limit our infinite potential to thrive beyond the many layers of human suffering.

One of the key statements in this book affirms that our process of

forgetting our true infinite selves is an indoctrination that endorses

a false and limited idea of self. Part of re-membering our true

essence is indeed a process of de-programming ourselves from this


egoic and mind-identified aspect. "You must unlearn what you have learned," as Master Yoda from Star Wars so bluntly put it. Blinded from the truth of our infinite potential, we have learned to identify ourselves as 'little humans' in the 'little world'. Mainstream society tends to tell us who to be and what to do and what is good and what is bad. These norms of social order tell us what we shall and shall not do in order to 'be somebody' and matter to society. Throughout our lives the character we believe to be real is influenced by the surface-world to fit into the system and to live up to the expectations of 'a good citizen'. Consequently our 'little human' personality refuses to feel accepted and worthy, unless it meets the conditions placed upon the surface-character it constantly seeks to create. We lack self-worthiness when we lack the ability to feel that being who we truly are is good enough, no matter how we are judged and stereotyped by the outer world in which we live. The truth is that no external approval is needed for us to truly feel worthy and complete from within. Understanding that we, eternal in our essence, have played all kinds of roles and characters in order to evolve as spiritual beings, encourages us to rise above the blame-game and understand our journey of experiences beyond conditions and judgments. To truly know that everything we experience is orchestrated for a divine purpose of evolutionary significance, is also to know that we are perfect in everything we do. While there is perfection in every act of 'imperfection', there is also karmic accountability in everything we do. Karmic accountability is the balancing phenomenon, certifying that we take responsibility for our actions along our path towards complete self- growth and spiritual evolution.


When awakening to this truth, we begin to heal in deeper and more conscious levels of spiritual awareness. While becoming responsible in healing the destructive actions of our own past, we further free ourselves from the restricted notion that we need to 'make up' for all the so called bad actions and choices we have made in order to re-balance a state of worthiness. Forgiving and loving ourselves without attachments and conditions allows us to enter the permanent state of worthiness, if not the permanent state of grace. We then encourage others to discover the inner state of acceptance and unconditional self- recognition within themselves. A fully enlightened and awakened Humanity is one who redeems itself from needing to prove anything in the external to be worthy of the inner Love, forgiveness and recognition we are all longing for. Accepting and acknowledging our own unique expression of self, knowing we are worthy of such inner beauty, is our path to the heart and our minds true liberation from the fabrication of victimhood. It is a self-empowering restoration of inner sovereignty that we gift ourselves with.

To fully reclaim sovereignty and dominion from the limited and egoic aspects of self, one needs to have full trust in one's own true selfwhich has no limits and which does not apply to concepts and labels. To leap beyond the common mindsets of today's surface- world and dive into the sea of eternal self-exploration is a choice we must individually make. We make that choice when we trust ourselves enough to experiencewith confidencebeyond the sense perceptions of the logical mind. It is a fact that we naturally begin to awaken our inner spiritual powers of fortitude when we fully trust that they exist within a deeper part of who we are. To


rediscover from our hearts that the long forgotten eternal force of life reside within us, may also be the beginning of a liberating flow of life that we never experienced before. Trusting that every experience we have as Humans on Earth is created to assist our evolutionary soul-path helps us gain a greater understanding of our life-surroundings and of what we need to do in order to move beyond circumstances that may no longer serve us spiritually. Signs from nature and from the people around us often present themselves to us, willing to help us uncover the mysteries of our inner journey, but we must choose to recognize and identify them. We may perceive with our five senses from within this physical realm, but it is our intuitive knowing from deep inside of us that guides these senses to the signs expressed all around us. By consciously choosing to cling to this deeper guidance, we create a more stable and balanced path to walk upon in our day-to-day life. We become Humans, not only expressing a body and a mind, but a spirit that exists within and beyond. It is indeed a blessing of inner freedom, to allow the divine flow of life to run through the very core of our being.

Whenever I am sick, or when I have headache, I often feel compelled to visit my close-by nature reserve, to walk in the woods and heal with nature. One day, I had a tremendous headache and I knew that this was a sign of a tremendous inner healing, so I decided to walk the woods and see what nature had planned for me. It was a sunny day. The abundance of the forest, with its whispering trees and awakened animals, wrapped me in its spirit and its beauty. After a few minutes of connecting with the nature of


the forest, I heard a calling from a black bird high up in the trees. I felt as if the black bird wanted to lead me somewhere I needed to go. My intuitive knowing told me that something wanted to present itself to me, but I had no idea of what it was. After following the black bird for some time, I arrived at a swamp.

