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Hamed (Mahmood) Dehnavi 594 South Nutwood Street, Orange CA (808)-699-5013 dehnavi@hawaii.

edu CAREER OBJECTIVE: Mechanical/Structural Engineer EDUCATION Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering. Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa, HI. 2012-present. Done with coursework. GPA:3.9 MS, Mechanical Engineering. Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa, HI. 2009-2012. GPA: 3.96 BS, Mechanical Engineering . Ferdowsi Univ. of Mashhad. Iran. 2004-2009. GPA:2.8 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS PhD student with extensive experience in design concepts and techniques. Possess a comprehensive understanding of thermofluid systems, structural analysis and computer aided design tools. Excel at engineering judgment, leadership, problem solving, adaptability, project management, communications and team collaboration skills. Possess strong analytical skills. EXPERIENCE Research Assistant, Engineering. University of Hawaii at Manoa. August 2009 - Present Investigated the application of composite nanostructures in lithium batteries. Comprehensive knowledge of the next generation commercial batteries: lithium sulfur batteries. Responsibilities included: Test Plan Development, Component Design and Optimization, Nanostructure Analysis, Design Fabrication, System Maintenance and Modification, Test Implementation and Validation, Data Analysis, Material Characterization, Troubleshooting and Interdisciplinary Collaboration. Demonstrated Continuous Improvement. Achieved 50% weight reduction compared to conventional electrodes by using a novel carbon nanotube structure. Experience with fundamental structural design and analysis, dynamics of structures, finite element models, and analytical methods. Hands-on experience with growth and modification of carbon nanotubes, battery fabrication, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and composites fabrication. Improved the fracture toughness of a continuous carbon fiber-reinforced composite material by 30% utilizing carbon nanotubes. Experience with design and development of biomedical devices. Designed and prototyped a painfree adhesive bandage; Patent application under preparation. Experience with taking products

from conception to production. Team leader in the UH Manoa Business Plan competition to pursue commercialization of this product. Served as Mechanical Engineering Student Representative by lobbying for grants and assisting graduate students with documentation to meet GSO requirements and specifications. Secured a travel grant for an ME student to present their research at an international conference. Observed the lack of a systematic grant selection process and led the development of a new budget management and awardee selection procedure. Assisted the instructors in Heat Transfer, Applied Thermodynamics and Corrosion by working directly with students to solve problems and offer guidance as well as tracking student performance. Studied the sooting behavior of diffusion flames under microgravity conditions. Validated numerical model with experiments; Developed model for soot-free conditions in combustion devices; Collaborated with external researchers. Published and presented the results at a national conference. Fundamental knowledge of propulsion systems. Comprehensive understanding of heat transfer and fluid mechanics. Developed new design and teaching methodology of a course in engineering programming. Established leadership and teamwork skills through collaboration with graduate students from multiple universities. Experience with modern techniques in STEM education, including inquirybased teaching methods.

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Engineering 2004-2009 Hands-on experience with internal combustion engines. Modified a variable compression ratio engine to HCCI mode and conducted experiments. Studied the effect of exhaust gas recirculation on the performance and emissions of the engine. Published results in two international conference papers as a co-author. Experience with design of HVAC systems.

HONORS AND AWARDS Best Poster Presentation. REIS Research Symposium. Spring 2013. Everett E. Black Scholarship, Spring 2012. NASA Graduate Student Assistantship (2009-2012) Student Travel Award, Combustion Institute Central States Meeting April 2012.

TECHNICAL SKILLS Computer Aided Design Tools: FLUENT, GAMBIT, SOLIDWORKS, MATLAB, MAPLE, COMSOL, SAP2000 Expert user on Word, Power Point, Excel, databases

MENTORING/LEADERSHIP Mentoring the aeronautical design team in the senior design project for SAE Aero Competition; Design, optimization and testing of a model airplane; Led training and recruitment of volunteers to assist in fabrication and testing of different subsystems. Assisted the SAE Formula team with the aerodynamics analysis. Serving as a graduate student mentor for Ignition Club (with the goal of promoting entrepreneurship, critical thinking and product design and development) which placed in the top three teams at the UH Manoa PACE business innovation challenge. Collaborating with a local company to brainstorm and come up with a design challenge competition Working with student chapter of the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) at UH Manoa to establish activity guidelines, mentorship programs and project management.

SELECTED PUBLICATION(S) M. Dehnavi, M. K. Rodenhurst, B. H. Chao, V. R. Lecoustre, P. B. Sunderland, R. L. Axelbaum. A numerical study on the soot-Design free conditions of spherical diffusion flames. Combustion Institute Central States Meeting, April 22-24, Dayton, OH 2012.