It was not the most pleasant of glades, yet as the bird took off

towards the blue sky, I felt something deep about the place. I waited in silence for many minutes, willing to receive another message from nature. After waiting for some time, right before I was about to embark further into the woods, I gazed upon the shining Sunand there was my message. A great eagle came flying out of the Sun's light towards me, spreading its wings as it landed on a tree a few meters above my head. Time stood still and we were all alonemy visitor and I. We gazed at each other for a while. The eagle then looked around the surroundings for some time, before it took off and returned towards the golden Sun. I started crying and went into a deep emotional state. My headache dissolved, and my mind and body cleared itself of some old emotional baggage. I realized that my experience was a healing one. I also felt it was a sign for many things. The great eagle came from the light, to bring wisdom to my being and to help me heal deep wounds, before returning back to the light. My visitor reminded me that although we may experience darkness and adversity in many ways, we all come from the Lightand to the same Light we shall one day return.

Every day, on my own spiritual path, I feel more and more that I am

a creator of my own reality. This helps me find a deeper expression


of my soul, residing beneath the thoughts in my mind. Therein lies our true nature, covered with many layers of mental programming. The mind often manage to maintain a powerful influence over our consciousness during our process of getting to know its true originit is often fond of challenging our inner state of equilibrium. I am still learning to go beyond limited thought patterns that have long tricked me into thinking I am someone I am notand I am still teaching myself to dance beyond duality. Since part of our graduation from the lower domains of planet Earth is to make ourselves conscious of our own limitations; to break our own mental boundaries is vital. Whenever I manage to become aware of limited ideas that arise within my own mind, I see an opportunity to detach from the illusory inventions of inadequacy. In these moments I remind myself that true inner freedom lies beyond self- imposed limitations. While I consider myself to know a whole lot about the intended construct of life in the greater scheme of things (knowledge we all have inside), I am aware of the element of surprise within this reality. From within my human experience I don't really know what my higher self has planned for my tomorrow, at least not until that day comes. What I do know is that to fully trust that my multidimensional self brought my Human being to where I am today, is the first essential step I need to take in order to surrender completely to the divine unfoldment of the reality around me. By following my intuitive guidance I feel a healing sense of worthiness returning back to me and slowly but surely I am regaining my inner powers of fortitude. Not every person bears issues of worthiness to the extent I have expressed. We are all unique, and we have all had unique


experiences. However, in the process of enlightening our inner being, we all have to deal with whatever fear-based resentments and anxieties that causes us suffering and that keeps us from fully recognizing our infinite God-potential. Through my own personal experience, I have realized that if we want to free ourselves from self-imposed suffering, we need to become a deeper and more authentic expression of ourselves. While learning to let go of conventional thought-patterns and identification with the physical world, this deeper expression arises from nothing more than a pure and simple state of being. Later on, we shall further unfold the beauty that arises from the magic of beingness.

Many Humans exercise words such as faith and hope in relation to the divine. To hope for something is partially to put your trust in something external. When we feel uncertain of something we often say that we have faith and hope for the best outcome. Hope and faith are encouraging words, don't get me wrong, but in the context of what I am sharing, to trust in a divine existence is to feel and fully support that things will run their course in life the way they are meant to. Trusting that life unfolds in divine order, no matter what we may encounter along the way, helps us move beyond our doubt and uncertainty and move deeper into the heart of our knowing and feeling. By honoring our own path in this way, we learn to honor and respect the individual path of others. We no longer invest our energy in scenarios and outcomes of other people's paths, we simply trust in the divine unfoldment of every souls evolution. To


simply emanate this inner peace and spiritual understanding then becomes our way of helping and assisting others on their path. Along our journey as infinite and immortal beings, there is only success and victory in the end. We are all champions of creation, winning every day by fulfilling our purpose and meaning in life. Everything we have experienced plays a part in the lessons that have taught us all there is to know about life in the Universe of Light. Since we learn and evolve from every valuable experience we have, how can we not all be winners of the game? Trust in the triumph of existence and know that you are worthy of your own inner beauty.



It is truly amazing what transpires within us, when we let go of attachments to the physical and mental world and simply let things be.


Allowing Heaven on Earth

The entire spectrum of our global and universal transformation, is of a magnitude that may be incomprehensible for most Humans at this time. While one awakens to the fact that a shift is occurring, the mind may start worrying about what one needs to do in order to fully tune in and align with the ongoing changes. What is essentially required of us in this procedure of transforming ourselves? In every chapter of this book I have answered this question in different ways. De-programming our minds, healing old wounds from past and present lifetimes and reintegrating with our spiritual essence from within and beyond, is all part of our individual and collective transformation and ascension process. An important point from the previous chapter that I want to bring even more into awareness is that we Humans discover much of our spiritual being from a pure and simple state of being. Universal truth, wisdom and knowledge will naturally start to emanate from our emotional and spiritual self, as we learn to silently observe and reflect this inner core of our being. While imagining Humanity raising its vibration and moving into higher dimensions, we may visualize ourselves stepping into a new world. The truth is that we are not inside the world any more than the world is inside of us. We must not forget to look within and bring that new world out from inside of ourselves. Kabir once wrote:

"All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that


the ocean merges into the drop." It is by allowing the Heavens on Earth through our own being, that we reintegrate our multidimensional essence within ourselves. We align with the shift of the ages from a state of allowance and acceptance of all that was, all that is and all that shall be. It is truly amazing what transpires within us, when we let go of attachments to the physical and mental world and simply let things be.

All the Beauty, all the Wisdom and all the Love that we could possibly imagine is to be found within ourselves. Yet it has become reality for most of us to look for happiness and fulfillment in something external, in something outside of ourselves. It has become many peoples way of escaping their own inner beauty as well as the truth that we all carry an eternal spirit within. People who only identify with the physical world and the content of the logical mind never get to explore a deeper and more spiritual state of being, so how are they ever to know that this eternal spirit really exist? To rediscover our true nature we must align with this deeper aspect inside of us. No matter how hard it may be for us to reach beyond thoughts and attachments in our limited minds, the all-knowing spirit is always there. It is our eternal, formless essence. Underneath the momentarily joy and happiness we seek through external experience, it resides as inner eternal joy, peace and Love. For those who have a hard time grasping the concept of our eternal existence, I encourage you to let go of your thoughts, and to feel the presence of pure consciousness underneath the instrument that is your mind. Then you will notice the presence of your inner peace and stillness; the energy-field that keeps your body-vehicle alive and vibrant. Feel you inner state, without thinking about


anything for a momentand then experience what is taking place within you. This is an experience on its own, which allows us to merge with the existence of our own eternity. You will discover that letting go of all thought patterns in the mind, even for just a moment, enables you to experience a state of being that is beyond all suffering. When we master the permanent state of complete acceptance of all that is, we become a deeper expression of our soul. In the early stages of this process, emotional and physical pain may re-surface from deep inside. It is by maintaining the same state of acceptance that we move through and dissolve physical and emotional wounds derived from painful experiences. We don't need to do anything in order to heal, we only need to meet and accept, with Love, whatever arises from our being. In this way we learn to let go of attachments that no longer serve our spiritual re-alignment. In our process of finding this deeper state in our everyday life, the key is not to let our mind get too involved in content, but to become aware of our inner as well as our outer surroundings from a deeper state within. When we learn to let go of the minds strong identification with thoughts and the physical world, we create an opportunity for many things to transpire within us. It is of course helpful to know that transformation cannot come if we force ourselves into conditions and situations. Letting ourselves transform is simply to be and welcome more of our true, higher self into our earthly human experience. When becoming more conscious of our inner presence, beyond the time-bound realms of the mind, we can access timeless knowledge and wisdom that reminds us of who we truly are. Quantifiable locations of past and future only exist in the lower


dimensions of our Universe. While traveling the timelines, so to speak, we are able to tap into the singular moment of now, where limited space-time conditions no longer rule our consciousness. We shall not reject our quantifiable realitywhich has been created for a high purposebut tremendous freedom is realized when we cease to identify with it as being all there is to life. In the shining light of our inner presence and stillness, all timelines collapse into the eternal moment of our infinite existence. In this state of deep inner awareness, all our previous and future experiences exist and are able to be healed. They are one with the present moment. We can only acquaint ourselves with inner peace and inner spiritual practice when we have time and space for our inner self. If we struggle with finding stillness and inner peace, it is because we have occupied our minds with something else and we therefore have no space for it at that moment. Transformation is an ongoing process that we may need to allot much time to depending on our individual journey through life. Our minds may be persistent in holding on to judgments and conditions and we may need some time to process and let go of these attachments before we can fully experience a permanent spiritual state of being. When we fully embrace our divine essence and the divine world in which we dwell from an unconditional loving source within, the merging with our higher spiritual self becomes our inevitable path, destined to lead us through ascension. While merging with our higher spiritual self, we re-awaken our inner light body that is always ready to shine and share light with others. We all carry this spark of light within, it is not just in some of us. Our body of light holds the core of our multidimensional self that connects our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.


An integral part of ascension is to fully re-integrate with the light body. As we gradually shine our inner light, we learn to let go of limiting attachments to the physical world and we begin to embrace

a more spiritual reality, accessible to us in our day-to-day life.

Eventually we will let go of our mental identification with what was long believed by the mind to be nothing but solid matterand become one with our inner light-body. We will then transform into higher dimensions, beyond the lower Universe, and become nothing but pure Light. The presence of our shining light and our unconditional loving soul will help others to recognize their own inner beauty and create the same multidimensional vibration from within themselves. We all have the ability to invite others to this state of inner illumination; however, we cannot spiritually transform anyone but ourselves. The beauty of the game is that by helping ourselves we help others to

help themselves. By transforming ourselves we help others to transform themselves. When we vibrate pure Love and Light we affect others, simply by being who we truly are. In this way of recognizing the mirror of divine spark within each other, we now come together as One Big Family of Light.

Becoming our true spiritual selves is clearly not about going through

a long battle where we have to fight our way through to the final

goal. It is about surrendering to our own inner battle. When we rediscover that we have all the answers inside of ourselves, we stop trying to find 'solutions' to our 'problems' in the external world. We are already complete, and if we can find that truth inside of us, behind our mind identified attachments, we will rediscover all the


Beauty, all the Wisdom and all the Love that we could possibly imagine. When you go beyond thought patterns in the mind, willing to discover something deeper, you will begin to feel that your eternal spiritual self is alive and vibrating inside the depth of your being. Know that a quiet mind and an open heart will move you closer to your inner presence and remind you that all you really have to do in this transformation is to become more of who you already are. Your inner world is waiting for you, so turn to yourself and Love what you see.



When we go inwards to the very depth of our being and face our deepest fears with unconditional Love, pure magic happens.


Fear is Nothing but fear


Power to the Wicked

When I state that fear is another creation of the mind-matrix, I am pointing to the fact that it is nothing but a creation in our minds. When we exclusively identify with a limited and egoic idea of self, we create a dense and dark energywhich has its roots in lack of completeness and the belief in actual loss or death. From here on, this energy we call fear comes into play whenever our minds give into it. Due to our fear-based society, to carry around this dense vibration has become part of most people's everyday life. Our mind-matrix has been created by beings who operate from a state of fear and so no wonder that all who are plugged into the mind-matrix are more or less infected by it. Fear itself keeps us from truly recognizing the destruction that the energy causes our world every day. This is what it all comes down tothe fear of Fear itself. Being in a state of fear is the only way for us to learn about what it can do to a Human being, but when we realize that fear is an illusion created in our minds, we are able to transmute this negative vibration and free ourselves from it. To be free of fear is to be free to live fully with no lack of self-worth and inner fortitude. Deep down we all want to be free from this emotion, and when we learn that we don't even need to fear the fear itselfthis is something we can all achieve.


Today's world, and its current mindset, gives into fear now more than ever before. Deep down in our essence we feel no fear, we only feel Love. But because of the strong identification with the egoic mind in today's fear-based society, we act and feel rather from a state of fear than from a state of Love. If chaos would erupt in a large scale on our planet, how many people of today's world would react from a loving state? Do you think the mainstream media would report news about a great Shift taking place, and that Humanity is going to ascend into a higher state of being? Or do you think the overall reactions will be more aligned with the ones we constantly get portrayed in movies propagating the end of the world? Let us not forget the movie 2012 that had premier 2009 with slogans such as 'We were warned' and 'Who will be left behind?' The movie is about the prophecy of the end of the world on December 21 2012 through Earth quakes and flooding. The powers-that-be are indeed keeping quiet about it as they have for some time prepared themselves by building ships that are to save those who are rich and 'important'. The mind-matrix is here proving itself again through the creation of such a movie. Fear is what the controllers off our system feed of and therefore fear has become the constant theme, stretching throughout our world of media and entertainment. It is due to our fear of thinking beyond conventional thought patterns that we follow the limiting norms of our society. Our egoic mind has learned to feel comfortable as long as it stays within this safety zone. Here we feel safe and secure from outstanding ideas that may pose a threat to our logical view of the world. Our ego is terrified of letting go of conventional thought patterns and if we try


to bend our boundaries of perception, it will try as hard as it can to keep the false masquerade of fear alive. Our ego fears our inner powers that reaches beyond our limited reality and this is why we are constantly encouraged to judge and condition others and ourselves. Letting go of our attachments to the world of conditions seems to be a jump into nothingness and we are afraid that we might lose everything we think we are. We fear to let go of attachments to our mental world because we fear to become who we truly are behind the mask. By clinging to the dense vibration of fear, we hold on to the very obstacle that keeps us from leaping beyond this conditional mindset. What our ego does not realize is that when we completely let go of conditions and judgments, we become our true selves. We may lose our false identity, but we gain everything we could ever want from our unconditional source of lifethat is already whole and complete.

I understand fear and Love to be two opposite poles, where one of them is real and the other one is not. Love is what is real, Love is our true nature. Love is an essential force that permeates through the deepest level of our being. If fear is what makes our self-destructive and manipulated system go around, then Love is what makes the world that holds such a system, go around and survive through the day. Many of us have learned to suppress our fear-based emotions and attachments and forget all about them. This unconscious process of not dealing with our inner resentments will never solve our issuesfear will eventually return to us like a living corps from the grave. When we go inwards to the very depth of our being and face our deepest fears with unconditional Love, pure magic happens. We


give ourselves a chance to move through the emotion of fear and become consciously aware of what its negative vibration does to our state of well-being. When we consciously move through our fear, we move through the obstacle that stands between us and the borders of our safety zone. Here, on the threshold of our doorway to freedom, we are able to dissolve and transmute the fear we have into the Love that we are. The realization that our inner freedom is merely a choice between fear and Love, gives us the understanding that fear is nothing but an illusion created by the egoic aspectwhich always seeks to fulfill an illusory image of self. Since we ultimately create our own reality through the human experience, the walls that have been built around us are indeed of our own making. If we are to become free of fear we must choose, on our own accord, to befriend our ego and our fear and end the destructive game once and for all. 'Winning' this game is not to lose our fear, but to master it, as we transmute it into our most powerful inner strength. It can be a 'living hell' to continuously give in to the masquerade of fear. Know that Heaven on Earth becomes reality when we choose, with clarity and determination, to face our fear with unconditional Love. So don't give in to the illusion of fear, give into the truth of Lovethe force that permeates through your being on the deepest level.



When we truly realize that becoming conscious of our own shadow is part of enlightenment and that true Love has no conditions, we begin to transcend duality. This is the balance point of integration with our greater selves.


The Balance Point of Integration

"I choose to feel the whole world crying for the strength that we can rise aboveI choose Love!" These words from Shawn Gallaway's song 'I choose Love' have great meaning and purpose. To me, feeling the whole world crying is to feel and acknowledge the pain and suffering we have caused each other and ourselves. If we are to choose Love above all things then we must learn to Love all things and that includes all the pain and suffering we have gone through. Let me rephrase the sentence in my own words; I choose to recognize and forgive all the pain and suffering we have caused each other and ourselves, to gain the wisdom and strength I need to rise beyond this duality-paradigm and choose unconditional Love that sustains me in balance.

Imagine that you had a lifetime 2 284 500 years ago in a 4th dimensional realm. In this realm you possessed what our world would refer to as 'special powers'. You fought 'evil' and did good things for your people. You managed to bring peace to your home planet and you got the girl of your dreams. Not very hard to imagine, huh? Can you now imagine a lifetime you had a few centuries before on another planet, where you played a role within the deceiving forces. You killed and slaughtered all beings who stood before you on your way to create an 'evil' empire, which would bring forth a world of darkness and destruction for the next


303 760 years to come. This scenario is perhaps not as easy to imagine as the previous. When we understand the purpose of our dualistic playground we also understand why we have played roles on both sides of duality. We have played different roles, so that we could learn about the different aspects and expressions of life in our Universe. Painful scenarios are important for us to experience if we want to learn about all that life has to offer us. Since most of us have come to perceive life with no real spiritual knowledge during our upbringing, we have never learned this truth. When we truly realize that it was all a game to learn from, we naturally forgive ourselves for all the pain we have inflicted upon ourselves and others. This is our way of re-balancing the destructive games of our darker past. From here on, rather than avoiding these previous experiences, we are able to prosper from themas we acknowledge what they have thought us. Not only do we need to understand and embrace our darker aspects, we also need to understand our aspects that function within the spectrum of conditional love and light. Conditional love and light has been practiced and expressed ever since we ascended into the lower Universe. We have gone very used to love each other on the bases of different conditions that we hold. The unconditional Love doesn't demand anyone to be in a particular way in order for true Love to flourish. Unconditional Love flourishes freely across the fields when we have learned to Love everything for its existence rather than for its conditions. When we truly realize that becoming conscious of our own shadow is part of enlightenment and that true Love has no conditions, we begin to transcend duality. This is the balance point of integration with our greater selves.


While Mother Earth is straightening up on her axis, we are straightening up on our path, to find balance and center from within. Many are getting together at this time for the purpose of healing our Mother Earth by sending her vibrations of love and light.

It is helpful for all of us to know that this planet is capable of healing and balancing herself. Just as we are in charge of our own ascension and balancing process, she is the one in charge of her own homecoming. To share Love and to connect with Mother Earth is a vital part of our divine reintegration with the Goddess and with the source of creation. But we shall also know that the best way to help this planet heal is by healing ourselves. If you tune into the core essence of the planet, this will be her message to you. While reintegrating with our higher aspects in the 5th dimension and above, we must learn to vibrate these higher frequencies from within this paradigm of separation and polarization. A 5D-and-above state of being is simply necessary if we are to allow and help facilitate the merging of Heaven and Earth. All fear-based emotions belong to the journey of separation in the lower Universe. Therefore transmuting all dense vibrations within ourselves is vital.

A balanced state of being equals a higher state of being. This is the

final test, our last challenge. To unite our inner + and - into the one centered state of being, is to ascend beyond the dualistic playground. It is to create unity and oneness with all that is. It is to trust in that even in a world of outer chaos, as long as we are balanced and centered within, all is okay.



She has allowed all of us to have the experience of turning our back at her, as she is now allowing and encouraging us all to return to her Nature and her Spirit.


The Return of the Goddess

In the middle of November 2010, it became my journey to connect with the other half of me. The reunion with my beautiful Dea has been nothing but magical, and we are now walking side by side on our path. I feel from my own experience, from the unconditional Love that I share with Dea every day, that we are two mirrors of the same soul. On my journey of finding my own center and balance as a male it has become my task to also explore the sharing of my masculine energy through a balanced partnership. Being together with my other half helps me understand the roles of the feminine and masculine energies and that if we are in balance and harmony within ourselves, we can create miracles together. All of us, man and woman alike, carry the energy of both masculine and feminine within. Understanding the two aspects in their own expression is key to understand how they create and sustain together as God and Goddess. When I as a male find my own inner balance with male and female, I am able to share this source with a partner, to feel and to become an even bigger source of balanced energies. As explorers of both God and Goddess, our rebalancing of masculine and feminine energies is also a deep process of healing wounds from the destructive games of our past. Within the human race a pattern existsthat is a misuse of feminine energy. We are a fragmented part of this misuse of energy that started some trillion years ago by masculine energies in the


lower domains of our Universe. Through controlling patriarchal movements, most of our society has long portrayed a male god as the creating and sustaining source of all life. I don't know of any society that honors the Goddess as they honor the God. I certainly cannot recognize her true self in religious scriptures such as the Bible, the Torah or the Koran. Could we seriously have a holy trinity without a Mother? What is a Father without a Mother? Eve did not come from one of Adam's ribs, Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute and no, Lady Morgaine Le Fay of Avalon was not a seductive 'evil' sorceress who wished to overthrow her brother King Arthur. The understanding of the divine feminine has been removed from us through this development of misleading perception, and the role of the Goddess has been forgotten. Our mainstream institutions may portray a male god as the source of all creation, but in the spirit of the Goddess, I will claim that it is the other way around. The reason why deceiving forces have always wanted to control the feminine powers is because she is what all the creative forces come from. She is the source of creation. Goddess embodies the pool of creation and provides opportunity for life to be created and explored. God creates with this source of life and he therefore represents how the source is being used, rather than the source itself. God can be seen as an electric wave or a beam of Light that penetrates the magnetic field of source from the pool of creation that is sustained by the Goddess. A balanced act of creation is when God is accepted to use the source of life and to consciously create and explore life together with Goddess. When creation of life is


utilized by force and without the willpower of the Goddess, the act becomes imbalanced. For a greater purpose, the higher self of the Goddess aspect has allowed the misuse of her powers. This has been done in order to facilitate the journey of imbalance and separation that we all have learned from. A leading example of such a sacrifice is of course Mother Earth herself. Mother Earth has manifested herself for a high purpose that is now being acknowledged and understood more and more by her human race. Through our journey with her, she has taught us about the sacrifice that the feminine has undertaken in order for darkness to fully play its role. This gift from the feminine is important to understand if we are to understand the role of the feminine and the force of the Goddess. To connect with this planet is to connect with the divine feminine. You are walking upon a planet of the Goddess and as long as you are incarnated on her, she is your nurturing Mother who provides you. To be grateful for her atmosphere, her nature and her nurturing is a step towards the understanding of the relationship between you and the Mother Goddess. Understand her sacrifice and feel her devotion and strength to nurture and sustain all liferegardless of the destructive actions of those who walk upon her. She is our Mother and she loves us unconditionally. She has allowed all of us to have the experience of turning our back at her, as she is now allowing and encouraging us all to return to her Nature and her Spirit. Feel her body and her breath, and hear her message of Truth and Light. She has a message for all of us. When we acknowledge our own intimate connection with her from our own heart, we are able to feel it.


A task for us men is to understand the role of the feminine, and therefore also to understand her journey of being suppressed and misused by the masculine. As a male, and on behalf of the masculine vibration as a collective, I ask the Goddess for her forgiveness for all she has been put through by the energies of the male. Along our journey of experiencing, we have all played a part in creating the behavioral patterns that we embody today as a race on planet Earth. Every act of imbalance has been an experience to learn from and they all exist as a collective of experiences in our earthly and universal library. Asking the Goddess for her forgiveness on behalf of the collective masculine vibration is a beautiful thing to do and those who do not understand this perhaps do not yet understand life in the greater scheme of things. The sacrifice of the Goddess is an unconditional gift to creation that needs to be acknowledged and understood in order for balance to be restored in our world. She doesn't blame anyone for 'doing wrong' and she doesn't need an apology that intends to justify her role as a victim of oppression. To stand as a man on planet Earth and ask the Goddess for forgiveness is rather an act of honoring and acknowledging the role of the divine feminine, for the purpose of healing and re-balancing the masculine and feminine energies. This encourages the female to accept and embrace this acknowledgement and feel that she is being welcomed back into life by a conscious masculineand it is of course as important for women as it is for men to fully recognize the Goddess for who she is as a sustainer and nurturer of life. As a woman you embody the physical, biological, emotional and mystical identity of the Goddess. Know that you symbolize her in


every way possible and that you are playing a part in her return to our world. Women are now rising all over the planet to reclaim their sovereignty and to speak their truth. The return of the Goddess helps us understand life, for along with her return re-enters the truth of the source of creation. Who are we to fully understand Creation in the Universe of Light if we cannot understand the Source of it? A world of worship and judgment is turning into a world of self- recognition and understanding. When masculine and feminine honors and recognizes the self and the other as two mirrors of the one creative source, God and Goddess are able to enter our new world in harmonized and balanced co-creation.



When we choose to be Love itself, we connect to the realm of oneness and find that we are all carrying each other within our hearts.


The Field of Love

I have expressed throughout my book that rediscovering truth, wisdom and knowledge via the exploration of our spiritual core, is to find our way back to a state of being that is nothing but pure Love. The ultimate force of every Universe and Omniverse is Love. Clearly, as stated, not conditional love that we know so well of down in our lower Universe, but the unconditional and infinite Love that harmonizes and combines us in oneness. Love is a unified field that binds all Verses together. Love runs through all of Creation as a sprouting seed of lifefrom one Universe to the other and from a Galaxy in outer space to a cell within our body. During the course of our journey through separation, where we are cut off from the higher aspects of our multidimensional identity, we have all temporarily forgotten true Love. It is now our time to find our way back home to this vibration of harmony, by finding the vibrating Field of Love within ourselves. This inner field is a dimension of oneness that is in complete alignment with the vibration of the 5th dimension and above. When we vibrate our inner Field of Love we are tuning into the frequency of our greater aspects and we are becoming more of our higher self. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within," as Jesus once said. When we discover the Kingdom of Heaven within, we walk in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Same analogy here; when we vibrate the Field of Love from within, we are walking in the Field of Love on planet


Earth. Heaven on Earth is only a choice away, for it exists inside each and every one of us. Our connection to the 5th dimension, to our higher self, is simply a state of being that is called unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is something we choose to be. We choose to be it for ourselves and by doing so we share our loving state of being with all others, regardless of where they are on their journey through life. To Love ourselves unconditionally is vital if we truly are to Love others unconditionally. If we do not Love ourselves completely without conditions, then issues we have with ourselves will reflect outwardly in our relations to others. When we choose to Love on the basis of conditions, love may be perceived as a force that we choose to give and receive, depending on the conditions we place on others. True Love is not something we earn. It is something we are. It is not something we give, it is something we shareit is a state of being. When I am in that state and you are in that state, there is no separation; there is no 'other'. Nick Vujicic, a man with no arms and legs, once said: "I may not have hands to hold my wife's hand. But when the time comes, I am able to hold her heart, I don't need hands to hold her heart." All the Love we have ever searched for in the external is to be found within ourselves. When we choose to be Love itself, we connect to the realm of oneness and find that we are all carrying each other within our hearts. We are eternal Love. As Humans walking the Earth, we are all mirrors to each other. The process of becoming our true selves is a way of cleaning our own inner mirror. When we become unconditional Love, we are able to lend our mirror to others for them to recognize their own


inner beauty through us. "Your eyes are the mirror to my soul" is a common expressiona true one indeed.

I started this book with a story about cups of coffee. Here, near the end of it, I will tell you another story by an unknown author, who also brings a wise message about life through a cup of coffee:

A Carrot, An Egg and a Cup of Coffee

A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as if one problem was solved, a new one arose. Her mother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots came to boil. In the first she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed ground coffee beans. She let them sit and boil, without saying a word. In about twenty minutes she turned off the burners. She fished the carrots out and placed them in a bowl. She pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl. Then she ladled the coffee out and placed it in a cup. Turning to her daughter, she asked:

"Tell me, what do you see?" "Carrots, eggs, and a cup of coffee," she replied. Her mother brought her closer and asked her to feel the carrots. She did and noted that they were soft. The mother then asked the daughter to take an egg and break it. After pulling off the shell, she observed the hardboiled egg. Finally, the mother asked the


daughter to sip the coffee. The daughter smiled as she tasted its rich aroma. The daughter then asked, "What does it mean, mother?" Her mother explained that each of these objects had faced the same adversityboiling water. Each reacted differently. The carrot went in strong, hard, and unrelenting. However, after being subjected to the boiling water, it softened and became weak. The egg had been fragile. Its thin outer shell had protected its liquid interior, but after sitting through the boiling water, its inside became hardened. The ground coffee beans were unique, however. After they were in the boiling water, they had merged with the water and transmuted it into a beautiful taste. "Which are you?" she asked her daughter. "When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond? Are you a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean?"

This story carries a great message that enlightens us all on how to handle adversity at this time. The carrot and the egg may represent two sides of duality, while the cup of coffee represents balance and integration. Essentially, the coffee bean represents Love, Love that can transmute and heal anything. It is said that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water it will leap out right away to escape the danger. But, if you put a frog in a kettle that is filled with water that is cool and pleasant, and then you gradually heat the kettle until it starts boiling, the frog will not become aware of the threat until it is too late. The frog's survival instincts are simply geared towards detecting sudden changes. Considering what is now taking place around us and within us, I would like to announce that the heat is rising on planet Earth and


that the water has started to boil. Those who make themselves aware of the coming changes and the reason as to why they occur are more prepared to deal with the boiling water and make conscious choices for themselves. Many who have not detected the rising heat on planet Earth are likely to react to sudden changes, that may occur in our physical as well as spiritual world, from a lower level of consciousness and activate their survival instinct similar to the frog in the kettle. Wherever we are on our journey through life, the question for all of us is how we are going to handle adversity. How are you going to handle the boiling water? Are you the carrot that seems strong, but with pain and adversity do you wilt and become soft and lose your strength? Are you the egg that starts with a malleable heart, but changes with the heat and become hardened and stiff on the inside? Or are you the coffee bean that chooses Love in every situation? The coffee bean transmutes the hot water, the very circumstance that brings the pain. When the water gets hot, it releases the fragrance and flavor. If you are like the bean, when things are at their worst, you face the situation with Love and change the world within and around you. So when the hour is the darkest and trials are their greatest, are you able to choose Love and elevate yourself to a higher level? Why don't you sit down in a field somewhere, have a cup of coffee and feel about it.



we are A Magical Miracle

Through our human experience on planet Earth we have learned how to disconnect from the truth that at the core of our being a soul and spirit resides that is immortal and eternal. Here we have been brought up to identify with our physical and mental world and as a result we have created an aspect that personifies a false egoic image of self. Forgetting who and what we are has been part of our spiritually intended journey through separationso that we could learn from it and evolve to the state we now find ourselves in as Humans on Earth. We are in times of a great shift that is now occurring. The virtual reality overlay, commonly referred to as the veil of illusion, is lifting to fully uncover the entire spectrum of our existence as eternal beings in the Universe of Light. Together we re-discover the bigger picture; that we are all participating in an evolutionary process that has an intended outcome. We are truly at the brink of a revolutionizing transformation that is global and universal. It is the ascension of Mother Earth and her human race. A graduation process that completes the final stages of a divine plan created long ago. To explore and understand the riddle of life is to explore and understand our multidimensional role in the cosmic and universal journey through life. Each individual has created their journey through time and space from the levels of their higher self. By exploring the essence of our spiritual and multidimensional identity within the depth of our own being, we now come together to re-


discover the existence of these greater aspects of self. The profound recognition of our divine purpose is our united return to a Kingdom of Heaven that is already part of who we are. Love is really all that matters.

I may have written this book with an intention and ambition to share it with others, although I have with the furthermost intent written this book for My Self. I began to write for the purpose of manifesting my deeper thoughts and feelings into the physical 3D- world. I see myself as one of many who help manifest deeper feelings into the physical world at this time. Some people may despise my work though others may Love it. I hope all kinds of people will read it because all kinds of people are needed in the coloring and shaping of this world. However, in order to step into the new world, the recognition of our true spiritual self and the will to rediscover something deeper in life, is vital. The revolution of perception is a shift in consciousness, granting our inner sanctuary with greater awareness regarding life and our role in it. A hidden magical world does exist beyond the limited perception of our logical mind. The magical reality is indeed a greater part of our existence and in order to explore it as being a greater part of who we are, we must choose to unlock our limited mindset and open to this shift in consciousness. What we term 'logical' cannot often be defined as 'the rational way of thinking', without a challenging phenomenon that questions its laws and methods of understanding. What we term 'magical' cannot be defined as 'the mystical and unexplained', if it were to be understood by this rational way of thinking about life. In reality, Logic and Magic coexist, side by side. Essentially they are one and


the same. They are left brain and right brain, thinking head and feeling heart, limited mind and eternal spirit. Every part of Creation is fundamentally interconnected and at one with the ultimate Source. Therefore, as we expand our consciousness from logic to magic, we will naturally integraterather than separatethese fragmented aspects of our being. It is indeed by experiencing the different levels of life that we get to know life itself. I share much knowledge and wisdom about the magical Universe and I hope it will trigger memories within you. However, I cannot tell you to believe in the magical Universe simply because I say it exists. Through my book I have encouraged you to experience a greater reality on your own, for Your Self. Major changes are indeed upon us and the choices we make for ourselves during this time will determine the course of our final destination. We solve the riddle when we realize that we are the answer to all questions. We open our inner doorway when we realize that we are the key to all doors that have been previously closed on us. My beloved usually says that right when the caterpillar presumes that it is going to face the end of the world, it turns into a beautiful butterfly and flies away to discover a new one. The inner and outer heavenly kingdom, that dwells within and around us all, is our new world. It is here for all of us to explore, but we are the ones to make the choice to enter it. That is what life really is, a choice. The life of every Human can be magicalbut only if we individually choose to be as such. The sophistication of simplicity tells us that everything will fall into place once we let it. It is true that we have come to planet Earth at the end of a long journey with no need to do anything special in the


external world, but to allow the evolving of that which we deep down wish to experience. In this context, To Be means to let our inner selves transform in-to what we for so long have intended to Be-come. From this inner state of being emanates the truth that we have always been a Magical Miracle, destined to flourish in Amazing Grace.